Killing Me Softly Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Killing Me Softly script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Killing Me Softly. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Killing Me Softly Script



You know what happens

at that height?



The brain dies

from lack of oxygen...



cell by cell.



It just shuts down...



and the body goes with it.



I can't stop thinking about

what it must have been like.



Why don't you start

at the beginning?



It's always the easiest.



OK, I'll start

at the beginning.



I grew up on the plains

in Indiana.



I was a flatlander,

through and through.



To be honest...



I really didn't have

much to leave behind.



Virtually no family

and very few friends.



Anyway, it was January.



I'd already been in London

a year and a half.



For the first six months,

I'd been incredibly lonely.



Then I met Jake.



What I loved the most...



was how comfortable

we were with each other.



I felt safe.



OK, let's go.



I design CD-roms

and websites...



for corporate clients.



That must pay well.



It sounds fancier

than it is.



Jake was an engineer.



Tunnels and bridges,

that sort of thing.



He kept his tube tickets...



in a wallet he got

when he was twelve.



Same wallet,

same inside pocket.



Alice? Alice?



See you later.



Hey, Alice.



You going in?






I'll see you in a minute.



Reconfigure the training

program manual...



to make it look like

a game on the website.



We tried that with

the appliance kings.



Yes, but this isn't

about washing machines.



Now we're training

a worldwide sales force.



You're the new media pioneers.



Think of something.



Alice, you still have

the old template, don't you?



Are you with us, Alice?



I'm going out

to get my hair trimmed.



I'll be back after lunch.



Oh, shoot!



And you got in?






I got in.



What's your name?









Don't turn away.



Come here tomorrow.



I have to work.



Then come back tonight.



I can't.



Whenever you want, Alice.



You decide, and I'll be here.



I couldn't believe

what had happened that day.



I knew it shouldn't

happen again.



I wanted everything

back the way it was.



What do you want me to do?



Nothing, just keep doing

what you're doing.



That was when

I found out his name...



Adam Tallis...



and that he climbed mountains.



He caused quite a stir

here yesterday.



He saved

six people up there...



with no oxygen.



You stop me

whenever you want.



Please don't stop.



I bought your book today.



It isn't my book.



I'm just in it.



It looks good.



People died, Alice.



Something went very wrong.



There was a woman

named Francoise Collette.



I lost the whole group.



I still don't understand

what happened.



There was no room for error.



Everything had been checked.



I was in love with her.



Do you know what it's like

over       feet?



It's like this.



Without air,

the brain cells die.



It shuts down.



and then the rest

of the body follows.



It's been two years...



and it doesn't go away.



I live with someone.



But you're here.



I have to go.



Don't put them on.



Hi. Where are you?



I'm running some errands.



Do you think you could

pick up my watch...



on the way home?



I'm running behind schedule.



I'm never going to make it.



Of course I can.



I missed you today, Alice.



Miss you.



I love you.



Love you.



Knock it! Not nice.



And give it!



Go in!



A card? Ref,

that's a bit harsh.



Yeah. Sorry. I'm just...



There's nobody there!



I have to leave you.



You what?



I can't go on like this.

I'm sorry.



I have to leave.



You have to leave me?



We're together.



We're perfect together.



I want to marry you.



I met somebody.



Who did you meet?



You don't know him.



I'm sorry.



When did you meet him?



I didn't mean

to hurt you.



It's not the point--



It's very much the point!



We go to the market

together every Sunday!



I buy your fucking

tube tickets for you!






Where you going?



You were looking for Adam.



He's not here

at the moment...



but it's cold out there.

Come in.



Please, come in.



I've been climbing in Chile.



Adam always takes

his pictures down...



or makes sure his back

is turned to them.



Oh, please, sit down.



For me, pictures

tell me who I am...



but for Adam,

they steal his soul.



Want some?



No, thank you.



No, it's quite good.



I'm his sister.



You're his sister?



Yep. I'm Deborah.



We climb together a lot.



He was having some work

done on his place...



so he stayed here

while I was gone.






is Mr. Know-it-all.



It's his name.



This is Francoise, right?



That's the real reason...



my brother takes

the pictures down...



because it's...



too hard for him to see her.



My brother's a brave guy,

but sometimes...



he's afraid of remembering.



What he forgets...



is that he's not

the only one responsible.



I was up there, too.



She was

my best friend, Alice.



Yes, I know your name.



You're very beautiful.



I can see why he'd

fall so hard for you.



The thing about my brother...



is you're either

with him or you're not.



And once you've made

the jump and you're with him...



that's it...



there's no discussion.



Can I have his address?



Yes, of course.



Thank you.



I left him.



You're hurting me.






Alice, this is Joanna.

Joanna, Alice.



Joanna Noble

from "The Guardian."



I'm interviewing Adam



about his Himalayan

clean-up project.



Nice to meet you.



Where can I find a shirt?



Your phone?



Would you get that for me?



No one there.



In some respects,

it's just become...



a playground for

the rich and inexperienced.



Thank you.



I have to go to work.



Will you think

about me today?




What are you doing today?



Thinking about you.



Do you want to learn

how to climb?






Come and see me after work.



That's good.



He's not as strong

as he was last week.



It's lovely to see you.



I see you've got a harness.



Do you want to put it on?



Just put your feet

in there...



and pull it up

like a pair of trousers.



That's great.



That's right, double-back in.



There we go.



It suits you.



Thank you.



It's OK. I'm helping her.



How are you?



OK, fine.



I'm sorry.



Let me check your harness.



Seems to be good.



She's my sister,

but she drives me mad.



I swear it's chemical.



You ready?



I don't know. Maybe.



Come on.



Well, finally, Alice.



The flatlander captured

the mountain boy.



Alice, meet Klaus.

Klaus, Alice.



I liked your book.



Well, thank you.



Well, nice to meet you.



This looks hard.



It's all in the mind.



I mean, my taste in clothes

has completely changed.






I bought this practically

transparent pink T-shirt.



And I won't even tell you

about the lingerie.



No. Probably best not

to mention the lingerie.



I'm still in the big

white cotton panties.



I'm sorry.

I'm a little manic.



Have you seen Jake?



Of course I have.



He's been my friend

for    years.



How is he?



What can I say?



He's smoking like a fiend...



and he's completely fucked up.



It's not like there's

no reason, is there?






I think that you're

destroying both of your lives.



I'm sorry.



You had somebody

who loved you.



You loved each other...



and you let him go

for good sex.



Love isn't just

a good fuck, you know?



This is more.



More what?



More everything.



When I'm with him,

everything is more.



Oh, God, Alice.



You could write

greetings cards.



You really bloody could.









Come on.

Let's get out of here.



I could do with some retail

therapy myself, I think.



I can't,

but come with me.



I'm gonna

see Adam at  :  .



You can meet him.



And there's this

really amazing store...



and I haven't bought it

yet, but I will...



It's OK. She's fine.



Call the police.



Adam! Stop!



When I saw him...



oh, Jesus.



That'll never happen again.



I won't let it.



Are you OK?






I'll always be here, Alice.






I'll protect you.



Say you believe me.



I believe you.



Marry me.



The sooner the better.






The day after,

as soon as possible.



-Marry me!




Sir, can we ask you

some questions, please?



"Use your head, Alice.



"What do you really know

about him?"



Hey, you ready?



Look at this.



Someone's trying to scare you.



There's been

a call this morning.



There was someone there...



but they didn't say anything.



Makes me sick.



If anything else

happens like this again...



make sure you tell me, OK?



You'll be fine.



Do you, Alice...



promise to love

and cherish Adam...



for as long

as you both shall live?



I do.



And do you, Adam, promise

to love and cherish Alice...



for as long

as you both shall live?



I do.



May the Lord

bless this union...



and secure it from all harm.



How do you know the priest?



This is my family church.



You have a family church?



Wow, I have a mother

who doesn't talk to me...



and a dad I've never met.



It doesn't matter.



My life began

when we first saw each other.



Come on.

I need you to see something.






No, no, no,

wait, wait, wait.



Now, I want you

to see this...



through my eyes

when I was six.



Look. Like this.



You know the story that

we're broken into two pieces?



And we spend our lives



searching for

our other half.



You're it.



OK, here we are.



We're getting dressed here?



Yep. Here.



No! No, no, no, no.

Don't do that.



I need to remember you

like this.



Come on. I don't want you

to freeze to death.



Come on.



This is the only

way station...



for hikers

in the whole area.



The church has kept supplies

up here for years.



You went hiking

on your wedding day?



That's his idea of romance.



I thought a honeymoon

was lying in bed...



with room service.



Oh, I'll give you

a honeymoon you won't forget.



I promise.



No, no, sit down.



Choose your rhythm and then

commit to following it.



Count if you have to.



I'm gonna make you strong!



I wanted him to be

proud of me...



so I followed the trail

for hours.



You made it.



What's that?



It's an anchor...



to catch a falling body.






Do you trust me?






Don't move.



I gave up all control.



I let him decide

when I could breathe...



and when I couldn't.



I loved it.



God, I love you!



We returned to London...



and Joanna Noble's

article came out.



I was happier

than I'd ever been.



Excuse me.



-There you go.




Hello, Jake?



No, it's Sylvie speaking.

Hello, Alice.






I must have dialed wrong.



I thought I was

calling Jake.



Oh, no, no, that's fine.



I just happened to be

over, actually.



Jake's going to be

back soon, I think.



Look, Alice, this is

gonna sound a bit weird...



but I was definitely

going to tell you...



but Jake and I

have actually been...



seeing each other.



You and Jake?



Well, it...

just sort of happened.



Did you move in?



Yeah. Yeah, I did,

uh, sort of.



Oh, Lord.



How cliché is this?



Old friend moves in...



to console jilted boyfriend...



and then these two find

themselves together.



You gonna be OK with this?



Yeah, I'm OK.



We're gonna be late!

Hurry up!



Yeah, I gotta go.



We'll talk

about it later, OK?



Here we go.



How you doing?!



Hey, Alice, Alice,

I'm sorry.






Excuse me.



How you doing?

It's really nice to see you.



It's Alice Tallis.



My rhyming sister-in-law.



Are you OK?



I have a headache and was

looking for some aspirin.



Oh, no, give me your hand.



Can you feel that?



Yeah, it really hurts.



Close your eyes.









That's good.



It's the meridian

that controls the kidney



or the brain

or the left big toe.



I forget which.


           's whatever

works, right?



Thank you.



Close your eyes.



OK, you can open them.



Oh, my God.



I want to drink to that

beautiful lady in blue.



Where is she?



I don't think she's ever

climbed past the third floor...



but she has conquered

our Adam.



But what she doesn't know

is that to get Adam...



she also gets us.



Hear, hear!



Most of the people

using the program are women...



and we try

to sell them a game...



but women don't like games.



Women like stories.



Men like games.



Men like to slay the dragon...



and get the princess...



but women like to know...



how did the dragon

and the princess...



all get there

in the first place.



A game is

the wrong approach.






Excuse me.



Alice Tallis.



This is Joanna Noble.



Do you remember me?



Yes, I remember you.



I got a weird note

about the article.



I'm not gonna do

anything with it.



I mean, I'm certainly not

going to follow it up.



It's probably

stupid of me...



but I somehow felt obliged...



to tell you about it.



Shall I send it to you?



Yeah, you can send it.



Is it private?



I don't want this sitting

in a public "in" basket.



I understand.

You can fax it.



OK, I'll do that.



You have the number?



Yeah, I got it

from your secretary.



OK, thanks for calling.




I had to take that.



No problem.



Gave me a chance to think.



We shouldn't be playing games.



It's obvious

women don't like games.



I think this project

needs a new face.



"Dear Joanna Noble,

what you wrote made me sick.



"Your big hero Adam Tallis

raped me.



"Why don't you try

reporting the truth?"



It's out of paper.



I've decided

that from now on...



this is Alice's project.



You're the new point man...



I mean, point girl...









Congratulations, Alice.



Thank you.



Open or closed?









Alice Tallis' office.



Hello, Claudia,

it's Adam.



Oh, hi, Adam.



Hi. Is Alice there?



No, she's just left,




Left? Where'd she go?



I think she went

to the doctor's.



So, you thought this woman

was sending the notes?









Hello, I'm Joanna Noble

from "The Guardian."



I called you before.






-Are you Michelle Stowe?

-Yeah, I am. Come in.



It was at a birthday party.



I asked him to dance...



and then, I don't know...



we start kissin'.



I mean, I was shit-faced.



I came and put my hand

in his shirt...



then we went outside.



Guess at the end, I was just

straightening up a bit...



'cause I remember wondering...



what the hell I was doing.



Then he pulled me

into the bushes...



undid my dress.



It was a zip...



in the back.



I was so young.



I started to cry.



He put his hand

over my mouth and kept going.



He's strong.



There was nothing

I could do.



I tried to fight him.



When he was done,

he shook me...



and said something like...



"It's only sex.



"Just sex."



Then he got up...



and left the party

with his sister.



So, you want to write

an article about this, then?



I mean, he's not royal

or anything...



but it's close enough.



We can make some money

out of this, Joanna.



It doesn't work that way.



Yeah, it does.

Everybody's always blabbin'...



about who's stickin' it

into who.



They make plenty.



You have no proof.



This is a question of

"he said, she said."



Jesus, Alice, I can't

believe you did this.



What if she calls

my editor?



I could be fired.



Do you think

that nosy wives...



have immunity

from normal behavior?



I knew the minute

that I called...



that it was a mistake.



Sorry, Alice.



It's OK. I just--



I thought you should know

what I did.



It was really

just innocent curiosity.



It's never innocent.



Curiosity gets people killed.



What would you do

if it was your husband?



I don't have one.



You not only have one...



but one who's wild

about you.



You're right.

I have to trust him.



People have stories.



You and I, everyone.



But I couldn't tell you

one complete story...



about my husband.



Practically everything

I knew about him...



came from a book

or a newspaper...



or shreds of information

dropped by other people.



I couldn't help myself.



I needed to know more.



"Adele Blanchard."



"It's crazy...



"but I want to show

the world my bruises."



"What we're doing

is dangerous...



"but I still can't help

wanting more."



"The only way to end this

is to be brutal.



"We have to stop

what we're doing.



"I've decided to go back

to my husband.



"I'm not strong enough to live

on the edge with you anymore.



"I know you won't fall,

but I will.



"I'm sure of it.



"This tears me apart...



"But I have to go back

to Michael.



"I love you.






I've been thinking about you.



Me, too.



I called the office yesterday

looking for you.



Oh, yeah?



Claudia said

you weren't feeling well.



She thought you might be

at the doctor's.



I, um...



I had an appointment,

but, um...



I never got out

of my meeting.



Where was the meeting?



At the, um, client's hotel.



Which hotel?



The Hilton.



I'm sorry for being nosy.



I just like to picture

what you do during the day.



Where'd you get this?



Deborah gave it to me.



She has good taste.



I got a call about, um...



a weird call

about the article.



There was this woman

named Michelle Stowe.



She sent a fax.



Didn't happen, Alice.



I never raped her.



I shouldn't have...



I've known her

since we were kids.



I think she saw me

as a way out.



If you met her,

you'd understand.



I'm not surprised

she contacted you.



I'm just sorry

you had to hear all that.



Good morning.



Hi there.

Are you ready?



I'll just get my jacket.



I'm sorry to barge in

like that...



but your husband refuses

to understand the fact...



that sponsors need talk shows...



and he would only show up

if I drove.



Why didn't you tell me...



you were gonna be

on a talk show?



It's just

a stupid jazz show.



Directory inquiries.



Yes. Adele Blanchard.



Which city, please?



It's London.



Do you have a listing

for Adele Blanchard...



on Marchmont Road?



One moment.



This train is about to depart.



Please mind the doors.



I'm looking

for Adele Blanchard.



I'm her mother.



Is she home?



You must be one

of her American friends.



We tried to contact everyone.



She's been missing

for eight months.






What did you say

your name was?






She never tried

to contact her husband?



Not even a letter

to an old boyfriend...



or something?



Eight months

and not a word.



And this is from a daughter...



who manages to e-mail

her mother from Nepal.



Joanna, promise me you'll never

think the worst about Adele.



It helps a little...



if one tries to be positive.



She was so happy that day.



No jitters, nothing.



Do you know him?



Adam Tallis.



She climbed all over

the world with him.



My son-in-law Michael...



is a trader in Milan.



At first, he never

stood in her way...



when it came to climbing.



Then after two years,

he got fed up.



It was either climbing

or the marriage.



She chose the marriage.



The day before she was

supposed to go back to Milan...



she went out...



and never came back.



I found that

in her bags.



It's probably the last

picture taken of her.



Today I've had two signs

that Adele is close by.



You arrived,

and Adam called.



He wanted to know

if there was anything new...



in the investigation.



Would you like

to stay for dinner?



No, thank you.

I just--I have to get home.



It's really late.



I'm disappointed.



He should be here around  :  .



You and Adam

would love each other.



Sit, sit.



I'll get it.



Is it all right if

I set it up for next week?



I haven't managed

to get to the bank yet.



Yes, of course.



Mrs. Blanchard.



I'm sorry, I just--

I have to get back.



I don't want

to be late.



I was hoping

you would stay a little.



I'm sorry.



This train is about to depart.



Please mind the doors.



What are you doing?!



What am I doing?

I'm making you mine.



Sometimes I feel

like I don't know you.



Oh, you know me.



You know everything

you need to know.



Look at me.



Open your eyes.






Open your eyes!



You've been with another man.






What are you doing, then?



What's going on in there?



Why do you keep sneaking around?



Is the suspicion exciting?



Do you need it go get off?

What is it?



I found Adele's letters.









her letters?



Is that how

you tell the story?



What, they were just...



sitting with my keys

on the table...



and you just happened

to notice them?



Look what I just

happened to find!



These and these!



And I found these!

Here, read them!



I have nothing to hide, Alice!



Did you sneak around

behind my back because you...



need it to get

rougher and rougher?



I mean, is that it?



I'm trying

to understand you, Alice.



If you do this,

will I punish you?



Is that what your goal...



Please untie me.



If you trusted me...



you wouldn't be

in this position, Alice.



I just...



I wanted to know more...



about you.



And I wanted

to know your past...



and I wanted to know

your stories.



I just thought

if I knew more...



that I could love you more.



I know the only thing

that matters is us together.



I know that.



Because when

you're not around...



I get lost.



It drives me crazy

to think about losing you.



I'm yours, Alice.



What more do you need to know?



I could break your neck,

I love you so much.



Do you want to stay here?



I mean...



do you like this?



Adam, I have to pee.



My God.



Alice, please,

don't do this! Alice!






Where are you going?!



Alice, please!



What are you doing?!



And that's when

I came to you.



I want to be clear

with you.



In my experience,

charges of domestic violence...



are usually too little

too late.



I want you to reopen

the Adele Blanchard case.



It's not easy

to reopen a case like this.



Britain is swimming

in missing persons.



He killed her.



Mrs. Tallis, any case...



missing person or murder,

needs evidence.



I have to ask you

what you have.



Adele's letters?






Warning notes?






You have...



two photos.



Proof of nothing.



He raped Michelle.



She never reported it.



Start without me.

I'll be there in a bit.



I'd like to help you,

Mrs. Tallis.



What everyone else

does to be like him.



He can't see you.



She's pretty shaken up.



Is she? I mean,

is she hurt?



She--Jesus, she was

running into traffic.



Let's get a doctor.



She'll be fine.



I would never hurt her.



I love her.



You brought him in?



He walked in,

looking for you.



He brought in

a pair of shoes.



He was worried

about your feet.



I believe your husband...



has the potential

for violence.



I believe he's unpredictable.



But is he a murderer?



I don't know.



The truth is, what you two

have been doing together...



was consensual.



You said it yourself.



You liked it.



Can you close the blinds?



I won't be able to keep him

for much more than a few hours.



That's as much of a window

as I can give you.



You're accusing a hero,

Mrs. Tallis...



and you have

absolutely no evidence.



Alice, what's happened to you?



Oh, Deborah, I'm sorry.



I'm not crazy,

I just--I just--



I went to

the police station...



but no one believed me,

and I just--I just--



He came in and he

brought my shoes...



and they thought

I was nuts...



but, I mean, I know

he's your brother...



but, I mean,

you were her friend, too.



Maybe you could, um--



Look, you remember when

you said that you were...



either with him or not,

no discussion?



Well, I'm--I'm not--

I'm trying to understand.



l--I just, I want to ask,

I mean, um--uh...



Was Francoise

with someone else?






It wasn't an accident.



She left him...



so he killed her.






This is the anchor

that we used.



It's made of titanium,

but the important thing is...



it can hold

     falling pounds.



I've got a friend

in Kathmandu...



who sent me an anchor

that they're making locally...



with the wrong material.



This is what happened

with just seventy-five pounds.



Maybe you're right.



Adam could have

switched the anchors...



for Francoise's group.



He killed them.



Leave him, Alice.



I know him.



You have to leave him,

for your own good.




it's not the only time.






I think that, um,

he was with a woman...



Adele Blanchard,

and I think...



that she was gonna leave him

to go back to her husband...



and--and I think that--

that he killed her.



Adele was never gonna

go back to Michael.



Everyone knew

their marriage was over.



I read her letters.



She ended it with Adam.



And, uh, I just, um...



I think that, uh,

that she's there.






I went to the police.



The police,

they won't do anything.



They need evidence.



I think he buried her here...



at Saint Edmund's.



I need you

to help me find her.



Do you want to go with me?



I have a confession to make.



I sent you those notes.



I know about

my brother's violence.



I've seen it.



I should have done more, but--



it's no excuse--



but he scares me.



I'm glad you got away

from him, Alice.



You'll be OK now.



Can I take that?



Yeah, sure.



I think it's here.



He took the pictures

just by the angel.



Oh, my God.



She didn't have to die.



If only she'd told me...



she was going back

to Michael.






I gave her one, too.



She thought it was beautiful,

just like you did.



Why did you do this?!



Who do you think gave him

his first piece of silk?



He was just   !



I'm talking

about fucking, Alice!



That's right!

We fucked right here!



Adam is mine!



He's mine!






I was never yours!



We were kids. Kids!



It's over.



It's all over.



Oh, God.



She and I...



We used to come

here together.



I just thought

you had to trust me.



And that's how it ended.



Yet not a day goes by...



without at least one thought

about the passion.



Maybe I was so blinded by it...



that I missed all the clues

to his past.



I often wonder...



what would have happened...



if I hadn't looked up

that morning.



Two years later,

I saw him once more.



I don't know.



Maybe a flatlander like me...



can't live at that altitude.



Maybe it never would

have been possible...



to sustain what we had.






Well, that's what

I tell myself.




Special help by SergeiK