Lady And The Tramp Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lady And The Tramp script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Walt Disney movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lady And The Tramp. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lady And The Tramp Script

            This is the night

          It's a beautiful night

          And they call it bella notte

            Look at the skies

            They have stars in their eyes

            On this lovely bella notte

            So take the love of your loved one

            You'll need it about this time

            To keep from falling like a star

            When you make that dizzy climb

            For this is the night

            And the heavens are right

            On this lovely

            Bella notte

            On this lovely

            Bella notte

            Silent as the snowflake in the night

            Holy is the spirit Of this night

            All the world is calm And peaceful

            All the world is bright and joyful

            Spirit of love

            And child of peace

            Love unending

            That shall not cease

            Peace, my children

            Of good will

            Peace, my children

            Peace, best all

            It's for you, darling. Merry Christmas.

            Oh, Jim dear!

            It's the one I was admiring, isn't it? Trimmed with ribbons?

            Uh, well, it has a ribbon.

            Oh, how sweet!

            - You like her, darling? - Oh, I love her.

            What a perfectly beautiful little lady.

            Come on, Lady. Over here.

            That's a girl.

            There now. A nice little bed for you.

            But, Jim dear, are you sure she'll be warm enough?

            Why, of course, darling. She'll be snug as a bug in a... Uh-oh.

            Almost forgot something. There.

            Good night, Lady. Now, now.

            Don't worry, darling. She'll go right to sleep.

            No, no, Lady.

            This is where you belong.

            Right here.

            Ah, look. She's lonesome.

            Don't you think maybe just for tonight?

            Now, darling, if we're going to show her who's master...

            we must be firm from the very beginning.

            Lady! Stop that now!

            Stop it!

            Lady, quiet now! Do ya hear me?

            Back to bed. Quick now.

            Not one more sound.

              - Aw, Jim. - Hmm? What? What?


              Oh, all right.

              But remember, just for tonight.

              All right, Lady. All right.

              I'm up. I'm up, Lady. I...

              Oh, no!

              What's wrong, Jim? What is it?

              Can't you explain to Lady about Sundays?

              Have you noticed, darling, since we've had Lady...

              we see less and less of those disturbing headlines?

              Yes, I just don't know how we ever got along without her.

              Say, she must be about six months old.

              We'd better be getting her a license.

              Hope it fits.

              My, but it does look nice.

              So grown up. Won't Jock and Trusty be surprised?

              Four steps ahead Then to the left

              And right to the place where I marked it

              With a bonny, bonny bone that I'll bury for me own

              In my bonny, bonny bank in the backyard

              - Ah, that's a grand sight! -Jock!

              Oh, Jock!

              - Hello, Jock. - Oh, oh, It's you, lassie.

              Notice anything different?

              - Eh, uh, y-you've had a bath? - No, not that.

              You've had your nails clipped?

              Uh-uh. Guess again.

              Well, I wouldn't a-be a-knowin' then.

              Why, lassie, a bonny new collar.

              - Do you like it? - Aye.

              Mmm, it must be very expensive.

              - Have you shown it to Trusty yet? - No.

              Ah, we'd best go at once.

              You know how sensitive he is about these things.

              He's dreaming.

              Aye. Dreaming of those bonny bygone days when...

              he and his grandfather were trackin' criminals through the swamps.

              They were?

              But that was before...

              Before what?

              This time you knew the truth, lassie.

              It shouldn't have happened to a dog.

              But, well...

              Trusty has lost his sense of smell.

              - No! - Aye.

              But we must never let on that we know, lassie.

              'T would break his poor heart.

              Uh, uh, uh, which way'd he go? Which way did he go?

              - Go? - Yeah! Big fella.

              'Bout, uh, six foot two.

              No, uh, three. Wore a stripped suit. No collar.

              Why, Miss Lady!

              You have a collar.

              Mm-hmm. And a license.

              My, my, how time does fly.

              Aye. It seems only yesterday she was cuttin' her teeth...

              on Jim Dear's slippers.

              And now, there she is, a full-grown lady.

              Wearin' the greatest honor man can bestow.

              The badge of faith and respectability.

              That's right, Miss Lady.

              As my grand pappy, Old Reliable, used to say...

              Don't recollect if I've ever mentioned Old Reliable before.

              Aye, you have, laddie.

              Oh, yeah.

              Oh, it's Jim Dear.

              Please excuse me.

              Hello there, Lady.

              Come on. Beat ya home.

              Ah, you win again.

              Steady now. Steady.

              Well, what have we here?

              Oh, big girl now, huh? All right.

              Oh, ladies first.

              You know, darling, with Lady here I'd say life is quite complete.

              Yes, dear. I don't imagine anything could ever take her place in our hearts.

              What a day!

              Well, now to dig up some breakfast.

              Cute little rascals.

              Coochie, coochie, coochie, coochie, coo.

              Now, that breakfast. Let's see. Bernie's?

              No. Francois?

              Oh, no, no. Nope. Too much starch.

              Ah, Tony's! Oh, that's it.

              Haven't been there in a week.

              A beautiful day to make pizza to taste

              And they call it bella notte

              Well, buongiorno, Butch!

              You wanna your breakfast, eh?

              Okay. the boss-a, he's-a save-a some-a nice-a bones-a for you.

              Breakfast a-comin' up from-a left field.

              Good-a catch!

              Whoa, boy. Whoa.

              Hey. Psst. Psst.

              - Blimey! Look, Peg. It's the Tramp. - Shh.

              Hiya, handsome. Come to join the party?

              All right, all right. No time for wisecracks. I've gotta get you out.

              I'm tellin' ya, the pressure's really hot. Signs all over town.

              - Gee, thanks. - You're a bit of all right, chum.

              - Okay, okay, get going. - Hey, what's goin' on over there?

              Scram! And be careful.

              What? You mangy mutt. Hey, let go. Let go of me!

              Well, Snob Hill. Ha.

              Hi, gals. How's pickin's?

              Pretty slim, eh?

              Yeah, I'll bet they've got a lid on every trash can.

              Uh-oh. And a fence around every tree.

              I wonder what the leash and collar set does for excitement.

              Lassie! Lassie!

              Oh, Miss Lady, ma'am!

              Miss Lady!

              Ah, good mornin', lassie.

              'Tis a bonny, braw, bright day, uh, today.

              Why, Miss Lady, is, uh, somethin' wrong?

              Aye, tell us, lassie. If somebody's been mistreatin' ya...

              Oh, no, Jock. It's something I've done, I guess.


              It must be. Jim Dear and Darling...

              are acting so...

              -Jim Dear and Darling? - Hush, man!

              - Now, lassie, get on with the details. - Well.

              I first noticed it the other day when Jim Dear came home.

              Down, Lady. Down!

              Darling? Darling, are you all right?

              Of course I am. Why shouldn't I be?

              Well, I just can't help worrying. After all...

              in your condition, alone here all day, walking that dog.

              - "That dog"? - "That dog"?

              He's never called me that before.

              Well, now, lassie, I wouldn't a-worry my wee head about that.

              Remember, they're only humans after all.

              That's right, Miss Lady.

              Uh, as my grand pappy, Old Reliable, used to say, um...

              Don't recollect if I've ever mentioned Old Reliable before.

              Aye, you have, laddie, uh, frequently.

              Oh, yeah.

              But now Darling is...

              Well, we've always enjoyed our afternoon romp together.

              But yesterday...

              No, Lady. No walk today.

              No, Lady. Not now.

              Lady! Drop that, Lady!

              Drop it, I say!

              It didn't hurt really.

              But Darling has never struck me before.

              Now, lassie, do not take it too seriously.

              After all, at a time like this...

              Why, yes. You see, Miss Lady...

              there comes a time in the life of all humans when, uh...

              Well, as they put it, uh, the birds and the bees.

              Or, well, uh, the stork.

              You know? Uh, no?

              Well, then, uh...

              What he's trying to say, lassie, is...

              Darling is expecting a wee bairn.

              - Bairn? - He means a baby, Miss Lady.

              Oh. What's a baby?

              Well, they, they resemble humans.

              - But I'd say a mite smaller. - Aye. And they walk on all fours.

              And if I remember correctly, they "beller" a lot.

              Aye. And they're very expensive.

              You'll not be permitted to play with it.

              But they're mighty sweet.

              And very, very soft.

              Just a cute little bundle...

              of trouble.

              Yeah. They scratch, pinch, pull ears.

              Aw, but, shucks, any dog can take that.

              It's what they do to your happy home.

              Move it over, will ya, friend?

              Home wreckers, that's what they are.

              Look here, laddie! Who are you to barge in?

              The voice of experience, buster.

              Why, just wait till junior gets here.

              You get the urge for a nice, comfortable scratch and...

              "Put that dog out! He'll get fleas all over the baby".

              You start barking at some strange mutt.

              "Stop that racket! You'll wake the baby".

              And then, then they hit you in the room and board department.

              Remember those nice, juicy cuts of beef?

              Forget 'em.

              Leftover baby food.

              And that nice, warm bed by the fire?

              A leaky doghouse.

              - Oh, dear! - Do not listen, lassie.

              - No human is that cruel. - Of course not, Miss Lady.

              Why, everybody knows a dog's best friend...

              is his human.

              Oh, come on now, fellas.

              Oh, you haven't fallen for that old line now, have ya?

              Aye, and we've no need for mongrels and their radical ideas.

              - Off with ya, now! Off with ya! Off with ya! - Okay, Sandy.

              - The name's Jock. - Okay, Jock.

              - Heather Lad O' Glencairn to you! - Okay, okay, okay!

              But remember this, pigeon. A human heart...

              has only so much room for love and affection.

              When a baby moves in...

              the dog moves out.

              Now, let's see. That'll be about...

              Oh, well.

              Darling? There isn't any way we can tell...

              for sure what it's going to be, is there?

              I'm afraid not.

              Nobody ever knows for certain.

              All we can do is hope.

              Darling, are you sure you want watermelon?

              Mm-hmm. Oh, and some chop suey, too.

              Chop suey?

              Oh, all right, darling.

              That darling booty.

              - And that bonnet! - Isn't it just too adorable!

              - Don't you just love showers? - Darling, I've never seen you look more beautiful.

              - Isn't she absolutely radiant? - Radiant?

              Why, that's just what I told Bill yesterday. "Bill", I said...

              Darling looks radiant. Positively radiant".

              "Why, in all my days", I said, "I've never seen anyone as radiant as Darling".

              - Oh, Jim, you look terrible. -Jim, absolutely horrible.

              I never saw you look worse.

              Cheer up, Jim. Old Doc Jones has never lost a father yet.

              Yes, Aunt Sarah, it's boy! Uh-huh, a boy! And he...

              What's that? Eyes?

              Oh, what colour are they? Wh...

              Oh, gosh! I-I-I forgot to look.

              A boy! It's a boy! It's a... Doctor!

              - Doctor, it's a boy. - Yes. Yes, I know.

              Uh-huh, a boy. Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

              It's a boy! It's a boy! It's a boy!

              Hello? Hello, Jim? Are, are you there, Jim?

              Central? Central, we've been cut off. Hello.

              Hello? Hello? Hello?

              What is a baby?

              I just can't understand.

              It must be something wonderful

              It must be something grand

              'Cause everybody's smiling

              In a kind and wistful way

              And they haven't even noticed

              That I'm around today

              What is a baby, anyway?

              Oh, what is a baby

              I must find out today

              What makes Jim Dear and Darling

              Act this way

              Oh, my little star sweeper

              I'll sweep the stardust

              For you

              Little soft fluffy sleeper

              Here comes a pink cloud

              For you

              Little wandering angel

              Fold up your wings

              Close your eyes

              And may love be your keeper

              There now, little star sweeper, dream on.

              Well, that should do it.

              There's enough here to take us halfway to China.

              Darling? Darling?

              We haven't much time.

              Jim, I just can't leave him.

              - He's still so small and helpless. - He'll be all right.

              Now, come on. If he wakes up, we'll never get away.

              But, Jim, I feel so guilty deserting him like this.

              Oh, nonsense.

              Hey! What's the matter with Lady?

              Oh, she thinks we're running out on him.

              Aw, don't worry, old girl. We'll be back in a few days.

              - And Aunt Sarah will be here. - And with you here to help her...

              Well, there's the old girl now.

              Coming, Aunt Sarah! Coming!

              Sorry I'm late, dears. Hope I haven't kept you waiting.

              - Here, let me take your things. - Now, now, now, now, no fussing.

              I know my way around.

              On your way, now. Mustn't miss your train.

              Have a good time, and don't worry about a thing.

              goodbye, dears. goodbye, goodbye.


              Now to see that big nephew of mine.

              Coochie, coochie, coochie. Oh, you adorable lit...

              Good gracious! What are you doing here? Go on, now. Shoo, shoo! Scat!

              Get out of here.

              Oh, there, there.

              Aunt Sarah won't let that dog frighten you anymore.

              No, no, no, no, no.

              Rock-a-bye, baby

              On the treetop

              When the wind blows

              We are Siamese if you please

              We are Siamese if you don't please

              Now we looking over our new domicile

              If we like we stay for may be quite a while

              Do you seeing that thing swimming round and round?


              Maybe we could reaching in and make it drown.

              If we sneaking up upon it carefully...

              there will be a head for you, a tail for me.

              Do you hear what I hear?

              A baby cry.

              Where we finding baby there are milk nearby.

              If we lookin baby buggy there could be

              Plenty milk for you and also some for me

              What's going on down there? Oh, merciful heavens!

              My darlings! My precious pets!

              Oh. Oh, that wicked animal.

              Attacking my poor, innocent little angels.

              Good afternoon, ma'am. What can I do for you?

              I want a muzzle. A good, strong muzzle.

              Uh, yes, ma'am. Now, here's our latest.

              Combination leash and muzzle. Now, we'll just slip it on like this, and...

              No. No, no, no, no. Nice doggy. No, no, don't wiggle.

              Uh, steady now. Now, now, now.

              - Careful, you little... - Watch out!

              - Doggy! Careful, doggy! - Come back.

              Come back here, I say! Come back here.

              Hey, Pige, what are you doing on this side of the tracks?

              I thought you... Wha...

              Ah, you poor kid.

              Oh, we've gotta get this off.

              I think I know the very place.

              Come on.

              Well, here we are.

              - The zoo? - Sure!

              No, no. This way. Follow me.

              - Oh! - What's the matter, Pige?

              - We can't go in? - Why not?

              - Well, the sign says... - Yeah, well, well that's...

              - That's the angle. - Angle?

              Look, we'll just wait for the right...

              Uh-oh. Here we are now.

              Just lay low.

              Hey, you!

              Uh, I beg your pardon. Were you addressing me?

              - What's the matter? Can't you read? - Why, yes. Several languages.

              Oh, a wise guy, eh?

              All right, now, what's this creature doin' here?

              - He's not my dog. - Oh, he's not, eh?

              Go away. Go on. Why, certainly not, Officer.

              Aye, I suppose you'll be tellin' me next it was the dog that was whistlin', eh?

              - I'm certain I don't know. - Oh, I'm a liar now, am I?

              Well, you listen to me! Aha! Resistin' an officer of the law.

              You're gonna pay! Oh!

              Pull a knife on me, will ya? Tryin' to assassinate me, are ya?

              Carryin' a concealed weapon!

              Come on, Pige. The place is ours.

              We'd better go through this place from A to Z.


              No, no, no. No use even asking them. They wouldn't understand.

              - They wouldn't? - Uh-uh.

              Too closely related to humans. Uh-oh!

              Alligators! Now, there's an idea!

              Say, Al, do you suppose your could nip this contraption off for us?

              Glad to oblige.

              Whoa! Whoa!

              Hmph. If anybody ever needed a muzzle, it's him.


              Hey, Pigeon, look out!

              What harebrained idiot would... Hey, look. A beaver!

              Here's the answer to our problem.

              Let me see here.

              Six foot six and seven-sixteenth inches.

              Pardon me, friend. I wonder if you'd do us a little...

              Busy, sonny, busy. Can't stop to gossip now.

              Gotta slide this sycamore to the swamp.

              This will only take a second of your time.

              Only a second? L-Listen, listen, sonny.

              Do you realize every second...

                 centimeters of water is wasted over that spillway?

              - Yeah, but... - Gotta get this log movin', sonny.

              Gotta get it movin'. 'T ain't the cuttin' takes the time.

              It's the doggone haulin'!

              The haulin'. Exactly!

              - Now, what you need is... - Better bisect this section here.

              What you need is a log puller.

              I said, a log puller!

              I ain't "deaf", sonny.

              There's no need to... Did you say, "log puller"?

              And, by a lucky coincidence, you see before you...

              modeled by the lovely little lady...

              the new, improved, patented, handy-dandy...

              never-fail, little-giant log puller!

              The busy beaver's friend.

              You don't say!

              Guaranteed not to wear, tear, rip or ravel.

              Turn around, sister, and show the customer the merchandise.

              And it cuts log hauling time    percent!

              Sixty-six percent, eh?

              Think of that! Well, how's it work?

              Why, it's no work at all. You merely slip this ring over the limb like this, and haul it off.

              Say, you mind if I slip it on for size?

              Help yourself, friend. Help yourself.

              Okay, don't mind if I do.

              How do you get the "consarned" thing off, sonny?

              Glad you brought that up, friend. Glad you brought that up.

              To remove it, simply place the strap between your teeth.

              Like this?

              Correct, friend. Now, bite hard!

              You see?

              It's off!

              Say, that is simple.

              Well, friend, we'll be on our way now, so...

              Not so fast now, sonny.

              I'll have to make certain it's satisfactory...

              before we settle on a price.

              Oh, no, it's all yours, friend. You can keep it!

              Uh, I can, huh? I can?

              Uh-huh. It's a free sample.

              Well, thanks a lot! Thanks ever so...

              Say, it works swell!

              But when she put that horrible muzzle on me...

              Oh, say no more. I get the whole picture. Aunts, cats, muzzles.

              Well, that's what comes of tying yourself down to one family.

              - Haven't you a family? - One for every day of the week.

              The point is, none of them have me.

              I'm afraid I don't understand.

              It's simple. You see... Hey!

              Something tells me it's supper-time. Come on. I'll show you what I mean.

              Now take the Schultzes here. Little Fritzie...

              That's me, Pige. Makes this his Monday home.

              Monday home?

              Ach, ja! Mondays is Mama Schultz cooking der wiener schnitzel.


              Now, O'Briens here is where little Mike...

              Sure and that's me again, Pige. Comes of a Tuesday.

              Of a Tuesday?

              Begorra and that's when they're after havin' that darlin' corn beef.

              You see, Pige, when you're footloose and collar-free...

              ah, you take nothing but the best.

              Hey, Tony's!

              Of course. The very place for a very special occasion.

              No, this way, Pige. I have my own private entrance.

              Wait here.

              Just-a one-a minute. I'm a-comin'. I'm a...

              What's-a matter? Somebody's a-makin' the April fool with...

              Oh, hello, Butch!

              Where you been-a so long? Hey, Joe, look who's here.

              Well, what do ya know? It's-a Butch-a.

              Hey, hey, hey, hey, Joe.

              Joe, bring-a some bones for Butch-a before he eat-a me up.

              Okay, Tony. Okay. Bones a-comin' up-a.

              What's this?

              Hey, Joe! Look-a. Butch, he's got a new girlfriend.

              Well, a-son of a gun! He's-a got a cocker Spanish a-girl.

              Hey, she's pretty sweet kiddo, Butch.

              You take-a Tony's advice and a-settle down with this-a one, eh?

              - "This-a one"? - This-a one. This-a one. Oh!

              Tony, you know, he's-a not-a speak-a English a-pretty good.

              Now, first-a we fix-a the table.

              Here's your bones, a-Tony.

              Okay, bones... Bones!

              What's the matter for you, Joe? I break-a your face-a.

              Tonight, Butch-a, he's a-get a-best in-a house!

              Okay, Tony. You the boss.

              Now, tell me, what's your pleasure?

              A la carte? Dinner?

              Aha! Okay. Hey, Joe.

              Butch-a, he says he wants-a two spaghetti especialle.

              Heavy on-a meats-a-ball-a.

              Tony, dogs a-don't a-talk.

              - He's a-talkin' to me! - Okay, he's a-talkin' to you.

              You the boss! Mamma mia!

              Now, here you are-a, the best-a spaghetti in-a town.

              For this is the night

              It's a beautiful night

              And we call it bella notte

              Look at the skies

              They have stars in their eyes

              On this lovely bella notte

              Side by side

              With your loved one

              You'll find enchantment here

              The night will weave its magic spell

              When the one you love is near

              For this is the night

              And the heavens are right

              On this lovely

              Bella notte

              This is the night

              It's a beautiful night

              And we call it

              Bella notte

              Look at the skies

              They have stars in their eyes

              On this lovely

              Bella notte

              Side by side with your loved one

              You'll find enchantment here

              The night will weave its magic spell

              When the one you love is near

              For this is the night

              And the heavens are right

              On this lovely

              Bella notte

              Oh! Oh, dear.

              - Is something wrong, Pige? - It's morning.

              Yeah. So it is.

              I should've been home hours ago.

              Why? Because you still believe in that "ever faithful old dog trey" routine?

              - Ah, come on, Pige. Open up your eyes. - Open my eyes?

              To what a dog's life can really be. Show ya what I mean.

              Look down there. Tell me what you see.

              Well, I see nice homes with yards and fences...

              Exactly. Life on a leash. Look again, Pige.

              Look, there's a great big hunk of world down there with no fence around it...

              where two dogs can find adventure and excitement...

              and beyond those distant hills...

              who knows what wonderful experiences.

              And it's all ours for the taking, Pige.

              It's all ours.

              It sounds wonderful.


              But who'd watch over the baby?

              You win.

              Come on. I'll take ya home.

              It's a beautiful night

              And they call it bella...

              Not to change the subject, but, uh, ever chase chickens?

              - I should say not. - Oh, ho. Then you've never lived!

              - But we shouldn't. - I know. That's what makes it fun.

              Aw, come on, kid. Start building some memories.

              But we, we won't hurt the chickens?

              Hurt 'em? No. We'll just stir 'em up a bit.

              Just look at those fat, lazy biddies. They should have been up hours ago.

              Some fun, eh, kid?

              Hey, what's goin' on in there?

              - What's that? - That's the signal to get going.

              Come on!

              - This is living, eh, kid? - Is it?

              Come on, Pige, follow me.

              You know, there's a little bit of bird dog in all of us, eh, Pige? Pige? Pige?

              Pige? Where are ya, Pige?



              Oh, Pige!

              Hey, hey, Dachsie, how we comin'?

              Just one more chorus and we're out.

              Okay, on a downbeat.

              One, two...

              Put her in number four, Bill, while I check her license number.


              All right, baby, in here.

              Well, well, look youse guys, Miss Park Avenue herself.

              Blimey, a regular bloomin' "debutante".

              Yeah, and pipe the crown jewel she's wearin'.

              Yeah. What ya in for, sweetheart?

              Puttin' fleas on the butler?

              All right, all right, you guys. Lay off, will ya?

              Ah, what's the matter, Peg?

              We was only havin' a bit of sport, we was.

              Well, can't you see the poor kid's scared enough already?

              Pay no attention, my little "orchechornya".

              That's right, dearie. They don't mean no real harm.

              Is like Gorky says in lower Dapts.

              Quote: "Miserable being must find more miserable being.

              Then is happy". Unquote.

              Boris is a philosopher.

              Besides, little "bublichki", wearing license here...

              that is like waving, you should excuse the expression...

              red flag in front of bull.

              My license? But what's wrong with it?

              There ain't nothin' wrong with it, dearie.

              Confidential. Is not one dog here would not give left hind leg for such a knick-knack.

              That's your passport to freedom, honey. Without it...

              Hey. Hey, hey, youse guys, look.

              Poor Nutsy is takin' the long walk.

              - Where is he taking him? - Through the one-way door, sister.

              You, you mean he's...

              Oh, oh, well, a short life and a merry one.

              Yep, that's what the Tramp always says.

              - The Tramp? - There now, there's a bloke what never gets caught.

              He's given the slip to every dog catcher in this burg.

              You won't believe this, dearie, but no matter how tight a jam he's in...

              that Tramp always finds some way out.

              I can quite easily believe that.

              Ah, but remember, my friends, even Tramp has his Achilles heel.

              Pardon me, amigo, what is this "chili heel"?

              Achilles heel, Pedro.

              This is meaning his, uh, weaknesses.

              Oh, oh, the dames! Yeah!

              He has an eye for a well-turned paw, he has.

              Let's see. There's been Lulu.

              Yeah, and Trixie.

              Und Fifi.

              And my sister, Rosita Chiquita Juanita Chihuahua, I think.

              What a dog!

              Yeah! Tell us about it, Peg.

              What a dog!

              Peg used to be in the Dog and Pony Follies.

              He's a tramp but they love him

              Breaks a new heart everyday

              He's a tramp They adore him

              And I only hope he'll stay that way

              He's a tramp

              He's a scoundrel

              He's a rounder

              He's a cad

              He's a tramp

              But I love him

              Yes, even I have got it pretty bad

              You can never tell when he'll show up

              He gives you plenty of trouble

              I guess he's just a no-count pup

              But I wish that he were double

              - He's a tramp - Boom ba-boom, ruff

              - He's a rover - Boom ba-boom, ruff

              -And there's nothing more to say - Boom ba-boom, ruff

              If he's a tramp He's a good one

              And I wish that I could travel his way

              Wish that I could travel his way

              Wish that I could travel his way

              Yeah, but he never takes 'em serious.

              Ah, but some day he is meeting someone different...

              some delicate, fragile creature...

              who is giving him a wish to shelter and protect.

              Like Miss Park Avenue here, eh, matey?

              Mmm, could be. But when he does...

              Yeah, I'm way ahead of ya. Under the spell of true love...

              The poor chump grows careless.

              The Cossacks are picking him up.

              And it's curtains for the Tramp.

              It's the little cocker, Bill, in number four.


              All right, baby, they've come to take you home.

              You're too nice a girl to be in this place.

              Courage, man. Courage.

              But I-I've never even considered matrimony.

              Nor I, but no matter which of us she accepts...

              we'll always be the best of friends.

              Now remember, not a word about her unfortunate experience.

              - You don't want to hurt her feelings. - Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


              Miss Lady, ma'am.

              Please, I don't want to see anybody.

              Now, now, lassie, Do not feel that way about it.

              Of course not, Miss Lady.

              Why, some of the finest people I ever tracked down were jail birds.

              Quiet, you great loony!

              Uh, please, lassie, uh, we've come...

              with a-a proposition for helping' ya.

              Help me? What do you mean?

              Well, now, you see, lassie...

              neither of us is as young as we used to be.

              But we're still in the prime of life.

              Aye, and we've both got very comfortable homes.

              That's right.

              Where we know you'll be welcome and appreciated, Miss Lady.

              So, so to come directly to the point...

              If you could, uh, find it possible...

              to, uh, to, uh, to, uh...

              You're both very kind, and I do appreciate it, but...

              Oh, Pigeon! Oh, Pige...

              Oh! Hi, boys.

              Anything new in the kennel club set?

              Little something I picked up for ya, Pige.

              Looks like I'm the one that's in the doghouse.

              If this person is annoyin' you, Miss Lady...

              We'll gladly throw the rascal out!

              That won't be necessary. Thank you.

              Very well, ma'am.

              You, you mongrel!

              Ah, come on, Pige. It wasn't my fault.

              I thought you were right behind me. Honest!

              - When I heard they'd taken you to the pound... - Oh!

              Don't even mention that horrible place.

              I was so embarrassed and, and frightened.

              Oh, now, now, now.

              Who could ever harm a cute little trick like you?

              Trick? Trick!

              - That reminds me. Who is Trixie? - Trixie?

              And Lulu? And Fifi? And Rosita Chiquita whatever her name is?

              Chiquita ch... Oh! Oh, yes, well, I can explain...

              - As far as I'm concerned, you needn't worry about your old heel. - My heel?

              - I don't need you to shelter and protect me. - Yes, but, but, but...

              If you grow careless, don't blame me. And I don't care if the Cossacks do pick up you.


              And take this with you!

              Stop that!

              Hush now! Hush!

              Stop that racket!

              What's wrong, Pige?

              - A rat! - Where?

              Upstairs, in the baby's room.

              - How do I get in? - The little door on the porch.

              Merciful heavens!

              Oh, you poor little darling. Now, now, now, now, now.

              Thank goodness you're not hurt. You, you vicious brutes!

              Back! Get back!

              Go, go on! Get back! Now, the pound! The pound!

              That's it. I'll call the pound.

              Come here! Come here!

              Come on, come on. Come along! I'll call them this minute.

              Couldn't sleep a wink with that brute in the house.

              Hello! Hello!

              I don't care if you are alone there, young man.

              I insist you pick him up immediately.

              Darling, look!

              And if you want my advice, you'll destroy that animal at once.

              Don't worry, ma'am. We've been after this one for months.

              We'll take care of him.

              - Well, what do you suppose... - Say, what's going on here?

              Just pickin' up a stray, mister. Come on, get up!

              - Caught him attackin' a baby. - Good heavens!

              - My baby! - Aunt Sarah!

              Aunt Sarah! Aunt Sarah!

              - Aunt Sarah! - Aunt Sarah!

              I was certain he was no good the moment I first laid eyes on him.

              Yeah, but, uh...

               I never thought he'd do a thing like that.

                Thank goodness I got there in time. There they were, crib overturned...

                Oh, I'm sure there must be some mistake. I know Lady wouldn't...

                Watch out! That dog's loose! Keep her away!

                Nonsense! She's trying to tell us something.

                What is it, old girl?

                What are you trying... Darling, Aunt Sarah, come here.

                - What is it, Jim? - Ah! A rat!

                A rat?

                We should've known.

                I misjudged him badly.

                Come on. We got to stop that wagon.

                But, man, we do not know which way they've gone.

                We'll track 'em down.

                - And then? - We'll hold 'em, hold 'em at bay.

                - Now what? - The scent. Follow the scent.

                Ach, let's face it, man.

                We both know you've lost your sense of smell.

                Go on! Get outtalk here! Go on, you, get away!

                Go on, you, get away! Watch it now. Watch it! Watch it!

                Hi, Pige.

                All right, everybody, watch the birdie.

                Steady now.

                Hold it.

                I guess I used a little too much.

                Uh-oh. Darling.

                - Visitors. - Visitors?

                Why, it's Jock.

                And good old Trusty.

                Careful now, man. Careful.

                - It's a wee bit slippery. - Yes, yes.

                All right, boy, we'll let 'em in.

                Oh, no, not you, young man. You're going to take a nap.

                Well, Merry Christmas! Come in! Come in!

                If you'll just step into the parlor, I'll see about refreshments.

                Oh, darling, where did you put the dog biscuits?

                You know, the box Aunt Sarah sent for Christmas.

                In the kitchen, Jim dear.

                Oh, no doubt about it. They've got their mother's eyes.


                But there is a bit of their father in 'em, too.

                Well, and I see you finally acquired a collar.

                Oh, yes, complete with license.

                Oh, yeah, a new collar.

                Caught the scent the moment I came in the house.

                "Trusty", I says, "Trusty, somebody's wearin' a new collar".

                Of course, now...

                my sense of smell is very highly developed.

                Runs in the family, you know.

                There'll be no livin' with him from now on.

                As my grand pappy, Old Reliable, used to say...

                I don't recollect if I've ever mentioned Old Reliable before.

                No, you haven't, Uncle Trusty.

                Huh? I haven't?

                Well, uh, as Old Reliable used to say...

                He'd say, uh, uh... He'd say, uh, uh...

                Dog gone.

                You know, I clean forgot what it was he used to say.

                Peace, my children

                Of good will

                Peace, my children


                Be still

Special help by SergeiK