In The Name Of The Father Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the In The Name Of The Father script is here for all you fans of the Jim Sheridan movie about the true story of Gerry Conlon starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson, Pete Postlethwaite, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of In The Name Of The Father. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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In The Name Of The Father Script

               Come to me   

               Come lie beside me   

               Oh, don't deny me your love   

            [ Indistinct Commotion ]

               Make sense of me   

               Walk through my doorway   

               Don't hide in the hallway oh, love   

                 Step all over me   

                   I'll follow you down   

                   I'll follow you down   

                -    [ Continues ] - [ Laughing ]


                [ Bono Reciting ] ln the name of whiskey

                In the name of song

                You didn't look back

                You didn't belong

                In the name of reason

                In the name of hope

                In the name of religion

                In the name of dope

                In the name of freedom

                You drifted away

                To see the sun shining

                On someone else's day

                In the name of United

                And the BBC

                In the name Georgie Best

                And LSD

                In the name of a father

                And his wife, the spirit

                You said you did not

                They said you did it

                In the name of justice

                In the name of fun

                In the name of the Father

                In the name of the Son

                   Call to me   

                   No one is listening   

                   I'm waiting to hear from you, love   

                [ Man On Tape ] Hello, hello. Good.

                I never said thank you for takin' up our case.

                I never thought I'd trust an English person again, especially a lawyer.

                Anyhow, I'll be as brief and accurate as I can...

                with names, dates and places; anything that might help in our defense.

                To explain how I happened to be in England in          at the time of the bombin',

                I'd better take you back to Northern lreland, where I come from.

                Belfast in the early '    s was total chaos.

                It was strange to see soldiers on the street...

                terrified of the civilian population,

                any one of whom could be an I.R.A. gunman.

                I was just a petty thief stealin' scrap metal.

                In Belfast, that was a dangerous occupation.

                Get down, Gerry, for fuck sake.


                The I.R.A. had already given me three warnings,

                and when a British patrol mistook me for a gunman, that got me into real trouble.

                - What do you think? Tryin' to fuckin' shoot us. -    [ Making Guitar Sounds ]

                   [ Guitar Sounds Continue ]

                - There's a sniper! He's up there! - Where?

                - I can't get a bead on him. - Shoot him before he fuckin' kills us!

                   [ Hard Rock ]

                Fuckin' bastards!

                All right, hurry up and tell Mr. Kelly, love.

                Two suspects proceeding back west--

                -    I'm standing up next to a mountain    - Mr. Kelly!


                -    [ Continues ] - We're gonna move the guns. You go and move the gear.

                Right. Everyone out, now! Come on!

                Get out of the fuckin' way. The Brits is after us!

                The Brits is after us!

                - The Brits are after us! Gerry! - In here, in here!

                [ Woman ] Come on, come on. This way, lads.

                - Go! Go! -    'Cause I'm a voodoo child   

                   Lord knows I'm a voodoo child   

                Go on, Gerry!

                Looks like they're coming out of everywhere.

                - Riot, riot, riot. - They're right in front of us.

                - Who is it? Grab him. - It's Conlon.

                   I didn't mean to take up all your sweet time   

                   I'll give it right back to you one of these days   

                It's your brother! Your brother Gerry!

                - Oh, my god! -    I said I didn't mean to take up all your sweet time   

                   I'll give it right back to you one of these days   

                -    I don't need you no more in this world    - [ Indistinct Shouting ]

                   I'll meet you in the next one and don't be late   

                Fuckin' English bastards!

                   [ Continues ]

                [ Man ] They've started a riot to cover the sniper.

                If we can isolate him, we can grab him. Let's go, lads.

                Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go. Move it!

                  [ Indistinct Shouting ]

                    Get that child out of here now!

                    [ Shouting Continues ]

                    Move that child!

                    Shoot that fucking gas now!

                    [ Shouting Continues ]

                    Come and fucking get us now, you bastards!

                    Let him go, you bastards!

                    Fuckin' bitch!

                       Don't be late   

                       'Cause I'm a voodoo child Voodoo child   

                       Lord knows I'm a voodoo child   

                    Yo, Gerry, I've got a friend who wants to talk to you.

                    - Oh, fuck sake. - We can do this the easy way or the hard way, all right?

                    Let's be smart. Come on.

                    They're taking your brother away!

                    [ Man ] Where are you goin', love?

                    - [ Young Man ] We weren't robbin' no houses. - [ Man ] Don't fuck with me.

                    - Suddenly you're a good boy? Have you been robbin' houses? - We weren't robbin' houses.

                    Search him. Did you get away all right?

                    - Aye. Those two. - Who was it? Those two?

                    - That isn't mine. It isn't. - Peter?

                    Shoot the bastards! They're always robbin' our houses!

                    Fuck you!

                    [ Crying ] Daddy, Daddy, the I.R.A. has our Gerry.

                    Go on, show me.

                    Yo, give him that.

                    Right, Tommo, lad.

                    [ Indistinct Shouting ]

                    [ Sirens Blaring ]

                    Tommo, get their trousers down. I fuckin' warned you, Danny.

                    Peter, we didn't do nothin', honestly.

                    - Give you a break? - What are we supposed to have done?

                    This is what I'm gonna give you. Now get your trousers down.

                    You just ran into a house where we had all our gear. We've almost lost that gear.

                    - I was just tryin' to get away from the Brits. - But you were stealin' again.

                    - You were stealin' lead. Shut up! - They were shootin' at us.

                    - Get the strides down now. - Why?

                    'Cause you'll get cloth in the wound and lose your leg, that's why.

                    Peter, give us a few slaps. You don't have to shoot us.

                    - For fuck sake. - Huh. Fuckin' Tarzan.

                    [ Woman ] Look at the balls on him!

                    - Jesus Christ! Peter! Peter! - [ Explosions ]

                    They-They're only young. Give them a chance.

                    We were just tryin' to scare some sense into them.

                    He was stealin' lead again. He ran through one of our houses and started all this shit.

                    - Did you start all this? - [ Sniffs, Spits ]

                    Yeah, he'll never survive in this town. Never.

                    This is the last time. You two blow! And Danny, it's the last time.

                    - The same for you, Conlon. - Pull up your trousers. Come back here.

                    - We've never had a thief in our family. - We've never had nothin'.

                    - Will you get a job? - We can't get jobs. You know we can't get jobs.

                    - I have a job. - You want me to work as a bookie's clerk?

                    - I want you to have some respect. - Aye, respect for who?

                    For yourself.

                    [ Helicopter Hovering ]

                    [ Explosion ]

                    We're gettin' you out of here.

                    He'll do no growin' up in England, Guiseppe. No family life there.

                    - [ Woman ] Oh, give over, Ma. - [ Door Opens ]

                    I'm gonna miss the boat. What's that?

                    - Sausages for your Aunt Annie. - Jesus Christ, Ma!

                    - Here you are, son. - Here, let me do that.

                    All right, I'm ready. Where are you going?

                    - I'll walk with you. - Do you not trust me to get on the boat?

                    I'm sure I'll be back when I'm a millionaire, Gran.

                    Good luck. God bless.

                    - [ Girl ] Cheerio, Gerry. - Behave yourself, Ann.

                    - Cheerio, Gerry. - Bye, Bridie.

                    [ Coughing ]

                    He's gone now forever.

                    I'll be surprised if he lasts a month.

                    Did I ever tell you the time I jumped ship?

                    Jumped overboard about        yards out to sea;

                    swam back to this godforsaken place.

                    Why did you swim back?

                    There was a woman involved.


                    It was when I was healthy, before you were born.

                    What was her name?

                    Aye, you know her name. You know your own mother's name. Sarah.

                    Sarah Maguire she was.

                    Then she had the misfortune to change it to Conlon.

                    [ P.A. ] Boarding all passengers.

                    All second-class passengers boarding now.

                    Boarding all passengers. All second-class passengers...

                    boarding now.

                    Go and live. Go and live, son.

                    That's the best advice I can give you.

                    Remember... honest money goes further.

                    [ Gerry Narrating ] Honest money goes further.

                    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

                    Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

                    He had a cliche for every occasion.

                    - [ Ship's Horn Blowing ] - I'll give you a call.

                    Right, son.

                    I ran up the gangplank to get away from him,

                    and then I suddenly felt bad about it.

                    I decided to turn back to call him Guiseppe for the first time in my life.

                    When I turned around, he had already walked away.

                    I just called after him.

                    Good-bye, Da!

                    [ Ship's Bell Chimes ]

                    Then I met my old schoolmate, Paul Hill.

                    Little did I know that after meetin' him my life would change forever.

                    You're under arrest.

                    Fuck sake, Gerry! Still a head case.

                    James Bond, license to kill.

                    - You're a nervous wreck. What's the matter with you? - I'm glad to get outta Belfast.

                    [ Cheering ]

                    Where're you goin'?

                    - I'm goin' to London. What about you? - The same.

                    I need a drink.

                    Aye, I'm skint. I'll let you buy me one.

                    [ Singing With Jukebox ]    Once upon a time you dressed so fine   

                       You threw the bums a dime in your prime   

                       Didn't you   

                    [ Tape Continues ] I arrived in London on the     th of June.

                    My mother had given me the address of my Aunt Annie,

                    but I had an invitation to a hippie commune...

                    from my old friend, Paddy Armstrong.

                    - Jesus, Gerry, we've been walkin' around for hours. - It's only that big on the map.

                    Yeah, but it's a map, Gerry. London's a big place, you know.

                       [ Continues ]

                    [ Gerry Narrating ] What I was really looking for was free love... and dope.

                    -    Now you don't seem so proud    - I think it's this way.

                       About having to be scrounging   

                       Your next meal   

                       How does it feel   

                    - [ Whistles ] Paddy? -    How does it feel   

                    - [ Woman ] Yeah, what is it? - We're lookin' for Paddy.

                    - Paddy who? - Paddy from Belfast. Paddy Armstrong.

                    Paddy! There's some people here to see ya!

                    - Who is it? - Some lrish boys.

                    - Jesus! Gerry Conlon. - Hey, what about you, Paddy?

                    Fuck sake. Thought you was the drug squad. Come on in.

                    [ Mumbling ] There you go.

                    - Welcome to Xanadu. - [ Chimes Jingling ]


                    Jesus fuckin' wept.

                    Neat, ain't it?

                    Deptford Jim. Paul Hill.

                    - [ Paul ] Right. - Gerry Conlon from home.

                    Before you can enter the circle, you have to have the rite of passage.

                    Open your mouth.

                    I enjoyed that. [ Coughs ]

                    They can't stay. There's not enough room.

                    Jim! Our rule: no property, no law... just love.

                    All right, let's vote on it. If you want Gerry and-- What's your name?

                    - Paul. - No.

                    We're gonna call you... "Saddest Moon."

                    - [ Snickers ] Fuck off. - Saddest Moon, all right?

                    If you want Gerry and Saddest Moon to stay, raise your hands.

                    Four, five, six--

                    - [ Gerry ] Put your hand up, Paddy. - All right.

                    - Eight. - Looks like we're stayin' then.

                    All right.

                    What shall we call you?

                    You can call me "Wild One." [ Laughs ]

                    - [ Giggling ] - Wait, hold on.

                    Come on. Get off, all right? Come on, Saffron.

                    - Gerry, Gerry, Gerry, Gerry. - They have dead pig in here.

                    Just some sausages.

                    [ Deptford ] We're all vegetarians here.

                    I'm a vegetarian. We're both vegetarians.

                    I was just takin' them sausages to me Auntie Annie's.

                    I have to be around there now. I'll be back in a few minutes.

                    All right? Be back in a few minutes.

                    - Pinky. - And Perky.

                    Is she related to the Royal Family or somethin'?

                    Aye, she's fifth in line to the throne.

                    Ferguson's sausages, the only good thing that came out of that godforsaken place.

                    Would you like some more?

                    - No, I'm fine. Thanks. - We better make tracks.

                    You sure you won't stay?

                    You're very kind, but we need a bit of space. We're formin' a band and that.

                    Aye, a rock band.

                    Where are you stayin'?

                    - The address, you mean? - Uh-huh.

                    - Fillmore. - F-Fillmore.

                    Fillimore Road. Fillimore Road. Uh, it's number     ... something.

                    The number dropped off the door.

                    [ Laughing ]

                    What do you mean, the number dropped off the door?

                    Well, will you let me have it when you find out what it is?

                    - Aye. - And would you phone your mother?

                    Aye. There's only one problem.

                    - Hmm? - It doesn't have a phone.

                    [ Laughing ]

                    - Hello, Marian. Any problems? - No.

                    - Is it all there? - Yeah.

                    Okay. We're in business.

                    [ Girl ] Watch the cracks. Watch the cracks.

                    - Their skirts are covering the cracks. - He's cheatin'.

                    - I'm a referee! - He's cheating.

                    [ Indistinct Chattering, Laughing Continues ]

                    -    All night long you've been looking at me    - Whack!

                    -    You know you're the Cheshire cutie you know you should be    - Yeah! Whoo!

                       Oh, well, now you'll get into town   

                       You got your hips swingin' out of bounds   

                       And I like the way you do what you're doin' to me   

                       All right, That's right, that's right That's right, that's right   

                    [ Explosion ]

                    - That wasn't too far away, was it? - Is that a bomb, Paddy?

                    It's gettin' more like home.

                    - [ Telephone Ringing ] - [ Man ] Hello? Hold on, hold on.

                    [ Whispering ] Guiseppe. Guiseppe. Long distance call.

                    - What? - Long distance call.

                    - [ Clears Throat ] Hello? - Go ahead.

                    - Hey, Da. Aye, it's Gerry speakin'. - Ask him for the money.

                    - [ Guiseppe ] Son. I'm fine. - Aye, how are ya doin'?

                    - It's been six weeks since you've been in touch. - [ Gerry ] Sorry about that.

                    It's just your ma's been worried, you know. You still going to Mass?

                    - Aye, every Sunday. Like clockwork. - Good.

                    - Are you workin'? Good. - Aye, I have a couple of things goin' here.

                    Ah, good. And are you safe?

                    - How do you mean? - From all the bombs.

                    Aye, you could just hear it in the distance like, uh--

                    [ Laughing ] Sorry about that.

                    -Are you stuck? Are you short of cash? -How do you mean, Da?

                    Uh, no. No, I'm flush at the moment.

                    No problem. No, I have plenty of money.

                    All right. And, Gerry, keep in touch.

                    Aye. All right. Bye-bye, Da.

                    All right, son. Bye. I'll tell your ma--


                    Sorry about that.

                    We've enough for chips.

                    [ Door Chimes Jingling ]

                    - Sorry, we'd only enough money for two chips. - Are you all right?

                    - What? - There's bombs everywhere. People have been hurt.

                    There they are. It's the lrish. Bringing all their troubles over here again.

                    Aye, it's all right when it happens over in Belfast. You fuckin' prick!

                    I've seen people killed in front of my fuckin' eyes!

                    - You stupid fuckin' prick! - He's not fuckin' worth it.

                    - Go home! Fuck you! - I'm gettin' out of here.

                    - Are you comin', Paddy? - Where are you gonna sleep?

                    Ah, no problem. We'll sleep in the park or somethin'.

                    - I'll see you soon, sweetheart. - Take care.

                    - Mind your fuckin' manners! - Prick.

                    [ Woman Reporter ] Troops have entered the Ardoyne area of West Belfast...

                    following the collapse of the provisional I.R.A. cease-fire over the weekend.

                    Yeah, I'm watchin' it.

                    Civilians have been evacuated, and there are reports of casualties in many areas.

                    - Both sides are blaming each other for the collapse.... - Okay, I'll take care of it.

                    - of the cease-fire which lasted just a couple of weeks. - That's it.   :     tonight.

                    No warning.

                    That's my place. Yous are sittin' there too long.

                    "C.B." Charlie Burke. That's me.

                    I carved my initials with this penknife.

                    No problem, Charlie. No problem. Whatever you say.

                    [ Man ] Closing the park. Park closing now.

                    - Easy with the feet there, Charlie. Fuck sake. - It's a big bench.

                    You're lrish too, aren't you?


                    I come over here when I was about your age.

                    Did you ever think of going home, Charlie?

                    Nah, I should. There's nothin' for me over there now.

                    [ Man Ringing Bell ] We're closing the park.

                    Could you, could you lend us a few schillings?

                    - I was gonna ask you the same. - Oh, well.

                    - [ Coins Jingling ] - [ Bell Chiming ]

                    - Gerry, we've no money left. - It's all I have.

                    - Well, now, like I wouldn't like to take all your money. - Catch you again, Charlie.

                    - Come on, come on. It's not even   :     yet. - All right, all right.

                    [ Bell Chiming Continues ]

                    [ Narrating ] We must've just said good night to Charlie Burke when the bomb went off.

                    All we were concerned about was where we were gonna sleep that night.

                    We'd no money in our pockets.

                    We hadn't even the bus fare to Guildford, even if we'd known where it was.

                    No fuckin' way I'm goin' back to Belfast.

                    I tell you that.

                    - Hey, blondie. - Hey, sexy.

                    [ Whistles ] You dropped somethin'.

                    Fuck off, paddy. She's outta your league.

                    Let's see her.

                    It's her fuckin' keys. I'm goin' in.

                    We should give 'em back, Gerry. Put 'em through the letter box.

                    Put the keys back in the letter box, Gerry.

                    [ Laughing ]

                    Jesus Christ.

                    - [ Vibrator Humming ] - [ Coughs ]

                       Hang on   

                       Hang on   

                    -    Moola, Hey, Billy Boola    - Come on, Paul.

                    -   [ Continues ] -Jesus Christ, how much money is there?

                       Hey, Billy Boola   

                    [ Narrating ] I got        from the hooker's apartment.

                    I did feel a little bit guilty about that.

                    -    Hang on    - We spent that night in a hotel.

                    -    Hang on    - The next day we went and bought the same clothes.

                    The same trousers, same jackets. Even the same shoes.

                    [ The Kinks ]    They seek him here   

                       They seek him there   

                    - Baaa. -    His clothes are loud   

                    - [ Children Bleating ] -    But never square   

                    - Has that coat got fleas?    lt won't make or break him so he's got to buy the best   

                       'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion   

                       And when he does his little route   

                       Round the boutiques of London Town   

                       Eagerly pursuing all the latest fashion trends   

                    Who are those two gorgeous women in the kitchen?

                    - Gerard? - Did you miss me, Bridie?

                    Look at Gerry. He's, he's a hippie.

                    - Daddy, look at the money. - Do you want it?

                       Do you wanna be in my gang   

                    Yes, Gerry, I wanna be in your gang. I wanna be in your gang.

                       Do you wanna be in my gang   

                    [ Guiseppe ] Take it easy. Hey, calm it down.

                    [ Ann ] It's my money! It's mine!

                    - Calm down. Stop it. - It's my money. He gave it to me!

                    Stop that!

                    And they were always talkin' about the troubles, were they?

                    Yeah. Especially Paul Hill.

                    He was always talkin' about Belfast, the I.R.A., all that stuff.

                    Look, all I'm sayin' is this:

                    They had a lot of money, and Conlon went back to Belfast.

                    - Come along, into the car. - What's goin' on?

                    [ Indistinct Shouting ]

                    - That was a bloody disgrace, them shootin' you. - Aye.

                    - Did it hurt you, Danny? - Ah, it wasn't too bad.

                    The bullet bounced off the knee and come out the other side.

                    [ Woman Reporter ] Five people are dead and      seriously injured...

                    as a result of the I.R.A.'s bomb attack on a Guildford pub.

                    Parliament has passed the Prevention of Terrorism Act,

                    which allows terrorist suspects to be held in police custody for up to seven days.

                    Seven days. Geez.

                    It's the same here. Seven days. No difference.

                    ...inside London and arrested      suspects.

                    Gerry, there's your shoes.

                    I later spoke to Commander Robert Dixon...

                    - X's up. - of the anti-terrorist squad about those arrests.

                    Some of them may not deserve it. We shall use these powers...

                    as selectively as possible.

                    [ Shouting ]

                    - Get up out of bed, you dirty, murdering bastard! - Hands above your head!

                    I don't know what the fuck yous are lookin' for, mister, but I'm not it.

                    Gerry, your coat. He's done nothin'.

                    - Inside, sir. - He's not political. I have a right to speak to my son.

                    - Da! Da! - Keep calm, Gerry.

                    Get back in. Get back inside.

                    It's all right. It's all right. Come on now.

                    - Where are we goin'? - You'll find out soon enough.

                    - Where'd he get this money? - I don't know.

                    They have no right to take him to England.

                    [ Muttering ]

                    [ Sniffing ]

                    I don't have a fuckin' clue what this is about, so I don't.

                    I've done nothin' wrong.

                    I've done nothin' wrong.

                    When can I go back to Belfast?

                    The next time you see Belfast they'll be flyin' day trips to the moon.

                    I always wanted to be an astronaut.

                    [ Sighs ]

                    What are you chargin' me with?

                    - You're being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. - What?

                    We can hold you for seven days and seven nights without charging you.

                    Since when was I a fuckin' terrorist?

                    Remember that, Gerry? Hmm? Remember that?

                    And that. You proud of that?

                    - And that. - What are you showin' me these for?

                    - [ Shouting ] - No marks! Don't mark him! Don't mark him!

                    - Are you proud of that? - Huh?

                    -Look at that young, pretty girl there! -[ Groaning ]

                    - Now look at her! - You're out of your fuckin' minds!

                    - Are you? - You're out of your fuckin' minds!

                    The children know there's somethin' terrible goin' on, and you're not makin' it easier.

                    I haven't the strength for this.

                    If he killed innocent people, I haven't the strength for it.

                    I know that child. I carried that child.

                    If you're not gonna believe in him, I will.

                    - You think he's innocent? - When your son walked through that door lookin' like a clown,

                    do you think he had murder in his eyes?

                    [ Men Singing ]    Happy birthday to you   

                    - [ Woman ] lt's a surprise. - Shut up. Shut up!

                    When will Daddy be back?

                    He'll be back in a couple of days.

                    Why did they put Gerry in jail?

                    It's a mistake.

                    I'm on my way over to bring him back home.

                    Why are you getting narky again?

                    Eh? Are we touching a sore spot?

                    Name all the places you stayed while you were in England.

                    - I told you about        times. - Then tell us again!

                    [ Sighs ]

                    I stayed at the squat most of the time.

                    I was a couple of nights at my Auntie Annie's,

                    and one night at the hotel after I robbed the money.

                    [ Indistinct ]

                    Male. Late forties.

                    Who taught you how to make the bomb, Gerry?

                    I never made any bombs.

                    - Did Annie make the bomb, Gerry? - [ Sniffs ]

                    Is Annie Marian, Gerry?

                    - Is Annie Marian? - Annie who?

                    - Annie Maguire. - My Aunt Annie?

                    Oh, aye, Annie made the bomb, and Mother Teresa planted it.

                    What was Carole Richardson's part in this operation?

                    Are you Marian?

                    - What? - Are you Marian?

                    She had nothin' to do with it.

                    This man comes into my house. He puts a gun to my head.

                    He says I done Guildford.

                    I left Belfast to get away from people like him.

                    Show me what you want me to sign. I have an alibi for that night.

                    What are you showing me these for?

                    Gerry told us you did it.

                    Then he's a fucking liar.

                    Armstrong drove the car. Who was the woman in the back?

                    I don't know.

                    But you were in the Ford Cortina.

                    But you were in the red Ford Cortina.

                    He'll get used to your methods, and then he'll clam up.

                    I told you I was-- I told you I was in the Cortina. I told you it was a taxi.

                    No. The taxi was a Toyota Corolla.

                    - [ Gerry ] When can I ring home? - [ Man Laughing, Shouting ]

                    - Let's start again. Who's Marian? - Was it someone lrish?

                    - Gerry, who is she? - Why are you gettin' narky? Are we touchin' a sore spot?

                    - Nothin' to do with what, Gerry? - Talk to me.

                    You're evading the truth, Gerry. What was her name?

                    Two little girls asked me, "Why was Daddy blown up?"

                    Who taught you how to make the bomb, Gerry?

                    Gerry, talk to me.


                    He'll do what he's told.

                    Look at him. He's a lyin' bastard.

                    He's a fuckin' comedian, aren't you, Gerry?

                    Who's Marian? I'm gettin' fucking bored with this. Who is Marian?

                    - I don't know any Marian. - I'm gonna keep on askin' until you give me a fuckin' answer!

                    - Who is Marian? - I don't know.

                    Yes, you fuckin' do! Bollocks! Who is Marian?

                    [ Whispering ] We know who Marian is.

                    [ Groaning ]


                    [ Gasping, Sobbing ]

                    Are you the man in charge?

                    - Yes, I am. - For fuck sake, tell 'em to stop hurtin' me.

                    [ Sobbing ]

                    I swear to God I--

                    I know where I was at the time of the bombings.

                    I was with a man, a man called Charlie Burke.

                    Have you any other alibis?

                    I have told you before,

                    I was with Paul Hill most of the day.

                    [ Sobbing, Sniffing Continue ]

                    All right, come with us.

                    - Tell Gerry Conlon like you said you would. - [ Paul Protesting ]

                    - Who's this? - Gerry Conlon.

                    Have you anything to say to him?

                    I've cleared my conscience.

                    I advise you to do the same.

                    [ Sobbing ]

                    There's his statement.

                    But... I didn't do this.

                    I didn't fuckin' do this!

                    [ Sobbing Continues ] I didn't... do this.

                    Please believe me.

                    What are you doing to me?

                    [ Annie ] They wouldn't hold him if he hadn't done somethin'.

                    - Gerry is no angel. - I know that.

                    - He needs a strong hand. - [ Glass Breaking ]

                    - [ Men Shouting ] - You're all under arrest.

                    No, no, don't. Don't hurt the child.

                    You're all being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

                    [ Indistinct Talking ]

                    -Is Hill leading us up the garden path? -I don't know.

                    I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

                    I can make him confess.

                    Why don't you have a word in his ear?

                    You're from the same town. He'll understand you.

                    Will you have the bomber?

                    Our job is to stop the bombing.

                    [ Indistinct Talking ]

                    [ Whispering ] I'm gonna shoot your da.

                    What did you say to me?

                    Little Bridie'll have no daddy.

                    I'm gonna shoot Guiseppe.

                    [ Yelling ]

                    [ Yelling Continues ]

                    - Hey, hey. - He's threatenin' to shoot my da!

                    He's threatenin' to kill my da!

                    Look at him! Look at him!

                    Look at him! He's a madman!

                    I think you're hallucinating. Nobody's gonna harm your father.

                    - [ Yelling Continues ] - Get him back. Get him back.

                    He threatened to kill my da.

                    [ Dixon ] Nobody's gonna kill your father.

                    - You mad bastard! - Take it easy, son. Take it easy.

                    He's not gonna harm your father.

                    Come on, let it all out.

                    - Let it all out, all that hatred. - [ Sobbing Continues ]

                    You hate us, don't you? Hmm?

                    You hate us enough to bomb and maim.

                    That is the trouble. You let it all out.

                    - Come on, boy. Let it all out. - I don't hate you.

                    Yes, you do. I can see it in your face. I can see all that hatred.

                    So why don't you just let it off your chest...

                    before it starts to mess up with your mind, hmm?

                    [ Sobbing Continues ]

                    Give me the fuckin' statement.

                    For fuck sake, give me the statement.

                    Give me a fuckin' pen.

                    Right, that's my fuckin' name there. You can write what you like.

                    [ Man ] All right, nice and easy. Come on.

                    - Paul! Paul! What's goin' on? - Gerry!

                    They stuck a fuckin' gun in my mouth!

                    So I told 'em a lot of bullshit!

                    - What did you give 'em my fuckin' name for? - I'm sorry!

                    It's fuckin' mad! It'll be laughed out of fuckin' court!

                    It'll be laughed out of fuckin' court!

                    [ Tape Continues ] The four of us were split up.

                    I was taken to South London Remand Center.

                    You can check the dates, Gareth.

                    [ Men Yelling ]

                    [ Prisoner ] Kill that fucker!

                    [ Prisoners Continue Yelling ]

                    You fucking son of an lrish punk!

                    - That lrish bastard! - Kick him in the ass!

                    Kick that lrish in his fuckin' ass!

                    - What is that? - Delousing.

                    - I don't have fuckin' lice. I don't want that. - You have no choice, mate.

                    [ Prisoner ] You'll never clean the scum off that garbage.

                    Okay, Conlon. Go see the room, shall we?

                    [ Prisoner ] Get his butt kicked in!

                    [ Officer      ] Come on, lads, let's move it.

                    [ Officer      ] Come on, Mr. Conlon, let's go.

                    - [ Guiseppe ] I don't need delousing. - No choice. Turn around.

                    We got your son. Now, let's go, shall we?

                    - I'll lead you right to him. - [ Guiseppe ] Okay.

                    - Da! No! Da! - Is that you, son?

                    - Da, here! - Where are you?

                    - What have they done to you? - [ Officers Yelling ]

                    - Don't you hurt him! Don't hurt my father! - Son!

                    - Are you all right, son? - Don't kill him! Da!

                    [ Officer ] Come on, move along. Move along. Come on, you.

                    - Fuck you, I'm goin' out. - Shut up, you!

                    - Shut up! - On the floor!

                    [ Keys Rattling, Door Opening ]

                    [ Prisoners Yelling ]

                    [ Prisoner ] Kill him! Kill him!

                    Oh, what the fuck are you doin' here, Da?

                    I come over to your Aunt Annie's to get you a lawyer... and they arrested everybody.


                    - What for, fuck sake? - Conspiracy to murder.

                    Oh, no. Oh, fuck sake, no. Please.

                    - [ Yelling Continues ] - Did you do it?

                    Did you do it, son?

                    - No, I did not! - [ Sighs ]

                    Of course I fuckin' didn't do it, fuck sake!

                    [ Panting ]

                    What are you looking at me like that?

                    Like what?

                    Why are you lookin' at me like that?

                    - Like what? - Why do always follow me? Huh?

                    Why do you always follow me when I do something wrong?

                    - Why can't you follow me when I do something right? - What are you talkin' about?

                    - What am I talkin' about? I'm talkin' about the medal. - What medal?

                    What fuckin' medal? What fuckin' medal!

                    The only fuckin' medal that was ever in our house. That fuckin' medal.

                    The medal I won at football.

                    And you sat on the sidelines shoutin' instructions like you could only see what I was doin'.

                    You couldn't even fuckin' play football. And you could only see what I was doin' wrong.

                    I could never do anything good enough for you. After the game, you came up to me and said,

                    "Gerry, did you foul the ball?"

                    And I walked away from you, remember? I walked away into the dressing room.

                    You followed me in there and said again, "Gerry, did you foul the ball?"

                    All the fathers were in there and they were laughin' at you, callin' you "Poor Guiseppe."

                    And I ran out, and I hid, and I wrote your name on the ground.

                    Your stupid Guiseppe fuckin' name. I wrote it in the dirt and I fuckin' pissed on it!

                    I pissed on it!

                    Because I did foul the ball. What did it matter? We won.

                    For once in our lives, we won. You ruined that medal for me!

                    I took it to the pawn. They wouldn't even give me fifty pence for it.

                    - It's the shock. - That's when I started to rob to prove that I was no good.

                    - Delayed shock. - Never mind delayed shock.

                    I've been like this since I was seven.

                    I remember Mammy said to me, "Don't upset Guiseppe; he's not well."

                    Oh, dear Lord. "He's not well, so tiptoe around the house." Like this, huh?

                    "Better tiptoe around the house like that. You know, he's not well."

                    I got holy communion, I thought I was eatin' you alive. Was it my fault you were never well?

                    Why did you have to be sick, Guiseppe, huh? What'd you have to be sick all your life for?

                    When that mad bastard out there threatened to shoot you, I was happy. I swear to God.

                    Honest to God, I was happy. I was delighted! You know why? Because finally it was all over.

                    It was over! You see?

                    And then I knew I was bad. I knew I was bad then, you see, so I started to cry.

                    I started to tell lies. Same fuckin' lies I've been tellin' all my gobshite fuckin' life.

                    Huh? [ Babbling ]

                    [ Babbling Continues ] You know what that means? It means words don't mean anything.

                    - Stop this. - Huh? Only this time, I got everyone into trouble.

                    But it doesn't matter. 'Cause I'm no good anyhow. It doesn't matter.

                    Keep away from me. You've been followin' me all your life, and now here you are in jail.

                    - You doing this deliberately? You doing this deliberately? - No. Stop it!

                    - Stop it! - You call that a fuckin' dig, huh?

                    Do you call that a fuckin' dig? Hit me harder. Hit me fuckin' harder!

                    - Stop it. Calm down. - For once in your fuckin' life, hit me like a real father!

                    - [ Grunting ] - Stop it.

                    [ Panting ]

                    Just relax. Just relax!

                    Just relax! Yeah?

                    Come on, relax.

                    That's right.

                    Just relax. It's okay.

                    - Da. - It's not your fault, son, all right?

                    Everything's gonna be all right, son.

                    It's okay. It's all right.

                    [ Officer ] Visitor for Conlon!

                    Two on for visit!

                    - No touching. - Everybody else was allowed to touch.

                    [ Officer ] I.R.A., closed visits. No contact.

                    Why are you doing this to us?

                    - You have your father locked in prison for murder. - [ Officer ] Speak up, please.

                    - It's not my fault, Ma. - [ Guiseppe ] Take it easy, Sarah.

                    I swear to God, I've done nothin' wrong.

                    Why did you sign a confession, son?

                    [ Guiseppe ] He did it to protect me, love.

                    You have a good son there, that's all you need to know.

                    You didn't sign anything yourself, did you, Guiseppe?

                    The only thing I said was I wanted to see you.

                    Look, they've no statement, nor evidence against me.

                    I'll be out and home soon. Sure, I'm only visitin' here myself.

                    I'll be able to help out Gerry while I'm in here.

                    Danny's dead, Gerry.


                    They found his body on waste ground.

                    The I.R.A. said he was an incurable thief.

                    I sent a Mass card from the family.

                    - Daddy. - This one'll not go to school since you've been away.

                    - Hey, you go to school for your mammy. - Yes, Daddy.

                    Daddy, when will you be home?

                    [ Sarah Sighs ] I've pressed your Sunday suits for the trial.

                    Make sure and look your best now, son.

                    But is there nitro or was there not nitro?

                    Yes, there are... traces of nitro.

                    But are they all positive?

                    Well, yes, on six of them.

                    - Who'd we miss? - The aunt, Aggie-- Annie.

                    But her rubber glove showed a faint trace.

                    And the children? The children?


                    Oh, for--

                    The results may not be good enough for court.

                    Your word will be good enough for the court.

                    Yes, sir.

                    Kill the bastards! Kill 'em!

                    - Kill 'em! - Kill those bastards!

                    [ Man ] Shoot the bastards!

                    [ Officer ] Call number one.

                    - Let's go. - Jesus, it's a nightmare, Guiseppe.

                    Just stay calm, be on your best behavior and this'll be behind us soon.

                    That's it, come on.

                    We'll be fine.

                    Yes, we'll be all right.

                    [ Bailiff ] All... rise.

                    Sir Michael Hagerty will present the case on behalf of the Crown.

                    There are... two series of charges here, ladies and gentlemen.

                    The four defendants in front...

                    are charged with      counts in relation to the explosion of the Guildford pub...

                    and the murders of five people.

                    The Crown will show that these were the bombers.

                    The seven defendants behind are charged with the possession of explosives.

                    They are not charged with murder. The Crown's case against them is that...

                    - they are a support network for the bombers, and as such... - [ Giggling ]

                    - should be considered totally independent. - Control yourself.

                    My first witness is lnspector Robert Dixon.

                    I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth,

                    the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

                    Inspector, why do you believe these four are the bombers?

                    First Hill, then Conlon, Armstrong, Richardson...

                    confessed to the bombing; they are the I.R.A.'s A.S.U.

                    Eh, can you explain A.S.U.s for us?

                    "Active Service Unit." The elite of the I.R.A.

                    Those who carry out the bombings and the shootings.

                    Very often they are combat veterans with previous experience with shooting...

                    at soldiers... and planting explosives.

                    And the others: Annie Maguire and her family.

                    They are the I.R.A.'s support network. They store their families, friends.

                    They store the weapons and explosives and they provide what we call, "safe houses."

                    Thank you, lnspector.

                    Inspector, these people were arrested two days...

                    after the Prevention of Terrorism Act was introduced.

                    That's correct.

                    Can you explain, please, the powers that this gives to the police?

                    It permits us to hold suspected terrorists for a period of up to seven days.

                    [ Counsel ] Quite extraordinary powers in a democracy.

                    Difficult I would've thought for the police to resist the temptation...

                    - to deal forcibly with people. - Objection.

                    People they suspect are the biggest bombing campaign on the British mainland...

                    - since the Second World War. - Objection. My lord, I really must--

                    - Get to the point! - Now, this bombing campaign...

                    struck deep into the British people's sense of security.

                    - The people looked to you to find those responsible. - Yes.

                    You must have been under the most intense pressure.

                    That's my job.

                    Now, all of the defendants claim,

                    including young Patrick Maguire, aged just     .

                    Patrick, would you stand up, please?

                    Thank you. All of the defendants claim...

                    that they were subjected to physical and mental abuse while under police custody.

                    They were never harmed in any way.

                    - He's fuckin' lyin'! They beat the shit out of us! - Fuckin' liar!

                    - [ Gavel Pounding ] - Silence. Sit them down!

                    - [ Crowd Yelling ] - Please believe us! They beat us!

                    Just be quiet.

                    - [ Gavel Pounding ] - [ Judge ] Sit them down!

                    Silence in the court!

                    Mr. Conlon says...

                    that you pulled him by the hair and squeezed his testicles.

                    I never even spoke to Mr. Conlon.

                    - I hope you burn in hell, Dixon. - [ Judge ] Silence!

                    Mr. Hill says the police sat astride him and put a gun in his mouth.

                    There was no pressure of any kind.

                    - You can go and fuck yourself, you lyin' fuckin' bastard! - [ Judge ] Silence! Order!

                    Inspector, in the case of the four main defendants, you have no corroborating evidence.

                    I have the confessions of four obvious terrorists. What more do you want?

                    Well, n-nitroglycerine is a highly toxic substance.

                    It's when the substance to be tested--

                    [ Gerry Narrating ] After a few weeks, we were bored out of our minds.

                    Just messed around and that there.

                    They must've been desperate for evidence.

                    They produced my Auntie Annie's washing-up gloves like a rabbit out of a hat.

                    And then it was my turn to take the stand.

                    Mr. Conlon. Did you bomb Guildford?

                    No, I didn't.

                    The police claim that you were in Guildford on the night of the bombing.

                    Can you tell us where you were?

                    - I was in a park in London. - Who with?

                    With Paul Hill sittin' there.

                    You met somebody else that night, about    P.M.

                    - Aye, I met a man called Charlie Burke. - And who is he?

                    Aye, he was just like a, you know, like a, a fellow homeless guy we met in the park.

                    Why do you remember this man so clearly?

                    I remember thinkin' that if I didn't get out of London fast, I was going to end up like 'im.

                    - [ Counsel ] You told this to the police? - Aye.

                    - What did they say? - Aye, they said he didn't exist.

                    Mr. Conlon, why did you confess to the Guildford bombing?

                    They beat me.

                    And then they threatened to kill my father.

                    - Will you repeat that please? - They terrorized me for seven days.

                    After that, they threatened to kill my father; I'd have fuckin' signed anything after that.

                    - Excuse my language. - Thank you.

                    You expect this jury to believe that decorated police officers...

                    would risk their career and their reputation by threatening your father?

                    I don't expect 'em to believe that by the time you finish with 'em, but it happens to be truth.

                    You're an honest man, aren't you, Mr. Conlon?

                    I like to think so.

                    You've told us you remember this Charlie Burke very well.


                    Do you remember telling the police anything else about that night?

                    Let me refresh your memory. You told lnspector Dixon...

                    that you had committed a robbery on that night.

                    Now do you remember?


                    - Who did you rob? - Robbed a hooker.

                    - You robbed a prostitute? - Aye.

                    And we are expected to believe a man who claims he stole from a prostitute...

                    before we would believe ten police officers who stood here,

                    on oath, and called you a liar?

                    That's the truth. You know, I'm--

                    I'm bound to say I don't find you very convincing.

                    Thank you, Mr. Conlon.

                    [ Woman Chattering ]

                    Why didn't you tell me that you'd stole from that woman?

                    You could've called me. I would've sent the money.

                    Are you gonna be a thief and a liar all your life?

                    Standing up in that witness box. Making faces to your mates.

                       [ Patrick Drumming Table ]

                    [ Laughs ]

                    [ Giggling Continues ]

                    Well, at least you told the truth in there. That'll stand you.

                    [ Chuckles ]

                    Are you not goin' to eat that sausage?

                    - No. - [ Sniffs ]

                    They put a gun in my mouth...

                    and made me confess to a murder I didn't commit.

                    So I said I did the big bombin', and named anybody I knew who was not in the I.R.A.

                    [ Counsel ] Not in the I.R.A.?

                    - Definitely not in the I.R.A. - Why?

                    You know why. [ Exhales ]

                    I just wanted to show how ridiculous it all was.

                    [ Hagerty ] lnspector, the defendant Conlon presented an alibi.

                    One Charlie Burke.

                    Yes, that name did appear in Mr. Conlon's statement. We investigated it.

                    We couldn't find any trace of such a person.

                    And there was this question of the robbery of a prostitute.

                    No robberies were reported in that area that night.

                    [ Counsel ] At the start of this trial I shook Gerry Conlon's hand.

                    Subsequently, I was deeply shocked when a member of the legal profession came to me...

                    and asked me if I was now going to wash my hand.

                    In my long legal career, I cannot remember a case where emotions have been so charged.

                    It falls to me now to appeal to you,

                    the members of the jury, not to get caught up in this...

                    tide of mass hysteria.

                    Inspector Dixon admits there are scores of inconsistencies in the confessions.

                    My clients contend that they were forced to confess...

                    through brutality and intimidation.

                    Now, they may be foolish...

                    petty thieves, even drug abusers,

                    but they are not the ruthless bombers who have terrorized Britain for months.

                    You should find these young people... not guilty.

                    - Bollocks! - [ Officer ] Okay, let's go.

                    - Get your fuckin' hands off me! - Move it!

                    - [ Policeman ] Move it! - [ Man ] Hands off!

                    Hands off!

                    [ Door Closes ]

                    [ Hagerty ] Ladies and gentlemen.

                    Like my learned colleague in the defense,

                    I would caution you not to be swayed by your emotions.

                    The four people you see in the front...

                    are one of the most cunning and cruel criminal conspiracies...

                    ever to set foot on English soil.

                    Now here are the facts of this case:

                    Inspector Dixon,

                    a decorated officer of great expertise, acting on reliable information...

                    and good detective work, arrested Paul Hill,

                    who, guilt-ridden by the shame of his crime, confessed.

                    That confession led the police to the ringleader, Conlon...

                    and his terrorist family.

                    His aunt, Annie Maguire, the experienced bomb maker...

                    who wore rubber gloves when handling explosives...

                    in the kitchen of her home in Harlesden.

                    She even allowed her children to handle explosives.

                    Vincent, aged     . Patrick,     ,

                    who did not-- could not know any better.

                    Guiseppe Conlon, her brother-in-law, the courier who arrived with more explosives.

                    Armstrong and his dupe Richardson, who carried the bomb.

                    Now, these are the people who, in a panic, had to dispose of the nitroglycerine.

                    And that is what sealed their fate.

                    How do we know this? Because the truth was on their hands.

                    It is a story written in the blood of their victims.

                    You have seen some of those who survived their callous disregard for human life.

                    It is now your duty to protect society from them.

                    I am confident that that is what you will do.

                    Have you reached a verdict?

                    Yes, we have, my lord.

                    - [ Judge ] How do you find the defendants? - Guilty as charged.

                    [ Crowd Cheering ]

                    - [ Man ] Hang the lrish bastards! - [ Gavel Pounding ]

                    [ Judge ] Order! Silence!

                    - [ Cheering Continues ] - [ Man ] String 'em up!

                    [ Crowd Quiets Down ]

                    Gerard Patrick Conlon.

                    [ Officer ] Stand up.

                    I feel it is my duty to wonder aloud...

                    why you were not charged with treason to the Crown,

                    a charge that carries a penalty of death by hanging.

                    A sentence I would have had no difficulty in passing...

                    in this case.

                    I sentence you to life imprisonment...

                    and I instruct that you shall serve...

                    a minimum of      years.

                    Take him down.

                    Help me.

                    [ Judge ] Paul Michael Hill.

                    In my view, your crime is such that life...

                    - shall mean life. - [ Sobbing ]

                    Annie Maguire. I recommend you serve      years!

                    - What have I done, for Christ's sake? - Take her down!

                    - Guiseppe Conlon,      years. - No, my husband's innocent!

                    - Lord have mercy on you. - Patrick Joseph Armstrong,      years.

                    Carole Richardson,      years.

                    [ Carole Screaming, Sobbing ]

                    [ Screaming, Sobbing Continue ]

                    [ Screaming, Sobbing Continue ]

                    [ Exhales ]

                    [ Gerry Narrating ] Our case was so insane that if you made it up, no one would believe it.

                    Look, Gareth, I know people say that I'm a compulsive storyteller,

                    and nobody believed a word I said in court, but Charlie Burke did exist.

                    He's not just a figment of my imagination.

                    [ Chattering ]


                    [ Scraping ]

                    [ Narrating ] We were shipped off to Park Royal Prison.

                    An old Victorian fortress where Britain's most dangerous criminals were held...

                    in the maximum security wing.

                    - [ Officer ] Place of birth. - Belfast.

                    - Then you're British. - This is your home for the rest of your life.

                    So accept it and get on with it. Now come this way.

                    [ Narrating ] The chief warder, Barker, gave us blue denim uniforms with yellow stripes.

                    We were Category "A", the highest security class along with the rapists and murderers.

                    My father said we'd fight for an appeal, but I didn't want to know about the legal system.

                    - [ Prisoners Chattering ] - I'm goin' back to the cell.

                    Come on, follow me.

                    [ Chattering Stops ]

                    Come on, Gerry.

                    Hey, Ronnie. There's those lrish bastards, Ronnie.

                    Irish scum.

                    My name's Guiseppe Conlon. I'm an innocent man. So is my son.

                    - We shouldn't even be in here. - Get that fucking scum off my floor.

                    [ Prisoners Yelling ]

                    [ Officer ] I said knock it off!

                    [ Yelling Continues ]

                    [ Yelling Continues ]

                    - They must know they've made a mistake. - [ Guiseppe ] No they don't.

                      The proof of our innocence must be there in the evidence.

                        We have to fight 'em to get an appeal.

                        I'll speak to Father Wilson.

                        Speak to everybody. We'll write letters from in here. Start a campaign.

                        -Have they been treatin' you all right? -We're fine. Fine.

                        Have they, son?

                        Aye. No problem.

                        [ Chattering ]

                        [ Mutters ]

                        [ P.A. ] Landing officers on the two's for exercise.

                        Forgot the dessert spoons.

                        There you go.


                        These chips are not bad.

                        Now don't you despair, son.

                        - Never mind about "don't despair." - What?

                        I mean, we're innocent, we can't even go out of the cell.

                        You're better off being guilty. At least you get some respect.

                        [ P.A. ] Landing officers on the three's for exercise.

                        Here, you can have my chips.

                        [ P.A. ] Landing officers on the three's for exercise.

                        [ Prisoners Chattering ]

                        Gerry, man. Come. You all right?

                        How you like your new home?

                        [ Dixon ] Bombing of pillar box Kensington High Street.

                        Bombing of pillar box Talbot Lodge. Bombing of naval club.

                        Bombing of Aldershot Railway Station. Attempted murder of Edward Heath.

                        Murder of Ross McWhirter. Possession of firearms,

                        Balcombe Street, December   ,         .

                        And the Guildford pub bombings.

                        You have innocent people in jail for that.

                        - [ Dixon ] Take him out. - [ Sighs ]

                        He did it.

                        - [ Gerry ] Where's all the missin' pieces? - [ Laughing ]

                        We eat it up, man.

                        [ Chuckling ] Before my woman sent it in here, right,

                        she have it dipped in liquid acid.

                        L.S.D., man.

                        We've been dropping the British Empire for the last six months.

                        You want to fly? Pick a country.

                        Fuck sake, don't give me Northern lreland. I don't want a bad trip.

                        Try Nepal, man. Take you to the Himalayas.

                        [ Prisoners Laughing ]

                           [ Reggae ]

                           I wanna love you   

                        - [ Laughter Continues ] -    And treat you right   

                        -    I wanna love you    - See the dragon.

                           Every day and every night   

                           We'll be together   

                           With a roof right over our heads   

                           I wanna love ya   

                           Every day and every night   

                        - [ Men Laughing ] -    We'll be together   

                           With a roof right over our heads   

                        [ P.A. ] Lights out in      minutes,      minutes.

                        [ Door Closes ]

                        Are you praying for the seventh cavalry?

                        Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

                        Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

                        Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for our sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

                        -    [ Humming Cavalry Charge ] - That's not funny, Gerry.

                        Hail Mary... full of grace... the Lord is with thee.

                        [ Humming, Laughing Continues ]

                        Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

                        [ Hysterical Laughter ]

                        Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for our sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

                        Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

                        -    [ Humming Continues ] - Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit--

                        Are you on drugs?

                        [ Laughter Continues ]

                        [ Officer Shouting ]

                        Look, Da, I'll be older than you are now when I get out of this place.

                        If I get out.

                        Are you listenin' to me?

                        I'm not talkin' to you.

                        Now who's bein' childish?

                        I haven't had a sensible word out of you for two weeks.

                        That stuff'll kill you.

                        Sure, I'm dead anyway.

                        Look, I'm sorry. I'll not take it again so long as you live.

                        Are you happy now?


                        Why not?

                        I don't want you to take it whether I live or die.

                        [ Sighs ] Jesus Christ.

                        All right, I'll do nothin' to annoy you in your grave.

                        Now are you happy?

                        Is that a promise?



                        Gerry, man. Check out your friend.

                        He look like the real thing.

                        [ Officer ] Come on.

                        - Excuse me. - All right.

                        Let's have a talk.

                        We have to eat in our cells.

                        See ya later.

                        Gerry. Gerry, come on.

                        Morning, paddy.

                        - [ Groans ] - [ Grunts ]

                        [ Whispers ] Yes!

                        - [ Prisoners Yelling ] - [ Alarm Ringing ]

                        [ Shouting ]

                        Come on!

                        Yes, man, Gerry!

                        [ Screams ]

                        This one, this one, this one,      days solitary! Lock up!

                        - Lock up! - He'll be all right. He'll be back in a couple of days.

                        [ Man Screaming ]

                        - Christ! - Come on. Come on.

                        I'm worried about Bridie.


                        She's dyed her hair blond.

                        Well, she's only young.

                        She's wearin' a dog collar.

                        There's a fella chained to it; he's got one on too.


                        as long as she's happy.

                        [ Doors Slamming Shut ]

                        Lunch break.

                        [ Man ] Yes!

                        Yes, Gerry, man. That's right, Gerry's a bad boy!

                        Put the Englishman under heavy, heavy manners.

                        Yes, sir. Go on, boy. Kick out them clods, yes?

                        - This is Joe McAndrew. He has somethin' important to tell you. - Hello, Mr. Conlon.

                        [ Coughing ]

                        I'm watchin' you.

                        [ Heavy Sighing ] What is it?

                        I'm the one who planted the Guildford bomb, Mr. Conlon.

                        Did you tell the police that?

                        Yes, I did.

                        - But we haven't heard a thing. - See what he has to say, Da.

                        [ Sighs ] Go on.

                        I told them. They know. They know the truth.

                        They can't afford to face it. It's a war.

                        You're one of its innocent victims. I'm sorry for your trouble.

                        Don't be sorry for us. You should be sorry for the people you killed.

                        [ Sighs ] lt was a military target. A soldier's pub.

                        They were innocent people. God's children.

                        Look, I'll do all I can... to help you while you're in here.

                        Well, we don't need your help.

                        I'd appreciate it if you'd leave us alone.

                        Whatever you say.

                        I'll talk to him. Sorry about that.

                        - [ Door Opens, Closes ] - [ Prisoners Yelling ]

                        What was that all about? You mind your fuckin' manners.

                        What? Manners to him? I don't want any part of him, or his ways.

                        At least he fights back. Which is more than you ever did in your life.

                        - What are you talkin' about? - Do you remember Lydon hill?

                        You used to ride me up on your bike up Lydon hill.

                        And then one day you couldn't make it to the top and I hopped off and looked back.

                        Your face was all red. Remember that?


                        - It was workin' in the paint shed done that to you. - What?

                        It was the fumes from workin' in the paint shed done that to ya.

                        Never mind jumpin' off the ferry, swimmin' back to Mammy.

                        It was the one job a Catholic can get, and you wouldn't even fight back then.

                        Go on outside. Play with your newfound friend.

                        All I'm sayin' is that you've been a victim. It's time you started to fight back.

                        - Get out of my sight. - I'm goin'.

                        [ Dixon ] This is the only way it'll work. We have no alternatives.

                        - Well, what are you doin'? - Nothing.

                        - They didn't do it. - They all did it.

                        [ Door Slams ]

                        I'm goin' back to Belfast.

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] After the fight, nobody stopped us goin' to the yard to exercise.

                        I felt brilliant. Joe explained things to me;

                        how the Brits never left anywhere without a fight;

                        how they had to be beaten out of every country they ever occupied.

                        How this prison was just an extension of their system.

                        [ P.A. ] Calling for work on three's.

                        - We had to confront the chief prison officer, Barker. - Mr. Smalls.

                        But to do that, we had to take care of Ronnie Smalls.

                        Can I have a word about      Halsey Road?

                        Take a walk.

                        If anything happens to me, or Gerry,

                        or any other lrish prisoner,

                        we'll have      Halsey Road blown to smithereens...

                        with your family in it.

                        You threaten my family, I'll cut your fuckin' head off.

                        I don't make threats.

                        I just carry out orders. I don't want to hurt your family.

                        [ Chuckles ] Your trouble is, Joe, you want to rule the fuckin' world.

                        Paddy's all right.

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] Soon, we were all one happy family.

                        - [ Bumping ] - Again!

                        - Even Kojak was ready to forgive. - Live and let live.

                        - Barker began to panic. - Pay him a visit.

                        Told us to take our socks out of the window. He thought we were signaling to other prisoners.

                        We're not signalin'. We're dryin' our socks out.

                        - Take the socks out. Mr. Barker. - Who says?

                        - [ Narrating ] That was all the excuse Joe needed. - Give us two minutes.

                        - Eh, up and away we went. - Are you with me?

                        - What's he up to now? - [ Prisoners Screaming ]

                        All prison officers to vacate the wing.

                        All officers vacate the wing!

                        [ Screaming Continues ]

                        Oh, this'll damage the whole campaign.

                        - Look, you do it your way, and we'll do it ours. - You can read our demands.

                        Go back to your cells.

                        - Blankets! - For God's sake, put a stop to this.

                        - You're weakening my position. - It'll end in violence.

                        - Good. - What's good about it?

                        - It's all they understand. -    [ Folk ]

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] Barker refused to negotiate.

                        But with the screws gone, we'd a brief taste of freedom.

                        Check out Ronnie.

                        Him swallow half Africa.

                        - [ Chuckling ] - I give him about an hour.

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] We found out later our protest got on TV.

                        And that's when the riot squad was ordered in.


                        - Shh. Shh. - [ Boots Stomping ]

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] We were singled out as the ringleaders.


                        [ Yelling ]

                        Oh, my god. Get me out!

                        Get down! Get down! Get down!

                        You just signed your own death warrant, Barker.

                        Are you happy now?

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] And then you arrived, Gareth.

                        That's the first time I saw you, under a raining shower of sparks.

                        It's the first time I'd seen a woman in five years, other than my mother.

                        But to me, you were a lawyer first. And I hated lawyers.

                        - Do you have a new isolation cell? - [ Officer ] Cartwright.

                        Barth, Andrew. Bailey, Benjamin. McAndrew.

                        - [ Welders Welding Loudly ] - Sorry. Can you-- I can't hear.

                        O'Brien, John.

                        Lynch, Bernard. Crisp, Wesley.

                        Lyon, Richard. Burns, David.

                        - What about Conlon? Sorry. Guiseppe Conlon. - [ Welding Stops ]

                        [ Barker ] He's on the third floor.

                        He has difficulty getting down the stairs.

                        - Well, I'll just have to go up and see him then. - Delegation has seen enough.

                        Rightio, sorry. Well, I won't be a minute, so I'll just-- Sorry. I just want to--

                        I won't be-- I'll meet you outside, okay. Sorry.

                        - [ Gasping ] - Sorry, I can't--

                        - Pulmonary thrombosis. - Aha.

                        - You're getting medica-- He's getting proper medication? Are you? Yes? - Aye.

                        [ Gareth ] Uh-huh.

                        [ Gasping ] Ger-- Son? Gerry?

                        - That's-- Is it Gerry? Uh-huh. - That's Gerry.

                        He's had a spot of bother with lawyers in the past.

                        [ Door Slamming ]

                        He's all yours. Fifteen minutes.

                        - Thank you. - Sit down.

                        You wanted to see me, Gerry?

                        [ Opening Container ]

                        [ Spits ]

                        Why are you givin' my father false hope?


                        He's been up and down these stairs every couple of weeks to see you.

                        He hasn't even seen my mother in six months.

                        Oh, I hear you're gettin' on very well with her, by the way.

                        Yes. She's a very brave woman.

                        Aye, you don't know the half of it.

                        The fuckin' stairs are killin' him.

                        It's not the stairs that are killing your father.

                        - What is it then? - It's your lack of faith.

                        Lack of faith? Faith in what?

                        - In yourself. - No-- I have faith in myself.

                        Gerry Conlon, lifer,     -year sentence.

                        And I know how to survive it, no problem.

                        At what price?

                        I'll pay the fuckin' price, don't you worry about it.

                        The price for what?

                        Aye. You're very good at the English, aren't you?

                        You see, I don't understand your language.

                        "Justice." "Mercy." "Clemency."

                        I literally don't understand what those words mean.

                        I'd like to put in an application to get all my teeth extracted.

                        That way I could put my fist in my mouth and never speak...

                        another word of fuckin' English so long as I live.

                        Do you see what I'm saying? Mrs. Peirce is it?

                        Are you trying to impress me?

                        - [ Closing Container ] - Visit's up.

                        Don't give my father false hope, all right?

                        - Gerry-- -    Whoa-oh-oh-oh   

                        You've got to help him!

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] ln prison, you pray for anything to break the monotony.

                        A snowstorm is like a present from God.


                        - [ Roaring ] - Hey! Prison officers are not to be hit!

                        All right, you lot, you've asked for it.

                        Come along!

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] After the riot, my father's health deteriorated badly.

                        He couldn't make it down the stairs to enjoy the snow.

                        I waved up to him, but he was lookin' at somethin' else.

                        [ Officer ] All right, you lot!

                        - [ Gerry Narrating ] My da always saw the good in people. - Yes.

                        He recognized it in you the minute he saw you, Gareth.

                        [ Prisoner ] Guv, guv, where you goin'? Where's me letters? Guv'nor!

                        Thank you.

                        I see you've been mentioned in Congress, Guiseppe.

                        What's that?

                        How did you come by that name?

                        I-- An ltalian ice cream maker.

                        Had a shop on the corner of the street where I was born.

                        Guiseppe Fusco. My mother fell in love with the name.

                        Were they, um,

                        - you know. - What?

                        - Lovers. - Who?

                        My mother and the ltalian ice cream maker?

                        [ Laughing ] Oh, no, God. Oh, Jesus, no. No, they were not.

                        No, she just liked the name.

                        But it made my life hell.

                        All the other children laughin' at ya.

                        You any kids yourself?

                        [ McAndrew ] He's talkin' to Barker now.

                        Forget it, Joe. He can talk to whoever he fuckin' likes.


                        Flown the nest now.

                        [ Spits ]

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] Whether Barker was responsible or not...

                        for bringin' in the riot squad, Joe never forgave him.

                        Joe was still at war.

                        And to him, Barker was the enemy.

                        - Number? - The name is McAndrew.

                        [ Barker ] Get out. Get outta the way. Get outta the light!

                        - [ Officer ] You're       . - Get outta the light.

                        - Number? - Name's Gerry Conlon.

                        Piss off out the light. Get out the light!

                        You're       .

                        There's someone sittin' there.

                        [ O'Brien ] Move when you're told.

                        Put it out.

                           [ "The Godfather Theme" ]

                           [ "Theme" Continues ]

                        - [ Corleone ] How's your boy? - [ Michael ] He's good.

                        You know, he looks more like you every day.

                        He's smarter than I am.

                        Three years old, he can read the funny papers.

                        [ Prisoner ] There's a hair in the fuckin' projector!

                        Yeah, get the fuckin' hair out of the projector,

                        - will ya? - Shh.

                        - Come on, get it out! Get it out! - Shh!

                        [ Corleone ] I want you to arrange to have a telephone man...

                        - check out all the calls that go in and out of here. - We're goin' fuckin' blind, guv.

                        - I did it already, Pop. I took care of that. - You know it could be anyone.

                        Oh, that's right. I forgot.

                        - We'll get there, Pop. - Quiet.

                        - I can't see a fuckin' thing. - Shh.

                        - You're blocking the shot. - Shut it.

                        [ Corleone ] Now, listen. Whoever comes to you...

                        with this Barzini meeting--

                        I knew that Santino was gonna have to go through all this.

                        And Fredo, well--

                        Fredo was wrong.

                        And I never-- I never wanted this for you.

                        - [ Corleone Indistinct ] - For you!

                        [ Barker Screams ]

                        [ Barker Screaming ]

                        [ Officer ] Get down, mate! To the floor, mate! Get down!

                        [ Screaming ]

                        [ Officer ] Come on, mate, get a blanket! For God's sake, he's burning!

                        Barker! Move back! Move back, Barker!

                        Barker, move back! Get in there! Get the hell in there!

                        Get it out!

                        [ Shuddering ]

                        [ Shuddering ]

                        - Stretcher! - All right, let's turn his head around.

                        All right, mate. You're with us.

                        All right. Stretcher!

                        Gently, mate. All right, up!

                        - That was a good day's work, McAndrew. - Come on, move it, men!

                        - That was a good day's work. - Get away from me.

                        Will you not look me in the eye when I'm speakin' to you?

                        I know how to look at people without blinkin' as well.

                        In all my godforsaken life, I've never known...

                        what it was like to want to kill somebody until now.

                        Ah, you're a brave man, Joe. A brave man.

                        [ Gerry ] Gerard Conlon, back on the threes.

                        - Stand your ground. - Hawkins, returning to his cell.

                        Benjamin Bailey, back to him cell!

                        David Burns, returning to his cell.

                                , Casey, back to his cell.

                                , Johnston, level three.

                        Regis,       , goin' up to number two.

                        [ Prisoners Shouting Names And Numbers ]

                        [ Indistinct ]

                        - [ Officers ] Back to your cell now! - Keep movin'.

                        [ Gerry Narrating ] Barker was maimed for life,

                        and Joe was sent to another prison.

                        He's in solitary confinement somewhere.

                        - [ Blowing Whistle ] - We've had no news of him since then.

                        The new chief screw had the yard painted,

                        and I was back walkin' in circles again.

                        Back to the cells.

                        [ Chief ] Come on. Move.

                        I'd like to help you out with the campaign, Da.

                        If that's all right with you.

                        Do you mean it?

                        - Aye. - Oh, that's great.

                        Okay, Gerry, what I need from you is the whole story, your whole story.

                        In as much detail as you can remember; every detail you can think of.

                        And I need you to write it down. It's really important.

                        [ Groans ]

                        [ Sighs ]

                        I can't do this.

                        I can't write this, Da.

                        Could your son not give you a hand?

                        - Nah, he's up in his cell writing away. - Okay.


                        Tape recorder. You're a good talker. Talk.

                        [ Gerry On Tape ] The strange thing is--

                        The strange thing is sometimes I think he's a little jealous...

                        of me takin' over the campaign and that there.

                        Going up and down the stairs to meet you.

                        I mean, that's somethin' I never thought about Guiseppe: that he could be jealous.

                        Anyway, the main thing is to get the case reopened...

                        because I don't know how long he can survive in here.

                        [ Sighs ] I'm tired of this.

                        Come on, we have to do this. Come on. You behave yourself.

                        Get your head down.

                        When I was a wee lad, I used to wonder what you were doin' under the towel.

                        Then one day when you and Ma were out, I got a big bowl of boiling water,

                        whacked a big drop of Vick and then put the towel over my head.

                        I sat there trying to figure out what it was all about, and nothin' was happenin'.

                        And then I figured you must have been drinkin' it.

                        So I stuck my tongue in it. Do you remember that?

                        [ Coughs ] How could I forget?

                        And your tongue... swelled up like a football.

                        Had to rush you to the hospital.

                        First time you'd stopped talkin' in your life.

                        [ Both Laughing ]

                        - [ Coughing ] - Give us that.

                        - I'll do your chest for you, Da. - [ Coughing ]

                        [ Deep lnhale, Exhale ]

                        [ Sighs ]

                        Was I always bad, was I?

                        Not always.

                        I don't deserve to spend the rest of my life in here, do I?

                        All they've done is block out the light.

                        They can't block out the light in here.

                        Listen, every night...

                        I take your mother's hand in mine.

                        We go out the front door, into Cyprus Street,

                        down the Falls Road, up the Antrim Road...

                        to Cave Hill.

                        We look back down...

                        on poor, troubled Belfast.

                        I've been doin' that every night...

                        for five years now.

                        As if I never left your mother. [ Chuckles ]

                        What I remember most about my childhood is...

                        holdin' your hand.

                        My wee hand in your big hand.

                        And the smell of tobacco. I remember that...

                        I could smell the tobacco off the palm of your hand.

                        When I want to feel happy, I try to remember the smell of tobacco.

                        Hold my hand.

                        Oh, Da, get the fuck--

                        Now, don't go sentimental on me now.

                        Don't be upset, Da. Look, I'll hold your hand if you like.

                        I'm going to die.

                        Don't be sayin' that.

                        I'm scared.

                        You've no reason to be scared. Nothin' to be scared about.

                        Don't you be comfortin' me when I can see the truth starin' me in the face.

                        I'm scared I'm gonna die here... among strangers.

                        - You're not fuckin' dyin', all right? - Can I not say a thing...

                        - without you fuckin' contradictin' me? - [ Sighs ]

                        I'm scared to leave your mother... behind.

                        Look, you are not goin' to die, all right, Da?

                        And even if you do, I'm sure I can look after Ma all right.

                        You think I'd leave Sarah in your care?

                        What do you mean?

                        You haven't the maturity to take care of yourself, let alone your mother.

                        I haven't much time between appointments, Mrs. Peirce.

                        - How can I help you? - Thank you.

                        Um, I'm the solicitor for the Conlons, Chief lnspector.

                        Guiseppe Conlon is critically ill, as you may know.

                        I've petitioned before the court for his compassionate parole.

                        They want your clearance.

                        That'll be difficult, Mrs. Peirce.

                        These people have committed horrific crimes.

                        Society demands that they serve their time.

                        But they didn't do it, Chief lnspector.

                        - Says who? - Say the real bombers.

                        They told you they did it, Mr. Dixon.

                        Gerry Conlon told me he did it, Mrs. Peirce.

                        These people are liars.

                        They're liars for a cause, that's the worst kind.

                        But he's dying. Guiseppe's dying.

                        A lot of people are dying. It's a dirty war.

                        Well, I'll see what I can do.

                        Is this your family, Mr. Dixon?

                        That's my wife and my son.

                        You have another appointment.


                        I'll see you again, Mr. Dixon.

                        [ Snoring ]

                        [ Snoring ]

                        [ Snoring Stops ]

                        Are you all right, Da?


                        Are you all right?

                        Wake up, Da. Da?

                        Da, can you hear me? Can you hear me, Guiseppe?

                        Oh, fuck. Oh, come on, dear God in heaven, don't do this to me.

                        Come on, wake up. Wake up, for fuck sake, come on. Come on! Come on, wake up!

                        - [ Gasping ] - Oh, dear God, thank you. You're all right, Da.

                        You're all right. You're all right, Da. I'm goin' to get some help.

                        Number     ! Number     ! Please come quickly! My father's sick!

                        Benbay, Guiseppe's taken bad!

                        Da, Da, put your arms around me. I'm gettin' you out of the bed.

                        Come on, put your arms around me. That's it. Come on.

                        - [ Alarm Beeping ] - [ Benbay ] It's Conlon! Him not well at all!

                        - Open the fuckin' door! - [ Benbay ] Him number     !

                        - Open the fuckin' door! - [ Prisoners ] Guiseppe! Guiseppe!

                        [ Gerry ] Fuck, he can't breathe. He can't fuckin' breathe!

                        - [ Gasping ] - He can't breathe! Look, my father's fuckin' dyin'!

                        - He needs oxygen! - [ Prisoner ] Give him a fuckin' break!

                        Open the fuckin' gate! I'm right here, Da.

                        - Get him in here! - What the fuck is goin' on?

                        [ Officer ] Stay where you are! Stay where you are.

                        Hammersmith Hospital now.

                        I want to go with him. Can I go with him, boss?

                        I've got to get clearance first. It's out of my hands.

                        You're gonna be all right, Da! I'll be with you...

                        - as soon as I can. - Take him back to his cell.

                        [ Prisoners ] Leave him alone, you bastards! Just let him be!

                        Stay strong, Gerry! Stay strong, mate!

                        Keep your chin up, mate!

                        - We're with you, Gerry! - Yeah, we're with you all the way, mate!

                        He's still awake.

                        Your father passed away an hour ago.

                        Thank you very much.

                        I'm sorry.

                        [ Door Shutting ]

                        Guiseppe is dead, man!

                        They kill Guiseppe!

                        [ Benbay ] Gerry, man!


                        They kill Guiseppe!

                           Oh, your loss Oh, your loss   

                           Oh, your loss   

                        Well, I think they ought to take the word "compassion"...

                        out of the English dictionary.

                        They fouled the ball, Gareth.

                        They fouled the fuckin' ball, and they're as guilty as sin.

                        Believe me, if there's one thing I know about, it's guilt, you know?

                        Keep lookin' 'em in the eye, and it's gonna reveal itself.

                        You have to keep up the pressure.

                        Do what you have to do.

                        [ Chanting ] Free the Four! Free the Four! Free the Four! Free the Four!

                        Free the Four! Free the Four!

                        -    [ Radio ] - [ Grunting ]

                           As I was going over   

                           The Cork and Kerry Mountains   

                           I saw a captive--    [ Lowers Volume ]

                        Those were meant to be here three weeks ago.

                        "The Parade of lnnocence." What do you think?

                        [ TV Announcer ] Thousand of people lined the streets of Dublin,

                        London and Liverpool today in demonstrations...

                        demanding the release of the Guildford Four.

                        - Questions have been raised in the House of Commons... - Say good night to Daddy.

                        - regarding the safety-- - Good night, Dad. - Good night, son.

                        Free the Four! Free the Four! Free the Four!

                        Free the Four! Free the Four!

                        Mr. Dixon! Excuse me. Mr. Dixon!

                        [ Gareth, Crowd Shouting Indistinctly ]

                        This was a mistake.

                        Why don't we let her see the files?

                        What harm could it do?

                        Mr. Dixon!

                        Don't you ever get tired of this sort of thing? What's that?

                        This is a court order that I be allowed to see the Guiseppe Conlon case files.

                        - Good morning. - There are a few rules to be observed.

                        Here's a complete list of the Conlon, Guiseppe case files;

                        the only files you'll need to see.

                        I'll go to the file drawer and bring it out.

                        You open it in front of me, take a page at a time, read it and then return it.

                        Sorry. Is there a problem, Mr. Dixon?

                        Problem? Not at all, Mrs. Peirce.

                        Our chief archivist, Mr. Jenkins, is here to assist you.

                        If you want to make a photocopy, I, and I alone, will do it.

                        - And you use this pen at all times for any notes. - Why?

                        If you deface or alter any document, we'll be able to trace it through the ink in this pen.

                        There are national security issues involved here, Mrs. Peirce.

                        We wouldn't want police intelligence files leaked to the I.R.A. now, would we?

                        - Conlon, Guiseppe file. - Yes, sir.

                        Might as well leave my kit on the bus, 'cause I'm not staying in your jail.

                        So, our new V.I.P. prisoner.

                        - Welcome to Scotland. - I'm an innocent man. My father was an innocent man.

                        He died in one of your jails. There's nothin' you can do to hurt me.

                        - They've moved me to a Scottish jail to break up my confidence. - Put him in solitary.

                        This is a peaceful protest. I'm not observin' prison rules.

                        - We'll teach you manners. - Better men than you have tried that already.

                        Your Honor, I have not seen my client for two months.

                        He's been moved to Scotland, which has seriously impeded my investigation into his case.

                        So I'm filing this motion to gain proper access--

                        [ Protestors ] Free the Four! Free the Four! Free the Four!

                        [ Prisoners Cheering ]

                        [ Cheering Continues ]

                        Here, thanks a lot then. Good day. Oh, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks.

                        [ Coughing ]

                        [ Sneezes Loudly ]


                        Could you copy that for me, please?

                        Thank you.

                        [ Sneezing, Sniffling ]

                        [ Gerry On Tape ] I just want my mother to be happy.

                        Uhh, I'd like her to know that...

                        Guiseppe talked about her every day of his life.

                        He missed her terribly.

                        It's strange to be in a cell without him.

                        I can't seem to get his face out of my mind.

                        Everywhere I look, I see him.

                        Strange what time does when you're in prison.

                        Like, you can be staring at the wall.

                        Drip, drip, drip.

                        It takes an eternity.

                        And then you blink and three years have gone by.

                        I mean, what I'm tryin' to--

                        I don't know what the fuck I'm tryin' to say.

                        But I can't forget what they did to my family.

                        I just can't forget.

                        [ Speaking Gibberish, Mimicking Tape ln Fast-Forward Mode ]

                        [ Gibberish Continues ]

                        - [ Shouting ] - Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!

                        - [ Screaming ] - Gerry, come on, take it easy.

                        [ Screams, Panting ]

                        Hang on, Gerry.


                        - Where's Jenkins? - He telephoned in sick.

                        I'm afraid you're going to have to come back tomorrow.

                        No, no, I can't. I'm in court tomorrow. There's too much to get through.

                        - I can't help you. - Please, look, I've got a court order.

                        You saw what Mr. Jenkins did. He just brings me the files.

                        I take the notes and give them straight back to you. Please.

                        - What name is it? - Conlon.

                        - All right. - Thanks. Thank you very much. Cheers.

                        - What name was that again? - Conlon.

                        We've got two Conlon boxes. Is it Guiseppe Conlon or Gerard Conlon?


                        Well, that's for starters.

                        Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em!

                        It's good news, Gerry.

                        We're talkin' about a piece of evidence...

                        that says they knew all along that they let my father die in prison?

                        Would you mind tellin' me what's good about that, Gareth?

                        We'll get them in court.

                        "We'll get them in court"? For fuck sake, will you catch yourself on?

                        They've kept us in prison for      years. They can keep us in for another     .

                        It's the fuckin' government, Gareth!

                        It's the fuckin' government! What are they gonna say?

                        "We're sorry about that."

                        "Made a wee bit of a mistake there, but you can be on your way now."

                        What are they gonna say? "Sorry we killed your da."

                        "Sorry we fucked your fuckin' life to hell." What are they gonna say?


                        I am not putting my mother through hell again.

                        Are you afraid of court?

                        Look, I just don't wanna be humiliated again.

                        [ Sirens Blaring ]

                        [ Dixon ] I swear by Almighty God, that the evidence I shall give...

                        shall be the truth, the whole truth...

                        and nothing but the truth.

                        Mr. Dixon, do you know these young people...

                        known as the Guildford Four?

                        Yes, I do.

                        Do you know how long they have spent in jail?

                        Fifteen years, I believe.

                        Do you know Annie Maguire...

                        who served her      years without remission?

                        Do you know her son Vincent who served five years?

                        Do you know her son Patrick who served four? Do you know her husband...

                        Paddy Maguire who served      years?

                        Carole Richardson was      when she went to jail, Mr. Dixon.

                        Now she is     .

                        Do you know Carole Richardson?

                        - My Lord, what is the point of this? - Yes, come to the point.

                        Do you know who this is, Mr. Dixon?

                        No, I don't.

                        Well, then would you be so kind as to read the statement that you...

                        - took from him on the third of November,         ? - Let's see this statement.

                        A statement, My Lord, which vindicates all of these people,

                        - all these innocent people. - My Lord, I need to see a copy of this statement.

                        Someone, either that man or his superior or his superior's superior,

                        ordered that these people be used as scapegoats...

                        - by a nation that was baying for blood... - Mrs. Peirce!

                        - My Lord! - in return for the innocent blood...

                        - spilled on the streets of Guildford! - [ Man ] Stop her!

                        - And, by God, you got your blood, Mr. Dixon! - This is a political speech!

                        - You got the blood of Guiseppe Conlon and Carole Richardson! - This is outrageous!

                        - You got      years of blood and sweat and pain from my client... - Mrs. Peirce, be silent!

                        - whose only crime was that he was bloody well lrish, - Silence in court!

                        and he was foolish, and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time!

                        Mrs. Peirce, I will have you removed from the court.

                        And one of your colleagues, My Lord,

                        who sat where you sit now said, and I quote, "It is a pity...

                        "you were not charged with treason to the Crown,

                        "a charge that carries a penalty of death by hanging,

                        a sentence I would have no difficulty in passing in this case."

                        Mrs. Peirce, I'm trying to read this document.

                        I will not tell you again to be silent,

                        or you will be removed from the court.

                        My Lord, this document brings the entire British legal system into disrepute.

                        My Lord, this is new evidence.

                        It is shocking new evidence.

                        My Lord, this evidence was not submitted at the trial that is under appeal.

                        That, I believe, is the point Mrs. Peirce is trying to make.

                        - Proceed, Mrs. Peirce. - My Lord, I demand a recess.

                        There will be no demands made in my court.

                        Stand back.

                        My Lord, this alibi for Gerry Conlon...

                        was taken by Mr. Dixon one month after Gerry Conlon was arrested.

                        This note was attached to it when I found it in police files.

                        It reads, "Not to be shown to the defence."

                        [ Spectators Murmuring ]

                        [ Gareth ] I have one question to ask you, Mr. Dixon.

                        Why was the alibi for Gerry Conlon,

                        who was charged with the murder of five innocent people,

                        kept from the defense?

                        [ Murmuring ]

                        - [ Spectators ] Give us an answer! - Answer the question!

                        - [ Judge Pounding Gavel ] Silence! - [ Spectator ] lt's about time!

                        Order in the court!

                        My Lord, I would like to approach the bench.

                        - This is most irregular. - Yes, I'm aware of that.

                        Very well.

                        - Mr. Dixon, you may stand down. - [ Gareth ] No, no, no, My Lord!

                        My Lord, this is the man who should be under arrest!

                        [ Judge Pounding Gavel ] Be silent, Mrs. Peirce.

                        - This court is now in recess. - Guards, get ready.

                        Look, don't try and make me the fall guy for the whole British legal establishment.

                        If I accept this mercy deal-- They have a flippin' cheek...

                        offerin' me mercy. They should be beggin' for mercy themselves.

                        - You ready, Mr. Conlon? - Aye. I know the difference between right and wrong.

                        - I know. - The truth has to come out. They may not want to hear it,

                        - but there's people outside who'll listen. - I know, son.

                        - Just think about it, will you? Just think about it. - All right.

                        Aye, give us three of those.

                        [ Cheering ]


                        In the matter of Her Majesty versus Gerard Patrick Conlon,

                        the case is hereby dismissed.

                        [ Wild Cheering ]

                        - My husband died in your prison an innocent man! - Come on, Ma!

                        - I'm goin' out the front door. I'll see you outside. - Come on, Mr. Conlon.

                        - I'll see you outside. - Come on, sir. This way. Let's go.

                        - I'm going out the front door. - What about Guiseppe Conlon?

                        Your Honor, he was an innocent man!

                        - [ Crowd Cheering ] - [ Officer ] Come this way, sir.

                        - Mr. Conlon, sir, that's not a good idea. - Use the back, for security reasons.

                        I'm a free man, and I'm goin' out the front door.

                        - Get back! - [ Judge ] ln the matter of Her Majesty...

                        versus Paul Hill, the case is hereby dismissed.

                        [ Cheering ]

                        Leave me alone! I'm goin' out the front door with Gerry!

                        In the matter of Her Majesty versus Patrick Armstrong,

                        - the case is hereby dismissed. - [ Cheering ]

                        In the matter of Her Majesty versus Carole Richardson,

                        the case is hereby dismissed.

                        I'm an innocent man! I spent      years in prison for somethin' I didn't do!

                        I watched my father die in a British prison for somethin' he didn't do!

                        And this government still says he's guilty!

                        I want to tell them that until my father is proved innocent,

                        until all the people involved in this case are proved innocent,

                        until the guilty ones are brought to justice,

                        I will fight on!

                        In the name of my father and of the truth!

                        [ Cheering ]

                           I hope you're happy now   

                           I could never make you so   

                           You were a hard man   

                           No harder in this world   

                           You made me cold   

                           And you made me hard   

                           And you made me the thief   

                           Of your heart   

                           Winter is cold   

                           Oh, but you're colder still   

                           And for the first time   

                           I feel like you're mine   

                           I'll share you with the one   

                           Who will mend what falls apart   

                           And turn a blind eye   

                           To the thief of your heart   

                           Oh, your loss   

                           Oh, your loss, oh   

                           Your loss, oh   

                           Oh, your loss   

                           Your loss, oh   

                           Your loss, oh   

                           I'll never wash these clothes   

                           I want to keep the stain   

                           Your blood to me is precious   

                           Nor would I spill it in vain   

                           Your spirit sings   

                           Though your lips never part   

                           Singing only to me   

                           The thief of your heart   

                           Oh, your loss   

                           Oh, your loss   

                           Oh, your loss, oh   

                           Your loss, oh   

                           Oh, your loss   

                           Oh, your loss, oh   

                           Your loss, oh   

Special help by SergeiK