It's Alive 2: It Lives Again Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the It's Alive 2: It Lives Again script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Larry Cohen movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of It's Alive 2: It Lives Again. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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It's Alive 2: It Lives Again Script



What does she want, a he or she?



That's nice.

Why don't you give that to Jody?



- Who is this from?

- Isn't that pretty?



It's a boy. Is that what it is?



Look at that. Is that not cute?



We have so much food.

Will you please eat some more food?



- Jody.

- Yeah?



Ed's wife did the natural childbirth.



- Oh, boy.

- Stevie, you got enough cake?



Jody, you going back

to get your degree after the baby?



Jody would have been a hell of a lawyer

if she hadn't quit law school.






The Packers will probably sign him up.



- Take care. Take it real easy, okay?

- I'll try.



I'm arguing that case

on behalf of the Indians...



at the federal courthouse Tuesday.



Drop on in. See a star at work.



I've got everybody's numbers.

I'll be calling.



- Good luck.

- Call us.



All right. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for coming.



Listen, I'm going to call everybody.



Jody's going to walk to the hospital.

I'll call you.



I was thinking of taking someone with me.






Sweetie, have you been left behind?



No, I'm fine.



I just thought

if you were going my direction, that I'd...



- No, it's okay.

- We'll help you.



Actually, I'm hiring a lady

for the day, or the week.



And thank you!



Irritable, isn't he?



- That guy? I thought he came with you.

- No. I don't think he likes women.



You can't stand rejection. You know it.



Find out if he's queer. I'd like to know.



- Would you be quiet?

- I bummed a sandwich.



- Bye.

- Good-bye.



- Take care, Stevie.

- Bye, honey.



- I'm so excited for you.

- Thank you.



Everybody's got to go home now so I can

get the dishes and the vacuuming done.



Let me validate your parking.



Cake was wonderful.



- Who's that guy?

- What?



That guy over there.



I thought you knew him.

You don't know him?



I thought he was your friend.

That he was with what's-her-name.



No. I don't know who he is.

Go ask him. Go on.



- It is our house.

- Yes. Party-crashing a baby shower?



- Hi.

- Hello.



I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk.



I didn't want to interrupt.

You have so many nice friends.



Yeah, we do.






this is very embarrassing,

but I don't think I know you.



I just flew in from Los Angeles.

I'm sorry. My name is Frank Davis.



Hi, I'm...

Well, you obviously know who we are.



- Never heard of me, then?

- No. Should I have?






Honey, this is Frank Davis

from Los Angeles.



- Hello.

- Just flew down.



How do you do?



Hope you're not selling

insurance or encyclopedias.



I'm not here to sell anything.



Honey, why don't you put

the presents away? We'll work this out.



I'd like to hear it.



It's about your baby.



I was going to get some coffee.

Would you like some coffee? Something?



You can stop playing hostess now.



The guy's here, he's been here all day,

and now he won't tell us what he wants.



- Just let him talk, will you?

- Who's stopping him?



Look, if you have something to tell me

about my baby...



then why don't you? Because, frankly,

it's making me kind of nervous.



I don't know if you're aware

that doctors all over the country...



have been contacted

by the federal government...



and asked to report

what they consider to be...



cases of abnormal pregnancy.



I don't know what that has to do with us.



Dr. Fairchild has taken

an extensive series of tests just last week.



- Yes, but you said abnormal.

- The baby's very large, isn't it?



Listen, are you a doctor?



No, he's not a doctor.



He's the man that was in TIME magazine.



Remember, there was a story?

It was in all the newspapers.



Frank Davis?



The Davis baby. Remember?

There was a special program on CBS.



Yes, I do remember.



I felt very sorry for you, Mr. Davis.



- Is your wife all right?

- She's recovered.



But have you recovered...



or do you go around to people's houses

trying to frighten them?



If there's anything I can do for you,

if you need an attorney...



If you've read about me,

then you've heard about...



what happened to the baby

born in Seattle.



Yes, I do remember.

That one was killed, wasn't it?



Yes. At birth.



I'm sorry. Excuse me, I don't feel...



I don't feel very good.



I'm sorry, Mr. Davis.

My wife's not feeling well.



I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

I don't want to have to call the police.



That's just what you don't want to do.



The police aren't going to be of any help

to you or your baby.



You see, there were blood specimens

taken that day by Dr. Fairchild.



They matched up with other samples.



What other samples? What do you mean?



They're looking for characteristics

that they found in my wife's blood.



They're trying to locate these infants

before they're born...



so they can be terminated.



If it is one of these babies,

it will come early, unexpectedly.



They're prepared for that. The team

arrived the day before yesterday...



- Team?

- Team, right. Specialists.



Are you saying there are people here

for the purpose of killing our baby?



If it's like my son when it's born, yes.



There's a man named Mallory

across the street...



watching this house right now.



They change shifts every eight hours.



You mean

that Dr. Fairchild's part of all this?



I don't think the man out front

recognized me.



I came in with your other guests.



If it's going to be a goddamn monster,

why not kill it?



They use that word too easily,

don't they? Monster?



"The Davis Monster."

Because it's different.



They didn't show any pictures

of your baby.



How many people did it...



How many people did it murder?



In the delivery room,

they tried to suffocate my child...



but naturally, it fought back.



But he found us.



He came home to us.



Came to me, his father, for protection.



And I shot him.



Wounded my own child.



But he forgave me.



Is that an animal? Is it?



Is that a monster, that can forgive?



I'm sorry.



See, I cooperated with the authorities.



My wife and I let them take tests,

so now they trust us.



You ever done this before?

Gone to other people?



Yes. There was a woman

in Evanston, Illinois, but I learned too late.



The team had already arrived.

They were prepared.



Right in the delivery room,

they snuffed out its life.



There's been two false alarms

and two mistakes.



I don't... I hope that...



you don't think

this is too crazy of me, but...



I have a feeling

that this one isn't a mistake.



May I touch it?



Yes, you can.



I felt it as soon as I came in the house.



The same feeling I had

when my son was close by.



Don't be ashamed.



I hope you have the opportunity

to see that, Eugene.



Some of us have. It makes us

very remarkable in our own way.



Don't you think you'd better go now?



Maybe you should go out the back.



You don't want the little man to see you.



I'll be talking to you in a few days.

I'll stay in the motel. Call if you need me.



It's the only place I could find

with a private phone.



I don't trust the switchboard.



Take it easy.



It's happening, and it's going to continue

to happen to lots of other people.



Thousands. Millions, maybe,

before this century's out.



Did he tell you what it looked like?






I feel exactly like I did

when they called me and told me...



Dad died of a heart attack.






Jody, why did you let him touch you?



Hello, Doctor. Yeah.



I'm going to need help down here.



That's right.



I'm staying at the Palos Park Motor Inn.



That's two blocks from the hospital.

That's right.



We have a lot of people

who are sympathetic to us here.



We're setting up facilities

to deliver the baby outside the hospital.



A mobile unit is being brought in

from Los Angeles.



- We can't wait for her to go into labor.

- Will it be safe for the mother, Doctor?



The prime danger

will be to the infant itself.



We'll have to tranquilize it before delivery.

It could be stillborn.



We'll be waiting for you.



I don't see him now.



Must be crazy.



It's kicking again. Hard.



It's always been an active baby.



It. I'm calling it "it."



I don't even call it "he" or "she" anymore.



Lots of people call their baby "it."



All my vitamins and my food supplements

and my great vegetarian diet.



I bet you they're going to tell me

that's what caused it.



I've been thinking

about the legal aspects of this case...



and the government can't have

any actual backup for what they're doing.



Must come under the heading

of emergency measures.



If this thing were tested in the courts,

it would never hold up.



Sounds just like you.



You're getting back to yourself again,

talking like a lawyer.



What they're trying to do to us,

conspiring to murder our child.



Of course, in India, infanticide

has been practiced for centuries.



- Did you know that?

- No, I didn't know that.



Strangling baby girls at birth...



or spreading opium on

the mother's nipples before nursing them.






Glad I'm not in India.



I think today

they just starve the little girls to death.



They don't have enough food.



And I guess it's easier to kill

what you consider inferior.



Look, over here, we run the country.



I'll get Frank.



- Frank, this is Dr. Forest.

- Come in.



The mobile unit has arrived.

It's being checked out.



- Go get me a cup of coffee.

- All right.



Make that tea. I don't want coffee.



- You want the herbal tea?

- Yes, the herbal tea.



Oh, God!



God! Gene.



- You all right?

- No.



It's started.



You sure?



- Yes.

- Here, sit down.



- Oh, my.

- Sit down.



I'm going to call Davis. Just relax.

I'm going to get his number.



This contraction is too big.



God, I wasn't due for a week.



Dr. De Silva, Frank Davis.



Pleasure to meet you. The Scotts

will be relieved to know you're here.



Why don't they turn that music down?

Doesn't anyone sleep around here?



I feel like celebrating myself.



Why is it this big?



We have four more of these units

in construction.



That's marvelous. It's going to save

the lives of so many children.



You've done a remarkable job, Doctor.



Bullshit doctors coming in from L.A.,

song and dance he gave us.






Just relax.



He's not there.

The son of a bitch is not there.



I'm going to call

Eugene and Jody Scott now.






- Don't call Dr. Fairchild.

- Hello. Dr. Fairchild?



Yes, this is an emergency.



We're going to the hospital now.



- Busy.

- Wait. Maybe they're trying to get you.



Come on.



I never believed Frank Davis anyway.



- Let's go.

- I'm trying.



- All right.

- God.



We just can't wait anymore.

We don't have time. We gotta go.






You all right?

Come on, baby. We gotta get there.



I know. I can't walk very fast!



All right. I don't mean to be pushy.



I won't go to that hospital.



We can't risk your life.

We've got to go to the hospital.



She's in labor.



Mr. Mallory has already been notified

by Dr. Fairchild.



They're both en route to the hospital.

Everything's been prepared.



They're out.



They've gone to maternity.



Wait a minute.



You've seen photographs

taken in the hospital in Los Angeles.



You all know what has to be done.



All right, let's go to our posts.



- What are you doing with the gun?

- Don't worry about the gun, Doctor.



Move this unit into position

behind the hospital.



- I'm going in there.

- They'll recognize you.



Get me a doctor's bag and a clipboard.



Clear all visitors

out of the maternity ward...



and seal off the third floor.



I love you.

I won't let anybody hurt you, darling.



Two Mary Twelve, cleared.



- Mrs. Scott?

- Excuse me? Pardon me?



No, I'm not going to go in there!



Who are you? Wait a minute!



Why are all these police here?



- They're for security, that's all.

- What, for a bomb scare?



Nothing to be alarmed about.

That's about what it is.



It's nothing to do with you

watching my house the other night?



- Jody, wait, I'll be right in.

- Take him to the waiting room.



I don't want to go to the... Wait!



Once more. Long, steady push.






The officers are outside.

You want them in here now?



Please, it's going to be a beautiful baby.

It's going to be a girl.



Gene wants a little girl.



Please don't hurt my baby.



It's going to be a beautiful baby,

I know that.



Everything will be all right.

Don't worry about it.



Long, steady push.



It's normal!



I don't know about this.



If you don't want to go through

with this, I'll take responsibility.



Dr. Fletcher. I have a cardiac arrest

on the second floor. Step aside, please.



Why are the police here?



You fellas wait outside the door.

I'll call you when I need you.



Dr. Fairchild?



You don't even know

what it's going to look like.



You have no right. This is my baby.

This is murder.



- Who told you that?

- Gene, help me!



Somebody informed her

before she arrived.



I'll have a word with her husband.



Take a deep breath. Hold it. Bear down.



I had a feeling

that you couldn't be trusted.



I'd like you to look at this chart.



Persuasive, isn't it?



You could call it

a case of temporary insanity.



Tell them to bring the husband up here

to see his wife.



Come on.



Bring the father down on the double.



Very good.






Jesus. What are you doing?



I'm going into the delivery room.



Are you sure you want to be part of this?



Just get our hospital gowns. Move.



- Dr. Fairchild!

- Jody!



Hold it. Don't do anything.



Baby, it's all right.



Now take off.



I'm taking the patient out of the hospital.



I don't want any trouble.

No interference, you understand?



It's his ball game. Go ahead.



Step aside from the patient.



Won't you give her a shot?

It's hard labor. I know you can do it.



Come on, move.



Take off the stirrups.



It's going to be a beautiful baby.



Normal. It's going to be normal.



- Hurry up, let's go.

- It's okay, baby. That's good.



You're committing suicide.



It'll kill all of you.



Now listen. There's a truck coming around

to the emergency entrance.



It's to be allowed to enter.



All we want is time to get a court order

protecting the life of that infant.



The truck is to be permitted to enter

the restricted area behind the hospital.



The medical personnel aboard

are not to be interfered with.



Take it easy!

No crime has been committed!



You have no right to arrest us.



I'm protecting this woman's right

to have a baby.



Put her on the gurney.



Frank, we're ready for you.



- Put them away.

- Put your guns down, fellas.



Doctor, you're going to save my baby,

aren't you?



I'm going to damn well try.



Gene, I think we better hurry.



Let's get her on the table.



You'll be hearing screams in there

in a minute.



Climb in next to me.



And be very careful.



Prep her up quickly.



They're not following us anymore.



Keep your eyes on the road.

Slow down and keep it under   .



Just a few more minutes.



It's an enormous child.



No bigger than any of the others.



What's the use?



The federal authorities

will never let you get past the state line.



We'll see.



It shouldn't be allowed to live.



What are you doing?



I want to see my baby.



Let me see my baby.



- It's completely sedated.

- I want to see him.



It's a boy.



It's a boy, isn't it? Let me see him.



Oh, my God.



- How could you let this happen?

- What's going on back there?



No, don't kill it!



It's shock. He'll be all right.



Let me out.



Tell me what it looks like. Look at it.



What's going on back there?



We delivered a live male child.



Dr. De Silva is injured.



He's in a state of shock,

but I think he'll be all right.



What does he look like?



Slow down.



We're coming to the tunnel.



This is the sheriff's jurisdiction.

We're stopping the truck, hostage or not.



- Do as you goddamn please.

- We're stopping the truck.



Compliments of the house.



It's all right. He's unarmed.



He's not armed.



It's one of the doctors.

They left the mother inside.



Male,    years,  '  ",     pounds.



They changed cars in the tunnel.



A camper, gray.

I couldn't get a make on the license.



What are you going to do, arrest me?



You bet your sweet ass I am.



I can't wait to get my day in court.

TV is just going to love me.



Let him go. Release him!






You don't belong in a jail.

You belong in a mental institution.



It was born, wasn't it?

You couldn't stop it. It was born.






- I've been out for four hours.

- You needed the rest.



I thought I'd never sleep again.



Where you headed?



Back to Los Angeles, where it all began.



I'm due at the Dallas airport

tomorrow night.



I'm giving a lecture at the Adolphus

on my unique experience with fatherhood.



You're making a profession

out of this now?



Why are you trying so hard to do your job?



I have a high regard for the human race.



I want to see that it sticks around

a little while longer.



How about a lift to the airport?

After all, I gave you a ride.



Are they still watching us out there?



There's only one of them.



He's only here

to keep the newspaper people away.



They're spying on me.

Frank Davis told me...



I don't want to hear

anything more about Frank Davis.



Here, take these and go to bed. Come on.



Mother, I appreciate your coming,

I really do, but please let me alone.



- You can't feel guilty about this.

- I don't feel guilty about this!



We've always been pals, so I can tell you

exactly what's on my mind.



You've only known Eugene a few years.

You don't know his family.






There is nothing wrong with anyone

on our side of the family.



It couldn't be us. It has to be him.



It isn't hereditary, you know that.

It's been happening to others.



You're twisting this around.

You're trying to make me hate Eugene.



You could have made something

of yourself if you stayed in school.



I want you to help me get away.



- I won't do that.

- They'll be watching me.



Gene will want me to come.

The baby will need me.



You are not making sense.



When the time comes,

you will help me to get away from here.



- I'm not going to.

- You will do exactly as I say.



Exactly as you say.






Just fine.



They switched to a camper near Phoenix

and then to a van.



These people are clever

and well-organized.



We won't find them easily.



You certainly are prepared.



Dr. Perry.



- How do you do, Dr. Perry?

- Mr. Scott.



I think I should explain to you

that yours is not the only child here.



We have others.






One was brought from Atlanta

about    days ago.



One was delivered here.

The mother didn't survive.



Maybe it's the trip,

but I'm not feeling too well.



That's only normal.

You haven't eaten for    hours.



We've prepared a room

up there in the west wing.



- Thank you.

- How are the babies doing?



More alert every day.



They communicate,

they're very much aware of each other...



they've been quite calm,

and I think they trust me.



My tests indicate that they have

the mental capacity...



of a human infant of about    months.



I think Mr. Scott ought to get some rest.



No, I think I'd like to see them.



- Are you sure?

- Yeah. I saw mine.



I'm not afraid to look anymore.



One thing I think you'll find:



They bear a striking resemblance

to each other.



Almost like brother and sister.



Is one of them a female?



We keep them down here

because it's more secure.



When will Frank Davis be here?



He won't come until it's absolutely safe.



In my opinion,

based on their present rate of growth...



in five or six years,

they should be capable of sexual activity.



I pride myself in thinking...



that these two might be the first

to reproduce on this planet.



Which one is mine?



He's in the laboratory upstairs.



He'll be brought down here eventually,

where it's warm.



Also, being with each other

seems to calm them.



I've named them.

First necessity with a child, I suppose.



Might be in bad taste

or even blasphemous...



to have named them Adam and Eve.



But, what the hell,

it seemed like a good joke at the time.



- They know you're afraid of them.

- No kidding?



They're not the only ones who know it.

Boy, do I know it!



Your fear seems to threaten them.



He's the father of one just like you.



You're going to have a little baby brother.



He's here, and he's safe.



And this is his father.



Neither of them

have ever met their parents.



Probably want to focus on you

as a father figure.



Thanks, Doc,

I'd hate to rob you of that honor.



Stop that.

Everybody knows you can make noises.



It only makes people

nervous and fearful of you.



You behave yourself,

or I won't let you out.



You let them out?



Just Adam, and I'm always well-armed.



I've never seen them this agitated before.

Come on.



You can see them again tomorrow

if you want.



Thanks, Doc. That would be great.



It's not going to work out.



Maybe we should have

the mother instead.



Now, you stop that. Behave yourselves.



I don't feel so good.

You got anything to drink?



What do you mean, you lost Davis?



We had a tail on him,

but he must have known it.



This boy had help.



Of course he had help.



Right now, he's probably

with Eugene Scott and the infant.



Mr. Mallory, our friend is outside.



Tell her to come in.



We appreciate your cooperation.



If she's giving you a bad time, I could

come over and spend some time with her.



Take her to lunch,

have a bridge party or something.



I'll come over and take her to lunch.



Mrs. Scott,

there's a call for you on the pay phone.






Mrs. Scott.



I'm a friend of your husband

and Frank Davis.



They'd like to see you.



- Okay.

- Are you being followed?



- I think so.

- I think so, too.



Do you know

the New View Theater on B Street?



Go there tonight for the  :   show.



At  :   go out the fire exit

on the south side of the theater.



Get on the first city bus that passes.

We'll be waiting for you.



Please don't smoke.

The babies don't like it.



Is that your gun?



Your boy seems to be getting along

quite well with the other two.



I told you not to smoke.

They're very sensitive to it.



I'm sorry.



We don't regard them

as being monsters or subhuman.



As a matter of fact, they're

potentially beautiful. Superhuman.



The beginning of a new race of humanity

that will finally eclipse our own.



They're the next step forward in evolution.



A way in which the human race

can survive the pollutions of this planet.



I think I'm going to go upstairs.

I'll see you later.



I got to get something to drink.

You want something?



Bring me a diet soda of some sort.



The floor sticks to your feet

in this theater.



It's all right.



Tell Mr. Mallory I put it in her purse

before we went out tonight.






Jody never could fool her mother.



Welcome aboard, Mrs. Scott.



We've made arrangements

for you to see the baby.



Please lie down. You'll be out of sight.



This place used to be a private academy

for embassy children...



till one day

a kid fell in this pool and drowned.



It was quite a scandal.

The lawsuits dragged on for months.



The school had to close down.



It's been a white elephant ever since.



What if you're wrong?

What if these babies...



can't be tamed or trained

or whatever you're going to do with them?



We're not trying to turn them into pets.



Just trying to make them realize

their maximum potential...



whatever that may be.



Yeah? I don't know how to say this,

but what if...



I know what you're trying to say.



What if they don't prove to be compatible

with the human race? What then?



Do we destroy them?



I don't know.



I'd rather not think about that.



Somebody better start thinking about it.



- Yeah?

- Hello, Perkins? Mallory.



It's for me.



Be quiet, now. Your father's on the phone.



We traced her by electronic signal

to Los Angeles.



- We want you to handle the investigation.

- Can't you get somebody else?



I've killed one. Isn't that enough?



You know more about this

than anyone on the LAPD.



- It's your baby.

- Yeah. My baby.



Well, I'm here.



I think I'm okay.

I don't think we were followed.



We changed cars about four times

and I never saw anything...



so I think it's okay.



That's good.



Hello, Frank.



When do I get to see him?



You don't want to wake him up now.



You'll get to hold him and feed him,

and even teach him, both of you.



You'll change your mind, Gene. You'll see.






Change my mind.



- What did he mean?

- Nothing. Come on.



Let's go and rest.



Tell me, what's he like?

How is he? Tell me.



He's big, and he's real strong.



- There's two others here, too, you know?

- Yeah, I know. They told me about that.



We've triangulated her position

between Coldwater and Benedict Canyon...



below Mulholland.



We ought to have a direct fix

within    minutes...



if the signal holds out.



Hi, I'm Dr. Peters. My wife sent

some things over for you to use.



- Tell me if there's anything else we can do.

- Thank you.



Thanks, Doc.



That was good of them.

I didn't have time to pack anything.



I didn't even bring anything to sleep in.



That's great.



That's terrific.



I really missed you.



I really did miss you a lot, you know?



Wait, it hurts.



- It hurts?

- Yes!



- I just want to wash, take a shower.

- I'm sorry.



No, it's okay.



You don't like the way I touch you

anymore, do you?



- It's too soon to do anything.

- I don't want to do anything.



- I just wanted to hold you.

- I can't.



Make you feel sick when I touch you now?



Does it make you feel sick

because of what we created?



Is that what you think?






I don't know.



I just don't want to be held, okay?



I thought that I would. When I was

coming here, I was very excited.



Now I just don't want to be held.

I don't know what to say.



It's all right! Shut up!



It's okay. We've got two beds.



I wanted things to be like they were,

the same, but it just isn't.



Okay? It isn't the same!



It can't be the same.



We're not going to be

the same people anymore!



Don't work too hard in this heat.



Don't worry. Dr. Perry's

going to relieve me in an hour.



I know I must have brought

my toothbrush.



What is this?



It must belong to Mother.



If it gets outside the house into the brush,

we don't stand a chance.



It's got to be killed inside the house.



Shut up.



Shut up, God damn it.



What's happening?



What's happening down here

to upset them so?



The mother arrived about an hour ago.

They've been hysterical ever since.



All three of them?



That's odd.



You take a rest. I'll baby-sit awhile.



Tonight's a little too hot to sleep.

Maybe I'll get into a cold tub.



- Don't forget, you're back on  :   a.m.

- Right.



Jesus, it's hot in that room.



How about some gin rummy?



Yeah, maybe. It's too hot to sleep.



Calm down.



You know your mother's just upstairs.



As long as you're up...



we might as well not waste the night.



Put Adam through the maze again.



Now, now.






Where are you?



Adam, you don't want to hurt me.



I got to get up at  :  .



No! God! No!



The door to the nursery room

seems to be open.



Did you hear a phone ringing upstairs?



I'll go and see about Dr. Perry.



Yeah, the door was open.



They'll kill all the babies for this.



It mustn't happen.



Frank, I found some trunks.



That's not a bad idea.

I may join you in a few minutes.



Did you hear a phone

or a doorbell ring upstairs?



No. When?



Couple of minutes ago.



You think that water's clean enough

to swim in?



Just don't swallow it.



Come on in.



This somebody's idea of a joke?



Davis, is that you?






Dr. Perry?



Fire that flare!



No. You don't want to harm me.



I'm not like one of them.

I'm not one of them.



It's in there with somebody.

It's in the clear. Fire.



Get it off!



Goddamn flare blew our whole surprise.



No. There's two.



You're mine, aren't you?



I can see it.



Don't you know who I am?



They lied to us, Jody!

They're going to kill us all!



I'll take another look at that damn thing.



Why do you hate me?



- Calm down.

- My baby.



Now that you've killed it,

you can all go home.



- Disappointed, Mr. Mallory?

- Let's find Mrs. Scott and Frank Davis.



Take it easy. It won't hurt me.



Why did you do this?



Why do you want to hurt people?



Why did you do this?



Why do they hate me?



Why does my own child hate me?



- Scared you?

- Sure did.



- That Scott baby was a boy, wasn't it?

- Yeah.



This one's a female. Come on, let's go.



What's this?



Was this in your purse?






Some kind of homing device.



She brought this to us.



My own mother. I could kill her.



It is not her fault.



Come on, it's not her fault.






- Stay here.

- Frank...



- Stay here.

- Frank, wait.



There's more than one.



Give me the goddamn transmitter.



There's two more running around loose.



There's two more

somewhere in the house. Now find them!



They get outside into the brush,

we'll never find them.



Seal off the house.



Jody, go back and keep them distracted.



When will I see him again?



Maybe it's safer if you don't.



- No, Frank.

- Please, go ahead.



- Jody, go.

- Wait.



Where's my husband? Where's Gene?



Take it easy.



He's at the hospital. He's at

the Cedars of Sinai Emergency Hospital.



- Where's Gene?

- The rest of you, come on.



That's two.



Did you see it? I could have swore

it tried to say something.



- Shut up and cover it up.

- Give me a blanket.



Now let's find the other one.



Find Frank Davis,

and we'll find the third one.



Hold it. Who's there?



- You're trespassing on a city reservoir.

- He won't hurt you.



No, take it easy. It's not the policemen.

It's only a night watchman.



Be calm. He's not going to hurt you.



Do you hear me? I said, who's there?



Don't. It's not the police.

Turn it off, please.



I said, cover it up!



You don't want to see this, Mrs. Scott.



I'll take you to see your husband.

He's going to be all right.



We made reservations

for you and your wife to return to Tucson.



If I were you,

I'd have us stay around here for bait.



Davis told me that these infants

have a very strong homing instinct.



They always manage to find their parents.



It may be that my baby just might be...



Might try to come back and get me.



- You'll help us?

- I said I'm staying.



I mean, a few people

might be alive today...



if I hadn't cooperated with Davis.



I'll cancel the reservation.



I guess I'm a funny guy.



Show me a few murders,

and I'm impressed.



All you had to do was put one of those

on my back and I suddenly got your point.



I got the picture.



I want you to know

that you're not in this alone.



My real name was Preston.



The baby that was born in Seattle,

two years ago...



was mine.



Teresa and I had wanted a baby.



They told us we couldn't have any.



And then she conceived.



That baby was going to be

the most important thing in our lives.



Then it was born.



It was one of them.



It killed her. It tore her apart.



I came home.



She'd had the baby...



and it was bending over her body.



I knew it was going to kill me next...



and I had my service revolver.



Then you made a profession out of it.



If you were right,

you had to prove it over and over again.



I was right.



They don't belong on this earth.



They'll keep coming and destroy us all.



They'll take over.



If you believe in God...



then they must be here for some reason.



I don't believe in God.



Not anymore.



- Who got me this?

- He did.



- Don't try to take it back for the money.

- You don't even need the make-up, Cindy.



That's not very nice to say on my birthday.

I'm trying to get along with you.



- Here, open my present first.

- I'll open this one for you.



No, I don't want you to open it.



Come on, everybody,

let's go play some hide-and-go-seek.



And you're it, Cindy.



I don't want to be it.

Let me finish opening my present, anyway.



We owe you    spankings,

so you either are it...



or you get your spankings.

Come on, everybody.



One, two, three, four,

seven, eight, nine, ten...









I give up now.

I can't find you. Come on out.



I'll be it again.

Come out and give me another chance.



I know a place where she'll never find us.



Come on.

It's my birthday, and you're ruining it.



I never ruined your birthday.

You ruin all my birthdays.



Don't try anything.



Come on, you guys. Dang it.

I want to go home.



Valerie, I know you're in there.

Get out. Come on.



I know you're in there! Get out!



Get these kids out of here!



- I'll never be mean to you again.

- And I love the present you got me.






Come on.



Helicopter surveillance in these areas

will commence at      hours.



It is to consolidate at point  - - 

on grid map   .



Units G and C move along Mulholland

parallel to units E and F...



at the old fire station.



It is cozy.



I'm sure you'll be very comfortable here.



- We've checked the place. It's clean.

- Good.



This is very strange.



I saw this house in a dream once.

More than once.



Maybe it was a nightmare.



- Would you get the groceries?

- Sure.



The bedrooms are upstairs. Two of them.



That will be perfect.



Come on,

I'll show you the rest of the house.



- How's your back?

- Sore.



Wouldn't you like to see

the rest of the house?






everything secure?



It's nice out here,

away from the congestion. No neighbors.



Only thing they warned us about

were holes in the roof...



but we don't expect much rain.



We patched in a direct line this morning.

All you do is dial seven.



Yeah. Perkins.



Right. That's it.



We'll be here in under four minutes.



The other bedroom is over here.



It's still somewhere in these hills.



They found a coyote this morning

with its throat torn out.



Nothing else could have done it.



- You think it will come for us?

- Only if you're alone.



We can't be too close.

It would sense our presence.



It's up to you.



I'll leave you these.






Is this loaded?



- Yeah. Be careful.

- I couldn't use one of those.



Did you see what it did

to your husband's body?



Yes, but that wasn't ours.

That wasn't our baby.



Would you like to see a photograph

of Frank Davis' body?



We're volunteers, remember?

Get the hell out of here.



I'm sorry it has to be like this.



All we can do is watch

for any fresh kills and wait.




it takes less than four minutes to get here.



Less than four minutes.



I don't want any man within

a mile of this house. Is that understood?



Let's go.



You forgot something.



This is yours.



They didn't even leave us

a car to get out in.



Don't worry. They're watching

from that fire station up on the ridge.



They know every move we make.




I'll take the other room.



Good deal.



Don't forget to put that gun by your bed.






Attention, all LAPD and SWA Tunits.



Proceed around left perimeter

of reservoir...



to grid section   .



Reservoir road is closed.



- Three days.

- What about it?



Three days we're out in this brush area

without a cigarette.



It's got to come here.



It's got to kill them both. That's its nature.



Not nervous? Look at your nails.



I think we're too close here.



Let's pull back to the fire station.



We're pulling back to the fire station.



Attention, all LAPD and SWA Tunits.



Lima beans...



Chunky soup...



and cranberry sauce.



Maybe we'll be here till Thanksgiving.






I'm sorry. Here, look.

They sent us our mail.



Yeah, thanks. Terrific.



It's from Dr. Fairchild.



He's charging us for the delivery.



- He's what?

- Yeah.



If we don't pay him, I bet you he'll sue us

and collect, and destroy our credit.



Let me see it.



I don't believe it.



Oh, God.



That stupid bastard.



- Who the hell are you calling?

- Hi.



Yeah, I just wanted to see

if you were there. Bye.



They're there.



They found

the body of a German Shepherd dog...



just beyond the reservoir road.



The infant is circling the house,

moving closer every night.



We'd be better off finding the cause of it...



pollution, drugs...



instead of just killing it.



I'm sorry.



Biting on a bullet might help.



- Where's your gun?

- It's by the bed upstairs.



Damn it. I told you to keep it with you.

Now go get it.



- Come on.

- Okay.



It's in the crawlspace.



Use the phone.



- Jesus.

- There.



Help me.



Call them back and tell them

it was a false alarm.



- You didn't call, did you?

- Why should I?



This time, the mistakes are ours.



Everybody who believed in this

has been murdered by them!



Get out! I'll do it!



- Please, forgive me.

- What are you doing?






- Please put that gun down!

- I'll kill him!



Throw it away.

Let him see you throw it away.



Please. Please try.



Please. You see your father?



We just want to touch you, and hold you.



Please, just let us touch you. You see?



He didn't come to hurt us.



He just wants to be held.



Gene, feel him.



Just touch him, just like Frank Davis said.



Just hold him. Take him in your arms.



Feel him. You'll know.



- That window's some kind of a signal.

- They would have phoned.



If you were afraid of something

getting into the house...



would you leave the window open

in the middle of the night?



You'll feel better.



In fact, we'll all feel better

if you're not so hungry.



That's it.



Go on, eat it all up.



I think he's sleepy.



He must have not slept for a long time.



Did you hear that?



- Okay, start pumping.

- No, wait. They're still in there.



- For all we know, they're dead by now.

- I said wait.



What is that?



They're covering the house!



You can get out through the kitchen.

They haven't sealed it off.



- Wait.

- Now put it down!



You're gonna make him kill.

You're going to do this to all of us!



He's not hurting anyone! Give me...



Start pumping!



In    seconds they're going to

start pumping gas into this house.



No, don't.



- Let it go.

- No! Go away!



Let it go.






Help me, somebody. Help me.



Get this monster off of me!



Stop! He can't hurt you! I've got the gun!



- I've got his gun! Stop!

- Help him!



If you're human, you'll kill it.



Help me. God, help me.



- Help him.

- I can't.



Shoot it!



God forgive me.



- Let's get them out.

- Move them out!



It's dead.



Excuse me. Mr. Baxter?



Pardon me. Mr. Baxter?



- Yes? Do I know you?

- No. I'm Eugene Scott.



We've never met before,

but we have to talk.



It's about you and your wife,

and the new baby.


Special help by SergeiK