The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Laurel Holloman and Nicole Ari Parker lesbian movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love Script









Oh, honey,

my earring... caught.



Slow down. Slow down.



Oh, shit.

It's Ali. Damn it!



No, honey.

No. I really have to go.



I'm really sorry, honey.



I'm really sorry.



I'll have to see you next week,

okay, babe?












I sometimes wonder



if my life is always gonna be

like this...



kind of rough around the edges.



That's what my Aunt Rebecca

would say.



That's who I live with...



her and her girlfriend Vicky.



Just your normal, typical,

regular lesbo household.



My aunt's always nagging me

about school,



always telling me to plan

for the future.



But, you know...



the problem with me is...

I live in the present.



You got to be in the moment.



Hey, guys, I'm home!



I'm a strong believer

in impulsive behavior.



I don't really think about

the future much.



I mean, you can't tell

the future anyway, right?



We made it through

another day.



Hear, hear!



You can only be ready.



Does rice have protein?



May I have some?



I'm sorry!



Do you want beans, Randy?



- I got it!

- Okay.



God! Is Frank coming

over for dinner again?



Well, his mom never

cooks for him, poor thing.



Hey, guys, it's Lena.



Hey, guys.

How you doing?



Miss Randall Dean?



What's the cosine here?



Um, it's...






Writing another

love song, Miss Dean?



All right.

Another student.



Okay. No more of this.



Oh, no, Little Miss

Hates Math.



Next time,

we're at least getting a "C."



It's hopeless.



Aw, come on.



Enough of this

teen pessimism.



I have five minutes

for a pep talk.



Okay. Number one...



Lena moving in, right?



- Yeah, right.

- Right?



Um, number two... math is not

the end of the world. No.



Okay, number three...

you got me.






- I'll help you out, right?

- Yeah.



Okay, well, I got to go.



I'm gonna call you later

and I'm gonna check up on you.



Are you gonna, like,

be thinking positive?



Will you do

my math homework for me?



- I'll help you do your math homework.

- Please?



- No.

- Please.



- Help. Positive?

- Yeah. Great.



All right, I gotta go.

Gym. Ooh!



Ooh. See ya.



Ugh! Look who's over there...

Randy Dean.



- God!

- She's such a freak!



Oh God, did you hear

about her family?



They're, like,

all lesbians there.



- Just goes to show you.

- What?



I don't know. Whatever.






I can't fucking

understand this stuff!



It's your life.






I said it's your life.



Nice car.



All right. Fine.



I'll handle it.



Hi. Listen, there's

something wrong with my car.



I don't know

exactly what it is,



but I think it's

the back tire,



like it's out

of air or something.



Could you look

at it for me?






I know it looks okay,

but when you're in the car,



you can't feel

that it's going chomp?



I really think that

it needs air.



She thinks

the back tire needs air.



There's a married man

on the phone for you.



I know this

sounds weird,



but I just can't put the air

in the tires



because I think they're going

to blow up in my face.



Well, actually, you know,

tires don't blow up



from having air

put in them,



but, um...



I'll put some air in it

if you want me to.



Oh my God.

Thank you.



Thank you.

I really appreciate your help.



I'm such a spaz.



Are you ready?



Okay! It's done.



Thank you.

I'm such a spaz.



But I really appreciate

this a lot. Thank you.



I'm afraid of

the weirdest things.






By the way, where am I?



Uh, middle of nowhere.



Hey, don't you go

to Wallace High School?



You mean Wallace prison?






Well, then,

I'll see you at school.



Randy. Randy Dean.



You know,

like as in James Dean?



- Oh.

- He's my uncle.






Just kidding.



All right.

Well, I'll see you at school.



The big house, I mean.



See ya.






Evie, why haven't we

seen each other?






Why is the sky blue,




Why does the Earth turn?



Why are people

the way they are?



- Why isn't anyone fighting for change?

- I don't know.



Why does Ted always

tell you what to do?



Why do you always

listen to him?



Wait a minute.

I'm asking you a simple question.



It deserves

a simple answer.



Why haven't you

even called me?



Fine. Shut me out.






Go ahead.

Just shut me...









People are

watching you, Hayjay.



Yeah, like I was saying.



I'll call you when

I'm good and ready.



Okay, Miss Dean.



Why don't you

take five minutes outside?



Go sit in the hallway



and think about the situation

that you're in



and how you could

possibly change it.



After a few minutes have passed,



you will be allowed

back in class.



This is the   th time

in the last few weeks



you've been late for class.



We have to stop

meeting like this.



Hey, is everything okay?












No, thanks.






I hope this

secondary smoke



doesn't ruin your career.



How's your car?



My car? My car is fine.



School problems?



School's easy...



compared to my life.



It's love that's hard.



Love and relationships.



I mean, why do

things change?



Why can't they stay like they were

in the beginning, you know?




and exciting and...



you don't know

how many conversations



Hayjay and I have had



lasting until the wee

hours of the morning,



analyzing and psychotherapizing

every little thing.



And the next day,

he's the same person all over again.



Who's Hayjay?



My boyfriend.



Sort of.



Well, you know,

they say that, uh...



girls mature

faster than boys.



Don't you think they would

even out by the age of   ?



No, but then again,



maybe you just

have to stick it out



through the rough times.



I hate that.



I think that people

should act out of love,



not obligation.



Don't you think?



Yeah. I guess so.




I'm at my wit's end.

I really am.



I don't know

what to do anymore.



Try going out

with a married woman.



Excuse me?



Oh. Nothing.



I just said everybody

needs love, that's all.



You know what?

I'm really sorry.



I mean, I don't even know you,



and I'm laying all

this crap on you.



That's okay.



I mean, I hope I didn't say



the wrong thing or anything.






No. I'm sorry.

You've been really great.



Thank you

for listening to me.



Can I still have

that cigarette?









Just take a drag off mine.



Okay, you two.

Principal's office.



I'm sorry.



I'm so...



- I'm sorry I got you in trouble.

- Oh, please.



I was the one that was bending

your ear about my stupid problems.



No, no. I mean, it's cool.



We're like...

we're like, totally bonded now.



It's cool.



Fucking dyke!



Fucking asshole!



Do you want a ride home?



No. I got...



I got my rollerblades.









You know what?






They've been sticking

a little bit...



the wheels.



Okay. Come on.



Is that your aunt?



Oh, no, that's Lena.



That's my aunt's ex-girlfriend

from a thousand years ago



who broke up with

her boyfriend,



and she's sleeping

on our couch for a while.



She's kind of new age,

but she's cool.






thanks for the lift.






did you mean that about...



being with...



a married woman?






I thought

you didn't hear me.



Just because I talk a lot

doesn't mean I don't listen.



She's not

my real girlfriend or anything.



It was just sort

of a fling kind of a deal.



You're not weirded out,

are you?



No. No. Not at all.



I mean...



why should I be?



Well, most people are...



at least most people

at our school.



Well, I'm not most people.






Whatever you say.



I'll see you at school.



Yeah, definitely.



Who's that?



Some girl I met

in detention hall.



Nice car.



These tofu dogs

have artificial coloring in them.



I can't believe it.



Lena, could you help

set the table, please?



Yeah, sure, Vick.



I came out to a girl

at school today.



How'd it go?



Well, she didn't run

for the hills or anything.



That's great, hon.



She's, like, this totally cute

popular girl in my school.



Well, be careful.



You never know

how people are going to be.



But it's good you came out.

Really, I'm proud of you.



Why do you have to make everything

out into a federal discrimination case?



Hey, look, there's a TV

show on tonight



about two girls

who go to the prom together.



- How about that?

- Wow, that's great.



- "Based on a true story."

- Damn. We don't get cable.



We can't afford it, Lena.



Yeah. It's kind of expensive.



Vicky's cooking, Randy.



I think proms are stupid.



God, I would've given anything

to go to the prom



if I'd had a girlfriend

in high school.



I went to the prom

with a girl.



- Your sister doesn't count.

- She's a good dancer.



Don't tell me you wouldn't want to go

to the prom with your girlfriend, Randy.



First off, I don't have a girlfriend.



Second off,

I think proms are stupid.



Third off,

if I went to the prom,



I would go with Frank.



Frank's a good dancer.



# We're so cool,

yeah, yeah #



# Yeah, we're so cool, cool #



# We're so cool,

yeah, yeah #



# Fuck you, too #



# Cool schmool #



# I don't want to sit around #



# And talk about

the why, girls #



# Worked out good all day #



# I don't want to wonder

if you're going to say hello #



# I don't want to wonder

if you're going to walk away. #



I'm teaching myself

how to read music, Regina.



Sounds like it.



Thanks a lot.



Well, if it isn't Anita Ekberg.



Could I speak to you

for a minute, babe?



No. I only have a few minutes.



God! That girl gets me crazy!



There. That's better.



What you got on

underneath that raincoat?



Oh! Why must you

torture me so?



What's up, Wendy?



Ali's getting

on my case again



about filling up

that dang car all the time.



We just ought

to cool it for a while,



like maybe a week or so.



Last time you said that,



I didn't see you

for, like, two months.



Look, it's a hard situation.



We're both

at different stages in life.



I mean,

I'm    years old,



and you're, like,   .



I'm a married woman,



and you're just

a young little thing



flitting around,

having a good time.



You know what, Wendy?



That's just fine.

That's just fine with me.



You know why?



Because I met someone else.



I met someone my own age,

and we're going out now.



Well, I'll be damned.



You are one sly

little chicken, aren't you?






I suppose I could

get Ali off my case.



Maybe I could come by later.



- Maybe.

- It's too late. I'm booked.



I'm starting a band.



I've got band practice later.



Ha! I don't believe this.



Look, you just have fun

going to the movies



and holding hands

with that new girlfriend of yours,



and sipping through straws together

and making googly eyes!



Where you going, Wendy?



I have things to do, okay?



Thank you very much.



Going to the mall?



It's none of your business

where I'm going.



What, you mad? You mad?



You mad that I won't do

everything you say?



Oh, you go ahead and you do

anything you want!



It's fine with me!

Just fine!



I'll check in in a few.



What, a few years?



You're driving me nuts!



You drive me nuts!






Heard you're hanging out



with Randy Dean.




are you guys the KGB?



There is

no KGB any more, Evie.



All right. Whatever.



We're just saying.



- So?

- So what?



Were you hanging

out with her or what?



So what if I was?



She's pretty much

of a freak, I think.



In more ways than one.



What's that

supposed to mean?



Well, she's a total

pothead, number one,



and she's like a total diesel dyke,

number two.



So what?




We're just saying.



I mean, I just don't get

why she has to flaunt it.



I mean, she could fix herself up



and not try to act like a man.




You know, you guys

are so small.



Oh, Evie's got a thing

for the freak of the class!



I do not. Get out.



Aren't you getting

a little defensive, Evie?



I am not

getting defensive.



Well, I don't think she seems

like your type anyway, Evie.



I mean, I don't think she even

knows how to read.



I don't even know

why I hang out with you guys.



Because we love you, Evie!

We love you!



Hey, Evie.

How's it going?



Still got love problems?



Hey, I'm sorry

about detention hall.



You know,

I hate math... and English...



and history.



The whole damn thing

can go to hell, wouldn't you say?



Well, take care,

and I'll see you around.



Hey, my locker is    .



Come by and visit sometime

at the old gas station.



PS: What bands

do you like?




The things I do like



are trees in the summer



and lying on green grass.



It smells so good,



don't you think?



Are we broken up,

or not?



Hayjay, why you always

sneaking up on me, man?



Just tell me the truth.



I want to know the truth.



I can take it.



I don't know.



I mean...



I just think that we need

a trial separation.



I mean, I need

a trial separation.



I mean, I love you.



I just think that...



why do you always

make everything an intellectual thing?



You can never see things

from an emotional point of view.



- That is not true.

- Oh, yes, it is.



All right.



You want to break up,



just don't call me, okay?






- A break is a break.

- All right.



What did you say?



I won't call you.

I promise.



I know those were

love notes, Evie.



I spoke

to your father today.



- Really?

- Uh-huh.



Honey, your father

said that the bank



might transfer him

to the office in London.






Won't that be a wonderful

opportunity for you?






You'd get to visit him, Evie.



I'm just gonna need

a  /  cup of balsamic.



I think

it's  /  cup, dear.



Evie, when are you going

to stop being so agitated



every time I mention

your father?



Honey, we have our own life.

He has his.



Everything is fine

with everyone.



And a teaspoon of olive oil

and we'll be done.



You know, sweetheart...



let me point it out to you...



that we've made it

this far without any major calamities.



That's good.



I really think you can relax

about the whole thing.



- Watch out.

- Oh! Shit!



It's okay. It's really

no big deal.



Evie, it's fine.

Just relax.



I will take care of everything.



- It's ruined. I ruined it.

- It's not ruined, Evie.



Just relax, and I'll

take care of everything.



My poor baby has

the senior-year jitters.



I ruined everything.



You didn't ruin

anything, Evie.



Evie, look at me.

It's not ruined.



Sweetheart, you never

ruin anything.



You're Mamma's

perfect little girl.



Phosphoric acid!




Lena, could you help

set the table, please?



Some asshole at work

called me "sir" again today.



When I have that tattoo,

that'll fuck him up.



Graduate and you're

getting a tattoo, Randy.



I'm going to graduate.



I got called

sweetheart all day.



Even though you don't

have a job, Lena?



Honey, that smells great.



Then you get to do

the things you want.



You won't have

to put up with shit jobs.



I went to college,

and I had shit jobs.



Everybody in a band

has a tattoo nowadays.



- All right, all right.

- This stuff is bad for you.



Everybody stop picking.



Let's sit down and eat

like the normal family that we are.



Get the pasta.

Bring the bread.



Pray tell, I only got to see

his cute, round butt.



You are always

talking about butts.



Dear Randy,

I got your note.



Um, I'm sorry

I didn't say anything



after school

when I saw you, but...



She'll think I'm such a jerk.



What am I going to say?



Hi, Randy.

Thanks for your note.



I can't believe this.



I left that note

in her locker, like, a year ago.



I'm such a fucking fool!



Well, maybe she never got it.






You're right. What if she never got it?

What if somebody else got it?



What if someone else took

the note out of her locker?



I'm sure that nothing

like that happened.



Just stop thinking

about it so much.






- Hey.

- Hey.



Listen, um... there's

something wrong with my car.



It's, like, freaking out.



It's knocking and rocking and...



maybe you know something

about engine repair.



Yeah, I know a lot.

What about it?



Our mechanic Ali is

only here once every two weeks.



- Oh.

- I can handle this.



Fine, don't listen to me.



Let a high-school student

take a look at your $      engine.



Isn't the phone

ringing, Regina?



I got your note.



Like, when?



A couple of days ago.



Oh. So your car's

freaking out.



That's why you're here?



No. Um, I brought

you something.



It's called

"Leaves of Grass."



It's by Walt Whitman.



Wow, this is a...



it's, like, a poetry book.



Yeah. It's not

just about grass.



It's my grandmother's.



Wow. Um...



I like poems,

I mean...



do you like Billie Holiday?



I think she's kind of a poet.



Yeah, me too, sort of.



Your name's in here.






You're welcome.



Thanks a lot.



I better get going.



Oh. Okay.






So you like the book?



Yeah, yeah.









Well, what bands

do you like?



Oh, you know,

just old stuff.



Classics... Janis Joplin,

Jimi Hendrix,



Led Zeppelin,




early Stones,

not later Stones.



Right. Right.



My friends are always

teasing me about my music...



opera and classical.



I just try

to get them to feel it,



you know what I mean?






To feel how beautiful

the music is,



you know, and how it can

totally take you over...



your entire

sense of being.



Yeah, I know.

I think music's great.



I think it's the reason to live.



I'm starting a band.






Yeah, rock 'n' roll band.



Wow. You get

to travel and stuff.



It'd be great.



Thanks for the book.



Oh, you're welcome.



I'll read it tonight.



All right.



I got to go.









See ya.






"The smoke of my own breath,



echoes, ripples,

and buzz'd whispers,



love-root, silk-thread,



crotch and vine..."






"My respiration and inspiration,



the beating of my heart,



the passing of air

and blood through my lungs...



a few embraces,



a reaching around of arms...



the feeling of health...



the song of me rising from bed



and meeting the sun."



God! This is intense!



Regina, have you ever heard of



that book called

"Leaves of Grass"?



Of course. It's famous.



I had to read it in college.



Walt Whitman.

He was a homo.



That girl gave it to me,



and I've been reading it.



It's heavy.



What's the deal

with her anyway?



I don't know.



She's not really what she seems

to be on the outside.



I'm in love with her.



That's what you said

about Wendy.




you just met her.



Wendy was just infatuation.



Total infatuation.



Shit! She lives in a mansion.



She's probably spoiled, then.



I don't think she's spoiled.



Okay. Sheltered and privileged.

How's that?



I don't think

Evie's like that, Frank.



All right, fine.

So Evie's special.



Can we go now?



# Dear dearest one #



# This is what I've done #



# This is what I said #



# Like a fling of my hair #



# Why do I stare at you? #



"A gigantic beauty of a stallion,



fresh and responsive

to my caresses,



head high in the forehead

and wide between the ears,



limbs glossy and supple,



tail dusting the ground,



eyes well apart and full

of sparkling wickedness."



Jeez. What a homo

that guy was.



He was writing

about the power of nature, Regina.



Yeah, aren't we all.



Don't you have

homework to do?



I don't do math



when I can read this book.



Hey! Want to go for a drive?



I have to work.






Go discover the power of nature,

why don't you?



What are they saying?



I have no idea.



Something in Latin.



Isn't it beautiful?



How do you know it's beautiful



if you can't understand it?



You just know.



It's not about God, is it?



Because I'm not into God.



That's all right.



You can just feel it, Randy.



Do you ever hear

from your mom?



Do you ever hear

from your mom?




on my birthday.



Gross! What's

that supposed to mean?



Operation rescue.

It's her whole life.



"May the Lord watch

over you on your birthday.



Glory to God. Love, Mom."



She even went to jail for it.



She thinks we're all sinners.



But you're her daughter.



Yeah, everything

worked out okay.



I have a family

and everything.






You know, it's weird when you tell

the story of your life,



but when you're in it,



it just seems

just as normal as anything else,



you know what I mean?



It's like when you hear about



those so-called normal families,



and then you find out

that they're into incest



and Satanic ritual abuse

and gross stuff like that.






What about you?



Well, um, my parents

split up when I was four,






my dad, he remarried

a white woman,



which... it kind

of pissed my mom off.



Um... but we get along

fine, though.



I mean, he's always




That's how I got the car.



But, you know, it's fine.



It's... it's cool.



I don't want

to shock you or anything,



But, uh...



I really want to hold

your hand right now.



I mean, I wanted to

hold your hand all day.



I've held hands

with a girl before.



Girls like me?



No, I guess not.



I mean, but...

what could happen?



We'd get the shit

beat out of us, that's all.



Just for holding hands?



I don't believe that.



God, Evie,

you are so sheltered.






unshelter me.



You gals

want anything else?



Uh, yeah. I'll have,

uh, another cup of coffee.



I'll have a beer.



What kind do you want?



Uh, I'll have a Mick.



A what?



A Mick.

You know, Michelob.



You got ID?






Ah. Shit.



You know, I must have

left it at work.



No ID, no Mick.



All right,

I'll have a cup of joe.



A what?



A cup of joe.



Just kidding.

Two coffees coming up.






Everyone's got to be a joker!



I can't. Now I feel weird

about that waitress.






Hey, Evie.

How's it going?



Listen, want to come over

to my place and have dinner?



Hey, Evie, check it out. Dinner

at my place, Thursday night,  :   p.m.



Evie, check it out. Dinner at my house, next

week, Thursday night,  :   p.m.



Hey, Evie, want to meet my weird family

and eat organic pasta at my house?



You do? Great!

Great. Great. Great.



No, wait.

What if she says no way?



She's, like,

no fucking way, you freak.



She wouldn't say that.



She wanted to hold hands

with me in the diner.



Yeah, okay.



Okay, I'm just going to be myself.



I'm going to act cool.



I'm just gonna say...



what are you doing

Thursday night, Evie?



Want to come over

to my house...



have dinner...

meet my family?



It's great that you love pasta, Evie,

because we eat it here a lot.



I love pasta. Pasta's great.

Can I help with something?



Oh no, you relax.

You're our guest.



Randy, put that down.

Vicky's cooking.



Randy, stop snacking.

She's always snacking.



So, what does

your mom do, Evie?



She's a consultant, um,

for developing nations.



This is gonna be delicious.



Her actual title is

agricultural economist.



Oh, wow.

Farms and stuff, huh?



Yeah. Let me

help you with something.



Oh no, that's okay.

Lena, do you mind?



Oh, yeah. Sure, Vick.



Vicky is a great cook.



Except, you know,

you got to watch out...



Vicky, where are the napkins?



Evie, that's really interesting

what your mom does.



Yeah, um, the best part

is that we get to travel.



Like, last year, she had to go

to Paris for her annual meetings,



and I got to go with her

for a whole week.



Wow! All right!



- I'm training as a boxer.

- Really?



Yeah. I doubt

there's much work



for female boxers




Yeah. I can believe that.



Okay, everyone,

let's go sit down.



Um, okay.



Rebecca, are you

gonna get the bread?



Thank you so much.



It's great to have you.



I'm so hungry.



I am, too.






We never really sit

at the table,



so this is a very

special occasion.



We do too sit at the table.



We made it through

another day.



- Thank the goddess.

- Hear, hear!



Thanks for coming

to dinner.



Hey, now,

help yourselves, everyone.



Would you like some vegetables?



I'd love some vegetables.



Well, that went pretty well.



I should have invited

Frank, though.



He really would have

wanted to come.



Your aunt hates me.



I mean,

why does she hate me?



No, she doesn't.



Shit, no.



She's just really hard to get

to know, that's all.



I bet when I go back in there,

she'll talk about how great you were.









I mean...



it isn't because I'm black

or anything, is it?






No way.



She just probably

has a problem



with people who can go

to Paris for a week.






That's all.



She likes you.



She... likes you a lot.



I mean...



at least

you can be yourself with them.



I mean, that's cool.



Do you want

some chewing gum?






Tonight I kissed another woman

for the first time in my life.



The question now is,



what will I do?



"I sing the body electric."



"I sing the body electric."



Oh my God!



I sing the body electric!

I sing the body electric! Aah!



I definitely don't want kids

until I have a career.



- Yeah. Me, too.

- You want kids?



Yeah, sure, I do.



Why, you think

I shouldn't have kids?



No, not at all.



"This is the press

of the bashful hand,



this is the float

and odor of hair.



This is the touch

of my lips."



"This is the touch

of my lips to yours,



this is the murmur

of yearning,



this is the far-off

depth and height



reflecting my own face..."



"...thoughtful merge of myself,



and the outlet again."



I can't believe

this book is in our high school.



Yeah, but they usually leave

out all the good parts.



This edition is unexpurgated.



Un what?



It means it's the whole thing.



"This is the touch

of my lips to yours."



I think what happens in high school

probably ends up



being pretty irrelevant

later on in life.



"This is the far off depth..."



It's not as if people

check your math grades



when you're    years old.



Really. It's not like people

remember stuff like that



when you're   .



-   !

-   !



Do you think we'll still know

each other when we're   ?



Do you?



I don't know.



It seems so far from now.



But I hope so.



Me, too.



Evie, do you have something

you want to tell me?










if you can't tell me,



you can't tell anyone,

you know that.



Mom, why is it that every time



I try and separate from you,



which is a totally normal

adolescent impulse,



and in fact, crucial

to my adult development,



you come back

with that weird thing



about me telling you what

I can't tell the rest of the world?



Okay, okay, fine.

Forget it.



Forget it.

Absolutely fine.



Thank you.



You know, if you want

to shut me out



during our final

weeks together



before you go off to college,



then you go right ahead.



Mom, I'm not leaving

for, like, four months.



You're going to your father's

for the whole summer, Evie.



Mom, you're experiencing

empty-nest syndrome



before I'm even gone.



I'm an adult now.



Oh, really?



And I have to traverse

my own landscape.






Call me old fashioned, but I thought that

was the sort of situation



where a person goes

home to their ma,



not their ex-lover

from seven years ago.



You are old fashioned.



And where else is she going to go?

We are her family.



This is our house.



We have a teenager to raise

and it's small enough as it is.



And we're poor.

Just add to it all.



Look, I made a vow that my house

would always be open to people I love.



You and I both took that vow

when we moved in together.



I needed it when I was young.



Randy needed it

when she moved in with us.



Even you needed that once.



No, I didn't.



No, I guess you didn't.



Look, you can either take

this summer school course



or you can go for the GED.



Either way, you won't be wearing

a cap and gown this June.



There has to be some way

I can graduate in June.



There's gotta be a way.



I told you

at the beginning of the year



that you had

to pass math. That's the way.



I mean, I think I've

done a lot to help you,



and you've refused

to help yourself.



Take this letter to your aunt,



and have her sign it

and bring it back to me.



You haven't

helped me at all!



You know, I'm depraved

on account of I'm deprived.



Can't you see that?



Bring back

the letter... signed.



I don't have enough credits

to graduate, Regina.



What are you going to do?



I don't know.



Shoot myself in the head.



You just met

someone you like.



That's true.



Man, if Rebecca finds out,



my ass is grass.



I'm sorry, babe.



Randy Dean!







Ali, what are you

doing here?



Come here! Come here!

Come here! Come here!



Listen, you little twat,



you dyke, you...



stay the fuck away from my wife,

or I'm gonna mess you up good!



Get the fuck off me!



Get off her, Ali!



Don't talk to me, Regina.



This is none of your business.



I'm not... I'm not kidding around!



I haven't seen Wendy in weeks!



There's nothing going on with us!



Get the fuck off me!



Anywhere near her,

I'll kill you!



Maybe if you

treated her better,



she wouldn't fool around

on you so much!



Don't you insult me!



I'm calling the police, Ali.



I'm not kidding around.



Anywhere near her,



I'll kill you.



 - ...



I'll kill you.



Shut up, you lard ass!



Are you okay?



God, man,

what is she thinking...



fucking telling him

about us?



She probably told him

to make him jealous.



She's such an idiot.



Let's put something cold

on there.



Well, she did do a good job.



Oh... perfect.









Are you okay?



Yeah, I'm fine,

I'm fine.



Why are you holding

a popsicle to your neck?



I got bit by a bug...



a big, fat, ugly bug.



Are you in a bad mood

or something?



No. No, no.

I'm fine. No, I'm...



It's good to see you.



Um... listen, um...



my mom is...






She's... she's going away

in a couple of weeks,



and, um... it's

during my birthday.



- Really?

- Mm-hmm.



And... maybe you

could stay over



and celebrate me turning   .



Well, that's great. You...



I mean, you don't

turn    every day... right?



I mean, we could have a lot of fun,

you know, with my mom gone.



How long is

she going to be gone for?



Friday through a Sunday.









Are you okay?



Oh! I am so sorry

about all this mess!



Evie, this is Wendy.



Wendy, this is Evie.



Pleased to meet you.



Nice car.



What are you doing here?



I just came by to say

that you-know-who...



he's all brawn,

and he's no bite.



Thanks. Thanks

for the info.



Well, just thought

I'd check in.



If you need anything,

just give me a call, okay?






Do you love her?



No. No!



I love you.



Mono and diglycerides...




if you don't stop



reading that stuff

out loud,



I'm going to kill you.



I'm staying at Frank's

this weekend.



You haven't stayed over there

since you were in the ninth grade.



How come you're

going over there now?



'Cause he broke up

with some boy,



and he wants

some company. Poor Frank.



Anyway, his mom's

gonna be out of town.



How nice. You'll have the whole

house to yourselves.



I don't know why you have

to go for the whole weekend.



I don't know why you have to give me

such a hard time about everything.



Leave her alone, Rebecca.



Yeah, why don't you listen

to your girlfriend?



I'm a good egg.

Leave me alone.



- She's a good egg, Rebecca.

- Stop bullshitting me.



What, you don't believe me?



You want to call him yourself?



Hear about the boyfriend on the football

team who broke his heart?



Put the goddamn phone back.






God, Evie, if you were

going to turn gay,



you'd think you could at least

choose someone who's pretty.



I didn't say I was gay.



I said I was in love.



How come we didn't know

about this before?



I mean, you don't seem gay.



I think that you're under some kind

of spell or something.



I am not.



I'm the same person

that I've always been.



Underneath it all,

I am the same person.



Underneath it all.



That's funny.



Are you telling Hayjay?






Do you want us to tell him?






Well, who can we tell, then?



No one.

This is just between us.



I really can't believe this.



I mean,

this is totally insane.



Why do we have to be



the only people

with this information?



Well, Evie, how are we

supposed to process this?



In therapy, I guess.



Oh, shit. Are you guys going to go

to the prom together, too?



You know what?

I saw a movie about that.



Two girls went

to the prom together.



It was on cable.



Who cares about the prom?



I don't give a shit about the prom.



You're ruining your life, Evie.



I'm sorry to say,

but I really think that.



I think it's gross, Evie.



- Can I tell my mom?

- No!



Listen, if you guys

can't handle it,



then you can just

dump me right now



and not be

my friends any more.



I'm telling you, though,

I am the same Evie.



If you can't take it,



then you can just get up and leave,

and we'll never have to speak again.



Um... you know,

you should see



if you can get

that movie on video, Evie.



It was pretty good.



So what am I supposed to do



if she calls to check up on you?



You say I'm in the shower,

and then you call me at Evie's.



Tell me she called,

and I'll call her back.



I hate situations like this.



Why can't you just

tell her the truth?



'Cause I can't. I can't.



Just give me the number.



Don't lose it.



It's in my purse, okay?



Well, there's plenty of food.



Mom, we always

have plenty of food.



I think I have everything.



Hold on a minute!



Okay, now I gave you

the telephone number



to the hotel

where the conference is



and where I'll be staying.



You have

your father's number



- in case of an emergency, god forbid.

- Right. Right.



Oh, I can't believe

I'm not going to be here



for my baby's

  th birthday. Ohhh.



Mom, everything's going

to be fine. I told you that.



Good luck.

Have a good time.



Maybe you can invite

a friend over.



Rent a movie.

Make some popcorn.



And, Evie, you have

so many nice clothes.



Do you have to wear

this ugly vest?



Goodbye, Mom.



Oh, I'm going

to miss you so much.



Oh, my sweet daughter.

I love her so much.



# She's my everything... #






# Everything,

everything. #



- Mom.

- Okay, okay.



Goodbye, sweetheart.



I'll call you

the minute the plane lands.



- Okay.

- Bye.






- And, Evie...

- Yes.



Be by the phone

at five to   :  .



I'm going to call you

the second you turn   .



Love you.



Bye, Lena!









Come on in.






This is me

when I was nine.




You were so cute!



I bet you were

already reading,



like, huge novels

and stuff like that.



Oh, stop.



Oh, this is one of my dad.



He's handsome.



Your dad's really handsome.



Yeah, I guess he is.



What about your dad?



I don't know him.



I mean, he split

before I was born,



so I just make up

things about him in my head.



Oh my God,

you and your mom...



you're, like,

practically twins.



Oh, please. We're symbiotic

enough as it is.



Hey, um, do you want

something to eat?






I'm really hungry

all of a sudden.



Goddamn it, you have

enough food to last a year.



There's more downstairs

in the freezer.



What do you want?



I don't know yet.



You want to smoke

some of this?



Sure. I mean,

you only live once.



You okay?



You all right?



Come on.



Do you like wine?



I don't know, really.






Château Latour.



This is a really great cookbook... Antoine's.

It's amazing.



Who's Antoine?



I don't know.



- You don't know?

- No.



Why do you have

his cookbook?



Is it supposed to be purple?



Well, it's the wine,



the burgundy in the wine.



Taste it.



Come on.



All right,

you check on that.






Are you sure

we made this right?



Yeah, okay.



Is it... what does it need?



- Spice?

- More wine.



- More wine?

- That's good.



- It's good?

- Yeah.



Let me taste it.



Okay, this might

be a little salty.



There's an orange

in there.




it's for vitamin C.



We made it

through another day.



Hear! Hear!






Drink the whole thing.



Shit, you drank

the whole thing!



I think we ate

everything in the house.



I think

I like wine now.



That wine

was really good.



It was good, wasn't it?



That's not your mom's favorite

or anything, is it?



No. She'll never

even notice.



Oh, what do you want

for dessert?



We already ate dessert...



when the duck was cooking.



Oh yeah, I forgot.



What's symbiotic mean?



It means when you're

really, really close to someone...



like, too close...



like, um...



an infant and its mother.



I knew that.



Do you want to know

what happened to me today?






I, um...



I lost...



I lost

all my friends today.



Did you tell them about us?






I could have told you

that was going to happen.



I'm sorry.



I just couldn't believe them.



I've known them since,

like, eighth grade.



People are gross.



Something happened

with me, too.






I found out I don't have

enough credits to graduate.



Randy, why didn't

you tell me?



I could have helped you.



It's too late.

I'm failing math... again.



We'll work it out, okay?



I'm... I'm really stoned.



Hold out your arm.



Are you scared?



Shit, no!



All right.

Well, close your eyes.



- Oh, I know what this is.

- What?



I have to guess

when you get right there.



Right. So say "right there..."



when I get right there,

and don't peek.






Right there.






It's hard to tell

where right there is.



You are...

you are so beautiful



Go on.

Close your eyes.



I've never done this before.



Neither have I.



Oh, bullshit. Yes, you have.



No, I haven't.



I really haven't.



Whose shoe?



Oh my God.



Oh, no. Oh, no.



What in the world?









Evie, there's

somebody downstairs.



Evie! What if it's a murderer

or something?









That does it!









Honey, wake up!



- Evie!

- Mom!






Evie, listen to me!



You left the stereo on!



You drank

the Château Latour!



Everything is turned

upside down. Open this door!



I can explain everything!



Oh, yeah? Well, did you see

that goddamn kitchen?



- Just one second!

- Open this door! Open this door!



Goddamn! How can you

do this to me, Evie?



How dare you!

How dare you!



You ruined the whole house!

Everything is a mess!



Everything is

turned upside down!



Goddamn it,

open this door!



Mom, I am perfectly willing to accept the

consequences of whatever action.



- Oh, really?

- You just have to wait one second.



You're in big trouble,

young lady.



- Big time trouble!

- One second, Mom!



Get out of my house!

Get out!



- Evie!

- Mom!



It's a girl!

Get her out of here!



Just get in the car!






Evie, you come back here!

You come...



Evelyn Roy,

I'm going to kill you!



Do you hear me?

I'm going to kill you!



I can't believe

I'm driving your car.



- Just drive. Just drive.

- Fuck, we should go back!



We should go back

and clean the kitchen.



I'll be cleaning the kitchen

for the rest of my life. Just drive.



- Where?

- I don't know.



Vicky, where's

my Rolling Stones tape?



I think Randy borrowed it.



God, this room is a mess.



Wallace High School.



What is this?






Fuck! Can you believe this?



This room smells bad.



What did you expect?



A heart-shaped bathtub

and satin sheets?



We're in a sleazebag motel,

running away from your mom.



Shut up.



I know why we're here.



How are we going

to pay for this room?



We can't stay here forever.



You should have stayed.



You should have stayed

and dealt with your mom.



I should have stayed

and dealt with my mom?



You should have stayed.

You could have helped me.



What, like,

I'm going to stay there



while she's screaming,

"It's a girl! It's a girl!



Get out of the house."




I should have stayed.



Who are we going to call?



I don't even have

any friends left.



That's not my fault.



Yes, it is.



No, it's not.



You're the one who wanted

to hold hands in the diner.






Goddamn it.



"Goddamn it."






- Hello, Frank.

- Oh, hi, Rebecca.



I have a simple request, Frank.



I would like to speak

with my niece Randall right now.



She's in the shower

right now.



Can I have

her call you right back?



Tell her to call me immediately

and explain this letter from Wallace.



Right. Yes, sir...




Letter from Wallace.





Evie, is this you?



Uh, yes, is Randy there?



Who is this? Randy who?



Randy who? That girl?



Is that who you're asking for?

That girl?



Who is this?

Where's my daughter?



I think I have the wrong number.

Sorry to bother you.



I know you know

where my daughter is. Where is she?



Sorry. Sorry, ma'am.



You should see my dining room!



Look at it! Look at it!

Just look at it!



Goodbye now.




I really owe you one.

I promise to pay you back.



Okay. You know where it is?



Um, it's off Route  .



Room number seven.



Okay. Thanks.



Okay. All right. Bye.






Frank, it's me.



Oh God, girl, am I glad it's you.

You are in big trouble.



Rebecca called here,

and she found that letter



from the guidance counselor

and you are in big trouble now.



Fuck! Fuck!



Where are you?



Rebecca, calm down. She's going

through a rebellious phase.



This is all very normal.



"I'm sorry to inform you

that your niece Randall Dean



will not have enough credits

to graduate this year."



She spent too much time

with her girlfriend.



That's not true, Rebecca. You know

she's always had a hard time in school.



It's not Evie's fault.



"To receive a diploma, she'll have

to attend summer school,



or she may opt

for the GED program."



So she has to stay home

awhile longer. That's okay.



Yeah, everything's

fine so far.



Rebecca, I know Randy

has a good explanation.



If she gets a GED, she'll be working

at the gas station the rest of her life!



- Hello.

- Rebecca?



You're in big trouble, young lady.

Yes, you are.



Because I find out about you

not being able to graduate is what!



- I was going to tell you.

- Oh, really?



Yes, I was... was too

going to tell you. Yes l...



- Like when?

- When you get home from work.



But you haven't been home.

I haven't seen you.



Where the hell are you?

I thought you were at Frank's.



Tell me where you are!



- I'm on the road.

- What road?



I'm just

on the fucking road, okay?!



Get home now.



I'm hanging up.

Hanging up.



Hanging up,

Hanging uuuup.



I'm going to kill her.



Rebecca knows.



She knows

I'm not going to graduate.



This is so fucked.



I'm going to be grounded

for the rest of my life.



I got us some money.



We can split. We can stay.



"To think that you and I

did not bear our part.



To think that you and I



are now here

and bear our part."



Are you listening to me?



Frank said your mom's

having a nervous breakdown.



Oh my God.



I've got to call her.



I don't have

any quarters left.



I've got a calling card.



What am I gonna say to her?



Calm down.

Mrs. Roy, calm down.



Where are they?



If we can just find them,

I'm sure we can work this out.



- Now, where's your house?

- Where are they?



That's weird.

The machine's on.



I swear I don't know

where they are.



Frank, do you want us

to torture you or what?



You already are torturing me.



Don't hurt him, darling.



Frank, you have

to tell us where they are.



We have a major crisis

on our hands.



I'll let you borrow

my boxing gloves, Frank.



Oh, Jeez.




Honey, it's me.



Well, hello,

my little lovebirds.



Mmm... kind

of smells bad in here, huh?



Yeah, we know.

Did you bring money?



Yeah. Got it.

There you go.




We'll pay you back.



Thank you, Wendy, for coming

over here on such short notice.



Oh, honey,

don't worry about it.



I mean, I just rolled Ali

over this morning,



took it

out of his back pocket.



He's not going

to even know the difference.



What's your plan, girls?



This is as fast as it goes.



All right, all right,

all right, all right.



Calm down, everyone.

Just calm down.



We want to get there alive.






...chased us

down the street.






I was in my bare feet...




I know you're in here!



Oh, shit,

that's Ali. Damn it.



Get out of here.

Bathroom, bathroom.



Come out of there, Wendy!



Wendy, I know you're in there!



Would you stop yelling, Ali?



Who the hell is Ali?



Wendy's husband.



Great! This is just great!



I know you're in there, Wendy!



Stop yelling, Ali.

It's still early.



All right.



Where is she?

I told that little dyke



if I caught her messing around

with you again, I was gonna kill her.



Whatever are

you talking about?



Oh, don't bullshit me,




She's not here.

I swear it.



Who are you?



Who are you?



See, I told you

she wasn't here.



Is this another one?



No, no, no.

Ali, Evie here is a friend.



She is running away

from her murderous boyfriend,



and I came here to help her.



- That is all.

- Is that true?



Wendy saved my life.

I had nobody else to turn to.



I had nobody else to call.

I didn't know what to do.



All right, all right.

Don't get hysterical.



Now, Evie, Ali and I

have to get to church.



Are you gonna be okay?



You need a lift

or anything?



Oh, no, thank you.

I have my car.



She's got

that Range Rover out there.



Nice car.



- Okay, now, Evie, you take care, girl.

- Bye.



Oh my God.



You were great.

You were great.



I've never lied

that well before.



I got him!

I got him!



Okay, we'll knock

on every door till we find 'em.



- Evie!

- Randy!






Oh, it's your mom.



It's okay.

Just come out.



Just come out, Evie.

Please, just come out.



Randy Dean!



Oh my God,

they're all out there.



Oh my God,

oh my God.



Oh my God, Evie.

Evie, think.



Oh my God!

Oh my God!









Hi, I'm looking

for two teenage girls.



Did our husbands send you?



No matter what happens,

you know I love you.



We need a list of demands.



I'm sorry I fucked up

your   th birthday.



We're not coming out

of the room



until they meet

those demands.



What do we want?



Randy Dean, we know

you're in there. Come out now!



We want to be together,

and we want you to graduate.



That's not really a demand.



We want you to have a tutor

so you can graduate.



Come on out, you two!

We know you're in here!



We have a list of demands.

We're not leaving until they're met.



Stop this bullshit right now!



"There are times

when I felt that



kissing Liota wasn't enough,



but I wasn't sure what the next step would

be, so until I knew..."



- Hey, isn't that Evie's car?

- Where?






I am    now, Mom,



and I can make

my own decisions.



Evie, Mommy's going

to get you some therapy, honey.



All you need is a little therapy,

just a little therapy.



I'm not the one

who needs therapy, Mom.



Did you hear

what she just said to me?



Baby, you are grounded for life!

Get out here!



All right, Evie, come out!



Both of you come out now!



- Now!

- Come on!



- Who are you married to here?

- I'm married to you.



This is hopeless.



We should just

give ourselves up.



Hi, Mrs. Roy.



Oh, hi, ladies. Hi, ladies.

How you doing?



Look, we're having

a little crisis on our hands.



We're trying to get Evie



to come out

with her new friend... Randy?



Randy's already out,

Mrs. Roy.



I don't think

that's what she meant.



You've got money.

You're going to college.



You're way smarter than me.



That is all bullshit.



So you guys go

to Wallace High School?



You swear

that you'll love me forever?



I swear.



I swear

I'll love you forever.



Open the door.



Hold my hand.



"There is that in me..."



"I do not know what it is..."



"But I know it is in me."



"I do not know it..."



"It is without name..."



"It is a word unsaid..."



"It is not in any dictionary,



or utterance,

or symbol."



"Something it swings on



more than the earth

I swing on..."



"To it the creation is the friend



whose embracing awakes me."



Let's change that



to "girlfriend

whose embracing awakes me."



Yeah, change it to girlfriend.

Special help by SergeiK