Karate Kid Part 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Karate Kid Part 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Karate Kid sequel.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Karate Kid Part 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Karate Kid Part 2 Script



Wouldn't a flyswatter be easier?



Man who catch fly with chopstick...



accomplish anything.



You ever catch one?



Not yet.



What was that you were doing

on those stumps over there?



- Called "crane technique."

- Does it work?



If do right, no can defense.



Could you teach me?



First learn stand,

then learn fly.



Nature rule, Daniel-san.

Not mine.



- Where'd you learn it from?

- Father teach.



- You must have had some father.

- Oh, yes.






Johnny, leave him alone!

He's had enough!



- I'll decide when he's had enough!

- What is wrong with you?



- An enemy deserves no mercy!

- Right!



- No mercy!

- Right!



You're crazy!



Tommy, Bobby, get him!



Mercy is for the weak.



Here, on the street,

in competition...



a man confronts you,

he is the enemy.



An enemy deserves no mercy.

What is the problem, Mr. Lawrence?



Come on, let's forget this.



Wait. Not yet.



Time out.



Go to your sensei.

Turn. Kneel.



Johnny, you're a cream puff!.



Sweep the leg.



You have a problem with that?



No, Sensei.



No mercy.



It's over,Johnny!

You did it!



LaRusso, you okay?

Can you go on?



Get him a body bag!



- All right, feet.

- Do it again!



That's a warning for

illegal contact to the knee.



Finish it!

No mercy!



No mercy!

Way to finish,Johnny!



Finish him!






Hey, Mr. Miyagi,

you know, I was thinking.



About what, Daniel-san?



That maybe we should have

a strategy now, you know?



For what?



My future.

My whole tournament career.



Miyagi already have one.



Really? What is it?



Early retirement.



Ali and mother

wait for us at restaurant.



I know. I'm starving.



- That was great.

- Thank you.



LaRusso, very impressive win.

You showed a lot of poise.



People are gonna be talking about that

last kick for years. Congratulations.



Get out of my way!

Out of my way!



- What you doin' to the brother?

- Don't play with me.



Excuse me.



Why does he act like that?



That guy just doesn't know

what karate's all about.



- Well, maybe he should learn.

- Would you like to teach him?



- Good luck, Daniel.

- Thanks.



- Take care.

- Thanks.



Oy, keep ladies waiting.



- Wait, wait!

- What?



- Could we have your autograph?

- Yeah, man!



- So, how you guys doin'?

- Great.



Oh, yeah?

Where are you from?



- Reseda.

- You're from Res--



I'm from Reseda.

I moved there a couple months ago.



- Maybe we'll see you sometime.

- Daniel-san.



- What?

- Come. Getting late.



It's the price of fame.

Gotta get used to it.



Take it easy.

Maybe I'll see you.



That's not fair.

I got second place.



Second place is no place!

You're off the team!



- I did my best.

- What did you say?



- I did my best.

- You're nothin'! You're a loser!



- No, you're the loser.

- I'm the loser, huh?



- Now who's the loser?

- You're really sick, man.



- Hey, what are you doin'?

- Don't!



How does second place

feel now, huh?



- He can't breathe!

- Mind your business.



- You're gonna kill him!

- Sensei, please.



You're hurting him.

He's sorry. He really is.



- Let him go.

- Mr. Miyagi's right.



Let him go!



I said, let him go!



Beat it, slope, or you're next.



Mercy is for the weak.



We do not train

to be merciful here.



A man face you, he is enemy.



Enemy deserve no mercy.




ladies no wait forever.



You could've killed him,

couldn't you?



- Oy.

- Why didn't you then?



Because, Daniel-san, for person

with no forgiveness in heart...



Iiving even worse punishment

than death.



Oh, Daniel-san,

must have been some senior prom.



- What happened?

- You mean, what didn't happen.



First I let Ali borrow the car,

and she redesigns my fender.



I don't know what she did to the engine,

but that ain't runnin' right either.



And you know what else she does?



Tells me that she's just fallen in love

with some football player from UCLA.



- Why didn't she just lie?

- Things could be worse.



Don't worry about it.

They are.



Last night I find out my mom

got picked by a company to go to Fresno.



Two months. We leave tomorrow afternoon.

I gotta spend my whole summer in Fresno.



You're not gonna

be able to fix that.



How'd you do that?



What'd you do?



- Come. Miyagi tell you later.

- Where we goin'?



I have just the thing

make you feel better.



- Probably got work for me to do.

- Hit nail on head.



How come every time I have a problem,

you have work for me?



- Cosmic coincidence.

- When'd you build this?



Daniel-san, watch.



Come. Take off jacket.

You try.



Must focus.






Focus. Most important.



- I can't, Mr. Miyagi, not today.

- Why?



Because my whole life

is goin' out of focus, that's why.



When you feel life out of focus...



always return to basic oflife.



What, praying?






No breathe, no life.



Oy. Come try it.



Out of mouth.

Breathe in through nose.



Breathe out of mouth.



Breathe in.



Breathe out.



Oy. Now how feel?



Better. More focused.



Good. Come back to work.



- Hey, I did it.

- You focused, Daniel-san.




Breathe in, breathe out.









Very good work.



Yeah. I'll be right there.



- How feel?

- Much better, thanks.



What am I building

out there, any way?



Guest room.



- You expecting company?

- Ah, refugee.



Refugee? Oh, yeah?

That's great. From where?









Miyagi talk to mother

last night too.



- And she said I could stay here?

- lflike.



- I don't have to go to Fresno?

- If no want.



Oh, man, you saved my life!




Mr. Miyagi, thanks.






Oy. Iced tea.



Oh, yeah.

Wait. Look.



I made this for you. It's rosewood.

I thought it'd be nice to show 'em off.



Daniel-san, thank you for gift...



but why show off?



It says something about you,

winnin' the Medal of Honor.



It says you're brave.

I thought it'd be neat.



This say you brave.



This say you lucky.



- Oh, Mr. Miyagi live here?

- Excuse me.



- " Miyagi."

- Excuse me.



Mr. Miyagi. Registered letter

for you, sir, from Okinawa.






Yes, sir.

Would you sign here, please?



This is some place you have here.



From the outside yard,

you'd never know it.



You should charge admission.



My missus loves this stuff.



You mind ifl bring her by

sometime to see it?



Some other time, maybe.



What is it?



My father.



He very sick.



Your father? I didn't even

know he was still alive.



How come you can get

a passport in one day?



Have next-day plane ticket.



You never told me, why'd you leave

Okinawa in the first place?



Fall in love with girl.



So? Why'd you leave?



Was arranged by her parents

she marry someone else.



- Did you ever meet the guy?

- Hai.



What was he like?



Was Miyagi best friend.



So this is your old girlfriend, Yukie?

She sent the letter?



- Hai.

- And this is your buddy.



My best buddy, Sato.



- You think he's still alive?

- We were same age.



What did he do when

he found out about you two?



Challenge Miyagi to fight.



Must've been some girl.



Oh, Miyagi remember.



I make big speech...



in front of whole village.



Miyagi breakwith tradition...



go against parent arrangement.



Marry yukie anyway.



Of course, Sato feel disgrace.



So challenge Miyagi to fight

to save his honor.



- And you lost?

- No.



Never fight.



Next day leave Okinawa forever.



What about her?

Didn't you love her?



Very much.



- Well, did she love you?

- Hai.



- So, then how could you leave?

- Miyagi no believe in fighting.



I know that,

but you guys were in love. Come on.



Never put passion before principle.



Even if win, you lose.



Think they got married?



Sato, his family

was richest in village.



Yukie's was poorest.

Was good arrangement.



It was    years ago. He shouldn't

be angry about his honor anymore.



In Okinawa,

honor have no time limit.



You serious?



In Okinawa, honor very serious.



I guess I'd better get goin'.

I gotta go help my mom pack.



I'll stop by tomorrow,

okay, Mr. Miyagi?



Taxi leave  :   p.m.



Yeah, I'll be here by then.



Miyagi sorry things not work out.



That's no problem.

I hope your dad's okay.



You're cutting it

pretty close, mister.



- Go airport.

- All right.



Have a good flight.

Nice to see you.



- Hello.

- Good evening.



You will be in seat   -B.



- Enjoy the flight.

- Mr. Miyagi!



Wait! I'm comin' with you!

My mother said it's okay.



- I mean, if it's okay with you.

- Very expensive ticket.



I got the money from my savings account.

It's all taken care of.



Savings for college education.



So I'll get a job when we get back

and I'll go six months late.



It doesn't make a difference

when I go.



-Jobs very hard to find.

- Yeah, I know.



I mean, Mr. Miyagi,

you're more important than college.



You're more important

than anything to me.



When I need you,

you're always there for me.



I really wanna go, and if it's

okay with you, I'd like to go.




don't think good idea.



It'll give me a chance

to study Okinawan history up close.



- Come on.

- Never know you study that.



I just started.



- I'm closing the doors.

- Come on.



- Please?

- Go back to the gate, young man.



Young man coming with us.



Mr. Miyagi, thank you.



No, Daniel-san.

Thank you.



- Hope you don't get airsick.

- What's airsick?



You know the biggest U.S. air base

in the Pacific is on Okinawa?



What's the name

of your village again?



Tomi Village.



I can't find it.



Find Naha?



Yeah, I know where Naha is.



Go south, along the sea.



Find Tomi Village.



I keep runnin' into the air base.



You look again morning.

MaybeTomi Village be there.



Get some sleep.



Was Sato as good as you in karate?



Have same teacher.



Your father?

He taught both of you?



I thought you said your family's karate

was only taught from father to son.



Miyagi ask father...



make exception this case.



If you fought Sato, you think

your father would have been referee?



No referee.



How do you know who wins?



The one who dead doesn't.



It's pretty weird having somebody

go through my stuff like that.



Glad I didn't have

any dirty laundry.



Was this place here

when you left?



Miyagi leave Okinawa by boat.



No airport Okinawa at that time.



I kept lookin' through my book.

I still can't find your village.



- How are we gonna find it?

- Ask taxi.



Hey, Mr. Miyagi, isn't that him?



Can you break a log like that?



Don't know.

Never been attacked by tree.



It is great honor.

I am Chozen Toguchi.



Yukie-san say sorry

she could not meet you herself.



We have a car waiting for you.









You speakvery good English,




In Okinawa, it help to speak

very good English.



Myfriend and student,

Daniel LaRusso.



Thank you.



-You karate student, huh?

- Yeah.



- Welcome to Okinawa.

- Thanks.



I hope your stay here

is a pleasant one.



How you know I be here today?



Okinawa very small place.



Village south.



Why, please, we go north now?



Some things have changed

since you go, Miyagi-san.



And some things have not, eh?






- What's goin' on?

- No talking!












So, coward...



you return.



To settle affairs with Father.



And with me.



Sato, I no fight you.



Then you die as you have lived:

a coward!



You see your father.



Then you see me!



- What are you gonna do?

- Find taxi.



No. About Sato.



- Nothing.

- Nothing?






All this because you had to go and tell

everybody you were gonna marry yukie?



Why didn't you just marry her

and move to Alaska?



Daniel-san, nobody perfect.



- Where you goin', buddy?

- Tomi Village.



Tomi Village?

Never heard of it.



This is Kadena Air Base.



Sarge, Tomi Village?



You're standing on it, Corporal!

Get 'em outta here!



Just take that road

and make a right.



Miyagi remember first time

father teach fishing...



right off this point.



Was      .



Was much quieter then.



Thanks a lot.



Take off shoes.



Auntie Yukie said you would come.



Yukie-- Where is she?



Nursing yourfather.



- I'm Daniel.

- I am Kumiko.



- Please.

- Thank you.



He sleeping.



How you know where to find me?



Have known for many years.



Why you never write sooner?



Out of respect.



For husband.



For your silence.



I never marry.



What did he say?



" If I am dreaming,

let me never awake.



Ifl am awake,

let me never sleep."



Good morning.



You're Yukie.



- You Daniel-san.

- Yes.



Mr. Miyagi's told me

a lot about you.



And he tell me lot about you.



- There's not that much to tell.

- Oh, no, no.



He very...



proud of you.



How's his father feeling?



Very tired.



Miyagi Sensei in dojo.



Thank you.

See you later.



Oh, good morning, Daniel-san.



Good morning.



Welcome to Miyagi family dojo.

You like?



It's great.



This is really somethin'.

Who are all these guys?



All Miyagi ancestor.



Four hundred year worth.



And who's that?



That is Miyagi Shimpo Sensei.



First Miyagi

bring karate to Okinawa.



- The one who went to China.

- Hai.      .



- How did he get there? By boat?

- By accident.



Like all Miyagi,

Shimpo Sensei was fisherman.



Love fishing.



Love saki.



One day, strong wind, strong sun...



strong saki, but no fish.



Shimpo Sensei fall asleep

off coast ofOkinawa...



wake up off coast ofChina.



Ten year later, he come back

with Chinese wife and two kids...



and secret...



of Miyagi family karate.



This is the secret

of your family's karate?



- I don't get it.

- Practice. You will.



Come. We go work.



What are these things?



These rules to karate.



Rule number one:

" Karate for defense only."



Rule number two:



" First learn rule number one."



Yeah, coming.



This looks like a town

that time forgot.



I thinkwe went school together.

I'd introduce you, but I forget name.



How come if this is a fishing village,

I don't see anybody fishing?



Yukie-san tell me...



after war, Sato father

bring in commercial fishing boat.



Inside two year, all fish gone.

All small boat gone.



Almost everything gone,

except old cannery...



and lots of memories.



Ah, lchiro.



When I left, he was same place...



doing same thing,

playing same tune.



- That's a shrine, right?

- Hai. Shinto shrine.



It must be tough times

with all the fish gone, huh?



Very tough.



Most people leavevillage for city,

look for work.



My father, some others,

invent whole new economy.



Go into vegetable business,

save what was left ofvillage.



Everyone owns

their own little farm?



No. Sato own. Village rent.



- That's a bummer.

- You're right.



Familiar face.



After school, Kumiko teach

O-bon dance to kids.



O-bon dance. It's for the festival

in honor of the dead, right?



Very good!



I remember reading about it last night.



What is that, a pillbox?

Probably left over from World War ll.



It must have been terrible here.

       Americans killed in ten days.



Yeah. And         Okinawan

and Japanese.



Why we all so stupid?



You have seen Father?



Then we finish tonight.



I bring a nephew for witness.



Then you and nephew both

lose sleep tonight. I not be there.



Your teacher coward!



You leave me no choice.



Wait a second.



Your father.



He want you.



And you, too.



Out of respect for my teacher...



I give you three days to mourn.



When finish, I come back.



You prepare to join him.



You know,

when my father died...



I spent a lot of time

thinking I wasn't such a great son.



Like maybe

I could have listened more...



spent more time

with him together.



I felt so guilty...



Iike he did everything for me

and I didn't do anything for him.



Then one day I realized, I did the

greatest thing for him before he died.



I was there with him...



and I held his hand...



and I said good-bye.



Very good, Daniel-san.

Time for next lesson.



All right!



I don't get something.



If Sato hates you so much,

why does he give you time to mourn?



My father was his teacher.



Inside the heart,

Sato still know right from wrong.



He still wants to kill you.



Sometime what heart know,

head forget.



But the guy's looking to go to war.

I don't understand.



Never stop war

by taking part in one.



I know. But what if he threw that punch?

What would you have done?



- Block.

- Think you could have?



- Even you could have.

- I'm not that strong.



Not matter who's stronger.

Matter who's smarter.



I guess that's why

I won the tournament.



Good guess, Daniel-san.



From very first karate lesson,

Miyagi father always say...



" Best way to avoid punch,

no be there."



- I don't get it.

- Miyagi say same until I work here.



Miyagi first job,

work for Sato father.



One day, Miyagi mind on something

other than fish when empty net return.



That was close!



Drum technique. Understand?






Drum technique.



Let me try.



Come on.Just one turn, please.



You gotta.Just one turn.






Okay, come platform.



- Great.

- I go pull up hook.



Father say use drum technique

only as last resort.



You ready?



I'm ready.



Remember, best block, no be there.












You all right?



Yeah, I'm okay.



Come. Enough for today.

Try again tomorrow.



You know, Miyagi and Yukie

have first date here.



Remember like was yesterday.



Happen over load of fresh mackerel.



You all right?



Yeah. I'm sorry.

That was pretty stupid.



Miyagi say that to father

when same thing happened.



Father agree it was stupid.

Father was right.



Is there a counterpunch

in the technique?



Ask drum.



Come, Daniel-san,

talk to drum later.



- Does that guy's uncle own everything?

- Almost.



Hey! There's Miyagi the coward.



And his baby!



- Doesn't that bother you?

- Why should it?



People might believe it's true.



Daniel-san, lie become truth

only if person want to believe it.



Is that another

old Okinawan saying?



No. New Okinawan saying.



How new?



About ten seconds.



Are you okay?



I'll get it for you.



Carrots, right?



I'll get it.



Your little teacher

should get hearing aid.



- Maybe you need one, too.

- I only hear what's worth listening to.



Look out! We're working here.



What is this?



So, you cheat people!



Shame! You cheat! You cheat!



We'll talk sometime

when you're not so busy.



You still remember our song?



Sing for me.



Yukie, I no sing long time.



Please. Please.



Oh, we were so young then.



Yukie, why you never marry?



You never come back.



You knew I would not.



Yes, I knew.



My father...



he ever tell you about

how he feel when I leave?



One time.



He say he love you very much...






what you did was right.



Except for one thing.



I should have taken you with me.






- I am disturbing you?

- What? No, not at all.



What are you doing?



- I was practicing some moves. See?

- What are moves?



It's like karate.

I'm trying to figure this thing out.



Looks like O-bon dance.



Then I must be doing

something wrong.



Doing something right. Look.



- Wow. Where'd you learn that?

- From my auntie.



That's terrific.



You try.



No, not me. I was absent

the day they taught graceful.



You were what?



Forget it, it's a bad joke.



I'll try it.






Wait a sec.






and left.



We're a hit.



Maybe we could

take it on the road.



But we are on the road.



You dance very nice.



Like geisha.



Let's go.



His little teacher's favorite

technique, huh? " Let's go."



Hey, come on, give me

the drum back, please.



You mean the baby rattle?



Why don't baby come take it back?






Are you okay?



You insult my honor again...



and I kill you.



You keep for your collection.



I know you like it.



Are you all right?



Yeah, I'm okay.



He cheats these people, and I'm

insulting his honor. I don't get it.



He has no idea what honor is.



I kinda got that feeling.



Ever since we were children,

he has always been the same.



This is the first time I had somebody

ever tell me they're gonna kill me.



This is ridiculous.

I gotta talk to him.



He would only take it as a sign

of weakness and try to hurt you again.



You got any ideas?



Avoid him.



I think I'm on the wrong island.



What's going on here?



Tea ceremony.



I guess it's an old ritual.



It means that they

are falling in love again.



- Daniel-san!

- I've been looking for you.



Been here trying

to fix refrigerator.



What's wrong with it?



This. Gotta go Naha City

for new part.



You like come?



I was supposed to go sightseeing

with Kumiko, but I could go.



- You go, have good time.

- We could go tomorrow.



- No, I see you later.

- We don't have plans.



Never keep lady waiting.



I'll remember that.

I'll see you later.



Hi. Sorry to keep you waiting.



Be careful.



This reminds me of the Palisades.



Palisades? Where's that?



It's in New Jersey,

where I used to live.



Is it pretty?



Some of it.



There it is! The ruins

of the castle of King Shohashi.



The Peace King.



- You know King Shohashi?

- Not personally.



Name of it is--



Now Sato owns it.



In old days, O-bon dance

was held here, but no more.



Now every piece goes away.



Sato, he sells it to museums.



Sounds like him.



Legend is, if you race up to the castle

and win, your wish will come true.



Yeah? I'll give you a head start.



Not necessary, thank you.



Excuse me.



Ready, set, go!



- I won!

- You cheated!



And you know you did.



We'll share the wish.



Close your eyes.



Know what I wanna know? What do you

wanna do with your life, your dreams?



Okay, I'll show you my dream.



I still can't get used to people driving

on the wrong side of the street.



- What side do you drive on?

- On the right side.



- I didn't know that.

- Everybody drives on the right side.



- Not everybody.

- That's what I'm learning.



You want to sell TVs for a living?



What? Interested in electronics?

I don't understand.






That is my dream.



- You want to be a dancer!

- Very much.



That's a great thing to be.



Where do you study?



No schools for this kind of dancing

in Okinawa.



What a drag!



Come to the dance tonight.

Oh, bring your friend.



- Okay.

- Good. See you there.



- Like to go to dance?

- Sure. That's Sato's dojo.



I want to check that out.

Come on.



Not inside.

Chozen teaches in there.



I'm not going inside. I just wanna look

through the window. He won't see me.



He teach American military police

in there.






He's not bad.



He is Sato's number-one student.



I can see why.



We must go.

He may see you.



Maybe we'll run into

Mr. Miyagi here.



Oh? Why would he be here?



He said he had to come into town

to get a part for his refrigerator.



Oh! I know that store.

It's at the corner.



- Maybe we will see him.

- Good!



What's going on in here?



This bad place.

We don't want to go in here.



Let's check it out.



Come on, baby,

give me the money.



I've got    here.

Come on, baby.



Show me you can do it.

Show me you can do it.



Yeah! I got   !



The guy's standing wrong.



-See? I told you. You must use your hip.

-But he looks so strong.



No, you gotta be strong here, not here.

It doesn't make a difference.



You think you can do better,

big mouth?



You think you can do better?



- I don't know.

- Let's find out, huh?



- Maybe some other time.

- There is no other time!



Whatever problems Mr. Miyagi has with

your uncle, they don't have to be ours.



No. We have our own, huh?



- Kumiko, where are you going?

- You go nowhere!



Call my uncle.

You will take bets.



Yosh! I give three to one, eh?



No, no, I'm not doing it!



You have a choice:

broken ice or broken neck.



He's got to break all three, right?



Wrong! All six!



All the bets in.



Not all bets. Not yet.



Boy, am I glad to see you!



No worry, nothing.

Miyagi fix everything.



What odds?



Three to one he does not make

through ice.



- How many pieces?

- Six.



Come on, let's get out of here.



$    say he break all six.






- I cannot cover that.

- You are covered.



Now we have bet.



All right! Give me your money.



Hey, I can't believe this.



I won't be able to break that.



He tried twice and only got through two.

What do you expect me to do?






Great, and what are you gonna do?






You got it. All bets are in.



We do not honor bet with coward.



Do not embarrass uncle again.



Thank you, Sato.



Pleasure do business with you.



You knew it all along, didn't you?

You didn't have a doubt in your mind.



-No doubt.

-Howwill we spend it? What will we get?



You get college tuition.

We get Chinese food. Come.



I thought you have date.



Yeah. I was waiting for Kumiko.



I wish you had one of these back home.

This place is terrific.



No use weapon for duster.



This old rag?



Drop old rag.



- Why?

- Drop.



- What I see?

- I don't--



- Primary target.

- Primary target. A little close.



This is foryou.

Dance clothes.



Come on! We waiting foryou.



My uncle say your

three days mourning over.



I have been sent to get you.



Tell uncle I am farmer,

not fighter.



Sensei, a visitor to see you.



Is that same wood

we find together on beach?



Same. What you want?



Come make peace between us.



You forget. You betray me.



I was only     years old.



And responsible for own action.



It explain why I leave.



Fear is why you leave.



Sato, I beg you.



Your fear make air stink.



What has happened to you?



Isn't this great?



Yeah, it's nice.



Are you still worried about

what happened this afternoon?



I came here to help Mr. Miyagi.

And all this stuff, I feel so helpless.



Nothing you can do.



I guess.



Can you dance like this?



I can try.



- One, two, three, four. Got it?

- I think so.



Hey, you're very good.



You tease me.

You're a great dancer.



Wanna get something to drink?

Sit down?



Where did you learn

to dance like that?



I've been my mom's practice partner




She must be a good teacher.



Yeah, she's great.

Have a seat.



- Okay, thanks.

- Oh, man.



- You feeling better now?

- Much better, thanks.



That's good.



Hey, can I ask you something?






It's, you know...



it's kind of personal, though.



Are you--



Are you arranged like, you know?






To marry somebody?



Oh! No. That's an old custom.



Whoever I marry is up to me.



Well, that's good.



Are you arranged?



What, are you kiddin'?

I'm a free agent.



What is free agent?



That just means that I'm available.



That's good.






Oh, no, not again.

I'm not lookin' for any trouble.



Maybe trouble looking foryou.



What do you want from me?



My money back.



Come on, man,

that's all my money.



No. All my money.



Don't worry about your little friend.

We take her home.



Thank you.



Come on!



Comin' through! Look out.






You got the keys?



Miyagi, come out.



We fight now!



What are you guys doin' here?



Where Miyagi?



I don't know.



Leave him message for me.



With pleasure.



Come here.

I want to show you something.



Your sensei teach you

how to fight with spear?



Too bad.



Maybe he teach you

how to be coward.



Hey, Mr. Coward.



Leave message.



This your teacher's fault.



If he were man with honor,

you would live.



But he's not.






Uncle problem with Miyagi,

not with boy.



No, you have problem, old man,

with me.



Act of coward!



Daniel-san, you okay?



He was really gonna kill me.






Miyagi make tea.

Make you feel better.



Tomorrow we go home.



I did not want for us

to end this way again.



I would stay if could.



I know.



Yukie, what can I do

to ease your pain?



Take me with you.



Whatcha doin'?



Old custom.



When fishermen

would go out to sea...



families would offer

rice to the gods.



For a good catch?



For a quick return.



Thought any more

about dance school?



I told you.

No schools for that here.



Well, there are in the States.



My home is here.



Home is where you hang your hat.



You think I would like America?



I think you would love it.



Do you think it would love me?



I know one part of it

that already does.



- What's goin' on?

- Let's go see.



Okay, come on.



What are you doing?



I sell land.






Why do you think?



You will destroy village?



No, you will!



You win.



I fight you.



One condition.



No matter whowin...



title to land

pass tovillage forever.



You ask fortoo much.



Small price to pay

foryour honor.



You're right. Small price.



I see you here midnight.



Miyagi, I wait long time forthis.



No tricks tonight.



Ortomorrow everything gone!



Their homes, their church...



everything gone!



What's this?



Last will and testament.



Yukie get house here.

You get house and pickup back home.



I don't want the house

and the pickup. I want you.



Can't we call this off?

Why don't we just leave?



Impossible, Daniel-san.



Just forget about

the honor garbage.



Have nothing to do

with honor garbage.



This have to do

with village survival.



This isn't three points and you're out.

If you lose, I know what happens.



Miyagi already win.



No matter what happen,

village safe forever.



So, is this seat taken?



I'm sorry.



- Oh, no!

- What's wrong?



- Quickly. There's danger. We must go.

- Why? I don't understand.



Big storm. Be here soon.

Not safe here.



- Where are we going now?

- Back to village.



Mr. Miyagi, wait up!



Do you believe all this wind?

This is wild.



And it get wilder.



Are those people out there?



Come. We go help.



Stay there!

We coming! Stay there!



They need our help.



Are you all right?

You okay?



I got baby.



I got the boy.



Come on. Hang on. Hold on.



- Oh, no!

- Sato's in there!



Here. Take baby.



I go find Sato. Go!



- Kumiko, take him.

- Be careful. Let's go.



Where uncle?



He's dead.



Come! Must work fast!



Miyagi! Now you come to fight!






Now when I am helpless!



It won't move!



You are lower than the storm!



Now whole village see.



This is only way you can win.



Come, Daniel-san.

Easy, Sato.






I got you, old friend.



You'll be okay now.



Come get me!



Come get me!



You take Mr. Sato back!

I'll get the girl!



Just hang on!



Don't let go.



Uncle! Uncle!

I thought you were dead!



I thought you were dead.



Go help!



Help him!



I cannot help him.

I cannot.



Hang on! Just hang on!

Hold tight!



Hold on!



Just hang on!

Give me your arm!



Hold on tight!



You're gonna be okay.

Hang on.



Miyagi, let me go.



You'll be okay.



Thanks a lot.



Now, to you...



I am dead.



How are they gonna

recover from this?



All the seeds are gone.

The place is wrecked.



- What are they gonna do now?

- Best they can.



What is all this?

What's Sato doing here?



Don't know.



I come help rebuild.



Here deed to village.



Forgive me. I beg you.



Oh, Sato.

Nothing to forgive.



Now's a good time to ask him.



It's not my place.



Mr. Sato, O-bon dance is soon...



and it'll be hard the way things are

to have it here in the village.



What you ask of me?



Well, can they have it in the castle?

That's where it belongs, isn't it?



Your student become my teacher.



O-bon will be held in castle.



Now and forever!



One condition.



You dance with us.



You got it.



When you put your mind to it,

anything can happen.



You're right.



If it wasn't for you,

I'd be makin' a lot ofmistakes.



Ifnot for you,

I not be here.



Now remember,

you have nothing to worry about.



I'm not worried.

I think I'm scared.



You kiddin'?

I've seen you do it.



You're gonna be terrific.

It's true.



- Did I tell you you look beautiful?

- No.



Well, you do.



I've seen her practice.

She's really amazing.



Behind you!



Get back!



- Get back or I'll kill her!

- Chozen!



Don't do this.



I was wrong.



Hate is wrong.



- lt's over.

- I cannot hear you, Uncle.



I am dead to you, remember?



Chozen, you are your uncle's

finest student.



No disgrace him here.



Your student disgrace me.



I have been dishonored

all because of him.



For whatever happened,

I apologize.



Apology will not

give me back my honor!



- Neither will this.

- In their eyes it will.



No more talk.

You cross bridge, or I kill her!



This not tournament.

This for real.



Oy. No bridge.



Now I dropped the bridge.

Let her go.



- Come on!

- Now we fight to death!



Step back, Daniel-san!

Step back!



Live or die, man?






Wrong. Honk!




Special help by SergeiK