Joy Ride Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Joy Ride script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Paul Walker, Steve Zahn, and Leelee Sobieski movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Joy Ride. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Joy Ride Script

[Man On C.B. Radio] Breaker, breakerone-nine. 
Smokey report. We got a bear-- 
[Man #2 On C.B. ] Breaker one-nine. 
Any takers. Breaker. 
[Man #1] ...I-40. His 20, milemarker2-4-3. 
Anybody out there? Copy. Over. 
[Phone Ringing] 
[Man] Hello? 
[Woman] Lewis. 
...for the first time I see myself through somebody else's eyes. 
[Woman, Continuing] Yeah. Yeah. It's completely claustrophobic. 
Big surprise. And we're like, "Okay--" 
[Man #3 On C.B.]Aren't we supposed to get a hell of a down pour? 
- Twohundred mileslipper-slide. -[Man #2 On C.B.]Anybody out there? 
[Man #1 On C.B. ] Yeah, they had a speedtrap set up. 
[Woman On Phone]No one ever said freshman year'd go by so fast. 
[Man] At least Colorado has seasons. 
Berkeley's like summer all year. 
[Woman] Yeah. It's late. I'm not keeping you on the phone, am I? 
[Man] No. No, not at all. 
So, what's, um-- You know, what's David doing this summer? 
- I don't know. Who cares? - What? 
Sorry. I didn't tell you before. I just... 
felt a little strange, you know? 
You what-- I don't understand. 
We broke up. He-- 
He's been acting serious and weird. 
Serious and weird, how? He was getting all serious and weird? 
- I mean I-- I told you what he was like, and-- - [Scoffs] 
- [Man] Wait, hold on. - Lewis, it's 3:00 in the morning. 
- I got a final tomorrow. - I'm sorry. 
I-I'll be quieter. 
[Woman] Lewis? 
I'm sorry. So, what happened? 
He kept... looking at me, as if, you know... 
he totally thought that he knew me... 
which he so obviously didn't. 
And he started crying. 
Which sort of sealed the deal, you know? 
- You made him cry? - I broke up with him. 
Wouldn't you cry? 
[ Chuckles ] Listen, Venna, you're cute, but you're not that cute. 
I was kidding. 
Well, I'm not in the mood to go home. 
Wish I had a car, then I could... 
just get there gradually. 
Decompress a little bit, you know? 
If you had a car, you could stop by Colorado and pick me up. 
We could have an adventure. The two of us and a windshield. 
- I have a car. - No, you don't. 
Yeah. Didn't I tell you? 
- No! - Yeah, well, like, I got one. 
[Car Revving] 
- Sexy choice. Yeah. - Yeah? 
Vintage 1971 Chrysler Newport. 
[Man] ~~Show me am I right~~ 
~~Show me how you feel~~ 
~~ Gimme all you've got~~ 
~~Show me where to start~~ 
~~ Give me love and breathe~~~~ 
[Lewis On Phone]I've changed my plans. I'm no longer flying back. 
-I bought a car, so I'm driving. -[Woman #2]By yourself?. 
No. Actually, I was thinkin' about picking up Venna. 
[Mother] Sorry. I-It's--Sorry. 
That's great, Lewis. 
- What's the matter? -[Mother] Your brother just called. 
He was arrested again. Drunk and disorderly. 
- Where, in San Diego? - Salt Lake City. 
[ Sighs ] Don't worry. It's not your problem. 
- What did Dad say? - You know your dad. 
He didn't even want to talk to Fuller. 
Said if he hadn't grown up yet, it was never going to happen. 
-[Lewis, Scoffing]Fuller! -[Mother]I know. 
-I miss him too. -[Lewis Sighing] 
~~~~[Continues, Indistinct] 
[ Tires Screeching ] 
[ Siren Wailing ] 
[Lewis]Listen, before youstart writing anything-- 
- License, please. Registration. - My brother's in jail. 
And I haven't seen him in almost five years. 
So, I'm like driving 200 miles out of my way just to help him out. 
That U-turn, it was based on a whole, like, good deed scenario. 
I'm also writing you up for a broken taillight. 
I have one of those? 
[Man] Look, I'm aware of how frustrating... 
the prison system in this country must be for you. 
Repeat offenders, the unrehabilitated-- 
I watch American justice, with your host, Bill Kurtis. 
But I'm different. I'm reformed. 
You know, I'm strong. I'm-- 
Officer Wilkins, this is my-- Listen, this is my pledge to you. 
You will not be seeing me again. 
Two strikes are enough for Fuller Thomas. 
You look... tall. Taller than me. 
- How's it goin'? - [ Chuckles ] 
Well, a lot better now. [ Laughs ] 
Kid. Good to see you. 
You came all the way to Salt Lake just for me? 
Well, technically, you are still my brother. 
[ Chuckling ] 
Hey, this is my brother. 
I can't get-- Look at you, man! 
-[Woman]Mr. Thomas! - Thank you for coming. 
- You're welcome. - [ In Child's Voice ] Thank you. 
-Sign out, please. - [ Chuckling ] You're welcome. 
Listen, I'm supposed to be picking up a friend. 
- And I'm running kind of late, so-- - Uh-huh? 
I just, uh, well, I just wanted to see how you're doin'... 
and take you wherever it was you needed to go... 
because I sorta need to hit the road. 
- Yeah, where are you goin'? - [ Sighs ] Um, Boulder, Colorado... 
- and then I'm goin' home. - Oh, perfect. 
- Yeah, that's great! - Wait, what? 
[Fuller] With the exception of the seatspring piercin'my ass... 
this ride's excellent. 
So, uh, who's this friend you're pickin' up? 
Her name is Venna. She's a friend of mine from back home. 
Wait, the blinker? That girl from the Heights? 
The one who was like-- all day long? [ Laughing ] 
No, she's not like that all day. You haven't seen her in years. 
Oh, okay. You're fuckin' her? 
[ Scoffs ] 
Well, what question's more legit than that? 
- We're just friends, okay? - Okay, you're not fucking her. 
- But you want to. - You don't know what you're talking about. 
Oh, I don't? I don't know what I'm talking about? 
All right, here's how it is: 
Um, she's always dated guys from the right side of the 'burbs. 
You were always left on the sidelines. You get your scholarship to Berkeley. 
She's off to the University of Colorado. Right? 
- You don't understand. - You guys have been talking on the phone alot... 
and now she realizes that you have the warm fuzzies for each other. 
You're not lettin' on, even though you scrambled and bought this car... 
just to pick her up. 
No, you're still playing the neutered boy "friend"... 
who's like, always there for her... 
because you're nice-- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! 
What are you doing? Whoa, whoa! 
So, you're still good, or need me to drive, or-- 
No more bullshit small talk. 
About me, my relationships, or my car. 
- Okay. -[Car Door Opening] 
No, I swear. I'm barely slowing the car in Denver. 
I'll give him a seven-mile-an-hour chance to jump and roll. 
You did your mom... 
a big favor, and she's happy now. 
And this time tomorrow, you'll be here with me... 
and it'll be a whole new level of stress to deal with. 
Okay, well, I'm gonna get goin'. I guess I'll see you tomorrow. 
- Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. - All right. 
- Good-bye. - Good-bye. 
[ Chuckles, Howls Gleefully] 
- [ C.B. Static ] - Downsizing? 
Gas company just lets a talented man like you go? 
-just like that? - Yep. 
Well, that sucks. But this job kicks ass, huh? 
Got your trailer here, and now you're workin' kind of outside. 
You got a view. 
- What is this? - C.B. radio. Olive branch. 
-Check it out. - You put a hole in my car. 
I talked him down to 40 bucks. [ Laughs ] 
[Fuller On C.B.]Breaker one-nine, breaker one-nine. 
We need a westbound, come on. 
You got Black Sheep here ridin' front door with... 
uh, Mama's Boy. 
We're barrelin' down on ol' Eye-8-Oh east away,just wonderin'... 
- if you could see any bears from your rockin'chair, over. - [ Chuckles ] 
[ Trucker] Roger, you got a 40-mile clear shot, 'cept for Jamestown. 
Got yourself a Kojak with a Kodak at 1-8-5. 
All right, no cops till Jamestown. 
Free to speed like a motherfucker for like the next 40 miles or so. 
[Trucker#2] Aren't we supposed to get a hell of a down pour? 
We got a 200-mileslipper-slide. Come on? 
[Gravelly-Voiced Trucker]Doesn't matter, not from this rocking chair. 
Some people like it when it rains. 
It's gonna rain hard tonight. 
-Keeps everybody inside, you know. -What the hell's with this guy? 
You got Black Sheep here, with Mama's Boy. Who we got? Over. 
Could I please get a better handle than Mama's Boy? 
Yo, Rain Man, what's your 20? 
- Hey, can you do a woman's voice? - What? 
Do a girl. Say, uh... 
"Hey, Black Sheep, this is, um, Miss--" 
- No. Forget it. - Come on, man. 
You did a girl when we pranked, uh-- 
- Oh, yeah, Mr. Schramm. - [Chuckles] Yeah. 
- That was good. -No, I wasnine. 
That was what I sounded like then. 
This is like a prehistoric Internet, or something. 
Come on! You fuck with someone in a chatroom. 
- It's the same thing. -No, forget it. 
Come on, man! [ Grunts ] 
Say, uh, "Hey, Black Sheep, this is, uh, Candy Cane. " 
Just say it. You'll be amazing. 
[ Scoffs ] 
[ In High, Breathy Voice ] Hey, Black Sheep, this is Candy Cane. 
I been lookin' for ya all day. 
[ Chuckling ] That was horrible. 
Howdy there, Candy Cane. This is Black Sheep. 
I'm right on schedule. 
Now, say, uh, "I'll see ya later on tonight, honey." 
- Go, go, go! - So I guess I'll be seein' ya later on tonight, that right? 
- [ Microphone Clicks ] - You got it. I'm pullin' over right now... 
and I'll see your beautiful ass in the P.M. 
[ Static ] 
- So, what was that about? -just wait. 
[ Gravelly-Voiced Man ] Candy Cane, come on. 
[ Laughing ] I knew it! These guys are so fuckin' horny. 
Get him goin'. Get him all worked up, and then in the middle of it... 
say, "Hey, guess what? I'm a dude." 
[ Laughing ] No way. I can't do that. 
Come on, man! Come on. 
-[Punch Landing] -Come on, man, it'll be fun. 
Come on, just do it. 
Do it. 
- [ Clicking ] - Hey there, who's this? 
[ Static Hissing ] 
- Rusty Nail. - [ Whispering ] Nice. Nice. 
Well, Rusty Nail, I hope you're doin' better than I am. 
Man, this drive, it seems like it's takin' forever. 
- [ Clicking, Chuckling ] - [ Static Hissing ] 
- Roger that, Candy Cane. - Aw, you got him. You got him! 
You know what makes it easier sometimes, is pretendin' the person... 
that I'm talkin' to is right next to me. 
So, why don't you pretend that I'm sittin' there with you... 
just the two of us... and the windshield? 
- [ Laughing ] -[Rusty Nail] Allright. 
-Go, go! Tell him what you look like. - Shh! 
So, I'm 5'1 0", I got dirty-blond hair down to my shoulders... 
I got blue eyes, really soft skin-- 
Wow, man. This is turning me on. 
And if I were there, Rusty Nail, you know what I'd do? 
- Tell me. - [ Laughing ] Awesome! 
- I'd make you feel good. - [ Clicks Off] 
You would? 
If I were there and I asked you to, would you unbutton my blouse? 
Well, then I'd just take it off, so now what? 
- What do you want to do with me? -[FullerLaughing] 
-I've never really done this before. - This is so classic! 
I-I-- I'd take off your bra. 
Ooh. Okay. You take that off. 
[ Garbled, Filled With Interference And Static ] 
Oh, no, no, no, no, no. We can't lose this guy! Go. 
I couldn't hear that, Rusty Nail. 
[Static Continues] 
- Rusty Nail? Sweetheart? - [ Shouts, Groans ] 
That was almost so good! 
- Damn! - What, did we lose him? 
Yeah. Shit! 
Hey, man, you're a gifted C.B. prank caller when you commit to it. 
[ Chuckling ] "I'd take off your bra." 
[ Lewis, Fuller Chuckling ] 
[ Lewis ] Hey. Hey, don't park in a handicapped space. 
There's spaces all over the place. 
Yeah, I know. That's my point. 
Dude, I'm gonna gimp it. I'm notjust gonna run in there. 
God! Just sit here. I'll work us a deal, okay? 
One more goddamn maid knocks on my door askin' about towels-- 
[Man WithAccent] Sorry, Mr. Ellinghouse. That won't happen again. 
Sorry, my ass! Where's your boss? 
I want the real manager. The white one. 
The one whose first language is fuckin' English? 
- Can you understand that? - Hi. Could I get a room for the night? 
You can disturb me all you want. I love towels. 
- Not done here, friend. - I know that, amigo. I'm just-- 
I haven't slept in two days. You'd best not mess with me. 
- You just take care of your own shit. - Peace. 
Tomorrow mornin', you mark my words, asshole-- 
...a long talk with your manager. 
Your brown ass is gone. 
Fuckin' punk. 
- What a dick. [ Exhales ] -[Car Leaving] 
[Rusty Nail] Candy Cane. 
- [ Static Hissing ] - Candy Cane. 
Hello? Candy Cane? 
- Did you see that fat fucking guy? - Shh. 
- Listen. - Hello, Candy Cane. Are you there? 
- You are kidding me. - Can you believe that? 
- H-Have you talked to him yet? - No. 
- I haven't said anything. - [Car Door Slamming] 
[Rusty Nail]Anybody out there know Candy Cane? Come on. 
- [C.B. Whistling] - What? 
Tell him you want to meet up. Tell him you want to get together. 
-[Car Door Slamming] - You're turnin' in for the night. 
You want to see him later at the Lone Star Motel... 
in Table Rock, Room 1 7. 
Do you just love prison so much? 
- We're in 18. I mean, you saw that prick, right? - What, the giant? 
The prick is in Room 17! 
Nah, I can't do that. 
Come on! That guy sucks, okay? He body-checked me on the way out. 
- Yeah, I know. I saw that. - What? You-You saw that? 
And you're not jumping at this extraordinary opportunity... 
to exact some much-deserved revenge? 
Are you crazy? 
-[C.B. Whining, Popping] - Come on! Do it! 
- [ Chuckling ] Calm down. - This is amazing! 
[Thunder Rumbling] 
[ Clicks ] 
[ In Woman's Voice ] Rusty Nail. Hey, there. 
Candy Cane. I thought I'd lost ya. 
Well, I guess fate wouldn't allow that. 
Glad to know you're thinkin' about me. 
Listen, I'm pullin' over for the night. 
You wouldn't be interested in gettin' together later, would ya? 
I-I thought you were meeting with Black Sheep. 
Well, that was the plan, but how about I blow him off... 
and take a chance with you? 
-God. - I love you, man. This is so great! 
But I'm not sure that I'd be what you'd expect. 
- Please. - [ Clicks ] 
Well, you are a man, aren't you, with a soul and a heart? 
- That's all I'd expect. - [ Whispering ] Great. 
[ Thunder Crashing ] 
Listen, I'll be at the Lone Star Motel... 
in Table Rock, if you're interested. 
Pink champagne. 
Tell him that you like pink champagne. 
[ Chuckles ] 
And if there's anyway you could bring some pink champagne... 
it's my favorite. 
[ Whispering ] That was good. 
- What room? - [ C.B. Whining, Buzzing ] - [ Laughing ] 
Room 17. Midnight. You got that, baby? 
I got it. 
- I can't wait. -[Hissing, Whistling] 
- That was mean. - I know! I know! This is awesome! 
That guy sucks, okay? He totally body-checked me on the way out. 
- [ Announcer] All you do is put-- -[Lewis]Do you miss home? 
Yeah. I miss... 
Mom's chocolate chip cookies. 
Playin' football with Dad, Sundays. 
Goin' to-- Oh, wait. That's somebody else's childhood. 
What I meant was, "N-No-o." 
You should call sometimes. 
You know, when you don't need bail money. 
Yeah, but how often is that? 
- I'm serious. - I call. 
Yeah, I know exactly what he says every time he hangs up the phone. 
That I'm the world's biggest loser. 
That's comin' from a plumber. 
That's comin' from a guy who wears... 
a full-length lime green jumpsuit to work every day. 
They don't need me. I don't need them. 
It works like a charm if you repeat it enough. 
- Listen. - [ Woman Chattering On TV] 
Hit the TV. 
Oh. It's Rusty Nail! It's him! 
- Shh. -[Knocking On Door] 
[Ellinghouse] Who the hell is it? 
[Rusty Nail] I brought the, uh, the drink. 
[Stifling Laughter] This is amazing! 
[Slow Knocking On Door] 
[Rusty Nail] I brought the, uh, pink champagne. 
[Ellinghouse] Is this a goddamn joke? 
I swear to fucking God. 
-[Slow Pounding] -[Fuller Stifling Laughter] 
[Rusty Nail] What are you--Are you Black Sheep? 
[Ellinghouse] Why don't you come over here? 
[Rusty Nail, Indistinct] 
[Ellinghouse]Are you fuckin' with me, standing in the dark? 
This prick is such an asshole! [ Snickering ] 
[Ellinghouse] Show me your face. What was that? 
[Banging, Thumping] 
[Choking, Gagging] 
That was weird. 
Hey, you know what I think? 
I think someone might have gotten hurt. 
No. No, we would have heard that. 
We did. That was a gasp. 
Bet that Rusty Nail guy got hurt. 
No, it wasn't a gasp. That was a laugh. 
[Thunder Rumbling] 
Hey, where are you going? 
- What, are you calling Mom? - [ Line Ringing ] 
- Front desk. - Hi, we just, uh-- 
We just heard some disturbance from the room next door, in, uh, Room 17. 
"Yeah, hi, this is the drama queen from Room 18--" 
That's hard to say. It was like a-- like a thud. 
What are you-- [ Sighs ] 
No, we think someone might have been hurt. 
And we thought you'd want to check that out, maybe. 
All right. Thank you. 
You know what's gonna happen now, right? 
Prick's gonna kill the night manager. 
[ Thunderclap ] 
[Phone Ringing] 
[Rusty Nail, Indistinct] 
[Hanging Up Phone] 
[Phone Ringing, Very Loud] 
[Manager] Guy said everything's fine. 
[Lewis] Allright. Thank you. 
-[Thunder Rumbling] - The guy said everything's fine. 
What'd I tell ya? [ Scoffs ] 
-[Fuller] Good mornin'. -[Man] How are you today? 
Pretty good. How are you? 
- Where are you boys from? -[Fuller] Originally, New Jersey. 
- Uh-huh. What are you doin' here? - We're drivin' cross-country. 
- My brother-- Yeah, Lewis. - Your brother? 
- Where is he? - In the room. I don't know. 
We had a little incident here last night. Did you hear anything-- 
any sounds, or anything out of the ordinary? 
Yeah, actually, uh, uh, next door I heard some sounds. 
-Next door? - Yeah. 
-Could you describe those sounds? - Yeah, sure. 
They were like, uh-- 
[ Makes Gasping, Choking Sound ] 
No, wait. 
[Gasping, Choking] Like that. 
- What's goin' on? - All right, this is Lewis. 
There was a "sitchy-ashun" last night. That's all I know. 
So after you heard these sounds, uh, did you look out your window? 
- Did you open your door? - No, sir. 
- What happened? - After you closed your door, around 10:15 P.M.... 
you didn't see anybody else until I knocked on your door this morning? 
That's right. Well, we did call the night manager, because we were... 
uh, concerned, right? 
- Right. - Oh, yeah. Yeah. He mentioned that. 
And he also said that one of you had an altercation with the victim. 
- Which of you was that? - Wait. The night manager said what? 
Apparently one of you had words with the victim, in the motel office... 
- when you were checkin' in? - No, no. We never met-- 
- What? - Ellinghouse. 
Ronald Ellinghouse. He was staying in Room 17. 
The huge guy? Yeah, I met him. 
-But he's-- He's not the one-- - What happened to him? 
It wasn't comely. 
I'm sorry. I don't know what that means. 
He was found early this mornin' lyin' face down... 
on the highway median. 
So, you're saying that the-- 
the huge guy is the victim. 
You have no idea who might have visited Mr. Ellinghouse's room last night? 
No, sir. 
I wish-- I wish we could be more helpful, but I-- 
- Is he dead? - Coma. 
You know what I'm thinkin'? 
I'm thinkin' that a little look-see might "refreshify" your memory. 
Takin' a look-see at what? 
[Heart Monitor Beeping, Ventilator Pumping] 
Ripped his jaw... 
clean off. 
That is the pain in my ass. 
My own personal file of ongoing shit that I got to deal with. 
And now, guess what? 
Now, I got me another one. 
Mr. Ronald Ellinghouse... 
layin' two inches from dead in my jurisdiction. 
Why? Because you sorry-asspunks thought you'd have some fun. 
I'd keep you retards in custody if I thought it would help answer... 
one of the hundreds of new questions I got. 
But, no. All you know is his damn C.B. handle. 
And maybe he drives a truck. 
Do you understand the kinds of shit I got to grapple with now... 
because of what you assholes did? 
You! You got out of jail when? 
I want you outta here. This is like an old-fashioned western. 
I want you out of Wyoming before the sun goes down. 
I can't believe it. I can't believe you told them that... 
we invited Rusty Nail back. 
They could have thrown me back in jail. 
A man is half dead because of what we did. 
Oh, bullshit. 
[ Sighs ] Bullshit! 
What, you order ten pizzas for your neighbor... 
a delivery guy gets there and your neighbor opens up with an AK-47. 
- Is that your fault? - Yeah, maybe it is. 
Fine. Be the martyr all you want. 
No, that's not what I'm doin'. 
I'm trying to figure how I'm gonna drive away afterwhat we've done. 
Do what I do. 
Just remind yourselfthat in 1 00 years, you're gonna be dead. 
It's the closest thing I've got to a philosophy. 
No, you know what? I'm taking you to Denver, and that's it. 
[ Chuckles ] Great. 
[ Clears Throat ] Eastbound, looking for a westbound... 
- for a bear report? -[C.B. Static] 
[Man On C.B., Faint] Not a soul. Never any Smokeys on that str-- 
[Static Continues] 
[ Tuner Whining ] 
- [Deep Man's Voice]...andy Ca-- - [ Whining Continues ] 
Candy Cane. 
-[Rusty Nail] Hello. - [ Whispering ] Hey! 
- Candy Cane. - Hey! 
- [ Fuller] I'm asleep. - Hey, Candy Cane! 
Candy Cane? 
Anybody out there know Candy Cane? 
-Or Mama's Boy? -[C.B. Whines] 
Baa, baa, Black Sheep. 
- What are you gonna say? -Hey, Russell. 
This is Black Sheep. Go to 23. 
Hey, Black Sheep. 
[Exhales]Do you know where I can find Candy Cane? 
Hey, uh, what is your deal? 
I mean, seriously. 
-[C.B. Whining] -I'm looking for Candy Cane. 
So, you've been driving around all day... 
looking for a voice? 
[Microphone Clicks Off] 
[Rusty Nail] I think that you can tell me where to find her. 
- Tell him it was a joke. -Uh, I talked to Candy Cane... 
about last night. 
And she said that she's not interested. 
- No! - She's not interested in you-- 
- Don't do this. - ...or your pink champagne. 
I need to find... Candy Cane. 
You need to find... 
a highly-qualified psychiatrist-- 
not a psychologist-- you're gonna need some drugs. 
You're gonna have to find a damn good lawyer... 
because the cops are all over your ass. 
- Goddamn! - Give it to me. 
[ As Candy Cane ] Hey, there, Rusty Nail, y-you hear this? 
[ In Normal Voice ] That was me, all right? I'm a guy. 
It was just a joke. 
It was just ajoke. 
- Right. - No, just do it. 
- Apologize to him? - Yeah. 
- I-I'll do it. - No. 
[C.B. Whistling] 
Listen, you sick fuck... 
you pathetic, lonely walkie-talkie... 
freak show motherfucker, you're not getting anything from me. 
Know why? I have something more powerful than your psychosis. 
It's called a volume knob. 
And the only thing I need to make you go away is to turn it counterclockwise. 
Got that? You copy that? 
You know, Black Sheep, you really ought to get that fixed. 
Get what fixed? 
Your taillight. 
-Do you see anything? - Yeah. Cars and trucks. 
-Just drive. Just be cool. - Oh, my God. 
- Did he follow us from the motel? - I don't know. I don't know. 
- As long as we keep drivin', we're safe. What? - Oh, God, look. 
- Oh, come on, come on! - I know. But it's okay. 
I saw a sign. "Gas at Laramie." 
- There'll be a phone there, and I'll call Sheriff Ritter. - Oh, good. 
-Laramie. That'll be good. - We'll be allright. 
- Oh, my God. Oh, God. - Okay, just stay cool. 
- Oh, shit! Will you stop telling me to be cool? - Keep cool. 
You're makin' me like, crazy. Get the map. 
- Okay. All right. - Fuck! We're not gonna make it to Laramie. 
Wait, take the next exit. I think there's a town there. 
- How far is it? How far is it? - I don't know. 
My cuticle to my knuckle. I don't know. Twelve miles. 
- We might not make it twelve miles. - Take this exit right here. 
- [ Tires Screeching ] - [ Air Horn Blasting ] 
Yes! Yes, you're a genius! 
[ Tires Screeching ] 
I'll pay, you pump. Or do you want to pay? I don't care. 
- I'll pump. - Okay. Okay. 
[ Beeping ] 
- [ Dial Tone ] - [ Beeping ] 
[ Line Ringing ] 
Uh, Table Rock, please. Rawlins County Sheriff Department. Yeah. 
- [ Panting ] -[Vehicle Approaching] 
[Truck Door Slamming] 
[Thumping Tires] 
[ Softly] Oh, my God. 
[Removing Gas Nozzle] 
[ Breathing Rapidly] Hey. 
[Replacing Gas Nozzle] 
-[Choked, Whispering] Hey. Hey. - [ Indistinct ] 
Hey. Hey! 
[ Woman ] Sheriff Ritter is not available. 
At the tone, please record your message. 
When you have finished recording... 
you may hang up or press one for more options. 
Please wait for the tone. 
[Cashier] You just got the gas? 
Oh, right. 
[Cash Register Ringing] 
[Whispering] Come on, come on, come on! Aw, come on. 
Come on. Get in the car, get in the car! Come on. 
- What? - Go, go, go, go! 
- [Fuller] He's in there, man. Did you see him? - [Lewis] Was that him? 
[Fuller] Keep driving, keep driving. 
Go! Yeah! 
- Whoa! - [ Horn Blasting ] 
Oh, my God! 
-[Fuller] Can you see an on-ramp? -[Lewis]No! 
Okay-- Damn it! The guy's comin' after us. 
- Oh, no. Shit! - Okay, we're not gonna panic. We got a full tank of gas. 
- Right. - We missed the on-ramp, man! 
Ooh, mailbox-- 
No, no, no, no! 
-[Tires Skidding] - [ Fuller] Shit! 
[ Panting ] No. 
[Locks Door] 
- [ Truck Idling ] -[Man] Lewis! Lewis! 
- He said Lewis! - Stay the fuck back, man! We got a gun! 
[ Knocking On Window ] 
And I got a MasterCard. 
[ Panting ] 
- Thanks, man. We thought-- - You really scared us. 
- Yeah. - It wasn't the mustache, was it? 
My old lady keeps telling me to shave the thing. 
No, no. It wasn't the mustache, man. 
What the-- We're not hip-- What is that thing, your club? 
- My tire thumper? - Yeah. 
Shit. Just checkin' pressure. 
Yeah, pressure. Yeah, the pressure thing. 
Are you boys all right to get back to the main road? 
Yeah, we're fine. Now that we're not murdered. 
Thanks a lot for this, man. That was nice of you. 
- Y'all have a good night. - Sorry about that. 
[ Both Panting, Laughing ] 
- Fuckin' Fu Manchu. - [ Laughing Soundlessly] 
I've never felt like more of a pussy in my whole life. 
- Oh, my God. -[Truck Backing Up] 
[ Lewis Chuckling ] 
[Truck Departing] 
Hey, what kind of range is there on a C.B. ? 
Uh, I don't know. Maybe... 
five miles? 
Well, hey, you know, I think we should get to a phone. 
Call the cops in Table Rock... 
leave a message and let 'em know that Rusty Nail's in the area. 
- Shh. What the hell is that? -[Truck Rumbling] 
[Truck Continues] 
[Larger Truck Revving] 
Go, go! 
He's right on us! 
Oh, man, he's right on our ass! 
- No, don't use that! - 9-1-1 ! 
We need some help. Please! Is anyone out there? 
Goddamn it! 
- [Tires Screeching] - [ Car Engine Revving ] 
Come on! Fuck! 
Yeah! Yeah! 
Tree! Tree! 
- [ Screaming ] - [Crashing] 
[ Both Panting ] 
- You okay? - Yeah. [ Panting ] 
- [ Starting Engine ] - I'm okay. Let's go. Come on. 
[ Tires Spinning Out ] 
Yeah, come on, come on. Come on, let's go! 
-Let's go, let's go. - Shit! 
It's not goin' anywhere! 
- Come on! Come on! - Shit! 
- Shit! - [Truck Revving] 
All right! Come on! Go, go! 
Come on! Go, go, go, go! 
[ Yelling, Indistinct ] 
- [Yelling Continues] - [Engine Sputtering] 
- [ Screaming ] - Aw, shit! 
[ Screaming ] 
Oh, no! No! 
Come on! Don't kill us, man! 
We apologize! 
- Don't kill us, man! We were just playin' with you, man. - [ Cries Out ] 
[ Engine Clattering ] 
Just-- Just for a laugh. 
A laugh? 
Just for fun. 
- [ Whistling ] - [ Chuckling ] Well, I was just playin' with you, man. 
[ Air Brakes Hissing ] 
[ Coughing ] 
[Ripping Off Paper Towels] 
[Venna] So, where are you now? 
[Lewis] We're about ten miles outside of Laramie. 
We had some car trouble, and, uh, we're gonna be a little late. 
[Venna] That's allright. Is everything okay? 
[ Lewis ] Yeah. No, I mean, it's been a long drive. 
- [Venna] Allright. See you then. - Allright. 
[Hanging Up Receiver] 
[Mechanics Chattering, Power Tools Whining] 
[ Scoffs ] 
They fixed the taillight. [ Chuckling ] 
[Lewis] So, why don't you just come home with me? 
Blow off Denver and come home with me. 
[Fuller] No, I'm okay. 
[Lewis]Listen, I don't want to tell Venna what happened. 
I don't want to ruin things. Freak her out, you know? 
- [Knocking] - [ Chuckling ] 
- Hey. - [ Sighs ] 
[Drumming On Car Hood] 
The color's not great, but it's spacious. It's a big car, you know? 
- I love it. - ~~ [ Whistling ] 
- When did you get it? - I've had it for a while. 
- It doesn't look too beat up. - No. 
No, actually, I think the dents add some character. 
- Actually, I was talking about Fuller. - [ Chuckles ] 
- Hey! - Hey. 
- So, it's been a while. - Yeah. 
So. Well, have you named it yet? 
Well, we were thinkin', uh, either Tad... 
or, uh, "Lewis's Shitty Newport." 
[ Mouthing Words ] Hey! She's hot! 
- [ Venna ] Hey. - Have a good summer, Vee. 
Uh, guys? My friend Charlotte. 
She'll be my roommate next year. 
- These are the infamous Thomas boys. - Oh, Lewis, right? 
Yeah. Nice to finally meet you. 
And, look, I'm Fuller. I'm Lewis's older, somewhat troubled brother. 
- And you're definitely goin' with us, right? - [ Chuckles ] 
I kind of have to go back to San Antonio. 
Isn't San Antonio on the way to New Jersey? 
- It was nice to meet you. - You're breakin' my heart, leaving like this. 
- It was nice to meet you. - You're breakin' my heart, leaving like this. 
- I'm gonna miss you. - Me too. Miss you. 
- I love you. Be safe. - I love you too. 
Ah, that's so Charlotte. 
- Wavin' and drivin' off like that. - [ Lewis, Venna Scoffing ] 
So, are you guys ready for an adventure or what? 
Oh, completely. 
Yeah! Yeah, sure. 
Shotgun? You want it, you gotta call it. 
[Venna] Uh, shotgun. 
[Man]~~Even heavy things are weightless, yeah~~ 
~~Don't take up any space at all~~ 
~~Ride on, ride on~~ 
~~Ride on, ride on~~ 
~~ Oh, yeah, it's so clear~~ 
Hey. Welcome to Nebraska. 
See this hat I got you? 
- [ Chuckles ] - ~~Ride on, ride on~~ 
[CarDoor Slamming] 
I want to tell you how much I appreciate you doing this. 
Picking me up. 
It's pretty much the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. 
This is the part where you kiss the girl. 
Well, historically. 
-~~~~[Continues] - Hey, Lewis. You're blushing. 
~~Ride on, ride on~~ 
~~ Oh, yeah, it's so clear~~ 
~~All the bad things will go~~ 
- Thankyou. -~~All the good things are here~~~~ 
- Hey, the room's this way. - Yeah, but the bar's this way. 
- Here's to-- - ...Nebraska! 
To states? All right. 
Ah, look what Uncle Fuller found. 
Three tequilas. 
All right. [ Mumbling ] 
Well, I can, uh, tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. 
- Shut up! - Uh-huh. 
All right, choose your weapon. 
Let's see what you're made of. 
- And... go. - Mm. 
- Done. - Mm-hmm. 
[Chuckles] Still medalled. 
- Bronze. - Not even close. 
[ Chuckles ] Oh, it's straight. It wasn't even bent. 
May I have three more shots of tequila... 
- and some matches, please? - What's your name, sweetheart? 
Come on, what's your name? Hmm? 
Oh, what's your name, sweet thing? 
I'm just here to buy drinks. You can call me what ever you want. 
How 'bout I call you Peaches? Do you like Peaches? 
- No, not really. - Oh, you don't like Peaches? 
- Hey, what's goin' on? - What? 
- Is this your bitch? - Excuse me? 
Excuse me, I said... 
is this your bitch? 
'Cause if it is, you better shut your bitch up. 
Hey, look at me, campus boy. Huh? Did you hear what I said? 
Look me in the face. 
You better shut your bitch... up. 
[ Shouting ] Bitch, shut up! Are you mouthin' off again? God! 
Damn it! You can't turn your back for one minute, you know. 
I owe you one. [ Shouting ] Now, come on! 
- Back on the truck with you, Daisy! -[Crying] 
Drunk in the bar! Now, come on! 
Goddamn it! 
[ Sighs Deeply] 
Careful, those are expensive. 
-[Footsteps Approaching] -Hey. 
[Lewis] I got a plan. 
- And what's your plan? - Let's never go back there again. 
Oh, I can't wait to never go back there. 
[ Chuckling ] Yeah. 
I'll be in my presidential suite. 
Excellent. We're gonna head to our-- 
- our spinning hotel room. - Okay. See you later. 
Good night. 
I get the orange one! 
This one. 
[ Mumbling ] 
Hey! See, I told you this was a good place. 
Adult channels. 
Good. Hey, are you in the mood for... 
a story, or, like, a collection of scenes? 
She isn't a Navy SEAL. 
God! Takes me right out. 
[Fuller, Sighing] Hey, Venna's great, man. 
She's got-- 
I mean, you guys-- You guys are just friends, right? 
I mean, that's what you said. 
Right? You're just-- just hangin' out, and-- 
-~~~~[Porno Theme] - 'Cause if you're anything more than that... 
you tell me right now, and I'm gonna just-- I'll-- 
[ Making Beeping Sounds ] 
You know? [ Chuckling ] 
[Knock At Door] 
Oh, we never got those last drinks. 
Yeah, um... 
you know, if we're gonna get an early start... 
we should probably just crash and go to bed. 
Yeah. But, hey... 
I'm a-- I'm a licensed bartender. 
Yeah, I'd show you my license, but my hands are full, so-- 
[ Chuckles ] Oh. Where's your better half? 
He's busy. Snoring. 
Well, you know, I really don't think that I can drink anymore. 
I disagree. And I'm a professional. 
-[Ice Rattling] - [ TV, Indistinct ] 
-[Venna] You know what's amazing? -[Liquid Pouring] 
Nobody knows where we are right now. 
Just kinda... 
out there. 
If any body wanted to find us for some strange reason... 
they couldn't. 
[ Snickers ] What am I talking about? 
- I have no idea. Here, try this. - [ Sighs ] 
- Yeah! - Yeah. 
Is Lewis okay? He doesn't normally drink so much. 
Yeah, he's totally fine. 
[Telephone Rings] 
[Continues Ringing] 
Fuller, get the phone. 
[ Ring ] 
[ Ring ] 
[ Clears Throat ] 
[ Rusty Nail ] Now I thought you said there was no girl. 
- What? - You said there was no girl. 
Listen, there-- There isn't any girl. 
Then, what's she doing in the other room with your brother? 
-[Knocking At Door] - He's out there! 
- He's watching us! - Rusty Nail? 
- He just called me. - Who's Rusty Nail? - He called you on the phone? 
Yeah, just now. He knew you were in here. He's watching us! 
- There's somebody watching us? - He just called. - What did he say? 
He said, "I thought there was no girl." And what you were doing... 
in the room with her, which is an excellent question. 
- We're gettin' out of here, so put on your shoes. - I already paid for this room. 
-just do it! - How scared am I supposed to be? 
[ Ringing ] 
[Continues Ringing] 
Much more than usual. 
[Phone Continues Ringing] 
[ Screams ] 
[Phone Continues Ringing] 
[ Engine Starts ] 
[ Tires Squeal ] 
Okay, there's nobody behind us. Can somebody please talk to me? 
He knows we're brothers. How does that happen? 
All right, we're goin' to the police, we're gettin' off the highway... 
- then we're goin' home! - Lewis, goddamn it! 
Something weird happened to us before we picked you up. 
- I didn't wanna tell you 'cause I didn't wanna freak you out. - Tell me what? 
- You want the short version? - Talk to me. 
- There's this sick guy. He put this guy in a coma. - Sick how? 
This Rusty Nail guy did something? 
- Because of something that we did. - What did you do? 
[ Tires Skid ] 
Hey, man, what the hell are you doing? 
He wants us to look in the trunk. 
There were signs spray painted back there: 
"Look in the trunk." 
Signs? What makes you think they're for us? 
What's going on here? 
[ Venna ] That's a pretty elaborate thing to do, paint those signs. 
- No, no, no! No! - What? God! 
- Don't open it! - Why? 
- What if there's a head or a body in there, man? - Oh, man, could be a bomb. 
- Think a bomb's a reason not to open the trunk? - He's in the trunk! 
I say we don't open the trunk! 
I'm not getting back into the car till I know what's in the trunk. 
What are you doing? 
Oh, shit. 
[Fuller] Okay, we plug it in, and we don't talk on it. 
We just listen. 
And whatever he says, we just-- We just go straight to the police. 
[ Breathing Heavily] I'm not going to go anywhere... 
until somebody tells me why I should be afraid of a radio. 
[C.B. Static] 
[ Static ] 
[Rusty Nail On C.B. ] Candy Cane, are you there? 
Oh, that's right. 
I don't mean my Candy Cane. 
I mean yours. 
- How does he know my name? - We're not getting into it with this guy. 
Let him talk all he wants. Just tell me where we're going. 
You know when a corpse can't be identified? 
No next ofkin. No one to claim the body. 
What they do is, they cut off all the fingers. 
All ten of them. 
And then they cut off the jaw. 
They cut off the person's jaw... 
and they put it all in a jar. 
- They put it in a jar with some number on it. -[Woman Whimpering] 
-[Woman Sobbing] - Oh, my God, that's Charlotte. 
- What? - That's Charlotte. 
- That girl? Your roommate? - Yeah, yeah. 
Hey, what the hell do you want? 
I want you to go to the State Line Truck Stop parking lot. 
- I'll find you there. -[Charlotte] Venna, please help me! 
And if you go to the police... 
I will take her apart piece by piece. 
Good morning. 
Hey, he's back. We're here. 
Okay, here's what I want. Fuller, Lewis... 
I want you two to head inside. 
Take a seat at the counter. 
Order six cheeseburgers each. 
What about Venna? 
She stays put. 
But you two are going in... naked. 
If we go in there dicks hangin'... 
they're just gonna call the police. 
Aw, come on. It's just for fun. 
Bullshit, I'm staying here. 
Just stay up front. I want you to keep the car running. 
And if you see anything, honk the horn and drive. 
God, I can't fucking believe we're doing this. 
Billy, come on. Get in the car. 
[ Girls Giggling ] 
[Rusty Nail] Now they know what it feels like... 
to be the brunt of the joke. 
[Rusty Nail Continues] Your heart pounding. 
Face burning hot. 
Now they know what it feels like... 
to be the fucking punch line. 
They told me what they did to you, and I'm very, very sorry. 
Well, it's a little late for that, isn't it? 
I bet your friends had a really good laugh... 
seeing me standing there in the rain, holding my bottle. 
Well, that's a lesson your friends are gonna have to learn the hard way. 
You wanna see Charlotte alive again? 
Here's what you're gonna have to do. 
Twelve cheeseburgers, please. 
You want fries with that? 
[ Sighs ] Is this a fraternity stunt? 
Because if this wasn't my restaurant-- 
A man's gonna kill our friend if we don't come in here like this. 
I'd say it was a pretty good one. 
- We're not joking, man. -[Car Horn Honking] - Oh, shit! 
[Lewis] Man, we should be going to the cops. 
[Venna] We're not going anywhere till we find out what he wants. 
[Venna] Right up here. This is where we turn. 
That's-That's what he said. 
[Car Engine Off] 
[C.B. Static] 
[Rusty Nail] You out there? 
We're here. 
Something special's waiting for you. 
I'd say it's about a hundred feet up the road. 
So, get out of the car. 
Wait. I'm not walkin' one foot out of this-- 
We don't have a choice. We're doing what he says. 
- What? - He's-He's got Charlotte. Get out of the car. 
- Wait! Goddamnit! -Get out of the car! 
[ Lewis ] What the hell is this? 
[ Fuller] Wait, how many feet did he say? 
- A hundred. A hundred. - Huh? 
Do you hear or see anything? 
This is it. 
[Rumbling Noise] 
Hi. Uh-- 
- He's not slowing down. - He's not gonna stop. 
- What's he doing? - He's not gonna stop. He's not gonna stop! 
- He's not slowing down! - Run! Car! Go! 
- [ Horn Honking ] - Run! Run! 
[ Lewis ] Whoa, whoa, wait. 
[ Fuller] What the hell is he doing? 
[Truck Engine Revs] 
He's coming. Let's go! Let's go! 
[ Lewis ] Let's go! Come on! Let's go! 
Run! Run! Run! 
- Turn left! - [ Indistinct Yelling ] 
- [ Venna Screaming ] - [ Lewis ] Keep going! 
- Whoa! - Whoa! 
[ Lewis ] That way! 
Get down! Get down! 
[ Fuller] Let's go! Go! Go! Go! 
[Lewis] Let's go! Come on! 
[Lewis] Come on! 
[ Indistinct Yelling ] 
Go! Run! 
Turn, quick! 
[ Truck P.A.: Static ] 
~~ [ Indistinct ] 
~~ Why did I listen~~ 
~~ To my friends~~ 
~~ When they told me~~ 
-~~ What to do~~ - Lewis! 
~~ Yes, I still~~ 
~~Have my friends~~ 
~~But I don't have you~~ 
~~~~[Continues, Indistinct] 
[ Quietly] Venna? 
- [ Sobbing ] Lewis. -~~Should I say I'm sorry~~ 
~~ You're blue~~~~ 
[ Quietly] Lewis. 
[ Quietly] Venna. 
~~~~[Continues, Indistinct] 
[ Screaming ] 
- Venna? - Lewis? 
- Lewis! - Venna? 
- You guys okay? Oh, man. - What? 
- Hey, Venna. - Did you see that? 
- Yeah. - I was sitting back there. 
- Venna. You can come out. He's leaving. - He tried to back up. 
- Venna? - You let her out of your sight? 
- Venna? - Lewis, goddamn it! 
- You let her out of your sight? - Where the hell were you? 
I was over there, man! Back there! 
Venna! Venna, come out here! 
[Venna] Lewis! Lewis, help me, please! 
[Venna Screaming] Lewis! 
Stop, you gotta leave her alone! Please. 
- We'll do whatever you want. - Lewis! 
[Rusty Nail] You don't feel like meeting me at a motel later, do you? 
We'll do whatever you want! 
Meet me at the next town-- Medford. Room 17. Midnight. 
Do not be one minute late. 
Lewis, gas tank! Come on! 
And if there's any way that you could bring a bottle of pink champagne-- 
- What are you doing? Come on, goddamn it! - That's my favorite. 
Seven miles. Hey! 
Come on! 
Hey! Hey! He said not to call the cops! 
Keep a lookout. Don't worry. I've done this before. 
Hey, man, we're runnin' out of time. 
- [Engine Sputtering] - God... damn... 
- [Engine Sputtering] - God... damn... 
- thing won't start. - [ Continues Sputtering ] 
Uh, hello. 
- Hey. - Need some help? 
- [ Sputtering ] - No, I think we're fine. Damn Ford won't start. 
- And he wonders why I drive a Chevy. - No shit. 
[ Chuckles ] Come on. Come on. 
I got some jumper cables. I'll hook you up. 
Uh, no, no, really. I think we're all right. 
- It's just flooded, right? You'll get it started. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. 
-just take it and turn it all the way off, then on. - Right. 
Want me to show you? You gotta hesitate it for two seconds. 
[ Engine Starts ] 
- There it is. - All right, perfect. 
Hey, you're the man. Thanks a lot. 
Where the hell you goin'? That's my truck! 
Everything's going to be all right. 
We're gonna get Venna. 
And we're gonna find Charlotte. 
Everything's-- Everything's gonna be okay. 
Don't you think? 
[Electrical Tape Ripping] 
~ I wonder~ 
~~Mylittle darling~~ 
~~ Where canyoube~~ 
~~ This moonlit night~~ 
Okay, motel. Motel. 
[Tires Skid] 
- Which one? -He didn'tsay. Shit! 
~~My heart My heart is aching~~ 
~~~~[Continues, Indistinct] 
~~ To let it go on breaking~~ 
-~~~~[Continues, Indistinct] - Venna? 
[Man] Hold on. 
- Venna! -I said hold on! 
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. 
~~Baby, since we're through~~ 
~~I've been through lovers' lane~~ 
~~ Oh, but in my heart~~ 
~~ There's only pain~~ 
~~ You went travelin' but will it last~~ 
~~ While I'm travelin' I'm travelin' awful fast~~ 
-~~Sweet heart of mine~~ - Help you? 
- Is this your room? - Yeah. What of it? 
~~It's where, where where it'll be~~ 
~~If this new love dies where will we be~~ 
Oh! Oh! Oh! 
- [ Sobbing ] -~~ Will your heart~~ 
~~ Come running back to me~~ 
[ Men Laughing ] What's the problem here? 
- Shit! - What did we miss? 
~~Baby, since we're through~~ 
~~I've been through lovers' lane~~ 
~~ Oh, but in myheart~~ 
~~ There's only pain~~ 
~~ You've been travelin' but will it last~~~~ 
- Hello, police. -~~~~[Continues, Indistinct] 
Yeah. I'd like to report some dead bodies. 
[Man On Phone] Your name, sir? 
[Hangs Up Phone] 
[ Tires Skidding ] 
-[Lewis] Hello? -[Knocking] 
- [ Both Panting ] - [ Fuller] Come on. 
-[Door Creaking] - Hello? 
[ Squeaking ] 
- [ Whispers ] It's unlocked. - Comin'in. 
- Hey, we're comin' in. - We're comin' in. 
- [ Door Creaking ] - [ Whimpering ] 
Venna? Hello? 
[ Breathing Heavily] 
- Venna? - Hey. 
Oh, the switch. 
[Phone Rings, Buzzes] 
- Hello? - Nice, isn't it... 
being on the receiving end? 
- Where the hell's Venna? - Who? 
Look, I'm not kidding. Where's Venna? 
You see, you might not be kidding, but I am. 
- What did he say? - That's the point. 
- Get it? - No, believe me... 
you made your point, all right? 
And we're sorry. We told you that. 
Hey, Lewis, you know what I think is a real kick? 
Pretending the person that I'm talking to is right next to me. 
- Right next to me. - What? 
What the fuck is he talking-- 
Not what you expected, is it? 
That's not what I expected when I came to room 17, neither. 
You guys sittin' right next door... 
listening through the wall. 
That's what you did, right? You listened through the wall. 
What do you want? 
[Rusty Nail] I just want to enjoy this for a second. 
[ Panting ] We gotta call the cops. 
No. If we call the cops, he'll kill her. 
- Well, what the fuck, man? - You-- 
I think you should go outside. 
- See if you can see in his room. - Are you crazy? 
Just do it! I'll keep him on the phone. Go out there now. Go. 
- You still there? - Oh, yeah, I'm here. 
Why don't you come on over? Your Candy Cane's waiting. 
[ Gate Creaking ] 
Listen. We learned our lesson, allright? 
- Oh, is that right? - Yeah. Yeah, that's right. 
So, this is what we're gonna do, okay? 
You're gonna give us back Venna... 
then Charlotte and we're gonna walk away from this whole thing. 
And we're not gonna tell anybody, allright? 
And we sure as hell won't tell the cops. 
[Rusty Nail, Indistinct] 
[Continues, Indistinct] 
[ Clattering ] 
[ Whimpering ] 
Don't open the door! 
Don't open the door! Don't open the door! Don't open the door! 
[ Gasping ] 
[ Screams ] Come on! 
[Fuller] Wait! Aah! Shit! 
[Truck Engine Starts] 
Fuller, where are you? 
[Truck Departing] 
- Fuller? - [ Groans ] 
Fuller, come on. Let's get you off this. 
- Aah! Don't! - What? 
Pipe! Jesus, there's a pipe in my leg! 
We've got a body in here! 
We've got a possible 839! Search every room! 
Oh, jeez! What is he doing? 
- Come on, come on, come on! - [ Indistinct Yelling ] 
Sheriff's Department! Open up! Kick it open! 
Clear the door! 
-[Whimpering] - Twenty-four, clear! 
[ Indistinct Yelling ] 
Move! On the ground! Now! 
- Watch it! - [ Whimpering ] - Twenty-three, clear! 
All right, let's go! 
- Come on, come on, come on, come on! - Twenty-two's clear! 
Come on, put your foot-- put your feet on this! 
- Twenty-one, clear. - [ Whimpering ] 
[ Fuller Grunting ] 
Oh,jeez! Jeez! 
- Twenty, clear! - Come on, get out! 
Sheriff's Department! Open up! 
-Nineteen, clear! - Venna. 
- What? - You gotta stop 'em from opening the door! Go! 
Sheriff's Department! Open up! 
[ Screaming ] 
[Officer] Show me your hands! 
[ Grunts, Yells ] 
Help, Lewis! 
- Don't move! Don't move! -[Truck Shifts Gears] 
- Lewis! -Just freeze right there! 
- Lewis! - That's my brother in the back. 
- Get back on the ground! Get on the ground! - Don't you shoot! 
- Don't shoot! - Stay with the girl! 
[ Groans ] Hey! 
- No! No, no, no, no! - Freeze! 
Shoot the truck! Shoot the truck! 
[Fuller] It's not gonna stop! 
[ Glass Shattering ] 
[ Groans ] 
Jeez! [ Breathing Heavily] 
Oh, God! 
I'll be all right. I'll be all right. 
[ Sobbing ] 
[Siren Wailing] 
Yes, sir. 
- Uh, excuse me. - Yeah. 
Did you figure out who that guy was? 
He's just some trucker named Jones. 
Looks like he drove for some ice company in Wyoming. 
Ice company? 
What's goin' on? 
[Rusty Nail] Breaker one-nine, come on. 
Breaker, breaker. Lookin' for a break. 
Westbound I-80. How's that storm lookin'? 
Is it rainin' out there? 
I'm lookin' forward to this storm. 
Keeps everyone inside. 
Washes everything clean. 
-~~~~[Rock] -[Woman]~~ Oh~~ 
~~ Oh~~ 
~~I let him in~~ 
~~He won't stay out~~ 
~~ The wrong one he loves me~~ 
~~ Unshakable doubt~~ 
~~He waits for me~~ 
~~ To wake me up~~ 
~~ Till he wrings me out~~ 
~~Every drop, yeah Every drop~~   
Special help by SergeiK