Jesus Of Montreal Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Jesus Of Montreal script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Denys Arcand movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Jesus Of Montreal. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Jesus Of Montreal Script



You killed him.



No, you did.



But I was in Tchermachnia.



I struck him, but

you're the murderer.



You said, 'Man must

root out the idea of God



and accept mortality,

with no hope of resurrection.



Then will he resign

himself to death



and stop bemoaning

this short life.



His love will be selfless.



Did you think I was deaf?



Woe to those who commit suicide...



to those who destroy themselves!



No one is more miserable.



By damning God and life,

they damn themselves.



Timeless their consuming hunger,



their rejection of forgiveness.



They curse the God

who beckons them.



They wish annihilation on Him



and on all His creation.



They thirst after death



and the void.



I want his head.



His head?



For my Homme sauvage campaign.



He doesn't do ads.



I've heard that before.



My God!



It was awesome,

stunning, profound...



so profound!



I liked it... very much.



It's a breakthrough.



- Thanks.

- You must do my show.



I want everyone to know.

This is a must-see!






You had me in tears

the whole time.



Nothing new.



What do you mean?



It was so moving.



You're the finest actor

of your generation.



- Seriously.

- A formidable actor.



Excuse me.



There's a good actor.



Excuse me... sorry.



I'll see you later.



Feel like a bite?



Yeah, but not at L'Express.



The Witloof?



- What's your next part?

- Jesus.



I need inspiration.



- Jesus?

- Jesus.






Hello, Mr. Coulombe.



Hello, Father.



Come, I'll show it to you.



It's a play I first put on    years ago.



We've run it every summer since.



But it hasn't been doing well.



The text's a bit dated.



It needs to be modernized.






First Station.



Jesus is sentenced to die.



This just man must die.



- Why?

- Because He is just and we are not.



- He will bear our murders.

- Our thefts.



Our adulteries!



He falters under

the weight of our sins.



- They chose the heaviest wood!

- The hardest wood!



Our sins make His cross heavy.



Our sins!



Innocent lamb!



See how my pride crushes You.



Constance Lazure?



Know her?



She was ahead of me

at the Conservatory.



I see.



I don't mean to meddle, but...



if you want to cast her again,



that's fine.



She's an exceptionally

sensitive young woman.



Yeah, I remember.



What are you doing here?



I've come for you.



I like serving meals. I feel useful.



How long were you away?



I wasn't counting.



Things have become

so corrupt here.



Will you work with me?



Where are you living?






You can stay with me.






We need two guys

and another woman.



- That Midsummer Night!

- I know.



The actors! Such awful diction.



- That's trendy now.

- But diction is fundamental.



Improvising is in.



Oh, Christa.



Your skin.



Oh, your tongue.



More, more.



Oh, it's so good.



Having fun without me, are we?



Johnny, you're home.



This is my husband.



Not bad.



Better than that.



Hurry, get undressed.



What do you say now?



I'd love to taste his cock.



Feel free.



Leave me some.



There's enough for you both.



Why it's my pal, Burt.



Come in, take a look.



Where is he?



We can't wait.

Can you play them both?



I'll try, but...



Oh, Johnny, you're so good.



You too, so good to take.



Oh, Burt...



Your skin!



So you like it, slut?

Say you like it.



Yes, Burt. I like it.



Tell me you like it.



Yes, Johnny, yes.



Take it, take it all.



And you take this!



Fuck me, Burt.



Fuck me, Johnny.



I'm fucking you, baby.



I'm fucking you!



Shit, I got the mikes mixed up.



That's all right, no one'll notice.



- That was great.

- Wonderful.



When did you want to start?






Okay, let's go.



- What about them?

- They'll manage.



We take turns babysitting.



There you are!



You don't know

these guys, do you?



You see, the faculty of theology



is wholly funded

by the archdiocese



not like in Germany or Holland.



We can't say what we want,

not in public that is.



Like what?



There've been discoveries

in archaeology



since Israel annexed

the Left Bank.



Computer analyses of the texts

that are incredible...



and new translations of the Talmud.



We're beginning to understand

who he really was.









I photocopied some articles.



- Thanks.

- Please don't tell anyone.



It could get me in trouble.



You actors can say what you want.



Looking for Jesus?



It's He who will find you.






Peace be with you.



Back already?






Should I go?



Come on out, this isn't

a bedroom farce.



I'm not a very good priest.



As you can see.



I tried...






My family was very poor



and very religious.



I loved theatre.



It seemed like a solution.



A way out.



At least



I was able to travel



to see



all the great productions.



Alec Guiness in Richard the Third



in the first act, with his dagger.



And Gérard Philippe

in Lorenzaccio...






Afterwards he'd visit the hookers...



black girls of Harlem.






back then it wasn't easy



for a priest.



Nothing's really changed.



Unless you're willing to give it up.



I've told you before.






What did you tell her?



If I sent my resignation to Rome



they'd give me a pair of pants,

a shirt, a jacket



and $   cash.



That's it. Bye-bye.



You could live here.



I'm too old to sleep on the floor.



There's my bed.



'Course it's not as nice

as your big flat



with the nuns making

breakfast and all.



Breakfasts here aren't bad.



I know, I know.



- See you.

- Yeah.



Well, what?



Dear Constance.



It gives him so much pleasure

and me so little pain.



The studio's up here.



It is impossible to talk about



the origin of the universe.



The mind can't conceive of time

before it all began



   billion years ago,



when all matter condensed

to nearly nothing



at a temperature

we cannot imagine.



The big bang...



an explosion of

inconceivable force.



A million years later,

the heat hasn't abated.



- Can we go in?

- Sure.



We're behind the screen.



Stars are born and die.



Our sun is one of them.



We live on a tiny planet



orbiting an ordinary star



on the periphery of a typical galaxy



among billions of other galaxies.



We don't know how many

solar systems there are.



If most stars have planets



it's probable that

other forms of life



exist by the millions.



But if solar systems result



from highly exceptional

stellar processes



we may be alone.



  billion years from now



our sun will have burned

its nuclear fuel.



Earth will revert to

the galactic gases that formed it.



But we will be long gone.



The world began without man



and will end the same way.



When the last soul

vanishes from Earth



the universe will bear no trace

of man's passing.



Did you write this?



It's a collage,

a popularization.



Leaves a lot unanswered.




and though it's valid today,



in   years it may change.



René? Sorry.



Can you come?



What's the play?



We'll write it.



A collective work?



You don't have to write.



I like to read

the script first.



That's why I don't work much.



Ask someone else.









I know a girl who'd

be interested, but



she may not be what you want.



The unutterable

lightness of being...



Esprit Numero  .






No, it's not light enough.

It has to be airy.



Like maybe she should fly?



It should be Kundera,

that's the concept.



But how, Kundera?



Just light!



No technical details,

I'm creative.



- Was I all right?

- Perfect, treasure.



A shame we can't show your ass.



A passion play?



And you'll play the Virgin?



Darling,     girls finish

theatre school every year.






Here, let me show you.



To succeed in life,

you have to know who you are.









You'd give a paraplegic

a hard-on.



Sweetheart, your talent



is all in your ass.



So you say.



Because I love you.



They'll ridicule you.



Come on!



What's the act?



Our grand finale.



Get it on the first take,

okay darling?



Spare me the 'free woman' bit.



You don't have the talent.



During the Roman Empire,



if a baby were born

and the father didn't want it



for whatever reason...



he'd abandon the baby

in the street.



And then?



It died.



Or was taken by slavers.



And the mother?



We don't know.



It's almost impossible

for us to comprehend.






Hi. C'mon in.






Would it be possible to

recite Hamlet's soliloquy?



I don't see how, but maybe.



I always wanted to.



And since I may never

get a chance...



Can someone answer?



- Good evening.

- Hello.



You left me your address.



- You're not worried about it?

- What?



Doing tragedy is dangerous.



You mean we'll be ridiculed?



That's what Jerzy said.



Tragedies sometimes

bring bad luck.



Cut it out.



Wake up. I wanna play lion.



My face!



- Have any makeup?

- Just eyeliner.



No foundation or blush?



Nothing, honest.



I can't go out like this.

Look at me.



What'll I do?



It's a lost cause.



I'm not joking, it's serious.



I can't handle this.



Why's the lady

wearing sunglasses?



The lady's trying to hide.



'Cause she's very ugly.



Here, look.



Ugly, huh?






You're a bad influence

on my daughter.



Time to start rehearsing.



- How to tell this story?

- The most famous of all.



Tone it down.



'Beget a temperance.



In the whirlwind of passion...? '




The most famous of all.



One we all think we know.



A tale from the Orient,

distant and mysterious.



The story of the Jewish prophet,

Yeshu Ben Panthera...



whom we call Jesus.



Talk to me.






Talk to me.



It's hard.



I've no makeup, no costume.



The story of the Jewish prophet,

Yeshu Ben Panthera



whom we all call






Historians of the day



Tacitus, Suetonius,



Pliny, Flavius Josephus



mention him only in passing.



What we know was pieced together



by his disciples a century later.



- Disciples lie. They embellish.

- We don't know where he was born.



Or his age when he died.



Some say    others   .



But we do know that

on April   in year   



or April    in year   

or April   in year   



he appeared before

the fifth Roman procurator of Judea,



Pontius Pilate.



- What are you accused of?

- You tell me.



Are you a member of a sect?



Another prophet?



Do you think so?

Or is that what you've heard?



You speak of founding a kingdom.



A kingdom not of this earth.



A sort of Elysium?



After we die?



Did you preach against

Caesar and Rome?



Then... what do you teach?



Greater love hath no man

than to offer his life for friends.



Isn't that a bit optimistic?



You wouldn't last a week in Rome.






He's a menace.



If I tried every fanatic

in the Middle East,



half the population would die.



He rails against the priests.



I've always held priests to be

either idiots or profiteers.



The priests support Rome.



You wouldn't want rumors spread.



Tiberius is a suspicious ruler.



We want to help you govern, but...



one must set an example.



He attracts crowds.



He has disciples.



Who are unarmed.



He performs miracles.



He's caused riots in the temple.



Crucify him.



It's better to

sacrifice one man...



Why are your enemies

so set against you?



Your own family has

all but disowned you.



In Nazareth you're an outcast.



Here in Jerusalem,

the establishment opposes you.



How did you turn them all

against you?



They hate me for no reason.



Simply because I revealed the truth.



What is truth?



My soldiers will take you.



They're brutes, of course.



We don't get the elite.



You'll be whipped, then crucified.



It won't be pleasant.



You're not Roman,



but try to be brave.



Who knows,

I may be doing you a favor.



A philosopher said,



'the freedom to kill oneself

during hardship



is the greatest gift man has.'



In a few hours you'll cross the Styx,



the River of Death,

whence no one has returned,



except Orpheus, it is said.



Perhaps your kingdom

lies on the far shore.



Or maybe Jupiter Capitolinus awaits you,



or Athena,



or the god of the Germans,

or the Franks.



There are so many gods.



Perhaps the river



has no other shore



and vanishes into darkness.



You at least will know.






Take him away.



This way to the Second Station.



It's a lot farther than last year.



Our knowledge of Jesus

is so sketchy



some claim he never existed.



Paradoxically, Jesus wasn't

Christian but Jewish.



He was circumcised

and observed Jewish law.



The destiny of Israel obsessed him.



Like us, he thought his era was

more important than any other.



And that the end was nigh.



The earliest mosaics depict him

as a smooth-cheeked youth.



Later, Byzantine artists

gave him a beard



because in Byzantium



a beard was a symbol of power.



The Jews claimed Christ



was a false prophet,

born of fornication.



They called him



Yeshu Ben Panthera,



the son of Panthera.



We've discovered an order



to transfer a soldier

from Capernaum in   A.D.



His name was Panthera.



Jews always referred to a man

as his father's son.



Unless he was illegitimate.



When Jesus returned home



the villagers cried out



'ls not this the carpenter?

The son of Mary? '



Our memory is short.



Today we can't imagine



how people lived and thought

only a century ago.



This story is      years old.



Back then, people thought

the earth was flat,



that stars were lamps,

hung on the firmament.



They believed in

evil spirits, demons,



miraculous cures,

resurrection of the dead.



The East swarmed with prophets,

charlatans, magicians...



- Judas of Galilee.

- Theudas.



- The Great Egyptian.

- Simon the Magician.



By my mental powers alone,



I can part



the waters of the Jordan.



I can command



the walls of Jerusalem to tumble.



The power of thought can

command the laws of nature.



Jesus was also a magician.



He was said to have grown up in Egypt,

the cradle of magic.



His miracles were more popular

than his sermons.



Save me, Lord!



Thou of little faith.






Heal me.



I can see you.



Fret not.



Worry has helped no man

live one hour longer.



Talitha cumi.






Lord Jesus.



I belong to you.



I'm yours.



Forgive me, I've sinned.



Speak to me, sweet Jesus.



- You're disturbing the actors.

- Forgive me, Jesus.



- Control yourself.

- Speak to me.



That's enough!



I need you. I love you.



I live for you.



Evil man!



Think not what you shall eat



nor how you will be clothed.



Sufficient unto the day

is the evil thereof.



Live in peace



with one another.



Do not resist evil.



If any man will sue you



and take your coat,



let him also have your cloak.



It will be hard



for those who have riches



to enter God's kingdom.



For where your treasure is,



there will your heart also be.



If you love those who love you,



what merit have you?



Do good to those who hate you.



When you make a feast,



invite the poor,



the maimed, the lame, the blind.






I say to you,



harlots will go first

into God's kingdom.






Judge not



that you be not judged.






Who do people say I am?



John the Baptist resurrected.



Or Elias.



One of the prophets.



And who do you say I am?



You're Christ, the Messiah.



Never speak of me to others.



Never say I am the Christ.



I am the son of man.



I won't say by whose

authority I'm here.






You'll follow me later.



Jesus, watch out!



I know them, they're evil.

Get away.



Lord Jesus, watch out.



That's enough. The show's

over there, not here.



Okay, this way to

the next Station.



Prisoners were whipped

to speed their death.



There were crucifixions

every week in Jerusalem.



This one was nothing special.



Life was short and brutal then.



There was probably

a crowd, like now.



Executions have always

been popular.



Like highway accidents,

they attract the curious.



Crucifixion began

six centuries before Christ.



It was progress of sorts.

The Assyrians had favored impaling.



In Babylon, Darius, king of Persia,



crucified      opponents.



After the siege of Tyre,



     soldiers were crucified.



   years before Jesus,



King Alexander of Judea

crucified     Pharisees.



After the revolt led by Spartacus,



     were crucified



along the Appian Way

leading to Rome.



Death posts were permanent

fixtures in public places.



Quintilian wanted them

on busy roads



as an incentive

to public morality.



By custom, the condemned man

carried the crossbeam.



In Palestine, he'd be offered

wine mixed with myrrh,



a narcotic



to dull the pain.



After that, the condemned

awaited death.



It was slow in coming.



Most lived at least two days.



The strongest could last a week.



This is the Middle East.



Stifling heat...



The sun... flies...



The vultures, stray dogs, rats.



Death came



by exhaustion.



You suffocated,

with your arms raised.












Often the Romans left

the body to rot.



That revolted the Jews.



Crucifixion was so horrifying,



early Christians never depicted it.



Artists began painting the Crucifixion

  centuries later.



Last Station.

Mind the stairs, they're steep.



The use of setting is formidable.



It's so profound.



- Any projects after the miniseries?

- Nothing signed.



Quiet please. Keep it moving.



- What is it?

- Nothing!



He'd been long dead.



Five years, perhaps ten.



His disciples had scattered...









and desperate.



To die,



to sleep,



no more.



And by a sleep

to say we end the heartache,



and the thousand natural

shocks that flesh is heir to.



'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.



To die,



to sleep,



perchance to dream:



Aye, there's the rub.



For in that sleep of death

what dreams may come



when we have shuffled off

this mortal coil,



must give us pause.



There's the respect that makes

calamity of so long life.



For who would bear

the whips and scorns of time,



the oppressor's wrong,

the proud man's contumely,



the pangs of despised love,



the law's delay,



the insolence of officials,



and the spurns that patient merit

of th' unworthy takes?



Who would fardels bear, to grunt



and sweat under a weary life,



but that the dread

of something after death,



the undiscover'd country

whence no traveler returns



and makes us rather



bear those ills we have



than fly to others



that we know not of?



No traveler but one...






I saw him!



- Who?

- Him.



- Come on.

- I swear.



At first I wasn't sure.

He's different.



Suddenly I knew it was him



speaking to me.



He was right there.



I swear.



Believe me.



You two seem sad.



We were recalling a lost friend.



A great prophet.



Take this.






It's you.



It's you.



Slowly people were convinced.



He had changed.

No one recognized him at first.



But they all came to believe

he was there.



Except Peter and John,

the disciples were new:



Paul the Pharisee,

Barnaby, Stephen



and foreigners,

Greeks and Romans.



They were ready to die

for their convictions.



They too were crucified,

beheaded, stoned.



They were steadfast.



Jesus awaited them

in his kingdom.



They personified hope,



the most irrational and

unyielding of emotions.



Mysterious hope,

that makes life bearable,



lost in a bewildering universe.



You must find your own path

to salvation.



No one can help you.



Look to yourself,

with humility and courage.






the voids between you and others.



Love, fear, beg,



walk beside them.



Life is really very simple.



It just seems overwhelming



when you think only of yourself.



If you forget yourself



and ask how to help others,



life becomes perfectly simple.



Jesus is alive, we have seen him.



Love one another.



Seek salvation within yourselves.



Peace be with you and your spirit.



My God!



It was awesome, stunning,

profound... so profound.



I have to tell you, I liked it...



very much.



The play is a breakthrough.






You must do my show!



It was... great.



It was...






It was great.



Where've you been hiding?

I've never seen you before.



We've done some experimental

stuff... underground.



Alternative theatre.



Well, listen...



move on.



Move on!



With your talent it's...






It is.



Sure is.



You surprised me.



- Didn't expect it?

- Frankly, no.



It's magnificent.







You're John Lambert, aren't you?



It's funny seeing you in person.



I hope we can work together.



Me too.






- You had me in tears.

- Again?



It was so moving. It's...



You're the finest actor

of your generation.






Great, huh?



Sure, and with that story.



I liked the story.



- Yeah, but we've seen it before.

- I haven't.



- We should say hello.

- I'm not in the mood.



- You know the director.

- So?



It wasn't that bad.



Just to be polite.



I don't feel like it.



I'm going.



What's got into you?



It's no coincidence

we're on a mountain.



It isn't?



Moses received the commandments

on a mountain.



Exactly ten of them.



Two tables, five and five.



The Bible's a code.

It's in the numbers.






- Revelations mentions    .

- The mark of the beast.



Credit card companies



are using the code    

more and more.



- That so?

- Yup.



Same with AIDS.



Labs in the U.S. Produce it.



I see.



Like Classic Coke.

They've added things.



But what?



Gotta watch it.



It snowed on Rome.






It snowed on Rome.



Astronauts know the moon's

hollow, but can't tell.



That's obvious.



Jesus is so gentle.



He's so






Of course you've met him.






I see.



Have you been contacted?



Not personally.



You didn't like it?



Are you out of your mind?






Christ, the natural son

of a Roman soldier?



The Virgin Mary, an unwed mother?

Are you crazy?



- In the Bible...

- It can be made to say anything.



I know



from experience.



Lots of fascists go to mass.



Communists recite

the Sermon on the Mount.



I'm a member of a Catholic order.



This shrine has

a board of trustees.



Respected people.

Get the picture?



But it works. They like it.



I don't want it to work.



With   million visitors a year,

we don't need publicity.



You asked...






I asked you to freshen up



a play that worked for    years.



I didn't ask for this.



What are you going to do?



I have to notify my superiors.



I can't take the responsibility.



It's too risky.



Go ahead.



I'm afraid they won't be as

enthusiastic as your pals.



John Lambert gave me a kiss.



On the cheek.



He is handsome, isn't he?



His eyes are so blue.



- He said I surprised him.

- He wants to work with me.



I was told I have a very

physical presence.



I was asked on TV by

a famous talk-show hostess.



- Of a certain age!

- Jealous!



And what did the nice ladies

say to Jesus?



- Jesus is looking gloomy.

- Why the frown?



I just hope it lasts.



Even if it doesn't, dummy,



tonight we're happy.

That's precious.



All right!



Well, the word is out.



The show to see is

The Passion on the mountain



by hot new director,

Daniel Coulombe.



Daniel Coulombe took first

prize at the Conservatory.



He's self-taught, and never

went to theatre school.



...the most gifted

actors of his class.



...spent his youth

traveling all over.



...who stayed here

but was never noticed.


            back recently...


            the 'underground.'



...was offered the play

almost by chance.



...worked on his Passion for years.



...discovery of the latest star

in Montreal show biz.



- On our scale of   to   ?

-   / .



The show...



...confronts each of us.








            tears the whole time.




that's all?



I want everyone to know.

This is a must-see!



After this break

Thérèse Gendron Frappier



will tell us about

the hot new book



Pierre Trudeau's Memoirs.



So stay tuned.



Time okay?



You doing anything later?



No, why?



I'd like to ask a favor.



Can you come with me?






An audition for a commercial.



You still doing them?



The last one. I promised to go.



I know I'll get it.



I need the money.



I want to rent a place.

I can't keep sponging off Constance.



It's just...



Jerzy's the director.



I don't want to be alone with him.



What's it for?



A new brand of beer.



Still coochy-cooing, you two?



We're off to daycare.



Hi, seen the new girls?



There they are.



Finished gargling?



You need to work on that tan.



I didn't expect you here.



Why not?



Didn't you renounce the world



to do mystical theatre?



Where's your halo?



Up your ass.



There's no part for you.



Came along to watch.



Naturally, you travel in pairs



like Jehovah's Witnesses.



Smart, it's safer that way.



Now listen.



The beer's called Appalache.

It's young.



Divas, get ready.



Enough, Bob. I repeat:



Appalache is young.



I want beat and energy.

Make it super-dynamic.



You're student actors

who want to be stars.



So keep it funky.

We start in   .



Just had a flash,

get out your stash.



I really need it now



it's gotta be Appalache.



Only one rule,

it has to be cool.



To show I care, I'll even

share my Appalache.



The young crowd's here,

we worship beer.



Oh, say can't you see,

Appalache's for me.



Forget the bomb,

play another song.



Forget the crash,

gimme an Appalache.



Nothing's sacred to you,

but a good glass of brew.



You'll do anything to snare

my Appalache beer.



The young crowd's here,

we worship beer.



Oh, say can't you see,

Appalache's for me.



Appalache, my kind of beer.






Next, Mireille Fontaine

and Greg Roberts.



I didn't see his legs.



If you want,

I could sing it myself.



You see, I studied voice.






your average beer drinker has

the IQ of a performing dog.



   points less and

he'd be a geranium.



Maria Callas won't light his fire.



Right... bank on your bikini,

not your voice.



- I didn't bring my bikini.

- It was on the call sheet.



I know, I forgot.



Take off your jeans.



Do I have to?



Absolutely, honey.



Nothing like tight jeans

to hide cellulite.



Relax, Max.

It's always like this.



The sweatshirt.



- I've nothing under it.

- My fault?



You know what I look like.



It's been so long,

refresh my memory.



Jerzy's not the client, they are.



And they want a look.









It doesn't matter.



Just don't.



I don't mind.



You're better than that.



How would you know?



C'mon, we're going.



Finish your little love scene later.

We've got work to do.



So you sit down...



and you show us your tits, or leave.



You want to see a scene?






Stay cool.






If you think I'm impressed...



There's one on every shoot.

He'll settle down.



Get out!



Shall we?



Get out!



Pack of dogs!



I love you, you crazy nut.



You were told,

'Do not forswear yourself.'



But I say to you,

'Swear not at all.'



Let your word be 'yes' if yes,

'no' if no.



Anything more comes from evil.



Woe to you, lawmakers.



You laden men

with grievous burdens,



but will not touch them

with one finger.



Beware of priests who desire

to walk in long robes



and love greetings in the markets,



the highest seats in temples,



the best rooms at feasts,



who devour widows' houses,

pretending prayer.



They shall receive



a greater damnation.



Whoever will be high among you,



let him be your servant.



Whoever will be chief among you,



let him be your slave.



Do not be called Rabbi



or Reverend Father



or Your Grace or Your Eminence,



for one is your Master,

who is in heaven



and you are all brothers.



Near the end,



many and powerful were those

seeking to crucify him.



Mr. Coulombe?



Excuse me, I'm Sgt. Detective

Bastien of the Montreal Police.



Meet my partner, Marcel Brochu.



Would you mind coming with us?



I'll read your rights.



Christ, I forgot it again.



Mr. Coulombe,

'you're suspected of... '



Making threats,



aggravated assault,






amounting to $      .



'You'll have the right to retain

and instruct counsel.



'You may remain silent.



'Anything you say

may be used as evidence.



'You've nothing to hope

from any promise



'or to fear from any threat



whether or not you say anything.'



- Okay?

- Okay.



Can I remove my makeup?



Sure, but we'll go by the rules.



I wanted to tell you,

I really liked the show.






Sure makes you think.



Sorry to miss the end.



You can come back.






No.    Richard Tremblay.



Is Mr. Tremblay here?



Failure to appear.



No.    Daniel Coulombe.



- That's me.

- Your Honor...



I'm a lawyer.

May I speak with the accused?



Make it fast, I have    cases.



Thank you.



Mireille asked me to come



to represent you.



It's not necessary.



This is serious.

You may be in for a surprise.



I don't need help.



- You're sure?

- Sure.



It's risky.



Thank you.



Are you his lawyer?



No, your Honor.



You're defending yourself?



I have no defense.



What about legal aid?



No thanks, I plead guilty.



I'll ask the psychologist to see you.



Please call Mrs. De Villers.



Sit down.



No.    Anthony Freeman.



This may take some time.



Let's go to my office.



How do you feel about your work?



- Good.

- I mean...



having to play the Passion

on the mountain...



isn't it somewhat ridiculous?



No, it's a good subject.



It's not very original, but...



Yes, but...



as an actor...



isn't it a bit demeaning?



Playing Jesus is anything but.



You took first

at the Conservatory.



Don't you dream of fame,

playing the best theatres?



I was away. It's normal

to start at the bottom.



Do you hate advertising?



What got me mad was how

they treated the actors,



especially the actresses.



Like the girl I was with.



Do you often fly into rages?









But contempt really upsets me.



Are you...



sorry you were born here?



How so?



If you'd been born in

Santa Barbara, California,



you could work in Hollywood.



Or if you'd been born

in New York or London...



In Stockholm you might've

met Bergman.



I mean, there's so little here.



It is an inconvenience.



But I can't do much about it.



And I could've been born

in Burkina Faso.



I don't know

what you did to her



but she claims you're



'better adjusted than most

of the judges in this court.'



Hardly flattering to us.



I presume you don't have

the money to pay for



the equipment you destroyed.



I'll postpone sentencing,



but we'll set a date now



for you to return, without fail.



Without fail, got it?



Without fail.



I am a lawyer, but I haven't

stepped foot in court in   years.



What do you do?



Most of my clients-

I mean, friends



are in the media,

show business, publishing...



I look after contracts,

tax planning, investments,



sometimes even career planning.



What's that?



If someone's young,

and not sure



how to exploit his talent



we sit down

and talk about goals.



We try to define his dreams



and then plan the steps to attain them.



Does it work?



I know an actress born

in a blue-collar district



who now lives in Malibu.



There are others from

Shawinigan or St. Raymond



who own townhouses in Paris



or lofts in New York.



Hi, Richard!



- Monday.

- Got it.



What does it take?



Not much, doing what you like to do.



Even the Passion?



Jesus is 'in' these days.



But you'll have to do

the weekend talk shows.



I don't believe I was invited.



I can make a few calls.



There's always more media space

than people with things to say.



I don't have much to say.



Doesn't matter.



You're a good actor.



An actor needs a script.



We could draft up something.



Some ways of saying nothing

go over so well.



Think of Ronald Reagan.



He's not the only one.



Actors are everywhere.



On TV, radio,



in magazines...



all you see is actors.



There are actresses too,

like Jane Fonda.



Yeah, the pretty ones.



But that shouldn't worry you.



What a jerk!



She's   !



Ever thought of publishing a book?



- You mean a novel?

- Yeah.



Or your memoirs...



travels, your fight against

drugs or alcohol, anything.



- I'm no writer.

- I said publish, not write.



Publishers all have writers



with talent



and no money.



- Of course.

- Do I shock you?



I'm just trying to show you



that with your talent



this city is yours.



If you want it.



Would you care for an aperitif?



- Yes,   Virgin Marys.

- Right away.



I recommend the lobster.



- Ever tasted Magdalen lobster?

- No.



We'll take it.



- I hate lobster.

- Order the shrimp.



Does it bother you to come here?



No, why?






eating lobster



while others eat hotdogs,

or go hungry.



If I came every day...



No, I ask because charities



like Oxfam or Unicef

always need spokespeople.



It's a good cause, and you're

assured maximum exposure.



Or your face on salad dressing,

like Paul Newman.



- I'm no gourmet.

- Neither's he.



Still, it's too bad.

Cookbooks are sure sellers.



After seeing the play



the authorities of the shrine



are demanding substantial




Naturally I defended your case

as courageously as possible



but without success.



We're not censuring you.



Had you put this on

in a private theatre



no problem.



But you're on the grounds

of a Catholic shrine.



And that entails

certain restrictions.



So the compromise I suggest



is to go back to the old script.



Constance will certainly

remember it.



Admittedly it is



more traditional in form



but at least you'll

still be able to work



while we settle things.



After all, we don't know when



Daniel's coming back,

or what that'll mean.



Let's do a quick run-through

to get the feel of it.



You start, Constance.



- 'Behold the son of God... '?

- Yes...



but more feeling.



Behold the son of God



tortured by our lust!



Constance, please.



Comédie française, perhaps?



I mean, I am Parisian.



Our sins afflict

the trembling lamb.



Is that you, temptation?



How 'bout New York method acting?



They bind his hands,

they bind his feet...



His feet!



Who, who...?



Who'll bind my fate

to the cross? Huh, who?



We could do it in street slang.



Behold the fuckin' unstained lamb.



Crucified for our goddamn sins,

those sons of bitches!



Holy shit!



Christ Almighty!



For Pete's sake!



Still not it?



Less vulgar, more

cosmopolitan maybe?









Behold the lamb.



Nailed to our sins.



Very amusing.



You're so talented.



I wish you the best, elsewhere!



We were only having fun.



Just what are you trying to do?



Martin and René had steady work.



They threw it all away.



Mireille left her lover,

her ad career is over.



I'm in an impossible situation

with my superiors.



Constance won't talk to me.



Who gives you the right

to ruin their lives?



I didn't force them.



Don't you realize

what you've done?



You're too smart not to.



So what should I do?



Have you ever been here on

a Sunday when it's packed?



Have you seen

the Haitian charladies



the Guatemalan refugees,

the elderly and forsaken?



It's a gathering

of universal misery.



They don't care about



the latest archaeological

findings in the Middle East.



They want to hear

that Jesus loves them



and awaits them.



That justifies selling

plastic statues of Jesus



and bottles of St. Joseph's oil

for $  ?



That Jesus is less

than a rock poster.



And is holy oil less

effective than cocaine



at $    a gram?



Not everyone can afford




So they come here



to be told 'Go in peace,

your sins are forgiven.'



It comforts them, a bit.



That's something.



This is where

we hit the depths...



Ioneliness, illness,






One last show.



I can't.



It's not up to me.



- We've put a lot into it.

- I know that.



I once tried to put on Brecht's

Galileo at the seminary.



Imagine the scandal?



They wore you down in the end.



It's understandable.



Institutions live longer

than individuals.



At my stage of the game



I think people should just



live happily as long as they can.



So long as they're happy.



There's got to be more to life



than just quietly waiting for death.



I may be naive,

but there must be more.






We're ready, the audience

will arrive soon.



One last time.



I can't allow it.



Say you couldn't reach us,

that there was a mistake.



Say anything.



What're you afraid of, Raymond?



Of being named chaplain

to an old-folks home in Winnipeg.



I couldn't stand winters there.



Then forget all this

and come with us.



All my friends have left...



everyone from the seminary.



Their new lives are

more pitiful than mine.



Even a bad priest is still a priest.



If I'm not that, I'm nothing.



You'll be like me, like everyone.



I'm a cripple.



I entered the Order

when I was   .



I don't know how to live.






I'm too old.



You weren't too old to make love.



Don't leave me.



You're sending me away.



- Want a slice?

- No thanks.



What are you doing here?



- Sure you don't want any?

- No thanks.



Didn't they tell you?






Father Leclerc didn't say?



No, what?



Well that's strange.






Oh, nothing.



Couldn't we play in a park?



- They'd never allow it.

- In a garden?



Private property.



But maybe.






I dunno.



We'll see.



What's with you guys?



You can't let it get you.



Don't you realize

what this means?



I used to show my ass

to sell soap and beer.



Even the guy I was with

was convinced



that was my best role,

given the quality of ass.



I half-believed it myself.



You saved me,

you can't let me down.



You didn't know me before.



My idea of heaven was

a beach on Bora Bora.



All the men I knew wore Rolexes

and drove BMWs.



I thought all they wanted

was to screw me.



Now that you mention it...



What we have is precious.



We have to keep going.



I just checked with my superiors.



The play's been cancelled indefinitely.



They were supposed to inform you.



The audience is waiting.



I'll tell them to go home.



You can take off your costumes.



No way.



We've been paid to perform.



- Call the superior.

- I don't know him.



He's my boss.



Mine too, and I take

orders from him.



- Let us through.

- Hold it.



Move over.



You have no right.



God dammit all!



After that, the condemned

awaited death.



Remember, this is

the Middle East.



Stifling heat...



The sun... flies...



Ladies and gentlemen,



we're forced to interrupt

the play for security reasons.



We're almost finished. Please!



I'll ask you to stay calm



and leave this way.



You can't!



- Ignore him.

- Don't go.



- Quiet.

- Let them finish.



Listen lady, I told you.

It's for security.



- This is no joke.

- I want to see the end.



Look, he dies on the cross

and is resurrected.



No big deal. Talk about slow!



You idiot.



Let go of me.



Don't do anything stupid.



Don't touch me.






Hold it!



You've no right!



Let'em finish!



That was just a warning.



Get back here!






Do something.



This is the Montreal urban

emergency service...



The General's closest.



It's full, we have to

take him to St. Mark's.



- I'll come too.

- Afraid you can't.



I don't have a car.



All right.



You'll call us, won't you?



Here we go.



Remember my premonition?



Doing tragedy is dangerous.



Hi, Claire.



- Where'd you find him?

- It's makeup, he's an actor.



Put him on the bench.



- I can't move him.

- Leave him on that.



Do you have a blanket?



There's nothing left.



All right, let's find a spot.



This'll do.



We'll leave the blanket

and stretcher.






- Good luck.

- Thanks.



The doctor...?



Does he have a medicare card?



I dunno.



Better have him admitted.






 nd door to the left.



No time.



Speak up, I can't hear.



Please, an emergency...



Take a number, and wait in line.



Any mental illness

in your family?



Please speak up, sir.



He's feeling better.



Shouldn't you lie down?



I just have a headache.



Didn't Martin and René come?



No room in the ambulance.



- Feeling better?

- Just great.






Life's hard to bear, huh?



People aren't happy.



That's why.



It's the reason.



The great events...



even theatre...



all in search of happiness.



The source of life



is hidden.



I was forsaken by my father.



We're here.



You're not alone.



All these buildings,



these great structures,



not a stone



will be left



some day.



Let's sit down.



When you see

the abomination of desolation



if you're on the plain,



flee to the mountains.



If you're on the balcony,



don't go inside for your things.



If you're on the road,



don't return home.



Woe to those

who are with child!



Pray that your flight

be not in winter.



If anyone says to you,



'Christ is here'



or 'There...,' believe it not.



Believe it not.



False Christs...



false prophets...



The powers of the heavens

shall be shaken.



Not the day, nor the hour...



You know not when



the Judgment...






- St. Mark's?

- Not back there.



We'll try the Jewish.



- To the Sherbrooke City Hospital.

- I know.



- They'll pay you.

- Fine.



I know this isn't the time,

but one question...



I heard he traveled a lot.



Do you know where exactly?



I'm not sure.



He mentioned India...









A spiritual quest, obviously.



You'll see, I'll do

something very...



very moving.



The idea is to found a theatre

company in his memory.



The Daniel Coulombe Theatre.



It would have to be legally

incorporated and all.



Martin could be

founding president.



It'd mean we could keep on.



Okay, but only if we remain

faithful to his ideas.



And don't become a mainstream

commercial theatre.



Of course not.



I've never said the avant-garde

couldn't turn a profit.



On the contrary.



Excuse me.



The light...



Do you see my hand?






How many fingers?









That's good.



Thank you, doctor.




Special help by SergeiK