The Karate Kid Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Karate Kid script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ralph Maccio, Elisabeth Shue, and Pat Morita movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Karate Kid. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Karate Kid Script



Don't forget to tell Uncle Louie I left

the red wine and Parmesan in the fridge.



I love you. Bye-bye.



- 'Bye, Judy.

- Send me a picture.



I'll be back soon. Don't worry about it.



- Be careful, now.

- 'Bye.



- Take it easy, now.

- 'Bye.



"California, here we come"



What's wrong? Don't you like my singing?



I don't like the song.



You're going to love California.

You get up in the morning...



...roll out of bed, plop, in the pool.



Yeah, sure.



You'll see. This isn't exactly a dump

we're moving to.



Push, Daniel.

Give it all you've got, kid. Push!



Okay, we've got it. Come on.

Get in, hurry up.



We did it again. Way to go!



Daniel, wake up.



Look off the starboard bow.

Paradise at last.



We made it.



Come on.



This is it.



This is the end of the line.



You're telling me.



Come on. All hands on deck.



We've got to get this thing unloaded

before it sinks.



Look at those palm trees!

Damn, do you know what that means?



Yeah, watch out for falling coconuts.



- Wise guy. No more Newark winters.

- I like winters.



Oh, you like sore throats?

You like frozen toes?



I don't like smog.



- Did I tell you about the pool here?

- About     times.



Okay, so make it    .



Open your eyes, my darling son.

This is the Garden of Eden.



Come on.

Listen, we're in apartment    okay?



One flight up.



- Are you okay?

- Don't worry about it.



- Let me help you up.

- Thanks.



I shouldn't have done that. It was stupid.



You must be the new people in    right?



Yeah, I guess so.



- Freddy Fernandez, apartment   .

- Daniel LaRusso.



How you doing? Let me help.



- No, it's fine. It's heavy, man.

- I got it.



- Where are you from?

- New Jersey.



What are you doing out here?



My mom got a job with some company

out here. Rocket Computers.



Flight of the Future. I don't know.



- I never heard of it.

- It's up and coming.



- Is this the only pool you've got?

- That's it. What was that, karate?



- Yeah.

- Have you been doing it long?



- Yeah, a while.

- Did you ever use it?



- A couple of times.

- I bet you could kick some ass.



I'd like to learn that.

Maybe you could teach me.



- Sure. That's cool. Anytime.

- Great.



This place is a dump.

You should go back to New Jersey.



How did you know where I was from?



'Cause I'm from New Jersey.

I got a nose for my own.



- Well what part?

- Parsippany.



- I never should've left.

- My Uncle Louie's from Parsippany.



- Louie Martini?

- Louie LaRusso.



Louie LaRusso? Don't know him.



Hey, pup.



How you doing? You thirsty?



- She's crazy.

- What?



- She's not playing with a full deck.

- She's nice.



- What are you doing tomorrow?

- I don't know. I guess nothing.



We're having a beach party.

Want to come?



- Sure, that's cool.

- I'll come get you in the morning.



Here's apartment   .



- Is it?

- Should I leave this here?



- Yeah, thanks for the help.

- No problem.



Nice meeting you. Take care.

See you tomorrow morning.



Don't say anything about the pool.

I'll call first thing in the morning.



Did you tell that old lady

where we were from?



Yes. Didn't she remind you of Aunt Tessy?



- More like Uncle Louie.

- I really think we're going to do good here.



I have a very positive feeling.

I'm telling you, Daniel.



I just know it's going to work.

The faucet's broken.



The real estate lady said there's

a fix-it guy. See if you can find him.



What's that for?



- Uncle Louie's dog.

- He's cute.



- I got invited to a party tomorrow.

- Great. You see?



- But you wanted me to help you unpack.

- I don't remember saying that.



I must have had you mixed up

with somebody else.



Thanks, Ma.



Could you tell me

where the maintenance guy is?



Hey, pup.



You go in through there,

turn left, not too far...



...then right, go inside, and you'll find him

on the left.



So I go right then left?



No, left then right, then inside on the left.






Are you the maintenance man?



We're the new people in apartment   .



The faucet's really leaking there.



Could you come fix it?



Can I tell my mom when?



When what?



When you're going to fix the faucet.






After what?



After after!



Could we have the ball, please?



Pretty good.






Sorry. Hey, wait up.



- Who's that blonde in the blue?

- The hills.



- What's the hills?

- Rich.



- I think the blonde is looking at you.

- Yeah, right.



- I think she has the hots for you.

- Who could blame her?



- Why don't you make a move?

- No, I'm eating, man.



- How can you think about eating?

- I'm hungry.



- Maybe they ain't got no moves in Jersey.

- I got moves where I come from.



We've got more moves back there

than here, I'll tell you that much.



Let's see 'em.



Come on, buddy. Go get her.



I'm going.



- Lose something?

- I hope we're not bothering you.



Hey, how do you juggle?



It's pretty easy. You start on the knee.

You just go one.



One at a time. Then you try two.

One, two.



And then three and four.

Try it. Just bring your leg up. Good!



- That was awesome!

- Brew time. Who's for a warm one?



No, I pass.



Who are you kidding?

You're the ace degenerate.



Ex-degenerate. Tomorrow I'm a senior.

I've got one year to make it all work.



And that's what I'm gonna do.

Make it work, all of it.



You must be a trendsetter, Johnny.

Everyone's doing something new.



Take a right. Check it out.



- Forget it, man. It's ancient history.

- Who told you, man?



- I thought they broke up.

- She did, he didn't.



Come on, try it.



Watch this.



I'll get it. I'll be right back.



- Ali, I want to talk to you.

- Leave me alone.



We've been over all this.

I don't want to talk.



I want to talk to you, all right?



- What is your problem?

- Just get out of here.



- That won't solve anything.

- Give me my radio.



I said, give me my radio.



- You promise you'll talk to me?

- Yes, give me my radio.



- You just broke my radio!

- Yeah.



Don't touch it, punk.



- What's going on?

- You want it?



Johnny, stop it.



- Stop it.

- I didn't do anything.



You're a big man now, huh?



You started this. I just wanted to talk.



- Leave him alone and we'll talk.

- Where did I hear that before?



How about you, hero? Had enough?



- Now we're even.

- No mercy, man.



Why don't you hit me?



- It's your fault!

- It's not.



- It's your fault.

- Ever think it's yours?



Why do you always have to fight?



Bullshit. Get on your bikes, guys.



You sure pick cool people

to be friends with.



Where'd you find this guy?



Come on, let's go. He'll be all right.



- Are you okay?

- Just leave me alone.



- I'll help you.

- Leave me alone. I'm okay.



Come on, Ali. Let's go.

It's better if you leave him alone.



Come on, let's go.






- How was the party?

- It was okay.



Must have been more than okay.

I didn't hear you come in.



- Any friend material?

- Some. I got to go.



- Eat first.

- I'm not hungry.



- You need energy to be charming.

- I'm fine, I got energy.



Do me a favour. Take off the glasses.



- Why?

- Because I asked you to.



- It's California. It's the look.

- I want to see your baby browns.



- Come on with the baby browns.

- Are you on something?



- I'm on Minute Maid.

- Why hide your eyes?



- I'm not.

- Take off the glasses.






My God! How did that happen?



I hit a kerb with my bike.

I wore the glasses so you wouldn't worry.



- It looks worse than it feels.

- Don't do that.



- It doesn't hurt.

- Can you see? You want to stay home?



I've got to go.



- Hey, you guys, Freddy, how you doing?

- Hey, the karate kid.



Let's see the moves.



- He knows how to get his butt kicked.

- I already know that move.



Let's get out of here.



Hey, think fast.



- Hi.

- Hi, how are you doing?



- Your eye.

- It looks worse than it feels. Believe me.



I hope so.



I never got a chance to thank you.



That was nothing.

I'm just sorry about your radio.



I'm more sorry about your eye.



You should've just given it to him.



Why? It wasn't his, right?



- Yeah, it wasn't his.

- We think alike already.



You know what else we do alike?



You've been practicing.



- Cheerleaders, over here.

- I've got to go.



- I'll see you.

- 'Bye.



- Hey, have you got a name?

- Ali with an "i."



- What's your name?

- Daniel with an "I."



I'll see you later.






Get him, Bobby.



Have a nice trip?



Look what he's doing to Bobby.



Nobody hits me. I'm going to kill him.



- None of that on this team!

- He hooked me!



I said out of here!



Back to it. Let's go.



This school sucks! It sucks.









- Fix faucet.

- Come on in.



It's the kitchen one.









- Yeah,    ...

- Very good.



- Learn from book?

- And a few months at the Y in Newark.






...        ...



What happened to eye?



I fell off my bike.



Lucky no hurt hand.



- Ali with an "i." How are you doing?

- Good.



- Not too hungry today?

- Not really.



Have some pie, I made it myself.



- How do you like the valley?

- It hasn't been dull.



Was Newark dull?



How did you know I was from there?



- I asked.

- Oh, really?



- Are you sitting with anybody?

- With you, if it's okay.



- Sounds great to me. Want some milk?

- Thanks.



- Sorry about the soccer tryouts.

- Those are the breaks.



Remember that guy you had trouble with

on the beach?



- Yeah, King Karate?

- He's my ex-boyfriend.



That's good to know. What?



Yeah, you're right. I know.



- What are you doing?

- It's this little voice...



...telling me I've got to be nuts

to be talking to you.



- That'll be $ .  .

- For both.



- $ .  .

- It doesn't matter, anyway.



- Why's that?

- Because it's over.



- Wait. How over?

- Weeks.



One week, five weeks?

How many weeks is "weeks"?



- Fear does not exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!



- Pain does not exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!



- Defeat doesn't exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!



- Fear does not exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!



- Pain does not exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!



- Defeat doesn't exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!






- What do we study here?

- The way of the fist, sir!



- And what is that way?

- Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!



- I can't hear you.

- Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!



- Mr. Lawrence.

- Yes, Sensei.



Warm them up.



Fighting positions. Jab punch.






Guess what.

I'm going to be trained as a manager.



Isn't that great?



The programme's two nights a week.



As soon as a spot opens up, I'm in.

The benefits are great.



They pay for everything.



That's great.



- What's the matter, Daniel?

- Nothing.



Remember when you went to the country

and hated it 'cause you had no friends?



What happened?



I got poison ivy.



You met Kevin and Kenny,

who became your best friends in the world.



You've got to give it a try.



I know it's hard.



We're not quitters, are we?



I guess not.



- What's with the karate place?

- It sucks.



Good. We couldn't afford it anyway.



And the girl situation?



- It's okay.

- Just okay?



To me it looks like

the whole world turned blonde.



You got your eye on anybody?






Not cute.



- She's beyond cute.

- But she's blonde, right?



- She's got blonde hair.

- Lucille, let's go, here they come.



- Is she as pretty as Judy?

- She buries Judy in a second.



She buries Judy?



Tell me about it later. I love you.

Careful how you ride home.



She's got an excellent smile.

She's really smart.



I'd say she's beautiful.

I think she's beautiful.



I think she's something else.



She's hot. Definitely hot.



- Looking for a shortcut to Newark?

- He wants to learn karate.



Here's the first lesson: How to take a fall.

Don't think about the pain.



Damn bike! I hate this bike!



I hate this frigging bike! Stupid bike!



What's the matter?

Why did you throw your bike away?



- Because I felt like it.

- Look at me when I'm talking to you.



My God!



Tell me what's going on.

Don't say another bike accident.



- What do you want to hear?

- The truth.



No, all you want to hear

is how great it is here.



Maybe for you, but it sucks for me.

I hate this place!



I hate it, I want to go home!

Why can't we just go back home?



Listen to me.



I cannot help you

unless you tell me what's wrong.



I've got to take karate.



- You took karate.

- Not at the Y, at a good school.



- Fighting doesn't solve anything.

- Neither does palm trees.



That's not fair.



It wasn't fair coming out here

without asking me.



You're right.



I should've asked.



I just want to go home.

I don't understand the rules here.



Let's see if we can figure out

the rules together.



- What about your bike?

- It's safer taking the bus.



Why can't we just go home

and forget this place?



- I'll tell you everything he said.

- You'd better.



How are you?



- What happened to your forehead?

- It's terrible. A gigantic runaway zit.



That's gross.



Daniel, this is Susan.

What really happened?



I got in a bike accident.



What kind of bike do you have?

A Honda? Suzuki?



It's a Miyagi Turbo.



- Yeah?

- Oh, really?



- We're going to the arcade. Want to come?

- Sounds great.



There's this new game I want to show you.



I forgot something.

I'll catch up with you guys in a minute.



- Don't run away.

- I'm not running away from anything.



- We've got to deal with this.

- I'll deal with it my own way.



- Daniel...

- Get off my case!



Did you fix my bike?



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.



I really appreciate that.



Are those real trees?



You like see, come inside.






How did they get so small?



I train.



Clip here, tie there.



Did you learn this in Japan?






Where's that?



My country.



China here.



Japan here.



Okinawa here.



Did you go to school for this?



Father teach.



Was he a gardener?






A fisherman.



These are really beautiful.



Come, you try.



I don't know how to do this stuff.



- Sit down.

- I may mess it up or something.



Close eyes.









Think only tree.



Make a perfect picture

down to last pine needle.



Wipe your mind clean.

Everything but the tree.



Nothing exists in whole world...



...only tree.



You got it?



Open eyes.



Remember picture?






Make like picture.



Just trust the picture.



How do I know my picture's the right one?



If come from inside you,

always the right one.






Hi, Ma, come on in.



- You fixed your bike.

- Mr. Miyagi fixed it.



Great, thank you.



- How much do we owe you?

- No, please.



My pleasure.



That's very nice.



Hi, champ.






- What are you doing?

- I'm trimming my baby tree.



Bonsai tree.



Bonsai tree.









They're beautiful.



Mr. Miyagi learned it in Okinawa.

That's where he's from.






They're so delicate.



For me?



No, I couldn't.



Please, hurt feelings.



That's very nice, thank you.



- Welcome.

- I know just where it will go.



Come on, it's getting late.



- I'll be up in a half hour.

- No, now. School tomorrow.



- Thank you for everything.

- You're welcome.



Don't forget tree.



Must practice.



Thank you.



- Sayonara.

- Sayonara.



- Goodnight.

- Thanks again. See you.



Ma, he gave you the nicest one.

This guy is something else.



You saw what he did to my bike.

This guy is great.



- Happy Halloween. You like?

- Yeah, that's nice.



Passed school today. Lots happening.



What's the matter? You're not going?






How come?



I'm not into dancing that much.



I don't feel like it, anyway.



You're too much by self. Not good.



I'm not by myself.



I'm with you.



To make honey, young bee

need young flower, not old prune.



I don't have a costume, anyway.



If have costume...





If I went as the Invisible Man.



Invisible Man?



You know, so no one would see me.



There's Daniel.



- Where?

- In the shower.



- How do you know?

- I just know.



May I?



- I don't know what she sees in him.

- She must be into fungus.



Help me, my flower needs water.



You've come to the right place, stranger.



- I've never danced in a shower.

- A friend of mine made this for me.



Isn't it great?



Where have you been hiding?



I haven't been hiding.



- I haven't seen you around.

- You been looking?



- Sort of.

- Sort of?



I thought you were still angry with me.



- Why?

- Because of what I said last time I saw you.



I've been thinking a lot about that.



I should learn to mind my own business.



No, I think you're right about facing things.

I feel the same way.



I just kind of forgot for a while.



- Thanks for reminding me.

- You're welcome.



He thinks he can do

whatever he wants to people.



- Who?

- Johnny.



I'd love to see him get some

of his own medicine.



What goes around comes around.



- I'd love to be there when it does.

- Me, too.



You want to go outside?



You talked me into it.



- That chicken is wild!

- That guy's using real eggs!



He's great!












- Got that number rolled?

- In a minute.



I'm going to get the guys. Hurry up.






Move, man!



Johnny, what's up?



Get out of my way!



- What's wrong?

- It's coming around.



Get up!



Get out of my way!



What the hell are you doing?



Get out of the way!



You ain't going nowhere.



You little wimp!



You couldn't leave well enough alone,

could you, little twerp?



No, you had to push it.

Well, now you're gonna pay!



Where are you going, sweetheart?



How about a front kick, Johnny?



Get him up.



- He's had enough.

- Shut up!



- He can't even stand up.

- That don't mean squat.



- Johnny, he's had enough.

- I'll decide when he's had enough.



What's wrong with you, Johnny?



- An enemy deserves no mercy.

- Right!



You're crazy, man!



Get him!









Leave on.



- It stinks. What is it?

- Smell bad, heal good.



- Where did Spider-Man go?

- Who?



The guy who bailed me out.

Where'd he go?



What, you?



- No way.

- Why "no way"?



- Because...

- Because, old man?



Have tea.



Feel better.



Why didn't you tell me?



- Tell you what?

- That you do karate.



- You never ask.

- Where'd you learn it?






I thought he was a fisherman.



In Okinawa, all Miyagi know two things:



Fish and karate.



Karate come from China,   th century.



Called "te," hand.



Much later...



...Miyagi ancestors call "karate,"

empty hand.



I always thought it came

from Buddhist temples.



You, too much TV.



That's what my mother tells me.



- Have you ever taught anyone?

- No.



Would you?



- It depend.

- On what?






How's revenge?



You look for revenge that way,

start by digging two graves.



At least I'd have company, right?



Fighting always last answer to problem.



Mr. Miyagi, I don't think

you understand my problem.



Miyagi understand problem perfect.



Your friend all karate student?



Friends? Yeah, those guys.



Problem attitude.



The problem is I keep getting

my ass kicked.



Because boys have bad attitude.



Karate for defence only.



That's not what these guys are taught.



I can see.



No such thing bad student,

only bad teacher.



Teacher say, student do.



Great, that solves everything.



I'll go to the school and straighten it out

with the teacher.



Now use head

for something other than target.



- I was only kidding.

- Why kidding?



I get killed if I show up there.



Get killed anyway.



Would you go with me?



No, I can't.



Why? You said it was a good idea.



For you, good idea.



For me, good idea no get involved.



But you're already involved.



- Very sorry.

- What?



Thanks for nothing then.



Like I didn't have enough problems already.



Now I've got to carry your weight, too.

Don't do me any more favours.



- Daniel-san.

- What?



Okay, I go.



- Excellent, Mr. Miyagi.

- Miyagi.






What kind of belt do you have?






You like?



J.C. Penney. $ .  .



I meant...



In Okinawa a belt means

no need rope hold up pants.



That's funny.



- Daniel-san.

- What?



Karate here.



Karate here.



Karate never here.



You understand?



I think so.



Goodnight, Daniel-san.



Goodnight, Mr. Miyagi. Miyagi!



Tomorrow morning?



  :  .



Thanks for helping me out

with my friends out there.



- Good morning, Mr. Miyagi.

- How do you feel?



- A little sore.

- You know how drive?



Yeah, I do.



- No, I'm not very good at it.

- Me neither.



I don't have a licence.



Me neither.



I guess it's okay then.



You lose concentration

in a fight and you're dead meat!



- Yes, Sensei.

- What?



Yes, Sensei!



Get up!



Give me    pushups on your knuckles.






Brown. Robertson.



On guard.



Point. Round kick.



What are you looking at? Finish him!









We do not train to be merciful, here.

Mercy is for the weak.



Here, on the street, in competition...



...a man confronts you, he is the enemy.



An enemy deserves no mercy.

What is the problem, Mr. Lawrence?



Come on, let's forget this.



Wait, not yet.



Class, we have visitors. Fall in behind me.



I hear you jumped

some of my students last night.



Afraid the facts mixed up.



Are you calling him a liar?



No call no one nothing.



What are you here for, old man?



Come ask leave boy alone.



Can't the boy take care of himself?



One-to-one problem, yes.



Five-to-one problem, too much ask anyone.



Is that what's bothering you, the odds?



Well, we can fix that.



- Feel like matching, Mr. Lawrence?

- Yes, Sensei!



No more fighting.



This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class.



You don't come in here,

drop a challenge and leave, old man.



You get your boy on the mat,

or you and I will have a problem.



Too much advantage, your dojo.



Name a place.






You've got real nerve, old man.



But I think we can accommodate you.



Can't we, Mr. Lawrence?



Yes, Sensei.



Fall in.



Ask one more small request.



Make it fast.



Ask leave boy alone to train.



You're a pushy little bastard, ain't you?



But I like that.



No one touches the prima donna

until the tournament.



- Is that understood?

- Yes, Sensei!



But if you don't show...



...then it's open season...



...on him...



...and you.



I can't believe this.



- I cannot believe this!

- What?



What you just got me into.

You said you'd make things better.



- I did.

- How?



How? I saved you two months of beating.



Great, now I've got something

to look forward to.



How much further is your house?



Other side tracks.



Are you in the oil business, too?



Not everything is as seem.



Reminds me of Newark.

What are we going to do here?



Start training.



Much work be done.



Tournament here before you know it.



That's what I'm afraid of.



That teacher was really wacko.

You really think I can beat that guy?



No matter.



Wacko teacher attitude rest in fist.



Stupid, but fact of life.



Win, lose, no matter.



You make good fight, earn respect.



- Then nobody bother.

- They'll bury me where I fall.



Either way, problem solved.

Wait right here.



This is great.



- I forgot to give you this back.

- You keep.



Thanks a lot.



- Ready?

- Yeah, I guess so.



Daniel-san, must talk.



Walk on road.



Walk right side, safe. Walk left side, safe.



Walk middle, sooner or later,

you get squished just like grape.



Here, karate same thing.



Either you karate do, yes, or karate do, no.



You karate do, "guess so," just like grape.






Yeah, I understand.






Yeah, I'm ready.






First make sacred pact.



I promise teach karate. That's my part.



You promise learn. I say, you do,

no questions. That's your part.






It's a deal.



First wash all the cars, then wax.



- Why do I have to...

- Remember deal. No questions.



Yeah, but...



Wax on right hand. Wax off left hand.



Wax on, wax off.



Breathe in through nose,

out through mouth.



Wax on, wax off.



Don't forget to breathe. Very important.



Wax on, wax off.



Wax on, wax off.



Where did these cars come from?






Wax on...



...right hand make circle.



Wax off, left hand make circle.



Wax on, wax off.



Breathe in, breathe out.



Wax on, wax off.



Mr. Miyagi, I'm finished.



You want to check these out?



Mr. Miyagi?



Mr. Miyagi?






I've been looking all over for you.

Where've you been?



- I don't believe it.

- What?



- Where are you going?

- I'm going to find that idiot.



- No, it's been taken care of.

- Until next time.



- There isn't going to be a "next time."

- There they are.



Watch this.

Hey, guys, it's good to see you.



Sorry about your eye, Johnny.

Your shoulder okay, Tommy?



You guys be careful not to step

in front of any more buses.



Hold it. Remember what Sensei said?

Wait for the tournament.



It must be "Take a Worm for a Walk" week.



You did all that damage?



When you make a wish in the shower,

it always comes true.



- I should have kept my mouth shut.

- No, we've got an agreement.



Yeah? What's that?



They agreed not to beat up on me

and I promised not to bleed on them.



- I don't believe you.

- What can I do, moan and groan?



- Anybody else would.

- Who'd listen anyway?









- You feel like listening on Saturday night?

- Sure.



Great! So Saturday night...



...we'll go out, we'll have a good time.

We'll do whatever.



- Is that your address?

- You got it.



Where is this?



- I've got to go.

- Okay.



I'll talk to you later. Great.



All right.



Mr. Harris, can I talk to you?

LaRusso. Third period history class.



I wanted to tell you, I really got a lot

out of that lecture about the Indians.



I was telling my buddies about it.

Could you give us a quick review?



- Sure, I'm free this period.

- Great for me.



No, I got to go.



I guess that leaves you and me,

but that's all right.



You can tell them about it later.



The Plains Indians

were a very primitive tribe...



Come on, Casanova.



- Hi, how are you doing?

- Good.



- You look nice.

- Thank you.



You've got company.



Those are my parents.

Come on, I want you to meet them.






- Hello, sweetheart.

- Hi, Dad.



This is Daniel LaRusso.



- My parents, Mr. And Mrs. Mills.

- How do you do, Daniel?



- Hello, Daniel.

- Nice to meet you.



- Where are you going?

- I don't know. Where are we going?



I don't know. Wherever you want.



- Golf N' Stuff?

- We're going to Golf N' Stuff, then.



Don't worry about that.

Weren't you going to have that fixed?



I am. I was. I will.



- You live in Encino, Daniel?

- Encino? No.



- Where do you live?

- Out, like Reseda.



- And that's your mother?

- Yeah, that's her.






She's waiting for us.

We'd better go. Nice to meet you.



- Not too late, sweetheart.

- Okay, Dad.



- Hi, Mrs. LaRusso. I'm Ali.

- Hi, Ali. Call me Lucille.



- That's a beautiful house you have.

- Thanks.



- Can you drive a stick?

- Yeah.



Put it into second, let it roll,

and when I say "pop it," pop it.



"Pop it."



Don't worry, it's all under control.



She's cute. It happens a lot.



Okay, LaRusso, push! On, you huskies!



Okay, pop it!



We got it on the first!



I'll pick you up at   :  .

Please, don't be late. Have fun.



- Look at that slide.

- We'll do that next time.



- Why next time?

- You need a bathing suit.



Oh, yeah. Bathing suits.



- Do you play hockey?

- Not professionally.



This is the best time

I've had since I've been here.



- We'll have to do it again.

- Definitely.



Hey, good looking. How are you?



Good. This is cool.



- I just got it. You want a ride?

- Some other time.



- Are you sure?

- Daniel, this is Eddie. Eddie, Daniel.



- How are you doing, Daniel?

- Good.



- Hey, Ali! How's it going?

- Hi, guys.



- How are you doing?

- Want to come with us?



No, I don't think so.

You guys have a good time.



- We'll make room.

- I'll call you tomorrow.



Your little friend can come,

if it's okay with his mommy.



Hi, kids.



- Hey, Mommy, can Daniel come for a ride?

- I really like your car.



- You could've gone.

- I didn't want to.



- It's no big deal.

- Lf I'd wanted to go, I would have.



It makes no difference to me.

Do what you want, I don't care.



This is beautiful.



Mr. Miyagi, this is great.

You've got real fish in there.



This is outrageous.



I thought Chung Lee's restaurant was nice.

You beat his act.



This is paradise. Did you do this yourself?



Are these bongos?



No, I got it.



"Hare Krishna"



Daniel-san, you much humour.



- What are these?

- Japanese sander.



- What do you do with them?

- Funny you should ask.



Right circle.



Left circle.



- It'd be easier going back and forth.

- But you go circle.



Right circle.



Left circle.



Right circle, left circle.



Breathe in, breathe out.



Right circle, left circle.



Right circle, left circle.



Breathe in, breathe out.



Whole floor. Right circle, left circle.



Right circle.



Left circle.



Breathe in, breathe out.



Very good.



Splinters all gone.



I'm finished.



Mr. Miyagi, I'm beat.



My shoulders.






Go home, get rest.



Come morning, start early.  :  .



Wouldn't a fly swatter be easier?



Man who catch fly with chopsticks,

accomplish anything.



Did you ever catch one?



Not yet.



Could I try?



If wish.



Hey, Mr. Miyagi, look!



You, beginner luck.



I guess that means I can accomplish

anything, right? No sweat.



First you accomplish paint fence.



All in wrist.



Wrist up. Wrist down.



All in wrist. Up, down, long stroke.



Very good. Up, down.



No look me, look fence.









Bend the wrist. Downstroke, you bend.

See? Good.



Long stroke. Up, down. Very good.



Bend your knees. Down.






Very good, Daniel-san.

Don't forget to breathe.



In, out.









Up, down.















Very good, Daniel-san.



Up, down.









Small board, left hand.

Big board, right hand.



- I'm almost done.

- All of fence.



Big board, right hand.

Small board, left hand.



Up, down.



Up, down.



All finished.



It looks pretty good, huh?



Both sides?



Not yet.



Daniel-san. Very good job.



Come morning. Start early.















Damn it! I can't believe this.



Missed spot.



What spot?



- You didn't tell me you were going fishing.

- You not here when I go.



- Maybe I wanted to go.

- You karate training.



I'm what? I'm being your goddamn slave!



- We made a deal here.

- So?



"So"? You're supposed to teach

and I'm supposed to learn.



Four days I've been busting my ass,

I haven't learned a thing.



- You learn plenty.

- I've learned to sand your decks.



I've waxed your car, I paint your house,

paint your fence.



- Not everything is as seems.

- Bullshit! I'm going home, man.






- What?

- Come here.



- Show me sand the floor.

- I can't move my arm, all right?



What are you doing?



What are you doing?



- Now show me sand the floor.

- How did you do that?






Sand the floor?



Stand up.



Show me sand the floor.



Sand the floor.



Sand the floor.



Big circle. Sand the floor.



Sand the floor.



Now show me wax on, wax off.



- Wax on, wax off.

- "Wax on, wax off!"



Wax on...



...wax off.



Concentrate. Look in my eyes.



Lock your hand, thumb inside.



Wax on...



...wax off.



Wax on...



...wax off.



Wax on.



Wax off.



Show me paint the fence. Up, down.















Other side. Look eye. Always look eye!



Show me paint the house. Side, side.



Lock wrist. Side, side.



Side, side.



Show me wax on, wax off.



Show me paint the fence.



Show me side, side.



Show me sand the floor.



Look eye! Always look eye.



Come back tomorrow.



Learn balance. Go water, kick.

Learn balance.



What were you doing on those stumps?



- Called crane technique.

- Does it work?



If do right, no can defence.



Could you teach me?



First learn stand, then learn fly.



- Nature rule, Daniel-san, not mine.

- Who taught you?



- Father teach.

- You must have had some father.



- Look, the kid's got a pet Nip.

- He know any tricks, kid?



Excuse, please. Boy cold, must leave.



Kindly remove bottle.



Kindly do it yourself, Mr. Moto.



How did you do that?



Don't know. First time.



Hey, you!



- Hey, not bad. Definitely varsity material.

- You let me.



Should we try the slide on Friday?

I could pick you up about  :  .



I'm having dinner with my parents

at the country club.



I'll be done by  :  . Meet me out front.



- Is that cool?

- Yeah.



Johnny, over here!



- What's the matter?

- It's that little voice again.



Pretend you're deaf.

Encino Oaks Country Club.  :  .



Friday? Great.



- Hi, Ali.

- "Hi, Ali."



I've got to be nuts.



Okay, here. Stop. Throw anchor.



Good. Stand bow.



Not bow. Bow!



- Up!

- What, up front?



Make block.



Left, right. Up, down.



Side, side. Breathe in, breathe out.



And no scare fish.



When do I learn how to punch?



Better learn balance.



Balance is key.



Balance good, karate good.

Everything good.



Balance bad, better pack up, go home.




Yeah, I understand.



Did you ever get into fights

when you were a kid?






- It wasn't like the problem I have, right?

- Fighting, fighting. Same, same.



But you knew karate.



Someone always know more.



There were times

when you were scared to fight?



Always scared. Miyagi hate fighting.



- But you like karate.

- So?



Karate's fighting, you train to fight.



That what you think?






Then why train?



So I won't have to fight.



Miyagi have hope for you.



- When do I learn how to punch?

- Learn how punch...



...when learn how keep dry!

- No!



Daniel-san, you're all wet behind ear!



Are you crazy?



You're crazy.



Trouble with Johnny?



- You two lovebirds having problems?

- We're not lovebirds.



- What time is it?

- It's about  :  .



- I've got to go.

- Do you have a date?



- With whom?

- A friend.



Not that boy from Reseda.



Yeah, he's from Reseda.



He's a nice guy. It's no big deal.



Honey, you've monopolised

the best-looking man here long enough.



- Hi.

- Hi.



I've been thinking,

maybe we can call a truce.



I'm not at war. Excuse me.



Could we please finish the dance?



Don't you ever do that to me again!



I didn't know you were a singer.

How are you doing?



Daniel-san, come inside.



- What's that song you were singing?

- Japanese blues.












To baby trees.



Not bonsai. Banzai!









- Banzai!

- Close enough.



- What are we celebrating here?

- Anniversary.



Whose anniversary?



Is this your wife?

I didn't know you were married.



- Damn beautiful, don't you think?

- Yeah, she's pretty.



First time I saw her...



...was cane field, Hawaii.






Damn good cane cutter, too.



Where is she now?



Drink, drink.






Look, look.



First American-born Miyagi

waiting to be born.



Drink, drink.



"Sergeant Miyagi!



"Yes, sir!



"Sergeant Miyagi reporting.

Killed many Jerry Germans, sir.



"Sergeant Miyagi.



"Yes, sir.



"Regret to inform...



"...wife have complications at birth."



Complications. No doctor came.



Land of free, home of brave.



No doctor came.



Mr. Miyagi.



Are you okay?



"We regret to inform you

that on November       ...



" the Manzanar Relocation Center...



"...your wife and newborn son died...



"...due to complications

arising from childbirth."






Secret to punch...



...make power of whole body...


            inside one inch, here.



Power, whole body, one inch, here.



Now punch.






You some kind of girl or something?



Punch! Drive a punch.

Not just arm. Whole body.



Hip, leg, drive a punch. Make kiai.



Give you power. Now drive punch.



- Kiai.

- Once more.



- Kiai.

- Once more.



Very good, Daniel-san.



Hey, pretty good?



Look at this.



Wait. Daniel-san.



What do you think?



I tell you what Miyagi think,

I think you dance around too much.



I think you talk too much.

I think you no concentrate enough.



Lots of work to be done.

Tournament just around corner.



Come, stand up.



Steady, concentrate. Focus power.



Drive a punch.



Drive a punch, Daniel-san.



"Happy birthday to you



"Happy birthday to you



"Happy birthday, dear Daniel-san



"Happy birthday to you"



Make wish.



I know what I'm wishing for.



Very good.



Number one birthday present.



Mr. Miyagi, what did you do?

You didn't have to do this.



What is this? I have no idea.



Mr. Miyagi, this is great.



Where did this come from?



Mrs. Miyagi make, long time ago.



If you ever want this patch back,

I'll understand.



I know you understand.



Try on.



This is beautiful. This is great.



Do you think I stand a chance

at the tournament?



Not matter what Miyagi think.

Miyagi not fighting.



I don't know if I know enough karate.



Feeling correct.



You sure know how to make

a guy feel confident.



You trust the quality of what you know,

not quantity.



Today you get driver's licence?



Yeah, look at this.



Check that out.



"Daniel LaRusso."






Thanks. The kid's legal, now.



I never know you have sweetheart.



No, I don't.



Look good together.



Different, but same.



No. Different, but different.



Too bad mother not here.






- Shoot! Damn!

- What's matter?



I've got to go. My mother

is making a surprise cake for me.



- Miyagi understand.

- I wasn't supposed to know. Damn it.



- That's okay.

- I'm sorry.



Miyagi once have mother, too.



Go outside. Something show you.



- What?

- Number two present.



Number two present?



You don't have to give me anything.

You've given me enough already.



No really, I'm serious.






Oh, no.



Hurt old man feeling.



- Choose.

- Oh, wow.



I can't believe it.



What a gift!



Oh, boy.



Just remember:



A licence never replace eye, ear and brain.



What matter?



I'm just scared.

The tournament and everything.



You remember lesson about balance?






Lesson not just karate only.



Lesson for whole life.



Whole life have a balance.



Everything be better.






Yeah, I understand.



Oh, wow.



You're the best friend I ever had.






...pretty okay, too.






Go find the balance.



- Banzai, Daniel-san!

- Banzai!



I give up. Don't shoot! No.



- Don't leave me. I'm wounded.

- Good, maybe you'll die.



- I just wanted to apologise.

- Fine, you apologised.



- I got my licence.

- Whoop-dee-doo.



- What's with you?

- What do you expect? Cartwheels?



I just expected some courtesy,

or is that only for people with fancy cars?



Can't you take a hint?



Does the truth hurt?



- You really think that's it?

- I know it is.



- You're wrong.

- I bet I'm wrong.



I didn't go out with you

because of a car or where you live.



Okay, while we're on the subject,

why did you then?



Why did you?



I thought maybe you and me

were different.



I'm from Reseda, you're from the hills,

that's how we're different.



Admit that you just can't handle

the situation the way it is.



I can handle it fine. You can't.



What makes you so sensitive?

She's never been anything but nice to you.



- She used me to make him jealous.

- She doesn't even like him.



Who could tell, the way their faces

were stuck together at the country club?



Right, you didn't stick around

for the exciting conclusion.



- What, his hand on her ass?

- Her right hook.



You think she sprained her wrist

doing her nails?



- She hit him?

- That's an understatement.



- Why didn't she say something?

- She shouldn't have to, should she?



Hey, slugger.



Look, I'm a jerk.



You are a jerk.



So, am I forgiven?



I don't hear anything.



Sounds like a "yes" to me.



Come here.



I guess you know

about the tournament tomorrow.



Who doesn't?



Dumb move, huh?



Not necessarily.



I don't have much of a cheering section.



You got me.



I'll probably get killed in the first match.



So, we'll leave early.



- I've got something to show you.

- What?



- How do you like it?

- Is it yours? Are you serious?



- It's beautiful.

- It sure is.



- My God.

- Here you go.



- You want me to drive?

- It's the '  s!



- To start, you push that button.

- You're incredible.



Press the clutch.

Get the lights, no that one.



Good. Down is first. Let it out slow.



Hold on!



This is awesome. How fast does it go?



Let's not find out.



- What belt are you?

- Why matter?



This is open division,

it's only for brown belt or above.



Boy black belt.



You'd better hustle. They're starting.

Down the hall, to your left.



- I'll see you inside.

- Okay.



Excuse me, Mr. Referee.



This is not "Miyaji." Miyagi.






Okay, thank you.



Well, look who we have here.

Our little friend Danielle.



Hello, Danielle.



What's the matter?

Mommy not here to dress you?



I'm talking to you, punk.

Come on, make a move.



Hey, save it for the ring.



Come on!



- All right.

- Let's go.



Come on.



Points or no points...


           're dead meat.



I said out!



Dead meat.



Way to go, I think he's gonna cry.



The winner of the first match

in the open division is Rufus Schneider.



- Mr. Miyagi.

- Hurry. Tournament starting.



Where'd we get this?



Daniel LaRusso...



- Buddha provide.

- ... please report to Ring  .



- Where's Ring  ?

- Over there.



Hold it! Sorry, teachers and students only.



He doesn't speak English...



...and I can't understand his instructions

without her. She's his translator.



- What did he say?

- You remind him of his uncle in Tokyo.



- I guess it's okay. What?

- He says you're very kind.



- Thank you.

- Welcome.



- What are the rules here?

- I don't know.



First time you, first time me.



I figured you knew about this stuff.

I figured you went to these before.



Great, I'm dead.



- You told me you fought a lot.

- For life, not for points.



Everything above your waist is a point.



You can hit the head, sternum,

kidneys, ribs. Got it?



- I hope so.

- You can do it.



When are you jerks going to grow up?



- Where am I, over here at this one?

- Number  .



- What's that guy kneeling for?

- I don't know.



- Don't you know anything?

- Don't get hit.



Face. Bow. On guard.






Back on your line.



Be tough, Daniel.



Come on, be tough.



Remember your defence. Points coming.

Concentrate. Focus power.



Remember balance. Make good fight.



Run out of the ring once more,

it'll cost you a point.



On guard. Ready?



That's one, Daniel, come on.



One more!



Move back on your line.



That's one point, round kick.



Daniel, you're the best!



You're dead!



Point! Winner!






- It must be tight.

- Yeah, right there.



- I never thought I'd get this far.

- Make two of us.



Wouldn't it be great if I won?



- It'd be great if you survive.

- What do you mean "survive"?



- I'm fine as long as I don't move.

- You've got to move now, they're starting.



Are they starting now?

What do you mean "survive"?



Ladies and gentlemen...



... may I have your attention, please.



This is the first semi-final match

of the afternoon.



Defending champion,

John Lawrence of the Cobra Kai.



Two-time winner of the All Valley

Under-   Golden Trophy.



He'll be facing Darryl Vidal

of the Locust Valley Karate Club.



Three points wins.

Contestants, please come to the ring.



Good luck, gentlemen.



Go get him, Johnny.



Show him what you're made of.



Face me, gentlemen. Bow.



Face. Bow. Ready?



Come on, Johnny.



Fast, Johnny. Come on. Do it.



One point, Lawrence.



Lawrence, back on the line.



Way to go!



Are you all right?



I'm okay.



One point, Lawrence.



Good point, Johnny!



Point Lawrence. Winner!



The next semi-final determines

who will face the defending champion.



Daniel LaRusso, of the Miyagi-do Karate.






...I want him out of commission.



Sensei, I can beat this guy.



- I don't want him beaten.

- But I'll be disqualified!



Out of commission.



Let's go, fellas. Good luck.



Do what you got to do, Bobby!



Face. Bow. Ready?



Watch the control, gentlemen. Ready?



- I'm sorry! I didn't mean it.

- My leg!



- Mr. Miyagi, my leg hurts.

- Miyagi here.



Bobby Brown of the Cobra Kai

has been disqualified...



... for excessive and deliberate contact.

Under rule   - ...



... Daniel LaRusso has    minutes

to return to the ring.



If he is unable to return...



... John Lawrence will win by default.



I'll inform the judges.



You did well out there, young man.



Damn it!



Honey, forget it.



You were great.



I couldn't be prouder.



It was just bad luck.



You would have won

if they hadn't cheated.



Just leave me alone for a minute.



We'll be outside.



Mr. Miyagi...


            think I had a chance of winning?



Win, lose, no matter.



That's not what I mean.



Had good chance.



Can you fix my leg with that thing you do?



No need fight anymore.



- You proved a point.

- What, that I can take a beating?



Every time I see those guys,

they'll know they got the best of me.



I'll never have balance that way,

not with them, not with Ali...



...not with me.






Close eye.



Ladies and gentlemen,

this is the moment we've been waiting for.



Daniel LaRusso's going to fight?



Daniel LaRusso's going to fight!



This is what it's all about, folks.

You know it.



How's the leg, son?



All right. What a man!



The final match to determine...



... who'll emerge victor and champion...



... of the All Valley Under-  

Karate Championship.



Daniel LaRusso, Miyaji-do Karate...






Miyagi-do Karate.



... versus John Lawrence of the Cobra Kai.



Three points wins. Good luck, boys.



Come on, Daniel!

You've got this guy. You can do it.



Face me. Bow.



Face off. Bow. Ready?



That's okay, Johnny.



Lawrence, return.



One point, LaRusso.



You're dead.



Daniel, you've got him!



Point! Jab! That's two for LaRusso.



Time out. Go to your sensei.



Turn, kneel.



Johnny, you're a creampuff!



Sweep the leg.



You have a problem with that?



No, Sensei.



No mercy.



One more!



Two points LaRusso. Lawrence nothing.



One point Lawrence.  -  LaRusso.



Kick to the side. One point Lawrence.  - .



Out of bounds. Come back in.



Destroy him, Johnny!



Come on, Daniel, you can do it!



Come on, Daniel. Be strong.



- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm okay.



Whoever wins the next point

will be our new champion.



Finish him, Johnny!



It's over, Johnny! You did it!



Are you okay? Can you go on?



Get him a body bag!



Warning for illegal contact to the knee.



Finish him!






The new champion!



- You're all right, LaRusso.

- Thanks a lot.



Mr. Miyagi, we did it. All right!

Special help by SergeiK