Last Days Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Last Days script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Gus Van Zant movie with Michael Pitt based on Kurt Cobain.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Last Days. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Last Days Script




            The only reason we...

            even... that it was even...

            that she... that it was even mentioned

            in the... in the first place is really... it wasn't for us,

            you know, like that she...

            big fucking favor.

            This fucking...


              'Cause I'm afraid...

              You can't do anything.

              You can't do anything.

              I can't.

              I don't know what I'm...

              God, it's just... I don't know

              Just a...

              I just...

              "The gun is in the bedroom closet."


              Mmm. I do, I do.

              I do, I do.



              Hey, Blake

              Hey, did you get my messages?


              Ok, I got everybody with me here right now. I got Trip here, everybody's here. - Blakey, Trip here.

              What's going on at the house anyway?

              What's all over there, ¿what do you guys do all the time?

              I mean I call, I call, I call, I finally get through to you, and now you're not even talking to me. Dude I know you're on the phone

              Anyway, this tour is like... this hasn't been easy man. Don has been working his ass off. -Don rocks man!

              beating up promoters in Europe trying to get the money that you want.

              We all wanna get on this, trying to make it all work.

              So, if you need to go hide out in the clinic, you can. Whatever you need. Let's just get this going man. Give me the... You know...

              Are you gonna play the tour? That's what I need to know. I'm assuming you're gonna play it.

              We're ready. Everbody here has been working on it. -It's only    days, so it should go pretty fast.

              I mean, I thought this is what you wanted man, Isn't this what you wanted?

              It's gonna be a shame dude,  if you don't make these dates.

              We're gonna have pissed off agents, I'm gonna get yelled at. Everybody's gonna...The world's gonna fall apart on this. You've gotta play the days...


              There's somebody here. Who is it?

              It's Blake.



              How are you sir? Thaddeus Thomas, from Yellow Pages.

              Who are you? -Thaddeus Thomas, from the Yellow Pages.

              I just want to make sure that you're represented in the book who will be coming out shortly.

              How's your day so far?

              Mmm... pretty... pretty good.

              Not... not... not, uh,

              you know... another day.

              Thaddeus Thomas again. Your name again? Blake.

              ¿Blake? Nice to meet you Blake. - Nice to meet you.

              Ok, great. Well, we have some great opportunities here for you. in the Yellow Pages.

              What I would like to do is just ask a couple of questions about your business.

              Find out a little bit about what your business needs are.

              So that this will enable me to build an effective ad

              for the upcoming edition of the Yellow Pages. Ok?

              Um, yeah. -Ok. Great.

              So, last ran an ad and... -¿I ran an ad last year?

              Yeah, you ran an ad last year. This is for... you had a... this is the locomotive shop,

              - and you were selling parts for.. -Oh, yes, yes.

              Right. And the ad was successful? Did you get a lot of replies from that ad or..

              I didn't, um...l... I think it was...I think it was successful.

               Okay.- I mean, it's kinda... it's kinda like... Success is subjective,you know?

              Right.- It's not...


              It could be an opinion.

              Mm-hm, but in terms of people. Obviously, you obtained a lot of new customers as a result... - Mm-hm.

              ...and sold a lot of parts as well? Yeah, we...yeah, we sold quite a lot that year.

              That's great, that's great. So what we're gonna do here is simply continue that process. Mm-hm.

              So my next question would be, do you plan to  open up another store, another shop, a different location?

              Well, what do you plan to do business-wise?

              I mean, we're just sort of playing it by ear. We didn't really have any... Mm-hm. Except, you know...thoughts about opening

              Right. Right. Yeah.

              Ok, so about employees. you might hire more employees?

              Do you plan to expand your business in any way?

              Ok? Yeah, dude. Just bugs.

              So based on my records Blake, you are the sole proprietor here.

              You don't have partner, correct? No, I don't have any partners.

              Well, I'm happy to hear that your ad has been working successfuly.

              and we're going to be running the same ad... one more time. Okay?

              You should achieve the same level of success as well.

              And the town of North Port is exploding with business And a lot of people are moving in from around the country because of the beauty.

              Are you ok?

              The beauty and the elegance of the city and it's a very good place to do business

              And you'll be the benefactor of that, right?

              So what I would like to do, is set up another meeting with you, okay?

              Just wanna go over some options. For different programmes that we have.

              In the directory. Ok?

              So for right now what I'm gonna do is leave my business card with you, all right?

              I'll be coming back on tuesday at  :   Is that time good for you? - Mm-hm.

              Ok, I want you to hold onto this right now. and I'll be here at  :  

              next tuesday.

              And at that point I'll have a copy of your ad. And I'll discuss some additional programmes.

              that I feel that you would benefit from. Ok?

              Ok, very good.

              All right, so it's been a pleasure, Blake, meeting you,

              And hope to see you again very soon. Ok?

              I'll see you next tuesday. Ok?

              Alright. Have a good day.

              All right. have a good day as well. Ok. Very good.

              Take care.

              I'm sorry Blake. ¿Blake?



              Hello. Hello Lukas.

               No, it's not Luke. It's Scott - You fucking asshole,

              - I need to talk to Blake. - Look, he's the asshole, not me. - Get him now. I need to talk...

              - No, Blake is not here Don't fucking tell me he's not there. He left rehab.

              - None of us have seen him. - This a bunch of bullshit. Why are you making this so hard? I just need to talk to him.

              I just need to talk to him. - Yeah. - Fine, just get him.

              Look, you just... just need to chill out.

              Everything's under control here.

              - Wow. - Hello, my name's Elder Friberg. My name's also Elder Friberg.

              We're from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - just down the road. - Okay.

              - How are you doing this morning? - Good.

              We were wondering if we could come in and tell you a little bit about our church, give you information on our religion.

              - This is a nice house - Thanks.

              You want a drink? No, thank you. Don't you, um...the blood of Christ thing?

              Don't you, um...the blood of Christ thing? No, we use water instead of wine.

              - Water for the blood of Christ? - Yes.

              The alcohol in the wine is... we believe is bad for our bodies, so we don't...

              drink anything that's bad for our body.

              Humph. So have you guys had anything really freaky happen to you when you go to these houses?

              - Not really. - Not normally.

              And you're here to convert us?

              No, we're here just to give you background information on our religion

              in hopes that you come to one of our services.

              Do you know anything about our religion? - No. - No?

              All right, I'll give you some background information.

              How it started is, uh... a young boy by a... at the age of   

              wanted to know which church to join, because he noticed there were so many.

              So he knelt down and he prayed,

              and he said, "As I prayed, a pillar of light descended upon me

              and when that pillar reached me, I saw two figures directly above me.

              The figure on the right said, 'This is my son, Jesus Christ, hear him'."

              God sent Jesus to the earth to be the most pure being to ever walk the earth.

              And he was sent to be sacrificed so that we didn't have to sacrifice lambs

              to be forgiven.

              Now, all we have to do is ask with a sincere heart to be forgiven.

              Back then you couldn't talk to God unless you were pure.

              So by puri... by killing something pure... by sacrificing something that was innocent, you became innocent yourself.

              - Let me get a... - Can you... - can you talk to God now? - Yes, when we pray.

              - We've gotta go. - You gotta go?

              We have to go. We have a lot of area to cover today.

              We want 'em to stay, right guys? Is there a time we can come back?

              ...when you come out, because if you truly go...

              if you truly go inside...

              you know, if you actually go there...

              when you come out,

              it can be very frustrating.



              I don't know, it's just hard... it's hard to speak

              with other...

              because you're speaking like a different, uh...

              Thank you for your time.

              Um, in the book... - in the cover, there's scriptures... - These?

              Yes, and our phone number if you have any questions.

              - Thanks for the book.

              - Thank you for having us inside. - Nice to meet you. - You have a good day.

              Our number's in there and if you could read over the scriptures and then give us a call if you have any questions

              - All right. - We have services on Sunday from... at  :  .

              Um, okay.

              You guys talk to Jesus for real? Huh? Huh?

              Then one day he thought the way to make money...

              there are a lot of... a lot of people who had exotic backgrounds in vaudeville.

              There was a Chinese magician named Ching Ling Foo who was doing really well.

              So Billy Robinson sort of disappeared and he resurfaced as a Chinese magician

              named Chung Ling Soo.

              He had his hair cut off and made into a queue... you know, one of those long queues at the back of his neck.

              And he uh... he had himself made up  o look like a Celestial. And he became incredibly well-known performing...

              - Was he a prophet? England. No, he was a magician. He was a stage magician.

              - Oh. - He did these really wonderful shows.

              And the real Chinese magician, Ching Ling Foo, got outraged

              and he tried o have a competition with him. There was headlines in the paper,

              "Soo fools Foo," "Foo sues Soo."

              You know, they had this amazing rivalry. Basically, the guy who wasn't Chinese kind of won the contest,

              as this great Chinese magician. The other thing he did...he actually tried o catch a bullet in his teeth on the stage.

              - What? - And marksmen would get up. They'd have a bullet autographed. I mean, you would nick with your nail an initial into the bullet,

              and a rifleman would fire it at him. And this Billy Robinson dressed up as Chung Ling Soo would stand...

              stand on the stage with a plate in front of his mouth,

              and the marksman would fire the bullet. And Chung Ling Soo would catch the bullet in his teeth,

              and then spit the bullet onto the plate. - You're shitting me. - And they would check it.

              And it would be the same mark that was made by the guy in the audience. - It was an amazing effect. - Whoa.

              It goes back to the   th century.

              What was that book called?

              There was a book about it called "The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo"

              by a guy named Will Dexter, but... - I'll check that out. - The thing that's amazing is he's performing one day at the Wood Green Empire Theatre,

              you know, in London in     . And he's doing this stunt... they shoot him, he drops to the ground

              and he's dead. He actually dies trying to catch the bullet - in his mouth.

              -No! - To this day, there's still all sorts of speculation about what really happened.

              "Was it an attempt to commit suicide?" He had some rocky relationship with his wife Dot,

              who performed with... under the name of Suee Seen.

              But the thing I always remembered about the case... you know, being a P.I. I guess is that

              the Coroner's report called it "misadventure."

              "Death by misadventure."

              Not bad. - This is a great castle

              - Look at this stonework.

              - Stonehenge. - Well, not quite, is it? -Bueno no casi-

              No, but there's a similar castle down three miles from here that has a replica.

              Of Stonehenge?!

              hey moved the Salisbury Plain up here? Just a replica. Was built for like the princess of Romania, by this guy, Sam Hill Rockefeller.

              That guy... that auto man from Arizona... McCulloch

              had the whole London Bridge brought out to Arizona.

              -Yeah, same thing. -In      there was this guy who played his chin

              at the opening of the bridge. Michael Boai.

              Played "Ladoiska," by Kreutzer. The whole overture, man. Sample that for some music.

              - Out. - Yeah. - Hey, man, have you seen Blake?

              - No, I haven't seen him.

              'Cause Blackie says she hasn't seen him for a week.

              - Who's this guy, man? - Blackie told me to lead him around,

              try to find him, 'cause she's worried about him, actually. Come back later without him.

              All right, man.

              Um...We could probably go over to, uh... Vanessa and Page's house. He might be sleeping on their couch.

              - Who are they? - Just some kind of girlfriends that we all have.

              Like, hang out kind of... just mutual friends.

              So Vanessa and Page are both women? - Yeah. - Yeah.

              For every...

              for every thought

              of good...

              for every thought of good

              that my death...

              will benefit.




              on my way.

              I lost something on my way...

              to... wherever...

              I am today.

              I remember... when...

              I remember... when...

              I remember... when...

              - Who's that? - Yeah, right.

              - That isn't... - Hey, girlie. Oh, man.

              - Who is it? - That isn't Donovan. Yeah, it is.

              Fucking motherfucker. - I'd like to kick his ass. - Oh, yeah.

              - Fucking asshole. - Scumbag. Fucking dickhead Don.

              I cannot believe that wuss. Who the fuck is that with him?

              - I have no idea. - Oh, God.

              Hey, Blake!

              Blake! It's me, Donovan.



              Hey, you.

              Are you free?

              Sort of.

              Free enough to play that guitar?


              I haven't been playing very much.

              Have you talked to your daughter, hm?

              I have been talking to her on the phone. What do you say to her?

              I do the voices she likes, you know.

              I tell her I miss her.

              Do you say "I'm sorry that I'm a...

              rock and roll cliché"?


              Are you writing all that down?

              Do you want something to drink? Something... No no.

              I have a car waiting, and I want you to come with me.

              I really can't. I got, uh... I don't know. There's stuff that I gotta get done.

              You have to come now.

              You can go. You can get out of here.

              No one's here.

              You can go. It'd be easy

              If you stay here, you're just gonna...



              It's okay.

              It's okay.

              I'm sorry.

              You're not wearing a bra? Come on.

              Come on, come on. Mama Mama Mama.

              Ouch! You okay?

              There was this lyric in the bridge that I was trying to figure out, and I've been having trouble figuring it out

              'cause it's... like, I want it to be more personal, and it's just sort of... I'm not getting there.

              And I was wondering if you could maybe, like, help me... help me figure it out a little...

              Leave him the fuck alone and come upstairs with me, all right?

              Um. I'm sorry I'm talking your ear off. I didn't ask.

              You know.

              Luke... Lukas, I've gotta get out of here, man.

              Why? Why?

              That ranger, the cop. He's not a real cop. He's not a ranger. He's not "Walker, Texas Ranger."

              He's a private eye. Well, what do you mean?

              He's not real, but she's probably coming back.

              - Herself? - Yeah.

              You fucking bug him - every time you talk to him about the demo tape - Really?

              - I'm not bugging. He doesn't wanna help you, he just saying that to...

              to get you to leave him alone, man.

              Is that what you think?

              - You really think that? - I know that, man. -Si-

              - Well, thanks. Thanks a lot, then. - Sorry.

              You gotta leave him alone.

              Forget about the demo.

              I need some contact with her. You know, it's not...

              everyone... I'm being treated like I'm a... like I'm a...

              fucking criminal, you know?

              I don't...I don't like... I don't wanna put it in the...

              Hey, Blake!

              Blake! It's me, Donovan!

              Blake? Blake?




              You know, I used to work for the forest service in the summer.

              Hey, bro? Blake?



              Wanna shoot some craps? Look at this.

              Look how it's starting to crystallize. This is cellulous nitrate, same stuff as film stock.

              This is eventually gonna implode. Completely crystallize and implode.

              What do you suppose is over there?

              Oh, yeah. That over there... that, that's.. that's the greenhouse, where they keep the garden tools and stuff.

              I'm your boyfriend.


              Oh, Christ.

              Oh, whatever you want it to be, sir.

              A package of artificial cheese with your...

              macaroni and cheese.

              Hey, Blake. Can I have your attention, man? There's something I really gotta talk to you about.

              You know, I've been... I've been stuck here for a week with... with no apples and...

              and you know how I got fucked up on that airplane going to Portland? dosis en el aeropuerto?

              And I threatened to pee on the... on the stewardess? - Mm-hm. - And they diverted the flight?

              - Hmm. - I have... I have to go to Utah, man, and I don't have any money.

              it's colder than shit in this house.

              I was watching football last night, they have these...they have these... these jet heaters.

              They're like jet engines. este tamaño-

              They can probably...they could heat this whole place. - Mm-hm. - I mean,

              it sounds like a good idea to me.

              - Hmm. - So I need... I need to go to Utah and I need, uh...we need a jet heater


                Ouch! You okay?

                Blake. Here's that... that demo tape I was... I was gonna give you.

                - Mmm. It's... I recorded it on the four track... upstairs.

                But... there's this one... one of the songs is a song about...

                this girl... when I was touring in Japan, and uh...

                I was... we were... it was the last night of the tour in Tokyo.

                She was...she gave me this card

                at the end of... at the end of the tour. I mean, at the... like, at the after party.

                And she drew little tits on it and gave me her number, and I called her that night at   :   or something. And she came right over, and we, like... we had sex.

                And... and she was like... her body was unbelievable. She was just so beautiful.

                I think she was like a star, like a music and like TV star or something.

                And like...and so l... she kept calling me. Well, so... so we had sex and it was probably the best sex I ever had in my whole life.

                And then, uh...then I left the next day back to America and... and, uh, she kept calling me and she wanted to come visit me

                and, uh, I didn't... I never called her back,

                and I felt really bad about it. So I wrote this song... that's one... that's the song...

                one of the songs on that tape.

                And there's... there's... I wanna make it as personal as I can

                like, I wa... I wanna apologize to her, you know?

                - Hmm. - I was sort of... I actually was wondering if you could help me with some of the lyrics on it

                'cause there's... there's this one part in the song on the bridge where...

                where I don't know exactly how to put what I'm trying to say.

                It's like I wanna do it more...

                Leave him the fuck alone and come upstairs with me, all right?

                Oh. I'm... I'm sorry. I'm talking your ear off.

                I just wasn't thinking, man, You know.

                -Mmm. -See you.

                I'll listen to it.

                Listen to it, yeah. Tell me what you think.


                Hey. What's going on, man? How are you doing?

                How are you?

                L... I missed you Thursday.

                We tried to get in touch 'cause l.. I went to this... because... this, uh... I fucking hate talking here.

                We went to the Dead... uh, to a Dead show and it was like at least about  -       people,

                but that's not even the... the point is that afterwards we played "Dungeons and Dragons."

                We played that "D&D" game with Jerry, and Jerry was like the best dungeon master. We captured the winged Pegasus.

                And his girlfriend... Suzette or Jacquette, some French name... she was like... she did these voodoo rituals.

                She gave us, uh... Now it's only half a jaw, but before it was a whole jaw.

                And... it's something about virility, but I know you weren't feeling... you're not feeling that great,

                so if you want the bottom jaw, I could give you the bottom jaw, like... I could give you the jaw... at least.

                It works.

                We're coming, we're coming.

                Where did Asia go?

                - Hey, Nicole. - What?

                Give me your hand.

                We were just three... guys. - No, we're not three guys. - No, we're not three guys.

                - We were just two guys and a girl.

                Going, leaving for no particular reason.

                Why... why are we leaving, Scott? Oh, yeah. Why are we leaving, Scott?

                - Where are we going? - Nobody knows - To my place? - Where we're going.

                Yep. That's right.


                ...of Blake were so excruciatingly painful that he sometimes wanted to die or kill himself.

                Do you think this is a contributing thing here? I mean, do you think he was exaggerating in saying that?

                - No, I don't think... - No, I know.

                I actually spoke to his mother about this. - She had an identical...

                 - I understand. - ...situation uh, at about his age  - I understand. Okay.

                We're fucked. We're gonna be implicated

                and tied up in this whole thing.

                They're gonna accuse us of copping for Blake.

                And they're gonna say we were there.

                Do we need to get out of here?

                I don't have anything. I don't have any of my stuff ready.

                This is giving me the creeps.

                Do we need anything? Can we just go?

                - Let's just get the fuck out of here. - Let's just go.

                Where are we gonna go?

                We'll go to Los Angeles.


                Are you all right?


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