Initial D Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Initial D script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the drift racing movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Initial D. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Initial D Script





When will be our next race, Ryousuke?



When you beat all the downhill racers

in Gumma,



then I'll race you









All the downhill roads in Japan



Starting tomorrow, you start

from the South, I the North



We'll compete with different

downhill racers



Let's see who ends up winning more, OK?



You not gonna race in the tracks?



The tracks?



Downhill roads are much more fun



I'm back



What's wrong?






Help me change my underpants



Son of a bitch, why did you change

my underwear?



Where're you going?



Off to school



School? Isn't it your summer vacation?



You're always out.

Are you a rent boy now?






You know what's a god?



A god was once human



But he could do

what other humans could not



That's why he became a god



A year ago, that bitch of a principal

expelled me



She said, Itsuki, why don't you...



call yourself 'Eat Shit' instead?



Then it hit me



I have to tell the world



Itsuki's not a piece of shit



I'll be a racer



Within a year, I've become the racing

god of Mt Akina



The boss of the Speedstars race team



But you didn't get your license

until last year



That's what we called talents



It's simple, just like drifting. How?



Pull the handbrake at a turn

to swing the car sideways



How's that? Cool



Won't it... slow the car down?



How'd you drift then?



Floor the gas pedal



Don't slow for the curve






Then you and your car fly off the cliff



I don't blame you.

We got our licenses together



Yet you still haven't touched the wheel



Why don't you join my team?



I don't have a car



Don't worry, you can wash mine



I drive, you wash.

What a promising career



Come on, bro. Cheers



Milk. What's so good about it?



Lots of calcium and protein



Also good for your eyes



A good racer needs good eyes



Wanna go to a movie later?



Can't. I got my part-time job



Had an eyeful?



Natsuki from Class  B



In white today



Having fun?



Why so nervous?

You guys are close, huh?



Not at all



No? I heard that you had a fight over her...



with Bulldog from the neighboring class



Time for work



Right, time for my allowance too



Were those your classmates?






They look like punks. Street racers?



No, they work at the gas station

after school



They work hard

but earn only    K yen a month



I bet you've spent all the cash

I gave you last time



Thanks for taking care of me

and my mom



But that's too much



Take it. You deserve it



What kind of dad are you?



I only ask you for a million yen and

you say no?



I'm worried you'll be in solitude

during your last years



I'm sure my last years will be just fine



How so?



What if I leave you

after I become a world champ?



I still have my gas station



Cashier, Boss



After you die,

it will be mine anyway. Get it?



Okay, consider that an advance

from my pay



An advance?



Excluding the money I spent raising you,



you have already borrowed         yen



An advance? What have you done,

Mr. World Champ?



I have no idea



Welcome, Sir.

Which gas would you prefer?



Does the racing god of Mt Akina

own this station?



Sorry, but I don't know



Look, this is what a car should be



Great bodykit, alloy rims.

Wow, sports wheel



What's the price tag on this?



Are you the racing god of Mt Akina?



It's actually me



But I was told he's the owner here



Yes, I'll be the owner in a few years

when he dies



You hit your own son.

Beware of divine intervention



We're the Night Kids Team from Myogi



My name is Nakazato



I'd like to race the racing god of Mt Akina



There's no racing god in Mt Akina



If you're looking for God,



there's a temple over there



Anyway, I'll be waiting for you

at Mt Akina tonight



Wash the car.

We'll go up to Mt Akina tonight



How many races have you won?



How 'bout you?



Same here



Who you racin' tonight?



How 'bout we go for a race first?



So crowded. You sure you can manage?



Take it easy. I'll give my best



I have to be home... at  



You know my dad



Don't worry



What? Still nervous?



Look, so many people...



Hurry up.

I need to give my assistant a ride home



You gonna take him with you in the race?



Is that forbidden?



Looks like this guy knows nothing at all



Well, in that case, I better sit with you



You guys are gay or what? I better leave



Fatty, we'll start from here.

The first one who...



gets to the parking lot wins



Bullshit. Of course the faster wins















He's a real amateur



We'll see at the first corner



The car behind is kissing ours



This guy is clueless



What you gonna do?



Just stay calm



Let's overtake him. It's safer



That's not necessary



Watch out ahead. What?






Look what you've done.

Told you to stay calm



It's all because of you wouldn't stay calm



See, I told you

I would take you home on time






What do you mean?



You're the bastard

who puke right after you got out



Looks like it's 'bout time

we have a race here



It's not the right time yet






You wanna hear the truth?



Go ahead



I noticed something

while I was in your car.



You're not smooth each time

you attacked a corner



Although your GTR has big horsepower,



but the engine is heavy



There're so many corners in Mt Akina



Your car was understeered at every turn



Especially the   consecutive hairpins



You couldn't cut to the best lane

every time



Unless you can overcome this,



you stand no chance with my FC



Unless you can overcome this,



you stand no chance with my FC



So glad you're safe



You have to be safe

in order to be a world champ



I wanna buy a GTR



I'll get you a Mercedes instead



I wanna buy a GTR



And a Rolex



I wanna buy a GTR



But you almost killed yourself last night



It wouldn't happen

if I were driving a GTR



If you were driving a GTR,

you would have died



I wanna buy a GTR






How could I help you?



You can't help me,

I'm here for the fatty racing god



Racing god?



What you up to? Trying to put me down?



I lost to an AE   last night



He dashed around the corner

with Inertia Drift



I could only catch the tofu shop label on it



You know him?



If you do, just tell him that



I'll be waiting for him

on Mt Akina Saturday night






It got nothing to do with me



I was here last night



Whoever beat him last night

is the real racing god



Don't tell me that was you



It's... my old pal Bunta



What? Say it again



I know it sounds incredible



Like I'm standing here looking at you



But the guy with the GTR did say

you beat him



GTR? Is it very powerful?



    horsepower, a four-wheeler...



Fortified body...

it's Japan's national treasure



So what?



Just go race with him for fun



It's really hot



I'd kick your ass if you were my dad



I'm leaving, take care



Take care, bye















Didn't you say hot spring rice bun

is your favorite?



I'm very sorry you were punished

by the principal...



for beating up the boy because of me



I've been trying to thank you ever since



But each time I saw you,

you seemed to ignore me



It's because... I'm afraid...



I'm afraid the school...



Others in school would think...






You're afraid they would think you

and I are...



We've been in the same class

since grade school



We've always talked about anything



But these days it seems that

you're avoiding me



I haven't talked to you for weeks already



How's the bun?



So I can still talk to you in the future?



I have something important to tell you



I bought a very sexy swimsuit



Before the finals, you promised,



to take me for a spin to the beach



Have you forgotten?



I bought the swimsuit right

after you told me that



At last I chose the one with the least cloth



Why're you looking like that?



You're choked?



Are you OK?



I'm okay...



How're you? Are you OK?



Don't scare me



I'm okay



Takumi, you'll pick me up

at the station this Sunday



You promised



I gotta go now



Bye-bye. Bye-bye



You'll pick me up at the station

this Sunday. You promised






Have you beaten a GTR

in Mt Akina recently?



I think so



Was the car real fast?



It's seriously fast on straight roads



But when it entered corners,

it became real slow



You really found it slow?



What's it you wanna know?



Nothing really. Just curious



I bought a very sexy swimsuit



Do you need your car this Sunday?






The market union is having a potluck.

Wanna go?



You wanna go?



What a rude brat



Hey, Tofuman



What's up, Gasman?



I'm looking for you



What for?



Got a fun and crowded place to go






You're asking me out tonight



So you're not mad

I don't go to your gas station?



No... I was mad you asked

everyone not to come



Your gas was indeed more expensive



But my gas was of higher quality



So you asked me out to talk 'bout this?






I didn't expect you could still hold up

at your age



You asked these girls to test me out?

I'll show you



I'm referring to you winning the GTR

the other night



That wasn't me



I haven't been delivering in Mt Akina

for years



So... I saw a ghost that night?



That was my boy Takumi






One night   years ago,

my hemorrhoids were hurting bad



It's excruciating.

They were this big. Damn



So I asked my boy to deliver for me



But... he was barely    then



What's the big deal? It's Mt Akina



There's not a soul at   in the morning



I would just let him



He left home at  



and returned at  :  



A year later,



he'd come back at  :   or even at  



Two years later,

he's been back before  :  



Within a half-hour? Including delivery?



It only takes him four and a half minutes...



to go around Mt Akina



You telling me he never had an accident?



Not at all



Once he rushed home to sleep

and floored the pedal



All the tofu was crushed



Put this in the car



Don't spill a single drop, or I'll kill you






It took him two hours to get back at first



Then... one and a half hour



A month later, it's an hour



Gradually it became half an hour



But I haven't been timing him lately



Your boy is so good,



why don't you ask him

to race the GTR driver again?



I'll pay for the gas



I was treated as a shitty racer

when I was young



Who knows my boy would be even worse



You know he's the only son

in the whole family



If anything should happen to him...



Get another one then



Hey, Tofuman






But what 'bout the GTR?



And tonight's bill?



Tofuman. You bastard



Bring me the scissors



I bought a very sexy swimsuit



Boss, this Sunday... I'd like...



Let me through



What do you want?



Dad, I've decided not to buy the GTR now



That's my boy



Takumi's dad is right:

A racer should stand up again...



after each defeat






Let me race in your car tonight



My car?



From this moment on,

I'm no longer your dad



So how 'bout Mom?



What 'bout Mom?



If she knew you went to the nightclub

last night,



what do you think she would do?



Who're you looking for?



Tofuman, you bastard



You sent my son to die,

Itsuki drove off with my car



You have to ask Takumi

to go to Mt Akina tonight



I'm not free right now



What you mean by that?



This is the first time I begged you,

and you said no?



What 'bout the nightclub bill last night?



What kinda tofu you want?



   years ago, the fastest racer

in Gumma Province...



was Bunta Fujiwara of Mt Akina



A gifted racer of that era



Many racers told me that...



you could be the first world champ

in Japan



But you chose to get married    years ago



You became a tofu man instead of a racer



Sometimes one decision can change

one's whole life



It goes with racing and it goes with life



But not everyone can figure out

the consequence



Like you didn't guess your wife

would leave you



Anger. That's what a racer needs



I wanna race you, just once



Sorry, what you want is not for sale here



Please go to another shop



Sorry to disturb you



Don't answer it. It's some asshole calling






You wanna use the car tomorrow?



Go up to Mt Akina tonight.

If you can win the GTR,



I'll let you use my car tomorrow



With a tank of gas



Brim full






If Takumi wins the GTR

at Mt Akina tonight,



your nightclub bill would...



would... you know?



We've blocked all the cars going

uphill already



All the roads are clear.

The race can start any time



Hey, racing god, give me a break, OK?



You couldn't even enter a curve.

With this car...



I'm afraid you'll die



Whatcha doing? This is a public area



You can't block the road

with guys holding walkie-talkies



I'll call the cops



You really won't leave?



After you



Whatcha doing?



Don't mess with my car



Don't touch my car



Ryousuke, an AE   is coming uphill



The real racing god has arrived



Takumi's dad






Takumi, it's you? Where's your dad?






Is he hiding?



No, he asked me to come...



For what? Delivering tofu?



No, to race the GTR



Stop pulling my leg



You don't even know

how to enter a curve. You'll die



That's ok. I've been delivering tofu here

for   years



I know, but you gotcha license last year



I already beat him once



So it was you last time?









If Takumi wins,

is the nightclub bill settled?



Didn't we discuss this two hours ago?



Two hours ago?



The GTR is very fast.

You think Takumi has a chance?



All your cars were dearer and

faster than mine



But did you ever win, you idiot?



That's different, 'coz you're crazy



Did I ever say that my son is normal?



Five, four, three...



Go for it Two, one...






Don't wag your tail too much



But the AE   is not picking up speed



It's OK to lose a little at the beginning



There're less straights and

more sharp corners later



That will be the show time for my boy



The mighty GTR is leading all the way



The AE   is no match for it

on straight roads



He may catch up at the corners



I'm afraid it has no chance

to get near the GTR



They're entering the curves.

The AE   is gaining



Yet the GTR is extremely accurate

in turning



The AE   has changed its tactic

and begins to drift



They're getting closer

at the center of the curve



The AE   attacks the corner very fast



The cars almost touched each other as they drifted out



Your boy is really that good?



A few years ago, my boy told me

he needed glasses



So I took him to an optician



But his eyesight turned out to be   




I told him: Hey, kid...



I'll kick your ass if you're kidding me.



And he said, when he drove,

he found everything else



getting slower and slower



I knew then...



that he was getting faster and faster



I lost at this corner last time.

It won't happen again



The AE   is sticking close to the GTR.




The AE   tries to overtake,

but the GTR blocks the lane



That's unfair. It's foul play



You like a good licking?



The AE   fails to pass,

but they're closer at the corner



The AE   is looking for a chance

at the back



If what you said is true,

then it's sure win for Takumi?



It all depends on...



the last  ... consecutive... hairpins



The last   hairpins.

The AE   is not slowing down



He can't pass at this speed



The AE   has overtaken at the inner curve



Can the GTR catch up...



at the remaining hairpins?



The GTR is slowing down,

the AE   has won



It's very funny the way you drove



Weren't you up the hill?

You're down already?



I heard you used the ditch

to enter the corner, right?



I'd like to race you too. You've got time?



I'm sorry. I raced tonight 'coz

my dad asked me to



I don't think there'll be a next time



Maybe you'll change your mind tomorrow



It's done



I've raised you right. You make me proud



Hey, come on



What is it?






What's with the towel?



It's the sunlight



Don't be shy



Or you see me in swimsuit and...



I'm not



Takumi, why all these wounds?



These wounds are...



Inflicted by my dad



After Mom left us,

Dad got drunk all the time



He beat me up when he got drunk.

Disgusting, huh?



I think you look more hunky that way



A real man gotta have a few scars

on his body



I hate those sissies with smooth skin



Especially this one on your back



That's three years ago



This one is last week's



Does it hurt?



And here?



That's a mosquito bite



You fooled me



Here we are



Your driving is really good, Takumi



I always felt carsick on long rides



But I didn't even need to take pills today



That's good



I really had a fantastic time today.

Thanks so much



You're welcome









You know what's a god?



A god is actually human



But he can do what other humans can't



God, please save me



Please save my car as well



Sit down



Is the World Champ getting cuckoo?



He bought an AE   that's why



What about him?



That's easy, he's in love



What's with you today?



You won't get it



Of course I will



A man's problem could only be cash

or chicks



What do you want?



You said you'd teach me to drive



When did I say that?



Who cares. I'll drive downhill

at the highest speed



Give me a few tips



Given my talents, things will sink in

after this once



Let's go then, it'll be quick



Have you fastened your seat belt?



Look out for the back



Wow, what a speed,

Can't wait to get laid or what?



Turn on the hazard lights. Let the car pass



Why's it kissing my ass?



Whatcha want?



Sorry, I thought it's the tofu shop's AE  



But it's just... a piece of junk






Don't wander around at this hour



Better go home and sleep



He meant you



He must be gay,

wearing a bandanna at night



I think he's up on the hill for...



Junk... Simply junk



Let me drive



Whatcha want? Say something



He was trying to kill us. Didn't you see?



So what?



He said you're a piece of junk



Let him say whatever he likes.

We don't care



Hey, the brake...



The brake, yo



The brake



Itsuki, what's wrong with your car?



What 'bout it?



It doesn't brake when it enters a corner



All four wheels are flying off the ground



And it almost overturns every time

it exits a corner



So why you still driving so fast?



I gotta chase that asshole



I wanna go home... Dad






Itsuki, are you OK?



Are you sure?






Takumi, what kinda driver are you?



Sorry for wrecking Itsuki's car.

I'll pay for it



I'm not talking about this. Do you know...



the guy last night is a member of

the Emperor Team?



He's a professional racer



You've beaten his EVO

in this piece of junk



Are you crazy or what?



But it's exactly the same as my dad's



How could it be the same?



Your dad has spent so much time

and effort on the car



It took him a month to find

the right suspension



This one over here...



Only an idiot like my boy could be

conned to buy this crap



Where's Itsuki?



The World Champ's useless.

Just a spin and he's been puking till now



Who would get carsick?



Takumi, you're different



You'll probably become an ace racer

one day



Keep it up






What's wrong?

You dropped your money?



The suspension.

It took you one month to fix it?



Why so long?



Not just the suspension



I needed to test the tires, the brake,



vertical distance, balance

between front and rear...



It took about a month



Is it really fun being a racer?



Why? You wanna be a racer?



I dunno



You dunno?



Then come on in and help me make tofu



Your friend's been helping me

for the whole afternoon



My friend?



You're too kind



It's no trouble



Please have some tea, Uncle



The tofu is done.

I also made some dimsum






You're welcome



Takumi, you're back



How come you're here?



Look who's talking



You haven't called me once

since the swim last time



So I came to pay you a visit



Natsuki, where's the dimsum?



Just a second



It's so nice having a woman in the house



Oh... and in such a short skirt



If only it's two inches shorter...



You should've called me first



I called you several times



Either you're at work or you're sleeping



Lucky that Uncle is a nice guy



He ain't no nice guy



But I've been chatting with him

on the phone for days



He's actually very fond of you,

you know?



You've been chatting with him for days?



What's so strange about it?



What did he say?



Uncle told me you wanna be a racer



I never said that



He also told me, if you try hard enough,



you'll become a world class racer

some day



Someone once told me,



it's most important to find a world that belongs to us



Life is meaningful only

when we can find this world



Takumi, I think for you,

this world is racing



Who told you that?



It's an uncle who told me that






Since my father died,



he's been taking care of me and my mom



I thought it's my dad



I knew he couldn't be that deep



So who is this uncle, Natsuki?



It's most important to find a world

that belongs to us



Life is meaningful only

when we can find this world



If you try hard enough,



you'll become a world class racer

some day



Takumi, I think for you,

this world is racing



You deliver tofu so early in the morning?



Something wrong with the car?






I'm tuning it



Remember I told you

I wanna race with you?



I never agreed



If I ask you again now, would you agree?



Co-ordinating the suspension and the tires...



really takes a whole month?



You wanna know? Yeah



It's crucial to increase the barometer of

the turbocharger



But keep an eye on the input air volume



And the exhaust valve should be




Suspension must be tuned based on

hardness and absorption,



the tire size and its angle formed

on the road,



plus the lower arm bar and tower bar



Then fine-tune it based on

the computer data



Your dad is incredible



If I were to retune it,

it would take me at least   months



The balance has been tuned to

its optimal level



Simply put...



It's perfect



So my old man is really that good



However, every car has its limit



You're bound to find it

unsatisfactory one day



Just get another one



But I only like AE  



So how 'bout our race?



  weeks from now. On Saturday



That long?



You said it took   weeks to retune

your car, right?



That's him



Got it



Be careful, He's very fast in the corners



It's just an AE   after all



Are you OK?



Listen, this junk is for tofu delivery,



not for racing with us



It's for your own good, got it?



That's right. You are professional racers



Of course you look down on us

street racers



Professional and street, we're all racers



Right, you beat me once



You remember?



Wanna win again?



OK, call me, you have my team's number



Is the AE   out already?



Isn't it the AE   now?



Just talk, don't fight



Hitting your kid in public

will inflict mental damage



Shut up






Let's talk, don't fight



Hitting your kid in public

will inflict mental damage



I'm going home



Still upset about losing?



I asked Kyouichi who beat you

to race again in   weeks



You're invited



If you don't have another car, I do



Thanks, but I only wanna drive

my own car



Give me a call if you change your mind



Want some cheesecake? It's delicious



Natsuki bought it for you



When did she come?



She's going home for   weeks

but will call you later



What else did she say?



What else she's supposed to say?



Hey. Hey...



You eating the whole cake?



You'll be stuffed to death



Tofuman, your AE   is already

an antique



Might as well change to a new car



Don't tell me you gonna put it

into the AE  ?



Isn't this great?



This is for race car only.

You wanna go to jail?



You're nuts



Catching roaches, Itsuki?



No, looking for my old man



He hasn't been back for days,

just like you






That sucks. He's not young anymore



He's so irresponsible,

leaving his business like this



What's gonna happen to me

if it goes bankrupt?



It's good that I've been living on my own,



or else I wouldn't be this chubby



Boss. What are you doing?



Uncle, what're you up to?



We went for a spin at Mt Akina



Has he come down yet?






Sounded like a high rpm



But it wasn't fast enough

as it entered the corner



Hop in



I'll only show you once



Watch carefully.

Pay attention to the new tachometer



Its power won't become obvious

till       revs



Sit tight. I wanna drive faster






The Kaiseki dinner was delicious, huh?



Not bad



I'm glad



Thanks so much for taking care of me...



when I puked two whole days last time



You were like a goddess who saved me



You're crazy



I mean it



I believe in gods



A god was actually human,



but he could do

what other humans could not



So he became a god



But you know...



A god also does

what most humans do occasionally



Whatcha wanna say?



Most humans would...



sometimes go to this neighboring

love hotel and...



It's OK since you're in the filling-up










What the heck?



I test-drove the car with my dad

yesterday, you know?



This new car had a new tachometer.

I didn't know till yesterday



Just imagine, AE       horsepower



You know how fast is     hp?



I tried to make a turn at     mph



It took me   minutes

through the entire Mt Akina



Amazing, huh?



I really wanna tell everyone. You...



and Natsuki



No need



No need for what?



No need to tell Natsuki






There's something

I wanna tell my best mate









Go ahead



I saw Natsuki...



She entered a love hotel with a guy



Love hotel? Love hotel



There must be a mistake



It only costs       yen to bang her



What did you say?



      yen to bang her



Your girl is a whore



Come again?



I don't want you get conned,

and you hit me?



Go to hell






Go to hell!



What you guys doing?



Come over!

I've known you since  






Stop it!



Come, hit me!



Go ahead, hit me!



Takumi, stop it!



Let's talk!



Why fighting?



Pull him back!



Stop it, boy!



Stop it!






Why you hit him, you jerk?



Me a jerk? Yeah, I jerk off too



Hello? It's me



I shouldn't have called your girl a whore.

I'm sorry



You forgot? Today is Saturday



Everyone is waiting for you and

your AE  









It's me



What's up?



I couldn't reach you for days



I've been in my hometown



I'm boarding the train now.

'll be back tonight



I'm racing in Mt Akina tonight



Right after I'm done, I'll go see you



No, why don't I go see you

tomorrow instead?



The train is here. Talk to you later



Natsuki, I wanna see you badly






I'm glad you stayed with me

this past holiday



Did I give you enough money last time?



We'd better not see each other anymore

after tonight



I don't wanna be like this anymore



I don't wanna see you again and

remember this



All I want is to be with Takumi



Isn't it too much, broom-head?



I know Ryousuke well



I will never lose to the same guy...






Shit, I hope I didn't hurt him bad



Dream on, look who's talking



Your nose' been bleeding for days



See, here you go again



Damn. I hope it won't become

a monthly routine



What're we still waiting for?

Everyone's here already



Are you in a hurry?



Give him   more minutes



Who cares if he comes.

The race is between you and me



Block the road.

The race will begin in   minutes



Wait, a car is coming up



It's the AE  



There weren't so many girls at the races

in our days



That's right



Uncles, this is a ladies-only zone. Get lost



It's coming up...



So you've resurrected this piece of junk?



Way to go, tofu boy



What happened to the car you crashed

into the hill?



Tofu boy, you wanna go first?



No need. Just drive faster,

I got other things to do



For you



No need



Ryousuke has something to tell you



Listen. Although Kyouichi is

a professional,



all professionals have their weaknesses...



You don't need to teach me.

I'm gonna win anyway



What about me?



I'll beat you too



The road is clear. We can start anytime



I repeat: We can start anytime





















All three cars took off at top speed



Kyouichi's E  is leading,

followed by Ryousuke's FC



The AE   comes last



They've past the first corner



Both Ryousuke and Takumi

made their best lap time



Everyone's faster in the presence of

a professional



Whatcha doing?



That's what we called strategy



The FC suddenly lags behind

before the tunnel



I wonder what's happened to Ryousuke?



The speed is unbelievable



All three cars exceed     kph

at the corner just now



The AE   is waiting for its opportunity



Let's see if it can overtake the E 

in the next corner



Go for it, Takumi



Give it back. What's with you?



What? It's a race



Of course we have to shout. Go ahead



Here we go






The E  doesn't leave much room



Both the FC and AE   used the ditch

to overtake the E 



Let me explain, little girl



In street racing, a professional's common




is to leave some open space

when taking a right corner



Go for it, Takumi



Takumi, it's just you and me now



What 'bout the car at the back?



I can block for you



Better watch your own ass



The AE   and FC both managed

to pass a professional



But the E  is trying to catch up



Although they use different tactics,



the FC and AE   are way too fast

in entering corners



It's not an easy task catching up



Go for it, Takumi...



Attention, everyone



A vehicle has just taken off

from the national park,



and is heading up the mountain



A car is coming ahead.

Get ready to slow down



Kyouichi ignores the warning

and tries to overtake



Should we block him?



It's too late



The E  has crashed



The AE   and FC passed through.

The race goes on



Is he OK?



Forget him



Kyouichi, are you OK?



The   consecutive hairpins.

Can the FC pass it here?



The AE   is at its limit. Now it's my turn



The FC has overtaken the AE  



There's only   km left



I don't think the AE   can make it



What the heck?



I knew it



You knew again?



Takumi has never taken the leading

position before



Ryousuke's car is powerful but

he still followed Takumi



He wants to learn his move

and then overtake him



So it's a lost case for Takumi?



Not necessarily



You've been driving by yourself

all these years



You've never competed with anyone






Don't pay attention to the competition itself



Ignore other racers



The one you need to beat is yourself



Almost at the finish line.

The AE   hasn't given up



It's still right behind the FC



The FC has missed its lane

when entering the corner



Can Ryousuke withstand the pressure

from the AE  ?



The pressure is from the tires



It's retuned to     hp,

but the FC is still too powerful



As time drags on, the tires won't hold up,



and the car can't go all the way in its drift



So the last   corners are the most crucial

in this race



It's here



The finish line is up ahead



The mighty FC has the absolute edge.



The result is quite clear



The FC seems to be slower entering

the corner



The AE   is taking the inner lane,

can it overtake?



The AE   has won



The AE   is the ultimate racing

god of Mt Akina



Great. He did it



He won



Let's hug!



I've lost anyway



So what's your plan now?



Nothing. You?



I'm gonna set up a new race team.

Wanna join?



Dunno. Gotta go



Takumi, I really want you on my team



Sleep on it



We'll see






Takumi. Takumi...



it's most important to find a world

that belongs to us



Life is meaningful only

when we can find this world



Takumi, I think for you,

this world is racing



So what's up? You lost or what?



Hey. Hey...



Let's drink to it



Son of a bitch



Itsuki, I'm sorry



Ryousuke, Takumi here



I'd like...



to join your race team


Special help by SergeiK