Kids Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Kids script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Rosario Dawson, Chloe Sevigny, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Kids. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Kids Script



Know what I want to do?






What do I want to do?



You want to fuck me.



But you can't fuck me.



Why not?



You know why.



'Cause you're a virgin?



'Cause I don't want no baby.



You think I want a baby?



With me, you don't have to worry

about that kind of shit.



Why is that?



'Cause I like you.



I think you're beautiful...



And I think if we fucked,

you'd love it.



You wouldn't believe it.



I wouldn't believe it?



I don't know, I just think

you would love it, that's all.



I don't know. I'm scared

that things would change...



between us.



What things?

Nothing's going to change.



I just want to make

you happy, that's all.



You know

it won't hurt.



I'll be gentle,

I promise.



Do you care about me?



Of course I do.



(grunting and moaning)



Boy: Virgins.

I love them.



No diseases,



no loose-as-a-goose pussy,

no skank,



no nothing.



J ust pure pleasure.



Girl: Wait...



That hurts.



- What's up, bitch?

- Shit, yo.



- What happened?

- Guess.



You fucked her?



I knew you fucked her.

I sat here for like two hours.



She was   

you hit that shit up.



Well, who I am?

I'm the motherfucking virgin surgeon.



How was that shit, yo?



Oh, my God, so good.

That girl can fuck.



Word, she can fuck, yo?



Hells, yeah! Halfway through,

I'm thinking about...



"This girl's no virgin.

No virgin can fuck like this."



You sure she's a virgin?



Hell, yeah.

That bitch was bleeding, dude.



When I first put it in,



she all screamed all loud,

and then like...



I think I saw her bite down

on her pillow, but I don't know.



- How long did it take?

- Did what take?



How long you fuck her for?



Well, you know,

it took me    minutes



to talk her into it

and everything.



It took a little longer

than I expected.



But once it was on, we fucked

for a good half an hour.



I had to keep taking it out

and putting it back in.



It hurt the first time.

Didn't want to come too quick.



Did her puss stink?



Take a whiff.







Butterscotch, yo.



That's the best.



That bitch

was so clean, dude.






You could tell she took

care of herself.






'Cause she, like,

had all these like...



powders and creams

in her bathroom.



Let me smell

that shit again.



I'm telling you, man,

that's why I love virgins.



They're the best.



Purity, man.



- You know what else?

- What?



You can tell she just

entered puberty.






'Cause I was flipping through

this picture book of her family.



And there was this picture

of her painting Easter eggs.



And I was like, "Damn, you were

pretty cute when you were little."



All right?

So, like, she was all like...



"That picture was taken

less than a year ago.



I look younger

without makeup."



That's a good one.



So I was like,

"Shit, this girl's a baby."



Then I was like,

"Oh, shit...



that turns me on.

I want to fuck this baby girl."



Fucking perverted bastard,

I swear.



I'm tellin' you, Cas,



I'm getting addicted

to this shit.



To what, virgins?



It's all I think about now.



Having complex fantasies

and shit.



- What do you mean?

- Like going all out.



You mean, like fucking

two virgins at once?



That would be kinda sweet,

but I mean like...



when I was fucking her,




I kept thinking how much

I wanted to put it in her ass.



She'd probably smash you

in the grille, kid.



I don't know about that.

She was pretty into it.



What do you want to do?



Get another   .

Smoke a blunt or some shit.



- You hungry?

- I'm fucking starving, yo.



Wait up a sec.

I'm taking a piss.



Right up on this piece.



Hey, let's go to Paul's house.



Paul, what for?

That guy's a dick.



Yeah, but he always got food.



He got them microwave

burrito things, you know?



Think he's got any herb

on him?



He quit dealing,

but I'm sure he'll smoke us out.



- You think?

- Probably.



He lives on   th, right?






Let's be ghosts, man.



Hey, Telly,

she suck your dick, man?



A little bit,

but I really didn't want her to.



Why not, man?



Having a virgin suck your dick,

that's so basic, man.



It's simple. It's easy.



But like, if you deflower a girl,




You're the man!



No one can ever

do that again.



You're the only one.



No one has the power

to do that again.






The way I see it,

my outlook on the situation...



Mr. Wizard.



It's like getting fame,

you know?



Say you was to die

tomorrow, right?



   years from now,



all the virgins you ever fucked

will remember you.



They'll tell their grandkids

about that shit.



"That Telly, he sure

was good in the sack."



You thirsty?



Hells, yeah.

I'm fucking dehydrated.



You got any money?



Three pennies

and a ball of lint, kid.



You down with the boost?






Chill a second.



You happen to have diss digg?






Diss digg.

I'm curious, do you have it?



What is "diss digg"?



Diss digg.



What are you saying?



Diss digg here.

Do you have it?






Diss digg.

Diss digg.



I don't...

I don't understand you.



A'ight, one last time.

Do you have diss digg?



What you say, diss digg?



He said, "this dick,"




Don't you understand English?



Stupid fuck boys.

Fuck you.






What's up?



- It's Telly.

- You like peaches?



It's Telly, man. Open up.



Yo, yo!



What's up?

What's going on?



What's up?






What's all this shit, man?



Fuckin' up our crib.



Fuck the crib.



Move the fuck over,

you bitch ass.



What's going on?



Nothin'. Chillin'.

What y'all up to?



You want a whip-it?



Give me one of them shits.



This balloon almost busted,

so be careful.



This video is phat.



Listen for that crack.



Pop that shit.



I told you, be careful.



How you doin' there?



You're going to be a vegetable

when you're older.



Fuck off.



- My God. Look at his lip.

- Check it out, nigga.



Shut the fuck up, bitch!



Your lips are blue.



Shut up!

You don't even know me, nigga.



Look at this kid, yo.

He's like a fiend.



That's why I like this shit.



They wake my brain up.



There's more, man.



- How many people live here?

- Too many.



No, only eight or nine.



Where does everyone sleep?

You homosexuals?



No, get the fuck out of here.




It's a flophouse, man.



We're still short on the rent.



If we had a faggot,

he'd pay the rent.



You and Casper can move in.



You could share the bathtub.



- I don't know about that.

- Yo, Telly...



Jenny says, "What's up?"



Jenny who?



You know, Jenny.



Casper: That pretty girl you boned

last summer.



I haven't seen her in forever.

What's she up to?



I knew he wouldn't

speak to me. That dick.



You still mad at him?



Of course.

How can I forgive him?



- What did he do?

- He stole her virginity.



He took it away

and now it's gone forever.



It's not the fact

that he devirginized me,



it's that he never

spoke to me again.



He talked all this bullshit

and then just broke out.



But he was all like, "Jenny,

I like you so much," and...



"I promise,

I won't use you."



Same lines.



He was talking mad shit.



The first time

is always whacked.



Be glad you didn't lose your

virginity in the back seat of a car.



- That's right.

- That's nothing.



I had just turned   .

With this asshole who was   .



I can't remember his name.



This was at sleep away camp

with your friends and shit.



We were getting it on

in the bushes, around midnight.



I got fucking mosquito bites

all over my ass.



I thought nobody knew about it,

but everyone knew the next day.



- And the pain was...

- Hell, yeah!



- The fucking pain! Jesus!

- That's the shit.



God, the pain!

The fucking pain! Jesus!



You feel like

you're being ripped open.



You are being

ripped open inside.



- Did you bleed?

- No, I didn't.



- You didn't bleed?

- I bled all over.



On the condom, everywhere.



You know what he started singing?

"Sunday, Bloody Sunday."



- "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."

- That stupid fucking song.



I was like, "What the hell?"



I couldn't believe

he did that to me.



Then everyone at camp was singing

that the whole time.



You know what?

I have sex and I like fucking.



Hell, yeah.



I love sex, girl.



It's the best.

There's nothing better.



It's the best thing, right?

That's it.



No, no, not sex.







Hardcore pound fucking.



That's the shit right there, man.



That's the only way to do it.



It's that boom, boom, boom.



But there's a difference

between making love...



having sex and then fucking.






Making love is like...



It's, like, sweet.



It's real slow.

Real slow.



Sex is like,



"All right,

let's have sex.



Let's go, come on."



Yeah, yeah, yeah.



That's the whole thing.



They want you to be

so kind, so gentle,



like you give a fuck

or something.



- What's up, Jav?

- What's up?



What are you doing

with a cigarette?



Like you care?



Yeah, right.



Most of the time, you just want

to be all pounding that shit.



I like that part.



My God!

That motherfucker's the bomb.



If you could just be like,



"Excuse me, miss,

can I borrow your hole?






It'll only take a little bit.

I'll give it right back."



- Right.

- "I'm done."



But that's it.

You got to take it slow.



You got to be smooth.

Girls like it slow and romantic.



Fuck romance.

I like it hard and nasty.



I've been with a lot of girls,

so I know.



Me too, nigga.

What's up?



But it depends.

I was at Eric's house.



Smash J was there.



D.J. Flipper was there.



All right?

He was horny.



He threw me on the bed.

We started getting it on.



They were in the room

getting dressed.



They were going to a disco.

That shit was so good.



He was fucking fingering me,

sucking on my tits.



I was like, "You go, boy."



We ripped each other's hair out.



We kissed so hard,

our lips were busted.



I was like,

"Work it, boy."



But y'all know why

I go out with Alex, right?



He has the best fucking fingers

I ever had.



I'm going out with him.



He got it going on.

That's that.



That's why foreplay

is better than sex.



They can touch you

and you're going crazy



and all of a sudden, it's like,

"What the hell happened?"



- J ust a big disappointment.

- It's a letdown.



Then it takes them either

too long,



or too short to come.



Have you ever had someone

who took forever?



What, to come?



Let me tell you.

I was having sex with Jake,



and it took my man

an hour and a half.



I don't have

no hour and a half.



No, no, no.



You know what I notice,




Bitches love to suck dick.



It's like some secret

hobby for them or some shit.



Some freaks.



All bitches, man.

I know, man, I'm telling you.



Casper's right.



They act like they don't

in front of their friends,



to try to get respect.



When you get them alone,

it's the first thing they go for.



The girls just grab your dick,

start sucking.



They know they're

in charge of something.



Only time they feel prosperous.



- I'm telling you.

- They love that shit.



That's why girls

live longer than guys.



Sperm's got vitamin C

in that shit.



The shit's nutritious, right?



Looking at your watch.



You know what's the worst?



Sucking dick.

I hate sucking dick.



They'll be shooting you in the eye,

and the ear and shit.



And you don't know

what to do.



It hits that little thing...



the tonsils, the esophagus,

whatever the hell it is.



- You don't get anything out of it.

- You'll be gagging.



How much more can you bob?



You don't get shit.



Have you ever swallowed

it before?






Me neither.



- I have.

- Of course.



No, but it was like...



No, it's like sweet and sour

and salty butter.



It's like...

it's just nasty.



You drink and drink

and you cannot get...



the taste out of your mouth.



The sperm get stuck in your teeth.

They're disgusting.



You gotta sit down and eat

a whole real meal.



All I know is that

condoms suck.



They don't work.



They either slip off, or break,

or make your dick shrink.






You got a small condom, huh?



We still got to use them.



I did once.



Telly's the only guy

I've had sex with.



- I thought you had sex with A.J.

- No, we just messed around.



That's the whole thing,

you know?



You hear of all these diseases.



Disease this,

disease that...



fucking everyone's dying and shit.

That shit is made up.



I don't know no kid with AIDS.



Ain't no one I know died

from that shit.



Fucking, that's just

some make-believe story.



(laughter and clapping)



It's bullshit!



We all going to die anyway.

I'm going to go out fucking.



- Yeah.

- You know what I'm saying?






One guy got tested.

He was negative.



This other guy...



he'd fucked only two other girls,

and they were virgins,



so he was safe.



But then this other guy I just fucked,

which was a mistake.



Heat of the moment

kind of thing.



But I went to the clinic last week

with Jenny...



to get ourselves checked,

to be safe.



Jenny went?



She got tested with me

so that I didn't have to be alone.



Word, they ask

a lot of questions?






how old are you?






How many people have you

had vaginal intercourse with?



- One.

- Were you protected?






- How old are you, honey?

-   .



How many people have

you had vaginal intercourse with?






Yes, altogether.



I'd say eight.

Maybe nine.



How many times

did you go in unprotected?



Four times

I went unprotected.



Maybe it was three.



Have you ever had anal







Have you ever had anal







With how many

different people?



I think three,

but I'm not sure.



Were they wearing condoms?



Yes, with two of them.

Twice I didn't.



I didn't...



two times.



We're going to draw

some blood from you.



Come back in seven days...



and we should have the results

of your tests, okay?






You see that

pork fried rice store?



The Chinese joint?




My cousin lives right up there.



He's mad. Crazy.

His name is Harmonoff.



One time we went to

Special Olympics on a school trip.



Seventh grade, whatever.



He tried to pick up

these retarded bitches.



That nigga's crazy.

He's still got a thing for them.



He caught one

dope bitch that day...



she had those leg braces

and shit.



But she had a fat ass.



You're crazy. Ruthless.



He brought her into the bathroom

and fucked the shit out of her.



He was telling me that the leg

braces were scratching up his shit.



He hit her hard, yo.

She was all drooling and shit.



So, he's pretty crazy;

he'll do whatever to bust a nut.



- You know?

- That's ruthless shit.



He wanted to take the leg braces off,

but he was just like "Fuck it."



"Let's hit this up real quick."



Telly: Like quickie style.



 The summer's gone 



 And all the roses dying... 



Man, this guy's really good, yo.



He reminds me of my uncle.



- I bet he brings mad dough in, yo.

- Hells, yeah.



... when summer's

in the meadow 



 Or when the valley's hushed

and white with snow 



 It's I'll be here 



 I n sunshine or shadow... 



I don't think I want

to be seein' him anymore.



I want to date other people.

I don't know.



I think he's mad at me

or something. But who cares?



It's like,

"Get off your high horse.



If I want to see other guys

I'll see other guys."



So it's just like...



I can't deal with

that jealous crap.



I don't know why I see him

in the first place.



He's a jerk!

Giving me a hard time. That crap.



I think I'm just gonna

dump him completely.



I was just tryin' to be nice,

but if he's gonna get...






It must have been

something I ate.



Ruby, follow me.



- Wish me luck.

- Good luck.






You tested negative



for all sexually transmitted

diseases and infections.






You're clean.



I can't tell you

how nervous I was.



I didn't sleep last night.



Now you have to be careful,

Ruby, okay?



I want you to take these

pamphlets and read them.



And, Ruby, read them.



Jenny, you've tested

positive for the H IV virus.






The test isn't    % accurate.



I tested positive?



I'm sorry.



I only had sex with Telly.



I just came to keep

Ruby company.



Yo, I want to fuck Darcy.






You know Darcy.

Bennie's little sister.



You like her, uh-huh?



Yo, I liked her

for a while, yeah.



Darcy, yo?



She's so little,

innocent and pretty.



She's only    man.






You remember the last week

at the block party?



She was handing out

watermelon slices.



I just sat across from her

and started watching her.



- She was eating this watermelon.

- U h-huh.



J uices just start runnin'

off her chin onto her shirt.



After about three seconds, yo,



I got the biggest

fuckin' hard on, yo.



I just wanted to take out my dick

right there and start jerking off.



Shit, yo.



Like at that point,

and moment, like...



she was like a vision

of perfection.



I know what you mean, yo.



Like, like she represented

everything holy about a virgin.



I know what you're saying.

I know.



She works for Nasa, man.



I think she promotes for them.



I'm going to fuck her

tonight, I swear to God.



How you going to fuck

two virgins in one day?



That shit's got to be

against the law or some shit.



I'm still going to fuck her.

I'll bet you money I'll fuck her.



Bet, yo.



 I have no legs 



 I have no legs 



 I have no legs 



Run by the park and get zooted?

See what the fellas are doing?



Yeah, yeah.

But I also got to run home.



Yeah, yeah,

that's cool. That's cool.



 I have no legs 



 I have no legs 



 I have no legs 



God bless you.



 I have no legs 



 I have no legs 



God bless you.



Bless you back, man.



 I have no legs 



 I have no legs 



 I have no legs 



Peter, is Mom there?



No, I need to speak to Mom.






Peter, where's Mommy?



No, I can't talk to you

right now.



Yeah, I hear it.



J ust tell her that...



Never mind.

J ust go watch television.






Come on.

It's gonna be okay.



It's gonna be okay.



I'm gonna have to tell

my little brother I'm gonna die.



I can't make him

his lunches any more.



Come on. I mean, don't cry.

We'll work it out.



I only did it once.



I gotta go.

I gotta find Telly.



Don't go anywhere,

just stay with me.



- No, I gotta find him.

- Then I'm coming.



- No, I just gotta go.

- Jen...






- What's up, yo?

- Yo, chillin'.



Hi, Mom.



Hi, Telly,

where you been?



- What's up?

- Hi, Casper.



We were just out

trying to find jobs.



- Any luck?

- No, no.



What are you gonna do

about money this summer?



I don't know. Find a job.



Can I borrow some money?



Your dad made me promise

not to give you any money



until you find a job.



- Then I won't need your money.

- That's right.



Come on, Mom.



N - O.



Come on, Casper.



Damn, Telly.

Your little brother's getting big.



Yeah, man, I know.



Yo, Telly, your mom's

titties are looking good.



Shut the fuck up, man.









Hey, how do these things work?



How am I supposed to know?



How much you gonna take?



I don't know.

How much you want?



$  . $  's good, though.



You ever take one of these

things out with your teeth?






Your girls don't bleed yet,

that's why.



My girls got mad flavor.



Heavy flow.



$   for me.

$   for you.



You cheap motherfucker, yo.



But I'm supporting your ass.



Thanks a lot.



Thievin' bastard.



The fuck outta here, cat.



It's damn hot out!



It's a fucking sauna

in here, man.



Yo, is crazy hot out.



Word, yo.






Come on, nigga.



You think Darcy

will be at Nasa tonight?



Yeah, probably.



You got any weed

around here?



No. We should run by the park

and pick up some.



Maybe Darcy'll be there.



True. True.



Yo, I gotta start wearin'

more hats.



This is my tape, man.



Hey, my hair looks busted, B.



- I'm gonna get buff, B.

- You are?



Hells, yeah.



The other day, this Chinese bitch

said I'd look good with muscles.



I'll get mad diesel. Fuck up

any nigga that step to me.



You got hairy armpits.

Word up.



You got Buckwheat

in a headlock there.



You want some?



Get the fuck out of here

with that.



- You fucking stink, dude.

- So?



You stink.



That shit gives me a rash

all over my armpits and my stomach.



I like my smell.

It's fuckin' natural.



You still stink.



Your mother stinks.



These chips are stale.



Look at this busted-ass nigga.



That's me, nigga.



Me and your bitch.






TV: He wants to spend

time together.



I hardly know my old man.






I'm going out

for a little while.



- When are you gonna be back?

- Not too late.



 :   in the morning?



Not too late.



You sure I can't get

any money?



If I had some, maybe.

Right now, I don't have a penny.



All right, then. Bye.



(door slams)






What's up, Ras?






Back off of my customer

there, man.



Ras, you got some?



Yeah, mon.



Let me check out a dime

of that.



Come here.



I want no twigs

or pebbles neither.



I wouldn't do you.



Check this.

Good sinsemilla.



Smells delicious.



- I the best.

- Definitely.



How about a dime of that shit?



Drop it.



Good looking out.



Come check me out again.



- See you tomorrow.

- Later, man.



Yo, Paul, is Telly there?



Is Telly there?



This is Paul.

Who's this?



It's Jenny.

J ust tell me if Telly's there.



Hello, Jenny.



Wanna come upstairs

and make out with me?



Listen, I'm fucking serious.

Where's Telly?



Telly's not here.



I think he went downtown

with Casper.



My dolly's black Lucy.



Telly: Tracy's talking

to another guy over there.



Casper: Tracy?




She can suck my dick.



What's up, nigga?



What's up, dude?



What's up, guy?



Shut the fuck up,

you four-eyed bitch!






I tell you what.

That body.



Yeah, I'm in that piece,




- What's up, Harold?

- What's up?



- Where you at?

- I'm right here, you know?



- You going out tonight?

- Yeah, maybe Nasa or some shit.



Yo, word?

You're on the list?




But fuck that shit. I'll sneak in.



I need some female

vagina tonight.



I had some female vagina

last night.



You did? All right!



You want to do any pot?

You got a Phillie?



- Got one.

- Make a trade.



You got this in the park?



Break that shit up.



Break it.



Scrape it.



Lick it.



Dump it.



You got it.



Smoke it.



(speaking Spanish)



What's up?



Can I fuck with that?






Yeah, boy.






Mad hot, right?



Mad hot.



I want to go swimmin', kid.






Look at that shit, man.



Gay guys.



That shit is sick.






Fucking faggots!



Butt pirate!



Bitch ass faggot!



Fuck out of here,




J ungle fever.



Fucking faggot!

Bitch ass faggot!



How can you hang out

with Casper?



That nigga's a jerk.



- You think?

- Yeah, yo. I've always hated him.



He used to eat glue

in the seventh grade.



- Still does.

- I hate him.



Give me a taste of that

motherfuckin' chronic, kid.



This weed is mad good, yo.



This your board?



- Watch it.

- Sorry.



Well, watch where

the fuck you're skating at.



- Watch where you walk, yo.

- What?



- What I said, yo.

- What?



Forget it, B. Nothin'.






Whatever, yo.

J ust forget it.



Do you want to get fucked up,




- What's up, then?

- What do you mean?



- What's up?

- What's up, motherfucker?



Casper: Suck my dick.

Fuckin' suck my dick.



- Beat his ass, fuckers.

- Motherfucker!



Punk ass motherfucker.



He's out, man!



Word up, that shit is out!



Now get in my way, bitch!






Man: Excuse me.



Can I ask you a question?



Can I ask you a question?



I'm sorry.

I don't mean to be a pest.



It's just that I was looking

at you and you look upset.



I like looking at you, but...



but your face looks upset.



So I was wondering...



if I could be

of any assistance.



Maybe cheer you up

or something?



No, I'm okay, thanks.






Because you don't look okay.



You're a very pretty

young lady.



It's just...



that your face looks troubled.



It's just been a bad day.






Would I be prying

if I asked you what was wrong?



Would I be prying?



Everything's wrong.



No, not everything.



The sun is still shining.



It's a beautiful day.



Some things are okay, right?



I guess so.



Did you break up

with your boyfriend?






You in trouble with the law?






Am I getting closer?



That's better.



You look like a prom queen

when you smile.



A glamour girl.



When I was a kid...



I had a crush

on the prom queen.



Darlene Lewis.



She had a big black mole...



in the middle of her face...



that used to make me

so excited.



You look a little bit

like her.



Right around the cheeks

and the chin.






Boy, did I have a crush

on her.



She was the first girl

I put my tongue in her mouth.



Hey, look. Whatever it is,

just forget about it.



Life is too short.

Try to be happy.



But what if you

can't make yourself happy?






...then I don't know.



You know what you do then?

You forget.



Block it out.



I remember...



when my grandmother told me

how to be happy.



She said, "Leon...




my darling little grandson,



if you want to be happy...



don't think.



Don't bump into any walls.



If you stutter...



don't talk."



I listened to my grandmother.



Look at me now.



Couldn't be happier.



That's life.


















Bennie, what's up?



Nothing. What's up?



Yo, is your sister home?



- You want Darcy?

- Yeah.



Hold on.

Let me see if she's here.



Yo, hurry the fuck up, man.

I want to go swimming.



Hold up, man. Damn.






Hey, what's up?

What are you doin' right now?



I was just getting ready

to take a bath.



Don't take a bath.

Come swim with us.



Hi, Darcy!



Hi, Kim.

Hi, Joy.



Come on.

Come swimmin'.



Right now?



Yeah. Come on.



Hold on.



So that's your new girl, huh?



I hope so. For now.



You like 'em kinda young,




Fuckin' babies.



I like 'em new.

Not like you.



Fuck you.



Damn, bitch,

don't kill the shit.



What the fuck?



You think we might've killed

that guy?



No, man.



You sure?



Casper: I don't know,




I kicked him so many times,

my fuckin' toes are broken.



No, man. We didn't kill him,

'cause when we were through,



he was all twitching.



Word, he was crawling

around the floor and shit.



You guys are fuckin' sick,

you know that?



That's all right.

That's how I'm living.



It's unreal out here,

right, Harold?






You look nice.



Hey, girl, what's up?




J ust some crazy shit.



Have you seen Telly around?




Speaking of stupid shit...



him and his ape-ass

of a friend, Casper,



they almost just

killed some kid.



- What happened?

- Some messy little scrap.



- You know that bullshit.

- Yeah. You know where he went?



I don't know. He said some shit

about meeting Darcy.



- I think he likes her now.

- Bennie's little sister?



She should be

at Nasa tonight.



Why are you looking for him?

You like him now?



Come on, man.

H urry up.



Get in this piece.



H urry up, Kim.



Harold: You think I ain't

motherfuckin' hot naked?






I'm jumpin' in before everybody.

I don't give a fuck.



Girl: Take your fucking clothes off

and shut the fuck up, Harold.




you know what I'm saying?



Damn, Kim. Your body

looks fucking dope.



You think so?



Hells, yeah.

I'm serious, yo.



It's funny, you don't know

how dope a girl's body is



until she takes

all her clothes off.



It looks good, right?



Think it don't

when it does?



Aw, you don't look

so bad yourself, Casper.



That shit is rare.

What about me?



That's what I like about you.

A girl's ass.



Joy, ever seen

a black man's lasso?






Oh, my God!



Harold: Look at it.



Girl: Harold's dick is black

and beautiful. Look at him.



All right. Chill.

Be quiet, be quiet.



(flapping sounds resume)



Look at that fuckin' shit.



That's how I'm gonna be

up against your ass, like this.



(flapping sounds and laughter)



It's all gonna be against your ass.

I'm gonna be on the floor, like,



down, break-break-breakin'

that shit.



- You know what I'm saying?

- We've seen enough, Harold.



Harold: Break your back.

Break, break, break.



Hi-ho, Silver!



Oh, shit!

That shit is cold.



I'm going to piss in the pool.



I'm tellin' you,

somebody's gonna piss in it.



What's that?



Damn, girl,

that's my triple nipple.



You're gonna give me

goose bumps.



I've been thinkin' about you

a lot lately.



- You have?

- Yeah.



- After I seen you last week.

- At the block party.






I was looking for you

all day today.



You were?



I thought about you

when I woke up.



"Where could Darcy be at?"

I was looking all over.



I'll give you a dollar

if you let me suck your tit.



No, though, I'm serious.

Either of you guys.



What really makes you think

I'll let you suck my tits?



I don't know. They're just

sittin' there all ripe and firm.



It makes you want to

suck on them.



Don't touch!



Harold: Yeah, me too.



Harold! Fuck you.



I thought you had a girlfriend.



No, I ain't seeing nobody.



What about you?



I can't. My mom won't let me

have a boyfriend.



She won't?

Why not?



I don't know.



I guess it's 'cause

my sister Nicki...



had a baby when she was   .



She was real young so my mom's

very protective over me.



I can understand that.



They just look so fucking good.



Yo, I truth or dare

you guys to kiss each other.




We do it all the time.



- Holy shit.

- Holy s... damn!




You guys are dykes, right?






- No.

- How can you kiss each other?



How can you do that?



It don't matter.

It just feels good.



It's not like we're gay.



It's just like kissing

another person, a friend.



- Oh, yeah?

- Mm-hmm.



- Yeah, it's no big deal.

- Not at all.



I don't know.

I never seen...



no shit like that

in my life.



I think it looks nice,




- I know you think it's nice.

- Do it again.



Fuck outta here,

you guys.



Come on.

One more time.



Shut the fuck up.



You just did it. How the fuck

you ain't gonna do it again?



- Do it again.

- Joy, do it again.



- Stop sweatin' it, you guys

- Suck her titty then.



Why don't you suck

each other's dicks?



- I'm not gay.

- I'll fuck you up.



Why don't you kiss me,




I don't want to kiss you.

You're not a girl.



Yes, I am.



- What's that?

- A clit.



Harold will do anything

for a kiss.



I don't want to kiss you,




- Come on, just one kiss.

- You're so fuckin' aggressive.



I got to represent.




"It just feels good, that's all."



- Shut up.

- We're just friends.



You made me horny

right now.



Come on.

Why you gotta be like that?



J ust one kiss.



(muffled screaming)



Give her one kiss.

Come on, man.



Harold. Fuck you.



I say we go skinny-dipping, man.

Fuck this.



- Let's just do it.

- Want to go skinny-dipping?



You should come back

to Steven's house tonight.






Come on. We'll bug out.

His parents are away.



I don't know.

I'm supposed to go to Nasa tonight.



You can rave another night.

A bunch of people'll be there.



- It'll be fun, I promise.

- Yeah?



Come on, it'll be nice.

It'll be a change of pace.



That club shit gets boring.




What's up, girl?



- How you doin'?

- Let's go.



- Hey, Jenny.

- Hey.



(techno music)



How you doin'?

My name is Chi.



Hi, Chi.



All right, baby.




What's up?



- How do you feel?

- What's goin' on?



Oh, shit!

I got to show you something.



It's a spectacle.

It's a real spectacle.



Jesus Christ, look at this!



What's up?




they're still goin'!



It's like amazing

sexual exploration!



You don't have to look at us.

It's not a free show.



Who are they?



I don't know.



I saw that one girl once before,

but she's like...



like I don't know, like her face

is all mangled and shit.



But they look like cornballs

from Jersey on Ecstasy,



feelin' the effects-tasy.



I got something for you.

Check it out.



It's a present.

It's a pres.



What is it?



It's a pres, Jenny-Jen.



It's like bang-up stuff.



Yeah, it's called

the euphoric blockbuster



and it's supposed

to make Special K look weak.



- Take it.

- I don't...



You look sad. Take it.

J ust swallow it.



I promise.

J ust swallow it.



You swallow it, you be floatin'

up in heaven with the angels.



You'll be singing

with Sammy Davis, Jr.



You'll be kissing

Leo Gorcey on the chops.



Don't you know, don't you know

Trix are for kids, silly?



Fucking asshole.



Fuck that, nigga.



I'm gonna throw a rocket

at your ass.



Yo, I got that fool.



I got that one.



What's up, nigga?

Niggas is buggin'.



- Ass crazed, ugly bitch.

- Ass crazed.



He said, he said, he said,

you're ass crazed.



He said you're ass crazed.



What's up, yo?



Chillin', yo.



Casper: What's a little nigga

like you doing drinking beer?



What's up, Trix?






Who'd want to make out

with those nasty-ass bitches, huh?



Them bitches that left.



You don't know pussy

has no face, Javier.



- Stoops.

- Come on, man.



You've never seen a puss.



I've seen a lot of puss.



Hey, yo, Casper.



- Why are you called Casper?

- It's my name.



Nobody's real name

is Casper.



That's my real name,




Why do you keep asking me

the same shit for?



Why don't you go lose

some fuckin' weight for anyway?



Ought to go

to Weight Watchers.



Casper: Nick, what kind of bitches

do you like to fuck?



You like black bitches,

white bitches, what?



- Anything. It don't matter.

- You like any old thing?



What age?



-      ...

- I bet you're a virgin now.



Well, bet whatever

you want to bet, then.



So when'd you hit it, yo?



Don't worry about that.



How'd you hit it then.

Doggy? What? Never, right?



Probably a doggy.



You ever get a blow job?



(choking and coughing)



Jenny, come on. Let's dance.

Come on, let's dance.



- What?

- Come on, let's dance.



I don't feel all right.

You seen Telly around?



Telly's at Steven's house

with a bunch of people.



Come on, dance.



- Telly's at Steven's?

- Yeah, I guess so.









Oh, shit.



Why won't you give me

the time of day, Gertie?






I love you, Gertie.

I feel like I love you.



You just best get yourself

out of my face, Billy.



What do you mean, Gertie?

I love you.



I want to do somethin' for you.



I want to take you out to dinner.

I want to take you out to eat.



Billy, take your

cracker ass out of my face.



Gertie, I didn't mean it.




I want to buy you food,

corn dogs, anything.



Come on, baby.

J ust one more kiss.



No, Harold, no.



Come on, no.



You know what I'm sayin'?



I love you.

I want to get close to you.



I want to, I want to feel you.

I want to be with you.



It's real like that.

You know what I'm sayin'?



I want to... I want to sleep

with you, Gertie.



- Come on.

- No, no.



Where did you get that shit?



My brother.



That is some good weed

that your brother has.



Where does he get it at?



I don't know.

He won't tell me.



That sucks, your brother

won't tell you about it.



'Cause it's kinda whacked.



If I knew where to get this,

I would get this every day.



Yo, Ham...






You takin' big hits

for a little guy.



You're a fiend,

that's why.



And you got,

you got gold on your neck, too?



That's crazy.



That's nice.

Christ on your neck.



That's nice.

I like that.



- Jesus Christ.

- You believe in Him?



Yeah, I believe in Him.



That guy is the Saver, man.



He's cool.



Saved his life.



- What's up, Jeff?

- 'S up?






My man fucked up right here.



Oh, shit.



Oh, shit.



That weed got you so fucked up

where you don't want to hit it?



- That shit got me open.

- Yeah.



- Like it?

- Yeah, dig it, y'all.



It feels different,

like you're in another world...



like you zone out.

You know what I'm sayin'?



You're straight man.



You straight?



That's my limit.

You know what I'm sayin'?



The big hit man.



You know what I'm sayin'?

Big hit, baby.



Get high quick.

Big hits.



I see the cherry go big, yo.






Steam that shit.

Big hit man.



Big hit.



Well, see, a person like me

smoke weed until I hallucinate.



I don't know why, either.



Crazy, right?



This party was dope,

but that shit got played quick.



But the bitches

are freaky here.



 Casper, the friendly ghost,

the friendly ghost 



 The dopest ghost in town. 



 The bitches love me because

I'm fuckin' Casper 



 The dopest ghost around. 



Fuck, yeah.



I'm not gonna die.



Do you like kissin' me?






- Do you like me?

- U h-huh.



I think you're like the best girl

I've ever kissed.






I couldn't stop thinking

about you



ever since I seen you

at the block party.



Come on.



I'm serious.

I'm not jokin'.



I just like you. That's all.



I like you, too.



Hey, yo, Steven.



Come on, man.




What, man?



Let me in your parents' room.

J ust for a while.



No, I can't, man.



Come on, man.

Hook me up.



Do me this solid.



Come on, man.

Yo, I gotta get Darcy alone, man.



She's gonna let me fuck her.



All right, man. J ust don't fuck

with anything, all right?



All right.



Telly, I'm nervous.



Trust me.

Don't be nervous.






I like you so much.



I think you're beautiful.



If we fucked,

you would love it.



You wouldn't believe it.



How do you know?



I just know.

You'll love it.



But I'm scared, Telly.



I'm tellin' you, there's nothin'

in the world to worry about.









I just want to make you

happy, that's all.



Trust me.



I don't want you to hurt me.



You know it won't hurt.



I'll be gentle, I promise.



Do you care about me?



Of course I do.



 The friendly ghost 



 You know

I'm the dopest ghost in town. 



 The bitches all love me

'cause I'm fuckin' Casper. 



Fuckin' shit.






What's up, Jenny?



What are you doin' here?

Long time no see.



Casper, where's Telly?



What do you want

with Telly for?



That guy's got

enough bitches.



Where is he?



Well, don't look for him.

He's doin' fine.



He got a girl.



He's fucking her right now

in Steven's parents' room.






So what you know, Joe?



What's she lookin' worried

about that nigga for, huh?



Oh, Ham.

Hit this yo. Ham.



Telly, it hurts.



That's it.

You're doin' fine.



Come on.

Come on. That's it.



(moaning in pain)



That's it.

You're doin' fine.



Come on, Darcy.

That's it.



Telly, it hurts.




Come on, Darcy.

That's it. Come on.



Shut the fuckin' door!



(glass shatters)



What's up, Ham?









Lucky fuckin' bastard.



Hey, Jenny, wake up.



Hey, Jenny, wake up.



Jenny, wake up.



Don't worry, Jenny.

It's me, Casper.



Don't worry, Jenny.



Jenny: No.



Shh. Shh.






It's me, Casper.

Don't worry.









Telly: When you're young,

not much matters.



When you find something

that you care about,



then that's all you got.



When you go to sleep at night,

you dream of pussy.



When you wake up,

it's the same thing.



It's there in your face.

You can't escape it.



Sometimes when you're young,



the only place to go is inside.



That's just it.

Fuckin' is what I love.



That that away from me

and I really got nothin'.



Jesus Christ,

what happened?

Special help by SergeiK