Land Of The Dead Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Land Of The Dead script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the George Romero movie with Asia Argento.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Land Of The Dead. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Land Of The Dead Script





... dead people... 



... the recently departed... 



 Unburied human corpses

are returning to life... 



and feeding on the living. 



Stay inside. 



 Do not try

to leave your homes. 



 They seem to survive

by eating human flesh. 



 Everyone who dies

will become one of them. 



If you are bitten, you will just become

one of them... 



that much sooner. 



 They're not your neighbors

and friends, not anymore. 



My wife had a heart attack. 



Got up and came after me

like a banshee from hell. 



 I put a curling iron

through her head. 



... the head... 

... the brain... 



They must be destroyed

as quickly as possible. 



There's no time

for funeral arrangements. 



 There's no time

to dig up holes... 



so you can drop these things

in the ground. 



As long as we're alive... 



they ain't never gonna

run out of food. 



The day they do, it'll mean only one thing:

We're all dead. 



 This is not only a local

or a regional phenomenon. 



Cities are under siege. 



 If these creatures ever

develop the power to think... 



to reason... 



even in the most

primitive way... 



 People are said

to be establishing... 



outposts in big cities... 



and raiding small rural towns

for supplies, like outlaws. 



They're trying to be us.



No, they used to be us.



Learning how to be us again.



No way. Some germ or some devil

got those things up and walking...



but there's a big difference

between us and them.



They're dead.



It's like they're pretending

to be alive.



Isn't that what we're doing,

pretending to be alive?



He knows we're here.






It's like he's

talking to them.



Let's go.



A whole lot of trash this

week. That's life, bro.



Whole lot of trash, trick

is not to get in with it.



You any good with that, kid? Because

I'm real good with mine.



Put it away, Charlie.

Don't be so jumpy, kid.



What are you doing?



Watching your back. I don't

like it when you go off without me.



I told you to get things

ready. I got things ready...



then I come

to watch your back.



Christ! This is like

a bad dream.



I have bad dreams.



Hell, yes. Just look at me, you

can tell I have terrible dreams.



Riley, what's your   ?



We checked out the town.



There's plenty of supplies, but

a lot of walkers. Where's Cholo?



He dumped the trash,

and he's on his way back. 



We're ready to go in. 




Put some flowers

in the graveyard.



"Flowers in the graveyard. "

Why do you call them that, Riley?



I don't get it.



These here flowers ain't

the kind you lay down on the ground.



These here are sky flowers,

way up in heaven.



That's why I love you, Charlie.

Because you still believe in heaven.



Lord, yeah.



I mean, look.



Nice driving.



Riley, looks like God's left

the phone off the hook, huh, baby?



Go get my ride.

Get yours, too.



What's the matter?

You look like shit, man.



Didn't I tell you

not to bang chicks...



with problems worse than you?

When are going to listen me?



You done?

I'm never done, baby. Why?



The town's full of walkers.



Yeah, but every town

is full of walkers.



No, these guys are not just walking.

It's like they're communicating.



They're thinking, and

there's something going on.



But they're dumb, Riley.



Well, hell. Dead folks

is near as dumb as me.



You learned to make yourself

useful, didn't you?




That's what they're doing.



Make yourself useful.



You don't got one

redeeming defect, do you, son, huh?



I got this! I got this! You

got that? You got that, too.



Come on. Let's get to work before

I forget what it is I do for a living.



Cholo, I'm talking to you.



All right, what?

Things are changing.



Just be careful.

We go in, we do our job...



and we get the fuck

out of there. Everyone alive.



Now, you take command of this unit,

you can run it any way you like.



But tonight, it's my last night

out. I don't want any fuck-ups.



So, that's what it's about?



You're not going to dump these

recycled delinquents on me.



I don't want to take command.



Because you know what? Tonight's

my last night, too, baby.



Hey, you. Come here,

you little nose-picker.



You been with Riley all day

painting the town beige?



I'm gonna show you

how it's done. Come on.



What'd he do,

win the lottery or something?






How come you guys

always go out at night?



Wouldn't it be safer

in the daytime?



Fireworks, kid. Stenches

can't keep their eyes off them.



Come on!






That sucker's mine, baby.



I got that one.



 Number   how's the food?

Mostly canned stuff.



I'd stay away from the fish.




what's your location?






Need an aspirin?

I got a million of them. 




We need antibiotics.



They're gone.

The sky flowers, they're gone.



That's not good, is it?

No, it's not good.



Sorry, Riley,

I should have seen that thing.



Nice shooting.

That's good shooting, Charlie.



No such thing

as nice shooting.



Pretty Boy,

what the fuck is going on?



Fireworks are jammed.

We're getting on it.



Shut her down!



Everyone, out of town.



Let's move! Go! Drive!






Two minutes!



 Pretty Boy,

lay down some cover. 



Get on the guns!



I thought this was going to be a

battle. It's a fucking massacre.



 Cholo, we got a problem. 

Fireworks are down. 



It's nice and peaceful,

ain't it? Cholo, where are you?



I'm just getting some

supplies, some essential supplies...



just like my job

description entails.



Nothing in there but booze.

Booze ain't essential.



A jug of good Kentucky

goes for $     back in town.



You've got to

get out of there. Cholo?



God damn it!



All right, Foxy,

shop till you drop, baby.



You know it, brother.



Yeah, 'cause

getting them stinking drunk...



is the only way

you're gonna get laid.



When's the last

time you got laid? I forget.



Fox, I don't care about love.

All I care about is money.



That's all I want, baby.









I can't

get a shot. Cholo, hold on.



I got him. Cholo, I got him!



Bro, do me a favor, will you?



Next time, just let me

take the fucking shot.



Fucking cowboy.

Stop being a pussy, man.



Yeah, I got what I need.



A little something extra, too.






Here, kid, pick that up.



I'm bit.

Yeah, you're bit.



Not gonna leave you here.

Gonna get you out of here, okay?



No. I will not become

one of those things.



Riley, step aside.



No, you put that thing away.

Riley, come on. Step aside.



I said put it away.



This is Riley. Cease fire.

Repeat, cease fire.



Let's pack it up.

We're going to call it a night.



Shit happens, right?



Only if you let it, Charlie.



 Life goes on

at Fiddler's Green... 



in the heart of one of America's

oldest and greatest cities. 



Bordered on three sides

by mighty rivers... 



Fiddler's Green offers luxury living

in the grand old style. 



Dine at one of

six fine restaurants. 



Look for that perfect gift in our fully-stocked

shopping mall. 



Man, they sure did

used to make it sound nice.



Still sounds nice to me.



 There is a difference between

our place and other places. 



If you can appreciate

that difference... 



You're not

going to be around no more?



You little bitch, you can come up

and party with me any time you want.



I hate going under the river.






Shit. Let's

get out of here, Foxy.



Yeah, man. Back off, Riley.



Just back the fuck off

'cause I am not in the mood.



You think that kid was in the

mood? Look, he knew the risk, man.



He took the job like we all

took the job knowing the risk.



Exactly, the job. You know

what the job is, Cholo?



It's to bring things in

that people need.



Not to make a few extra bucks

selling liquor on the street.



What, you're talking

about this?



This is for me and my

new friends, to celebrate.



That's what that's for.



A kid died out there

on the street tonight...



so that you can

fucking celebrate.



Riley, you know what you remind

me of? You remind me of my old man.



A nice guy. I loved him and

all that but he was a dumbass.



Never went for anything,

so he never had anything.



What do you got, Riley? Nothing.

I'm going to have my own place, man.



My own goddamn place.



You're dreaming, Cholo.

They won't let you in there.



They wouldn't let me in there.

We're the wrong kind.



Yeah, well, we'll see.



Isn't it time?



Isn't it your time?

For Fiddler's Green?



DeMora, supplies unit.



What's in them boxes?

Essential supplies.



For Kaufman.



Mark your calendars. 



Mr. Kaufman

cordially invites... 



residents of the Green

to a masked ball... 



on the eve of Allhallows. 



It is strictly forbidden

to come as you are. 



It's expensive. Look at that.



You like it?



I could tell.



Can I ask you to stop, sir?



Quitting time, Deke.



You're going to need this

to get back in.



When I said quitting time,

I meant quitting time.



Hey, baby.



"The only way to the Father,

is through me," sayeth the Lord.



So, Riley, you

want to go get a drink?



Just look at me. You can

tell I could use a drink.



You know, Charlie,

why don't you go ahead?



I'll catch up.

Where are you going?



I got to see a man

about a car.



A car?



All right.

Here's the deal.



Rivers protect us on two sides.

Bridges are all blocked up.



The only overland access

is here, called the "Throat. "



And these fences

go all the way across?



Half a mile, both ways.



Stench. High noon.




They don't

come around here much anymore.



It's like they've learned

they can't get in.



Take his fucking face off.



How long are you going

to let Kaufman push you around?



You like shining his shoes,

pressing his pants?



He didn't build that place.

He just took it over.



Kept the best for himself, and

left us with a slum to live in.



But if there's enough of us,

if all of you would join up...



we could make this

a fit place to live in.



Dad, look who's here.



Riley Denbo!

I used to work with him.



Bringing in toothpicks for the

bastards to pick at their gums.



And food and other stuff,

for all of us.



Come in with us, Riley.

Both of you.



Together we'd be unstoppable.



No one's unstoppable,




You're worried about being

locked out. Now, you see that?



I can't help but think

we're all locked in.



I'm looking for

a world where there's no fences.



Here. Antibiotics for your boy. Thanks.



You all right, Son?

I'm fine, Dad.



Hey, easy, easy, Knipp! Easy.



Mr. DeMora. Mr. Kaufman

isn't home. And I heard...






I called Security.

They should be here.



Yeah, I got it.



Where are you?



Oh, shit.



Oh, God, he killed himself.



All right, lady, I need you to

down, okay? Try to keep it together.



Who are you? Are you Security?

No, I'm not Security.



Then, who the hell are you?



I work for Kaufman. All right, lady,

I just need you to calm down, please.



What are you doing with that?



Lady, you know

what I have to do. I'm sorry.






He's gonna turn, lady.



No, he won't. Please.



No, he's okay. Please,

we don't have a choice.



Don't make this anymore

difficult than it has to be.



He's gonna turn,

don't do this!



What's happening?

Shut up.



Hey, kid.



What the hell's going on here?



It's your problem.

Clean it up.



Hey, lady, it's okay.



What did you do to my car?

What car?



The last car I drove out of

this town was three years ago.



No, I bought a car.

It was right there yesterday.



There were two guys

working on it.



There was nobody here

this morning.



Son of a bitch.



What happened, Riley?

Did you get fucked?



Come with me.



You got fucked.




Hey, how's it going?



I've been better.

Where's Chihuahua?



Around the back.



Come on!



Lot of action in here today.

We've got a new kind of game.



What are they betting on?

Black and red.



Who wins the fight.



Stenches don't fight.



They do when there's food.



What's on the menu,

cat or dog?



I told you,

today it's something new.



Who do you want, black

or red? $   on black.



What the fuck happened

to my car?



They're fixing it up.



No, I went to the garage.

There's nothing there.



Your guys aren't there,

and my car is not there.



This is not me. I do not do this

to you. I'm your friend.



Well, be my friend

and get my fucking car back...



or I'll have to carry you

out of here inside that fucking hat.



This guy could

be trouble. Keep him busy.



Give a drink.



Let me have my gun.



Supply run last night, huh?



I heard you got some money.

Not interested.



I'll show you how to

turn that money into more...



I said I'm not interested.



Jesus! Fuck!



My suit.



He ruined my fucking suit!






I'm all right.



Thank you.

Thank you.



I've seen you around.



I've seen you around, too,

working the streets.



You were checking me out?



What the hell happened here?



Someone shot the little

fat man. I see that.



You're under arrest.







Why you?



Why'd the little fat man

throw you in there with them things?



Wasn't the little man.



It was the big man.



Mr. K.



He's got his fingers

in everything here.



If you can drink it,

shoot it up...



fuck it, gamble on it,

it belongs to him.



Didn't answer the question.



He asked you why.

I know what he asked me.



They found out I was helping

out Mulligan and his people...



tired of eating bones

while he's having a steak.



Me, too,

but every place is the same.



Places with people.



I'm going to find a place

where there's no people.







If you get a way out...



I'm coming with you.

No, Riley likes to be alone.



He might take me,

'cause he says...



having me around is pretty

much the same as being alone.



And 'cause I can make

myself useful, and I can shoot.



I can shoot. I can be

pretty fucking useful.



I had training. I was going to

join the army, help the Green...



till somebody figured I'd

be a better hooker than a soldier.



You know, I don't want to hear

your fucking story.



Everyone's got a story,

and I am sick of hearing them.



What's your story, Riley?



I don't have one.



Nothing bad ever happened to

me till everything changed.



Everything changed

for all of us.



Hey, Mulligan.



What they going to do?

Kill him? Not right away.



First they'll try to get him

to talk. About people like me.



Mr. DeMora. Boss.



How was Uniontown?




Death intrudes on us even here

in the city, I'm afraid.



I heard abut what happened

with my neighbors.



And I'm grateful

for your help.



That's what I'm here for,




to take care of any problems

you got.



Look, I got you a little present,

a little souvenir from town.



I know you're used to

better vintage than this...



but it's the best we got.



Little champers

to take the edge off things.



There we go.



This is very extravagant.

Yeah, well, I can afford it.



With the $      you owe me

from last night...



and the money from all

the other nights together...



I got enough for my own place.



You mean here in the Green?

Sure, why not?



I'm sorry, Mr. DeMora...



but there's

a very long waiting list.



How long?




this is an extremely

desirable location.



Space is very limited.



You mean restricted,

don't you?



I do have

a board of directors...



and I have

a membership committee.



They have to approve.

Don't do this to me. Don't.



How long have I been working

for you? Three years?



Taking out your garbage,

cleaning up after you...



and then you're going to say

I'm not good enough?



Let me tell you something,

you're going to let me in...



because I know

what goes on around here.



Do your

committee members know...



what the fuck is going out

with the garbage?



So, you're gonna let me in,

you hear me?



Maybe we could talk about this when

you're a little less excited.



I won't be needing

this man anymore.



Take that, you scary zombie.



...come back to God.



Give up your lives of sin.



Praise the Lord!

Father is the only way.



Come back to Jesus.



Fox, get the guys.

We're going out.



Want me to call Riley? Forget

Riley. Just us. Come on.






Shit, man. You win. You

got him right in the brain.



That's right.

Double or nothing.



Brubaker, who'd you blow

to get this cushy job?



Cholo, you

bum, how's it going?



Where's Riley?

He's retired.



We're taking the truck out.



That's from yesterday.

What? You're shitting me.



I'm gonna quit drinking, man.



What the hell is that? Relax.

It's just target practice.



Barrett, stop scratching

around back there.



You're going to

fuck up my shot.



I'm not doing nothing, man,

I'm just standing here.



There's nothing there, man.



So, what the hell is that,

screaming practice?




They're all over the place. 



Let's make our move. Come on.



All right, go.



Their eyes.



Mouse, take that.



Cholo, should we send up

some sky flowers?



It ain't our fight, Fox.



The stenches want to get in,

let them in. Come on.



Everybody, get busy.



That's our way out.

Should we do something about this?



That's our way out,

get us there.






Get out of here!









The one that got away.



That's right. 



Remember you said we should talk

when I was less excited?



I'm a lot less excited

right now. 



What do you want, Mr. DeMora?



You might have noticed that

I had to leave in a hurry...



so I didn't get a chance

to take my money out of your bank.



I'd like you to handle

that withdrawal for me.



With interest: $  million.



Or I'm gonna blow you

out of your fucking castle.



Because I got Dead Reckoning.



That's unfortunate.



Well, unfortunate for you,




I want you to put that money

on a boat... 



and send it across the river to the South Side,

  th Street Pier. 



One man to drive the boat,

no more. 



You have till midnight,

that's two and a half hours.



I won't be there, and Dead

Reckoning won't be there.



But I'll know if it happens, and

I'll know if it doesn't happen.









In a world where the dead

are returning to life...



the world "trouble"

loses much of its meaning.



He wants money.

Pay him.



We don't negotiate

with terrorists.



We have other options.



Denbo. Give me Denbo.



Get up. You're coming with me.



Where you taking him?

Don't worry.



Where are you taking him?



You take care of him?

Hell, yeah.



He pulled me out of the fire.



It was bad.



Just look at me,

you can tell it was bad.



Mr. Denbo,

can I offer you a drink?



I don't drink.

Why am I here?



We want you to repossess a

vehicle that belongs to us...



a vehicle that you

designed, Mr. Denbo.



Dead Reckoning has been stolen

by your second-in-command...



who I want captured

or killed...



and I want my $  million

piece of equipment returned.



My truck.



My truck, which has guns.



Powerful guns.



It'll do

a great deal of damage...



if they're aimed

at this city.



Why don't you just

send out your troops?



I can send    men

against that thing...



and they'd come back in

body bags. Now, Cholo was your man.



Maybe you can get close enough

to do what has to be done.



It's a good thing

I'm still in town.



See, I bought a car.



I was going to drive out

of here, but it disappeared.



I guess someone

didn't want me to leave.



You're a very popular man.



How much are your services

going to cost me?



A vehicle, enough weapons

and ammunition to go north.



But there's nothing up north.

That's the idea.



There's one more thing:

My friends, they go with me.



Take them.



Can you find Dead Reckoning,




How quickly?




I have a way.



Mouse, there are three things

a man must do alone:



Be born, die, and we all know

the other one, don't we?



Yeah, okay, Cholo. Just don't

leave me here alone too long...



Two hours max. Give me a call. Let

me know if we're rich or not.



All right, two hours.



Give him something

for the nerves.



Something for the nerves.



Stay real. Okay.



Can't believe you guys are

turning me into a fucking boy scout.



Not a boy.



You don't have to come out

if you don't want to.



I didn't say that.



Some shit, though, going out

to save Kaufman's ass.



I'm not doing this

for Kaufman.



This is for the people

in the city.



What do you think's going to

happen to them if Cholo shells the Green?



Okay. I'm with you.



No, I like the ones

I already got.



This piece

fires    rounds a second.



I don't normally need

that many.



I don't normally

talk to retards.



Pretty easy to make fun

of some people, huh?



I could make

a whole lot of fun out of you.



I'll take this one.



He thinks

he's taking care of you.



He does.



Without his guns,

I'd be dead by now.



Without you,

he'd be dead by now.



Fair trade.



Riley, these guys are coming.



Gentlemen and lady.



Mr. Kaufman thought

you could use some support.



Don't need any.

Nevertheless. Manolete.




named after the bullfighter.




You can call me Motown.






I'm here to do something.

Why are we standing around?



Let's do something.



We taking the jeep?



The Woody.

It's bigger, has guns.



Jeez. Cholo made a mess. No.

Cholo didn't do all this.



This is stenches.

A lot of them.



Maybe still here.



That's where they came in.




That's where they went out.



Trying to get to the city.

I'm going to go get the ammo.



Crank up the Woody, Charlie.



Make sure

she doesn't hurt herself.



I can take care of myself,




Fine. Charlie, make sure

she doesn't hurt anyone else.



You, come with me.



Walkers, Mr. Denbo?



And moving toward the city.



They'll never get across the river. 

I wouldn't be so sure.



 They learned

how to work together. 



They're mindless

walking corpses...



and many of us

will be, too...



if you don't stay focused

on the task at hand.



Zombies, man.

They creep me out.



Do you really think they

can get across the water?



If you asked me that a week

ago, I would have said no.



But now...



One way or the other, we got to

get our hands on Dead Reckoning.



There's more of them

out there.



I can hear them.

They're always out there.



You're all right?

Yeah, no problem.



Woody's in there.



Who's got the keys, guys?

No keys to get. Melted.



Screw the keys. Let's just

hot-wire the fucking thing.



Yellow to red.



What the fuck does a Samoan know

about hot-wiring a fucking car?



Fifty thousand cars stolen

in Samoa every year.



Yeah? Well,

a million in Detroit.



Detroit's got    million cars.



Samoa:      .

Every one stolen.






Why do you lick your rifle?

It catches the light.



What light?

How can you see anything?



Good eye.












Off-center, but I got him.



Awesome, man.



Got a flashlight?







Hey, Brubaker?



Brubaker, you there?



Hear that?




All right, keep that thing

shining. Let's get ammo.



There's.    caliber

around here somewhere.



Great. Here's the.   .



Jesus Christ.



No, not in here.

Think about where we are.



Take a breath.



Choose your shots.



We're even.




That hurt. I didn't hurt you.



I got it.



Oh, God.



Is he bit?







How long does he have?



Had a little brother bit. He took

less than an hour before he turned.



And then what happened?



I shot him.



You said nothing bad

ever happened to you.



That happened to my brother.



Yeah. Dead is dead.



And that ain't you or me.



I'm sorry.

No! No!



I recognize that

some of you are concerned...



and I wanna assure you...



that if anything goes wrong,

measures have been taken.



I've established outposts

with food and supplies...



that will support us

on our way.



On our way to where?

Anywhere that we want to go.



Alternative sites have been

chosen for us and our families...



as well as

necessary support personnel.



What about all the others?



All the others

can be replaced by others.




You're interrupting me, Bill.



It's bad timing.



Just when I was talking about

how people can be replaced.



A day may come when you earn

yourself some responsibilities.



But right now

the responsibilities are mine.



They're all mine.



It was my ingenuity

that took an old world...



and made it

into something new.



I put up the fences

to make it safe.



I hired the soldiers

and paid for their training.



I kept the people off the streets

by giving them games and vices...



which cost me money.



But I spend it because

the responsibility is mine.



Now, do you understand the

meaning of the word responsibility?



We have to do

what we have to do.



Foxy, I know

I'm never gonna be great.



I'm never gonna be on the list

of names of people...



who done great things

because I don't do anything.



Not one thing.



If it wasn't for this truck,

I wouldn't be any different...



than that poor Mexican bastard

out there.



Cholo, look,

Kaufman might not pay.



Kaufman's gonna pay, man.



But if he doesn't, he knows

I'm gonna do a jihad on his ass.



When you hit

Route   take a right.



How do you know

which way to go?



Homing device.




How long

since you been out here?



I've never been out.



I've lived in the city

since it was a real city.



Pull over.



Cover them, Charlie.



All right, you're working for

Kaufman, I'm working for Kaufman.



My job is to stop Cholo.



Your job is to bring the truck

back, with or without me, right?



Not without you, no.

Well, that means yes.



Here's what's going to happen.



I'm going to do my job.

You're not going to get to do yours.



Kaufman is never going to see

Dead Reckoning again.



And when I get it, I'm

gonna do what I want with it.



Anyone has any problems with

that, you can get out right here.



Some choice.

No choice. Close door.



Keep them covered,

Charlie. Wait.



You made us come

all the way out here...



just to steal a fucking truck?



You made a deal, Riley.



You're going back on a deal.

You never done that before.



If Cholo shells the Green,

all deals are off.



If something worse happens,

I don't know about you...



but I don't want to be

out here in a car without a roof.



Mouse, you got anything?



No boat, no money, no nothing.



Load the six-packs.



Six-pack loaded.



All right, load the other six.



We're not gonna show them

any goddamn mercy.



I know where

Cholo's going. Where?



Mount Washington,

overlooks the city.



We can beat him there.



In that truck, he's

gotta take the main roads.



We can take the back streets. Right.



Make a right on Ivy, then

take a left on Westminster.



You wanna go up the hill?

Yes, I'm wanna go up the hill.



Let's go up the hill.



Almost midnight, sir.



Pack us up.

We might be leaving.



In the boat?



I'd rather be taking

Dead Reckoning...



but not available.



From this hillside,

they can shell the Green.



They're gonna be coming up

this road.



Pull in around the corner.



All right, they're coming.



You guys stay here

and keep real quiet.



I'm going to try

and talk my way inside.



He's going to steal that truck

and leave us here.



Riley would never do that.



Just look at him, you can

tell he'd never do that.



I like that man.

You, go help him.






Everything's okay back there.



It's too late

to send me back.



Now, put that thing away.



Put on your best Sunday smile,

and just try to look friendly.



I am friendly.



Hey, Cholo.

Take a look at this.



It's Denbo and his idiot.



All right. Stop the truck.



Come on, here.



So, how did you get up here?

In the Woody.



I tracked you with this.



Forgot to tell you...



the truck's got a

little transmitter in her belly.



You were always a smart guy.



Always a lot smarter

than me, man. 



That's not saying much.



Open up.

What, are you fucking nuts?



Open up.



Hey, Charlie.



So, who's the smart one now?



Thought you would have quit...



but here you are still working for

the man, aren't you, Riley?



What? Kaufman sent you up

to take care of me?






Takes a true friend to stab you

right in the front, doesn't it?



That man pulls the trigger,

he's dead.



Who else is out there?



Kaufman sent some guys with

us. We took care of them.



Cover him.



Pretty Boy,

lock in the target.



We're running out of time.



I got you now.



You hit

that tower square on...



you're gonna kill

a lot of innocent people.



You miss, you hit the city, you're

gonna kill a lot of our friends.



Want to know

who killed our friends?



Kaufman is the one

that's killed our friends.



Every time I took out his garbage,

I took out one of our friends...



people he wanted

off the streets.



He turned me into a goon, then

he's gonna piss all over me?



I don't think so.



What are you gonna get

out of this, Cholo?



Hopefully my money.



Money burns.

Yeah, not if it's in a vault.



All right, Mr. K.,

won't be needing you anymore.



You set this right?




Riley, you did something to it

with your fucking little toy.



This? What the fuck did you do? Fix it.



Fix it.

Not a fucking chance.



Cholo, look out.






You know, Riley...



there's something about you

that I've always really hated.



You're still here, aren't you?

What do you care?



You got what you wanted.

You're hit.



How you doing in there,




I'm being friendly.



What's in the bags?




Whose money?



Watch out. Get down. Quick.







We got Cholo.




I'm here.



I just did something...



I might not have done




You lied to me, Denbo.



You didn't get DeMora.

He's shooting at us.



That's not Cholo, Mr. Kaufman. 



Holy shit.

They got across the river.



Look at that.



I didn't even have to

blow the place up.



The fucking stenches

did it for me.



We're going back to the city

to see if we can help. Pick him up.



Where we going, man?

What are we doing?



Easy, Gargantua, come on.

Get him inside. Quick.



Not this horse.

Not this horse.



Take that Woody

if you still got it.




You got me, too.






Anyone else?



Where you gonna go, Cholo?



There's always that outpost

in Cleveland.



Haven't heard from them

in a while.



Take my chances.



You have no right.



No right.



Woody's around the corner.

Guns and ammo inside.






Get us back on the main road.



You have blood, here.

We almost lost you there.



You all right?




You want to be really helpful,

roll me one.



Yeah, all right.



What was built to keep people

safe is gonna trap them inside.



 This is Denbo

in the Reckoning. 



Open up those fences

and let the people out. 



The fences are still hot. We

can't cut the juice from here.



We've been trying to call

the power station.



There's no one

left over there.



We got to get the fuck

out of here.



There's no one left here,




Move it.



We can rocket those fences.



Got to get across river.



The bridges into the

city, they're all bricked up.



Let's just fucking

blast our way through.



No, we can't do that.



There's a war going on over

there. We cross any of these bridges...



we're gonna end up

right in the middle of it.



We have to come in

outside of the Throat.



Somehow, Fox, I thought

we'd be traveling...



in a lot better style

than this, baby.



At least we're still

fucking traveling, brother.






Come on, Fox, let's

get the hell out of here.






Can you fucking believe it?



Nothing works out

the way you want it to.



There's something always comes

around the corner and just gets you.



It's your choice, bro.



I always wanted to see

how the other half lives.



The old J&L can take us over.



It's a drawbridge.

They leave it up.



That means it's not guarded.

Can you get us there?




Let's go.



I can stay with you,

if you want.



No. No.



This is between me

and the man.



Fox, she's all yours.



Hope you do better

than you did with me, man.






Holy shit!



 A disturbance

has been reported... 



on the outskirts of the city. 



There's no reason

to believe... 



that Fiddler's Green

could ever be compromised. 



But we suggest that residents report any sightings

of unusual behavior. 



There it is. Let's hope

it's still wired into the grid.



Shut the hatch, just in case.



When I get the bridge down,

you come pick me up.



How do you work this thing?

It's just like a video game.



What the fuck are you doing?



Making myself useful. 



Wait. Wait. Stop. Stop!









They're behind us, too.



I can't get a shot.



Now shoot!



They'll never get in here.

Neither will Riley.



Unlock the

roof hatch, Pretty Boy.



Oh, shit.



 Riley, go for the roof. 







What are you doing? Forward!



I'm gonna

shake these bastards.



Get out of the way.









What is it?

Is something going on?






We're fucked.



Angle the mortars

for the Throat...



and send up some sky flowers.



Got her!



Oh, thank God.



Watch it now.



Oh, my God.



Downstairs. The car.



You bastards!

You have no right!



Mr. Kaufman, come on,

let's go.



 Mr. Kaufman

wants you to know... 



All right,

we're going to the boat.



... he has dedicated himself

to your well-being. 



Be careful

when you open that door.



Should I call the crew, sir?

No, I'll call them.



God damn it.



What the fuck?



Goodbye, Mr. K.



Come back here, you son of a

bitch. You got the fucking keys.



Fucking spic bastard.



Nah. You're dead.



Oh, my God. You are dead.



Number  's clear.

Going for Number  .



I don't normally need

that many.



Don't bother. Come on down.



Blow the fences.



Sky flowers

don't work no more.






But there's people.



Those people are all dead.

Shoot, Charlie.



We're too late.









You saved them.



You staying or leaving?







Unless you need my help.




Why don't you stick around?



We could turn this place into

what we always wanted it to be.






Then what will we turn into?

We'll see, won't we?



You want to go

to Canada now, Riley?



Sure, if no one

has any objections.



No, we'll take you with us.



I'll try to make myself




Anchor, load the guns.

We're hitting the road.



Now we can go.






They're just looking

for a place to go.



Same as us.



Fire off what's left inside

those tubes.



We're not gonna need it




Take us north.


Special help by SergeiK