Jesus' Son Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Jesus' Son script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Billy Crudup and Samantha Morton movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Jesus' Son. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Jesus' Son Script



[ Groaning, Coughing ]










Whoa !












[ Child Chattering ]










[ Shrieking ]
























[ Chattering ]


































Who's this ?



Get out of my car, man







WWWhat do you do

in a situation like this ?


































You should let him stay



[ Chuckles ]




 Is he really deaf?

 [ Snickering ]



[ Laughing ]






































She likes you guys




Hey, you're a dancer


































[ Laughing ]



[ Moaning ]



[ Laughing ]



Come here



[ Whispering ]

Come here It's all right

Come on



[ Moaning ]






[ Sighs ]

Would you get in the car ?






Fuck Head












[ Whines ]

Hey, where's McInnes ?



How the hell should I know ?






What's wrong ?



Come on

[ Engine Starts ]



Let's go Go

Lose him




 Oh, shit






Hey, man, get off my car




Go ! Lose him ! Lose him !



Oh !



Ooh, ho, ho



Do you think

he's all right ?








Don't worry about it

It's McInnes I'm worried about



 McInnes ?

 Yeah, he caught me

kissing Michelle



Which one was Michelle ?



On the day, He'll open all

our eyes clean with His light,



and we just want you

to be ready



If He wanted to end it,

He'd have ended it by now



Yeah, well, it is hard to know

what He's thinking sometimes




But patience

is part of believing








Hey, can I keep this ?








This is the longest

that I've lived anywhere




I don't have ajob

No kidding



[ Laughs ]

I smoke cigarettes



And you talk nonstop

No, I don't



No, usually I don't



Except when I'm nervous



Do I make you nervous ?

No, no



Yeah, maybe a little



I heard about I heard

about your boyfriend McInnes



I mean



I was there

I know



I heard you tried

to help him



that you were the only one



Is that true ?



He, he almost made it



What wereyou saying before,



to those Jehovah's Witness

guys ?




[ Clears Throat ]



Lookwhat they gave me

I was asking them if,

when we die,



if there's an ending

to everything we know



And if there is,

then why don't we just die now,

die to everything we know



And maybe living and dying

are the same thing



And maybe the fact

that we've turned them

into two different things



is whywe feel so lost




[ Chuckles ]




I'm not planning on dying

anytime soon,



but ifI do,

I'm sure to come back

and tell you all about it



No, don't do that

Do us both a favor



Rest in peace



[ Chuckles ]



Can I kiss you now ?




It's all right

It sticks



Oh, I'm sorry



That's the, uh,

kitchen area



I'll show you



This is the bathroom



And Yeah

Don't look too close



WWWait, wait, wait,

wait, wait, wait, wait



Slow down, uh




Um, can we take a second ?

I just



Uh it seems kind offast



Well, I like it slow






Havey ou ever seen anyone

shoot up before ?




























[ Grunts ]









McInnes is here ?



Maybe I'll come back later




You, you mean you killed him ?



I didn't mean to



Is he really dead ?



No, he's sitting down now

in the front room









So Dundun shot him, huh ?



Somebody shot somebody






Ow I don't want it



Okay Uh, here then



 No, thank you

 Aren't you taking him

to the hospital or anything ?



 We started to

 How areyou doing ?



I can feel it

right here



It's just stuck

in the muscle



It's not bad

Oh !






The cap didn't explode right,

I think




It misfired a little bit




Well, how about

I take him to the hospital ?



I don't know



 [ Car Radio: Country]

Will you promise

not to tell them anything ?



 [ Car Radio: Country]

Will you promise

not to tell them anything ?



I don't think he hears you



[ Shouting ]

Tell them it was an accident,

okay ?



[ Weakly]




Promise ?



What do you say ?



Well, what do you mean,

what do I say ?



You think I'm here

because I know all about

this stuff ?



He's dead

All right !

I  he's dead



Want him out ofthe car ?

Damn right !

Throw him out ofthe car !



Doyou think



I'm glad he's dead

He's the one who started

everybody calling me Fuck Head



Don't let it get you down



What a lousy birthday














































































[ Heaving ]



[ Toilet Flushes ]



Christ, you've got

a beautiful ass



[ Both Laughing ]



I like this ride



How long have we been here ?



We've got some dope left too



I don't care

I don't care either







How do you think

that makes me feel ?



Huh ?



Hey, you kicked me out



She said I could cra

All right She said

I could crash there












 I wasn't going

to take advantage ofanyone

 Ow !



You can kiss my ass !

She and you and her

and everybody else !



Right ! Get out ! Get out !



Get out ! Get out !



Get out !







Maybe my jacket too ?






I need cab fare

We're broke



You're just gonna leave me

high and dry ?



God, you're so fucked !



Do you even understand

anything ?



No wonder everybody

calls you Fuck Head



Fuck Head ! Fuck Head !



You don't need

to call me that

Fuck Head



Fuck Head, Fuck Head, Fuck Head,

Fuck Head, Fuck Head

All right



Fuck Head, Fuck Head, Fuck Head,

Fuck Head, Fuck Head




Oh, no Oh, God

Come here You okay ?



 Hey, what's up, buddy ?

 Uh, she'sjust feeling

a little sick




You punched her in the gut



He did He did He did



Somebody's going to get hurt

over this



Hey !



Stop, you stupid,

dick sucking bitch !

 [ Car Radio: Rock & Roll ]




[ Shouting ]







Whoo !



Get the fuck back here !

That's my car !














I'm fine



You're the one



What ?

Last time you were in here,

you stiffed me



 No, I didn't

 Yes, you did



You were with your friends

They're not my friends anymore



[ Laughs ]

You owe me eight bucks

plus a tip

























Fuckin' Wayne



Oh, goddamn it



[ Slurping ]



Ahhh !









Hey, how would you feel

about makin' some money ?



Oh, who knows ?



I was just going to, uh,

go in the corner over there

and nod out



[ Clears Throat ]




I've decided in my mind

that I'm gonna make some money






[ Laughing ]

So, what ?



I want you to come with me

What, you mean

you need a ride ?



I got the tools

I just need



your sorry ass car

to get around in






Are we doin' a, uh, ''burgar''

a burglary ?








This is a salvagejob



This house has a terrible

feeling about it



Don't do that



Why not ?

It's stupid That's why



Sell the copper for scrap



Oh !



Hey, how much money

do you think we can make

on this ?



Enough to go to bed

drunk tonight

[ Grunts ]



The pipes are dry









[ Grunts ]








































[ Grunting ]




Who owned these houses,

do you think ?



This is my house




It is ?



It was



[ Gagging ]






All this work

is messin' with my high



Can't you find some easier way

to make a dollar ?










That is one beautiful sight






That was my wife



[ Engine Starts ]



























[ Humming ]



Who'd you rip off ?

No one We worked



[ Laughing ] Buy me a drink,

you little crooks

Nurse !











When you pour, darlin',

it's like hittin' the jackpot






 But I ain't never



 In my life before 



 Seen so many love affairs 



 Go wrong as I do today



 I want you to stop 



 Find out what's wrong 



 Ooh, and get it right 



 Or just leave love alone 



 Because the love 

Honey, you got a good face,



butyou can't sing for shit



 Maybe away





[ Grunting ]



And I'm true to last 



And I had to always

be the one to smile 



And apologize 

Now that's it



Sit down now



I'll buy you a drink




And fuck you, asshole




Hey, nurse



All the really good times

happen when Wayne's around

[ Laughing ]








[ Chattering ]

















[ Shouting, Laughing ]



All right So

Great Okay

















Michelle ?






Baby, baby



 [ Radio: Country]






[ Gagging ]



[ Gagging Continues ]






Baby ! No, no

Honey !



Honey ! Baby !

Fuck !



[ Gasping ]

Oh ! Honey !



Honey ! Honey !

Honey !



You fucker !

Wake up !

Wake up !



Honey ! No Baby !



[ Gagging ]

Baby ! Baby !



Baby, sit up !



Honey, baby

That's it Honey



Come on Come on

[ Coughing ]













Michelle Michelle



I mean it, baby

[ Sniffles ]



Through the rain

and the desert



Who are you ?



I'm the soul

foryour soul



I'm your man
































What am I gonna do

about these fuckin' shoes, man ?



Whatever you stole, I guess

you ate it already, right ?



Listen to how they squish



[ Moans ]




Huh ?



Let me just check

your pockets, okay ?

All right



[ Laughs ]


Right ?



No Oh



Oh, yeah

Here's something

Right ?



[ Laughing ]




I hope 

didn't do this to him



Me ? No, he was like this



Mywife did it



Who broughtyou in ?



I just walked down

It's only three blocks



All right

We better getyou lying down



Okay I feel ready

for something like that



Terence Weber

Your face is dark

I can't see what you're saying




What are you saying ?



 What's going on, Georgie ?

 His face is dark





Just a while ago



Mywife did it

I was peeping on the lady

next doorwhile she was bathing



My wife waited

till I fell asleep, and then

she decided she'd blind me



Do you want me

to call the police ?






not unless I die



Here's the situation






an entire team



I want a good eye man

The best eye man



A great eye man

I want a brain surgeon



And I want

a really good gas man



Get me a genius

I'm not touching that head



We'll prep this guy,

and we'll just sit back

and we'll sit tight







Doyou mean me ?



Is this a hospital ?

Is this the emergency room ?



Is that the patient ?

Areyou the orderly ? Well







with a knife

a hunting knife

sticking into his brain



Yeah, it's sticking

into his brain Yeah



Well, the family service

doctor is here, but he is

uh, limited ?










Like, the best that you've got

And a brain surgeon













That person is not right

Not at all Not one bit



As long as my instructions

are ''audiable'' to him,

it does not concern me



 Well, okay, okay

Don't chew my head off




All right The eye man

is on vacation or something



But the operator is calling

around to see if she can find

someonejust as good



All of the other specialists

are hurrying through the night

to join us








What have you got ?




Oh, boy

Patient complains

ofk nife in the head



Stabbing headache ?




[ Laughing ]



Where'd you get that ?



Your shoelace is untied






How's the guy doin' ?



Who ?







He's not dead ?



No, his vitals are normal,

and he still has excellent

vision in his one good eye



So he's alive

There's nothin' wrong

with the guy



It's just one ofthose things



What do you do

around here anyway ?



I save lives



I think it's morning

You want me to take you home ?



No No way I feel

like a giant helium balloon



I gotta go out






I gotta come down

before Michelle sees me



Come down ?

What areyou doing

with my stash, man ?



Hand it over

All right



Hand it over

All right

It was just to stay awake



Try Nescafe, Dad



Oh, dear

[ Laughs ]



















Pretend it's the first time,

like we're new



All right



[ Mutters ]

Let me just clean up



Um, I know it's kind offast



[ Laughing ]



I really like you



Um, can wejust wait

one second ?



All right

It seems kind offast



[ Sighs ]



[ Clears Throat ]

I like it slow







I wanna know everything

about you



All ofit



Ask me



Like, like, what do you like ?



Like what ?




like, what kind of music ?



[ Sighs ]



James Brown



You in love with me yet ?







Say it

Shit, we're in trouble



Say it



I love you



I love you



I love you



I love you



I love you

I love you



I love you



We're wrecking like trains



I have to hold onto this job

I have responsibilities now



We're on the seven month

countdown to the baby



You should clean out

the hospital's speed stash

That way you could do double shifts



Me and Michelle

are trying to stay clean



I wanna go to church

You should go

to the county fair



I'd like to worship

I would



They have these injured hawks

and eagles there



from the Humane Society



I need a

quiet chapel about now



Whoo !








 There were rides

 I didn't see one ride !






There was a Ferris wheel,

and there was a thing

they called the Hammer



that people were bent over

vomiting from after

they got off



Areyou completely blind ?




 A rabbit !

 Something thumped



You hit him




Rabbit stew



Where's my hunting knife ?



Where's my hunting knife ?






We'll camp in the wilderness

In the morning, we'll breakfast

on its haunches


















I should have been

a doctor






Oh, no way

I'm eating those things

Take 'em



Take 'em

I gotta drive ! Take 'em !












[ Engine Starts ]

[ Tires Screeching ]



Yeah !

[ Laughing ]






 These rabbits

better be kept warm

 Oh, yeah ?






Oh, no

They're hardly moving




We'll get some milk

and sugar and all that

We'll raise 'em up ourselves



Hey, doyou think

the blue ones are downers ?








 Which one doyou want ?

 I'll take both



[ Whistling Continues ]



Whoo !



Whoohoohoohoo !



[ Shouting Continues ]

Doyou realize

it's going to snow ?



Oh, this beautiful chill !



This, this, this,

this sun Christmas !



The tang ofeverything

stabbing me !



Whoahoohoo !

What's that smell ?



[ Shouting Continues ]



[ Laughing ]



Hey, be careful

about the bunnies



I got 'em, I got 'em

Hoohoo ! Whoo !



Ahead ! Yonder !



I've never seen

this cemetery before



What cemetery ?



Georgie, can't you see ?



See what ?



Can't you see ?



See what ?



[ Chuckling ]









Drivein ?



They're showing movies

and nobody's even here



I see



I, uh I thought

it was something else






I have to get back



How far are we from home ?



We're right outside town

We'vejust been driving

around and around



This is no place to camp




I can hear the interstate

right over there



We better get some milk

for the bunnies



Well, we don't

we don't have milk



We'll mix sugar up with it






just, uh, forget it



Forget about the milk

all ofa sudden



 They're mammals, man !

 Oh, forget about the rabbits






You're not listening to me



Forget about the rabbits !



Where are they ?



They They, um



They, um

They, um



[ Crying ]

They slid around behind me

and got squashed



[ Crying Continues ]



[ Mumbling ]









Everything is here



Little feet, eyelids,

even whiskers



Deceased !



Does everything you touch

turn to shit ?







No wonder everybody

calls me '' Fuck Head''



It's a name

that's going to stick




'' Fuck Head'' is gonna

ride you to your grave



I already said so

I agreed with you in advance

















































[ Protesters ]

Hail Mary, full ofgrace



The Lord is with thee

Blessed art thou among women



[ Chattering ]








Name ?

Sorry I'm late



Michelle Michelle

My appointment was at  :  




Somewhere around there



Hereyou are

Come with me, hon

Let's get you settled



You can't

just stand there



Then I'll go sit down

over there



That'll be fine

I know that'll be fine







What's the film ?






It's performed

right here in the office

setting, as a rule



It is intended

to be a permanent type

of sterilization



And I would hope that that's

what you have in mind



If you are not satisfied

that this is



I'm not ever getting

anybody pregnant again



I know that much



Would you like to make

an appointment ?



Would you like

to give me the money ?



It won't take long

to save the money



It would take me forever

to save the money






Is she dead ?



How are you feeling ?



I don't know



What did they stick upyou ?



What ?



What ?







Just give me a minute

I'm sorry



Maybe we could

Maybe we could try again



Something is wrong with you



This young man needs

to leave the building

I just, um There



 Wait outside, please, sir

 There just wasn't enough time



You wanna go

wait outside, sir ?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah






Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

yeah, yeah, yeah



[ Screaming ]












































You are gonna be so happy

when you get there










We'll drive around in this

striped pink car thing






Every where you wanna go


















[ Sniffs ]

Get out ofmy house



If this is your house, pal,

it's no wonderyourwoman's

hitting the road







 Michelle ?




John's got some work for me

 [ Scoffs ]






that float around on lakes

and stuff like that ?




 Whatever they're called



They're called swans

They mate for life



I don't really give a fuck

who they mate for












Areyou high ?







But I need to talk to you



She's got her future

to think of



Just keep out ofit



What if you just tried

a little harder, huh ?



What if you just try

to make it work ?



What if you just pretended

you were the one ?



Don't do this, baby



Areyou gonna answer

my question or not ?



What question ?


















































Hey, man, what's happening ?









They're looking

for a guy with a hood

What'd he do ?































You were on the El

You following me ?










Hey !
























[ Panting ]



Yeah, for some reason,

Mexico stands out in my mind



[ Shuddering ]



[ Phone Ringing ]



Hello ?




Iowa City ?











I'm gifted with love

I love my kids

I love all my relatives







I got my girlfriend




She's cute






















[ Man Gasping ]



It's all right

You're gonna be okay



There's been an accident !

Go for help !



[ Whimpering ]



You smell



Um so how was Mexico ?






But I made good money



I was gonna go down there

to find you,



but then I heard

you were here



I was in a bad carwreck



What ?

Wereyou driving ?



Mmm, what difference

does it make ? People died



I saved the baby



What are you talking about ?




Forget about it



Uh I shouldn't

have come here



I'm going



No Come inside



[ Indistinct ]



You know what ?

I'm clean



Maybe I can helpyou




















[ Indistinct Whispering ]







Oh, I'm sorry

[ Sobbing ]



My sweet angel,

I'm sorry



What ?

[ Mumbling ]

Oh, nothing



[ Sighs ]



[ Sighs ]




Michelle, wake up

Wake up



Baby ?



Baby ! Baby !



[ Grunting ]



Wake up !



[ Sobbing ]



Wake up ! Wake up !






[ Sniffing ]



Hey, wake up



Hey, wanna buy a pill ?



What kind ofpill ?



It's, um, psychedelic

mushrooms all ground up



That's the biggest pill

I've ever seen



Look at it



It's like an egg



It's like an Easter thing



Let's take him into ''A''



Areyou hearing any unusual

sounds or voices ?






Not exactly



Not exactly ?

Now, what does that mean ?



I'm not ready

to go into that



It's okay



Areyou in pain ?



[ Gagging ]




[ Groaning ]







Don't get tricky

with the moustache



Okay so far ?



Yeah, so far



[ Chuckles ]

I'll do the other side



That would make sense,




There are some people out there

who would like to know

a thing or two about you



Would you describe yourself

for those people ?



I don't know



I'm like a fat

piece of shit, I guess



He's overweight

I've been shot

twice, though



Twice ?

Yeah, once

by each wife



Total of three bullets

making four holes



Three in, one out



Huh, and you're

still alive



Areyou kidding ?

[ Laughs ]




Well, that is too bad

Because it makes you sound

stupid asking if I'm alive,



'cause obviously I am



Well maybe

I mean alive




in a deeper sense



You could be talking

and still not be alive

in a deeper sense



Well, there's no deeper shit

than the kind we're in now

I'll tell you that



What are you talking about ?

It's great here



They even give you cigarettes

Well, they didn't

give me any yet






Here you go




Pay me back

when you get yours ?






You got a wife ?



No No, but I just can't

talk about that right now



Look, there's no problem,

butyou don't have to talk

about it



So what did you say

when she shot you ?



I said, ''You shot me''



[ Laughing ]

Both times ? Both wives ?



Well, the first time I

didn't say anything, 'cause

she shot me in the mouth



All right,

soyou couldn't talk ?



No, I was knocked out cold

is the reason I couldn't talk



And I still remember

the dream




that I had when I was

knocked out that time



What was the dream ?

Well, now how can I

explain that toyou ?



It was a dream

It didn't mean

a fucking thing, man




anything at all



Well, there is

one thing

Hmm ?



The dream that I had

keeps coming back

over and over,



and I mean

when I'm awake



Every time I think

about my first wife,



I remember that she

pulled the trigger on me,

then here comes the dream



[ Laughs, Sighs ]



Did you ever see

that Elvis Presley movie,




I did see that, and I was

just gonna mention that



You saw that ?





Okay, you're all done



There was a song

'' Follow That Dream'' too



Oh Look in the mirror



All right

What do you see ?



How did I get so fat

when I hardly eat ?



Is that all ?



[ Groans ]

Wrecked cars ?



Any people in them ?




Who ?



People are just

dead meat now, man



Is that really how it is ?



How would I know how it is ?

I just got here, and it stinks



Areyou kidding ?

Hey, they're pumping

Halidol by the quart



It's a playpen



Yeah, well,

I'm older than you are



You can still go on the wheel

a couple of more times



and get off with all your arms

and legs stuck on right



Not me



Hey, you're doin' fine



Hey, talk into here



Talk into your bullet hole ?






Talk into my bullet hole

and tell me that I'm fine












































There's a price to be paid

for dreaming










[ Man Muttering, Coughing ]



Oh, there he is

Gotta go



How's it going ?




Here's the, uh

Here's the next issue



You know,

it's part of your job

to touch the residents here



These people

more than anything,

they need to be touched




So when you say

hello to them,



be sure to put

your hands on them



Okay, okay

Okay, good









































Why I must dream 









and all screwed up,

you know ?



Did you ever

do that ? Huh ?



Walk past the houses

with the curtains

in the windows



and you feel like

you're to tin' a big cart

of sins behind you ?



And you ever think that

behind those windows,



behind those curtains,



that people are leadin'

normal, happy lives ?



Huh ?



Well, that's my goal now,



is to be one ofthose

people on the other side

ofthose curtains



Have my own window,

you know ? Hi










[ Chattering ]



I'll driveyou

Is anyone going downtown ?



No, sorry

No, sorry, I'm not

Areyou going home ?



Yeah, but I'm stopping

by my mother's

Where areyou headed ?



Las Calinas Boulevard

Oh, I'll take you there

Come on



So, what brought you here ?



You mean to AA ?

No, to Phoenix



Oh, uh, I don't

I don't



A couple reasons

For one, I thought

my brother was here



Well, is he ?

Uh, no



It's right here

I mean, I don't know

I don't know where he is







Uh, my girl

my girlfriend's not here

around anymore



I mean, she OD'd



Oh, God

I know what that's like



It's open




Can you take this ?




Thank you



Nurse !



Here, guy,

let me help you

Get off the chair !



Off the chair !

Get your hands off !



Okay, okay, okay, okay



Help me I'm stuck



All right,

ther eyou go

Offt he chair !



I know where I'm going



[ Indistinct ]













[ Quiet Chattering ]









[ Muttering Continues ]



What ?



I can't

I'm sorry, but

I can't understand



It's all right, Max

It's all right



Here, let go

[ Yelling ]



All right, fine



Max got a letter today

His wife's divorcing him



She dropped him off

here two years ago

and never came back



[ Muttering Continues ]



Here, I think you'd

better wait outside



[ Grunting ]



Come on, Max

Let's go inside



[ Yelling Continues ]





















































Take what you need















[ Muttering ]










before the engine caught

him, but he was wrong



My first husband

fell through a thousand

evergreen branches



in the mountains

up around Cholo



He was a tree surgeon,

and he crushed his head







Well, two boyfriends

who died in the Marines



Another one named Zack

got killed in a one car




right out of basic training



Almost every

man I've ever loved



ended up getting killed



I told you about my

third husband, didn't I ?



The one who almost

bought the pet shop



[ Both Chuckling ]



[ Sobbing ]

He was the one who OD'd

He's the one who OD'd



You know, ifit wasn't

for him dying, I would still

be out there with that man



I was married

to a black guy once,



but he got shanked

in prison



That means stabbed,

stabbed to death



Doesn't it make you

grateful ?



Because they were, theywere

people just like us,



only unluckier



i have an announcement

to make, and an apology






uh, left out somebody's

birthday last month



Uh, Isaac Kristofferson







Whoo !




 [ Cheering ]



Many happy returns

toyou, Isaac



There will be, uh,



six birthday people

next month




[ Chattering ]




Beverly Home News



to find out who they are



Whoo !

Whoohoo !

Way to go !



[ Laughs ]



 Sweet desire

can be the way






Ohh !

Oh, hey !



[ Chattering ]













Oh, hi




How areyou ?



I'm fine

What about you ?



I was hoping

maybe I'd seey ou here

Want this ?



Oh, okay Thanks

Yeah ?



You weren't at

the last couple ofmeetings



Oh, yeah, well, I don't come

to all the meetings



It was really my husband's

my last husband



I just come for the support



Oh Oh, I didn't know



So how about you ?

How's it going ?



Um it's all right



I'm taking a new approach

to life



Um, I'm not stealing



I'm trying to see each task

through to its end



That kind of thing

You know, simple



That's good






Oh ! Do you dance ?



I mean, would you

Do you think you'd like

to dance ?



Usually, I just watch



Oh, yeah





But okay



Really ?


It's no big deal







Need the, uh



No, that's okay
































That's when I feel

That's when I feel like that



[ Moaning ]



[ Muttering ]



Oh, damn Damn !



[ Moaning Continues ]



Goddamn Fuck !



[ Both Laughing ]



Oh ! Oh, damn !



[ Moaning Continues ]

















You're not being fair

I am being fair















































































































































































































































Special help by SergeiK