Juice Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Juice script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Juice. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Juice Script



[Heart Beating]


















  Sip the juice  



  I got enough

to go around  



  And the thought

takes place uptown  



  I grew up

on a sidewalk  



  Where I learned

street talk  



  And then taught

to hawk New York  



  I go to Queens for queens

to get the crew from Brooklyn  



  Make money in Manhattan

and never been took in  



  Go uptown to the Bronx

and boogie down  



  Get strong on the island,

recoup and lay around  



  Time to build

my juice back up  



  Props stack up  



  Suckers get smacked up  



  Don't doubt

the clout  



  You know

what I'm about  



  Knockin' niggers off,

knockin' niggers out  



  Shakin' 'em up,

wakin' 'em up  



  Rakin' 'em up,

breakin' 'em up  



  Standin' on shaky ground,

too close to the edge  



  Let's see if I know

the ledge  



  The corner's triflin',

'cause Shorty's here  



  I get cocked liftin'

  s of beer  



  Here's a sip for

the crew that's deceased  



  If I get revenge,

then they rest in peace  



  Somebody gotta suffer  



  I just might

spare one  



  And give a brother

a fair one  



  Stay alert and on pees  



  And I do work

with these  



  Like Hercules  



  Switch to southpaw,

split your right jaw  



  'Cause I don't

like y'all  



  I'm hype

when night fall smooth  



  But I move

like an army  



  Bulletproof down  



  In case brothers

try to bomb me  



  Puttin' brothers

to rest  



  Like Eliot Ness  



  'Cause I don't like stress  



  Streets ain't a place

for innocent bystanders to stand  



  Nothin's gonna

stop the plan  



  I'll chill like Pacino  



  Kill like De Niro,

black Gambino  



  Die like a hero  



  Livin' on shaky ground  



 Too close to the edge  



  Let's see

if I know the ledge  



  Shells lay around

on the battle ground  



  Dead bodies are found

throughout the town  



  Try to put shame in my game

to make a name  



  I'm gonna

put it on a bullet  



  Put it in your brain  



  And my pockets

are still fat  



  Wherever I'm at,

I get the welcome mat  



  So come say hi

to the bad guy  



  Don't say goodbye  



  I don't plan to die  



  'Cause I get loose  



  And I got troops  



  And crazy juice   



[End Of Record Skipping]



[Sirens, Traffic Noise]






Quincy, get up!

It's after  :  



and you're going to be

late for school again!



Quincy Powell,

did you hear me?



I said get up.



This is bullshit, man.



Excuse me, young man,

what did you say?



Nothin', Ma.



That's what I thought.

Get up.



  Enterthe dragon 'cause

it's startin'to rain  




on the bandwagon...   



Gerard, Eric,

time to get up!



Come on, man,

move it, man.



Move your fat feet.



You're too fat

to be smelling bad.



You gonna never get

anywhere but--stop!



Don't, you little bitch!



Get your rusty butt up!



I'm up, Pop,

I'm up.



And do something

about this room.



Sure thing.



Fatness never




Morning, Grandma.



Oh, morning, baby.

Breakfast is ready.



See ifyour father's hungry!



[Train Whistle]



Raheem, you know I got

a job interview this morning.



Let me in.

I'm late as is.



Raheem, let me

in the bathroom!



How much?



How much what?



How much you willing

to give me to get in?



Fuckyou, Raheem!

I ain't givin' you shit!



Raheem, let me in.

I'll give you a dollar.



Ha ha!



Quincy, I was talking

to Louise in  -A.



Her boy Tyrone--



You know Tyrone,

that tall skinny boy?



Nice kid.



He's looking to get

into the Acme School,



that school

where they teach you



to fix cars, washing machines,

and whatnot.



You make good money

doing that.



Are you listening to me?



I'll give you $ .  




Now, let me in.



Did you say $ .  ?



Yes, I did.



Cool. $ .  .

I'm with that.



Have you been

working out?



You look nice.

You look real fine.



I'll give it to you




Myra, you better

give me my $ .  !



What's going on

out here?



Nothin', Ma.



  Better creation,

what a celebration  



  My vocabulary

is varied 



  Trouble like a trick hand,

sinking like quicksand 



  Makin ' the competition feel

like they need a kickstand  



  To support

what they thought  



  Would have brought them

some type of victory  



  You better

never act, no  



  Huh, 'nuffrespect   



[H umming]



[Porky Pi g]

P-P-Puppy, oh, puppy, speak to me.



G-G-Good ol' doggy.

Nice puppy.



Oh, y-y-you poor thing.



T ake it easy, Pop.



Button up your coat.



Don't be comin' back

all hours of the ni ght.



I won't.



And clean up that room,



or it's gonna be

me and you.



You can't play that music

the rest ofyour life.



What time are you

comin' home?



And you're not going

in the Army either.



Remember that.



Quincy, where's

your books?



What's up, Lenny, man?

Better hurry that ass up.



Mrs. Sanders ain't going

for that late shit no more.



Yo, I need those notes

for biology class.



If I flunk, I'll have to

kickyour ass.



I'm sorry.



Damn, baby, what's up?

Can I get that number?



Eric, come back here

and make up your bed!



- Busted!

- Damn!



Yo, Raheem!



Yo, Raheem!



Keesha. Keesha, wait.



I don't want to argue.

I'm tired of that shit.



What the fuck

do you want, then, Raheem?



I got to take the baby

to the sitter.



I could help.

That's my baby, too.



Ifwe got back




I ain't even about

to let you have my baby



so you can have him

hangin' out with you



and your fucked-up friends.



And how would Charlene

feel about that?



I ain't messin'

with Charlene no more.



Raheem, you ain't even

foolin' nobody.



Everybody knows.

It's all over the school.



Come talk to me

when you're serious.



I'm serious now.



I'm serious, too,




This does not

make you a man.



I need a real man.



I'm not lettin' my child

grow up and be fucked up



Iike you and your

stupid-ass friends.



Yeah, well,

fuckyou, then!



I don't need

your tired ass anyway, bitch!



That was real smooth, man.



I'm squashin' her.



That shit is

too much work.



I should've

let you have her.



I let you have her.



Just buggin', man.

What's up?



Yeah. I thought so.



  So you wanna

be a gangster...   



Yo, Bishop!



What you want?



Your ass, punk!



People been sayin'



that you say

you can bust my ass.



You believe that shit?






Chill, chill,

chill, chill, chill.



Smile, man, smile.



See this?



Take a real good look at him,



'cause that's how

a dumb nigger commits suicide.



You thinkyour shit

is that bad, man?



You got that much juice?



God damn right.



Don't nobody

fuckwith me.



'Cause you already

fucked up, man.



You can't fuck up somethin'

that's already fucked up.



Ifyou wasn't

as fucked up as you are,



you'd see

that shit, man!



What a dumb nigger, man.



Fuckyou, you beans and rice

son of a bitch!



Respect me.

I was almost your father,



but the line

was too fucking long!



Hey, hey,

it's cool, man.



It's cool.



Raheem, man, you better

tell your boy somethin',



'cause I don't care

if he's crazy or not.



I'll stomp the shit

out of his ass.



You ain't saying

nothing but a word!



He's just bullshittin'.

He didn't mean it.



Shit if I didn't mean it.



Fuck that little

Puerto Rican maricon!



Maricon? Maricon?

Ifyou're looking' for faggots,



you ain't got to look no farther

than your pa.



I hear he liked bein'

the prison yard whore!







Get away from my store!



I'm gonna shoot

your pee-pee off, man.



Tell me that wasn't

the shit.



You're crazy, man.



Ain't had no fun like that

in a while.



That nigger had you

by your neck and shit.



I swear to God--



What's up, Fat Chops?



What's up, man?



Hey, how you doin'?



You're late, man.



I feel good.



Sorry, man.

I was busy, man.



I had a hard time

gettin' away, man.



Give those chubby palms

a rest,



you'd get here

with the rest of us.



Want to know

why I'm really late?



I was doin'

the hootchy-kootchy



with Donna Bromwell.



So you boned

Donna Bromwell?



Yeah, man.

She liked it, too.



My man,

finally got that ass.



I heard that.




Appreciate it.



So how was it?



It was good.

What do you think?



I heard Donna Bromwell

was a real freak.



The bitch tried to fuck me

on the stove.



She still got that,

uh, tattoo?



No, man. I wasn't lookin'

for no tattoo.



I was doin' the hootchy-kootchy,

my friend.



You knew it was Donna

from that hair on her face.



Yeah, man, come on.



You didn't know about

Donna Bromwell, man?



What, man, what?



That she used to be

Donald Bromwell?



  Big Don   



Don Juan.



Fucky'all, man.



Come on, big, hefty,

tub-of-a-man you!



Don't make me

come afteryou!



Get the fuck off me!



My man.



You big

fat-head jalopy.



'Reckin' crew!



Hope you're feelin'

lucky today, my brother,



'cause I'm getting ready

to bust your ass.



You want me

to lie to you?



Just 'cause you

pour syrup on shit



don't make it pancakes.






What's up?



What's happenin'?



You got that

party tape for me?



Yeah, I got the shit.



My brother, my brother,

my brother, my brother.



Bad news, though.

Bein' that we in a recession,



the shit's gonna cost

$    instead of    .



- $   .

- $   ?



Hit the button!

Hit the button!






Kiss? Money?

What you gonna do, sweetheart?



I ain't got all day.



Do what you're told.

Give me a kiss.



Was the last party




It was slammin'?



It was all right.



It was dope, right?



Do you hit

Brenda's skins?






Did Brenda Witherspoon

shine your silver?



My mother shines

our silver.



All you could see

was that butt.



I don't know why you thought

that was so tough.



She got the snappy-nappy

dugout piece.




dugout piece?



Did you fuck

Brenda Witherspoon?



Yeah, I did, man.




You did, right?



$    G.



Lord, I came

at the perfect time.



Pop two quarters in,




and let's get it on.



Let me get

in that ass.



What makes you think

you can beat me?



Two reasons.



  --if I lose,

I'm going to beat that ass.



 --if I lose,

I'm going to beat that ass.



Get this goddamn

game started,



tugboat ass




What's up?

What's up?



What you got?

Hey! Hey!






Here they come!



Put your asses

back in school!



What's up? What's up?

Outta there.



Steel, come

the fuck on!



What the fuck?



- See ya!

- Go!



Bam! Kick!

You're out of there.












O.K., guys,

come on.



That's it.

It's over.



Let's go, guys.

Come on.



Come on. Now.



Let's go, guys.









Ain't nothin'.



You all right?



I know'd we could

beat 'em quick.



Bust this!

Bust this!






You can't play

with this yo-yo.



Stupid bitch!



  Fat-ass Steel

is stuck in school again  






Yo, he ain't comin'.

Let's go.



We ain't goin' nowhere

without Steel.



Fuck, no.



Here he comes.



- Hurry up, man.

- Could ya?



Fat bastard.



Oh, shit!



Come on, y'all!



What's up?

What's up?



  Yeah, refuse

to get took down  



  A goddamn killer  




from the Oaktown  



  Step out ofline,

it's mandatory I hurt ya  



  My hobbies

in life...   






Yo, what time is it?



Almost    :  .



How much money we make

at the arcade today?




I can count!







Not bad. Let's go

chill out somewhere.



Yo! Hey, you see

this shit?



I was tellin' you

all about this.



This shit is mine,

word up.



We gotta worry about

runnin' into Radames,



and this nigger

talkin' about



some bullshit-ass

deejay contest.



First prize is

custom gold      s



and a six-month contract

to deejay at the Ruffhouse.



Better than this pool hall

nickel-and-dime bullshit.



Yo, DJ Plaz,

DJ Rich E. Rich,



Pete Rock, and DJ Scratch

gonna be there.



So what?



They won both contests

last year.



That was the Hott Boxx.



Anybody could have won

in that shit.



This is the Ruffhouse.

The comp will be serious.



There ain't

no greater comp than me.



Y'all ain't got

no confidence in me now?



Y'all supposed to be

my boys.



They been all over.

Everybody know them.



You just local.






Y'all kiss my local ass,

you know what I'm sayin'?



All right.

Come on, Q.



You're still

my favorite local deejay.



I'm going to pick up

some party tapes



for my audition tape.



That's all right

with you, Raheem?



Yeah, man.



  Is he good to you?  






  Is he good to you?  



  Whoa, whoa,

whoa, yeah  






  Is he good to you?  



  When my love

comes down  



  I don't have

to run around 



  I've got you  



  Andyou know

just what to do  



  To fulfill

all my needs  



  And satisfy me  



  But I'd like to know  



  The sexual healing

is mutual...   



Excuse me.



Excuse me.



Hi. Can I help you?






Let me get your...

E PM D's new album



and your name

and your phone number.



Oh, O.K.

I can get you the tape.



You want my name

and my number?



O.K., here's my name.



It's Juaniqua...






And here's my number.



Why don't you put

your address on there?



Oh, O.K.



Does this mean

we're going out?






You got

three friends?






Who look just like you?



I don't know.

I'm kind of one of a kind.



What's your name?



My name is, um, Ed.




Ed? Eddie, O.K.



So you going to

call me?



Put that shit back.




Anytime you want.






You know, you are sexy.



Thankyou. O.K.



That's a gold tooth?

I like it.



I'm going to get

another one.



I want to cover up

the whole front.



When are we going out,




I don't know.



Sir? Sir!



Sir, can I check

that newspaper?



Can I call tonight?



Wait a second.



Sir, where are you going?



Give back my tape!



I'm not paying

for this tape.



It's not Christmas.

Get a job, why don't you?



  Play the sax  



  Everybody love him

to the max   



Man, I'm hungry.

Let's get something to eat.



Let's go

to Steel's house.



His mom ain't home.



Taxi! Taxi!



What she got

in the refrigerator?



She still got

them turkey wings?



No, man.

She ain't been shoppin'.



I believe we need

to go to your crib



and see what's

in the fridge.






Yo, Q, go in and get me

some cigarettes.



Why I got to

go get them?



It's your turn,




I got it.

I got it.



Oh, man.

That's cold.



Lucky son of a bitch.



  Listen, partypeople, y'all 



  I'm going to tellyou

what it's all about  



  We got ourselves

together now  



  I'm gonna keep it

real, real steady  



  Come along

andjoin us now  



  People, get ready  



  We're gonna

get ya  



  We're gonna get ya   



Oh, shit.



Blizz, man,

what's up, man?



What's going on?

It's Q.



What's up, Q, man?



How you doing?

It's good to see you, man.



I'm all right.

How's your crew?



They outside waiting.

When you got paroled?



I got paroled

the other day, man.



I hope you're

taking care ofyourself.



Of course I'm

taking care of myself.



It's nice to see, man.



Pardon me.

I'm about to rob this place.




put your hands in the air



and face the fuckin' bar!



Oh, shit, man.



Don't look at me!



Yo, Q, you want

a piece of this?



No, man.

I'm all right.



All right, everybody,






Take your fuckin'

clothes off!



Hurry up, god damn it,



'cause you look good!



As fat as you are,



there ain't no food

in the house?



Yeah, she's going

shopping tonight.



No, we're going today.



Ah, thankyou.



Yo, Blizzard is in there

right now



stickin' the place up.



Word, right now?



He let you out?



He asked me if I wanted

a piece of the action.



You said no?



What are you, crazy?



I don't think so.



Let me tell you




That crazy motherfucker

is goin' down.



I'm making for

god damn sure



that we're

not goin' with him.



You know how much

money is in there?



We are in there, man.



I said no, man.



That shit is out.

Now, come on.



Come on, man.



Come on, man.



[Rap Music

On Boom Box]



I thought that

was your woman.



Man, what you gonna do?



Steel's kitchen.



Almost empty.






Got to get it right,




Oh, it's up now.

Oh, shit.












All right,

there he goes.



Bust 'em!

Bust 'em!









Pow! Boo-yeah!



Aw, shit!



Damn, Steel.

What the fuck is this mess, man?



Bacon and eggs

and hot sauce, man.



I mix it like this

all the time.



I'm too hungry

to throw this shit away.



But I only did it

foryou, Ed.



Cody still ain't

gonna like to hear



that she got it

in the back.



Oh, shit!

Shot his moms in the back.



Yo, Steel. Let me borrow

these two till tomorrow.



This shit's dope.



Excuse me, partner,

can you keep that shit down?



You see me watching TV.



Heh heh heh!






Made it, Ma!



Made it, Ma!



Top of the world!



Top of the world!






Ifyou gotta go out,

that's how you go out.



That motherfucker took

his destiny in his own hands.



Mmm, some destiny.



What you know about it,

Big Chops?



What you ever control?



I control my life.



That's bullshit.



I got more control

overyour life than you do.



How you figure that?



I'm lettin' you breathe,

ain't I?



You can't even

walkyour own block



without getting fucked up

by Radames, let's not forget.



Ha ha ha.



Oh, shit!

It's Blizzard!



A gunman was killed

in a shoot-out with police



as he attempted to rob

the Harlemwood bar



just under an hour ago.



The gunman,



identified as   -year-old

Barnett Jerkins,



wounded two officers before

he himself was killed.



On the news at  :  

we'll have more on this story



as well as an update

on the campaign...



Y o, man, we were

just down there.



To have the already

financially strapped city



provide more

police protection



on the subway els

after dark.



What the fuck are you doing, man?

Come here!



Fuckin' Radames.



We ain't shit.



Man, what's your problem?



You're my fuckin' problem!



People sweat us

on the street,



and you don't even

give a fuck.



I thinkyou're




That's bullshit, man!



We run from the cops,

we run from Radames,



we run from

security guards,



we run from Old Man Quiles

and his bullshit store



when he come

with that bullshit gun.



All we do

is fuckin' run!



I feel like I'm on

the god damn track team.



I'm serious!



What's the matter,




Nothin' to say?



That's 'cause

you know I'm right.



In your heart,

you know I'm right.



Yo, big man! Ifyou want

respect, you gotta earn it.



You damn right!



You gotta be ready

to go down,



stand up,

and die like Blizzard did



ifyou want some juice.



Blizzard? Blizzard ain't

stickin' up to nothin' now.



That's 'cause we wasn't there

to back him up!



Ifwe was there--



There'd be five dead niggers

instead of one!



You ain't sayin' nothin' now,

right, big man?



I never thought

I'd see the day



when you'd

talk like a punk.



Fuckyou, man!



Yo, chill!



Fuck chill!

Checkyourself, Q.



You gotta

snatch some collars



and let them

motherfuckers know



you're there

to take them out



anytime you

feel like it.



You gotta get the ground

beneath your feet,



get the wind

behind your back,



and go out in a blaze.




you ain't shit.



You might as well be dead

your damn yourself.



You tryin' to tell me

I ain't shit?



I ain't tryin'

to tell you shit.



I'll tell your mama

you ain't shit.



Yo, man, what

are we fightin' for?



I don't know, nigger.

You ready to die?



You're fucked up, man.



Don't turn your fuckin'

back on me, nigger!



You broke

the fuckin' vase, man!



What the fuck

is y'all doin', man?



Damn, man!

What the fuck?



Messin' up my shit, man!



Feed y'all!



Sorry, man. Here!



Fuck that money, man!



Look at that shit!



I got to tell

my parents--



Shut the fuck up!



All right, that's it!



That's it!



Bishop, I want you and Q



to settle this shit

right now!



Come on, y'all.



You're like brothers.



Fuck that.

You are brothers!



Fuck that.

We used to be like brothers.



All right,

we're going to squash it.



What do you say?






Yeah, it's cool.



All right.



I'm not makin' sense!

You're not makin' sense!



[Doorbell Rings]



You know why?






Uh, how you doin'?

Is Yolanda there?



Who the hell are you?



Hi, Q.

Let him in, Frank.



Have a seat.



I'm just cleaning out

some of Frank's things.



Um, Frank, Q.

Q, Frank.



How you doin'?






What, did names like

Mustafah and Akbar



become too hard

to spell?



My real name is Quincy,



and I'm not too fond

of that name,



so people call me Q

or GQ, you know,



Iike a nickname,




Well, uh, Quincy,



shouldn't you be out stealing

hubcaps or something like that?






Excuse me? Speak up.

I can't hearyou, boy.



O.K., Frank, I found it.



Remember these?



Ha ha ha.



What the hell are you laughing at,

you chain snatcher?



Look, who is this kid,



and what is he

doing here?



Frank, don't you think

it's a little late



to try acting

like a husband now?



You're taking this

save-the-children shit too far.






Just telling you

foryour own good.



Bye, Frank.



I can't express

concern, what?



So that's him, huh?



That's him.



You know, he got a real

attitude problem.






Mmm, baby.



You're sweatin' already.



I been working out.



You don't mind

a little sweat, do you?



I'm deejay Ralph McDaniels here.



  Hey hey  



  Yeah yeah  



  Eh ooh eh ooh  






  Now I lay me

down to sleep  



  I pray my Lord

my soul to keep  






Want some?






What time is it?



  I pray my Lord

my soul to take  



Past    :  .



I got to get

ready for work.



  Andyou'll be sayin'

daddy to me  






Hmm. Why you playin'

with my spot?



You say you got to

get ready for work.



Is that your spot?



Yeah. You know

it's my spot.



  Don't worry, baby  



Wish I could

spend the night,



know what I'm sayin'?



That would be nice.



Sleep all day.



I could make you

breakfast in bed.



That'd be dope. That'd

be the most word, huh?



I...I thinkyou'd better let me

deal with breakfast.



I can cook.




You can cook, all right.






What's up?



Yo, what's up,




What are you

doin' here, man?



We got a meeting

at the ball court.



When is it?



Tomorrow mornin'.



I can't make it, man.



What do you mean,

you can't make it?



I got a real important




Well, how important is it?



It's my deejay audition.



Oh, man.



All right, Q.



I'm going to

straighten this out



with the rest

of the boys,



but make sure you

get there afteryou're done.



This is

serious business,



so we're gonna

wait foryou.



That's cool.



Why don't you tell me

what it is now,



get it over with?






By the way,



good luck, man.






[Music Plays]






[Music Stops]



[Music Plays]






[Music Fades Out]



What do you mean,

it ain't good enough?



What do you mean,

it ain't good enough?



My name is Flex.



Look, this brother

look like Gumby.



What you talkin' about,

I ain't good enough?



I mean exactly

what I said.



You need

more experience.



You need to work

on your mixing more.




what you mean?



What the fuck's

wrong with my mix?



I know you didn't

snatch that from me.



What's wrong

with my mix?



Look, the shit

is totally sloppy.



Only a fool would

open up like you.



Nobody likes

the records you play.



It's completely

whacked--face it!



Face it.






You might have a chance



if that shit

wasn't so small.






[Scratch Music Plays]



You ever deejay before?



Yeah, you know,



run away, make tapes

for my boys, stuff like that.



You know what I'm sayin'?



Yeah, you local.



I really

liked your tape.






I'll see you

Saturday night.



What is your name?









Come on.






You know, I think

you and me can be closer



than two craps

together coming out--



What's happen, Trip?



Yo, yo, my brother.



Heard you made that deejay comp.




GQ, you know

what I'm sayin'?



All right.



What's up, man?



I made that deejay contest

Saturday night.



Once again, it's on.



What you talkin' about?



It's on.



What's this nigger

talkin' about now?



Stickin' up Old Man Quiles

Saturday night.



What? Man, you better

stop bullshittin' me.



I ain't bullshittin' you.

What, is you scared?



Steel ain't scared,

are you, Steel?



Here come Raheem.



Yo, what's up, Q?.



What's up, man?






You got it?



Yeah, I got it.

Come on, let's walk.



What's goin' on

with this garbage?



Check this out.



Oh, shit!



This shit is sweet.



I got it from Sweets.



I ain't never

shot nobody before.



Yo, be careful with that.

It's loaded.



Quiles is not

gonna draw on somebody



that got a gun on him.



It's gonna be

a piece of cake.



A piece of cake.



We go in

right before     :  



get the loot, and jet.



The whole thing won't take longer

than three fuckin' minutes.



You decided it

this morning without me?



Yeah. While you was at

your, uh, appointment.



Check this here, man.



I got to deejay

Saturday night.



I'm not missin' that.



Guess you got to

disappoint them.



I ain't disappointin' shit.



Maybe not.



There's going to be

a lot of deejays there, right?






How do they pick

who goes when?



There's    deejays,




all I know is

I go seventh.



We're going to

need an alibi.



Since you're

going seventh,



that'll give us

an opportunity to go in,



do what we got to do,

and jet.



Get the fuck

out of there.



I think that'll work.



What about the cops?



Bishop checked it out.



There's two

overlappin' patrols



about three minutes apart.



We got to be fast.



Yo, I think we should

plan this another time.



This nigger's scared!



I have to deejay

Saturday night.



Fuck that shit!



We're goin' Saturday night,

and that's it.



I'll hold onto the gun.



Why him?



'Cause I already got it,




Just let him

hold the gun.



The nigger be

acting stupid.



Shut up!



Suck my dick.



What time you

gotta be there?



Before  :  .



We'll pick up your shit,



go over there,

set you up--



You'll be straight, man.



  Suckers get

smacked up  



  Suckers get smacked up  




forthe count 



  Suckers get

smacked up  




for the count  



  Suckers get

smacked up  



Yo, what's up,

everybody in the house,



and welcome to

the Mixxmaster Massacre,



the ultimate deejay battle

ofworld supremacy



won by a round

of sudden death



till only the best are left.



Cut it up, y'all.



  Suckers get smacked up,

suckers get smacked up  



  Suckers get smacked up,

suckers get smacked up  



  Don't doubt the clout  



  You know what I'm about  



  Knockin ' niggers off 



  Knockin ' niggers out  



  Suckers get

smacked up   






Y o, man, you O. K.?



I'm chillin'.



All ri ght, man,

good luck.






Fab   Freddie here.



Yo! MTV Raps.



Battles going on,



but each contestant

only has    seconds



to go for the gusto.



So let's do it!






Are you having

a good time?



Make some noise.



Somebody say ho.






Say ho! Ho!



Ho! Ho!



Yeah! That's the

hyped crowd I like.



Right now we have

the next two contestants.



From uptown,



we have the challenger,



the flyman

of the turntables,



Deejay GQ!



Make some noise!



And the champion,



reigning that is,



from Flatbush,









We have his highness,



DJ Majesty.



  You wanted

all thejuice  



  You wanted

all thejuice  



  You wanted all--

you wanted all 



  You wanted

all thejuice  



  You want--you want--

you wanted all thejuice  



  You wanted

all thejuice  



  You wanted all thejuice  



  You wanted

all thejuice  



  You want--you want--

you wanted all thejuice  



  You wanted

all thejuice  



  You wanted all--

you wanted all 



  You wanted all--

you wanted all 



  You wanted--

you wanted 



  You wanted--

you wanted 



  You wanted

all thejuice  



  You wanted--

you wanted--you wanted  




Pump, pump, pump it up!



Pump, pump, pump it up!



Pump, pump, pump,

pump, pump it up!



Come on, man.












Q! Q! Q! Q! Q!



Q! Q! Q! Q! Q!



Q! Q! Q! Q! Q!



Q! Q! Q! Q! Q!



Q! Q! Q! Q! Q!



And the winner is...












Congratulations, Q.



You're on yourway

to the finals.



But don't get sloppy.



It don't get any easier.



Next up, we got two

rough, rough competitors.






What's up?



Where's Q?.



He's right behind me.



What's up?



Everybody got

their gloves?



Yeah, man.



Ol' man Quiles is

in there by hisself.



Let's do this.



Is everybody ready?






Hell, yeah.












You all right, man?



Get it together.



We're really

counting on you, O.K.?



Here come the cops.






Let's go.



Hey! We're closed.



No more customers.

That's it.



Freeze, motherfucker!



Turn around!

Turn around!



Don't shoot.

Please don't shoot.



Turn around,




I won't--



Shut the fuck up!



Shut your

fuckin' mouthpiece.



Take everything

you want.



Shut the fuck up!



Don't shoot me,

that's all.



Are you going

to shoot me?



Please don't shoot me,

all right?



Shut the fuck up!



Just tell me

you won't shoot me.



Hey, Rahe--



Shut the fuck up!



Turn your ass

to the fuckin' wall.



Please, mister--



Shut the fuck up,

old man.



Coast clear?



All right!

Let's go!



Let's go!







Come on!






What the fuck

is wrong with you?



Why did you

have to shoot him?



You didn't have to!



He made a move.



He didn't make

no fuckin' move!



You're lyin'!



I was lookin'

right at you!



Yo, man.

He's dead, isn't he?



What we going to do?



He knew who we was!



Fat boy says your name.

He knew who we was!



Everybody just shut up!



Yo, man!



Fuck! What we going to do now?



We gots to get rid

of the fuckin' gun!



Yeah, you're right, man.




give me the piece.






What the hell

you mean, no?



I'm holdin' onto this

till I say so.



I'm not playin' here.



Oh, really?




Stop this shit, man!



You stop it, man!




Yo, stop!



Oh, shit!






What's going on

down there?









Shut up, Steel!



You want to see

how much money we got?



Here we go.



What the fuck

are you lookin' at?



You goin' crazy, B!



Don't you ever

call me crazy!



I'll blow your

fuckin' brains out!



You understand?



I got it.



Steel, bring your ass here.



Come on!



Come on, man.



Don't go fuckin'

crackin' up on me now.



We all in this shit




Wipe that shit.

Come on.






Look, if I go down,

you go down.



Those motherfuckers

don't give a fuck



who shot who.



Come on.









I warned him.



You saw that!



I told him, man.



He had no business

grabbin' the gun.



But it was Raheem!



I don't give a fuck!



Nobody's supposed

to do that shit.



If anybody

got a problem,



we can deal with it

right now.



You got a problem

with it?



I'm warning you, Q.



We got to get the fuck

back to the club.






if anybody asks

about Raheem,



we don't know.



We ain't seen him.



You can't fuckin' keep up

with a man at a party.









Come on.



Come on!



[Cocks Gun]



Let's go.



Come on!



Let's go.



Let's go.






Good luck.






Fuck that!

You are brothers.






Piece of cake, Q.




Round  !



[She-Rock Laughs]



Once again,



we have deejay,



that fly-guy,






And from Detroit,



DJ Plaz!






Hey! Get down here!



Get down here.




Keep your mouth shut!



Raheem is dead.

Somebody shot him.



Hey! Sit back

and be cool.



I'm Detective Markham.



This is Detective Kelly.



We want to askyou boys

some questions.



Let's go.



Let's open it up

right now!



Break away!



Move it!



When was the last time



you saw Raheem Porter




Tonight at the club.



What time?



An hour

before Qset up.



Where did he go

afteryou last saw him?



I have no idea--




Why'd he leave?



I don't know.



I thought

he was checkin' out.



He was talkin'

to a girl,



clockin' the 'ho's.



Clockin' the 'ho's?



Clockin' the 'ho's?



Did you leave

the club tonight?



I went to the basement.



What for?



I ran into

an old girlfriend.



What were you doing

down in the basement?



Do you know

Fernando Quiles?






You got popped for boostin'

in Quiles' store.



Yes or no?



Well, I--



Yes or no?






Mr. Quiles was regularly

harassed by local gangs.



Do you have any rivalry

with other gangs?



Puerto Rican gang,

Rapido Muerte.



We know who they are.



Radames. They always

fuckin' with us.






Tell us about Radames.



Puerto Rican gang.



They think they rule

the fuckin' world.



Didn't your gang

regularly harass Mr. Quiles?



No. 'Cause

we're not a gang.



Yeah. We didn't

kill him, though.



We didn't say

you killed him.



We said you regularly

harassed Mr. Quiles!



How about Porter?



Did they harass him, too?



If anybody had a motive

to do Raheem in,



it would have

been Radames.



Q got loud on you.



They screamed on you.



We just want to get

the full confession.



We want to get

the story from you.



When it goes down,



I can talk to the D.A.




going to be cool.



I didn't do nothing.



They say

you was the cap man



who blew Raheem away.



Who the fuck

killed Porter?



Who killed him?



I don't know, man!

I don't know.



Why do you seem

so nervous?



What are you

nervous about?



We're three niggers

in a police station.



It doesn't matter

what happened.



Ify'all want us

to be guilty,



we'll be guilty.



Ifyou didn't

do nothing,



you got nothing

to worry about.





















 The sound  



Quincy, please

eat something.



I don't feel like

eating right now, Mama.



I know,

but just try, O.K.?



Just try for me.

Come on.






  A poor wretch like...  



[Baby Cries]









Yo, man.



I'm scared.



You scared?



  Was lost  






  But now  



  I'm found  



  Was blind...   



You don't have

to be doing this.



Sit down.



I got this, Myra.



Be with the people.



It's O.K.



I'm O.K.



How you doing,

Mrs. Porter?



I'm O.K.



Can I help you?



Help me.

Bring in the corn bread.



This one?






What's up, Myra?






I haven't seen you

in a long time.



Sorry it had

to be like this.



How you doing?



Under the circumstances,

I'm all right.



I got to stay strong

for Ma, though.



She's trying to deal with this

by keeping busy,



and she keeps going

and going nonstop.



I don't think

she's cried yet or...



Hey, Roland.



How you doing?



I should be

asking you that.



We're staying strong.



I'd feel better



if I knew the police

had somebody, you know.



They, uh...



they say there

was no witnesses,



and they don't

have any leads or...



I don't know.



We been askin' around, too.



Nobody's seemed to have

seen or heard anything.



We'll find

those motherfuckers,



the police ain't going

to have to do shit.



Eric, put them here.



Uh, Myra?



Yes, Ma.



I've got to take

care of that.



Excuse me.



You remember me,

Mrs. Porter,



Roland Bishop?



Yes, Roland.



Thanks for coming.



You don't have

to thank me.



Raheem was one

of my best friends.



It's nice to see

people come together



when something bad happens.



Personally, for me, though,



Raheem was like my brother.



I mean, he was

more than a brother.



I mean, we did

everything together,



just kickin' it every day.



If there's

anything I can do,



just let me know.



[Knock On Door]



Who is it?



Hey, Q.



Come on in, man.



I heard about Raheem.



I really liked Raheem.



Did somebody shoot him?






Do you know who?



No, man.



Heard you got arrested.



What? Where'd

you hear that?



From Ishmal.






Ishmal, from

the second floor.



And Wendy,

Clarence, and Rashid.



No, man. I didn't

get arrested.



Hey, Q!






Shut up!



Yo, Q!



Hey, Q!







you hurt my arm.



What'd you call me?



You heard me!



I told you about

that word, all right?



You got to learn



not to use

that language, man.



Come here, man.

Sit up.



Yo, B, man,

do me a favor.






If Bishop comes by,

tell him I ain't here.



Don't you like Bishop?



Why you ask

so many questions?



'Cause I like Bishop!






He's cool.



He's cool, huh?



Tell Mr. Coolman,

if he comes by, I ain't here.



What's in it for me?



You get to keep your

own teeth, that's what.



That's no good.



I'm losin' my teeth anyway.



I can't believe this, man.



I'm getting blackmailed

by my own baby brother?



I tell you what.



You like that radio?






It's dope.






Go ahead.

You can have it.






You do what I tell you.



Fine by me.



Go ahead. It's yours.



What do you say, man?






[Bell Rings]



Damn, man.

Has it been that long?



You want to try it again

outside after school, punk?



[Bell Rings]



What's up?



I ain't seen you

in a couple days.



What's been happenin'?



Man, get off that shit.



It's over!



There ain't nothin'

nobody can do about it now.



What do you want

from me, man?






Just came to see

ifyou was all right,



see how you been doin'.




Well, I ain't--



I ain't talked to

nobody, all right?



I know. We crew.



Always will be.



I just came to see

what's up.



Let me tell you somethin', B.



I'm only playin'

your fuckin' game



'cause there ain't

shit else to do.



But don't you ever

pull a gun on me again.



I hope I won't have to.



We all go down ifyou do,

'cause we all crew.



Just try me ifyou think

I'm bullshittin'!



Excuse me.



Look at this!



The brother finally decides

to stand up like a man



and throw down.



Too bad Raheem had

to die first, huh?



It's over.



Everything starts from now.



We all go down

unless we stay together.



Ain't no one man above the crew.

You know that shit.



You're crazy, man.



You know what?

When you said that last time,



I was kind of trippin', right?



But now...



you right.



I am crazy.



But you know what else?



I don't give a fuck.



I don't give a fuck

about you,



I don't give a fuck

about Steel,



and I don't give a fuck

about Raheem, either.



I don't give a fuck

about myself.



Look, I ain't shit.



I ain't never

gonna be shit.



And you less

of a man than me,



so soon as I decide

you ain't gonna be shit,






So be it.



You remember that,




'cause I'm the one y'all

need to be worried about...






Baby, can I get you--



Don't do that!






Don't scare me like that.

Watch that shit.



I said I'm sorry.



Didn't your mama teach you

to make yourself known



before entering

a fuckin' room?



Watch your mouth

in my house.






I am not one ofyour

high school playmates,



and ifyou cannot

respect me in my house,



then get out

of my house.



Go on! Out!



Come on, nigger.

I got what you need.



Well, well...



Iookee here.



Get the fuck

out of here!



I want to talk

to your sorry ass outside.



Yo, man.



I think Bishop's

lost it, man.



So what else is new, man?



I mean seriously, man.



He was talkin'

some way-out shit,



about how he got more juice than

everybody else on the street,



that everybody learn

not to fuck with him,



or else they end up

like Raheem and Quiles.



He say that shit

in front of people?



No, only to me,

but he meant it, man.



I could see it

in his face.



Somethin's gonna happen.

I feel it.






Get the fuck off me!



What's the idea

of tellin' the cops



I killed Raheem?



But I didn't tell

the cops a damn thing.



Don't give me

that shit, man.



They brought me in

for questioning.



And they said

you said...



I did it.



I didn't tell 'em shit!

You got it wrong.



Now, punk, you the one

that got it wrong.



You been askin'

for an ass-kickin'



for a long time.



Raheem ain't here

to protect you no more.



Ha ha ha!



I don't need Raheem or nobody

for no fuckin' punk spic!



What the--



He's fuckin' suicidal.



Ever seen...












I must've missed it!



Oh, shit!

Get him, man!






Yo, man, you think

he saw us?






What you think

he gonna do?



I think we lost 'em.



Riverside, motherfucker.



[Music Playing]



I'm here to see Sweets.



  There's got to be

a reason  



  And we know

the reason why  



  You try to put on

those airs  



  And act real cool 



  But you got to




  That you're acting

like fools  



  Ifthere's music,

we can use it...   



Ha ha ha!



Uh, excuse me.




Do I know you?



No. Um...



I'm here to, uh...



Come on, come on,

I don't have all night.



I need some protection.



How much we talkin' about?



I got about   .



Damn, baby, you can't

get a slingshot for that.



Are you

Lorraine Powell's son?






Tell your mother

Jackie said hi.






Come on!



[Machine Shuts Off]



What you do to my machine?






You fucked up my machine!



What the fuck's

the matter with him?



What do you want?



I was thinkin'

you might like some company.



Well, you thought wrong.



You still here?






Yo, man! Damn!



'Bout time you came home.



What you doin' here, man?



I thought we supposed

to meet at the pool hall.



What happened, man?



I thought--



You can help me

make this money back, O.K.?






Just come on.

Stop bein' a punk.






[R&B Music Playing]



Something wrong

with the food?



You thinkin' about Raheem?



I know who killed him.






I know who killed Raheem.






I can't tell you that,




Did you tell the police?



Hell, no, I ain't

tellin' no police.



You're mixed up in it.



I didn't kill him,

ifthat's what you're thinkin'.



What areyou

gonna do about it?



I don't know.



You don't know?



Excuse me, I thought

he was your best friend.



[Telephone Rings]












Oh, hold on.



It's Steel.



What up?



Q, man, I'm at the pool hall

with Bishop, man.



What are you doin' there?

I told you about that.



He met me in my hallway.



What was I supposed to do,

say no?



Just come.

I'm scared as hell.



Who is that?






Who the fuck is this?



[Dial Tone]



Yo, I'm out.



Wait a minute, Q.



What's up?



I'll speak to you later,




Q, let me help you.



I got to go.



Ifyou need me,

I'll be at the hospital later.



Cool. Later.






Yo, man,

where we goin'?



Just down here.



Stop bein' a punk.



It ain't gonna take

but a minute.



You know, Big Chops...



[Cocks Gun]



I really wanted

all this to work.



But you and Q,



you ain't crew no more.






That's what

it's all about.



See how scared you are?



Don't you get tired

of this shit?



What the fuck

you want from me?






I'm an ordinary

kind of guy.



I have things

that I could show you--



Excuse us for a minute.



What's happenin',

young blood?



What's up, Trip?



Lookin' for that P-funk.



You seen Qaround?



Mm-mmm. Somethin'

I can do foryou?



Watch that nigger, man.



He on some shit.



I don't know what's

wrong with him.



He ain't been actin'

like hisselflately.



I mean, it kinda hurtin'



because we been best friends

since we was in the second grade!



Did you know that?



I try to talk to him.



He don't even hear me.



He gone.



I mean, I can

look out for myself,






Man, I don't know what

he might do to Steel,



the way he been

actin' lately.



Q my man and everything,

but, uh...



I'll do him in

if I have to.



Word up.



Who is it?



Hello, Mrs. Thurman,

this is Q.



I mean, this is

Quincy Powell.



Is Steel--

Is Eric home?



No. He was supposed to

be home a long time ago.



Damn! Thanks a lot,

Mrs. Thurman.






Hey! I want to

talk to you!



Check down the hill.



Thought you'd be lookin'



for transportation

out of town by now.



Hey, Trip, man,



you gotta tell me

what's goin' on, man.



You done slid down

a razor blade



and landed

in an alcohol river.



Word is,

you killed Raheem.



And Quiles.

And Radames.




You know me better.



I don't know that.



You know me

since I was a kid!



I known lots of killers

since they was kids.



I need you to get word

to Bishop for me.



I'm listenin'.



I want him to meet me

tonight, alone.



When? Where?



    th street,

by the Henry Hudson,



by the, uh, diner?



Tell him meet me there

at    :  .



Well, thanks a lot, man.



That's all I got, G.






I've gotta stop

this nigger, man.



It's me and him.






Don't shoot me!



Please! Please!






Don't shoot me!



Please! Please!

Don't shoot me!



Damn, man! What the fuck

is happenin' to me?



Excuse me just a minute.



Will you excuse me?



Excuse me.



He's going to be fine.



Steel, it's Yolanda.



What happened?



Bishop shot me.



He shot everybody.



He's tryin' to frame Q.



What's up, partner?



Don't fuckin' move!



Where's the gun?



Heard you copped a piece

from Sweets today.



I ain't come out here

for that.



Don't give me

that bullshit!



Check this here--

I'm not you.



We been tight

since second grade,



but I'm not you.



You want the gun?

I threw it in the river.



You stupid motherfucker.



Man, all this shit

ain't worth it, man!



Yo! You might get me now,



but sooner or later,

it's gonna come back to you!



Nah, brother.

You got it wrong.



See, this is your gun, Q.



You was comin' to get me,



just like you got Raheem,

Radames, Quiles, and Steel.



I'm just the only one man enough

to take it from you.



Self-defense, nigger.



Come on, Bishop.

Let's cut out all this bullshit!



We could end it

right here!



Me and you--

Qand Bishop!



You ain't gotta put on

no front for me, man!



Nah, I ain'ts

got to do nothin'.



You the past, bro.



My time is now.



You ready to die, nigger?









What the fuckyou gonna do--

shoot me in the elevator?







Damn! You O.K., brother?

You O.K.?






  Give me somethin'

you can't understand  



  Give me somethin'

you can't understand  



  I been goin' on

a dumb trip  



  Yo, because nothin'

is comin' from it  



  I'm not gonna waste

no time fuckin' around  



  Like actually hummin'  



  Ah, man,

comin' at ya  



  And ya know

I had to gat ya  



  Time for some action  



  Just a fraction

of friction  



  I got the clearance

to run the interference  



  Let's get satellite  



  Shot in a bad light  



  Check out the gat  



  And I know

that'll catch you bright  



  Here's an example,

just a little sample  



  How I could

just kill a man  



  One time tried

to come in my home  



  Take my chrome  



  I said, yo, it's on  



  Take cover, son,

oryou're assed out  



  How'd you like

my chrome?  



  Then I watch

the rookie pass out  



  Didn't have to blast out  



  But I did anyway  



  Yo, punk have to pay  



  So I just killed a man  



  Here is somethin'

you can't understand  



  How I could just

kill a man  



  Here is somethin'

you can't understand  



  How I could just

kill a man  



  Give me somethin'

you can't understand  



  How I could just

kill a man  



  Here is somethin'

you can't understand  



  How I could just

kill a man   



Bishop, come here!



You fuckin'--



Come on! Come on!






Stop it! Now!









It's over!






Q, don't let me go!



I got you, Bishop, man!

Hold on!



Don't let go!



Hold on, man!



I can't hold on, man!


















You got the juice now, man.



Ha ha ha ha!



You big




You gotta stop

that lyin'!



'Reckin' crew!



[Music Playing]



[Radio Announcer]

From the streets...



  .  , KIIS-FM.




Cool deejay, baby, look.



Up and down the sounds

in New York City.



But check this out--



Got this new tape

just came in.



First time I ever heard,

I liked it, you'll like it.



Deejay GQ--bust it!



  Yep, yep, yep  



  Yep, yep, yep, yep  



  Yep, yep, yep, yep  



  Yep, yep, yep, yep  



  Yep, yep, yep, yep  



  Hey! You could smoke

a script with a clip  



  But there 's still no

mountain pie, you know  



  A-waddin ' up

the church  



  The naughty, nappy,

nasty nigger  



  With the nasty

'ho-happy pappy  



  L ess happy to be nappy  



  Be a bim bop




  Hoops and troops

with boots andjail suits  



  That's how I know

when my headjerks  



  When I will,

I got open competition  



  It ain 't dope  



  Beat your break,

you're broke, you smoke  



  You take your singer

to your little group  



  Sooner or later,

you wanna flip  



  Tell them you all

saw me with a dick  



  And all that other

Ringling Brothers shit  



  Sporty, norty,

and enchowa-na  



  Shit slam, the flimflam  



  And then jam  



  You can run,

but you can 't hide  



  You can 't go far  



  No matter where you go,

there you are  



  We gonna break,

we gonna trash  



  We gonna throw,

we gonna smash  



  We gonna break,

we gonna trash  



  We gonna throw,

we gonna smash  



  Here we go, yo  



  Hit a nigger,

kill a nigger  



  We'll come back  



  See a sucker,

stretch a sucker  



  Guardyour nap  



  'Cause there wasn 't nothin '

till a black man rapped  



  See your    sucker,

guess who 's black?  



  You tell him

where the city fella fell  



  Step into the puny fruity

punks catchin ' fillies  



  I had so many drunks

call me Garon  



  Motherfucker saw color  



  Walkin ' from the gutter  



  Brand-new steady  



  Heavy as a Chevy  



  Ready for the pretty petty,

I'm Pretty Freddy  



  Place your bet

on a threat  



  The free man 's sweat  



  What you see

is what you get  



  We gonna break,

we gonna trash  



  We gonna throw,

we gonna smash  



  We gonna break,

we gonna trash  



  We gonna throw,

we gonna smash  



  Comin ' round the corner

with my uptown bunch  



  I bet your bottom dollar

that your bottom bunch jumps  



  Give it up,

it's a juice thing  



  A-steppin '

for the rap thing  



  Workin ' on arrestin ' 



  Weapon-testin '

on who 's steppin ' 



  Ain 't no bluff,

but it ain 't enough  



  For the funky stuff 



  Nigger, ifyou're

tough enough  



  I'll cut your ass

like glass  



  Then blast you

by the trash  



  After I laugh,

then I'll dash  



  You can 't

handle the scandal  



  Of an uptown vandal  



  Shootin ' up your toes,

makin 'sandals  



  Somebody told me

that you own me  



  But can 't nobody own me  



  I threw my dirt

on my lonely  



  We gonna break,

we gonna trash  



  We gonna throw,

we gonna smash  



  We gonna break,

we gonna trash  



  We gonna throw,

we gonna smash  



  We gonna  



  We gonna  



  We gonna  



  We gonna, we gonna  



  We gonna, we gonna  



  We gonna, we gonna...   

Special help by SergeiK