Lady Sings The Blues Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lady Sings The Blues script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Diana Ross movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lady Sings The Blues. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lady Sings The Blues Script





All right, Eleanora.






Miss Holiday.



You better haul

your little black ass in here.






It's about time.



Girl, if you wants to lay around all day,

you is in the wrong end of the business.



When I give it away for the first time,

it ain't gonna be to no $  john...



in East Baltimore. That's for damn sure.



At the rate you going, by the time

you decide to give it away...



you'll have to pay some john

$  just to take it.



I's here, y'all. I got my $ .



That's dynamite.



And I see just the woman I want.



Come here, baby. Come to Papa.



Got a surprise for you.

I got a surprise for you.



I got a surprise for you, too,

if you don't leave me alone.



- Come here, sweetie.

- What?



Come over here.



Let me tell you something. Come on.

Come on. I know. I know. Listen.



I'm trying to talk to this...



Now, what do a fine man like you

want with a child like this?



She ain't    years old yet.



- What that got to do with anything?

- I know.



I come here to spend my money.



Suppose I take you over here

and show you a real woman...



who could give you your money's worth.






No, that one's

plenty woman enough for me.



Don't try to give me no jive, broad.

I see what I want.



I come here to spend my money.



And I see what I want, and this is it.



- Come on. Come on, now.

- Well, you can't get what you see.



And since you don't want

what you can get...



then you know where you can go,

and this is it.



We don't need his kind, no way.



Imagine him making all that fuss

over one young kid.



- He must have been good and drunk.

- Yeah, drunk or blind. Shit.



All right, honey.

You can go now. That's enough.






You are wearing this thing out

and me with it.



Now, why don't you take it with you

and make it a good home?



You mean, I can have it?



If you can get out of here with it

before I can count to   . One...



two, three, four...



five, six, seven, eight...



nine, ten.



Eleanora. Eleanora.



The good Lord

give you two long legs to run with...



and He give me two strong hands...



to beat your black behind blue

the next time you slowpoke home...



when you know we got an all-night drive

before we get to Cousin Charlotte's.



- Sorry.

- Now, here.



You take these here keys

and make sure you use them.



I don't wanna come back here Sunday

night and find the house all cleaned out.



Talking about cleaning,

you didn't do the steps this week...



and the oven could use

a good scrubbing.



I didn't have time to make the beds,

and there's washing to be put out.



Wave goodbye to your cousin Eleanora.



I'm gonna call Reverend Jones and

make sure you get to church on Sunday.



Now, you be a good girl, Eleanora,

and next time you can come with us.



There's a letter inside

from your mama from New York.



And empty out the pan under the icebox.






Want to anyway



I don't care what people say



If I should



Take a notion



To jump into the ocean



Ain't nobody's business



If I do



If I do



If my man ain't



Got no money



And I say take all



I's here. Got my $ .



It's dynamite. That's dynamite.



Come on. Come on.



Don't be afraid of me.



I'm not gonna hurt you.



I'm not scared of you,

'cause you handsome.



- You know what I mean?

- Come on.



- Okay, I...

- Come on. Come on.



Come on, sweetie, sweetie.

Let me take a look at you.



Oh, my goodness.



Why don't you sit down on the...



- Okay.

- Come on.



Okay, wait, wait, wait. Sit down.

Can't do nothing standing up, now.



Come on. Sit down. Okay.



Now take your hat off,

and rest your coat.



Funny girl!

And then the missus woke up...



and saw

that he hadn't come home all night.



And then wouldn't she hit the ceiling!



Went running all over the place...



flopping that old yellow nightgown

of hers, you know...



and looking for him

and calling, "Charles?






I sure hope they get

their problems all settled...



before they get back here

in the morning. Uh-oh.



Got my polishing to do. See you, girl.



- This your kid, Sadie?

- Yes, sir.



You know she shouldn't be walking

around by herself in this neighborhood.



- You know what I mean?

- Yes, sir.



Guess you heard about what happened.



I came all the way from Baltimore

to see you, Ma.



My baby.



Thank you, Mama.



Sure is gonna be great

staying together again, ain't it, Ma?



Ain't it, Ma?



Honey, you know there ain't nothing

your mama wouldn't do for you.



Nothing in the world.



You can stay the night, but the madam's

coming home in the morning.



I understand, Mama.



Sister Edson.



I bet you, if I called her and asked her...



She's a lady from our church, and she's

always willing to help nice, young girls.



And since you're my daughter...



I bet she'd be willing

to let you do some housework...



for your room and your board.



- I'm sorry, baby.

- It's all right, Mama.



Can't fault you for what ain't your fault.



I'll be all right.



Come in, missy.



Excuse me, miss.

Is you "Miss Lorraine Edson...



      th Street, Harlem"?



Yes, honey, I sure am.

And you must be Sadie's girl.



Yes, ma'am. I am.



Well, the good Lord's

delivered you safe and sound.



My mama told me to say thank you

for taking me in.



And she told me also to tell you...



that you have

the best rooming house in Harlem...



and that I ain't supposed to be lazy

and I supposed to work real, real hard.



Well, now,

that's a fine spirit you got, honey.



And I want you to

just make yourself right at home.






Rest your things. Look around.

I'll be right back.



That's a fine young girl.



Well, now, honey, I'll show you

my whole place, upstairs and down.



I don't want to see the upstairs,

Miss Edson...



'cause my Mama told me

you had a job for me as a cleaner.



And that's what I got, missy.



I mean, you're the one

with other things on your mind.



Wishful thinking, I call it.

'Cause, girl, let's face it...



you got a long way to go...



before you can earn $ 

for just    minutes of your time...



or ain't you looked at yourself lately?



That lazy bitch.

She don't look where she's going.



Ain't it a shame how some

of God's children have it so easy...



and others have it so hard?



"Ain't it a shame?"



Last night, night before

Two different robbers at my door



Come on.



Kid, come on, beat it.



- Mister, is the boss around?

- You're saying goodbye to him. Bye-bye.



Okay, but look,

I work in the neighborhood already...



and I'd be willing to quit working

and come up here and work for you.



Yeah, I'd be very happy to quit, too.

Come on, honey.



- But I can sing. I really can.

- Yeah.



I can dance, and I know the words

to every song that's out today.



I mean, I've been really rehearsing

and everything.



That's very good. So do I.

But I tell you...



in order to be a showgirl,

you gotta have something to show.



Well, I got something. I really do.



All you have to do is push it up a bit

and put some lip rouge on.



I could do it, mister, give me a break.

Look, really, I'm good.



- All you have to do is give me a chance.

- Listen, girlie.



Listen to me. I don't wanna hurt

your feelings, but no amount of slinky...



and makeup is gonna change you

into a female that looks...



like that.



Louis, so good to see you.



I'll get you a great table. How about

a nice table for Mr. McKay?



What you looking at?

Don't your mama make you wash steps?



Shake it to the east

Shake it to the west



Shake it to the one

that you love the best



- Now?

- No, not yet, don't you peek, Mama.



- Now?

- Not yet.



- Now?

- No.



Now come with me.






Jesus. Lord have mercy.



I ain't never,

in my whole life, seen such a fine hat.



Just like them fancy ladies

up on Sugar Hill.



Oh, Lord, and just to think

my baby give it to me.



Honey, I just loves it.



God bless Sister Edson.



I can see she's doing right by you.

Every time you come over here...



you're looking better and better. Still

cleaning and washing, no cooking yet?



No, not yet.



Hey, Mama, I gotta go. It's getting late.

I don't wanna miss my train.



Honey, I forgot.

I got a surprise for you, too.



I got me a new job starting next week,

and it's gonna be close by you...



and I'll be able to walk over

most evenings, won't that be nice?



And we can visit.



That'll be swell, Mama.

That'll be just swell.



- Just what we always wanted.

- Yeah.



We'll be able to

spend more time together.



That'll be real great.



Lord have mercy. My baby done

made me so happy this day.



Eleanora, you're late again. Girl,

you done missed two tricks already.



You better get the spirit, sister,

and get yourself on up them steps...



and quit your lollygagging.



Didn't you mama teach you

how to close doors?



If you don't want this job,

somebody else sure do.



You fine, young thing.



You're new in the neighborhood.



So, honey, I gotta love you real good.



Looky here

what Lorraine done sent to me.



I never accomplished any great feats...



but you know something, baby?



I'm something else under them sheets.



You see my father was a jockey,

and he taught me how to ride.



He said, Big Ben, you got to get it

from side to side.



Now, in case you don't know who I am...



I'm Big Ben, baby. Yeah, the lover-man.



We gonna have ourselves a ball tonight.



Lorraine done sent me this fine dinner.



Young and tender.

This is where her head was.



Won't be there when I get through.



'Cause, see, I'm from the city,

and I'm gonna kiss your little titty.



Young, and fine, and mellow.



Light as a feather.



Big Ben told all his men

Don't you take no numbers



After half past ten



What? What's the matter

with you, woman?



Ain't nothing personal, mister,

but I just quit the business.



Hell, bitch, you crazy?

Ain't this a killer?






Hey, Lorraine. Lorraine.



What's happening?

Who's making all that noise up there?



- He said his name is Big Ben.

- Big Ben?



Ain't you supposed to be upstairs

with Big Ben?



- I ain't doing it.

- What you mean you ain't doing it, girl?



You give my place a bad name.

Big Ben's the best customer I got.



You can't do that.

All the girls love Big Ben.



He's my best customer, and I'm trying

to make something out of you.



I sent him up to you.

Now, what's the matter with you, girl?



You better get the spirit, sister, and

get on back upstairs and do your work.



- The Lord knows I'm trying to help you...

- Miss Edson, honey, I done quit.



Done quit?



Well, you get on away from around

here, then. 'Cause you ain't nothing.



You ain't never been nothing,

and you ain't gonna be nothing.



'Cause you don't go messing like that

with Big Ben.



- That's right.

- Get your ass back in the house.



- You looking for someone, Miss?

- Yes.



I noticed your sign in the window...



and I'm a featured dancer

at a club downtown.



And I don't have much time,

but I happen to live in the neighborhood.



And I'm looking

for something a little closer to home.



So you're a dancer now?



Okay, dancer. Dance.



Yeah, that's fine, girls. Take   .



Thank you, honey. Just real nice.

Beautiful. Wonderful.



I tell you what,

watch your step as you leave.



You know the way out. Be careful.



Hey, baby, you know how to sing?



Yeah, I know how to sing,

but he wants a dancer.



You ain't got nothing to lose.

You better try to think up a song.



- I can sing anything. Shoot.

- All right, let's try something.



- What you know?

- But he doesn't like me.



He ain't got nothing to do. I can

handle him. What can you sing?



- I can sing All of Me.

- Jerry, I'm sorry, brother. Just go on.



All of Me, man,

you ain't never heard this like this.



- All Of Me.

- Church, take you home.



This a friend of mine, man, I didn't...



You gonna love it. Jerry,

you're a good person in your heart.



- You know you're gonna love it.

- Okay, okay, let her sing. Sing.



All of me



Ain't Miss Holiday something?



All of me



Why not take all of me



Can't you see



I'm no good without you



Take my lips



I want to lose them



Take my arms



I'll never use them



Your goodbye



Left me with eyes that cry



How can I

Go on without you



You took the part



That once was my heart



So why not

Take all of me






Take all of me



Come on, you girls, come on,

you gotta get dressed.



We open in    minutes. And you...



Tonight, you get your chance.



Wait a minute.

What'd you say your name was?



- Eleanora.

- Ella... Ella who?



Billie. Billie Holiday.

Billie Holiday, that's my name.



Okay, Billie. One of the girls

will show you where you put your things.



Tonight, all you gotta do is watch

the other singers and do what they do.



Okay, you're an angel, Jerry.



Yeah, wait a minute. I'll be a bum

if you don't pull in $   in tips tonight.



$  . Now, that's my definition

of a good singer.






Go on, Billie Holiday.



What you frowning about, baby?



Don't worry about it.

What she miss on the top...



she can pick up on the bottom.



I hope that works both ways.



Don't worry about it.

One day, she picked the table up.



All right, Mama, go ahead.



Next time, you could pick up the floor.

We don't need a janitor.



Go on. Go on. Jerry's watching.

Right there, Jack.



Come on, baby.



That's a new girl just breaking in.



Some day he'll come along



Yes, sir.



The man I love



And he'll be big and strong



Pick it up.



The man I love



Pick it up. Come over. Come on.



And when he comes my way



I'll do my best to make him stay



You're pitiful.



He'll look at me and smile



I'll understand



Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up.



Then in a little while

He'll take my hand



And though it seems absurd



- Come on. Come on.

- Pick it up.



You think you're too good

to pick up money?



- Want me to put my foot in your ass?

- Would you shut up?



Maybe he'll come Sunday



Maybe Monday



You gotta do better than that, hon.



Maybe not



Go. Get it. Get it.



Still I'm sure he'll come one day



Maybe Tuesday



Will be my good news day



He'll build a little home



Just meant for two



From which I'll never roam



Take the money. Come on,

I can do better than that myself.



And so all else above



Go ahead, pick it on up.



I'm dreaming of



The man I love



Schmuck. Me and my big heart,

and you and your friends.



- Who does she think she is?

- A lady. With a hell of a voice.



We ain't gonna end up

with a quarter tonight.



Shit, you ain't paid me in two weeks...



what you bullshitting about a quarter?



Billie, Billie, go get it. Get the money.



Go on. Get it.



Do you want my arm to fall off?



Take it. Take the money. Take it, Billie.



I fell in love with you

The first time I looked into



Them there eyes



'Cause you have a certain little

Cute way of flirting



With them there eyes



They make me feel so happy

They make me feel so blue



Take it.



I'm falling

No stalling



- Here's some money.

- Work it out, baby.



My heart is jumping

You've started something



With them there eyes



You'd better look out, little brown eyes

If you're wise



Sing like a lady. Come on, lady.



They bubble



Gonna get you in a whole lot of trouble



Ooh, baby



Them there eyes



Them there eyes



Here's your cut, Billie.

I like you. I think you're gonna make it.



Here's your cut, Billie.

I like you. I think you're gonna make it.



Thanks, Jerry. I like you, too.



Say, baby, that's beautiful.



Here, take some.



Get out. Come on,

you were beautiful tonight.



I just wanna tell you thank you.



I love you.

You were beautiful. Just pretty.



Thank you.

I really was scared, I'll tell you that.



You should have been scared.

Them niggers is dangerous.



- Billie.

- What you doing?



- Billie.

- Yeah? Yeah, Jerry.



These are for you.

There's a car waiting for you upstairs.



- Thanks, Jerry.

- Here's your money, Yvonne.



A car waiting for me upstairs.



Don't flash them moon eyes at me.

I didn't send you nothing.



There was never a doubt in my mind.



Besides, there's a card,

and you probably can't even write.



Don't have to know how to read, neither,

to know what that card's saying.



If he spent as much time

running his numbers...



as he does them damn gardenias,

he could have one hell of a business.



Think you're pretty smart, don't you?

Well, what do you know?



You got a great thing going in here.



Leave that nigger alone.

He is dangerous. You understand?



He pulls that bit on everybody,

got a room full of girls at home.



You just gonna be another one. You

wanna be that? You got too much going.



This is one face

that won't get that hungry.



I don't stand in no line for nobody.



All right.



Not even Mr. Louis McKay.






- Tell him the answer is no.

- No?






That'll show him, 'cause he usually gets

everyone he wants.



He can get this one, too,

but not on the first night.



Good night, lady.



- Good night, Billie.

- Good night, Jerry.



What's the matter?

You don't like gardenias?



They're okay.






So you don't put them on

just to go to someone's apartment...



for a late-night supper.



- So that's how it is?

- That's how it is.



Pardon me, lady, I must have

got you mixed up with someone...



who used to reside at Missus...

What's her name?



If that's what you thought, nigger,

why'd you give me them damn flowers?



Why didn't you

just give me some money?



I did.



Hey, Billie. Listen, listen, all right?



You don't mind

if I call you Billie, do you?



- Don't call me nothing.

- No, listen.



Listen, I know a place downtown.

It's open all night.



A fantastic place. You can eat.

You can have food. You can dance.



You can do anything you want.

Now, come on.



Just like the late-night-supper stuff?



No, no, this is for real, baby.

Listen, there's my car right there.



We can go on right down there

right now. Listen, I like you.



I wouldn't do anything to harm you.



- I'm so thrilled.

- Really, seriously.



Please, Billie.



- Please? Pretty please?

- Pretty please.



All right?



Come on. You look so pretty.



What's been going on?



Good evening.



Mr. McKay, it's nice to see you again.



Paul, come stai?



- Bene. Bene. How are you?

- Good.



Gosh, you stayed away a long time.



A sound



Until that day

You came my way



With pleasure I never found



It all might have been



Had you been around



Thank you very much,

ladies and gentlemen.



Fantastic. Fantastic. Thank you, ladies

and gentlemen. Thank you, Janie.



She gets better-looking every day,

doesn't she, guys?



Well, how do you like this place?

Isn't this something?



I wanted to bring you here because

I thought you'd really enjoy yourself.



It ain't so hot. I been

to a whole lot of places like this before.



Is that so? Right. Well, where?






- Where?

- Where what?



You said you've been

to a lot of places like this before.



- Where?

- Did I say that?



I heard you say that.

Maybe I misunderstood what you said.



What do you think you said?



I said, you ain't so hot.









I just love the way you talk,

you know what I mean?



Well, you make me...



You know... I've never met

nobody like you before, you know?



You kind of make me speechless.



- Do, I really? I mean, really?

- I mean, yeah.



Right. I don't know

what to do with myself, you see.



I don't even know what to do with

my hands and everything, you know?



You sure have pretty teeth

when you smile.






And that, you know...



That dress.

I want to tell you about that dress.



That dress brings out

the best tones in your skin.



Do you feel like dancing?



I don't know.



Well, I feel like dancing.



Go on and dance, then.

Ain't nobody stopping you.



You mean,

you want me to dance by myself?






Thank you. I really appreciate that.



Yeah, you really a nice lady, you know?

Come on, now.



Mr. McKay...



I have a confession to make.



What's that?



This place is fantastic...



and so are you.






- What are you doing?

- Nothing.



Can't you do it sleeping?



I really can't believe

I'm here with you, you know that?



If you don't go to sleep, you won't be.



That's what I get

for breaking a house rule.



I like to have breakfast alone,

you know what I mean?



What are you doing, woman?



You want me to leave, don't you?



Look, when I want you to leave,

I'll let you know, okay?









Just so you don't get any big idea,

you understand?



- We'll take this a day at a time.

- Okay.



All right.



Anything you say.






Now what?



How do you like your eggs?



I want a pig foot



And a bottle of beer



Is she great? Is she beautiful?



Okay. Okay, folks,

we got a little celebration.



Our lady...



herself, Miss Billie...



appearing in this nightclub for one year.



And in honor of the occasion...

Bring that in, and be careful with it.



Everybody gets a piece.



I mean a hunk. A hunk of the cake.



Courtesy of the house. Yeah.



And everybody's gonna get

a glass of champagne...



courtesy of Mr. McKay over there.



Okay. Hey, Mr. Piano Man.



Come here.

You're the guy who discovered her.



How about you propose the toast?



Hey, I'm for that. Hey, Billie.



We got Old Cheapie

to spring for something.



You're beautiful, Jer. Damn, Jer!



Damn, but everything's beautiful.



He even paid the band, Billie,

since you been here.



Beautiful year. And everybody... Girls.

Look at the uniforms!



All right.

Look, even the hoes is making money.



That's only because

you're our biggest trick.



Anyway, Billie, we love you sincerely,

very much, in our hearts.



We sure do.



- You gonna play, Piano Man?

- Yeah.



Key a bar. Okay.



Break it.



For she's a jolly good lady



For she's a jolly good lady



For she's a jolly good lady



Which nobody can deny



Hey, Billie, I want you to meet

two friends of mine.



- This is Harry and Reg. Come on in.

- Yeah.



Come on in. There she is.



- Hi, Harry.

- Hi.



- Hi, Reg. How are you?

- Really nice to meet you.



I hate to interrupt you. I know you're all

celebrating and everything...



but I just sure appreciate meeting you.



My name is Harry Bradford.

That is, if you didn't get it.



- Over there, this is Reg Hanley.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.



- Louis McKay.

- We...



We're just fans of yours.



And I need all the fans I can get.



Pull up a couple of chairs, fellows,

and join us.



Thank you.



Where do you fellows play?



Well, actually,

we're playing no place right now.



Fact is, we're trying to form a band

to take a tour around the country...



and we wanted to talk to you

about joining us.



Joining you? You serious?






A colored singer with a white band?



Yeah. Yeah.






You must want to keep playing no place.



Well, you see, that's exactly the point.



We wouldn't be just another band

with you singing.



We'd be something special

because, well, you're special, Billie.






There you go.



Thank you.



We'd go straight to the top. I know.



I don't know about no straight to the top.



I'm just trying to get to a club downtown.



We all are.



Of course, you don't understand, see,

the way you get downtown is...



I mean, you know, the way you do that

is that you go out on the road...



and you build up your name

in the sticks, and then, blam!



You get snapped up by network radio,

who're always looking...



for someone big with the hicks

to sell them soap or something.



Yeah, then you come back

to New York...



and besides radio,

there's records, club dates downtown...



- you name it, Billie.

- Just like that, huh?



Well, it works that way sometimes.



You mean to tell me that I have to travel

all the way to East Jesus and back...



before I can get in some club downtown

less than five minutes away from here?



- Well...

- They full of shit, ain't they?



I just think it'd be fantastic

if you just came with us.



- How about that?

- I'm sorry, fellows.



I think your band

is gonna have to start without me.



I'll tell you what.

Piano Man's got my telephone number.



If you give it some second thoughts,

give us a call.



How you like my timestep, Reg?



I think we might have a part for you,

Miss Holiday...



but we'll have to see your legs.



You know the last time

I saw fields and farm animals...



I was hitching up north from Baltimore

to see my mama.



Leader, I am trying to follow a rule

called "food three times a day"...



but I sense we are dangerously behind.



Let me explain to you.



This is only Tuesday,

and I only feed on Friday.



Stop complaining, Oklahoma.



That's a horrible-looking thing.



You mean we have all this fun,

and we still get paid?



Well, about $   a week,

to do with what you will.



$  ? Would you take $ ?



Fantastic. I'll take

whatever you give me.



I get the chance to travel.

I get a chance to do everything.



I sense we're in for a lot

of candy stores and a lot of jelly beans.



Can you imagine

someone liking to tour?



Yes, some fun, Billie.



Miss Holiday...



Miss Holiday...



you're in the South now.



Jesus, look at this.



You got a half an hour, that's all.

Billie, let me help you out of there.



- A whole half-hour?

- Let me help you out.



Half an hour's all we got.



- Put your shoes on, man.

- Get on out here.



Billie, what'll it be? What do you want?



What do I want? What do I really want?



What do you really want?



Well, I'll tell you.



- What?

- I really want...



a steak smothered in onions.



And I really want

a big pot of collard greens.






- And I want some yams.

- Right.



- I want some black-eyed peas and rice.

- Right.



And I want...



potato pie.



One hot dog, coming up.



- Mustard?

- Oh, crap.



- Hey, Reg...

- Hello, I'm from the Board of Health.



Billie, you ain't missing a thing.



I cried for you



What a fool I used to be



Now I found two eyes



Just a little bit bluer



I found a heart



Just a little bit truer



And I cried for you



Now it's your turn

To cry over me



Still think it's fun, Billie?



Watch it, will you?



Sorry to say it's that time again.



This has been the Oasis Cosmetics

Hour from New York, New York...



featuring the new mellow sounds

of our Sweet Sam...



and His Society Swingers.



- So until tomorrow night...

- Man, did you hear that?



- Here we go again.

- Did you hear that?



- Yeah.

- Sweet Sam and His Society Sissies.



That's supposed to be us, man.

That should be our gig.



Do you want to be a sissy?



Man, here we are, riding our asses off

all over this cotton-picking country...



trying to win these hicks over,

and what do we got to show for it?



Zero. Nothing, man. Bullshit.



Where is that big radio cat

that's supposed to discover us, Reg?



Where is that son of a bitch, anyway?



Watch your mouth.

Can't you see there's a lady present?



That's right.

Show some respect, you motherfucker.






Who is it?



It's Harry.



What do you want?



Can I come in?



Come on.



Gonna be a rehearsal downstairs

in    minutes.



Oh, boy.



We got a full day off next week.



I'll be dead by next week.



I'm taking the night off.



You take tonight off...



and, sure as hell, that'll be the night...



that Mr. Network Radio Scout

is sitting out front and all the things...



I mean, everything that we've been

doing goes right down the drain...



because, let's face it, Billie,

you are the cream in our coffee.



You got that the wrong way around,

don't you?



We are just another band without you.






Give me a shot of that bourbon

in my bag, will you?



Well, how about a real...



A real what?



One shot and you'll...



be flying.



Look, Harry, like I've been telling you...



what you do is your business.



I may be tired, but I ain't dumb.



You're walking across a street. A truck

hits you. You're laying in the street.



They take you to the nearest hospital.

What's the first thing they do?



They give you a shot of morphine.

Now, morphine ain't an aspirin.



It's dope.



Do you think that makes you an addict?



One goddamn little shot ain't gonna...



make you a junkie,

but, you know, it keeps you flying.



Okay, Harry.

If I get hit by a truck, I'll call you, okay?



Now get out of here.



Reg, how much longer

before we get to the next town...



- or a gas station or something?

- Well, from the looks of things...



it's gonna be back roads

and cow pastures for quite a while yet.



Pull over to a clump of bushes

or something then?



- No.

- A hedge?



- Come on, please.

- All right.



You have but to ask, madam,

this vehicle is at your disposal.



- How about the lake?

- Come on.



All right.



You should take a look at it out here.



It's beautiful. Look at those trees.



Hey, Billie. Where you going?

You forgot the sheet music.



Just turn your head.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



Come on, Billie.



Let's go. All aboard.



Southern trees



Bear a strange fruit



Blood on the leaves



And blood at the root



Here is a fruit



For the crows to pluck



For the rain to gather



For the wind to suck



For the sun to rot



For the tree



To drop



Here is a strange



And bitter






Now we're proud to present our

feature vocalist, Miss Billie Holiday.



You're mean to me



Why must you be mean to me



Gee, honey, it seems to me



You love to see me crying



I don't know why



I stay home

Each night when you



Left all alone

Singing the blues and crying



You treat me coldly

Each day in the year



You always scold me



Whenever you're mean to...



Ladies and gentlemen...



Miss Holiday has been experiencing

some dizzy spells.



I'm sure she'll be back with us

in just a little while.



We will continue

with an instrumental right now...



and I'm sure she'll be all right.

Thank you very much.



Thank you.



But if you treat me right, Daddy



I'll stay home every day



If you treat me right, Daddy



I'll stay home every day



But you're so mean to me, baby



I know you're gonna drive me away



Love is just like a faucet



It turns off and on



Love is just like a faucet



It turns off and on



Sometimes when you think it's on, baby



It has turned off and gone



How about singing

that Old Black Joe there, Billie.



Come on, now. Don't go.



Sing Old Black Joe.



Thank you. Thank you very much.



Thank you.



You know that ditty Old Black Joe,

don't you, honey, baby?



Now, I'd love to do them all for you.

I'd love to do it for you...



but we got something planned here.



A little number called

What a Little Moonlight Can Do.



You only shudder

'Cause your poor tongue



Just won't utter

The words



I love you



Miss Billie Holiday.

Let's give her another hand.



Hey, baby.



Baby, what you doing here?



Here, I've been trying

to get you on the phone. Oh, baby.



I missed you so much.



You look so good, baby.



How'd you get here?



Get your clothes off.



I like your style,

but I can't say much for your timing.



Why don't we wait till we get home,

get a nice hot bath?






Whatever you say.

My, my, the man is ready.



Well, so am I.



We've been having a rough tour.



Baby, I'm so happy you're here.



Now, this is all I'm gonna do.



And I want you to do the rest.



You're hurting me.






All right, that's it. Come on, let's go.



- I know what you're thinking.

- This tour's over.



I'm the one who sent you here,

and I'm taking you back home...



so get your things, let's go.



Wait a minute.

I know what you're thinking.



I don't wanna hear about it.

Just come home.



I'm not hooked.



No, I ain't going.



I ain't going, Louis.



Billie, listen to me.



All right.



Billie, it...



Believe me when I tell you

that this is for your own good.



Don't preach to me, Louis.



All that I plan for you

is done with you in mind.



You affect my whole life, baby.

I love you.



- If you go down, baby. I go down, too.

- I'm not going down...



because there ain't no place down there

I wanna be.



Be going up, baby.

It'll just take a little time.



I love you, too. I love you.



Sure, I've taken a few shots,

but only when I needed it...



and I'm not hooked, Louis. Wait, baby.



Only when you needed it.

What do you think hooked is?



All I had to do is listen to your voice

on the telephone, and I knew.



Who do you think you're talking to?



One of those old fake cats

you be running around with?



I've been on those streets all of my life.

I know what that shit is.



It's good, ain't it?



Wait. Wait, wait.



We're going home, now.



Wait, hey, baby, wait.



See? You don't understand.



Now, you don't know how it is...



when people are looking down at you

and laughing at you...



and think that I'm a loser.



And if I go home now,

I'll think that I'm one, too.



I gotta prove it to them,

I gotta prove it to myself.



What're you proving with that needle?



That you're not woman enough

to make it without a crutch...



a magic way out

when the going gets a little too rough?



I want you to make it, too, baby,

but not this way. Not this way.






Okay, I promise you

I won't take any more stuff.



I promise you. I gotta stay out here.

You're gonna let me stay?



- No.

- Louis, please.



I get it. I'll be big, and then I can work

at a good club, and we'll be together.



I promise you, I won't take

any more stuff. Come on, Louis.



Come on, Louis,

won't you take your clothes off?



Come on, Louis, please. I can't go now.



I gotta take you home, baby,

because I know...



I ain't going.



Hey, Crazy Maurice and Weird Lucille

want us to go out there with them.



Lady, what do you have this door

locked for? You cool?



I'm fine, Harry.



Come on in.



Well, there he is. How the hell are you?



He's fine.



I just dropped by to see

if you needed anything...



like a trip back to the hotel

or something...



but I guess you got it covered...



- so I'll catch you later, okay?

- See you at the hotel.



Bye. See you at the hotel.



Harry's a good friend.



That's what every little girl needs,

a good friend like Harry.






I'm gonna get some gas for the car,

and I'll take you back to the hotel.






I love you.



I promise you. No more stuff, okay?



I promise you.






- Come on, Billie.

- Five.



- Eight.

- Seven.



Here we go, babe.



$  she hits them.



- Jesus Christ!

- What?



Billie, get out of sight.



- Billie, come on.

- No, goddamn.



Billie, get out of sight.



- Goddamn!

- How are you? Hi, motherfucker.



- Motherfucker! Fuck you! Shit!

- Billie. Billie.



- Hey, you nigger! What you doing?

- Go!



- You son of a bitch! Fuck you!

- They'll kill you, honey. They'll kill you.



You motherfuckers get a good look!



- I ain't finished!

- Get down there!



- No! Kiss my ass, you motherfuckers!

- Get this bus going, you asshole!



Kiss my ass, you white-ass fascists!



Fuck you, motherfuckers!



Billie. Billie, don't, honey.



Don't, don't. Relax, relax.

Relax, it's okay. It's okay, Billie.



Guess who's out there?



Mr. Network Radio Scout himself

sitting out there as big as life.



Oh, no.



- He's right.

- That's right. Yeah.



Can you make it, Billie?



Sure, I can make it.



That's what we came out here for,

isn't it?



- Isn't she great?

- I'll help you.



No, that's fine. I'll take care of myself.






Y'all get on out of here,

so I can get dressed and get ready.



- You know, I think I love you.

- Come on, now. Let's go.



Give me my tie.



Give me



I can't.



What the hell are you looking at?



Ding dong ain't it swell

They just delivered the liberty bell



How sad all those Philadelphians

Will be



He keeps making fancy passes at me



And now, a word from our sponsor,

Sunray Soap.



Mommy, what am I gonna do?



What's the matter, Shirley?



Why are there tears

running down your cheeks?



Good luck.



'Cause none of the kids

will play with me.



Let me look at you. My, my.



I see.

Your complexion is so dull and listless.



I think this is a job for Sunray Soap.



And later, that same day:



Mommy, Mommy, what am I gonna do?



I have so many friends

I don't know who to play with first.



- Play with yourself.

- And now, we continue with our show...



by introducing you

to still another new vocalist.



Sunray Soap brings you

the lovely and talented...



Miss Angela DeMarco.



I'm next.



Hello, Broadway

How do you do



I've waited a lifetime

To say hi to you



Hello, Broadway

Here comes me



And those who fought me

Will say they taught me



Everything I know



They used to fool me

Now they say they knew me



Hello, Broadway's opening night



Thank you for my name in lights



Hello, Broadway



I like your style

Now that I'm here, I'll wait for a while



Hello, Broadway

Here comes me



And that, ladies and gentlemen

of the listening and dancing audience...



is our show.



Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,

we're off the air.



You heard the Reg Hanley Band

with our featured vocalists...



Angela DeMarco and Debby McGee.



We tried, Billie.



Those Sunray people,

they wouldn't go for it.



They just wouldn't buy it.



I suppose we could've told you upfront...



but we were just hoping they'd get some

sense in their heads and change their...



Mr. Marshall, the network scout, he was

on the phone all during the show...



arguing with them, Billie.



Look, you fellows

don't have to explain it. I understand.



They're trying to sell soap, right?

Everybody knows we don't use it.



Get a bright complexion...



pretty white hands.



We got a party to go to, don't we?



We still got a table at Cafe Manhattan.



Cafe Manhattan?



You told me if I went on tour,

I'd get downtown.



- Yeah.

- Yeah.






What you all just sitting there for?



Come on, gang.



We gonna get some of them

lily-white hands, ain't we?



That's right. We got a party to go to.



- Come on, Mama.

- Come on, baby.



That piano man's killing me

with them bad notes.



I know.



- Billie, I say you're the greatest.

- I think you're the greatest, too.



What you...



Oh, man, Vic, you can't be ordering

no beer in a club like this, man.



You order beer, and they think

you want to wash your hair.



Beer's what the sidemen get.



You gotta get something flashier.

You hit the big time, now.



His hair needs it.



Reg, Reg, Reg, my man.

You're my main man, you know that?



You all right in my book.



Come on, Harry.



There you go.



And one for Mama. Little Mama.



- All right, we're gonna have a toast.

- All right.



- Everybody.

- Here we go.



- To Reg.

- Well.



Who got us home, no more to roam...



and drink this goddamn foam.



Drink up.



All right.



- Harry, can you meet me outside?

- No.



What you mean, Har, "no"? Come on.



You ain't gonna get anything from me,

I mean, not right under his nose.



- I want to keep mine in one piece.

- I know you...



I know you ain't scared of Louis, now.

Come on.



Billie, go home. Go home.



I can't let them know them goddamn

soap bastards got to me.



Don't do that to me, buddy.



You think I'm crazy enough

to carry in the city?



Come on, pal.



Billie, go home.



You know you can't fight it when you're

hooked, and you are hooked.



You're an A number-one mainliner.



You think so, huh?



Okay, pally.






I'm sorry.



My glass...



- Hey, you okay?

- I'm going home, Mama.



I don't feel so good. Just tired.



Hey, look, let's go.

This party's too tight ass for me.



Wait a minute. Wait a minute.



No, wait a minute, now.



Listen, I got some business

to take care of.



Just hang on for a few minutes.

Everything will be smooth...



and I'll take you right on home, okay?



A talented young lady is here tonight.



No, it's not okay. If you don't get a cab,

I get my own self a cab, okay?



Billie, take it easy, baby.



With a little coaxing,

maybe we can get her up here to sing.



Wait one minute. One minute. Okay.



Ladies and gentlemen,

Cafe Manhattan proudly presents...



Miss Billie Holiday.



Hey, Billie.



They're all cheer for you.



Good morning, heartache



You old gloomy sight



Good morning, heartache



Thought we said goodbye last night



I tossed and turned until it seemed



You had gone



But here you are with the dawn



Wish I'd forget you



But you're here to stay



It seems I met you



When my love went away



Now everyday, I start by



Saying to you



Good morning, heartache



What's new



Stop haunting me now



Can't shake you, no how



Just leave me alone



I've got those Monday blues



Straight through Sunday blues



Good morning, heartache



Here we go again



Good morning, heartache



You're the one who knew me when



Might as well get used to you



Hanging around



Good morning, heartache



Sit down



Let's hear it for her, folks.



- Billie Holiday.

- One more. One more.



Come on. Let's bring her back, folks.

Bring her back. Billie Holiday.



Come on, baby, I gotta pee.



So that's why you ran out

of the club so fast, huh?






Ain't that something? Well...



Come on, baby, let me in.



Wait a minute.



Now, wait, wait, wait.



They don't have no woman's john

at the club?



You know they got a woman's john

at the club.



- Come on.

- Come on what?



- It was dirty.

- What's dirty?



What're you talking about?

Wait a minute.



- The toilet at the club. Come on.

- What's wrong?



What's wrong?



Come on, I gotta go.



I gotta... Come on, let me in.



You know what they say, you gotta go,

you gotta go. Here you go.



Yeah, I know you don't want me...



Come on.



You're always hogging up the bathroom.



You never give me a chance

to get in the bathroom.



- I'm getting so sick.

- You better use this.



'Cause if you gotta go, you better

use this right now. Go on.



- 'Cause I can't let you in the bathroom.

- You want me to do it right here?



- Yeah.

- Okay.



What's the problem? Why are you sick?



I am not gonna let you

go in that bathroom, not right now.



Not right now.






God damn it!



It's mine.



Look, honey. I'll hold on to that stuff.

Wait, you're all...






No, this is my...



You're taking...



Give it to me.



Give it.



Give it to me.



You'd kill me for it, wouldn't you?



Going out for a walk.



When I come back...



I don't want to find you here.



If I should take a notion



To jump into the ocean



Ain't nobody's business if I do



If I go to church on Sunday



Then cabaret all day Monday



Ain't nobody's business if I do



If my man ain't got no money



And I say take all mine, honey



Ain't nobody's business if I do



I swear I won't call no copper



If I'm beat up by my papa



Ain't nobody's business if I do



Nobody's business



Ain't nobody's business



Nobody's business if I do



Thank you.



Thank you, you're sweet.



You're so sweet sometimes. Thank you.

Thank you very much.



We gonna take a short intermission

right here, 'cause the band's gotta pee.



We gonna be right back.



Bring up your girl, Yvonne,

to do a little dance for you.



I thank you for your money

and your time. Thank you very much.



- I'm your fan, sugar.

- You handsome devil, you.



I'll be right back. Right back.



- Billie, Billie, it's all yours. Hi, Reg.

- Hi.






Hey, Reg, what you doing here?



- I just went to see your mother.

- Oh, yeah?



She wanted to know if you were

coming by the hospital tonight.



Of course, I'm coming by.

You know I'm coming by.



You take care of your mama,

I take care of mine.



Yeah, she just wanted to know,

that's all, Billie.



Listen, I can wait around

and take you over there?



- Jerry...

- What time is it?



 :   . Jerry said he'd let you off early.

I asked him.



You know, that song

you just got through singing...



It 'Ain't Nobody's Business?



Well, that's not true.



Many people around

who love you, Billie.



- Yeah, okay.

- Billie?



- Yeah?

- Sing pretty.



Come on back. We're waiting.

Let's get down with it.



I don't know why



But I'm feeling so sad



I long to try



Something I never had



Never had no kissing



Oh, what I've been missing



Lover-man, oh, where can you be



The night is cold



And I'm so all alone



I'd give my soul



Just to call you my own



Got the moon above me



But no one to love me



Lover-man, oh, where can you be



Don't go, Billie. Come on, back, baby,

and sing The Man I Love.



Take care of business.

Hurry back, Billie.



Yeah, be cool, baby. Don't overdo it.



Baby, you wanna stick it in my eye?



- Come on. Put it right up in there.

- Yeah, yeah.



- Come on, sweetheart.

- I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming.



- Hey, man, don't come in my room.

- Billie, what's wrong? Billie.



- Don't come in my room.

- Come on, Billie. Come on.



Girl, come on, you don't need

this gutter-pusher's shit, I'm telling you.



Look, I don't wanna talk to you.



He cuts his shit.

You don't know what he cuts it with.



He don't care what he cuts it with.



Goddamn, you gonna take a chance

on a hotshot on this nigger's reference?






- Wait.

- What you mean, "hotshot"?



- Don't you never say that again.

- I'm sorry.



I didn't mean nothing by it, Hawk.



- Give me that shit.

- I'm sorry.



Come on, just... Just...



- Telephone.

- I appreciate you saying this. It's nice.



- I can get some shit for us. Now, listen.

- Bullshit.



I ain't going to no goddamn phone.



- Wait a minute.

- Tell them to hold it, shit.



Listen to me,

you're going to the phone now.



- I ain't going...

- Billie, it's the hospital.



- There's a phone call.

- I ain't going to no...



- I don't care if it's the hospital.

- Do you want it, baby?



- Do you want it, baby?

- No, she don't want no shit now. Hawk.



You want it, baby?



Don't do that to me.



Billie, it's a phone call.



- Come on, baby.

- Billie, I can get some shit, good shit.



You understand?

I don't get high on beer, baby.



You don't need this shit.



Hello. Yeah. Yeah, this is Billie Holiday.

Who's this?



Yeah. Yeah, I got it.



Get on out of here.

Take care of your business.



Now, wait a minute, Hawk.

Hawk, now, wait.



- I love Billie.

- Go on, man, get out of here.



You done hit me, man.

I'll get you, nigger.



Man, I'm sorry. I fucked up, didn't I?



Man, I'm sorry. I fucked up, didn't I?



You know me, though, man.

I used to get... You know that.



I see you steal shit

and sell it to you for stuff



Get out.



- Billie, don't.

- Get out.



- You heard what the lady said.

- I'm talking to you, Hawk.



Get out.



- Get out of here.

- Okay, I'm just gonna take this for my...



- Billie, wait.

- Watch your mouth.



I'm getting out!



Wait, now, Billie.



- You dumb, girl. She's being dumb.

- Get out of here.



- Hawk. Hawk.

- I'm getting paid, though.



We'll be out later. Yeah.

Did you see Jerry's face?



Who gives a... Come on, Billie.



You handled that nigger.



Yeah, I know how you feel.

You gonna kick it.



I know you. You come to, you see?

You know, what I mean?



I need room, you know.

I don't need much.



You know, look at that. Nothing.



Dookie. That's right.



We go see Mama, huh?



The Duchess, laying up there,

been waiting for you.



She loves you. She love me, too, huh?

She says she gonna cook for me.



- Piano Man.

- What? What, baby?



- Come on. You went through a lot.

- Mama...



Yes, Mama.



- That nigger scared me.

- My mama didn't make it.



"Mama didn't make it."

Mama didn't make what?



What you talking about,

"Mama didn't make it"?



Stop that now.



The Duchess is gone.






Billie, your mama.

Your mama's gone, Billie.



Piano Man.



Piano Man.






Everything's going wrong.



Mr. McKay?



- Dr. Grossman?

- Yes, how are you?



It's good to see you. You're on time, too.



It's good to see you.



I'm very happy you called me.



Well, to tell you the truth...



I had no choice.



You see, it's a question of the bill.



She seems to be

under the impression...



that we could make

some arrangements.



- Where is she?

- Why, she's right there by the tree.



Listen, will you do me a little favor?

Don't tell her I'm taking care of it.



Okay. Now, you do me a favor.



Don't you tell her I contacted you.



You know, it's a matter of ethics,

you know?



And I need her full confidence.

You understand?



But the fact that she came here alone

speaks a lot for her.



Doctor, do you mind if I have

one of your nurses give her this?



No, not at all. Nurse.



Would you give this box

to Miss Holiday?



She's over there under the tree.



I appreciate this, Doctor.



- Thank you so much.

- Don't mention it. Don't mention it.



- Well, I hope you have a good visit.

- Yeah, thank you.






Oh, Louis.



How'd you find me?



I didn't tell anybody

where I was gonna be.



Listen, I heard about your mom.

I'm sorry, baby.



I wish there was something

I could've done.






I have to start doing things for myself.






I made up my mind. No more singing.



It only seems to get me into trouble,

you know?



Yeah, I think it's a good idea.

Let me see your eyes, okay?



Come on. Come on. Come on.

Let me see. Let me see.



Don't look so hot, huh?



You're beautiful.






Well, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna make a deal with you.



If you promise to be Mrs. Louis McKay...



I promise

I'll never leave you alone again.



You're kidding, aren't you?



No, I'm not kidding, baby.

I'm not kidding.



Okay, it's a deal. It's a deal. It's a deal.






Now how about signing, sealing,

and delivering the goods...



right on that little finger right there?



Okay, I better get to town

before the stores close.



- I'll be back tomorrow, bright and early.

- Okay.



- You take care of yourself, okay?

- Okay.



I love you, you know that?

I'll always love you.



Doctor. Doctor.



Billie Holiday?



- Billie Holiday?

- Yes. Yes, that's me.



I'm Detective Hennen, New York City...



Police Department, Narcotics Division.



- We got a warrant for your arrest.

- What's going on?



- We gotta take you in.

- What the hell's going on?



We're taking her in for illegal use of...



She's under my medical care.



This is a private hospital.



Look, Doc,

it's still illegal, and you know it.



Now, don't give us any trouble.



Get dressed, miss,

or we'll have to take you in...



But you don't understand.

She's on gradual withdrawal.



If she stops cold,

the shock to her system could kill her.



Don't you understand? It could kill her.



- How is she, Doc?

- We'll find out soon enough.



- Come on, get her up here.

- Hey, baby.



Let me see.



All right.

Now, Louis, help me get this off.



- You take this arm.

- I'm trying to get her out of this place.



I'm sorry, they told me to get you

in and out of here in five minutes.



- The right arm.

- Lift the sleeve.



Here. Yeah, that's it.

Now, you hold her still now.



There we are.



Easy. Easy. Easy.






Hold her still now. That's it. Now.



There we are.



This could be worse.



But when she was at my place...



- we gave her less, less, and less.

- I gotta get her out of this place.



And that helped her fight this off.

Her heart's very strong.



I'm sorry, gentlemen.

I will have to ask you to hurry.






- Okay, let's take look.

- All right, now listen.






- Now you get this thing on again.

- I'll take care of that.



- There we go.

- You go ahead, now.



Don't worry, Louis.



All right, I'll catch up.

I'll catch you when you get outside.



Oh, baby. Baby.



You must feel like the alonest girl...



in this whole life right now.



Listen. Listen, baby. Listen.






You see that? You see?



You see that?



If you hear me...



this is gonna be yours.



No, please take me home.



I'm gonna give you this with love.



With all...



All of the love I know and feel for you.






I'm sorry. You're gonna have to go.

I'm sorry.






I'm with you, baby.



I'll always be with you.



Lady sings the blues



She's got 'em bad



She feels so sad



Wants the world to know



Just what her blues is all about



The blues ain't nothing



But a pain in your heart



When you got a bad start



You and your man have to part



- She'll be here any minute.

- Be quiet.



Hold it. Hold it. Everybody, hold it.

Now, wait a minute.



Hold it. Hold it. Everybody, hold it.

Now, wait a minute.



This is a welcome-home party

for Billie, yeah?



I tell you what, let's all be nice and jolly.



And you, not one word about jail

or bars or serving time or...



- Or nervousness.

- Or nervousness.



Would you move out the way?



- She's here. She's here. She's here.

- One minute. I tell you what.



Everybody get in place

and turn out the lights.



- But I didn't get the sign up.

- Turn off the lights.



- Get it up.

- Turn off the lights.






- Come on. Come on. Come on.

- The lights.



Nice and quiet.



What do you mean?

She stepped on my foot.






- Surprise!

- Surprise, Billie.



- You look great, Billie.

- Welcome home, Billie.



Nice to see you, Billie.

I hope, we're not intruding.



The funny thing about being away,

you forget what everybody look like.



- I tried to...

- He's still homely.



I tried to picture your faces

so many times, but...



I got a little blurry.

I couldn't figure what you look like.



Do a party. Give me a kiss.



Bring her in. Let's show her

what we got for her. Get up.



- Thank you.

- How about one for your first boss?



- And me.

- Leave her alone.



Why don't you shut up?



You didn't let none of them dikey broads

get to you, did you?



- Come on. Come on.

- Big dinner.



Fried chicken?



Dance right out of my shoes



Never see you

With your clothes on, dear



Band starts playing

The lowdown shuffle blues



Oh, yeah

Oh, yeah



Oh, yeah



- You never get that note.

- No, but you might yourself.



You better come back 'cause

Jerry ain't made enough money yet.



We're just a poor, wicked being

with Mr. Jerry.



When're you coming back?

Because we miss you, honest to God.



I don't care, rich or poor, we miss you.

But we're poor, we need you.



- Yeah, right.

- Well, I ain't gonna be coming back.



Unless you can get this piano

and the club into my kitchen...



because I'm gonna be cooking

for that pretty nigger over there...



so I can get fat,

and we might have some babies.



- Billie, I got something for you.

- Piano Man, a little arpège.



We got something ourselves, over here.






Speech. Speech. Give me a little.



White man talking.



What is that?



Well, me and the band,

we've been doing pretty good...



all because of a certain lady,

and we even got a record contract.






And we cut one song I think

you might know, called Don't Explain...



and written by a little skinny lady.

And I put her name right on there.



"Written by Miss Billie Holiday."



You know that I love you



And what love endures



All my thoughts are of you



For I'm so completely yours



Cry to hear folks chatter



And I know you cheat



Right or wrong don't matter



When you're with me, sweet



Hush now



Don't explain



What is there to gain



I'm glad



You're back



Don't explain



It's about the best I can do...



but it isn't enough, is it?



Come on, what're you talking about?



How long is it gonna be before you get

back to work? A month? Two months?



- No.

- Who're you kidding, Billie?



Me, I guess.



- So what happens now?

- What do you think happens, woman?



You do it right this time.



Get yourself...



an agent that'll take care

of your career...



and a husband that'll take care of you.



I love you.



I really do.



I meant what I said

about working in the kitchen.



Working in the kitchen?

What're you gonna do in there?



You still haven't learn to boil an egg.



You got a felony rap against you,

and that automatically revokes...



your license in New York.

You know that.



No, I didn't know that.



And if you're not working in New York,

you're nothing.



Give me an idea. Give me a suggestion.

I'll work with you. I love your work.



- But what can I do?

- Let's kick it around.



All right. Think about it.



Wait a minute. Wait a minute.



Wait a minute.



You do something for me,

Miss Holiday...



and I'll do something for you.

I'll get you back in New York.



You take a month, no, two months

on the road.



I'll book you into top spots.

Be sure of that.



You bring me back reviews

that are raves.



And you'll kill them.

I know you'll kill them.



- I don't wanna work on any bus tours.

- No, wait a minute.



- Let him finish what he's saying...

- You knock them dead...



you sing your heart out,

you bring me back that publicity...



I'll make those license commissioners

take notice. You know how?



I'll get you Carnegie Hall.



No, wait. Wait a minute.



Now, wait, wait, wait.

I know you don't sing opera.



I know you don't sing

with the hands held over here.



I know your style,

but that's the very point.



- I am a jazz singer. And...

- Now you got it.



Did you ever hear

of any agent in the world...



booking a jazz singer

into Carnegie Hall?



I'll have the newspaper guys,

the magazine fellows...



the radio, the newsreel.



And, Billie...



when that curtain goes down

on your opening night...



you're gonna hear a noise

that'll shake that frigging place.



Then show me

the license commissioner...



with the courage, who would dare

not to give you back your license.



That audience will tear him into bits.



- Billie, you're gonna do it?

- What do you think?



You couldn't do that for me, could you?



- You've made a deal.

- I'd have to take my manager.



I just have two people

that I have to take.



I have to take my piano player, and...



Louis, you will go with me, won't you?



Come on.



- Carnegie Hall?

- All right, when do we leave?



All right, we get Carnegie Hall.

Yes, Carnegie Hall's a big deal.



It's a deal.



It's very clear



Our love is here to stay



Not for a year



But ever and a day



The radio



And the telephone

And the movies



That we know



May just be passing fancies



And, in time, may go



But, oh, my dear



Our love is here to stay



Together we're



Going a long, long way



In time the Rockies may crumble



Gibraltar may tumble



They're only made of clay



But our love is here to stay



The radio

And the telephone



And the movies

That we know



May just be passing fancies



And in time may go



But, oh, my dear



Our love is here to stay



Together we're

going a long, long way



In time, the Rockies may crumble



Gibraltar may tumble



They're only made of clay



But our love is here to



Our love is here to



Our love is here to stay



My business is falling apart without me.

I been out here three months already.



What'd Bernie say on the phone

two hours ago?



Another one or two weeks ought to do it.



That's Bernie's new slogan.



I've never heard it before,

except      times.



Pretty soon it's not gonna matter

one way or the other.



It matters. That we know. All right?



Louis, Louis, wait just a minute.

Look, I'm sick and tired...



of all these train stations

and strange hotels.



I wanna be at home...



and, with you leaving now, I don't know

what I'm gonna do, you know?



Well, at least with me in New York City,

I can pressure Bernie.



- You know, I can keep an eye on him.

- To hell with Bernie.



I'm not thinking about Bernie.



I'm thinking about you and me.

You know I need you.



You told me

you were never gonna leave me.



I know, baby, listen...



You told me

you would never leave me alone.



Give me the smile, come on.

You're not gonna let me leave...



without that beautiful smile

on your face. Give me the sun.



- Give me the shine.

But, Louis, I'm scared.



Please. Please, shine for me.

Please. Please. Come on.



Call me right away.



You've forgotten the words



I love you



Each memory



That we've shared



You ignore every star above you



And can't realize you ever cared



You've changed



You're not the angel I once knew



No need to tell me that we're through



It's all over now



You've changed



We're in Hollywood, baby.

We're gonna be in the movies.



That's right. We're gonna be famous.

You're gonna be a star, right?



We'll team up. We'll be great together.

I'll be like Valentino. You be like...



We be like Valentino

and What's-her-name. You know?



Me and you, baby.



- It's going to be all right.

- I don't understand it.



It's been two months

since Louis left, right?






What the hell's the matter

with Bernie? He told me...



it wasn't gonna be but two months.

We've been out here seems like forever.



- Oh, my goodness.

- He is jive. You understand?



We've been working good hotels

and everything. We been getting...



good reviews, and we...



I wanna get back to New York.

I wanna get home.



Don't worry about it. It's gonna be cool.

I know it's gonna work out.



You know why I know

it's gonna work out?



Because it's gonna work out.

We gonna play Carnegie Hall one day.



That's right.



It'd be the first Carnegie concert

with a   -year-old old maid: me.



And a   -year-old polygamist.

That's me.



Because I ain't gonna be

no old maid, you know.



Oh, boy.



We gonna just have to get

some connections, that's all.



We gonna have to get

some connections, that's all.



I got connections, baby.

Big connections.



- You got connections?

- That's right.



- Out here?

- Back.



- Out here in California?

- Yeah. Yes.



Okay, why don't you get some stuff?



I'm really depressed. I'm down and...

Come on, now.



- Come on, Piano Man.

- Pay day's two days away.



I'm busted, right?



You ain't got no money, neither.

You talking about getting some stuff?



Okay, that's all right. Forget it.

I can get my own connections, then.



Lady, we've been through this shit

before, man. You gonna mess up...



That's all right.

I just wanna cop now, you know?



No big thing.



Don't worry about it. I'll do it myself.

You know, I'll take care of it.



You ain't your brother's keeper,

you know?



Why don't you tell that nigger

you got in New York...



I ain't your brother's keeper?



You can't get something for nothing

out here, girl. Did you know that?



I ain't trying to get

something for nothing.






Just go on back to the hotel.

Go on back to the bungalow.



I'll meet you there later.






I can handle it.

It's not the idea of that, man.



You're gonna get messed up

out here in the streets.



Why do you got to do that?



You're a star now. You understand?

You're big time.



You're gonna... I can get the stuff,

all right? I'll meet you...



- Now you're talking, big boy.

- Yeah, now.



- Okay.

- I'll meet you back at the hotel.



- About an hour, all right?

- All right.



Take this.



Come on, now take it.

Now, you know, you need some money.



You can take this and pawn it.

We can get it back later.



- Hey, you know what?

- Chicken butt.



Them that's got shall get



Them that's not shall lose



So the Bible says



Play your harmonica.



And it still is news



Mama, Mama may have



Papa may have



God bless the child



That's got his own



You got your own harmonica.

I got my own harmonica.



I got my own high, too.



I knew you were trying to hog the horse.



Hang on.



Let me tell you something, you know...



How are we gonna...



Just a minute.



How we gonna be cool?



Piano Man, I've been trying to tell you.

You know what?



My father was all right.

You know, he never did whip me?



You wanna know why?

'Cause he wasn't there.



He left my mama.



It's me, man.



We coming, Me.



Me, it's Me.



- That's you at the door?

- That's what the man said: "It's Me."



Hey, Me, we're coming.



- Yes.

- Say...



We gotta be cool, man.

Shit, it might be the Man.



- That's right.

- The Man.



That's the Man.

I ain't talking about, you know?



- Say, man.

- Herbie Emma Savits.



- "Say, man."

- Who is it? Is this Me or Say Man?



It's Jimmy.



Come on, open the door.



Hey, Piano Man. Piano Man.



That might be the Man.

I better go and clean up.



Just a minute, we coming. Hold on.



- Come on, man.

- Tell him that...



Just a minute.



We have to flush the toilet.



Okay, wait a minute.



Hey! Wait. Be...



Hey, who is it?



- Hey, it's Jim.

- Ain't nobody but me.



All right. Just a minute.



- Jim.

- Right.



It's just Jim, baby.

Jim and me, I gotta...



It's just Jim, baby.

Jim and me, I gotta...



- Who's Jim?

- He ain't the Man, anyhow.



Hey, Jimmy, I want you to meet...



Come on, hey, Jimmy.



- Hey.

- Hi, Jimmy.



Listen, Jimmy, this is Lady.



Jimmy's the man.

Hey, man, this is Lady.



Lady Day, this is Billie Holiday.



You know what I mean? The star.



- I wanna talk to you, Piano Man.

- Sure, man.



Have a seat.

Why don't you guys come on in?



- You want a taste? You want a taste?

- Excuse me, ma'am.



Something? A little drink?



Hey, Piano Man,

my man here says that...



you and him

got some business to take care of.



I was coming back. You know what?



Man, you said you was gonna

drop right on back, baby...



and you didn't make it.

Now that ain't no way to act.



I got something for you, though.

No, I know.



- Piano Man, who is these guys?

- Let's not... Billie.



Well, look, baby, I'll tell you.



No, wait.

Damn. Now, wait a minute, man.



Wait. Wait. Wait.



I'll give you the ring.

You can take my ring.



Wait. Wait!






- What are you doing to Piano Man?

- Goddamn it, Billie!



- What are y'all doing with him?

- Billie! God!



No, Billie, please.



Get up.



Wait a minute, listen.

Look, I got the shit.



You can't steal from us like that, man.



They're gonna kill me. Billie!



Let him up.



- Billie.

- What did you do?



- I think we better get out of here now.

- Yeah.



Golly. Golly.



Piano Man, look at you.

You're bleeding all over.



Piano Man.



Piano Man,

what you doing with this ring?



You are always trying to be a hero,

Piano Man.



You were supposed to pawn

this goddamn ring.



Is that why the men beat you?



You're still my friend.



God bless the child



That's got his own



That's got his own



Mama may have



Help, Mommy! Mama, help me!

Somebody, help me!



Piano Man! Wait a minute.

Piano Man, wait a minute.






Piano Man, you ain't dead, are you?

Don't die, Piano Man.



Piano Man is dead,

and everything is out of it here.



We got it.



We got Carnegie Hall.



Billie, did you hear me?



We finally got Carnegie Hall.



Billie, I can't hear you.



Turn that damn radio off.



We must have a bad connection.



Did you hear me, Billie?



Wait a minute.



There's something wrong.

She sounds real funny.



What are you talking about?

Let me have that.



Billie, this is Louis. Look...



What's going on? You okay?



Louis, I'm scared out here.



Something scary is happening to me.



What the hell is going on out there?



See, we can't do everything

by ourselves.



- Is that the boyfriend?

- There he is. That's him.



I can't talk to you right now.



I don't know. I don't know.






Who is it? Leave me alone, go away.



Billie, open the door.

Billie, it's Louis. Open the door.



- Who?

- Billie, it's Louis!






Open the door.



Is that you, Louis?



It's me, baby.



Hey, Billie,

can we talk to you for a second?



I knew you'd come, Louis.

I knew you'd come.



I've been waiting for you.



Why is it so dark in here?



You all right?



What happened?



Baby, it's all right. Listen. Listen.



I love you, Louis.

You love me, don't you?



I knew you were gonna come. See?



Listen, baby, what happened?

What happened to Piano Man?



What's the matter with you?



Then why are you so...



I'm fine, see? Everything's fine.



I don't know.



See, these men, they followed me

from the inquest and...



bothered me and everything, and...



This is all right, baby. It's all right.



Listen, it's all over now.



Piano Man is dead, and there's nothing.

We can't do anything about it...



but you're you.



You got to keep on living.

Now, you gotta...



Piano Man's dead.



Yeah, you got a lot of hard work

ahead of you now.



I mean, you gotta work hard. You gotta

put your mind on work, you know?



You got Carnegie Hall

to think about now.



I better get you home.

I'm gonna get you home.



- You know, Piano Man is dead.

- Yeah, I do.



See, Louis, I wish I was dead.



- Billie...

- I know.



- See...

- I'm gonna go pack your things now...



all right?



It's not... I'm really...



See, Louis, I'm no good...



I don't...



See, Piano Man

was right over there. Louis?



I knew you'd come

and take care of me, see?



Hey, Louis, get me out of here, huh?



I've been waiting for you, I...

You took so long to come by, and...






Why do those guys keep bothering me?



I don't know them.



- Here you are, baby.

- I don't care, anyway.



Come on, take your hat now.

We're going home, okay?



We're going home.



- We're going home.

- Yeah, we're going home, all right?



I'm going home, right?



Okay, you put your hat on.

We're going home.



Take the train right on into New York,

right into Penn Station, okay?



How much time we got? You wanna...



We can do that on the train, okay?

Let's go. Heading to Carnegie Hall.



There you go. Come on, baby.

Big date. New York.



- What, we get...

- Big date.



- Carnegie Hall, that's right.

- Yes. Yes, yes, yes.



Okay, ready?






- What, baby?

- Do you love me?



I love you. Yes, I love you.



I love you. Now, come on, let's go.



And you gonna be with me?

See, because...



I'm a good girl. I don't mean...

I didn't mean to do things...



I know. I know, but let's...

Why don't we get out of here now?



Go on, now, go on.

Let's get the train.






Straight into

Pennsylvania Station, okay?






- Go back to New York, see? New York.

- Yeah.



- Home.

- Home. Home.



- Come on.

- I'm gonna take my coat.



You take your coat. Okay.



Okay, I'll take my hat.



- I'll put your hat on you.

- Okay.



Thank you.



- Here it is. Right there.

- It's all over now, Billie. It's all over.



Miss Holiday, could you give us

a statement about...



Whatever my man is



I'm his forevermore



What's the difference if I say



I'll go my way



when I know I'll come back

On my knees



Some day



For whatever my man is



I'm his






More, more!



They're still screaming out there.



Billie, you made it. I love you.



They love you. Listen to them scream.



I hear them. I hear them.



The walls are shaking.

They never seen anything like tonight.



It's fantastic. Can I get my license now?



Are you kidding?

You've got all of New York City.



You're home.



Billie, you can't keep

Carnegie Hall waiting.



Okay, I'll do God Bless the Child.



God Bless the Child.



- Kill them, Billie.

- I love you.



- I love you too.

- All right, later.



Them that's got shall get



Them that's not shall lose



So the Bible says



And it still is news



Mama may have



Papa may have



But God bless the child



That's got his own



That's got his own






You got

Lots of friends



Crowding around the door



When it's gone



And spending ends



They don't come no more



Rich relations give



A crust of bread and such



You can help yourself



But don't take too much



Mama may have



Papa may have



But God bless the child



That's got his own



That's got his own


Special help by SergeiK