Imitation Of Life Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Imitation Of Life script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Douglas Sirk movie starring Lana Turner.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Imitation Of Life. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Imitation Of Life Script



 What is love 



 Without the giving 



 Without love 



 You're only living 



An imitation 



An imitation 



 Of life 



Skies above 



In flaming color 



 Without love 



 They're so much duller 



A false creation 



An imitation 



 Of life 



 Would the song of the lark 



Sound just as sweet 



 Would the moon

be as bright above 



Every day would be gray 



And incomplete 



 Without the one 



 You love 



Lips that kiss 



 Can tell you clearly 



 Without this 



 Our lives are merely 



An imitation 



An imitation 



 Of life 





Susie! Susie!






The most sensational...






Pardon me. Have you

seen a little girl

in a blue sunsuit?






Oh, I'm awfully sorry.

No harm done.



I'm looking for my daughter.

Have you seen a little girl

all by herself?



No, but if you'll...

She's lost and l...




Relax, lady.

Take it easy.




The easiest way

to find Susie

is to go to the police.



Well, where are the police?



Right there.



Right where?

Right down there

under the pier.



You're it!



Come, children.



You hear me, Sarah Jane?

Hot dogs!



Oh, boy!

Come on! Boy!

Hot dogs!



It might be the noise of

that old ocean, but it seems

to me I didn't hear thank you.



I was too hungry.

Thank you!

Thank you!



Honey, you gonna be all right.

I reported you.



Come on, Sarah Jane!

No, you're gonna stay

right here.




Else how

your mama gonna find you?



Susie! Oh, Susie!



Oh, my baby! Oh,

I thought you were lost.



Thank you, Officer.

Thank you very much.



And thank you for being

so kind, Mrs....




I'm Lora Meredith.

I've never been

so frightened in my life.



One moment I had her,

and the next moment

she was gone.



Thank Mrs. Johnson

for being so nice.

Thank you!



And say good-bye

to the little girl.

Good-bye? Now?



But, darling, we have

to go back to the city.

But we wanna play!




Please, Mommy,




Oh, all right.

But only for a little while.



Come on, Sarah Jane!



You're it!

You're it!



You're it!

You're it!



Susie doesn't have many

children to play with

where we live.



I guess Sarah Jane's

kind of lonesome too.



They got along fine

right off.



Sarah Jane's a lovely child.

How long have you

taken care of her?



All her life.



Oh, I wish I had someone

to look after Susie.



A maid to live in?

Someone to take care

of your little girl?



A strong, healthy,

settled-down woman...



who eats like a bird

and doesn't care

if she gets no time off...



and will work real cheap?



Well, yes, if one exists.

Oh, someday.



Why not today?

I'm available.




Me. Annie Johnson.



You mean you'd

consider leaving that

lovely little girl?



Oh, I wouldn't be leaving her.

My baby goes where I go.



Sarah Jane

is your child?



Yes, ma'am.

It surprises most people.



Sarah Jane favors her daddy.

He was practically white.



He left before she was born.



Seems to me, Miss Meredith,

I'm just right for you.



You wouldn't have to pay

no wages. Just let me come

and do for you.



I couldn't do that.

I'd have to pay you,

and I... can't now.






I ought to knock

your blocks off.



I'll take care of it,

mister. I'll wham

the hides off both of them.



Susie! What are

you doing?

About time you showed up!



If your husband can't keep

these brats in line...



No use talking to her.

She not only spoils them,

she goes around losing them.



I don't know what

this is all about.



Mommy, look at his stomach.

It went up and down.

It was so funny.



He took our picture.

Will you send me one?



Me too.

Sure. Where?



Send it to Susan Meredith,

    Prescott Place,

Apartment   .



Never mind, dear.

See? I remembered.



Thank you.

And send her one too.

Where do you live, Sarah Jane?



Where do I live...

No place.



We'll find a place

come night, honey.



Come on, darling, we have

to go. Say good-bye to

Sarah Jane and Mrs. Johnson.




It was very nice

meeting you.



Same here.

And good luck,

Miss Meredith.



Mommy, I'm tired.

I know, baby.



I know.

I wanna go home too!



Come on, honey.



Thank you.

Mrs. Johnson.



Oh. Oh, come on.






I don't like

to mention it again, but

you must understand that...



this arrangement

can only be for tonight.



Oh, I understand,

Miss Lora.



There must be plenty of jobs

for a woman like you.



But people won't take in

a woman with a child.



And no matter what, I won't

be separated from my baby.



Hurry up, Mother.

I want to show Sarah Jane

my dolls!



Well, all right.



There's a little place

off the kitchen.



But you could, uh,

hardly call it a room.



Oh, it'll do

for Sarah Jane and me.



And the kitchen,

we can make use of that too.



I'll get you some

pillows and blankets.

Thank you.



Here, Sarah Jane,

you can have Nancy.



It's a present.

Mommy just got it for me.

I want that one.



Frieda's my friend.

I've had her all my life.








She took my doll!




Sarah Jane.

Where are your manners?

Now give it back.



I don't want the black one.

I'll take those.



It's been a long day

and they're both tired

and cranky.



Yes, Miss Lora.

Everything will be all right.



Come on, come on.



Come on.



I don't wanna

live in the back.



Why do we always have

to live in the back?

Shh, honey.



Thank you, Mr. McKinney.



Shh. Good-bye.






Good morning, darling.



Good morning,

Sarah Jane.

I want a kiss too.



Well, of course.



Annie said we had to be quiet

until you got up.



Now we can talk out loud.

Now we can even scream.






Children! What...



Oh, good morning,

Miss Lora.

Good morning.



How are you

this morning?

Just fine.



I'd love some coffee.



Well, Annie, you shouldn't

have done my laundry.



I like taking care

of pretty things.



Thank you.




Where did they come from?



The milkman was here

a minute ago.



I told him to leave

your regular order.



Oh, no. He didn't come

to leave my order. He stopped

doing that two weeks ago.



May I?

Thank you.



He wanted to collect

something on his bill.



Didn't say anything

about a bill to me.

He was very polite.



Gave me the order and said,

looked like things

were picking up.



He thought you were my maid.

Now he thinks I'm prosperous.



No sin in lookin' prosperous.

Just a way of showin'

your trust in the lord.



Telling him you're ready

whenever he is.



I'll get it, Miss Lora.



Miss Meredith's




I'll see if it's convenient

for Miss Meredith

to come to the phone.



Is it the landlord

Mr. Berwitt?



Pretty sure he said

the A-Acme Model Agency.






Yes, this is Miss Meredith.



Yes. Yes, I can be there

by then.



Fine. Thank you.



Oh, Annie, I've got

a job modeling.



A job?



I've registered everywhere.

But this is the first call.



Now, isn't that fine?



Annie, if you have

no other plans, will you stay

with Susie until I come back?



Why, certainly.



Do you know this will be

the first money I've earned

since I came to New York?



Except for those envelopes.



I was wondering what they were.

I address them

for a mail-order house.



By hand.

It gives them a personal touch,

and I can do them at home.



They should have been

finished yesterday.

Well, can't be helped.



If I get a job modeling,

at least I'll be seen.



Good boy.



Yes, that's fine.

That's what I want.

Hold it. Beautiful.



Just a minute.

Hold it.



How could you sneeze?

I had it.



I'm sorry, but it must be

this flea powder.



No, no, no. Don't move.

You'll unfocus me.



Art they want

and I get sneezes.



Now, don't move a hair.

Not one hair.



Hold it, hold it.






Got it. Perfect.



You were

wonderful, Henry.

I never sneeze. Really...



Your check will be

in the mail.



It would be so much

more convenient...

Checks are mailed on Thursday.



We don't want to confuse

the bookkeeper.



Don't forget to leave

the wardrobe.



But wouldn't you like

to have a bite to eat?



Later. Thanks.



You can keep the money

from this batch, Annie.



It'll pay you for staying

today and cooking and...



Uh-uh. That money

goes into our kitty.






Seems as if

you intend to stay.



Seems like I do,

if, if you want it.



You know I do.

But you can see

how bad things are.



Miss Lora, we just come

from a place where,



where my color

deviled my baby.



Now, anything happens here

has gotta be better.



Oh, Annie.




Susie? Susie?

I'm home...



Oh, baby.

Mmm. Hi, dear.



Hello, Miss Lora.

Hello, Annie.



Mommy, we had such fun today.

Annie took us to the park

and we caught a squirrel.



No, we didn't.

Well, we nearly did.



Tomorrow I'll take you

both to the park and

we'll really catch one.



How'd it go?

Oh, Annie.



It didn't.



And I'm exhausted.



Walked my feet off

trying to see every

agent on Broadway.



And some off Broadway.

Way off.



I'll get it.



The children have eaten.




Hello, this is

Steve Archer.



- Steve Archer?

- I brought the pictures.



You brought the pictures?

The ones of the children

on the beach.



Oh, the man on the beach.

The man on the beach?



The man on the beach!

It's our picture

with the fat man!



Mommy, tell him

to come up.

Yes, please!



Oh, all right. Will

you come up, Mr. Archer?



Come on. Let's see.

Did you bring the pictures?

Hi, Susie, Sarah Jane.



Where is it?

Aren't you kids

supposed to be in bed?



No, we waited for you!




Good evening.



If it's that funny,

let me see it.



Don't you think

it's funny, Annie?



I don't know who's funnier,

you or that man.



All I got to say is,

it's lucky I didn't catch

Sarah Jane playing such pranks.



It just ain't

seemly, Miss Lora.

Now, off to bed.



Good night.

Good night.



Good night, Mr. Archer.

Good night, ladies.



Good night.

Won't you sit down?



It was very nice of you

to remember the children.



I like what you did...

for Sarah Jane and Annie.



Well, they didn't have a place

and since I live here alone...



I'm a widow.

Oh, you... are.



What do you think of this?



Mother in distress.



Well, that's good.

Very good.



Who are you anyway?

Well, you don't look

like a photographer.



Apparently the army

thought I did.



Anyhow, they made me one.



Now all I wanna do is

get pictures like this

in The Museum of Modern Art.



Oh, you're aiming high.



Why not?

It doesn't cost anymore.



Don't you believe

in chasing rainbows?



Well, if I didn't,

I wouldn't be here.

I'm an actress.



What's the matter?

Your bones.



What about my bones?



They're perfect.



My camera could easily

have a love affair with you.



Don't you think it's

getting a little late?



I don't suppose you'd like

to have dinner with me.



Maybe. Sometime.



I don't mean right away.

How about tomorrow?



I'm sorry, but I don't like

to miss having dinner with the

children two nights in a row.



I can understand that.

How about lunch?






Would you mind taking me

to Rodney's?



It's a little place

on   th and  th.



Unemployed actors

can afford it.



Sort of a poor man's   .



All right, I'll meet you

there at noon.



Oh, by the way,

the name's Steve.



Everybody in here an actor?

Just about.



So far you're the only one

I really believe.



Thank you. Only so far,

you're the only one

in New York who does.



But someday I'm going to

make them all feel that way.



Aren't you a little late

getting started?

I mean, it's...



Yes, five years late.

That's why every day counts.



Why the five-year lapse?

My husband was

in the theater too.



A director.

A good director.



Everything I know

I owe to him.



It was a small town,

a little theater,

but professional.



When he died,

I had to make a living

doing something else.



I never really wanted

anything but the stage.



Oh, except Susie.



So, it took me five years

to save enough money

to come to New York.



But you did it.




And I'm going to be an

actress, an important one...





Oh, excuse me.



Nothing in it for me,




but they're

beginning to cast a new

Tennessee Williams play.



Oh, what agent?

Allen Loomis... today.



So put on

your roller skates.

Oh, thanks, Fay.




I'm sorry,

but I've got to go.



You haven't eaten.

You go ahead.




How about dinner?


We'll take Susie.







Come and have

dinner with us.

All right.



Good luck.

Thanks, Fay.



But when can I have

an appointment?



How about a week

from today? Thursday.



Put me down.

It's Iris Dawn.

Don't forget it.






I'm sorry to add

to your troubles, but...



I'm afraid I'm a little late

for my appointment.



Name, please.

Miss Meredith.







Well, I don't seem

to have you down.



Never mind.

Just tell Mr. Loomis

that Robert Hayes sent me.



Robert Hayes?

From International




It's probably just a slipup

from the coast, but, uh,



Mr. Hayes won't

like it at all.



I hope you didn't

slip up.




Well, if you say

there's no appointment,

um, good-bye.



Well, just a second.



Why don't you sit down

and I'll see if I can

straighten this out?



Thank you.



Mr. Loomis?




There's a Miss Meredith here

from Hollywood.



Yes, quite lovely.



Think we should

send her away?

No. I think

you ought to see her.







Miss Meredith?

You can go in now.



Um, just right in.



Robert sends

his warmest greetings.



Well, thanks.

And how is he?




He's lost    pounds.

You know what an effort

that is for him.



And, uh, what can

I do for you?



Robert thought I shouldn't

do any more pictures before

I did a show on Broadway.



Very sensible.

I'm glad

you think so too.



That's why Robert

sent me to you.

He thought I'd get more...



personal attention

from you.



He could be right there.

You mind?




Incidentally, how's the new

Tennessee Williams play?



Bound to be a blockbuster,

but all cast.



Hello? Oh, Lillian!




Oh, well,

can't you break it?



Oh. No, I don't mind.



I don't mind you

standing me up. I'm fine.

I'll just kill myself.






Never be a bachelor.

There's no security.

I know how you feel.



Yeah? Say, how'd you like

to go with me tonight?



I'm afraid I can't.



Big party.

Lots of important people.



Well, I could see if I could

break a couple of engagements.



I'll call my place.



I'll call.

What's the number?









...One, two, oh.



Miss Meredith's residence.



Oh, this is

Miss Meredith's residence?



That'll be Annie, my maid.

I'll talk to her.



Annie, uh, call

the Waldorf and tell, um,



you-know-who I cannot have

cocktails and dinner with him.



Uh, I know who?

Oh, yes, Miss Lora,

I'll do that.



Thank you.



Well, Mr. Loomis,

it looks like I'm free.



That'll be just fine.

Should be an interesting

evening for me.



Hollywood actress and...

Oh, that reminds me.

Excuse me.



Yes, Mr. Loomis?



Annette, get me Hollywood,

Mr. Robert Hayes.



International Studios,

right? International...




Maybe you better not

go through with that call.



You don't think so?

Why not?



Because Robert Hayes

doesn't exist.



I understand.

Annette, cancel the call.



Yes, Mr. Loomis.

I was desperate.



You were pretty good.

You lied. All actresses lie.

I know that.



But I believed you.

I'm sorry.



Don't leave.

You took me in.



For all of    seconds,

you took me in,

but I don't mind.



It was a good acting job,

and you're very pretty.



Now, about tonight.

Shall I pick you up?



Um, no, it'll be easier

for me to meet you here.



 :  ?

You'll find me

very prompt, Mr. Loomis.



Come on in.



Sit down. I just have

a few letters to sign.



Oh, drink?

No, thank you.



But aren't we going

to be late to the party?

Plenty of time, plenty.



And I need a drink.

So relax.



Say, you're not allergic

to mink, are you?



Mink? No,

I don't think so.




Try this on for size.



But whose is it?

Mine. And I only loan it

to very special clients.



I want you to wear it


You want me to wear...



Please. Got to think

of my reputation.



I haven't been seen

with a girl without a mink

since the heat wave of'  .



Come on.



We should spend

a little time talking

about our future.



You can act. Well,

that's of no importance

at the moment.



The main thing is,

you're a beaut.



Please, don't.

Oh, and you're decent too.



No doubt possess

some fine principles.



Well, me, I'm a man

of very few principles,



and they're all open

to revision.



But I'm in a position

to do something for you.



You'll get   % of everything

I make. Isn't that enough?



No. Now,

sit down and listen.



Here it is, short and clear.

You're not a chicken.



You're no high-hearted kid

out of some drama school,



wanting to do or die

for dear old Thespis.



And you're beginning

under a handicap.



I know I'm starting late.

So time isn't on your side.



But you do have

some qualifications.



Your face will pass.

You've good, nice, long

silky legs. I like them.



You have a chest full

of quality and quantity.

I like it.



Aren't you taking

a few things for granted?

Me? I don't count.



But there are certain

people who do, and you're

going to meet all of them.



That is, if you're really

serious about your career.



I am, but...

Good, then you're going

every place with me.



Every party, opening night,

every saloon in town.



With a complete new

wardrobe at my expense.



Oh, it's tax deductible.



This is a tough,

competitive racket.



Although it's a lot

more than any agent

is supposed to do,



I'd do it.



What's this got

to do with acting?




But I'll show you how to

realize your ambitions,

if you do as I say.



If the dramatists' club wants

to eat and sleep with you,

you eat and sleep with them.



If some producer with a hand

as cold as a toad wants to do

a painting of you in the nude,



you'll accommodate him

for a very small part.



It's disgusting!

It pays off.



You're disgusting.

Maybe I am.



But let me assure you,

once you get it made,



you can be idealistic

all of ten seconds

before you die.



You're trying to cheapen me.

But you won't. Not me.



Oh, I'll make it, Mr. Loomis,

but it'll be my way.



You have a wonderful

handwriting, Annie.



Oh, thank you, Mr. Steve.

But my spellin'

won't take no prizes.



I don't think Lora

has anything to worry about

as long as you're with her.



Oh, we'll get by.

I made an agreement

with the landlord.



He's really

a nice person.




Just for doin'

the staircases twice a week,

we get $   off our rent.



Is that a fact?



I answered an ad

and got a job while

the kids are at school.



Doing what?

Doing shirts

for a gentleman.



He's real persnickety

about his shirts.



Oh, Steve.




I'm sorry. It's just

that I got so involved.



We're having

a wonderful time.

How'd everything go?



Oh, just fine. I went

to the    with Mr. Loomis.



Everybody there

was somebody exciting.



For the first time,

I felt that I was somebody too.



Is Mr. Loomis gonna

find you a job?



Well, he, uh,



he wanted to represent me,




But l...

Oh, Annie.



What's wrong, Miss Lora?



Everything. Everything.



Now, you just rest.

Everything will work out.



I'll go get you

a glass of hot milk, huh?



Can I help in any way?




No one can.



No one.



I'm so ashamed.



It was horrible.



He tried to make me

feel so cheap.



You could never

be cheap.



You don't know

what I mean.

Yes, I do.



It happens all the time.

Not just in the theater.



I love the theater.

It's what I want.



Then hold onto your dreams.

Forget tonight.



But they seem so stale

after tonight.



So stale I can't believe

in them anymore.



M- Maybe I'm a fool.



Maybe I should see things

as they really are...



and not as

I want them to be.



If I know you,

they'll have to be

the way you want them.



Thanks, Steve.



You're so, so good

for what ails me.



It's all part of

the Archer service...

day or night.



I'll call you soon,







Yes, please, tomorrow.



Annie, what's happened

to Susie's wrist?



Oh, nothin' serious.

Just a little experiment.




Sarah Jane's fault.



After class, one of the kids

said that Negro blood

was different.



So later this evenin',

Sarah Jane wanted to compare

her blood with Susie's.



Well, I spanked her good.



Oh, well, you know

how children are.



They were only playing.



I hope so, Miss Lora.

I hope so.



Santa Claus has many names

in many different countries.



In Holland, he is

called Sinter Klaas.



In France,

Saint Nicolas.



In Sweden, he is

known as Jul Tomte.



In Germany, he is...



Oh, can I do something

for you?



Sorry to trouble you,

but I brought these

for my little girl.



I'm afraid you've

made a mistake.



I don't have any little

colored girl in my class.



But they said  -B.

This is  -B, isn't...



Why, there's Sarah Jane.



There's my baby.

You mean Sarah Jane




Yes, ma'am.

I'm Mrs. Johnson.



Sarah Jane, baby,

I brought you your...



Sarah Jane!

We didn't know.



Sarah Jane?




Sarah Jane?



Baby? Wait.



Sarah Jane?



Sarah Jane, wait.



Wait. Now, now,

let me do it.



Now, put your coat on.

What do you want to do,

catch pneumonia?



I hope I do!

I hope I die!



Honey, nothing's hurt.

You shouldn't

have let them...



They didn't ask me.

Why should I tell them?



Because that's what you

are, and it's nothin'

to be ashamed of.



Why do you have to be

my mother? Why?



Why, you're

practically normal.



You two are soaking wet.

Get out of those things

and I'll make some tea.



I'll be fine.

You better get ready.

Mr. Steve's comin'.



Serve him right to wait.

He was due here

over an hour ago.



I just don't want

everybody having colds.

Cups and...



What's wrong?



Sarah Jane's been

passing at school,



pretending she's white.



But I am white!

I'm as white as Susie.



Oh, honey,

don't you see it doesn't

make any difference to us?



Because we all love you.



I'll take you back

to school myself.



I'm never going back

to that school!



Never as long as I live!



Sarah Jane!

Don't cry!



Annie, don't be upset.

Children are always pretending.



You know that.



No, it's a sin to be

ashamed of what you are.



It's even worse to pretend,



to lie.



Sarah Jane has to learn

that the Lord must

have had his reasons...



for making some

of us white...



and some of us black.



Sarah Jane Doesn't

want me with her.



She says I'm not her friend.

She says nobody's

her friend.



Darling, she's upset right now.

But she'll be better soon.



So will you if you get

back in bed. Come on.



Don't worry, Annie.

I'm sure you'll be able

to explain things to her.



I don't know.



How do you explain to your child

she was born to be hurt?




Hi. Sorry I'm late.



That's all right.

I'm ready. I thought

you'd never get here.



Why, Steve, you sold it!



More than that, they gave me

a job, a steady one

on the advertising staff.



Oh, that's wonderful.



But, darling, is it really

what you want?



Well, it's not

The Museum of Modern Art.



But they pay you

in the nicest-looking

green folding money.



Which reminds me,

this is the season

for spending it.



Let's go.



We have to get a tree,

and I have a list of gifts

for the kids and Annie.



And I hope you like

what I picked out for you.



Oh, Steve, you...

You have to have something

to put under a tree, don't you?



Well, I know, but...

This way, ma'am.



Oh, I feel awful.



I haven't been able to buy

you anything really nice.



It's been five months

without a job...



Then I guess you'll

have to marry me.



It's the least you can do

for me for Christmas.



I love you.



But, darling, you're...



You're just

getting started and...



It would be foolish.



At least we'd

be foolish together.



But marriage

is such a big step.



I want us to be together.

Well, we are,

most of the time.



Most of the time

you're out fighting

to get somewhere.



Breaking your heart,

trying to do for

yourself and Susie...



what I want to do for you,

what I finally

can do for you.



Pardon me. I'm sorry.

Pardon me.




Well, wait a minute.



I want to give you a home,

take care of you, love you.



Oh, Steve, you

don't know me at all.



I still love the theater.



You tried it

and it's only hurt you.



Realize that

and you'll get over it.



I want to be honest

with you, darling.



I want more.






Maybe too much.



Don't think I want any less.



So let's settle something

right now. Do you love me?



I think I do,




Come here.



I want to kiss you

so badly.



But if you did,

the way things are right now,



I might say something

I wouldn't really mean.



That's why

I want to kiss you.



That's my phone.




Miss Meredith's residence.



- Who, Mr. Loomis?

- She's not in.



She isn't in, Mr. Loomis.

No, not even if it's important.



What? A job?



l... I have to find out.

It could be something.



Yes, Mr. Loomis?



You look good with

a St. Bernard dog.

The St. Bernard dog?



Yes. Uh-huh.



Well, that's you

in the picture, isn't it?



Sprinkling flea powder?



All right, well, I'm here

with David Edwards.




Edwards, yes.



You know,

the prize-winning playwright.



He saw that picture

in a magazine.



He's looking for a girl with

that certain je ne sais quoi

for his new play.



That certain something

you managed to get

with the dog.



It's not a big part, I know...

If this is one of

your jokes, Mr. Loomis...



Jokes? So help me,

I'm only thinking




The part calls for


Two and a half.



Two-fifty a week.



I left the script with

my secretary. Can you

pick it up immediately?



Uh, yes.

Yes, Mr. Loomis.






He wants me

to pick up a script;

I'm to audition tomorrow.



And you're going

down there?

Of course.



Even after what

happened last time?

This has

nothing to do with Loomis.



I'm to audition

for David Edwards.

How do you know that?



I know. I just know.



But do you know if he's

gonna be any different

than Loomis?

No, I don't.



I don't want you to go.

Don't you realize what

this could mean to me?



I'm not asking you

not to go down there,

I'm telling you.



What makes you think

you have that right?

Because I love you.



Isn't that enough?

No, Steve, I'm sorry.

Good night.



Lora, wait.



I didn't mean

to sound dictatorial or

to try to run your life,



but you have to understand

how I feel.

And what about

the way I feel?



Oh, stop acting.

I'm not acting.



I want to achieve something,

something you'll never




What you're after isn't real.

At least

I'm after something!



Not the snapshot of

a disgusting old man with

a beer can on his belly.



Is that your idea

of achieving something?

Is a beer can "real"?



Going up and down,

up and down.



Well, I'm going up and up

and up, and nobody's

going to pull me down!



Lora, listen, please.



I've been trying to do

something with my pictures.

It's meant everything to me.



Every minute,

for a long time now.

No, it hasn't.



Or you wouldn't

give it up to sell beer.



I gave it up for

something much better,

something right now: You.



But you're asking me

to give up something

I've wanted all my life,



ever since I was a child,

and I can't do it!



If you grew up,

you could.



What do you mean?



You're not

a child anymore,



and I might not be around

to pick up the pieces

this time.






I'd like it that way.




Joseph and Mary couldn't

find no place at the inn,



so they had to go to the

stable among the animals.



The animals?




And in the manger

Jesus was born.



And the heavenly hosts

sang, "Hallelujah. "



There was a shining bright

star in the sky,



and it was

a beautiful time.



That'll be

Mr. Steve again.




Hello, Annie.



- Oh, hello, Mr. Steve.

- Has she come in yet?



I'm sorry.



I see.



Well, Merry Christmas,




Merry Christmas to you,

Mr. Steve.



Mommy, isn't Steve

coming here tonight?



I think you'd better

go to bed, both of you.



But Annie was

telling us a story.



Oh, all right,

Annie can finish it.

Where were we?



- Jesus was almost borned.

- That's right.



As soon as the holy infant

was born, three wise men saw

a beautiful star in the sky.



The star

of Bethlehem...

Was Jesus white or black?



It doesn't matter.

He's the way

you imagine him.



But Annie said

he was a real man.



He's not a pretend man.



He was real.

He is real.



Then what color was he?



He was like me...




Now, the closet door

is over here.



The clothes closet door

is over there.



The door to your bedroom

is over here.



And you trip over

the vacuum cleaner

over there.



All right,

come on, let's have

your offstage line.



Is anybody home?




Oh, Marjorie!



Colonel, what are you

doing in there?



Why, Mr. Obermeyer,

why aren't you in Duluth?



Oh, Herbert, you too?



No! No, no,

Miss Meredith.



David, David.

She can do it, David.

I guarantee it.



She's just

a little nervous.

Miss Meredith.



Yes, sir?



This scene is supposed to

be played for high comedy,

with delicate reactions,



not loud,

goggle-eyed takes.



I'm sorry, Mr. Edwards.



But I'm an actress,

and a good one.



But I couldn't play

this part for high comedy.

Nobody could.




I think that's all,

Miss Meredith.



And if you'll forgive me

for saying it,



you're too good a writer

to have such a scene

in your play.



Okay, sister,

this way out.



I might as well confess...

She's not really my client.

Tell her to wait a minute.




Lora, wait a minute.



I think we've still

got a chance.

No, I don't...



Miss Meredith.



It's been a long time

since anyone told me off.



Tell me, what would you do

with that scene?



I'd cut it out.

Drop it entirely.



That's not a bad idea.

Let me think.



Yes, but the scene

has a couple of lines

that are important.



Give them to Amy.



Yes, it would work.




Think you could play Amy?






Of course we'll have to

work very hard together.

I'd love it.



So would I. Tom?

Yes, Mr. Edwards.



Call off auditions

for the day. I'm busy.



You know, I always

believed in that girl.



- Lora Meredith!

- Lora Meredith!



Lora Meredith!

Lora Meredith!



Thank you, David.



They applauded me.

Did you hear them?

Why not? You were great!



Author! Author!

Your turn, Mr. Edwards.



Tom, may I borrow

a dime?




I'll pay you back.

Don't rush. You'll be

around a long time.



I'll be right back.






Oh, Miss Lora!



- And they liked me too.

- They did? Ohh!



Now, isn't that wonderful?



Do you want Susie?

Yes, please.







Congratulations, Mommy.

Did you remember your lines?



Yes, I remembered

all my lines.



Did they clap for you?

Yes, they did.



I'll be home very soon.

I'll only stay

a little while.



Then I'll come

right home.



Here's a kiss,





And here's one

for you too. Mmm!



Let's go. The paper's

will be out soon,

and the party's waiting.



"This should be

a Pulitzer prize play

for David Edwards,



"for tonight we saw

the ranking comedy

of the season,



marvelously performed

by Geraldine Moore

and Preston Mitchell."




to the Times.



Atkinson says,

"A new star was born.



"Lora Meredith, an actress

who heretofore has been

hiding her light...




in the hinterlands,



gave a great performance

in a small part last night."





Thank you, Allen.




That was really...



Lora, this is

a great night for us.

For us?



Oh. Oh!



Well, I for one can't keep

my beady eyes open anymore.



I'm going home.

Well, good night, David.



Good night,

all you lucky people.



Good night.

Good night, dear.



Good night.

Good night, David.



Good night, Gerry.

Good night, David.



See you tomorrow.

Good night,




Good night, all!

Good night.



Congratulations again, baby.

We did it, all right.



I'll see you first thing

in the morning,

in my office.






By morning it'll be all over

town that he wrote your part,

directed you personally...



and was your lover

before you met me.



Well, lady,

there's your new empire.



Not big, just stretches

from   nd to   nd street.



But it's

the heart of the world.



You happy?

Oh, yes.






I can't thank you...

I can't begin to

thank you for,



for giving me the chance.



No thanks.



It's something

we did together.






We'll have more evenings

like this.



More plays.

I promise that.






And with you,




Always with you.



You are good for me.



You mean that?



Well, you must be,

because l...



I've never felt

this way before.



Never so...

So complete...



and so happy.



I don't think

I could be happier

with anyone else either.



I'm in love

with you, Lora.



Though I must hasten to add,

I always fall in love

with my leading ladies.



Maybe that's all it is.



But I don't care,




I'm loving you now.



You and tonight.



Thank you.



Marvelous performance,




Just as fresh as it was

seven months ago.




Now hurry up

and get ready.




Can't I beg off tonight?

I am so...

Beg off?

Impossible, darling.



Some nice, untouched money

out there from Cincinnati.



Hardware. They want to

meet you to invest in your

success and my next play.



She oughta go to bed now.

Annie, you're much too pretty

to be a watchdog.



And I can bite


Five minutes.



But darling...

While I keep Cincinnati

and the money happy.



Doesn't he ever stop?



He can't, Annie.



If he did

he'd be sure to find out

how sad he really is.



And I know that feeling.



Funny, isn't it?



After all this time,

the struggling and heartache,



and you make it.



Then you find out

it doesn't seem worth it.



Something is missing.



Now David

wants to marry me.



I don't know.

Do you love him?






But he's good for me

in many ways.



At least I'm trying to

make myself think he is.



And of course it...

It would be better

for Susie.



This ain't no time

to make decisions.



You're tired, and you don't

know what you want.



Maybe I don't want

so much anymore.



But what would you do

if you gave it all up?



Well, I could spend

more time with Susie.



And you could stay home

with Sarah Jane.



Do you know,



I haven't been up to see

my baby at school in weeks.



Susie knows you love her.



And you need show business

as much as it needs you.



Oh, Annie, what would

I do without you?



Well. Beautiful.



Do you really

like it?



You're more beautiful

than I could ever

possibly remember.



And we're late.



Good night, Annie.

You see she gets home

at a decent hour.



Annie, I think

we'll try these,

uh, over here.



Miss Lora, we been

spending an awful lot

of money up here.



Do you think we can really

afford to have this place?

We can't afford not to.



Ma'am? Ma'am?

Oh, um...



Would you put it

over there, please?

In front of the window.



Oh, that's fine.



Would you

sign this, ma'am?




Thank you very much.



Come on, let's go, Joe.



Did you see the bills

from Susie's new school?




And it doesn't matter.

But Miss Lora...



No matter what it costs,

Susie's going to have

everything that I missed.



From her letters

she misses you more than

she'd ever miss Latin.



She just wrote

and told me...




You still haven't told me what

the doctor said about those

spells you've been getting.



What do doctors always say

when they can't find nothin'

wrong? "Take it easy."



Well, do.

And I mean it.

Oh, Miss Lora...



You can have anyone

you want in here

to help you.



Be more work gettin' 'em

out of my way.



I'll get it.



Hello, Mr. Edwards.

Hello, Sarah Jane.



How are you?

Fine, thanks.



I'm going to The Village.

I'll be back by  :  .




that daughter of yours

gets prettier every day.



And so





Hello, dear.



Oh. Nice.

Yes. It's new.



Didn't you get

my messages yesterday?



Or have you given up




Uh, well, we've been so busy

getting the house in order.



Come sit down.



Would you like a drink?

A long one. It's quite

a trek from Manhattan.



Your usual?




I'll get it.

All right,

enough chitchat.



Have you read

my new play?



Great, isn't it?

Yes, it's very good.



But David...



Darling, I don't think

I should do another comedy.



No, no, wait a minute.



I've decided to do

the new Stewart play.

That? What part?



Not the dull social worker

with the high dreams

and low heels.




It's drama.

No clothes, no sex.



No fun!

I know.



But it's a great chance for...

For good acting.



And that colored angle

in it, it's absolutely




- What do you know

about controversy?

- Nothing.



And I don't want to know.



I only know it's a good script,

and they're not easy to find.



Besides, l, I feel I need

something different,

a new experience.



All right,

if you want a flop,

have it on your own time.



I wrote my play for you.

I tailored it

to your every mood.



I never wrote

better laughs

in my life!



And you tell me

you want controversy.




It may sound ungrateful,

after all you've done for me.



You're right.

It is ungrateful.



But then I never

expected gratitude.




I couldn't stand it.



May I have

my property back?



Of course.



Good luck, David.



I know

it will be a hit.



It won't without you.



It'll never be done.



Under the circumstances

I think it's best

if I destroy this.




But Mr. Edwards...



There goes my pride,

up in ashes.



Well, good-bye.






Just a theatrical




He never makes less

than six copies.



Wasn't she great?



You're going to join us,

aren't you?




Just wish her all the luck

in the world for me.



Tell her

I was wrong.



Oh, Annie,

wasn't Mother

just wonderful?



Susie! Susie, wait!

I've got to hurry.

Mama's bringing them all home.



Sarah Jane!



Oh, yes!

Thank you.



Oh, that's very sweet.


you were wonderful.



How sweet.

Wasn't it... Steve!



Hello, Lora.

And congratulations.



Oh, Steve,

I can't believe it.



Oh, Lora, I'd... I'd like you

to know Louise Morton.

How do you do?



How do you do,

Miss Meredith?

I loved your performance.



Thank you very much.



Um, Steve Archer,




How do you do?

How do you do?



A very old

and dear friend.



Oh, and, uh,

Miss Morton.



Hi. Hello.

Nice meeting you.



Oh, Steve,

it's been so long.



Ten years.

Oh, and you haven't

changed a bit.



How are Annie

and the kids?

Oh, Annie's fine.



You'd never know

the children, they're

so grown-up and lovely.



Uh, look, we're

all going to my house

to wait for the reviews.



- Why don't you join us?

- Well, let's get going.



You mind us

riding with you folks?

Fine. We have plenty of room.



That'd be nice.

All right.



Mmm. I'm glad

the opening's over.



Now I hope Mother will

have some time for me

before my graduation.



I have a lot of subjects

I wanna discuss with her.

I don't want to forget any.



Annie, do you wanna

hear them?

Sure, honey.



The most important

is Jane Beeler's party.

There are gonna be boys.



And under that

I have an "A" and a "B"

I wanna discuss with Mother.



A... How do I make

a boy like me, and B...

Should I let him kiss me.



Isn't that subject

comin' up a little soon?



The girls in school

discuss it all the time.



My goodness!

They're here already!



Honey, will you run upstairs

and get Sarah Jane?

All right.



All right, ma'am?

It's wonderful.



Thank you.



Annie, are you ready

for a surprise?



Wait till you see

who's here.



Hello, Annie.



Why, Mr. Steve!



Oh, my goodness!

I'll get you

a drink.



You certainly

look fine!



You too, Annie.

How's everything been?



Each day

I count my blessings.



You call doing this

at  :   in the morning

a blessing?

Yes, sir.



I can remember when plenty

of ham and eggs was more

than a blessing.



It was a miracle.



Here you are.

Scotch and water.

I remembered.



Thanks, but I'd better

get back to Louise.



She won't even

know you're there.



She's being mesmerized

by Allen Loomis.



Oh, Steve, it's good

to have you here.

I mean it.



Now that we

finally have you back,

we will not let you go.



No, sir, you're

gonna stay with us.




I have this Sunday off,

the first Sunday I've had

in weeks.



We're going to drive into

the country for a picnic,

Susie, Sarah Jane and Annie.



How does that sound?





I heard your voice!






This can't be Susie.

So pretty, and not

little anymore.




Why, I'm graduating

in two weeks!



You'll come, won't you?

I wouldn't miss it

for the world.



Sarah Jane,

look who's here.



Sarah Jane?

Hello, Steve.



It can't be.

Why, you were all legs.



I still have them.

Yes, but they

came up to here.



Steve, don't ever

go away from us again.

Will you promise?



Well, are we holding

the party in here?

Hi, Annie, Sarah Jane.



No, Allen,

we're coming right out.





What a surprise

to see you.


to see you again.



You have an open invitation

to come here any time you can

get away from Madison avenue.



Oh, yes, not just anytime,

but all the time.

Come on.



Even though it is

a long drive.



You forget I used to walk up

three flights of stairs to

see you in the old days.



Oh, Mama, look!

A falling star!



The food's on.



Excuse me.



Did you wish on it?




I wish it could always

be like tonight.



All of us together.

Don't you?



Yes, my darling.



And I'm going to

do something about it.



I will not do another play

for a long, long time.



Ohh, Mama!

Come in.



We're goin' now,




If that headache ain't gone

in an hour's time,

you take another aspirin.



You hear?

Yes, Mama.

Have a good time.




Yes, baby?



Tell 'em I'm... I'm sorry

I had to miss the picnic.



Okay. Okay.



But by the time I find Steve

the fire'll be just perfect.



You let them alone.

Maybe they got things

to talk about.



This is

a fine picnic.



Sarah Jane announces

she's getting the flu.

Mom and Steve just go off.



Oh, well, if this is the way

it's gonna be, I might as

well get on with my list.



I can cross off pink sweater

for Elizabeth and yellow

sweater for Sarah Jane.



Then we skip ahead

to algebra.



Do you think another year of

that stuff is a good idea?

I sure do.



It's gonna come in

mighty handy with prices

always goin' up.



Which brings us

back to boys.



What do you think

about kissing, Annie?



Well, there's kissin'

and kissin'.



I still take pictures

every chance I get.



Still trying

to get them exhibited.

Stop hedging.



What is your job,




I'm Vice President

in Charge of Advertising

for P.C. Beer.



Don't tell anybody.

Why not?

I think it's wonderful.



'Cause I'm quitting

just as soon as I can

wind things up.

But why?



You ever get the feeling

that you're tired of

what you're doing,



that it isn't all

you really wanted?



Did you ever get the urge

not to do what you don't

want to do?



To let yourself go

and follow the wind

or a star,



maybe even

a dusty old rainbow?






Well, that's why

I'm going.



Where to?



I don't know.

Around the world,

I guess, for a start.



You going alone?



I'm afraid so, l...

I went through my entire

little black book.



Well, you shouldn't have

skipped my name.



l... I don't know why

I said that, Steve,



except that

I haven't been this happy

with anyone for years.



You know I still have you

in my blood, don't you?

Oh, Steve, do you really?



I never got over you,




No matter how hard I tried,

I couldn't.



There's a kind of kissin'

that's not careless

and doesn't lead to harm,



when the two people kissin'

are nice and right.



Kissin' is part of

fallin' in love.



The Lord

wants his children

to fall in love,



when they're old enough

and got sense enough.



Then kissin' is like

yeast is to bread...



Pardon me, Annie,

but I'm starving.

Can't I please find Steve?



Don't think

you'll have to.



Steve! It's time

to cook the steaks!

Even Annie says so!



Telling them

will be wonderful,

but Loomis, ohh.



Why tell him at all?

He has a lot of commitments

he'll have to get me out of.



Susie, will you go see

how Sarah Jane is?



Tell her

I'll be right up.




Let me help you

with that.

Thank you, honey.



Hello, Allen?




You've been trying

to call me?



I'm sorry.

We've been out all day.






Oh. Well, that sounds

simply marvelous, but...



Uh, no, not for dinner.

I'm having guests.



Why don't you bring him

for cocktails.



Yes. All right.




Amerigo Felluci!



The Italian

movie director.




Oh, he wants me

for the part of Rena

in No More Laughter.



His agent is in New York

now to talk to me about it.

I see.



- That means you'd

have to go to Italy.

- Mmm. Of course.






Well, I'll have to

give a two-week notice

to the play.







don't be so calm.



They want me

for Rena!



Well, who is she?

Only the best part

since Scarlett O'Hara.



Sarah Jane?



Sarah Jane!

Where have you been?



I've been looking all over

for you! You're supposed

to be in bed...







Sit down.



Cross your heart.



You won't tell my mama?

No, I won't

tell Annie.



W- Well, what is it?



I've been out.



With my boyfriend.




I didn't know

you had a boyfriend!



- Where's he from?

- The Village.



Oh. Did you meet him

in school?







There's an ice cream

parlor in The Village

with a jukebox.




And he used to

stand outside,



and every time I'd walk by,

he'd whistle!

No kidding!



But first I pretended he

wasn't on earth.




But finally I had to laugh,

and he followed me.



And we started to talk.



He's cute.

Really cute.



Is he a colored boy?



Why did you ask that?

Well, I don't know.



It just slipped out.

It was the first thing

you thought of.



I told you,

it just slipped out!

Well, he's white.



And if he ever finds out

about me, I'll kill myself.

But why?



Because I'm white too.

And if I have to be colored,

then I want to die.



What are you saying?

I wanna have

a chance in life.



I don't wanna have to

come through back doors,

feel lower than other people,



or apologize

for my mother's color.

Don't say that!



She can't help her color,

but I can.



And I will.



But we've always

talked things over.



You never told me

this before.





Because I've never had

a boyfriend before.



Because he wants to

marry me someday.



A white boy.




But how do you think

he'd feel, or his folks,

with a black in-law?



What do you think people

would say where we lived

if they knew my mother...



They'd spit at me.

And my children.



Sarah Jane,

you know that's not true!

It is.



That's why

he mustn't know her.



I don't want anybody

to know her.



What if he comes here?

He doesn't even know

where I live.



I pretend I'm a...

I'm a rich girl

with strict parents.



Well, he's bound

to find out...




I'm going to be everything

he thinks I am.



I look it, and that's

all that matters.



And you're not to say

anything either.

I won't. You know I won't.



I never did, but...



Sarah Jane,

if Mama ever found out

she'd never stand for it.



I don't care.



Your mother

doesn't own me.



I won't be seeing you

before you leave,

so good luck in Italy.



You make that sound

like good-bye.



Why couldn't

we meet in Italy?

What for?



You'll have a film.

You won't need me.



But Steve, wait.



You tell Susie I'll

be at her graduation.

Good-bye, Lora.



Oh, Sarah Jane.

Yes, Miss Lora?



I'm having

some people come

for a business meeting.



Later the dinner guests

will arrive. Could you

help your mother a bit?



Miss Lora,

l... l-I'd like to,

but I have a...



A date?

Is it the Hawkins boy?






Well, the Miller's chauffeur

down the road.

Why do you say that?



I met him at the station

the other day

and he asked about you.




It's with someone else.






All right, you run along.

I'll try to manage here.



Oh, there they are.



Look, honey, why don't you

go over to the party

at the church?



They bore me.



You're makin' a big mistake.

You're young. You shouldn't

be sittin' around.



Miss Lora

feels the same way.



She'll lend you

her car.

Oh, she will?

How nice of her.



I'd be happy knowin'

you're meetin'

nice young folks.



Busboys, cooks,





Like Hawkins.



No, thank you.

I've seen your

"nice young folks."



I don't wanna fight

with you, honey.



Not tonight.



I don't feel too good.



While I get started

on the anchovies,



will you take this tray

into Miss Lora

and her friends?



Why, certainly.



Anything at all

for Miss Lora

and her friends.



But signor Romano, why should

she need rehearsals?

Ma scusa, signor.



You know her work.



Felluci always insists

on two weeks' rehearsal.



Pictures are a different

medium than the stage.

She will need rehearsal...



Fetched y'all a mess

of crawdads, Miss Lora,

for you and yo' friends.



That's quite a trick,

Sarah Jane.

Where did you learn it?



Oh, no trick to totin',

Miss Lora.



I learned it

from my mammy,



and she learned it

from old massa 'fore

she belonged to you.




Excuse me.



Another drink,

Sr. Romano?



Sarah Jane,

why did you do that?



What's the matter

with you?



Annie, did you see

what she did?

I heard her.



You and my mother

are so anxious for me

to be colored.



I was going to show you

I could be.



You weren't being




You were being




I don't understand why

you would want to hurt

your mother or me.



I told her

she has to be patient.



Things will work out.




Miss Lora, you don't know

what it means to be...






Have I ever treated you

as if you were different?

Has Susie? Has anyone here?






You've been wonderful,




Then don't ever do this

to us again.



Or to yourself.



It won't solve anything,

Sarah Jane.






Oh, please.



Try to understand.



l- I didn't mean

to hurt you.



I love you.



Oh, I know, baby.



You're just like

a puppy that's been

cooped up too much.



That's why I wanted you

to go to the party.



Oh, Mama.



Don't you see

that won't help?



Lora, wait a minute.



I didn't mean the whole thing.

I said...



Sr. Romano, she won't

need rehearsal.



Frankie, you're late.



I thought

you'd never get here.



Let's walk down

by the river.



I wanna talk to you.



We can talk here.



Frankie, I'm...



I'm having

trouble at home.



Your mother?




Frankie, you said

you wanted to take

a job in Jersey.



Couldn't we run away?



I'd do anything

to be with you,




That's not a bad idea.



That's not

a bad idea at all.



Just tell me

one thing.




Is it true?



Is what true?



Is your mother

a nigger?



Tell me.



Tell me!

What difference

does it make?

You love me!



All the kids talking

behind my back!

Is it true?




Are you black?



I'm as white as you!

You're lying!



No, I'm not!

You're lying!



No, I'm not!

I'm not!

You are! You're lying!



Don't hit me!



I'm not.






Oh, that felt so good.



And I'm glad

the guests have gone.



I'm glad you're not

going to Italy.

So am I.



Felluci wanted me

in Rome in one week.



But I won't miss

Susie's graduation,

not for anything.



You know,

I can't believe it.



Susie and Sarah Jane

all grown up.



You and I have gone

through a lot together,

haven't we?



The years are flyin'.

I'm getting old.



You never sounded

so solemn before.



Don't you feel well,


Oh, just

a little tired.



Well, do you need anything?

Any money?



No, Miss Lora.

Thanks to you,

I'm well fixed.



I've plenty to send

Sarah Jane to college,



something set aside for her,

and enough for my funeral.

Oh, Annie.



That funeral again.

Well, I'm gettin' on.



That's the one thing

I've always wanted

to splurge on.



I really want it elegant.



Got it written down the way I

want it to be, all the friends

I'd like to have there.



It never occurred to me

that you had many friends.



You never have any visit you.

I know lots of people.

Oh, hundreds.




I belong to

the baptist church.



And I belong

to several lodges too.

I didn't know.



Miss Lora,

you never asked.



Mama, Annie, quick!

It's Sarah Jane!






Sarah Jane!

Oh, my baby!



Get some water and towels.

What happened, baby?

What happened?



Leave me alone.

Honey, who did this

to you?



Tell me!

Leave me alone!



You've got to

tell me!

Who was it?



It was her boyfriend.




Yes. He found out

I'm not white,



because you keep telling

the world I'm your daughter.



Anything you can spoil,

you spoil!



Stop that.

Stop it!



Don't you talk

to your mother like that.



I told you.

Lies don't help none.



This always happens

when you lie.



It wouldn't if you

weren't always around!



Thank you.



Are you sure Annie

will make it in time?

Honey, you know Annie.



If she says she will,

she will.



Oh, Mama, I'm so happy.



You know, I never really

believed you'd be here.



Are you sorry

about the picture?



I'm only sorry I couldn't

bring your present with me,

but he's a little bit too big.



He? Who's he?

Who's too big?



That thoroughbred

you told me about,

the one you love so?




Well, he's waiting

for you at home.

You mean he's mine?




Oh, Mama, thank you!



Happy graduation, angel.



Oh, Mama, look!

It's Annie.



And Steve!










Oh, and Annie,

I'm so glad you've made it.



Steve, you're such

a darling to come.



I meant it when I said

I wouldn't miss it for the...




Hello, Steve.

I thought you were

in Italy.



Annie, why didn't

you tell me?

Slipped my mind, I'm afraid.



This came for you

this mornin'.




Honey, Sarah Jane's

much better.

I'm glad.



She's sorry

she couldn't come,

but she sends her love.



I think I'm gonna faint.

This is the most exciting

day of my entire life.



I never expected

you'd all be here.



Oh, it's...

It's from Felluci.



He still wants me

for the part, and he'll

wait after all.



He's even made

my plane reservations.

I'm to leave in two weeks.



Two weeks?

Oh, Mama.



Oh! At least that time

will be ours together.



Oh, don't look like that.

Felluci agreed to my terms.



I can't turn him down now.

I know, Mother,

I know.



Look, honey, your mama

feels worse than you.



Girls, the exercises

are beginning. Come on!






When do you leave, Steve?



I don't know when I'll

be able to get away now.




Would you do me a favor?



Will you look after my child

for me while I'm gone?




I can think of nothing

I'd like better.





All right?

Fine. Let's ride

down to the river.



Thank you.





Isn't this fun?



I wrote Mother last week

and told her you were riding

like Audie Murphy.



I'll wear my six-shooters

tomorrow morning.



And your black tie

tomorrow night at Bocce's.



Did we make it

definitely tomorrow?

You said Monday night.



I hope you won't

be disappointed.

It's nothing glamorous.



Disappointed with you, Steve?

Never. Come on, I'll race you

back to the old mill.





I hope you won't

be disappointed.



Oh, no. I think

it's romantic.



Good evening.

A table for two?




What a wonderful place

to end a perfect evening.

I'll have cognac and...



Could I have one too?

Just once?




Maybe a little wine?




Coke. You don't want them

to lose their license,

do you?



No, of course not,


Shall we dance?




Oh, I'd love to, Steve.



You know,

you're the only one that

I can talk seriously with.



What about Annie?

I thought she was everybody's

Rock of Gibraltar.



She still treats me

like I was a child, as if

I were just out of rompers.



You don't.

Well, you're

almost a woman.






Anytime you have anything

serious on your mind,

you try it out on me.



Well, l...

I do have a problem

that's been bothering me.



Let's have it.



No. Maybe I shouldn't.



I'll bet I know

what it's about.



You do?




Oh, no.



You were teasing me.




Steve, what's the proper

age for people to...



Well, to get married?



That is a problem.

I'm no authority.



Isn't being in love enough?



As long as it's

on both sides.



But then at your age,

there's always

the possibility of...



being in love with love.




No, it's real.

I am.



In love?




Wanna talk about it?

Well, l...



No. Not yet.





Sometimes though, l...

I feel awfully lonely.



Love is always a little

lonely in the beginning,



especially when you're

not sure the other party

feels as you do.



But it's heavenly, though.

Don't you agree?

I do.




No substitute for it.



Oh, I'm so glad I'm alive.

I've never been so glad before.



Every time we've been together,

it's been just perfect!



You ought to go out more

with friends your own age.

Than go out with Steve?



Annie, you can't believe

how much we have in common.



Oh, it's Steve!

Now, you're not going out

without a coat.



I was going to

borrow one of Mother's.

Steve's seen all of mine.



Sarah Jane bought

herself a new one.

You can wear hers.



Oh, I'll be right down!



Annie, I haven't seen

Sarah Jane in weeks.



Does she like that new job

in New York?



Oh, yes.

Thank you.



The Head Librarian

thinks she's so good,



why, she even gave her

a raise.

That's wonderful!



She just wrote me the other

day and she said that...



Oh, don't wait up for me.

I'm going to be terribly late.



Good night, sweetie.



Harry's Club?



Hope I didn't keep you

waiting too long, Steve.




Is this the Manhattan

Public Library?



Yes, it is.

May I speak to Miss

Sarah Jane Johnson, please?



I'm sorry.

The library's closed.



Yes, I know, but she's

on a late shift.



Reclassifying books

after hours, she said.



There's no one here

by that name.



You have no one there

by that name?




Are you sure?

Absolutely sure?



Yes, I'm sure.

No one.



I see.



Well, thank you very much.



Thank you.







Can I help you, lady?



Is there a girl named

Sarah Jane Johnson

working here?



Never heard of her.






 The loneliest word

I've heard of is empty 



 Anything empty is sad 



 An empty purse

can make a good girl bad 



 You hear me, Dad 



 The loneliest word 



I've heard of is empty 



 Empty things

make me so mad 



 So fill me up

with what I formerly had 



 Now, Venus, you know 



 Was loaded with charms 



 And look at

what happened to her 



 Waitin' around

she's minus two arms 



 Could happen to me

no, sir 



 Now is the time

to fill what is empty 



 Fill my life

brim full of charms 



 Help me refill

these empty 



 Empty, empty arms 







I thought you were great

tonight, really great.

Thank you.



Where do you go

when you run out of here

every night?



You got a boyfriend?

Could be.



If you weren't such a cute...

Sarah Jane Johnson!



- You put your clothes on

and get out of this place.

- Say, who is this character?



I don't know.

I've never seen her

before in my life.



Quit lyin'. You told me

you had a respectable job

in the library.



Hey, what's going on here?



Well, she must be crazy.



Tell her

my name's Judy Brand.

Make her go away.



Look, lady,

why don't you blow?



You'd better keep out

of this. This girl here

is my daughter.



And if you don't tell her

to go home with me,

her mother,



I'll have the law on you.

Your mother?



Well, I'll be.



Go on, beat it.



She's through, anyway.



Sarah Jane.



What did you

expect me to do...



when I find you dancing

in that lowdown dive?



If it ever got back

to the teachers' college...



that you were mixed up

in such a place,

they would never let you in.



I wouldn't be

found dead in a colored

teachers' college.



Please, come home!



We'll have some coffee

and we'll talk about this.



Honey, nobody's all right

about anything,



and nobody's all wrong.



If you don't want to

be a teacher, all right.



We'll talk about

what you want to be.



Honey, Miss Lora gets home

from Italy in the mornin'

and I'm sure...



Sarah Jane.



Sarah Jane!



Oh. Ooh, dear.



Oh, Susie, darling!



All the flowers!



Oh, it's wonderful.



I was never so glad

to be home.



Annie was up

at the crack of dawn.



Where is she?



Well, I don't know.





That's funny. She was

so anxious to see you.






Annie, what's the matter?



What happened?



Is it Sarah Jane?



"Mama, if you really

want to be kind,



"really a mother,

don't try to find me.



"Just pretend that I died

or was never born.



"This is my life and I'm going

to live it my way.



Sarah Jane."



Darling, I'm sorry.



We'll find her

and bring her back.



No, Miss Lora.



It's her life and I'm done

with interfering.



All I'd like to know somehow

is where she is,



so if she should ever need

anything, I can help her.



Do you have any idea

where she might have gone?



No, ma'am.

I'll bet Steve will know

what to do. I'll call him.



All right.



You lie down for a while.



We're going to take care

of you for a change.



Hello, Steve?





Let me have it.




No, this isn't Susie.



That's right.

Oh, a few moments ago.



Oh, it was wonderful.




And thank you for taking

such good care of my child.



Yes, she is.



What's he saying about me?

He thinks you're as cute

as a button, and you are.



Only, Steve,



something dreadful

has happened.






No, I'll put a detective

agency on it...



and I'll report

the moment I hear anything.






Then under the name

of Linda Carroll,

she got herself a job...



in the chorus line

at the Moulin Rouge

in Hollywood.



Where is she living?

At a motel nearby.



Thanks, Mr. Steve.

I'm going out there.



No, Annie, you can't.

You're not well enough.



I'll go get her myself.




Miss Lora, I have to go.



I've just got to see

my baby once more.



All right, Annie.

I'll have my office make

your train reservations.



Thanks, but I'm not

going by train.



I'm going to fly.



I'm in a hurry.









What's up, honey?



Oh. I don't know.

Just a funny feeling.



Don't forget the guys

are picking us up at   :  .



I'll rush to the motel

and change. See you there.





Door's open.



I'll be ready

in a minute.



I hope they're not here...



Now, don't be mad, honey.

Nobody saw me.



It was you.



You were there tonight.



Why can't you leave me alone?



I tried, Sarah Jane.



You'll never know

how hard I tried.






I might as well pack.



Look, baby...

I suppose you've been

to the boss,



Iost me my job,

my friends...



I've been no place.

I didn't come to bother you.



Well, you won't.

Not ever again.



Spoil things for me here

and I'll go somewhere else.



And I'll keep on going

until you're so tired...



Baby, I am tired.



I'm as tired

as I ever want to be.



You mind if I sit down?

Yes, I do.



Somebody's coming.

That's why the door

was unlocked.



I'll only stay a minute.



I just want to look at you.

That's why I came.



Are you happy here, honey?

Are you finding what

you really want?



I'm somebody else.



I'm white. White!






Does that answer you?



I guess so.



Then please, Mama,

will you go...



and never do this again?



And if by accident,

if we should ever pass

on the street,



please don't recognize me.



I won't, Sarah Jane.

I promise.



I settled all that

in my mind.



There's just one thing

I wish from you.




If you're ever in trouble,



if you ever need

anything at all,



if you ever want

to come home...



and you shouldn't be able

to get in touch with me,



will you let

Miss Lora know?




Yes, anything.

Now will you go?



That wasn't all I wanted,




That was only part of it.



What's the rest?



I'd like to hold you

in my arms once more...



like you were

still my baby.



All right, Mama.

All right.



Oh, Sarah Jane.



Oh, my baby!



My beautiful,

beautiful baby!






I love you so much.

Nothin' you ever do

can stop that.



Oh, Mama!



Oh, my baby.

Mama. Mama.



Oh, my baby.



Come on, Linda,

they're waiting.



Listen, if you're the new maid,

I want to report that my shower

is full of ants.



Oh, I'm sorry, miss.

That must be very uncomfortable.



But I just happened to be

in town and dropped in

to see Miss Linda.



I used to take care of her.



Well, I guess I'll

be running along.



My plane's leaving

in a little while,

Miss Linda.



Good-bye, honey.



You take good care

of yourself.









Well! Get you.



So, honey child,

you had a mammy.






All my life.



Hello, Steve.



Hello, Lora.



Some of my girlfriends

get embarrassed

when their mothers...



wear shorts or capri pants,

things like that.



I really don't mind.

That's very big of you.



I mixed you a highball,

but you only get one

before lunch.



Yes, ma'am.

I just had a call

from Loomis.



Don't say a word.

He's got a new role for you.

No, no.







No, they've flown over a print

of the Italian picture.



He's arranged

a special showing tonight,

and a party afterwards.



Darling, I'd like you

to see it too,



but I'm worried

about Annie.



Ever since she came

back from Los Angeles,

she's changed.



Dr. Miller's quite concerned

about her condition.



I think someone should stay

in the house with her tonight.

Do you mind?



No, of course not, Mama.

I'll see you tomorrow, Steve?






What can we do

to help Annie, Steve?



There's no answer, Lora,

never has been.



Not for a broken heart.



Mmm, and I know Mother

didn't understand.



Oh, it was so embarrassing.

And poor Steve.



I mean, what could he do?

She just swept over him

like a tidal wave.



Honey, it's only natural

he'd like to go out

with your mother.



He always enjoyed her company.

You remember that.



But it's different now.



All summer long

it's been Steve and me.



- Annie, you know, don't you?

- Know what?



That I'm in love with Steve.

I've always been in love

with him and always will be.



Sure, Susie,



but like a little girl.



No. I don't think

it even started like that.



In a funny way,

I always knew.



Every time I thought

I liked a boy, it was because

he reminded me of Steve.



And then I'd stop

liking him because...



Because he wasn't Steve.




Are you up, darling?






I just had to tell you.

I have the most wonderful news.



You're going to do

another picture.




Not a picture,

not a play,

never again.



Oh, I know you

don't believe me.

I can't blame you.



Steve didn't either.

He probably won't until

our tenth anniversary.



A- Anniversary?



Oh, Steve and I have

always been in love.



But it seems I've never

had time for anything

but my work.



So I just up and proposed

that we get married.



Well, Susie,

what's the matter?

Are you all right?



Yes, I'm fine.

I hope you'll be very happy.



Oh, we will be,

all of us.



What is it, darling?

Tell me.



I'm very tired.

Good night, Mother.



Good night, dear.



You know, Annie,

last night when I told

Susie the news,



she was like ice.



It's strange.

l... I thought she

would be ecstatic.



She always seemed to...

To adore Steve.



Something's wrong

with her, Annie.



Do you know what it is?



Miss Lora, you've got

to be very careful

the way you handle Susie.



She's got

a real problem.




Why don't I know about it?

Why didn't she come to me?



Maybe because

you weren't around.



You mean, l...



I haven't been

a good mother.



I know you meant

to be a good mother,



the best kind of mother,



but look, I meant to

be a good one too,

and I failed.



But you couldn't have been

a better mother to Sarah Jane.



- Then where's

my little girl?

- But Annie, that's different.



Hers is

a very real problem.



What's complicated

Susie's life?



We made a home for her;

the prettiest clothes;

the best schools.



- Susie's in love.

- Oh, Annie.



Is that all?

Why didn't you say so?



It's not unusual for a girl

Susie's age to be in love.



It's who she's in love with

that's causing all the trouble.



Why? Who is it?



Mr. Steve.






That's impossible.



How did it happen?

Why did he let it happen?



I don't think he knows.



Annie, it can't

be serious!



It is, Miss Lora.

Plenty serious.



I better have a talk

with Susie right now.



Wait, wait.






I've just spoken

to Annie.

Have you?



Now I know why you were

so upset last night.

So Annie told you.



That's how you usually

find things out about me.

That's not true!



Let's face it, Mama.

Annie's always been more

like a real mother.



You never had time for me.

By the way, is this

worded correctly?



An application

to college?




But you're going

to study in New York.




It's      miles away.



     to be exact.

That's quite a distance.



I don't think

I'll be missed.

Don't be unfair, Susie.



You know I'd miss you.

I'm sure you'd be too busy

to miss anyone.



Much too busy.



You give me credit

for nothing.



Yes, I'm ambitious,

perhaps too ambitious,



but it's been for your sake

as well as mine.



Isn't this house

just a little bit nicer

than a cold-water flat?



And your new horse.

Aren't you crazy about it?

Yes, but l...



And that closet of yours...

Has all the dresses fit for

the daughter of a famous star.



Now, just a moment,

young lady.



It's only because

of my ambition that you've

had the best of everything.



That's a solid achievement

that any mother can be proud of.



How about a mother's love?



Love? But you've

always had that!



Yes, by telephone, postcard,

magazine interviews.



You've given me everything

but yourself.



No wonder I went to Annie

last night when I told her

about Steve.



Oh, Susie.



If Steve is going

to come between us,



I'll give him up.



I'll never see him again.



Oh, Mama, stop acting!



Stop trying to shift people

around as if they were pawns

on a stage.



But, Susie, l...

Don't worry,

I'll get over Steve,



but please,

don't play the martyr.



Oh, Mama, I'm sorry.

I didn't want to hurt you.



But last night

I was so unhappy!



Oh, darling.



l... I don't know.



Maybe it was all

to the good because...



this morning I felt

strangely independent and...



Well, I like the feeling.



That's why I think I'd...

I'd like to go away,



at least for a while.



Oh, Mama, please try

to understand.



I'm very sincere

about it.



Ah, it's funny

the way things turn out.



Thank you.



I still can't get over Susie

at the station yesterday.



She looked so... grown-up

when she said good-bye.



Yes, she did.



It does seem awfully

quiet here without her.



Annie and I were talking

about that last night.



With both the girls gone,

we felt so alone

in this big house.



When did this idea

of college come up?



Susie never once

mentioned it to me.



She decided suddenly.



And why Colorado?

So far away.



It's what she wanted.



Miss Meredith, it's Annie.

She's terribly sick.



Did you call

the doctor?

Yes, he'll

be right over.



And she wants

the minister too.



Oh, God, no!



I hate to dispute you,

Miss Lora.



Oh, Annie, don't talk.



I've got to talk.

I've got to.

Oh, please.



Please, not now.



You stop crying.

But l...



No, listen to me.

All right.

I'm listening.



When my bills

are all paid,



I want everything

that's left to go to...



Sarah Jane.

Of course.



Mr. Steve?

Yes, Annie?



Find her, Mr. Steve.

Find her.



I will.

You may be sure.



I will.

Thank you.



Miss Lora,

just tell her...



Tell her I know

I was selfish,



and if I loved her too much,

I'm sorry.



But I didn't mean

to cause her any trouble.



She was all I had.



Tell her, Miss Lora.

Oh, please, Annie!



Promise me?

Promise me?

I promise.






My pearl necklace.




I want you to give it

to Susie...



for her weddin'.



Give her a real

bridey wedding...



with all the fixin's.



Our weddin' day...



and the day we die...



are the great events...



of life.



Oh, Annie!



Annie, darling.



There's no cause to cry.



- Reverend?

- Yes, Annie?



I'd like for your wife

to have my fur scarf.



She always admired

that fur.



She never believed me when

I said it was genuine mink.



She did, Annie,

she did.



Oh, please,

you don't have to...



And I want Mr. McKinney...



to have a nice, clean

  -dollar bill.



M- Mr. McKinney?



The milkman at the old

cold-water flat.




He was so nice

and understanding

about the bill.



I always send him

a little something

at Christmas time,



in both our names.



You've been so good.



Sure hope you're right,

Miss Lora.



I'd like to be standin'

with the lambs...



and not with the goats...



on judgment day.



And my funeral...



Mr. Steve,



you'll find what I want

in the drawer...



over there.



I've got it, Annie.



I want to go...



the way I planned,




the four white horses...



and a band playin'.



No mourning,



but proud

and high-steppin',



like I was goin'

to glory.



No. I won't listen.



There isn't going

to be any funeral,

not for a long, long time.



You can't leave me.

I won't let you.



I'm just tired, Miss Lora.



Awfully... tired.












Soon I will be done 



 Trouble of the world




 Trouble of the world 



 Trouble, Lord

of the world 



 I soon will be done 



 Trouble, Lord

of the world 



 I'm going home

to live 



 With God 



No more 



 Weepin'and wailin'



No more 



 Weepin'or wailin'



No more 



 Weepin' and wailin' 



 I'm going home 



 To live with my Lord 






Soon I will be done 



My trouble 



 Of this world 



 Oh, my trouble

in this world 



Lord, the trouble

in this world 



 Lord, I soon 



 Will be done 



 The trouble

of this world 



I'm going home 






 To live 



 With my Lord 






"I will lift up mine eyes

unto the hills from whence

cometh my help.



"My help cometh from the Lord

which made heaven and earth.



"He will not suffer thy foot

to be moved.



"He that keepeth thee

will not slumber.



"Behold, he that keepeth Israel

shall neither slumber

nor sleep.



"The Lord is thy keeper.



"The Lord is the shade

upon thy right hand.



"The sun shall not

smite thee by day...



"nor the moon by night.



"The Lord shall preserve thee

from all evil.



"He shall preserve thy soul.



The Lord shall preserve

thy going out

and thy coming in. "



Let me through!




Please, let me through!



Hey, stand back, miss.



But it's my mother!

Stand back.



I'm telling you,

it's my mother!












I didn't mean it.



I didn't mean it.



Mama, do you hear me?



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry, Mama.



Mama, I did love you.



Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane, don't!



Miss Lora.



Miss Lora,

I killed my mother.



I killed her.



I wanted to come home.




Now she'll never know how much

I wanted to come home.

Come with us.





Special help by SergeiK