Jaws 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Jaws 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the killer shark movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Jaws 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Jaws 2 Script

(  'Jaws' theme)

(  Crescendo)

(Muffled scream)

(Car horn beeping)

(Ferry sounds horn)

Come on, come on.

(  Band playing 'Downtowr)

- Where have you been?
- Delayed.

That I figured.
This is a big deal for me.

Hendricks had the keys to the Jeep.
I couldn't find the spares.

Listen, act as if you've been here
the whole time.

- How?
- Look bored.

Thank you Amity High School Band
for that eloquent selection.

We're happy, once again...

Mama, Michael won't talk to me.

- What are you doing here?
- Mrs Silvera couldn't come.

And now this year's Miss Amity,
Tina Wilcox,

will cut the ribbon, officially
opening this luxurious new hotel.

This money tree is donated
by Len Peterson,

the builder
of Amity Shores Condominiums,

as a gesture of goodwill.

Let's hear it for Len.

Thanks, Len.

$     as a special gift
to the Amity Scholarship Fund.

Go ahead, Tina, cut it.

Atta girl.

(Band strikes up)

(Band stops playing)

And now the Amity High School Band
once again.

Refreshments on the patio, everyone.

 h, boy. Let's go.

(Band strikes up again)

Brody, how are you?

Hello, Martin.

- I think it went well.
- Hell of a speech, Larry.

Right on the money.

Thank you. Have you met my son Larry?

- No.
- Larry Jr. Larry, over here.

Here we go. Say hello to Len.

- How you doing?
- Hi, Larry.

- Nice-looking boy.
- Thank you.

Ellen, make sure that the bar is open
and everyone's taken care of.


Yes, sir, a fantastic lady.

- Don't know what I'd do without her.
- Really? Neither do I.

- How old is your cousin?
-   . She's a senior.

I'm not crazy about blind dates.

They're  K if they got
little white canes and tin cups.

- That's awful!
- Ah, what the hell?

- Did your mom put all this together?
- Yeah, it's her job.

- Did she make the punch?
- No.

Good, it's terrible.

(  Slow jazz)

- Get your dance?
- Nope.

- Me neither.
- Who you gonna ask next?

Tina Wilcox. Ed's girlfriend.

You're crazy.

It doesn't hurt to ask. Sometimes
beautiful girls are the loneliest.

That's a crock of shit.

I know.

Was it the fourth or fifth night
at the Jersey shore?

The fourth!

- I thought you wouldn't respect me.
- I did! I did!

Why don't we get out of here?

What? To fool around?

- Why not?
- You're on.


(Gulls squawk)

(  'Jaws' theme)

(Man) This pipe has more barnacles
than you do.

What are you doing? I told you!

Brush it off to your left!
Your other left.

I thought you were off duty.

Good morning! Till noon -
I'm on my own time.

- Hey, Chief!
- Yeah?

We got a gold plater
in the main channel, a big cruiser.

- Whereabouts?
-  ff the point.

No running lights,
just the diver's flag.

- Want me to run out there?
- Would you? I can't run this thing!

- Happy to do it.
- I'll see you back at the office.

Take the old man of the sea.

Cast off the bowline,
and then the stern line,

and then cast off the spring line.

Let's go!

We'll only be here for a few minutes.

- Can't I come with you?
- No.

- He can come with me.
- (Mike) No.

- No?
- No.  ff the boat.

He can help me, at least.

Boo! Big brothers!

Hey, Sean,
ever been an anchor before?

- Mike, hi.
- You going out now?

- No.
- Good, you can meet my cousin.

Don't worry, I'll meet her.

 K, Tom, see you later.
Same time Thursday.

Andy, over here.

See you guys later.

- What's the problem?
- What isn't?!

(Girl) Brooke!


Jackie, hi.

Quick, quick, who's that?

- (Andy) I'm in love!
- The cousin, I hope.

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky...

Did you see the way
she looked at you?

- She wants you.
- She wasrt looking at me.

What? She was staring at you
and drooling.

No, I'm thin, I wear glasses,

I live in Amity Island year-round.

I'm not good enough for her.

You're right,
she probably wasrt looking at you.

Larry, look. Larry, look!

- What?
- Look at her.

Good to see you!

- Well?
- She's got tits like a sparrow.

Do you have to talk like that?

What are you, my mother?
Undo the jib.

- We're going sailing.
- Sailing?

He's cute.

Hey, look, I'm walking!

(Woman) Mike, over here.

(Man) Douglas!

I can't watch the news, a ball game,
can't even watch a movie.

All I hear is that kid and his radio
going 'breaker, breaker'.

I'll try but it's under
federal jurisdiction.

Call the FBI.

(All speaking at once)

 ne at a time. You two talk to Polly,
you come with me.

- What's this about Grace Kinny?
- Her bedroom window faces my sors.

She's teasing him,
dancing around in a towel.

Dancing? Hendricks, good.
Right this way. Excuse us.

Come in here and check out this    .

What the hell's a    ?
I never heard of a    .

    means get me out of there.

- What's that?
- Diver's camera from the cruiser.

 h, the abandoned cruiser!

Rich guys from Newport, Rhode Island.

If I had a $       boat,
I wouldn't abandon it.

If you had one,
there'd be an investigation.

- Very funny.
- It's driving my boy to distraction!

- Dancing! Check out this dance.
- Dance?

- Can I go back up?
- Take it back up.

Now, back up, Mike!

Mike, it's twisted.

Pull it up, Mike.

(  'Jaws' theme)

- Underneath you, Mike.
- Drop it down now.

You  K?

(Tempo quickens)

You  K?

Pull down, Mike.

(Radio) 'The weather continues
to be warm and clear.

'Back to the   -hour music from
Plymouth, the rock of New England.'

(Engine in the distance)

Wait, take a break for a minute,  K?

Tina... where are you going?


Eddie, come on, let's go skiing.

- What?
- We can use my uncle's boat.

We'll do it next week,  K?

With you everything is next week.










I can't find anyone. They must have
gone to the bottom and drifted.

Witnesses say there was one person
in the boat and one water-skiing.

'I told you, there's nothing here.'

I want you to try dragging.

For how long? The current's moving
everything and it'll be dark soon.

I don't care, I want you
to stay on it as long as it takes.

  - .

We heard a noise like a boom.
Then there was this cloud of smoke.

The explosion.  ne minute they were
having a wondefrul time, the next...

You've no idea
what could have caused it?

I don't know
what could have done that.

- Were they off-islanders?
- I don't know.

Can we go now?

(Eddie) Chief?

Chief Brody, can we go, please?

Yes, thank you, Tina.

We've been over this a dozen times.

I know, I know.

- How much longer?
- Until we find something.

I'm cold, bored.

Y U'RE bored.

Holy shit!



Jesus, this is heavy!

Aw, shit. Drop it.

- What is it?
- Drop it. It's a power line.

- Terrific(!)
- Let me untangle it.

We don't want a power blackout.

Let's go before we do find something.

That's your third smoke already.

- With coffee.
- Try a donut.

- I want Froot Loops.
- Eat Cheerios.

You eat Cheerios, I want Froot Loops.

You eat Cheerios.

What are you guys up to today?

- I'm going sailing.
- Again?

- What else is there to do?
- What about that job?

Do I have to?

He doesn't have to.
It is his vacation.

Where did I leave my date book?

Good morning.
Everybody's up early today.

Something going on?

Lots. This kid is   . We've talked
about him getting a job before.

You're right. I wish you could
spend some time with him.

How can I? I've got a boat accident.

I've only got three cops and a deputy
in love with the police launch.

And here's another one.
Everybody's a boat freak?

It's an island.

- I'm going.
- Hold it. Wait a minute.

Don't go out too far if it's rough.
We've had a lot of trouble.

-  K. See you later.
- Be careful.

I'll be careful.

- Tina, come back here.
- Nope!

- Give me my hat.
- No!

Come on, Tina!

Come back here.

I wonder why they decided to move.

- Too hot in the lighthouse?
- Too hot for those two?!



I called you as soon as I heard.
I hear the bites are really big.

- After we've looked, we'll talk.
-  K.

(Man) Here it is.

Could you move back, please?

Move back.
Please just move back. Thanks.


What do you think?

First things first.

Tip of the snout, please.

-  K. Seven and a half meters.
- Seven and a half meters?


- Check the bite radius.
- The what?

- The shape of the mouth.
- Whale's mouth?

- Shark's mouth.
- What shark?

The shark that did this.

We don't know that, do we?

- That's what we're here to find out.
- And we will.

I can't hear you if you whisper.



I've had some experience with sharks.

 h, have you?

Yeah. And I think a great white
might have done this.

- Carcharodon carcharias?
- Right.

What makes you think there
might be one in these waters?

It's obvious a big fish
took a bite out of this big fish.

This is a mammal, not a fish.

Don't quibble!
Is it a shark bite or isn't it?


But this is a killer whale.

It would have to be a shark
of considerable size.

We know sharks are attracted
by blood and thrashing about.

And sound.


Sound, like sonar or radar.

They hone in
on unusual, irregular sounds.

Any rhythmic,
low-frequency vibration.

So there could be one around?

Not necessarily. These wounds could
have been inflicted out to sea.

None were immediately fatal. The
currents could have carried it in.

- We got a hell of a tide.
- Just take care of the crowd!


Mr Hendricks, take this down, please.

- No more sailing today,  K?
- We came out in my boat.

- Andy'll take it back.
- I got a date.

- She'll understand.
- She won't.

Mike, give me a break, will you?

It's either a great white
or another killer whale.

I'd like to know which.

It's impossible to tell
with that body.

The animal's been ashore for    hours
and drifting for a day at least.

Every nibbler
in the sea's taken a bite.

I know dolphins communicate.
I mean, they send signals.

If a shark was destroyed,
could another shark come and...

Sharks don't take things personally,
Mr Brody.

- Dad, can I...
- No.

Don't worry, I'll take it back
and tie it up at the docks.

- Bye, Mike.
- I'm sorry. Bye.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- I appreciate it. Thanks.

Larry. Larry, wait a minute.

I'm showing summer rentals, I think
we have a good season going for us.

Swell. But I have to talk
to you alone.

We're alone.

We may have another shark problem.

- Are you serious?
- You bet I'm serious.

I've got a half-eaten whale on
the beach, got two persons missing.

The whale's got
a bite out of it this big.

No one has seen a shark.
Be realistic.

The selectmen should know about it.
It's just a feeling, but...

Larry, I not only have this attack
but I've got...

- I've got two water-skiers...
- A tragedy, but a boating accident.

No fin, no sharks.
A boating accident.

- They're both still missing.
- We have a lot of deaths

that never turn up.

Are they all shark victims?

Maybe they are.

- Bullshit.
- Bullshit?

Is it bullshit I got a whale
with a bite in it this big?

What am I? An ass?

When you called me,
I called Elkins and her bosses.

Nothing she saw is proof of anything.

So we're not going to do anything?

Martin, don't press it this time.

Well, I've got to get back to work.

 K, Larry, but you just remember
this conversation.

You just remember it!

(  'Jaws' theme)

(Man) Chief?



Hi. Missed you at the funeral home.

Santos said you'd be here.

Yeah. Christ, what a mess.

You didn't miss much.

Positive ID?

We're pretty sure
it was the woman aboard the boat.

(Telephone rings)


Thank you, operator.
Just keep trying.

- Anything new on those two divers?
- Nothing.

- We should keep sightseers...
- Did you look at that stuff?

- No.
- How about that camera?

- Might be something in it.
- Yeah, right.

- Take it to get developed.
- First thing in the morning.

- Why not now?
- It's too late.

Christ, I'm late for dinner.

I'm expecting a long distance call.
Send it to the house.

 K, Chief.

Yes, I can hear you.

Yes, I'll give him the message.
Thank you.

That for me?

- (Both) Hi, Dad.
- Hi, gang.

Well, sort of. Matt Hooper.

He's on a vessel in the Antarctic and
won't be in radio range till spring.

Yeah. I gave him a call.




You're a mess. Where were you?

 ver at Santos', I dragged a body
out of the ocean today.

Have you any idea what happened?

No, we don't know.

Santos thinks it might be a victim
from the boat accident.

Do you wanna talk about it?

Just routine.


Hey, Mike, come here a minute.

What is it?

- Something for you to do tomorrow.
- I kinda had plans.

Sailing? Forget it.
You're grounded. Beach, that's it.

- Come on, Dad.
- I talked to John.

He's got a job
till you go back to school.

That's all summer.

He wanted a job, now he's got one.
And I want that boat out the water.

- Dad, can I...?
- Tomorrow night. And I mean it.

Now... Everybody here?

- Just about.
-  K, terrific.

Folks, this is the town beach.

The development, naturally,
has its own private access,

but I wanted you to see
the concession area.

Take a look at the sand.
It's like sugar.

(Man) It's beautiful.

In the summertime, at sunset,
the whole beach looks incredible.

It can be absolutely breathtaking.

You'll find this little bandstand
interesting. We take pride in this...

Hello. Selling more of the good life?

- Yeah. Piece of this, piece of that.
- Your husband's here.

- What's he doing?
- His job.

- Dad got you working, huh?
- Yeah.

- (Sean) I'm helping.
- Good.

Do you happen to know
where your dad is?

He's up there.

For Christ's sake.

If you have any questions
about recreational possibilities,

Ellen Brody will be happy
to answer them.

- Can I speak to you?
- Excuse me a moment.

Larry, we've got some live ones.

Brody's riding his tower.

 h, shit.

(Playful shouts and screams)

You got it, sweetheart.

Come on!

- This fast enough for you?
- No, faster.

- Faster?
- Faster!

Hey, look! There's my dad.

Wave to my son.


How do we get him
down from there?

Well, maybe nobody noticed.

Let's get them back in the van, huh?

Yeah, come on.

What's that man doing way up there?

What man?

 h, he's watching.
You know, a lookout.

For what?

It's a shark tower. I saw one
in Florida. He's looking for sharks.

Excuse me, dear,
it's an observation platform.

That's our chief of police.
He's just checking it.

Normally, it's used for...
birdwatching, weather... measurements

and nature observation,
that sort of thing.

Excuse me.
Ellen, we're running a little late.


If we all get on the bus,
we could show you the country club...

 ut of the water!
 ut of the water, now! Everybody out!

Get out! Get out of there!

Get out!

What the hell is that idiot doing?

Everybody out!

Get out of there! Get out!

Everyone out!

 ut of the water! Get out of there!
Get out!

(Screams of panic)

Get out! Get out!

(Man) It's just bluefish!

Chief, it's a school of bluefish!

It's just bluefish.

- Martin?
- Ellen, it's all right.

Let's not make it worse, come on.

 K, it's all over.
Let's get back to the club.

It's  K.

It's just... It's a false alarm.

It's all right, go back.

My God.

Come on, let's go. It's all over.

(Telephone rings)

(Intercom buzzes)

Polly, no calls now, huh?


 K, put him on.

Yeah, Phil?

What pictures?

You're kidding! I'll be right over.

Yeah... it's the  rca.

Good lens, too. Fast.  -  I think.

- Notice the fusion...
- What else have you got?

 ver here. I exposed some more this
morning, I haven't developed 'em yet.

That's it. That's the one.

Speak of the devil.

Martin, this is an official meeting.

Good, I'm glad you're all here.
Look at this.

Fogarty just developed it.
It's from the missing divers' camera.


I don't know. What is it?

(Woman) It's underwater.
That's why it's so dark.

(Man) There's nothing I can see.

What are you talking about?
Look at this. That's a shark.

Look at the outline,
the mouth, the eyes.

Is that what it is?
Sorry, I just don't see it.

Neither do I.

Martin, it could be anything.

Are you telling me
I don't know what a shark looks like?

This is nothing.
Something in the lens.

- Lens my ass.
- Damn right it's your ass.

(Larry) Be reasonable.

Reasonable! With him?

Goddamn it,
will you just listen to him?

Be reasonable?! Look, Brody,

you started a panic on that beach.

You shot up the place.
God knows who you injured.

What if somebody sues us?
Did you think about that?

It could ruin us.

Don't worry about being sued.

If this is what I think it is,
there won't be anybody here.

- Now, let's not...
- Let's not what, Larry?

Larry, let's forget it.
He won't listen.

- It's obvious he's made up his mind.
- You bet I have.

I'm telling you
and everybody here, that's a shark.

And I know
because I've seen one up close.

And you better do something because
I won't go through that hell again.

Martin, could you wait
here for a minute?

For what?

Please, just have a seat,

while we look at the picture
and make up our own minds.

All right. I'll have a seat.

For what it's won'th.

Thank you.

Gentlemen, please.


Hey, Mike.

I saw your dad over at Town Hall.

I know.

Did he really freak out
on the town beach?

I don't know.

Don't worry about them.
It's all bullshit.

Hey, you know this is the only place
where the garbage man delivers?

Ha ha ha(!)

- Anyone wanna go to the lighthouse?
- Now?

Tomorrow. Maybe spend the day.

My dad left some cases of beer
in the garage.

- Is it still there?
- It's kinda vacationing on my boat!

Mike, are you going to go?

- Yeah, why not?
- You might be painting toilets!

Very funny (!)

- Are we going to have a picnic?
- Yeah, you bring the food.

(All talking at once)

- Mike?
- Hi.

I'd like to go to the lighthouse
with you.

I'm not sure I can go.

I'm grounded.
Dad won't let me use my boat.

Do you always do what
your parents tell you to?

- No.
- Good. I'll be at the dock at eight.

Eight o'clock, everybody.

I don't know what I'd do.

Hey! What is this?
A wake for a funeral?

- You surprised us.
- I came as soon as I heard.

They only fired me,
they didn't bury me.

- Hello, baby, I'm home.
- I know.

I know you know.

Listen, I've got something for you.

This will look better on you than me
because you're a snappier dresser.

 h, hey!
You're drinking the good stuff.

How about a toast?
A toast to the new chief.

Come on, the chief's going
to need all the luck he can get.

No?  K, we'll do it together.

A toast to the new chief.

Hail to the chief.

(Hums 'Hail to the Chief')

Come on, drink!
This is a milestone in your career.

- Ease up, Martin.
- Look, Chief,

not only don't I want your job,

but I came to tell you
I think you're the greatest.

- And I...
-  h, Jeff, it's  K.

Come on. It's not your fault,
I know that.

Well, I got to go anyway.

Thanks for coming by, Jeff.

- You've been a big help.
- Thank you.

- Good night, Jeff.
- Good night.

Poor Hendricks.
They'll fire his ass, too.

You'll see.

I showed them a picture
of that shark.

They didn't see it.

They see only what they want to see.

But it's out there, all right.

- It's a big mother, too.
- Is that why they fired you?

It wasrt just that.

What was it? The beach?
I saw what happened.

 h, I blew it. I blew it.

I shot off my mouth.
I shot off my gun.

Four years down the drain.

Shot to hell.

What a dummy.

What else?

What else?

I've never been fired before.

You know that?

I mean, once when I was   
when I was a kid, yeah.

But... never from a real job.

Nobody ever told me
I couldn't hack it.

(Whispering) They're not saying that.

Yes, they are.

They are.

Maybe they're right.

I'm tired.


I'm too damn tired.

Too damn drunk.

That's what you are, too damn drunk.

(Banging and clattering outside)

(Door opens)

- Are you going out?
- Yeah.

Going sailing?

- Maybe.
- Take me.


- I wanna go with you.
- Shh! Quiet!

(Loudly) Michael.

All right. Come on. But be quiet!

Hello, Denise, love of my life.

If you're grounded,
what are we doing? Practice?

Yeah, practice.

Why are we here and not the beach? We
can fool around, pick up some girls.

If you're gonna get in the way,
go home.

I'm not in the way.
Andy, am I in the way?

You're always in the way.

Is he causing trouble?

Put me down!

- You can go out in my boat.
- Yeah!

You want him? You can have him.

I think you just made
somebody very happy.

- Hi guys.
- Hi.

- Mike, you going out?
- I thought you were grounded.

- I can go out if I want to.
- He can.

Is there enough room
for all of us on the boat?

- I don't know, we're...
- There's plenty of room.

I guess so.

Brooke? I've got room.


- You'll go with me?
- Sure.

Thanks guys,
but I'm going with Timmy. Come on.


- It's a big mistake.
- Don't worry.

Come on, you guys, I'm ready.

You said she was coming with us.

Well, obviously, she's not.

- You wanna talk about it?
- You wanna swim home?

- Hey, Tom!
- Nicholas! You should be in class.

I've got company!

- I'm going for lobster.
- Great! Bring me one!

- I want mine with butter.
- Got that, Tom?

So long, turkeys.

Sparky will take you down today.

If you're ready,
let's buddy-up and drop.

Get us in!
For Christ's sake, get us in.

Let's get him in and keep him warm.

Put him in the forward cabin.

(Man) He'll be  K. Things'll be  K.

Let's go.

Thank you.


So, I'll go down to the office,
clean out the desk,

turn in the truck,

and maybe get shitfaced
and rap your boss in the mouth.

I better give notice.

Take it easy. We may need the income.

Mike's gone.

He's making out early these days,
must be a morning man.

Like his father.

(Door opens)

Good morning. Anything special today?

No. Sears out somewhere.
Let him have whatever he wants.

- Just keep him away from the candy.
-  K.

- Do I still get my ride?
- Mmm.

Call your brother, the plumber,
that sink upstairs is screwed up.

Frankie? He's my cousin.

Ask if he can use an apprentice.

Have a nice day.

Do you want to just leave
her pointing up?

I'm on it.

There we go. Yeah, this is fine.

What about sailing?

What about it?

Don't you worry. We're gonna make it.

We'll make it to Budapest
if you're not careful!

Hey, what about the others?

What about them?

They'll be there when we get there.

They'll have their bonfire,
clams, liquor...


What are we gonna do in the meantime?

Well, in the meantime,
we'll have to think of something.

Wait a minute.


Get out the blanket.

I got black marks all over my butt
and mom's getting uptight about it.


 ut with the blanket.

You really need a blanket?

(Eddie) I don't need one!

(  'Jaws' theme)

Well... here's your blanket.

Eddie! Help!


- Tina!
- Help me!


 h... Jesus.

Eddie, swim!
Swim fast, it's a shark, Eddie.


 h, God. Eddie, swim!

Swim faster! Hurry!

Come on! Swim!

Hurry, Eddie. It's a shark!

Eddie, hurry! Faster! Come on. Swim!

Hurry! Hurry, Eddie.



 h, Mama...

Please make it go away.

Make it go away.

Make it go away.

Honey, it's not your job any more.

I just wanna look.

Come on, get out of there! Come on.

(Horn sounds)

- What happened to him?
- Embolism. Air bubbles in the blood.

(Man) He came up too fast, Chief.

Something must have scared him.

He just panicked.

Don't worry,
we're taking good care of him.

How did this happen?

Bite reflex, like a spasm.

It happened after the kids went out.

What kids?

Junior Vaughan,
Brookie Peters, Jackie, Mike...

 ur Mike?

They're headed
for the lighthouse. Hey!

Look, Chief, you're not chief now.
I can't let you take her out.

Mrs Brody, look, you can't go.
Neither one of you can go.

- Get that line.
- Mike is out there.

But I signed for the boat.
Mrs Brody, please.

Shit! Chief, go on up to the bow,
you're doing that wrong.

Go ahead, untie the bowline.

They can't fire both of us, right?

Somebody's got to be in charge.

All right,
which direction do you wanna go?

You said something
about a lighthouse.

All right.

Amity Launch to Harbour Patrol.

(Radio) 'This is Harbour Patrol.'

Listen, do you think
you can raise me a chopper?

'Is that you Brody? Not right away.

'It's out checking a buoy.'

Get it out to the lighthouse.

There's some kids sailing out there.
I want them back in port.

Turn the kids back to port.

'I heard you. Patrol out.'

Brody out.

Hurry up, suckers, you're dragging!

Hey, let's go past the lighthouse.
I know a better spot. Come about.

You got it!

I got it, Chief.


It's all right. Come on.

It's  K.

It's all right.




(Tina) No, no.

Tina, Tina...

Tina, it's  K.

- It's still there.
- What is?

What's still there?



(Wails) It's still there.

(Horn sounds)

That boat will take you in.
Where the hell are they?

Ten degrees off your starboard.
Take a heading...

Not that shit! Point!


All right, I got it.

(As Charles Laughton)
Mr Christian! Mr Christian!

Pump up this boat! And shave off
that dreadful moustache.

England expects every man
to do his duty. Fire when ready!

Damn the torpedoes!
Full speed ahead!

This will be our finest hour.

 h, shit.

Hey, Bligh, someone pop your balloon?

No problem, no problem.


Balance the boat!

(All shout and scream)

Watch out!

Do something!

Timmy! Brooke!

Hey! Look out.

Where is it?

- Get me out of here!
- I'll get you out.


Larry! Turn!


It's  K.

- Hurry up!
- Mike's out there.

 ut of the water.

Somebody look out for Mike!

Hang on to something!

Mike, get out of there!

Hold on!


 h, my God.



That's it.

- Get his arm.
- Come on.

Pull his jacket!

Get him clear, it's coming up.

(Screaming and shouting)

Come on! Come on!


He's bleeding pretty bad.

We got to get Mike to a doctor.

Can you sail?

Yeah. We'll take him in.

 K. Get some help here fast.

Let's go.

Let's wrap this mess up.

Throw this to Brooke.

Brooke, get this
and throw it to Mark.

Here, take it.

Tie a bowline around your mast.


Come on, pull.

I don't know if it'll hold.

All right. Someone put a fender up.

We could use another hand on this.

Take it easy. Just pull.

Tie it off. All right.

Amity Launch to Air Patrol  ne.

Amity Launch to Air Patrol  ne.

Do you read me?

(Radio) 'This is Air Patrol.
That you, Brody? '

Yeah. Do you have
a fix on those kids?

'Negative. I'm still down.'

Get the hell up
because I'm out here alone.

'Brody, I got to switch frequencies.

'Call my boss.
I'll meet you by Francis Shoal.  ut.'

Francis Shoal?
Where the hell is Francis Shoal?

(Static from the radio)


I'm all alone out here.

Anyone want to play charades?


All we have to do is land
at Cable Junction and wait.

How will we do that on this garbage?

What's after Cable Junction?

The Atlantic. Then Ireland.

God, I'm hungry.

(Pilot) Air Patrol to Base.

I have a positive location
on that sailing party.

Disabled and adrift,

about three quarters of a mile west
of Cable Junction,

wind and tide carrying them due east.


(Helicopter blades
vibrating through the water)

Is everyone  K? Is anybody hurt?


I'll tow you to Cable Junction,

then call the Coast Guard.


Throw me a line.

Take it easy. Here we go.

-  h, what a day (!)
- Here you go!


- Now, hold on to something.
-  K.

- Hurry up!
- Better hang on.



- Sean!
- Sean!



Get him in the boat.

- Sean!
- Come on!

Get aboard.

- Hurry!
- Come on.

Come on.

I can't get up.



Take her to the hospital
and meet me at the office.

Try to understand my position...

Tina will be all right. Are you  K?

Ellen, I'm sorry.
Believe me, I'm sorry.

I was only thinking of...

I don't give a damn what you think.

A boy is dead and my son and husband
are still out there.

Amity Launch to Harbour Patrol.

(Radio whistling)

Amity Launch to Harbour...


Damn it!

(Rumblings of a storm)

Sean, catch the rope!

- Come on, the rope!
- Sean!

Sean, catch the rope!

Sean, the rope!

- Come on, Sean!
- Come on, Sean!

Come on!


Sean, catch the rope!

The rope, Sean!

Come on, Sean!

Come on!
You've gotta help or it won't work.

Will you stop?

Come on, Sean, wake up!

Pick it up!


Sean, goddamn it.

Sean, listen to me
or I'll break your ass!

 K, come on.

 K, Sean, now listen.

We'll throw you this rope
and you better catch it.

Sean, you ready?

Here it comes, kid.

Get it, Sean.

Sean, get it.

Come on, get it.

Good. Now tie it around
the centreboard.

Tie it tight.

You ready? Hang on.

Hold on.

Hang on,  K?

Here we go. Hold on tight.

 K, kid.

Take it easy.

Come on.


- Get him out!
- Come on.

 h, God. Are you  K, kid?

I thought we lost you.

Cable Junctiors ahead.

- Can we make it?
- I don't know.

- Hey, I was just asking!
- I know.

How's she doing?

Just got to keep her warm.

Somebody help me
and we could steer this.

What are you playing
with a tube for?

- If everyone...
- Shut up!

I'm sorry
but I can't stop thinking about this!

Well, you better try!

 h, God, please help.


Holy Mary,

Mother of Christ,

please help us.

Please help us.

We're begging.

Please save us.

 h, thank Christ.

Here, take that back to the cleat.

- What happened?
- I'm  K.

- Sure?
- A shark hit us.

Sears out there.

- What?
- He wanted to come.

Where are they?

They're in the current
heading for Cable Junction.

All right, get to the lighthouse
and stay there,  K?

- Stay there.
- I'm sorry, Dad.

Forget it.
Just get to the lighthouse.

- We're almost there.
- It's not gonna work.

Come on, more to port.

Keep it going. We'll make it.

More to port, goddamn it!

All the way over.

Larry, are we going to make it
to the island?

We're steering for it, kid.

But the wind drift is lateral.

What does that mean?

It means that we're going sideways.
We're going that way.

- We were heading right for it.
- Not now.

Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Wait! Stop paddling.

- What about the island?
- The shark!

- What's happening?
- I think we're stuck.

It's just the bottom.

- It's that thing.
- It's just the bottom.

No, it's not the bottom.
It's that thing! It's gonna kill us!

Jackie, shut up!

- No! It's going to kill us!
- Shut up! Shut up!

Leave her alone!

Then you take care of her.

- She's hysterical, beating...
- Sit down.

Be quiet!


Shut up!


- She shouldn't freak out.
- Listen!

You hear it?

(Sound of engine)

 ver there! It's coming towards us.

It's Dad! Dad!


 h, cool. Cool, come on...

Pull yourselves over
and we'll get out of here.

We can't.
We're stuck on the bottom here.

I'll get you closer.
We'll come aboard.

- Pull us alongside.
- Please hurry!

All right, hold it steady.

 h, sh...!



I'm all right. Hold on.

All right,
take this and I'll get you over.

- All right, tie it on.
-  K.

All right,
pull these hooks over with the rope.

Secure them to the raft then I'll
pull you back with the winch,  K?


All right, pull it over.

It's stuck.

Wait a minute, I'll put...
I'll put it in reverse.


Lucy, look out!

 h, my God! No! No!



 h, my God! No!


Hold on!

(Sean) Dad!

(Sean) Get away!


Get away!





- Where'd he go?
- Where is he?

- There he is!
-  ver there.

What the hell are you doing?

(Brooke) Get out of there!

(Andy) He's heading right for you!

All right, you big bastard, come on.

I got something for you now.

That's it! That a boy! Come on!

Right over here!

(Sean) Dad!

That's it. Come on.

(Brooke) No! Get out of the way!

(Larry) Don't do it!

(Andy) Get away! Get away!

(Sean) Dad! Watch out!

Come on!

Look out!

 pen wide!

 pen wide, say 'ah'!

He did it. He got it!

He did it! He did it! He did it!

Did he get it? It's dead?

It's dead!

 h, thank you.

Thank you,
thank you, thank you...

- And you...
- They made me go with them.

Sure they did!

Special help by SergeiK