Kontroll Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Kontroll script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Nimrod Antal that takes places in the Budapest subway system.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Kontroll. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Kontroll Script


      The film you are about to see has been directed by a young man,

      who is a friend of mine, although we haven't known each other long.

      As he explained it to me during our long discussions,

      he is particularly interested in the struggle between Good and Evil.

      What he presents in his feature film is fiction,

      a fictitious underground world.

      Neither the location, nor the events that take place there,

      nor the characters can be related to the Budapest Public Transport Co.,

      as they reflect ideas of universal claim.

      Many have warned me against letting him shoot in the Budapest underground.

      They were afraid that the events and characters of the film

       might discredit our company.

        I see it differently.

        I am proud that we've been able to help a film director

        to make his first film by letting him use

        the underground with its special atmosphere.

        I am convinced that the viewers will be able

        to separate the locations from the story

        and will not identify the characters with our ticket inspectors

        as the world in which the story is set is obviously symbolic.



         Metro party

        Hey, man, you're bleeding.

        - What did you say to me? - Please, no trouble.

        What did you say?

        Ticket or pass, please.

        What did you say?

        I said your nose is bleeding.

        What are you staring at?

        - That's the sickest thing I've ever seen. - What?

        How can you eat that shit this early in the morning?

        What do you care?

         I'm just saying that all that grease is not good for you.

          All those saturated fats are congesting your arteries,

          blocking the flow of blood to and from your heart.

          Listen, I'm heaving breakfast, would you let me eat in peace.

          It's your heart, you do with it what you want.

          That's right. Is it any of your business?

          No. It's none of my business if your heart explodes.

          It's yours, let it explode!

          Do I give you grief for your stinky cigarettes? No.

          This is what you do all the time.

          Calm down. I meant well.

          There are people who simply cannot be helped.

          - He's doing it all the time... - I only meant well, no need to overreact.

          I'm not overreacting!

          Don't stick your nose into other people's shit.

          - He gets angry and overreacts! - Mind your own business, will you?

          - Why don't you get off my back. - Didn't I tell you? He overreacts.

          You have to be the smart one. No matter what you...

          - What's the matter with him? - Nothing. He's just sleeping.

          - Let him sleep it off. - He'll choke...

          He won't. Leave him alone. Let him sleep...

          This just proves my point.

          He's become a product of his environment.

          If you're surrounded by aggressive people

          - You run a risk of also becoming one. - It's like a vicious circle.

          Exactly. Look at Muki.

          What's this smell?

          Move your ass!

          I almost had the little fucker but he got away.

          - He spray you again? - Not this time.

          - He didn't see me coming. - Why didn't you get him then?

          I tried. I already had him. But he noticed me.

          He's like the fucking devil, he's got eyes in the back of his head.

          - That's it? - That's it. What did you expect?

          Who're you talking about?

          - The runner man. Bootsie! - What's a Bootsie?

          - How long have you been down here? - Two weeks.

          - And you haven't run into him yet? - No.

          Where's Bulcsú?

          - Oh, shit. - Who's this Bootsie?

          Hang on. Who's this Bootsie?

          Wait! Do you hear?

          Listen up!

          I said, listen up!

          Gonzó's crew: west line.

          Tamás: upper part of the north line.

          Csaba and his mates will ride the trains on the east line.

          Róbert will get down to business on the west line.

          Csaba and crew will occupy the upper part of the north line.

          Tamás to the upper part of the north line.

          - Where have you been? - I overslept.


          Róbert, you take your men...

          I'm sorry to disturb you.

          Why don't you monkeys go work the bus lines with the other losers.

          You guys are on probation so have the common fucking sense

          to keep your traps shut while I'm talking.

          For that matter where the fuck is Muki?

          - That's just what I was asking. - I don't need your smartass remarks.

          Take whatever's left of your crew and work the south line.

          Everybody shut up.

          We had another jumper last night.

          The suits in the main office are very upset.

          That was the  th this month.

          The main office is concerned how this makes the metro look.

          It's not our fault if people want to jump under trains and not ride them...

          Since there is no official policy as of yet, it's a little tricky.

          We've been asked to help out.

          If one of you witnesses someone jumping

          or about to jump, try to stop him.

          What the fuck does that mean?

          By the way, image.

          The suits have decided to introduce a new uniform

          to improve the standard of elegance.

          This is what it looks like. No more armbands,

          there's a detachable shoulder strap,

          here's the badge

          and the ID card with the photo goes here in the holder.

          One of our crews will have the honor to be allowed to try the new uniform.

          And this crew is the best crew, Gonzó's!

          Bravo, Gonzó!

          What are you waiting for? Get out!

          Elite commando...



          You doing all right?

          Great, just looking forward to getting back to work.

          You sure?


          What, you gonna work from your desk?

          Get the fuck out of here!

          What's new, Béla?

          How you doing, Muki?

          This is a shit of a day. And it hasn't even started yet.

          You have something on your face.

          - Here. - What's this?

          A commercial.

          You seen my crew?

          Just Gonzó and his guys.

          Man, I don't get that asshole. Licking his hair along the way.

          Here he's king.

          You know how he got his job?


          I hate people like him.

          More of them than there are of us.

          Like his shit smells better than mine.

          Tell me, son. You like the smell of your own shit?

          I gotta find my guys. Keep rollin' Béla.

          Still rolling.

           Attention, please. Smoking is "forbidden in the metro system".

          Get in or get out. I don't have all day.

          ...you peel the onion, chop it up real fine...

          then you fry it in oil until golden brown,

          add some paprika, but you must be really careful with it

          because if you put it in real hot oil it will burn and becomes bitter...

          then you add the pig's trotters and water...

          I never thought there were jobs worse than ours.

          ...and you top it up with water in the end to make it nice and juicy.

          Don't look, son.

          Never mind. You can even piss on me if you like.

          Go ahead, puke over my shoulder.

          We'll discuss this later.

          Here comes the Gestapo.

          I didn't know what was missing.

          I'll tell them a little bird shat all over me.


          - We were about to work the train. - And? Did you see what happened?

          - We heard some screams. - Then what the hell are you doing here?

          You guys want to talk to them?

          - You think he heard me? - Who? - The paramedic.

          - What do you care if he heard you. - It could always get worse.

          - How's that? - You could be the jumper.

          Muki's here.

          Good morning.

          You skipped the bufe this morning again.

          - I overslept. - Overslept! I tried to call you last night.

          I was out.

          "I was out." Good for you. Did you have to pay for it?


          Ticket or pass.

          Not buying anything, thanks.

          You guys are so useless you should have to pay to ride.

          Hey, Bulcsú. We 'railing' tonight?

          Is that a challenge?

          Yeah. You a pussy?

          No. I've done it there times, man. You're the cherry.

          Interesting you should say that 'cause I've never seen you do it.

          - It's just a rumor. - I've seen him do it.

          In your dreams, Sleeping Beauty. Go take a snooze, you freak!

          Fuck you, monkey boy...

          Fuck you...




          - You pick the track. - No,

          you go ahead.

          How about the East line, platform  . That's the longest run.


          Asshole baboons!


          - Listen. What's railing? - Listen, Tibor. We have to talk.

          Okay, okay.

          - So you puked on my shoes, right? - Oh, I'm really sorry about that...

          - You paying attention? What's so funny? - No, I'm listening.

          - I wanna say something. - Go away. - Just one word. - Go away.

          - What did you do before this? - This morning?

          Not this morning, before you came here, came down here.

          - What did you do before? - Oh, this is my first job.

          Hang on. Just one word.

          I didn't say anything... anything that...

          Stupid idiot. I didn't say anything nasty.

          When is that fucking train coming?

          - You know what it all boils down to? - No.

          Persistence, discipline, and above all, self control.

          You're wearing it upside down.

          By the way, put it on inside the train, okay?


          The worm's coming.

          Where's he going?

          Good morning, tickets or passes please.


          Good morning, tickets or passes please.

          - This... this is not important... - Pardon? - Not important, not now.

          - Tickets or passes... - I haven't got one.

          No-no-no. Ticket! Ticket!

          Stop pulling my leg!

          - You're in some real serious shit. - Am I?

          If you haven't got a ticket or any money on you, I'll give you a check.

          Ticket! Ticket...!

          I'm much too tired to start playing the lottery now.

          - Listen to me... - They'll hear you... - Who'll hear me?

          Don't condescend me.

          I see you're this big.

          I meant well, I'm telling you what to do.

          - Give me your ID card. - Leave me alone. Let me go.

          Good morning, tickets or passes please.

          Leave me alone. Say good-bye and move on.

          - Tickets or passes please. - Move on, I said.

          They want it all... And you don't know that in the morning...

          Are you a cop? An insurance agent?

          - Oh, God... - A gangster? Here.

          - What ticket? -You haven't got one? - No. - Then you'll pay a fine.

          Thank you. Tickets or passes please.

          Good morning. Good morning.

          Tickets or passes please.

          Hang on, I have it, what is it, stupid.

          - I don't care. - But you do.

          Don't take a picture. You have a group rate or not?

          - This is the wrong zone, my friend. - So it is.

          Does it say anywhere that this is a sleeping car?

          - Does it? - Would you like it to be?

          Your sweater is cute, you little frog!

          Let's see your ticket, then...

          Fine, but the problem is,

          - I haven't got a pen. - I haven't got a pen, either.

          What was that?

          Here, take one of the girls.

          I don't want the girls, show me your ticket or pass or get off.

          Are you really such an idiot?

          - Give me your ID card! - But what kind of zone?

          Don't give me that shit. Give me your ID card.

          - But what kind of zone? - Shut up.

          - What zone? - Shut up, shut up, I said. Give me your ticket.

          - You're so cute. - Stop pushing me you fucking bitch.

          - I love it when you're so tough... - Stop it or I'll be rude to you!

          Stop pushing me, are you crazy? Go fuck yourself you bloody bastard.

          What are you pulling me about for you fucker?

          I don't understand. Do you know what this means? This?

          I'm the control.

          - Idiot. - Shithead.

          - What is it? What's so funny? - You like that?

          Why didn't you tell me you were a cop? Why?

          You're the boss?

          - I'm just a small boss... - Come off it, look at you...

          - You don't have a pen? - I can't have everything.

          Is that how you leave home? No money, no pen, no ticket...

          - Should I bring a secretary with me? - Just make sure she has a ticket.

          - You rotten informer. - What informer? What are you talking about?

          - Who are you watching, eh? - And you?

          Really, you want to fuck with me?

          - Tickets or passes please. - See? Your mate digs it. Go on!


          Fuck. Hold your dog.

          Make it fucking lie down.

          If I ever get down from here I'll bite its head off, I swear.

          Put it on. Put it on.

          Excuse me...!

          Young lady...!

          Is it safe?

          It is forbidden to bring dogs here.

          Your ticket!

          - Ticket or passes, please. - Oh, yes... yes...

          I'll help you. "Tickets or passes!"

          - You're new to this crew, aren't you? - What?

          - I said, you're new to this brigade, I haven't seen you... - What?

          You guys don't usually say excuse me.

          But exceptions prove the rule.

          Besides, I never buy a ticket.

          Did the bear have a ticket?


          - Who are you? - My name's Bootsie.

          Fuck you... I'm blind! I'm blind!

          You motherfucker.

          Come on!

          What are you doing? What's the matter with you?

          - Are you all right? - I'm all right. Take a shortcut!

          You sure?

          Are you sure you're all right? Tibor!

          Where the hell can they be?

          Watch out, I can't stop...

          Are you deaf, God damn it?

          Catch him.

          Hello, listen...

          - You hear? Listen! - I hear you, pudding face.

          The damned thing about it is that we didn't stand a chance.

          We're just like the first class detective guys, damn it.

          And that's it.

          I know it's a terrible shame buy I wet my pants, guys.

          I'm going home...

          Fucking hell...

          It won't hurt so bad tomorrow.

          How the fuck am I going to explain it to the company doctor?

          It's broken... look... it's dead.


          What's railing?

          I'm off.

          Wait, wait.

          I told you that faggot was all talk.

          He ain't gonna show.

          - What was that? - He ain't gonna show.

          - I thought I'd see you here tonight. - I'd never miss this show.

          This is C, this is Tibi, one of the new guys.

          Hang on. You hear?

          Listen, wait...

          What's C?

          It's my name.

          We can still call this off.

          Fuck you.

          - But what does it stand for? - Cripple.


          - Gonzó... - Try your mind fuck on someone else, you goon.

          - Your laces. - What? - Your laces are undone.

          Cripple. What a fucked up name.

          It's just a nickname.

          Why did you get a name like that?

          Because I haven't got any toes on my left foot.

          You born that way?


          We should get into the last car.

          Listen, tell me, what's all this?

          - What did Bulcsú tell you? - Nothing.

          That it's some kind of race.

          More like Russian roulette.

          And where are they right now?

          Somewhere behind us. Running behind the train.

          The second our train pulled out, they jumped onto the tracks

          and started to run after us.

          It's not easy because the ground is covered with tubes and cables

          and the tracks are there, too.

          Your lungs fill with graphite powder and you can't breathe.

          The problem is the next train.

          Wait, wait, wait...

          - This is the last train. - The last passenger train.

          We still have the midnight express behind us.

          The midnight express. What's that?

          It's the real last train.

          It's the last train that heads back to the depot.

          - So you're saying... - That's right.

          They got another train coming from behind.

          The real problem is that the midnight express

          doesn't stop at any stations.

          Hang on. And who wins?

          What do you think? Whoever comes out first.

          Listen man, what now?

          We smoke a cigarette.

          Give me a cigarette.


          Holy shit!


          You're king! You're king!

          I'm going home.



          Wake up!

          - What are you doing here? - I wanna show you something.



          What did you want to show me?


          Will you sit down? Please.

          Thank you. That's really kind of you.

          - Excuse me, good morning, lady. - Good morning.

          - Ticket or pass, please. - Get lost, I'm busy. - Hang on! Excuse me.

          - Good morning. - I don't fucking believe this.

          I can't believe you find me again. Can't you see we're on a job?

          - The dog's ticket, please. - Don't you ever point at the dog.

          Come on, Professor, what's the matter?

          Nothing, I'm just checking if it's okay.

          What the fuck do you have to look at it? It's not okay.

          Let me see, okay? Don't tell me if it's okay or not.

          Of course, it's not.

          - Leave me alone. - Lady. I'm just doing my job.

          Fuck you and your job. Who the fuck cares about your job?

          - Your dog's supposed to be muzzled. - What are you talking about?

          You're dog's not allowed to ride the metro without a muzzle.

          This is an international story...

          Look at the photo or don't you know how to look at a photo?

          Like this. No date.

          Thanks for your help. Teach me what to do with the passengers?

          - You want me to call the cops? - I'll tell them you touched me. Yes!

          - I'll tell them you grabbed my tits. - What?

          Yeah. I'll tell them you grabbed my tits.

          Here, you little punk. Suck my ass you faggot.

          Same to you, too, madam. And have a nice day.

          - I can't believe that I can't get it out. - Why can't you get it out?

          You might as well keep it in a bank vault.

          Look at this. D'you think I don't buy a ticket because I haven't got the cash?

          Why, then don't you buy a ticket?

          On principle. I'm not going to carry pieces of paper on me.

          This is how you fucking take it out.

          - Like this, see? - You're incredible.

          This is yours.

          Okay.   minutes with the little one. In peace and quiet.

          She'll do it happily, she enjoys it, I swear, that's no bullshit.

          I don't want the girl. I want your ID card.

          - Take it out, take a look... - That's what I'm doing.

          Here. I told you it wasn't okay.

          By the way, he hasn't put his name on it.

          - Trying to cheat. - No, there's no name on it.

          - What's this? - It's my p... p-p... p-p...

          - I asked you a simple question. - I... I... I...

          Not this year. Fucking hell, no. Last year.

          Who was operated on last year? You or I?

          - Excuse me... - Just a moment,

          don't be so impatient, we're on a job here.

          - Stop. - Shut up! I'll call my husband.

          Call your hubby. Send him over. Send God over. I'm king here.

          I'll bite his head off throat if he doesn't have a ticket.

          Tickets or passes, please.

          That's an ancient trick. Your ticket please.

          Tibor, you mustn't lose control.

          This little shit grabbed me, there!

          - What now? - Chill out, I'll talk... I'll talk to him.

          - Chill out, let's discuss it. - Shut up and scram!

          - What's the matter with you? - There-there-there...

          - I know it's your pass. - I... I... I...

          It's not good here.

          Your name? What's your name?

          What's your name?

          But... but... but...

          - What do you want with a pass that's no good here? - Back... back...

          Here... on the back...

          Tickets or passes please...

          Leave me alone. I have to catch the train.

          - Madam, I'll call the cops. - I'll put such a curse on you.

          - Okay, but give me your ticket. - Shall I put a curse on you?

          Ticket or pass, please.

          Please, show me your ticket...

          I'm patient...

          Are you fucking crazy? Are you messing with me?

          This... this... this... is... my...

          It's people like you who make me crazy!

          Stop fucking with me! Get outta here!

          I'll cut off your hand and stick it up your ass!

          Tickets or passes, please...

          - Excuse me, sorry... - Nerd.

          It's people like you that make this job so tough!

          It's people like...

          It's the grease. Animals don't eat grease.

          Or at least not this much.

          Dirty job.

          - Sorry. - Sorry...

          Let's put him on the bench over here.

          - What's up? - Bulcsú...!

          Bulcsú! You don't remember me? Sorry.

          - Hello, Feri... - Hi.

          You look horrible. I haven't seen you for ages.

          - I think that guy's talking to you. - No.

          He is a ticket control officer. I haven't got a ticket. Do you?

          No. They just like to harass people.

          - You okay? You just seem anxious. - No.

          Okay, then.

          - You getting on this one? - No, the other one...

          Never mind, I have some time. I'll ride with you so we can catch up.

          Yes, great...

          - So where did you disappear to? You been abroad? - What?

          Working? Or just traveling?

          - Yeah, working, traveling. - Man, that must be great.

          - So you working there? - Where?

          - What do you mean where? Abroad... - No.

          So you're here in the city? I'm just asking because

          I haven't heard your name floating around lately.

          - How about you? - Me?

          I'm the head of the team.

          Congratulations. I mean it.

          It was easy to get without you there.

          - Can I ask you something? - Go ahead.

          - It's none of my business, if you... - No... no...

          ...if you don't want to talk about it, that's cool.

          Your project... your work...

          There hasn't been anything close since then.

          I have all of it, I saved every scrap of paper.


          In case you came back.

          It would change things for sure, turn everything upside down...!

          Why didn't you finish it?

          When for years you wake up that...

          you have to win every battle every day...

          to prove that you are the best at everything...

          I started to worry what would happen if it turned out

          I wasn't the best.

          I didn't want to be worry...

          It's a pity you didn't finish it.

          You know where to find me. Think about it.

          - I like your tie. - Thanks.

          - Think about it. - It was good to see you.

          Good to see you, too.

          You don't have to bring me lunch every day.

          I like it.

          I like coming down here.

          - Dad? - Yes?

          Do you think I'm weird?

          Fortunately, yes.

          No... I'm serious.

          Take your time.

          I hated this job anyway...

          You'll find a better one. A much better one.

          You look like an angel.

          You should of seen me in my prime.

          Excuse me.

          Laci, help... Laci... I'll bring help...

          Say something to him.

          I stepped him off the train and he socked me.

          - I see. Don't let him get you into trouble. - I didn't start it.

          I believe you. I didn't say you did. Just don't fuck up.

          I asked for his ticket and he hit me. He hit me for no reason.

          He socked me in the nose.

          Listen, I know, just... leave him alone.

          I'm sick of it all.

          Having dinner, Uncle Béla?

          Bulcsú...! Hi! What are you doing here?

          - What are you doing here? - Me?

          I'm a night owl. Come, have a bite. A Béla plate...

          Thank you...


            Cucumber, tomato, apple, onion...


            Thank you.

            A guy goes into a bar and orders ten shots of brandy.

            The barman asks him. 'Ten, sir? '

            'Give them to me, ' the guy says.

            - Do you know it? - No.

            The barman pours the ten shots of vodka

            and lines them up on the counter.

            The guy takes the first and the tenth one,

            picks them up and pours them out on the floor.

            He drinks the remaining eight, one after the other.

            The barman asks with surprise:

            'Why did you pour those two shots out on the floor? '

            'Look, sonny, the first one always tastes horrible

            and the last one always makes me sick. '

            Does it hurt that bad?


            I've never heard such a bad joke before...!

            Béla joke.

            - Want to hear another one? - No. No, thanks.

            Go on eat.


            Thank you very much.

            Don't go.

            How can you get out of here, uncle Béla?

            There are many ways out, Bulcsú!

            Iván Kapitány!


            - I've never been to a psychiatrist. - There's really nothing to it.

            I don't like the idea of someone messing around inside my head.

            You needn't worry.

            Can't make waves if you don't have any water.

            - What? - Nothing.

            The disease is called narcolepsy.

            So when a conflict comes,

            ...when I wake up I just don't know what happened.

            I have this recurring dream that in the other world

            all the people I ever fined are torturing me

            with red hot iron and pincers.

            I don't do any more what the others do...

            a bottle hidden in the water tank in the lavatory.

            I take it with me, portioned out nicely, this is just one little mouthful.

            They sneer at you...

            I enrolled in a yoga course, meditations and suchlike...

            I've lost my femininity... everything...

            Shouldn't you prescribe glasses against these neon lights?

            When I'm in the manic phase I simply charge at them.

            What's this?

            I checked if he had a ticket...

            He was so charming, so good looking.

            And he smiled back at me so cutely, I was really surprised...

            that he smiles at a ticket inspector.

            Probably that's not what he saw in me, the inspector, but the woman.

            I need something.

            I don't know what all these idiots expect me to do...

            I haven't had a fuck for two months...

            What do you mean trespassers will be prosecuted?

            Why did you leave your pass at home?

            Elbow hits, knee hits, then on the head and that's it.

            My brother and I are always competing at everything.

            On the football field, everywhere.

            We are in a band, both of us, but...

            He is on the drums, I do the keyboard but still we are competing.

            I don't get it. Miklós is always giving me shit,

            in the band he plays all instruments,

            he is driving me crazy.

            I'm scared.

            I'd like to screw someone.

            I wanted to breed dogs...

            I was admitted finally...

            Excuse me... Doc... hey, wait...

            How much? I'll buy it, okay?

            Okay, okay, okay, okay...


            - What happened? - Self defense.

            - We don't beat up passengers. - She kicked me in the nuts.

            - Only after you grabbed me. - You're a psycho bitch.

            I'll take care of this...

            I'm reporting this, Bulcsú.

            What are you going to report? That a teddy bear attacked you?

            Teddy bear? She is an aggressive animal.

            Behind me.



            Where were you?

            You! You want to go up and get a coffee?

            You're working. I understand.

            - I know a nice place close by. - What?

            - A nice place down here. - Now I can hear you.

            I'll buy you coffee.



            Nice place. Come here often?

            Only when I really want to impress a girl.


            You like working down here?

            You kind of get used to it.

            I never thought about it.


            It must be tough for you guys.

            Everyone hates us.

            Now that's a little paranoid, you know...

            No that's the way it is. Everyone hates us.

            Why don't you ever buy a ticket?

            Why I never buy a ticket?

            Because I don't have to.

            My father's a metro driver.

            Who's your father?

            I'm sure you know him. Béla.

            You're Béla's daughter?

            Yeah. Why?

            I really like Béla.

            Can I ask you something?

            Is it true he used to drive trains up top?


            Is it true he crashed a locomotive in Keleti station?

            Yeah. No one was hurt though.

            - Inadequate braking distance. - It happens.

            It does.

            So there's a costume ball tomorrow night. I saw some posters.

            - Are you coming? - No.

            I mean I'll be down here but I won't be dressing up.

            Why? That's the whole point.

            I'm funny enough without a costume.

            Who are you hiding from?

            You wanna meet tomorrow?


            You gonna take me to the ball?


            Good evening.

            Suits from the main office have come looking for you.

            Sit down.

            Do you have any requests before we start?

            May I have a glass of water?

            What happened this afternoon?

            Look at the tapes.

            We did.

            This isn't just about your job any more.

            You realize that, don't you?

            If you refuse to answer our questions

            we will be forced to work out our own version.

            And what is your version?

            Switch it on.

            This moment you're still running after the kid.

            But the next moment... Iook...

            the kid is already lying on the tracks.

            That's bullshit. Half of it was omitted, you know that.

            Switch it off.

            There are     million people traveling on this metro a year...

            You fucking bastard.

            Do you think I'll let you cross my path?

            - I didn't push them. - So you admit that you know they were pushed?

            - Who pushed them? - I don't know.

            But I do. You did.

            Why have you been sleeping on the platforms?

            None of your business.

            So you refuse to answer my question

            why you have been sleeping on the platforms.

            You spend    hours a day down here,

            which would give you excellent opportunities to learn

            when the cameras are on and where they are placed.

            You're out of your mind. If you think I killed those people

            then where are the police?

            - Why haven't I been arrested? - All in good time.

            Bullshit. You've got nothing. I won't be your scapegoat.

            You don't have permission to leave.

            I don't need it. I don't work for you any more.



            What's going on, Bulcsú? What did they ask you?


            - We're your crew. We deserve an explanation. - Not any more.

            If those bastards made you quit, we can fight it.

            No need. They didn't fire me. I quit. I've had enough.

            - What are you going to do now? - Wander around the system?

            Maybe push somebody onto the tracks?

            - What are you talking about? - That's what this is all about!

            The suits think all the jumpers have been pushed

            - And Bulcsú has pushed them. - That's fucking crazy.

            - Is it? - It is.

            Who thought Laci could slit a man's throat?

            Over the last few weeks you've missed the bufe.

            'I overslept'. I called you last night, 'I was out.'.

            You've been lying to us, because you're wandering day and night

            around the system, like some crazy homeless person.

            What else have you been lying about?

            I don't even know who you are any more.

            - What do you want from me? - Answer the question. Is it true?

            Did you push them?


            I'm happy to see you, man.

            Gonzó! Gonzó!

            You fucking idiot.

            What have you done? You, you beast!


            We'll sit down on the bench.

            Get the fuck out of here.


            For my father

            Written and directed by Nimród Antal

            Producer Tamás Hutlassa and Nimród Antal

            Director of photography Gyula Pados

            Music NEO


Special help by SergeiK