The Last Emporer Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Last Emporer script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Bernardo Bertolucci movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Last Emporer. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Last Emporer Script



The war criminals will proceed

in orderly fashion...



to the main waiting room

and await instructions



Obey the guards



War criminals must proceed

to the main waiting room



Those caught talking

will be severely punished



The Emperor



Your Majesty...His Majesty



What do they think they are doing?



It is dangerous



Go back



They could kill us all



Open the door



Open the door!



"PEKING,     "



By the command of Her lmperial Majesty

...also called the Compassionate



...and the Blessed...the

Respectful and the Long Living



The Empress Dowager commands...

Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi...Son of Prince Chun...



shall be transferred...immediately the Forbidden City...



and will remain in the Great Within

awaiting Her Majesty's decision



Respect this



"Ar Mo, I am giving you my Son"



My son is your son



"Quick, quick"



I want to go home



Look. Look at the Forbidden City



Give him to me



Ar Mo



Pu Yi. Come here



Are you afraid of me?



Everyone is



I am the Grand Empress Dowager



"And I have lived here...

for a long, long time"



And they call me the Old Buddha



This is Peony



Do you like her?



"Men, you know...are not allowed

in the Forbidden City after dark"



Even little men like you



The only man who can live the Emperor



But the Emperor is on high

...ridding the dragon now



He died today






These other men...they're not real men



They are all eunuchs



And now...they are all

waiting...for me to die



That is why...they are putting my the middle of the room...



under the Black Pearl



Little Pu Yi



I have decided...that you will be

the new Lord of Ten Thousand Years



You will be the Son of Heaven



"Are we going home, Papa?"



It will soon be over









"Cricket, where's the cricket?"



"He is my friend, Your Majesty"



Safe and warm under my arm



Kept me company on the long journey here



He is kowtowing to Your Majesty



Now he can be the Emperor's cricket



"Your Majesty, this is the Forbidden City"



This little one is...Your Majesty's bedroom



This is where we are



Am I going home today?



Not today



"And here, look"



I'll give Your Majesty

the Gate of Marshovala



I don't like baths!



I don't like baths



More beancurd today. And no meat



Is it true I can do anything I want?



Of course Your Majesty. Anything you want



You are the Lord of Ten Thousand Years



I am the Son of Heaven!



I am the Son of Heaven!



"Ar Mo, I want to go home"



"I want to go home, I want to go home,

I want to go home, Ar Mo"



I want to go home



Once upon a time...there was a great tree



and a great wind



And when the tree fell...

the monkeys were scattered



His soup is getting cold



Where am I?



In the People's Republic of China...



Why did you stop me?



You are a criminal. You must be judged



I repeat...



Prisoners going to their cells

will walk with their heads bowed



Keep your eyes on the ground



No looking forward...or to the side



The Guard will give you directions...



and tell you when to turn



Pu Chieh



Your guest is waiting to

meet you...Your Majesty



Also your mother has arrived



"You have not seen your mother

for many years, Your Majesty"



He is so small



"He is young, Your Majesty"






The Emperor's brother.

His Excellency Pu Chieh



Ar Mo



How is the health of His Majesty's mother?



"It is better, thank you"



How much His Majesty has grown



My mother has not seen me for seven years



Do you remember my face?






The night they came with the horses

...I knew it would be like this



My brother sees you every day



Pu Chieh is very excited to meet you



He often talks about you



We are all very proud of you



The kite



He chose this for you






They're turning away



Of course. Ordinary people are not

allowed to look at the Emperor



I'm too important



Is that true that you can

do whatever you want?



Of course I can



If I am naughty someone else is punished



One of them






The Emperor will walk



Are they all like you?



I've got three sisters and two friends



If you come to our house...

you can play with us



The Emperor never leaves the palace



We play games together



I know a game too






The ones on the boat are the High Consorts



High Consorts?



The wives of the Emperor before me



They say they're my mother



But they're not



Why are you wearing that?

You are not allowed to wear yellow



But it is ordinary yellow



It is lmperial yellow



"No, it is not"



We say it is



Only the Emperor can wear that yellow



Take it off






Take it off



"No, and you're not the Emperor any more"



There is a new Emperor now



He has cut off his queue.

And instead of a camel...



he has got a car



What did you say?



You're not the Emperor






You're not the Emperor any more



You're not the Emperor



You're not the Emperor



How dare you!



You're not the Emperor!



How dare you



Am I the Emperor or not?



Your Majesty...will always be the Emperor



You see



Prove it



Big Foot



Drink it



Drink the green ink



I will show you



"See, that is a car"



He is the President of the Republic



"Why is this wall here, Lord Chamberlain?"



"It is just a wall, Your Majesty.

Nothing has changed here"



You are lying



High Tutor



Am I still the Emperor?



You will always be the Emperor...

inside the Forbidden City...



but not outside



I do not understand



Outside China is now a Republic...



with a President



Where is Ar Mo?



You are all liars



Let me say goodbye






He's my child



I do not understand



I do not understand



Your Majesty is a big boy now



He cannot have a wet nurse any more



It is much better like this



Much healthier



But she is not my wet nurse



She is my butterfly



Ar Mo



Ar Mo



This is the detention centre...



of the Fushun Bureau of Public Security...



and I am the Governer



During the war...this was a Japanese prison



Many of you may remember it...



because you worked with the Japanese



You were responsible for building it...



and you filled it with innocent people



How could this happen?



Why did you betray your country?



What turned you into war criminals?



We believe...that men are born good



We believe...that the only way to change...



is to discover the truth

and look at it in the face



That is why you are here



You will begin by writing

the story of your lives...



and by confessing your crimes



Your salvation will lie entirely...



in the attitude you take



I advise you to be frank and sincere



Otherwise things can still

go very badly for you






After a few years the Chinese Republic...



had become as corrupt as the old empire



It fell quickly into the hands of

ambitious generals and corrupt bureaucrats



The era of the warlords had begun



By May      when I had

received my appointment...



China was in turmoil



May the new tutor present himself



Your lmperial Highness...the new tutor



Mr Reginald Fleming Johnston



"How do you do, Mr Johnston?"



"How do you do, Your Majesty"



Now we will go to school



Your Majesty...



in my country it would be usual to begin

...with some kind of an examination



The Emperor cannot be examined



Now that my have to change



But first your Majesty might

like to ask me some questions?



Where are your ancestors buried?



"In Scotland, Your Majesty"



But then where's your skirt?



"In your country men wear

short skirts, do they not?"



"No, Your Majesty, Scotsmen

do not wear skirts..."



they wear kilts






A matter of words



perhaps but words are important



Why are words important?



"If you cannot say what

you mean, Your Majesty..."



you will never mean what you say



And a gentleman should

always mean what he says



Ah yes! A gentleman



Are you a gentleman?



"I would like to be a gentleman, Your Majesty"



I try to be



I am not a gentleman



I'm not allowed to say what I mean



They are always telling me what to say



Your Majesty is still very young



I thought he might like to see

some English and American magazines



I have just received them



I know that you know...

that I know that you know...



that that is a dialogue between

Confucious...and Chuang-Tsu



"Concerning respect, Your Majesty"



Who is this George Washington?



"A famous American, Your Majesty"



"A revolutionary General,

the first American President"



"Ah, like Mr Lenin in Russia?"



Not quiet



Does he have a car?



"He lived a long time ago, Your Majesty"



I want a car



"I think your mouse is trying to escape,

Your Majesty"



Please do not tell anyone about my mouse



The lesson is finished



Our official taster is a brave man



"Many of my ancestors have

been poisoned, you know"



Does Your Majesty have lunch

like this every day?



"Oh, yes, every day. Like theatre"



I do not know why.

It has always been like that



How do they kill Emperor's in the West?



"The Austrian Emperor was shot, was he not?"



But this nephew was assassinated

before the Great War



But the Russian Emperor has been shot



He was called the Tsar



He took lots of our land in Manchuria



I'm a Manchurian



"Even after the Republic,

it's still my country"



"The, er...secret,

Your Majesty, is emerging again"



Something is happening



"What is happening, Mr Johnston?"



Nothing is Quiet



"On our way here, Your Majesty..."



we were held up by

students from a University



They were protesting against

the Republican Government...



because it has agreed to give

away Chinese Japan



"Is it true, Mr Johnston..."



that many people out there have

had their heads chopped off?



"It is true, Your Majesty..."



many heads have been chopped off



It does stop them thinking



It is time for the Emperor's rest



The students are right to be angry



I am angry



But I'm not allowed to

leave the Forbidden City



"I want to go out, Mr Johnston"



"My Lord, I want to see the city of sounds"



The Emperor awards you...with

the order of the Ruby Hat Button...



and with the right to be carried in

your own chair with four bearers



I hope the Emperor has not forgotten...



that this is the day for his maths class



For Your Majesty



My doctor said bicycles are bad for you



"Bad for you, nonsense"



How does it work?


           's simple



Head up and eyes forward as in life



"My Mother's dead, is she not?"



"Yes, Your Majesty. I'm profoundly sorry"



I'm not



She killed herself



She swallowed a ball of opium



"I'm going to see her, and my brother"



Open the door



Open the door!



Open the door!



Look where you lead him



"And you are an old, cruel, ignorant man"



The boy's Mother is dead



and he's not even allowed to see her



I want to go out! I want to go out!



Stop it. Stay where you are



I want to go out



Stop it! Stay where you are



I want to go out!



Hunchback. Big Foot



"Give me your hand, sir"



"Give me your hand, sir"



"Look at my left ear please, sir"



And now my right



"Would you follow my finger please, sir"



"Well, it's perfectly simple Johnstone"



The Emperor needs spectacles



Like Harold Lloyd






An Emperor does not wear spectacles



That cannot be allowed



"Times have changed, Your Highnesses"



"If His Majesty doesn't get

spectacles, Johnston..."



he could lose his sight



"If the Emperor does not get spectacles,

I will resign"



"Unfortunately, our decision is final..."



and unfortunately what I have to say...



will be published in every newspaper in China



"What do you have to say, Mr Johnston?"



The Emperor has been a

prisoner in his own palace...



since the day that he was crowned...



and has remained a prisoner

since he abdicated



"But, now he's growing up...he may wonder

why he's the only person in China"



who may not walk out of his own front door



I think the Emperor is the

loneliest boy on earth



It would be conveniently sad...

if he becomes blind



Blind...Mr Johnston?



"To the expense, Your Excellency"



To the cost of maintaining one

thousand two hundred Eunuchs...



three hundred and fifty ladies-in-waiting...



and one hundred and eighty-five cooks



To buying one hundred and

twenty sable furs a month...



and three thousand chickens a week



To the fact that eight hundred

and forty Guards and employees...



of the Household Department

plus one Lord Chamberlain...



care only about one thing...



filling their own rice bowls



"You are very good at accounts, Mr Johnston"



The Emperor may have abdicated...



but he is still a symbol of

great many people



If I did not agree with

that I would not be here



And some of us believe...that one

day soon he may be more than a symbol



The spectacles are a detail



"What do you really want, Mr Johnston?"



Just the spectacles



"Oh no...The Princess Wan Jung, Your Majesty"



Seventeen years old



"Princess Who Jen, fifteen years old"



"The Princess Li Li, Your Majesty"



And the Princess Fun Ying



Who is this?



"Princess Wen Hsiu, twelve years old"



She has got a funny face



Not just one wife



One Empress and one Secondary Consort



Two wives



"But, who did you choose to be the Empress?"



"They chose her, she's very old, Johnston"



She's seventeen



"That's not so old, Your Majesty"



What does she look like?






"I want a modern wife, Johnston"



Who speaks English and French



And who can dance the quickstep






"I'm going to escape, Johnston"



I've got a suitcase and a ticket to English



I'm going to Oxford University



Your Majesty...if you get married...



you will become the master of your own house



A wedding might be a more

practical way to escape



"Why did you never get married, Johnston?"



The Secondary Consort welcomes the Empress



The Empress greets the Secondary Consort



You are doing everything every well



Thank you. I rehearsed many times



What is his Majesty thinking?



I was thinking if I was a real Emperor...



I would become the ruler of China now



And what would the Emperor do...



if he could really rule?



I would change everything



Even the way we get married



Is the Emperor against arranged marriages?



It is humiliating not to

choose whom you marry



Even I was not allowed to choose



In another year or two...



His Majesty will be taller than me



Is it true the Emperor has

a suitcase under his bed...



and is going to Oxford



Will the Emperor take Wan Jung with him?



Perhaps he would like to

see my face before he decides



The Emperor would like to see

the face of the Empress



It is the Emperor who

must remove the kai t'ou



I also had a Mr Johnston



Miss Windsor



She's American



Miss Windsor taught me how to

do the dance of the quickstep



Does the Emperor know how to do the quickstep?



Will you teach me?



"Leave us, leave us"



If Your Majesty thinks...

it is old fashioned...



to make the rain and

the wind with a stranger...



we can be like a modern begin with



A modern couple?



Goodnight! Goodnight!



You must come to Oxford with me



I like him



I am sure I am going to like him



And he will grow up



Eyes down



Report your arrival



Prisoner     reporting






Prisoner     reporting!



Open the door



Close the door



Sit down






Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi



Write it



Now then...there are two types of confession



We call them toothpaste...



and water tap



The toothpaste prisoner needs to

be squeezed every now and then...



or else he forgets to keep confessing



The water tap man...needs one good

hard twist before he starts...



but then everything comes out


           're an intelligent person



I'm sure you understand me?



Good. Then we'll begin



Why do you think you're in here    ?



I am accused of being a traitor...



a collaborator and a counter revolutionary



It is not an accusation! You are a traitor!



You are a collaborator and you

are a counter revolutionary



Did you write this?



And you call it a confession?



This is nothing but a list of dates



A child's fairy tale



What do you want me to confess?



You know what you did...



and what others did



So why don't you volunteer the information?



I do not understand



We don't tell people what to confess



We already know everything about you






I wanted reforms



What did you want to...reform?






Cut off my queue



"Your Majesty, please"



It is heavy



The Emperor before me was murdered...



because he wanted to reform the Empire



"Is that no so, Mr Johnston?"



"Yes, Your Majesty...probably"



Well...let's see if they will kill me

for reforming the Forbidden City



I am appointing Mr Johnston's friend...



the poet and scholar Chen Hsiao-Hsiu be the new Lord Chamberlain



I want him to supervise a detailed

inventory...of the lmperial storerooms



So that we can learn exactly

how much has been stolen






The Forbidden City had become

a theatre without an audience



So why did the actors remain on the stage?



It was only to steal the

scenery...piece by piece



Can I sleep here? I am frightened



You're brave



Are you not frightened?



I am excited



I do not want to escape anymore



I want to rule



Kiss me



Can I stay with you as well?



Get in. Get in



I used to play a game with the Eunuchs...



trying to guess who is who



Now I cannot see you



"The storerooms are on fire, Your Majesty"



The fire was a terrible disaster



And I knew that Eunuchs had started it...



to stop me from knowing what they had stolen



There has been Eunuchs in the

Forbidden City...for eight hundred years



There were still more

than a thousand of them



I decided to expel them all



I had to ask for

Republican troops to help me



What are they carrying?



Their organs



Whatever their crimes...



they cannot be deprived of the be buried as whole men



I...I forgot what I was saying



You're wasting our time



We want to know about the Japanese



How did your friendship

with the Japanese begin?



Who introduced you? When?



I think it was     



Parliament had been dissolved again



The President had fled



At first I thought it was just another

...coup d'etat by just another warlord



Only this time it was different



This time it was my turn



Fifteen love









The rotten Government of

the Republic is in flight



Now we shall remove the foreign stench...



of the Manchurian rats who still

hide in the Forbidden City



Mr Pu Yi and his family...



have been given one hour

to leave the Forbidden City



They will be the

home of his Father and remain...



there under guard as state prisoners...



until further notice



What are you all looking at?



What are you standing there for?



You always wanted to

leave the Forbidden City



Now you have got an hour to pack



So go



I always thought I hated it here



But now I am afraid to leave



Do you think they will kill me?



"You must do as they say, Your Majesty..."



while I try to reach the British Embassy



They will give you asylum there



I'm sure they will



Chang...take my car to the South gate.

I want you to drive His Majesty



Your Majesty



"Please, Your Majesty"






"But you didn't go to the

British Embassy, did you?"



You ended up at the Japanese Embassy



The Japanese were the only people

prepared to help me



Help you for nothing?



Japan has an Emperor.

We are almost the same age



I thought it was kindness



The same time I relised that

for many Chinese...



I was an alien



Simply because I am Manchurian



There was even an Anti-Manchurian

League who wanted to assassinate me



So I went to live in Tientsin



It was a nice...provincial town

...with a big port



In those days it had a large

International Settlement



The Japanese thought it

would be safer for me there



Were the Japanese paying

for you in Tientsin?



"Oh, no. I had to rent a villa"



The villa Chang...and it was very expensive



"So, were the bodyguards"



I spent a lot of money in Tientsin



Did you still believe in the

restoration of the lmperial system



Others did



The little court-in-exile



I cannot remember how much

jade and jewellery...



they made me spend to buy the

friendship of some warlord...



or some...white Russian general



And what else did you spend your money on?



"Oh, I was never tired of buying pianos..."



"watches, radios"



As long as they were foreign



Of course. Anything Western was good



"Especially Wrigley's chewing gum,

Bayer aspirin..."



and cars



While you were in Tientsin...



most of China came under the control

of General Chiang Kai Shek...



the so-called Nationalists...the Kuomintang



What were your relations with them?






I felt useless in Tientsin



I was twenty-one



I dreamt of going to the West



I became a playboy



"Tientsin,     "






That's a great ship...

if you're going first class



I'm not going anywhere



Would you like to dance?



You are a brave man



Nobody here would have danced with me



Why's that?



Because I am Chinese



Well...l'm American



You say California.



I say French Riviera



San Fransisco



Monte Carlo



Are we really going this time?



Who's that couple?



"Oh, Henry and Elizabeth"



The Emperor of China?



The ex-Emperor and his wife



She's beautiful



"Yes, very"



And who are you?



I am His Highness' other wife



His other wife?



Number two wife



"Well, some people have all the luck"



Ladies and Gentlemen



General Chiang Kai Shek...has taken Shanghai



The Kuomintang have broken with the Reds



and they've knocked them for six



The Reds are finished!



Sorry about the reception everyone.

We'll have it fixed in a minute



"It would be wiser to return to the

Japanese Legation now, Your Majesty"



Your car is waiting



"Thank you, Mr Amakasu"



The General strike in Shanghai has collapsed



The International Settlement is safe



Troops of the Kuomintang are now

in fall control of the city



And firm steps are being taken to

restore the native areas



Wen Hsiu. You want some gum?



I want a divorce



I do not want to be your mistress any longer



I thought you were my Secondary Consort



In the Forbidden City you were the Emperor...



and I was a Secondary Consort



But now your are Henry Pu Yi...



"Wan Jung is your wife, Elizabeth"



And who am I?



I'm nobody



I did not know you were so unhappy



You can only have one wife in the West



I want a divorce



No one can divorce me



I want a divorce



Your Ladyship



I do not need it



I do not need it



Can I come in?



Don't you remember me?



"I'm dressed like a pilot,

but I still can't fly"



Not yet



Eastern Jewel. We had dancing classes together



"Yes, just before your marriage"



You silly girl.

Why do people want to get married?



Wen Hsiu has gone



She will never come back



Is that so bad?



She was my only friend



"Well, at least now you've got

a husband all to yourself'



And you've got me



I'll be your friend



You smoke opium?



Be wicked. It's the best in Shanghai



Why are you going to Europe?



The place to go is Japan



It's more fun than anywhere



It's modern



How do you know we are going to Europe?



It is a secret



"Oh, I know everything"



I know Chiang Kai Shek has got false teeth



"I even know his nickname, "Cash-my-check"



I'm a spy



And I don't care who knows it



A spy?



I work for the Japanese

Special Service Bureau...



and I've come to protect you



The Japanese?



They are getting closer to him every day



He is sending his brother...

to the Military Academy in Tokyo



They talk to him about

Manchuria all the time



And Mr Amakasu never says hello to me



I do not trust the Japanese



"Of course, I'd love to be the

Emperor's new Secondary Consort"



Eastern Jewel



If the past available



"The post is vacant, my dear cousin..."



but you do not fit the part



Wen Hsiu left her dog behind.

Do you want it?



It is my fault. It is all my fault



"I came to see you, Your Majesty..."



to give you bad news



Something terrible has happened



The lmperial tombs of our Manchurian

ancestors have been attacked...



and troops of the Kuomintang



Chinese soldiers



A warlord working for Chiang Kai Shek



The body of the Empress Dowager...

was hacked to pieces



Her pearl necklace has

became a wedding present



from Chiang Kai his new wife



Tell me     ...



do you consider yourself to be Chinese?



Of course



What is this?






And what do you call this part of China



The North East



And what did you call it as a child?






Japan invaded Manchuria



"on September   th,     "



And began to set up a puppet

state called Manchukuo



"Shorty afterwards, a Japanese Delegation..."



paid you a secret visit in Tientsin...



to request your collaboration



Which you say you refused?



Speak up



I already told you.

I have told you a hundred times



Tell us again. Tell us two hundred times



I refused to collaborate



"You say you refused, but a month later..."



"on November   th,      ..."



there you are arriving in Manchuria...



or shall I call it Manchukuo?



"Now, according to this

so-called confession of yours..."



you didn't go of your own free will



You insisted you were the Japanese






And taken to Manchuria by force?






Sit down



Do you remember a man called

Reginald Fleming Johnston?



He was your tutor






And a good friend...I believe



After twenty-eight years in China...



Mr Johnston returned to England



He became a Professor of Oriental London University



And he wrote a book



"It is called "Twilight

in the Forbidden City"



And it is dedicated to you



"Tientsin,     "



"I am going to miss you, Johnston"



"I shall miss you, Your Majesty"



Do you think a man...

can become Emperor again?






"Thank you, Your Majesty"



How can we say goodbye?



As we said hello



"Farewell, Mr Johnston"



"Farewell, Your Majesty"



"Goodbye, Mr Johnston"



"We'll never forget you, Mr Johnston"



"Mr Johnston, goodbye, goodbye"



On page    ...



Mr Johnston writes...



the endeavour to make out that

the Emperor had been kidnapped...



by the wholly untrue



He left Tientsin...he went to

Manchuria of his own free will...



Johnston was a liar



What did you say?



Mr Johnston had left before

I was taken to Manchuria



He could not have known what happened



Sit down



According to this account...



you prepared the man's things

on the morning of November  th



Isn't it unusual for a man who is

kidnapped to have his luggage packed...



by his valet the day before he's kidnapped



This is what you've written isn't it?



Who told you to pack this man's luggage?



These two stories don't fit



Do they?



It was a long time ago



Perhaps I made a mistake



You are lying



You are both lying



Control yourself



You can still change your mind



I am the hereditary ruler

of the Manchukuo people



There can be no Manchukuo without me



Do you not see? The Japanese are using you



I must try to use them



The Japanese invasion of Manchuria...



will be condemned by

the League of Nations...



and by every civilised country on Earth



The Chinese Republic has broken

every promise it ever made to me



Chinese troops desecrated

the tombs of my ancestors



And Chinese troops did not

defend Manchuria from the Japanese



But Manchuria is still China



China has turned its back on me



Please do not go



Manchuria is the richest frontier in Asia



"Coal, oil, railways"



Millions of Chinese emigrants

are going there every year



I'm going to build my country



Johnston was wrong but he wasn't a liar



There was no kidnapping



You went to Manchuria by your own choice



because you wanted to be Emperor again



These might help you to remember the truth






To Heaven



To Earth



To the Moon



To the Sun



You're an Empress again



What I'm going to be is a pilot



I'm going to train at

a secret base near Yokohama



To learn precision bombing



I want to bomb Shanghai



Bomb Shanghai?



I hate China



I hate you



The Japanese Army High Command



Very impressive



On behalf of the Emperor of Japan...

the Commander of the Kwangtung Army...



extends his warmest congratulations on

the occasion of His Majesty's coronation



"Ah, may I introduce you...

my wife, the Princess Hiro Saga"



Prime Minister Hsiao-Hsiu



The Honourable Chang Ching-Hui...

Minister of Defense



"The Papal Nuncio, Monsignor Colonna"



The Empress and I accept with great pleasure



"Excuse me, Gentlemen"



"Ah, and our Mr Amakasu..."



is the new chief of the

Manchurian Motion Picture Studios



Do you have to spoil this day?






Mr Amakasu is the most

powerful man in Manchukuo



What are you talking about?



You did not believe I could

be Emperor again. But I am



You are blind



Do you know what it means to be

an Empress? You are an Empress



Why do you not make love to me anymore?



Because you have become an opium addict



Opium killed my Mother



Opium destroyed China



You can buy opium anywhere in Manchukuo



Shut up



In any shop



Shut up



Your brother is going to have a child



We must have a child



You must have an heir



Emperor Hirohito has officially

invited us to Japan



I am going alone



You are staying here



I would never go to Japan



Then go to your room



Ten thousand years to His Majesty the Emperor



Ten thousand years



I told you I hate you



Only because I give you what you need



Now we're engaged



You forgot my toothpowder



"Yes, sir"



Move him



    . Collect your things



Up stairs






Your laces are undone. Do them up



Thursday you serve lunch



Friday you clean the toilet



Saturday you sweep the floor



I have never been separated from my family



You'd better get use to it



"You do not remember me, do you?"



I was the Minister of Trade -- in Manchukuo



You were all in Manchukuo



Now I am the Cell Leader



It is important to follow the rules here



No talking during study sessions






"Where is your gun, Captain?"



Where are their swords?



"Our weapons have been removed, Your Majesty"



On the orders of Colonel Yoshioka?



Colonel Yoshioka?



Colonel Yoshioka



What has happened here?



Why has my Guard been disarmed?



There have been many changes

while you were in Tokyo



"Your Majesty, may I present

Masaomi Kobayakawa..."



the new Japanese Manchukuo



Why is Prime Minister Hsiao-Hsiu

not here to receive me?



"The Prime Minister has

resigned, Your Majesty"



His son his been assassinated






"By Communist bandits, Your Majesty"



I must see him at once



"He refuses to see anyone, Your Majesty"



He has gone to a monastery... far away



Who are you?



"Chang Ching Hui, Your Majesty"



Minister of Defence



"The Council Meeting will be at

four o'clock, Your Majesty..."



before the State dinner



The Emperor has been asked

to sign the following



After careful consideration

we have decided...



to nominate the honourable Chang Ching Hui

as the new Prime Minister of Manchukuo



"Today, on the our return from Japan..."



we wish to speak of

something more important...



the future of our friendship with Japan



This is based on mutual respect...



and respect means equality and independence



When the two Emperors stood together...



and saluted the two national flags



they recognised that

Manchukuo had come of age



"Manchukuo is not a colony,

Manchukuo is Manchuria"



The relationship between

our two countries...



is like the relationship

between its two Emperors



It is rooted in fraternal the desire



to preserve our ancient traditions...



and in a mutual respect

for national identities



Already we have welcomed the

Ambassadors...of E I Salvador



"Costa Rica, the Vatican"



"Soon, I'm...l'm sure the

other countries will follow"



I am going to have a child



The Father is Manchurian



I did it for you



His Majesty forgot to

sign the appointment of



the new Prime Minister...Mr Chang Ching Hui



I did not forget



"When an Englishman robs someone,

Your Majesty, he becomes a gentleman"



If he robs a lot he becomes a knight



Do you imagine the British run

their empire as a charity?



If India has payed for the

cost of its own occupation...



so must Manchukuo



We hope Manchukuo will have an heir



The Empress is expecting a child



"Yes, Your Majesty...we are

aware of the situation"



This is the name of the

Father. His name is Chang



He is your driver



All the necessary facts have been recorded



The man will be punished



The Emperor cannot allow

his honour to be stained



The Japanese are the only

divine race on our earth



"We will take China, Hong Kong...

Indo-China, Siam, Malaya"



Singapore and India



Asia belongs to us



There have been complaints

from your cell mates



You must learn how to urinate at night

without walking them all up



The way to do it...



is to urinate against

the side of the bucket...



not into the middle



"Yes, comrade"



"You still think I'm your servant, don't you?"



You are all pretending



You are just pretending you have changed



The party it teach us to be new men



We are working for a new China



You worked in Amakasu's private office



You are still the same people



People do not change






I let it happen



"The second edict, Your Majesty"



Japanese will be the official

language in Manchukuo schools



Your Majesty...



"The baby was born dead, Your Majesty"



How is the Empress?



It would be better if she goes

to a clinic...somewhere warm



"She's already left, Your Majesty"



Open the door



With Manchukuo now firmly in their grasp...



the Japanese soon controlled

most of North China



By      they were ready to strike

South at the heart of the country



The attack on Shanghai

was one of the first...



civilian bombing raids in history



It left thousands homeless



Thousands dead



Three months later Japanese armies...



were besieging the provisional Nanking...



and when the city fell

...the atrocities began



Trying to terrorise the rest

of China into surrender



The Japanese high command ordered a massacre



More than two hundred thousand civilians

were systematically executed



The world watched in horror...



but no help was given



On December  th      ...



Japan attacked the American fleet...



at Pearl Harbour



There was no warning



Manchukuo...the Japanese bustion in North China...



was still ruled by the puppet Emperor Pu Yi



But behind the facade of triumph...



was a country enslaved



A country where Japanese experiments

in biological warfare...



were carried out on live human beings



A country where opium production became

the easiest way to finance the war



Millions of people...were deliberately

turned into drug addicts



Nine days after the bomb...



at Hiroshima on August   th     ...



Emperor Hirohito...announced

the surrender of Japan



It was the first time...his voice

had ever been heard...on radio



"You must get to Tokoy, Your Majesty"



You must surrender to the Americans

not the Russians



The Communists will kill everyone



The Empress has returned



"Your Majesty, please"



Your Majesty



The women are not in danger. We must hurry



"Your Majesty, your Majesty is leaving now"



The Russians



Perhaps you think we are here

to teach men to lie in a new way?



Why did you sign every

accusation made against you?



I didn't stop you from killing

yourself to see you like this



Someone who signs anything



to please his please me



You knew about a lot of

things in Manchukuo...



even the secret agreements



But you couldn't possibly have known

about the Japanese biological warfare



experiments in Harbin. Could you?



So why did you sign these papers?



I was responsible for everything



You are responsible for what you do



All your life you thought you

were better than everyone else



Now you think you are the worse of all



Why can you not leave me alone?



You saved my make me

a puppet in your own play



You saved me because I am useful to you



Is that so terrible?



Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi



By order of the Supreme People's Court...



the War Criminal Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi...



"male, fifty-three years old..."



of the Manchu nationality and from Peking...



has now served the years detention



As a result of remoulding through labour...



and ideological education...



during his captivity he has shown

that he has genuinely reformed



In accordance with Clause One

of the Special Pardon Order...



he is therefore to be released



You see?



I will end up living in

prison longer than you



They are so young



It is dangerous



"Pu Chieh, look"



It is the Governor of our prison



It cannot be



"It is, I'm sure it is"



Be careful



Come back



"Comrade. This must be a mistake,

I know this man"



He is a good man



Who are you?



I am a gardener



"Join us comrade, or fuck off'



But what has he done?



He's been accused



Accused of what?



Emperor's lackey



Revisionist element



Rotten rightest



Confess your crimes



I have nothing to confess



Kowtow to Chairman Mao



Confess your crimes



I have nothing to confess






Confess your crimes






He is a teacher. He is a good teacher



You cannot do this to him



Stop. You are not allowed in there



Who are you?



I live here



I am the son of the Guardian



"Ah. Well, I used to live here too"



That is where I sat



Who are you?



I was the Emperor of China



Prove it



This is the Hall of Supreme Harmony...



where the Emperors were crowned



The last Emperor to be crowned here

was Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi



He was three years old



He died in 1963



Special help by SergeiK