King David Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the King David script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Richard Gere movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of King David. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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King David Script



In addition, all Amalechite land



between Edom and Gereh

to be given to Israel,



together with a ransom

of 100,000 shekels.



The prophet Samuel wishes

to speak with Saul.



He cannot speak with him now.



The king is engaged

in the affairs of state.



Since when have

the affairs of state



taken precedence

over the affairs of God?






We welcome you.



With God's blessing, our victory



is complete.



Is this how you show

Him your gratitude-



by robbing the Amalechites

of their women and cattle,



and holding their king

in chains?



We were... discussing

a possible treaty.



The king is to be ransomed...



A treaty?






Saul, for this

you have betrayed your own soul



in the sight of God.



His instructions

were plain enough.



He said, "I am resolved

to blot out these heathen



"from the face of the land,

for I am a jealous God,



"and I abhor

their abominable practices.



"Therefore, send for My servant,






"and tell him to fall

upon the Amalechites



"and utterly destroy them.



"Put them all to death.



"Men and women, children,

babes in arms, sheep and cattle.



Spare nothing from the sword. "






When our tribes

clamored for a king,



to make us like other nations,



I answered them,

"We are not like other nations.



The Lord of Hosts

is both our God and our King. "



The people said,



"We want a king we can see.



We want a king

of our own flesh and blood. "



Here are your kings

of flesh and blood.



Here is a king you can see.



I have sinned.



Saul, I weep in the dark

for you.



Forgive me.



I beg of you!



Even so has the Lord torn

the kingdom of Israel



from the house of Saul.



Soon, he shall

give it to another-



a man after his own heart,



and a worthier man than you.



"And the Lord said to Samuel,

'Do not mourn for Saul.



"'Fill your horn with oil,



for I am sending you

to Jesse of Bethlehem. "'



Blessings be upon you, Jesse.



On this day

shall the Lord God of Israel



choose Himself a king



from among your sons.



But... but Saul is our king.



God is not a man

that He should deceive you.



Which of my sons must it be?



My first son, Eliab.



The Lord does not see



as man sees.



Men judge by

outward appearances,



but the Lord judges

by the heart alone.



My second son, Abinadab.



My third son, Shammah.



The Lord has chosen

none of these men.



Have you no other sons?






You kneel before me



as the shepherd

of your father's flock,



but God has chosen you...

to be the shepherd



of His people Israel,



to unite His



scattered tribes

into one nation...



and to send the heathen

from His promised land.



My brothers are all soldiers.



Why not choose one of them?



It was not I who chose you.



It was the Lord God of Israel.



But I am the least

in my father's house.



You are a child

after God's own heart.



If I stand so well in His sight,

let Him command me face to face.



No man may see God face to face



and live.



God speaks to man through

the mouth of his prophet.



So be it.



When I have gone

the way of all flesh,



you shall be brought

before the king



by one of his sons.



Then shall the Lord

challenge you,



even as you

have challenged Him...



to defend His name

and His honor.



Have no fear, David.



The Lord shall not forsake you



so long as you keep His laws



and obey His prophets

without question.



There's no sense in waiting

any longer, My Lord.



Samuel will not come.



He will come.



No, My Lord, he's...



He will come!



Is Israel governed

by a king, Father,



or by the whim's

of a senile old prophet?



You cannot have the one

without the other.



And who's to say that Samuel

is not a false prophet?



If Samuel is a false prophet,

I'm a false king.



It was Samuel who anointed me,



even as he has rejected me.



The people still look to you

as their king, Father.



They have not rejected you.



The people will not fight

without Samuel's blessing.



Then at least permit me

to move them into position



while we await his arrival!



Abner's right, Father.



But what was his name?



The man who wrestled with me

until daybreak.



What man, My Lord?



It was only a dream, Father.



Well, if it was a dream,



send in my musician,

let me dream on.



Where is Samuel?



These are the last words

of the prophet Samuel.



"Tell Saul to lead

the people out



"against the Philistines



"and the Lord

shall deliver them



"into their hands,



"for though

He has rejected Saul,



He will not forsake

His people Israel. "



Samuel is dead?



He is, My Lord.



His soul rests at peace.



The Levite Nathan

will perform...






You talk to me of peace?



Dear God, my God,



why have You forsaken me?






You're David?



I'm Jonathan, son of Saul.



Your cousin Joab tells us



you're a fine singer.



You've come

to bring me to the king.



How do you know?



The prophet Samuel is dead,



isn't he?



Who told you?






What are you doing here?



Who's minding Father's sheep?



I know, you've just come

to watch the battle.



What are you doing here?






I've brought the boy, Father.



Have you seen Him?



Face to face?



I saw Him... once.



He smiled on me, too.



But at daybreak...



He was gone.



The Lord



Is my shepherd



I shall not want



He lies me down



In green pastures



He leads me beside still waters



He restores my soul.



Slaves of a nameless God,

once again I bring you



the challenge

of Goliath of Goth,



champion of the Philistines.



Where is your faith in your god?



Where is your trust

in his protection?



You boast

that he can move mountains,



and yet, he cannot move

one man among you



to defend his honor.



Six times have we challenged you



to put forward a champion,



and six times

have you cowered in silence.



Send down a champion,

and whoever wins the combat



wins the day

for his country and his god.



Well, Israelites,



what is your answer?



Then let all the world

bear witness.



There is no god in Israel!



Yea, though I walk



Through the valley

of the shadow of death



I will fear no evil



For Thou art with me.






He will feed your flesh

to the fowls of the air



and the beasts of the field.



So be it, Lord.



So be it!



An entire army at my command.



It takes a shepherd boy

to wipe out our disgrace.



He's given us back our pride.



From that day,



David did not return

to his father's house



but remained with Saul

at Kabeir,



where he served in the army

for ten years.



He fought so bravely



that Saul placed him

over his men of war.



Each victory was greeted

with exultation



in the sight of all the people.









Saul has killed his thousands,



and David

his tens of thousands! David!



Saul has killed his thousands,

and David his tens of thousands!



Saul has killed his thousands...



May the Lord bless you

and keep you.



May the Lord lift up the light

of His face toward you



and be gracious to you.



May the Lord lift up His face

towards you and give you peace.



From this day forth...



no man shall cover thee but me.



It was I

who taught him the harp.



Ah, but it was I who

taught him to use a sling.



Father taught him both.

Didn't you, Father?



Any man can teach,



but David's gifts

are the gifts of God.



There he goes again.



David's a man

after God's own heart,



isn't he, Father?



Is it true

that he once killed a lion?



With his own bare hands.



Which were tied

behind his back, no doubt.



Yes. And with a blindfold.



David's a man after

God's own heart, you see.



That's what the prophet said,

wasn't it, Father?



Did I please you, My Lord?



You only have to smile,

and I am pleased.



Did I smile... My Lord?



My name is David.



Ah, forgive me.



The confusion is easily made.



By whom?



The people worship you

as their god.



While as for Jonathan...



He loves me as a brother.



As I love him.



And his sister?






The resemblance is marked.



But I suspect

it's only skin deep.



Then why did you marry me?



You're my prize

for Goliath's head.



Was that your only reason?



Is love not reason enough?



You scarcely know me.



Your mystery overwhelms me.



And my beauty.



Plus your modesty.






A king's daughter

has cause to be proud.



As does the man who has won her.



Because it was a moonlit night,



and David and I led the way.



We were climbing up the hill

on our hands and feet,



and when we got to the top,



we found the Hittites

and the Ammonites



facing us on either side

of the valley.



I urged David to turn back,

but he said,



"God will deliver them

into our hands. "



Hear how he warbles in praise

of the cuckoo bird.



What cuckoo bird?



He who has fed from my table

and now lies with my daughter.



He has robbed me of my God,

my people,



even my children.



What else can he take

but my crown?



That's a lie.



So long as David lives,



neither I nor you

nor the throne



shall be safe.



What proof do you have

of such an accusation?



Did Samuel anoint



your brother?



The prophet blessed him,

My Lord.



David has done



nothing wrong, Father.



You cannot harm an innocent man.






anointed him in my place!






The boy I-I trusted



and loved as my own son.



Then be glad of it!



Give thanks that the future

of Israel belongs



to a man worthy of your love.



Where have you hidden him?



I don't know where he is.



Don't lie to me!



When I awoke, he was gone.






That's the important thing.



Who cares about her mother, eh?



Find David ben Jesse!



We must wait until light.



Get horses!

Find David ben Jesse!



Jabus, you look

in the storage room!



You go to the south tower!



North tower!






you must go at once



to the sanctuary at Nob.



Ask for the high priest,




and show him this.



Come with me.



I cannot.



But we have a covenant

to friendship between us.



What of the covenant of honor



between a father and his son?



I would lay down my life

for you willingly,



but I will not break faith

with my father,



as I will not

break faith with you.



Forgive me.



You have the love of one



far greater than I

to care for you.



My father has no one.



May the Lord be with you.



May His light shine

within your heart...



even as you shine within mine.



"So Jacob was alone,



"and a man struggled

with him there until daybreak,



"and the man said, 'Let me go,

the day is breaking. '



"But Jacob replied,



"'I will not go,

unless you tell me your name. '



"And the man said,

'Why do you ask my name?



"'I am that I am.



"That is who I am. '



"And so Jacob called the place

Peniel, which means,



"'The Face of God'



"'because,' he said,



"'I have seen God face to face



and my life has been spared. "'



Were Moses and Jacob

the only men



to have seen him face to face?



Even Abraham was denied

the supreme revelation.



Then why did God choose Jacob?



Why has he chosen you?



God may have created man



in his own image and likeness,



but he has denied us



all understanding

of his purpose.



I knew Him once.



As a boy, I could feel

His presence all around me.



If only I, too, could see Him.



Are you aware of the presence

that you're in?



The Ark of the Covenant.



None but a priest

may gaze upon it.



The Ten Commandments

lie within,



written on tablets of stone



by the finger of God Himself.



Why is it kept here?



It should be enthroned on high,



not hidden away like this.



For     years,



it has awaited such a home.



Then hear, O Lord,



the vow of Thy servant, David.



When once my feet

have found their rest,



I will give no sleep to my eyes



until I have built

a temple for the Lord.



A dwelling place

for the mighty one of Jacob.






Prince Jonathan says that...



Who are you?



I am the high priest Ahimelech.



Where is the guardian

of the Ark?



He's at his station

in the cavern.



Prince Jonathan

says the guardian



sent word to the king

that you are here.



Joab and our brothers

have escaped



to the caves of Adullam.



Stand before the Ark.



Now swear to me,



in the sight of God,



that you have not

betrayed our guest.



Showbread. The law forbids

anyone but a priest



to partake of it,

may God forgive us both.



This I return to you

with a clear conscience.



Goliath's sword.



It was sent here

for safekeeping.






May the Lord bless you

for your kindness.



And protect you, my son.



We must bar the gates.



No, we have no one to hide.



It is good to give thanks

to the Lord



Whose love endures forever



Declare it, people of Israel



For His love endures forever



Give thanks to the God of gods



For His love endures forever



He made the great lights



His love endures forever



A sun to rule by day...






Where is David ben Jesse?



I do not know.



You are lying.



A priest does not lie.



He was here, was he not?



He was here.



When did he leave?



Some time ago.



In what direction did he go?



I did not see.



The guardian of the Ark,

My Lord-



he will know.



Where is the guardian?



He, too, is no longer with us.






I want these priests killed



one by one until their



high priest changes his mind.



Then the killing will stop.



No soldier

would carry out such an order.



These priests...



are maggots!



In carrion!



Fattening themselves

on the offerings



people give to the Lord!



They are traitors,

every one of them!



And so is any soldier

who refuses to obey



the king's command.






I cannot.






No, Father!



Will no one obey the king?



I will, My Lord.



It takes a gentile to obey.



It is good



To give thanks



To the Lord



His love endures forever



He brought Israel out of Egypt



His love endures forever



No king shall bring Him low



His love endures forever



No enemy shall strike



Him down



His love endures forever



For the



Lord has sworn



To His servant






His love for him endures...






And it came to pass



that David remained in

the wilderness for six years,



where Saul sought him

day after day.



Everyone that was in distress,

everyone that was in debt,



and everyone

that was discontented



gathered themselves unto him.



David took unto himself

three wives:



Abigail, Ahinoam and Maacah.



Ahinoam bore David a firstborn,

whom he called Amnon,



and Maacah bore him

a second son,



whom he called Absalom.



And David loved Absalom

with all his heart.



Oh, Lord God of all Israel,



King of the universe,



we have circumcised the flesh

of this child



Absalom ben David,



that he may enter into

the covenant of Abraham.



Oh, Lord, God of our fathers,

preserve this child.



And, even as he is entered

into the covenant,



so may he enter into the law,



the nuptial grace,



and into good deeds.









Where's Saul?



In the cave.



Abner and his men

are in there, too.



We must move the women

and children at once.



They'll move against us

at daybreak.



Where are you going?



To visit Saul.






David! Don't be a fool.



Saul hasn't come to talk;

he's come to kill.



The Lord did not anoint me

to die at the hand of Saul.



My Lord, the day



has broken.



He was here.



He was here.









That's not possible, My Lord.



- I guarded you...

- He was here!



He was very close.



I felt him.



I'm so stiff I can hardly move.



Have the scouts found David?



They think they're in the cave.






Can you not answer me, Saul?



Who are you, David ben Jesse,



to shout down at

the King of Israel?



Who are you, Abner ben Ner,

to call yourself commander



in the king's army?



Why did you not keep watch



over my lord the king

while he slept?



Where is the king's sword

that was by his side?



Here is the king's sword!



In the hands of a man

he calls his enemy.



A lie!



The Lord delivered you

into my hands,



and I spared your life.






my son...



may the Lord bless you.



Let all Israel witness



how the king loves David.



He has held my life

precious this day.



Put up your arms.



We return to Gibeah.



But he's in our palm, My Lord.






The king... has spoken.



He'll be back.



I know.



Make way for the blind!



Make way for the man!



Make way for the blind!



Make way for the man!



Make way for the blind!



Make way for the man!



Make way for the blind!



My master wishes to see Akiss,



Lord of the Philistines.



He is Israelite?



He is mad.



Therefore Israelite.



My master has a message

for the king.



From who?






I apologize for the necessity

of your performance,



but in our country,

madmen are held to be sacred.



Grasp that and you

have perhaps grasped



the very essence of religion.



Another Samson?



My son Absalom.









I would be obliged



if you were to keep well away



from those pillars, hmm?



Youth is no barrier to strength,



as you yourself

so ably demonstrated, David.



God's victory, not mine.



I was but the means to His end.



Of Goliath, perhaps.



It's the motive of your God

that seems less clear.



If he can deliver you

of a giant,



why can he not free you of Saul?



If you will grant us refuge,

he will have done so.



What about the God



in whose temple you stand?



Will not Dagon deserve some...

measure of thanks?






It's you who will have

good cause to thank him,



for we shall be yours to command



against any enemy

you choose to name.



Except Saul, of course.



I will not raise my hand against

the Lord's anointed king.



He's very ready to raise

his hand against you, hmm?



He could no sooner

rid himself of me



than I could ever

bring myself to kill him.



To love one's enemy

is a fine sentiment,



but for a poet, not for a king.



Very well.



We'll grant you Ziklag

as a place of refuge...



but in addition to the services

of your men,



we want a sworn undertaking

from you



that once you become king

in Israel,



you will renounce all claims



to Philistine lands.



Respect what is ours,



and we shall keep faith

with you.



I refer to the so-called, uh...



promised land.



Did not your God promise Moses-

or was it Abraham?-



all the lands between

the Lebanon and Egypt?



Between the Syrian wilderness

and the western sea?



The land of the Hittites,

the Jebuzites, the Amurites...



and, uh, need I add,



the Philistines, hmm?



What God chooses to give,

we cannot refuse.



The law of Moses is not renowned



for its impartiality

towards heathen races,






The law of David shall

deal justly with all men,



Hebrew and heathen alike.



On that, I give you

my solemn oath.



The Lord of Hosts



is the God of Israel!



If you leave the promised land,



you will be placing yourself

beyond the bounds



of His divine protection



and into the mercy

of heathen gods.



We've been hounded

out of every cesspit



and rat hole



in the promised land.



Is that your idea of protection?



By whose shield

have you been guarded



thus far?



And by what miracle

have you survived



every onslaught if not for

the grace of the Lord Himself?



You're right.



And yet

will His sun be less warm,



His wind less cool...



across this border?



Go, then.



And may the Lord be with you,

for I cannot.






David dwelt in the country

of the Philistines



a full year and four months,

so that Akiss said,



"He shall be

my servant forever. "



And it came to pass



that the Philistines

sent word to Saul



challenging the men of Israel

to battle at Mount Gilboa.



My Lord, I honestly

beg you to reconsider.



The Philistines outnumber us

by       men.



Let us withdraw now

while we still have the chance.



Still tarnished.

Polish again, again.



David is not

among the enemy, Father.



It's not your honor

that's at stake.



It's the lives of our men.



I will ride out

against the Philistines.



If I ride alone...



so be it.



The prophet Nathan



is ready to offer

the sacrifice, My Lord.



There will be no sacrifice.



It's still tarnished

at the bottom. Polish.



More, more, more.



Father, our men will not fight



without the blessing

of the prophet.



Rouse yourselves in anger!



Lord God of vengeance!



Lay nations at our feet!



Lord God of vengeance!



Whet your flashing swords!



Lord God of vengeance!



Make your arrows

drunk with blood!



Lord God of vengeance!



There will be no sacrifice!



My Lord...



I am your sacrifice.



This day, you will surely die.



Then my prayer

will be answered at last.



The Lord scorns your prayers.



He has utterly rejected you.



And Samuel, too.



And Abraham and Isaac...



and Jacob!



Even David will be

forsaken at the end,



for in death, we are all

cut off from God's care.



What purpose, then,

in-in serving Him?



He wrestles with man

for the nighttime of his life,



but at daybreak, He is gone.












Who marches



with the king?!



Who marches with the king...



and his son?!



I march with

the king and his son!



And his sons!



The sword of the Lord,

and of Saul!



The beauty of Israel

is slain upon its high places.



How are the mighty fallen.



You mountains of Gilboa,



let their be no dew

or rain upon you,



for there the life of Jonathan

is vilely cast away.



From the blood of the slain,

the bow of Jonathan



held not back,

and the sword of Saul



returned not empty.



In life and in their death,



they were not divided.



They were swifter than eagles,



stronger than lions.



You daughters of Israel,



weep over Saul,



who clothed you in scarlet

and ornaments of gold.



My brother Jonathan,



thy love to me was wonderful.



How are the mighty fallen



and the weapons of war perished.



This is the word

of the Lord of Hosts.



I took you from the pastures

and from following the sheep



to be prince

over My people, Israel.



I have been with you

wherever you have gone



and have destroyed

all the enemies in your path.



I will make you a great name



among the great ones

of the earth,



and will assign a place

for My people in Israel.



There I will plant them,



and they shall dwell

in their own land.



Why am I brought before you?



Does a husband not

have the right



to enjoy the company

of his wife?



My husband is

Paltiel ben Laish.



The king knows that

well enough.



I am your husband.



Your first and only husband



in the eyes of God.



I've never loved another woman



as I once loved you.



If you truly cared for me,



you would let me go home

to the man that I love.



You have many wives,

but he has only me.



But I need you.



Indeed you do, My Lord,



as a symbol of unity



between the house of David

and the house of my father.



I'm nothing more to you

than a political necessity.



Today, all of Israel

praised the Lord,



except you.



By your absence,



you insult both your

God and your king.



I saw no king.



I saw only a dancing man,

flaunting his nakedness



in the sight of every



- common whore in the city.

- In the sight of God,



who created man in the

perfection of His own image.



So your search is over.



What search?






The king of glory.



Face to face.



Your other women are better able



to flatter your vanity than I.



A love untouched by human care.



A love that endures forever.



He who has saved us

from our enemies,



who has delivered Jerusalem

into our hands.



How have we repaid him?



By rewarding ourselves alone



with the wealth

He has bestowed upon us.



Now I, too, am guilty,

for here I live



in a palace of cedar,



while the Ark of God

is housed in a tent.



How then can we demonstrate

our love for him?



I will tell you how.



By building him this- a great



and glorious temple!



Here on this holy hill of Zion,



in which His sacred presence

may abide forevermore.



Is there a man among you,



indeed, is there a man

in this nation



who would not gladly give

one tenth



of his God-given wealth

to such an endeavor?



Has the Lord considered

my request?



God is not a man that

He should gird himself about



with the trappings of kingship.



If He desired

that the Ark reside



in a temple instead of a tent,



would He not have commanded

Moses to build Him one?



Perhaps He didn't consider

   years in the wilderness



was either the time or place

for such a venture.



The tent was intended



as a symbol of simplicity

and humility,



the two virtues

you seem to have forsaken.



Let the Lord be my judge.



When will you bring me

His answer?



When you have first

carried out the task



you were chosen to perform-



destroy the heathen nations

that occupy our lands.



Have I not already done so?



Their armies but not

their inhabitants.



The law of Moses commands



that not a single living

thing be left alive.



I don't believe God's kingdom

can be brought about



by the slaughter

of women and children.



Who are you

to question His laws?



A man after God's own heart.



God gave the law unto Moses

face to face.






Now, it came to pass



that Maacah bore David

a daughter...






...that he called Tamar.



And Amnon, his first born,

was sick with love for her.



Where's Absalom?



Am I my brother's keeper?






Let go!



Stand back, stand back.



I have a petition!









My Lord, my petition!



Have you some grievance

against me?



On behalf of one of

your subjects, Father.



Has he a good case?



He has an excellent case.



My niece awaits your presence

in the throne room.






Why, Bathsheba, My Lord.



The petition, Father.

Will you read it?



Your Excellency!



My Lord!



Perhaps you and Absalom

would care to consider



the other petitions

until my return.



Certainly, My Lord.



Shall we begin, My Prince?









By his command, I am authorized



to dispense his subjects.



No petitioners.



That's all.



I've seen you once before.



I know.



My Lord, I am married.



To Captain Uriah,



an alien... Hittite.



He is still my husband.



How long have you

been married to Uriah?



Five years, My Lord.



And yet you have no children?



He scorns to lie with me.



He refuses even to touch me,



except with a whip.



He shall be punished.



Woman has no redress



against her husband, My Lord.



I can endure the pain,



but where is the child

for whom I have suffered?



You shall have him.



No, My Lord.



Not while my husband lives.



Deliver this to Captain Joab.



Yes, My Lord.






See that Joab receives it

in person.



Yes, My Lord.



And the messenger said

to David,



"The bowmen upon the walls

of Akron fired their arrows



"at your servants.



"Among the dead is Uriah,

the Hittite,



"who had been placed

in the forefront



of the attack. "



David said, "Who knows



where the Angel of Death

will strike?"



He'll marry me.



He said so.



Who? Who said so?



Who did this thing?



- Your brother, Amnon.

- Half-brother.



Half-brother, half-brother.



Half-brother marry half-sister.



He will marry me.









Forgive me, Father.



"Wherever hurt is done,

you shall show no mercy.



"You shall take eye for eye,

tooth for tooth,



"hand for hand,



"burn for burn,



"wound for wound,



"stripe for stripe,



life for life. "



Prince Absalom must die.



The law has long recognized

a brother's right



to avenge his sister's death.



But the princess is alive.




She is dead.



Both here and here.



Now, the king's sentence-



Prince Absalom shall be banished

to our estates in Hebron,



there to live

in permanent exile.



May the Lord be with you.



May His light shine

within your heart,



even as you shine within mine.



Save me, O God,



for the waters are coming

unto my soul.



I sink in deep mire



where there is no standing.



I am come into deep waters

where the floods overflow me.



I am weary of my crying.



My throat is dry.



My eyes fail

while I wait for my God.



I have become a stranger

unto my children.



I would much value

your judgment on a matter.



Since when have you

ever valued my judgment?



Have your powers of divination

forsaken you?



It is a civil petition, David,



concerning a wealthy merchant

and one of his servants.



The, uh, merchant is a man

of... great prominence



who owns large flocks and herds.



But the servant

on whose behalf I speak



owned nothing

but one small ewe lamb.



He had reared it himself,



and it grew up in his own home.



Indeed, it was

as an only child to him.



It ate from his dish,



drank from his cup, and...



even slept in his arms.



Not long ago,



a traveler came

to the merchant's house



to dine with him...



but the merchant was too selfish

to take a sheep



from his own flock to serve

before his guests, so...



he took his servant's lamb,



and killed it,



and served that instead.



As the Lord lives,



the man who did this

deserves to die.



Thou art the man.



This is the word

of the Lord, thy God:



"I anointed you king

over Israel



and gave you the daughters

of Israel for your own.



I have blessed you

with honor and glory.



I have given you

silver and gold,



and the peculiar treasures

of kings.



Why, then,



did you murder my servant Uriah



and take his wife-



his only wife- to be your own?"



Do with me what You will, Lord,



only do not take her from me.



You shall not die...



nor shall the wife of Uriah

be taken from you,



but as a punishment

for your great sin,



the first child born to you

shall not survive,



and you will never again

have rest from the sword.



Wash away my guilt,



cleanse me of my sin.



Wash me,



that I may become

whiter than snow.



And the first child

of David and Bathsheba



lived only seven days.



Then Bathsheba bore

a second child- a son-



and the Lord loved him.



The prophet Nathan

has made it known



that the Lord has chosen Solomon



to be your heir.



Might I therefore



urge you to name him so?



Prince Absalom is my oldest son.



But, My Lord, Absalom

is not only in exile...



Let the king's wish



prevail, Ahitophel.



Is he not a fine looking son?



Solomon found favor

in the sight of David,



but his love remained bound

to Absalom,



and his heart went out to him

in longings...



and Absalom remained in exile

for three years.



Everyone that was in distress,



everyone that was in debt,



and everyone

that was discontented



gathered themselves unto him.



It makes no difference

how good a man's case is.



He will receive no audience

with the king



unless he can bribe his way

into his presence,



and even if he does,

that will not help his cause,



for the king's judgment



means nothing

without the approval



of Uriah's widow, Bathsheba.



If only I were made a judge

in the land,



I would see that everyone

who brought a petition



received justice!






I think all the pillars

should be octagonal



like this one, instead of round,



like that one.



What do you think?



Every day, he stands

in the marketplace



preaching to the people,

stealing their affections.






Um... that one.



The round ones?



The rabble are flocking

to his side, David.



Some say he's planning

a rebellion.






I would've thought

that was obvious!



Why do you prefer



the round ones?



David, listen to me!



Absalom is a traitor

who must be dealt with...



Absalom is my son!



Any man who dares to call

the king's son a traitor



without the evidence

to support such a claim



shall himself meet the

fate of a traitor...



by my own hand!



I am giving you the evidence.



"Some say" is not evidence.



On the morning of the Passover,



your father

will publicly proclaim



Prince Solomon



as heir to the throne

of Israel.



He swore to me

as long as I'd live



he'd never name another.



His promises mean nothing.



You once loved him.



Why have you turned

against him?



How many men can he muster?



Because I love my king

beyond all others...



and it breaks my heart...



Your love blinds you, my friend.



There are a thousand supporters

in Jerusalem alone-



more than sufficient

for the task.



Strike now, my prince...



or regret it

for the rest of your life.



Who is Absalom, Father?



A boy who was once like you.



Is he your enemy?



Perhaps I am his,



but he could never be mine.






For the sword



of the Lord



and for David!






Turn back!



Keep firing!












Ya! Ya!



My Lord!



My Lord!



Is the young man Absalom safe?



All praise be to God,



for he has this day

delivered you



from all those that

rose up against you!



Is the young man Absalom safe?!



May all the enemies of my lord



be as that young man is.



All praise be to God!



Oh, my son.



My son.



Absalom, my son.



Oh, my son.



Oh, my son, Absalom.



Would God I had died for you!



My son.



My son, my son.



Why does the king

lie in the dust



like a beggar at his own gate?



Why do you weep for your enemies

and scorn those who serve you?



When will you learn

to obey the Lord your God



instead of your emotions?



He has forsaken me.



David, it is you

who have forsaken Him.



You have continuously

disobeyed His laws,



and have stubbornly

presumed to know His will



better than we, his prophets.



I am beyond care.



I'll go to my grave

mourning for my son.



I shall go to him,



but he shall never

come back to me.



You have your will of me.



So be it.



Fear the Lord, and serve Him

in truth with all your heart.



Consider the great things

He has done for you.



And behold, it came to pass

that David sinned no more.



And the Lord smiled

upon His servant, David,



and strengthened his hand,



and gave him victory

over his enemies



wheresoever he went.



And David smote the Philistines



and conquered them,

and drove them into the sea.



And he went forth

and smote the Moabites



and the Ammonites

and the Edomites,



and put them all to the sword.



And David ruled over

the kingdom of Israel



for    years, and he was

a lamp unto his people



like the light of the sun.



And when David was old

and stricken in years,



he caused the prophet Nathan

to anoint Solomon, his son,



king over Israel.



Mark this above all.



Be guided by the instincts

of your own heart,



no matter what



the prophets tell you,



for it is through the heart,



and the heart alone,



that God speaks to man.



Must you record

every word I utter?



It's for "The Book of Samuel,"

My Lord.



You ordered it yourself.



May the Lord bless you.



May His light

shine within your heart,



even as you shine

within mine.



I'm waiting, Lord.



Hide Your face no more.




Special help by SergeiK