Jules And Jim Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Jules And Jim script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of Jules et Jim by François Truffaut.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Jules And Jim. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Jules And Jim Script



You said ''l love you!''

and l said ''Stay!''



l nearly said ''Take me!''

but you said ''Go away!''



Circa      Jules,

a foreigner in Paris, asked...



Jim, a new pal, to get him

a ticket to the Fine Arts Bal



Jim did and took...



him to get a costume



As Jules chose his slave outfit,

Jim's friendship for Jules was born.



and flowered at the ball where Jules

sat with tender, laughing eyes.



Next day, they had a real talk

and began to meet daily.



Each taught the other

his language and literature...



sharing and translating

their poems together.



Both were indifferent

to money and...



neither had ever found

such an attentive listener.



Jules had no girlfriend

but wanted one



Jim had several



He introduced him

to a musician and...



their mutual crush lasted a week



Then came a pretty thing...



who outlasted them

in the cafes till  :   AM



Then they made a threesome

with a blonde widow



She thought

Jules was nice but dumb...



and found him a quiet girl

whom he found to be too quiet



ln spite of Jim's advice,

Jules visited some pros...



but found no satisfaction there.



Get to work!



No more paint!



They'll say anarchists can't spell!



Merlin's after me!



He's big! Run!



Can l sleep at your place?

l'm Teresa.



lndeed! But l have a date

elsewhere tonight






So Jules'?



- Who's Jules?

- Me



- And you?

- Jim



- Jim and Jules!

- No! Jules and Jim!



What's that?



Better than a clock!

Once the sand's run out...



l'll be asleep



- You'll sleep there... Me, here

- Sure!



- Got a cigaret?

- Of course!



- You're Jim?

- Jules



You're nice, Jules



l'll be a steam locomotive!



lt's almost day



For once, stay and sleep next to me



No, Gilberta



lf l did, l'd feel

l must stay tomorrow too



That would be

as if we'd set up house



Was that our agreement?



You're so logical!



And Judex hates

being left home alone



The night's over. lt's daybreak



Pretend l'm a laborer

leaving for work



You'll go home

and sleep till noon, l'm sure!



lt was Shakespeare!



lt was Shakespeare. Believe me!



- Got a cigaret?

- Of course!



Can l sleep at your place?

l'm Teresa



Never mind, Jules



Lose   and find    new ones!



With Teresa it wasn't love



She was my young mother

and loving daughter at the same time



l've no luck with Parisians



Thank heavens

for the girls back home



l love Lucie



She refused to marry me



l'll go back to see her in   months



And this is Birgitta



And there's also Helga...



whom l might love

if l didn't love Lucie



She looks like this



Jules sketched a woman's face

on the table



Jim tried to buy the table but...



the owner would sell

only all    tables or none






Jim... my French friend



l think we've already met



Do sit down!



Jim had asked...



- Who's Albert?

- The friend of some artists



He knows all those

who'll be famous in    years



This one's more exotic...



rather like an lnca statue



This is more in the Roman style



lt's pockmarked by the rain.

l found it in a garden



lt's had a generation of rain on it



This one's very pathetic



The face seems to be decaying



lt's odd to see stone

given such a flabby treatment



l love this one.

The lips are beautiful...



rather disdainful.

The eyes are beautiful



We'd like to see it again



l have a close-up of it



lt was the roughly sculpted face...



of a woman

whose calm smile startled them



lt was on display in an open-air

museum on an Adriatic island



They decided to see it at once



They had identical outfits made



They spent an hour by the statue



They admired it silently

and said nothing till the next day



Had they ever seen such a smile?




And if they did?

They'd follow it



They came home

filled with this new revelation



Paris welcomed them



You're a gentleman, Jim!



- How's your book coming?

- Pretty well



lt's rather autobiographical



Our friendship plays a major role



l'll read you some pages



Jack and Julian were close



Julian's last novel

had been a success



He wrote about women...



he'd known before meeting Jack

and before Lucienne



Jack was proud of Julian...

like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza



People even thought

they were a bit queer



They always ate together...



and chose the best cigars

for each other






l'd like to translate it into German



To the showers!



My cousin in Munich wrote...



to say he's sending me   girls

who're studying with him...



a Berliner, a Dutch girl

and a French girl



They're coming to dinner tomorrow.

l'm counting on you!



Catherine had the statue's smile



Her nose, mouth,

chin and forehead...



had a certain provincial pride



lt was like a dream



As the party organiser l suggest...



we abolish once and for all

any use of titles...



such as Sir, Madame or Miss...



and a toast to friendship

with my favorite Nussberger wine



Let us avoid

the traditional linking of arms...



by touching toes beneath the table



Carried away,

Jules removed his at once



Jim kept his next to Catherine's...



but she gently pulled hers away



Jules' shy, happy smile told...



everyone that they were in his heart



For a month Jules disappeared

and saw Catherine alone...



but the   friends continued

to meet at the gym



Very good, Jules



Will you spend the evening

with me and Catherine?



l told her all about you



Catherine's anxious

to know you better but...



Not with her, Jim, OK?



Hello, Mr. Jim!



Say Jim the way the English do



Not Jeem!



What do you think of our pal Thomas?



Can he go out with us?



Not bad! Maybe a mustache...



Now let's face the streets



Got a light, sir?



Thank you, sir



Catherine's trick pleased her



Jules and Jim...



felt confused



ls it a dream or rain?



Maybe both!



So let's go to the sea!






Let's have a race...



to the end of the bridge



Get set!



 ...  ...



- You cheated.

- But l won!



Thomas always wins, speaks

  languages and swims like a fish



And stands on his head?



You'll teach him!



Mr. Jim,

tomorrow will you help me...



take my bags to the station?



What a mixture!



Her father's a noble,

her mother's a commoner



He's from an old Burgundy family



Mama was English



So she's not average...



and she teaches



- What?

- Shakespeare!



Jim felt she was Jules'

and didn't think about her



The calm smile

returned to Catherine's lips...



naturally, expressing everything



l need only to iron my dress!



- Taking your bike?

- Yes



And this bag?



- What're you doing?

- l'm burning some lies



Give me a match



Are you hurt?



No. Hand me my dress



- Got a broom?

- ln front of you!



Will you help me?



That goes too



What is it?



Sulfuric acid

for the eyes of men who lie



The bottle'll break in your bag



You can buy more acid anywhere



Not in that bottle!



l swore to use only that bottle



- Your hat!

- Thanks!



They rented a house on the coast,

too big but isolated...



a bit solemn, white outside

and unfurnished



- Sleep well?

- Very!



- ls Jim awake?

- l don't know



- How's everyone?

- Everyone's fine!



A beautiful day!



Let's go to the beach!



Let's look

for traces of civilisation!



A bottle!



A shoe!



A can! Watch out!



Catherine, look!






Be careful!



A postcard!



A piece of china!



A cup... a cigaret butt!



A cigaret pack!



l think we're lost!



Would you mind if l marry Catherine?



Answer me frankly



ls she made for a husband

and children?



l'm afraid she'll never be

happy here on earth



She's an apparition, not a woman...



for one man



We must continue



Not this time!



l quit!



Come on, boys! Help me!



Let's go, boys!



l've read a book l like



A German dares to say aloud

what l think inside



The sky we see...



is a bubble no bigger than this



We walk with our heads

pointed at the center



What's beyond the crust?



Who knows? That's not a question

for gentlemen to answer



Give me your answer tomorrow



lt it's no, l'll ask you again...



each year on your birthday



You've known few women,

l've known lots of men



With our averages,

maybe we'd make a good couple



Catherine's almost said yes



At    l was in love with Napoleon



l dreamt of meeting him

in an elevator



He'd make me pregnant

and l'd never see him again



Poor Napoleon!



As a baby l learned

Our Father who art in Heaven...



but l said

Our Father's go-cart in Heaven



So l imagined my daddy with a beard,

riding in a go-cart in Paradise



l thought l'd told a funny story...



at least amusing enough

to make you smile



Would someone mind

scratching my back?



Scratch and Heaven'll scratch you



Scratch and...



Before l met you l never laughed



l looked like this...



But that's over! Never again!



lt's raining! Look!



l miss Paris. Let's go back!



Tomorrow we'll be in Paris



l've signed with my publisher!



For Catherine!



For you both!






What is it?



A little hand

for scratching your back!



l have   seats

for the theater tonight



What'll we see?



A new Swedish play



Curtain's at  :  



Once the sand runs out,

time to get dressed!



Jim enjoyed seeing his friends often



Jules' great bed

was officially inaugurated...



with   pillows side by side

and the bed smelled good



Catherine began to find

her roots in life



Nevertheless, l like that girl!



She wants to be free

and live each moment of her life



Jim doesn't seem to agree



The play's vague and complacent,

showing vice to illustrate virtue



We don't know

when or where it takes place



He doesn't say

if the heroine's a virgin or not



That's unimportant!



Yes, if the story

was only sentimental,



but he says the hero's impotent...



plus a homo brother and a nympho!

We need more details on the heroine



That's all you think about!



Right, Madam, and because of you!



No psychology tonight!



No, it's metaphysics!



A wife's fidelity is important...



a husband's is secondary



Who wrote Woman is natural,

therefore abominable?



Baudelaire, on certain women

of a certain world



Not at all!



He meant women in general!



He described a young girl...



Monstrous scarecrow,

assassin of Art...



little fool, little bitch...



the greatest idiocy linked

to the greatest depravation!



Wait! He said more



lt's amazing

that they allow women in churches



What have they to discuss with God?



- You're idiots!

- l said nothing!



l don't have to agree

with Jules at  :   AM



Then protest!



l protest!



Jim fixed Catherine's leap

in his mind...



and made a sketch of it

although he'd never drawn before



He felt a burst of admiration...



and in his thoughts

sent her an invisible kiss



He mentally swam with her

and held his breath...



to scare Jules



Catherine! Why?



You're crazy!



Catherine's hat floated away



Jules was pale, uncertain,

quiet and more handsome



Catherine smiled like a modest

general after a victory in ltaly



No one mentioned her jump



l'm home



- Please, Mr. Jim...

- Just Jim!



Just Jim...



l'd like to ask you for some advice



Will you meet me at our cafe

tomorrow at  :  ?



Catherine wants to talk to you



l'll be there at  :  



You're joking!



l never joke



l have no sense of humor



l know people who do...



my wife's friends, people at work

but personally l don't



l'm not funny



Jim arrived late, as usual...






He was afraid of not being

the first to arrive



He thought a girl like her

could arrive at   :  ...



and not seeing me, leave at   :  



She might walk through the room...



and not seeing me with my paper,

leave immediately



A girl like her...

But what was she like?



Jim truly thought of Catherine

for the first time






Another coffee!



Another drink!



Jim, did l wake you?



We're going home to my country

to get married!



My apologies to Catherine.

l arrived late



l waited till  :  



Catherine's more optimistic

about time



She was at the hairdresser's

and arrived...



at  :   to have dinner with you



lf l'd known,

l'd have waited till midnight



Catherine wants to talk to you



Jim, l'm very happy



Jules is going to teach me

French boxing



With an Austrian accent?



l don't have an accent anymore!



My pronunciation is excellent.




Children of the nation,

our victory day has come!



Against tyranny we've raised

the bloody flag of freedom!



Can you hear in the land

the enemy's fierce guns?



They've come to take

the blood of our sons!



War broke out shortly



The   men were mobilised

in their respective armies...



and didn't hear from each other



The war dragged on

and became a daily routine...



patterned after the seasons...



a normal life with its pauses...



and even its distractions



Jim received packages from Gilberta



Each time he expected a furlough...



it was canceled



But in Spring,     

he had a week in Paris



Don't marry me to thank me

for a package! We're fine this way!



OK but l'm sure

we'll grow old together



How's Jules?



No news since he married Catherine



l'm afraid of killing him

in the trenche



My love...



l think of you constantly but...



not of your soul,

for l don't believe in that...



but of your body, thighs,

and hips...



and of your belly,

and our son inside it



l've no envelope and don't know

how to send you this letter



l'm being sent to the Russian front



lt'll be rough but...



l prefer it that way.

l'm so afraid of killing Jim



My love...



l kiss you very hard



Jules' country had lost,

Jim's had won



But the real victory was

they were alive



They made contact via

a neutral country and began writing



Catherine and Jules

lived near the Rhine



Sabine had been born.

Jim wrote to Jules:



''Should l too get married

and have children?''



Jules replied:



''Come judge for yourself''



Catherine asked him also



Jim left but delayed the event

of his arrival



He visited several towns

on the Rhine



A Paris paper published his articles

on postwar Germany



He wanted to see

his own major battlefields



ln some spots the fields...



contained so much iron from

the shellin that they were untillable



Jim looked for the names

of his lost comrades...



in the cemeteries that already

the schoolchildren were visiting



Catherine was...



at the station with her daughter



and a look of restrained audacity

and whim



Hello, Jim



This is Sabine



Hello, Mr. Jim!



Jules is anxious to see you



Jim felt like she'd come to the cafe

very late, dressed especially for him



She took him to their chalet

amid some pines by a sloping meadow



- How are the others?

- Oh, the others...



- You haven't changed.

- You haven't changed



So no one's changed!



No, thanks...



- Want some?

- A little



l've quit smoking

now that l'm in love with plants



An angel is passing over



Naturally! lt's  :  



They always pass over

at    minutes past



- Oh?

- So it seems



l didn't know that



Neither did l



At    past and at    to



So you won the war, you devil!



l'd rather have won this



You must be hungry. Let's eat



After lunch l'll show you the house



Jim here... Jules there...



and Sabine next to me



And your new novel?



Unfinished due to my damn articles



l have to think about them

all week...



then write them Friday night

and send them by air mail



And you?



l have a commission

for a book on dragonflies



l'm doing the text and photos



Catherine's doing the drawings

and graphs



Even Sabine helps

by going with me to the marshes



l'm going to build

an artificial pond in the garden



Maybe one day...



l'll write a love story...



where the characters will be insects



l have a bad tendency

to overspecialise



l envy you your broad scope, Jim



Me? l'm a failure



Prof Albert Sorel

taught me the little l know



He saidYou want to be what?

A diplomat



Are you rich?




Can you legitimately add

a famous name to your own surname?






Then forget diplomacy



But what'll l become?




That's not a profession, not yet



Travel, write, translate



Learn to live everywhere.

Begin at once



The future belongs to the curious



The French have stayed

behind their borders too long



Newspapers'll pay for your escapades



Jules says a great career

lies before you



l agree but not necessarily

a spectacular one



Here's where Jules works and sleeps



Our life is organised

like life in a convent



Jules writes his books...



hunts for his insects

and little things




the nearby farmer's girl...



helps me with the house and Sabine



My room...



lt's Jules!



His father adored...



Mozart so much that one day

he dressed Jules like him



The balcony...



Your inn is over there



Jules'll take you there later



Jules and Jim

continued talking as before



They discussed the war.

Jules avoided mentioning his family



Catherine was severe

and kind to him,



but Jim felt all was not going

very well



Time for bed!

The fleas need to be fed!



Once upon a time there was a flea...



a very nice flea...



See you tomorrow!



l need to talk to you



How do you find Catherine?



Marriage and motherhood

agree with her



She's not so grasshopper,

more like an ant






True, she maintains order

and harmony in our home



But when all goes too well,

she becomes discontented



Her attitude changes

and she whips out her words



l always thought

she was like Napoleon



She claims the world is rich and...



one can sometimes cheat a bit...



but she first asks God for

forgiveness, sure that she'll get it



Jim, l'm afraid she'll leave us






No. She's already gone off



For   months l thought

she wouldn't come back



l can feel

she's ready to leave again



She's no longer completely my wife



She's had lovers. l know of  



One on the eve of our wedding

as a farewell to bachelorhood...



one as revenge

for something l did...



but l don't know what



l'm not the man for her...



and she can't bear that



l'm used to her infidelities but...



l couldn't bear for her to leave



Now there's Albert...



The singer who found the statue...



He's the one who showed it to us



He was hurt in the war



He's convalescing in a nearby town



Catherine's encouraged him

and given him hope



He's a good man.

He was frank with me



He wants to marry her

and raise the child



l'm not mad at him



l'm not mad at her nor Albert



l'm slowly giving her up...



and all l'd hoped for on earth



She won't leave.

She loves your Buddhist monk aspect



She's usually sweet and generous...



but when she feels unappreciated...



she becomes terrible...



and violently goes

from one extreme to the other



Listen to the mole-cricket singing



lt's a kind of mole



From his room

Jim could see the chalet



Queen of the hearth,

Catherine was ready to fly away



Jim wasn't surprised



He recalled Jules' errors

with other women



He knew Catherine

was terribly precise



He felt sad for Jules

but couldn't judge Catherine



She leapt into men

as she'd leapt into the Seine



A threat hung over the house



The  nd week began






You'd best say goodnight now



Yes, Mama



Jim, l'd like to talk to you later



Are you free?



Please note that words

can't have the same value...



when they don't have the same gender



ln German war, death and moon

are masculine...



whereas sun and love are feminine



Life is neuter



That's very pretty

and above all very logical



As the war dragged on,

skirts got shorter



lt caused quarrels

on each furlough



Soldiers felt

they were being laughed at...



but actually cloth

had become rarer and rarer



And women had to cut their hair...



to work in factories

because of the machines



Jim, it's time you learned

to enjoy German beer



Jim's French like me.

He doesn't give a damn



- Not true!

- What?



France has the widest variety

of wines in Europe. ln the world!



Bordeaux like Chateau Laffitte...



Chateau Margaux, Chateau Yquem,

Chateau Frontenac...



St-Emilion, St-Julien, Entre- -Mers,

and l'm forgetting some of the best.



Clos Vougeot, the Burgundies,

Romanee, Chambertin...



Beaune, Pommard, Chablis,

Montrachet, Volnay, Beaujolais...



Pouilly-Fuisse, Pouilly-Loche,

Moulin ... Vent...



Fleurie, Morgon, Brouilly,




We stared at the shell

rolling slowly down the stairs



Only   more steps,   more...

all of us flat on our bellies



Catch me!



You want to know what?



Nothing. Just listen to you



To judge me?



Good God, no!



l won't say a thing

but l have a question



And it's tell me about Jim



Sure. What?



Anything. Just plow ahead



Without naming Jules

or himself he described...



  young men,

their friendship in Paris...



before a certain girl came

and what happened afterwards...



and even ''Not with her, Jim!''

unable to avoid using his own name.



their threesomes,

the stay by the sea



Catherine watched Jim relive it

as if he were still there



She corrected a few details

and added others



He described missing her at the cafe

and how he saw the   of them...



Jules' hidden qualities and

how he'd felt from the start that...



Jules couldn't hold on to Catherine



You'd have said it at the cafe?






Go on



There's no more to say.

The war came



l was glad to find Jules again,

see you



l've enjoyed

the time l've spent with you...



and what l've seen,

learned and figured out



The approaching cloud...

l mean Albert



Are you with Jules against me?



No more so than he is



l'll retell the story as l lived it



Jules' generosity, innocence...



and vulnerability

amazed and won me over



He was such a contrast to other men



l hoped to heal him

of his crises with cheerfulness...



but l realised

his crises are a part of him



We were happy a while but

happiness didn't become a part of us



We ended up face to face,

not together



His family was really a torture



At a party on the eve

of our marriage...



his mother did something

that hurt me deeply



l punished Jules

for being passive about it...



by spending a few hours

with an ex-lover, Harold



Yes, a lover



So l married Jules

and we were quits...



and got off on an even start



Luckily his family

moved away up north somewhere



Then came the war.

Jules was sent east



He wrote me wonderful, fiery...



love letters



From afar l loved him more

and reburnished his halo



Our last argument and true break-up

was on his first leave



l felt like

l was in a stranger's arms



He left.   months later

Sabine was born



She doesn't resemble him



Believe what you will, she's his



l told him l've given you

a daughter, that's enough



That ends it. Now it's separate

rooms. l want my freedom



Remember your young friend Fortunio?



He was there, free as a bird.

So was l



He was a nice partner.

What a vacation!



But he was too young

and it wasn't serious



One day, to my surprise...



l missed Jules' leniency

and leisureliness



My daughter attracted me

like a magnet



So l left



l've only been back here   months



As a husband to me,

Jules is finished



Don't feel sorry for him.



l still allow him

enough distractions



Now there's Albert

who told me of the statue...



the   of you liked

and which l resemble



l flirted with him.



He may be odd but

he has a natural authority Jules lac



He wants me to marry him.

He wants both mother and daughter



l like him a lot

but not enough till now



He's coming to lunch tomorrow



You've listened well.

l talked more than you



But l didn't tell all,

no more than you did



l had other lovers? Never mind



l only talked

about what you talked about



- l understand you.

- l don't want to be understood



lt's almost daybreak



Jim wanted Catherine but

stifled his desire more than ever



She mustn't leave



Was he reacting on Jules behalf...



or on his own? He'd never know



Jim was far from sure

whether or not...



Catherine was trying to seduce him



She never revealed her goal

until she'd scored



Hello, Sabine



How're you and your mama?






Hello, Albert



You shaved your mustache?



Like everyone else! But l feel naked.

l'm going to let it grow back



Albert was wounded in the trenches



l'm OK now but when l woke up...



and found a surgeon

digging in my skull...



l thought of Oscar Wilde:

God, spare me physical pain!



l can cope with moral suffering!



The disgusting part of war is...



it deprives a man

of his own individual battle



Yes but l think he can still

wage it at the same time



l remember a gunner

l met in the hospital



While on leave

he met a girl in a train...



and they talked

between Nice and Marseilles



As she left she gave him her address



For   years he frantically wrote her

daily from the trenches...



on wrapping paper by candlelight



As the shells fell,

his tone became more intimate



At first he wrote Dear Miss

and ended with My sincerest respects



ln the  rd one he called her

My little fairy and...



then it was My adorable fairy...



and then l kiss your hands...

then l kiss your forehead



Then he spoke of the photo

she'd sent...



and of the breasts

he imagined under her housecoat



Soon he said l love you terribly



One day he wrote her mother,

asking for the girl's hand



He became officially engaged

without ever seeing her again



The war went on and the letters

became more and more intimate



l clutch you to me, my love



l hold your adorable breasts



l clasp you to me naked



When she replied a bit coldly

he begged her not to be coy...



because he might die any moment.

lt was true



To understand this extraordinary

deflowering by mail..



you need to know the violence

of trench warfare...



the collective madness and

the presence of death each second



Here's a man

who fought in the war...



and yet he also waged

his own personal battle...



and completely conquered

a woman from afar



He was hospitalised with a head wound

like you, but wasn't as lucky as you



He died after a trepanation

on the eve of the armistice



ln his last letter

to his unknown fiancee he wrote...



Your breasts

are the only grenades l love



l'll show you

some photos l have of him



He almost seems alive



lt's a beautiful story



Jules wrote me

lovely letters during the war



Hello, Albert!



Have you finished my song?

Let's work on it



The movement of a rocking-chair

Makes fleshly joys seem so fair



And the song?



lt's coming along!



Yes, shall we do it?



lt's much too good for them

but we can't choose our audience!



She had rings on every finger



Bracelets on her wrists



And she sang with a voice



Which bewitched me



We met with a kiss



A hit - then a miss



lt wasn't all bliss, but we started.

Then we went our own ways



We each went back

into the hustle and bustle of life



l saw her again one night



lt's been such a long time...



Catherine was different to each one

and with all   at the same time



Jim felt like a  th wheel. He could

admire her only in private...



and was distant with her in public



Our affection needs to be left

in peace like a new-born baby



l can tell

you were truly in love once



- Why didn't you marry her?

- lt didn't work out



- What's she like?

- Reasonable and patient



She says she'll wait forever.

Her name's Gilberta



You both still love each other?



Don't cause any suffering, Jim



l like adventure and taking risks



And there's something new



l admire you. l enjoy seeing you



l'm afraid l'll forget Jules



Don't. He must be told






Hearts that love in vain...

My God, how they cause pain



Not bad...



but the My God isn't necessary



Good night!

lf you see the others, give them...



my regards



l want to read Affinities



- May l borrow it tonight?

- l loaned it to Jim



Never mind!



You'll have it tomorrow



You must return Affinities to me.

Catherine wants to read it tonight



Jim, Catherine wants

nothing to do with me



l'm terrified she'll walk out

of my life completely



The last time

l saw you two together...



you were like a married couple



Jim, love her!

Marry her and let me see her



l mean, if you love her,

stop thinking of me as an obstacle



Jim awaited Catherine all day.



She was in his arms

with her low voice



Their first kiss lasted all night



They said nothing and became closer



At dawn the light went out



She had a look

of incredible curiosity and joy



Enchained, Jim arose



For him, other women

no longer existed



Your turn!



l've asked Jim to live with us



He can have the small room



Beware, Jim!



Beware of her and of you!



Here's your make-shift bedroom



Some German books

but you'll find more in my room



A cupboard...



l'll unpack your bag



l guess that's about it



That part is a mess

but it can't be helped



What's beyond the wall?



Sabine and Mathilda's room



The bed's not too bad



Sit next to me



l love the nape of your neck



l can look at it without being seen



And Jules?



He loves us both



He won't be surprised

and so he'll suffer less



We'll love and respect him



ln the village they were well liked

but were called the Mad Trio



Hearing this, Catherine invented

the Village ldiot game



At table they took turns,

playing the ldiot



Sabine made them giggle the most



Catherine has said

''You only truly love once''...



but for her that moment

kept returning



Life was really a holiday



Jules and Jim

had never worn such big masks



Time passed



Even happiness

can wear away imperceptibly



One Sunday

Catherine decided to seduce Jules



While Jim read downstairs,

she took Jules up to her room



''No, no!'' said Jules.

''Yes!'' said Catherine



Jim tried not to feel jealous

but nevertheless he was



Catherine noticed it

and never renewed the experience



They all went for a walk...



around a misty lake hidden

in a valley



They were in perfect harmony.

Catherine had a brief headache



After major fatigue,

Jim had worse ones and...



thought ''lf we have kids, they'll be

tall and thin with headaches''



They went down to the lake

to throw stones



Catherine and Jules

learned how to make them skip



The sky was low



Jim's newspaper called him

back to Paris



Jim's newspaper called him

back to Paris



Their goodbyes weren't painful -

they were sure...



they'd soon be together again,

as before



Their month had been filled

with tiny perfect moments together



When the train left,

they waved for a long time



Jules sort of blessed them

and kissed Jim...



who told Catherine he wanted

to marry her and have children



Jules is willing to get a divorce.

l'm going to marry Catherine



l want to have children with her



Jules will find me a job

in his country



l'm translating a Viennese play

that's to be staged here



- Where are you going?

- Home



- l'll go with you.

- l'd rather you didn't



Hello, Jim!






The locomotive!



Teresa! How are you? How's...?



  weeks of love!

But l cheated on him to buy him...



a sculpted pipe!



He found out, got jealous

and locked me away for   weeks!



l went wild! l escaped on the ladder

of a painter and moved in with him



Then a man promised me a fortune

in Cairo as a virgin in a house...



- Hi, Jim!

- How're you?



- And your pal?

- He's fine



Then an Englishman saved me and...



we lived in a villa

by the Red Sea with a tennis court



Then l heard from home...



Gaby, how're you?



- ls Jules in Paris?

- No



l went home to stop the wedding

and married him!



Jim, how's your pal?



Still with the same girl?

l'd like to see her again



A fine man!

l went after him but he ignored me



l divorced my husband.

My undertaker finally married me!



We're a perfect couple! No kids!



l can't cheat! He doesn't leave me

the time nor the energy!



l'm writing my memoirs

for the Sunday Times!



My husband!



- And you?

- l'm getting married



- Bye, Teresa!

- Bye, Jim!



- Hi, Jim, how's Jules?

- Fine



lnteresting, huh?

Her name's Denise



Don't talk to her. She won't answer



She never talks.

She's not dumb, just empty



lt's empty in there. She's a thing



A pretty thing!



A lovely object



Sex... Pure sex!



- Say goodbye to the man.

- Sir...



Catherine spent the winter

at the chalet...



as Jim's fiancee left in Jules' care



Each day she asked him,

''Do you think Jim loves me?''



Listen, Gilberta...



When Catherine wants

to do something and...



to the extent it won't hurt anyone,

and she's not always right...



she does it for pleasure

and to learn something from it



She hopes to attain wisdom that way



That could go on quite a while!



You're being petty, Gilberta



l'm not! l'm jealous



l've always known

it would end this way



Jim, don't leave tomorrow!



She'll have you for a lifetime.

Give me another week!



Jim could no more leave Gilberta

than Catherine leave Jules



Jules mustn't suffer,

nor should Gilberta



They were fruits of the past,

counterbalancing each other



Tell Jim l saw Teresa,

now married and an authoress



l've had to delay my return, but

soon l'll be free and ready for you



l must say a few little farewells



A few little farewells?



Do you think Jim loves me?



What's wrong? Why didn't

Catherine come to meet me?



ln your letters you wrote too much

about your work and farewells



Catherine hates absences.

Yours was too long



She imagines you've done more

than you possibly could



- She's waiting at the chalet?

- l think so. Sure!






l didn't want to tell you



She left yesterday morning

without a word



l hoped she'd be back

before you arrived



Aren't you worried?



That something's happened to her? No



l think she's making

an irreparable error



Your letter didn't make

a good impression



l saw Teresa,

now married and an authoress



l must say a few little farewells



Catherine does things,

one by one and goes all the way



She's a force of nature

and expresses herself by cataclysms



She lives each moment

with lucidity and harmony...



guided by her feeling of innocence



- You make her sound like a queen.

- She is a queen!



To be frank with you...



she's not especially beautiful,

intelligent nor sincere...



but she's a real woman



And she...



is the woman we love...

and all men desire



Why did Catherine,

so sought after, offer us both...



the gift of her presence?



Because we gave her our full

attention, as if to a queen



l must admit l almost didn't

come back from Paris



l knew it could never be

so good between us



lt's hurt our friendship.

At times l'm jealous of you and...



your years with her



l even hate you

for not being jealous of me



Do you believe that?



l'd do anything

not to lose Catherine completely...



and you'll be like me when

she returns, and she always does!



Jules, help me. l'm leaving



Tell her you didn't find me

at the station



My mind's made up.

lt's the only answer



Yes... l went to the station,

you weren't there



What's wrong with you?



Did you just arrive?



You're my Jim, l'm your Catherine.

That's fine!



You wrote me a lot about

your affairs. l have my own



You said goodbye to your loves



l went to say goodbye to mine



You can hold me in your arms

all night but nothing more



We want a child together, right?



lf we do it now...



l won't be sure if it's yours.




l had to



- You love Albert?

- No



- He loves you?

- Yes



lt's the only way to create

something good between us



Albert equals Gilberta



You've nothing to say?



We must start from scratch



Catherine's creed was to start

from scratch and to pay cash



They lay there, trembling and chaste



She fell asleep and Jim lay awake,



knowing she loved him

as he loved her



A unique force

attracted them to each other



Once again they soared high

like great birds of prey



They remained chaste

until she was sure...



she wasn't pregnant



This restraint exalted them



They didn't cheat on each other.

The Promised Land was in view



When it came time to have a baby,

they realized she wasn't pregnant



They saw a specialist...



who said many couples waited

for months to become productive



What's wrong?



l want to sleep alone tonight



- Why?

- Because!



- Explain it!

- There's nothing to explain!



l'll be good and sleep next to you



lt's not true!



l don't care about your goodness.

l'm disgusted



This child we'll never have

is a nightmare!



lt's like taking a test.

l can't stand it!



But our love is what counts



No, l count too.

And l love you less



Let's try not to need each other



lf we break up and l later realize

l love you, that's my risk



Gilberta still writes to you,

so go back to her



You're being unfair



No doubt. But l'm heartless



That's why l don't love you

and will never love anyone



l'm    you're   



At    you'll want a woman

and l'll be   



You'll find a   -year-old

and l'll be left alone like a fool



Maybe. l'll leave tomorrow



A  -month separation!



Are you in pain?



Not me, not anymore.

Because we mustn't suffer...



not at the same time



Once you stop suffering,

l'll suffer



Am l interrupting?



l can't bear it.

Did you hear us arguing?



No, l was working



l can't stand him.

l'm going crazy



But he's leaving. Good riddance!



Don't be unfair.

You know he loves you



l really don't know anymore



He lied to me



He didn't break up with Gilberta.

He doesn't know what he feels



You love, you don't love

and you end up falling in love



lt's not my fault

we don't have a child



Got a cigaret?



- Want me to talk to him?

- Absolutely not



l'm half for him,

half against him...



but l want him to go



We've decided to separate

for   months. What do you think?



l don't know. Maybe it's a good idea



Won't you tell me what you think?



You despise me



No, Catherine. l never will!



l'll always love you...



no matter what you do or may happen






l love you too!



We were truly happy



We still are



At least, l am






We'll always stay together...



like an old couple...



with Sabine and Sabine's children



Hold me close to you!



l don't want to go back to him

before he goes



Then stay here



l'll sleep downstairs



My little Catherine...



you often remind me...



of a Chinese play

l saw before the war



As the curtain rose, the emperor...



leaned toward the audience

and said...



You see before you

the unhappiest of men...



because l have   wives...



a  st wife and a  nd wife



To Jules their love was relative

but his was absolute



The next day Jim left



Catherine walked him to the station



A fog had invaded the fields

during the night



The others in the hive felt

Jim was at odds with the queen...



so his departure was normal



Already we can't see the house



The train schedule

had changed for the fall



No train was due till the next day



Hotel rooms always make me

feel guilty



l'm not very moral

but l dislike secret trysts



You love them, don't deny it.

l won't believe you



Jim thought of the children

he could've had with Catherine...



a whole houseful



He also thought

that without children,



she'd start having affairs again



ln the grim hotel, without a word...



they had each other, perhaps

as if ending things once and for all



lt was like a burial,

as if they were already dead



She took him to the train

but they didn't wave goodbye



They parted without being forced to



Again Jim thought it was all over



Here's your inhaler...

and a letter too



l think l'm pregnant.

Come at once! Catherine



Gilberta, please hand me some paper




l'm too sick in bed to get up



l don't want to see you pregnant

probably by someone else



Surely our pathetic farewell

didn't do what our love couldn't



...what our love couldn't



Yes, l don't believe he's sick



l'll write to him

that you want to see him



Dear lmaginary lnvalid,

come as soon as possible



Catherine awaits your letter



Write big because

her eyes are tired...



and she can only read big letters



Catherine thinks l'm not ill



l wonder if she's pregnant



l doubt that l could be

the father because...



of our past, Albert and all the rest



Could you mail this?



Of course



A letter for you!



l'm going now. l'll be late



l love you, Jim



There's a lot we don't understand

and many truths are incredible



l'm pregnant at last.

We must thank God. Bow to Him!



l'm positive you're the father



Please believe me!



Your love is alive in me!



Believe me, Jim!



This paper is your skin,

the ink's my blood



Answer me at once!






My love, l believe you!

l'm coming to you!



Whatever is good in me

comes from you



They'd sworn never to talk by phone

and be unable to touch each other



Their letters took   days

and crossed each other



l doubt it because of our past,

Albert and all the rest



l'll never think of you again.

Don't think of me



You disgust me and l'm wrong

because nothing should be disgusting



Jim, your letter changes everything



ln   days you'll arrive

instead of a plain letter



We try to recall our harsh words

but they're forgotten



Come as soon as you can,

even late at night



Then Jim heard from Jules



Your baby died

after a third of its prenatal life



Catherine wants total silence

between you



So they'd created nothing



Jim said rediscovering

the laws of life is great...



but it's best to stick

to the existent laws



We played with the seed of life

and lost



This is incredible!



You gave up the chalet?



We prefer to live in France now



We've rented a mill

on the banks of the Seine



We must get together.

Come to my place tomorrow



Tell me about Catherine



For a long time l feared

she'd commit suicide



She bought a revolver



She'd say

So-and-so committed suicide...



the way we say

So and-so died of cholera



She was hunched up like a widow



She was like a convalescent...



and moved slowly

with the smile of a corpse



Gilberta, this is my friend Jules



Jim's talked so much about you

l feel l know you very well



Catherine knows you came?



Yes, she'd like you

to come for a drive



l wish you and your wife would come



She won't but l will



l must go now



You can't wear a hat like that!

Not in France!



Take mine



Come this way!



She's in a good mood today



Don't upset her



lt's magnificent!



Look at Catherine's car!



lt's Jim



Catherine smiled

but seemed to be plotting something



She wrapped her white pyjamas in

a package and tied it with a ribbon



Jim wondered about it

and then forgot



They went for their ride



l'm hungry. Let's eat here!



Albert! What're you doing here?



Getting some air



Besides, l live here



- Care to eat with us?

- Gladly!



Maybe you have a date?






Give me my package



Good night!



Well done!

 nd time for the pyjama routine!



l didn't expect it



l'm amazed

she didn't re-cast the man's part



She's used Albert often



Why? He was perfect for tonight.

Leave her the car



Catherine's motto

is that for a couple...



at least one of them

has to be faithful



You saw l don't live alone.

l'm going to marry Gilberta



You're smarter than l am, Jim



You know when it's over

with Catherine, it's over



Gilberta will be a good wife



She's lovely



Jim recognized Catherine's horn

and at first...



he saw nothing



Then he spotted the car

driving around the square...



skirting the benches and trees,

like a riderless horse...



like a ghost ship



What a night l had!



l wasn't in my place there.

That life's dead for me



lt was a desert! l talked about you

and looked for you



Come at once!



Come lie next to me. Kiss me!



l've something to tell you



Tell me



ln a novel you loaned me

l found a passage you'd marked



A woman on a ship...



gives herself mentally

to an unknown passenger



lt struck me as a confession...



of how you explore the world



l have flashes of curiosity too



Maybe everyone does



l control mine for you, but l'm

not sure you control yours for me



l agree with you.

For love a couple isn't the ideal



Just look around us!



You tried to make it better by

refusing hypocrisy and resignation



You wanted to invent love



But pioneers must be humble

and not egocentric



No, we must look at things frankly



We've failed.

We've missed everything



You tried to adapt me to you



l've caused distress around me

by trying to give you joy



My promise to Gilberta

for growing old together...



means nothing.

l can put it off forever



lt's counterfeit



l've no hope of marriage with you



l want you to know

l'm going to marry Gilberta



We can still have children



A fine story, Jim!



And me, Jim!



And me?



And the children l wanted?



You didn't want them!



l did!



They'd have been beautiful!



You're going to die!



You make me sick! l'll kill you!



Coward! You're scared!



A few months later...



Jim was glad to see Jules but

his heart didn't pound for Catherine



She wouldn't leave them together...



and suggested a drive. Jim agreed



Catherine drove rapidly and...



took some risks. The air was electric

as during their forest outing...



before meeting Albert



They stopped at a dancehall

near the river



Now they've begun to burn books!



lt's incredible



For Catherine

you were easy to catch...



but hard to keep



Your love went from zero...



up to     with Catherine's



l've never known your zeros

nor your hundreds



l have something to tell you.

Will you come with me?



Jules, watch us!



Jules would never again fear

that she would cheat on him...



or die... because it was over



The bodies were found in the reeds



Jim's coffin was bigger than life.

Catherine's was a jewel-box



They left nothing



Jules had his daughter



Had Catherine enjoyed the battle?




She'd dazed Jules to the point

of nause He felt a surge of relief



The men's friendship

had no equal in love



They'd totally enjoyed little details

and tenderly noted their differences



From the start they'd been called

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza



The ashes were put in urns

and sealed away



Jules would have mixed them together



Catherine had wanted

to be strewn from a hilltop...



but that wasn't permitted




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