La Dolce Vita Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the La Dolce Vita script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Federico Fellini movie with Marcello Mastroianni.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of La Dolce Vita. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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La Dolce Vita Script









But it is Jesus!  




What is it?  

Where do you take it?  




They take it at the Pope.  




Our telephone number.  




To the table     

what did they eat?  




The prince ate some snails.  




And did they drink..?  




Forgiveness... I saw, me.  

The princes?  




They drank the Valpolicella.  




We say:  

snails, Valpolicella.  




Let me take a photo!  








Why all this money?  

I am not there, me?  




His/her/its roller!  




There is not anything in!  




A "veto exists to the picture!"  




My pretty, come here one instant!  




It is necessary that I speak to you.  




Sit you.  




There is not a chair!  




Crouch down.  




What roguish!  




Because you are a roguish.  





You know... I am going to break  

your small muzzle.  




I must inform the opinion.  




It is my profession.  

And a little advertisement...  




Do you call that of the advertisement?  

And his/her/its husband?  




Is what I mingle  

of your cuckold's dirty horns?  




You are not a journalist!  




That of the "journalism"...  




You know to what to hold of it to you.  




You will kill me...  




One didn't see it again...  




Tell to him that he/it is a dunce.  




That is for what you wait  

to close this shack?  




All goes amiss, tonight.  

I leave.  




Your friends attack!  




Let me tonight...  




Every evening...  




Them do have therefore ever enough some?  




You should be there accustomed.  

You are a character...  




I would like to live  

in another city.  




Me, I like Rome.  

It is a species of jungle...  




tepid, restful,  

where one can hide well.  




Me, I would like to hide,  

but I don't arrive there.  




What does one make?  




Let's make a small tour...  




Again Rome, what boredom!  




I would like an island.  




Buy one of it.  




But I would go?  




Your misfortune?  

To have too much money...  




And yours,  

not to have enough.  




In short, we are there,  

all two.  




So much the better...  




we are so little  

to be unhappy of ourselves!  




You don't make to some.  




With your money!  

While falling, you fall up.  




I even am not held standing.  




I would need a "load of life"  

that I don't have...  




When I make the love...  

Yes, I find this tension.  




Only, the love gives me this strength.  




Then, long live the love!  




It is not a car,  

it is a room!  








Y'a a lady who asks me  

if I want to make a jaunt.  




Do I go there?  




Let's make a tour with the girl.  




What do you want to make?  




Anything else that a tour.  




We will take back it.  

Do you know it?  




He/it doesn't seem me.  




Those people have more  

of flouze that Onassis.  




If you take back me,  

you will help me.  




I live in suburb...  




To whom is this car?  

Does have you?  




It is not you  

who bought him that...  




It is his/her/its father.  




That it is a father! Mine,  

it is the slaps that he/it gave to me.  




And your parents...  

where do they live?  




How does that go?  




How must that go?  




Didn't that well work, tonight?  




I fell on a funny...  

One thousand bullets, a packet of "blue."  




How is he/it?  

Young? Old?  




Did I see?  




You would go with a...  

like that?  




Why? She/it is not worse  

that so many others.  




Don't you frequent some?  




So, sometimes.  




Gregory Peck. Permit that  

I also understand myself!  




Where does one go?  




You wanted that one brings back to you  

at home?  




Do we bring back you at home?  




What did you believe?  




I don't have to believe, me!  




Mildly... everybody sleeps.  

Lower the radio.  




Is there someone at home?  




I have a cousin well...  

but he/it is far.  




You offer us  

a cup of coffee?  




Me, coffee,  

I know how to make it!  




You won't find  

a palace!  




What dirty trick!  

It is flooded again!  




Go in my room  

to lie down...  




Install yourselves, and during this time,  




I am going to make coffee.  




Would be necessary to know someone  

to be helped...  




You could close...  




Do you want to make the love here?  




I put your coffee here.  




Didn't you agree before?  

Are you a few crazy?  




It is them that decided everything.  




Let's hope that they will give to me  

two bags...  




Say therefore, it is mine  

to make the prices.  




Husband and woman?  




You think!  




Can I kiss you?  

Thank you very much...  




Don't go too quickly!  




What is there?  

Answer me!  




To what happened?  




That have you make,  

unhappy, madwoman!  




It is not anything.  




I take you.  




Why are you as madwoman?  




Who wants you to flow?  





But I will let you burst  

one day or the other!  




Emma, answer me.  

That is sufficient...  




This woman  

who poisoned itself?  




Return I a service:  

don't write anything.  




I already have the police...  




To what happened?  

Tell me.  




I cannot tell it to you.  

Let me alone.  




You can enter.  




Don't tire it...  




You will be able to soon  

to bring back it at home.  




Go to the commissioner  

for your declaration.  




Why do you have fact that?  

Do say me... why?  




And has producer Toto Scalise  

who hired the big star  




for a huge  

historic coproduction,  




in color...  




Is it the Swede?  




Is not necessary that I see it,  

otherwise I stumble my wife!  




... pizza that he/it offers  

to the splendid star...  




discovering his/her/its beautiful teeth...  




Sylvia bites in this typical  

Italian dish...  




whose aroma summarizes joy  




to live our country...  




What beautiful piece!  




... the producer accompanies  

the star toward the custom.  




You bathe high cloud  

in ice?  




Do you practice yoga?  




What character  

would she/it like to embody?  




Do you like the bearded men?  




And the Italian stars?  




That think yourselves  

of the Italian kitchen?  




You sleep in pajamas...  




or in night shirt?  




Only with two drops  

of French perfume.  




The néoréalisme  

is living or dead?  




Believe yourselves in the friendship  

of the peoples?  




Of life,  

what do you like the more?  




Several things, but I like some  

especially three:  




the love, the love and the love.  




Then, we wait for you  

in England.  




I didn't phone  

because I was not able to.  




This that I make?  

I work.  




Are you alone with her?  




We are fifty!  




Swear it on the head  

of your mother!  




Beautiful? Yes, for those that like  

this American kind.  




A doll... you see that...  

a big doll.  




What was the most beautiful  

day of your life?  




What is the answer, Edna?  




"It was one night."  




That is that that you  

do push to the movies?  




One has since I have a big talent.  




If I come,  

I pull you an eye!  




Why you don't come  

immediately here?  




I want to make the love.  




Where is one going to take it?  




One goes to Saint Peter,  

in the Quirinal with the Care...  




Quite a lot of the all!  




Here is finally our Robert.  




The fiancé...  




Why you are not come  

to the airport?  




I slept.  




I wait for you here...  

all day.  




What do you want to eat?  




I am going to feel you a good  

small dish of ravioli.  




As you will want...  

do you like me?  




So much names on the wall!  




There is more  

of seven hundred walks.  




Hush! We are  

in a church.  




Me also, I want to write my name.  




She/it never stops!  




The ideal cure  

to keep the line!  




I will remind it to Marilyn.  




Here is that my rollers are finished!  

I go below...  




She/it is an elevator!  




And the campanile of Giotto?  




But he/it is not in Rome.  




He/it is Florence's.  




You are all, Sylvia.  

Do you know that you is all?  




You are the first woman  

of the first day of the creation.  




You are the mother, the sister,  

the amante, the friend...  




the angel, the devil,  

the earth, the home...  




There is what you are:  

the home.  




Why did you come here?  




Return in America.  




Do you understand?  

What am I going to make?  




He/it is also a painter,  

our Robert!  




It is necessary that I see you...  

that I speak to you...  




Who is this mad?  




Frankie Stout, a divine actor.  




What do you make here, in Rome?  




A movie.  




She/it is beautiful...  




my emperor's beard?  




Is it alike?  




Wait, he/it misses,  

of the mustaches.  




Some mustaches will go to you better!  




Tomorrow morning,  

you must work.  




You are right,  

you are always right.  




Bravo, this dancer!  




Of the honey!  




The shoes of Mrs....  




- I found them on the floor...  

- One understood. Thank you.  




It is a strange mixture  

of Roman and Phoenician.  




It is missed. The side...  




What class, lady!  





Dangerous, but so beautiful!  




It is necessary to make a tour  

with your hat.  




Give me of champagne,  

let's go...  




Do you remember Frankie?  




You are the only American  

that I didn't see again in Rome.  




You don't work anymore  




with the rich widows?  




This doubtful Roman already has  

returned your shoes.  




One waits for some objects  

more intimate...  




Stupid drunkard!  

I have enough of it you!  




Ladies, gentlemen,: good night!  

Amuse yourselves well!  




I am going to look for it...  

Let's remain quiet...  




I come back.  




Remain, I make my business of it!  




He/it is not anything arrived!  




That, it is an idea!  




Sylvia, come back!  




No, I won't come back.  




I don't joke, descend!



One holds a fantastic report!  




Me me mad of your   %.  

Remove you from there!  




I am not able to some anymore.  




Robert is not kind.  




He/it is mean, cruel.  




One sowed them!  




Where do you take me?  




Not to my hotel!  




All is so difficult!  




Let's descend.  








It is full of holes, here!  




He/it is worth to leave better,  





Serge left. That I must  

to tell to him? I am his/her/its mother.  




Et his/her/its key?   




The key, he/it keeps it  

still on him.  




Was it for work?  




This lady would not be  

the big star?  




I cannot take you at home!  

This madwoman  




would not understand...  




Wait for one instant.  

I have an idea...  




You are sure of not  

you to be deceived of number?  




Is what I can come  

with a person?  




What person?  




A person.  




You are not alone?  




I play the cards  

with my father.  




What do you want to the just?  




Nothing. I will call you  

one of these days.  




Milk is necessary.  




Where is what I go  

to find milk?  




I saw a bar, over there.  




Where do you go with this cat?  




Wait for me in the car,  

I am going to go there...  




Do you know where there is a dairy?  




Yes, Sylvia, I arrive...  




It is her that is right  

and me that me goure...  




We are mistaken!  




Who are you therefore?  




He/it made Tarzan!  




Put back it in place.  




Again in the mirror...  








Why you are not come  

with us?  




I saw a marvelous  





You should not treat myself thus  

before the photographers!  




I didn't make anything!  




How one says:  

"Do run after?"  




I can understand you...  








Raise the head one instant!  




This one is made.  

And now?  




Put the horse on the table,  

her on the floor.  




He/it seemed me well  

that I had seen you. How are you?  




As I am happy  

to see you again!  




Here, I am a little at home...  




The father Franz finally found me  

this book that I looked for.  




It is an old  

grammar sanscrite.  




A tip of time  

that one didn't see itself!  




And your book?  




Yes, he/it advances...  

I even finished...  




and as soon as you have one moment,  

I will make it to you to read. And you?  




I read one of your articles...  

Do you know that he/it pleased me?  




And why?  

II was very well...  




clear, passionate. I recovered there  

what of better has in you.  




These qualities that you hide  

and that are yours.  




I believe that I don't know how to write.  




I live that way.  

Come at home, one of these evenings...  




Can you again remain?  




Can I go up with a friend?  




You see, these abbots  

are not afraid of the devil.  




They even allow me to play...  




Don't make too much noise!  




Don't be afraid! At most,  

you will hear the jazz.  




If it is the jazz...  

me also I like it.  




I promise you  

that I won't make it anymore.  




Do you want to try?  




These sounds, we forget them...  




A voice comes out of innards  

of the earth.  




What did one therefore have told to you?  




It is to the   th km...  




Stop: I don't want  

of hard egg...  








and corn salad.  




It would have been necessary to come yesterday!  

The reporters are already there!  




There would not be  

a drop of coffee?  




So, but this few that remains  

is for him.  




Your banana, I don't want some!  




The Madonna's children?  




The plain of the Miracle, where it is?  




He/it is better  

that you wait here...  




Where are therefore the children?  




They are at the station  

of the police officers...  




Take me with you! After  

me you tuyaute on the Communists!  




Is it the tree of the "miracle?"  




Be cursed!  

Cursed! Cursed!  




You don't have the right  

to keep these two children.  




Where did one put the children?  




He/it has me anything given.  




But the other     liras...  




Here are the father and the mother.  




Can I go back?  




I feel all aching...  

I caught cold.  




Watch over there,  

as if you saw...  




There is the grandfather!  




Satisfy to be the mother  

of the small saints?  




Dario and Maria? Pretty names!  

Bravo, cry!  




It is really a miracle.  

The Madonna remembers...  




Am I well?  




You are very well.  




A cigar!  




The cigar after... sings!  




It would not be about  

of a miracle.  




I don't believe there.  

The miracles, the Lord,  




can accomplish them where,  

at the humblest.  




- But once on one thousand!  

- And if that is the good?  




These children are of bad faith.  




Who saw the Madonna has another face,  

another look, and don't speculate.  




The miracles are born  

in the contemplation...  




and no in the middle of this fair.  




Vous went in class quand,  

près of the tree, did you see..?   




Qui see it the first?   




Tous the two at the same time.   




C'est first him that saw it.   




My nephews...  




Nous we are put to genoux,  

la Madonna smiled...   




et didn't touch earth.   




Comment did you understand?   

C'est Her..?   




They don't want to believe there.  




Who proves that that was the Madonna?  




But that it is the Madonna or no!  

What importance!  




How, "no importance!"  

Why say it?  




That doesn't have an importance. Your country  

is an earth to the old cults.  




Natural and supernatural  

tangle themselves of it...  




and each undergoes the influence of it.  




Of the rest, that looks for God  

find it... where he/it wants.  




Did you come for a grace?  




I am here with my fiancé,  

journalist. He/it makes a report.  




But all these people,  

these screams impress me.  




You three, always remain to that  

place, don't look at the device  




And don't laugh!  




Here is my fiancé.  





grant me this grace!  




You, over there, why  

don't you ask for a grace?  




Be more imploring!  




He/it is   o'clock: one will see itself  

in two hours.  




Go break the crust.  

Thank you and to tonight.  




Good appetite to all.  




Virgin Saint blessed, Madonnina,  

make that my small healed!  




Deliver me of this cross...  




He/it is going to die! II is going to die!  

My beloved treasure!  




An enormous crowd  

met on these places...  




previously nearly unknown. Numerous  

are the believers and the curious.  




Among these last one notices  

the Press, the photographers,  




and the correspondents  

of the big newspapers...  




The two children are again  

among the police officers.  




No order  

didn't arrive again from Rome.  




We are going to try to interview  

the uncle of the children.  




When, for the first time,  

if I dare to say, they saw it...  




the miracle.  




My... my nephews saw  

the apparition... Picture of the Madonna...  




March    of the year...  





of the year in progress.  




The children are going to arrive.  

One has just phoned!  




They arrive.  

One freed them!  




Now, don't move anymore from here.  




I immediately come back.  




I am going up to see...  




No, my cabbage, remain here  

with lady. Let's go!  




I also bring up myself.  




Plug the groups on the network,  

keep them to the maximum.  




Why have you changed so!  




Why don't you like me anymore?  




Virgin Saint, if he/it married me...  




I would come every day here  

to thank you...  




I don't ask you  

same not it...  




I would only like  

that he/it is mine as before.  




There they are!  




As soon as the children have arrived,  

turn toward them...  




I give you the signal  

with my handkerchief.  




She/it is there also  

my wife, by there...  




Heal me!  

Heal me!  




Make me win to the lottery!  




That becomes dangerous.  




One doesn't see anything anymore.  

It is cheerful!  




Water has the lamps jumped.  

Extinguish all!  




Immediately extinguish...  




We are at the shelter...  




rain started falling,  

and rather thick.  




There is the Madonna!  




And now the two  

children rise.  




They run  

in another direction.  




They say that they see the Madonna.  




The crowd follows them...  

of the mad!  




They head  

toward another point.  




There it is!  




Let me pass, these two small,  

they are going to catch a pneumonia.  




The Madonna says  

that if one doesn't build a church...  




If one doesn't raise him a church  

here, she/it won't come back anymore.  




Good night.  

Go back home!  




But release me!  




That is sufficient.  

You get there also...  




You don't have the right  

to make that!  




You are worse  

that of the hyenas!  




Loose! Bastard!  




He/it died!  




I am the woman of Steiner.  

Enter... We waited for you.  




I wanted to know you...  




Thank you to have come.  




And this book?  

You know his/her/its painting...  




You didn't come  

to my exhibition!  




One of your admirers...  

that is not true...  




because she/it doesn't know Italian.  

She/it finds it "decorative."  




I have the impression  

that I know you well.  




The day when you will like Marcello  

more that himself...  




you will be happy.  




The unique, the authentic woman,  

it is the oriental.  




Besides, where Eve was?  

To the terrestrial Paradise...  




And where was this Paradise?  

In Orient!  




Over there, the love has a value...  




And did you marry me?  




I committed a serious mistake...  




Mysterious, kindergarten,  

amante and girl at a time...  




the oriental remains to your feet,  

as a small  




tigress in love...  




That makes fifteen years that he/it speaks us  

of the Orient! That he/it remains there!  




Do you want to present me?  




What pretty face!  

Hold good with that ham!  




I tell it to you in his/her/its interest  

to him, and no in yours...  




She/it is submitted,  

in his/her/its mind and in his/her/its flesh.  








I present you my friend...  

of which I spoke you.  




And his/her/its fiancée...  




I share your ideas  

on the woman...  




We have to learn  

of these women of the Orient,  




they remained close to the nature,  

against centuries of civilization.  





To what does she/it serve you?  




What again?  




She/it serves to more knowledge  

to make the love.  




Each speaks of what he/it knows!  




I envy you a lot.  




I read your narrations  

through the world.  




I would like to travel a lot!  

One has the possibility  




of exceptional meetings...  




I would like to have some children  

of all colors...  




as a bouquet!  




Is it all that you have to say?  




What gallery to the memories!  




Believe yourselves that one can  

to be content with memories?  




I have some projects!



Is it our friend's fiancée?  




Are you southern?  




He/it is admirable!  




He/it wrote  

of the score of works...  




and he/it keeps his/her/its child's ingenuousness.  




From where comes him so much optimism,  

so much faith?  




I like well that he/it comes here...  




I even wonder  

if I don't envy it.  




You have a very beautiful Morandi.  




I like it a lot.  




The objects bathe in the dream...  




and however they are painted  

with a matter that returns them...  




nearly tangible.  




It is an art where nothing  

has not been let at random.  




You have two loves...  




and you don't know how to choose:  




journalism or literature.  




Mistrust the jail!  




Remain free! Available.  

As me.  




Don't marry anything, do never choose.  




Even in love,  

he/it is worth to be chosen better.  




I read your poems...  

I dreamed to write some.  




I like them: strong, clear...  




Not of a woman.  




What do you know some women?  




It is the art that I prefer,  

who will serve tomorrow.  




Clear, clean art,  

without rhetoric.  




Who doesn't lie.  

Who doesn't flatter.  




I have a profession that displeases to me  

but... I think about tomorrow...  




We must think of the following day...  

without forgetting to live today.  




If one lives intensely...  




in the fullness of the mind,  




every instant  

account for one year,  




and every year  

rejuvenate us of five years!  




Tonight, you are an oracle!  




An oracle... alcoholic!  




You think too in the future.  




But you, so different,  

what do you make of your days?  




I want to say: that is that that  

do you like to make the more?  




But... I don't know.  

And you?  




Me, I know it very well.  

Three big escapes:  




to smoke, to drink, to lie down.  




It is that, your wisdom!  




You read my verses,  

but you didn't understand me.  




You are a primitive. As primitive  

that a Gothic arrow...  




You are so big that you are not able to anymore  

to hear no voice of up there.  




You imagine it to you!  

To my real size...  




I am not  

higher than that...  




Aussi that an arrow   

gothique... You are so big   




que you cannot hear anymore   

aucune voice of there-haut.  




Tu you the imagines!  

A my real taille,  




je is not higher than that.   




It is an old strip.  

Excuse me. I change it.  




Why cannot one hear it?  




I would not like...  

These are noises without importance.  




These are noises of the nature...  




Tell him to iron them to us.  




Why did you record them?  




I found them beautiful.  




Do you hold there?  




I already know them.  

Very stimulants...  




The birds!  




It is like that!  




The forest.  




What do you make there?  




Why done raise?  




These small naked feet!  

You are going to catch a cold.  




He/it heard your storm...  




You wanted to give me  

a small kiss?  




Dad head!  




Dad "head?"  

You are not ashamed?  




Everybody knows it:  




Dad head!  




What beautiful children!  




What intelligent eyes he/it has!  




When one tells him something  

who touches it,  




he/it starts thinking,  

the dark air.  




And then he/it laughs all of a sudden,  

all happy.  




If one gives him a flower,  

he/it looks at it in all senses,  




and then he/it understands  

that she/it is beautiful.  




Precisely as you smile  

to music...  




It is necessary to be wise  

and to lie down you.  




I will be going to tell you  

good evening later.  




The small, her,  

is quite different.  




She/it likes the assemblies of the words.  




A new sentence marvels it.  




Sometimes she/it invents some,  

and of very beautiful.  




I noted some...  

For example:  




"Who is the mom of the sun"?  




She/it is indeed beautiful!  

It is already poet's sentence.  




Do you take them in your bed?  




They would like well,  

but one doesn't allow them.  




The small manages to slip through  

in our room,  




and to jump in the bed,  

between his/her/its mother and me.  




He/it takes me the finger  

and the greenhouse...  




the sweetness that there is  

to fall asleep thus...  




next to a small child...  




A long time ago  

what you know it?  




Yes... But us we are not  

seen that three or four times.  




You also, you will have one day  

a house as this one.  




All two!  




Make me come more often...  




Come when you will want...  

What is there?  




I should change setting...  

to change quite a lot of things.  




Your house is a shelter,  




your children, your wife,  

your books, your friends...  




I am by train  

to waste my time...  




I had some ambitions but...  




I am going all to lose,  

all to forget...  




To close again itself/themselves is not the salute.  

Don't make as me.  




Too serious to be an amateur,  

not enough to be a professional.  




Is a hard life better,  

that an existence...  




protected by a society...  





where all is foreseen, perfect.  




I cannot be for you that a friend:  

therefore, not of advice.  




To change, I would be able to  

to present you to a publisher...  




who would insure a work  

intelligent that can interest you  




instead of writing in these ducks  

half fascist...  




Do you want there to think?  

Then one in reparlera.  




Sometimes, the night, this obscurity,  

this tranquillity, weigh me.  




It is the peace that frightens me.  

I dread it above all.  




I have the impression  

that she/it is only an appearance,  




that she/it hides the hell.  




I fear what will know  

my children.  




One says that the world  

will be marvelous.  








Whereas the tooting of a telephone  

can announce the end of all..?  




It is necessary to live outside  

of the passions, of the feelings...  




in the harmony of a work  

of succeeded art.  




A magic order.  




It would be necessary to like itself/themselves so much...  




and to live thus outside  

of the time, detached,  








I cannot spend my life  

to phone you!  




I want to work in peace.  

I don't know.  




No. I don't tell to you where I follow,  

nor when I will go back.  




Go to the devil!  




You want not to stop  

your pretty song?  




Do you eat lunch?  




No. If. I don't know anything of it.  




One eats well, you know!  




It is difficult  

to learn to hit?  




Typist to be?  




That would please me well.  




You are cute!  




Oh! Cute,  

is necessary to not to exaggerate.  




Let's go therefore!  

You know it very well...  




You are not a Roman...  

from where are you?  




Close to Pérouse.  




How are you here?  




My father works very near.  




After Christmas, I will go to Ostie  




or in Rome.  




Your brother?  




My helper!  




You fell well, here.  




Yes, one is kind, but that  

doesn't please to me so.  




I am in a hurry to return  





A car registered "Pérouse"  




made me regret the house:  

I wanted to cry.  




Turn you therefore...  




Let's go one instant!  




One would say one of these angelfishes  




of the churches ombriennes...  




One already told it to you...  




Why do you laugh?  








Me, fiancée!  




Don't you write anymore?  




Can I put back music?  




Your father is there.  




He/it looks for you  

and says to be your father.  




Don't make the idiot!  




But he/it is there. He/it dines.  




Watch, two hours ago  

that he/it looks for you.  




It is true.  

He/it is at this table, over there.  




I looked for you, at home,  

to the newspaper...  




I was going to leave.  




One of your friends  

told me to wait for you here.  




My work obliges me to be  

outside all day.  




Why in Rome?  




A gait... this dairy farm  

of war damages.  




Here, quite drag.  




And you?  

You look good.  




You, you are in shape!  




And mom?  




She/it gave me a letter...  




She/it is well.  

A few breathless, as always...  




with age, those things,  

become more pronounced. Hold...  




You could write  

a little more often,  




and even to make a jump...  




Here, it is a bullfight!  




Did she/it tell you good evening?  

An actress?  




She/it would like well!  




It is only an extra  





Do you want to drink? A gin-fizz?  




A "Fritz gin?"  

My beer is excellent!  




Sacrebleu! What life, here!  

Is it like that all nights?  




At home, all is in the black.  

It is of a sadness!  




For you, that works..?  

You are acclimatized.  




Your work, does he/it return to you?  




If one manages,  

the journalism returns...  




I had luck...  





I go everywhere...  

Ministry, Vatican.  




I have a car... there,  

an apartment...  




To the fact: on the phone, at home,  

it is a woman who answered to me.  




Who is it?  




I don't tell you anything... you are a man.  

But no silliness...  




To have fun, okay.  

But the marriage, it is serious.  




These are the ties there...  




You think, dad.  

I understood:  




you should have spoken  

with my cleaning woman.  




Did you finally find it?  




You already know my father...  




We are already friends.  




Are you a photographer?  




It is an interesting work,  

artistic, in a certain sense.  




Do you work... with him?  




Yes... I have this bad luck!  




Do you know where our prince nestles?  




I nearly held it, and darn!  

II spun...  




I am going to see...  




You have work maybe...  




Do you have maybe to make?  

An appointment...  




One works... also.  




Here comes our "game"...  

a news, a photo!  




My newspaper perches up there...  




Do you remain in short, seated here?  




Does one go to the movies?  




Me there go well enough often,  




over there, there is not  

something else to make.  





I let you your liberty.  




You are young!  




I assure to you...  

we don't have anything to make!  




That is what one could make,  

to your opinion...  




to spend two hours...  




There are the nightspots...  




There is not a place pain...  




a species of cabaret...  

a cicia... kitcat...  




The "Cha-Cha!"  

An old box.  




The "Cha-Cha":  

it is well that.  




Do you want to go there?  




Just a glance...  




You don't know that me arrives  

not so often!  




Invite your friend therefore also.  

It is I that pay...  




Here, it is I that am going to adjust...  




Where do we go?  




Here, one pays all at once.  




Nothing changed...  

as I reminded it to me.  




But say me,  

were you here in     ?



No, I was in Turin.  




Do you want to drink something?  




But of course!  




Yes, let's take whisky.  




A report here...  

One would believe itself in a sepulcher!  




What beautiful woman!  

Long of thighs.  




Did you already go to Paris?  

Me two times went there.  




Once, I entered  

in a cabaret...  




A beautiful girl...  




to the long thighs,  

as this one.  




She/it begins her/its effeuillage...  

And stark naked...  




it was a man, the bastard!  




And your father?  




I have it again.  




He/it must be very young...  

And that he makes?  




Nothing! The crook!  




Of the morning in the evening, he/it makes  

that to bother my mother and my sister.  




He/it sings, he/it hisses...  

he/it quarrels to go to the movies.  




That is not true!  




I could always wait  

my photo...  




Do you know it?  




He/it knows it...  




















You can remain  

with this type?  




Attention! It is my father!  












I had promised him a photo...  

It is a good girl.  




I don't doubt some, believe me!  




Does one invite it?  




Let's invite it.  

And then, my children...  




let's order a bottle  

of champagne.  




An orange drink,  

it is again too much!  




Of champagne. Okay.  




Of the Widowed Cliquot.  




Let me make.  

I know myself there.  




I sold some to half  

of Italy.  




While waiting,  

drink your whisky.  




There it is. And also the waitress.  

What do you want besides?  




You, I don't greet you!  

You either.  




You saw work  

of your son?  




Some beautiful work is not this.  

Of wind!  




It is not possible  

what you is his/her/its father?  




You are too young.  




Let's not speak of my age.  




Don't underline  

"of years the irreparable outrage"...  




Do you know what ages us?  

It is the boredom.  




I traveled, when I was young.  




Then I felt like a lion.  




Even now, as soon as I move,  




I don't give up it in anything  

to these two boys.  




To the house,  

it is as if I was    years old.  




Show us your address  

for the Coca-cola.  




Champagne, it is my ray!  




Silence! Watch!  




It is so beautiful!  

II makes me cry always.  




Perfectly: to cry!  




To your splendid legs  

that I had luck to admire!  




It is necessary to drink some again  

a finger parbleu!  




I toasted to your beautiful legs.  




Now it is necessary  

that I toast to...  




Nothing scandalous!  




Your father is a lot more  

nice that you.  




But no... don't speak to of it anymore,  

don't swear like that!  




Hold, I am going to show you  

a small tour...  




Let's see if you succeed it  

you also.  




It is necessary to put a piece  

on his/her/its forehead,  




and to make fall her  

without touching the nose.  




It is very easy!  

Child's game!  




I take my piece,  

I put it to you on the forehead.  




Did you have me, hey?  




It is I that go  

to tell you a joke...  




A lady sends her husband  

to the market  




to buy three shirts,  




six pairs of handkerchiefs and then...  




how is that called?  

For the women...  








Our man leaves,  

and then on the way...  




he/it drinks and forget all.  




When he/it goes back, his/her/its mistress...  




forgiveness, his/her/its wife.  

His/her/its wife tells to him:  




"Then, my business"?  




"I have them! "  

And he/it takes his/its like that handkerchief...  




"And the handkerchiefs, where they" are?  

There they" are! "  




"And the shirts"?  




"They are here, love! "  




"And the bra,  

where is he/it"?  




"I have it, I have it!  

There it is! "  




You don't have need of it!  




Sad jackass!  




He/it doesn't remain any champagne anymore.  

It is necessary to order some.  




It is a waltz.  

It is tempting...  




If you allow me...  

Do you want to dance?  




I pull of it to me!  




When I was small, Paparazzo...  




when I was small...  

dad was never home.  




He/it left for one week,  

twenty days...  




If you had seen  

my mother's tears!  




I don't know it  

so to speak not.  




That gave me pleasure  

to see it tonight again.  




Is he/it friendly... no?  




Yes, very.  

Tonight, it is necessary that he/it has fun.  




It doesn't dance itself  

as this!  




But no!  

Me, I like it better so.  




Then... then, let's dance.  




What magnificent eyes!  




How must take me  

this compliment?  




Homage of my immense  





I am afraid that you are  

as him!  




As my son?  




Maybe one is the same race.  




Your father comes with me.  




You are me...  




You are anxious to go to her  

to eat spaghettis?  




He/it wants to taste my spaghettis  

to the bolognaise!  




Are you well in my coach?  




Listen, dad...  

All goes well?  




All goes very well, in excellent  

company, let me alone!  




If you make the love  

as I behave...  




It is again a beautiful man,  

my father...  




You chose the road  

the longest!  




Why all this detour?  




Don't you descend?  




I am tired.  




I let you the car...  

you take back my father.  




Tell to him that I have been obliged  

to pass to printing...  




Tomorrow morning,  

that he/it phones me before leaving.  




I am going to make a small tour,  

that will wake me up.  




Where were you?  

That makes one half-hour...  




Your father is badly.  




An uneasiness?  

Don't I know... did He/it drink too much?  




I went to the pharmacy.  




Is he/it alone?  




Course to the pharmacy!  




No noise,  

it is well a house...  




Extinguish light.  




It is not anything!  

I drank maybe too much!  




Surely, it is not anything.  




Do say, do you want a glass of water?  




No. That is going to pass.  




To what happened?  




An uneasiness.  

He/it made me one of these fears!  




Marcello is with him.  




Can I make myself of coffee?  





II told me to wait here.  




Where are we?  

In what district?  




Don't know!  




Is it far?  




When I came to Rome,  




I always descended  

in a small hotel Place Fiume.  




What time is it?  




Nearly   hs...  




To   hs    I have a train.  

It is necessary that I take it.  




I have the time.  

So, I have the time.  




Why you don't come  

a few at home?  




You take a rest a little...  




I prefer to leave:  

I will have gone back at    o'clock.  




My watch!  




Leave later!  




I feel better...  




Reason is that that  

would not you again remain tomorrow?  




At home, or if you prefer  

to remain to your hotel...  




I will keep my free day.  

One will be able to remain together...  




We will chat.  




One never sees itself...  




It is necessary that I leave.  




It is I that made it call.  




The taxicab, one can send back it.  




Don't leave!  




No, I want to go back home.  




Goodbye, good health  

and... goodbye.  




Good, my boy...  




I am happy of you to have seen.  

Write us!  




Don't accompany.  

I prefer to go of it to me only.  




I burst you!  




You imagine  

that everybody is deceived...  




He/it hands some  

because there are some women!  




It was great.  

I inquire...  




Come here, rotted!  




My small Marcello, nasty,  

sulphurizing, tantouse!  




Where do you go?  




In Bassano...  

to my fiancé's castle.  




Don't you take me?  




Paparazzo wanted  

to make you make a report  




for the "Garden of the Fashions."  




I don't make photos of fashion anymore.  

Since one year. Enough!  




A place for my friend and me?  




In the car behind.  




Of the place  

for two unhappy creatures?  




I have a friend with me.  

Can he/it also go up?  




One of your gigolos...  

Put yourselves behind.  




Follow us!  




Let's hope that one will be able to  

to lie down early.  




At this hour,  

he/it will remain only the fossils.  




At home, the feasts...  




are funerals  

first class very successful.  




Take this species of dog.  




What language do you speak?  








Good night to all.  




You are going all to reverse!  




Watch that I bring to you...  




Hey! My whore!  




Who asked you to come?  




A magnificent ceremony,  

sad and moving.  




The true people  

carried the flowers  




on the tomb of his/her/its beloved chief.  




One doesn't present us...  

I am the third child...  




of very far  

least important.  




Want to know you  

my family?  




She/it pretends to sleep,  

because she/it doesn't want to speak to no one.  




Let's climb on the family tree...  




I present you Mr. Rubini,  




someone that seems  

to work seriously.  




Are you a journalist?  




I would need a nurse  

who gets in bed.  




Who handles it? You?  




Do you want to serve me of nurse?  




Don't you make them wash ever?  

They stink!  




They have a marvelous odor!  




And has the most famous "debutante"  

that I would like to marry.  




Thank you! I know it!  




Make me dance!  




Was it he or you?  




Me, of course!  




You want to see your name  

in the newspapers...  




If we went to our business?  




What would "our business" be?  




My husband was a journalist,  




but his/her/its news  

were exaggerated.  




Peace to his/her/its ashes!  

I didn't understand it that late...  




Is "better to have  

of the exaggerated news  




"than not of news of the all."  

My husband thought the same thing.  




It is the public himself  

who requires these amplifications.  




Me, I would have the possibility  

to give you news  




exaggerate not so!  




I know this perfume...  




Where did one fish you?  




I am well, I am intoxicated.  




Do you know Jane?  




American, painter,  

who lives in Rome  




as if it was a colony.  




One receives it to listen  

the garbage that she/it takes.  




She/it is very funny.  




The Montalbans...  




Federica, The Wolf,  

adore to nurse the young people.  




The Gonfaloneiris:  

the half of Calabria...



The small Eleonora:  





two unsuccessful suicides.  




The Sanseveris:  

castles in Tuscany.  




Don Giulio, with Nico...  




his/her/its friend Swede  

she/it will be princess.  




Don't make that head!  




Do you believe that we are better?  




Them, at least,  

make some things elegantly.  




This villa over there...  

who there home?  




She/it is uninhabited.  




It is yet the most beautiful.  




Me also, I am uninhabited,  

do you know it?  




And this "gynécée"  

what is it?  




The grandmothers...  

the trisaïeules...  




Beautiful women!  

They have all same eyes!  




You know that I often have  

done think about you?  




I don't understand you.  




Me either!  




No matter.  




If you want to speak me  

seriously... lets fall.  




How is your friend?  




You are afraid  

of the serious conversations?  




No, but you are not known  

what it is.  




It is the lounge  

of the serious conversations.  




Do you hear myself?  




You never have me  

sensible of so near.  




Where are you?  




Do you also hear myself?  




From where do you speak to me?  




From afar, of very far.  




If I am quiet,  

it is as if I didn't exist anymore.  




I am always there,  

don't move...  




Would you marry myself?  




And you?  




Me, yes.  

I am in love with you...  




Since when?  




Do you recognize this noise?  




Now, guess!  




A kiss?  




For you...  




Would you marry myself then?  




Would you be afraid to answer?  




Why this question?  




I would like to be your wife  

and to be you faithful.  




I would like all at once:  

to be your wife...  




and to amuse me like a prostitute...  








he/it seems me to like you,  

to have need of you...  




You spoke to me seriously  

or do you ridicule me?  




I like you...  

I would like to remain close to you.  




You would hate myself after!  




Why would I hate you?  




One cannot have all at once:  

one or the other.  




And I cannot choose anymore.  




I was never capable  

to choose.  




I am only a prostitute...  

It is without remedy.  




I will always be a prostitute.  




And I don't want to be other.  




It is not true.  




You are an extraordinary girl,  

me I know it.  




Your courage, your sincerity...  




I need you.  




Your despair gives me strengths.  




You will be marvelous,  

because one is able all to tell you.  




This game lasted enough.  




Come back here,  

I want again to speak you.  




We go to hunt  

to the ghosts.  




To the head of my section...  




I spent the night  

in a castle...  




To the castle,  

we saw a small girl,  




a candle to the hand...  




One knew that it was not  

a small girl...  




... and even less a candle.  




What silence!  




Over there a light...  




The candles on the windows!  




You are deprived of imagination...  




And the hunchback's history  

what do the peasants tell?  




Not the least light  

electric, here?  




There are some bald mice!  




But these are my topics  

of predilection!  




Make sure!  




In there  

"the excellence" will stick you...  




My cabbage!  

The key is not there.  




She/it must be here,  

on the floor.  




Here is the key.  




Don't you come here?  




Since two years!  




I would like to make there  

a magnificent pied-à-terre...  




That is going to lay the journalist...  




an article  

on the rotted aristocracy?  




I am interested in other topics.  




And you don't believe  

so interesting!  




It is full of rats, cockroaches,  

vipers, owls, vampires...  




and now, full of prostitutes!  




I illuminate everybody...  




Of when dates this house?  




Five centuries, in     .  




Who built it?  




The pope Jules II.  




Do you have a pope?  




We had two of them!  




If you are afraid, serve you of me!  




Two popes, my love!  




It is I that will drive you.  




By there, by there. Come.  




One sweeps the floor.  

You will pay us!  




I feel that here  

I could like you.  








You are an apparition  





You come out of a picture!  




What disaster!  




A beam would be necessary,  

of a wall to the other.  




It tightens me the heart to see  

that all falls thus by flap.  




You, you are never here...  

the whole time in Rome,  




you don't take care of anything.  




That you want that I make there...  




One day, you will the master be?  




I am your ancestor,  

my Giulio!  




Put the camp, dunce!  




If you see a ghost,  




immediately throw you  

in my arms.  




It is sufficient!  

Be serious or go-t'en!  




Your aunt, a medium?  




His/her/its husband parted with her  

because he/it found  




of the ghosts in his/her/its bed...  




I met you  





It is possible.  

I work in an office.  




Do you work?  




Who should come?  




Christina makes me laugh...  




Who are you?  




With whom do you want to communicate?  




I feel a fluid!  




I have contact, I have contact.  




- And don't laugh!  

- I don't laugh!  




There is a message  

for one us?  




This light in the country  

who ignites and who dies out?  




It is a tractor.  

In summer, one even works the night.  




Call sister Edwige!  




Every year, she/it goes for a walk  

while holding his/her/its head on a dish.  




Are you again there?  




Let me in peace!  

Go-t'en, I implore of it to you!  




Is it the same that the other time?  




I feel you!  




Your breath in my chest,  

your blood in my veins...  




She/it is quite intoxicated.  








Say me that you are.  




With whom do you want to communicate?  





there is a message for you.  




This prostitute  

is in love with you.  




You cannot escape  

to my love...  




We joke.  




Who are you poor soul?  

Why do you cry?  




I am going to illuminate.  




No, not here.  




No, my love,  

what do you make?  




You are mad!  

Mad, my cabbage!  




It is the first time  

that I see the dawn.  




Do you know my son?  




Let's go eat spaghettis!  




This thief!    liras the egg!  




Send back him and good evening!  




Do you again go for a walk?  




Did you well sleep, mom?  




Do you believe yourself a jeunot?  

What did you make?  




We went  

to visit the villa.  




Francesca to the Mass!  

It will make you the good.  




The princess mother.  




To be been about the sort?  




One would not make that to a dog!  

For whom do you take yourself?  




If you liked me half  

of my love, you would understand.  




You don't like anybody.  




You don't even imagine  

what to tell to like wants.  




You know it!  




An egoist, there is what you are!  

You have the hard heart, emptiness.  




You look for the women.  




And you believe that it is that, the love!  




I know. Four hours ago  

that you keep repeating it to me.  




I am not able to some anymore.  




All men  

are not as you.  




There is some that are happy...  




to find someone that likes them  

and that don't look for more.  




There you that are like that are only.  

What misfortune!  




My misfortune,  

it is of you to have met.  




I have enough of to have you  

close to me.  





once for all!  




Where do you go, silly?  

Come here!  




No! Let me!  

Let me live!  




What do you want?  

What do you wish to be?  




You are a miserable worm,  

you will finish alone, like a dog.  




You will see!  




Who will remain with you  

if I leave you?  




What will you make of your life?  




You will find  

who likes you as me?  




I cannot pass  

my life to like you.  




You say that I am mad...  




that I live in dream,  

out of the reality.  




But it is you  

who follows the wrong way.  




You don't understand therefore that that that  

import the more, you already have it...  




a woman who likes you...  




who would give its life  

as if you were unique to the world.  




You waste all!  




You are always worried,  

still unhappy.  




When two beings like themselves,  

the rest doesn't count anymore.  




What can you have fear?  




Of you, of your selfishness...  




of the distressing poverty  

of your ideal.  




What you propose to me  

is a life of earth worm.  




You don't speak  

that kitchen and of bed.  




A man who accepts to live thus,  

it is a finished man... a worm!  




I don't believe in this love  

aggressive, gluing, maternal.  




I don't want some.  

He/it doesn't serve to me.  




That, the love?  

It is exhaustion!  




How is necessary him to tell you  

what I cannot live thus?  




I want to be alone.  








You are a trash, a coward.  

You make me the pain!  




Good! I make you the pain,  

and you disgust me.  




I won't leave.  

I remain with you.  




You won't remain anymore with me.  





It is finished, mad the camp!  




You are a bastard.  




I curse you!  




You will find a truck driver...  




Go with your prostitutes!  




Where do you go?  

Defense to enter.  




Pass therefore.  




It is monstrous!  




He/it killed his/its two children,  

then he/it killed himself/itself...  




They will let you enter.  

Say that I am with you.  




I will palm off the photos  

to your duck... Make me pass.  




I am a friend...  




He/it tells to be a friend of M. Steiner.  




Him only.  

Later my children!  




Of the public prosecutor's office: a meter fifty...  




His/her/its wife doesn't know anything.  




She/it is not there.  

She/it goes back at   o'clock.  




Before the massacre...  




he/it phoned a neighbor,  




while asking it to go  

to his/her/its wife's meeting.  








Tu is primitive...   





que a Gothic arrow.   




Tu is so big that you are not able to...   




entendre no voice of there-haut.  




A my real size...   




je is not higher than that.   




I was friend of Steiner.



Since when?  

Were you an intimate friend?  




Did you see it?  




Can you speak of it?  




I was a friend of Steiner,  




but we didn't see ourselves  





I don't know anything.  




There was not, by chance,  




something strange  

in his/her/its life?  




I don't know... of the worries...  

something else?  




No, I don't believe.  




Did he/it think about the suicide?  




I don't know anything of it.  




I will see at the morgue,  

with the children.  




He/it is    hs    it is necessary that I go  

to the meeting of Mrs. Steiner.  




I will take with me a tenant  

to recognize it.  




I come...  




Be understanding,  

for once at least!  




Say it...  




to your colleagues:  

they exaggerate indeed.  




Was he/it afraid maybe?  




Do you speak of Steiner?  

Did one have him fact of the threats?  




Not in the sense  

where you hear it.  




Maybe he/it was afraid of himself.  

Of us all.  




What is there?  

Do you take me for a star?  




I would need you  

during one instant.  




To what happened?  




Have the kindness  

to follow me.  




An accident.  




Don't be afraid.  




To what happened?  

You must tell it to me...  




The children are wounded...  

But I promise you...  




And the keys?  




Go there.  

Drive the grid, go there!  




To Nadia's health  

who recovered its liberty!  




To the annulment of his/her/its marriage!  




To his/her/its husband's annulment!  

To the annulment of all!  




The matrimonial experience  

returns me to my old friends...  




loaded of all my desires.  




Virgin again?  




It is a marvelous sensation  

"to be annulled."  




It is necessary to get married first  

to be able to feel it.  




I confess Lucia.  




I want to hear...  




Did you finish?  




Who makes the love in a private capacity  

insult myself.  




Station... one of them  

is a senator's lover.  




Who brought them?  




They won't reach Christmas.  

One they will stumble before.  




You were not...  




writer or journalist,  





I left the literature  

and the journalism.  




I am "public relations"  

to the satisfaction of the concerned persons.  




I know: to live, it is necessary to write  

whatever, but that!  




To listen:  




II has a Greek profile.  




"The modernity of his/her/its expression  

bring closer it of the most modern  




"of the actors of our time:  

Paul Newman."  




You are a worm of earth.  




What would you be capable to make?  

For an interview?  




You would like  

that I write them for you!  





You would break my career!  




So instead of          

I gave you          




what would you write on me?  




You are Marlon Brando.  




And if I gave you        ?  




And a million?  




Pass the million, one will see...  




That, a joke?  




He/it made himself/itself badly...  




One made him a fang-in-leg.  




Trash! It is you that us  

brought here!  




One takes our business  

and we leave.  




What beautiful feast  

you are going to see!  




Ever seen of people  

more annoying than we.  




Our "feasted" bothers itself.  




Just! Why you don't make  

not of the striptease?  




But with your torso  

of intellectual...  




If you play  

"On a Persian market",  




I make you the number...  




We have you all seen to hair!  




Let me make it!  




I didn't see you.  




I propose that it is  

the Panther who makes it.  




Here is:  

Caterina will make the striptease.  




Too much technique...  

A professional!  




Why the heroine of the feast  

would not make the "strip?"  




Very gladly.  




If you make it seriously...  




I swear that I will stop smoking.  




Effeuillage, inaugural,  

and celebrant...  




of our dear Nadia,  

and baptism of his/her/its new life.  




It is necessary to give the example.  




It is silly!  




All the more reason!  




Your mink!  




Was she/it your mistress?  




I don't remember.  




I don't understand  

the "foreign language."  




She/it asked you...  

if I please you...  




It comes back to me, I want it!  








That is not sufficient?  

You don't amuse anybody!  




You begin to bother me!  

I have fun, me.  




You won't have courage  

to go until the tip.  




You tremble of fear.  




You are going to see!  




You should not remove  

first your bra.  




It is the next to last  

piece to withdraw.  




Been ever with a woman?  




She/it makes that seriously!  




You don't deserve a woman  

as her!  




Remove your mink...  




It is the moment.  




How his/her/its husband has he been able to  

to accept to divorce?  




She/it is remarkable!  




Marvelous! To hair!  




Here is...  




... the master of house!  




Children of whore.  




Don't go bother us!  

Nadia gets rid of a husband...  




Me me mad of the divorce  

of this madwoman.  




And I don't want  

of gossips... photos...  




You said that one could come!  




What is the shrewd  

who demolished the glass roof?  




At six o'clock, I leave...  




if you don't leave...  




me you mad outsides  

with foot.  




I saw you in Spolète.  




In one half-hour, of air!  




That is what that can make us  

that you leave. One doesn't move...  




One is between friends.  

You can leave.  




You could not find  

of what to amuse us?  




I increase your pledges.  




Nadia gave us  

a proof of good will.  




Invent something!  




I have some one thousand...  




two thousand ideas...  




I can lock you in  

during one week...  




without you got bored,  





What you will want!  




Let's close these curtains.  




Let's remain here, between us,  

in the intimacy.  




I propose that one makes the love  

with our American dancer.  




What good idea!  




I bet that you never had  

a man all to you.  




A man who holds you between  

his/her/its arms, that kiss your eyes...  




He/it is drunken.  




It makes as part  

of duties of the hospitality.  




A tourist duty.  

I am going to choose for you.  




In Tito, the raw,  

the first embrace.  




One didn't make anything again,  

one lacks courage.  




Tito, remove your vest...  




Do you believe that that is a male?  




I chose well for you.  




You will make in sort  

that she/it is woman.  




Our Tunisian will approach  

of the lawyer that lives memories...  




and she/it will take care  

of his/her/its reflexes.  




All means are good.  

You will release it if you are tired.  




No one leaves.  




You, half impotent  

as the man and as the artist...  




courage, jump the gate...  




You will pair off with Mariuccio.  




Lisa whom is a painter  

that to be able to lie down  




with his/her/its models...  




You know what I imagined  

for you?  




You bothered us enough.  




Who wants you to make laugh?  




Me you mad outsides with foot...  




Who therefore invited you?  




I am going to amuse you.  




This feast must not finish anymore.  

One is all shut in.  




Beautiful sentence!  

And original, with that!  




You burst desire  

to make the love with me...  




Because no one  

doesn't come under your sheets,  




you relieve yourself while scraping you  




the throat out of four  

small disks!  




Even in the Neapolitan stuffings,  

one doesn't find that!  




You are a pork,  

I don't tolerate that.  




Demand forgiveness  

to Mrs., to all...  




I want to make a speech  

to my friends...  




for the beautiful career  

that I owe to them.  




You, my good big,  

boorish, highlander...  




Let's make see them  

to this strip of castrated...  




You came to Rome  

to make fortune?  




I have bad luck so...  

I am unhappy...  




What is there?  

What do you have?  




And these small bills?  




I don't sign.  




But I make a movie.  




You ate greedily everything!  




It is not true.  




Dress yourselves. Outside!  




It is an ointment against the firings.  

It is necessary to spread itself/themselves him...  




That is going to happen, that will make you the good.  

It is a remedy  




against the headache.  




This girl is sick.  




Take it in the pine grove...  

a little air.  




I am sick!  




Does one make a beautiful big hen?  




I don't want to be  

a big hen!  




What do they make to him?  




That I am indeed  

completely equal!  




Do you want to dance?  




It is man's joke!  




I want to remain alone.  

Tonight, I feel melancholic.  




Me also!  




You were mean  

with Odette.  




I let to him  

an apartment!  




Who is the poor?  




I have stomachache.  




He/it is daylight.  




He/it is   hs   .  




At   o'clock I must be at the court...  




Don't you can me voiturer?  




But I don't go to Rome.  




That was a beautiful feast.  

But that is sufficient! Indeed...  




Where can well  

my shoes to be?  




What is there over there?  




The dawn always moves me...  




I feel all gluey.  




It is not interested anymore.  




I want to withdraw me.  




More he/it leaves from it,  

more he/it comes back from it!  




If there are two that retire of them,  

he/it takes ten of them. In      it will be...  




the complete rot.  




What infection will leave from it?  





What do you come to make here?  




Your fortune is made  

with that fish!  




My children, come to see!  

A monster!  




But he/it is living!  




He/it died since three days.  




A male or a female?  




Why would not one buy it?  




From where can he/it come well?  




Of Australia?  




What is the front  

and what is the behind?  




The poor!  




And he/it looks at you!  




Don't understand,  

one doesn't hear anything!  




One doesn't hear...  



Special help by SergeiK