Julian Po Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Julian Po script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Christian Slater and Robin Tunney movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Julian Po. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Julian Po Script



My name is Julian Po.



I'm thirty years old...



and I'm recording

the story of my life...



on this tape recorder

for the purpose of...



recording my life. Heh.






Recording my life

on this tape recorder...



which I bought two weeks ago

at the Payless for $  .



Uh, it's got

noise reduction, uh...



What do I say now?

I have no idea.



I tried to keep a journal once,

but that didn't work out.



I'm not a novelist

or anything like that.



Actually, I'm a bookkeeper.



It's not worth mentioning.



I'm Julian Po.



This is the story

of my trip to the sea.



Of all the places

I've never been...



it's the one

that I love the most.



No, no, no.

That didn't come out right.



Who's going

to hear this anyway?



Probably not even me.



Well? What the hell

do you want?



Your, uh... sign said

you had a vacancy.



It always says that.

It's permanent.



So you have no rooms.






You ain't puttin' words

in my mouth.



Sign that.



That's twenty bucks a night,

in advance.



Thank you.






My sister will

show you the room.



- Thank you.

- Uh-huh.



Um... excuse me.



Could you tell me

where seven is?



Room seven.



Don't seem to be

any numbers here.



Thank you.



Are you done?






A bath. That's good.



Uh... I'm in some town now.



I don't know what it's called

or where I am.



Checked into a hotel,

room seven.






Hmm. The bed squeaks.



Julian P-O. Jesus, what the hell

kind of name is that?



Hell if I know, Mayor.

Don't look like no tourist.



Could be a salesman

of some kind.



Could be some kind

of drug dealer.



Let's have a look at his car,

run a trace on the plates.



No car. He walked into town.



Walked? Nearest town

is forty miles.



You want me

to kick him out, Henry?



Better keep him here

awhile longer, Vern...



till we find out who he is.



Let me know if he does

anything funny.



You keep an eye on him, Leon.



Name could be an alias...



and I got a bad feeling

about that boy.



I'll stick to him like mud.



He could be a terrorist,

you know.



I wonder if he's up there

making bombs or something.



All my life,

I wanted to see the ocean.



Just can't imagine

what it's like to look out...



and see all the way

to the horizon.



Probably makes a man

want to live forever...



to see something like that.



Make me feel small...



but I've never been.



Wasn't like

I didn't have the time.



There was always time...



but I always had little details

to work out first...



errands to run...



bathroom scale's broken,

always something.



This time,

I'm going through with it.



I could have been there by now,

with a little luck.



I'll find out where I am,

get my bearings, and go.



No one's going to stop me.



I'll leave tomorrow.



You a nigger?






Nigger blood.



You know...



maybe your granddaddy,

your grandmama way back.



No. Not that I know of. No.



Well, there's

something dark about you.



Um, I was just going.



I left the key

with your sister up there.



Where are you going?



I'm on my way to the ocean.



Yeah? You in trouble

with the law?






Then why run if you ain't

runnin' from nothin'?



I'm not, uh... running.



Excuse me.



Never spent much time

in a small town before.



Never really spent much time

in a big one, either.



Moved around a lot

when we were kids.



Father sold copiers.



Anyway, I'm pretty used to

being anonymous.



I don't mean that in a bad way.



It's just that's how I am.



I don't think it's possible

to be anonymous here.



Maybe I'll stay another day

or two, see the sights.






Why don't you do that, Mr. Po?



Who is he?



Leon thinks he's a drug dealer.



Drug dealer? Oh, my God.



Well, he's in

the wrong place for that.



Nobody around here wants

to have any kind of fun...



much less illegal fun.



At least, almost no one.






Why is everybody

in this town lookin' at me?



What, am I some kind of freak?



I can't believe you're just

gonna spray your dumb tomatoes.



You have an obvious felon

in your town, Henry.



You act like

nothing's happening.



Well, actually, sugar,

nothing is happening.



Yet. He could be right outside

that barn looking at us.



Ha ha ha ha!



He's gonna kill someone, Henry.

I just know he is.



Lilah, Leon's got him

under close surveillance.



If he tries anything,

we'll nail him.



Must be something in the water

around here...



makes everyone a moron.



Vern told me he sits in his room

and talks to himself.




Said the same thing to me.



Are we sure he isn't

just some kind of tourist?



When was the last time

we had a tourist, pastor?



I say he's planning

something right now.



Lilah, you don't know that.



I can't do everything, Henry.



You're the goddamn mayor.

Find out what he's doing here.



I'll handle it, Lilah.



Who are you, mister?



Po. My name is...



We know your name...



At least what you say

your name is.



But what the hell are you

doing in our town?



- Here?

- That's where we are.



What you got

in that suitcase, son?



You was holding it

pretty close.



Now, if you bringing drugs

in here...



you come to the wrong place.



Drugs? I don't, uh,

I don't have any drugs.



You got the look

of a man on the run.



I'm a bookkeeper.



- Did he say he was a bookie?

- You a killer, boy?



Could be one of those

mass murderers.



He probably killed a whole bunch

of innocent women somewhere...



then you came here

to kill again.



Why did you come here?



My car broke down.



I was on my way

to the seashore for vacation.



Wasn't no broke-down car

on the road nowhere.



- I swear.

- Let me see your car keys.



I threw them away.



Listen, it's true...



and this just looked

like such a pretty town...



I decided to stay

for a few days.



This town is a dump,

and you know it.



- Just tell the truth.

- Why are you here?



You're gonna kill one of us?



No, no. Listen,

I just... I came here...



Maybe I should just go.



- Sit down.

- Now, tell us.



- Which one of us is it?

- You best confess, boy.



Out with it!



Me... uh, kill?



He admits it.



No, no, I just...

I came here just to...



You said you came here

to kill somebody.



Now, goddamn it, boy, who?



- Who is it?!

- I came to kill...



Speak, you bastard.



- Out with it.

- Say it!






What did he say?



You, uh... came here

to kill yourself?






It's just,

I wanted to, uh...



to be alone.



Are you dying of something?



No. My health is fine.



- What'd you do, lose your job?

- No.



Your wife left you.

A death in the family, maybe.



- No.

- What the hell was it, then?



How come you want

to kill yourself?



Got to be money or a woman.

It's always one of those two.



You really gonna kill yourself,

or are you just bullshitting?



Excuse me.



- Afternoon, Mr. Po.

- Hi.



Uh, I wanted to ask you

if there was a bus...



or a train

heading out of here...



something going east,

say, today?



Big dog used to come through,

but they cut it out.






Big dog, the bus.

Goes around Mount Carmel now.



I see.



Listen, uh...



what I said about

being a nigger...



just... forget that,

will you?



No hard feelings.






Hi. It's me.



R- Reverend Bean.



Pastor of

the Forks of the Water Church.



I was very moved

by what you said at Reva's.




and troubled. May I?






Lovely room. Very nice.



Ah, a bath.

I'm a bath man myself.



You have time to think.






you're going to kill yourself.






Uh, it's hard to say.






And you think killing

yourself might help.



Have you ever

done this before?



Killed myself?



No, no. Of course,

you're alive, aren't you?



What I meant was, tried.






Good. Glad to hear it.




Whew. It's good to talk,

get things off your chest.



It's not good to be alone.



Too much time alone...



make anybody want

to kill himself.



Well, I'll leave you

alone now.



You come by my church.

We'll talk some more.



- Promise.

- OK.



Hi. Hi there, Mr. Po.



Hope I'm not disturbing you.



Uh, well, actually, um...



I know you must have a lot of

things on your mind right now...



what with tying up

loose ends and all.



I was thinking...



my wife thought...



so did I...



seeing as how

you're new in town...



and you probably won't be

with us long, we thought...



maybe you'd like

to come over tonight.



Kind of a last supper

sort of thing.



It's... it's a joke.

I'm sorry.



So what do you say?  :   OK?



I'm actually

kind of busy tonight.



Thank you, though.



How about tomorrow?






Hello, Mr. Po.






Aren't you gonna invite me in?






Well, my lord.



I'd say Vern needs

a new decorator.



What a rat's nest.



Hardly fit for a man like you.



It's fine.



Oh, you don't have to be

polite to me, Mr. Po.



I'm a big girl.



Forgive my bad manners.

I'm Lilah Leach.



I believe we've met.



Leach is my husband's name...



and if you call me Mrs. Leach,

I'll strangle you.



You won't have

to kill yourself. Ha!



Call me Lilah.



May I call you...






Uh, Julian.




Julian, Julian, Julian.



What a lovely name.






Well... here we are.



I don't know why, honey.

He just said he was.



And Lilah said he said

it wasn't a woman...



or money and he wasn't

dying of nothing.



Well, then why the hell

did he want to kill himself?



I don't know.



I'll get your food

right now, sweetie.



Stay there.



Oh, jeez.



Hello? Hello? Would you

please call the police?



Someone's stolen

all my clothes.



No. Lucy went

to get them cleaned.



She'll be back before long.



I didn't ask you to do that.



Well, I tried to tell her.



I said, "Look, he ain't gonna

have a chance to wear them.



"Why don't you just

wait till after...



"clean up the whole

damn mess all at once?"



Come in.



Good morning, Mr. Po.



I'm sorry to bother you

so early.



Um, it's OK.



Uh... I just thought you might

like something to read.






that's... that's very nice.



It's the

"easy to understand" kind.



Well, I mean, for me, anyway.



My husband, probably, he'd

kill me if he knew I was here.



He's always telling me

to mind my own business...



like when I pick up all

the stray dogs and cats in town.



Got a house full of them.



I just can't help it.



Well, what you said, I...



I feel bad.



Thank you.









"The argument about greatness. "



Excuse me.



Oh, boy.



What do these people think...



just like that, I'm gonna

go out and end my life?



That's not realistic.



They don't...

they don't know me.



In any case...



what's said is said

and, uh... can't be unsaid.



Go on home.



I'm not going

to kill myself today.



You can all just go home.



Well, there's always tomorrow.



Why don't you people

just leave me alone?



I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to disturb you.



Wait, wait.

Uh... who are you?



My name is Sarah.



Um... come in.



- I'm sorry.

- It's OK.



You like a seat?



I had a dream about you.



You did?



That's why I'm here.

I dreamed...






I dreamed that

I saw you in a field...



and the field

became my bedroom...



and you were standing

by my bed holding a big knife.



Then suddenly you stabbed

yourself in the chest with it...



and... I woke up,

and I knew you were the man...



I'd been waiting for

my whole life.



H- how did you know

to dream about me?



We've never met.



I see you.

I see you every day.



And I know

why you came here.



You do?



- You came here for me.

- I did?



My whole life, I've dreamt of

someone like you...



and then you came.



I knew immediately

you were for me.



- Really?

- Yes.



You're so...

you're so beautiful...



I'd go on living

forever for you.



No. I could never stand in

the way of what you have to do.



People come and go

so quickly here.



This girl came to me today.



She looked like an angel.



Said she dreamed about me.



Said she'd...



waited her whole life for me.



Who is she?



I don't know anything

about her.



She, uh...



smells like the beach...



or at least

how I think it smells.



I can check that out

when I get there.



Good morning, Mr. Po.



I brought you some muffins.



Oh, thank you.



Would you like one?



Oh, no, thank you.

I already ate.



But you go right ahead.



Mmm. It's delicious.



Oh, do you like it?

It's my special recipe.



I always wanted to be a baker.



Well, you should be.

Why aren't you?



I was going to start a bakery

out of my kitchen once...



but Leon wouldn't let me.

He's sort of old-fashioned.



He said he loved

my cooking so much...



he couldn't stand

to share it with anybody.



Oh, but why am I

talking about this?



Your time is too short

to be worried about my problems.



Everyone's time is short.

Yours, too.



It's an illusion

that we have forever to live.



My God.



That is so true.



We always wait too long to do

the things we want to do...



and then, before you know it,

it's too late.



You are so right.






Uh, she, uh, brought me

those for breakfast.



That's why she was here.



I liked your breakfast, too.

It was delicious.



Very good, tasty.



I'm gonna go out now.



See you.



Ahem. Bye.



There you go.



Is this yours?



Thank you, Mr. Po.



It's nice to see you today.






It's not the way I'd do it.



Beg your pardon?



It's just not the way I'd want

the loved ones to remember me.



That last glimpse before

they close the lid.



It sets a memory for life.



Step right this way

into my office, Mr. Po.



We'll have you

fixed up in a jiffy.



Well, I was...



No, right this way.

Thank you, Mary.



Step right here, sir. Ha ha.



People in your position...



often don't think

about a haircut, Mr. Po...



until it's too late.



I've seen it a million times.



The last haircut

of your earthly existence...



done by the undertaker.



Is he a trained

hair-care professional, Mr. Po?



I ask you. He is not.



And that's why it's important

to think of this before.



When you leave here, you'll be

so darn-well groomed...



you may not even want to die.






You think an undertaker

could do that?






Oh, on the house, Mr. Po.



Come back soon

if your plans should include...



a somewhat longer stay

than you'd intended.



I'm always here. Ha ha.



- Thank you.

- Pleasure.



Mr. Po. We haven't met.

I'm Tom Potter.






I'm so glad you stopped by.






Come in. I, uh...

I have just the thing.



No, no. I'm not shopping.

I was just, uh...



Please. Indulge me.






Cuff the pants...



and we're in business.



Well, it's very nice, but, uh,

I don't need a new suit.



I already have one.



A man in your situation

should have two suits.



It's very expensive.

I can't afford it.






Why would you give me a gift?

We just met.



You're not

an ordinary man, Mr. Po.



You have ideals.

You have willpower.



I'm just a little man.



I'll never take life

by the throat...



and say, "You give me

this, or else... "



But you did.



I want you to wear

my suit, Mr. Po.



I want to be part

of your adventure.



There's something

happening to me...



that has never happened before.



An event...



an event is happening to me...



of some kind.



I don't want to sound

too optimistic.



There's a kindness here.



Excuse me, miss.



I need my room right now,

if you could just...



Listen. I can get the rest...






Sorry. I didn't mean

to frighten you.



You didn't hear me?



You can't hear or speak?



God, I had no idea.



Are you all right?



I mean, do you feel all right?



Are you well?



How do you understand what

I'm saying if you can't hear me?



You can read lips.



My God, it's like a novel.



Never saw anything like this.



Well, my name's Julian.

What's yours?






Your name's Lucy.



Well, it's nice

to meet you, Lucy.



"Why do you want

to kill yourself?"



Well, I don't, really.



I do, but, uh, not...



I mean...






it's kind of hard

to explain, really.



Thank you for coming.



Um... Lucy.



I just want to thank you

for coming.



Thank you for cleaning my room.



I'm grateful.



I wonder if this river

goes out to the sea.



Who knows?



Sarah. What are you doing here?



I followed you.



Why? You wanted to see me jump,

just like everybody else?



I'm not like everybody else.

I would have joined you.






I used to come out

to this bridge...



and I'd stay

all night sometimes...



just thinking about

all the things that scare me.



Everything scares me...



words, talking.



You say things,

and they come out wrong...



so you say more things,

and then you just get stuck...



then you got to get out.



He died when I was five.



All I remember

is his mustache...



and that he always used to

carry chewing gum with him...



and he'd give me a stick

and call me his little princess.



You miss him?



No, because he's

always with me.



The only thing is...



I can't touch him

until I go where he is.



I miss touching his mustache.



How did he die?



Like us.



Come on, Julian.



Does it fit?



Try it on. I made it for you.



Made it for me?



When? We just met.



I made that one last year.



Others I made before.



That's perfect.



How did you know

the size I would be?



Well, I didn't always.



I made this one

when I was sixteen.



Guess I thought

you'd be bigger then.



Met Sarah again.



What can I say about her?



She's the most beautiful woman

I've ever seen.



She loves me.



I don't think anyone

ever loved me before.



I don't even know

what it means.



All I know is that she makes me

very, very happy.



She's confused

about things, though.



Here you go, Mr. Po.

It's on the house.



Thank you.



So, uh... when you fixin' on

doing the deed, huh?



Uh, soon.



Be using a gun, will you?



I haven't decided yet.



My brother-in-law did it

with booze and pills.



Don't get the same mess

you get with a gun.



Yeah, but you might

not take enough.



The next morning,

you just wake up...



with a god-awful hangover.



I hear slitting the wrist

is pretty effective...



but you got to do it

the long way, see?



A lot of folks

just do it crosswise.



The blood don't come

fast enough.



That's, uh...

that's good to know.



You know,

you're a remarkable man, Mr. Po.



- I am?

- Absolutely.



I mean,

you decide on a thing...



you go for it.

I like your style.



Have another beer, Mr. Po.



No, this one's on me,




Hey, Tug, you line them up

and keep them coming, all right?



Sure thing.






Thank you.



Oh, God, I don't remember

going to sleep last night.



Or taking off my clothes.



I have a headache.



Thank you.






Oh, man.



Mr. Po. Is that you, Mr. Po?



You can't hide.



I can hear you up there.



There comes a time

in every man's life, Mr. Po...



like the sun going up,

the sun going down...



you got to look at it.



And here you be.






Good morning, Mr. Po.






Looking for a little privacy,

are you?



Oh, well...



I understand that perfectly.



I come up here...



sometimes myself.



Yeah, just you

and the barn owls.



I bet you're thinking about

doing your business.



I'm just the boy

to help you out.



That's all I have to say.






done... out of here.






Quick and easy...



no mess.



Well, there's no mess for you,

but a hell of a mess for Lucy...



but that's what

I pay her for...



if I paid her.



That ain't your worry.

Only goddamn worry you got...



is how to get out of

this fucking world A.S.A. P...



am I right?

This baby would do it.



That's a.    Magnum.



I put three shells in there.



Hell, you can miss with two

and still be sitting pretty.



I want you to know

you can count on me, Mr. Po.



I figured, uh...

that was the least I could do.






- Good morning, Mr. Po.

- Morning.



- How you doing today?

- Fine.



Guess you didn't end it all

in the night, did you?



Uh, no.



Well, then since

you're still alive...



why don't you come and do

a little hunting with me?



And my wife Darlene...



she cooks the best damn rabbit

you ever tasted.




I don't know how.



Then we've got no time to lose.

Come on.






brings something out

in a man.



One of the deepest pleasures

a man can feel...



killing and sex.



You ever kill anything, Po?



Uh... bugs.



That perfect moment...



when an animal leaps

in the air...



all the muscles tense

in a last effort to live.



Then it falls, the life gone

before it hits the ground.



Moment of... ecstasy.



I killed a man once.



Nobody ever knew.



It was just like

shooting a rabbit...



except it was a man.



The worst...



greatest moment of my life.



It's what you're gonna do,

ain't it?



Only you're the hunter

and the rabbit.



I admire you.



Now, you don't think

killing's a sin, do you?



Sin? No. Uh...



if you kill a man,

you set him free.



It's not a sin.

It's a favor.



By God, you're right.



Heh heh heh.



We both need to kill.



Po... you're a hell of a man.



Now, just wait till you see what

Darlene does to these beauties.



You'll think you done already

died and went to heaven.



Hi, darling. Mr. Po.



What the hell is going on here?



- My new career.

- Your new what?



- You tell him, Mr. Po.

- Tell me what?



Uh, I don't know.



Sure you do.

Mr. Po here said...



it is an illusion

that we live forever...



and if we wait too long

to do the things...



we really want to do,

it may be too late.



Now, I always wanted

to be a baker...



and if I wait any longer...



Hell, I might be dead,

like Mr. Po here...



so a baker is what

I'm going to be.



This was your idea?



I owe it all to him.



What about these?



Let's go.



- Good luck.

- Thank you.



Buy a ticket, young fella?



Guess the day and win the pot.



What day?



The day the stranger

does hisself in.



Pay a dollar, pick your date.



Smart money says

he won't last a week.



Give me one for tomorrow, Emma.



Morning, Po.



Po? The stranger?



When you gonna do it?



Why don't you give an old woman

a little hint, huh?



- Soon.

- Huh? Please?



Take care.



You won't last forever.



Pick your date, folks.



- You... what's your name?

- Walter.



Why are you guys

following me, Walter?



To see when you do it.



You want to see me

kill myself? Why?



'Cause we ain't never seen

nobody kill himself before.



You just bought one of those

raffle tickets, didn't you?



- For what day?

- Today.



Well, you just wasted a dollar.

I'm not gonna do it today.



Didn't you hear me? I said

I'm not gonna do it today.



Why are you guys

still following me?



A guy who'd kill himself

might lie.






Mr. Po, I'm so glad to see you.



- It's not today, is it?

- No.



I see you've made friends with

some of our younger citizens.



Well, they bet a dollar

I'd die today.



Boys will be boys, but that's

exactly what I wanted...



to talk to you about...

death and so forth.



I mean, what is it, exactly,

that you expect to find there?



- Where?

- Heaven.



You do believe in heaven,

don't you?



I don't know.



Me, too.

I often wonder what exists...



and something must,

don't you think?



If it were just the end,

it would be too terrible.



In Sunday school,

we teach that heaven...



is a kind of a picnic

in the country...



with the choir singing

all the time...



but suppose

it's more like a city...



or the middle

of the ocean or a cave...



or like being a bird...



always flying around alone

above everything.



Where do you think

you'll end up?



Uh, I don't know, but, uh...



probably get what

you didn't get here...



what you wanted

and you didn't get.



If you wanted a church choir

in the country, you get that.



If you wanted something else,

you get that.



I think God...

if there even is a God...



has a lot to apologize for,

and he does it in heaven.



And if he doesn't feel

like apologizing...



then you're in hell.



I never thought of it that way.



So, at least you do

believe in God.



Well, somebody

has to apologize.



Excuse me.



Mr. Po. Julian.



I thought we might take

a little drive in the country.



I packed a lunch.



Oh, I got

to get out of this town...



take Sarah with me.



Said she's been waiting

her whole life for me.



Maybe I'm the one who's been

waiting my whole life for her.



Is there such a thing as fate?



That's my question...



sort of.



Because if there is,

then maybe I have one.



Maybe it involves Sarah.



She loves me...



but what if I'm not

who she thinks I am?



There's never been

a simple answer in my life...









Pick your day.



Pick your day, now.

Pick your day.



- Hi, Walter.

- Yes, sir.



So, what day

did you guys bet on?



Today. We always pick today.



You don't think about

the future much, do you?



We figure if we pick today

every day, we can't lose.



Would you go away, Walter?



No. I mean away.



This is away.



Mr. Po. Mr. Po,

can I talk to you a minute?



I'm Bobby.



Hey, appreciate

you taking the time here.



I'm real busy right now.



I hear things in my brain.

I don't have to think of them.



I hear them,

and I want to do them.



If I don't do something big,

I'm gonna to explode.



I'm gonna explode.



You came here to die.

That's all you can do here.



You don't want to live.

I want to live.



I want to be a movie star.






Are you talking to me?



Are you talking to me?



Yeah, well...



That's easy, man.

I can do that shit.



Now, I just need to know

what to do.



What should I do, Mr. Po?



I have no idea.



You want to be a movie star?

Go and do it. Life's too short.



We're all gonna die anyway.

Don't talk about it, just do it.



Listen, you know,

I'm making a new rule. OK?



From now on, you guys stay

ten paces behind me...



you got it? OK?



One, two, three,

four, five, six.



And no closer than this.

You got it?



Yes, sir.



I just want a little privacy.

That's all.



- Hello.

- Hi.



- Come in.

- Thank you.



So, what can I do for you?



I know how you've suffered.



I can tell.

I know a woman hurt you...



and that's why you want

to kill yourself.



Women can be horrible...



but I want you to know

that I am not like that.



I want to help you.



You do?



I'd do anything

to give you comfort, Mr. Po.



You would?



Yes, I would.



Um... anything?



Anything, Mr. Po.



Well, take off your, uh, shirt.



I beg your pardon?



Well, you said

you'd do anything.



Your, uh... your skirt.



All right.






should I do anything else?









Thank you for coming.



Is that all?






Thank you.



Whoa, Mr. Po.



I want to talk to you about

that little gun I gave you.



Find out how big

a piece you want.



Hell, you might

have different ideas...



about the whole

goddamn subject entirely.



It's a very nice gun.

Thank you.



Man's got to choose

his own goddamn weapon.



I can see you are impressed.



Piece right here might be

the right action for you.



That's a Winchester...



the rifle that won the west.



It's in perfect working order.



I brought down a buck with

this sucker about two weeks ago.



Now, the idea I have...



is you just put this

in your mouth like this, see...



and you put your big toe

on the trigger.



Boom! Bingo. Good-bye.






Maybe you're a handgun man

after all.



Clarisse, there he is now.



Mr. Po! Mr. Po!



Hang on a few more days.



Make me a rich woman.

Come on.



Good afternoon, Mr. Po.






Listen, I need a tie.



Ah. Well,

I have lots of ties.






Over here.



You ever married, Mr. Po?



Me? No.



Me, neither.



Ever in love?






It's wonderful, isn't it?



Wonderful and horrible

at the same time.



Horrible if you can't be

with the person you love.



I suppose.



That's... that's

my situation, see...



never to be

with the person I love.



Why is that?



Well... fate.



Such a terrible word.



It's like a prison...



something you're born with

that you can't change...



that makes it impossible

ever to be happy.



My fate is never to be

with the person I love.



Who do you love?












the sheriff.



I've been in love with him

since we were kids.



I never told anyone.



Well, does Leon feel

the same way about you?



How would I know?



I couldn't possibly ask.

He's married.



If anyone found out,

my life would be over.



What can I do?



A lot of things I regret...



but nothing more than the things

I was too scared to do.



Life's too short

to live in fear, Mr. Potter.






It's a present.



Thank you.



Bobby left me.



- Who's Bobby?

- My husband.



You told him to leave me,

and he did.



He said that you told him

that life is short...



and that he should

follow his dreams.



He misunderstood.

I didn't say any of that.



Why does everybody

in this town come to me?



Well, Bobby trusted you.



So do I.



Tell me what to do.



Listen, it's your life.

I can't live it for you.



I've been giving

your situation...



a lot of thought, Mr. Po,

a lot of thought.



Have you?



Fascinating. A man wants

to do away with himself...



but he doesn't just do it

like most people.



He travels to a place

he's never been...



announces his plans...



and goes about everything

in a most deliberate way.



Makes of his suicide

a work of art.



It's beautiful.



- You think so?

- Definitely.



I even, in my small way, imagine

that I might be able to help.



Well, how's that?



Well, you see...



I'm a kind of an artist, too...



with this.



Most people think

I just cut the hair...



scrape off the whiskers...



but it's more than that to me.



A face is a canvas...



and this is my paintbrush.



You know,

I never shaved anyone...



without imagining what it would

be like to slit his throat...



but each time

I get the thought...



my hand starts to shake.

I get scared.



I guess I'm just not cut out

for murder...



but with you,

it'd be different.



Wouldn't be murder at all.



We'd be collaborating

on a work of art.



I'd start

just under the ear here...



then a quick sweep across

to the Adam's apple.



I get the exterior carotid

and jugular that way...



and maybe one

of the interior ones.



I looked it up

in a medical book.



Be over in half a second.

You wouldn't feel a thing.



What do you think, Mr. Po?



Just give me the word.



Thank you, Jean.



I take my text today...



not from this book...



but from a man

who lives among us.



His example calls us to ask...



what do we really know?



Do we know who we are...



where we come from...



where we're going?



We think we know...



but we only know

what others tell us...



and what we feel in our hearts,

but our hearts lie.



So what do we know?






I don't want to stand here

and lecture you.



I want to set you free.



I realized this week

that I don't believe in God.



Why wait for God

to apologize...



for this horrible mess

we've made of things?



He might not want to.

He might not be there.



But we're here.



So today, my friends...



I want to say I'm sorry...



for everything.



I'm sorry.



Thank you.



Thank you. I'm sorry.



Thank you.



You ought to be ashamed

of yourself.



You're going straight to hell.



I'm sorry.



You feeling all right,

Pastor Bean?



Never better.



I'm sorry.



Yeah? Well, I should

think you might be.






What, uh, what's this?



We'll be together always,

won't we?



It's so amazing to me

that you exist.



My darling Julian...



until you came into my life...



I never knew

what happiness was.



I thought I might

have to walk...



in the shadows of this town

until a sad old age.



Then you came for me,

and everything was so clear.



Last night,

I saw in your eyes...



what you were trying

to tell me...



what I knew already

but couldn't say.



I hear you...



like you're inside my head...



telling me to prove my love...



telling me to go first.



So I've gone ahead,

my darling Julian...



and I'll wait for you

on the other, better side.



All my love and thanks.



Forever, Sarah.



Open up, Mr. Po.

We know you're in there.



We have to talk, Mr. Po.



I'm busy. Go away.



Ah, that's not gonna do it.

Come on, let us in!



We trusted you.

We made sacrifices for you.



We thought you were

gonna kill yourself...



and we felt sorry for you.



You never intended to do it.



It was a scam all along,

wasn't it?



You made a deal, Mr. Po.



We honored

our side of the deal.



Deal? I never made any deal.



That's not the way

we look at it.



We think you made a promise...



and we think

it's time you kept it.



You want me to die?



You the one who said

he wanted to kill himself.



What, a guy can't change

his mind in this town?



Well, little Sarah

can't change her mind.



That poor little thing

is dead because of you.



You ought to be grateful

we're giving you the chance...



to settle things yourself.



Dead because of me? I was

the only one in this town...



who ever cared about her.



You guys just want

somebody to blame.



You're gonna kill me,

aren't you?



No. We ain't gonna

touch you, son.



It's time, that's all.

Time for you to do...



what you said

you were gonna do.



All right. All right.



You want me to keep my word?

I'll keep it.



That's the spirit, Mr. Po.



I was hoping you'd do

the right thing.



I'll do it tomorrow.



Tomorrow will be fine.



I appreciate you being

reasonable about this, Mr. Po.



It's easier on everybody

this way.



Mr. Po, it's time to go.



Couldn't ask for nicer weather.



My name is Julian Po.



In      I was born.



Of late,

I've been having a journey.



I've fallen in love...



I seem to have served

a purpose...



and after a brief stopover...



I am once again

on my way to the sea.



All in all, I feel

pretty good about myself.



This town behaves

according to its ways...



and, well, there's no need

to apologize.



I've learned that there's always

room for forgiveness...



and this... that all the rivers

run to the sea...



but the sea is not yet full...



or so I've been led to believe.




Special help by SergeiK