Ken Park Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ken Park script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the  Larry Clark NC-17 movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ken Park. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ken Park Script



I used to be friends

with this guy.



His name was Ken Park.



His name spelled backwards was

Krap Nek, and I used to tease him.



One day after school

I heard he blew his brains out.



I don't think I had anything to do

with it, but l still feel guilty.



Krap Nek.



This is Krap Nek

when he was age   .



His mother told me he was buried

in his lucky motorcycle jacket.



She said his toothbrush

is missing.



She told me that

she could feel his spirit.



From left to right:

There's Claude, Peaches,



Mike, Tate,

and that's me on the end.



Shawn's my name.



We all live in a little town

in California called Visalia.



It's pretty boring but sometimes

when we get together we have fun.



Shawn is one of my best friends.



He's young,

but he's kind of smart.



Once we were driving and he threw

a tennis ball at an old lady.



He made us stop the car.

He got out and apologized.



-Do you love me?

-No, I hate you.



-Say it, you little bitch!

-Get off me!



-Say I'm the master!

-Get off me!



Say I'm the master!



-"Shawn, master of the universe."

-Fuck you, motherfucker!



-Get off! You're not, you faggot!

-Say you love me.



-Say I'm the master!

-I hate you, you freaking faggot!



-You're a loser!

-You just can't fucking say it.



-Say you love me.

-Get off!



Say you love me, bitch.



I hate you!



Say I'm the master,

say you love me!



I love you.



Don't cry.



Oh, God!



You love me and I love you.

Go to school.



-What's up with you guys?

-I hate him.



-Give me a cigarette.

-I only have one left.



Your brother told me

to tell you to fuck yourself.






Hey, Zoe.



Where's daddy?






Where's mommy?



Hey, Shawn.






Can I eat you out?



Not now, I'm folding.



Lend a hand.



When I was little,

Claude saved me from drowning.



We used to play doctor.



He tries to act tough, but deep

down inside he's a soft teddy bear.



Come on.



One more. I want to see

the veins pop out of your head!



You can do it.



Come on.



-Spot me, Claude.

-I got it.



Hand me the towel.



You want a go now?



No, I don't feel like lifting.



-Come on, I'll spot you.

-No, thanks. I don't feel like it.



-You could do that once.

-That's all right, do some more.



Come on, it's all set up.

Let's go for it.



No meat on those bones,

look at that.



It's not me.



-Come on, you can do it.

-No, I don't want to.



-I'll take some off it for you.

-Go ahead, do some more.



Well, you know why

your mother married me?






Because I got muscles.



Come and feel it.



Come on.



Yeah, yeah.



The first time she met me,

she just stared at them.



You got a girlfriend?



Not a full time. Not a girlfriend.

I see some girls, though.



Not a girlfriend.

You got a boyfriend?



What the fuck is that?



-What the fuck's that!

-Yeah, what the fuck is that?



-Don't say fuck, I'm your father.




You fucking those girls?



-Yeah, some of them.




Let me ask you something.

You consider yourself a winner?



-I don't know.

-You don't know?



You know, Claude, sometimes

I look at you and I feel ashamed.



Seems like you can't do

nothing right.



You can't even wear your pants

right. Pull your pants up!



You can't even walk in those things.

What do you wear them like that for?



I'm not a weightlifter,

I skate.



You're just going to be a punk,

aren't you?



What's it to you?



I'm your father.



Pull your pants up

and wear them right.



I look at you like that,



and I feel sick.

My stomach actually feels sick.



I get up in the morning, I see you,

and I get off to a bad day.



Because I'm ashamed.



Your mother thinks

you're a fairy.



Peaches has the nicest

peach smell about her.



She's a real woman.



Her mom died

when she was a little girl.



She looks just like her.



Peaches used to take ballet and all

the boys watched through the window.



Sometimes she would let us

watch her get undressed.









Hi, baby.



I brought you some water.



I thought you might be thirsty.



That boy Curtis called.



He did?



What did he say?



He said he was on his way.



He said is Peaches home



and I said she was









That boy Curtis is the one

with the long hair, huh?



Yes, from bible study.



In the seventh grade,



Tate used to spit on girls

and make his friends laugh.



People would walk by him and say

Tate is insane. He was smart though.



It was just that he thought

differently than everyone else.






Skinny Billy.



Now you have aname.






Gary Coleman,

Different Strokes.



Mrs. Drummond.



Mrs. Drummond and... Legs!



Mrs. Drummond and her son Arnold.



Legs, please.

I'm trying to work!



Shut up!



I will fucking rip it off,

I swear to God!



I am fucking working.



Look at me! I will rip your

fucking leg off, I swear to you.



Pay attention to me,

pay attention to me!



Jesus Christ,

don't you ever fucking knock?



I cut you some fruit.

I thought you might be hungry.



No, I'm not hungry.

I'm working.



When you come in without knocking

you're acting like a fucking bitch.



-Please, Tate, take the fruit.

-I don't want it, I want you out!



Tate, look, here's some kiwi.



How about this?



-Get the fuck out of my room!

-I'm going, please, Tate.



Jesus fucking



-Christ, Grandma, get out!

-I'm going, Tate.



Bye, we'll see you then.



Have a nice day. Bye, see you.



Fucking bitch!






You wanna fucking bark now?

You gonna fucking bark for me now?



Aren't you, motherfucker!






Little bit?



-Feels good.




How about that?






Now that feels good.



Take my pants off.



It's really wet.



Take my panties off.



Slow, Shawn.



Yeah, that's it.



Just like that.



That's it, nice and slow.



Yeah, just right there.



Go just a little faster.




that's it, right there.



Move with my hips, come on.

There you go.



Oh, shit.






That's a good boy, Shawn.



That's a good boy.



Oh my God.



Keep licking.



-ls this the best spot?

-What are you doing?



Put your head back down!



Shawn, Shawn...



Come here.



It's okay.



Be careful. Don't cut me.



-How close do you want me to get?

-Get all the way down.



But be careful. No hurting.



Damn, Claude!



Sorry, sorry.



-You're getting to close to my skin.

-Sorry, sorry.



-Okay, ready for the big one?




Here it comes.



Look how big this is!

Look at how big it is!



Gross, get it off me!



-Look how big it is. Look at it.

-I see it.



-Look at it.

-I'm looking at it.



Big toe.



You cut my toes all up.



What do you want me to cut them

back and paint them red?



Go pick up the nails.



-You missed one right there.




Right there.




-Over there,



by the leg of the table we eat on.



Help me.



All right, careful.



-My big, strong boy.

-Come on.



Hey, watch the cigarette.



Watch it.



-Want abeer?

-No, thanks.






Holy shit! I don't believe

you broke my fucking board!



-You broke my fucking board!

-Shut the fuck up, stop screaming.



It's a fucking bullshit toy, not

a sport. You're wasting your time.



Why'd you have to break

my fucking board?



-I just told you, I don't want...

-Fuck you!



Fuck you!



I don't want to see that fucking

thing. You look like shit on it.



It's too load, it disturbs the whole

neighborhood. Your mother hates it.



-I'm sick of this fucking shit.

-I'm sick of your shit!






Fuck you!



Who the fuck do you think you are?



I don't want that thing here. If I

see a new one, I'll break it too.



You wanna play, I'll throw the ball

with you or something.



Yeah, we'll throw the ball.



You get back here.



Come on, hit me again.



You want another one?



-How's that, sweet boy?

-Okay, I'm going in the house now.



You don't want to play asshole

with me, you'll lose every time.



I made you a ham sandwich.



No, thank you, sir.

I'm really not hungry.



The ham, I just bought it, it's

fresh. Put some meat on those bones.



-Here, take my seat.




That's the way he eats.






In the name of the Father,

the Son, the Holy Spirit, amen.



Bless us, oh Lord, for these thy

gift which we are about to receive



from thy bounty

through Christ our Lord, amen.



How are you feeling, Curtis?






How did it go at the dentist?



The dentist?



Peaches said you were having

problems with your teeth.



It went pretty well. I only had

to get the two top wisdom teeth out.



Did it hurt?



A little after.

They shot me up with painkillers.



Can I see?



Open your mouth.



Open up your mouth.



Open it up.



You don't have to close your eyes,

just open your mouth.



They did a good job, huh?



Can hardly see the scars.






that reminds me when you had that

point hanging from your tongue.



That little thing

that looked like...



the end of my tongue,

it looked like a serpent's tongue.



It had like apitchfork

at the end of it.



I was eating once

and I bit the end of it.



-Looked like that guy from Kiss.

-Gene Simmons.



I remember the guy who cut it off.



I told him not to use

any anesthetics.



I'm allergic to dope.



Did it hurt?



Of course it hurt!



I didn't use any anesthetic,

did you hear that part?



What do you have a problem

with that?



I'm just teasing.



You like his hair?



I used to have long hair like that.



Peaches' mother

used to love my hair.



She used to play with it

all the time.



Hold on a second,

I gotta show you something.



-Popi, you brought the album out!

-I got something here.



Look who we have here.






That's Peaches

when she was in second grade.



I look fat in that picture!



Look at her, that was like

her first little boyfriend.



She wanted to be a tap dancer.



That's Peaches' mom.



She's beautiful.



I visit her every day.



God bless her soul.



You see?



I had long hair just like you.



You guys were a beautiful couple.



Thank you.



Yeah, we fell in love.



Watch out that Peaches



doesn't fall in love with you.






-How many points?

-Six, seven points.



You have a milk 'stache.



-ls it off?




Your turn, Tate.



That's    points.



Good one.






It's your go.



I'm going.



I'm just thinking.



See anything?



Maybe you need new letters.



-No, I've got one.
















That's not aword.

What's a sipi?



Sipi is part of the body.



Really? It's apart of the body!

What part of the body is it then?



Below the hip.






-That's not aword!

-lt's below the hips.



-We'll see.

-You challenge every word...



I think sipi is aword,

I think it is.



Well, it's not in here.



You're a liar. Because I see sip



and then I see sepia.

But there is no sipi.



You're a liar.



I am not a liar.

I know it's aword.



-He's not a liar.

-Oh really,



-then how come it isn't in here?

-I don't know.



Maybe they don't use it anymore.

It's medical. Maybe an old word.



You know what, this is bullshit!

And you are technically disqualified



for lying to me.






That's it, I quit!



You can't quit,

you're disqualified.



Where are you going?

Don't go away, congratulate me!



You know what, Gramps,

you're a bullshit artist.



I got the most points



and I win the game!



Let's see,    for grandma.



    for Tate here,



and grandpa's disqualified

for being a cheater.



-And I win!







Hi, Tate.



Hi, Rebekah.

What are you guys up to?



Just jumping,



we're working on anew routine.

My school's having a talent show.



Oh, really?



You think I can come see?



If you want.



Have you been fighting with

your grandparents again?






We were playing this board game.

He fucking cheats all the time.



Why do you always play with him?



I don't know. I beat him, though.

I got     points.



Pretty good. Want a Fireball?



Give him one.






Wanna jump?



Can I?



Yeah, but I get to twirl.



Come on, you'll get in next.



All right, one twirl though.



And jump!









Did you like that?






How many times did you come?



I don't know.



-More than twice?

-I don't know.



I'm not sure.



But it was really good.



It was really good.



Do you think about fucking me

when you're with Bob?






Why not?



Because he's my husband.



-Yeah, but you still fuck me.




So if you love him,

why do you fuck me?



Because I like you.



Why are you asking me

so many questions?



I want to know.



Do you love me?






I didn't think so.



Why, are you falling

hopelessly in love with me?



I don't know.

I think about you alot.



I think about you and Bob

doing it.



Does that excite you,

or anger you, or what?



Sometimes I dream about

flying in here



and smashing his head

against the wall.



Then taking you,

bringing you back to my room.



Most of the time I just think

about touching your body.



Sometimes when I'm with Hannah,

I pretend it's you.



I can see your face

instead of hers.



She was talking about you

all yesterday.



What was she saying?



You know Hannah,

she was just rambling like



"Shawn's doing this

and Shawn's taking me there."



She loves you.



It's easy to tell.



Yeah, I love her, too.



You guys make a cute couple.

Pass me that brush?



You know, you make

the same noises in bed.



What else?



You have a lot of things a like.



You like me to do the same things.



You have the same pussy smell.



We do?



Yeah, but you're better in bed.



I am?






Well, I have more experience.



I'm older.



I know.



I like that.



You do?






Does your mom like Hannah?



Yeah, she thinks she's cute.



Shit, that totally reminds me.



When you see your mom ask her when

I'm supposed to pick your brother up



because I have no idea.

If it's Friday I can't do it.






I've got to go to the doctor with

Bob. Have you seen the cigarettes?



Come here.



Come here.



Whose dick is bigger?



Mine or Bob's?






-What are we gonna do?

-I don't know.



We could throw him out.



No, we won't. I won't allow it.



Well, I'm getting sick.

I can't take it much longer.



He's just growing up.



-Cheating on me, with a...




Give me arip off of that.




I was skating in my frontyard,



my board shoots out like he just

comes up and broke it, dude.



He just flipped it over and



-fucking snapped it with his foot.

-What for?



Just 'cause, dude.

He don't like that shit.



-He doesn't like what?

-Skateboarding, man!



-He doesn't like skating?

-Fuck no.



-Why not?

-He's a fucking dick, that's why.



That's some gangster shit.

He's like the thug on your block.



-ls he a drunk?

-What the fuck does he do?



-He drinks.

-What did he do, roller-skate?



He's a fucking alcoholic

motherfucker chump ass bitch.



Did you slap him or what?



He slapped me, man!

I had to get up in his face though.



Motherfucker tried to swing

some punches.



I told him to hit me again.

What are you gonna do?



I sure don't like being here

with a Jew.



He's a sensitive guy.



Just let him be.



Sensitive guy...

he's a sensitive guy.



That's a good excuse. "Just let him

be a fucking sensitive guy."



It pisses me off. You can pick your

friends but you can't pick family.



Fuck them, man, they're nuts.



Fuck that punk.

My mother don't do shit.



One day I'm going to

fucking flip out, go insane.



He'll get his fucking shit.



He's doing drugs.



-Hanging out with weird kids.

-No, he doesn't do drugs!



I can smell it on his clothes

when he comes in.



-He's smoking...

-I can't smell it.



He's smoking dope.



He hangs out with those skate kids,



that's the weirdest bunch of

shitheads I ever saw.



I'm gonna get the fuck out,

get my own apartment.



You should move in here, dude.







It's like    ?



It's like $    together

with utility.



Shit, I should move in here.



This shit's tight, a little dirty

but fuck it, know what I'm saying?



Get the fuck out of that place!



I love her for the woman she is.



He's kicking.



Maybe he doesn't like beer.



You don't have no respect

for anything.



Marriage, this country, anything.

Go back to Africa.



He's strong.



This one better look like me.



This one better look like me.



What's the matter with my look?



You got one for you,

now I need one for me.






I can not change

andl will not change.



Claude looks like a girl,

he looks just like you.



Shit, he'd probably

wear your clothes.






I like sensitive pretty boys.



Well, you certainly got one.



But I also like them

big and beefy.



I like them just like you.



Come on.



Come on.



Don't do that, you tickle me.



God, you look like,

you look like Claude, shit.



All he does all day

is drink fucking beer.



-Sits around all day drinking beer.

-He don't got a job?



Fuck no, he got fired

a couple months ago.



But it's always been that way.



Why don't you fucking hit him back?



Yeah, right.



Why the fuck not? One of my mom's

boyfriends started beating her



and I fucking just picked up a

bottle and busted it over his head.



Got glass in his fucking eyes.



I didn't give a fuck.



-What happened to your dad?

-Kind of like us.



He was just kicking it, the cops hit

him up and pretty much framed him.



He went to prison, he'd never been

to jail or anything.



He stayed there for like

three and a half years.



He came out and tried to straighten

his life out, got us apad and shit,



after that shit just fell apart,

drinking, turned into a diabetic.



He didn't take his insulin.



So he got fucking sick, hospital,

went into a coma for   months,



the doctors were saying

he's not gonna make it.



One day he just opened his eyes



and was like what is fucking up.



He started kicking it, started

getting better, I talked with him.



In  days he knew everything that

was going on. Couple months went by,



he was ready to come home in   days,

learned how to walk and everything



then all of a sudden he just

fucking slid back in the coma



and then just right after that



he was fucking gone, you know?

Now it's like,



it kind of puts me

in a shitty situation.



Just seeing fucking different guys

coming in the house, you know.



Just fucking try to work shit out.



Now I see fucking kids out with

their dad, kicking it with friends.



Family dinners and shit, I don't

have any of that shit any more.



Just fucking go home, mom's working,

clean up the house, do the yard,



whatever needs to be done.



You know?



You know,



fucking try to appreciate your dad.

They're always assholes and shit



but besides that they're still

fucking there to take care of you.



I've got a surprise for you.



Peaches' report card.



She got...



I forgot my glasses.

I left them in the car.



She got five A's and one B plus.



The B plus was in English.



Peaches is such a good girl.



Maybe I should do something good

for her today, huh?



She looks more like you every day.



God bless you.



Can't we do it normal?






Come on.



Not so tight!



You're killing my circulation.



Shut up,



stop complaining.

Don't worry,



daddy's at the cemetery.



Jesus Christ!









Do you want me to fuck you?






Say it.



Fuck me!



What else do you want me to do?



I want you to do everything.



You want me to suck your cock?






Open your mouth.




-Open your mouth.


















Oh my God.



I didn't do anything!






Daddy, what are you doing?



Let him go!



Nice game, honey.



Love you.



Hey, where were you today?

Ditching again?



I woke up late.

Fuck it, I stayed home.



You miss so much!



I'm gonna start coming.



Miss Reeves was all

asking about you.



"Yeah, well he's never here,

he's failing the class..."



-You'll have to take summer school.

-Fuck that!



-You missed the best fight.

-Oh, yeah!



You know JJ?

He's in our woodshop class.



He like punched this retarded kid

for running over his...



-You want bananas on your sandwich?




You don't want any nannies?




-That's my favorite part.



Did you remember

to clean your room?



You did?



Okay, well if you finish that up

we'll go to ballet.







I'm getting a little tired

of this "no" thing.



One of these days you're going

to have to learn to say yes!







You're home really early.



We finished early and had

ameeting and I just left.



Everything okay?



Yeah, fine.



I just wanted to come home.



Well, yeah.



I love having you home.



It's a good surprise.



No, come on, you're going

to mess my makeup.



Come on, stop.






Come on, Zoe.



We're so late. Let's have you

eat your sandwich upstairs.



Do you want pigtails for class?

Yeah, that'd be cute.



Hey Zoe, would you like

to watch a video?



-The one with all the songs?




"No" is the word of the day.



Come on, baby, this is

the worst time, seriously.



It's the worst time again.



-Didyou pick up the dry cleaning?




Well, we'll pick it up now.



Wanna finish doing mommy's makeup?

Cause daddy messed it, huh?






-Why not?

-My parents will see.



And also my neighbors, assholes.

They tell my parents my every move.



-Hi, dad.




Hi, Bob.



Hey, you wanna come over tomorrow

and watch the game?



Come on, Rhonda's

whipping up abrisket.



I wish I could,



but I promised my mom

I'd help her Saturday.



-Hi, guys.

-Hi, mom.



Hi, Rhonda.



Hey, we're gonna take off.



I invited Shawn over tomorrow

for lunch and the game.



Oh, great, are you coming?



You should.



I don't know,

let me talk to my mom.



Okay, we'll leave an open

invitation like always.




-You want Shawn for lunch tomorrow?






-I'll call you when I get home.

-All right.



You should come tomorrow.






All right, we're gonna



have some fun.



We're gonna get some!



The ladies are out tonight.



Oh, here, here.

This one. Pull over!



Come on, Murph,

she's a crack whore.



-No, I like her.

-All right.







What's going on, baby?



What's going on with you?



How much for a dick suck?



  dollars aperson.



-How much for a hand job?







Fuck you!



-What's wrong with her?

-She looked awful.



No she didn't, I liked her.



Did you see the way

she looked at me?



She wanted me.



You're dreaming.



She did!



Here, here.



Look, look. This one,



come on, stop.

She looks real good.



Robin, it's Claude.



What are you doing?



What are you gonna do tonight?



Why don't you come to my house,

sneak in.



No, no, wait. Let's not talk about

tomorrow, let's talk about tonight.



Come over.



Come on, man,

you know you want it.



Sneak in the back door,



we'll do something,

have fun or something. My mom's



asleep and my dad's probably

getting drunk somewhere like always.



You should come by though.



All right, then. Forget it.



Well, we should hook up tomorrow,

we should do something.



All right, yeah,

I'll bring some for sure.






All right.



All right, then.

All right. Bye.






Shit, man.



We gotta get some pussy.



-Where's all the women at?

-I don't know.



Where'd they all go?



I don't know,

maybe they're all asleep.






There's a lady at my work

I really want to fuck.



-Her name's Sam.




Yeah, Sam.



Sam, that's aboy's name.



No, it's a girl's name.



And she is quite the woman!



I've seen her bend over

for pencils, her tits



they just fell out.



-Fell out?

-Her tits just fell out!



They just went...



Both of them came out?



Both! Shit, I wish I knew where

she lived.We could go there now.



-You don't know where she lives?

-No, I wish I knew where she lives.



We could go over there and ask her

to pick up some pencils!



Dead soldier.






I wouldn't even mind

fucking my wife



if she wasn't

so goddamned wretched!



-What are you doing?

-lt's okay, Claude. It's me, dad.



Nobody loves me.



You try to raise your children



in the ways of the Lord so that

when they grow up they will follow



His path.



"Great whore, Babylon's fallen.



These are the things among us



that are unclean,



the things that swarm

over the earth:



the gecko,



the lizard,



the chameleon, the crocodile,



the serpents..."






Is Curtis a serpent, huh Peaches?



Does he slither all over



your unclean body?



"Oh Babylon the great,



oh Babylon the great,



the mother of all harlots.



The mother of the abomination

of the earth.



And I saw the women drunken

with the blood of the saints



and with the blood

of the martyrs of Jesus.



-I saw the beast and..."

-Stop it!



-"The beast will eat the harlot."

-Stop it!



Shut up, shut up!



I'll hit you again, goddamnit!



"And I saw the beast



will eat the harlot", Peaches,



"will eat the harlot!



And she will burn her skin

with fire", Peaches.



I'm sorry.



"And I have seen that

out of the mouth of the dragon,



out of the mouth of the beast,

out of the mouth



of the false prophet,



I have seen the unclean spirits

come out!"



-I won't do it any more!

-And they look like frogs, Peaches.



I said I won't hurt you any more.



You've entered the house of sin.



Popi, forgive me.



That's your mother's wedding dress.



When she wore it,

she was apure virgin.



A gift from the Lord.



She has visions your mother.

And before she died



she had a vision



that I was an angel

with three arms



and that



when I died she was going

to escort me to Heaven.



When God saw us together,

He said that we looked beautiful,



that we looked like abeautiful

couple together.



And I smiled,



and I shook God's hands



with my three arms.



And she thought that was nice.



I'll tell you exactly how I did it.



Know that this is important,

so I'll tell you exactly right.



I walked into the kitchen

to get myself a piece of cake.



It's the Boston Creme cake

with the maraschino cherry topping.



The kind that my grandmother likes

to make for me on special occasions.



I walked through the den where my

grandfather cheats every Saturday.



I walked into my grandparents' room

so I could watch them sleeping.



I was naked so I wouldn't get

blood on my clothes.



I crawled onto

my grandparents'bed



andl stabbed



my grandfather in the neck.



His skin was thick,



like leather.



And he twitched a little,



like a chicken.



Then my grandmother woke up.



I love you, Tate.



I love you.



I stabbed her in the breast.



She looked surprised

to see me there like that.



I think she died very fast.



I think she whispered:



"I love you, Tate."



She said:



"I love you, Tate.



I love you, grandson."



When I saw them there like that,



I started to get an erection.



And then Legs startedbarking

andl went soft again.



I killed my grandfather



because he is a cheater

who likes to tellwar stories.



And I killed my grandmother



because she is

apassive-aggressive bitch



who doesn't respectmy privacy.



Do you take me to be

your honorable husband?



I do.



To have and to hold



under the sanctity of the Lord

that are in Heaven?



I do.



To love and respect me,



and to never turn on me?



I do.



To be with me

in sickness and health?



I do.



When I die



do you plan to mourn me,



your only true love,



to be awidow forever



and to think of me often?



I do.



If anyone has any objections,



let them speak now



or forever hold their peace.



You may now kiss the bride.



Where you gonna go?



-Where are you off to?

-I'm getting out.



Well, maybe that's

the right thing to do.



Maybe you should go.



-Why are you crying?

-I don't know. Just leave me.



Don't say that, I know you don't

want to go. You want to stay.



You've always been

a crybaby about things.






What else can you do?



Where else can you go?

With what money?



How you gonna make it out there if

your daddy's still making you cry?



You know, you provoke him.



How come you're always fighting?

He doesn't deserve that.



I wouldn't give a fuck

if he died!



-I don't believe that.

-I swear, I wouldn't give a fuck!



You don't understand.



I wasn't doing anything.

I was asleep.



-He does, you're right.

-I know, he was like...



Could you pass that lovely



-salad dressing?

-I made it. It's my own recipe.



Do you like the salad dressing?



-lt's good.

-She did make it.



Can I please have

some more iced tea?



Wow, you said please!



Do you think you could put any more

butter on that roll, missy?



Hannah, seriously.



You like butter just like me.



-How is the brisket, Bob?

-lt's good.



Yeah? Is it?

I feel like I undercooked it.



No, no. It's delicious.






-You like it?

-lt's good.



-Bob, can I have some more brisket?




Eat up there, Shawn.

Put hair on your chest.



Oh my God!



So embarrassing!



Make a man out of him.



Oh, it's almost kickoff.



Who cares?



All you care about

is the cheerleaders anyway.



I always had alot of cow licks.



And in my whole life,



I've never had one true girlfriend.



When I was little,



I got caught stealing a stuffed

animal at the amusementpark.



They took me to the holding place

on the back of a golf cart.



Can you remember

any of your dreams?



Yeah, sometimes.



What are they about?



Mine are about leaving.



Going to Hawaii or someplace.



Somewhere where I don't have to be

around all the people I hate.



Do you have to come back?



What do you mean?



Do you come back

and see your friends



or do you justnot come back?



That's hard because

it doesn't really happen like that.



None of this even exists.

Not you or Shawn or anybody.



It's just all me.



I can't dream of other places.



I can't picture in my head

what they look like.



Everything I think about

looks like here.



Why are you so ticklish, huh?



Why you so ticklish?






Hey Shawn, have you ever read that

book "Island of Paradise"?



This island where the whole world

philosophy is about having sex.



They just sit around all day

and fuck each other.



-Shut up, man.

-No, I'm serious.



They came up with a way after years

to have sex and not make babies.




-I don't know.



But they fuck like    or    times

a day and that's their whole life.



It's like the best society,

nobody fights, everybody gets along.



All they do is fuck all day long,

just fuck, that's all they ever do.



It's supposed to be some utopia

society or something, I don't know.



Okay, I'm ready.



Okay, you got one?



Yeah, guess who I am.



Man or woman?






Are you a singer?






Are you famous?



No, not really.



Oh, that sucks for you.



Are you an entertainer?



No, but I used to be in aband.



Do we know you?



Yeah, yeah.



So you're a friend of ours?






Do you skate?






Me too.






No, wait.

Do you live around here?






You're young, we know you

and you don't live around here.



-Hits, we need hints.

-I'm no longer here.



I know who it is.



-You're Tate.

-No, I'm out. I'm no longer living.



-So you're dead.




-Why didn't you say so before?

-You have to guess.



-That's not fair.

-I hate this game.



I have no idea.



You give up?



You're not gonna give us

any more hints, are you?



-Who are you?

-Who the fuck are you?



Ken Park

gothis girlfriend pregnant.






He took a job working

at a hot dog stand.



Another day, another dog.



Do you want to keep it?



I don't know.



I don't want to be no baby killer.



Aren't you glad

your mom didn't abort you?

Special help by SergeiK