Jackie Chan's First Strike Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Jackie Chan's First Strike script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jackie Chan movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Jackie Chan's First Strike. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Jackie Chan's First Strike Script



I've been following her

for the last two weeks.



Four days ago, she signed up

for a tour to Ukraine.



She's working with a contact,

but we don't know who he is.



Her name is "Natasha...









OK. Thank you, Jackie.

Well done.



Thank you.




I'd like to talk with you.



Me? OK.



Excuse me.



Jackie, the CIA guy

said you did great work.



They were impressed.



They said you have

to work with them again.



When I get a chance.



All right. So you agree.



You will stay on the case.



You mean I have

to follow her to Ukraine?



I promise, this will be easy.



The CIA have so many people.

Why did they choose me?



They think Natasha's contact

may be suspicious...



so they want a new face.



But I don't know

the language or place.



This is all you have to do--

follow her onto the plane...



watch her,

record her movements...



and turn your notes over

when you arrive.



I just watch her on the plane?



That's right.

What can she do on a plane?



-That's all I do?

-That's almost all you do.



But there's one important thing.



Take a few days vacation

out there.



You deserve it.



Let the Ukrainians

take care of things.



Relax and have fun.

That's an order.



Yes, sir.



Remember to buy me some caviar.



-Good morning.

-Good morning.



-Welcome to the Ukraine.




This is Commander Korda,

Department of Security.



-Nice to meet you.

-Did you find anything?



No. But she went

to the toilet seven times.



There's the timetable.

She didn't talk to anyone.



Thanks, Jackie. You're done.

We'll take over from here.



Very good.



One thousand dollars.



-Any other currency?




Your accommodation is fixed.

Your flight is tomorrow.



Here's some pocket money.

One billion.



One billion?



A telephone.

Dial  -  if you need us.



-Simple, huh?

-Pretty simple.



Marina will show you

to your car.



Oh, yes.



Have fun.



It's line two.



Hello. It's Natasha.



It's a tap.



Sorry. Wrong number.



-They're onto us. Let's go.

-Call the strike force.



Natasha Rushinski,

please come to lnformation.



-Thank you.

-Have a good holiday.



Natasha Rushinski, come with us.

Take her away.



-She's with my tour.

-It's not your business.



I'm with

the Department of Security.



I have orders.

Talk to my commander.






-They've taken the girl.




-She's gone.

-Who is his commander?



-Natasha was taken away.




-Two for five million?

-This is the best there is.



Thank you.



Follow the car! Quick!



Slow down! The road is closed.

Go that way.



Natasha. Thank God.



I go and look. You wait.



Wait in here, please.

You will be warmer.



Mark, I saw Natasha.

What happened?




-She went into a church.



Keep following her.

Don't let them see you.



Try and get a street name

and call us.



I'll try.



Major Majenko!






Your strike force saved Natasha.



Thank you for sending them in.



Your problem is my problem.



Yes. And I got your stuff here.






The arrangements have been made

just as we discussed.



This is for your expenses,

and this is your new passport...



with an American visa.



Your money is already

in your Swiss bank account.



Very good.



Take the shell apart and

send them to these addresses.



I'll take the guidance system

and the uranium core with me.



I've got our insurance.

Let's go.



I'll call you.

Make sure the money is there.



Please be careful.



-I love you.

-I love you, too.



I'll see you later.



I'll wait for you there.



It's me. I found a new suspect.



Who is he?



I don't know.



Where are you?



Let me see.



I can't read the sign.



Can you spell it out?



'"C-h-i-k--" No.



Left-right "K."



Left and right "K."









Reverse "N."



We got it!



We're on our way.



Package for Alexander Nevsky.






Are you going

on the slopes today?



Can I help you?



-Skis, snowboard?








This way, please.



Thank you.




I want to rent one of these.



Hello? Natasha.

Is the money deposited?



No. It's a wire transfer.

The check didn't clear.



It takes three days to process.



I'll call you again.



Department of Security.

Come with us.



Hey, mister. Buy a hat, please.



Here. I'll take it.



-Please buy our hats.

-How much?




-Keep the change.



Thank you.



Where can I get some clothes?



Thank you.



Jackie, where are you?



Suspect just went through

the security area.



He's in some security area.



Tell him to keep going.



Keep moving. Go ahead.



No! There's a picture.



If I go through,

I'll get shot.



But the sign says he'll be shot.



It's just for kids.



It's just for kids. Go ahead.



Get the men together!

Prepare to move out.



Welcome, my friend.



-We've been waiting for you.

-That's good.



Where the hell are you?



About two miles...upside...



west of restricted area sign.



Two miles west of

the restricted area sign.



Hurry up. I'm freezing.



Put on more clothes.



OK. Clothes.



My boss is waiting.



There's someone out in area "B."



Who is it?



Maybe Chinese.



-Who did you bring with you?




They're inside.



-See anyone else?

-I didn't see anybody around.



Stay back.

We will handle the arrest.



Let's go. Move in!



It's bloody freezing here!



Nice hat. Aren't you cold?



What do you think?



All units stand by.

The enemy has arrived.



Give me the briefcase.



Don't move! Back off!



Tell your people

not to open fire.



I have a detonator

wired to the uranium core.



Freeze! Don't move!



Hey! It's a trap!



Don't shoot!



Grab the case! Get it!



Jackie, go!

Get the snowmobile!



Tsui! What are you doing here?



Get the chopper off the ground!



Jackie, over here!



Shoot him ! Shoot him !



Let's go!



Go! Move!



Go on! Go!






Don't move!



Little more!



Give me your hand! Come on!



There! Over there!

Get the case!



Hello, Jackie.



Who are you?



I'm Colonel Gregor Yegorov

of the Federal Security Bureau.






FSB for short.

The new, improved KGB.



KGB? Am I in Russia?



Yes. We're connected to the

Ukraine Department of Security.



I know about your operation

with the CIA.



The FSB generals

want to see you.



You are coming to Moscow

with me today.



-Can you help me?




Turn off all those things.



I'm very hot.



Welcome. We need your help

to find the arms dealer...



who smuggled out a nuclear

warhead a few days ago.



His name is Tsui.

He was recruited by the CIA...



to steal uranium

production strategies...



from the Russian government.



He has been under investigation

for years.



We believe he has a sister

living in Australia.



Her name is Annie.

We want you to find her.



This mission is very important

to our national security.



I'll have to call

my superior in Hong Kong.



We did. They have agreed

to attach you to our mission.



We're not flying to Australia

in this, are we?



Part of the way.



Where are we going now?



We're going down.



-To the submarine?







We're heading to Australia now.



There will be a fisherman's boat

taking us in.



Everything is already

arranged for you.



Are we being smuggled in?



No. I wouldn't use that term.

The boat will pick us up.



Uncle Bill! I'm in Australia

having a great time!



I'm talking to you

while enjoying my great view!



Wow! Working

for the FSB is great.



I have a presidential suite

with two levels.



Eight thousand square feet,

with pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi.



Wait. Hold on a second.

My koala bear just came out.



What? ln your hotel room?



It's only

a stuffed toy, right?



No! It's the real thing.

Say hello to Uncle Bill.



He's too shy.

Don't hang up. Hold on.



You have to wait.

I have to carry it back.



Good boy. Good boy.






Excuse me, sir.

Your tea is ready.



Thank you very much.



He's living it up.

I should have gone with him.



There you go.



That's OK now.



Really, I'm not making this up.



What else?

A great car, money.



Lots of designer clothing--

all given to me.



I feel almost like James Bond,

except no gorgeous girls.



If all this is for real,

you should be careful.



OK. So long. Bye-bye.



Think he went crazy?

Maybe he's overworked.



Wow. Look at these briefs.



Boy, you must be popular.



Own line of underwear.

Who'd wear those?



-One adult?




Fifteen-fifty, please.



Excuse me.

I'm looking for Annie Tsui.




She's in a show right now.



Your brother and I

are sworn brothers.



He came back?



He did?

Actually, I don't know.



He told me you are working here.

I'm here on vacation.



Sorry I have to leave so soon.

My dad's been hospitalized.




-No problem.



Your job must be dangerous.



No, not really.



Sharks will only go crazy

when they smell blood.



They see anything that moves,

that's when they bite.



As long as you don't move,

nothing will happen to you.



Now I know.

If I ever see a shark...



I'll pretend to be a rock

and not move.



I have to get to the hospital

to see Dad.



If there's nothing else,

I'll be going.



Thanks for the flowers.



Cari Ann? Put that on my tab.



-No problem.

-Thank you.






I have never met Mr. Tsui.

Can I go to hospital with you?



All right. Why don't you

wait at the front gate?



-I'll be right there.




Hi, Gregor. I met his sister.



I'm going to hospital with her.



Very good. I'll meet you there.



Excuse me, please.



There's a box for you here.



I'm going to the hospital.

I'll pick it up later.



-OK. Bye.




-Hey, Allen.




Hi, Daddy.

Are you better today?



Dad, I want you to meet

Tsui's sworn brother.



Never heard him mention you.

I'm Allen. And your name is?



I'm Jackie.



-Box receiving?

-All operating.



Are you feeling better?

What did the doctor say?



I'm fine, good girl.



Why has my eldest son

never spoken of you?



I'm not his sworn brother.

I'm with Hong Kong police.



I'm investigating your son

stealing nuclear weapon.



Can I talk to you privately?



-What did he say?

-He's a policeman.



Tell me why

you are looking for my son.



Do you know what

your son does for a living?



I haven't seen him

in a long time.



Even when I'm dying,

he does not come to see me.



The Tsui family

no longer has this son.



Thank you.



I hope you get better soon.



I didn't mean to lie to you.



I hope that hurt.

You lied to me.



Why couldn't you lie to my dad?



My father loves

his eldest son most.



Just let him die peacefully.

Get away from me.



If I had any news,

I would never let you know.



Please leave us now.



Please be quiet

or leave the hospital.



Go. Please.






Where have you been?

Why are you dressed like that?



Look at yourself in that outfit.

You know Dad's having surgery?



Yes, I know.

I already spoke to him.



Come in.



That man out there works

for the new Russian mafia.



He's not a policeman.

You must never believe this man.



Uncle Seven is going

to surgery this afternoon.



-What about Tsui?

-He said he hasn't seen him.



I sent you something

yesterday by messenger.



Did you get it?



I got it this morning.



You have to hide it in

the safest place you can find.






What if Uncle Seven dies

and the good son doesn't show?



If he dies,

he'll show up for sure.



Why are you so sure?



He's the eldest son

in the family.



He has to...



carry a flat bag of water.



What is all this?



That's a Chinese tradition.



Someone may be

following you already.



Always be careful.



I'm sorry.



Take this. You might need it

when you follow the girl.



Wow. Now I'm    .



-Hi. Can I pick up my package?




Underwater World

is now closing.



-Here you go.

-Thanks. Bye.



We hope

you've enjoyed your day.



Thank you.



Thank you.



-I thought you'd gone already.

-Not yet.



-OK. Bye-bye.




You scared me.









Good jump.



I will follow you...



Follow you wherever you may...



Keep singing.



There isn't an ocean too deep...



You, out.



A mountain so high...



I think

he's following the girl.



I must follow you...



Ever since

you touched my hand, I knew...



That near you

I always must be...



And nothing

can keep you from me...



You are my destiny...



I love you, I love you...



And where you go,

I follow, I follow...



I follow...



You'll always be my true love,

my true love...



For now until forever...



Forever, forever...



I will follow you...



What's going on?



We've lost the feed.



Track down Jackie's car.

Give me the location.



Follow you--



Come on back.



Wherever you may go...



It's all right.

He won't bite you.



What are you doing?

Oh, my God!



What are you doing?



He's at the Underwater World.




something is going wrong there.



-Now we can talk.




I know you're with

the Hong Kong police.



Who are you working with?



Used to be CIA. Now it's FSB.



-A complicated background.

-It was quite simple.



The man you're working for

is Gregor Yegorov.



Do you know him, too?



Call him now. Here.



Hello. Yes.

This is Jackie speaking.



What the hell is going on?



Hello? Jackie?



-It's me.

-Who is this?



It's Tsui.



So you want to get rid

of me without paying?



-Oh, no.

-I want double now.



In cash. You got three days.



I have your phone now.

I'll call you...



and let you know where

and when to meet.



We need to talk about this.



I'm sorry

I had to do that to you...



but look at

what's in your second button.



You'll find them in your car

and everything they gave you...



including this pair

of very ugly underwear.



You're under surveillance

at every moment.



The less you know

the safer you are.



By the way, Jackie...



you're a lousy singer.



Everything is here,

but the jacket is missing.



Here is the wallet.



-Are you OK?




-Where is Tsui?

-He's gone.



-What did he tell you?

-What do you think?



Seems like you have

some kind of deal going on.



Don't believe what he said.

He's an expert in mind games.



He's a top CIA agent.



Maybe you're right,

but how do you explain this?



We have to look out for you.

It's part of our job.



You wanted me to find Tsui?

Now he found you.



I will write a full report to

my superior and your superior.



I'm out. That's your clothes.



That's your car.



This my wallet.









I'm going. Bye-bye.



Now kill him !



Not yet.

Let's have some fun first.



Had enough?



What are you doing

taking so long?



This guy can move like a monkey.



Don't push me...or I jump.



OK. Go ahead.



Come and get me.



Go get him !



You go and get him !



Who is it?



Honey, is that you?






Who are you?






I'm the window cleaner.



Window cleaner?




You've got to be joking!



Who are you?



I'm the dry cleaner.



Dry cleaner?






Now they want

to silence me forever.



Hey, hold on a second.



So who wants

to silence you forever?




-But you are working for him.



Did you call the police?



I don't have a passport.

I come over illegally.



I'll call the Australian police.



You report this tomorrow,

and they'll help you.



Just find some hotel

to spend the night tonight.



A hotel? I don't have money

to pay for this call.



I have to hang up now!



What are your plans

for tonight?



I'll sleep on the street.



We are two hours ahead.



Get out of my bed!






Anyone here?



No. He's on vacation.




-Give me a hand.




-Hit the wall.






Good night.



Good night.



I'm sorry, Miss Tsui...



but your father's murderer

is still at large.



Your family may be in danger.



Go back with your brother

and get some rest.



We'll send a uniformed unit

to take you home...



and protect you    hours.



-Thank you, sir.

-Bye, miss.



Come, Annie. Let's go home.



We've got a tough one

on our hands, Louis.



Get this videotape analyzed...



see if the suspect

really is the guy on the tape.



Contact Hong Kong police,

get a positive ID on this guy.



There's big trouble

in Brisbane's Chinatown.



The man

who controlled it all...



There you go. Can I help you?



Yes, sir.

Can I have some change, please?






Saint Paul Memorial Hospital

last night...



Although unnoticed by staff...



the killer was spotted by

hospital security cameras...



and after looking

at the video...



Sir, here's your money.



Daughter believes the suspect

to be a Hong Kong policeman...



known to her only as Jackie

who visited Uncle Seven.



Police have yet

to pinpoint a motive.



The killer is on the loose

and the subject of a manhunt.



Thank you.



Authorities fear

that the murderer...



That was the murder suspect.




And now to...



I didn't kill your father.



-Call the cops!

-Please wait.



If I really killed him,

would I come and see you?



Get him !



Please listen to me!

Let me say just one thing!



-You want me to call the police?




Wait. Hear me out.



Can you please tell me

where your brother's hiding?



Why do you want him?



Only your brother can prove

I am not a killer.



It's you!



Let's beat him up first.




Please listen to me!




-He didn't kill our father.



Come with me.



Let's go downstairs.



Let's go.



I think we know

who the murderer is.



Gregor wants to force you out.



What is the history

between you two?



Three years ago,

I was in the Ukraine...



collecting nuclear intelligence

for the CIA.



The KGB caught me

with my girlfriend Natasha.



They threatened to kill her.



They forced me

to become a double agent.



To save Natasha, I had to agree.



Gregor was with the KGB?



Yes. He's now the head

of the new Russian mafia...



and makes use of his connections

as an FSB officer.



So he wants

to buy a nuclear warhead?



Yes, but not for himself.



He uses the nuclear weapons

to secure oil franchises...



in the Middle Eastern countries.



You should give the warhead

to the police right away.



I can't do that.

Not until I get my money.



How many people

have you killed for money?



Your father died

because you wanted the money.



Do you know

how many nuclear weapons...



have been sold over the world

by military superpowers?



I know that is the truth.

We cannot change it.



You cannot use that

as an excuse.



I'm not as idealistic as you.



I'm not idealistic,

but if we cannot stop them...



we should not encourage them.



Just for money,

you murdered Father.



I will never forgive you

for that.



I'll expose Gregor

for what he is...



and give you evidence

of his crimes...



but I'll need you to help me.



I know.



When I first started

at the CIA...



I had so much ambition,

but since then...



I've done a lot of things

I'm not very proud of.



They wouldn't let me

contact my family.



I lost my identity.



If I hadn't agreed to do

those things for Gregor...



I would have died

three years ago.






Let us remember...



that in God's good graces

we will all find shelter...



for His is a mercy without end.



We're at the funeral

of Uncle Seven...



the head of the Golden Dragon




who was brutally murdered

last week.



There's a strong police presence

here today...



to escort the spirit

of Uncle Seven to Chinatown.



BKO, this is Bravo  -  .



We're leaving Holy Trinity

with Annie Tsui.



Help! Help! No!



Careful. Lots of police here.



I'm here at Wickham Square.

Where are you?



No! Let go!



You even share the same

coffin with your father.



The coffin is for you.

You killed my father.



He had to die somehow.



At least he died for a reason.



If you move one more step,

I'll blow your head off.






Damn! I can't see a thing.



I need backup. Hurry!



Now what?



Killing me won't bring him back.



Give me the bomb,

and I'll give you the money.



And then you'll

never see me again.



You think your money can pay

for my father's life?



No. I guess not,

but I got your sister.






She's young, sexy,

and beautiful.



You don't want her to die.



You bastard!



Move again, I'll break your arm.



Hurry! Give me your hand!



If you don't give me the bomb,

I'll kill both of you right now.



I know you've got it here.



You have to let her go first.






Annie, get out of here.

Hurry up.



Give my stuff to the police.



Put him in the coffin.



Come on! Move!



Go! Quick!



Can I help you?



Yes. Thank you.



Yes! Get out!



Give me your hands!



Help me, Jackie!



Don't move! Hang in there!

I'm on my way!



Excuse me.



Help me! Help!



Please stop this thing!



-Please, help me.

-Here you go, miss.



-You OK?




How did you get on top

of the elevator?



Thank you very much.



Hang on a minute.



We got to write a report

and call the police.



Central security,

we're on the top floor.



The girl's OK.

Would you call the police?



Mick and me are coming down

to fill out a report.



You look very familiar.

I've seen you before.



Don't move!



He hasn't got a gun.



-Oh, lady!

-I'm sorry.



Just go!



Follow me.



We're live at Wickham Square...



where the funeral

of Uncle Seven...



has turned into the biggest

gang war in Chinatown.



A group of alleged members

of the new Russian mafia...



gunned down the ceremony

with a rocket-propelled grenade.



Police say

the murder suspect, Jackie...



was last seen escaping

with Uncle Seven's daughter.



Investigations continue

as more bloodshed is expected.



Inspector, results of

the tape have come back.



That's not Jackie.

Looks like a setup.






Come on.



In here.



I must make

a long-distance call.



Call upstairs in the office.



Where is everybody?



They're on their way.



They're in the office.

Go and get them.



Hey. Wait for my orders

on every move.



Yes, sir.



-Uncle Bill, it's Jackie!

-What's happening?



I'm with younger sister.

We were caught.



Please tell me what to do.



Just listen to me.



I briefed the head

of the FSB on your situation.



Don't worry about it.

It's very clear to him.



He knows you're a Hong Kong cop.



-Get our boat ready.

-Yes, sir.



Six tickets, please.



-What happened?

-Quick! He needs an ambulance!



Sorry. You can't come in here.



What's going on?



Take him. Get him up!



Where did they go?



Fix him.



Lock them up.

You two, come with me.



Get him !



Go down! Get him !












Sharks don't bite.



Go back in!



There's a shark!



It's just a small shark!

Get the weapon!



Go down!



Did you see it?



Yes, I think so.

I think Jackie has it.



-Go down and get it!

-Two already died.



That's an order!



No. I won't.



I can see them

from the restaurant.



Let's go.



Excuse me. Is that a new show?



-Yeah. What's going on?

-I don't know.



Take a look at this.



What's going on in there?



Get back. Get back!






Nobody move!



Stay where you are!



Follow me!



-Give me the gun.

-Yes, sir.



Get her.



Move! Get back!



Help! No!






Let's go.



Go! Go!



No! Let go!



The boat is ready.

Quickly, let's go!



Shut up. Get in.






Tie her up!






You have put your country

to shame.



Go. Get moving.



Move it.



Your turn.



When you get back,

write a report...



which is detailed and simple,

starting from the beginning.




Special help by SergeiK