In The Cut Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the In The Cut script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jane Campion movie starring Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of In The Cut. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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In The Cut Script



What does "broccoli" mean?



Depends on the context.

Pubic hair or marijuana. It's a noun.



And "Virginia"?



Vagina. As in, "He penetrated

her Virginia with a hammer."



- Yikes!

- Slang is either sexual or violent.



Or both.



When it's witty,

I think it's really witty.






Hello, how are you?



How are you?



Hi, how are you?



Why didn't you say hi?



I nodded.



Are you happy when you wake up?






Hey, there was a petal storm

out here this morning.



I saw that.



I thought it was a snowstorm.



I thought I was dreaming.



No, there's two stores

we should go to in Soho.



It would not take very much for me

to make you look very good.



You're sabotaging

a fucking incredible figure, baby.






Is that your student?

It looks like he wants to eat you.



They all flirt. It's part of the ritual.



- Miss Avery, you're late.

- Am I?



- What, you trying to be ironic?

- Hello.



- What's happening?

- I'm Pauline.



We talked this morning

on the phone.



- Yeah.

- You look different than I thought.



Thank you for sharing your bed.









I got a new word for you.






Is this your usual?



Are you gonna write that down?



You should be paying me for this.



- You think so?

- Yeah.



This is valuable shit.



Aren't you afraid your book on slang

is like a dis?



A dis on whom?



People like you think the brothers

are guinea pigs...



...the way we talk and shit.



Cornelius, are you trying to tell me

that you need an extension?



No. Look, I came to tell you

I made a discovery.



See, I discovered I can call

John Wayne Gacy...



...and hear him talk himself,

Miss Avery.



Really? Dead murderers have

their own phone lines?



He wasn't no murderer.



Look, there be a website

for serial killers...


            know, past and present.



He recorded and explained



            he didn't kill no    boys.



I got radar for the truth...



...and I'm gonna write

how I know that.



This paper's not supposed

to be about you.



- That's the point of the assignment.

- You said every word a writer writes...



...even the commas and shit,

gotta be a reflection of him or her.



That we be doing this writing shit

to express our vision.



You know I got vision.



You know, I got Africa vision.



You know, I got bitch vision.



I got...



Yeah. Excuse me, I have to go

to the bathroom.



Come on, you guys, you were

supposed to wait for me.



Hey, miss.



Hey, miss. Hey!



You forgot something.



The check.



Stream of consciousness,

I'd like to point out, is not the same...


            stream of conscience...



...for which some of you

have mistaken it.



A logical error in some ways.



Okay, your assignment for today

is to utilize...



- Nothing happens. in To the Lighthouse.



Yeah, one old lady dies.



How many ladies have to die

to make it good?



At least three.



- What's this?

- From the bar...


            half of the check.



Yo, man, where you go?

I waited a long time.



- Couldn't find the bathroom.

- Is that all?



- Is what all?

- All I owe you.



I can't pass you

unless you show up to class.



The still waters of the water

under a frond of stars



The still water of your mouth

under a thicket of kisses



The still waters of the water

under a frond of stars



The still water of your mouth

under a thicket of kisses



Under a thicket of kisses



- How you doing?

- Do I know you?



Detective Malloy.



Are you Francis Avery?



I'm canvassing your apartment

building. I wanna talk to you.



How do I know that's real?



It's still busy.

Why don't you come back.



I'll wait, thanks.



Can I smoke?



Not in my apartment.



You got someplace

I could put it out?






Miss Avery, there was a homicide

in your neighborhood on the   th.



That'd be Saturday the   th,

last Saturday...



...between    and   a.m.



Her body, or part of her body,

to be exact...



...was found in the garden

outside your window.



That's why I wanted to talk to you,

in case you saw or heard anything.



No. No, nothing unusual.



Frannie, it's John Graham.

Are you by yourself?



I don't think you're there

by yourself.



Why did you lie to me?



Doesn't it mean anything to you

that we slept together twice?



Yes, I do count that time

in the shower. Quiet!



Come on, pick up the phone.



Pick up.



Pick up. Pick up.



Pick up. Come on,

pick up the phone.



Are you a writer?



What's all this?



Words, quotes that I like, poetry.



Is it, like, a job or a hobby?



A passion.



"I want to do with you what spring

does with the cherry trees."



Is this you?



It's my sister.



My ex-wife had long hair,

then she cut it.



So you don't remember

seeing anything?



Hearing anything?



Oh, my pen?

It's fake. It's a cop thing.



You don't remember anything? Didn't

see anything? Didn't hear anything?



No cries in the night?



No. I don't remember seeing

or hearing anything unusual.



- And I sleep with the windows open.

- Yeah?



You do that a lot?



Can you tell me how it happened?



Her throat was cut.



And then she was disarticulated.



Here's my card.



My number's there. If you remember

anything, give me a call, all right?



Do I know you from someplace?



I don't know.






Oh, shit.



- Don't bullshit me. Look me in the eye.

- I'm not.



Now, you think about it, all right?

Now, take a walk. Miss?



Oh, miss? Miss?



How you doing? Excuse me.



Can I talk to you for a minute?



Am I supposed to get in?



You want to talk on the street?



Never think it's a good idea, putting

your business on the street.



I'll get it.



This is my partner,

Detective Rodriguez.



Hi. How you doing?



- How do you do?

- What the fuck is this?



- It's coffee.

- It's half a cup.



- Take it back.

- He gives me a half a cup.



What, does he expect you to fill...?



How long is this gonna take?



- I'm sorry?

- How long is this gonna take?



- Are you in a hurry?

- Where you going?



- My friend's. Half sister's.

- We'll give you a lift.



- So, what do you do?

- I teach.



- You teach what?

- You get a chance to run those prints?



- Teach what?

- English.



You know what an isthmus is?



isthmus be my lucky fucking day.



- What the fuck? You ran the prints?

- Yeah.



- And?

- Nada, nothing.



Look, the reason we thought

you might be able to help...


            the bartender...

Luther Wilker?



- Yeah.

- At the Red...



- Turtle.

- Well, he said...


            were there

on the night in question.



- He's got a good memory.

- No, we have your credit-card receipt.



Does that look familiar?



That's right.



I was at the Red Turtle

with one of my students.



- One of your students?

- Cornelius Webb.



But it was early. It was  :  .



I was there for a short time,

then I went home.



Cornelius Webb?



Is that with two B's or not two B's?






You were in the front room

the whole time?



- Yes.

- Are you sure?



Didn't I just say so?



You didn't happen to see

a Caucasian girl, mid-  s?



Not too tall.

Good-looking, wouldn't you say?



- What?

- She was good-looking?



- She wasn't bad-looking.

- Yeah, but she...



Well, did you?



- What is this about, exactly?

- Listen, Miss Avery...



...the deceased was seen in the Red

Turtle the same night you were there.



Seeing how you were there...



...maybe you wouldn't mind

taking a look at a few pictures.



Sometimes you see something

you don't remember.



Take a deep breath.

This one's kind of graphic.



Well, do you recognize her?






Thank you.



Hey. Can't figure you out.



What do you mean?

Am I a murder suspect?



Look, I was wondering if you want

to go for a beer or something.



I got a cousin who works in a bar

in Sheridan Square...



...and says a lot of writers go in there.

- Now?



No, not now. I'm working now.



- Two hours from now.

- Where?






What the fuck?



You're a fucking wise guy?



We got nice girls and nicer drinks.



Oh, excuse me, baby.



- Hey, Papi.

- Hey.



- Good to see you. Look at you.

- You are looking good.



Is Pauline home?



- Sorry.

- Oh, baby.



She could be up.

She could be down.



You know, go check the bar, baby,

okay? Hey, hey, hey, look.



That's cute. Is it real?



Of course it be real.

What, you crazy?



I don't let no psycho killer mess

with my girls.



He'd be dead. Bye, baby.



I make sure no one fuck

with my goddamn girls.



What is it?



What's wrong?



It's so humiliating.



Is it the doctor?



Do you want to go up?






Thanks, guys.



- Good luck.

- Feel better.



- What happened?

- His receptionist called me...



...with a referral

to another doctor.



He canceled our appointment.



- Was this after you had sex?

- He's right.



He shouldn't have had sex with me.

I mean, of course he's right.



Do you ever think about

just imagining sex?



- What do you mean?

- Just thinking about the doctor...



...not making appointments.




Just not really trying to have sex

with him in reality.



That's kind of boring.



I mean, I do. I do restrain myself.



You know, I just...

I got so enthusiastic...



...when I thought about him,

and it confused me...



...because I think enthusiasm

is a good thing, you know.



I mean, I think about...



How many appointments

did you make?



Last week?






How about I put on some music?



I waited outside his apartment.



I saw him and his wife...



...and I followed her

to the dry cleaner.



She left a tan suit.



Did you pick it up?



- What are you gonna do with it?

- I don't know.



I feel like such a freak.



This is what I do to get a dick

inside me.



You're not a freak.



I admire you.



You live out of your unconscious.



You're a poet of love.



The lovelorn man who



Sick in soul and of this

Busy human heart aweary



Worships the spirit

Of unconscious life



In tree or wildflower

Gentle lunatic



"Gentle lunatic." That's me.



I have something for you.



It's like a belated birthday thing.



I got it when I was styling that

commercial that got canceled.



Oh, God, that's beautiful.



- What is it?

- It's a courtship fantasy.



See, there's a little wedding bell

and a little house.



Open the baby carriage.



Oh, God.



Oh, no, am I gonna have

to feed this thing?



You should have a baby.



This is the closest I'll get.



And a man. You should have

a man too.



Somebody asked me out.









A police detective.



He's investigating a girl's murder.

You know the one who got cut up?



Oh, my God. Yeah.



Part of her body was found

in my garden.






So is this detective good-looking?



He seems young.

He's got a mustache.



They've all got that.



You didn't say no, Frannie?






You gotta go. Just for the exercise,

you should go.



You wanna borrow

some decent clothing?



- Can we look?

- I think you should.



Can you come with me?

Come on.



Get the woman a gin and tonic,

and I'll have a bourbon and Coke.



You got it.



You know, I'm wondering if maybe

you saw something at that bar.



I'm still wondering.



Maybe something

you don't know you saw.



Your colored boyfriend,

did he leave with you?



Cornelius? He's not my boyfriend.



And he left before me.



You saw him leave?



Actually, no.



He's not into popping arms off

of ladies' bodies, is he?



Not that I know about.



What, my hands?



Well, yeah, I know,

I got faggot hands.



They're soft.



Actually, I was wondering

about your tattoo.



Oh, that?



I'm in a secret club.



Are there many members?



Hey, listen...



...I can be whatever

you want me to be.



You want me to romance you, take you

to a classy restaurant, no problem.



You want me to be your best friend

and fuck you...



...treat you good, lick your pussy...





Ain't much I haven't done.



The only thing I won't do

is beat you up.



Why does your partner

carry a water pistol?



- They took his gun away.

- Why did they take his gun away?






...his wife caught him

fucking a fat chick.



When she found out

she ran upstairs and tosses...



...his Hispanic Society trophy

out the window.



And you know, that's pretty much

when he tried to kill her.



That's a good reason to kill your wife,

of all the reasons that I can think of.



He wasn't gonna kill her, lady.



He was just trying to scare her.



That was his San Juan

Man of the Year Award, you know?



Ritchie takes that stuff seriously.



So those fat-fucking-fucks from IA,

they got ahold of him...



...they take his gun,

take his badge...



...they put him on modified duty

and now he's a house mouse.



What are house mouses?



The guys who don't want

to be on the streets no more...



...or they're on modified duty like him.



You stare back at them.

That's how you flirt with black girls.



Hey, Ritchie, what the fuck?

They let you out?



What am I gonna do?

What can I do?



Nothing. You can't do nothing.



Come here, bro.



If loving you is wrong,

I don't want to be right.



- Don't be. You want a drink?

- Yeah.






- How you doing?

- Hey, barkeep...



...two shots of bourbon

and two bourbon and Cokes.



I had to park on Christopher Street.



Must have been     faggots

looking to suck my dick.



- I'm jealous.

- Are all cops homophobic?



What are you,

one of them feminists?



I thought you might be

one as well, detective.



- Why?

- Malloy says that you like fat women.



- You told her that?

- Yeah, why not?



Made me think you had

a generous, even a sympathetic, view.



- You like fat girls?

- Yeah.



- Yeah, why?

- I like fat chicks.



- That chick.

- Yeah. What's up?



That chick wants to suck your dick.



All you need are tits,

a hole and a heartbeat.



You don't even need the tits.



You don't even need

the heartbeat, pal.



You going fishing?



- Want me to clock you out?

- No, I'll stay for a while.






I didn't hit you.



I'm not... It's not my fault.



- Are you okay, miss?

- Yeah.



- Are you okay?

- Yes.



- I give you a ride.

- Okay.









- You okay?

- Do you have a phone?



I give you.






It's me.



Oh, yeah. Yeah, it looked

a lot worse than it is.



You'll be all right. It's just a scrape.



Did you get a look at him?



No, he was wearing a mask.



Anything stand out? Like...



...a smell, rings on his fingers,

watch, shoes, anything?



How was that girl killed?



- Who?

- The girl killed at the Red Turtle.



Angela Sands?



She wasn't killed at the Red Turtle.

You're getting confused.



What is "disarticulation" exactly?



Listen, it's not likely that

your assailant's the murderer, babe.



It's much more likely

he's after your wallet.



So you won't tell me

how she was killed?



You really want to know?



Her throat was slit

with a straight razor.



He was trying to take her head,

maybe for a souvenir.



We found another dismembered

female body last June along the river.



I think it's the same killer.

Ritchie don't, but I do.



Go over it again.



No. Show me.



Come here. Show me.



- He came from behind you?

- I don't know.



Did you turn?



He just grabbed my head in his arm.

He had his arm around my neck.



So he must have come up

from behind you, then.



Was it his right arm?



Or his left?



It was his right.



All right.



What's that?



Take those off.






What? Yeah.



That's it.



That's it.



- I've been wondering about you.

- Yeah? Don't.



- I want to know.

- Know what?



How you did that to me.



Somebody taught you.



- Who was that?

- Get the fuck out of here.



You can tell me.



An older woman.



An older woman, huh?



The chicken lady.



- The chicken lady?

- Oh, you know her?



When I was    I was delivering

chickens for a butcher...


            housewives for a buck a chicken.



The first time I show up there,

it was fucking hot, and...



I came to the door,

she offered me a glass of water.



So we're in the kitchen talking

about the weather or some shit...



...and she just reaches out,

she grabs ahold of my joint.



She asks me:



"Does that feel good?"

I said, "Yeah."



And she asks me,

"You ever been with a woman?"



And I said, "Yeah. No."



So she takes me into the bedroom.



She takes her clothes off,

and she's a real woman.



I mean, she's got pubic hair

from here to here.



It's black and curly

like those Spanish girls.



And I want to get the fuck out

of there, so she grabs me...



...and says, "Have you ever

kissed a girl down there?"



I said, "No."



So she wets her fingers.



She touches herself real soft.



She touches her clit

and tells me to lick there.



Tells me to put my tongue there,

take my time, lick in a slow circle.



And after a while she came.



She asked me to give her...



Get on top of her

and look her in the eyes.



- Why did you go back?

- My kids. I missed my kids.



I didn't know you had kids.



How would you?



My oldest boy wants to be a teacher.

I don't know what happened to him.



It's like Martians landed

and took over his brain.



- What does he want to teach?

- Schmoogs. Can you believe it?



Hey, I'm missing one of my...



I'm missing one of the charms

on my bracelet.



Maybe on West Broadway.






...there's something

I really do have to tell you.



Oh, yeah?



You've seen me before.

I've seen you at the Red Turtle.



This whole time, I'm thinking,

"I've seen this girl before."



And now you're telling me

I met you at the Red Turtle.



- I don't think so, babe.

- It was dark...



...and I had on my glasses.



And there was a man...



...and a girl, and she was

giving him a blowjob.



A blowjob?



- And I watched.

- Oh, you did, did you?



You like that sort of thing?

You like watching?



You don't remember a girl with blue

fingernails with diamonds in them?



What did you say? Blue fingernails?



- She had brown hair?

- Yes.



Yeah, what about her?



I think that's Angela Sands.

That's the girl that was murdered.



But I wasn't with her.

I think you saw something.



You should come to the station

and look at some pictures...


            soon as possible.



- Swear you weren't there.

- Swear to God.



I never seen you or her before

in my entire fucking life.



I gotta get out of here.



Hey, I had a nice time.






Oh, God, I could have lost you.



- Then you let the detective fuck you.

- I didn't let him, I wanted to.



- Have you ordered?

- Double latte, no foam.






It's sore, huh?



So the detective guy's sexy?



You like him?

You gonna see him again?



Would you trust a guy

who gets blowjobs in bars?






I think he's a liar.



You think he's a liar, or he is a liar?

Because, of course, we never lie, so...



I saw him in a bar with a girl.






- A bar?

- Yeah.



I thought you just met him.

I thought that he rescued you.



- Lf you don't want him, I'll take him.

- Forget it, Pauline. Forget it.



No, arrange an introduction

with your lying detective.



Who's that?



John Graham.



I thought you said

he looked like a movie star?



He played a doctor on a soap.

Now he's studying to be one.






- You look terrible.

- Excuse me, sir. No dogs in here.



I know that.



- Will you be long?

- I just ordered a coffee.



- You're very tan.

- Hi, John Graham.



- Pauline.

- How are you?



Take your time. I'll wait.



Don't look out there,

because he's watching you.



Oh, he's so intense.



I remember every guy

I ever fucked...


            how he liked to do it,

not how I wanted to do it.



Sometimes I think it's just me.

I mean, are other women able to say:



"Suck my dick, pinch my nipples,

bend over"?



Probably not "suck my dick."



Here's what I think.



I think you can come over to my place

and sleep there for a few nights...



...maybe even a week.

It would make me really happy.



And the mugger has your wallet,

so he's gonna know where you live.



You know, you really have

to see this detective again.



I ordered a coffee.



Miss, we ordered a latte.



- No foam.

- No foam, very, very dry. Thank you.



He's still there.



Whose car did you get into yesterday?

It looked like it'd just come from Beirut.



Whose car did you get into yesterday?

It looked like it'd just come from Beirut.



I don't know how people

can drive around in filthy cars.



- Maybe one of my students.

- Are you dating a student?






You went to the Red Turtle Bar

with a black student.



- Are you dating him?

- No.



I saw you last Saturday.



- What were you doing?

- Is that the point? I don't think so.



The point is that he could

get the wrong idea.



You don't know how guys think.



Are you all right, John?



Not really. I've...



I've been having these

panic attacks lately.



- I don't know. They're pretty bad.

- What happens?



Do you ever get

these funny images...



...from the past, like you saw

something or you knew something?



Weird memories from childhood?



I just wish I didn't keep having

these funny attacks. My brain...



Well, my brain practically explodes.

I'm gonna go on antidepressants.



I need to ask you a favor.



Do you think you could

take care of Patrick?



He's barking all the time. Probably

because my hours are so long.



John, I can't take care of a dog.



Especially not my dog, right?

You'd rather cut his head off.



No, not especially your dog.



Why don't you put up

a notice or something.



Put up a notice? Where am I?

I'm in the hospital    hours out of   .



You don't get it, do you?



Well, okay. Come here.



Say goodbye.



John, are you gonna put him down?



Maybe. I don't know, maybe I will.



I could do it myself.

I could shave his little arm...



I don't think it's a good idea

that we see each other.















Well, this is out of the blue.



I'm gonna...



I'm gonna have to think about this.



Midway along the journey of our life

I woke to find myself in a dark wood...



...for I had wandered off

from the straight path.






Thank you.



I fell over.



- Truly?

- Yours truly.



You don't never talk.



- It's always just jive.

- Well, I like to be ironic.



I'm looking for Miss Avery,

Francis Avery?



- She's gone. Her class is finished.

- It's over?



- Which one is it? This one down here?

- She might still be in the staff lounge.



I've been thinking on Gacy, you know?



Pogo the Clown?



I've been thinking

that it wasn't his fault, you know?



Like, he were the victim.



What do you know

about Cornelius Webb?



Of what?






- Aren't you gonna help carry my bag?

- No.



You're an Amazon, Miss Avery.

That's like an insult.



- So we're here?

- Yeah.



- Hey, Papi.

- Hey, baby.



- I'm gonna help you upstairs.

- No, I got it. Thank you.



- No, let me help you upstairs.

- I really don't... Okay, bye.



Good night.



- Let me get this for you.

- I got it. Thank you, Cornelius.



- You okay?

- Yeah.



You sure?



Oh, that was very smooth, Daddy.



Oh, that turned me on.

That was nice. Give me a kiss.



- Go away, man!

- Don't do that. Come here.



- Don't do that.

- Sit right here. Oh, you are so sexy.



Help me put my earring back in.

Come here.



In      Mr. John Wayne Gacy

was in trouble...



...when the police dug up

a dead body under his cellar.



When the police were done,

they had    dead bodies.



Most of them from under the house.



He said he was innocent

of the crime...



...and sometimes he said

that he loved those boys.



He never said he was sorry.



Not even at the end, when they

gave him his lethal injection.



"He was chatty, " his guard said.



He wanted to discuss the Chicago

Cubs and eat fried chicken.



I'm gonna take a sleeping pill.

Two, in fact.



Do you want one?






It's so fucking noisy I can't sleep.

I have to move.



I mean, clearly, I have got to move.



Why don't you see him again.



You're brave in so many ways.

You're thinking about him, right?



- About sex.

- So?



You wouldn't be thinking

about the sex if you didn't like him.



Well, at least call him.

He doesn't know where you are.



I go to court tomorrow...



...because of the tan suit.



They're trying to get

a restraining order against me.



Probably won't be allowed

within     miles of Dr. Cass' office.



Yeah, laugh it up.



- You know what I'm thinking?

- What to wear.



No, I'm imagining

that when he sees me...



...he's gonna realize that

he's in love with me, and, you know...


            thing will lead to another,

and after a love child or two...



...we'll get married.



Have I ever told you how

our father proposed to my mother?



No. Tell me.



Well, when he was very young,

he was...



...very handsome

and an excellent skater.



And she was the new girl in town,

barely able to skate.



She was very, very innocent.

Very beautiful.



Of course.



And he was already engaged, but he

couldn't stop watching my mother.



This is my song.



And finally...



...his fiancee got very jealous and...



I would too.



And threw that engagement ring

right back at him.



- Whoa.

- And that very same day...



...he took my mother by the hand...



...he danced her out to the middle

of the forest-fringed lake...



...he got down on one knee...



...and offered her

the very same engagement ring.



Oh, that's nice.



And at that precise moment, which

is the thing my mother always added...


            started to snow.



That's very romantic.



I don't quite believe it.



But that's my mother's story.



That's the way

she always told it, you know.



He killed her.



When he left, she just went

crazy with grief.



You know, she didn't understand it.

She just couldn't believe it.



How many times

has Dad been married?



- Four.

- Four? He never married my mother.



Yeah, he was already plotting

the fifth.



I want to get married once...



...just for my mom.



Is a husband too much

for me to ask for?



It's too hot.



Even Angela Sands had a fiance.



Yeah. Well, he probably

cut her head off.



That's sad.



- I'll see you later on, doc.

- Sure.



I'm gonna start

opening up the machine.



Open her slightly, let some fluid out,

and we'll catch it at the catch basin.



On three. One, two, three.



I'm taking out the first article

of clothing. I've got...



It appears to be a woman's left hand,

and on it is...



...a ring with a white stone in it.

Do me a favor. Get a close-up of that.



It appears to be...

Possibly a serrated blade.



Come over here with me, and what

I'd like to do is get another shot.



Over here, give me a close-up

on that.



Thank you. You got the close-up

on the ring, correct?



- Got it.

- Okay.



- We're gonna start taking out...

- Detective Malloy.



- Hi.

- Frannie, hey. Hold on a second.



- I'm stepping out.

- All right, no problem.



Hey, where you been?

I've been calling you all week.



You know, you're supposed to look

at some photos, remember?



- I've been staying with Pauline.

- Yeah, where she's staying?



She has a place

above the Baby Doll Lounge.



So... Hey, I must have

called you like    times.



Do you think you can make it to

the precinct tomorrow? It's important.






Well, another girl's been murdered.

A med student.



Oh, no.



- What happened?

- She was cut up. Can't find her head.



The fucking press is all over us.

It's a megillah.



We're all doing overtime. Even

the house mouses are on the street.



Do you think it's the same guy

who killed Angela Sands?



If you're asking me, yeah.

Oh, yeah.



- I'm getting out of here.

- I came to look for her.



- What time?

- I don't know.



Hold on a second.



I'm not gonna sleep tonight.



Do something for me, will you?



- Are you standing?

- Why?



Are you alone?



Where's your sister?



Sit down.



Are you sitting?



Put your hand between your legs.



Inside your panties.



That pussy that I like.



And you slip your middle finger in.



It's deep. It's soaking wet.



You run your finger up,

and your clit's right there.



It comes down to meet you.

It jumps in your hand.



When you touch a woman

and her clit's like that...


            know she knows

about sex like you.



I gotta go.



It's off in the distance



It came into the room

It's here in the circle



- Hold on one second. Can I help you?

- I'm here to see Detective Malloy.



- Malloy!

- Yeah.



- Your visitor's out here, man.

- Who the hell?



It's my sister.



How you doing?



Why don't you take a hike.



- Yeah.

- You sleep all right? I missed you.



Come on. Over here.



Look at this. We got leaks

in the ceiling.



They shoot down on us with

.   caliber rifles from the rooftops.



Detective Rodriguez,

you remember Miss...






Yeah, I know your name.



- Hey, how you doing?

- Fine. Thank you.



- Hey, you got anything on that ViCAP?

- Nothing.



Detective Malloy.

Stand by, please. Malloy.



- Malloy!

- Yeah.



I'm glad I got a chance to talk to you.

I want to apologize.



The other night, I was drunk.

I was out of line.



- I hope you didn't get the wrong idea.

- No. I didn't get the wrong idea.



We're square, then?



Malloy wants me to look at pictures.

He said you'd have them.






I was mugged the other night

on West Broadway.



Oh, yeah, pictures.

No problem.



Who's that?



- Really?

- I thought the guy was wearing a mask.



- You couldn't see his face?

- No, I couldn't.



Why does Malloy want you

to look at pictures?



Perhaps I'll recognize somebody

who was at the Red Turtle Bar.



That don't mean shit.



- Hey Ritchie, what's up?

- What's up, Halloran? How's the diet?



Hey, pato, kiss my ass.



I got those phone numbers. It took me

all fucking day. You owe me bigtime.



Look through there.

If he's in there, he'll jump out at you.



You got a good memory?



If you see him,

you gonna be able to pick him out?



I don't think that memory

is very reliable.



Well, it better be.

You're a school teacher, right?



- People count on your memory.

- Detective Rodriguez bothering you?



- Telling you about fish in the Hudson?

- I was telling her about the time...



...the cat ate the DOA's balls

on    rd Street.



- That's a good one.

- Malloy.



Malloy. What am I,

your maid or something?



Your food is ready.

Your curry tofu.



I gotta get something to eat.



You hungry? You like calamari?



- There's this place on Arthur Ave...

- Ritchie.



When did you start

liking white women?



About the same time as you.



See you later.



Let's get the fuck out of here.

This place is too fucking busy.



Come on. Let's go somewhere quiet.



How did you get to be

a homicide detective so young?



- Me?

- Yeah.



- In a word?

- Yeah.



Compassion. I took the desk

no one else wanted.



What desk was that?



The desk next to the holding cell.

You know, so I talked to the perps.



Gave them cigarettes, gum,

so they start to trust you.



You know, start telling you things

you want to know.



After a while, you pull down a big

confession. I got some bumps up.






How long do you think...?



How long you suppose

a woman needs to know a guy...



...before she'll get engaged to him?



- Shortest amount of time.

- Come on, Malloy.



- How long?

- Oh, I don't know. I guess it depends.



- It took my mother about a half-hour.

- You're kidding me?






What'd your father do? Romance her

to fall in love? Put a gun to her head?



- How'd that happen?

- Yeah. Yeah.



O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms

Alone and palely loitering?



The sedge has withered

From the lake, and no birds sing



- What's "sedge"?

- Ferns.



This looks like a place

where they dump bodies.



What's in these bags?






Go on, try it.



- No. I'm frightened of guns.

- Why don't you learn to use one.



Go on.



Go on.



How do you hold this thing?

Do you...? One hand or two?



Hold it any way you want.

Just don't hold it this way.






- You have to hold it with two hands.

- Yeah. Try aiming this time.



Try. Go on. Try.



Cheap piece of shit.



Let's see what good kissers we are.



- We already kissed.

- No, not really.



Come on, Miss Isthmus.



You used to do this

when you were a kid?



I went to boarding school.



You're here for the sex, right?



You don't go nowhere with me,

I didn't fuck you.



Yeah, all right.



Would you get engaged to me?



- Is this about the murder?

- No.



Yeah, I can't get the sick fuck

out of my head.



- While we were kissing?

- All the fucking time.



So do you want to stop

by my place?






I gotta tell you,

I'm going away for a while.



Probably not gonna be able

to talk to you for a little bit.



- Where are you going?

- Florida.



It's all paid for so I could have

some time with my kids.



- Is your wife going?

- My ex-wife? Yeah.



- No, your wife.

- Get the fuck out of here.



I sleep on the fucking couch.

All right?



It's complicated.



I didn't have money

to get an apartment...


            I went to live with my mother.

She's worse than my wife.



Three years ago I moved back.

We don't sleep together.



I moved back for my kids, okay?

She can't control my kids.



Do you ever tell the truth?



Where you going?

I'll give you a ride home.






Something wrong?



How did you get in?



I hope you don't mind.

I took a shower.



You know, you might

want to check your messages.



That student of yours

has been taken in for questioning.



The police found his term paper

illustrated in blood.



That's a little weird, isn't it?

You want some tea?



I have to go out.



Actually, the real reason

that I'm here is because...



...I thought I should tell you that I'm

gonna call Pauline and ask her out.






Did I ever tell you that my mother...



...used to dress me

in girls' blouses?



Yes, I think you did.



- So do you think it's a good idea?

- What?



About Pauline. I think

it's a good idea, but, you know...



Then again,

I hardly know her at all.



I don't think Pauline will sleep

with you, if that's what you're thinking.



You're right.

You're right. What...?



What am I thinking?

She's worse than you are.



Have sex with me?

I must be out of my fucking mind.



Will you have sex with me?



Shit! I'm out of my fucking mind.

Will you have sex with me?






Thinking back on the course

Of my passion



I was like one blind

Unafraid of the dark



- Have you seen Pauline?

- No.



- She hasn't come in tonight?

- No, she hasn't, but...



...just let me check, okay?

Have you seen Pauline?






Myself, I hate to drink alone.









Are you alone?









Frannie, it's Malloy.



Hon, I gotta take that bag

away from you.



I gotta take the bag. Come on.



I know. I know. I gotta take it.



- Hey, Jackie.

- Yeah.



- Can you get her to     on  th Street?

- No problem.



I was at the morgue.

I'm sorry they made you wait.



I told them to let you go home.



I need to ask you some questions

about Pauline, Frannie.



Let's go.



When I was   ...


            father left me in Geneva.



He was called away

to Washington for five days.



He said later that it never occurred

to him that I wouldn't be all right.



Pauline said that I failed

to take advantage of the situation.



That I should have ordered...



...hundreds of boxes of chocolate,

that I should have made a snowman.



- Was Pauline engaged?

- No.



You recognize this?

We found it on her left third finger.



No. Is that it?

Is that his signature?



Yeah, it's his signature.



I want to know what happened.

I want to know if it was quick.



Why do you think knowing's gonna

make a difference, Frannie?



- I thought that all my life.

- You're wrong.



- Knowing don't mean shit.

- "Doesn't" mean shit.



This guy must have known her.



He strangled her...



...till she lost consciousness,

probably in the bedroom...



...then dragged her into the bathroom

and cut her throat.



Cut through the windpipe, the jugular,

the epiglottis, the hyoid, the tongue.



He held her by her hair

and cut all around.



This guy likes blood.



When he got to the vertebrae...



...he needed a bigger knife to cut

through that, and he had one.



He pulled the drain

in the sinks before he left...


            he left us nothing

that could help us.



It scares me that this guy

knows about drains.



I'm gonna go back to the apartment.



There's something I know,

but I don't know it yet.



- Sometimes it helps just to sit there...

- How will you get in?



I got a key.



- You have a key?

- Yeah.



You have her key?



- I guess so. I have a key.

- Did you kill her?



Sgt. Lawrence, can you give

Miss Avery a drive home?



- Yes.

- Get the fuck out of here.



Who is it? Malloy?



It's me. Cornelius.



I heard about your friend.

It's all over the TV.



My sister.



Why are you wearing one shoe?



The other shoe's holding

the door open, upstairs in my...



You got a...



You got a petal.



What happened?



Fuck that man, all right.



- Fuck who?

- Fuck him! That cop.



- What cop?

- Fuck him!



What cop? Malloy?



You all right?



I don't...

I don't want to do this.



Why? You don't like it?



No, I like it. I like it. I just

don't want to do this. I'm drunk.



I didn't want to fuck you anyways.



What you want, huh?



- What, girl?

- Let me go.



- What?

- Let me go.



You been looking to fuck

my head up since day one!



- You've been looking to fuck with me.

- Cornelius.



You don't know me, man.



- What?

- Malloy wanted me to check.



- Make sure you got home all right.

- Where is he?



You okay?



- You tell him not to bother me.

- Sure.



Frannie, it's Malloy. Open the door.






Frannie, open the door.



Frannie, come on, wake up.

Open the door.






Frannie, come on!



You look all right to me.



Ritchie said you were screaming

half-naked out the window.



- You were a long time.

- Yeah, I was working.



Getting a blowjob?

Isn't that your line of work?



What is it?



No such thing

as a bad blowjob.



Well, you're wrong there.

Some women give terrible blowjobs.



No rhythm at all.

No sense of cock whatsoever.



Good phrase,

"no sense of cock."



Yes, that must be terrible.



Frannie, we got a problem here.



I'm standing in your sister's apartment,

trying to put this case together. I can't.



You want to know why?



I'm worrying about you.



Let's get you cleaned up, come on.



Give you a bath.



Let's go.



Good cop.

I'm a good detective.



It's the only thing I'm good at.

I'm not good at this.



Want me to go, I'll go. Want me

to stay, I'll stay. Gotta want something.



You're smarter than me.

I'm running to keep up.



- I'm scared of what I want.

- Why? Is it a lot?



Yeah, it's a lot.



That's the problem with women.

You can never be satisfied.



I'm sorry.



- Why? You didn't do nothing.

- I'm sorry you feel that way.



Your problem is,

you're fucking exhausting.



Fuck this. I was doing just fine

before I met you. Just fine.



What's this?



You'll see.



- Will I like it?

- I don't know.



I think so.



You're not sure.



You're not sure.



- You think I'm obsessed with you?

- Maybe.






No. No.



Go on, fuck yourself.

I wanna watch you fuck yourself.



- Go on.

- You like to watch?



Yeah, I like it in the cut.



That's it. Fuck yourself.



That's it. Go on.



You're so beautiful. If I keep looking

at you, I'll have to quit being a cop.



Frannie. Oh, Frannie.



All right.

Get me out of these things.



Get me out of this.



Makes me very nervous,

being in handcuffs.



Hurry up! I'm starting

to fucking feel like a chick here.



- Get over there.

- Where is it?



In my jacket pocket.



Hurry up.



Hurry up.






Inside left pocket.



Hurry up!



Oh, yeah.



- The charm from my bracelet.

- I meant to give it to you. I forgot.



Where did you get this?



On West Broadway.

I went back there the same night...


            see if I had missed something,

and I found it.



It was you.



What the fuck is the matter

with you?



I saw you. I saw your tattoo.



I never thought that you killed her.

I just never thought that.



Frannie, get me out

of these fucking things now!



Enough of this shit, Frannie.

Give me the key.



Get me out of here.

I'm not kidding, Frannie.



Get me out of this fucking thing.

Unlock these fucking things now!



Give me the fucking keys!






Damn it!






Get your fucking ass

out the goddamn street, bitch!






- Are you okay?

- Is she all right?



She's fine. Thanks, Dad.

Take it easy.



- I didn't know.

- Take it easy.



I can't go with you,

because he'll know.



- What?

- He killed Pauline.



- Who?

- Malloy.



I saw him with Angela Sands.

I saw his tattoo.



I saw the three of spades.



Jesus. We'd better talk about this.



- We'll go someplace.

- I can't go to the police.



- You tell me what happened.

- Frannie!



- Did he hurt you?

- No.






Fuck! Fuck! No!



Where are we going?



To the lighthouse.



You ever been there?



To the Lighthouse.

I teach that book.



Yeah? I fish there.



Look at the G.W.



That's something.



It's my little fishing lodge.



Wanna see inside?



Yeah, me and Malloy, we got them

together after our first big bust.



He's a good cop.

Best partner I ever had.



You want wine?

I got wine.



I'm gonna have to leave you here

a couple of days.



I'm sorry.



People saw us together

on the street.



You wanna hang up his jacket?



Are you cold?



Don't cry.



Hey, hey.



Don't cry.



Don't cry.



You ever been in love?



See, I met this girl.



I've been thinking about her

my whole life.



You know, dreaming about her.



But the thing is...



...I don't know if she loves me.



I mean, all women want love, right?



What about you?



You want love?



Wanna be kissed?



My guess is, you want it

so bad it hurts.



I'm right.



Will you marry me, Frannie?



Put on the ring.

Put on the fucking...




What are you, crazy?

Special help by SergeiK