In Dreams Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the In Dreams script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Neil Jordan movie starring Annette Bening.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of In Dreams. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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In Dreams Script




(Man shouts )



(Woman ) Mirror, mirror, on the wall,



who's the fairest of us all?



(Girl) You're the fairest in

this hall, but Snow White is the...



(Chuckles ) Come on, Rebecca.

Forget it's a play.



Just say it

like you're saying it to me.



Snow White's the fairest of them all



And again. Mirror, mirror, on the

wall, who's the fairest of us all?.



- You're the fairest in...

- Wrong.



You are.



What are they doing, Mommy?



Nothing, Rebecca.

Daddy'll be home soon.



Last to the car's a bag of rats!



(Dog barks )



(Rebecca ) You never knew

I was a bag of rats!



(Rebecca ) Daddy!






Hey. Hey, sweetie.



- (Rebecca ) The goldfish died.

- Oh, no.



- He did?

- He started to swim backwards.



Mom froze him so we could

bury him when you come back.



- You want something to eat?

- Breakfast and lunch.



- Mary's made spaghetti.

- Oh, God. It's  am for me, honey.



I'm sorry. What are these?



- Nothing.

- That's Snow White.



Show Daddy your costume, honey.



No, I don't want to.

I wanna show him the goldfish.






What is this?

Little Red Riding Hood?



No. It's nothing

to do with anything.



It's just another weird dream.



Oh, no. Not like the one you had

before my mother died, is it?



- No.

- Good.



Not like that one.

This one, it keeps coming back.



There's an orchard

and this little girl.



That little girl,

she's being led through it.



- The little girl that's missing?

- She's holding someone's hand.



It's a man or a woman...

with red hair.



I keep trying to get rid of it.

I can't.



I don't know.

What do you want me to say?



- If it's real, go to the cops.

- Paul, please.



- I don't know about psychic stuff.

- I hate that word.



- So do I.

- What's "physic", Daddy?



They're searching the reservoir,

but I have a feeling she's not dead.



What's "physic", Daddy?



Psychic is when you can

see through things, like...



what's in that big box

that Daddy brought home?



Right by the front door.



- You got it?

- You bet ya.



I tramped all over Tokyo for that.



(Motor whining)



(Paul) Not too low!



And again. (Chuckles )



(Whispers ) Good night, sweetheart.



Wasn't that meant for her birthday?



Yeah, it was. But I can't be here.

I'm only on a stopover.



- Have you told her?

- No.



They fucked up my schedule again.



- What about the play?

- The play's fine.



I have to leave for Seattle at eight.



Hey. I got you a kimono.



(Dog growls)



(Dog barks )







What did you say your name was?



(Deep voice ) Red.



(Sighs )



(Girl) Where are we going?



(Gasps )



(Sobs )






What is it?



I saw her,

the little girl that's missing.



- I can't help it. I'm sorry.

- Oh, Jesus.



I'm sorry.



She's so innocent, Paul,

going wherever he asks her.



It's somewhere terrible.



I told you, if it's real

you should go to the cops.



It's worse now. It's like

some storm's about to break.



All right, look, honey.

Tomorrow I'll go to the police, OK?



I'll tell them whatever it is

you're imagining, all right?



I wanna know I'm wrong, Paul,

more than anything.



I wanna know it's just a dream.



(Paul sighs )



Oh, you know, I'm sorry to

keep you waiting, Mr Cooper.



- I apologise. Really I do.

- No problem.



I hope you understand that,

you know, this is, well...



- This has been a very busy week.

- Yeah, yeah.



OK, uh, let me...



Let me see if I get this right here.



Your wife had a headache...



and she saw a vision

of the missing child, right?



I wouldn't phrase it like that.



- How would you phrase it?

- She has, um, these dreams.



- Is she a clairvoyant?

- No.



Does she talk to dead people?

Communicate with the dead?



What? Detective, this isn't a seance.



I was gonna ask

does she wear a turban? (Laughs )



One of those crystal balls

with a lamp shade?



- None of that.

- Just checking.



Tell me what happened.



She dreamt the child

was taken to an orchard



where terrible things were

happenin' to her. North of here.



- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah.



In this vision,

did she get a fix on anyone else?



Only his hand.

He was holding her hand.



The little girl?.



Yeah, but it could've been a woman's.



Could have been... Oh. All right.

OK. OK, sir. Thanks for comin' in.



Detective! I'm waitin' here an hour.

My wife isn't makin' this up.



I'm not saying she is. It's been

a long day, give me a break.



Based on your information,

I'm lookin' for a man, a woman...



It's not really helpin' me.



Listen, listen.

I know you got a tough job.



I got a tough job too. I fly     s.



I got     people relyin' on me.



So do me a favour. Hear me out.

Don't treat me like I'm a wacko.



They already found her, Mr Cooper.



Bottom of a storm drain.

Stones in her pockets.



So you go back to flyin' your     s.

You take care of your people.



I gotta get back to the tedious

business of finding who killed her.



Thanks for comin' in.



There are    fairies, Mommy.



Oh. But you'll look the best.



I'm the only one that talks.



OK. Why don't you try it

one more time?



Then we'll go to dance class, OK?

Big breath.



Who's the fairest of us all?.



You're the fairest in this hall,



but Snow White's

the fairest...of them all.



Very good.



(Paul) Claire?






There you are.



You don't have to tell me.

I heard it on the news.



Guess I'm crazy again, huh?



Well, you got it wrong this time.



Yeah, I got a lot of things wrong.



- What's that mean?

- You know what it means.



I don't. What are you talking about?



I'm talking about the girl

you're seeing in Sydney, Australia.



I'm talking about me pretending

it hasn't been happening.



Don't look so surprised.



I'm not reading your mind

or your fucking letters,



but be more discreet

where you put them!



I took this girl to dinner once.



She got a crush on me.

I fucked up. I'm sorry.



Nothing happened.

Honey, listen to me.



Nothing happened.

I promise you. I fucked up.



This is what's been

fucking up the schedule?



No, this is not.

My schedule changes without notice.



This isn't about your schedule.

This is about you fucking someone!



But I didn't!

I wanted to, but I didn't!



Maybe I wouldn't have wanted to



if the woman I love

was here once in a while!



I mean, where are you, Claire?



If it's not one obsession,

it's another. You're gone!



Daddy, if I was real...



- Hmm?

- ..dishing out wishes...



- All right.

- What would you wish?



That I didn't need one.



OK, let's go.



- My wand cured the rain.

- Oh, thank God for that.



Let's take these off,

they'll get bent in the car.



- Are you coming?

- I'm coming in the other car.



- Let's go.

- Why?



I have to fly tonight, darlin'.



When I come back,

I'll stay much longer.



If your mother lets me.



Hello, flowers.



Hello, birds.



- Hello, Snow White!

- (Screams )



Please don't kill me.

I'm begging you. Please.



What have I done?

Please don't kill me.



(Fairies ) Please show mercy!



Please show mercy!



Please show mercy!



- Please show mercy!

- Run!



Run away and never come back

or your stepmother will get you!



(Applause )



I'll always remember

her beautiful smile.



She was so very kind.



- She made our house a home.

- She was very nice to us.



She so loved animals. (Crying)



She cleaned my glasses.



- Honey!

- Who is this lovely maiden?



- Oops!

- She's Snow White!



What happened to her?



(Dwarves )

She got poisoned by the witch.



She's the loveliest maiden

I've ever seen.



May I take her home

to my castle so...



(All) Will we never see her again?



You may come and live

in my castle as well.



(Applause )



Mirror, mirror,



on the wall,



who's the fairest one of all?.



You are the fairest in this hall,



but Snow White is the fairest...



- of them all.

- (Giggles )



No, no, no!



Snow White's

the fairest of them all!



(Screams )



(Giggling and shouting)



Hello. There you are.



You were so good. You were so good.

OK, hang on a second.



I'll see you in a couple of days, OK?




Bye. All right, already. I gotta go.



Claire, I was stupid, all right?



I admit that.

Nothing more. I promise.



- OK. Promise?

- It was my fault.



- Bye. Bye.

- See you.



- I love you.

- I gotta go. All right.



I love you.



(Girls shouting)






Sweetie? Sorry,

I thought you were my little girl.












Rebecca? Rebecca?



- Rebecca?

- (Squealing)






Rebecca? Rebecca?












(Girl) Where are we going?



(Deep voice ) To my house.



(Claire ) Rebecca!



- (Man ) Guys, fan out to the right!

- Rebecca!



- Where are you?

- We'll find her.






Why didn't I know?

Why didn't I see it? Rebecca!



Rebecca! Rebecca!



(Man ) I said, fan out to the right!



We're gonna cover

every inch of ground tonight!



(Claire ) Rebecca! Rebecca!









Why didn't you tell me? It wasn't

the past, it was the future!



Take it easy, ma'am.



She's gone! You know that!



- We don't know that.

- Well, I know it!



(Screaming) Lord!



Lord, let me help her!



Let me help her!



(Groans )



(Indistinct deep voice )



(Police radio in background)



How long have you had these visions?



All my life.



All your life?






Look, you know, I...

I owe you an apology. I'm sorry.



- Your husband came to talk to me.

- Don't apologise, Detective.



No. I was more wrong than you were.



You see, I need an interpreter.



- For what?

- For whatever it is I dream.






- (Radio ) 'Detective Kay?'

- Yeah, this is Kay.



'The divers have...'



Mrs...Mrs Cooper...?



- 'Are you there?'

- Somebody stay with Mrs Cooper!






'We found a body.'



(Kay ) Don't touch any evidence!



Everybody, settle down.

Where's Mrs Cooper? Jeez...



(Tyres screech)



- Claire.

- Paul.



- What?

- I can't. I'm sorry.



I'm sorry. I...I...



Oh, God.



Oh, no! Oh, please, God!



- Mr Cooper, stay calm.

- Is it my daughter?



- Is it?

- Stay with Mr Cooper.



(Kay ) Claire!



(Tyres screech)



(Siren )



Claire! Please pull over! Please!



You'll get us both killed!

Claire! Please!



(Tyres screech)






I'm not afraid any longer, Mommy.



(Faint whisper)

My daddy was a dollar.



(Whisper) My daddy was a dollar.



(Whisper) My daddy was a dollar.



Not worth a hundred cents.



My daddy was a dollar.



I wrote it on a fence.



My daddy was a dollar.



Not worth a hundred cents.



(Monitors beeping)



(Man ) Can you look at me?



Can you squeeze my finger?



Wiggle your toes, please.



Do you remember

ever seeing me before?






Well, I'm Dr Stevens.



I'm the neurosurgeon.



You've been trying to wake up

for about a day now.



You had quite a little bump

on your head.



You had a lot of water in your lungs,

but we're doing fine, Mr Cooper.



How long have I been here? How long?



Well, about six weeks.



Why did you bring me back?



(Stevens ) Hmm. Don't think

it was easy, Claire.



(Muffled screaming)



(Boy ) Mommy! Mommy, help!



Help! Help!



Claire? Claire?



Shh, shh, shh.



You're in the hospital.

You're in a hospital.



- Oh.

- All right?



I'm Dr Stevens. Remember me?

Remember meeting me?



Yeah. Oof.

You had a nightmare, hmm?



How did you know?



Well, your heart rate

was bouncin' around.



Can you read dreams?



No. I skipped that class in college.



Must've been a wild one, hmm?



Yeah. There's a little boy in a room

filling up with water.



He's tied to the bed.



- Water, huh?

- Water.



I do have a friend who majored in...

what'd you call it, reading dreams?



- Wanna talk to him?

- Well, what is he?



A psychiatrist.

But don't hold that against him.



- Well, can he stop them?

- He might.



I'll get a nurse to prescribe

something for you. All right?



- OK.

- OK.



(Indistinct muttering)



(Deep voice )   Anyone else but me



  Anyone else but me



  Don't sit under the apple tree



  With anyone else but me



(Paul)   Anyone else but me  



Why are you singing that?



Because you were singing that...



(Chuckles ) In your sleep.



How long have they been here?



They just got here.



This is Dr Silverman.

The psychiatrist.



Can you stop the dreams?



Well, we can start

by talking about them.



Has he killed another child?



You're here to get well,

not drive yourself crazy.



How many has he killed, Paul?.



- How many?

- There's a girl missing upstate...



but they're not sure

it's the same guy.



It is, and it's the same place.



- Someone was singing.

- You were singing.



No. Someone was singing through me.

That doesn't make sense.



Tell me about your dreams, Claire.



One's a little boy

in a drowning room, and uh...



And some of the others

are in this big room.



It's like a...orchard.



It's filled with apples.



I know there'll be more.



Could you leave us

together for a while?



- Will you make them go away?

- I'd like to try.



Mr Cooper, how is your marriage?



My marriage? It's fine.



I mean, as well as can be expected.



But you've asked to take her home.



Yes. She's my wife.

I'd like to care for her at home.



I want to know

that your home environment is stable.



It is. Our marriage is fine.



In that case, I agree.

Home might be the best place for her.



I'd like to be the judge of that.



We've got to realise that she's in

a state of suspended bereavement.



She's never had a chance to mourn.



(Paul) Mary's come for the week.






Yeah. Mary.



The housekeeper?



Your past life, Claire.



How are we gonna deal with it, Paul?.



Well, just day by day.



I feel like it all happened

to someone else.



I wish to God it had.



Like I'm some ghost,

looking down on myself.



What about her room?



I haven't been in there.



I'm gonna get the bags.






Just go to sleep.



(Man ) I know you've been dreaming

about me, Claire.



And I've been dreaming of you.



Oh! Ohh!



Jesus! Fucking...



It wasn't me, Paul.

It was a nightmare.



Don't give me "nightmare!"



You were wide awake and kissing me!



Aren't you taking medicine for them?



- It doesn't work.

- Look...



I will do just about anything

to get us through this, honey,



but you better tell me

what is going on in your head.



Paul, please, I can't talk about it.



You just bit through my fucking lip,

and you can't talk about it?



- You're gonna talk to someone else!

- No! No.



Then you talk to me. Tell me!



He killed Rebecca. And he knows.



- He knows what?

- He knows I'm dreaming about him!



Oh, Claire.



- That is really crazy.

- I know.



He's in my head. Who are you calling?



Your doctors!



- They can't help me.

- Somebody has to. I can't!



I've used up all my leave.



- I gotta go to work.

- I've got to deal with it.



- I've got the medication and Mary.

- Mary's not a doctor.



I swear, if I can't cope

I'll go back myself.



(Man ) Claire, Claire, Claire, Claire.






"Adapted and illustrated

by Claire Cooper."



Claire, Claire, Claire.



Once upon a time

there was a little Claire.



And a very little Claire she was.



(Radio in background)



- I'll call you from Seattle. OK?

- OK.



- You OK?

- Fine. I might even try some work.



You have my numbers.

Call the hospital if anything, right?



- OK. OK.

- OK.



Don't worry. (Laughs )



(Sighs )









- You OK?

- Is that the mantra for the day?



I need a cigarette.

I'm going to the store.



Paul said you're not

to leave the house. I'll go.



OK. Thanks.



(Sighs )



(Beep )



(Child laughs )



(Dog barks )



(Tape )

  Don't sit under the apple tree



  With anyone else but me



  Anyone else but me, anyone...  



- (Dog barks )

- Dobie!






Dobie? Dobie!






- (Barking)

- Dobie!









Remember me?

We met at the reservoir when you...



- My dog, Dobie. Have you seen...?

- Hm?



- Have you...?

- No, I've seen nothing, ma'am.



Look, your husband, uh...

asked us to, uh,



check things out,

keep an eye on things, you know?



- Thank you.

- Dogs like to ramble.



- Yeah. I shouldn't worry.

- I didn't say that.



- You OK, Claire?

- I'm fine. Thank you, Detective.



If you see Dobie...the dog.



- Dobie's our dog.

- Look, just so you know...



we checked every orchard

within a radius of     miles.



- You found nothing?

- No.



That's the thing, my dreams

are no good till after it happens.



- Makes me seem crazy, doesn't it?

- Oh, no.



After what you've been through,

you'd be forgiven a little psychosis.



Kay. Jack Kay.

Call me if you need anything.



Anything at all,

just give me a call, OK?



- Thanks.

- Want me to walk you home?



I'm OK, thank you.



- (Beeping)

- Shit!



Damn it. Mary!



(Garbage disposal whirs )



(Glass shatters )



(Screams )



(Phone )



(Beep )



(Man whispering indistinctly)



You think you can scare me,

you sick fuck?



(Echoing whisper) 'You sick fuck...



'My daddy is a dollar,

I wrote it on a fence.



'My daddy is a dollar, not worth...'



- Get out of my brain.

- (Echoing) 'Get out of my brain.'



(Phone )



- (Man's voice, babbling)

- Leave me alone!



Paul?. He's in the computer now.



(Voice continues, hysterically)


















Oh, Paul... Help me.



I wrote...












(Silverman ) Did you

write this, Claire?



Uh, yeah. I wrote that.



But somebody else

made me do it. (Laughs )



And who cut your wrists?






I did. (Laughs )



But did that someone else

make you do it?



No. That was all my own work.



- Why, Claire?

- I wanted it to stop.



- What did you want to stop?

- The laughter. The...



- The thing.

- The dreams?



Can you dream in the daytime

when you're wide awake?



I'm sorry. I'm not that strong.

I couldn't take it any more.



- What does this verse mean?

- I don't know.



- Is it from your childhood?

- No, it's not from my childhood.



(Laughs )



- It's from someone else's childhood.

- Whose?



It's, uh...



It's written on the walls

of a boy's room, and, uh,



the boy is chained to the bed,

and the room's filling up with water.



- So it's from a dream?

- Yeah.



And is it connected to

your dream of apples?



Yes. It's the same boy.



But in the orchard dream

it was a man.



- Can't you make sense of it?

- Would you like me to?



Oh, I would love you to!

I-I-I can't make sense of it.



But, um...



I have a feeling that...



they're all coming

from the same place.



From you?



- No, no! From him.

- And who is he?



I don't know.



But I think he deserves a name.



We'll call him Red.



It's appropriate.



OK, Claire.



Let's leave it there for the moment.



OK. (Sighs )



We're gonna take you to get an ECG

and check your blood pressure.



- Are you gonna keep me here?

- We'll supplement your medication.



Mr Cooper, please come in.






Take a seat.



(Mary ) Where are you, boy?



Here, boy!






- Dobie!

- What?



He's been missing all day.



Oh, great.



How is she?



They want me

to sign her into Stapleton.



I'm sorry.

I feel like it's all my fault.



It's not your fault, Mary.









- (Growling)

- (Man ) Come on. Come on.



Good boy. Good boy.



- (Whimpering)

- Good boy.



(Barking and whimpering)






Dobie, what is it, boy?



- Dobie? What, boy?

- (Barks )






Dobie? Dobie?



Dobie? Dobie?



(Whimpering and barking)



Dobie! Dobie!



(Horn )



- (Horns honking)

- Dobie!






So what's it gonna be, Paul?.






(Children laugh)






(Growling continues )



She just woke up.



Stand away from the door, please.



I don't know who you are

or where I am,



but I'm being held against my will,



and I want to use the telephone.



I'd like you to sit on the bed.



I've found my husband's dead body,

and I want the phone!



After you've seen Dr Silverman.



- What is this place?

- Stapleton Hospital.



This is Rosco, and I'm Nurse Floyd.



Well, fuck both of you.

I want Silverman in here now!



- And I want a phone!

- You're not listening.



I just explained about the phone.



Why don't you understand?



I was just in the Carlton Hotel,



and in room     is the body

of my murdered husband.



Want me to put her on the bed?



- I'm just gonna put you...

- No! I'll kill you!



- Can I call someone for you?

- Call the fucking police.



My husband's being eaten by a dog

in a hotel room in Hammond.






Why are you laughing, Claire?






the bastard's in my head.



He's fucked up my brain.



And now he's murdered my husband.






Oh, God!



- It's happening again!

- What's happening, Claire?



What? What are they doing?






(Claire screams )



(Rosco ) We're here to help.



How is she?






I'm gonna sell this house.



I need to get her a new shrink.



Want a second opinion?



Yeah. I want    of 'em.



Whatever it takes

to get her out of that place.



(Phone )



There's a lady on the phone.

Says she found Dobie near some hotel.



- Hello?

- 'Mr Cooper?'



(Groggily) Doctor, don't...don't

let Paul go to the hotel.



Don't let him go.



- Is this a real hotel?.

- It doesn't matter. The Carlton.



It's by the ocean in Hammond.



- When were you there?

- Last night, room    .



So it's not real. You dreamt it.



- Was it day or night?

- Daytime. Please call him.



(Silverman )

Does he meet someone there?



- He goes to find Dobie.

- Is Dobie a woman, Claire?






He's a fucking dog.



What have you given me, Doctor?

Why can't I think straight?



Thorazine. It calms you down.



(Silverman )

'What happens to him there?'



(Claire ) 'He dies.'



(Sobbing) Doctor...



Don't you get it, Doctor?

   . Room    .



How many times do I have to say it?



(Silverman )

'So you dreamt that Paul died.'



I dreamt it and it happens.



It's going to happen.



Can't you get it through

your thick psytiactric skull?.



The man I love is dead and I'm left

in this God-awful place alone!






(Silverman )

'You mean dead to you, Claire.'



No, no, I mean dead like Rebecca.



How many ways can I fucking say it?






- What the fuck?

- (Silverman ) 'It's called grief.'



No, no, it's Paul this time.



Please. God, listen to me.



- (Whimpering)

- What's this?



Listen to me!



Hi, Paul!






(Alarm )



Listen to me! Listen to me!



- Listen to me! Oh! No!

- Come on. Get up.



Come on!



(Claire ) Listen!



Listen to me!






(Rosco ) OK, we're going

to give you something to relax.



All right, get her down.



- Please, let me go!

- Just relax.



- Please, no.

- We're going to give you something.



Brought you some hot tea, honey.



It'll still be warm.



- I'm sorry. Do I know you?

- You're sharin' a room with me.



- They want me to keep an eye on you.

- I don't remember.



- You got some people in your head.

- Hmm.






What's the matter, honey?

You don't like the pattern?



(Whispers ) Can you keep a secret?



(Whispers ) Probably.



You won't think I'm crazy?



(Chuckling) Probably! I mean...



That man in my head was in

this hospital when he was a boy.



How do you know?



He stayed in this room.

He wrote that.



His name's Vivian Thompson.



Ooh, la-la! (Chuckles )



Did anyone ever get out of here?



I wouldn't start thinkin' that.



I'm not talking about me.

I'm talking about somebody else.



It's not that difficult.



When you've been here

as long as I have



you get to know the language

of the place.



Go to sleep.



(Girl) Hi! What's your name?

(Woman ) Ruby!



Oh, sorry. I gotta go.






Come on. I'm runnin' late.



- Mommy's in a hurry.

- You're not my mommy.



(Claire ) 'He's hunting...

looking for another little girl.'



Guess what her name is, Doctor.




And what colour is Ruby, Claire?



Ruby's not a colour, Doctor.

Ruby's a girl.



Red. Why are you obsessed

with that colour, Claire?



I'm not obsessed,

I'm possessed, Doctor.



He's feeding me dreams bit by bit.



Why's that, Claire?



Maybe he's lonely.

Maybe he's lonely, Doctor.



Have you a name for him yet?



Yes, I have.

His name is Vivian. Vivian Thompson.



There's a town covered in water.

Someone left him in it.



He was taken to this hospital.



He stayed in my room

and he's feeding me dreams.



Why do you think that is, Doctor?



Because he wants to stop.

He wants me to stop him.



It sounds psychotic to you,

doesn't it?



You used that word, Claire.



But follow it through,

Doctor, psychotic or not.



I've gotta let him possess me...




Let him take me to him.



So what does that make me? Psychotic?

Delusional?. Obsessional?. All three?



If you admit that it's delusional,

we might be getting someplace.



So, what's it say

on the wall, Ethel?.



It's some kind of nursery rhyme.



So, I'm not insane?



Not many of us are, honey.



- Go to sleep.

- That's a good idea.



Sleep's the only way to reach him.



He's out there hunting another

little girl, and I've gotta stop him.



Whatever happens, though, promise me

one thing - don't wake me up.



(Gasps )






(Screaming continues )



My apologies, Claire.



(Rosco ) That's it, Jodie.

Let the medication do the job.



You just relax and sleep.



You'll be fine.



Oh! Excuse me.



(Crickets chirping)



Hey. You need a lift?



I'm waitin' for Lucy.



- Everything all right?

- No, I...



locked myself out of my car.



Come back to the office.

You can use the phone.



Uh, I have a spare,

uh, a garage.



If you're going out,

you could drop me.



- Which garage?

- The one down the road.



- Got your ID?

- It's locked in the car.



All right. Hop in.



So, uh, do you want to get a drink

or something like that?



Yeah, maybe. Whatever you wanna do.



(Siren wailing)



- Could we have some music?

- Music? Sure.



( Quiet music)



You work nights.



- Uh, yeah.

- What's your name?



- Vivienne. What's yours?

- Walter.



That's a nice name, Vivienne.

Hey, how you spell that?






Can't keep your eyes off me,

can you?



- Off what, Vivienne?

- My legs.



Pity to leave you so soon,




Well...I'm in no real hurry.



Well, what do you know? Neither am I.



You've been eating those knees

the whole way.



Shouldn't your eyes have been

on the road?



I suppose they should've.



You can kiss me if you want.



Don't mind if I do.






- What the fuck?

- (Laughs )



Two things, Walter.



- One, get out of the car slowly.

- Mm-hmm.



And two, get your ass back

to Stapleton and tell Silverman



to check out the Carlton Hotel.



Why are we here?



That's my home.



A lake? You live in a lake?



Did once.







Where did you go, Vivian?



Please, please don't leave me now.



(Footsteps )



Wanna come over to my house, Claire?






I have to warn you, it's haunted.



Who's it haunted by?






I'll show you how to get there.

You can drive now.



Vivian, is there a girl

in your house called Ruby?



Ruby? Yeah.



- She's dying to meet you.

- Oh, God.



You thought it was a real orchard?



That's the thing about dreams,

They're always right...



and always wrong.



You have to drive inside, OK?

I'll open the door.



You know this place,

don't you, Claire?



- Yes.

- You know the funny thing?



What's the funny thing?



I know you got a gun in the band

of the nurse's dress you're wearing.



- I do?

- You do!



And it's not very nice,

you meetin' Ruby with a gun.



Might get her upset.

Might get me upset...



and bring the apples

down on all of us.



- Where is Ruby?

- Ubi est Ruby?



I'm not tellin'

till you gimme the gun.



You know what happens

when the apples fall?.



I don't.



  First the tide



  Rushes in



  Plants a kiss



  On the shore



  Then rolls...  



I'm so, so

sorry, sorry, sorry, Claire.



All I wanted was a family.



I knew there was a dreamer out there

like me, cos I was dreamin' of her.



I wanted her to be my family.



And I took her little girl.



And the little girl cried

and hollered,



and I punished her

like any dad would.



- And she was lying...

- (Sobbing)



quiet, beautiful...



but like a doll now.



- That's the part I'm sorry for.

- (Gasping)



But I'm gonna make it up to you.



I'm gonna work...



real hard.



Make it perfect.



I'm not gonna get upset anymore

now that I've got you here,



and I got us Ruby for a daughter now.



Claire and Vivian and Ruby.

(Chuckles )



Did you... Did you get upset

with Ruby, Vivian?



- Not yet. Not yet.

- Did you?



Are you gonna get upset with me?



Not if you love me

like Mama loves Dad. Will you?



I'll do that, Vivian.



I'll do that.



You wouldn't just pretend?



How could I pretend?



How could I pretend with you, Vivian?



You know me inside and out.



Things are gonna be perfect...



when I see Ruby.



As perfect as they can be

in this valley of tears.



- Oh, Lordy.

- What the fuck is this?



Her dream, Rosco. Your nightmare.



(Vivian ) Ruby, guess who's here?

Say hi to Ruby, Claire.



- Hello, Ruby.

- Are you a ghost?



No, I'm not.



She was a ghost when she wasn't here.

Now she's just plain old Claire.



Why don't you go down in the garden

and show Ruby you're not a ghost?



He said you were coming.

You took a long time.



I know. It was gettin' kinda lonesome

here just the two of us, huh?



I suppose. This is Marge.



She was Vivian's doll

before he gave her to me.



Say hello to Claire, Marge.

That nice lady is not a ghost.



Hello, Claire! Welcome home!



Welcome home, Claire.



- She's followed him.

- Who?



Vivian Thompson. He escaped

through that grate. Murdered a nurse.



- When?

-    years ago. October     .



- I'm lost, Doctor.

- Join the club.



He killed her daughter.



She shares his dreams. He snatched

another little girl called Ruby.



She's gone to stop him.

Call the police. Show them this.



- Where are you going?

- Hammond, the Carlton Hotel.



I'll make us somethin' to eat.

Is anyone hungry?



How about "pasghetti"?



Daddies can be just like mommies,

you know that?



- Can they, honey?

- Vivian said so. They can cook too.



What else did he tell you, Ruby?



Told me my real mom

is up in Heaven waiting for me.



That's Vivian's mom there.



(Claire )

That's a tailor's dummy, Ruby.



I know, but that's

the kind of clothes she wore.



- Why does he keep them?

- For playing mom.



He's very good at it. You should

hear the way his voice changes.



Why does he do that?



He says his daddy was a dollar

and his mommy was a song.



A song?



"Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree

With Anyone Else But Me."



So that's his mother's song.



That's what she was, that song.



I don't like the cold.






Ruby, listen to me, OK?



Vivian's sick, honey,

and he needs help.



- It's possible he could hurt you.

- You're scaring me.



- I'm gonna take you away from here.

- Vivian!



Shh! Quiet!



I've been looking for the can opener,

but I can't...find it!



I know it's down there.



Sometimes Mommy and Daddy fight

and that's bad.



Sometimes they fight and that's good.



She's so, so, so tired.



You help me find it?



Cos you're the girl. And when we

find it you can have some...snacks.



And then when she wakes up

we'll feed her too.



You gonna say you're sorry now?



  Don't sit under the apple tree

with anyone else but me



  Anyone else but me...  



Cat got your tongue?

You're worse than your goddam daddy!



  Don't sit under the apple tree

with anyone else but me



  Till I come marching home...  



(Song continues, muffled)



(Whimpers )



(Ruby ) You got him real mad.



That's why he put you

in bad mommy's clothes.



He says he's disappointed in you.



He told me you'd be the loveliest

mommy in the whole wide world.



Does your face hurt?



I can kiss it better.



Is that better?

Are you tied too tight?



I'd loosen it,

but he might get mad again.



- I'd never seen him mad before.

- (Vivian ) Ruby!



- Dr Silverman?

- Yeah.



You know this place?



I was told about it.



Let's get some light in there.



Sweet Jesus!



(Vivian )   ..with anyone else but me



  Anyone else but me



  With anyone else but me  



Bedtime, Ruby. Undo me, OK?



Time to move over, Claire.

Thank you, sweetums.



Go snuggle up with Mommy.



I'd never hurt you, Claire.



(Chuckles ) Didn't mind

hurting Paul, though, did I?



I thought you'd be a better mommy.



My mom was no good either.






wore dresses like that.



  Never knew my dad



  Mom was all I had  









Got eyes in the back of my head.



When Mom said

it was time for bed, I...



I believed her.



Sorry if I'm moody.

It's been a long day.



Things didn't turn out the way...



I thought they would.



Now I'm gonna kiss you...



- good night.

- Ah!



- Ow.

- Take a cheek, Ruby.






- Oh, God.

- Shh.



- Claire?

- Shh, shh, shh, shh. Yes?



- Claire?

- Yes?



I just had a bad dream.



I dreamt my mommy

was dead in the lake...



and she had your face.



(Sobs )



Does that mean you're gonna kill me?



I hope not.



- Any word on the car she took?

- It was seen on Route Nine.



- Great, let's go.

- All right.



You're not such a bad mom.



Don't get him mad again.



(Screams )



I don't like you any more.



- I die in the lake, remember?

- I forgot that.



- Maybe you develop a limp.

- I emptied it.



(Claire ) Run!



Run, Ruby!



Run! Wait! Stop.



Come here. Now, you gotta

be brave now, Ruby.



- You gotta be brave, honey.

- Yes. You gotta come with me.



- It's me he wants, not you.

- Claire!









You gonna say you're sorry now?






(Sirens wailing)



Route Nine. Just made visual

contact with ground units.



(Vivian, wailing) Mom!



Something's wrong.






(Whispers ) The cat got my tongue.



Mom? It hurts real bad.



Ruby, where the fuck are you?!



(Vivian ) Claire!



It still hurts!



Gonna kiss and make it better!



Every couple has their problems.

We have to talk!



Two-six to dispatch.



I have a young girl fitting

the description of the subject.



Don't you want to work it out?



Or is it just too late

for me and you?



I know how it goes now -

Ruby makes it to the road.



She stops a car, maybe a police car.



The policeman comes in

and there's all this hostage stuff!



- Is that how it goes?

- Uh-huh.



Maybe Claire breaks her neck!



Oh, I don't want this to happen(!)



I really went out of my way

to bring you here!



- Maybe Claire jumps!

- No, please!






(Screams ) Claire!



We got a lead. A girl found off

the interstate named Ruby.



Head due east, we're looking

for a large wooden structure.



- A cider factory.

- Roger that.









Where are you?



(Vivian screams )



This is Air Seven.

Have established visual contact.



Hey! Hey! Hey!



He's back there!



Back there!



Now there's all this hostage stuff.

I told you so!



- You've gotta give yourself up!

- But how?



I let you go,

they'll make a real mess of me.



- It's empty! There's no bullets!

- Go away! Go away!






(Rebecca ) Mirror, mirror on the wall



who's the fairest one of all?.



You are.



Wrong. You are.



Come with me.



Where, darling?






(Judge ) The jury finds you

guilty, but insane,



so I cannot pass the death sentence.



You will be held

in a secure mental facility



until the state

deems it safe to release you,



which I hope

will not be in my lifetime.



I can live with that.



I can live with this, too.






(Gasps )



Shh, shh. Pleasant dreams.






(Screams )






(Screams )






  I close my eyes



  Then I drift away



  Into the magic night



  I softly say



  A silent prayer



  Like dreamers do



  Then I fall asleep to dream



  My dreams of you



  In dreams



  I walk



  With you



  In dreams



  I talk



  To you



  In dreams you're mine



  All of the time



  We're together



  In dreams



  In dreams



  But just before



  The dawn



  I awake



  And find you gone



  I can't help it



  I can't help it



  If I cry



  I remember that you said






  It's too bad



  That all these things



  Can only happen



  In my dreams






  In dreams



  In beautiful




Special help by SergeiK