Ladyhawke Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ladyhawke script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ladyhawke. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ladyhawke Script







Nothing is impossible...



Come on, Mouse...






Dig, Mouse...



Dig, Mouse...




-Yes, sir?



-Bring out the next three

-Two more..



Hurry up.



- Take two.

- I want Phillipe Gaston.



This is the cell, sir.



Wrong cell. I want Phillipe Gaston,

the one they call "The Mouse".



The Mouse? The MouseÖ



The mouse- he left our house.



No mouse today- he ran away.



To ease the pain- heís down the drain!



-Where is he?!

-I already told you, kind lord!



Hang him. Search every sewer,

every drain!



Find him! Or Captain Marquet

will hang you in his place.



Impossible. Nobody could

escape through there.



Itís not unlike escaping

motherís womb.



God, what a memory!



Lord, Iíll never pick another pocket

as long as I live, I swear.



But hereís the problem- if you wonít let

me live, how can I prove my good faith to you?



If youíve heard me, this ledge

will remain steady as a rock,



and that thing coming at me

wonít be what I think it is.



If it is, thereíll be no hard feelings,

of course... but Iíll be very disappointed.



I donít believe it...



I believe it.



Iím coming.



Itís Phillipe, Lord.






You wonít regret this, Lord.

Iím a wonderful person.



Hello! What are you

doing down there?



Get away, get away!



Come there, come there.



Thereís disturbing news, Your Grace.

One of the prisoners has escaped.



No one ever escapes the

dungeons of Aquila, Marquet.



The people of the city accept

that as a historical fact.



- The responsibility is mine.

- Yes.



It would be a miracle...



...if he manages to get through

the sewage system.



I believe in miracles, Marquet.



Itís part of my job.



At any rate, Your Grace, Ďtis only

one insignificant petty thief.



Great storms announce themselves

with a simple breeze, Captain,



and a single rebel spark can

ignite the fires of rebellion.



If heís out there, Your Grace,

I shall find him.






Take ten men toward Chanee,

we ride north to Gabroche.



The name of the man who

finds this Gaston...



...will be brought to the personal

attention of the Bishop...


            will the body of the

man who lets him get away.



Open the gate!



I know I promised, Lord,

never again.



But I also know, that you know,

what a weak-willed person I am.



Come on, Mouse, keep going.

Not much further.



About     miles, thatís all.



A nice hot piece of cabbage, like

my dear old mother used to make.



Wolf! Wolf.



Please, no wolf.



Extract of lamb.



Where the hell am I?



Hot lamb, with sauce on it.



Maybe some of that green stuff,

that Bertram used to put on.



- Hello!

- Hello!



- Hello!

- Look up there!



Heís taking daddyís shoes!



Thatís right, my darlings.






- A drink of your most expensive!

- Yeah, yeah, show me your money.



Copper, my friend.



And a same for any who

joins me in a toast!



Letís hear your toast.



we drink to a special

man, my friends.



Someone who has seen the dungeons of

Aquila, and lived to tell the tale.



Then you drink to me, little man.

Iíve seen those dungeons.



A blacksmith, perhaps?



A carpenter? A stonecutter, even?

But a prisoner, from inside Aquila?



I didnít say I was a prisoner.



If youíd stuck to the woods, you

may have stood a chance, Gaston.



Youíre right.



Get him!



Move, move! Get out of the way!



You, I said move!



Iím so terribly sorry!



Kill him.



May God have mercy on my soul!



You, out.



One of my men told me

you returned.



I wanted to cut his

throat for lying...



...because I knew you

werenít that stupid.



- Captain Navarre.

- Francesco.






I wonít hurt you,

Iím a wonderful person.



After him!



Nice ponies, sweet ponies,

come hereÖ filthy strumpets!



No, no!



No, no, no!



Must be somebody at home.

I see smoke.



Are you sure you donít want to ride on, sir?

Thereís still plenty of light.



Stop your chattering.

Weíll spend the night here.









Give me the axe! The axe!



Good evening, sir, my lady. My comrade-in-arms

and I need lodging for the night.



- No, no place for you here.

- Weíll pay for it, of course.



We are not above compassion

to those in misery.



You may sleep down

there, in a barn.



Thank you.






Sir, are you there?



If thereís nothing else I

can do, I think Iíll turn in.



- You can take care of my horse.

-All right.



And sleep with one eye open.



And donít disturb me- Iím liable to take

your head off before I know itís you.



All right. Come on, old girl.



Come on.



Stubborn little lady!

Whatís her name?



His name is Goliath.



His name? Pretty name.



Go with him, boy, he didnít

mean to hurt your feelings.



Goliath, before we get to

know each other better...



...I feel I should tell you a story

about a tiny little man named David.



One day.






"Slave" is more like it.



See to the fire, feed the

animals, gather the wood...



Look at me, Lord!



I was better off at the

dungeons of Aquila!



My cellmate was insane,

and a murderer...



...but he respected me!



Heís a strange one, Navarre. Why did he

save my life? He wants something from me.



I can see it in his eyes.



Well, whatever it is,

Iím not going to do it!



Iím still a young man, you know!

Iíve got prospects!



Iím off to find my golden future,

Captain, so goodbye and good...






Who do you think is out there?



You better draw your sword, Pierre.



Ah, Louis, you brought

your crossbow!



Weíll all go back to

the barn now, all right?



- All right.

- All right.



Show no mercy, Pierre!

Take no prisoners!



Iím going to get some help!



Captain, sir, Captain! wolf!



wolf, wolf Sir!



Sir! Wolf, wolf!



Donít go out there,

donít go out there!



Thereís a wolf, a big wolf, the biggest

wolf youíve ever seen, and a dead man.



I know.



Miss, please!



Maybe Iím dreaming.



But my eyes are open, which

means, maybe Iím awake...



...dreaming Iím asleep.



Or, or more likely...



...maybe Iím asleep,

dreaming Iím awake...



...wondering if Iím dreaming.



You are dreaming.



Iíve not seen what Iíve just seen.

I do not believe what I believe, Lord.



If these are magical or unexplainable matters,

then I beg you not to make me a part of them.



Weíll stop now.



Not a great day for traveling.



Come on, girl, come on.



I mean, boy. Come on, Goliath. Come on.



Goliath, come on, itís cold

out here. Come on.



I can do with a rest myself,

after last nightís goings on.



The wolf would have kill

me, it was horrible.



But he tore the farmerís

throat out, and left me alone.



And there was more.



There was a woman...


            fine porcelain,

with deep blue eyes...



...almost like a birdís.



And her voice...



...the dulcet tones of an angel.



She spoke? What did she say?



I asked her if I was dreaming,

and she said I was.



Iím not insane, you must believe

me when I tell you these things!



No, I believe you.

I believe in dreams.



I see.



This ladyÖ Did she

perhaps have a name?



Not that she mentioned, why?



Well, she may wonder

into my dreams.



Wouldnít it be nice...



...if I could call her by name

and pretend weíve met before?



Iíve waited a long

time for such a lady.






The bird will warn

us if anyone comes.



I got to be out of my mind.



Out of my mind.



Open the gates!



Have you found the

criminal, Gaston?



Heís not in my custody

at this time.



Then why do you invade my

garden, unwashed, unshaved?



Do you think to find him here?



Navarre has returned.



Walk with me.



The criminal, Gaston, travels with him.

My men are combing the woods.



And the hawk?



- Your Grace?

- There must be a hawk.



A spirited hawk.



This one is not to be

harmed, understood?



You see, the day she dies, a new Captain of

the Guard will preside at your execution.



We live in difficult times, Marquet.



This famine has prevented people from

paying their proper tribute to the church.



I raise their taxes, only to be told

thereís nothing left for me to tax.



Imagine! But last night, the Lord

Almighty visited me in my sleep.



He told me...



...that Satanís messenger is traveling

amongst us. And his name...


            Etienne of Navarre.






To break faith with me is

to break faith with Him.



- Get me Cezar!

- Yes, Your Grace.



This sword has been in my

family for five generations.



It has never known

defeat, until now.



This jewel represents

my family name.



This one is our alliance with

the Holy Church in Rome.



This oneÖ was my fatherís...



...from the Crusades.



And this...



Sir, you donít think that I took that one...



This is mine to fill.



Each generation is called

upon to follow its quest.



And what is your quest?



I must kill a man.



Tell me, does this walking

corpse have a name?



His Grace...



...the Bishop of Aquila.



The Bishop... I see.



Well, then you have much to do.



And Iíve already been

enough of a burden to you.



I do hope our paths

cross again someday.



I need you to guide

me into the city.



Not for the life of my mother !



...Even if I knew who she was..



Youíre the only one who has

ever escaped from there.



It was chance, pure chance,

a miracle!



I fell down a hole

and followed my nose.



I have waited almost two

years for a sign from God.



So when I heard the

warning bells of Aquila...



...I knew the moment of my destiny has

come. You will be my guiding angel.






Sir, the truth is, I talk to God all the time,

and no offense, but he never mentioned you.






There are strange forces

at work in your life.



Magical ones that surround you.



I donít understand them,

but they frighten me.



You have given me my life.



The truth is, I can never repay you.



I have no honor, and never will have.



I donít think that youíd kill

me for being what I am.



But, better that then

to return to Aquila.



Iíll gather some

wood for the fire.



- Got you.

- Miss?



My lady, up here.



Oh, damn.



Do you remember me?



What are you doing up there?



What am I doing? Well, yes,

you might ask that.



The Bishopís guards.



A dozen of them,

we had a terrible fight.



- Why didnít they kill you.

- Why didnít they?..



Itís a good question,

I asked them that myself.



- And?..

- And?



And what did they say?



They said that... that they prefer

to leave that honor to the Bishop.



Theyíre coming back.



- They are, are they?

- Please, my lady?



A giant owl examined me

closely not one minute ago.









Youíre very kind.






Thank you very much, my lady. Tell the

Captain he ties a wicked knot!



Heís going to kill me.



Good morning!



Letís go find Phillipe.



Well, well.



Long way from the

sewers, little rat.



This time, the drinks are on me.



- Where is Navarre?

- Navarre? Navarre?



Oh, yes, yes, big man,

black horse.



I saw him riding

south, toward Aquila.



Then we ride north, sir.



Itís not polite to assume that somebody

is a liar when youíve only just met him.



Yet you knew we would.



We ride south. Toward Aquila.



I told the truth, Lord!



How can I learn any moral lessons,

when you keep confusing me like this?









Easy, youíll be all right.



Get me a piece of

cloth from my saddlebag!



Easy, donít be afraid,

itís all right, itís all right.






Youíll be all right.

You will be fine.



Youíll live.



Take her, find help.



- Me, sir?

- Youíre the only one I have.



- But sir, the hawk is done for.

- Donít you say that!



Follow this road. Youíll find

a ruined castle.



Thereís a monk named Imperious. Give

him the hawk. He will know what to do.



- Sir, I donít think you understand...

- Get on my horse!



Youíre the only one who can ride him.



You will do as I tell you!

Get on my horse, now!






And know this...



if you fail, I will follow

you the length of my days.



And I will find you.






Come on, go.



There it is, see? The castle.

Weíll be there soon.



Ah! Well, well, thatís

gratitude for you!



All right, let this Imperious watch you die.

Iíve got my own life to look after!









up there!



For peace sake, hello!



Hello, hello!



What do you want down there?



- I was told to bring you this bird. Itís been wounded.

- Oh, good shot!



- Bring her in, weíll dine together.

- We canít eat this bird.



Oh, why not... Oh, God, is

it lent again already?!



This is no ordinary hawk, father.

It belongs to a man named Navarre.



Mother of God! Bring her in,

bring her in!






Good bird.



Up here, boy! Hurry.






Hurry! Here, up here.



This way.



Now, careful. Walk on

the left side.












Now, leave us.



- Can I help?

- Get out, boy.



Donít be frightened.



Navarre was right.



I know what to do.



We must wait a little.



Now, then, where is it? Oh, yes, there...



Now, what weíre going to need?



Some tarragon, rosemary,

wood for the fire...



Itís late. Time, I need time.



Now, there, thatís it...



Navarre, is he?..



Heís fine.



heís just fine, my lady.



There was a terrible battle.

Navarre fought like a lion.



The hawk...



The hawk was struck.



- You know that, donít you?

- Yes.



Are you flesh?



or are you spirit??



I am sorrow.






Now, get out.



Get out.



This time, stay out!



Forgive me, Your Grace.

Cezar has arrived.



Itís him, isnít it?



- The wolf, somehow, itís him.

- Drink, forget!



An hour ago you were drunk,

and you remembered.



- What do they call you, boy?

- Phillipe Gaston.



Her name is Isabeau DíAnjou.



Her father was the count DíAnjou,

an ill-tempered fellow.



He found his death slaying

Saracens in Antioch.



She came to live, with her cousin

I think it was, in Aquila.



I shall never forget the first time

I saw her. It was like looking at...



The face of love.



Ah, you too?



Well, I suppose we were all in

love with her in different ways.



Even His Grace, the Bishop,

couldnít think of nothing else.



The Bishop loved her?!



As near as that evil

man could come to it.



His passion was a sort of madness.

He was a man possessed!



But Isabeau sensed his wickedness,

and she shrank from him.



She sent back all his letters

and left his poems unread.



Her heart was already

lost, you see...


            the Captain of the Guard.



Etienne Navarre!



The Bishop knew nothing

about their love.



But every day he saw it grow

stronger and deeper and richer.









They were betrayed.



They shared the same confessor,

a weak, foolish priest.



On one day, on a drunken confession to

his superior, he committed a mortal sin.



He revealed the loversí secret

vows to the Bishop.



The old fool didnít realize

what he had done at first...



...or the terrible revenge

the Bishop would exact.



His Grace seemed to go mad, he lost

both his sanctity and his reason.



He swore, that if he could not

have her, no man would.



So, Navarre and Isabeau

fled from Aquila.



The Bishop followed, ever more ardent,

ever more persistent than a hound.



An evil man, a powerful

man, hated and feared;



Rejected even by Rome itself.



He called upon the

powers of darkness...



...for the means to

damn the lovers.



In his fury and frustration,

he struck a dreadful bargain...



...with the Evil One



The dark powers of hell...



...spat up a terrible curse,

and you have seen it working.



By day, Isabeau is the beautiful

bird you brought to me.



And by night, as you

have already guessed...



...the voice of the

wolf that we hear...


            the cry of Navarre.



Poor dumb creatures, with no memory of

the half-life of their human existence



never touching in the flesh.



Only the anguish of a split

second at sunrise and sunset...



...when they can almost touch...



...but not.



always together...

eternally apart...



As long as the sun rises and sets,

as long as there is day and night



and for as long as

they both shall live.



You have stumbled onto a

tragic story, Phillipe Gaston.



And now, whether

you like it or not...


            are lost in it,

with the rest of us.






All of them.



My traps are full.



I canít kill every wolf that lives. Since

the plague there are more wolves then men.



And there is a woman.



Your Grace?



A beautiful woman...



...with alabaster skin, and

the eyes of a dove.



She travels by night, only by

night. Her sun is the moon.



And her name is...






Find her, and you

find the wolf.



The wolf I want.



The wolf who...



...loves her.



A black wolf.






Donít, donít.



You might start bleeding again.



Tell me your name.



Most people call me

Phillipe "The Mouse"



You travel with him, donít you?






"You must save this hawk",

he said.



"For she is my life, my last

and best reason for living".



And then he said:



"One day we will know such happiness...



... as two people dream

of, but never do".



He said that?



I swear it on my life.



- Does she know?

- What?



That you are the priest

that betrayed them.



The Lord has declared

an end to it at last.



He has given me the knowledge

to undo what I have done.



After two years, he has brought

us back together again.



Make yourself clear, if you can.



I have found a way

to break the curse...



...and a time for Navarre

to confront the Bishop...



...and to begin his

own true life again.



He intends to confront the Bishop, to kill

him with the sword of his ancestors.



No, he mustnít do that! He canít! If he kills

the Bishop, the curse can never be broken!



Look after Isabeau, boy!

Go, quickly!



Open up the door, in the name of

His Holiness the Bishop of Aquila!



Ah, away with you! This is a

house of God, not a brothel!



I said, open up, in the

name of the Bishop!



Iíve met the Bishop, you blasphemous

lout! And you look nothing like him!



- Break it in!

- Yes, sir.



Left side, left side.



My lady!



My lady.



Come with me.



- What is it?

- Donít talk, come with me.






I am a monk, not an architect!



Move it in here!



In here, my lady.



This way, my son, straight

to the big main doors.



And donít forget...



walk on the left side.






Go back, back inside.



- I Got it!

- You got it!



My bots!



- Phillipe, itís me theyíre after!

- Donít flatter yourself.



Hold me!



Iím slipping!









- Where is the woman?

- She flew away!



- Where is she?!

- Godís truth, she flew away!



It always pays to say the truth, my Lord.



Thank you. I see that now.



I thought you might have

been dead, old man.



There were times I wanted

to kill you myself.



But Iím very grateful... for this.



It is I who should be grateful

to have the chance ...


            redeem myself, and to save

you and Isabeau.



Because the Lord has told me,

how the curse may be broken.



You have betrayed us

once, I warn you.



Three days hence, the Bishop will

hear confessions from the clergy...


            the cathedral in Aquila.



All you have to do is to confront him,

both of you, as man and woman...


            the flesh...



...and the curse will

be confounded...



...broken. And both of

you will be free!



- Impossible.

- As long as there is night and day, no.



But three days hence, in Aquila,

there will be a day without a night...



...and a night without a day.



Go back inside, old man,

go back to your drink.



You think that Iím drunk?!



I swear to you!



God has shown me!



He has forgiven me!



He hasnít forgiven you.



Heís made you mad.



Sir, sir!



Itís all right. Sir, sir!



Howís your shoulder?



- Iím in your debt.

- Me? Sir, no, no, not at all.



She wanted me to

deliver a message....


            say, that she still has

hope, faith in you..



- Youíre free to go.

- I know that, sir.



- Do as you like.

- Yes, sir



And you and Ladyhawke will be

going on to Aquila?



- Ladyhawke?

- Yes.



Well, it just so happens, Iím headed

in that general direction myself.






Than you better grab your

things, Iím leaving.









Imperious, Iím leaving with

the Captain, follow us.



But if the old man is right

about breaking the curse...



...if you and Isabeau could face the

Bishop together as man and woman...



You will not mention this again.

Not to me and not to her.






Abraham, will you

get a move on!



It looks like a big one, Captain.

Weíre gonna get soaked.



Find shelter.



- The sun is going down.

- How can you tell?



After so many sunsets?



ake care of Ladyhawke.



Tell her I love her.



Are you hungry?



Do you understand me, Ladyhawke?



You know, it was my favorite

thing for dinner- hawk.



Iíve eaten thousands of them.

I used to kill one every night.



Serves me right for getting

involved in this nightmare.



Nightmare? Daymare...



And then "a night without day,

a day without night..."



Whatís that supposed to mean?



Makes about as much sense

as the rest of it.



Oh oh. The sun sets.



Iíll wait outside.



Oh... Hold on for a minute.



I canít vouch for the fit.



Take you time, my lady.






My lady?



Iím coming in!









Itís me, remember?







Thank you.



- How is he?

- Heís alive, like you.



Heís full of hope, like you.



He left you in my charge.



He said, "tell her that we speak as one, and

she will follow your instructions as my own".






No, donít swear.



Good evening, Goliath.



Heís taking us back

to Aquila, isnít he?



Well, what do you instruct?



I instruct you to sit

by a warm fire...


            drink a cup of sweet wine...



...and to listen to bright

music cheerfully played.



Perhaps even dance.



Shall we, my lady? Dance?



- Now?

- Practice.



Oh... oh, may. It has been

a long time, Phillipe.



Iíll have my cup of

sweet wine now.



All right.



So, you intend to by my protector

as well, eh? Iím flattered.



Actually, the truth is,

heíll kill me if I lose it.



I had to steel your dress.



You stole my dress?



Isabeau. Isabeau!



Isabeau? Isabeau...



- Get inside!

- No!



If you lay one hand on her, you will

find it on the ground next to your head!



- Now, ride on!

- Easy, little man, youíre frightening me.



Are you deft?! Ride on!



Turn around, and youíre dead!



What a terrible night.






Is... Isabeau! Heíll kill me.



Show yourself, coward!



My beautiful.




-A black wolf...



Will you get on, Abraham?



Go faster, itís going

to snow soon.



-Good morning.



-Oh... Good morning

-You look a little pale,

I got you something to eat.



What a night...



What happened?



Ah... Oh, nothing I

couldnít handle, Captain.



Itís a good little

hawk, nice bird.



Go on now, go to your master.



- Go on, Ladyhawke.

- Last night...






- Tell me about it.

- Whatís to tell?



Go on now, go on, go...



- We ran in a bit of trouble on the way to an inn.

- You took Isabeau to an inn?!



First we had to go to a stable.

Fly to your master, fly to the one you love.



- What did you do in a stable?

- We changed clothes.






- Not together, of course!

- Did you leave her alone?!



- No!

- So you did change together!..



No, no, no! Take her, take her.



She is the most wonderful

woman that ever lived...



and I canít say I havenít

had my fantasies



but the truth is, all she

did was talk about you.



Every moment you spend with her...



...I envy you..



But you can tell me.



Tell me everything she said.



And I warn you, I will know

if the words are hers.



She was sad at first.



She talked about the day you

met, and she cursed it.



But then...



...I saw her remember how

happy you were together...



...before the Bishopís curse.



And her eyes glowed.



No, she glowed.



She loves you more than life,

Captain. Sheís had to.



Did you know that hawks and

wolves mate for life?



Yeah... The Bishop didnít

even leave us that.



Not even that.



On your way to kill His Grace?



Why wonít you listen to me?



In two days time...


            can face the Bishop in the

cathedral with Isabeau by your side...



...and break the curse.



I will be in Aquila tomorrow.



And in one way or another, there

will finally be an end to it.



One day more or less,

what can it matter?



You too?



I warned you.



- Stay here then with the old man.

- No, Iím going with you.



How can you get inside

the cathedral without me?



I will get in without your help.



Thank you for trying, Phillipe,

and for standing up for the truth.



I should have known better.



Every happy moment in my

life has come from lying.



There you are, little Mouse.



Where is my knife?



- Isabeau?

- I just had it, now what have I done with it?



Isabeau, this may be

our last evening together.



- Why?

- I didnít want to tell you until I believed.



I mean, really believed.



- Really believed what, Phillipe?

- I think we can break the curse.



We have a plan.



- You and Navarre?

- No.



Must you keep punching

me in the liver?!






...this hole isnít big

enough for the two of us.



Well, letís hope itís

big enough for the wolf.



Ah! What are you doing?!



When you kneel before the altar,

how do you get up again?



You sacrilegious young imp!



you... Push, blast yah!

Come on, again! And again!



Heís coming, heís coming!

Ah! Phillipe!!!



My lady, my lady! We are

just covering the trap.



All right, hurry!



Heís coming across the




-Wait, my lady!

-Phillipe, help me!



The ice will break,

lie down, lie down!



He canít get out!






Wait, my lady!



Oh, God, Phillipe, I canít...



Iím coming.



Hurry, weíll lose him!



Heís heavy.



Heís slipping.



-Hold him!

-Be careful!






Push, push, push!



Itís all right.



Hold on!



Hold on, hold on, boy!



We must live, father.



As human beings.



Our lives are in your hands now.



Tell me one thing. Where is

my fatherís sword?



Itís gone.



It fell through the ice last

night, crossing the river.



Damn you!



- That sword was the last bit of honor I possessed!

- There is no mission of honor now!



The jewel you wished to place in the sword has become

nothing but the symbol of your meaningless death!



But there is a chance for life

now, a new life with her!



- I needed that sword to kill the Bishop!

- Navarre, listen to him!



-Damn you!



Go ahead, kill yourself, kill her too! You never

cared about her as much as yourself anyway!



What is that?



It happened last night,

when he saved your life!



Forgive me.



Iíll show you idiots

how to cage a wolf.



Remember, the groove

inside the north wall.



All right, the groove inside the north wall...

We have come a full circle, Lord.



I would like to think there is some

higher meaning in all of this.



It certainly would reflect well on you.



Go on here, come on...



Hold! What have we here, holy father?



A surprise gift, eh... my son,...


            His Grace the Bishop, from...



From the people of my parish.



A fine pelt for his wall.



And what have we here?



Iíve never had the pleasure

of killing a wolf before.



How strange, itís exactly

what the Bishop said.



Iím sure he will understand you

depriving him of that pleasure.



heís a very forgiving sort of man.



Very well, pass on.



Wisdom is beyond price, my son.

Be grateful that you have it.



Clear the post!



It should be soon now,

once the clouds break.



Itís day, old man.



Like it was yesterday, like

it will be tomorrow.



Oh, no... Damn.



- Whatís the matter?

- Rats!



Rats?! Here?!






Itís too late.



he mass will be over soon.

I canít wait for you now.



If Phillipe has done his job, I can

kill the Bishop now or never.



No, Etienne, this chance

will never come again!



Youíre right.



If the service ends peacefully...



...the cathedral bells begin to toll...



...and you will know I have failed.



But Isabeau?...



I... beg you- take her life...



quick and painless.



I canít do that!



Yes you can! I beg you.



The cruelty would be to damn her to a half-life

like this, that is not what she wants.



I couldnít do it.



Have you ever considered, that this

is what God intended all along?



As the one who was once your Captain...



...and through Godís grace will be

once again, I ask you to let me pass.



Captain Navarre...



...I have my orders.



Come on, open!



Come on...



Come on!     



Navarre !!!



Oh, thank you, Lord.



A night without a day...



and a day without a night...



Lord, go with him, be with him.



-Imperious, wait!




Youíre dead.






Imperious... make it quick.



God, forgive me.



But kill me, Navarre...



...and the curse will

go on forever.



You must think of Isabeau.








Damn you.



- Damn you to hell.

- Navarre?






Look at her!



Look at me.



Now, look at us.



Look at us!



Itís over. Itís broken.



No man shall!..






Oh, my God!






Youíve cut your hair.



I love you...



- Isabeau.

- Navarre.



You two!



Come here.



May Godís blessings...


            with you both, from

this day forward.



I bless the day he brought

you back to us, father.



And you. And you...



Youíre the truest

friend we could ever have.



Thank you.



I fully intend to meet you at the pearly gates,

little thief. Donít you dare disappoint me!



Iíll meet you there, father.

Even if Iíd have to pick the lock.




-I love you, I love you!..


Special help by SergeiK