Infernal Affairs 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Infernal Affairs 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie Infernal Affairs 2.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Infernal Affairs 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Infernal Affairs 2 Script



Avici Hell. Also known as Continuous Hell

Uninterrupted time



Unlimited space. Boundless suffering

for the fallen souls



Uninterrupted time






I still remember my first arrest






It was December        



My partner and I were patrolling Hano Road



Shit was going down at New World Centre



We rushed over



A gang fight was taking place



About fifteen or so were already down



Lots of blood on the ground



Plus a severed hand, still holding a knife



My partner told me to draw my piece



I was a rookie so I did what he told



But before I could open the holster



My partner already dropped



This kid stabbed a pipe into his belly



Blood gushed out of the sawed off opening



I didn't know what to think



I simply put all six of my bullets



straight into that kid!



I don't remember how many years he got



But when I saw him again two years ago



he was boozing in a club, looking sharp



His buddies were all Kwun's goons!



Evil prevails. Only the good die young



I can barely recall my partner's face now



I regret



The six bullets weren't put into

that kid's skull



The world shouldn't be like this



It's not the way to be, Sam



How long have you been around

Tsim Sha Tsui?



Almost two years now



Do you know why I haven't messed

with you?



'Cause I am handsome!



Maybe so



'Cause I think you're a decent guy



I'd rather you be in charge



Forget about it



You couldn't waste the kid even

with six bullets



That makes you a decent guy, too. Right?



I don't want to be one



Kwun gave me everything, even my life



If I turned against him



I'd be despicable even in your eyes. Right?



I knew you'd say that



Chivalry means little to the Ngai Family



The Master often says



Retribution knows its time



Who knows how you and I will end up?



Time to work!



This early?



I've got to eat! So do my boys!



Take the whole box



That's okay. Keep it



Don't worry about it! Just go!



Want to use the back door?



Ain't no rules against schmoozing

with cops



The front door's fine. Got used to it



Prat Avenue!



Prat Avenue



Is Uncle Kwun in?



Uncle Kwun! Someone's looking for you!



Bye, Mary



They say this American antique's got...



...sweet high, crisp middle and strong bass









Who can afford it in Hong Kong?






Only around ten thousand people can

afford it



Sam asked you to be a mole in the force



If you don't like it, I can talk to him



You're my boy after all



It's fine with me









Hand me that bag






I thought you'd been dreading it



Hide in Tuen Mun till things quiet down



Stay fit for the Academy's new term



The money I gave you, spend wisely



You like the song?






It's yours



It won't sound as good on another player



Someday I'll pick out a good one for you



What? Don't like it?



Not at all



Sam gave you this watch, didn't he?



None of your business



Only you and I...



...know about tonight



I don't want Sam to know



Why's that?



Women are simple



A man treats me well, I'd do anything



Now go home. I'm very busy tonight



It's either you or me



The boss said I would see blood today



The Mainlander kept asking...



Got a Mercedes today, Keung?



I said, "Of course." And here I am!



Otherwise, I wouldn't be here with you



Mainland girls in arms



That's for sure!



Hey, got a cigarette?



I don't smoke



Let's forget about it. My car's fine



See! She says it's all good



Dressed all dandy



Don't want any trouble, do you?



Look at me. All beaten up by you



Who do you think the judge would believe?



I bet you guys never go to

Tsim Sha Tsui East, huh?



Know who I am? I'm Keung!



Sam's top dog. Del Piero's boy



I'll kick your ass every time I see you



And you can count on that



How about calling an ambulance, sir?



Look at all the blood!



Have them bring     cc Type O. It's rare!



Shut up!



Wait till we're back to the station



Why do I have to go to the station?



I only stole a piece of junk, sir!



What've I done to deserve the OCTB?



Just shut up!



Does that deserve an OCTB beating?



Don't you know you're just a cadet?



And you are expected to get a medal

this year



Don't ever let Yip know about this!



Happy birthday!



What's there to be happy about?



Ten years in the Academy. A rustic hell



You even managed to get me out



Your case's now ancient history



Get yourself out



So what if the Commissioner's Chinese




Still six more years till the hand over



I'll be    by then!



Might as well train a few good cops here!



The world is yours after     !



     ! Cheers!






Been beeping the whole day



How come you don't call back?






Cheers, sir! Cheers!



Just leave me alone!



It's none of my business

I don't want to know a thing



Go! Leave me alone!






What do you want?



My father just passed way



It was his wish to inform his children...



when something bad happened to him!



Sorry to have bothered you!



Stop watching TV! Eat first, Negro!



I wonder what they have on Kwun's death



Did you do it, Ching?



I've got a big mouth. Had I done it...


            would've heard about it!



Ask Wah and Gandhi



When Kwun died, I was in Macau



Everybody knows!



But I bet his kids think I did it



I ain't scared of nothing



The eldest son's a doctor

The youngest a brat



The daughter's married for ages



Only the middle son's running the show



If they go too far, I'll show them!



We failed to protect Kwun. It's our fault!



That's enough, Uncle John



Dad used to say



What goes around comes around



It came later than expected already



Wah, Ching, Negro and Gandhi



Guess what those four are thinking?



Thank you. Thank you all!



How's mom doing, sis?



She's fine. Been sleeping



Bring some cigs to the morgue for dad



I'll go get them



B Team, watch Tak Shing Street



C Team, watch the Austin Road exit...



...of that financial building



It has two exits



One on Tak Shing Street. One on Austin...









Something this big, why didn't you call?



I called everybody the minute it happened!



Kwun's boys can't sit still for sure



Shit will hit the fan tonight!



It's the   th already. You know that?



The   th. Time to pay the Ngai Family



I'm the youngest here



So let me be the jackass



I'm not paying the Ngai's any more



What do you three think?



Inspector Wong



What's up?



What're your men doing outside

Wah's building?



Not a good day for chit chat



Are you into something?



Fine, fine. Next time



What's the occasion?



Come on. Where's my seat?



Only if you're here for the food



All other businesses have to wait



The food. It's all about the food



Tonight's gonna be the shit!



Let the Big Four do their things



We'll deal with the aftermath



Don't let them start fighting



Or you'll see bodies



What? Not satisfied?



You know the rule. Pick a card



Okay. Higher points win



Come on!



There's nothing left to talk about



What's up, Hau?






Nothing much



Heard you're planning a casino in Macau



I've got the government in my pocket



How about a joint venture?



Uncle Kwun's dead



I'm not in the mood



I see



The Macau trip wasn't all business



I know you had fun with Gandhi's wife



Sorry, but I can't let go of my casino

in Macau



Gotta go



What are Sam's people doing?



I know Wah paid up



Don't change the subject



Tell me something I don't know!



Call me when you get your shit straight!



Hau took care of Wah in ten minutes



The Big Four are having a tough time



Hau took out a million's worth of coke






Mafia road block or what?



I don't know why Wah paid up, Hau



But I ain't gonna negotiate



I don't plan to negotiate, either



Pass the phone to Negro



Hey, Negro



Don't know why he calls you from my hood



What's up, Hau?



I'm with Gandhi all the way



He's not paying, neither will I!



Heard you and Gandhi have been tight



The heroin you two smuggled got robbed



Lost several millions each, right?



Luckily I found the stuff in your warehouse



Want me to hand it back to Gandhi now?



What's he talking about?



Among the Tsim Sha Tsui Big Fives...



Wah and Negro paid up



Counting Sam, that's   to  



I'm the youngest here. Gotta pay!



See ya!



Don't think too much. Cheers!



Pay my share for me!



Mr. Ngai went to eat, Inspector Wong



A bit late for chowing, don't you think?



My dad always came here after work



I have to keep up the ritual



Want to join us?



It's your seat from now on. Must be tough



Not at all



You guys worked all night for nothing



Now that's tough



Well done, Hau



Hope you can keep it up



Don't let it turn into a tragedy. Let's go



What did you say?



We want to celebrate



Kwun's dead



Time to pop the champagne



Want me to pop one for you?






Want to mess with cops?






The Ngai's are in mourning



What more do you want?



Let's go






Dad used to operate street gambling here



Started out as...



a dime and nickel business



Now who doesn't know his name?



He often said



What goes around comes around



And now he's...



I'll always remember this day



It's all good, honey. Want some snacks?



Good to hear that. Just come home



An officer has to have a clean background



Though you cut your ties with the Ngai's...


            still share the same father with Hau



That means you lied on your application



I have but to let you go



But before you leave...



...go see "Mr. Wrong Socks" first



Still want to be a cop?



Can I still?



Only if you can give me a good reason



I want to be a righteous person



If you want to be a cop...



...then lend me a hand. Simple as that



You pick me 'cause I'm Hau's brother,




When the time comes,

will you arrest him yourself?



How do I start?






You okay?



Hanging in there?



What's wrong?



Does it still hurt?



My dad passed away today



He was so good to me



I asked the officer...



...if I could go to his funeral



The officer said...



Know what it means to be a prisoner?



It means you're not allowed



even to attend your father's funeral



Don't you know that?



Get out of here!



Come on. Stop that









Are you nuts?



You sent Yan to be a mole?



Don't you know Hau's his half brother?



So what?



Bring me his file!



So you're playing the boss now, huh?



You damn well know you the files

are classified



I treat you like a bro. Is this what I get?



If you're a real bro, stop asking!



It's okay



Calm down!



Speak slowly!



She had an abortion!



It's no big deal. Just a baby



You can always have another one



I've been with you for four years



And I've bailed you out tons of times



One minute we're dining with my folks...



...the next you'll be in a gang fight



I don't want our baby to grow up like you



Do you understand?



Why so uptight?



No, nothing



Uncle John says you're doing well



Ever thought about helping the family out?



I know you want to keep a distance

from the Ngai's



But we're blood brothers. It's a fact



It's my daughter's birthday this Sunday



You're invited



You really hate talking to me, huh?






Promoted already?

Soon you'll be a superintendent



Might as well become a full time cop



Sam's kidding. Go ahead,

give me a smile



Thanks for your intel these couple years



When you were still a rookie...



I helped you catch some small potatoes



It's about time you caught some big shots



How about catching me?



Why so dirty? Or you can catch

this hot chicks



What're you doing?!



What a hot hootchie mama!



Your man must be

one good looking bastard



It's you! Who else?



Gotta go



Gotta go meet Mr. Ngai



Sam's so good to you!



But he's not good to himself



It's been four years



He could be in charge now



But he gave everything to the Ngai's




Now the Ngai Family's all big and bad



Hau must've figured it out



For the past four years



I haven't been sleeping well



I'm Inspector Wong Chi Shing



Don't worry, Mary



I won't let anything happen to you



Words, words, words



I promise



Toss it up!



Two days ago, a real estate agent came



Guess how much he offered?



One hundred sixty million!



What's wrong with Hong Kong? Tell me!



When my dad bought it



it was   million...     thousand



What a world!



Moving, Mr. Ngai?



     is approaching. Time to emigrate



No big deal



Communication's easy these days



We're just a phone call away



I'm just worried about the phone bill



The phone company's greedy, you know



I've discussed it with mom



Our businesses are on the right track



You guys helped out so much in the past



I don't want to be ungrateful



I want to split the business up...



...among you guys



Treat it as a gift or a retirement fund



Let's eat! Take whatever you want!



We should hang out like this more often



Mr. Ngai



Are you leaving for real?



After you're gone, hell will break loose!



You're a Buddhist, aren't you, Sam?



Easy to start. Hard to let go



I'm letting go. Be happy for me



I've thought about it



Cocaine will be the future



Those four ship it in small bags

from S. America



Small timers!



I've closed a deal with the Thais



You'll have the monopoly



You'll be the top dog. Leader of the pack



Go to Thailand and wrap up the logistics



You plan to get rid of those four?



Move closer to the right, please






Come join the family portrait



Stand next to me!



I haven't been around much

these two years



It's rare to spend time...



...with the whole family like this



Your siblings are in legit businesses



It's time you helped out the family



Everything dad did was for the family



I did the same



Hope you will, too



A deal's coming up next week

Come with me



I'll call you



I think he's taking the deal seriously



He'll go in person next Wednesday



The   th... Kwun's memorial



Hau wants to whack the Big Four



Why does he send Sam away?



Don't know. Sam should be of help to him!



Unless he wants to kill Sam also!



I've been following you around for days!



I'm your superior after all



I want to know what your plan is



The Ngai's are your family



Do you really know what you're doing?






I'm a cop!






Give me a salute



I've booked a table. Care for dinner?



Do I look good in my cap?



Looking good?



What'll you do in Thailand in that outfit?



Have some shark fin



A massage. Get two whores

for a threesome



That's for sure









Why didn't you tell me about your trip?



It's a business trip! Not for fun!



Don't worry. I'll behave



Hau plans to whack Wah and those guys



I know



But do you know you're his target too?



Nonsense! How can that be?



Just wait for me at the airport!



Time to board, Sam!



That's all I can do for now



Call Sam again when the plane lands



I'm going to kill Hau tonight



Don't do anything rash!



I'm not being rash!



Four years ago...


            told me to kill Kwun



So what? Want to blackmail me now?



I'm not blackmailing you



We simply passed the point of no return!



I'll send everybody away



Tonight's operation's top secret



We're divided into three teams



Team A watches here



Team B here



Wait for my order before doing anything



Team C follows the target until...



Nobody told me about the date change!



You know Hau changes his mind

all the time



You think Yan's the only mole?



My man's been undercover

for seven years!



Where's the deck of cards?



We'll run the show together tonight



Let's go!






How are you?



D o n't move... -






Zipping it till your lawyer gets here?



Come on, cooperate with us!



In fact, I appreciate your cooperation



Are you speaking Zen, Mr. Ngai?



I don't get it



Dad used to say...



...the way things work in the streets...



...what goes around always comes around



He died four years ago. It's about time



The stove's hot enough now



She's here, boss



You're here now



What can you swing?



Wait and see



Got it! Sir



The two foreigners are private eyes



Honey! Where are you?



Thailand, of course



Come back right away!



Are you nuts? Why should I come back?



Don't ask questions! Just come back!



Hau wants you dead!



Nonsense! I'm working for him

as we speak!



Listen to me!



I killed Kwun!



You've got a VCR?



Isn't it good?



What an awesome show!



Take care. Run if you have to



What did Hau say?



Sam. Sunny!



Mr. Ngai told me to take good care of you!



Four years ago...


            told me to kill Kwun



So what? Want to blackmail me now?



I'm not blackmailing you



We simply passed the point of no return!



I'll send everybody away



I hired Alan and Johnson...


            investigate my father's murder



Who would've known?

The police conspired...



to murder my father



A law abiding citizen



SP Luk



Isn't that an officer in the video?



Whether to nail him or not...



...that's up to you



What a good show!



You're so friggin' photogenic



Four years ago...



How much did Sam's woman pay you?



Give me another chance, Mr. Ngai



I gave them a chance four years ago



They didn't take it



If I give you a chance



Are you going to take it today?



You've been with us for seven years now



You're a cop



We're the bad guys



Time to accept our fates



You can't blame me



Your Inspector Wong killed my dad



Any words from Sam?



Sam called me



He said he was fine



He asked you to wait for him here



Where're your folks?



All emigrated



You didn't go with them?



Let's go, Sam! We got rid of the Thais



Let's go!



You know you're not going to make it



I know



My girl's in danger in Hong Kong



Please help me



Why should I?



'Cause I'll help you whack your boss



I know you want to be in charge






I've been treating you as a pal



Don't believe him, Sam! Don't!



Get lost!



Don't believe him! Get lost!



Sorry, Sam



Are you here to arrest me?



If you're going to kill Hau



I will



Then there's nothing to talk about



I spoke with my superiors



They're with you all the way this time






I conspired in murder!



Even the Brits agree that...



...we can't let the triads break us



The whole department's behind you



Good enough?



Where's your deck of cards?



The higher points win



Come back with me to the department



The key!



Forget it. I screwed up



No need to drag everyone down with me



We found this deck in our first outing




You've been keeping it all this time



I knew that all along



I've let you get your way in the past



It's your turn to listen for once



We're like brothers



Think I'm just gonna be a spectator?



Law's my snitch in the Ngai Family



He hasn't contacted me for days



Neither has Yan!



The key!






Help! Get some help!



Why did you lie to me?



I didn't!



Something happened to Sam!



I told you I was a simple woman



I have to do something for my husband



I'm going to Thailand



Please don't go!



Forget it! You don't have to follow us




I mean, I don't want you to go



You've been with Sam for years



Has it occurred to you...



Maybe Sam's dead!



What did you say?



I can take care of you



What're you doing?



I don't want you to go!



You're out of line!



Listen up!



I'm your boss's woman!



Don't let me see your face again!



She will go to the airport tonight...



Hello? Hello?



I killed Kwun!



A man treats me well



I'd do anything









File number IO    



About Inspector Wong conspiring

in murder



This is the    th internal hearing



Inspector Wong



do you have any question?









An inspector should possess

leadership skills



Mr. Lau



you joined as a police constable



Could you tell the promotion board



why you deserve to be promoted?



Of course



On April        ...



The department received this tape



Accusing you of conspiring in a murder



I confess, sir



It's already     



Before the   st of July



If we don't receive your

PO assessment report



Do you still think you can be promoted?



In Chinese, there is a saying



With a new king come new followers



So, I guess we will have to start

all over again



What happened to you?



If I told you...



...that the evidence couldn't stand



would you like to start over?



I'm sorry. I broke the law



What do you think of the police force's

morale after     ?



Chinese people are sentimental



I hope the law will continue to back me up



But, I strongly believe in myself, sir!



I'm grateful to all of you



But I've got no confidence left. I lost!



What about Luk then?



Can you face him if you give up now?



The war's not over



We all want a closure to this incident



Hong Kong is not run by the Ngai Family



Here's a file from the Interpol



Read it before your make up your mind



Ever been to a funeral in Thailand?



A few months ago...



I had one for my wife



The monks chanted for three full days



I didn't shed a single tear



On the day of the burial...



...they left the casket in the living room



I was mad



I wanted to beat them up



The monk told me



it's a tradition in Thailand



The deceased...



As long as we keep her company...



for a little while longer



she can attain eternal peace



But I asked the monk



what if my wife was not in the coffin?



Could she still attain eternal peace?



Sorry about your wife



The monk placed his hand here



He said, "No problem



Your wife's here."



And here's exactly...



...where the Thais shot me!



So I told myself



I've passed the point of no return



Testifying against

Hau could be dangerous



I believe in you. You're so handsome



Haven't heard that for ages. Thanks



What's your plan?



Just trying to do my best



No big deal. It's my job



I'll leave Hong Kong when it's all over



You've changed






You diluted the coke, didn't you?



Got anything to say?



Take it all then!



Don't go too far, Yan



lt'd break the boys' morale



Mr. Ngai asked me to be in charge here



Don't like it? Drive him to the hospital!



No matter what



they're elders after all



You've got lots to learn from them



Uncle John will retire in a few years



You know what I mean?



I don't need any hiccups now



The Labor Athletic Association has

a formal...



...for us Political Consultative candidates



If everything works out



our family will no longer live in shadows



Mr. Cheung



Mr. Ngai



How are you? Good. Good



When Solicitor Hung mentioned you



I didn't believe him



You're amazingly young, Mr. Ngai



What's your Zodiac?






The Year of the Ox



Ox's good



Director Chan likes young people



I'll introduce you later. Thanks






Director Chan said he hated the triads



That's right, SP Leung



Mr. Ngai's been invited to consult

the police



Really? Congratulations!



Where do you golf these days, Chan?



Zhong Shan Onsen



What's your handicap these days?



How are you? My name's Ngai...



Mr. Ngai Wing Hau



I'm Mr. Ngai's solicitor



Tonight's a celebration for HK's hand over



All other businesses can wait



What if I say no?



Got any problem with that?



Mr. Ngai



You're a suspect



in several murder cases in     



You're under arrest



This is your arrest warrant



Everything you say



will be recorded...



and could be used as evidence

against you



Do you have any question?






I looked through their files



The murder charges won't stand



But your being a triad boss...



That one will stick



The unions and the political parties called



They want to withdraw their invitations



Words from the HK and

Macau Affairs Office



They have revoked your candidacy



Call Beijing. Get some friends to help



Let me try



Forget it



They even found a dead man to testify

against you



Everyone knows how loyal Sam was

to you



Now he's the prosecution's witness

It's over



Sorry. Can't help you



You said there'd be no problem!



Everyone's watching how we will react



What're you going to do?



What can I do?



Threaten the government?



Don't take it the wrong way



We're all in the same boat



Time for me to get off then



I'm just a lawyer. Not one of you



I don't intend to sink with you. Sorry






Sam has a wife and a daughter are

in Thailand!



It's your call






You and the brothers should take mom...



...and go to Hawaii for a while



Okay. Haven't been there for a while



Are you going to be all right?



I'll be fine



Sorry I can't help the family



The key thing now is you turn out okay



Don't be silly. We're a family!



Take care of mom!



Don't worry. Leave it to us three



Even with my testimony



Hau will only get a couple years



It's true



He'll have to whack you to get life



I have to thank you



Without you



I could never have come back



Save it! I'm busy these days



Anything you need, ask them



They'll protect you









So, how's it going?



Good. Been transferred to the CIB



Will be Inspector in Training next month



Did Mary call you...



...before she left...?



Don't be too hard on yourself, Sam



Inspector Wong said to find you

if I needed anything



Will you really help me?



I thought you wouldn't come



Why's that?



So here we are



It's been two years



Because of my father's case



you didn't dare to call me for two years?



You couldn't face me?






All you need to nail Hau is in the safe



I've organized the files according to dates



Why do you still help me?



I'm not helping you



I'm a cop



I want to keep my promises to SP Luk!



And I don't want to be a mole any more



Two more years and I'll become the top dog



What for? To end up in prison?



Let's bury the past



Just bring me back into the department



Give me a desk



Make sure it has a sea view



And don't let me see your face again



Don't worry



You won't see me any more



One more thing



I couldn't spell some of the words



Come find me if you don't understand



But don't mess up the order



I'll kill you if you mess that up!



That's great. Put me out of misery!



You wish!



Thank you, officer



The trial will start in three days



Mr. Hon






Inspector Wong! Sam's gone!



He escaped through the kitchen



Who was guarding the kitchen?



Sorry, sir



Sam'd made a call to Thailand...



...before he escaped



Mr. Ngai



What do you want from me?



You called me



So tell me how you can help me



Am I right? Sit down



Whack me!



Kill me and it's all over!



Why should I?



Haven't done that kind of stuff for ages



Everything can be negotiated



Hong Kong's big enough for us both, Sam



We can even be partners



Let's forget about the past



You will kill me



You'll kill me tonight



But who's gonna take care of your family?



Just in!



Hau has Sam's wife and daughter

as hostages



That's his Thai maid!



I managed to stay alive all these years



It's all because...



...I have some good buddies in Thailand



You want to take this call



It's from Hawaii



Your whole family's there



My Thai buddies, too



Hello! Mr Ngai



My boss asked me



to take good care of your family



Daddy! Where are you?



Mr. Ngai!



Shut up!



You'll whack me tonight. I told you so



Put it down, Ngai Wing Hau!



Let him



He tried to kill me once before



Let him do it again!






After he shoots me...


           'll be your call to shoot him or not



What goes around comes around!



Two questions



Did you kill his whole family?



Of course not!



My buddies and I were just scaring him!



Did you expect me to kill him for you?



Would you believe me if I said no?



I expected to die here



It was my only way






Did you know how hard I worked...


            collect tons of evidence...


            put him away for life?



How are you?



The Thai guy, Sam






Thank you



It's all good



We're now partners



Cocaine straight to HK from now on



Should I wrap up the Ngai episode?






Maybe we shouldn't go too far



It was pure luck that you bumped into me



Otherwise you would've been killed



We were destined to be partners...



...when my gun failed to kill you



You can never go too far. Get it?



The hand over ceremony of Hong Kong...



...commenced earlier at   :  



Both countries' anthems were played



A British flag



rose up in the hall



The ceremony was dignified



Yet it'd had its share of relaxed moments...



before its commencement



When both countries' marching

bands played



some Chinese representatives

took pictures



Prince Charles



and Governor Patten were smiling



As the ceremony officially commenced



Three British soldiers



and three Chinese ones... -



...marched slowly onto the podium



The Chinese soldiers... -



displayed the PRC flag



Following their lead...



Three HK Royal Police officers...



...emerged with



three HK SAR Police officers



The three SAR officers displayed...



...the HKSAR flag to the honorable guests



And now



all the guests have risen



It was exactly midnight



The arrival of July   st,     



The PRC flag rose up...



with the HKSAR flag



marking the end of the colonial era



It also signified the beginning...



...of the One Country Two Systems policy



The Hong Kong Special

Administrative Region...



...of the People's Republic of China

has been established



Okay. It's a deal



Come join me



You know what kind of boss is the worst?



The ugly boss



Look's everything! Look how I shine!



What's your name, miss?



What's your name, miss?



I'm Ma... Mary



M-A... -



M-A-Y... -









Continuous Hell embodies   components:



Uninterrupted Time, Unlimited Space,

Boundless Suffering



Transgressers of the Five Deadly Sins

fall into this hell forever



condemned to the ultimate

incessant suffering

Special help by SergeiK