Kamikaze Girls Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Kamikaze Girls script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Tetsuya Nakashima movie based on the Tetsuya Nakashima comic with Ky˘ko Fukada and Anna Tsuchiya.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Kamikaze Girls. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Kamikaze Girls Script





My bike ignites!



Farewell, useless Father



Farewell, Grandmother



Farewell, Buddha of Ushiku









the Stars Shine Bright"



And farewell, Ichigo



It's too late to say this, but...



I wish I had been born

in the Rococo era



Kamikaze Girls: The End



That's a bit too short



so let's rewind a little






  th century France

at it's most lavish



It made Baroque look positively sober



An obscure, neglected period



Rarely mentioned in class



Critics called its art "cloying"...



Shallow, vulgar and indecent



Life then was like candy



Their world, so sweet and dreamy



That was Rococo



Girdles were tightened for

beauty's sake



Too tight for breathing



It was...



Very cute!



Or so they said






Hedonism and lovemaking were all

that mattered



Out of bed, they liked embroidery



Then it was back to the bedroom



And then? Countryside walks



I was smitten by Rococo



A frilly dress

and strolls in the country



That's how I wanted to live!



It's not happening



Not in   st century lbaraki



This is Shimotsuma



Paddy-fields, not countryside



I live here



Shit on my shoes



   minutes on foot

to Shimotsuma station



It's faster by bike but not as elegant



In this outfit



Isn't that Ryugasaki's daughter?



Where are you going in

that frilly dress?






What for?



Clothes shopping



But Jusco sells everything






The supermarket?



Don't you know anything?



Shimotsuma's branch has much more



They have anything you want



Much more than Parco



This polo shirt was     yen



This was only      yen



This blouse was      yen



This is from Jusco



This, too



The people here are...



completely twisted



Is it due to a lack of

parental communication?



To go to Tokyo...



you take the Joso line to Toride



Only   trains an hour



...communication is vital



While we wait, here's my profile



Let's take a look!



"The Life of Momoko Ryugasaki"



I wasn't born here



or in France...



but in far-away Amagasaki



Get out of my face!



The locals were mostly gangsters



Nothing but pachinko parlors

and counterfeiters



Each stall undercutting the next



Get it cheap!



Everyone obsessed with bargains



Everyone is born in a tracksuit



They die in a tracksuit, too



It was tracksuit country



and for me it was hometown



Gangsters here graduate from Yanki

to Yakuza



As Father did in his youth



Let's go!



I can't do it!



And so, my parents met



This ludicrous encounter led to

my birth



A shotgun wedding



Dad put family first



Cough up the money!



That's for baby milk






Thought we were stupid?



I need my pinkie...



to play piano



He's expelled



He was a useless father



It's   hour to Toride



Then    minutes to Ueno

on the Joban line



Tokyo's a long way off



Mother left home after I began school



Then the divorce papers came



Who does she think she is?



But even in this crisis...



So what?



...was my take



Silently they die



I was an indifferent child



He's hopeless



He's totally mediocre. A born loser



But your new dad is nice



Doesn't drink or gamble



I wonder...



why he finds me so attractive?



It's still a mystery...



He was the gynaecologist...



who delivered me















It didn't take her long

to choose adultery



I'm moving in with my father






Your new grandparents are dying

to see you



They're dying to hug

their new granddaughter!



That's not true, is it?



Well, no



I was   when I moved to

my father's place



Can you see it coming?



Because it was more fun



Should I go through with this divorce?



Isolate myself from you?



Humans are cowards in

the face of happiness



You need courage to hold on

to happiness



How old are you?






It's your last chance



to grasp happiness. Don't miss it






Take his love

and make yourself beautiful



Get breast implant

and beauty treatments



And enter a beauty contest






It's fun



Dad wasn't the same

after the separation



But he got help...



and soon had his own market stall



Look at this!

Ve**ach tops only      yen



This Ve**ach bag only      yen!



That's also a French import



He didn't even know

Ver**ce was Italian



But business boomed



Bargain-hunters' paradise!



In junior high I joined a club



and got hooked on needlework



Father got even more into it...



He was creating new Ver**ce goods

by himself



And you know what?



The Yankis loved it



When I was in high school...



I discovered the "Lolita" look



The grand opening of

Uni***sal Studios Japan



What's this?



It's a collaboration



They have nothing in common!



You've got a lot to learn



I have a feel for the fashion industry



and can sense today's hot trends



It's about dual-name brands now



Bag and clothing brands

and big banks, too



Dual-name brands are everywhere



The public will love it!



Get your crap out of here!



Business was roaring



His products were hits



And that put us in danger



Uni***sal Studios may sue



Ver**ce could also lash out



Time to take a holiday



That's why we moved...



to my grandmother's place

in Shimotsuma



Ueno to Shibuya by Yamanote line



Then Toyoko line to Daikanyama



To my favourite boutique...






the Stars Shine Bright"






I discovered the label

one summer in Osaka



The "old me" was slain



And I was reborn



Such was designer

Akinori Isobe's power



I would do anything to own them



My classmate's home burnt down



Her family is broke with

ten mouths to feed



I must help my best friend



This girl has a terminal heart problem



Says she'd die by   



But she found a specialist

who can cure her



He doesn't hold a licence



it will cost her   billion yen



My best friend's sister...



was abducted by foreign spies

from a Karaoke bar



Miss Ryugasaki, it's always a pleasure



So what if I was deceitful?



My happiness was at stake



It's not wrong to feel good



That's what Rococo taught me



But actually my soul is rotten



This is my grandmother



Momoko, can I have     yen?



What for?






Lovely milk chocolate



She isn't senile



She's just had a hard life



Now I look after her



Pugnacity runs in the family



She loved fighting

when she was younger



and ultimately lost an eye



Don't you bastards explode on me!



My useless father had a new stall



But money was now more scarce



I had to find a new source of income



Discount Ve**ach clothes for sale



Brand new



but not really Ver**ce



Ms. Ryugasaki,

can I have some Ver**ce clothes



as I totally love Ver**ce



totally please?



The note was crude

and stained with juice



How old could she be?



Her name: Ichiko Shirayuri



I invited her over as

her home wasn't far



Can I have     yen?



To buy what?



My favourite apple candy



I almost forgot...



Where are you going?



Don't leave me alone!



A Yanki!



Drawn-on eyebrows!



She spat!



Little girl, I'm Ichiko Shirayuri



Momoko 'T is thee I'm seeking



What language is this?






Can thee bring fair Momoko forth?



Did she step out of a period-drama?



Little girl, Where's Momoko?



I am Momoko



Don't mess with me!



A junior high girl selling Ver**ce?



Bring me Momoko



She spat again!



Wow, is this all Ver**ce?



Yes, but it's fake



So it's really you?



Yes, I'm Momoko Ryugasaki



I'm in  nd year of senior high



Damn! Same year as me



I figured only a child

would wear frilly dress



I shouldn't judge by appearances



But appearance says everything



Did I say something wrong?






What's this?



Uni***sal and Ver**ce?



This is so cool!



I need a jacket.

There's a wedding to go to



I thought my kamikaze coat was OK



but my parents said no



So I thought a Ver**ce jacket

would be fine



But it was out of my price range



But then I found your ad



It was like salivation



Did she mean "salvation"?



How much?



How much?



 ? Get outta here!



Really? You'll give it to me for  ?



Wrong number of zeros









Nobody sells a Ver**ce jacket

for      yen?



It is a fake, after all



Fake or not, it's still Ver**ce



      will be fine



It's still too cheap



But you did say      was OK



Thanks for the discount. I owe you



If there's any trouble...



ask for Ichiko of the Ponytails



The Ponytails?



The toughest girl-biker gang

in Shimotsuma



Don't forget it



I've got a puny grip



I can't run fast or swim



But for Rococo fragility...



is considered a feminine virtue



Tough girls who defend themselves...



disgust me



Girls who have experienced both sour

and sweet






Sour things taste foul



I want to fill myself only

with sweet things



Your nose is beautiful



Get off me!






It's a  -tier seat



    cm, custom-built



It should have cost a pile



but I did it myself cheaply



Do you like bikes?



Not really



I work part-time at a garage



So you like bikes?



It's not about "liking".

My bike is another me



But you ride a scooter...



That doesn't matter!



You wanted a bigger bike

but didn't qualify?



None of your business!



Does this still run?



It's my grandmother's. Why?



Honda made it in the '  s



I thought they were all gone



It's a beauty



The other guy doesn't agree,

and you feel like



Why don't you get it?



From then on,

that Yanki would come over



I want to be a bike mechanic



I asked my boss if he'd train me



He said only

if I graduated high school



I was moved!



She could talk endlessly



What are you going to do

after graduation?



Labour isn't suitable for me



Don't daydream!



It's dog-eat-dog out there!



Always hot under the collar...



I wondered

why she'd talk about such thing



I don't understand how humans connect



why can't you get it?



Humans are born alone...



we think alone and die alone



If I can't live independently...



then I'd rather be a water flea



They are more independent than us



What about friends or lovers?



Wouldn't you miss your parents

or kids?



Meaningless words,

just like janitor or president



None of those words is important



You poor girl! That's terrible!



I'd never let anyone tie me down



So I fled into the dark night



Though I was just    I felt so free



So on my stolen bike...



How many are there

in the Ponytails gang?









Do you want to join us?



No thanks



You'll need a licence first



And get rid of the dresses



We like riding and fighting

but no drugs



We're too proud for that



I'm not joining



No loose girls, either



I said "no"



Why are you so hesitant?



I'm not hesitating



I don't want to ride a bike

or be in a group



I'm not shedding this dress



What's wrong?



It's just lame



Did you just ridicule

my whole existence?



I'll kick your ass!



Go ahead



I'll kill you!



Why not?



Stop spitting!



You may be in a frilly dress

but you have guts



You're not gonna kill me?



No, because I still owe you



Debts, debts, debts... What a fool!



What did you say?



Only lend stuff you don't care about



I'd never return borrowed stuff



and I don't care if I lose mine



You're a bad girl



Yes, twisted!



No friends?



Isn't it lonely?



Not at all



You're weird



But if you beg...



I'll let you be my friend



I don't need any friends



I thought I'd always be alone



   years old, in a "Baby" dress



dying alone in my apartment



A robot-janitor finds my corpse...



The End



That's the end that I dreamt of



What's aristocratic about this forest?



Forest of the Aristocrats



What are you listening to?



Johann Strauss



Don't know that band



Stop that



Where did you get that frilly dress?



Daikanyama, in Tokyo



Where did you buy your clothes?






Another victim...



So you know Daikanyama?



You know the embroiderer called Emma?



My kamikaze coat needs decoration



What kind of stitching?



Our leader Akimi's quitting

to get married



I want something special

for her parade






We ride around in style on

her final night



A partening gift to our leader



It's parting, not "partening"



Smart ass!

Want to part with your life?



Then she got really serious



as she described her first encounter

with Akimi



It took an hour



To save time, I'll summarize



Ichiko aged   



Her life changed in high school



As a young girl



her life was not that of a Yanki



She was fairly slow

and the shyest in her class



She was bullied by her classmates



Filled with self-hate and frustration



So on my stolen bike...



I don't have a clue where I am headed



That's when she met Akimi



What's wrong?



What are you hiding?



Everyone's got a problem.

There's always pain



It's OK to cry...



but women can't do it in public



Otherwise everyone will break down



So only cry alone



It makes you stronger



That moment Ichiko decided...



to be as cool as Akimi



Great story, huh?



What about

that embroiderer in Daikanyama?



Oh, yeah



Akimi looked after me, so...



I want a message sewn onto my outfit






"Thank you Akimi"



That's a bit dull



What's your problem?



Emma's a legend among biker gangs



Needlework so delicate and beautiful!



So daring and profound!



Seen any with your own eyes?



Of course not!



Where in Daikanyama is it?



Nobody knows



Then you can't place an order



Himiko knows!






The former leader of

the girl-bikers in Kanagawa



She wore gear stitched by Emma



So contact Himiko



But Himiko is...



It took her another hour

to tell Himiko's story



Another long saga...



Here's a cartoon version

to keep you kids awake



In the   's, the bikers



were at war with street gangs



Torn apart by feuds and crime



Stop it, you idiots!



Age and origin unknown,



she was a seven-time convict



Everyone called her...






Her back emblazoned with...



Emma's golden dragon,



Himiko took all Kanagawa's girl-bikers

by storm



Crushing gangs dealing in drugs

and prostitution



Clean up this scum!



Girls unite!



Lead us Himiko!



We want to be in your gang



I don't believe in hierarchy.



We'll ride together!



I'm coming!



Me, too



Let's go!



I'll *#*# you with my *=*!



The Yakuza forced us into drugs

and prostitution



Help us, please!



Next day, Himiko paid a visit



to the local Yakuza HQ



She sliced them and diced them



Left    wounded



And then, silence



Nobody has heard from her since



So she's untraceable?



I'm going home



Ever since I was small



I've dreamt of flying up into the sky



The town below me shrinks as

I soar higher...



on my way to another world



There's a vulgar Yanki...

Oh, it's Ichiko



She's screaming something at me



Leave me alone, Ichiko



I'm off to a beautiful world...



you've never seen



Are you listening?






Money's an issue,

I'm dealing with a legend



It would cost       or more



Still talking about that?



My pay is not good

and neither is my family's



Is your family poor?



I don't want to owe them



Well, you could sell your body...



That's it!



Are you serious?



Pachinko! I have to give it a go



Let's go






Pachinko is our only choice!



Why should I?



We're friends



I'll take this, please



Thank you, Miss Ryugasaki



This is your new friend



This cabbage will be your friend






Farewell, Ichiko! Farewell,

legendary idiot!



Relief was short-lived



Kidnapped by a Yanki

who wouldn't take "no"



Dragged down the path to hell



Ozaki's song!



I feel lucky






No good at all






What's happening?



You're amazing!



They're cheating, I know it!






I don't know your technique



but you're using it a bit too much



What's your problem, asshole?



I saw you mess with the machine



Now I'll have to search you



What did you say, baldy?



Let me see



Stop it!



Stand back



Those girls did nothing wrong



I was watching



It's Ryuji!






Unicorn Ryuji



Even if they were cheating



it's up to you to catch them



it's still your fault



Those are the rules of this game



But they' re underage



I'm   !



But she can't be



She dresses like a kid but she's   



Quite mature



Actually, she's   



You let them play for hours



She's my mother!



Shut it



I'll crush 'em



Will you count

their winnings right now?



Old man... thank you!



He looked like Ozaki



In what way?



     ? Not bad for an amateur!



Let's halve this









I'm not taking your money






My policy



Then here's a loan



Here's       yen



You're weird



You'll get it back



Your policy?






Your real name is Ichigo, right?



I phoned you, your mum answered



She called you "Ichigo"



I'm sure it was Ichigo



Why do you hide it?



It's just so un-Yanki!






Don't use that name



I'll kill you






You're dead!



Mice probably ate it






Are you going somewhere?






Maybe it's punishment...



for playing Pachinko with a Yanki



The Rococo gods are angry



Amazing work!






You're not like your father



If everyone had a bowl



Your father's would be small...



cracked and dirty



But yours is different



It isn't big but it's beautiful



You'll follow your own path



You'll find your own niche



The Pachinko God is showing mercy



No, it isn't



We've got to do it



Let me go



We can't go back



To where?



Big Winner!






At it again?



You're not aiming correctly



Aim for that one, not that one



Don't touch me



The best spot...



is here



You did great!



Who are you, old man?



Why do you have patent-leather shoes?



I'm just a low-rank gangster






That explains the shoes



That's Ozaki's song



This joke of a man

had taken someone's heart



Humans are a mystery...



Are you scared of guys?



Are you crazy?



Been out on a date?



Shut up!



Ever kissed?



You wanna die?



A girl like you in love...



A guy with a blue jacket

and white leather shoes



When you spoke to him,

you looked so beautiful



Isn't that what they call love?



It's love!



It's love



It's love



Is it love?



It's love



We musn't!






It's love!



I returned to Daikanyama

after a long absence



with Ichigo, determined to find Emma



They can't patronise me



What does that writing say?



This says "leave me alone"



I thought so



That's the wrong character



The whole gang has it! People will laugh at us!



It was perfect before you told me



Is that bonnet from here?



It was eaten by moths...



so I repaired it



No, I love it.

You fixed it wonderfully!



Look at her bonnet,

she fixed it herself



You're making her uneasy, boss






And you are?



The boss?



Miss Ryugasaki, our loyal customer



You're Miss Ryugasaki?



The boss?



You are...



You're the "Baby" designer...



I'm Isobe






What did you do to her?






Don't act dumb!



You speak, she falls.

Got a breath problem?



Ichigo, stop



It was my fault



No fighting






I am so sorry



It really was nothing



Hold still...









Are you OK?



I met God



That old man?



God touched me



He's your God?



We must find Emma



You said "no"



Humour me.



I need to do something crazy



Let's go



You saying I'm crazy?!



Fashion was my teacher



It taught me how to live



When I see clothes...



I want to become worthy of them



They answer me



You're not ready for us yet



Or you may think...



something suits you

when it really doesn't



You don't understand, do you?



You weren't listening






What is it?



I saw him



The legendary embroiderer?



Haruo Mizuno



The famous critic



Don't you know him?



So what took so long?



I was watching him



What was he doing?



Buying his dinner






He asked them to heat it



Yes, please



That's it?



You're pathetic!



Who insisted on finding

this embroiderer?



I just can't find it



Does it even exist?



Himiko said it does



Does Himiko even exist?



Legendary Emma? Legendary Himiko?



Nothing but rumours!



Don't make me laugh



I didn't ask you to look



Here's your money



Maybe you're right



Maybe the embroiderer doesn't exist



I give up



So I won't need this



And Akimi's parade?



Forget it



Got it!



Can't I do your stitching?



If it's OK with you, I'd like to try



Go for it






What about the size and font?



It's all in your hands



I trust you to do it right



Are you sure?



"Thank you Akimi" may be dull



It may not be cool

but it's how I truly feel



I stitched non-stop



From Monday night

through Wednesday morning



I forgot to eat,

sleep or go to school



Make it bigger



That's not enough water



Did you really do this?



I've never seen anything so cool!



It's absolutely gorgeous



It's unbelievable



How can I thank you?



I'm even deeper in debt to you



I didn't understand



I felt like crying

when I saw her delight



I, who coldly watched wild animals die



Was it lack of sleep?






Are you OK?



Is she dead?



Number   : Hitomi Asano



Number   : Midori Saionji



Great figure!

Unbelievable for a   -year old



I slept like a corpse



I never imagined...



that my mother would enter

a beauty contest



Here are the results



The Grand Prix goes to...



Number Twenty...



...One: Tomomi Kuroda






Serves you right!



What an ass!



Momoko! Wake up!



There is a god!



He watches and punishes those

who do bad things



Momoko, never give up






Live sincerely,

then great things can happen



She failed! I'm so happy!



Miss Ryugasaki,

I require your assistance



Isobe, "Baby, the Stars Shine Bright"






The samples came back

without the roses



I gave precise instructions



but they can't redo it in time






Yes it is






it's just frills, cheap frills



Without roses it's worthless



I recalled that bonnet you altered



Can you stitch the roses

onto this sample?



No! I can't do it!



You can't refuse!






It has to be you



Ribbon stitch?



I can use ribbons for the roses



Much better than lace



Feather-stitches for leaves



and flower patches for texture



For a more rustic look...



Only you can do this!



You will do it, won't you?



Does it have to be me?



It has to be you!



It has to be you!



It has to be you!



It has to be me









How was the parade?



Was Akimi pleased?



She told me...



"that sobbing girl

I knew has grown up"



She hugged me



It moved me



We then rode behind her



We rode forever



Then we lit fireworks



Akimi said, "thank you"



Then that guy appeared



That was a good parade



From now, I'm riding with him



and with one other...



I'm pregnant






That's cool!



I'm nothing compared to Akimi



I can't betray her



Why not?



If you like something, take it



If it makes you happy, do it!



Humans always betray each other






Not really



Thus Ichigo's first love ended



She showed no emotion



She kept it tightly inside



That was her way



Hey Momoko...



"women shouldn't cry in public"






out here we're alone



Got it!



My hands are shaking



And my palms are sweaty



When mother left me, I said to her...



Humans are cowards

in the face of happiness



You need courage to hold on

to happiness



How old are you?






That's appalling



Sudden happiness has indeed

made me a coward



I've forgotten what happiness means



Was it about wearing clothes?



Or was it about making them?



What's up? Grandma died?



Are you busy?



I've got a gang meeting



I want to see you



Say again?



I have to see you



Where are you?



Good question



I'm not sure



I'll go anywhere



I can't believe you're asking



That's great! Why worry?



Just do your best



Don't let them get you down



You don't get it



What is it then?



I only enjoy wearing their clothes



Making them's different



But I loved what you stitched for me



Doesn't that mean anything to you?



Yes, it does, but...



Someone recognized your talent



What are you pouting about?



If you blow him off,

where'll his clients go?



They'll end up in Jusco



You're the one



Ichiko speaking



No it's not



I had to work



Challenge? Why?



So it's a challenge



OK, by the Buddha



 pm tomorrow



What was that about?






I think I'll leave the gang






When it was small



the gang was cool



So what's next?



I'll ride alone






Add water!






Take a rubber band



Thank you



Thank you



There's something I want to ask



Your great leader is needed



Stay put 'til I get back






What happens

when bikers challenge you?



A challenge?



As I recall,

they mess you up pretty good



They chain you to their bikes

and drag your ass



It's very nasty!



Or they might burn you with cigarettes



Or poke pencils in your nose



and whack your head on a desk



Very bloody!



For girls, they'd slash your face

with razors



Forget about marriage!



Happy days! Ah, youth is grand!



But the deadline is today



Yes, I'm sorry



This is work, not a hobby



I have to see my friend



Is she more important than your job?



The girl who knocked me down?






Do you like embroidery?



I guess so...






Me, too



Making clothes was everything to me



I gave my life to this business



And friendships meant nothing



I sacrificed them for my work



I believed work was more important



I'm sorry but I...



Now, I have no friends



Absolutely none



There's nobody I can really talk to



You must go



You must see her






How do I get to the Ushiku Buddha?



Take route     to the    

to Kasumigaura



Cross over Tsuchiura to Amizakashitare



turn right and you're there






She seems troubled



Thank you



But I don't know how to ride!



What was that for?



Just hit the starter,

then turn this to take off



Easier than a bicycle!



I'll bring it back



Goodbye everybody



I'm leaving this world...



for another one



Do I have to give birth?






Where am I?



I'm a mother



But I can't decide






Even if I give birth...



this child...



won't be happy



You have to let me out!



If I'm not born now...






It's moving!



Give birth, you adulterer!






It's so full of energy



My baby...



I guess it really wants to live






Miko, Ichiko's little friend is here



Miko, how'd the gang get

to be such a mess?



Why merge with the Tsuchiura crew?



Getting bigger

and pushing people around



Things have changed



Small gangs just don't cut it



Can't turn the clock back



lbaraki unite!



It's not my call



Himiko gave me the order






She told me and Tsuchiura's boss



to unite the women of lbaraki



So you're just Himiko's puppet?



Show some manners



Society chucked us out



Common sense and decency...



Didn't we want to escape

from all that?



So what?



Look at you!



Your boss commands...



and you obey



No different from the world

we left behind



The gang grew up. Why don't you?



If this is getting old



I think I'll stay young



Figure you can just leave?



Figure your frilly friend

is more important?



She's no friend



She stands up for herself



She follows only her own rules



Next to her,

you sheep are worth nothing



So you're through with us



You got that right



I'm going it alone



Like her



First, face your challenge



I've got your challenge

right over here



Bring it on



You got any guts without a weapon?



I'll kick your ass



Get ready to bleed



Can't take it?



Take this!



Finish her!



So, no rules?



I'm ready!






Shut up!






You bitches really got me

pissed off now!






I would have been born

in the Rococo era



What did Himiko say to you?



She ordered you to unite lbaraki?



Which Himiko is that?



The real Himiko

wouldn't speak to scum like you



What are you saying?



Do you know the real Himiko?



Can you prove she exists?



You think you can?



You bet I can



I'm her daughter



Listen up!



I'll tell you why she disappeared



She fell in love



With your precious

Daikanyama embroiderer



They loved each other



After they first made love...



my father embroidered

her golden dragon



They married, then disappeared



Only I know where they live



My dad taught me



I was his best apprentice



Let me show you my work



The work of a legend



Just compare it to the crap

you're wearing



Really OK to tell this rabble...



these great secrets?



Maybe not



Fools like you make me talk



Want to make an enemy of

Himiko's daughter?



Every girl in Eastern Japan

would hunt you down



If you swear never

to touch my friend...



I'll give you lbaraki






My lady, if you please



For the record, we win, you lose



Nice lie!



My mouth got carried away



But why did they fall for it?



Because it wasn't all lies



Himiko couldn't order Miko



They couldn't swallow their own lies



so they easily fell for yours



Was your story a lie?



Of course!



Himiko never existed



A few years back, I invented her



I forged her diary and



sent it to a biker magazine



They actually published it



and the legend just kept growing



Wait a minute. Why did you...



feed me

that crap about Emma's embroidery?



You weren't buying my story



I got offended



That's one more I owe you



You don't have to pay me back



I wasn't going to



I mean, I can't



I can't afford it!



Here's what happened next



The next day...



Cute! Beautiful!



He loved my handiwork



And I became a part-time designer



He asked me to join the company

after graduation



But then I thought, I preferred...



buying my favourite clothes

to making them




it's a more extravagant lifestyle



You see, I'm still a child



Riding around my own frilly streets



Ichigo began modelling for "Baby"...



after impressing a perverted cameraman



And so began her new career



On her first day,

she broke two cameras



and left   of the crew

with ugly bruises



Get your hands off me, you perverts!



She was very beautiful



Soon everyone wanted her to pose



But it just wasn't her style



She preferred her bikes

and greasy overalls...



She rides the roads of Shimotsuma...



Alone, of course



Before I forget...



Another page was added

to the Himiko legend



The legend says...



She had a daughter



who took up her mother's legacy



uniting gangs everywhere



With a companion,

she destroyed the bad gangs



Nobody knew why, but...



she always wore a frilly dress



My bike ignites!


Special help by SergeiK