In The Mood For Love Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the In The Mood For Love script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Wong Kar Wai movie with Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of In The Mood For Love. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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In The Mood For Love Script










Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk



Tony Leung Chiu-Wai



Directed by



Wong Kar-Wai



It is a restless moment.



She has kept her head lowered,



to give him a chance to come closer.



But he could not,e,



she turns and walks away.



HONG KONG,      



Eat up, the fish

is very fresh today...



Sorry to interrupt your dinner.



Never mind, let's sit over here.



It's quite late!



I've just finished work.



What should I call you?



You can call me Mrs. Suen.



- And you?

- My husband's name is Chan.



- Call me when you decide.

- I will.



Did you write down my number?



Yes, I did.



Fine, I'll see you out.



- Don't trouble.

- No trouble!



So it's agreed then!



Thank you very much!

I should go.



- Fine.

- Bye!



Take care, goodbye!



You've a room to let?



Sorry, it's just been rented

to that lady.



Thanks anyway.



How many of you?



Just me and my wife.



- Why don't you try next door?

- They've a vacant room too?



Yes, Mr. Koo's son got married...

His room's empty.



Thank you.



- You're too polite. Try asking them.

- Thank you.



This way, come on.



Not that room!



Oops, wrong again!



Careful! Against the wall there.



The little cupboard over there.



Be careful!



Don't break anything!



Not on top of the radio!



Mr. Chow...



You have a lot of stuff

for a couple!



- The wardrobe isn't mine.

- Wrong again?



It goes next door.



Okay, next door.



These aren't my shoes!

They must go next door.



What a coincidence!

Moving in on the same day!



Is Mr. Chan here?



He's working abroad.

He'll be back next week.



You should have waited, then.



It's too much for you on your own.



- I can manage.

- I'll ask Amah to help.



No need, I can manage.



What's going on?



Mind that mirror!



Mrs. Chan, I'll leave you to it.



- Those books aren't mine.

- Wrong again?



Never mind,

just leave them there.



Mind how you hang the mirror,

it's fragile!



Are these magazines yours?



Yes, they're my husband's.



He reads Japanese?



A little, his boss is Japanese.



How should I address you?



My husband's name is Chan.



My name's Chow...

I'll leave you in peace.



Thank you, Mr. Chow.



Don't mention it.



I'll ask Mrs. Chan...



Mrs. Chan,

eat with us before you go!



No thanks,

I must dash to the airport.



- Your husband's coming back?

- Yes.



Then I won't keep you.



- Going out?

- Yes.



Sorry, I'm late!



Amah, pour some beer.






Mrs. Chow,

try some Shanghai dishes.



Where is Mrs. Chan off to so late?



Meeting her husband at the airport.



So that's why she looks different.



It's all packed,

take care on your trip.



I will.



How long this time?



Two to four weeks.



Remember to bring back

two more of those handbags.



Who for?



My boss.



Two of them?



You know why.



Different colors?



The same will do! Who cares?






Mrs. Ho.

Mr. Ho is still in a meeting.



He'll be home late...

Please don't wait to eat.



Yes, we're so busy at the moment.



Yes, I'll ask him to call you

when he gets back.



Did you call my wife?



Yes, I said you'd be back later.



- Have you booked the restaurant?

- A table for two at eight.



Miss Yu called

to say she's on her way.



I'll be back after dinner,

can I bring you something?



No thanks, I'll get my own.



Leave when you're ready,

I'll lock up.



- Good evening, Mr. Ho!

- Evening!



- Going out, Mrs. Chan?

- Yes.



Going out so late?



Just getting some noodles.



Amah is making pork soup, join us.



Thanks, I'm not really hungry,

I just want some air.



You're too polite.



Next time!



They're all starving, we can eat.



Have you spoken to Ming?



So I'll go with someone else!



Just kidding!



I'll be early tonight, see you soon!









Time to go! Finish it tomorrow!



No, I'm nearly there...



Oh, Ming...



- I need a few days off next month.

- Why?



I promised my wife a trip.

Put in a word for me, will you?



I'll speak to personnel.



But the next lunch is on you.



I will.



Thanks, Ming!



It's ready!



No, it'll switch itself off!



I told you, it's not ready!



A rice cooker!

It's yours, Mrs. Koo?



No, it's beyond us!

It's Mrs. Chan's.



My husband brought it from Japan.



I wanted to show Mrs. Koo

how good it is.



Now it's ready!



Mrs. Chan...



Could Mr. Chan get me one

next time?



No problem!



Mr. Chow, you should get one too!



Your wife's so often late home.



I couldn't trouble Mr. Chan.



It's just neighborly, isn't it?



It's no trouble! I'll ask him

to buy another next time.



Thank you!



Let's try the rice.



Mr. Chan, sorry to trouble you

about the rice cooker.



It was really no trouble.



How much do I owe you?



Your wife has already paid me.






She didn't tell you?



She's been working late shifts.



Often I'm asleep when she gets back.



It must be hard for her.




Mrs. Chan isn't back yet?



She'll be back soon...

You need to talk to her?



A friend needs to go to Singapore.



I wonder if she could get

a cheap ticket for him.



I'll ask when she gets back.



I'm bothering you too much.



Don't mention it, we're neighbors!



I'll leave you in peace.



Looking for me?



Damn right, where've you been?



What's up?



Mrs. Chan called,

you left a hat at her office.



I meant to!

I wanted an excuse to go back.



I know your tricks!



She's married.



I know, that's why I left.



Otherwise I'd move in next door.



If your wife wasn't so attractive,

she'd be a worried woman!



I'm not like you.



Please call Mrs. Chan for me.



I'll pick up the hat tomorrow.

And take her to lunch!



Dream on!



She'll take the hat home.

I'll bring it in tomorrow.



You're kidding!

Some buddy you are!



Tell you what,

let's go pick her up now!



She should be off work by now.

We can go together!



I don't have time for this.






Yes! Get out of here, I'm busy.



Then I'll wait at your place.






Mr. Chow, is Mr. Koo in?



He's out...

Forgot to buy the paper again?



- That's right, I'll stop by later.

- Maybe I can find it for you.



Thank you.



- This one?

- Yes.



I always loved those serials,

hated to miss an episode.



Really? You liked them too?



I even thought of writing one!



Why didn't you?



I couldn't get started,

so I gave up.



I wasn't born

to write martial arts stories!



But you can borrow

from my collection anytime.



Not now, maybe another time.




You're welcome!



What is it? Mrs. Chan!



I just want to return these

to Mr. Chow. Is he in?



He's been away for a few days.






They had a quarrel.



Leave them with me,

I'll pass them back to him.



Thank you.



Forget it!



I'm on a replacement shift tonight.



Talk to you later.



No need to pick me up!



She's already left.



Really? I was going

to take her out for supper.



Didn't she tell you

she was off early today?



She never remembers to tell me.



Maybe she's home by now.



- I'll be off, then.

- Okay, bye!






You're out of hospital!



Don't mention hospital!

Lend me $  !



What for?



You gotta help me save face!



What's the big deal?



It's Ah Hoi's fault.



He gave me a racing tip,

said it was a sure thing.



Before they'd taken out

the stitches...



I bet everything I had.



And I lost my shirt!



What did you expect?



I thought it was my lucky day.



Anyhow, I had only $  left.



So I went to the whorehouse.



You were in no shape for sex!



I thought it would improve my luck.



What would $  buy you?



I'm Kwai-fei's regular,

she gives me credit.



You can have it on credit?



I left my ID card and said

I'd be back to redeem it.



I thought a few dollars

would be easy to rustle up.



But so far nothing

I'm way overdue.






Four Eyes was there yesterday.



Saw her waving my ID around

in front of everyone.



So embarrassing!



Anyway, lend me $  !



This is all I can spare.



I need $    for myself.



Pay you back next month.



- Let's have a late snack.

- What?



All I've had today

is some won-ton noodles.



Let me finish writing this first.



I'm not sure

I should tell you this...






I saw your wife

in the street yesterday.



So what?



She was with some guy.



Probably a friend.



Just thought you should know.



Miss Yu? This is me.



Mr. Ho's still in a meeting.

He says he can't manage dinner.



Yes, we're very busy now.



I will.



I'll ask Mr. Ho to call.



- Have you called Miss Yu?

- Yes, I have.



What did she say?



Asks you to call her later.



And Mrs. Ho says she's ready

to cut her birthday cake.



She wants you to hurry home.



- Did you get me a present for her?

- Yes, this.



- What is it?

- A scarf.



- I think Mrs. Ho will like it.

- Thank you.



And here's your change.



I'm always troubling you,

use it for bus fare.



Why don't you dine with us tonight?



Thank you, I've already planned

to see a film tonight.



Then I won't keep you.



Tomorrow will be quiet,

take the morning off.



Are you going out tonight?



Don't forget your keys.



All the neighbors

are dining out tonight.



I have a lot to do here,

I'll be late.



What is it, Mrs. Chan?



I heard voices,



I thought Mr. and Mrs. Koo

were back.



Not yet, anything I can help with?



No, I just wanted a chat.



- Are you alone?

- Yes, I am.



You're back early today!



I came back to rest.

I'm not feeling well...



What is it?

I have some medicines...



Don't trouble yourself,

I'll sleep it off.



In that case,

I'll leave you in peace.



It was your wife.



Have you spoken to your wife yet?



Then we shouldn't meet any more.



Any news from the Philippines?



Yes, a telex.



There's a typhoon,

so the ship's still docked.



Please inform Chan

that the shipment may be delayed.



Ask if that's a problem.



Your wife rang.

You don't need to pick her up.



She's playing mahjong with Mrs. Lau.



She'll meet you

at the restaurant at  .  .



And there's a gift from Miss Yu.



She was here?



No, she had it sent over.



She says she'll dine alone

since it's your birthday.



Please phone her

when you have a moment.



- I'll get you another coffee.

- Thank you.



Thank you.



That tie looks good on you.



You noticed?

It's much like the old one.



You notice things

if you pay attention.



I'll be off now.



If Chan has a problem,

let me know at the restaurant.



I will.

Why did you change your tie?



The new one was too showy.



I should stick with my own.



Don't forget to lock up.



By the way,

haven't seen your husband lately.



He's abroad now,

on company business.



That's why I see you

at the noodle stall.



I don't like cooking for myself.



Haven't seen your wife

lately either.



Her mother's ill,

she's at home with her.



That explains it.



Good night!



Good night!



Mrs. Chan, I'm glad you're back!



It's raining so hard!



I was going to look for you

with an umbrella.



You're too kind.



Amah, who is it?



- It's Mrs. Chan.

- Mrs. Suen!



Caught in the rain?

I said you could eat with us!



Next time... Enjoy your game.



Her husband's always away.

It's sad to see her so lonely.



She dresses up like that

to go out for noodles?



Mr. Chow!

What are you doing here?



Just calling Mrs. Koo to the phone.



You're late back.



I went to the pictures.



I'll be going.






Yes, please hold on.



- Who is it?

- It's for Mrs. Chan.



It must seem odd to ask you out,

but I want to ask something.



That handbag I saw you with

this evening...



Where did you buy it?



Why do you ask?



It looked so elegant.

I want to get one for my wife.



Mr. Chow, you're so good

to your wife!



Not really! My wife is so fussy.



Her birthday is some days away.

I don't know what to get her.



Could you buy one for me

to give her?



Maybe she wouldn't want one

just exactly the same.



You're right,

I didn't think of that.



A woman would mind.



Yes, especially since

we're neighbors.



Do they come in other colors?



I'd have to ask my husband.






He bought it for me

on a business trip abroad.



They aren't on sale here.



Then never mind.






I want to ask you something too.






Where did you buy your tie?



I don't know where it came from.



My wife buys all my ties.






She bought this one

on a business trip abroad.



It's not on sale here.



What a coincidence!









My husband has one just like it.



He said it was a gift from his boss.



So he wears it every day.



And my wife has a bag

just like yours.



I know,



I've seen it.



What are you getting at, actually?



I thought I was the only one

who knew.



I wonder how it began...



It's late...

won't your wife complain?



She's used to it, she doesn't care.



And your husband?



He must be asleep by now.



Shall we stay out tonight?



My husband would never say that.



What would he say?



Anyhow, he wouldn't say that.



Someone must have made

the first move.



Who else could it be?



It's late...

won't your wife complain?



She's used to it, she doesn't care.



And your husband?



He must be asleep by now.



I can't say it.



I understand.



After all, it's already happened.



It doesn't matter

who made the first move.



Do you really know your wife?



- You order for me.

- Why?



I've no idea what your wife likes.



What about your husband?



Like it hot?



Your wife likes hot dishes.



Why did you call me

at the office today?



I had nothing to do.

I wanted to hear your voice.



You have my husband down pat.

He's a real sweet-talker.



Why didn't you call me today?



I was afraid you won't like it.



Then don't call me again.



Mrs. Chan!

A letter from your husband.



It's not for me,

it's for Mr. Chow next door.



The Japanese stamp made me think

it was your husband.



So I was wrong.



Your wife's in Japan?



How did you know?



What did she say in her letter?



Nothing special.



Anything about

when she'd be back?






What do you think

they're doing right now?



- Are you alright?

- I'm fine.



Please pull up here!






I'll get off first.



No, let me.



- Mrs. Chan!

- Ah Ping! You're back?



Visiting Mr. Chow?



Yes, I thought we'd have lunch.

But he isn't well.



- What's wrong with him?

- He's got a fever. He's all alone.



So I'm gonna buy him

something to eat.



The congee downstairs

is quite good.



He doesn't want congee.



What does he want?



Can't taste anything,

so he wants sesame syrup.



Damned troublesome!






Mrs. Suen, she's hanging

the washing on the roof.



- Oh, you're back.

- Yes. You've been out?



My mother's birthday is coming up.



So I took her to buy some fabric.



It took all day, I'm half dead!



And I had my hair done...

Is it nice?



Very nice!



What are you cooking?



I had a sudden craving

for sesame syrup.



That whole pot is for you?



I thought I might as well

make a potfull.



You're so thoughtful!



- Please try it.

- I will.



What a coincidence!



Going out?



I'll buy some noodles, I'm starving.



Hungry? Will you join me?



No thanks.



Just off work?



You must be very busy.




I've been to see a picture.



Really? How was it?






I used to like

going to the pictures.



You had many hobbies before.



On your own,

you are free to do lots of things.



Everything changes

when you marry.



It must be decided together...






I sometimes wonder

what I'd be if I hadn't married.



Have you ever thought of that?



Maybe happier!



I didn't know married life

would be so complicated!



When you're single,



you are only responsible

to yourself.



Once you're married,



doing well on your own

is not enough.



Don't brood on it,

maybe he'll be back soon.



What about you?



Actually, we're in the same boat.



But I don't brood on it.



It's not my fault.



I can't waste time

wondering if I made mistakes.



Life's too short for that.



Something must change.



So what's your plan?



I want to write

a martial-arts serial.



Actually, I've started one.

I'll show it to you.






You like them too,

so why not help me write it?



I wouldn't know how,

I only read them!



We could discuss it together.



Alright, I'll try my best.



I never thanked you

for the sesame syrup.



There's no need,

I was making it anyway.



Amazing! I was craving

for some sesame syrup that day.



Really? What a coincidence!



It really was!



I'll go for those noodles.



Again! Halfway through dinner,

he's drunk! Disgusting!



I told you to stop!

What can you do?



It's me!



You scared me.



How's Mr. Koo?



Drunk, as usual.



I didn't expect them back so early!



Since you're trapped here,

finish the noodles.



They'll probably go soon.



Want some soup?



Want some soup?



Mrs. Suen! Playing here tonight!



Yes, Mrs. Koo is dealing

with her husband.



I could do that.



No, we should not trouble you.



Think you'll play all night?



No, we'll just play eight rounds.



They'll play till morning?



Mrs. Suen says only eight rounds.



You believe that?



You get some rest,

I'll wake you when they leave.



And you?



I have a chapter to finish.



Where have you got to?



The drunken master just showed up.



When did he get written in?



Just now!



Mr. Chow, home so early?



- I went out to buy some food.

- No work today?



I don't feel so good,

I'm staying home.



A sick man shouldn't eat

all that sticky rice.



Some of it is for later.



Don't stuff yourself!



Good morning!



Good morning,

finished your game?



No yet, but Mr. Yang has to work.

Mr. Tsai is coming to replace him.



Did you call the office for me?






What did you tell them?



That you weren't feeling well.



Did they ask who you were?






Probably took me for your husband.



Mr. Ho knows that he's away.



Pretend he's come back.



Maybe we're being too cautious?



I'm always round anyway.



We shouldn't have panicked.



Well, they did turn up

without warning.



What would they assume?



One can't put a foot wrong.



You can go!



- Amah!

- Mrs. Chan! You're back very late!



I had a lot of work today.



I didn't see you leave this morning.



I had breakfast with my mother.



You weren't here when I left.



Where's Mrs. Suen?




she played mahjong all day.



- Be quiet, don't wake her.

- Alright!



Mrs. Chan, is your leg alright?



It's these new shoes.



Why a special dinner tonight?



Since you won't take

your share of the writing fee...



All I did

was give you some thoughts.



Someone else

is asking for a serial too.



There'll be more work soon.



Really? So quickly?

isn't the workload too much?



That's why

I'm looking for a new place.



What for?



To write in!



It'll be more convenient.



There's nothing between us,

but I don't want gossip.



What do you think?



Why waste money?



You don't need me,

you can write on your own.



Who do you want?



Chow Mo-Wan?



He hasn't been in for several days.



We're looking for him too.



May I know who's calling?



Any message?



It's no trouble, goodbye.



Please get this to Accounts.



And have the air-conditioner

serviced tomorrow.



Mr. Ho!



No need to stay

if everything's done.



- I'll lock up.

- Yes.






Where are you?



I'll come again tomorrow.



No need,

I'll be alright after some rest.



It's no trouble.



I'll bring you some food...

What would you like?






Then I'll leave now. Get some rest.



Call me when you get home.



Let it ring three times,

then hang up.






I didn't think you'd come.



We won't be like them.



See you tomorrow.



Tell me honestly...



Do you have a mistress?



You're crazy!



Who told you I had?



Never mind who.



Do you or don't you?






Don't lie!



Look at me...



I'm asking you,

do you have a mistress?






That's no reaction!



If he admits it outright,

let him have it!



I wasn't expecting

he would admit it so easily.



I didn't know how to react!



One more time, alright?



Tell me frankly...



Do you have a mistress?



You're crazy!



Who told you that?



Never mind that,

do you or don't you?






Don't lie!



Tell me!



Look at me,



do you have a mistress?






Are you alright?



I didn't expect it to hurt so much.



This is just a rehearsal.



He won't really admit it so readily.



It's alright, don't take it so hard.



You've been out a lot lately.






It's right to enjoy yourself

while you're young.



But don't overdo it.



When will your husband be back?






In future,

don't let him travel so much.



A couple should spend time




Don't you agree?



Good night.



Will you come over tonight?



What for?



The editor's hounding me,

he says I'm too slow.



I need your help,

when can you come?



Not anytime soon.



Why not?



Mrs. Suen lectured me last night.



What did she say?



Rather not say.



We shouldn't see so much

of each other.



Mrs. Chan,

going out for noodles again?



Not tonight,

I'll make myself something.



Join us,

we're having vegetable won-tons!






- No lunch today, Mr. Ho?

- No.



A Mr. Chow just called for you.



He wants you to call him back.



Thank you.



- Back from work?

- Yes.



- Strange weather!

- Isn't it?



Been here long?



Just a while.



I don't think it'll stop soon.



Wait for me.



I'll see you home.



We'd better not be seen together.



Then you go first.



If they see your umbrella,



they'll know I was with you.



I wasn't thinking.



You go first, I'll wait a while.



I'll keep you company.



Did you try to call me?



I wasn't sure you got the message.



Could you get me a boat ticket?



To where?



Ah Ping wrote from Singapore.



They're short of staff,

he'd like me to go and help.



How long will you stay?



Don't know, I'll play it by ear.



Why rush off to Singapore?



A change of scene...



I've had enough of the gossip.



We know it's not true,

so why worry?



I used to think that too,

and it didn't worry me.



I thought we wouldn't be like them.



But I was wrong.



You won't leave your husband.



So I'd rather go away.



I didn't think

you'd fall in love with me.



I didn't either.



I was only curious

to know how it started.



Now I know.



Feelings can creep up

just like that.



I thought I was in control.



But I hate to think

of your husband coming home.



I wish he'd stay away!



I'm so bad!



Will you do me one favor?






I want to be prepared...



You'd better not see me again.



Is your husband back?






Am I hopeless?



Not really.



I won't see you again.



Keep a closer eye on your husband.






Don't be serious,

it's only a rehearsal.



Don't cry!



This isn't real...



I don't want to go home tonight.



Mei-Yi wants to dedicate a song



And Mrs. Cheung wishes the best



And Mr. Chan,s in Japan,



wants to wish his wife



So let's all enjoy Zhou Xuan



It's me.



If there's an extra ticket...



would you go with me?



It's me.



If there's an extra ticket...



would you go with me?






Mr. Chow has gone to work.



Any message?



You're welcome!



Has anyone been in my room?






- Something's missing.

- What?



In the old days,



if someone had a secret

they didn't want to share...



You know what they did?



Have no idea.



They went up a mountain,

found a tree...



Carved a hole in it...



And whispered the secret

into the hole.



Then they covered it with mud.



And leave the secret there forever.



What a pain!

I'd just go to get laid.



Not everyone's like you!



I'm just an average guy,

I don't have secrets like you.



You bottle things up!



Tell me something!



I don't have secrets.



Come off it, buddy!



I won't tell anyone.



Hello, Singapore Daily.



Hold on.



Mr. Chow, call for you.












HONG KONG,      



- Who is it?

- It's me.



- Mrs. Chan, long time no see!

- Yes.



- Amah, who's there?

- Mrs. Suen!



What brings you here?



It's been a while.



I was nearby so I thought

I'd bring your boat ticket.



And a small gift.



You shouldn't have,

it's nice just to see you.



The place is in such a mess!



Already started packing?



It's hopeless,

I can't bear to throw things away!



Let's find you a seat.



- Have some tea!

- Thank you!



Eat with us, Mrs. Chan!

I'm going to the market.



I can't, I have work waiting.



Don't rush off!



Mrs. Suen will be upset

if you don't eat here.



Amah, pour me some tea too.



How's your husband?



He's fine, thank you.



How long will you be away?



I don't know.



If I like it, I might stay!






My daughter worries

about the situation in Hong Kong.



I don't want to leave.



Since the Koos left, I don't have

my mahjong partners anymore.



And my daughter needs help

with her kids in the US.



What about this place?



I'm not sure...



I don't want to sell it.



So I might rent it out.



How much would you want?



You're interested?



You could have it at a discount.



I'll think about it.



Mrs. Suen, your tea!



Who lives next door now?



I don't really know them.



The Koos were almost like family!



It was so nice then, wasn't it?






Let's sit over here.






Is Mr. Koo in?



He moved long ago.



Do you know where he is?



You know him well?



I used to live here.



Is Mrs. Suen still next door?



She's gone! It's too chaotic,

everyone's running away.



So who lives there now?



A woman and her son.



The kid is cute.



No address in the Philippines...

Just his son's phone number.



- I can't accept this!

- Please, you must.



Thank you, then.



That era has passed.



Nothing that belonged to it



Are you ready?



- Okay!

- Let's go!






The presidential corps waits



Prince Norodom Sihanoukmak



come forwardral De Gaulle.



It's ten kilometershnom Penh.



       people line the route.



A welcome unprecedentedngdom.



He remembers those vanished years.



As though looking through



the past is something he could see,



And everything he seesct.






Special thanks:



Mr. Liu Yi-Chang



Produced, written and directed by



Wong Kar-Wai



Executive producer:



Chan Ye-Cheng



Associate producer:



Jacky Pang Yee-Wah



Production designer / Chief editor:



William Chang Suk-Ping



Director of photography:



Christopher Doyle

Mark Lee Ping-Bing



Original music:






Wong Chi-Ming



Special appearance:



Siu Ping-Lam, Cheung Tung Joe

Rebecca Pan, Lai Chin,



Chan Man-Lui, Koo Kam-Wah,

Chien Sze-Ying



Voice appearance



Sun Jia-Jun, Roy Cheung


Special help by SergeiK