The Indian Runner Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Indian Runner script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sean Penn movie starring Viggo Mortensen.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Indian Runner. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Indian Runner Script



The Indian knew

that deer moved in circles...



that if the hunter calculated

his moves with skill...



he could run the swift deer

into submission.



Its hooves would bleed,

and the animal stumbled.



The Indian was to kneel

above his dying prey...



putting his mouth

to that of the deer...



stealing its last breath.



While he had earned

the swiftness of the beast...



in its death he was struck by

its peace and stillness...



and by his own.



I tried telling myself

I'd done my job...



defended my life.



But I didn't believe me.



You killed my boy, Joe Roberts.



You killed my baby boy.



This is how houses catch fire.



Murderers' houses! Murderer!



Mrs. Baker, come on.

This isn't helping anything.



He killed my baby!



Robert, you and Jim

want to get Mr. Baker there?



I'm real sorry.



Captain said, John Henry



I'm gonna bring

my steam drill round



Bring my steam drill

out on the job



I'm gonna whup

that steel on down



Lord, Lord, I'm gonna

whup that steel on down



Henry said to Captain



Whoa, man ain't nothin'

but a man...



My brother Frank was due back

from Vietnam within the week.



We hadn't seen each other

since I'd lost the farm in '  .



I took the uniform job

to make ends meet.



In one of his letters,

he complained...



that his fellow soldiers

were disturbed...



by the killing they'd seen.



He wrote...



"Guys over here expect their

hair to stay dry in the rain."






Your mom called.



Yeah? What's happening?



First the plane was going to be

delayed in Hawaii or somewhere.



Then it was going to be

on time again.



Now she says

 :   Tuesday for sure.



He's got to go through Fort Dix.



Raffael asleep?



Yes, babe.



You worried about today...



or about Franky coming home?



No. This kid today...



His parents came into

the station making threats.



What threats?






When they pulled the father

outside, he started singing.






- Don't move!

- Hey! It's me.






You scared the hell out of me.

Come here.



I almost kill you!



He's got you trained, ain't he?



You are early.



I didn't want

to hang around Fort Dix...



so I took a Greyhound.



Joey's going to be

so happy to see you.



Joe is so happy to see you.



Come on, baby, come on.



Come on, a little bit.






Share with

your Uncle Franky, shorty.



I'm going to take Frank

over to the folks.



I'll be back in a bit.



You'll be here?



Yeah. I've got two lessons

this afternoon.



See you.



Welcome home, Franky.






Bye-bye, say...









Your uncle is a barnyard dog.



Town looks same-same.



So you're a dad, man.



How's that?






It's great.



He's amazing.






Just looking at you.



Got to admit,

it feels kind of strange...



riding up front

in the man's car...



no handcuffs,

my own brother driving.






Remember we used

to plug cop cars with snowballs?



Pull over.



Hey! Don't you do that.



You did it.



Hey, get the cop!



Come on.



All right!






King of the mountain!



Need an army to fight me?



What are you doing?



Listen, I just wanted

to see you guys...



meet the baby and all.



I ain't going over

to see Mom and Pop.



What are you talking about?






You caught me off balance here.

What are you saying?






Let's just call it

see you later.



Hey, I came to see you,

brother man.



What about Mom and Dad?



What about them?



You're going

to break their hearts.



You're the one who always

takes shit personal.






If anything,

they'll be relieved.



You'll see.



Where are you going?

You got a place to stay?



You got money?



I already took forty bucks

from your wallet.



It's in the glove box.



I don't want you to go.



Hey, Joe, this whole town's

talking about you.



Good shot, boy.



Thanks, sir.



You know, if I could

figure out the difference...



between what gets you a kiss

on the ass and me locked up...



I used to know my brother...



like I used to know

I'd always be a farmer...



but drifting off on the train

that day was a stranger.



He looked like a hero.



The closeness

I felt with my brother...



was with that

rough-and-tumble kid...



I knew before

high school distractions...



and then later my wife and farm

occupied our time together.



In the last few years

before going overseas...



Frank had become branded

the hell-raiser of town...



that he'd come to no good.



Maybe leaving so suddenly

was the only mercy he knew...



for the grief

he'd caused before.



As for my parents,

Franky was right.



They would not

take it personally.



They say some of

the boys coming back...



are coming back real confused.



Frank left confused.



Well, maybe

it'll straighten him out.



That's what Randall said.



Oh, my God, now my boy's

comparing his mama to a moron.



It wasn't a comparison, Mom.



He's a very restless boy,

that Franky.



That's what got him

into trouble, you know.



That's why he left.



I thought maybe

he just hated cops.



Don't say that.



Listen to your mama.



You are a good man, you hear me?



You are a good man.



That don't exempt you

from having the time come...



when you have to kill a man.



You can't regret it.



If it hadn't have been him,

it might have been my son.



No, sir. Don't you regret it.



You just keep saying

the Serenity Prayer...



and you get on with it.



We didn't see or hear from Frank

for a good six months...



when our lives took a turn.



There was a crack

of thunder outside.



Mrs. Roberts must have

jumped a foot off...



Do you want anything?



No. I know where it is.

Thank you.



She sure could make

good apple pie.



Do you need anything?



No. Thanks, Maria.






You know, Joe,

it didn't sit right with me...



when you married

a Mexican woman.



But I look at her today...

she's beautiful.



She's a beautiful

and good woman.



Boy, was I wrong.



I was dead wrong.



I'm going to check

the teletype at the station.



It wouldn't surprise me if he

were somewhere in the system.



He is. Yeah.



He sent out a card

about a month ago...



but I didn't want her to know.



He's got twenty-four more days.



Twenty-three and a wake-up.



Oh, yeah.

I've been counting.



Where is he?






Now, he didn't send a card,

but a girl named Dorothy.



"Dear Mr. And Mrs. Roberts...



"Frank hit me.



"My daddy said

he had to go to jail.



"But don't worry, because

I'm here to take care of him."



He's a likable son of a bitch.



Where does he get it, Joe?



I don't know.



Frank, he took his clothes off

to take a shit!



He took his clothes off

to take a shit.






That's a great-Iooking kid, Joe.




He has a great-Iooking mama.



What'd she say?



She asked would you mind

playing with the kid...



while we chatted a bit?



Sure thing. Kids love me.



Come here, Raffael.



How you doing, boy?



Incest product?



That ain't really

what she said, is it?



I knew that.



I got a real bad idea

I want to follow through on...



and I need your OK.



It's about Franky, huh?



I want to offer him a room

in our place for a while.



I got to try

and get close to him again.



I got to try... something.



Why do you think he'll want to?



I thought he had that little

masochist waiting for him.



Maybe the little masochist

will come, too.



Now, wait a minute.



No, Maria,

you're probably right.



He probably won't want to come.



Joe, we have a child

in the house.



I've thought about that.



I'd talk to him first.



If he wants to come,

if he wants to bring the girl...



I'd meet her

and decide from there.



I'm not going to say no.



Doggone it!




what did you do that for?



Put sand down my pants for?



I'd spoken

to Franky's jailers...



who told me that releases

didn't start till    a.m.



I'd only driven through

three states...



but, man, this country

looks smaller on a map.



Franky seemed to have few enough

moments of tenderness in him.



I didn't need

to interrupt this one.



I thought it better

to wait my turn.



Collect from Joe.



Hiya, baby.

Yeah, I'm still here.



No, I haven't yet.



Well, soon, I figure.



Kid's got me smoking again.



I will.



I know. I will.



I love you.






Little sister, that you?



Will big brother do?



How about Winnie the Pooh?



He's in the zoo.



This I knew.



He don't like the view.



'Cause he sniffs glue.



Open your damn door.



Are you sore?



How the hell

did you find me here?



Nice guy.



Are you going to invite me in?



I owe you forty bills.



So... pay me.



Repeat... how the hell

did you find me here today?



Well, I followed you

from the jail...



and I've been sitting

out there across the street...



smoking, which I had quit, but...



You followed me?



What you got there?



You got some squares for me?



Mommy's gone.



Bye, Mommy.



Where the hell is she?



The funeral

was almost a month ago.



I was in fucking jail, Joe.



I know where you were.



What difference does that make?



You wouldn't have known anyway.



What are you doing here?



Did you come here

to fucking guilt me to death?



Meet my old lady

Dorothy or Dotty...



or Doe or Dute or whatever.



Not whatever.



Hi, Dorothy. I'm Joe.



I'm Franky's brother.



Nice to meet you.



Joe followed us.



Like a common criminal.



Well, here's your beer

and stuff.



Joe come here to tell me...



that my mother died.



What do you say

we all go for some chow?



- Piņatas are from Spain.

- From Mexico.



Catch you smoking again in

the motor home, I'll shave you.



That woman has a beard.



That woman has a beard.



Are you saying that twice...



because you think we can't

hear or see or what, girl?



I'm going to go say hello.



You do that.



How do you do?

My name's Dorothy.



Is it real?



A way-out lady I got, huh?



She used to be

one of them flower children...



before I set her course.



All right, come on.



The bigger they come,

the harder they fall.



Frank, I want you

to come back with me.






I knew you were

going to say that.



So, come back with me,

live at the house a while.



Oh, yeah, Maria'd love that.



I got Dorothy. I'm cool.



You're cool?

You're living in a motel.



No. Just for now,

till I find another place.



She's staying

at her folks till then.



Why don't you come back

and spend time with me...




Spend time with the family?



- How's he doing?

- He's OK.



She let me touch it.



She's just a little squirrel,

ain't she?



Bring her with you.



Bring her with you.



What would I do there, man?



Have a few laughs with Pop?



You stay out of trouble.



Get yourself a damn job.



I don't want a damn job.



Besides, I got a deal where

I'm scamming G.I. Bill checks.



Far as Mr. Trouble goes...



he ain't no less

in one place than another.



Why is that, Frank?



I always figured

it was Trouble had a car.



You know what I mean?



The law is here.



Never smoke this stuff

in front of the law.



The law gets upset.



I'm home!



Dispose of the evidence!









- Hey there.

- Hey there.



He didn't come?



I'm sorry, Joe.



No surprise.



Where's the boy?



In there shooting heroin?



Thank you, Lord, for the gift

of this woman's cooking...



for the food to cook...



and the family

we have to share it.









You want some?



Going to sell the house,

I think.



Are you?



Think so.



Where are you

thinking of living?



There's a trailer park

over on Bright's.



They got

a pretty good deal there.



That's nice there.



They have a vegetable garden

in the back...



where you can rent a plot,

grow your own vegetables.



That's right... vegebulls.






Vegebulls, that's right.



Did you know your daddy

grew vegebulls, Raffael?



Your daddy was a farmer

before he was a po-lice-man.



Very good, Raffael.



You miss the farm, Joe?






It's a bitch, ain't it?



The same thieves

that took your farm...



now have you work for them.



We get by fine.



We get by fine.



Oh, sure. Of course you do.



Joe Roberts.



Hey, boy, did I wake you?



Who is it?



It's my father.

No, it's all right.



I'll tell you why I called.



You know

that strip of molding...



that you have between

the kitchen linoleum...



and the carpet

in your living room?



Well, I noticed this evening

that it was loose.



You might get yourself

a screwdriver...



and tighten up on it before

somebody trips and falls.



OK, Dad. Thanks.

I'll take care of it.



Good night, son.



Good night, Pop.



Who is it?



It's me, Joe.



How you doing?



Well, it's pretty early,




What's going on?



Got your paper.



Joe, your daddy

shot hisself last night.



Is he dead?



Can I use your john?



Mr. Roberts?



Mr. Roberts?



I just took a telephone call...



from somebody claiming

to be your kin.



I think there's been

some kind of family emergency.



Mr. Roberts?



Did you have

a nice walk up here?



I don't understand.



What are you doing here?



I just told you.



Your family needs you

to get ahold of them...



because apparently

there's been some kind of...



Family emergency.






OK, thank you.



Did you like that?



Joe, Franky's girl just called.



He didn't want

to get on the line.



Did you tell her?



I told her.



I don't know how

much got through, man.



At least he knows.



Have you been

on my property lately?



Have you seen those hippies

down there with their tents?



They have fires down there

at night, you know.



Well, I sent Randall

down to talk to them.



Why don't you come over

to talk to them?



I'll do that, honey.



- Pardon?

- I'll do that.



Well, if you need

moral support about your dad...



you could just stop by.



I appreciate that.



You just can't carry

that stuff alone.



It's pretty emotional, you know.



I got a family helping me out.



I appreciate it.



Well, sometimes you can

talk to another person...



a lot more openly than

you can your own family.



You know, let it out?



So, if you could just

come over on the property...



and I could even have

something to eat there.



Thank you.

You're a lovely lady.



You afraid of me?



- Am I what?

- Afraid of me?



What do you mean

am I afraid of you?



Can't you open up

and talk to me a little bit?



What do you mean open up

and talk to you?



I'm offering to share

some time with you...



while you're there

checking out these people.



I don't like them there.

I do own the land.



I don't really

want to prefer charges.



They're just kids.



Well, I don't want

to cause them problems...



but with fires and stuff,

and then at night...



the pop cans and everything,

for crying out loud.



How's your pig doing?



- Pardon?

- How's your pig?



He's fine.



He still living in

that old pickup truck?



Yes, he is.



He's a good guy, that pig.



Want to come to play with him?



That's an awfully

nice color on you.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.



Did you, uh...



You missed a spot.



That's just...



Well, you missed a whole spot.

The whole fender.



I'll take care of them hippies.

Don't you worry about that.



You need a lift anywhere?



To my house.



To your house. Just get in.



In front or back?



Can you squeeze in there?



Adios, Mrs. Roberts.



What do you say?



I don't speak no Mexican.



Good-bye, and please give

for me prayers to Mr. Roberts.



Thank you, Lucy, I will.



Work on your past tense.



Lucy, George Washington.



Glow in the dark.



Are you Joe Roberts' wife?



Yes. Who are you?






I'm Dorothy.



You in there, Frank?



It's me... Joe.



You in there, kid?



That you, Joe?



It's me, kid.



What are you doing in there?



Working on my draw.



All right if I come in?



Sure, Joe, come on in.



Bang. Gotcha.



So I had a bit to drink.



Somebody was boring me.



Think it was me.



You want to get dressed, Frank?



Take you to see your lady.



Pass me my drawers, would you?



I just hope he's OK.

Sometimes he hurts himself.



No, he'll be fine.

Joe'll bring him home.



So where did you and Frank meet?






Everywhere, I guess.



Excuse me.



Do you have a six?



Go fish.



I got what I asked for.



Do you have a nine?



Go fish.



Welcome back.



I'm sorry.



Feel sort of funny

showing up like that.



I don't know.

I'm glad you're here.



And Dorothy, too.



Finally got lucky, huh?



I sure hope so, because...



she's got my little monkey

in her belly.



You're going to be a pop?



Joe, Dorothy's pregnant.



I know. So I just heard.



Come here, Slappy.



I knew that Frank had come back

as a result of Dad's suicide.



It was an unsettling thought...



but that he'd come back

at all...



Help me with this shit!



And that he was going to

have a baby with his girl...



was enough for me to feel that

he'd not gone completely numb.



What am I, black?






What are you doing?



This is where you

used to be a little boy.



It's where I grew up.



We're going to be

in the big room, girl.



I know.

I just want to smell it.






I love you more than anybody

ever loved anybody before...



in the whole wide world.



Come on, Franky.



It's our first night

alone together in a big house.



I love you back, OK?



Honey, I got to go.



I told Joe

I'd meet him at   :  .



I'm late.

You're a beauty.






If you see a shooting star...



or if you see

anything else...



will you think of me?



Little sister, you really

asking me those questions...



or are you just

stalling me here?






I'll be back soon.



Used to be bears out here.



Not so damn long ago.



This place wasn't even

timbered when we were kids.



New ground.



New ground, shit.



New ground.



Not new ground.



What do you mean,

not new ground?



Old ground!



Old ground, shit.



Old ground. Dad said.



Said what?

What did Dad say?



You had a Sioux village

twenty-five miles north.



You had another

ten miles southwest.



He said,

when this was all woods...



you had Indian runners traveling

messages right through here.



Getting chewed by wolves.



Safe from wolves!



Shredded by grizzlies.



Safe from grizzlies.



Safe, shit.



Safe, Dad said.



Said what?



"Independent of time and space,

the Runner becomes his message."



Ain't no wolf, no bear

going to eat a message, Joe.



Never fucking happen.



Since when do you...



Wait a minute.



I get it.



I know you think that way.



What way?



I still love you.



Dad finally did something

you respect.



Hey, Pop should have been

an Indian Runner.



This place looked better

when I had it.



I'll bet it did.

You know why?



Because you had the fire in you.



People got it now don't live

on the land they're working.



Ain't got no fire.

Never had it.



This fire?



The fire's out now.

So what?



Between the cradle and now,

you happened.



You burned, brother.



What do I have to show for it?



What you got, Farmer Joe,

is knowing you once was.



On fire.









I burned.



The land was churned.



- I burned.

- The soil was turned.



- I burned.

- They took what you earned.



A lesson learned.



Meeting adjourned.



I've missed this, Franky.



I've missed having

a laugh with you.



Me, too.



Oh, man...

what'd you do that for?



Come on.



OK, Big Bear.



I'm an Indian Runner.

I'm a message.



And the message is...



bet you can't find me.



I'll get you.



Ready to give up?



God damn it.



All right!



All right, you win!



You're a message.

You win.



Oh, Joseph.



Oh, Joey.



The message is...



never trust a bear.



I thought you're a tough guy.



Frank worked hard,

every shift he could get on.



And Dorothy

tended to the house...



got the old place

looking remarkably new.






I wanted to burn again.



How much longer

do I have to do this, Franky?



Forty seconds.



I don't think

this is good for the baby.



Thirty-five seconds.



Why do I have to do this?



Because I got to know.

Twenty-five seconds.



Got to know what?






Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...



five, four, three, two, one.






I'll marry you... if you want.



Did you say you'd marry me?



If you want.



Oh, my God!

I'm going to be your wife!






Go, Franky, go!



Good, little sister.



It's kicking!



Franky, it's kicking.



Let me see.






That ain't a kick,

that's a punch.



That's the last wild son

you're baking, baby.



Is that right,

what your papa said?



You going to be

a big, strong, handsome dude?



What about me?



I got some skeeter bites

that need scratching.



How about you and me

go fiddle with the hydraulics?



Frank, don't talk like that!



Why are you looking

at me like that?



Come on, Franky,

you're scaring me.



Frank, you're scaring me.



Did I say the wrong thing?



Is it that you don't know me...



you don't know when

I say something nice?






You don't know how to see

good things from bad things?



That it?



Is it that we're strangers?



We're not strangers.



I don't know what

you're talking about.



Let's eat.



You eat.



You eat.



Stop it.



Wait. Where are you going?



It's OK, baby.



He's just restless, that's all.



Put your hands on him...



and you can't bring

any charges against him.



You weren't here.

You didn't see what he did.



He blind-sided me, man!



Listen to me.



Get in there!



No, you're not going

to get in there!



I'll run you in, man.



Damn it, he blind-sided me!



We tried to get you at home.



Maria said she didn't know

where you were.



Inside. It's Frank.



He busted this guy up

pretty good.



The guy's talking

about pressing charges.



Settle down. Take it easy.



Keep him there, Jim.



Where is he?



He's in there, boss.



I had to handcuff him

to the bar rail.



Looks like he ran up

a tab tonight, huh, Caesar?



He did that.



He tells me

he can sell some furniture.



Can you give us a minute,




Is that right, Frank?

You can sell some furniture?



That's good.



You blow off some steam,

Dorothy's got nothing to sit on.



What are you going to sell off

to keep this fella...



with the big eye from

pressing charges against you?



With your record,

you could do a year on this.



What can I say?

I fucked up.



I get in a violent way,

look around a room...



I want to bust it all to hell.



I see a guy like that...



I don't want him

to look at me cross-eyed.



I want that excuse

to fucking do him.



So you spend your life in jail?



That's a bear, man.



I'm a message!



Jail can't touch me.



Give me a cigarette.



I thought you were done

with this shit.






What about Dorothy? The baby?

Can it touch them?



- Outside parties.

- What?



Outside parties.

Give me a light.



I'm tired.

I just want to sit here, OK?



I'll sit here. I'll relax.



- You got something...

- Wait a minute, Clyde!



- Let me get in there!

- Listen to me.



Boy, I've had some

western times in this joint.



Frank, you got a job.



Oh, yeah.



You got a great girl.



You have a baby coming.



Give me your free hand.



Frank, give me your hand.



What are you doing?



I'm going to cut you a break.



Yeah, boss?



Bring that fella in here.



He's just going to jump

all over Frank.



I know.



You're bleeding.



Goddamn rocket scientist,

I tell you.



I'm going to go, Frank.



Be sure he comes by

to see me tomorrow.



I'll hold on to

the car keys till then.



All right.



Good night.



Good night, Joe.



What happened?



Ask Joe.



Joe, you've done

everything you can.



I know.



I know.



I look at him...



and I see this little boy...



with his little toy gunbelt on.



My little brother.



He's not

a little boy anymore.



He's got a problem.



He has to deal with it.









Yeah, Franky?



Come here.



I guess I got

a little off course last night.



I know.



I love you, little sister.



I know.



Look who I caught in

the parking lot doing wheelies.



I came to get the car...



but if you got a minute,

I'd like to talk to you.






Can you follow?



- Drop Frank's car at his place?

- Sure, boss.



You ride with me.



- Randall?

- Yeah, boss?



Where's your gun?



There it is.



Damn it!

That ain't funny, Frank.



I know you're worried about...



will I take care of business...



with the old lady...



when the baby comes.



I appreciate it.



But I don't want you

to worry about me no more.



I'm good, Joe.



I'm good.



I want you to have

a good life, Frank.



I know.



I guess...



I guess what I'm here

to say is that...



I'm sorry about all the shit.



I'm sorry about Mom...



and Pop.



And, you know,

I ain't said it, so...



I'm saying it.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Joe.



- Have.

- I have.






My pen.






- Had?

- Has.



Has. Telephone!






She has...



Joe Roberts.



What is it, Frank?



We'll be right there.



The baby's coming.



The baby was come.






I'm checking

the baby's head now...



and the back of the baby

is right over here.



The baby's coming.



We'll see if there's a horsy.



We'll see if there's a horsy.



It's all right.

I'll be right back.



Would you ask the doctor

where Frank went?



I just saw him drive off.



He said he left the room

just to let us in.



I'm going to go find him.



Did you ever

want to kill someone...



just out of rage...



and you don't do it

because you're afraid?



And it's all about fear.



Fear of the law

coming down, sure...



but mostly...



fear like in sin...



sin with God.



Yeah, Almighty God.



What if he ain't almighty?

What if he ain't sacred?



You might just as well

have done the fella, right?






maybe ain't nothing but fear.



You know?



What you doing here?



Looking for you.



You found me.



What are you doing here?



I'm having a drink.

Buy you one?



Don't you think you ought to be

by your lady's side?



Leastways, over at the house?



The house.



Why not?






Come on, Frank,

don't give me that horseshit!



How are you, Joe?



Afternoon, Caesar.



You boys watch the place

for a minute?



I got to go pay a visit

to the captain's chair.









I'm trying to understand

why you are...



such a selfish son of a bitch.



I want to know how

to help you, Frank.



You're my brother.



You're the angriest man I know.



I want to know

why you hurt people...



why you're not with Dorothy

when your baby's being born.



Let me ask you something.



How'd it feel

when you killed that fella...



that kid out on the highway?



Not good, Frank.



No? I would have thought

that felt real fucking good.



It was clean. It was legal.



You saved your own life.



I mean, that's common sense.



It's common fucking sense,




It's how these people think.



What people?



What people?



Man, you're on

a fucking tangent.



I ain't on a fucking tangent!



These fuckers don't give you

time to figure out the problem.



It's a math class.

The whole deal.



Just like every math class,

there's a clown in the front...



and everybody hates this clown

because he raises his hand.



He's answering

all the questions.



What do we do? Move on.



Just fucking move on,

ready or not.



He's deciding

we got to move on.



He knows his math.



I hadn't even figured out

about Santa Claus yet, dragons.



Gasoline was my favorite smell.



It's like your farm.



Who grew better crops,

you or the math man...



who bought it

out from under you? You!



What's a farm for?

It's for crops.



That's the world, Joe...



and it's a beauty.



Am I right?



You're right.



Am I wrong?



There is no common sense.

Right? I'm right.



All right.



All right.



So you're angry.



All your problems

are the world's fault.



That's right.

It's the world's fault.



Your fault. My fault.



The fault of every

motherfucking human being...



every fucking one

of them out there.



Life lacks tenderness, does it?



Go on back there.



Go see my angel get born.



Life must be great

if you laugh it up.



No, mister...



I'll just stay here

and drink it down...



because there's only

two kinds of men in this hell.



There's heroes and outlaws.



Which one are you?



Men come strong or weak,

and you ain't strong.



You're in a bar when

Dorothy needs you the most...



so you go ahead, Frank.



You go ahead. Drink it down.



You got it right.

There ain't nothing.



Ain't nothing worthwhile left,

not even our own children.



Your eyes are closed.

Keep them that way.



My eyes are open, Frank...



and I love looking at

my little boy and my wife...



and my house

and my little garden.



And I love you, Frank.



That all there is?



Why does that scare you so much?



Why doesn't it scare you?






I'm fixing a bridge

for fat retired men...



and their fat wives

and fat fucking little kids...



to drive over it

in their motor homes.



I'm making an impact.

That's what I'm doing.



That's all there is, Frank.



Out there it's family.



In here it's hell.



I'll be right back.



I'm here.

I'll be right back.



- What happened?

- It's nothing.



She all right?



She's tough.

Where's Frank?



- Not here.

- Where?



God! No!






You're doing beautifully.



- You're doing great.

- Almost there.



Oh, God! Help me!



Where's Franky?






Take a deep breath

and blow it away.



Keep pushing.



It's just about here.



This is Unit Three.

I got him.



The baby's coming.



He's coming.



The head is being delivered.






Can you see it?



Oh, God.



Here we come out,

and it's a boy.



A healthy boy,

it looks like.



I knew I'd never see or hear

from Franky again.



He turned his back...



on himself...



and on his family.



I went home that night...



watered my garden...



kissed my baby...



and I held my wife

until morning.



Life is good...



my brother Frank.

Special help by SergeiK