It's Alive 3: Island Of The Alive Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the It's Alive 3: Island Of The Alive script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Karen Black and Michael Moriarty movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of It's Alive 3: Island Of The Alive. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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It's Alive 3: Island Of The Alive Script



Hey, hey, hurry up! There's a girl

giving birth in my fucking cab.



Six weeks

and I'm getting into this.



Go on. Cops know how

to deliver babies.



Yeah, sure. I deliver them all the time.



There's a phone down that corner.

Go call an ambulance.



Help me!



- Help me. Please!

- Take it easy. It'll be all right.



Can you put her on the sidewalk?



I don't care about the fare,

just get her out of my cab.



Would you hurry?!



Something's wrong!



- It'll be all right. Push.

- Oh, something's wrong.



Thirty-one years driving a cab

in New York, I've never been robbed.



I never should have picked up

a pregnant woman.



Breathe deep. Would you get going?!



I should have locked the fucking doors

when I saw her.



Talk to me. Talk to me.



What are you doing alone?

Where's the husband?



I don't even know who the father is.



- I should have never had this baby.

- Relax. Push. Push.



Oh, God, it's coming.



It's coming. Take it easy.



It's easy.



Oh, shit!



What's wrong with my baby?



It's one of them!






Priest found it when he opened up

this morning.



At least, what's left of it.



Lost a lot of blood before it died.



That's some baby.



You guys ever see a baby like this?



Took four bullets before it died.



They're being born faster

than we can kill them.



What the hell did it want in here?



Oh, my God.



Now, how many of these...



...mutations are in question?



At the moment there are five in custody,

Your Honor, but we believe...



...that more are being kept hidden.



We've already seen copies of these.



I'm sure you have, Your Honor.



And I'm also sure that opposing counsel

has nothing to add...


            this research, so I see no reason

to waste the court's time.



Your Honor, we are arguing for a stay

of these unlawful executions.



I object to the term "executions,"

Your Honor.



Any actions which have been taken

have been taken strictly in self-defense.



Are you going to deny

that you have execution squads...



...with orders to kill these infants

on sight?



- Objection, Your Honor.

- Dr. Brewster...



...we recognize your credentials

as an expert in this field...



...but we'll tolerate no outbursts.

- Yes, Your Honor.



Let's not allow this to be degraded

into some maudlin play for sympathy...


            depicting these creatures as

infants. I can't account for them.



Medical science can't account

for them. Let's not ever...



...mistake them for human beings.

- They're human.



My child's a human being,

you son of bitch.



Remove Mr. Jarvis from the court.



We ask that he be allowed to stay.



- We have our reasons.

- All right, officer.



Very well, Mr. Ralston.



I've requested that one of them

be brought into this court.



We had one of them transferred

from a medical facility nearby...


            the courthouse

early this morning.



Mr. Jarvis...


            you have any objection to

your child being brought into this court?



- My child?

- Yes.



No, not at all.



We'll take a brief adjournment

while it's brought in here.



He's deliberately using your child

in an attempt to make his point.



If he can show the judge

you're afraid of your own baby...



...terrified of him, despite all we say

in his defense, then he's won.



- What am I supposed to do?

- Do you believe in what we're doing?



I don't want him to die,

but I'm scared shitless of him.



Is that human?



- Jesus.

- Oh, God.



Take your seats. Take your seats.



May the record show

that the infant...



...born of the parents...



...Stephen and Ellen Jarvis

on the   th of March...



...this year,

has been admitted to this court.



Mr. Jarvis...



...can you identify this child

as your own?



- Yes, it's my child.

- Objection.



Your Honor, how can a man

sitting halfway across the court...



Courtroom make an identification

of something inside a cage...



...barely visible to him?



The point is well taken.

Mr. Jarvis, would it be preferable...



...for you to take a closer look

before making a positive identification?



Would you go over to the cage,

please, and make an identification?



Would you go over

and bend down, please...



...and look into that cage, Mr. Jarvis?



Now, let's not be hesitant, Mr. Jarvis.



After all, it's just a little baby.

It won't bite you.



Will counsel refrain

from speaking to the witness...



...when he is attempting

to make identification?



Your Honor, can't we simply stipulate

that this is the Jarvis child...



...and get on with it?

- Will both counsels please be silent?



Mr. Jarvis, I realize this is

very difficult for you...



...but would you please lean over...



...and look into the cage?



All right, I'm going.



I'm going, okay.



I can understand Mr. Jarvis' fear.

After all, one of these creatures...



...attacked and killed Frank Davis

when he tried to help it.



Another one attacked Eugene Scott,

who tried to help it.



They will try to kill anyone

who gets close to them.



That's a lie. And I'm not afraid.



Mr. Jarvis is an actor

by profession, as we know...



...but this is among

his least effective performances.



Can't you see it's a baby that's afraid?

The lights, the guns.



It's afraid for its little life.



Do you wanna live? I don't even know

if you understand me.



But if you wanna live...



...I can't just look in this cage.



This asshole's winning this case.

Do you know that?



Do you understand that?



If I just stand here and look in the cage,

we're lost and you're dead.



Get away! Somebody get him away

before he gets clawed.



Now, the only way we're gonna

win this case is if I put my hands...



...inside this cage and touch you.



Stephen, don't!



But if you hurt me...



...then we're in deep trouble,

because then the asshole wins.



We don't want the asshole to win,

all right?



Your Honor, as you can see,

this is an animal...



...a vicious animal, not a human...



...but a perversion

of everything human.



Don't make any noises, all right?



Now, it is our job to protect...



...even the lives of well-meaning fools

like this man.



No, Jarvis, don't put

your hand in there!



- You're gonna get hurt.

- No. One more minute.



- For God's sake, get him away!

- Get back to your seat.



Mr. Jarvis, will you resume your seat?



You scare him, he's gonna hurt

someone. Please, let go of me.



I'm all right. Look, see?



They don't understand.



No, no, no. Let him talk.



Please tell them to stop.

Stop this. Don't you understand?



He's just a baby!



He's got to defend himself

because they're trying to kill him.



They had the other babies murdered...


            the operating room!

Right in front of...



You don't you think this baby knows?

He's just a baby and he knows.



They put a chain around his neck,

put him in a cage, they bring him here.



They got guns around and lights.



How would you feel if you were born

into a world that looked at you...



...and wanted you dead?!












It's crying.



See? He's just a baby.



He's just scared.



Now, there must be someplace

on Earth, Your Honor...



...where he can live.



Where they won't hurt him.



Where he won't have to hurt them.



Take him, Stephen.



Take your son.



- Put your guns away.

- Holster those guns.



Mr. Jarvis...


           're to retire to the security block

with your child.



Counselors, I'll see you both

in my chambers.



I won't have anything happen

to that child.



Good evening, good evening,

and welcome to open mike night...


            The Boathouse

in Cape Vale, Florida...



...absolutely the best place

you could be.



Hey, just walking into the club, sir?

Very nice.



You got an act with that suit, sir?









How you been?



What'd you do, hire a detective?



No, your mother told me

where you were.



Is that all? Thank you.



I should have known.



- I can't talk now.

- When do you get off?



Stephen, I'm very happy working here.



The kids don't hit on me

and I'm getting good pay...



...and nobody knows who I am.



Well, they didn't take

many pictures of you.



They didn't need me. They had you.



The great actor. Finally getting

a lead role after all those walk-ons.



Leave me alone.



Please, you know, it wasn't just us.

There were others.



Why do you make it out

as if it only happened to us?



- It didn't. Listen to me.

- Same thing could have happened again.



Haven't been any in two months.

The experts say there won't be.



Experts? How can anybody

be an expert on something...



...they know nothing about?



Stephen, I have a guy.



He's a older man.



He's a friend. He's very nice.



And he doesn't know anything

about it.



Would you risk having a child

with him?



I can't have any more children.



What, are they wearing disguises?



How did that happen?



I had it done.






- You don't take any chances, do you?

- It's better like this.



You could never forget.

You could never leave it alone.



- It was the big event of your life.

- Hey, come on, now, Ellen.



What, are you trying to hurt me?

It's easy.



Hurt you? I still have nightmares.



I can't bear the thought of him.



I can't bear the thought...



...of what might have been.



I thought I was gonna have

such a beautiful baby.



How about kids today.



Rock 'n' roll,

whatever, I tell you...






...he's alive somewhere...



...because of you, Stephen.



You should be proud.



Are you proud?



I'm Ionely.



This guy bugging you, Ellen?



No, I'm fine, thanks.



- Enjoy the show, buddy.

- Yeah, sure.



You know, it's just not right.

Anyway, I was breast-fed...



Ellen, would the marriage have lasted

if the kid hadn't been that way?



I guess not.



I guess whatever we had for each other

just wasn't enough.



Kids today.

What a bunch of spoiled kids.



Ordering a whiskey sour,

vodka Collins, Virgin Mary straight up.



My best joke, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you very much.



Hi, Chico.



This whole pier's getting to be

a meat market, isn't it?



Kids think they own this town.



They're okay.



How about a little

adult companionship?



- No, thanks.

- Got a place right around the corner.



And I got some...



Some great videotapes you might like.



You know, grownup stuff.



- Not tonight.

- And I get the Disney Channel.






You don't know what you're missing.



Hey, mama.



On the house.



You got a great arm.









Wait till you see the rest of me.



Hey, mister.



- Thanks. Is this for me?

- Yeah.



Take it easy.



I'm not charging you by the hour.



Oh, you got a weekly rate?



Say, when was the last time

you made love to a woman?



It shows, huh?



God, you're like a high school kid.



I was good as a high school kid.

And it's been about that long.



Such a big night in your life.

Let's make it very special.



You have great skin.



You really do.



Hey, wait a minute.



You know, I think I've made love

to you before.



No, honey, you'd have remembered

if you'd have made love to me.



You look awfully familiar.



What's the matter?

Did I do something to turn you off?



No, no, it's all right.



You know, guys talk to me.



It does them good.



I gotta catch a flight.



Why is it whenever I meet the nice ones,

they're always in a hurry?



Why don't you stick around a while.



I could make you a couple eggs

and some coffee and...



No thanks.



You know, I can't get over the feeling

I've seen you somewhere before.



Do you come up to Cape Vale much?



No, I've never been here before.



Well, what do you do?



I was an actor, nothing big.



- Mainly commercials.

- Yeah?



I believe it.



You're good enough looking

to be on TV.






Hey, you know who you look like?



Now, don't get mad. But that guy on the

news who went to court over his baby.



You know, that awful thing

about the monsters.



People think I'm ignorant...



...but I got cable news on all the time

and that guy...



...he could have been a brother to you.



God, he looks so much like you.



It's who I am.






I'm Stephen Jarvis.



In person.



- Oh, shit.

- Now, Sally...



- I know how to pick them.

- Don't worry. I've had tests.



- Get your hands off of me.

- I'm healthy.



- They've run tests.

- Leave me alone!



- It's not catching.

- How do you know?!



How does anybody know?!



You should tell people who you are

before you put your hands on them.



You should let a woman know who you

are before you try and make love to her!



I don't want your dirty, filthy money,

either! Just get out of here!



Go on, get out! You're a freak!



You're sick and you make me sick too!



Get out, you freak!



You're sick!



He touched me.



Oh, God, he touched me.



Oh, God.



- Your Honor, may I interject?

- No, you may not.



The five children already in captivity...



...will have no harm done to them.



I am recommending

a commission be formed...



...for the purpose of locating

an isolated spot...



...where they can be left and allowed

to develop in their own course.



I can see no way that these beings

can be compatible in our society.



My colleagues on the Supreme Court

will recognize...



...we've no right to destroy them.



- But we can quarantine them.

- I'm going to appeal this, of course.



Be my guest...



...but no harm will come

to these children as long as I'm alive.



Where exactly do you plan

to put these things...



...where they won't harm anybody?



Where no human being has ever lived.



I don 't know where they've been taken,

but I trust Judge Watson.



You're not gonna try to find out

what happened to your child?



The parents, I and the committee

have talked...



... and we think it's best

to let it pass.



Are you aware there's speculation

they might be in Alaska...



... or Newfoundland at some sort of

a government installation?



I don 't know about that, but I do think

they ought to find out the cause.



- Make sure it never happens again.

- Yes.



Let's hope it never happens again.



When we return, we'll be accepting

your telephone calls for Mr. Jarvis...



...the spokesman

for the parents ' group.



But first...



... this important message of interest.



All right, boss,

isn't it about time you told us?



What are we hunting on this island?



You'd be surprised.



It's not a pleasure trip.

It's business, strictly business.



It's a wonder nobody's tried

to develop this island.



- Is that what you got in mind?

- No one wants to come here.



Treacherous reef,

it rains most of the time.



The government did secret tests here

about a dozen years back.



Oh, shit. Radiation.






Most of it's gone by now, anyway.



I'll tell you one thing though, friend:



Nobody's gonna build

a fancy hotel here, ever.



Come on. You stay here.



Hey, what are they?



They stocked the island for us to hunt.

Nothing lives here.



Stocked it with what?



Here, pass out this suntan oil...



...and this bug repellent.



My own brand,

the best in the market.



You can trust a Cabot product.



Come on out, you sons of bitches!



Come on!



We're waiting for you!



We should've brought more men!



We haven't got enough

damn men here.



They're infants, Jake, infants.



What does it take to kill

an infant, anyway?



Come on.









...can you see if you can find access?



- Sure thing, Mr. Cabot. No problem.

- Then go.



It cost me to find out

where they put those infants.



You know damn well I wouldn't

have come here if I'd known.



Look, we've already took the drugs

off the market.



And besides, there's no proof

that drug caused the mutation.



That's right.



And maybe in five or six years,

with luck...



...we can put those drugs

back on the market.



Maybe under some other name...



...but not if those scientists come back,

do further research...



...stir the whole mess up again.



If they do come back here,

we're here to see...



...that they find nothing left alive.






- Gunney! Gunney!

- You wanted them...


            got them.

- What the hell is that?



- I never saw anything move that fast.

- Yeah? Watch me.



Give me the gun.



- Give me the gun.

- Oh, shit.



Oh, shit.



Help! My arm!









You made your living

from commercials...



...and now no one wants you

associated with their product.



Yeah, they took every spot I ever did

off the TV.



Negative image,

you know, abnormal.



Listen, I hate to add

to your troubles, but...



Well, I'm afraid I've got to send you

that piece of paper.



Oh, you mean the bills.



Well, that had to happen

sooner or later.



Look, Stephen, I tried to cut my bill

to a fraction of the normal fee...



...but, you know, the expenses

of going to trial...



...statements, staff, transcripts...


           's just been astronomical.



- But the committee raised some money.

- Very little.



People felt this wasn't

a very popular cause.



- No telethons, right?

- Right, no telethons.



Here's the editor in chief

and head of promotions...



...for Garner Publications.

Mr. Stewart, Ms. Garson.



I don't wanna make money

out of this.



What's wrong with telling your side?



They want my side,

they read the court record.



Well, we'll include excerpts...



...but you're the only one

with a personal detail.



What happened between you

and your wife behind closed doors.



We're talking about having a hardcover

edition come out in April.



Top of the nonfiction list.



We don't even have to ask

your permission on this.



You signed a contract with me.

Look on page    of that agreement.



You assigned me the ancillary rights.



- That means book, TV, movie rights.

- Wait, you gonna merchandise it too?



Are you gonna sell Baby Jarvis dolls?



- How are you gonna earn a living?

- I got plenty of things I can do.



I've waited tables...



But I don't suppose they'll wanna

have me touching their food anymore.



- He'll change his mind.

- Good.



What if I denounce the book?



That's been done before

and it never hurt sales.



Just gets us a lot of free space

in the press.



Well, if you've got everything

sewed up...



...then what the hell

are you talking to me for?



Still have to get

the family photograph.



Oh, Mr. Jarvis, excuse me, please...



...but could I get your autograph?



I've been an actor for    years...



...and no one's ever asked me

for my autograph. Sure.



I think I have a pen here somewhere.



Just write it to Cynthia and Frank.



To Cynthia and Frank...





...Stephen Jarvis...



...father of the monster.



Is that supposed to be funny?



I think you'd be the last one to laugh.



Am I laughing?



Did you hear the new one?



They took Baby Jarvis the other day...



...for his shots and he stole the gun

from the doctor.



I think you're weird.



Say, do you know Baby Jarvis'

favorite television program?



Mutual of Omaha 's Wild Kingdom.



For him, it's a training film.



That's very good.






Did you know, Baby Jarvis

went to the dentist the other day...



...and he had his fangs capped.



We're not asking you to come back

to the hospital anymore.



Our grant's been cancelled and they've

pulled the plug on us, so to speak.



- What?

- No new babies were born...


            the last six months.



- No more fear, no more money.

- Oh, I see. There's no more murders...


            more interest, right?



I am completely committed to this thing.



I'm gonna spend

all of my spare time on it...



...but, you know, I've gotta live too.



I understand you're writing a book.



Who told you that?



I think it was on

Entertainment Tonight.



My card.



"Stephen Jarvis...



...father of the monster."



Can I see the baby over there?



No, not that one. That one, right.



The one with the teeth.



It's lies, it's all...









- It hurts.

- There's plenty of room.



It still hurts.



Don't let him intimidate

if you don't like them.



I am not intimidating,

I'm simply noting...



...this is her style

and the size she picked.



- It rubs me.

- Can't she try on a new pair?



They're all the same.

She can try another style, fine.



But this is the style I want.



Excuse me, sir,

can I get some service?



I'll be with you in a minute.



We bought these shoes here

and we'd like to exchange them.



I can't take them. They're worn.



Well, they're ruining my child's feet.



- I want the manager.

- I am the assistant manager.



I think it's outrageous that a child should

be expected to wear shoes that don't fit.



- None of our shoes fit.

- What?



- Ask the little girl here.

- What?



That's what we're doing,

ruining children's feet.



- We're part of a conspiracy.

- I suppose you think this is funny.



If we had shoes big enough,

we'd ruin yours.



I'm never shopping here again.



Let's get out of this crazy place.



I didn't like those shoes, anyway.



I'm Buster Brown.



- He lives in there too.

- I guess my feet are too big for you.



You're a little off your beat,

aren't you?



It's amazing how far a man will travel

to find a pair of shoes that'll fit.



Especially when you're on your feet

as much as I am.



Did you see the newspapers this week?



I never read the newspapers.



This is a good job for a person

who hates kids.



That's too bad about Judge Watson.



I didn't send flowers.

So, what, are you gonna arrest me?



So a man dies, the policy changes.



Dr. Swenson's back

and in charge now.



He's a revisionist

and a certified lunatic.



I thought he was

a nice enough guy.



Well, believe it or not,

he wants to go back there.



- Back where?

- He wants to see what they're like now.



How they've grown up.



It's been four years.

They grow pretty quickly.



The crazy part is he wants me

to go along for security.



I'm supposed to be some kind

of an expert.



Well, you're not here

to ask my permission.



Swenson wants you too.



He is a lunatic.



He remembers how you acted

in the courtroom.



How you touched it,

how it responded.



Your kid would be what,

  years old now?



Well, they asked me to find you.

I've done that.



You're looking forward to this,

aren't you?



Admit it, you son of a bitch. You wanna

find out how they turned out, right?



How long is it gonna take you to pack?



Tell me, where'd they put them?



Paradise. You'll love it.



We'll communicate with them

and record their speech.



After years alone,

they've developed their own language.



No question they'll have instincts

beyond ordinary humans.



The Davis child did find his way

back through the Los Angeles...



...sewer system to his parents' house.



We've never been able

to account for that.



We were getting Ionely

walking around out there.



Gonna tell us what's happening?



Purely technical matters.



I know you invited us, but we've

gotta get some ground rules set.



Perkins and I expect to be

equal members of this party.



You do expect us to be attacked?



Oh, we'll be armed.



With weapons that'll sedate

the creatures without killing them.



Incapacitate them long enough

to examine them, draw blood...



...and fluid samples and be safely away

before they regain consciousness.



Leave them there

till the next expedition?



Surely you didn't think

we intended to bring them here.



The government feels we ought to bring

back at least one subject...



...for internal examinations,

something we're not equipped...


            do on the island.



You mean kill one of them

for experimental reasons?



It won't be your child.

That's out of the question.



Are you gonna butcher them

on the island or wait until the high seas?



I'll let you know when I decide upon

the government's request.



I need a breath of fresh air.



Gentlemen, it is advisable to leave

all conventional weapons onboard.



Just take your stun guns

and tranquilizer rifles...



...but leave the rest of the hardware.



I wouldn't want anybody

like Ms. Morrell...



...shooting one of these things

between the eyes.



You know, kind of accidentally

on purpose.



How about a compromise, Lt. Perkins?



You and Jarvis will have

the conventional weapons.



We'll take the tranquilizer guns.



Yes. That way, if there's any killing

to be done, you two can do it.



Well, that sounds like

a workable compromise.



What do you say, Jarvis?



This just puts them to sleep?



- That's right.

- Does it hurt them?



- Not in the least.

- You sure of that?






See you in the morning.



My doctor says I shouldn't

be here, too much sun.



Not even there and too much sun.



I gotta put this shit

on my face all day long.



This is like one of those luxury liners.



Putting this shit on a quart a day,

like a rummy.



 .   a bottle. I'm going broke here.



- See anything out there?

- No.



You all right, doc?



No problem.



- You sure?

- Fine, just fine.



- You're sure you are?

- Believe me.



Sailing's my favorite thing.

Love it. Love it.



- Hey, doc?

- Yeah?



My dermatologist tells me

I shouldn't go out in the sun.



I've got this spot I've been looking at

for a couple days...



...and I was wondering...

- I'm not that kind of doctor.



Why do you bring the wheel around

so far on this side?



Bring it around to get the bow to react,

then you straighten it up again.



- That called "meeting it"?

- That's right.



- When it reacts, you meet it?

- Right.



Now, what do you navigate by,

the moon?



We use the moon, the sun, the stars.



There's enough chemical in here

to put six human beings to sleep.



Let me see that.



I love the way you touch that dart.



I'm beginning to like you.



I'm divorced.

You know that, don't you?



I couldn't care less.



You know, you're ruining my trip.



Because of you, I'm going down to

the cabin and short-sheet Dr. Brewster.



You're a real water person.

I can see that.



What's the channel look like?



- Looks good.

- Yeah, looks pretty good at this point.



Is that the cove we're landing in?






Can't do much about it.






What is this,

a scientific expedition or a glee club?



Four hours.



- Decent conversation around here.



Hey, I don't wanna be in a boat

with him anymore.



- He tried to capsize us.

- Come on...


            know you like me.

- Sure.



And I can still feel the pain

where you shot me.



You needed a rest.

You looked so peaceful.



- I'll give you a rest.

- Leave him alone...



...and take the expedition seriously.

- You're very beautiful.



Maybe it's the environment,

but you turn me on.



- Can't you stop this?

- And I could turn you on too.



You've seen my kid.



That's a glimpse of the animal in me.



- Why don't you just get lost.

- Stop clowning. It isn't the time or place.



This is the perfect place.

We're here to visit the kids.



We should have brought toys

and balloons.



- Kids love clowns.

- Jarvis, you love to bust balls.



We'll advance to the interior

of the island.



We'll be back here before nightfall.



If we make a contact or not.



-   -  doc.

- All right...



...take the boats back to the ship.



We'll follow the river to its source. We

can't afford to go deeper into the jungle.



Some see these children as mutations,

but we see them as a jump...


            the evolutionary pattern.



Creatures capable of surviving a nuclear

holocaust, withstanding radiation...



...even thriving on it.



So that's why the government

is so interested.



Studying them may tell us

where the human race is headed.



Will you knock that off?



Admit it. You're scared.



What have I got

to be scared about, huh?



Why do we have to find them?

Why don't we let them find us.



It's worth a try.

We'll rest here for an hour.



- Thanks.

- Don't worry, they've already found us.



I know when I'm being watched.



I feel filthy. I'm gonna go wash up.



Don't pee in the water.



- What happened to Jarvis?

- You know he's a Ioner.



He's in the jungle by himself.



- Splitting up is dangerous.

- You left eight guys on the boat.



I wanted a small group. I didn't

want the infants to feel threatened.



Will you stop calling them infants?

They're   years old, doc.



I hope you understand me,

because I'm not here to hurt you.



What's this?



Scuba gear.



Some divers

must have visited this island.



And recently. This stuff is brand-new.



Why would somebody come here with

their gear and leave it on the island?



Unless they didn't leave.



This expedition is all for nothing.



Somebody else made the initial contact.



Regroup, everybody.

We're going back.



We'll meet you back at the falls.



- You got it.

- Jarvis!



Brewster, where are you?









I can't get out of this jungle!

Come around here!



Where are you?



They can't hurt you!



I've got the gun, see?

And Perkins has the other gun.



He's okay!



Remember the assholes

in the courtroom, son?



Well, they're back. You got a reprieve,

but they're assholes. Did you hear?



So stay right where you are!



In a couple of hours, they'll give up!



When it's dark, they'll go!



Just wait us out.



Are you trying to undermine

everything we're doing?



How can you side with them

against the human race?



Leave them alone.



We should never

have come here, anyway.



Come here to...



Run! No one to run to.



That's right, run!









That's what'll happen to him!



He should have never come here!



You asshole!



Kill it!



Kill it before it wakes up.



- Shoot!

- Jarvis!



Brewster's dead

down by the waterfall.



Swenson's dead too.

Get her to the boat. I'll take care of this.



- Go on, get her out of here. Come on.

- Okay, okay.



You're not him, are you?



Answer me.



We're throwing the guns away!

We don't wanna hurt you!



Throwing the guns away.

Are you out of your fucking mind?



- We gotta help her.

- We can't now.



- We gotta help her.

- She's dead. They're all dead.



We've gotta get back to the crew

on the boat.



Jump! Jump onboard.



- Now, listen...

- Yeah, I got it.



Morrell should have stayed with us.



Whatever she did,

she didn't deserve that.









Is anybody here?









That's it! Swim!

Swim like a son of a bitch.



Come on, why don't you

murder me now.



I did everything I could for you.



Come on, you sons of bitches.



Come on.



I don't know how to run this boat.



You're gonna probably burn

the engines out. What are you doing?



You know, the scientists, they thought

they'd bring one of you back.



They didn't know

that all of you'd wanna come.



We were sitting right there singing.



Is that a child?



What, did one of you give birth?









Don't leave. Don't leave me here

in this fucking sun!



Don't leave me!

My doctor said, "No sun."



You're the one, aren't you? You're...



You're the one in the courtroom, right?



Is that infant yours?



You reproduce in five years?



That means I'm a grandfather.



If we follow this course,

we'll hit the coast of Florida.



Is that what you want?



Why don't you let me

throw these bodies overboard.



Where's the captain's body?



That's not the captain.



Where is he?



You kill them, you take their clothes.



What else you do to them?



Did you say something to me?



Did you say something to me?



Oh, my God.



Oh, my...



You know, I feel like a lobster

in a tank at the seafood restaurant.



Now, where do you

wanna go in Florida?



I'd like to take you to Cuba.



See what Castro would do with you.



He'd probably put you in his paella.



What do you mean, "Shut up"?






You... You hear what I say

before I say it?



So I should shut up?



You want me to show you the map?



Okay. Fine.



I'm showing you the map and you

just point to where you wanna go.



Cape Vale?



How could you know about Cape Vale?



You know she's there, don't you?



What, do you wanna kill her?



You wanna kill her

for giving birth to you?



I'd like to kill her

for giving birth to you.



I don 't know if I should guide this boat

back to the Florida coast or scuttle it.



Even if I knew how.



There are three male and a female

onboard and an infant.



I haven 't seen it.



Maybe Perkins was lucky,

staying on that island alone.



Being alone sounds like a terrific idea.



They seem to communicate

amongst themselves...



... as if they have some kind

of ESP or telepathy.



They read my mind too.



So I can 't take the chance

of wrecking the boat.



I just try to steer a course.



This is sailing vessel Infinity

Whiskey-Yankee-Kilo- - - - .



Can you hear me?

Do you read me? Do you copy?



Mayday, mayday, mayday.



Mayday, mayday, mayday.



Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.



The bodies of the crew are disappearing.



So far, they haven 't touched me.



They want me to run the boat.



They think if I'm human,

I can run a boat.



I've got the manuals,

but I don 't understand the engines...



... or how to keep on course.

I'm burning up too much fuel.



The bodies keep disappearing.



Each day, they drag them

to the engine room...



... and when they're all gone,

I'm gonna look very appetizing to them.



So far, the one I think that is my son

is the only one keeping me alive.



I don 't think he can keep them away

for much longer.



What are you doing?






Sharks. Sure.



What the hell good is being shipwrecked

without fucking sharks?



You can hear us. Tell us your name.

Nothing will happen to your family.



The drug makes you sick.

You shouldn't have tried to escape.



A long voyage to Florida.



Before you die, tell us who you are.



I'm American, they need help

at Cape Vale.



You have violated Cuban

territorial waters.



- What happened to your boat?

- They have it...



...and they're near Cape Vale,

if they haven't run out of fuel.



- Where am I?

- You are the guest of Fidel Castro.



In a few hours,

you will have interrogation.



You'll give us the names

of your CIA contacts.



But I'm not a spy.

He threw me overboard to save my life.



- Who?

- My son.



Fine American family you have.

Your son tried to drown you?



No. You speak English. Tell them

at Cape Vale and warn them.



We're not on speaking terms

with them.



You must know who I am.

They read about me in our newspapers.



- You read our newspapers?

- Yes, you've known about the monster.



But I'm famous. Don't you see that?



I'm the father of the monster,

don't you remember?



Look, my name is Jarvis!



You remember me.

You don't remember me.



I have to come all the way to Cuba...


            not be remembered.



- Simone?

- Yeah?



Take over for me. I don't feel well.

I'm going home.



You got a fever?



I feel like I'm worried sick

about something...



...but I don't have anything

to worry about.



All right. It's not a problem.

I can handle it.



I know you can.

This place doesn't need a manager.



It needs a keeper.



Hey, taking off early?



- I'm not feeling very well.

- Hop in.



Tony, I told you

to leave me alone.



I thought you got over that.

I'll be nice. Wait a minute.



Come on, just a minute.



Come on, I'm serious. Just a minute.



Didn't you hear about the boat

that crashed...



...with all those dead bodies




Now, why does that

give me the chills?



I've been afraid of something all night.



You don't wanna

spend the night alone.



- Oh, clever. Very clever, Tony.

- Hey, hey. Hey.



How many guys would spend the night

if they knew who you were?



Did the old guy

with the two kids find out?



Is that why he dumped you?



- What does that mean?

- They might think it was sickening.



I never thought

you were sickening, honey.



I was always very hot for you.



- You're not making any sense.

- I'm not making any sense?



I'm in this bookstore the other day. Way

in the back, where they keep the porn.



There's all these books stacked up

for a dollar.



But they're old, right?

I mean, real old.



Five years old.



So I start to leaf through them...



...and guess what I come across.



Your picture.



Get in the car.



Get in.



You guys are taking a hell of a risk.



They wouldn't pay any attention to us

and what we say.



- We're commies.

- You're just a lunatic.



Yeah. Should I tell them

how I got here?



They wouldn't believe that.



- Why are you doing this?

- Haven't you heard? We're human beings.



Some people might wanna know

about that.



No, they wouldn't.



We're lucky we heard that report

about the fishing boats and the bodies.



Maybe I'll see you in Havana someday.



Hey, maybe you'll see us in

Mexico City someday. Or Tijuana.



Don't bet on it.



Here, take this.



This is a strange thing, isn't it?



- A Cuban giving an American a gun.

- A Russian gun.



Do you know how to use it?



I was an actor.

I fired off a lot of blanks.



These aren't blanks.



Good luck with your kid.

Maybe you won't have to shoot him.



Hey, watch out where

you're fucking going, you asshole.



I'm home.



- Where are you going?

- I'm gonna take my break now, Sam.



- Bobby, what are you...?

- Hey! Hey, have you lost something?



- Let go of me.

- You wanna try some good shit?



- Let go of me.

- It'll make you feel good.



- Help me!

- Who are you running from?



Come on, man, let's get her!

That bitch!



Get her!



Let's see how tough she is!



- Get that bitch! Get her!

- No! No!



Let's go! Get her!



Get her, you guys!



No! No! No!



- Get that bitch!

- Come here!



Think you're tough, bitch?



- Come here! Come here!

- Somebody!



- You want it now!

- Help me!



God, no! Stay away!



Stop! Let go of me!



Get out of the way, girl.



Get up, get up! Run!



So we were both on the floor.



- We couldn't hear. The music was loud...

- My wife works here.



You know Ellen.

Does she still work here?



She left early, and lucky she did.

Someone tried to break into her locker.



- Who?

- A pervert. He tore up her clothes.



- Where does she live?

- Excuse me.



You don't expect me

to give out her home address?



She's in danger, miss.



How do I know you're not the guy

in the locker room?



You saw him, didn't you?

You know it's not me.



- It's like nobody you saw before.

- The Tropicana apartments.



- Why are you doing this to me?

- Why am I doing this to you?



Because I wanna come up

whenever I wanna come up...



...or else I might go back

and buy up all those books...



...and distribute them

amongst your friends.



Tony, you are the lowest.



- You make me sick.

- Sick? I make you sick?



You're the one that gave birth

to that thing!



Now, how does it make you feel?



Or did you blame it all

on your old man?



You son of a bitch.



Oh, that's right. I forgot.

You don't cry, do you?



Do we have an understanding,




What are you doing? What are

you doing? What are you doing?!



What the fuck are you doing

in my car?!



What are you doing?!



You threw up

in my fucking car!



You fucking freak's mother,

what did you do?!



Look what you...

You threw up in my car!



- Look what you did!

- Just shut up!



You son of a bitch!



You son of a bitch.

Wait till I get my hands on you!



Get away from me, you bastard!

You get away from me!



You fucking son of a bitch. I got you,

baby. I got your number, honey.



- You're dead!

- You just shut your face, you bastard!



Wait! Just let me in here! I got you!

Open this door!



What a ridiculous human being

you make!



I'll get you!



- Shut up down there. I'm calling the cops!

- Fuck you. Call the cops. Go ahead.



You'll get me kicked out

of the building!



I know people. Yes, I know people.

One phone call and you're dead.



- Dead meat!

- Shut up down there!



- Shut your face!

- Fuck you! Shut up!



- What's going on down there?

- You don't do that to me.



You're dead. You're dead, bitch.

I'll get her. She's dead.



Look what she did to my car.

She's dead.



That fucking son of a bitch.

I'll get her.



Look what she did to my car.

I love my car!



There's a half-dozen kids

under that pier.



- I've seen them.

- Pieces of them.



I kept pumping bullets into him.

He wouldn't go down.



You better stand back. Close off this area.

Move all the spectators off the pier.



Don't have contact with other officers.

Go to the hospital under quarantine.



- Why? What's the matter?

- Damned if I know.



But the corpse has some rash

all over its body.



Shit, I touched him.



Help! Please, somebody, help me!

Help me! Please!



Tony! Tony! Please, I need you!

Come up here!



Tony! You asshole.



My God.



Did you see that guy outside?

Something nearly tore his head off.



Look, there's a door wide-open

on the second floor.



Right there!



Roger, suspect sighted on the roof.



- What's going on?

- Just stay inside.



Just stay inside. Don't come out.



I don't want...

I don't wanna touch it!



Shoot them! Shoot them!






...they don't wanna hurt us.



Why did you bring them here?

Why are you doing this to me?



They found you by themselves.



They're here for a reason.



What is it?



Was she right? Is it contagious?



Yes, you've seen it

a million times. Measles.






He's... They're not sick...



It's got a rash.



She's got a fever.



She's broken out all over.

She's dying, isn't she?



And you're dying too.



Do they know what you're saying?



Ellen, I know why they came here. See,

they're dying. And they were dying...



...on that island, you see. And they

could have given me the child...



...and they should have.

But they came here to give it to you.



They want you to save it. I don't

know why, but only you can do it.



Are we gonna do this again?

You've gotta take this child.



You've got to.



I'm very sorry.



Please forgive me.



Ellen, he's your own son.



You can't run away.

You can't run away from your own son.



They're giving the child to you

so you can save him.



It's a boy. It's another little boy.



Sorry you're...


            sick. I didn't know you could

understand when I said things.



I thought you were going to hurt me...



...and I hurt you.



But I'Il...



I'll love your child.



I promise.



Homicide at Tropicana apartments.



- Stay back.

- Suspect reported on rooftop.



- I won't let them kill it. I'll protect him.

- It might have natural immunities.



Come, Ellen, it's the police.



Come, we've gotta go. They'll kill it.



- What the hell is that thing?

- At least...



Look. Look how much they love

each other.



Face down on the roof!

Hands behind your neck! Move!






Come on, come on. Let's go.



We need wheels. You see that car?

Get in it very quietly.



Get back here! Son of a bitch!



Well, Grandma...



How do you feel?



- You look awful good to me.

- You never give up, do you?



Well, I thought I had there.



Have you got any money?



Not a nickel.



Here I am in my nightie in a stolen car

and we're broke and we're laughing.



But not too loud.

You'll wake the kid up.

Special help by SergeiK