The Island Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Island script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michael Bay movie with Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Island. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Island Script





You're special.



You have a very special

purpose in life.



You've been chosen.



The Island awaits you.



I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.



Good morning, Tower One.



Exterior contamination index

is    percent.



Sunny and mild.



Hey, I'm missing a left shoe.



And when you get a chance,

I'd like another color.



- Morning.

- Good morning.



- Hey, Lincoln. How you doing?

- I'm missing a shoe.



- Hey, you're cutting.

- Yeah.



Thank you.



We're full.



Good morning.

July   th,     .



Another day in paradise.



Starkweather Two Delta,



your time has come.



You're moving out to the Island.



Starkweather Two Delta here.



And, as you know, the biggest dream

of my life just came true.



I've only been with you guys

for, like, six months,



but I won the lottery.



- That's right, me, Starkweather, OK?

- Six months.



To go out and breathe fresh air,

swim in the ocean...



I can't believe I won.

You call me Mr. Popular, I know.



It's me. It's me.



You guys know I'm not like this,

but this is just amazing.



I'm going to the Island!

We're gonna have so much fun!



But I need to see you guys out there.

You can do it! I won!



That was this week's...



We got a disturbance

on elevator    plaza level.



...just moments before his

final departure to the Island,



nature's last remaining

pathogen-free zone.



- Lucky guy, huh?

- You can be a winner too.



The next lottery is tonight.



The next lottery is tonight.



- How long have you been here?

- Two years.



- What about you?

- Three.



Three. I've been here seven.



If I do the math, that makes me

the biggest lottery loser in the room.



I'm such a loser.






Yeah, you.






Gandu Three Echo, you've been flagged

for public disturbance before.



Yes, I had a very small

emotional outburst, sir.



- Safe to say it's over?

- Yes, very safe.



- I'm feeling much better.

- Well, then, have a pleasant day.



Thank you, you too.

You both have a pleasant day too.



Feel the stretch.



One more breath in.



But I was in that section.



No, I don't understand!



- I tried! I tried to do the best I...

- Listen to me!



Remember, be polite,

pleasant and peaceful.



A healthy person is a happy person.



Lincoln Six Echo, choices are fruit,

oatmeal and any type of bran.



No bacon today?



You got a nutrition flag,

means no bacon.



In that case, two eggs,

over easy, not too runny,



and a side of sausages.



Maybe some French toast

and a little powdered sugar.



You ain't cute and I got no time

for your lip, Six Echo.



Now, what's it gonna be?



Move it.



Surprise me.






Yummy. Next.



Watch and learn.






Jordan Two Delta.



- Hi, honey.

- Hi.



Choices are powdered eggs,

dried fruit and yogurt.



- Eggs, please.

- OK.



So, where were you the other day?

We missed you.



That's nice of you to say, sweetheart.



Get you anything else?



Maybe a little bacon.



No, it says I shouldn't.



- Go ahead.

- Four, five pieces, please.



Thank you.



Well, good luck.

Gotta run along now.



You're not going.

You gotta stay for dinner.



- I softened her up for you.

- No doubt.



- Back on your diet?

- You kidding? I love this stuff.



Better eat up.

You'll need all your strength tonight.



Is that a challenge?



I promise I'll go easy on you.



Please separate.

Find your seats now.






"'Who wants Sally? ' said Dick.

'I do,' said Jane.



'I cannot find Sally.



Get up, Dick.

Get up and help me find Sally.



Is Sally here?"'



Dr. Merrick will see you now.



What'd you do wrong this time,

tough guy?






- You wanted to see me?

- Yes. Please.



Please, sit down.



So, how is Lincoln Six Echo today?



Not so good, I guess.



Why do you say that?



Well, if I'm here,

it means I'm not so good.



That's a rather negative association.



My only job is to see that you're happy,

things are OK with you.






Your file shows that you've

been interacting regularly



with Jordan Two Delta.



- There's no law against friendship.

- No. No, we encourage it,



but, obviously,

proximity could become a concern.



I know the rules of proximity.



You've been doing quite well

in most other areas.



Proficient at work,

exercising rigorously.



But screening has picked up

some trace levels,



changes in your metabolism,

and you've been having nightmares.



Are you saying there's

something wrong with me?



Why don't you tell me

about your dream?



Well, it's the same dream every time.

I'm on a boat, headed to the Island.



A boat? What kind of boat?



A nice boat.



Draw it for me, would you?



So, you are heading

toward the Island.



What happens then?



- I drown.

- Really?



- Why do you think that is?

- I don't know. You tell me.



- Maybe you're afraid of winning.

- Why would I be afraid?



You tell me.



What's troubling you, Lincoln?



Well, it's...



It's just...



All right.

Tuesday night is tofu night.



And I'm asking myself, who decided

that everyone here likes tofu



in the first place?

And what is tofu, anyway?



And why can't I have bacon?

I line up every morning,



and I'm not allowed any bacon

for my breakfast.




Let's talk about all the white.



Why is everyone

wearing white all the time?



It's impossible to keep clean.

I always get the gray stripe.



I never get any color.

And I hand it in to be cleaned,



and someone cleans it, and folds it

neatly back in my drawer, but who?



Who is that person? I don't know.



I just... I wanna know answers.



And I wish that there was more.



- More?

- Yeah.



More than just waiting

to go to the Island.






it's your nature

to question things.



But don't you realize how lucky you are?

That you survived the contamination.



That nature has left you

a Garden of Eden to repopulate.



That, Lincoln, is your purpose.



Right. And you?

Arert you going to the Island too?






My responsibility is to make sure



this facility continues to operate.



That's why people like me,

my staff and supervisors, we...



...we can't win the lottery.



Let me see that.



You draw well.




What does that mean?



I don't know.

It's always in my dream.



I'd like to run some tests

on you, Lincoln.



What sort of tests?



Nice tests.



Come with me.



Take a seat.



OK, let's get you comfortable.



Swing back.



- I thought these were nice tests.

- It's a synaptic brain scan.



Totally harmless.



Don't worry, it's painless.



- It hurts.

- Not really.



- Yeah, it does!

- No, it doesn't.



Yeah, it really, really does!



The micro-sensors

will move along your optic nerve.



They'll be uploading readings

to us over the next    hours,



after which,

you'll pass them through your urine.



Now, that might hurt.



Six Echo, you're late.



Jones, you ever get bored doing this?



- Doing what?

- This.



- I never really thought about it.

- I think about it a lot.



- About what?

- This boring job.



- What are we doing here?

- We're feeding the nutrient lines.



We eat food, food's gotta have

vitamins, right? It's good for us.



You don't ever wonder about anything?



Where do these tubes go?



They start there.



And they go... right there.



Hey. Did you get a look

at the new guy?



Seven Foxtrot.



They found another survivor.

They keep finding them.



He'll probably win the lottery.



Straight down, in the hole.

There you go, you try it.



Straight down in the hole.



In the hole.

No, no, no. Put it down.



Did we all look that stupid

when we went through decontamination?



Hey, Mr. Man-With-All-The-Questions,

let me ask you this:



Lottery's supposed

to be random, right?






What if it's not?

What if it's rigged?






I've been working on this. Here.



Take a look at that.



It charts the last    people

that won a spot on the Island.



Excluding, of course, the women,

picked to be breeders.



- What is this?

- I took the first letter in each name.



I assigned it a point value system,

based on the alphabet,



like the last guy,

Starkweather, S equals   .



Q equals    S equals   .



- Do you see what I'm saying?

- No.



Well, maybe if you would listen to me,

I'm trying to tell you.



You string the numbers together.

You divide it by the amount...



You multiply... You divide it by

the amount of... You divide it...



You divide it by the amount of people,

which is    a thousand plus five,     .



You know what that spells?




- I'm winning the lottery tonight.

- Did you pack?



- No.

- Gentlemen,



I'm gonna go mess with Foxtrot.



There you go. Straight.



Straight down in the hole.



- There you go.

- Straight...



- What? He had something on his... OK.

- Go.



Lima! Are you OK?

What's wrong?



Code    we need med-techs stat!

Lima One Alpha.



Let's give her some air, OK?



You're gonna be OK, all right?

Relax and breathe.



Can I get a wheelchair?

It's for Lima One Alpha.



- You OK?

- I think it's time.



Lima, you're going to the Island.



- We're going.

- Oh, you're so lucky.



I hope I see you soon.



Everyone, please follow her out.

Quickly and carefully. Watch the glass.



- Good luck, Lima.

- Thank you.



That's fair. That's real fair.



Ladies, ladies, push back, please.

Gentlemen. Thank you.



Everyone, back to work.



That is so not fair.



Oh, man, I hate this jealousy thing.

It's giving me heart palpitations.



Tech Services.



Computer's down again.



I'm down.

Computer guy's in Sector Six.



I have to deal with this mess.

Take my Tri-Key. Contamination kit.



- Hurry back.

- Absolutely.



- Hey! What are you doing?

- I'm gonna see this guy.



Hey, chief. We got live wires

all over the place here.



Hey, I've been looking all over for you.



- What?

- I've been looking...



- Can't hear you.

- I've been looking all over for you.



If you go and get yourself contaminated,

don't come pointing the finger at me.



How you doing, Mac?



- What are you doing here?

- My chip fried again.



Yeah. How much longer

do you think that one's gonna work?



- What are you two clowns looking at?

- Hey,



you got any of that stuff

on you today?



Oh, look, it's break time.

Come on.



You're a bad influence on me.



Must be why I like you so much.



What's it like where you live?

In Sector Five?



It's fine. You know,

it's like any other sector, I guess.



I like coming out here, talking.



Most supervisors don't like to talk.






Step into my office.



- Are these your friends?

- Yeah, sometimes.



Where are their clothes?



What's with Dr. Merrick?



You mean why does he act like he's

got a filing cabinet shoved up his ass?






It's called a God complex.



All doctors are like that.

They think they know everything.



What's God?



Well, you know when you

want something really bad



and you close your eyes

and you wish for it?



- God's the guy that ignores you.

- Oh. Right.



Tech Service requested

in Product Extraction.



Yeah, I'll be right there.



Oh, hey. Let me get that.



Where do you get that stuff, anyway?



It's an old stash.

You know, from before.



You mean from

before the contamination?



Yeah. Come on, you're killing me

with questions here.



You got a sweet deal here, you know?



Because you're,

you know, like, special.



Why? Why am I special?



There's another question.



You remember what we talked about?



You don't tell anybody

about our conversations?



- 'Cause that can get me in big trouble.

- No, I don't.






How's it going?



Hey, how are you?

How's your world?



OK, I'll catch you later.



Chinese junk locked up again, huh?






What a surprise.



Go hot.



- You better fix that thing.

- Yeah.



You'd think with the money

this place rakes in



- they could afford decent equipment.

- Yeah.






Cut the O .



Seriously, unless you want to see me

blow chunks, can you wait till I'm gone?



- Sever the umbilical.

- Cutting.






Come on, yeah. That's it.



Come on, breathe. Breathe.



Come on.



Come on, come on!

Breathe, breathe!



There we go.

Now we're working.



He's healthy.



Welcome to the world.



So, how's Three Helo?






He's feisty. Light.



Vitals seem fine.



- Smooth extraction?

- Yep.



Looks like we have a fine product.



Tag him and ship him to Foundation.



Little bug.



Maybe next time I won't embarrass you

in front of your friends.



It was very sad.



- Hey.

- Hello.






So you just let

a little girl beat you, huh?



Stim units restricted.



Yeah, yeah.

I'll have the veggie stuff.



Papassian petal juice, please.



It's good for the skin.



Jordan, are you sick?



When I was in Dr. Merrick's office,

I thought I saw your name on a file.



No, I'm fine.






How are you?



I'm fine.



Lincoln, I can tell when you're lying



'cause your mouth smiles

but your eyes don't.



I found something.



- What?

- A bug.



- A bug?

- A flying bug.



Can I see it?



I think it came

in the ventilation shaft.



I thought they went extinct

with the contamination.



I know. And how did it get by

the pathogen sensors?



- It must be too small.

- No, it's not too small.



How did it survive out there, anyway?

How does anyone survive?



They keep finding people,

but where do they come from?



It's good that they find survivors.



Why do you always question the good?

You only think about the bad.



I just have a feeling

that something is wrong.



Good things do happen.



I want to see that bug.



Hey. Gandu learned a new word

from the censor.



- What?

- "Dude."






- What does it mean?

- He just called me dude.



- Hey, dude.

- He said "Hey, dude"?



- D-O-O-D. "Dude."

- Hey, dude.



- Dude.

- Dude.



- Lottery's gonna start.

- Like you stand a chance.






Light up all etherscreens.



And... start the lottery.



Good evening.



Live from Ether-Con,

welcome to the lottery spin.



It's been a busy week.



We've had a record two winners so far.



Tonight's winner will be selected

at random for relocation



to the Island, transported

to the world's last paradise.



- And start the spin.

- And now, let the spin begin.



Jordan Two Delta, step up.



Your time has come.

You're moving out to the Island.



For everyone else, never lose hope.



Thank you. Thank you.



I can't believe it.



I have to go in the morning.



You were right.



Good things do happen.



I wish I'd known you better.



You two.



Watch your proximity.



I'll see you on the Island.



You want to go to the Island.






You've been chosen.



The Island awaits you.



Check into the nurses' station

up the corridor, take your first left.



Dr. Lemon, call    .



Dr. Lemon, call    .



She's so beautiful.



I've never seen a baby.



Can I hold her?



Notjust yet.



Are we going to the Island?



Oh, my God.



Congratulations, it's a beautiful girl.



- Oh, my gosh.

- Thank you.



It's my baby. Oh, my gosh.



Whenever you're ready,



we have copies of your

policy termination for your records.



Look at her. She's beautiful.



Starkweather? That big, cute football

player on the Reebok commercials?



I love him! Is he in there?

I thought that was him, girl!



I just love him!



That's great.

Listen, you're a real hoot.



Any chance I can make this pickup?



Well, he's still in surgery. Sorry.



Lady, I've got a bird on the pad

and a storm's coming in.



We don't fly in bad weather.



They look real busy.

So I'd have a seat.



Grim Reaper coming in here

with an attitude.



Heart rate    .

BP     over   .



- Laser cutter ready?

- It's ready.



- Make sure suctiors functioning.

- Ventilating easily.



- Very good.

- Grid in place.



Prepare that bone saw.



I think we're about ready to open.



Let's clean that drip.



Doctor, heart rate's rising.



Heart rate's still rising, doctor.



- What's his blood pressure?

- BP     over   .



Heart rate's still rising.



- Boost the anesthetic level!

- He's fighting the ventilator.



I don't wanna euthanize this guy

to get his liver!






Oh, my God!



Stop that man! Get him!






All right, relax, relax, big guy.




Easy, easy, easy!

Don't damage him!



- Relax!

- No!



I don't want to die, no! No!



I want to go to the Island!

You promised!



I wanna live!

I don't wanna die!









You OK, buddy? It's not the first time

this has happened, you know.



Ether-Con. Product is secure.



Check this part out.



Wait, OK, watch.

Wait, wait.



Boom! Did you see that? Man.



That is so cruel, man.



Oh, man. Down for the count.



Gentlemen, I understand

there's been an incident.



Sir, Starkweather ran

from the operating theater.



- And do you find that funny?

- No, sir.



- Do you?

- Definitely not, sir.



Play it back, please.






- Who is that?

- That's just an RN.



He was scared, I helped him up.



Play it back at half-speed.






Magnify his wrist.



We have a product on the loose.



- Get me a facial match.

- We're on it.



- Let's go.

- OK, down to Level  .



You can't come in here!



- Wait.

- Oh, my God.



- How sweet.

- You gotta come with me.






Move! Move!



We got a match!

Lincoln Six Echo.



I want a full contamination lockdown.



Find Six Echo.



- Masks down.

- What the hell?!



- I need to see all your faces.

- I don't care what he says, nurse,



that's live human tissue.

Seal that liver now.



Check the back corners!



How did that agnate get upstairs

into the Medical Sector?



Find out.



- Men aren't supposed to be...

- You gotta trust me.



- What?

- I saw them.



- Who?

- Lima and Starkweather. They're dead.



- What?

- They killed her and cut him open...



Stop it!

I want to go back to my room.



- They're gonna kill you.

- I'm going to the Island.



Jordan, there is no Island!

Come on!



I got Six Echo in Female Tower,

floor   .



- He's got a female product in tow.

- Track that.



Get out of the way!



Move! Move!



Out of the way!

Get out. Now.



Just trust me.



This is a community bulletin.



Attention, residents,



a contamination alert

has been issued for Lincoln Six Echo.



Anyone coming in contact with him

will be quarantined.



Move! Move!



Freeze! Stop right there!



Go! Go! Go!



Get out of the way!



I've got two agnates on the move

on the second floor.



There they are!



I've got them in Sector Six basement!

Get them!



- No!

- Stop!



- Lincoln!

- Get up!






Stop it!






You've been chosen.

You have a very special purpose.



You're part of a new beginning.

You're special.



You have a very special purpose.



You want to go to the Island.

Your purpose in life



is to populate the Island.

You're part of a new beginning.



You're special. Very special.

You've been chosen.



You've been chosen.

Chosen to survive, to carry on.



You want to go to the Island.



- Go, go!

- You have a very special purpose.



Very special.



- He's gotta be in here.

- I'm looking!



Check over here!



Watch your left!






Go! Run!



He's over here!



There they are! Go!



- Lincoln!

- Come on! Get him!



- Let s go. Move!

- Come on!



Come on! Come on!



Damn! Go, go! Go!



Come on, let's go!



You still think there's an Island?



Come on!



Come on. Come on!



There's a door over here!



Lincoln Six Echo remains in quarantine

after contamination exposure.



Jordan Two Delta was safely transported

to her new home on the Island.



Jones Three Echo, I need you

to concentrate in this lab.



Sir, I want to focus more than anything.

I love my job. It's interesting.



But Lincoln Six Echo

has been contaminated,



and it really worries me,

because he's a good friend of mine.



He's one of my best friends.

My only best friend.



He'll be fine, Three Echo.



Sir, I have one question.



Where do all the tubes go?



The human organism.



Unique in all the universe

in its complexity.



The product of three billion years

of evolution.



Perfect in every way, except one.



Like all machines, it wears out.



For centuries, the idea

of replenishing the human body



has been

at the forefront of science.



We need to turn this bad day

into a good day.



- How?

- A terrific day. By selling.



By selling. Sell, sell, sell.

You start, I finish.



Ladies and gentlemen,



welcome to

the next generation of science,



the agnate.



An organic frame engineered

directly into adulthood



to match the client's age.



- You're looking at stage one

- This way, sir.



In its development.



Within    months

it will be harvest-ready,



providing a carrier for your baby,

a second pair of lungs, fresh skin.



All genetically indistinguishable

from your own.



And, in compliance with

the eugenics laws of     



all our agnates are maintained

in a persistent vegetative state.



They never achieve consciousness.



They never think or suffer



or feel pain, joy, love, hate.



It's a product, ladies and gentlemen,



in every way that matters,



not human.



This is our public relations director,

Mr. Whitman.



He'll be happy

to answer any questions.



Once again, thank you.

Mr. Whitman.



I want to talk about the smartest

investment you'll ever make.



And I want to tell you how you're

gonna live    to    years longer.



Dr. Merrick, Albert Laurent,

Blackhawk Security.



You come highly recommended

by the Defense Department, Mr. Laurent.



Though I'm unaware

of your personal qualifications.



My men are ex-Delta Force. SEALs.



I was formerly with the GIGN,

French Special Forces.



I understand you had a corporate theft.



Yes, that's what I told

the Defense Department.



The reality is a little more complex.

That's why I require your services.



We've had a... security breach.



You have the Defense Department

at your disposal. Why call me?



Because their

investment here is sizeable.



One hundred and twenty

billion dollars, to be exact.



And I can't afford

for them to reconsider.



What you tell them

is your business, doctor.



I am in the business

of keeping my clients' confidence.






Two of our products have escaped.




considering they're vegetative.



Well, after several years

of trial and error,



we discovered that

without consciousness,



without human experience,

emotion, without life,



the organs failed.



How long have they been missing?



Four hours and    minutes.



- They're on foot?

- Yes.



Wade,  .  miles an hour,

five mile perimeter,



- standby for suspect description.

- We're on it.



Follow me.



- Come on, we gotta keep going.

- I have to stop. I can't run anymore.



- You gotta try.

- Where?



- Anywhere but here.

- But there's nothing.



Everything's dead, Lincoln.



What if we are contaminated?



Then we'd be dead.



There's no contamination.

It was a lie.



- What is it?

- I don't know.



But it's alive.



Come on. It's mean, whatever it is.



Let's rest in here.



Jordan Two Delta's sponsor,

Sarah Jordan, is in a coma



after a car accident.

She's in need of multiple transplants.



How long does she have?



Forty-eight hours.

Three days maximum.



Tell me about Six Echo.



He was really the first one

to question his environment,



his whole existence here.



Over the last few months,

he began demonstrating unstable behavior



and I can't account for it.



I'm waiting on the result

of his synaptic scan.



What do they know

about the outside world?



Very little.



We control them with

the memory of a shared event.



A global contamination.

It keeps them fearful of going outside.



The Island is the one thing

that gives them hope,



gives them purpose.



Everything we expose them to,



their programs, their can'toons,

books, the games they play,



are designed to manage aggression

and reinforce simple social skills.



To avoid obvious complications,



they aren't imprinted

with an awareness of sex.



We find it simpler

to eliminate the drive altogether.



In a very real sense...

they're like children.



Educated to the level of a   -year-old.



- What was that?

- I don't know.



But I want one.






Route   . Route   .



Come on.



I got it from a friend.



I think that's it.



What's up?



Yeah, do you know

a guy named McCord?



Yeah, we know that tool.

Who's asking?



- I am.

- And you would be who?



- Lincoln Six Echo.

- Jordan Two Delta.






Y'all some of those desert UFO freaks?



- U... What? No, I don't think so.

- No.






Well, lucky day, Captain Kirk.

He's in the can.



- He's in a can?

- Taking a dump.



A dump? Taking it where?



Bubba, you're fixing

to get on my nerves.



- It's the first door on the right.

- Thank you.



I have to go.

He's taking a dump in a can.



- Something to drink? Jack?

- Yes, please.



Straight up?



Oh, that is bitchir.



So this is Sector Five?



Hey! You son of a bitch!



You knew!



- How the hell did you get out?

- Why do they lie to us? Tell me!



They're gonna be looking for you.



- Tell me what's going on!

- If anybody sees us together,



both of us are gonna be dead.



So, will you just

take your hands off me? Let me...



Let me pull my pants up

and I'll take you back to my place



so we can be alone. OK?



- Ed.

- Mac.



Give you... give you boys a minute?




This isn't what it looks like.



Sure. Sure.



Get out of here, you stupid...



Will you stop?



You can'tjust bust in on a guy

like that. That's really rude.



She doesn't understand the licking.



You a knucklehead?

You brought another one?



- Excuse me.

- Hey. Hey, hey! Hey, hey!



Back off, Joe, OK?

Don't push me!



No, no, no, that's no good.



Put it on my tab.

We gotta go.



Friends from out of town.

Come on, sweetheart.



- Give me your number.

- Two Delta.



Hey, look. Get...

Don't test me.






Well, this is nice.



Mac doesn't talk much

about his work at the Institute.



Do y'all work with him?



Saving lives and all

must be real rewarding.



Those are fancy tracksuits.



Y'all exercise out in this heat,

gonna get yourself nasty heatstroke.



Oh, Mac, look.

They got matching bracelets.



- We should do that, honey.

- Suzie...



Do you remember the talk

we had about all the talk?






Actually, would you run down to Red's

and pick us up a sixer of Bud?



- We've got to talk shop.

- OK, baby.



- Just making friends.

- I know. Good. Just...






Why do they lie, Mac?



Why do they lie to us? Tell me.



To keep you

from knowing what you are.



- What we are?

- What are we?



Man, why do I gotta be the guy

tells the kids there's no Santa Claus?



OK, look. You're...



Well, you're not like me.



I mean, you're not... human.



I mean, you're human,

but you just, you're not real.



You're not,

like, a real person. Like me.



You're clones.



You're copies of people

out here in the world.



- What?

- Clones?



- What? Why?

- What are you talking about?



Some hag trophy wife

needs new skin for a facelift



or one of 'em gets sick

and need a new part,



they take it from you.



But I have a mother.

I remember her.



- Yeah, I know.

- I grew up on a farm.



I have a little dog and I had a bike.



And a bike. Right.



It was a pink Flexi-Flyer

with little tassels on the handlebars



and you rode it

to your grandmother's.



You ring the little bell and she

came out and served you cookies.






No. Memory imprints.

I seen them.



A buddy of mine is a programmer

at the Institute. He showed me.



There's only    stories.

They change around little details,



but they're all pretty much the same.



The life you think you had

before the "contamination,"



it never happened.



Come on, don't look at me like that.

At least you had a bike.



Wanna trade your rosy memory implants

for my shitty childhood, be my guest.



How long?



How long have we been alive?



You're Echo generation,

so you're three.



Delta means you're four.






The whole reason you exist is

'cause everyone wants to live forever.



It's the new American dream.



There's people out there that are

rich enough to pay anything for it.



Don't people care that they kill us?

That they take parts from us?



They don't know. They think you're

vegetables simmering in a jelly sack.



Why do you think Merrick has you stuck

in an old military bunker below ground?



He doesn't want anybody knowing

the truth, especially not sponsors.



- Sponsors?

- The people that had you made.



They, like, own you.



But why doesn't Merrick want

our owners to know that we're alive?



Just because people wanna eat the burger

doesn't mean they wanna meet the cow.



Besides, do you know

how many laws Merrick's breaking



to have you two hatched?



Your sponsors

can't have any part of that.



They're like high society,

rich and famous.



If they knew,

Merrick would be out of business.



We have to find our sponsors

and tell them the truth.



- What?

- Yeah.



No, that's the worst idea I ever heard.



You know how dead I'd be?

Not to mention fired?



We will. We will.

That's our only chance.



Stop, stop! Fold, stop.

Brakes. No. Come on.



You're the replacement engines

on their Bentley.



They're not gonna care.

What? They're gonna care?



You know what I would do?



I would just get as far away

from here as I could.



Go to the beach.



We're not asking

for your permission, Mac.



We're asking for your help.



Oh, God.



Infrared's having a hard time picking up

a heat signature. Sand's too hot.



He was implanted

with micro-sensors yesterday.



Can we configure our instrument

to pick up a low-frequency RF scan?



- If we can get within half a mile.

- Do it.



Your sponsors names

are Tom Lincoln and Sarah Jordan.



Her sponsor lives in New York.



The number in your name

is a regional code.



Six Echo, that means

your sponsor lives in LA.



- You're going out of state.

- Out of state?



Put this on.



You're gonna go in here.

All right? Come on, come on.



Keep going. What size?



All right.



These are bags, OK?

You put stuff in 'em.



Backpacks for boys, purses for girls.




We're not idiots.



Excuse me, Miss "I'm so smart

I can't wait to go to the Island."



Yeah. Good.



Wait. Hold, hold, hold.



People don't really

wear these on the outside.



These are mail-order, OK?

These stay here.



No. Mail-order, OK?

Clones don't wear these.



All right, listen up.



This card is like stim credits, OK?



It'll get you food, but I gotta

report it stolen in    hours



or else they'll know I helped you.

After that, use the cash.



All right, look.



I know you're new to this

whole human experience and all,



but there's one universal truth



and that is you never

give a woman your credit card.






I got something. It's hot.



Oh, God.



- Train four...

- Trairll be here. Hustle.



is now boarding at platform A.



All right, stay. All right?

Just stay. Don't move.






Look at that!



Those are kids.






Come here. The train is non-stop to LA.

You need these to get on.



When you get there, look up your

sponsors in the information directory.



- You got it?

- Yeah. Yeah.



- What is an information directory?

- It'll tell you where they live.



And whatever you do,

do not trust anyone.



One thing I can tell you about people,

is that they'll do anything to survive.



Thank you, Mac. Thank you.



Thanks a lot.



All right. I'm just gonna go upstairs

and get you guys a map of LA.



Better not get me in trouble.



Yeah, no problem.

Sure, that's a good one.



I think I got an ID.

Two in the center.












Amtrak train     now departing

for Los Angeles at platform C.



What's wrong with these people?

They killed him.



- This was supposed to be a simple job?

- It's never simple.



We got a missing credit card.



McCord just used it to buy train tickets

and it's not in his wallet.



Monitor the account. Have Amtrak

patch you through to the conductor.



Get me a new team in LA.



- Got here as fast as I could.

- Come here.



I finished scanning the Defense

Department Troop Selections,



- if you want to see them...

- Not yet. Look at that.



- Six Echo drew it.

- It's elaborate.



"Renovachio." Renovatee-oh?




What is that, Italian?



It's Latin.



We've never imprinted

an agnate with Latin.



Yes, I'm well aware of that.



So where did he learn it?



Where are the results from his scan?



- They'll be back from Johns Hopkins...

- Just speed it up.



Yes, sir.



You two.



Ladies and gentlemen,

your attention please,



train number   

leaving for San Diego...



- There!

...was delayed    minutes. Stand by.



We just arrived, but Troy's already

tapped into the city cameras.



Excuse me.

Where's an information directory?






Wilshire.  th. Grand.



Spring. Grand Avenue?

Smile for the camera, sweetheart.



Where is Flower?

You on Flower?



Olive, Olive.

Come on, come on.



You look familiar.






Three Black Wasps

and two jet bikes.



We just got a facial hit

on our fugitives!



Let's go! Let's go! Move!



We're moving! Let's go.



Wait. Got a hit

on McCord's credit card.



Location, Grand Avenue at     .



Team, proceed immediately to     .



No, no, no. LAPD's moving in.

They've flagged McCord's credit card.



- Tom Lincoln.

- One moment, please.



- Not listed.

- Sarah Jordan.






Yes, I'm looking for Sarah Jordan.



She's sick.



- Can I talk to her?

- She's at the hospital.



Mommy, is that you?



Jordan. Let's go!



Freeze! Put your hands up!



- Keep your hands off!

- Put your hands up!



Do as I say! Do as I say!



- Lincoln.

- Just do what they say.






- Pull back.

- Move out.



What's going on?



Nail it! Quick, move!



We're detaining you in connection

to the murder of James McCord.



- What? He was my friend!

- Anything you say can and will be used



- against you in a court of law.

- What's a court of law?



They'll run DNA.

If the agnates are booked,



it'll implicate your clients

in a murder investigation.



This is a nightmare.



You cannot allow this to happen.

Do you understand me?



You use any force that is necessary.



I'm ordering you

to contain the situation.



 -Adam-   we've apprehended

the suspects. Two adults, no ID.



Notify Forensics,

we'll need DNA typing.



- My name is Tom Lincoln.

- Sit back and shut up.



- Could you look up my file, please?

- Sit back.



Dispatch, we're two minutes out.



- Check inside!

- Hey, can you hear me?



Lincoln, get up!

Get up, Lincoln! Get up!



Let's go!



Go! Go! Go!






We got cops. We got cops!



Get down!






I see them! Let's get moving!



Let's go!

Come on, come on, come on!



Move, move!



Move out! Move out!



Come on!



Go, go, go, go! Go!



Shit! Check up here!



Come on!



Air-Two, give me status of the targets.



- Targets are under the train wheels.

- Silently, take them out.






Move! Go, go!



- I can't fit!

- Move back!



I can't fit!



Look out, look out!



Right, right, right!



Stay on them!



Look out!



Do not let him get away!

Do not let him get away!



Good job!



We've gotta bail out of here,

there's police choppers inbound.



Black Wasp, take out the truck!



Troy, you all right? Let's go!



Cops! Cops!



He's coming back!



Stay down, Jordan!



- How do you know what you're doing?

- I don't know!



Hold on!



Look out!



Look out!



Hold on!



- Don't let me go, Lincoln!

- I got you! I got you!



- Don't let me go!

- I got you!



I'm slipping!

Don't drop me, Lincoln!



- Don't drop me!

- I got you! I got you!



Lincoln! Pull me! Pull me!



Climb up!



If there's no way to get

our fugitives quietly,



you need to take them out.



I see our targets about    stories up.



They're on top of the building logo.



Tough day.



Let's roll.



LAPD! Get away from the window!



Jay, you got him?



Right there! Right there!

Get him!



Stay there! Damn it!

Just stay down!



Come on!



Gonna swing around to get a shot.



He's coming back.



Oh, no.



Hang on!

They're coming off the building.



Look out!



Jesus must love you!



That was the craziest mess

I ever seen!



Come on, girl.

I know Jesus loves you.



Can you keep a secret, doc?



Why, yes, of course.



There is something

going on around here.



Something you may

not even know about.



What is it?



Well, I'm not sure that

the contamination is real.



- Why do you think that?

- OK.



Lincoln told me that he found

a flying bug in Sector Six.



- Wow.

- Right.



And I think that might be why

he thought he could leave.



Have you told

anyone else about this?



No, no. But I'm gonna do some digging.

I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.



And when I do,

I'll share my information with you.



Thank you.



I want to be helpful.

I like it here.






But I really want to look

into the lottery too.



- Something's wrong there.

- Yeah.



You know,



you were one of the first

of the Echo generation.



You're very smart.



Yeah. I remember

when I first came here.



A survivor, just like you.



One of the first, in fact.



It's natural, even healthy,

to question the world we're presented.



You might say it's only...

only human.



Oh, that burns!



Get me a list of all the Echos

in active population.



I saw his address. Tom Lincoln.



We'll go there when the rain stops.



- It'll be OK when we find him.

- OK.



That little boy looked like me.



His mom's gonna die, isn't she?



I don't know.



You're lying.



It's cold.



Go in.



I can't.



- I'll go in.

- Jordan. Jordan!












Oh, my God.



My name is Lincoln Six Echo.



I'm your insurance policy.



And what are you doing in my house?



Sir, sir.



You need to see this.

It's a... It's...



It's beautiful.



This is a synaptic scan

we took of Six Echo three years ago,



before we integrated him

into the agnate population. OK?



This is his scan from a few days ago.

You can see how much the memory's grown.



Like he's experienced    years,

not three, which is impossible.



Or maybe this is scarring from

a cortical infection that we didn't...



An infection can't teach you Latin,

or how to fly.



They are memories.



But they're not his.



They belong to his sponsor.



I've seen you before.



I've seen you in Maxim, Esquire...



- Maxim?

- Oh, they're mers magazines.



Pictures of women

with little, tight, short...



...stories too.

Anyway, you're very popular.



There we are.



What is that?



That looks like some kind of thermal...



Boy, your skin is so soft.



Did you know?



I put some clothes

out for you upstairs.



- Thank you.

- No, thank you.



I keep expecting to wake up.



I thought I was taller.



I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Come here.



She is unbelievable.



How is it you've been around three

years and end up with the kind of woman



I haven't been able to find

my whole life? Give me that.



She found me.

She's my best friend.



- Why do we sound different?

- I'm from Scotland.



I'm from Scotland.



Hey, look. You're creeping me out

enough without that.



- Without that.

- No, really, cut it out.



That's enough.



Yeah, that is enough.

I'm sorry.



Like a freak show.



Yeah, it's weird.



- So, you build boats?

- I design them. I draw them, yeah.






I started off with cars, motorcycles.

Experimental designs.



Anything that blew my hair back.

Kind of a speed freak, you know?



- Petrol-head.

- Motorcycles, wow.



- I feel like I've seen these before.

- It's something I've always done.



I never dreamt it would make me rich.



What's Renovatio?



"Renovatio" in Latin means rebirth.



Subtle, eh?



Look. I have cirrhotic hepatitis.



A parting gift from God

for all my philandering.






Lots and lots of sex.



- Sex?

- Sex with...



You've... You're a virgin?



You're kicking around with her

and you're a virgin?



OK, I'm not gonna spoil the surprise,

but, boy, are you in for a treat.



Look, my doctor said that my liver will

start failing within the next two years.



I'm not good at all this shite,

you know? Confessions and regret.






There are people who are following us.



They're trying to kill us.

The reason we came is we need your help.



Help you do what?



To show people

what the Institute does.



But who'd believe it?

I'm looking at you and I don't.



Who is that guy? I know him.

Is he the Community Announcer?



He's the President of America.



- He has a clone.

- He's an absolute idiot.



Yeah, I never liked him, either.



- Do a lot of people see this?

- The news? A lot.



Then if we can get

on there together,



people will see us and know the truth.



So the idea is that we both

just waltz down to NBC



and see if they can slot us in

after the weather.



This might not mean anything to you,

but there are thousands of us.



Everyone we've ever known

is gonna die in that place.



Help us.



All right.

Let me just get my shoes, OK?



Tom, hurry up!



Merrick Institute.



- Merrick Biotech. How may I help you?

- This is Tom Lincoln.



- Hi, Mr. Lincoln.

- I was wondering if you could



get someone who can explain

why my insurance policy



is sitting downstairs

on my fucking sofa.



- Can you hold, please?

- Sure.



I'm sorry to keep you both waiting.

I was getting myself organized.



OK, shall we go?

Are you ready?



- Something's wrong.

- What?



His eyes are lying.

The same as yours do.



You stay here.



- No, don't...

- Shall we?



- Yeah.

- Is everything OK?



Yeah. She's gonna stay here

in case they don't believe us.



No, come on, we'll all go.

It'll be good.



No, she's gonna stay.



- Good luck.

- Thank you.






- Do you like it?

- Yeah.



- I'll drive.

- Oh, no. I'll drive.



No, really.



Do you know how?



- Yeah, I taught myself.

- But you don't know the way.



Well, then you can show me.



Well, be careful.

This is a V-  -   Caddy.



Seven hundred and fifty horsepower,

$       car.



Put your thumb on that.



You were won'th every penny.

We've the same prints.



- What are you doing?

- Getting directions.



Hello, Mr. Lincoln.

Where would you like to go?



KNBC news studio.



- One moment, please.

- Thanks for doing this.



That's all right. I'd like to think

you'd do the same thing if you were me.



- How much did I cost?

- Five million dollars.



Is that a lot?



It's a small price to pay

to cheat death.



That's a red.

It's a red. Red. Red!



- Stop the car!

- Why? What? Why?



It's a red light! Stop the car!



What's the matter?



You wanker! It's a red light! Stop!

It means stop!



- I didn't know that.

- You said you could drive.



Well, I do know how to drive.

I just don't know what the lights mean.



I'm sorry. I'm not ready to die.



Me neither!



Go, go, go, go!



- What are you doing? Stop!

- No.



- Stop the car now!

- No!



- I'll shoot! Stop!

- No!



- Yes!

- No!



There's cars coming at us

in all directions!



They're shooting my car!



They've shot the engine!

They've shot my engine!



Oh, God, my nose!



Come here! Where'd you think

you were going, eh?



- Come on!

- Let go of me!



Get up!



- Get off me!

- Come on, get up!



- Let me go!

- Get up!



No, no, no, don't shoot him.

I need him. I need him.



No, don't shoot!

He's my clone!



- I'm Tom Lincoln!

- What?



No, I'm Tom Lincoln! He's lying.



Shut up! I own you!



He's the... I'm Tom Lincoln!



Don't point the gun at me,

you frickir idiot!



- He's the clone. Look at him!

- I'm not a clone! I'm Tom!



No, I'm Tom! He's lying!

Point it at him!



- No. I'm not.

- Shut up!



Shut up, you're a clone! Shut up!



I'm Tom Lincoln!



- I'm Tom Lincoln!

- Don't, don't...



Oh, shit.






Do you think it's strange that my

insurance policy just tried to kill me?



I found this whole operation strange.



Where's the woman?



She said she was going out of state...


            look for her sponsor.



You've been witness

to certain trade secrets.



You mean that they manufacture

human beings who walk, talk and feel?



That kind of secret?



Have you talked

with anyone else about this?



Who would believe it?



Can I count on that?



The only thing you can count on



is that people will

do anything to survive.



I just want to live.

I don't care how.



Thank you.



Thank you very much.

Job well done.



Jordan? Jordan?






Hey, Jordan, it's me. It's me.



It's you.



- Wow, that tongue thing is amazing.

- I know. Open your mouth again.



- How come we never did this before?

- Shut up.



The Island is real.



It's us.



- How many are affected?

- About half.



We're seeing the same

neural patterns in all of the Echos,



plus every subsequent generation:

The Foxtrots, Gammas and Helos.



We predicated

our entire system on predictability.



Six Echo has displayed

the one trait that undermines it:



Human curiosity.



So... we're now

facing four generations



with the potential

for defiant behavior.



What are you suggesting?



A recall.



Wait, you mean dispose of over

    million dollars' won'th of product?



- Yes.

- Great.



Cisco IP Communicator.

Connecting to Merrick Biotech.



This is Charlie Whitman, the public

relations director at Merrick Biotech.



My deepest apologies for yesterday's



unfortunate inconvenience you had.



Your defect in your policy wasrt,

by no means, an isolated incident,



and it is totally correctable,

I assure you.



We are calling other

valued clients right now



to inform them of a recall,

so, please, call us when you get in...



Unfortunate inconvenience?



That's a bit of an understatement.



Mr. Lincoln, you're home.

Arert you traumatized, sir?



I mean, I had a home invasion once

where they put the gun to my head.



I never forgot that.

I shook for two days.



What kind of recall

are you talking about?



Oh, it's a small defect that we found

in four of our product lines.



What are you gonna do

with the defective products?



Starting over.



- Starting over?

- Absolutely nothing to worry about.



We guarantee

our product     percent.



The unfortunate inconvenience for you



is we're gonna have to re-scan you

so that we can re-grow your policy.



Does today work for you at all?

Pick you up by helicopter at  :  ?



I'll call you back.



Dr. Merrick,



how do we remove the

defective products from the population



without disrupting the others?



We already have the mechanism in place.



Dahlgren Two Foxtrot.



Cooper Five Gamma.



Mass winnings.



He kept a journal

and a lot of maps.



After I figure out how

to get that thing in the water,



then we can get on it and...



...we'll keep heading south.



We could live like real people.



Tulie Two Foxtrot.



Ginsberg Two Helo.



We'll disappear.






But after.



All those people we left behind.



Jones Three Echo.



When we were escaping,



I saw this room.



If I could get in

and shut it down,



they'd see the truth.



Gentlemen, there is, however, another

matter that requires board approval.



The disposal of     million dollars

of infected product.



All in favor?



- Aye.

- Aye.






You've been chosen.



You're special.



Very special.



- Thank you.

- Thank you.






Here you go.



- And what do you say to the nice lady?

- Thank you!



In-bound, Jordan product.



- Escort her to Surgery Prep Seven.

- I better say hello.



Mr. Lincoln, thank you for coming.



It's great seeing you again,

and we are so, so sorry



about this entire episode.



I want to tell you that

we are going to be birthing



a brand new agnate for you

free of charge.



Wort cost you a penny. After you.



Would you like an apple?

An afternoon snack...?



- No. How long will this take?

- It's gonna take about an hour.



I read that you're from Scotland.

I prefer Ireland.



But what part in Scotland...?



I realize that this small talk

is just part of yourjob,



- but let's cut the shite, OK?

- Point taken. My apologies.



I'm just a bit of a jabberjaw.

Chatty Cathy.



Turn right. This way.



I'll take her.



This is gonna be the exact

same routine as last time.



Mind the hose.

Technician will be here.



Look at you, so young and successful.

I always wanted to get into yachting.



I hear they're taking your kidneys,



your lungs, your heart.



They are gonna hack you up.



Too bad.



No one is touching me.



- Give me your Tri-Key.

- You shot me.



Shut up! Give me your walkie!



Get down. Get down, now!



- You all right?

- Yes.



Come on.



I've got this figured out.



I kind of...



I messed it up in one area right down

in there, but the hole doesn't matter.



Something's happening.

Something's happening.



Hello, sir. Hello.



Thank you for your patience.



I'm sure you're excited

to get to the Island.



If you grab your belongings

and line up in a single-file line



and follow me,

we'll be on our way.



Take this. Go.

You have to keep going.



- Go. Go.

- OK.



Go shut it down.



I love that Picasso.



Do you like Picasso, Mr. Laurent?



You delivered on your promise.

Well done. I'm very pleased. Thank you.



What about the client?

Sarah Jordan?



She's doubtful.



Even if the transplant's a success,



her brain damage may be too severe

for any real recovery.



You took too long bringing her back.



The girl, you're going to harvest her,

kill her anyway,



even though it won't

make any difference?



That's the privilege our clients

pay for, Mr. Laurent.



Now, do excuse me,

I have business to attend to.



You know my father was part

of the Burkinabé Rebellion?



And when he was killed,

me and my brothers were branded,



so others would know

we were less than human.



I've seen and done things I'm not proud

of, but at some point you realize war...


            a business.



So when did killing

become a business for you?



Oh, it's so much more than that.



I have discovered the Holy Grail

of science, Mr. Laurent.



I give life.



The agnates,

they're simply tools, instruments.



They have no souls.



The possibilities are endless here.



In two years' time, I will be able

to cure childrers leukemia.



How many people on Earth

can say that, Mr. Laurent?



I guess just you and God.



That's the answer

you're looking for, isn't it?



Mr. Whitman has your check downstairs.



Looks like single gunshot.



Oh, no.



Wrong wrist.



Dr. Merrick,

the body thatjust came in...


            the client.



Issue a security alert!

Lincoln Six Echo!



Down, down, down!

Move, move!



- Disturbance in the Hologram Room.

- I'm on it.



Dr. Merrick, I sent censors

to check a possible attempted breach



in Hologram Control.



One after another,

step into the room.



If I'm going to the Island,

why did I leave my bag?



Step right in, thank you.



Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Is this the right way? I...



Are you new here?

I don't know if this is the way!



It's going to the Island!



I'm almost positive that

you're going the wrong way!



Open the door!



She said open the door!



You could have taken over his life,

but you chose to come back.



You truly are unique, Six Echo.



My name is Lincoln!



I brought you into this world...



...and I can take you out of it.


Special help by SergeiK