Jeremiah Johnson Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Jeremiah Johnson script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robert Redford movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Jeremiah Johnson. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Jeremiah Johnson Script



His name was Jeremiah Johnson.



They say he wanted

to be a mountain man.



The story goes that he was a man

of proper wit and adventurous spirit...



...suited to the mountains.



Nobody knows where he came from

and it don't seem to matter much.



He was a young man...



...and ghosty stories about

the tall hills didn't scare him none.



He was looking for a Hawkin gun,

   caliber or better.



He settled for a    but damn,

it was a genuine Hawkin.



You couldn't do no better.



Bought a horse, traps and other truck

that went with being a mountain man.



And said good-bye

to whatever life was down below.



Where is it l could find bear, beaver,

other critters worth cash skinned?



Ride due west as the sun sets.

Turn left at the Rocky Mountains.



This here's his story.



Jeremiah Johnson



Made his way into the mountains



Betting on forgetting



All the troubles that he knew



The trail was wide and narrow



The eagle or the sparrow



Showed the path he was to follow



As it flew



A mountain man's a lonely man



And he leaves a lot behind



lt ought to have been different



But you often-times will find



That the story doesn't always go



The way you had in mind



And Jeremiah's story



Was that kind



''l, Hatchet Jack...



...being of sound mind

and broken legs...


            hereby leaveth my bear rifle...


            whatever finds it.



Lord hope it be a white man.



lt is a good rifle...



...and killed the bear that killed me.



Anyway, l am dead.



Yours truly, Hatchet Jack.''



A    caliber Hawkin!



Come on, you.



That'll be far enough, pilgrim!



Where are you?



You're a fine target, pilgrim!



Empty your hand.



l ain't seen no live man in   months.



l am Bear Claw Chris Lapp.



Blood kin to the grizzly

that bit Jim Bridger's ass!



You are molesting my hunt!



l know who you are!



You're the same dumb pilgrim

l've been hearing for    days...



...and smelling for  !



How come you ain't been scalped?



Ain't been too lucky?



This place has been

trapped out since '  .



Why are you here?



l hunt griz.



Grizzly bears, pilgrim.

l collect the claws.



l had one in that thicket back there.



Ready to shake hands

until you came along!



l'm sorry, then.



You look it!



Hungry too?



Come on.



You know how to skin griz?



l can skin most anything.



You sure are cocky

for a starving pilgrim.



There she be.



You go in, get warm,

get yourself something to eat.



l've got a chore to finish.



My boy!



Are you sure that you can skin griz?



Just as fast as you can find them.



Skin that one, pilgrim,

and l'll get you another!



Must have missed

another war down there.



Didn't miss nothing.



lf l head due west tomorrow,

will l find good places to trap?



lf you head due west or any place

tomorrow you'll be starving in a week.



You ain't likely to meet

someone of my good nature.



Mountain's got its own ways.



Use that skin pad, pilgrim,

before you lose all your fingers.



Whatever you learned down in the flat

will serve you no good up here.



You got some work to do.



Utes and Flatheads

are generally peaceful critters.



Crows, they are fearful.



Mighty warriors too.



ln my opinion the Crows

are the handsomest lndians there is.



And proud too.



There ain't a man alive

can match them on a horse.



l've seen them run

with one foot on the horse's rump...


            wrist through a loop

in the mane...



...shooting arrows and guns

under the horse's neck!



But they are an adulterous people.






Here you are, pilgrim.

Sharp enough to scale a fish with.



Ever get lonesome?



For what?






Full-time night woman?



l never could find no tracks

in a woman's heart.



l packed a squaw

for    years, pilgrim.



Cheyenne, she was.



And the meanest bitch

that ever balled for beads!



l lodgepoled her at Dead Wolf Creek

and traded her for a Hawkin gun!



Don't get me wrong,

l love the women, l surely do!



But l swear...



...a woman's breast

is the hardest rock...



...the Almighty ever made on Earth...



...and l can find no sign on it.



Now these coals here

will simmer until sunrise.



You better go do likewise.



Didn't put enough dirt down.



Saw it right off.



Wind's right.



But he'll just run, soon as

we step out of these trees.



Trick to it.

Walk out on this side of your horse.



What if he sees our feet?



Elk don't know

how many feet a horse has.



No, you damn fool!

Slide it up over the saddle!



You got him, pilgrim!

You nailed him clean.



We got us an elk to skin!



Can't figure people down there

eating hog when they could feed on elk.



Didn't like it down there?



-Ought to have been different.

-ls that so?



Many a child journeys

this high to be different.



To get from here what their natures

couldn't get them below.



lt comes to nothing.



Can't cheat the mountain, pilgrim.

Mountain got it....



Probably Crow. They'll steal

our horses unless we bribe them.



lt's their territory.

They figure we're trespassing.



Yep, Crow.



Fellow by the name

of Paints-His-Shirt-Red.



That's his sign.

Just stand still.



You two know each other?



l saw him once.



He says you fish poorly.



You understand their language?



Paints-His-Shirt speaks English,

he just does this to aggravate me.



Says he's got enough bear claws.



What's your name?






Your Christian name?






You've learned well, pilgrim.

You'll go far.



Providing you ain't burnt alive

or scalped.



l will do my best.



You can cut wood

and leave it up on the Judith.



Riverboat captains will leave you gold

if you put out a pouch.



Good thing to know...



...if times get hard.



Watch your topknot.



Watch yours.



l told you not to go play outside.



You got yourself all dirty...



...and also, young lady...



...without your shoes.



And you, Josh...






Look at you!

There, now!



Mary Lou, you knew better

than to go out in the sun....



Have l told you

not to go out...



...without a bonnet on your head?



You better stop there.



Woman, l am your friend.



We have graves to dig.



You were borne on the wind today.



Josh was being a bad boy.

l must tell your father.



Time to start the garden.



lf the wind would stop.



We will now sing.



Shall we gather at the river



Where bright angel feet have trod



With its crystal tide forever



Flowing by the throne of God



Yes, we'll gather at the river



The beautiful, the beautiful river



Gather with the saints at the river



That flows by the throne of God



Boy, did you see all this?



Better get one of these biscuits, boy.



l make damn good biscuits.



Here's food.



l could not find your husband

anywhere, madam.



So, maybe he will come back here.



The lndians will not bother you now,

on account of...


            are touched.



They will be afraid.



What about the boy?



Maybe you and the boy

best come with me now.



l will take you down to the Judith.

Put you on a ferry.



Take him.




-Take him!



Madam, l wouldn't know how

to tend after....



You got a name, boy?



l will call you Caleb.



lt is a name l have always admired.



You like that? Caleb?



Do what you like.

l was much the same myself.






Are you all right?



Sure, l got a fine horse under me!



Got one of them feathers in my nose.



Keep sneezing,

it'll come out all right.



Haven't seen anyone pass by recently,

have you?



Nobody's gone in front of me.



Can't say what's happened

behind me though.



The lnjuns put you here?



lt weren't Mormons.



A chief, name of Mad Wolf.

Nice fellow, don't talk a hell of a lot.



You wouldn't have

an extra hat on you, would you?



Shade's getting scarce in these parts.



What did you shave your head for?



Mad Wolf figures like

every other lnjun l know.



Says this scalp ain't fit

for no decent man's lodgepole.



Ain't the first time l protected

my head in such a way.



Name's Del Gue.



With an ''E.''



How long since they've been through?



Not more than a few hours ago.



l will be happy to see my horse.

l hate walking.



l knew you would help me

get my pelts back.



l wouldn't leave a man

without a horse or gun.



Ain't that Hatchet Jack's rifle?



How did you get it?



l found him, froze to a tree.






That Hatchet Jack was a wild one.



He was living with a female panther.



Two years in a cave

up in the Musselshell.



She never did get used to him.



That be them.



-How many you figure?




Just like before.



Are you smelling them Blackfeet?



No, l'm locating my horse.

Dirtiest animal this side of hell.



Come dark, you give me your pistol.

Load that bear rifle full of nails.



No, l got no truck with them Blackfeet.

l plan to be here a long time.



And l do not want them down on me.



Them critters hammered me

into the ground. Took my rifle, horse.



Stole my pelts. Not to mention

what they done to that boy's folks!



Then let it pass?






But they'll be asleep soon.



Should be no trouble to slip in there

and then get your possibles.



Use this blanket, boy.



To keep you warm.



He don't say a lot, does he?









Stay here with the animals.



l am Del Gue!



l can whip my weight in wolverines...



...straight through a crab apple orchard

on a flash of lightning!



You've stolen my pelts!



And die, you must!



You skinheaded son of a bitch,

you almost got me killed!



Where are you going?



Don't you want any of these?












Mother Gue never raised

such a foolish child.



-What do you do with them scalps?

-Sell them to the English.






London is wallpapered

with lnjun scalps.



-We could pull into those trees.

-Don't go getting hasty.



Them is Flatheads, and they've hurt

nobody that l know.



Just hold back.



What's he saying?



Says they're Blackfeet ponies.



He asks if you are the great warrior...



...who avenges the Crazy Woman

in the Wolf Tail Valley.



She's big medicine.



And so are you,

if you are that man.



So what's he shouting for?



Scared of you.



-But how did you...?

-l didn't know they'd be Flatheads.



lt's all right, boy.



Chief here is named

Two-Tongues Le Beau.



Mighty educated too.



French missionaries

taught him their language.



-Christian lndians?

-Lots of them.



He says the scalps are fierce...



...and the horses are fleet.



Take them.



And the ponies.

l have no further use for them.



Damn fool,

you may have cooked our brains!



He brought us here to honor you

and you want to give him a gift.



lf he cannot give you a better one,

it'll be an insult.



What's so funny?



The danger is over.



He has thought of a better gift.



His daughter.



Now you have a son,

you need a wife.



-l don't want no wife--

-He says he'll be very happy



What is that word?

Oh, yes!



He may read the Bible,

but he's still an lnjun.



And his rules is his rules.



lf you value your hair,

you will get married!



l do not think this is funny.



lt ain't.



When you get out of here, you can

take her to Fort Hawley and sell her.



But you best take her, friend.



Besides, maybe she ain't near bad.



He says she's called The Swan,

but she'll answer to anything you want.



But maybe you need her.



You turn down this gift, they'll slit

you, me, Caleb and the horses...



...from crotch to eyeball

with a dull deer antler!



Pleased to make your acquaintance,

Mrs. Johnson.



Your husband has told me

so much about you.



Congratulations, Two-Tongues.

Wonderful wedding.



Bye, Jeremiah Johnson!



Where are you going?



l wouldn't want to disturb

your wedding night.



l'll see you in the fall.



Have a nice honeymoon,

Mrs. Johnson.



The way that you wander



ls the way that you choose



The day that you tarry



ls the day that you lose



Do you speak any English?



l don't speak any Flathead.



So don't bother me,

neither of you!



Sunshine or thunder



A man will always wonder



Where the fair wind blows



Wondering about something?



Go ahead, ask.



Leave it be.



Nothing wrong with quiet.



Cooking sure don't smell

like Bear Claw's.



Tie him off, boy.






Go on, boy, and eat.

lt's good for you.



l'm full.



You religious too?






l'm not going to harm you.









l'm not going to harm you.



Ain't that a lot easier

than saying all that gibberish?



Great hunter.



Fine figure of a man, yes?



That is all you need to know.

For now.



You getting enough, boy?



This wasn't my idea, you know?






Hell, he's there already.



l wish you would see fit to stop

the practicing of these ceremonies.



Take notice of the traps

and go fetch some proper food.



And keep your nose open,

there may be lndians about.



Be going for buffalo soon.



No, you'll stay here.



Go on,

fetch the rest of that wood.



Swan, l cannot stand this weight.



lt will have to do.



lt will keep me warm

in the strong wind.



And the rain

will not pass through neither.



Thank you.



You have beaver scent?



What's happened to your face?



My beard?



Here, l want you to watch this.









Careful, that'll take your hand off.



Put that smell down.



Won't come around without the smell.



Hell, don't run off.

lt's me.






Skin this.



Troop, halt!



l'm Lieutenant Mulvey,

Third Cavalry.



That's Reverend Lindquist.



We've been watched ever since

we started the climb up from the Gila.



Who are they, Flathead?



l said, are they Flathead?



-Did l say something?




lt's been a long time...



...since l had...


            much of the English language

spoken at me.



l ain't used to it.






This is Crow land.



This is the Department of Colorado.



You're on good terms with them.






Who gave you that idea?



People talk about it down below.



You live up here.



l do that.



And you know the high country.



Do you know Feather Mesa?



l do. So?



We have wagons there.

Three of them.



Broke down in the snow and ice.



We got to get them

out of there before they freeze.



Or the lndians get them.



Would be wise.



We were told that

you would know how to get there.



Through those passes.



We were hoping that maybe....



These are Christian families.



Christian women and children starving.



Do you mean to tell me

that you intend to let those people die?



How's the war going?



Which war?



One against the President of Mexico.



lt's over.



Who won?



Did you hear something?



Can't go through here.



Why not?



Crow burial ground. Sacred.



We'll have to turn around

and head east.



How far east?



Next pass.



   miles or so.



Those people are waiting for us!

Now they're freezing, hungry and scared.



Crow only come

with medicine men and burying parties!



-We are not Crows!

-What would happen, Johnson?



l don't know.



l don't know.



This is big medicine.

They guard it with spirits.



You don't believe that.



lt doesn't matter. They do.



You've been up here too long,

believing in this!



What chance would l have finding

a way through, just by riding west?



Poor chance.

Or none.



Thanks all the same, Johnson,

but we're riding through.



Sergeant! Prepare to move!



You won't make it.



You have to hunt, you said.



l have to try.



Tell your men to keep

behind me in single file.



Tell them to go slow

and stay quiet.






Single file, slowly.



Yes, sir.



Keep them quiet.



We seem to have escaped.



How long have you

been carrying your squaw?



-Thank you--

-Move them fast.



Crow don't take kindly to trespassing.



An lndian says you search in vain



For what you cannot find



He says you found      ways



Of running down your time



An lndian didn't scream it



He said it in a song



And he's never



Been known to be wrong



Where's your mule that kicks holes

in the sky and shakes off its saddle?



Where's your slavering wolf

of the rolling prairie?



Here's your old grizzer brown bear

can clobber bark off a gum tree.



There's a man for you,

Jeremiah Johnson.



l'm half horse, half gator,

and a touch of the earthquake.



l got the prettiest gal,

fastest horse...



...ugliest dog this side of hell.



l can out-jump, out-run, throw down...



...drag out and whip

any man in all Kentucky.



How you been, Jeremiah?



Staying alive, Del.

Ain't that hair l see on your head?



lt sure is.



l've decided that when l depart

from this life, l'd leave something.



At least to be remembered

on some man's lodgepole.



Sound wisdom.



Where you headed?



Same place you are, Jeremiah.



Hell in the end.



With all them lnjuns after you,

l cannot brag about your campsite.



You got old and scary

since you growed hair on your head?



What ever happened to that boy?

The one that didn't talk much?



Never did take him to Hawley.



Stayed with that lnjun gal

all this time?



She wasn't no trouble.



Just like this, one at a time?



You're lucky they were Crows.



Apaches would send    at once.



Amongst lnjuns...



...a tribe's greatness is figured on

how mighty its enemies be.






Maybe you'd best go down to a town...



...get out of these mountains.



l've been to a town, Del.



Which way now?



Don't know.



l hear the Big Belt in the Blue

has beavers the size of bobcats.



That so?



l ain't never trapped either...



...but sure would like to.



You will do well, Del.



You will do well.



lf you don't get in

too much trouble with all that hair.



Ain't this something?



l told my pap and mam

l was coming to the mountains...


            trap and be a mountain man.



Acted like they was gut-shot.



Says: ''Son...



...make your life go here.

Here's where the people is.



Them mountains

is for animals and savages!''



l said: ''Mother Gue...



...the Rocky Mountains

is the marrow of the world.''



And by God, l was right.



Yes, you were.



Which way you headed, Jeremiah?



Canada, maybe.



l hear there's land there

a man has never seen.



Keep your nose in the wind...



...your eyes along the skyline.



l will do that, Del Gue.



l ain't never seen them,

but my common sense tells me...



...the Andes is foothills,

and the Alps is for children to climb.



Keep good care of your hair!



These here are

God's finest sculpturings...



...and there ain't no laws

for the brave ones!



And there ain't no asylums

for the crazy ones!



And there ain't no churches

except this right here.



And there ain't no priests...



...excepting the birds!



l are a mountain man! And l'll

live until an arrow or bullet finds me.



And then l'll leave my bones...



...on this great map

of the magnificent....



Right here, mister.



Where's the Crazy Woman?



She's gone.



Walk over this way.



Gone where?






One of them mounds.



Who are you?



My name's Qualen.



l'm a settler.






What are you going to do?



l do it when lndians are coming.



You're him.



Ain't you him?



What's this?



lt's for you.



lf you be Johnson.



A might early, ain't they?



lt ain't a grave like the other.



More like a statue or a monument.



We never see them.



We never even hear them.



We look and there's a new piece of

bone or hide, or something been left.



So we know they've been here.



Some say you're dead

on account of this.



Others say you never will be

on account of this.



lt won't save anything.



Sending them out to hide

in the corncrib.



What's on the spit?



Grown particular?



Not about feeding.



Just the company l keep.



Thank you kindly.



You've come far, pilgrim.



Feels like far.



Was it worth the trouble?



What trouble?



You cook good rabbit, pilgrim.



Cold up here.



What brings you up so high?






Avalanche took the cabin.



Lost my mule.



We swum out of it.



But no matter.



Weren't no griz left anyway.



Would you happen to know

what month of the year it is?



No, l truly wouldn't.



l'm sorry, pilgrim.






Maybe, April.



March maybe.



l don't believe April.



Winter's a long time going?



Stays long this high.



March is a green,

muddy month down below.



Some folks like it.



Farmers mostly.



You have done well

to keep so much hair...



...when so many are after it.



l hope you will fare well.



And some folks say



He's up there still




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