In The Line Of Fire Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the In The Line Of Fire script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Clint Eastwood movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of In The Line Of Fire. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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In The Line Of Fire Script

              Oh, my God.

            Oh, Frank, thank God.

            I'm dead.

            Frank, I'm sorry. I got lost. This town is so confusing.

            There's Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts--

            Man, what a day.

            Mywife had to work early, so I took my kid to his new school.

            He won't stop crying.

            Says he wants to move back to Chicago.

            It broke my heart.

            Any more excuses?


            When you workwith me, you be punctual.

            You got it?

            I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

            - Come on. - Frank, howyou doing?

            - Marty. - Good to seeyou again.

            Sorrywe were late.

            Al, could you go downstairs and help outJimmy and Raul?

            - Please? - Yeah, sure.

            - Appreciate it. - This is his.

            Hi, you guys.

            - You don't trust me. - I live in a crappy neighborhood.


            - Got that funny money? - Yeah.

            Right here.

            Looks good. Looks real good.

            - We're in business. - Excellent.

            There'sjust one problem.

            This guyAl keeps asking me questions about my counterfeiter.

            - Really? - He asked too many questions.

            My instinct usually tells me when there's something wrong.

            There's something wrong here, so I had him followed.

            He's a fucking Secret Service agent.

            What doyou think I ought to do?

            Make sure the body doesn't wash up on shore.

            I wantyou to pop him for me.

            I think maybeyou're with him.

            You came to me, remember?

            So pop him. Show me I'm an asshole.

            I'm just a businessman.

            So pop him...

            and let's do some business.

            Yes, that's what I'm looking for.

            Let's go get an omelet. You like omelets?

            I know a good place. We'll have chili and cheese.

            Let me get mypistoli.

            My gun.

            You're under arrest.

            You're under arrest too.

            Secret Service.

            You knew the gun was empty, right?

            You knew from the weight ofthe gun...

            that the chamberwas empty?

            - There could have been one bullet. - Oh, my God.

            Doyou thinkwe can go someplace and talk about this?

            You killed guys before?

            - Does it get toyou? - It gets toyou.

            I don't know ifI'm cut out for this undercover stuff.

            I was so scared.

            You know, I joined the Secret Service because...

            I always wanted to protect people.

            The idea ofthrowing yourself in front ofa gun...

            hoping the bullet hits you instead ofthe guyyou're protecting--

            You find that appealing?

            I don't know.

            Maybe I'm--

            Maybe I'm just wrong for thejob.

            You're a good man. You'll make a good agent.

            How doyou know? This is the longest conversation we ever had.

            I know things about people.

              Come on. Let's get something to eat.

              I want to go home, hug mywife and kid.

              A lot ofguys warned me you were a pain in the ass.

              And theywere right.

              - I'll seeyou in the office. - Damn. The office.

              Monroe wanted us to check out some wacko.

              - I'll take care ofit. - I'll go with you.

              You go home, hug yourwife and kid.

              Iam notnosylady.

              I don't snoop, but smoke alarm was going off.

              I get scared.

              I get more scared when I see what is there inside.

              Smoke was from crumbs in oven left on.

              Thirty-oneyears I'm in this country.

              I love United States.

              I go to White House.

              Only United States canjust anybody go...

              to the house ofthe president to visit.

              So when I see this...

              these killing things...

              I call police.

              They say they call Secret Service.

              But two days, you don't come.

              The president gets approximately   ,    threats a year, ma'am.

              We have to check them all.

              You say this fellow's name is McCauley?

              No,Joseph McCrawley from Denver, Colorado.

              I still remember likeyesterday.

              I cry and cry.

              Joseph McCrawley of Denver, right?

              That's right.

              Died over    years ago, age     .

              Your guy must have got himself a duplicate birth certificate...

              then used it to get a driver's license.

              - Thanks,Jack. - Seeyou.

              Federal agents. Open up.


              Oh, my God.

              That's you.


              Frank Horrigan?



              Yeah, what did I win?

              MyGod, it's reallyyou?

              Who the hell is this?

              That wasyou in myapartmentlastnight.


              Whynotcallme Booth?

              Why not Oswald?

              Because Boothhadflair, panache--

              theleap to thestage afterheshotLincoln.

              - Where areyou? - Closerthanyoumightimagine.

              It's very exciting to talk toyou. Ifeellike Iknowyou.

              How's that?

              I've readaboutyou, seenphotos.

              You wereJFK's favoriteagent, thebestandthebrightest.

              But that wasalong timeago.

              What'skeptyouin thegame all theseyears?

              Why don't we get together for a drink? We could talk about that.

              I'dlove to, but theless youknowaboutme thebetter.

              - Why? - I'mplanning tokill thepresident.

              You shouldn't have said that.

              It's a federal offense to threaten the president.

              You could go tojail even ifyou don't mean it.

              Imeanit, allright.

              John F. Kennedysaid allsomeoneneeds isa willingness...

              to tradehis life forthepresident's.

              - Right? - That's right.

              I'm willing.

              Going up againstyou...

              raises thegame toamuchhigherlevel.

              Fatehasbroughtus together.

              Ijustcan't getovertheirony.

              What irony?

              Youbeing intimatelyinvolved...

              with theassassinations oftwopresidents.

              Hang on a second. I got something on the stove.

              He was onlyin thebuilding forthree weeks.

              He cameandleftatoddhours.

              What's really weirdis that the other tenantsnoticedhim on thestairs...

              but never really saw him.

              Depending on whoyou talk to he was between  ' '' and  ' ''...

              between      and      pounds.

              - Age? - Between    and   .

              Two months before an election, you get panic on a good day.

              - They've been waiting foryou. - Sam.

              Been a long time sinceyou've been over here.

              I hear the new director isn't much fun.

              - I've been the director for twoyears. - Yeah.

              - Al D'Andrea. - Director.

              - You know Matt Wilder? - Yeah.

              He still owes me    bucks from Super Bowl XXI.

              He always liked Denver.

              This is Agent-in-Charge Bill Watts.

              - And Lilly Raines. - Hello.

              Secretaries get prettier and prettier around here.

              And the field agents get older and older.

              Lilly's an agent.

              I knew that. I just wanted to see ifshe had a sense ofhumor.

              Have a seat. Let's talk about this guy.

              - I guess we're calling him Booth? - Yeah.

              - What doyou know about him? - Well, he's dangerous.

              - How doyou know? - I know things about people.

              Why didn'tyou take appropriate steps...

              to know more that first night?

              We had a busy day, Bill.

              Too busy to investigate properly?

              Your report says you were only in the room ten minutes.

              I didn't have a warrant.

              Given your reputation for undercoverwork--

              - What reputation areyou talking about? - Let's get back on track.

              - What's he referring to? - Let's drop it.

              Am I being paranoid or is he busting my balls?

              Probably a little ofboth.

              Bill, there was a time around here when I was almost as arrogant as you.

              I don't have time for this.

              I have to pull    agents out of Miami.

              Keep me posted, Sam.

              - What do we do with this guy? - We'll keep investigating.

              Meanwhile, you could have my phone tapped.

              - What makes you think he'll call again? - He'll call again.

              He's got panache.

              - '' Panache''? - It means flamboyance.

              - I know what it means. - Really?

              - I had to look it up. - We'll tapyour phone.

              By the way, Frank...

              Watts is nowhere near as arrogant as you were when you had Kennedy's ear.

              Just what reputation was Watts referring to?

              You know damn well.

              Is it because I'm considered a borderline burnout...

              with questionable social skills?

              What doyou want to talk to me about, besides your reputation?

              I want to be assigned to the president.

              - Protection? - That's right.

              After all theseyears? Christ, you're a dinosaur.

              This guy's gonna make a try, and I've gotta be there.

              - Watts would fight me tooth and nail. - Then fight him back.

              You owe it to me after    years offavors.

              Ifyou knew how many times I protected yourjob--

              I've got to come back.

              You reallywant to stand post again, atyour age?


              I've got at least one pair ofgood shoes in the closet somewhere.

              All posts, we're stopping. Travelerwants to work the ropes.

              The Frenchpresident'sgoing withhim. Getasecurityman uphere.

              He's coming over here, look!

              Goddamn it.

              - Mr. President! - Get back.

              - What's going on here? - Horrigan had a heart attack.

              - Pal, you okay? - Take it easy.

              Get the hell out ofhere. What the hell's going on?

              I got a call there was a cardiac case.

              - You all right? - Yeah, I'm on my break here.

              I get it.

              You bastards.

              Who's the wise guy?

              Everybody back to work.

              All right, who was thejoker who called those guys?

              It may not have been ajoke. You were looking peaked out there.

              I find out who it is, I'll pay him back in spades.

              How can you be sure it was a ''him''?

              Youmissedmystreet, Al.

              Why don'tyou have a car?

              I lived in New York a lot ofyears. I like public transportation.

              You like buses. That's great.

              Why make me go out ofmyway every night?

              I likeyour company.

              He's a weird-looking guy, isn't he?

              Yeah, ifhe still looks like that.

              Pull up over here.

              - It's a weird subculture, Al. - Yeah.

              I'd likeyou to send some field agents to check these things...

              ask about some wackos.

              Sure. First thing in themorning, I'llgetonit.

              - I'll talk toJackaboutit. - Hang on. I got the other line.


              - How areyou doing? - I'm fine, thanks.

              Hang on a second. Let me get rid ofthe other call.

              - You got it? - We got it.

              Keep him on the line till we get the ANI.

              - Yeah. - Trying to traceme?

              Why didn't I think ofthat?

              You did oryou're not the adversary I'd hoped for.

              Speaking ofwhich, how areyou? I was worried aboutyou today.

              - Why? - In themotorcade--

              I thoughtyou were gonna pass out.

              You should get in shape for that kind ofduty.

              Yeah, maybeyou're right.

              By the way, I'm watching your movie.


              November,     . Kennedy's lastdays, thearrivalin Texas.

              Itmusthavebeen exciting foryou.

              Dallas, thatmorningatLove Field.




              Whatdidhappen toyou thatday?

              Onlyoneagentreacted to thegunfire...

              andyou were closer to Kennedy thanhe was.

              Youmusthave lookedupat the window ofthe Texas Book Depository...


              Late at night, when the demons come...

              doyou see the rifle coming out ofthat window...

              ordoyousee Kennedy'shead beingblown apart?

              Ifyou'dreacted to thatfirstshot...

              couldyouhavegotten there in time tostop thebigbullet?

              Ifyouhad, thatcouldhavebeen yourheadbeingblown apart.

              Doyou wishyou'dsucceeded oris life tooprecious?

              What's done is done.

              I have that '' Esquire'' magazine article on the tenth anniversary...

              aboutyou and all the other agents that were there that day.

              So sad howyourwife leftyou and tookyour little daughter.

              You were so forthright aboutyour drinking problem...

              andthe fact that you weren'teasytolive with.

              I was so moved byyour honesty.

              The world can be a cruel place...


              What aboutyou, Booth? What's your story?

              It's an epic saga.

              I'll talk toyou again soon.

              Nice to have a friend.

              - Did you get him? - We got him.


              Get on the floor!

              Getyour hands where I can see them!

              He could have a device that manipulates the ANI...

              and fakes the line's identification.

              Makes it seem like he's calling from another number.

              Where would he get this device?

              He could build one ifhe were knowledgeable in digital circuitry.

              - Butyou can't trace the call. - You can run a parity check.

              Ifhis line is wired for digital switches.

              You can trace the call?

              Not ifit's an old, twisted-pair, analog line.

              Damn it,Jack, give a straight answer...

              or my partner will shoot offhis foot.

              He calls again, you keep him on the line.

              We'll see what we can do. Right, Tony?

              You might suggest to the police that they don't knock down any more doors.

              I'm intrigued, but why play it for me?

              We'd likeyou to consider canceling the president's dinner tomorrow.

              The state dinner, at the French embassy?

              Doyou know how long it took to line up this trip this close to the election?

              This guy's manipulated the phone system.

              Ifhe has a knowledge ofexplosives, there could be problems.

              Doyourjob, there won't be any problems.

              It's not that hard to smuggle weapons inside an embassy.

              You think the French want to knock off the president? Areyou nuts?

              - They love him. - Why does every chiefofstaff--

              You have no reason to believe this guy is any more dangerous...

              than thousands ofothers who make idle threats...

              butyou want me to alter the itinerary ofthe world's most powerful man...

              and risk offending    million French.

              Isn't it possible this guy has pushed some buttons in you?

              Maybeyou're overreacting a little.

              I'm just trying to protectyour boss, damn it.

              So am I. We're trailing     points in the latest polls.

              He could be out ofajob in six weeks.

              - He's got to be seen. - Even ifit kills him?

              Next order ofbusiness?

              Howcouldbeinga dozenpoints down looklikegoodnews?

              Thepresident was even worse offweeks ago.

              Hisaides willkeephim out with the voters asmuch as they can...

              especiallyin themidwest.

              Thenanall-importantswing through California.


              the Presidentandthe FirstLady ofthe UnitedStates...

              andHis Excellency, the PresidentofFrance, andhis wife.

              - Agent Raines, you look devastating. - Thankyou.

              Good enough to eat, I might add, ifyou'll pardon the expression.

              Every time I start to sympathize with you...

              you say something that really annoys me.

              Why sympathize?

              The tape ofthat phone call, when he mentioned yourwife.


              At any rate, I'm sorry.

              It's strange that the only sympathy I get these days...

              is from a would-be assassin or a woman I tend to annoy.

              Would you care to dance?

              Perhaps some other time.

              I get offin a couple hours.

              What areyou looking at?

              I was wondering whereyou hideyour firearm.

              Don't tell me. Let me guess.

              We're on finalapproach to LosAngeles.

              The temperature isabalmy  degrees. It'sabeautiful dayout there.

              Thanks forflying with us. We look forwardtoseeingyouagain.

              I'd like to deposit this in the new account.

              I'll need to see your corporate resolutions.

              Microspan Corporation.

              - What kind ofbusiness areyou in? - Software.

              - Up in SanJose. - Yes.

              Based there, but I'm opening an office here in Los Angeles.

              I like SanJose.

              - Areyou from there? - No.

              - Where areyou from? - Minneapolis.

              You're kidding. So am I.

              Wow, it's a small world.

              I hated the winters.

              Nine months oftheyear I'd stay indoors and pig out.

              I moved here and have lost    pounds so far.

              - What high school did you go to? - New Brighton High School.

              There isn't any New Brighton High School.

              There was when I was there.

              Maybe I'm just confused.

              It happens a lot.

              What was the name ofthat high school on Thirdjust across from--

              I'm sorry, but I'm very late for a meeting. Will this take long?

              Not at all. Just another minute.


              You have a very pleasant way aboutyou.

              Thankyou, Mr. Carney.

              Agent Raines, how would you like to give a colleague a ride home?

              Why doyou keep flirting with me?

              Am I flirting with you?

              You know it can't possibly go anywhere, so why keep doing it?

              Maybe it's because I know it can't possibly go anywhere.

              Give me a lift. I'll buyyou an ice cream.

              No further obligations.

              Oh, boy.

              I'venever worked witha female agentbefore.

              - How many are there? - About     .

              - Pure window dressing. - Excuse me?

              Window dressing.

              About      out ofa little over     .

              They haveyou all around so the president can look good...

              to his feminist voters.

              Doyou make an effort to be obnoxious or is it a gift?

              It's a gift.

              Halfthe things we do are window dressing.

              Take running alongside that limousine.

              It'd take an antitank missile to put a dent in that damn thing.

              There we are out for show...

              trying to make the president look more presidential.

              IfI'm here to court the feminist vote...

              what demographics doyou represent?

              Let's see.

              White, piano-playing heterosexuals over the age of  .

              There ain't a whole lot ofus, but we do have a powerful lobby.

              Well, time flies when you're being annoyed.

              - Where areyou going? - I have a date.

              - With whom? - That's none ofyour business.

              You want a ride?

              I don't think so.

              I like it here this time ofday. I'll hang out.

              Thanks for the ice cream. Seeyou.

              You're welcome.

              Ifshe looks back, that means she's interested.

              Come on now, give me a little look.

              One little glance back.

              Give me that smug look and be on yourway.

              Well, Abe--

              Damn, I wish I could have been there foryou, pal.

              Hi, baby. How areyou doing?

              Come on up here. Give me a kiss. That's a good boy.

              Yes, I missed you too.

              I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startleyou.

              -I gotyour address from the phone book. -But I'm not listed.

              Uh-oh. I suppose I better come clean.

              I followed you.

              I'm sorry. I'm not very good at this.

              I'm new in town.

              I was wondering ifyou would care tojoin me for dinner tonight.

              That's very sweet, but I--

              And I also wanted to apologize for lying toyou this afternoon.

              We both know I'm not from Minneapolis.

              I shouldn't ask so many questions.

              Did you mention our conversation...

              to anyone at the bank this afternoon?

              May I?

              Rory, settle down!

              Pam, what's going on? Hi.

              This is my roommate. Sally, this is Mr. Carney.

              Call meJim. How doyou do?

              Nice to meetyou. I wasjust on myway out.

              I'm afraid I can't letyou ladies leave this evening.


              You shouldn't have been from Minneapolis.

              Look, I don't know whatyou want, but--

              - Hi, this is Sally. -Andthis is Pam.

              We're eitherouthaving fun or we're asleep.

              Soleaveyournameandnumber andwe'll callyouback.


              Frank, Ihopeyoudon'tmindme callingyouat the office.

              I was in theneighborhood.

              No, why don'tyoudrop by?

              I'dlove to.

              Letme takesome time to welcome those whoarejoining us late.

              I'dlove to drop by. I'dlikeitalot.

              We'vegotsomuch in common.

              We do? Like what?

              We'reboth willing to trade ourlives forthepresident.

              We'rebothhonest andcapablemen...

              who werebetrayed bypeople we trusted.

              - I wasn't betrayed, Booth. - Sureyou were.

              The Warren Commission's report on theassassination--

              They calledyourprocedure ''seriously deficient. ''

              They criticizedyou andthe otheragents...

              who were outdrinking late thenightbefore...

              as though Kennedy wouldbealive today ifyou'dbeeninbedat   :  p.m.

              That's ludicrous.

              Maybe theywere right.

              Asamatteroffact, they weren'tright.

              You wantedtostationagents onhisbumpersandsideboards.

              He refused. Doyouknow why I thinkherefused?

              I thinkherefused becausehehada death wish.

              He talkedall the time aboutbeing assassinated.

              His favoritepoem was ''I Havea Rendezvous with Death''...

              which isnotagoodpoem.

              I thinkhe wantedto die.

              I thinkhe didn'tcare thathis death wouldruinyourlife.

              I thinkhe wasaselfishbastard.

              But whatdoyou think?

              What aboutyou? Who betrayed you?

              I don't think he's scrambling it.

              Some ofthesamepeople.

              ButI'mgonnageteven. I'llhave my dayin thesun.

              The questionis: Willyouhaveyours?

              - It's coming. - You're in foralotmorepain.

              How much ofthis shit do I have to listen to?


              He's right across the street: Lafayette Park. Keep him on.

              Areyou guys crazy?

              Doyou see somebody over there?

              I toldyou togetinshape.

              This is your current address?

              And you didn't see anybody suspicious hanging around that phone booth?

              That's him.

              Secret Service. I'm impounding this car.

              He put his hand down here. We got fingerprints.

              You all right?

              - Tony. - Yeah?

              Have a look at this.

              - This the print from Secret Service? - Yeah.

              Something strange here.

              Shit. It's a C-   . We can't tell them.

              - I'm afraid that we've drawn a blank. - You sure?

              We ran that print against everything we've got.

              What do we do now?

              I'm leaving with the president in the morning.

              - You keep investigating. - What should I do?

              You're an adult human being. Think ofsomething.

              You're a real pain in the ass when things don't goyourway.

              Your friends warned you about that.

              Thepresident hit the campaign trailtoday.

              He left fromAndrewsAir Force Base...

              ona whirlwindtourof  states overthenextsix days.

              Withjustoveramonth togo before the election...

              thepresidentis trailing his opponentbytenpoints.

              To close thatgap, he'llconcentrate his campaign efforts in themidwest...

              wherehe'ssagging in thepolls.

              The campaignswing will windup in Chicago withabig rally.

              Thepresident's campaignstaff ishopeful thatby that time--

              Reservations, Donna Lynn. MayIhelpyou?

              I'm calling to find out when you would have a flight on Tuesday...

              from Washington to Los Angeles?


              Ifpossible, I'd like to get an open-ended ticket...

              because I may have to make some stops in the midwest on my return.

              DenverCommandPost, C- Agents.

              We'lloff-loadthe choppers first. Who's ourrouteagent?

              C- Agent, that willbeJack McKeen.

              DenverCommandPost, Watts. Wehavearrival:     .

              C- Agent, whereare wekeeping these carssecured?

              DenverPolice Department hasa fencedarea forus.

              SecurityRoom, Watts. We're tenminutes out. Situationreport.

              Here in Denver, we gathertoday in theshadowofgiants:

              bravepioneers who overcame terrifyingobstacles...

              to carveanewnation from a wilderness.

              Todaywe are asked to match ourvision to theirvision...

              and to pass that legacy ofa boundless--

              Horrigan to I D. Sector three secured?


              A legacyoftolerance--

              Thepresidentcampaigning today in Denver.

              Here in Washington thisafternoon, theSenateagain delayedaction--

              Weare living ina time ofglobaleconomic transition.

              We need compassion and vision to create a future...

              ofpeaceandprogress foreveryAmerican.

              That was thepresident stumping in Nebraska today.

              He's due toarrivehere in LosAngeles laterin themonth...

              to compete forCalifornia's crucial    electoral votes.

              Hi, SandyRiggs calling forJames Carney.

              Ifyou'reserious about trying to catcharally...

              whileyou're in themidwest, youbestcallme.

              Thepresident'sschedule changes hourbyhour.

              Inanswer toyourotherquestion...

              justsenda checkhere topartyheadquarters.

              Thanks again. I'm looking forwardtomeetingyou.

              Ladiesandgentlemen ofHolland, Michigan...

              the President ofthe UnitedStates!

              We'vegonealong way towardachieving thatgoal...

              but there's a lot left to do.

              Watts, Flynn. Wegotsome trouble on the tracks upahead.

              Youbetternotify the White Housestaff.

              Milwaukee willbe easytomorrow. We've onlygotonesite.

              MayIhaveyourattention, please?

              Flight    to Milwaukee isnowboardingat Gate  .

              Pleasehave yourboardingpasses ready.

              Allpassengersshouldproceed to theboardingareanow.


              Found any bombs today?

              - Agent Raines. - Agent Horrigan.

              How's the first lady? Did she ask about me?

              Haveyou gotten to know them yet?

              I prefer not to get to know the people I'm protecting.

              Why is that?

              You might decide they're not worth taking a bullet for.

              Here comes my replacement.

              - Care tojoin me in the bar? - We can't drink on the road.

              Ofcourse not, but they've got a hell ofa piano player.

              I've played for presidents, and I've played with presidents.

              Nixon and I once did a halfway decent duet of'' Moonglow.''

              I heard he didn't likeyou.

              That's not true. We got on all right.

              His chiefofstaff was another matter.

              Once at a rally in Boston....

              he ordered me to get rid ofsome antiwar protesters.

              I said I couldn't do that. Freedom ofspeech, that kind ofstuff.

              He said, ''When I'm talking toyou, I am the president.''

              And I said, ''You look more like a sack ofshit in a cheap suit, sir.''

              I like the ''sir.'' It's a classy touch.

              - I thought so. - Mm-hmm.

              So how comeyou neverwear shades standing post?

              I like the wackos to see the whites ofmy eyes.

              A good glare can be just as effective as a gun.

              - Know what I mean? - Yeah.

              You got me.

              You better stick to the shades, sweetheart.

              Agent Raines, what areyou afraid of?

              Afraid ofmaking a big mistake.

              Good night.

              We're looking at this route to the hospital--

              Oh, good.

              We've got some updates on Milwaukee tomorrow.


              Call Advance and see ifwe can get a backup route.

              - Don't answer it. - Shit.

              Traveler's lostgroundin Georgia, so Milwaukee's off.

              They'restagingarallyoutsideAtlanta ina town called Woodstock.

              Weneedyoudownat Communications, rightaway.

              I'll be right down.

              Traveler's losing ground in Georgia, so Milwaukee's out tomorrow.

              And they're staging a rally somewhere outside Atlanta.


              Oh, dear.

              What am I doing?

              Shit. Ow.

              Oh, boy.


              I gotta put all that shit back on, goddamn it.

              Please openyourpurses forinspection.

              Youdon'tknowhowgladIam toseeyou alloutin therain withme today.

              I've been going around saying...

              '' Don'tjust vote for me, join me.''


              Wemay feela taddamp today...

              butguess who'sgoing tobeall wet on election day?

              What about the watch list?

              I've got    regional crazies under surveillance.

              Chicago intelligence has nine more.

              - The hospital? - St. Ann's.

              Extra units ofTraveler's blood type on hand.

              Accessible to that alternative route as well.

              ETA Chicago: tenminutes.

              - Under the weather? - Sick as a dog.

              Yeah? What's this?

              '' Psychological Profile ofJohn Booth.''

              - Did you make a mistake? - What?

              You said you were afraid ofmaking a big mistake.

              Let's be realistic. Thisjob is not like we work in a bank.

              You had an affairwith an agent, and it came out badly.

              He wasn't an agent.

              He leftyou becauseyou wouldn't quit. You were brokenhearted.

              I left him because I wouldn't quit myjob for him.

              It did break my heart.

              You vowed to never let a man come between you and your career.

              Except nowyou're in love with me, and it scares you a little.

              Blowyour nose. Here.


              What were to happen ifI gave up myjob foryou?

              Whywould you do that?

              Maybe I vowed to never let my career...

              come between me and a woman.

              - Yeah? - Be careful, will you?

              This whole event tonight has been advertised in advance.Just be alert.

              This is Horrigan. It's a zoo out here.

              It's not very secure. We've got to take Traveler underground.

              Allposts, this is Watts.

              We're using thealternate arrivalsite:underground.

              Horrigan to Watts. I think Booth may be here.

              I thought youcouldn'tidentifyhim.

              I can't. Just call it a hunch.

              Withall duerespect toyourpsychic abilities, we'llstick to thegameplan.

              Allposts, takeyourpositions.

              - You've got a fever. -Just stay alert in there.

              There is one quality above all that marks this president.

              It has earned him the affection ofeveryworking man and woman.

              - Give us our president! - That quality is courage!

              The question to us is:

              Will we stand by the man...

              who has stood by us?

              - Post check. Stage right? - Stage right all clear.

              - Stage left? - Stage left clear.

              - Stage center? - Stage center clear.

              - Mezzanineleft? - Mezzanineleftall clear.

              The President ofthe United States and the First Lady.


              Get down!

              Get these people out ofhere!

              Hold all radio traffic.

              Securityroom. What thehell'sgoingonin there?

              I'm all clear.


              Traveler's secure. All posts resume positions.

              - You all right, Mr. President? - I'm all right.

              Everything's all right, folks. Everything will bejust fine.

              We had a little false alarm there.

              Wasn't that exciting?

              Takeyourseats, please, ladiesandgentlemen.

              Security Room, Raines.

              It wasjustaballoonpopping. All clear.

              Traveler wants to continue.

              Doyou have any idea how manyvotes you cost us last night?

              The president came offlooking like a coward on national television.

              He came offall right.

              You were the one that looked like the damn coward.

              This is ajoke toyou?

              No, you're ajoke to me, Harry.

              - You have no idea what we do here. - That's enough!

              You call me Harry again, you'll be busting counterfeiters in Alaska.

              You keep him away from the president, away from the White House...

              and you sure better keep him away from me!

              You don't talk to the chiefofstafflike that!

              - I don't work for him. - No, you work for me. You did.

              You're offmy detail.

              My Super Bowl debt.

              In case I don't seeyou after this trip.

              You know, ifyou werejust to acknowledge...

              that it was an unfortunate situation--

              I won't apologize for doing myjob.

              I'm not saying you should...

              but the president was humiliated.

              He's alive, isn't he?

              We're here to safeguard his dignity as well.

              I'm not paid for that.

              What about the time Kennedy's girlfriend was caught in the White House...

              and you said she was with you?

              Don't believe every rumor someone tells you.

              Wilder told me the whole story...

              about howyou were suspended a month without pay.

              I'd say that was safeguarding his dignity.

              That was different. He was different.

              Maybeyou were different.

              I was different.

              The whole damn countrywas different.

              Everything would be different right now too...

              ifI'd been halfas paranoid as I am today.


              Why notjust retire, Frank?

              Live offyour pension.

              I mean, what's the point?

              Somebody else asked me that not long ago.

              Hell, you don't spend any money on anything exceptjazz records.

              I want to stay on the Booth case.

              All right.

              - As for protective detail, I can't-- - I understand.

              That thing in Chicago-- I just don't understand.

              I've never been on the wrong side ofajudgment call like that.

              You had the flu, for Christ's sake.

              It's been known to impairjudgment.

              Face it.

              You're too old for this shit.

              - Hello. - What happened in the Windy City?

              The balloon getyou in a little panic?

              - You were there? - Yes, I was.

              Watching the president, I couldn't help wondering...

              why a man likeyou would risk his life to save a man like that.

              You have such a strangejob.

              I can't decide ifit's heroic or absurd.

              Whywould a man likeyou risk his life to kill a man like that?

              Don'tyouhaveapsychologicalprofile onmeyet?

              I don't put a lot ofstock in them.

              Nor do I.

              A man's actions don't equal the sum ofhis psychological parts.

              - Doesn't work that way. -Just how does it work?

              It doesn't work.

              God doesn't punish the wicked and reward the righteous.

              Everyone dies.

              Some die because they deserve to.

              Others diesimplybecause theycome from Minneapolis.

              It's random, andit'smeaningless.

              Ifnone ofthis means anything, then why kill the president?

              To punctuate the dreariness.

              It sounds to me likeyou need to getyourselflaid.

              You're the same as me.

              Name one thing in your life that has any meaning.

              - I play the piano. - That'snotenough.

              How doyou know? Doyou play?

              I've seen you in your bar alone.

              There's no cause left worth fighting for.

              All we have is the game.

              I'm on offense.

              You're on defense.

              When do we start playing the game?

              The clock's ticking.

              Take care.


              He scrambled it again. I missed him.



              Jesus, Frank.

              I've been calling for hours. I thought something happened toyou.

              Areyou okay?

              No, I'm not okay.

              I'm sick, I'm tired, and I'm armed. So be careful.

              - You're also a genius. - Not to be recognized in this lifetime.

              - You listen to the tapes ofthe call? - Yeah. Rememberyou said--

              Call the Minneapolis field office. Ask about accidental deaths...

              anything we might pin to Booth.

              - Will you listen to me, please? - Spit it out.

              You said to have field agents check into model builders.

              There's a professor at the Art Center College of Design...

              in Pasadena, California.

              I thinkwe got something.

              Like I told your colleague, I met him at a design conference in New Orleans.

              We ordered some drinks at a hotel bar.

              He seemed like a nice enough guy.

              This is good.

              But when the talk turned to politics, he took on a real nasty edge.

              He said he felt betrayed by the government...

              and he wanted to exact some measure ofrevenge.

              The way he said it scared the shit out ofme.

              So I said, ''Okay, nice talking toyou. Good luck.''

              And I got the hell out ofthere.

              But I cannot remember his name.

              But I'm pretty sure he said he was from Phoenix.

              You guys ought to talk to a guy in Phoenix named WalterWickland.

              He knows everybody down there.

              Book us on the first flight to Phoenix.

              How about we get a police artist togetherwith the professor here...

              have a composite sketch faxed to us?

              You figure that one out all byyourself?

              Kiss my ass.

              I told you you'd make a good agent.

              It doesn't look much like him, but that's got to be Mitch Leary.

              I haven't seen him in over a year.

              What doyou know about the guy?

              Doyou see this wheelchair?

              Mitch bought it for me. It cost over a thousand dollars.

              - See this? - Whoa, take it easy.

              This is in case he ever comes back.

              He accused me ofripping off one ofhis model designs.

              Said my penalty for disloyaltywas death.

              You put him away, let me know. I'll sleep better.

               You got any idea where we can find him?

                Yeah, I think I might have his address around here somewhere.

            Don't move.

            Drop it!

            - Let him go, Horrigan. - I got him.

            It's okay.

            We're on the same team.

            - Hands, motherfucker! - I'm getting my identification!

            Give it to me.

            David Coppinger, CIA.

            Who's this asshole?

            - He's with me. - Shit.

            Goddamn it.

            Areyou here for Leary or me?

            Mr. Leary used to be one ofour operatives.

            He's threatened to kill the president.

            We didn't think he was serious till you found that fingerprint.

            Butyou and the FBI knew.

            - I understand your frustration. - You understand my frustration?

            You pompous son ofa bitch!

            What the fuck did Leary do foryou anyway?

            Run coke for the Contras? Sell arms to Iran?

            It's a C-    matter, so this is offthe record.

            Ifasked, I'll deny it.

            Leary is what we nowadays call a wet boy.

            What's a wet boy?

            - Leary's an assassin. -Jesus.

            In Leary's case, that's putting it too gently.

            He's more like a predator.

            - Was thatyou shooting? - Yes.

            What kind ofgun is that?

            Something I made.

            No kidding?

            You made it?

            Guess it beats paying for it.

            Can I see it?


            - Shit, it's light. - Yeah?

            - What's it made of? - It's composite, like plastic.

            It's pretty neat.

            You mind ifI give her a little dance?

            Not at all.

            Go for it.

            That is really great!

            Would you be interested in selling it?

            No, I need it.


            To assassinate the president.

            - Whywould you want to do that? - Why did you kill that bird, asshole?

            Mitch Learywas one ofour most effective contractors...

            but political climates changed, and cutbacks were made.

            Leary didn't take it too well. He couldn't adjust to civilian life.

            We've been looking for him for some time.

            Maybeyou folks in the FBI will have more luck.

            -Ifwe can work together, it's possible. -Wouldn't that be refreshing?

            We have his fingerprints and numerous photographs.

            What makes you think he looks like any ofthese?

            They're at least     years old.

            A man in his line stays out ofthe camera's eye.

            They're worthless. He'll be in disguise anyway.

            - We need photo alterations. - Yeah.

            Gentlemen, what I'm about to showyou...

            is highly classified.

            This man is a former colleague of Leary's.

            A close friend...

            who went by his home in Phoenix to try to persuade him...

            to accept counseling and retraining.

            This is how Leary treats his friends.

            We need every possible variable:

            facial hair, skin colorization...

            glasses, weight changes.

            Keep in mind, he's     years older now.

            As good as they are, they aren't much good.

            The eyes are dead.

            Always tell a man by his eyes.

            - Look, tomorrow morning, I'd like-- - I'm resigning tomorrow.


            Why?Just because you were scared in Phoenix?

            Hell, I was scared too. You did yourjob.

            I have nightmares...

            about that boat, with the plastic bag over my head.

            I can't breathe.

            Phoenixjust clinched it.

            - The Service has counseling for this. - I've been to the counselors.

            Look, I need you. We can get this guy.

            I can't do it!

            Stop this cockamamie shit now, will you?

            Come on, pal, I need you.


              Cockamamie. That's a word your generation hasn't embraced yet.

              Maybeyou ought to use it once in a while...

              just to keep it alive.

              - Cockamamie. - Yeah.

              - Oh, God. - It madeyou laugh, for Christ's sake.

              You kill me.

              Frank, he's on the line!

              I got it.

              - Hello? - Hello, Frank.

              Let me take a second to give a heartywelcome to all ofyou...

              joiningourprogram inprogress.

              I know whoyou are, Leary.

              I'm glad, Frank.

              Friends should be able to call each other by name.

              We're not friends.

              Sure weare.

              I've seen whatyou do to friends.

              What's that supposed to mean?

              You slityour friend's throat.

              You talked to Coppinger?

              Yeah, that's right.

              Did you delouse?

              The man's a professional liar.

              I saw the photos.

              No, yousaw what he wantedyou tosee.

              I saw a picture ofyour friend...

              lying on the floor with his throat cut.

              Butyou didn't see whatyou couldn't possibly know.

              They sent my best friend, my comrade in arms...

              to my home to kill me!

              Your voiceisshaking.

              I never lied toyou, and I neverwill!

              Why is it everyone who ever knewyou...

              said thatyou're a sick son ofa bitch?

              Your colleagues, yourwife.

              Whatdoesyour wifesay aboutyou?

              We're not talking about me.

              -I wantyou ofall people to understand. -WhyshouldIunderstand?

              We both used to think this country was a very special place!

              - Youdon'tknow whatIusedto think. - Butyou know about me?

              Doyou have any idea what I've done for God and country?

              Some pretty fucking horrible things!

              I don't even remember who I was...

              before they sunk their claws into me.

              - They madeyou into a real monster. -Andnowthey want to destroyme...

              because we can't have monsters roaming the quiet countryside.

              What doyou see when you're in the dark and the demons come?

              I seeyou.

              I seeyou standing over the grave...

              ofanother dead president.

              That's not going to happen. I'm on toyou.

              Fuckyou. I am willing to trade my life for his.

              I am smart and willing, and that is all it takes.

              That president is coming home from California...

              in a fucking box.

              Where in California?

              You want the address?

              Come on.

              I'll keepyou in the game, but I'm not going to throw it foryou.


              So Icanlivealong andfruitfullife?

              We can work something out.


              Don't fucking lie to me.

              I have a rendezvous with death.

              And so does the president.

              So doyou, ifyou get too close to me.

              You have a rendezvous with my ass, motherfucker!

              Doyou know how easily I could kill you?

              Doyou know how many times I've watched you go in and out ofthat apartment?

              You'realivebecause Ihaveallowedyou tolive.


              some goddamn respect!

              St. Francis Hotel, Florida Avenue in northeast.

              Let's go! Move it!

              Take my hand.

              Take it. You don't, you'll die.

              You're going to shoot me, after I saved your life?


              The onlyway to save the president is to shoot me.

              Areyou willing to tradeyour life for his?

              Or is life too precious?

              Don't fucking move!

              Frank, I got him.

              Nothing here.

              Frank, you got a phone call.

              - Yeah. - You looked so sad on the bus.

              I'm sorry. It was self-defense.

              Tell me about Skellum.

              You'rebarking up the wrong tree.

              Skellum 's worthless.

              Meeting him in Los Angeles?

              It's late in the game, and you're way behind.

              I'm way ahead.

              I know whatyou look like. I've seen your eyes.

              My eyesmightlook differentnext time.

              What's behind them won't.

              You better pray I don't find you, prick.

              '' Pray''? Doyou want to kill me?

              That's right.

              Theironyisso thick youcouldchoke onit.

              There's no fucking irony, Mitch!


              The same government that trained me to kill, trained you to protect.

              Yet nowyou want to kill me, while, up on that roof, I protected you.

              They'll write books about us.

              I'm tired ofyour bullshit!


              You could have taken me out, butyou chose to saveyour ass.

              Don't cry about it now.

              It does make me wonder about Dallas though.

              Didyoureally do allyoucouldhave...

              ordidyou makea choice there too?

              Doyou really have the guts to take a bullet?

              I'll be thinking about that when I'm pissing on your grave.

              There's no one named Skellum in all of Los Angeles?

              - Ran five differentcounties. - What about Louisiana?

              Jack was checking that. Hangon.

              NoSkellums. Sorry.


              Damn it!

              The election's in three weeks. You're asking me to commit political suicide.

              I'm asking you to stay out ofCalifornia.

              Ifthis guy's so smart, he won't tell you where he'll make an attempt.

              He wouldn't lie to me.

              Isn't that sweet? Haveyou become that close?

              California is the key to the whole damn race.

              We've narrowed the gap to five points. We can't let up now.

              We'll change our procedures. Move him around in unmarked cars.

              Frisk everyone withing    yards.

              Frisk people going into $      -a-plate dinners?

              You're overreacting again.

              IfI don't overreact, the president's dead.

              Why is he here? I said keep him away.

              Frank's heading this investigation.

              Then let him investigate.

              As long as he doesn't come within sight ofthe president.

              Now, ifyou'll excuse me, I'm in the middle ofa campaign here.


              Up late?

              Lead advance for Los Angeles.

              It's a lot ofwork.

              - What's up? - I've got a request.

              I'd likeyou to talk to Watts.

              Get me on your advance team.

              - He thinks you'll overreact. - What doyou think?

              I think maybe you're too close to all this.

              That's why I've got to be there.

              I can spot him. I can anticipate him.

              - You think he'll be in California? - Yes.

              - Whywould he tip his hand like that? - To keep the game close.

              He'll be there.

              This has nothing to do with you and me. Strictly professional.

              But that son ofa bitch killed my partner, my friend.

              I know.

              I'm sorry.

              You're looking at a living legend:

              the only active agent who ever lost a president.


              Passengersarrivingon flight      from Washington, Dulles...

              may claim theirbaggage--

              Mr. Horrigan, welcome to Los Angeles.

              Here in Washington analysts ask:

              Can thepresidentclose theremaining distancein time?

              Theanswerlies in California...

              where thepresident willappearatarally...

              at the Bonaventure Hotel in LosAngeles.

              Fieldoffice, Chavez.

              Theadvance team isat the Bonaventure. I'llstick with them.


              - Any problems? - No, secured up.

              SecurityRoom, TSD.

              Weswept the western end ofthemotorcade route.

              Manholesaresecured, mailboxes removed...

              abandonedvehicles towed, bridges checkedout.

              We'removing tosectorthree.

              We'll need sharpshooters on both those towers there.

              We'll place three sharpshooters there...

              which covers those restricted blocks.

              Otherpolls today hadthepresidentstillgaining...

              butanalystssay ifhe'sgoing to close themargin...

              it willhave tobe on that California trail.

              Welcome to LosAngeles InternationalAirport.

              Baggage claim andgroundtransportation are on thelowerlevel.

              Radio operators will set up over here.

              Presidential Suite. Yeah, who's this?

              TSD is up here sweeping the room right now.

              That's it. Work hard.

              Raines, this is Horrigan. Double-checking those exits?

              Yes. This is the third timenow.

              Watch list: Paul Rubiak, yellow, section five.

              - Secret Service. - Get the fuck--

              Robert Stermer.

              He's a bellboy. He's been cleared.

              - Yeah, he's clean. - All right.

              Have a nice day.

              Show's over, folks. Let's pack it up.

              Let's go. Pack it up and move.

              Mr. Carney? All set.

              Finallywe meet.

              You areJames Carney?

              You must be Sandy Riggs.

              I was starting to wonder ifyou really existed...

              or maybeyou were an angel sent down to help the party.

              I'm very much human.

              Let's have a drink.

              They got a bar up at the top ofthis place.

              It's beautiful! What a view!

              When does the president arrive?

              Tomorrow evening, just in time for dinner.

              Here's your invitation. Don't lose that.

              The Secret Service has been driving me bonkers.

              I gotyou a great seat.

              It'sjust a stone's throw away from the president himself.

              So, tell me,James, what is Microspan Corporation all about?

              I just came to meet the president.

              I wouldn't presume to boreyou with my business.

              I don't blameyou. One thing I don't understand is high-tech.

              I can't wait to introduceyou to him.

              Would you look at this beautiful view?

              Yes, it is very pretty.

              Did you get the list ofthe dinner guests?

              Who is the fat cat organizer?

              Yes, Sanford Riggs...

              the Chairman ofthe California Victory Fund.

              Call Keziah over at LAPD...

              and make sure they have no police uniforms missing.

              It's been taken care of.

              Call the hospital to see if they have that supply of B-positive.

              Your average American businessman...

              looks at a product, a marketing scheme, what haveyou...

              and he sees the length and width ofit.

              TheJapanese see the depth, the long-term effect.

              We look at the next fiscal quarter.

              TheJapanese look at the next quarter ofa century.

              Try to get our people to understand that,John, huh?

              Mr. Riggs, can I talk toyou for a moment?

              Excuse me, fellows.

              - Who's that? - Secret Service agent.

              Doyou know everyone who's attending this dinner personally?

              I sure do.

              How about these pictures here? Any ofthem look familiar?

              I went through all this with another agentyesterday.

              I'll cooperate...

              but this is bordering on harassment.

              Yeah, I'm a harassing kind ofguy.

              I'll be right back, Mr. Carney.

              - He did what any ofus would have. - Hebeatupabellboyon television.

              - I was there. - I'dsayhe's overwrought.

              We're all a little overwrought knowing Leary's out there someplace.

              - Youdon't thinkhe'saliability? - No, I don't.

              You're in theminority. I wanthim gonebefore Travelerarrives.

              - That's not fair. - Sendhim toSan Diegoin themorning.

              Bywhose order? Harry Sargent's?

              You want to tellhim orshouldI?

              Somebody's approaching Traveler's suite.

              Lilly, you there?


              What areyou doing up here?

              I wasjust seeing ifthere was anything more I could do.

              You know, between the Los Angeles Police Department...

              the FBI and the rest ofus...

              there are     people protecting Traveler tomorrow.

              A lot ofguns.

              Leary gets offa shot, you and I could be killed in the cross fire.

              Bill Wattsjust called.

              Heard about the bellman?

              So did Traveler.

              Theywantyou to go to San Diego and assist in the advance there tomorrow.

              Just like that.

              It's notjustyou against Leary.

              You gotta have some faith in the rest ofus.

              You know something?

              Foryears I've been listening to all these idiots on bar stools...

              with all their pet theories on Dallas.

              How it was the Cubans or the CIA...

              or the white supremacists or the mob...

              orwhether it was one weapon orwhether it was five.

              None ofthat's meant too much to me.

              But Leary--

              He questioned whether I had the guts to take that fatal bullet.

              God, that was a beautiful day.

              The sun was out.

              Had been raining all morning. The airwas--

              The first shot sounded like a firecracker.

              I looked over and saw him. I could tell he was hit.

              I don't know why I didn't react. I should have reacted.

              I should have been running flat-out.

              I just couldn't believe it.

              Ifonly I reacted, I could have taken that shot.

              That would have been all right with me.

              What's the number ofthat San Diego office?


              - '' Ukulele''? - That's how I remember it.

              Seven numbers, seven letters. Youjust push u-k-e-l-e-l-e. Easy.

              Wait a minute. Isn't ukulele spelled u-k-u?

              I don't know. But the phone number's u-k-e-l-e-l-e.

              Wait a second.

              Attention, allpassengers.

              Flight     toSan Diego isnowboardingat Gate  .


              We have an arrival. Chopper standing by to take Traveler to site one.

              SouthwestSavings. MayIhelpyou?

              - Southwest? - Yes. MayIhelpyou?

              - Hello? - What's your address?


              Raines to lobby agents, post check.

              - Post three? - Roger. Inplace.

              - Post six? - Roger. Inplace.

              - Post   ? - Roger. In place.

              Wait right here.

              I'm sorry there's no Mitchell Leary orJoseph McCrawley in our accounts.

              Try to imagine him in disguise: a hat...

              wigs, mustache, that sort ofthing.

              I haven't seen him, but I've only been here a couple weeks.

              Who was in charge ofnew accounts beforeyou?

              Pam Magnus.

              Where can I find her?

              She's dead.

              She was murdered.

              She was murdered, and she was from Minneapolis.

              Theywon't cancel. You know what Sargent said.

              At least make the arrival underground. Don't give Leary a target.

              Theywant a big show. They said unless we have proof--

              The proofmayjust be a dead president.

              I'm pulling up all the accounts opened during Pam's last six months.

              We don't log them by the date entered. It's going to take time to compile.

              Fax me the list as soon as you get them, please.

              All agents in position.

              Please step back, sir.

              Please emptyyour pockets.


              You're from Texas, right?

              Ladiesandgentlemen, the Presidentofthe UnitedStates.

              It's fantastic.

              I'm sorry?

              Frank, what areyou doing here? Watts will shit ifhe sees you.

              - You get a fax for me? - Yeah,just now.

              What is it? What's this about?

              What the hell is going on?


              - What the hell is he doing here? - I don't know.

              - Who gaveyou permission-- - He's here. His name isJim Carney.

              - You're not on this post. - I want the damn seating chart!

              Give him the chart.


              Put the gun down!


              Don't shoot! Out ofthe way!

              Get down!

              Lock him up!

              Don't shoot!

              Get him in! Come on!

              - Inside! - Move it!

              Raines to shooters. Hold your fire.

              Get out ofhis way!

              Get out ofhis way!

              He has a hostage!

              Raines to shooters. Ifyou have a shot, take it!

              Nice view.

              - What's the plan, Captain? - It's your man up there.

              You tell me.

              All posts, hold radio traffic.

              Get me sharpshooters on the north and west towers.

              Take the subject out.

              Soyou had the guts. You took the bullet.

              I broke my damn ribs.

              Sorry. I wasn't aiming atyou.

              Where are the shooters?

              West tower in place. No lights inside.

              Shit. No shot from the north.

              - We can'tseeinside. - A bulletproofvest is cheating a bit.

              Otherwise, you played a good game.

              It's no game, Leary. I was doing myjob.

              What are we gonna do now?

              Doyou believe in the nobility ofsuicide?

              But ifyou want to blowyour head off, be my guest.

              Nicely put, except I don't want to leave this miserable world alone.

              - West tower, doyou have a shot? - Negative.

              Too dark. Target unclear.

              It's better to die with a friend.

              You're not a friend.

              You're a damn killer, you sick bastard.

              Don't talk to me like that. I saved your life. You owe me.

              - I don't oweyou shit. - I was always honest and fairwith you.

              - Go ahead and shoot. - It's Frank.


              Come on, damnit.

              - Frank, areyou talking to me? - What areyou waiting for?

              What am I waiting for?

              I'm waiting foryou to show me some goddamn gratitude.

              Without me, you'd still just be another sad-eyed, piano-playing drunk.

              Ibroughtyouinto this game.

              Iletyoukeep up withme.

              - I madeyou a goddamn hero today. - You didn't make me anything.

              I redeemed your pathetic, shitty life.

              I just did myjob. You're the one with the fucking pathetic life.

              - Goaheadandshoot, damnit. - They can't see inside.

              Ifthey fire, you'llbehit.

              I wantyou to thank me first.

              - Shut up and shoot. - All right.

              All right.

              Shooters, stand by to fire. Wait for my command.

              - Sleep well, my friend. -Just one thing: Aim high.

              - What? - Aim high.

              - Now. - You bastard!

              Take my hand.

              Ifyou don't, you'll die.

              You want to save me?

              To be honest and fairwith you, no.

              But it's myjob.

              All you people, stay back!

              Take it.

              - You okay? - Stand back, please.

              We've been working with Agent Horrigan for quite some time.

              Yes, Frank exemplifies courage and self-sacrifice.

              Guess I overreacted again, huh, Harry?

              Agent Horrigan,just a moment.

              Agent Horrigan, why areyou retiring from the Secret Service?

              Because I hate deskwork...

              and I'm too old to run alongside limousines.

              And thanks toyou people plastering my picture everywhere...

              I'm no good for undercoverwork.

              One more question!

              How areyou?

              Frank, the president sent his limo foryou.

              - That's the least he could do. - Good.

              I love public transportation.

              Come on in.

              - Makeyourselfat home. - Mm-hmm.

              - What doyou think? - I like it.

              Hello, Frank.

              By the timeyouhearthis, it'llbe over.

              Thepresident ismostlikely dead...

              andsoam I.

              I wonder, Frank, didyoukillme?

              Who won ourgame?

              Not thatitmatters.

              Foramong friends, likeyouandme...

              it'snot whetheryou win orlose, buthowyouplay thegame.

              Nowthegameis done, andit's time togeton withyourlife.

              ButI worry thatyouhave nolife togeton with.


              andgoodmen, likeyouandme...

              are destinedto travel thelonelyroad.


              I'll betyou that brown pigeon down there...

              flies offbefore the white one.

              How doyou know?

              I know things about pigeons.

Special help by SergeiK