It's Alive! Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the It's Alive! script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Larry Cohen movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of It's Alive!. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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It's Alive! Script






- Frank?

- What's the matter? Is he kicking again?



No, it's time.



You always make me feel so...



You're awful.



- Let's get ready, okay?

- Okay.



Honey, you'd better go wake up Chris.



Come on, I got your number.



Come on. Attaboy.



- Dad, what time is it?

- You know what time. It's time to get up.



I have to drop you off at Charley's house.



- You'll have to go to school from there.

- Why?



- I wonder why.

- I don't know.



Is Mom having the baby?



Yes, that's a trick she does rather well

every    years.



I guess so.



Why don't you get dressed?

Don't forget your books.






Dad, can anything happen to her?



I saw on TV in a movie once

where the mother died.



You know something?



Things like that happened a long time ago.



They just don't happen that way anymore.

She had you, didn't she?



- Yeah.

- Look at the size of you, you big ox.



Okay, now.



Let's get ready. Attaboy.



Why can't I go with you and Dad

to the hospital?



We'd love to have you there...



but the doctors simply don't allow

little boys in hospitals.



I could have my tonsils out again.



You'd be there for a week,

and we'd be home in three days.



You young whippersnappers,

you're not like the old team...



out with old Mr. Dunston in the plains

and prairie, driving those cattle...



getting their tonsils out

in the middle of the night with no doctors.



You're not a chip off the old block.

They're scouts.



Maybe Charley won't like

having me around.



Charley won't like having you around?



Charley only sees his own boys

two Sundays a month, and he loves kids.



You young whippersnapper,

kiss your mother goodbye.



Listen, we'll both give you a call...



as soon as we find out whether

you've got a baby sister or a baby brother.



I don't care what it is

as long as you're okay.



And you give me one of the puppies.



Honey, your books.



- Bye, Charley.

- Okay, Lenore. Good luck to you.



Call me, Frank.



Let's go and whip up some French toast.



I'm having my baby.



Nurse, know what they call them?



In Ireland, my mother used to call them...



the wee cuddies and the wee cubs.



I mean, where can you get that?



Boy, I hope I have one like that.



Sir, would you please come

to the labor room now?



It's time to go back to the labor room.



- The labor room?

- Yes, this way.



How did you know about

the wee cuddies and the wee cubs?



- I learned about them a long time ago.

- Do you speak Gaelic? Are you Irish?



No, Scottish. But I do speak Gaelic.



- You do speak Gaelic?

- This way, please.



An Irish and a Gaelic.

An Irish and Scottish lass.



Hang on to my hand, honey.



I'm not very brave.

This little guy's going to kill me.



- Maybe I'll get a doctor.

- No.



He's just different than Chris, that's all.



I tried to talk to the doctor.

I just couldn't make him understand.



It seems like it's different.



- I think you'd better get the nurse.

- Nurse, hurry up, please.



- You'd better go to the waiting room.

- Just a minute, please.



I love you.



I'm glad we decided to have the baby.

Aren't you, sweetheart?



We both want it.

Don't worry about a thing.



It's not going to tie you down,

is it, sweetheart?



You going to feel trapped

like you did last time?



- Calm down. Take a deep breath.

- I am !



Try to relax. Take a deep breath.



You got something to stir the coffee with?



Use that.

I've been using it for the past three hours.



After a while, you get used to

the taste of lead in your coffee.



There's an overabundance of lead

in all the things we eat nowadays.



We're slowly but surely

poisoning ourselves, you know that?



Fine world to bring a kid into, fellows.



I can cite examples--



You don't have to lecture us.

Just look at that smog out the window.



What's the difference

if we breathe it or eat it?



Maybe we'll learn to adapt to it.



I'm an exterminator.



We service the Beverly Hills

Westwood area. Here's my card.



I'm not trying to drum up business

or anything.



The point is that years back

we developed this spray...



to kill roaches and other household pests.



All we ended up doing

is creating a new breed of roaches.



- Is that right?

- Bigger, stronger, and harder to kill.



Listen, you want to play poker?



- Five card draw?

- Might as well.



Let's clear some of this stuff away

and get going.



I just hope my wife

isn't going to have any trouble.



She did the last baby in    minutes.



- No kidding.

- That's a fact.



I thought they said

the second one came faster.



You got nothing to complain about.

My wife's been in labor for six hours.



Son of a bitch of a thing stole my    cents.



Here's your    cents.



Come on, sit down.



Read a magazine or something.



You know what's the biggest problem

in Beverly Hills?






Snails and slugs.



They can wipe out a lawn

in just a few weeks.



Folks feel sorry for them.



They're not like your usual pest.



Folks hate to see all them snails

laying on their lawns, dead.



Snails and slugs and bugs.



Any of you guys in a happier profession?



I think we've got

a really effective anesthetic.



We'll check you

before we really do anything.



- I heard--

- You're doing just great. Just relax.



It's really been different than Chris.



You've done your share.

We'll do ours now.



She's fully dilated.

The head's on the perineum.



Something's wrong.

I know something's wrong.



It's nothing really wrong, honey.

It's just a very big baby.



- It's going to be fine, but I need your help.

- I know something's wrong.



How big was your last baby?



  pounds,   ounces.



I told you that this baby

was different than Chris.



This baby is just gigantic.



It's probably    pounds,   .  pounds,

maybe even    pounds.



It's got a gigantic head.



But she's got a big pelvis

and plenty of relaxation.



I'm trying to cooperate!



All right, relax.



This is just immense.



We're just putting forceps

on the baby's head.



Just breathe deep.



Don't push. Just pant.



We're just easing the baby out.



- I know, but it's...

- All right.



Now we just cut you.

You didn't feel that, did you?



- No.

- Okay, fine.



The baby will be out

in just about    seconds.



Davis, wait!



What does my baby look like?



What's wrong with my baby?






Mr. Davis, out of here!



How's my baby?



The umbilical cord's been severed,

but not surgically.



- It looks like it's been chewed off.

- Where's the baby?



Get off of me!



- Get your hands off!

- Orderly!



- Lenore!

- Come on, let's go!



Let me go!



- Everything's going to be all right.

- My wife isn't!



Tell me my baby's not dead.



Don't touch me.



Don't you touch me.



They've stolen my baby.



I don't want my baby to be dead.



Tell me my baby isn't dead. Please.



I assure you, Mrs. Davis,

your baby is very much alive.



Thank you.



We located a broken skylight

on the third floor.



Blood and excess tissue on the roof.



Lieutenant, what's it look like to you?



Something small.






She's coming out of sedation now.



Lenore, can you hear me, darling?



Somebody might have abducted our baby,

and I'm holding this hospital responsible.



That hole in the skylight isn't large enough

for a full-sized human being.



There's no other way

out of that delivery room.



- The doctor's correct.

- Let's not discuss it, Lieutenant.



I've asked your husband

to submit to some tests.



And I've refused.



You've never been exposed

to radioactivity and radioactive material...



- or undergone extensive x-rays?

- No, Doctor. I told you.



We can't rule out genetic damage.



I noticed that you did inquire

about abortion eight months ago.



Doesn't everybody

inquire about it nowadays?



It's just a question of convenience,

and we decided to have the baby.



We all make mistakes.

I apologize for that crack.



Let me talk to you outside. Come on.



You're not afraid of me, are you?



I've always been afraid of you,

especially those eyes.



I wanted a boy so badly.



I think he was probably very frightened.



You know, he's different.



I think he was probably afraid

they were going to hurt him.






He's not ugly.



You're so exhausted, sweetheart.



You don't know what you're saying.



I'm going to check up on those two.

I don't trust them.



Can you imagine?



Can you imagine those guys,

trying to blame us?



We are the parents, sweetheart.



- I'll be right back.

- Okay.



Dr. Norton has decided

your wife can go home.



- First thing in the morning.

- Of course, you realize...



it's in everyone's interest

to keep this quiet for the time being.



At least, until we can find out

what's become of the infant.



- You've heard no word about it?

- No.



I don't see how it could survive the night

without clothing and nourishment.



- Of course, like any animal--

- It's not an animal, Doctor.



You know that very well.



Whatever it is,

you can't classify it as an animal.



It's human, Doctor.

That's what's disgusting to you, isn't it?



It kills like an animal.



And when we find it,

we'll have to destroy it like one.



I don't care.



I suppose you have to do

what's necessary.



I'm glad you feel that way.



I only hope your wife understands, as well.



What's there to understand?



It's better not to think about it.



Why don't I say goodnight to your wife,

and maybe I'll drive you home.



No, thanks.



Okay, darling, I'll see you in the morning.



Stay on this floor.



Police still offer no explanation

for the series of five deaths...



which occurred early today...



at the St. George Medical Center

in Santa Monica.



Officers are still working

on a round-the-clock schedule.



Informed sources at the hospital

allege the deaths resulted...



from attacks by an infant

born only today in a mutated form...



but officials declined comment.



This station has acquired

exclusive information...



naming Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis

of West Los Angeles...



as the parents of the infant in question.



The whereabouts of the newborn child

are not known.



They named us.



The bastards! They named us.



Barbara, would you come here

for a minute, please?



Yes, sir?



I'm picking up my wife

at the hospital tonight.



So can you reschedule that dinner

for tomorrow evening?



I think that Mr. Clayton

wanted to talk to you.



And about the Marcus affair...



I think we can have those cocktails at  :  

at the Hilton tomorrow.



He wants to approve the campaign

by the end of the week.



I think you'd better see Mr. Clayton now.



I'll be right back.



- Come on in.

- All right, Bob.



You must be exhausted. Eaten anything?



Get Frank a couple of poached eggs

on an English muffin...



with a side of Canadian bacon...



and a tall glass

of freshly-squeezed orange juice.



That should do the trick.

I don't want you collapsing on me.



Frank, don't let it get you down.



These things happen.

At least, that's what they say.



Who's "they"?



- I spoke to the hospital.

- They give you information?



I got connections over there.



I'm the Vice Chairman

of the fundraising committee.



If there's anything I can do for you--



No, thanks, Bob.

I'm getting her out of there myself tonight.



You think that's wise?



- Barbara said you wanted to rap with me.

- Yeah, Frank.



You've accrued three weeks vacation.



You think it would be a good idea

if you took it now?



I can't, Bob.



I've got the Marcus account

and the Sturbridge campaign.



I'm just bogged down in work.



Besides, I need to work, Bob.

It keeps my mind off things.



Frank, we're running

a public relations business here.



Our job is creating an image.



Right now, you're a little controversial.



Our clients want their PR men

to be anonymous.



Maybe after a little while,

when you're less of a celebrity...



You're not taking those accounts

away from me, are you?



I mean, not now.



- At the last minute?

- These things happen, Frank.



You know O'Connors down in Accounting?



He's got a retarded kid.

Insists on keeping him in the house, too.



Nobody thinks a thing of that.

Nobody blames him.



We're not talking about a retarded kid,

and you know it.



We're talking about

a monstrosity of some kind.



Maybe we'd better not talk about that.



I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.



It's just that I don't know what to do, Bob.



How to behave.



And they're...



putting microphones in my face.



They're asking me questions

I don't understand.



What you need is

a good public relations firm...



to handle all of that for you.



That's very funny.



This is all going to be all right, isn't it...



when whatever this thing is is dead, right?



Maybe it already is.



Why don't you go down

the service elevator?



You won't have to meet

all those media people.



Take care.



Have them empty out his desk,

send his personal articles to his house.



He won't be coming back.



- Mr. Davis, what did it look like?

- Leave me alone. I got nothing to say.



Get those cameras out of my face, please.



I got no comment.

I had nothing to do with this.



Will you get that goddamn thing

out of my face? Get out of the way!



I don't know what it looks like.



Never mind my baby.



Leave my wife out of it, understand?



Aren't we almost home?



We'll be there in a few minutes.



I feel better already

getting out of that terrible place.



I don't have to take any more shots, do I?



I don't like taking shots.

I don't like being made to go to sleep.



I engaged nurses in three shifts.



I'm surprised anybody

would even want to work for us.



- Dr. Norton took care of it.

- Good.



And I'm going to be there all the time.



What about--



I told the office I had to have

those three weeks vacation they owe me.



What about that Marcus account?

That was very important to you.



You're more important.



What about Chris? Have you told him?

Does he know anything?



I spoke to Charley.



He kept him home from school.



- He hasn't told him anything.

- Good.



Sooner or later,

he'll switch on the television.



There's only so long

you can keep a secret like that.



Dad, why can't I go to school, or go out,

or have any of my friends over?



Chris, I can't tell you now, son.



You'll just have to trust me.



- You trust me, don't you, son?

- Sure, Dad.



You have to spend all your time

with Charley this week.



You wouldn't mind that.



Chris, you don't want to hurt his feelings.



I like Charley,

but I want to see Mom and the baby.



- The baby's not home yet.

- Is it sick?



That's right, son. The baby's sick.



And everything here is a mess.



So it'd be much better

if you stay where you are.



Will you tell Charley

to let me watch television?



- Okay, put him on.

- Yeah, okay.



Okay, Frank, we'll take care of everything.



I had an idea. What if I take Chris

up to the lake, do some fishing?



- Okay, Charley. Thank you.

- And give my love to Lenore.



Thanks, Charley.



Hunting and killing babies

doesn't seem to be my specialty.



So what do you want, a transfer?



My wife's in her eighth month.



Ever since I started on this,

she hasn't been getting any rest.



Me being so involved

really brings it home.



Besides, I guess you know

we lost our last baby.



You're lucky you don't have

grown kids nowadays.



People without children

don't realize how lucky they are.



It'll make you feel much better.



Did you see it, Mrs. Davis?



Surely you must have gotten one glimpse.



They say it has teeth and claws.

Did you know that?



How should I know that?



Were you aware that

it killed another person just last night?



A musician

over on Santa Monica Boulevard.



He was on his way home from work

about  :   a.m...



and that was the last anybody saw of him.



They found him in an alley.



They can't be sure that it was...



There's no doubt about it.



The wounds are the same

as the doctor and nurses suffered.



- What do you want me to say?

- Just say anything you feel.



- What's under that napkin?

- There's nothing there.



A recorder! A tape recorder!



- I'm a nurse. You can tell me anything.

- Who are you working for?



I really am a registered nurse,

and I write a little on the side.



She's taking interviews on a tape recorder.



Get out.



We have to get rid of everybody.

Let's not have any more nurses, honey.



All right.



We'll let them all go.



Should have known better...



than to trust anybody.



Actually, already in excess of $      ...



has been allocated by the university...



for examination of this phenomenon.



We have some of the leading men

in the field.



And it is hoped

that this might lead to a breakthrough...



to a better understanding

of why mutations occur.



You want to experiment on it, is that it?



In fact, my department

has already cautioned the police...



about excessive violence.



If it could be dispatched with a bullet,

or better still, some kind of a gas...



Undoubtedly, it is very small

and any kind of bodily harm...



especially from gunshots or explosives...



In other words, you want me

to sign away the body, is that it?



It's your right.

After all, you are the child's father.



It's not my child.



That's very wise.



To disassociate yourself emotionally.



Just sign each copy, please.



- Pen?

- Give him a pen.



It seems that out of every tragedy,

out of every evil...



some good can come,

if we only apply ourselves.



I suppose that's going to be

in all the medical journals...



the history books.



The Davis child.



The Davis monster.



It's like Frankenstein.



In my opinion, this will be remembered

long after each of us is forgotten.



When I was a kid, I always thought

the monster was Frankenstein.



Karloff walking around

in these big shoes, grunting.



I thought he was Frankenstein.



Then I went to high school

and read the book...



and I realized that...



Frankenstein was...



the doctor who created him.



Somehow, the identities...



get all mixed up, don't they?



One must not allow oneself

to be impressed by escapist fiction.



You forgot one.






Frank, darling.



Hi, darling.



Mrs. Davis, I don't suppose

you took the pills I gave you?



You really should.



Maybe it's all the pills I've been taking

over the years that brought this on.



You really shouldn't be downstairs.



Maybe you'd both

like to have dinner with us.



I have some wonderful lamb chops

in the refrigerator.



No, I'm afraid not.



Honey, why don't you go down

to the basement...



and get a bottle of that nice Beaujolais?



Won't that go nicely with the lamb chops?



We have quite an extensive wine cellar.

It's one of Frank's many hobbies.



My husband's a many-faceted man.



I'll show these gentlemen to the door.



I'll get that wine.



Great. Good.



That basement's filthy.



How long has she been taking birth

control pills before this pregnancy?



- Thirty-one months.

- You realize...



that I came from the East

specifically for this matter?



I realize that it is a police problem...



but once the thing is killed,

it becomes a medical problem.



Now, you are in charge

of that department, no doubt?



Yes, I suppose so.



Nobody knows how this thing happened.



It's really a matter of speculation,

and I think perhaps that's for the best.



After all, if we find out...



that the cause is medication

that we manufacture...



and it was administered

over a long period of time...



it'd be bad for you and worse for us.



We're susceptible to lawsuits.



People will think the government hadn't

tested and approved of those products...



that we put out on the market.



What do your interests recommend?



Absolute destruction of this thing.



But we've already signed over the remains

to the university.



But if there was nothing left of it,

you know...



we would be most grateful to you.



You have had a very successful career...



until this freak incident.



It could work out for the best.



We have an opening...



on the board of our research and

development department.



We wouldn't want people

to lose faith in us, would we?



- Hello?

- Dr. Norton, please.



Dr. Norton's stepped out for a moment.

May I take a message?



Tell him they've cornered the infant

at the Hawthorne School...



in West Los Angeles.



That's just a few blocks from here.



Ask the doctor to get over there if he can.

Thank you.



I have to go out.



- All right.

- You don't mind staying alone?



I'll keep everything warm.



Wait a minute, I'm Frank Davis.

I want to see Lt. Perkins.



All right. Take him.



Wonder what's the matter with him.



Screwed-up genes or something.



Wait here.



Davis, how the hell

did you find out about this?



There was a phone call for Dr. Norton.

I took the message.



My son, Chris, goes to school here.



I've been here a million times,

PTA meetings.



- Your kid goes here?

- Sure, that's right. He's in the sixth grade.



Probably just a coincidence.



Look, Perkins, I want this thing destroyed

as much as anybody else.



- I realize that.

- Yeah, you realize.



Then why is everybody looking at me?



Like it's my own flesh and blood

or something.



Well, it's not! You understand?



It's no relation to me!



Nobody is looking at you.



Say, you have my deepest sympathy.



You and your wife.



Is it all right if your driver drops me off

a block from my home?



I don't want my wife to see me.



You don't want her to know

you were here tonight?



I don't think she'd know how to take it.



I don't know.

Maybe I didn't do the right thing.



I was just trying to show everybody

I feel the same way they do.



- I'm no different from anybody else.

- We know that.



I got a boy    years old.

He's perfectly healthy, brilliant in school.



Mr. Davis, you don't have to

keep telling us that. We realize that.



Look, I got to go back on duty.



Take him wherever he wants to go.



Davis said his kid went to this school.



Why, in all of Los Angeles,

would it happen to show up here?



Maybe it's looking for somebody.



I'd like us to all get together again

and be a family.



I'm really trying very hard, Frank.



I can see that.



Wouldn't it be a great idea

to bring Chris home?



He's better off where he is.



Lenore, did you go out?



For Christ's sakes, answer me.



Are you feeling better?



Where the hell have you been?



- I've been straightening--

- I've been calling you.



Been all over the house, straightening up.



Where? You weren't downstairs,

and you didn't hear me calling you?



Honey, there's a good movie on tonight.

It's with Paul Newman.



I gotta get something in my stomach.

Excuse me.



Chris come back here today?



I said, has Chris been back here today?



I don't know. Why do you say that?



You wouldn't lie to me?



I know you wanted Chris to come back,

but I specifically told you...



Chris, are you hiding someplace?



Don't fool around now.



I wish somebody would

respect my feelings around here.



Why are you watching that stuff?



I thought you wanted to watch a movie.



Who are you calling?

Please don't call anybody!



How's Chris?



I've had a hell of a time keeping him away

from the newscasts and the daily papers.



But the teacher sent some schoolwork,

so he's been keeping busy.



You've been with him all the time, then?



What are you talking about?

We just went fishing.



He hasn't been out of my sight

for a minute.



You want to talk to him?



No, I don't want to talk to him.



Hi, Dad, when can I come home?



Chris, did you come back here today?



Is the baby home from the hospital yet?



Did I do anything wrong?



- How about something to eat?

- I'm not hungry. I want to go to bed.



- I'm sorry, Charley. I'm not mad at you.

- That's okay, kid.



Honey, I want you to make love to me.



I want you to hold me and love me.

You know, there are other ways.



- Come on, sweetheart.

- There's no ice in there.



I'll get the ice. Wait a minute.



Oh, my God.



What were you doing

down in the basement?



You know.



What're you going to do?

What're you doing?



Why are you so anxious

to be the one to do it?



Who is it? Mom?






Frank, wait.



He could have killed you

when you were sleeping!



He could have killed you.

You know why he didn't?






He knows you're his father.



- No, you're crazy.

- He knows. He does.



He knows you're his father.



Don't worry. Don't be scared.



I'll protect you.



It's a boy, you know. It's a boy.



- I'll protect you.

- Chris, look out.



I hit it. I'm sure I hit it.



Charley, look out!



Come on, get back!



Did you see it? What does it look like?



It's no relation to us, Chris.



It can't be.



See what your baby did to Charley.



What did you do?



Tell him about the doctors in the hospital!



Lenore, take my son upstairs.



Your dad was trying to suffocate

your little brother. He just wants to...



You should have called us...



as soon as you began to suspect

it was somewhere near the house.



It's lost a lot of blood.



It's my opinion

that our troubles are very nearly over.



- So shall we go?

- And leave some men here...



in case it decides

to double back to the house.



- I would like to go with you.

- Haven't you done enough already?



No. Not yet.



You have to be the one to do it, don't you?



Have you seen it?



- Got a real good look at it?

- It was too dark.



It wouldn't matter.



I could do it.



You may have done it already,

if it doesn't stop bleeding.



Will you excuse us for a moment, please?



- Wait a second. We just can't take--

- I advise you to let him come along.



After all, it found its way home by itself.



And it may be

that it will search out its father...



especially now that he put a bullet in it.



What have we got to lose?



One more life.



You know how to use a gun?



Beg your pardon?



Do you know how to use a rifle?






We'll issue you one

for your own protection.






The shots that wounded the infant

were fired not by the police...



but by its father.



Public relations executive

Franklin Patrick Davis...



currently is accompanying police

on the manhunt.



That's it.



That's how it travels the length

of the city without anybody seeing it.



Drains    and            ...



are now completely closed off

by our units.



Hold positions and stand by.



Davis, stay right here. Here, take this.



Let's go. You stay here.



It's back there somewhere.



The damn fools must have walked

right by it. I want that thing.



Where's Davis?



I don't know where he is.

He was supposed to stay here.



Stay right there, we'll come get you!



I know.



I know it hurts.



I know that,

but everything's going to be all right.



See, I was...



I was scared, like you are.



No, you mustn't cry...



because if you cry,

they'll hear you and they'll come.



It's all right.



It's okay.



Davis, come on out!



Where are you?



Is that you?



Davis has been seen moving through

the tunnel, in possession of the infant.



Keep her here.



Can you hear me, Frank?



It can't be saved, it's got to die!



Just drop it and get the hell away from it!



Do you hear me, Frank?



Can you hear me?



All right, just stop there. Stop right there!



It can't hurt anybody!



Lock it up.



Study it, but let it live, please.



Put down your weapons. It's wounded.



It can't hurt anybody.



Just drop it.



Just take it easy and drop it.



Back away!



If you fellows shoot, you'll shoot me.

Put the weapon down. It's harmless.



That son of a bitch dies here and now!



Drop it and stand aside, Davis.



In one second, whether you're holding it

or not, I'll shoot it.



- Hold your fire. Don't shoot.

- Kill it, Lieutenant.



Kill it now!



Stop firing!



Yeah, I'm bringing him home.



Lt. Perkins, call for you on the private line.









I understand.



Another one has been born in Seattle.

Special help by SergeiK