Lantana Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lantana script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Anthony LaPaglia and Barbara Hershey.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lantana. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lantana Script



You're okay?




I lost my earring.



- Man: What does it look like?

- It's a pearl one.




It should turn up.



I'm fond of them, 'cause

my husband gave them to me.



- You should go.

- Yeah.






really enjoyed that.



Yes, I know.









this is about sex.

It's about a man and a woman



joined groin to groin.

Get it?



Come on.






Like this.



Boy: Mom?



- I'm in here.

- I don't have any clothes.



- You looked on your bedroom floor?

- Yeah. I mean clean ones.



When I come home,

I'll clean them, okay?



- Boy: Why are you jogging, Dad?

- I want to get fit.



- What for?

- I don't want to die.



- You are gonna die.

- Not just yet.



Mom? Clothes?



- Then stop jogging.

- Mom, clothes?



What am I gonna wear?



Boy: See you, mom



- See you, Dad.

- See you, mate.



- See you, Dad.

- Hey, hey, what about me?



- I'm    now.

- You're telling me you're a man now?



No, but...



- Have a good day, Dad.

- Yeah. You too.



Is there some point where a son

stops kissing his father?






- Police!

- Get out!



You weren't a bit hard?



The guy deals drugs.

He's scum.



Woman: Yeah, but

he wasn't going anywhere.



What did you

expect me to do?



Are you seeing anyone?



Not with the hours I keep.



What about somebody

on the force?



Male cops

are lousy in bed.



There is someone.



He eats in the same

restaurant as I do.



Have you spoken

to him yet?



We've exchanged glances.






It's a start.



- How's Sonja?

- She's good.



Haven't seen her

around for a while.



Yeah, well... she's busy,

with the boys and work...



Tell her I said hi.



I will.



Woman: Have you told him

you're not happy?



I would have thought that

he wouldn't need to be told.



That depends on how good

an actor you are.






I guess I must be

pretty good.



How do you want

your marriage to be?






and challenging,



and... and...






Isn't it honest?



Not emotionally.



Not emotionally it isn't.

It just feels...



like we're...



like we're just...



going through

the motions,



you know?



And I want more.



I want more than that.




Ladies and gentlemen,



please welcome

Dr. Valerie Somers.



Thank you.



We don't know

what to feel anymore.



We don't know

what's right or wrong anymore.



The confused cry

of the modern age...



We ask,

"What can we believe in?



What should we believe in?"



Our politicians?






Our priests?



You'd be amazed at how many clients

come to see me



because they once believed

in a priest.



It's not supposed

to be that way.



But it is.



What then?

Our parents?



"Home is a sanctuary."

For the privileged few.



For most,

it's a battleground.



It's not meant

to be like that.



But it is.






Can we believe in love?



Feel safe in it?



Loving someone means

we have to relinquish power.



It's mutual surrender.



But how can this

take place?






Trust is as vital

to human relationships



as breath is to life...



and just as elusive.



Two years ago, my    -year-old

daughter was murdered.



Her name was Eleanor.



This wasn't

supposed to happen.



But it did.



It seemed to go well.



I was worried you weren't

going to be there.



I said I would be.



Do you want a whiskey?



I've got an early client.



Why don't we take

separate cars in the morning?



I've got a late meeting. That way,

you wouldn't have to wait for me.



I've got plenty of work

I can do.



You can pick me up

after your meeting.










I met someone.



We went home and had sex.



As you do...



well, some of us do.



And he asked

to see me again.



I wasn't expecting that.






Against my better judgement,

I said yes.



We've been seeing

each other for awhile.



And you like him?



Yes, I do.



Very much.






He comes encumbered...



with a wife.



Is he gay?



When he's with me,

he seems to be.




Does she know about you?



I assume so.



She would sense it,

wouldn't she?



It depends on how good

he is at deceiving her.



Or how good she is

at deceiving herself.



"V." Don't forget "V."



Hi, Nik.



Having a party, Jane?




Did you want to join me?



Take this inside

for Mommy.












In a motel.



Woman: Oh...



- Did you get his number?

- Is that what you do?



I don't know.



If you like the guy.



But he's married.



Well, what?

He's not happy.



He can't be, if he's...



messing around.



You want

to see him again?



Do you think I should?



You want me to be honest?



No. No.



When are you gonna

take that thing off?



It's too tight.

I've got to get it cut off.



Nik caught up with Pete

the other day.



He wants to come back.



I don't love him, Paula.



Leon: Go up to the guy,

and ask if you can join him.



- What have you got to lose?

- Just a little dignity.



It is not the issue here.

He eats alone in a restaurant.



- So do I.

- Exactly.



- Oh, hey.

- Hi.






Jane, this is Claudia.



- Claudia, Jane.

- Hi.






Jane's in the same dance class

as Sonja and I.



I'll get going.

Say hi to Sonja.






Is that really awkward?



No, it's fine.



- How are you?

- I'm good.









I'd better go.









Where did you find it?



- Nik: Paula?

- Paula: Mmm.



There's an unmarked police car

in front of Jane's place.



She's seeing a cop now?



Don't be nosy, Nik.



What? Are her and Pete

getting back together or what?



I don't know.



What if they are?

What do I say then?






Well, he's...

he's a mate of mine.



Then do him a favor

and stay out of it.



The baby's sick?









Oh fuck...



- Don't stop.

- Here.




- Leon?



- Oh fuck.

- You're all right?



What is it?

What is it?



It's nothing.



- Should I call...

- No, no.



- Just...

- Should I get a doctor?



I get this pain

in my chest sometimes.



You should have told me

you have a weak heart.



I don't.



I don't want to have

an affair with...



I don't have a weak heart,

all right?



This is not an affair, it's

a one-night stand that happened twice.



Oh shit.




I didn't mean that.



Do you worry that we don't

make love very often?






I don't really think

about it that much.



- Why not?

- I love you.



Whether we make love three times

a week or once a month



does not

really change that.



Doesn't it?



- Is this a test?

- No.



It's just... I want to know

what you're thinking.



Why do women always

want to know that?



You're up late.



Yeah, I'm trying

to finish this.



You want one?



I've got one.



What's wrong?






Just had a shit of a day.



Stopped off and had a drink

with Claudia.



Yeah, I know.

I phoned her.



I didn't know

if you were working late.



All right.



Fuck! Fuck!



You fucking stupid bastard!



What the fuck

is wrong with you?



Would you fucking look

where you're going?!



Fucking idiot!






Oh fuck.



Hey! Wait.




Are you all right?




Here's your bag.



Leon: Jesus.



- What happened?

- I fell.



- Are you all right?

- It's nothing.



Let me look.



I'll be all right.

I said I'm all right!




I keep thinking about her.



Are you feeling guilty?



Do you think I should be?



It doesn't matter

what I think.



He feels manipulated by her.






She's very needy.



Are you trying

to justify his deceit?



No, I'm trying

to understand it.



- It's complex.

- Mmm-hm.



But isn't it still

an act of deceit?



No marriage

can be based on that.



Most marriages

are based on that.



You think you know what goes on

in most marriages?



What? Because I'm gay,

I can't have an opinion...?



- It's not what I was...

- She's not the victim in this.



She chose to marry him.



Not knowing he was gay.



There's knowing,

and there's "knowing."



What do you mean?



I think some women

like to live the lie.



It's easier than dealing

with the truth.



Maybe she loves him.



But so do I.



Then he has

to make a choice.



Unless one of us withdraws

from the contest.



Is love a contest for you,













What happened to your head?



I bumped it on a clothes line.






thanks for last night.



I'll lie for you

to anyone, except Sonja.



I don't want

to lie to her again.



Fair enough.



Why are you trying

so hard to fuck up your life?



You don't know how lucky you are

to have the marriage you've got.



And you're pissing

all over it.



It's great your husband

comes with you.






- What about yours?

- I'm separated.






- Can you tell?

- No.



No, you just have this...



- kind of look.

- What? Desperate?




Full of potential.



Sorry I'm late.



- Jane, this is my husband Leon.

- Hi.







Excuse me, everybody.



There is a salsa band playing

tonight and tomorrow at The Latin.



Leon. Sonja.



Are you guys coming?



I thought we'd have

a nice dinner together.



Come on. You can go out

to eat anytime.



I'd like to go.



- I'm kind of tired.

- Okay.




I'll see you at home.






- What was that about?

- Hey, she needed a partner.



- And you happened to volunteer?

- She chose me.



I'd never say

anything, Leon.



Nik: Pete!



G'day, Nik.



How are you, mate?



Drove by to see Jane.

Doesn't look like she's in.



Did you see her tonight?






You don't know

where she is then?



No, sorry.



How is she?



The last time

I saw her, okay.



That's good.



- How are you going?

- Good.






It's late.

I thought she'd be home.




I haven't seen her.



If there was something

I should know, you'd tell me?






if she's seeing someone,

I'd want to know.



It'd be easier.



Of course.



I hate this.



- Thanks, man. See you later.

- Take care.



So why did you

and your husband split up?



I don't know.

I just turned around one day



and I realized I was living with a man

I didn't love anymore.



- It was that simple?

- No.



But you knew that much.



Maybe my expectations

were too high.



You're a brave woman.



You are.

Most people settle for less.



I really like you, Leon.



Maybe a little too much.



But I'm...



I'm starting

to wonder just...



where this might go.



I'm still in love

with my wife, Jane.






Leon: I'm sorry.






I'm wondering why...



why have you been seeing me if

you're still in love with your wife?



I don't know.



It's not something

that I planned.



Look, Jane, l...



This doesn't have

to end badly.



Just go.



Jane: Just go. Go.



It's twofold actually.

He thinks he runs the faculty,



but he hasn't published

anything decent since     .



You seem preoccupied.



I'm having trouble

with a client.



I'm not handling him

very well.



Refer him on.



I find him

a little threatening.






I don't like...



- what he's doing.

- You're judging him.



Darling, you have

to refer him on.



I'll see you outside.



Excuse me.



I hate what's happening to us.

I hate it.



We don't talk anymore.



We lost our daughter.



That could have

brought us closer.



Do you think

about her very much?



Of course I do.



I just don't need

to write a book about it.



Do you think

I did the wrong thing?



I just wanted the whole...



world to know.



Look at me, John.



Look at me.



Nik: Come on, kids.

We're late for school.




Watch the road.



Come on. In you get.



- Nik: Goodbye, love

- Paula: Bye, Derek.









Are you okay?






I'll pop around

after work.






Claudia: Hey, Nik.



You want coffee?



Yeah, sure.



Pete was over

last night.



How is he?



Not good.



How's the job hunting going?



Are you guys

all right for money?



- Yeah.

- Yeah?



'Cause if you need some money,

I'll be more than happy to...






I know Paula

wouldn't take it.



She's doing

extra shifts now.



You sure there's no bill

you want to clear?



It's fine.



- The offer's there.




- Thanks.

- It's all right.



Why didn't you wake me up?



I thought you could do

with the rest.



- I'll go have my shower.

- Actually, I've got an early start.



- I'll only be    minutes.

- Just take your own car.



- Come on, wait for me, please.

- Jesus.






I have a lecture

tonight anyway.



So, you'll be home late?









I think

he's having an affair.



He's distant,




like he's holding something

back from me.



What would you do

if he was?




I think I'd leave.






And does that

scare you?









I'm middle-aged. I don't know

what it's like out there.



You know?



And I have these two...



beautiful boys.



But l...



I would survive



if I had to.



I like being this age.



And l...



I like the lines

around my eyes.



I don't know

if he does, but...



I do.



It's not that he might have slept

with another woman,



you know?



It's that he might

not tell me.



That would be

the betrayal.



Do you still love him?



Assistant: Valerie?

Patrick Phelan is here.



Give me a minute, okay?



- You don't like me, do you?

- Is it important to you?



Would it make a difference

if I were straight?



I don't have a problem

with your sexuality.



But it is a problem that I'm having

an affair with a married man.



You must stop trying

to make me the subject.



It's just another form

of defense.



I'm curious about

your role in this triangle.



My role?



I'm a respite from a marriage

that's gotten too hard.






He takes refuge in me.



- In what I offer him.

- What do you offer him?



Sex unencumbered by need.



Why doesn't he leave her?



Good men don't know

how to leave their wives.



Good men

or cowardly men?



He told me that making love

to her was like



trying to fill

an empty well.



What did you say?






- You said something to me.

- No, I didn't.



- Yes, you did!

- I didn't say anything.



- You heard him, didn't you?

- This is bullshit...



- Bullshit?

- Yeah.



I want your name.

Give me your name!



I want your name!



A bourbon, please.



A double bourbon with ice.




You all right?






You sure?

You don't look all right.




Are you a cop?












Sorry, I just...



something weird

really happened.



I was walking and this woman

started yelling at me.



She thought

I said something to her.



- What for?

- I don't know.



I was walking down the street

and she went nuts.



- Did you?

- No.



I didn't do anything.

I don't do stuff like that.



Take it easy.

I believe you.



Sorry. It was just

really weird and...



now you're a cop,

so that's really weird. Sorry.



You want another drink?



Yeah. Thanks.



Same again.



Paula: Sharon said

there's a booze bus on the freeway.



Nik: I'll take

the backroad home.



- Hannah!

- Yeah?



Grab Dad's wallet

from the kitchen.



Hannah: Yeah.






- She asked me for coffee this morning.

- Who?



- Jane.

- What for?



- I don't know.

- Hannah: I can't find it!



It's near the fridge.



I don't know.



She's trying

to come on to me.






She's lonely, Nik.



And you're bored.

That's a lethal combination.



Stay away from her.



What's the matter?



You're a bit jealous, huh?






You ever fuck with our marriage,

and I cut your balls off.



I'll hang them on the lawn,

between your socks and your jocks.



Got it?



Sure, babe.



Wake me up

when you get home. Huh?



I'm running down

this hill,



and I go

around this corner.



And suddenly,

there's this guy, and bam!



Right into him. Right away,

I'm going after him...



"You fucking prick!

Look where you're going."



- But it was your fault.

- Well, yeah.



I don't know

why I went at him.



It was just... my buttons

got pushed or something.




so I look down,



and there he is,

on the ground, cowering.



- Huh?

- He's got blood on his face...



- and he broke his fucking nose.

- Oh no.



And he gets up and

he starts to role-play.



- And that's when it happens.

- What?



- He starts to cry.

- What for?



I don't know.

What makes a man cry like that?



Yeah, a lot of things.



So what did you do?



I just held him.



I just stood there

and I held him.



But the whole time

I was thinking,



"You fucking weak prick,

pull yourself together."



- Don't you want to cry sometimes?

- Yeah, but...



- you don't, do you?

- Mmm.






We ordered your food,

but we ate it.



What's that smell?



- Where's your mom?

- Dancing.



- Where's your brother?

- Upstairs.












Sam! Sam!



What the fuck

is going on?



For Christ's sake,

I'm a cop!



- All right, you get the good stuff.

- Don't you smart-mouth me.



- What's going on?

- Your brother is being an idiot.



- So what's new?

- Did you know about this?



Have you tried it?



If you ever give

your brother that shit...



- As if I'd give...

- Shut up!



- No...

- Shut up!



Give your brother this stuff, I'll

give you a thumping you won't forget.



I don't care how big you get!

Give me the rest.



Sam: That's it.



Get downstairs.



- You're grounded, mate.

- What?



Oh shit.



Oh God.



You're a very

beautiful woman, Sonja.



I'd like

to fuck with you.



Can I have a whiskey,

dry please?



Excuse me.






You look like

you're enjoying yourself.



Yeah, I am.



It's good you're having fun,

while our son's at home smoking pot.



I know.



I told him if he's gonna do it,

he should do it at home



- so we can control it.

- Why didn't you tell me?



Because you haven't been

around much lately.



I'm not having drugs

in the house.



What are you gonna do?

Banning it won't solve the problem.



- What are you doing here?

- What?



What are you doing here?



Most of the guys here

aren't much older than our son.



- I thought we'd go back to your place.

- We can't. My mother.



Wait. Slow down.



Stop. Get off.



Man: Jesus!



What's wrong?



I'm sorry.



This was a bad idea.




Fucking uptight bitch!






Recording: You found John and Valerie.

Leave a message after the tone.



Valerie: Hi, it's me.

Are you there?




I've had an accident.



I'm okay.

I can't get the car started.



I'm on the backroad and...



I just wanted to get home.



I'll try your mobile. Bye.



I called road services.

There'll be a   -minute wait.



Where are you?

You didn't say you'd be late.



I can't stand this!






Please, I need you.




- John?



There is a man.






He's a client and he's...



he's gay.



I don't understand this.

I don't understand...









I don't want this

to be happening to us.






There are lights.



There's a car coming.

I'll wave it down.



Wait for me.

We'll talk when I get home, okay?






I love you.



- You need sleep.

- You wish.



- What have we got?

- Locals got a call, about   :   AM



from the husband. He gets home late,

his wife's not there.



She's left messages on the answering

machine, saying she ran off the road,



she's making a call from a phone box,

about  kms down the road.



Last call says she saw a car coming,

she's gonna wave it down.



But she never makes it.



$   says

it's the husband.



You're on.



Mr. Somers?



Knox. My wife's

name's Somers.



I'm Detective Zat.



This is my colleague,

Detective Weis.



We've located

your wife's car, Mr. Knox.



Do you mind if we come in?



Mr. Knox, it appears that

your wife ran off the road.



There's a telephone box

several kilometers further along.



- Should I go there?

- We're conducting a search, but...



if she accepted a lift from somebody,

it's unlikely she'll be there.



Would you mind answering

a few questions?



I've been through all this

with the police.



I know, but would you mind telling me

what happened last night?



I got home around midnight.



Her car wasn't here.



I came in,

I checked the machine.



There were

a couple of calls.



The last message said

there was a car coming



and she was going

to wave it down.



- That's when you called the police?

- No, I waited about    minutes.



- That's how long it would have...

- So you called at about   :  ?



Yes, more or less.



Do you have a photo of your wife

we could have, please?



Thank you.



How was your wife




- Fine.

- Nothing troubling her?






I am trying to find out

about your wife's emotional state.



Right now, I'd say

it's pretty bad, wouldn't you?



None of this

is particularly pleasant.



- I can imagine.

- Imagine what? You're married?






If your wife got

into a stranger's car...



a man, let's assume...

and didn't come home,



what would you imagine?



Right now,

I'd be going mad.






Mr. Knox,

we need the tape.




this is private.



- In what sense?

- She's upset.



She wasn't expecting anyone

to listen to it.



I'll make sure

this is returned to you.



- You didn't wake me up last night.

- I got in late.



What's with the face?



- I fell over.

- You were pissed?



A little.



Come on, kids.



You packed your bag, Hannah?



- Quickly. Come on.

- Hi!



- Hi.

- Hi.



Seatbelts on, quickly.



- Nik got in late last night.

- Got nothing better to do than spying?



Jane: What?



- What?

- You know,



don't invite Nik in for coffee

when I'm not here.



All right?



Paula?! Hey.




the appointment book.



All her notes and session tapes

are kept in a filing cabinet.



- Do you mind?

- No.



- How was she yesterday?

- All right.



Is she the kind of person

that would get into a stranger's car?






Not after what happened

to her daughter.



Sarah, I'd like you to print me

a list of her current clients,



- addresses and phone numbers too.

- Is that ethical?



Probably not.



Sonja, on tape:

It's not that he might have...



slept with

another woman...



it's that

he might not tell me.



That would be

the betrayal.




Do you still love him?



Good evening.

Richard Morecroft with ABC News.



The police are inquiring



into the disappearance of a woman

in Bushland, north of the city.



Psychiatrist Valerie Somers

was last seen on Friday night.



Her car was found abandoned

along the Lower Ridge Road.



She might have accepted a lift

from a passing motorist.



Ms. Somers has recently

completed a book



about the murder

of her own daughter.



The body of    -year-old

Eleanor Knox



was found dumped in a city

laneway    months ago.



Police are appealing

to the public for information




Ms. Somers' disappearance.



Why do you think

she turned off the freeway?



Some people say

it's shorter.



Who's Patrick?



I don't know.



She mentioned she was having

some trouble with a client.



What kind of trouble?



She didn't go into it.

She doesn't talk about her clients.



- Why not?

- It's unprofessional.



- Even between husband and wife?

- Yes.



- I tell my wife everything.

- That surprises me.






Most men hold

something back.



You're some kind

of academic, aren't you?



I'm Dean of Law.



I studied at Harvard.

That's where Valerie and I met.



I don't understand why she'd get

into a car with a stranger.



Maybe she didn't.



Maybe she knew him.



- How's your marriage been lately?

- Fine. How's yours?



Up and down.

Where were you Friday night?



Am I a suspect in

my wife's disappearance?



Where were you

Friday night?



I was at work.



Can anybody verify that?



No, I was alone.



Nobody saw me.



Nine times out of   

when a wife goes missing,



the husband knows

something about it.



You're a prick.



The young constable

will give you a ride.



Patrick, on tape:

Anyway, we've been



seeing each other

for a while.




And you like him?



Patrick: Yes, I do.



Very much.



Somers: So?




He comes encumbered...



with a wife.



- Don't you have a home to go to?

- Yes. Do you?



Did you find anything?



She dedicated

the book to John.



"For teaching me

to trust again."



- Did you listen to Phelan's tapes?

- Yeah.



- What did you think?

- She didn't like the man.



Go home.

You got an early start.



- What about you?

- Soon.






You really look like shit.

Go home.



Thank you.



Talked to mystery man yet?



He never came back.



Silly bugger.



I'm not asleep.



Did you watch the news?






Will you find her?



It's not looking good.



I saw her client list,




Why didn't you tell me?



Because it was private.



It was just something

I had to do.



There was a time when there was

no private between you and me.



That is because I had somebody

I could talk to.



- I have to tell you something...

- I have to tell you...



I had an affair.



I slept with her twice.



I know it hurts you.



It hurts her...






Because I'm numb.



I can't feel

anything anymore.



Just totally

fucking numb.



Why did you sleep

on the couch?



I came in late last night.

I didn't want to wake your mama.



Are you fighting?



- Yeah, a bit.

- Boy: Why?



There's something

we've got to sort out.



- You all right, Mom?

- Yeah.



I'll be in the car.



Can you grab something to eat?

We're running late.



Are we gonna

talk about this?



Or you just going to punish me?

This is how you're gonna punish me?



I fucked up.



- People fuck up.

- Really? I don't.



You know what's so easy?

It's easy to go and find somebody.



You know what's hard?

What's hard is not to.



Sonja, listen.

I just want...



Get off me.






We'll talk about this

tonight, all right?



Oh... get fucked!



I don't even know

if I'll be here later.






Did you know?



You're ready?






It's me.



Can you come over?



- What number is it?

-    .



You sure

you're up to this?



Mr. Phelan.



We're investigating the disappearance

of Valerie Somers.



We were hoping

you could help us.



It's not a good time.



- Patrick: I was out late.

- Who with?



Mr. Phelan,

the woman's missing.



- You know what's happened to her?

- Not yet.



You had an appointment with her?

Can you tell us how she was?



She seemed all right.

I don't know.



You don't know?



She's the therapist.

I wasn't focused on how she was.



How do you

get along with her?



- Fine.

- Leon: That's it?






We didn't end our last session

on very good terms.




Why is that?



- We disagreed about something.

- What was that?



What? That guy

you've been fucking?



- Leon: Married guy?

- How did you know about that?



- She records all her sessions.

- That's private...



- Yes, but under the circumstances...

- That's my life!



Is there somebody

in that room?



Who is it?

Your boyfriend?



- Could you ask him to come out?

- He has nothing...



- Leon!

- What's the matter with you?



- You don't have the right...

- Who are you?!



You have

no fucking right!






That went well.



Your marriage is falling apart

and so are you.



- It's none of your business.

- It is if you can't do your job!



If you don't like the way

I'm handling things,



take it up at the station.










- Hello?

- Leon: Dylan?



Hi, Dad.



Could I speak to your mom?



No, she's still

pissed off at you.



All right.



Tell her...



- tell her I'll be home soon.

- All right. See you, Dad.



What did he say?



He said that he's sorry,

that he loves you,



and he wants you to stop

being angry with him.



You look bereft, Leon.



The other question is,

why don't you?



Don't be deceived

by appearances.



Want a whiskey?



Leon: Somebody

may have hurt your wife.



- I need to know if it was you.

- I didn't hurt her.



- She was upset on the phone.

- She was afraid.



- Of what?

- Of being alone.



Of me not being

there for her.



Why weren't you

there for her?



While your wife

was in some phone box,



calling for your help,

where were you?



Are you seeing someone else?



- Is it an affair?

- No.



With a man?

Is that what's going on?



I believe that's what

Valerie thought was going on.



What are you

talking about?



For some reason, she believe

you were involved with Patrick Phelan.



Is that it?

Were you seeing men on the side?



- I don't have to listen to this?

- Yes, you do.



My wife's out there somewhere.

What are you doing about it?



I'm trying to find her.



But I need to know

what's inside her head.



I don't know.



I don't know.



Have you ever

cheated on your wife?






- Never desired another woman?

- Yes, of course.



- But you never acted on it?

- No.



Well, you're

a better man than I am.



So there is someone else?






There was someone once.



A woman.



Once that's happened, you're never

entirely believed again.



Something gets broken,




Trust, I suppose.



When that happens,

anything's possible, it would seem.



You don't lose a daughter,

like we lost Eleanor,



without some damage.



So where were you?



I left work late.



I stopped at the place

where my daughter was killed.



I go there... a lot.



- Valerie didn't know that.

- You didn't tell her?



Why not, John?



What holds

your marriage together, Leon?









Maybe habits sometimes,

passion, our kids.



Ours was held together

by grief.



There wasn't

much else left.



You didn't love her




I'm saying that sometimes,

love isn't enough.



Claudia: Leon!



Where the hell

have you been?



We got a call from a man,

saying his wife saw a neighbor



throw a shoe into a vacant lot

on the night Valerie disappeared.



She's got the shoe.

Black leather.



Where are we going?



- This could be tricky.

- Why?



I know the woman.



Oh Jesus!



- Detective Claudia Weis.

- Leon!



- We had a drink the other night.

- How are you?






You'd better come in.

My wife's pretty upset.



Pete: Jane, it's the police.



- This is Leon and...

- Claudia.



- and Claudia. Jane.

- Is that the shoe?






You shouldn't have touched the shoe,



- Mrs...?

- O'May.



It's Jane O'May.



Right, Mrs. O'May,

you shouldn't have touched it.



Well, I did.



Yeah, but you shouldn't have.



Well, I did, didn't I?



It's on the table.



- Could we have some coffee?

- Yeah.



It's out

the back here. Thanks.



I'll give you a hand.



Are you all right?



- Have you got a light?

- Yeah.



How do you want to handle this?



You're a policeman, aren't you?



Why don't you just do your job?



I've never seen you before.




Can I speak to Paula, please?



Nik: It's urgent.



Can you tell her to

call me as soon as she can?



Yes, as soon as she can, please.



Leave it!

Go get your brother.



Nik D'Amato? Detective

Claudia Weis, City Central.



My kids. I need

someone to watch my kids.



Right. I'll give you

a couple of minutes.



Jane: So I go to the window,



at about   :  .



I go to the window,

and he's chucking that.



and he threw it over there,



and he was looking

like he was...



really guilty.






Nik: You're back, Pete?



Only sort of.



- How are you?

- Good. And you?



I'm in a bit of trouble.



Can you take the kids?



Just till Paula gets back.



Nik: I wouldn't ask

unless I really needed help.



We'll take them.






Here you go.



Nik: Thanks.



There's pajamas, toothbrush...



there's a video and some

other stuff in there as well.



Thanks very much, okay?



It's time to go.



No, Daddy, don't go.

Don't go!



Come on.

I'll be back soon.



- Come on.

- No! No!



How did you get the

scratches on your face?



- I want to see my wife.

- She's on her way.



Can you tell us where

you were Friday night?



I want to see Paula.



You are in deep shit, mate.



Your wife can't help you.



- Do I know you?

- I doubt it.



- I've seen you before.

- Shut up! Shut up!



- You were next door at Jane's place.

- I told you to shut up!



Where are my kids?



- Where are my bloody kids?!

- With your neighbor.



- Who are you?

- Calm down.



- I don't want to be calm.

- Can I get you something?



Yes, you can get

me my husband.



- And get me out of here!

- Can you just step in here?



Mrs. D'Amato.



I'm Detective Sergeant Zat.



I believe you met

Detective Constable Weis.



I want to see Nik.



Your husband is helping us

with our inquiries.






He was seen throwing a shoe

into a vacant lot.



Who saw him?



A search was conducted

in the block opposite your house.






Another one?



My kids play there.

Every kid on the street plays there.



They found the shoe.



It was identified as belonging

to Ms. Valerie Somers.



She's been missing

since last Friday night.






- Jane: Hello?

- Janey, it's Paula.






Paula: Is Andrew awake?



Your kids are fine.



- You know?

- Maybe I could talk to Hannah.



Jane: No, she's asleep.



- Paula: The baby?

- You know what? They're all asleep.



Sorry about this, Janey.



Nik's in trouble.



They won't let me see him.

I don't know what to do.



You know what?

It's okay.



Everything's okay.



Jane: Your kids are really safe.



I'm sorry.



I'll get there as soon as I can.



- Okay.

- Paula: Thank you.



Bye, Janey.



Does she know

you rang the police?






They say you've...



hurt some woman, Nik.



I didn't, babe.



I didn't touch her.



Don't. Not yet.



- What is it, Hannah?

- The baby's sick.



What is it?



What is it?



He's burning up.



- Get us a flannel. A wet one.

- Panadol.



- What?

- He needs Panadol.






- Poor little thing.

- It's all right for babies?



- I don't know. Only get half.

- Baby Panadol.



- What?

- Baby Panadol.



- You'll have to go to the chemist's.

- There's some at our house.



I'd met some mates for a drink.



We used to work together.

It's something we keep up.



We drank more than we should have,

so I took the backroad.



The police don't patrol it.



It must have been about...



a quarter to   :  ...



and I see this woman standing

at the side of the road.



I don't want to stop.



It's late, and I'm thinking

Paula will get worried.



But what do I do?

The woman needs help.



So I pull over.



My car ran off the road.



Get in.






What's your name?






I'm Nik.



Nik: It turns out she lives

in one of those houses by the Bay.



There's a string

of houses along there.



It's out of my way.

It's in the opposite direction.



She doesn't say much.



I can tell she doesn't want

to talk, so I just...



leave it.



But I know this shortcut



and I just don't...

I just don't think.



And before I can say,

"This is the short way,"



she's gone.



What do you mean,

she's gone?










I'm not going to hurt you.



Trust me!



You know...



I thought that...



if I'd leave her alone...



she'd stop

being afraid of me.



I just...



I just left her there.



When I got home,

I saw her...



I saw her shoe



on the floor of my car.



And l...



Jesus, I just wanted

to help the woman...



Why didn't you report it, Nik?



Because I thought

she'd be all right.



I thought she'd find

her way out of there.



Then when l...



and when

I saw her on the news...



that she was missing, l...



By then who was going

to believe me?



Thank you...



for letting me know.






Paula? Come in.






Hey, sweetie.



- Paula: Daddy will be home soon.

- Maybe they can come back later.



- They've been so good for me.

- No, I don't think so.






He didn't do it, Jane.



How do you know?



He told me.







What could I do, Paula?



All right.



Go inside and put

your bags in your rooms.






You've got no right, Jane!



You hear me?!



You have no fucking right!



I don't want to see you

anywhere near my kids again.



I was home, Leon.



I didn't pick up the phone.



Valerie on tape:

John? There's a man...






He's a client and he's...



he's gay.



I don't understand this.

I don't understand...









I don't want this

to be happening to us.



Oh... there are lights.



There's a car coming.

I'll wave it down.



Wait for me.

We'll talk when I get home, okay?






I love you.



I thought she would come home.



Sonja, on tape:

It's not that he might have...



slept with another woman.






that he might not tell me.



That would be the betrayal.




Do you still love him?



Sonja: Yeah.



I still love him.



I don't want to lose you.






I don't want to lose you.

I couldn't bear it.

Special help by SergeiK