Judge Dredd Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Judge Dredd script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Sylvester Stallone .  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Judge Dredd. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Judge Dredd Script


            Aspen prison shuttle docked.

            Parolees prepare to disembark.

            Ferguson, Herman.

            Six months sentence, Aspen Prison served. Welcome back, citizen.

            Your living assignment is... "Y" block, Heavenly Haven.

            Red quad. Move on. Come on.

            Welcome home.

            That's it ! l think that's Heavenly Haven.

            - ln your dreams, buddy. - Yeah, Heavenly..

            Starting descent to Sector 12.   Yellow District.

               900 feet.

               700 feet.

               400 feet.

            Take caution in this sector. There is a citizen riot in progress.

            Have a nice day.

            lt's better than prison.

            Jesus Christ !

            Eat recycled food for a happier, healthier life.

            Be kind and peaceful to each other.

            Eat recycled food.

            Recycled food. lt's good for the environment and okay for you.

            Hey... look what l got !

            Little cupcake.

            What have we got here ? Are you a Judge spy, little man ?

            Me... a spy ? This guy is funny.

            No, no, no. l, l live here.

            l mean, l'm gonna live here, if l live. Maybe l should go to a hotel ?

            No way, man ! Don't you hear 'em out there ?

            lt's block war, man !

            - Block war. - Yeah.

              Just like an Academy simulation right down to the cross fire.

              - l'll lead off. You follow. - This is no sim, rookie !

              We'll stand down and wait for backup.


              Hershey and Brisco in position outside Heavenly Haven !

              We're under fire from the upper floors. Request backup.

              Cell "B" in Heavenly Haven, on the corner of Abbott and Costello.

              Request backup.

              Holy crud ! He's a sitting duck out there.

              He knows what he's doing.

              l am... the Law !

              Drop... your weapons !

              These blocks... are under... arrest !

              This is your final warning !

              That's Judge Dredd, man !

              Hey ! You wanna be afraid of somebody ? Be afraid of me !

              l got it ! Why don't l run down there and surrender ?

              Sort of throw 'em off guard ! Bad idea.

              Hey, Dredd ! Come and get us !

              - l knew they'd do that. - Judge Dredd, take cover !

              They're firing .   millimeter caseless flechette rounds at     meters.

              The effective lethal range is     meters.

              You're safe. What are you doing down there, Judge Hershey ?

              Waiting for backup.

              lt's here.

              Let's move it out. Keep it simple. Single file.

              Standard relay. l'm point. You're last.

              - Grenade. - Grenade.

              - Nice shot, sir ! - You two meet me on the   th.

              Hey, you need to get some more ammo !

              Be kind and peaceful to each other. Eat recycled food.

              Hey, you guys with us ?

              Yeah ! All right ! Let's rock 'n' roll !

              Dredd !

              This room has been pacified.

              - Next one's mine ! - No ! Rookie, hold on !

              This room is under arrest !

              No !

              Die, Judges ! Die !

              You're under arrest. Throw down your weapons, and prepare to be judged !

              Judge this, Lawgiver man !

              - No, don't ! They're booby-trapped. - lntruder.

              - Holy drok !

              Full auto. Rapid-fire.


              - Armor piercing. - Armor piercing.

              Drop dead, Dredd !

              - Double whammy. - Double whammy.

              Mega City municipal code    :

              Willful destruction of property. That's two years.

              Code    : lllegal possession of assault weapons, five years.

              Code    : Resisting arrest,    years !


              Thank you, Hershey.

              And code     :

              The first degree murder of a Street Judge.

              Let me guess. Life.


              Court's adjourned.

              Violence struck again in Mega City tonight, taking a deadly toll.

              Fifty-three hospitalized, five of them children. Nineteen dead.

              You got him ?

              Bring him up. Okay. Now, just turn.. The other way. You got him ?

              Damn it !

              l was supposed to be watching out for him.

              Don't blame yourself, Hershey. He made the mistake, not you.

              Wouldn't it feel good to have an emotion once in a while, huh ?

              Emotions. There oughta be a law against them.

              - Eat recycled food. - Halt !

              lt's good for the environment, and okay for you.

              Please make your selection. lnsert your credit in the slot.

              - You have five seconds to surrender ! - Dredd, it's just a servo-droid.

              - The servo-droid is your friend. Please let your friend go by. - Five. Four.

              - Three. Two. - You are in the way of the servo-droid.

              - One ! - Boy, am l glad to see you !

              Mega City code     :

              Willful sabotage of a public droid. That's six months, citizen.

              Let's see your Unicard.

              Come on, give me a break, Judge... Dredd. Dredd ?

              - God ! - Ferguson, Herman. Hacker.

              lllegal tampering with city droids, computers, cash machines, taxi robots..

              And you haven't even been out of jail for    hours. He's habitual, Hershey.

              Automatic five-year sentence. How do you plead ?

              - Not guilty ? - l knew you'd say that.

              Five years ? No ! No ! l... l had no choice.

              - They were killing each other. - You could've gone out the window.

              -    floors ? lt would've been suicide. - Maybe... but it's legal.

              - Judges ? - Yes, sir ? - What ?

              Five years. Aspen Penitentiary. Case closed. Take him away.

              Don't close the case. You're misjudging me ! Open the case !

              You're not going to be able to sleep tonight.

              He might've been telling the truth, you know.

              Haven't you ever heard of extenuating circumstances ?

              l've heard it all, Hershey.

              l knew you'd say that.

              My fellow Judges, have we forgotten the lessons of history ?

              My fellow Judges, have we forgotten the lessons of history ?

              However quickly these block wars can be contained,

              it's clear that they're becoming an epidemic;

              an epidemic that should be dealt with... immediately.

              The only solution is a tougher criminal code.

              Our situation gets worse every day.

                 citizen riots in    different sectors in the last two months alone.

              Violent crime is rising at   /o every quarter.

              lf we don't increase our resources,

              they will be inadequate in less than three years.

              Three years ? Our resources are inadequate now !

              My fellow Council members,

              as a city we continue to grow,

              and growth is painful.

              Sixty-five million people living in an area designed for no more than    !

              lt's not enough that they rely on us...

              for food, clothes, water, clean air..

              Chief Justice, the city is in chaos !

              For social order, we need tighter reins.

              lncarceration hasn't worked as a deterrent.

              l say we expand execution to include lesser crimes !

              My fellow Judges,

              l was barely in my teens when l put on this badge.

              When the time comes for me to take it off,

              please let me do so knowing that it still stands for freedom...

              and not for repression.

              -    hospitalized.

              Nineteen dead, four of them killed by a gang of squatters...

              who were themselves killed in summary executions by Judge Dredd.

              As my special undercover report continues,

              l will take you behind the scenes at the Halls of Justice...

              for a disturbing probe into these recent riots and block wars.

              Coincidence... or deliberate ?

              Dredd !

              Dredd !

              Some people think working these mean streets has a dehumanizing effect on..

              - Joseph. - Chief Justice Fargo.

              You may stand at ease, Joseph.

              So, tell me. Seven summary executions. Were they necessary ?

              Unavoidable, sir.


              Life doesn't mean much to some people anymore.

              - You'd see that if you weren't always.. - lf l weren't what ?

              Always at the Academy, sir.

              Oh ! Don't you mean, at the Academy wiping cadets' asses ?

              That's what they say in the squad room, isn't it ?

              lt's irrelevant. You set the standard, sir.

              Now you do... at least to many young cadets.

              You're a legend.


              You remember your days as a cadet, Joseph ?

              l remember what you taught me, sir.

              You were my finest student.

              So, l've drawn a new assignment for you.

              Starting tomorrow, you're going to spend two days a week at the Academy.

              l'd be honored, sir. narmed combat or marksmanship ?


              Wait here.

              Remain still. ldentify yourself.

              Miller. Warden.

              Voice sample recognized. Thank you, Warden. System disarmed.

              Why are you here ? Did you come for another chat ?

              Just a short one, l'm afraid. Duty calls.

              Ah, duty !

              Feeding these parasites here at the public's expense ?

              Yeah. You especially !

              l don't cost anything.

              l'm a ghost.

              And we're both prisoners here.

              You're behind your desk... and l'm behind this.

              What a clever reward from Fargo, huh ?

              l mean, considering the services.

              When you started killing innocent people, Rico,

              you went beyond service.

              The innocent exist only until they inevitably become perpetrators...

              like you.

              Guilt and innocence...

              is a matter of timing.


              Our mysterious benefactor...

              has sent you a package.

              Deactivate shield. Autoguns only.

              Autoguns reactivated, Warden Miller.


              - What is that ? - lt's an ancient puzzle...

              that contains the meaning of life.


              So, tell me, Rico,

              what is the meaning of life ?

              lt ends.


              Stop ! Computer!

              Activate alarm !

              Voice not recognized. Guns are training.

              Remain still.

              Security, override and unlock ! Come on !



              Kevlar   helmet and body armor. Yours... when you graduate.

              Lawgiver Two.

                -round side arm with mission-variable voice-programmed ammunition.

              - Signal flare. - Flare.

              Yours... if you graduate.

              Mark   Lawmaster, improved model,

              with dual on-board laser cannons,

              vertical take-off and landing flight capability.

              Range:     kilometers.

              - Men. - Yes, sir.

              Active. Malfunction. Malfunction.


              Hmm ?

              Yours if you can ever get it to work.


              All of these things you see here are toys.

              At the end of the day when you're all alone in the dark,

              the only thing that counts... is this: the Law.

              And you will be alone when you swear to uphold these ideals.

              For most of us, there's only death in the streets.

              For the few of us that survive to old age,

              the proud loneliness of the Long Walk.

              A walk that every Judge must take...

              outside these city walls...

              into the unknown of the Cursed Earth.

              And there spend your last remaining days...

              taking law to the lawless.

              This is what it means to be a Judge.

              This is the commitment l expect.

              Class dismissed.

              Attention all personnel.

              Due to the recent disturbance in Heavenly Haven,

              there will be increased patrols in Sector  .

              Please check with your commanders to see if you are affected...

              by these scheduled changes.

              l can hear you thinking.

              l caught your lecture today.

              ls that really what you think the cadets need to hear ?

              - What l told them is the truth. - Your truth maybe.

              You made it sound like our lives are practically over.

              Don't you think... parts are, Hershey ?

              l have a personal life. l have friends.

              You're one of the smartest of the new breed,

              but you've only been on the street a year.

              You haven't gotten used to the isolation yet.

              No. No, l don't think that's right.

              No one is supposed to be alone all the time.

              l mean, is that really what it's been like for you ?

              don't you ever.. haven't you ever had a friend ?

              Yes. Once.

              What happened ?

              Dredd, wait.

              l want to know. What happened ?

              l judged him.

              Aspen shuttle has completed off-loading.

              - Cargo and morgue shipments from Aspen. - Okay.

              Let's get outta here.


              Get your nose filters ! Get your nose filters !

              Please select your fantasy now and enjoy.

              ...who were themselves killed...

              in summary executions by Judge Dredd.

              As my special undercover report continues,

              l will take you behind the scenes at the Halls of Justice.

              We're closed for the night.

              You're holding a package for me. The code name is Lazarus.

              l'll just be a second.

              You got a nice place.

              Yeah. A lot of this is antiques.

              l thought they destroyed all these A.B.C. warriors during the last war.

              Well, you can still collect 'em...

              as long as they're nonfunctioning... like my wife.

              - These must be    or    years old now.


              there you go.

              - Hey, wait a second ! Don't touch it. - Why is that ?

              lt's a Lawgiver. That's programmed to only recognize a Judge's hand.

              You touch that, it'll take your arm off.

              Gee... how do you like that ? l must be a Judge.


              Happy birthday.

              Status ?



              - Commander ? - Rico.

              - Mission ? - Mission ? We're going to war.


              l followed up some grumblings confirming a suspicion of mine.

              The cancer of oppression goes far deeper than the Street Judges.

              - You're going to say that over the air? - lt's the truth!

              - Oh, Vardas, you're insane. - l'm a reporter.

              They're never going to let this get onto the air.

              Something like this could bring down the Council.

              maybe it should. the whole system is the problem, not just judge..

              Dredd. No !

              Judge Hershey, corner of burns and allen. level "d."

              Possible D..l. May need assistance.

              Here we go ! 

              - Step out of the car, please. - What the hell's the problem now ?

              Get out of the car ! nicard, please.

              Did you hear me ? nicard !

              Mr. Souza. You have a suspended license.

              - You've got three counts of driving under the influence. - Hey, you better listen.

              l suggest you walk away and bother somebody else.

              When l said l have powerful friends, l mean powerful !

              - Are we having a problem, Hershey? - Not at all. Nothing l can't handle.

              Suspended license. Three D..l.'s.

              This is getting boring. Okay, so what's the tab ? C'mon.

              How much is this going to cost me ? You name your price.

              Hershey, call Control for an H-wagon.

              What ? l don't believe it. You're going to tow me ?

              Towing is for a first offense. This is your fourth violation, bar breath.

              - You're a menace. How do you plead ? - Not guilty.

              l knew you'd say that.

              - Wait a second. What are you doing ? - Grenade.

              - Grenade. - No !

              Happy motoring.

              - Subtle. - Mm-hmm.

              Judge Joseph Dredd.

              Dredd, you're under arrest.

              What's the charge ?


              Attention. Chief Justice Fargo now entering maximum security area.

              - Joseph. - Sir.

              - ls it true ? - l'm innocent.

              The Council is said to have irrefutable proof.

              Do you believe that ?

              There is to be a full tribunal.

              - A conviction means death. - Do you believe that, sir ?

              l just needed to look into your eyes for myself.

              l'm sorry l asked.

              l would never do anything to disgrace you with the Council, sir.

              l'll use every resource to find out, Joseph.

              Have you selected someone to defend you ?

              - Judge Hershey. - Hershey ? Why a Street Judge ?

              At the Academy, she was at the top of her class in interpretational law.

              And l trust her.

              The facts will come out at the tribunal.

              l'll personally make sure of that.

              Sir ?

              l'm sorry about this.

              - Dredd ! No !

              Play back.

              - Dredd ! No !

              - Dredd ! No !

              Play back.

              Stop video. The video you have just seen...

              is prima facie evidence that the defendant is guilty as charged.

              mark it people's exhibit "a."

              Objection, Your Honor.

              This video is inadmissible as evidence.

              - lf l may be given a moment to explain? - Please do.

              l have an affidavit from Nathan Olmeyer, currently a junior at the Academy.

              Cadet Olmeyer has been acknowledged...

              by every one of his instructors to be an expert in digital and video graphics.

              His affidavit states this surveillance video is of such low definition,

              no positive identification can be made of the killer.

              Your Honors,

              we know that the uniform of a Judge can be counterfeit...

              and that the badge can be duplicated,

              and since neither the video nor the audio in this presentation...

              can identify the accused in any way,

              l repeat my objection to this video being allowed as evidence in this case,

              and l ask for a ruling.

              Objection sustained.

              The video is inadmissible.

              Yes !


              Admit it, Dredd.

              - What ? - You're impressed.

              - Very. - You owe me.

              - Hmm. - Very well.

              l'm therefore forced to move...

              to technical information of a critical nature.

              l will need the court's permission...

              to access top-secret documentation...

              with the help of Central Computer Bank.

              You may proceed.

              Central, are you on-line ?

              On-line, Judge McGruder.

              l wish you to access weapons schematic.

              Describe the working of the standard Judge's side arm, the Lawgiver Two.

              Model Two is coded to the personal D.N.A....

              of the Judge using the weapon...

              via the skin's contact with the grip, a fail-safe security..

              - Did you know about this ? - No !

              The D.N.A. is obtained from my medical files,

              and upgraded automatically every time the weapon is reloaded.

              Each time a round is chambered and fired...

              the projectile is tagged with the relevant D.N.A.

              Chief Justice, the defense was not made aware of any of this information.

              Judge Hershey, the prosecution must be given time to finish.

              Central, were the bullets recovered from the bodies of Vardas and Lily Hammond...

              so D.N.A. coded ?

              Yes, Judge McGruder. lt could not be otherwise.

              And what was the result of the computer check...

              of the D.N.A. coding on those bullets ?

              The D.N.A. is a perfect match for Judge Joseph Dredd.

              lt's a lie ! The evidence has been falsified.

              lt's impossible ! l never broke the Law ! l am the Law !

              - We have no case. - You gotta believe me !

              You have to believe me. Say it.

              Your Honor... the prosecution rests.

              The Tribunal needs to confer !

              What have l done ? How could l have been so wrong?

              Dredd ! Both of them homicidal.

              Only this time it will be impossible to cover up.

              Chief Justice,

              we carefully buried the Janus project nine years ago...

              along with Rico and all his victims.

              No one will ever learn of your involvement.

              The media knows how close l am to Dredd.

              They'll dig until the whole truth comes out.

              lt's the perfect excuse to ruin what government we have left.

              Your motives were pure.

              You thought Dredd was different. That's why you spared him.

              A mistake which may bring down the judicial system.

              There is a way out, Chief Justice.

              lf you will forgive me. The Long Walk.

              That's a death sentence, Judge Griffin. Mine.

              Your retirement grants you the power to save Dredd's life !

              This gesture...

              may also allow Janus to remain a secret.

              ln the charge of premeditated murder,

              this tribunal finds Joseph Dredd...

              guilty as charged.

              Joseph Dredd,

              you're aware the law allows only one punishment for your crime.


              However, it has long been our custom...

              to carry out the last order of a retiring Senior Judge.

              And so...

              l step down.

              No !

              As l leave...

              to take my Long Walk into the Cursed Earth,

              l ask that this court honor my last order.

              Be lenient with Judge Dredd...

              in gratitude for his years of service.

              We will so honor this one, Judge Fargo.

              Dredd, step forward.

              The sentence shall be life imprisonment...

              at Aspen Penal Colony, to be carried out immediately...

              as it is written !

              Justice Griffin, this trial has been a farce ! l demand an appeal !

              You will accept the court's decision, Judge Hershey !

              Dredd, l'm so sorry.

              l let you down.

              You did your best, Hershey. Thank you.

              Let the betrayer of the Law...

              be taken from our courts.

              Let his armor be taken from him,

              and all his garb of justice.

              Let him be stricken from our hearts and our memory... forever.

              Let his name be recorded in every place of honor.

              Let him take the Law he served so well...

              to those who have it not.

              Let him be written...

              in our hearts and our memories... forever.

              Attention all judges. you are reminded..

              Judge Hershey.

              lt's gotta be here some..

              What's this ?

              Baby Dredd ?

              l can't believe you were ever a baby.

              Who's this ?

              Chief Justice Griffin.

              lt's got a nice ring to it.

              We were supposed to meet someplace safe !

              What's not safe ? Your reporter's dead, right?

              Fargo's on his Walk.

              Dredd's in Aspen.

              So, what's not safe ?

              lt's unfortunate.

              Hammond had to be silenced. He found out about Janus.

              - But l could've used Dredd. - Forget Dredd !

              There is no Dredd !

              Let me tell you what Dredd worships.

              He worships the Law !

              He'd have blown you away the minute he found out how much you're pissin' on it.

              Yeah. Let him see what it's like to freeze his ass off in Aspen.

              Let him see what it's like to be me !

              There's a lot of work to be done.

              Janus. Well, where is it ?

              - You'll see it ! - When ?

              Soon enough !

              ln the meantime, l want chaos, Rico.

              That block war was just the beginning.

              Now l want fear racing through every street !

              And the Council will have to turn to me.

              And to Janus !

              You want fear ? l'm fear.

              You want chaos ? l'm the chaos.

              You want a new beginning ? Here ! l am the new beginning !

              This is Aspen Shuttle CF-   .

              Due to storm cloud activity over the desert, we will be flying at    feet.

              Flight time approximately four hours.

              Dredd ? Don't hit me. l'm sorry. l'm sorry. Don't hurt me.

              What are you doing here ?

              l was convicted of a crime. Wrongly convicted.

              Really ? That's kinda weird.

              What are the odds ?

              Two wrongly-convicted guys sittin' right next to each other.

              You received the sentence the Law required.

              Five years... just for saving my own ass ?

              That was a mistake !

              The Law doesn't make mistakes.

              Really ? Then how do you explain what happened to you ?

              You can't... can you ?

              great ! mr. "l am the law" can't.

              So, maybe, this is some kind of typo.

              Maybe it's a glitch.

              Or maybe it's poetic justice !

              Shuttle comin' ! Shuttle ! Shuttle !

              Shuttle comin', Pa ! Look !

              Praise the Lord for bringing us this generous bounty.

              My sons... gather the harvest.

              So maybe you're here as some sort of field trip.

              Yeah !

              Maybe this is some sort of... surprise party.

              Whoo ! Gonna catch me some city boy !

              lt's payback time, Dredd !

              Dredd, what's happening ?

              By a blast of God they perish.

              And by a breath of His nostrils are they consumed.

              Hallelujah !

              Central, l need you to access graphics data base.

              l want you to run an l.D. on this man.

              Scanning for identity. nknown male,

              approximately     centimeters tall, skin tone three.

              ten, nine, eight..

              Central ? Hello ?

              This terminal has been terminated from the main system.

              Your authority has been removed, Judge Hershey.

              This is Group Leader. We've located the shuttle.

              This is Capture Team. There's no sign of Dredd.

              He appears to have survived the crash.

              You are in error, Capture Team. No one survived the shuttle wreck.

              Understand ? Just find Dredd !

              The pilot, sir. He's alive.

              No one survived the shuttle wreck ! Do l make myself clear ?

              Yes, sir.

              Am l dead ?

              Am l dead ? l'm dead !

              - Awake !

              Good !

              We're running out of sinners.

              Oh, my God !

              - Dredd, do something ! - Dredd ?

              You talk too much.

              Can it be ?

              The great man of the Law himself.

              O Lord, you have blessed us indeed !

              Judge "rat" Dredd.

              You creeps are under arrest.

              ls that so ?

              Let me crush him, Pa.

              - Excuse me. We're not together.

              Allow me to introduce you to my family.

              - There's Link, my oldest. - Bite me !

              Hi !

              My youngest, Junior.

              - Howdy. - Hi !

              And this here is Mean.

              We had to make some alterations when he was a child.

              The Cursed Earth's a tough place on young folks.

              l now have him set on one. l don't suggest you make him angry.

              The legendary Angel family.

              Cursed Earth pirates,

              murderers, scavengers.

              - And, of course, scumbags. - Oh, that'll win 'em over !

              Did l leave something out, Pa ?

              - Let me kill 'im, Pa. l want his ears. - l want his teeth.

              Does that come with a fork, handsome ?

              Hallelujah, brother !

              Wait a minute. Can it be ?

              Can it be that from the city of the fallen...

              - we have one of the faithful ? - Amen, brother !

              - Praise the Lord ! l'm a believer ! - Fergie, don't do it.

              lt sounds like we have a believer in the gallery.

              - Yes ! - Cut him down !

              - Go tell it on the mountain ! - Fergie.

              You're making a big mistake.

              Well, Dredd, maybe the Law doesn't make mistakes,

              but l'm free and you're toast.

              Actually, you're toast.

              l forgot to mention it. Your new friends,

              they're cannibals.

              - Fresh meat. - Prepare the supplicant for sacrifice.

              No, wait. You can't eat me !

              l've got eczema. l've got warts. l've had gonorrhea.

              Eat Dredd. He works out.

              Yum, yum. lt's been fun, Lawman.

              Finish Dredd.

              My pleasure, Pa.

              Come on.

              Come on !

              Come on, Junior !

              - Guilty !

              - Shut up !

              - Dredd, look out !

              There's Dredd !

              - Go !

              Well, we did it. We got 'em all.

              - Hmm. - Pussies! ls that all you got ?

              They are dead, right ?

              Have you been crying ?

              l'm not crying. l got something in my eye.

              You ever have allergies ? Dredd, look out !

              - Chief Justice ! - Joseph, together again.

              Together again, sir.

              - No !

              - God, not again !

              You got three strikes, Lawman !

              Strike one.

              Strike two !

              Strike three.

              You're out, Lawman !

              You killed Link ! You killed Junior !

              You killed my brothers !

              You even killed my pa.

              Mega City municipal code     :

              lllegal use of city electricity.

              - How do you plead ?

              l knew you'd say that !

              Graphics analysis now.

              Olmeyer, you stupid futz ! l can't..

              You analyzed the wrong viewie, all right. The wrong one. This one !

              l don't believe it. You just wasted three hours.

              lf this is the wrong picture,

              Why is it fake ?

              What ?

              Look. lt's full of anomalies. Really clever ones too.

              Somebody must've used a C.G.l. terminal and a scan quad to make this.

              This is state-of-the-art... twenty years ago.

              Are you saying this isn't real ?

              Yeah. Look, l'll drop out all the artificial pixels.

              Dad. Mom.


              Background. All fake.

              The only thing that's real is the baby.

              Oh. The blind lady.

              Who is she ?

              Justice... before your time.

              We should never have taken justice out of her hands.

              - You brought order to chaos, sir. - That we did.

              Solved many problems, and created many more !

              - Being a Judge, Joseph,

              perhaps too much power in one person's hands.

              We once tried to compensate: create the perfect Judge.

              We called it Janus.

              Four decades ago,

              D.N.A. samples were taken from the original Council.

              One was chosen. Mine.

              We altered it to enhance the best qualities...

              and screen out the worst:

              weaknesses, frailties.

              We created you.

              You didn't create me, sir.

              - l have a family. - No.

              At the Academy, you told me they were killed when l was very young.

              A lie.

              l have a picture of them.

              A fake. We lied... to both of you.

              Both ?

              There was another infant created in that experiment,

              but something went wrong.

              Genetically mutated to the perfect criminal.

              l have a brother ?

              You were best friends at the Academy. Star pupils.

              And then he turned. And for his crimes, you judged him.

              Rico ?


              You let me judge my own brother ? You never told me, sir.

              l couldn't !

              You were like a son to me !

              A son.

              My whole life is a lie.

              Rico had to be executed to protect you, to protect the city.


              Rico. He's alive!

              No. l signed the order myself.

              - l saw the report. - l didn't kill Hammond.

              lt was him. lt was his D.N.A. that convicted me.

              Griffin. Hmph. lt was Griffin.

              Griffin, yes.

              We've both been deceived, Joseph. l'm so sorry.

              Rico's killed me and destroyed you !

              fi.. find him, joseph.

              Don't die.

              What do we do ?

              What do we do ?

              Find Rico.

              Welcome to Janus.

              Rico, l think you know Dr. Hayden.

              l remember you. Testified before the Council that l was insane, right ?

              - And therefore innocent. - l was trying to save your life.

              What you did was insult me, 'cause l knew exactly what l was doing.

              Then and now.

              Miss Hayden has been a loyal supporter of this project for a long time.

              She's kept it alive for me. l'm sure you'll find her expertise invaluable.

              Excuse me ! All this is useless if you can't get into Central's Janus files,

              'cause the Council has 'em locked.

              Leave that to me. Meanwhile you have work to do... on the streets.

              - llsa will help you. - l don't need no help ! Thanks.

              l thought you said he was created here by the finest scientists of Mega City.

              A bold experiment.

              He's a petulant child.

              Let's not bicker. We're here to achieve the same thing.

              An ordered society.

              You'll have your New Order.

              Attention, all Judges. Reporting unrest, code D-   .

              Downtown, Sector   . Backup requested.

              Nineteen different explosions in    different sectors.

              Extra caution to be taken on approach to    ..

              Search all areas bordering the Elite Building.

              The anonymous caller did not specify capacity. Proceed with caution.

              My boy !

              Dredd, there's no way in !

              Hello ? Are you even listening to me ?

              We can't just knock on the wall and say, "hello, cursed earth pizza."

              There is a way in.

              Six years ago, two refugees figured it out.

              lt's a vent to the city's incinerator. There's a burst twice a minute.

              That means somebody could run through that tube...

              and have    seconds before it flames again.

              And these, these refugees, they made it through, right ?

              Actually, they were roasted.

              But the theory's sound. Shall we ?

              Maybe we should consider other theories. Dredd !

              Dispatch, l'm in Green Quad    . Need a pickup.

              Copy, Hershey. l have Central on-line for you.

              Patch it to my Lawmaster.

              Warning. Alien device on board.

              Oh, my God !

              Latest casualty report:    Judges have been assassinated !

              Whoever's doing this seems to know all our procedures,

              our security measures, even our scrambled frequencies.

              With no Judges on the street, riots are breaking out all over Mega City.

              We can't replace those Judges.

              Even if we put the cadets on the street, we won't be at full strength for years !

              There is a solution.

              Project Janus.

              This Council tried to play God once before.

              lf this wholesale slaughter of Judges continues, there won't be a Council.

              - Janus could.. - Janus could what ?

              A new batch of test-tube babies won't solve this crisis.

              We don't need reliable Judges    years from now, we need them today !

              Accelerated growth incubators are more developed now.

              We could create adult subjects.

              All l'm asking is that we unlock the Janus files.

              That way we at least have an option !

              lf the Council decides not to go forward,

              l'll accept that decision... and resign.

              - All right, you ready, kid ? - No !

              - Now what's wrong ? - What's wrong ? Are you kidding ?

              Did wearing that helmet all those years compress your brain ?

              - You're gonna get me killed. - There's a maniac loose in this city !

              What a coincidence !

              - There's one out here too ! - Oh.

              Great time l'm having. The shuttle crash, the Cursed Earth, cannibals.

              And now a fireball up my ass !

              - This is all your fault ! - My fault ?

              - Yes ! - You care to explain that, citizen ?

              lf you hadn't arrested me, l wouldn't be here in the first place.

              Hey, Dredd, what if you just kill me now ?

              That's it ! l'm through schlepping.

              l'm gonna stay here until l'm caught or 'til you apologize !

              - The Law can't apologize ! - You're not the Law anymore.

              Now apologize. l think l deserve that.

              l've never apologized.

              Now run !

              Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight,

              - twenty-seven, twenty-six, - Run !

              twenty-five, twenty-four, twenty-three, twenty-two,

              twenty-one, nineteen..

              Dredd ? Dredd !

              Dredd ! l don't wanna die !

              Jump !

              l'm alive !

              l'm alive !

              Oh... so are you.

              Esposito, Carlos. Council Judge.

              Authorize access to file, code name Janus.


              McGruder, Evelyn. Authorize access to file, code name Janus.


              Silver, Gerald.

              Authorize access to file, code name Janus.

              Removing security blocks now.

              Awaiting password command from presiding Chief Justice.

              Password, origin.

              Janus file opened.

              Attention. ntil emergency repairs are completed,

              ward "c" locker room is off limits.


              l'm lost. ls this the bathroom ?

              Hey !

              Now you have to admit, l helped out on that one.

              l mean, that was all me, baby !

              hey, hey, wh.. why are you taking off his clothes ?

              We don't have time for this.

              Central, using current technology,

              how long would it take for Janus to produce a fully-grown adult subject ?

              Given the current state of genetic engineering,

              an adult subject could be incubated in approximately eight hours.

              - We could replace our losses in a day. - This is madness.

              Ah, Dredd ?

              - Silence. - Dredd !

              Shh. l'm busy.

              Dredd ?

              lt's inhuman. lt's not for this Council to play God !

              No, Griffin. Please restore the security blocks.

              lt seems none of you have the force of will that these times require.

              Central, leave Janus unlocked.

              Griffin, this is treason. You have just sealed your fate.

              No !

              You have just sealed yours ! Rico !

              Now who says politics is boring ?

               - Hey, Dredd ! l thought it was you.

                That's right ! Cover your ears !

                - Rico. - Joseph.

                Get out of here... now !

                No !

                - You're under arrest, Griffin. - Really ?

                Stop him ! He just killed the entire Council !

                - Move it out ! - Dredd, tell them l'm innocent.

                Come on, Fergie ! Run !

                You're a lot of fun to be with, Dredd. You know that ?

                - What are you gonna do ? - Hope it works.

                What is wrong with this piece of shit ?

                That's a solid brick wall ! You're going to kill us !

                Dredd ! You gotta make it work !

                Make it work !

                Malfunction. Malfunction. On-line.

                Dredd, you may want to wash this seat after we get off the bike.

                - Hmm. - Sorry.

                Dredd, move it !

                - Fergie, cover the rear. - l've never fired a gun in my life !

                - What kind of a criminal are you ? - A nice criminal.

                - Nothing's happening ! - You gotta cock it first, moron.

                You didn't say anything about cocking.

                Nice !

                Stop ! Please, God !

                You can drop me off here.

                - Dredd, that's a dead end. - l know.

                Oh, God !

                Fergie, take over !

                Where are you going ? Dredd !

                - This is where you get off, creep !

                - Need a lift, kid ?

                l'm never riding with you again, Dredd !

                She's definitely not gonna get her cleaning deposit back, that's for sure.

                lt doesn't pay to be one of your friends, Dredd. Sorry !

                Hands against the wall. You know the drill.

                - who are you ? - Dredd said that..

                Shut up !

                - What happened ? - Why don't you tell me, Dredd, huh ?

                We're dyin' out there !     Judges in    hours !

                What the hell is going on ?

                You think l'm part of this ?

                l don't know who or what you are anymore.

                l would never do anything to hurt you, Hersh.

                You know that.

                All right.

                You tell me about him, huh ?

                You make me believe in you like l did when l defended you.

                His name is Rico...

                and he's my brother.

                The D.N.A. sample has been taken out of frozen stasis.

                - Ready for cloning process. - We got a slight change of plans here.

                l want to take the existing D.N.A. sample right now and trash it.

                Activate this D.N.A. sampling console.

                What are you doing ?

                Central, take... this D.N.A. sample now.

                This wasn't part of our plan !

                Judge Griffin would never have authorized this !


                You know, Griffin got to be my keeper by puttin' me behind bars.

                What's your excuse ?

                You said l had no feelings and no emotions.

                Now you know why.

                Dredd... look at me.

                The Janus project didn't do that to you. You did that to yourself.

                Sorry, guys, l'm getting nowhere with your terminal.

                But l fixed the microwave. You want some popcorn ?

                ls this a bad time ?

                Look, l tried dialing everything l could think of to find this Janus thing.

                lt just isn't in the program. Nowhere. Nothing.

                They'd never take a chance and put it on the computer network...

                but they need power and they're gonna steal it from somewhere.

                Check every sector for recent blackouts and sudden power surges.

                - Great. Let's stay here longer ! - Wait a second.

                Just before they blew up my Lawmaster in Sector Four,

                there was a power surge, a really big one, three blocks wide.

                The last time l felt something like that,

                they shut down the whole power grid in that area, remember ?

                When they moved the Statue of Liberty, they put it right down on top of it.

                - Right. - Could we go now ?

                Dredd... that's twice you owe me.

                Rico ! Dredd got away from the hunters.

                Well, he's about to be seriously outnumbered.

                - Right, Central ? - Affirmative, Judge Rico.

                The new D.N.A. sample has been multiplexed,

                and the gametes are already dividing.

                New sample ?

                You left that D.N.A. in there for over    years !

                Sooner or later, somebody's gonna clean out the fridge.

                That sample was created from the finest specimens on the Council of Judges !

                What did you replace it with ?

                No. My God.

                You should congratulate me right now, 'cause l'm about to be a daddy.

                You're being very, very rude.

                You don't know what you're doing !

                The next batch of Janus Judges are not going to be the puppets that you want !

                They're gonna be my brothers and sisters ! And mine to control !

                l can't let you do this. you're both insane ! l have to stop..

                Central... help me !

                l'm sorry, Chief Justice, the A.B.C. robot...

                is not tied into my main processor.

                That's right, Griff. You gotta get with this high-tech stuff.

                - Robot, rip his arms and legs off. - No !

                And you save his head for last. l don't want him to miss anything !

                - Anything ! - No !

                - Fergie, you stay here. - By myself?

                You'll need me to shut down the Janus system. We're a team.

                Granted, you do most of the work, but we're still a team.

                - l'll handle it, kid. - l bring you luck.

                - Luck ? - You are still alive, Dredd.


                - l'm getting a signal.

                lt's close. lt's moving closer !

                Jesus Christ !

                Get back !

                No !

                Dredd !

                Drop the gun.

                Robot, on the count of three, break her neck.

                one, two..

                No !

                - Hershey ? - l'm still here.

                - How romantic. Step inside.

                He looks a lot like you.

                He looks a lot like you.

                He is a lot like me.

                l am nothing like you.

                The only difference between us, Joseph,

                is you destroyed your life... to embrace the Law.

                And l destroyed the Law... to embrace life.

                And speaking of life, send in the clones.

                Behold !

                This is where you were born.

                Feel that magic ?

                But you must've known all along...

                you were different.

                Fergie... are you still alive ?

                Technically... yes.

                Your brothers and your sisters.

                Be born in two hours.

                One big, endless supply of perfection.

                You know, we have a choice. We can stand here right now...

                and create a whole race of brainwashed morons, and call them Judges.

                Or we can create some freethinking people.

                We'll call them human.


                You could never control yourself.

                What makes you think you can control... these things ?

                'Cause you're in control.

                You be head of the Council.

                You choose, and you choose quickly too.

                l should've put you down myself... personally !

                You know, l never understood that.

                Why did you judge me ? Why did you judge me ?

                - You killed innocent people. - The means to an end.

                - You started a massacre. - l caused a revolution.

                - You betrayed the Law ! - Law !

                l betrayed this !

                Your Council's experiment, which failed in you !

                l was your brother, your blood, your friend.

                Who betrayed who ?

                When are you gonna stop being a goddamn slave and grow up ?

                That's your birthright, that's your family.

                l'm your family. l'm the only family you ever had !

                Now choose !

                The best thing you can do is kill me.

                Why ?

                Because it's your only chance... brother.

                Fido !

                Rip this bitch's arms and legs off.

                - Save her pretty head for my brother. - Don't do it !

                Halt !

                Rip his head off instead. Give it to her.

                What's the matter with you ?

                Rico !

                - Boy, is he pissed ! - Fergie !

                Dredd !

                - Get him, Dredd ! - Hang on, Fergie.

                Hack you, asshole.

                Rico !

                Central, hatch that first set of clones.

                 The cloning process is not finished, Judge Rico.

                The clones will be only   /o complete.

                l need reinforcements. Hatch the goddamn clones now !

                Don't fight much, do you ?

                Bitch !

                lt's Judge Bitch !

                l'm the only one who never lied to you.

                l'll be the judge of that.

                Now, Joseph Dredd, l hereby judge you.

                To the charge of betraying your flesh... guilty.

                To the charge of being human, when we could have been Gods... guilty.

                The sentence is death.

                Don't miss.

                Lethal round is exhausted.

                Signal flare !

                Court is adjourned.


                Give me your hand.

                That's three times now, Dredd.

                Stay in back, Hershey.

                - Am l under arrest ? - That won't be necessary.

                Central broadcast the Janus plan after Griffin's death.

                They all know the truth.

                Judge Dredd, we have to reconstitute the Council.

                We'd like you to consider the first position of Chief Justice.

                l'm a Street Judge.

                And l'm very late for work. Thank you, Olmeyer.

                l am dying. l'm too young.. excuse me.

                Oh, that's great ! He gets all the credit.

                Dredd ?

                l taught him everything he knows.

                Dredd, that's it ?

                No good-bye ?

                Good-bye, Hershey.

                To tell you the truth, l'm probably a much better kisser.

                Ow ! Okay, come on, let's go, will ya ? Can we swing by a cash machine ?

                Feels good to be human, don't you think ?

                l knew you'd say that.

Special help by SergeiK