The Jacket Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, The Jacket script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Keira Knightley and Adrien Brody.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Jacket. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Jacket Script



- Target four. Wanna take the other truck?

- Roger.



Move by the truck.



Move in right there.



Roger. He's wounded. Hit him.

Start hitting the truck.



Get the truck and him.

Go forward of it and hit him.






Go ahead and store that.



Another guy moving right through.



Good. Fire. Hit him.



Get down on the floor.



I said, down. Down.



You. Down. Now.



Let me see your hands.



Let me see your hands.



Get the hands over your head.

Over your head!



Get down.



On your knees.



There. Stay there.



Get your hands up.

Get your hands up.



Get down.



Shit, there's a kid in there.



That's not our problem.



None of this is our problem.



Get your hands in the air.






How's it going, little man?



You all right?



I was    years old the first time I died.



I remember there was white everywhere.



There was war, and I felt alive.

But, really, I was dead.



- So how old?

- Twenty-seven.



Here he is. Starks, Jack.



Born in Vermont.

Hasn't got a family listed.



Naval hospital will take care of it.



Oh, my God.



- This soldier's alive. This man just blinked.

- Been tagged already.



- Worry about the others.

- No, no, look at this.



Oh, shit. Code blue, code blue.

We need a doctor.



Get a doctor over here now.



Sergeant Starks was very lucky.



A little more to the right,

it wouldn't have come out.



He has retrograde amnesia,

acute psychological suppression.



We couldn't find any family...


            the States, sergeant.



- I'm sure you have friends.

- I want the paperwork this afternoon.



- Get him on the next flight out of here.

- Yes, sir.



He's recommended you for

the Bronze Star, sergeant.



- There is help for you, sergeant.

- Of course there is.



Of course there is.



You guys all right?



- Our car won't start.

- That's your mom?



- Yeah.

- What's your mom's name?






Hey, Jean.



Can you hear me?



Can you wake up?



I need you to try and stay awake.



- Oh, God.

- Your mom taking anything?



- What's your name?

- Jackie.



Nice to meet you, Jackie.



Tell you what. Why don't you do this.



Wrap it around yourself...



...and you try and keep your mom awake,

and I'll go work on your car.



- All right?

- Okay.



Oh, God.



No. Oh, no...



What do you think of all this snow?



- Nothing.

- Nothing?



What are these?



Those are dog tags. See, they got the name

and the date of birth on them.



- What for?

- In case I get lost...



...or can't remember who I am.

- Can I have them?



- Yeah, you can have them.

- Thanks.



You think you can reach the ignition?



Go ahead and give it a shot.



Just keep turning, all right?



Keep going.



It works.



Hey, get your fucking hands off...



Get your fucking hands off my daughter.

Get your fucking hands off my daughter.



- Mom, he fixed our car.

- Jackie, get in that car. Now.



- Mom. He fixed the car.

- Get in the goddamn car!



- How's it going?

- Pretty good, man.



- Where you headed?

- On up in Canada.



- I can take you to the border.

- That'd be great.



- All right, bud, jump on in.

- It's freezing.



- Hey, man.

- Hey. Thanks.



Jump on in here. Hey, no problem.



My God, it's cold.



- Must've been freezing out there, boy.

- Yeah.



It's colder than a witch's titty with

a brass bra on doing pushups in the snow.



- So you drive?

- Yeah, sure.



All right, man, great.

We'll switch up in a bit.



You ever been to jail?



- No, I've never been to jail.

- I'll tell you what, buddy...


           's a whole lot

goddamn worse than war.



It's probably worse

than anywhere you been.



I doubt that.



Are you kidding me?



What's he pulling us over for?






Jackie and Jean are the only things

you know for certain about that day?






Are you aware that we have no last name,

no place of residence...



...and no record of any physical

presence for these friends of yours?



I'm afraid I might have to actually

hear that answer, Mr. Starks.






Officer Harrison

had been shot three times.



He was long dead

by the time we got there.



Jack Starks could be

blocking the incident.



It would explain his well-conceived plan

about the little girl and her mother.



- Objection.

- I have heard of Gulf War syndrome.



War is just a CNN special. Half the shit

that went on in Operation Desert Storm...



...can't be tidied into

a top-of-the-hour headline.



Couldn't be said neatly,

so couldn't be said at all.



- There was someone else.

- War's ugly.



- And they don't put ugly on TV.

- My client thinks he already died once.



- I don't really remember all of it...

- He doesn't know what's going on.



...but there was someone else.



I think that's what happened.



If Starks did kill that officer...



...can't hold a man responsible

for a damaged mind.



We, the jury, find the defendant

not guilty by reason of insanity.



Jack Starks, I hereby sentence you

to be committed...


            an institution

for the criminally insane...



...where I hope the doctors

and proper treatment can help you.



Come on, bud.



Come on.



What are you doing?



Get him up.



Please believe...



What are you doing? I don't belong here.



- I don't belong here.

- No, I don't think you do either.



But neither of us

can do anything about that now.



Please. Please.



Let me out of here.



Let me out of here. Please.



- How much did you give him?

- Fifty cc's.



- And he's been in for the full three hours?

- Yes, sir.



Okay, get him out.



Jack, can you hear me?



Jack, blink for me if you can.



- He didn't lose consciousness.

- Do you wanna put him back in?



No, take him out of it.



Take him upstairs

and check his vitals every hour.



Now that's, I think, the context

in which to view what's going on.



Perhaps you may have seen a lead story

in The New York Times.



Good morning, Dr. Lorenson.



You're the cop killer, right?



- That obvious, huh?

- TV, you know?



Helps soothe an active mind.



I'm Rudy Mackenzie. Welcome.



Listen, I...



- I don't really feel like talking.

- You know, that's a shame.



I don't believe

in disposable language either.



You know, small talk, little talk,

chitchat. Useless.



The game.

The game's something else, though.



This here is our court.

I'm ready to throw the ball. Come on.



All right.



What are you in here for?



- I tried to kill my wife.

- Don't you go to jail for that?



Yeah, well, I tried, like,    times.

I never planned on doing it, you know?



It was always

in the heat of the moment.



And she kept threatening

to have me put away until finally...



...she did.



- Thirty times might make you seem crazy.

- Yeah, or just... Or just plain stupid.



Because you'd think by the   th time,

I would've found an alternative method...



...or maybe a more effective one.

- Morning, gentlemen. How you doing today?



For me that is a really

difficult question, Dr. Lorenson...



...because the world around me is shrinking,

and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...



...are coming to see me today,

and they're not bringing flowers...



...which just makes it really difficult

to get organized.



And you, Mr. Starks?



- I'm fine.

- So you're okay?



You tell me, doc.



You think there's

something wrong with me?



You're a little underweight.



Maybe I'm working it off in my dreams.



Done with the small talk?



Hey, it's okay.



Mr. Starks, glad to see

you're cooperating this time.



We're here to help, Jack.

We're only doing what's best for you.



Hold him while I get the tranquilizer.



- Get him down. Fuck the tranquilizer.

- No.



No, that's not necessary. Get him up.



Nurse, get the jacket.



The only thing

your mind's missing's a conscience.



Wait. Dr. Becker, how long

do you want us to leave him in for?



Just strap him in for now.



Help. Help, please.






Let me out of here.



Let me out of here.



Let me out of here.



- You okay?

- I'm fine.



- Listen, I hate to bother you.

- Then don't.



But what about Starks?



What about Starks?



Should we be just...?



Should we be trying to help him

any way we can?



- Yes.

- Should we be leaving him in there like that?



The medication I've given him

is intended to adjust...



...maybe even reset, his violent proclivities.

Peel away some layers of hate.



The apparatus is merely

a safe place for that to happen.



The grounds and the halls, where I can't

monitor side effects I can't predict, aren't.



But how can you be monitoring

the effects while he's in there?



I consider the time he's spent

in there part of the treatment.



You can't break something

that's already broken.



I don't belong here.



I can't breathe in here.



I can't breathe in here.



I can't...



I can't breathe in here.



I'm gonna blow your head off.



In case you hadn't figured,

it's Christmas Eve.



You're never gonna get a cab here.






You got somewhere

you need to go?



I'm not sure.



Well, let me ask you that again.



This time, look around

and consider your options.



Have you got somewhere

you need to go?



Yeah, I do.



Well, great. Get in.



So where can I take you?



I don't know.



- What do you mean, you don't know?

- I don't know.






Well, there must be

another shelter I can call.



Yeah, well, thanks a lot.

Merry Christmas to you too.






That was our last option.



What am I gonna do with you?









- Listen, thanks for bringing me this far.

- Where are you going?



You'll freeze out there.

You don't even have a coat.



- I'll manage.

- No, you won't.



You'll die of cold,

and then I'll have to feel guilty.



And I've already got more guilt

than I know what to do with.



You want a drink?



No, I'm okay.









You okay?



Yeah. I'm fine.



You know what?



It's Christmas Eve and...



And I have a couch,

so you can stay on it.



I'm gonna go take a bath.



Fix yourself something to eat

if you're hungry or anything.



There's nothing to steal, but don't be

a jerk and take something anyway.



No. I wouldn't.



- My name is Jack.

- No.



Let's not do the name thing,

because it's...



I don't wanna meet you.



I may wanna help you tonight,

but I don't wanna know you, really.






What's this?



Best I could do

with what was in the fridge.






No problem.



- You want a drink?

- Yeah, sure.



It was pretty good, considering.



Your fridge has quite an array of things.



Not a lot of food, but...



- Freezer has a rock in it.

- What rock?



There was a stone in it. It said "petal. "



That's snooping.



It was my mom's senseless idea

of a nickname.






So you're a waitress. I mean...



I don't know what I mean.






I hate Christmas.






Hey, wake up. Jackie.



- No.

- Who are these people?



- What?

- Who are the people in this picture?



That's my mom and me.



- What do you mean, your mom and...?

- No, wait a minute.



- Where's your mother now?

- My mom is dead.



- What do you mean, she's dead?

- I mean, she's dead. Dead. Gone.



She passed out with a cigarette and

burned to death a long time ago, all right?



No, no, no...



Listen, I'm sorry. Listen.



I don't know how...



- What's the date today?

- What?



I know this sounds crazy.



What year is this?






What? What?



Who the hell are you?



I'm Jack Starks.



Get the fuck out of my house.



- What'd you do, snoop all over the place?

- No.



God, you had no right.

You had no right to go through anything.



Look at me.



I know this doesn't make any sense,

because it doesn't make sense to me either.



Oh, my God. If you don't get out now,

I'm gonna call the cops.



No, please. Please, wait.

I won't hurt you. Just talk to me, please.



L... Your mom was passed out

on the side of the road when I met you.



She was wasted.

Jean, her name was Jean.



- Just stop it!

- Look, I gave this kid those dog tags.



No, no. No, you didn't.



Jack Starks did,

and Jack Starks is dead.






What do you mean, he's?



He's dead.



His body was found New Year's Day,     

Alpine Grove.



He's dead.



- It can't be.

- Well, it is.



Listen, listen. I don't care who

or where you think you are...


           're not Jack Starks.



So whoever you are, I did a nice thing...

I did a really nice thing, and you've really...



God, you've really made me regret it,

so please, please, would you?



Would you just leave? Okay?



Don't you remember me?



- Oh, my God.

- Look at me.



I'll leave, okay, I'll leave, but look at me.

I'm not lying to you.



I met you. I met you and your mother,

and there was no one around for miles.



I couldn't have known that from a pair

of dog tags you had lying around.



You put those down, and you get out.



Don't you remember me?



- Don't you know? I'm...

- You get out!












Please get out.



I'm gonna blow your head off!






Oh, God.



I can't believe you left him in all night.



You didn't say anything when I asked...



I expected some common sense

on your part. Open the drawer.



Is he dead?



No. Get him upstairs immediately.

He's dehydrated.



I want him on an IV

by the time I get up there.



I tried to tell you

when I came to your office...



I expected you to take him out.



You're a physician. I shouldn't have

to spell everything out for you.












Tom, can I speak with you

for a moment, please?



- What have you done with Jack Starks?

- What do you mean?



- He's unconscious.

- He's recovering from Loxadol and Ativan.



Loxadol? He didn't need neuroleptics.



You know that from what, a couple

of two-minute stares across the room?



He didn't need antipsychotics,

if that's all you gave him.



After he attacked me,

I figured he'd need a little placating.



You sure he wasn't provoked?



Are you sure you wanna make

an accusation like that?



I'm not making any accusations.

He's bruised up.



Happens sometimes

when you gotta restrain them.



Listen to me.

He is not gonna end up like Ted Casey.



I don't know what you're trying to do,

but he's not a lab animal.



You can't reprogram them,

no matter what cocktail of drugs...



You really don't let up, do you?

Just because you failed Ted Casey...



...doesn't mean the rest of us did.



Now, if you'll excuse me,

it's Christmas, remember?



Hi, how are you? Sorry I'm late.



- Hi, Babak.

- That's a nice wave.



- Hey, Jamile.

- Hey.



Okay, that's great. That was the truck.

Now point to the ball.



Very good.



Wanna hold it? Feels nice. Strong.



I need you to stay with me

for just a little while more, okay?



We'll get there.



Could I have some water?



Could I have some water?

I have some water?



Here you go.



What the hell kind of drugs

are you people giving me?



Just something to keep you calm.



Did you just say something?



I said, the drugs are to keep you calm.



Did you sleep well?



- I wasn't asleep, was I?

- You were asleep for nearly a whole day.



It's December   th, Jack.

How are you feeling?



- December   th?

- That's right.



-     ?

- Yes.



And that's the sun, and you're on Earth.



And I know you know better, Jack.



Who the hell are you?

My mom is dead.     .



Jack Starks is dead.



Get out of here, get out!



- You left me in there.

- In where?



You left me in that thing. In the drawer.

And then...


            put me in a straitjacket.



We were forced to use restraints,

if that's what you're referring to.



- It wasn't a fucking restraint.

- That's exactly what our equipment is.






Don't act like I don't know what's real.



You're suffering from delusions

as part of your condition.



No, I know what's real, I know.



You strapped me into something

and stuffed me in a fucking drawer.



It wasn't a dream.



I don't know what you're trying to pull,

but I wasn't...



I have to say...



...this is the most resilient I've seen

a patient undergoing this treatment.



I had a patient a few years ago.

His name was Ted Casey.



Ted sodomized a  -year-old girl.



His lawyers asked me to have a look at him

because after his deeds were done...



...he climbed into the trees

of the forest where he killed her...



...and howled like a dog.



Ted never went to prison because everyone,

including me, believed he was sick.



So he came here. Then one day a little girl

came with her mother to visit her relative...



...and I caught Ted stealing looks at her.



The kind you really have to steal,

if you know what I mean.



I asked Ted then...



...if he could remember what the little girl

who he'd slain was wearing.



"Oh, yes," he said. "I remember it.



I remember it well. "



Those were actually his last words.



What happened to your face?



I was careless. It won't happen again.



I'll say a prayer for you, Jack.



Maybe God will pick up

where the medicine leaves off.



You sure you know where to find him?






What are you doing, Jack?



What are you gonna do to me?



I thought I'd just ask you

to come inside with me.



- What if I didn't want to come?

- Well, I'd probably ask you why.



Because I'm not crazy.



You suffer from a delusional disorder.

It doesn't mean you're crazy.



It just means you're confused.



You're here instead of jail because

your condition...



...played a role in your crime.

- I didn't kill that cop, but I don't remember.



Your mind's ability to distinguish

between your fantasies...



...and the real events that happened...



The real events that have happened to me

have been fucked up, not my mind.






I'd like to ask you a question, if I may.



Since when do people around here

start asking for things?



- Okay. Smoke?

- That's what you wanna ask?






I wanted...



I wanted to ask you how your treatments

with Dr. Becker are progressing.



Fine. Fine.



I hope you'd tell me

if that wasn't the case.



Why? Why, what would you do?

What would you do?



I would try to make it stop.



- I'm not sure I want him to stop.

- So it's helping?



They're making me feel like

a different person.



You coming?



We're gonna freeze out here, you and I.



Could get hurt if they catch you

trying to leave again.



What do you know about the shit

they do to us in the basement?



What shit?



- You know what I'm talking about.

- No, I don't.



Yeah, you do. That jacket.



- What jacket?

- The fucking drawer.



Now, stop playing games,

you know what I'm talking about.



I know that they take you down there.

I know that they put you in it.



The rest of it, it's...



It's a trip, you know,

it's like a serious vacation.



I found out I'm gonna die.



Well, mortality is actually

a great thing to be familiar with.



I'm gonna die in four days.



That's what I found out.

They find my body in four days.



What are you two yapping about?



We're talking about our ability

to go forward in time...


            go into the future.



I mean, that's what

we're talking about, right?



Yeah, that's right.



If you need to find something out

when you're in there, just calm down.



The less you freak,

the less you'll trip out.



Yeah, but all this shit from before

just comes tumbling...



Yeah, but that shit is in the past.



Focus on what you need to get now.



- I gotta get back in there.

- That could be a problem.



- Why?

- Lorenson's got her claws into it now.



When she started getting suspicious of me

was when they stopped putting me in there.






What do you think I should do?



You could still give Becker an itch.



You might get killed

when he goes to scratch it...



...but seems to me, you're saying

that's about to happen anyway...



Oh, man.



Please continue, Mr. Mackenzie.






Well, I've been approached

by the Federal Trade Organization.



And what have they approached you about,

Mr. Mackenzie?



And this is nuts, but...



...they have asked me to head up...



...the Organization for the Organized.



- The Organization for the Organized?

- Yeah, you've heard of them?



No, Mr. Mackenzie, I have not.



That's because there is

no such organization, you idiot.



That is categorically not true.



That is blatantly and manifestly not true.



They have asked me to lead them.



And if you'd heard of them, then they

wouldn't be hush-hush, would they?



What do the rest of you think?






...I know they exist.

- And how is that?



When I was in the Gulf,

the Organization...



...was recruiting the Organized.



- Is that a fact, Mr. Starks?

- It is a fact.



Because if it's not,

it doesn't help Mr. Mackenzie.



It is a fact. Bona fide and classified.



I knew it. I knew it.



You know, those little fuckers

are everywhere.



They only recruit the best, Mackenzie.



- Calm down, Mr. Starks.

- Stay calm, see, stay calm.



Always ordering us to stay calm, be calm.



Be calm. Be calm.

They order you to order me to be calm.



How are we supposed

to be calm? Look at this place.



So, people, wake up, okay?

Orders come from the top only.



Don't let them order you around.

Long live the Organization.



Long live the Organization

for the Organized.



- Sit down, Mr. Starks.

- No, no, no, you've gotta listen...



Long live the Organization

for the Organized.



Join the Organization.

The Organization needs you.



- Fight the good fight.

- You listen to him.



- You don't listen to me?

- Sit down.



You gotta listen to him.



- Long live the Organization.

- Sit down.



Join the Organization.



You gotta listen to him.



Oh, Starks...


            are real stubborn.



But there's ways of fixing that.



The less you freak,

the less you'll trip out.



Stay calm.



Criminally insane.



Gentlemen, I'm gonna need you

to step out of the car...



...with your hands in the air, please.

- What seems to be the problem, officer?



Problem is you're moving too slow. Step out

of the car with your hands in the air.



Can I open the door here?



Hey, soldier boy, you awake?



Didn't think so.






It's okay. You're okay.



Hey, Jack, grab the ball.



Show Mom, honey.



Will you give me one sec?



You got nerve showing up like this.



You mind?



Okay, here goes.



Jack Starks died from a wound

to the head, January  st,     .



How? I mean, how do I die?



It didn't say.



Does that mean you believe me?



I don't know what I believe.



- What else you find out?

- Whole bunch of stuff.



There was a doctor. Becker.



He was using some kind of behavior

modification on his patients...



...that was banned in the '  s.



And there was another doctor too,

a Dr. Lorenson.



And something about a kid

she was treating. Babak.



- Don't know who that is.

- I don't know...



...but the whole thing

was a major scandal.



Becker claimed he was trying to create

a womb-like environment for his patients.



Fucking womb.



It wasn't a fucking womb.



Look, I have to find out how I die.



Well, Alpine Grove still exists.



We could go see if there's anyone around

who might know what really happened.



We could.



Thanks for doing this.



Well, I must be the crazy one, right?



I'm sorry I can't tell you more

about your uncle's death.



They used the hospital medical examiner...



- "Blunt trauma" doesn't tell me anything.

- I'm sorry, that's all it says.



I mean, weren't there doctors?

What about Dr. Becker or Dr. Lorenson...?



Dr. Lorenson is still here at the hospital.

She was here the same time as your uncle.



I'm sure she could be

of more help to you.



- And what about Becker and Hopkins?

- Dr. Hopkins died.



And I'm not familiar with a Dr. Becker.



Well, can you see if there'd be any kind

of forwarding address for Dr. Becker?



Is there some particular reason

for these questions?



He's the only family I remember.



What does this guy keep smiling about?



Hi. Beth Lorenson.



- How do you do?

- Nice to meet you.



- Hi. Beth Lorenson.

- Jackie Price.



Sit down, sit down.



I'm sorry. You look exactly like him.



Did you know him well?



Your uncle was my most

memorable patient.



- Why is that?

- In the end...



...he made me change my mind

about a lot of things.



- He actually helped me with a case of mine.

- Really? What case?



- I was working with a little boy.

- Babak Yazdi?



- Yes.

- Who was he?



A friend's son.

How do you know about him?



We saw it when we were looking up

information about his uncle.



How did he help?



Well, it's complicated, but in the end

he let me know how...



...I could get through to him.

- How?



It's complicated.



And it was a really long time ago.



Let me ask you something.

Do you know how my uncle died?



Yeah, I think it was from...



...a head trauma.



Yes, but how? How did he get it?



I don't know.



You don't?



Think Dr. Becker might have

a better idea?



Yes, Dr. Becker would know more.



- I don't believe a word she just said.

- Me neither.



Come on. There's one last thing.



- To remind you of the staff softball game

at   p. m., so don't be late.



Jack, what is this?



This is the room.



They used to hang it over there.



I'm actually in this drawer right now.



You know what?

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.



You folks ain't supposed

to be down here.



We were just leaving.



Do I know you from somewhere?



I don't know, do you?



I don't know, you probably

know my uncle, Jack Starks?



Goddamn, that's right.



- You're his spitting image.

- Yeah, I know.



- You could be his ghost.

- Could be.



- You remember him?

- Oh, yeah, sure.



He was a great guy.



You wouldn't happen to know

how he died, now, would you?



I just remember them finding his body.



Is that all you remember, Damon?



How do you know my name?



- I know all about you, Damon.

- Oh, yeah?



Oh, yeah.



- I know you're a piece of shit.

- I don't like you getting in my face...



- Was it you?

- Don't know what you're talking about.



- He was hit in the head. Sounds like you.

- I never touched him, man, I swear.



What's going on?



- See you, pal.

- This is a restricted area.



Damon. Damon, Damon, they're gone.



It's time for your medication.



I'll see if I can track Becker down.



How long do we have?



I don't know.



I don't think we have

that much time. Come on.






...then you get yourself to me tomorrow.



You don't...



...and I'll take it personally.



Oh, yeah?



Do you want a drink?



I'm running out of time.



I don't care. You have to come back.



I didn't ask for you, but now...


            just have to come back.



It's not like that.

I don't have control over it.






...get control.



Come back to me, Jack.



I can't help you unless you let me.



- That thing is my only chance in this place.

- What thing?



You don't understand.



Well, try and help me understand.






I've seen a time that's not this time.



And I'm only able to see it

when I'm in there.



What time is that?






What year do you think it is now?



- I'm not delusional. I know it's     .

- Okay.



So tell me about     .

What does it look like?



- Doesn't look that different.

- The future doesn't look different?






Not to people like me.



You think you're traveling in time?



- Is that it?

- Listen.



- Not everyone in this place is crazy.

- Like who?



Like Mackenzie, maybe?



Did he tell you

he tried to kill his wife?



Mackenzie locked himself up

in his house for two months...



...and nearly starved himself

before he was brought here.



All because his wife left him

for another man.



I don't care. Look, I don't have time

for this. I gotta get out of here.



These are all facets of your delusions.



Oh, yeah?



What about Babak? Is that a facet?



How do you know about him?



You told me.



I saw you.



You thought I knew something about him,

so you told me.



How do you know about him, Jack?



Because you told me. You told me.



I know somewhere inside of you...


            have to believe

that what I'm saying is true.



You have to.



I don't know how you know

about Babak...



...but these ideas are

part of your delusions.












I brought you some smokes.



Lorenson said that your wife...



...left you for another man,

so you lost it.



How's that for a thank-you?






I didn't want to see it. You know?



I'm in here because...



...they say I have a nervous condition.



Well, well, here's my question:



Who wouldn't be nervous if they

really, really looked at their lives?



I mean, whose life is that good?



Rise and shine, Harold.



Jamile? Have you told anybody about

my sessions with Babak?



- Of course not.

- Has anyone been asking about him?



No. I would have told you.



Well, hello there.

How you doing today?



You ready to work?















- Okay, this is really freaking me out.

- Tell me about it.



- Oh, God. You want this?

- I want this.



- Hey.

- Hey.



God, I should get the heat going.



- Oh, I found out about the little boy.

- Yeah?



Babak? Lorenson used a mild form

of electroshock therapy...



...which disrupted his seizures.



She didn't even know that's what

he was having before.



That's what you have to tell her about.



I think Becker's house is around here

somewhere. I marked it on the map.



- I think this is it.

- You sure?



Yeah. I called the number yesterday

to make sure.



All right, let's go.



Hi there.



You looking for Dr. Becker?



There he is.



How's that work, huh?

God doesn't remember?



Is that it?



- Can I help you?

- I don't know, can you?



- Do I know you?

- I think you do.



- You're his son?

- Nope.



Not his son.



What's the matter, doc?



You look like you've seen a ghost.



But how can you be?



- He died years ago in the hospital.

- Yeah, you killed him. Didn't you?



No, I didn't kill him. The treatment

might've pushed him to kill himself...



No, I didn't kill myself.

I died from a blow to the head.



How did that happen?



All I can remember from the last time

we put him in there...



...he... You came out and

said their names to me.



What names?



People I tried to help.



Who were they?



Nathan Piechowski...



...Jackson MacGregor...



...Ted Casey.



I didn't ask for them, any of you.



- You were criminals sent to me.

- We were patients.



We were patients.



You were criminals...



Hold on a second. So you said I came out

of that thing, and I told you those names?



Well, who do you think

told me about them?



You did.



I'm in that drawer right now.



I don't understand.



You're haunting yourself, old man.



- I didn't put you in Alpine Grove.

- No.



You pumped me full of drugs...



...and you stuffed me

in a morgue drawer.



With every intention of helping you.



And that justifies it?



We're all dead, Jack.



What is it?



- I have to sit down.

- Is everything okay?



- I have to sit down.

- Jack, what is it? Jack?



He's taking me out of there.



- He said it was the last time.

- What?



- Jackie, he said it was the last time. Go.

- Oh, my God.



- What was your address?

- What?



When you were a kid, when we met...



...what was your address?



     Waldemere Way.



    ...     ...



- Jackie.

- Jack. Jack, stay with me.



It's the last time. The last time.






I saw you.



I know what you did to your patients.



Years from now, I saw you.



You told me about Piechowski...



...and Jackson MacGregor...



...and Ted Casey. You told me.



All those guys stay with you.



All of us. We all stay with you.



We haunt you, haunt you.



All of us.



We haunt you.



We haunt you.



Could I...? Could I have some paper?



Paper and a pen.

Need to write something.



Listen, your patient, Babak...


            having seizures.



That's why he hasn't learned

to speak properly.



Who told you this?



Just telling you something you already

know. You just haven't figured it out yet.



He's not slow, he's having seizures.






Electroconvulsion therapy.



You used it on him.



That's how you reset him.



No one would ever use ECT on a child.



I don't know that he is having seizures.

If he is, that could send him into status.



It's a permanent state of seizure.



No, no.



Babak is my friend's son.

I would never risk that.



You will.



Can you just grab the end of that for me?



I've... I've given him a sedative.






I'm only gonna do it once.



The settings are very, very low.



- Are you gonna stay in the room?

- Yeah.



Okay, great. If you could just

apply some pressure.






I'm just gonna press this button.



I'm just gonna set it a little bit lower.



Okay, now I'm at the lowest possible.






Here we go.



Okay. We're done, that's it.



We're done. Okay, it's over.



All right. He's all right. He's all right.



Okay. Okay.








            are you doing?



Can you say hi, Babak?



Hi, Babak.



You're okay, you're okay.



What do you need me to do?



I need to take this to someone.



This is a secure unit.

There's no way I can do that.



You have to. Please.



- How long do you need?

- Just a couple hours.



I'm gonna die tonight.



It's been decided.



You want me to come in with you?



I'll be okay.









I remember you.



I remember you too.



- Come in, it's cold out there.

- Yeah.



God. How've you been, Jackie?



- Okay.

- Yeah? How's your mom?



Well, okay.



Do you think I could talk to her?



Hey, Mom. Mom?



- Hey, Jean.

- Hey.



Do I know you?



Mom, this is the guy that fixed the car.



The guy you yelled at.






There something you need?



It's something you need.



Jackie, go play in the snow.



- Why?

- Just do it.






I don't know how to make this

not sound crazy.



I know it's not gonna make

a lot of sense right now...






Look. Everything that I want

to tell you is in this letter.



And it's really...



It's very important

that you believe it, because...



Because it just would be a shame

if you didn't, you know?



Okay, I'll read it.



That it?



Yeah, that's it.








           's nice.



Don't stop calling her that.



I think she likes it.






Hey, wait.



You be good, all right, Jackie?



- Okay.

- Okay.



Jack? Jack?



You okay?



Stay with me.



Put me in the jacket.



What do you mean?



You have to put me in the jacket,

it's the only way. I gotta get in there.



Jack? Jack, come on.



I need you to help me get you inside.






You ready?



- All right, you got it?

- I got it.



- That was it.

- Justin!



Put me in the jacket.



- What happened?

- He slipped. He slipped on the ice.



- Let's get him up. Watch his head.

- The jacket.



What are you talking about?



He said we have to get him

into the jacket.



I know the procedure,

but we can't do this to him.



Do whatever you did with Becker.



I was    years old the first time I died.



I remember there was white everywhere.



There was war, and I felt alive.

But, really, I was dead.



Sometimes I think

we live through things...



...only to be able to say that it happened.



That it wasn't to someone else,

it was to me.



Sometimes we live to beat the odds.



I'm not crazy...



...even though they thought I was.



I live in the same world as everyone else.



I just saw more of it,

as I'm sure you have.



They'll find my body tomorrow.



You can check it out

if you don't believe me.



I've seen life after my death...



...and I'm telling you this

because it's the only way...


            help you and your daughter

have a better life of your own.





           're gonna pass out one day

smoking a cigarette...



...and burn to death.



Your daughter grows up living

the same sad life you're living right now.



And she misses you so much.



Sometimes life can only really begin

with the knowledge of death.



That it can all end,

even when you least want it to.



The important thing in life is to believe...



...that while you're alive,

it's never too late.



I promise you, Jean,

no matter how bad things look...



...they look better awake

than they do asleep.



When you die, there's only one thing

you want to happen.



You wanna come back.



Mommy, Daddy, is it time to get up?



He can't find four of us here.

Come on, go in the kitchen.



Oh, boy.



- Hey, you okay?

- I'm fine.



You have a nasty cut there.



Yeah, yeah.



I slipped, but I'm alive.



I'm on my way to the hospital.

Could I give you a ride?



Yeah, I'd love that.



Okay. Get in.



All right. Thanks.



I'm sorry, one sec.






That's sweet. Have a good time, okay?



Yeah, yeah. Listen, Mom,

now's not actually a great time to talk.



I'm on my way to work.

Yeah, I'll call you later.



All right. Happy New Year.



- Sorry about that.

- That's all right.



No problem there.



How you doing?



Better now.



How much time do we have?

Special help by SergeiK