Last Man Standing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Last Man Standing script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Bruce Willis and Christopher Walken movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Last Man Standing. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Last Man Standing Script



It's a funny thing.



No matter how low you sink...



there's still

a right and a wrong...



and you always end up choosing.



You go one way so you can try

to live with yourself.



You can go the other

and still be walking around...

but you're dead and you don't know it.



I was coming through Texas

on my way to Mexico.



I needed some time to hide out.



I had spent most of my life

on the dodge.



Drunk or sober,

I got no complaints...



even if I did

get my hands dirty on the way.



Jericho was a jerkwater town

maybe    miles from the border.



Dirt streets, ramshackle buildings.

One thing for sure...

you couldn't find it



anywhere on the map.



For the most part,

I was a big-city guy.



I like pavement

under my feet...



and bright lights

after the sun goes down.



I figured this burg

was just the kind of place...



you gassed up the car,

got something to eat...

and if you got stuck, maybe spent a night.



Then I got a look at her...



and that's

when all the fun started.



It's not a good idea

to be looking...



at Mr. Doyle's girl that way.



I remember a guy once told me

this is a free country.



Jocko, this guy thinks

it's a free country.



Now you're free to go.



Sheriff's office is over there

in case you want to complain.



Your light's out.



I seen it, right outside the window.

You know what I'm going

to do about it?



Not a goddamn thing.



But I know what you ought to do.



You ought to get your spare,

put it on your car...



and drive out of town.

Ain't that right, Bob?



You got to forgive old Bob.

He ain't much for talk.



Hold it.

Let me tell you something.



If you're sticking around,

don't be coming to me for help.



You're on your own here.



We already got a fella

in the window of the undertaker.



Do yourself a favor--

first thing, get a firearm.



First customer I seen all week.



Want a whiskey or a beer?

Don't have much else to offer.






You under prohibition?



We don't pay much attention

to it here.



You got a phone in this place?



Who you want to call?



My mama.



We got phones,

but they ain't working...



since you need a switchboard

operator to run them.



You got electricity?



Got that.



Runs on gas generators.

Hope they stay working.

Nobody left to fix them if they go bust.



Tell the truth...



most of what they call

decent folks have been run off.



Really ain't much left here

but a ghost town.



making a profit

staying in the middle...



Some damn sheriff...



grafting off both sides.



I think Mr. Doyle

bought him off first...



or maybe it was Strozzi.



Who's Strozzi?



That's the other gang here.



Strozzi and the Italian fellas.



Both gangs took over this town,

run off all the regular folks.



Come from the same big city...



but they don't

like each other much.






You got Strozzi at the Sweetwater...

and Doyle's bunch

down at the Alamo.



They leave me be

because I stay to myself.



They think I'm crazy.



What the hell are you doing?



I'm going to go see the fellas

that wrecked my car...



have a little talk with them.



I hadn't gotten a real warm reception...

but I started thinking

maybe this was my lucky day.



A crook for a sheriff...



and two bootlegger outfits

that hated each other.



If I played it right...

I could make some easy money

and move on.



I thought I made it clear...



who you can and can't be

looking at around here.



That's Mr. Doyle's property.



I came here to see you.



Did you get that car of yours

fixed yet?



I'm running a little low

on cash.



I was wondering if you could

help pay the damages.



I guess you'll have to kill me.



It'll hurt if I do.



Tell Mr. Doyle if he'd have hired smarter guys...

none of this would have happened.



It's all about booze.



Gets smuggled through here

from Mexico.



We're part of a family operation

in Chicago.



So what we got here is close

to a civil war...



except now we got a truce.



This truce ain't gonna last...



especially after Hickey

gets back.



That's why you're here.



Who's Hickey?




is Doyle's right-hand man.



He's a sweetheart.

Looks like somebody

carved him up for Sunday dinner.



Talks like this.



Forget it.



What about you?

You got a name?






Smith what?

You got a first name?






That's a good one.

You on the run?



Where are you from?



Back east.



John Smith from back east.



I heard you wanted to see me.



That's right.



What's the matter?



Did I interrupt something




She was doing her nails.



This is Lucy.



She a real nice girl.



She got a big mouth, but

she's going to keep it shut...



and act very friendly now,




Lucy, would you please

take Mr. Smith to his room?



I guess Strozzi hired himself

another bum.



Got it all figured out, do you?



Yeah. I'm a fortune-teller.



Working for Strozzi

has its advantages.



You're going to love your room.



The skirt was from just outside of Cicero.

Strozzi said he had her sent

here to keep up his morale...



but that's the first time

I ever heard it called that.



You try and keep it

down up here, OK?



My room's right underneath.



I'll try not to make too much noise...

when I'm jumping

up and down on the bed.



Sunday dinner was a real event.



Strozzi might have been

a small-time hood...



but he tried to run things...



like he was somebody important

back in Chicago.



He had an army of    shooters.

As far as I could see,

most of them were goofballs.



It was all

right out of some dime novel.



How's the food?




I brought these mamas in

from Chicago.



Food here was terrible.

It's good, huh?



Yeah. I like garlic.

All right.



What is this? Nobody waits?

You're late.



While you were doing

your important business...



things are happening.



We now have a new employee.



Mr. Smith, this is Giorgio Cormonte.

Killed Finn. That's Doyle's

best guy next to Hickey.



I know all about it.



And you hire him.



What do you think that

looks like in keeping a truce?



You want to tip Doyle off?

Plus, who the hell is he?



Doyle's guys are scared of him.



He was in town    minutes,

he killed one of them.



Doyle ain't gonna do a thing

with Hickey out of town.

The only thing that cockroach might try...



is to hire this guy for himself.



I don't like it.



I don't like changes

at the last minute...



and I don't like new faces--



You got a problem with me,

take it up with your boss.

I just work here.



So I decided to give up

my free room.



I had seen the real thing...



and these guys

were a long way from it.



I wasn't sure if he was getting

a wooden box ready for me...



or if he just wanted

to say thanks for the business.



Look who's here.



Last time I saw you...

you was gonna have a talk

with some fellas.



Next thing I hear, one of them's dead.


sort of went downhill.



Ain't that right, Bob?



He don't talk much,

but his ears work good.



You got a room you can rent me?



I'm surprised you ain't staying

at the Sweetwater.



There's a room upstairs.

I can use the money.



You got a name? Mine's Joe.



OK, Joe.



You let me know

when this runs out...



and I'll give you some more.



You got girls for hire

in this town?



Hell, yes.



You in west Texas.



Round the corner,

third door on the left.



You can certainly afford them.



You remind me of this guy

that used to come see me...



when I worked in New Orleans.



He looked a lot like you.

You ever been to New Orleans?



He was nice.

He wasn't as quiet as you,




but you two almost

look like brothers.



Except he had tattoos.



I think that he was

in the navy.



And he used to come and see me

every Friday or Saturday night.



His name was Clarence.



I had a lot of fun

in New Orleans.



Sorry I ever came

to this lousy town.



There's nothing to do here.



...So I took every kind

of dance class imaginable...




I wanted to be a dancer...



and so I came here

because it's off-season--



Get out of here, girls!






I didn't have nothing

to do with it.






I didn't have nothing--



Who set me up?



They forced me!

They said they'd kill me.



Give me a name.



Give me a name, goddamn it!



It was a guy that worked

for Doyle.



It was Doyle's bunch.



Please don't tell them

I told you.



Please. I'm sorry.

Her name was Wanda.



Crossing me

was nothing personal.



She was just trying

to make a living...



in a world

where big fish eat little fish.



Come on.

By the time the law showed up,

I was long gone...



but the sheriff

didn't let me down.



He investigated

the whole thing...



then arrested the hooker.



I went down to the Red Bird

and asked that old geezer...

who runs the place where I could find you.



Where are we headed?



A juke joint outside of town.

Strozzi wants everybody there.



He's going to make another speech?

He don't keep me

too well informed.



Giorgio's always acting

like he's in charge...



because he's the son

of somebody important--



Strozzi's boss in Chicago.



Strozzi and Giorgio

are really cousins.



Strozzi don't admit it, though.

Not a family man.



Where does that leave you

and him?



Celina's was a fast    minutes

out across the desert.



Two stories of wood

in the middle of nowhere.



It was the kind of place...



that looked like the special

was chicken-fried steak.



Strozzi told me that Giorgio

and the other guys...



got a hot head

about the money you're getting.



Giorgio don't like you too much,

in case you haven't noticed.



Why does a guy send

his girlfriend to come find me?



Strozzi figures

I wouldn't be dumb enough...



to do anything out of line,

so he sent me.



That must make you feel

real proud.



Quit being a shitheel, all right?

I get enough of that

from Strozzi, thank you.



You sure you're not dumb enough

to do anything out of line?



I'm just curious.

Your boyfriend got a first name?

Only in the bedroom.



As usual,

she was trying to act tough...



but anybody could see

it was paper-thin.



Even with a second-rater

like Strozzi...



she was in way over her head.



For Christ's sweet sake.

It took you two long enough.



Kiss my ass.



Hard to drive in the rain.



Like he said,

what took you so long?



Maybe you don't hear too good--

it's raining.



You're getting to be more of

a wise-ass Polack every day...



and it ain't so cute no more.



You know what happens

to wise-ass Polack dames?



They get their wise asses




When I was in this whorehouse...



Doyle sent a couple guys

to visit me.



I had to kill them both.



You killed two more of Doyle's guys?

Is that bullshit,

or is that true?



I don't give a damn about Doyle.



If he lost two men tonight,

that's good news.



This Doyle, he's trying to

outbid me with my own suppliers.



I try to do business with him,

it's bullshit.



We got a shipment coming in

from Monterrey next week.



Mr. Doyle has got one coming in




This is where you're going

to start to earn your pay.



That's five trucks.



We deliver at     bucks a case.



Plus, you know

what's really the frosting?



We get Doyle's trucks.



You know how hard it is

to buy a truck in Mexico?



We crossed the border

a couple hours before dawn.



Strozzi had a plan he thought

would make him look good...

to the big boss back in Chicago.



It involved hijacking, murder,

corruption of the military...



and sticking me

right out front.



Who in the hell are you

supposed to be?



This might be a good time

to give up.



What the hell's this?



I told you we couldn't trust

these Mexicans.

I'm going to send Smith back with Santo...



to keep an eye on Doyle.



You stay with the trucks

till they get to Matamoros.



It was a massacre.



Couldn't say I was real sorry...

but it was a rough way

to check out.



I don't know how reliable...



she's ever going to hold up

as a witness.

She's some kind of a vagrant.



Might even be here

for immoral purposes.



How much to get her out?



    will send her on her way

right away.



I've been thinking about

how Doyle's men knew...



I was at that whorehouse.



I figure your deputy heard me

last night at the Red Bird...



came over here

and told you about it...



and you sold the information

to Doyle.

How am I doing so far, Sheriff?



You are one suspicious fella.

Ain't he, Bob?



Maybe I was a little

rough on you last night.

Maybe I shortchanged you.



If I was you,

I'd get out of here.



Doyle's men are going to think

you tipped me off.



You got a bus

comes through this town?



Yeah. At noon every day.



Make sure she gets on it.



I got some information you may

want to sell to Mr. Doyle.

He's going to find out soon enough...



but you might be the one

to give it to him.



A shipment of booze

he had coming up from Mexico...



got hijacked by some bandidos.



A tip like that ought to be

worth at least a grand.



You better be right...



because if Doyle should send

Hickey after me...



he's coming directly for you.



I keep hearing about Hickey.



Sounds like a real scary guy.



Let me tell you just how scary.



It goes that when he was    years old...

gets a butcher knife

and cuts his father's throat...



from ear to ear.

Then they stick him

in an orphanage.



   years old,

he burns it to the ground.



You just make sure you mark me

down for half of that thousand.



Think maybe

you and I should talk.



I don't think

these people appreciate you.



You going to be my hero?



I thought you were just a guy

who did things for money.



I'm just a guy

that does everything for money.



Anybody see you come up here?



Appreciate me?

You don't know the half of it.



I don't have to take it

from these bastards.



Going back to Chicago

on the first thing out of here.



What's so funny?



You're not going anywhere.



You're just blowing off

a little steam.



You hear the way Strozzi

talked to me?



That grease ball?

To hell with him.



Strozzi's out of town

for the day.






Did Strozzi tell you

he's paying me a lot of money?



There may be a way

to get your hands on some of it.



You going to tell me why

you would do such a nice thing?

Because I'm a nice guy...



a sweet guy.



Like I said...



I don't think they appreciate you.

I think

you're a very smart girl.



You hear things...inside word.



I'm the kind of guy

that likes to have...



all the information

he can get...



so if you give me the inside word...

I'll give you an extra hundred

or so a week...



just between me and you.



Strozzi and Giorgio were going

to be back the next day...



was going to come from working

Doyle's side of the street.



They'd make the first move.



Mr. Doyle wants you

to come work for us full-time.



I'm not sure he can afford it.

Try me.



A week or a day?



I'm surprised

you're not mad at me.



I thought you might

hold it against me...



me killing three of your guys.

It's the only cure I know

for being stupid.



Hey, dummy.

Bring us your best stuff.



Right away, sir.



I know you already got a job

working for Strozzi...



but I figure you

for the kind of guy...



who goes

to the highest bidder...



just like those Mexicans...



that were supposed

to guard my booze.



Strozzi was behind that,

wasn't he?



How would you like to kill




and that little punk Giorgio?

From what I hear,

a guy like yourself...



you only care about the money.



I mean it as a compliment.



That's why we're all here.

Where's Hickey?



You heard about Hickey, huh?



I heard he talks kind of funny.



That's the way you sound when

somebody slices your face...



jams an ice pick

in your voice box.



Hickey can get

awful messy, though.



This should be an inside job.



We need somebody

nice and neat, like you.



I'll think about it.



You're making a mistake!



Maybe you're just not

very smart.



What the hell

are you holding back for?



You think the meek

are going to inherit the earth?



If they do,

you won't be there to enjoy it.



I might have been

a gun for hire...



but I wasn't exactly

an assassin.



Maybe Doyle figured

there wasn't much difference.



Tell Hickey I said hello.



If I was going

to get into Doyle's wallet...

I needed something big to sell him.



You don't quit me.



Nobody quits me.

What is it? Doyle?



Did he offer you more money?



Keep the     you owe me.



The rest is mine for the work

I did down in Mexico.



You let him walk away?



He doesn't go. Nobody goes.



You get back here,

you yellow son of a bitch.



Put those down!



Something you want to say to me?



Fucking kill you, bastard.



It's not your fault

Giorgio's a half-wit.



You really want to get killed

for a half-wit?



Let it go. Put it down.



Tell Mr. Doyle

I turned Strozzi down.



What the hell

you grinning about?



Goddamn, that was great.



I guess you don't work

for Strozzi no more.



You ever wash these?



Working for Strozzi

had about played itself out.



Until Hickey showed up,

I was out of moves.



I decided to dry out a little.



Went two days without a drink.



For me, that's pretty good.



Sitting out here in the open

might not be a good idea...



for a fella that's got

as many enemies as you got.



I thought everybody liked me.



I'm such a nice guy.



This is Mr. Doyle's girl.



I'm bringing her back

from church.



I guess going to church

makes her feel better...



about keeping company

with Mr. Doyle.



That right, honey?



You don't want to miss out

on the big money.



This little war with Strozzi's

going to be over soon.



Hickey's back.



We got problems.



Strozzi broke the truce,

hit our trucks in Mexico...



killed all our guys,

jacked the whole load.



How's my car?



I fixed that inner tube,

and I fixed that headlight.



She's good as new,

except for that windshield.



I ordered new glass,

but it's gonna take a while.



Will this cover it?



Twenty dollars?

That's way too much.

But I got some information I'll trade you...



for the change on it.



A fella come around here

asking me about your car...



wanted to look

at the registration...

and check your name.



What did you tell him?



I didn't tell him nothing.

He just went on ahead

and looked anyway.



But guess what.



He didn't find

that registration, did he?



That's right.



You can keep that change.



This fella

say what his name was?



He didn't say,

but I know who it was.



One of them Italian boys

been hanging around town...

named Giorgio.






Jesus Christ!



Somebody answer

the goddamn phone!



Maybe Chicago

found a way to get through.



Looks like I struck pay dirt.



Who's this? Giorgio?



Yeah. Who's this?



You remember me,

the high-paid nobody.



I got a message for Strozzi.



We don't need any messages

from jerks like you.



Don't be stupid.



Just because I don't work for you...

doesn't mean

I can't be a friend.



I don't want to see

your boss get hurt.



You tell him that Doyle knows...



that he's the one that hijacked

his shipment...

but maybe you got a bigger problem.



There's a rumor Ramirez is

going back on Doyle's payroll.



Who knows?

Maybe it's all just bullshit.



You getting this?



Yeah, I'm getting it.

All bullshit.



Good boy. You tell

your cousin to watch his ass.



The Italians were winning

in New York and Chicago...



but they weren't doing too good

in Jericho.



A little past nine

that night...



I got a look at Giorgio

leaving town.



You could almost see

the price tag...



hanging around his neck.



I just came by to tell you...



that me and Strozzi

made it up this morning.



I got an investment there...



so we can forget

about the other day, right?



It was just one time for fun.



Business is business.



I don't want to get myself

in the middle of anything.




going to take care of me.



I saw that punk Giorgio

sneak out of town.



He went to EI Morado.



Where is he headed?



What's he doing down in Mexico?



What he always does...



drinks, messes around,

goes to whorehouses.



I'm surprised Strozzi didn't go.



He must be getting pretty used

to whores by now.

Goddamn you!






I think you're forgetting

about our deal.



Why did Giorgio go to Mexico?



He went to finish doing

some business with Ramirez...



Pay him off and the cop

they got for security.



I got to go.



We're quits now, right?



We're quits.



That mouthy little cousin

of Strozzi's, Giorgio...



That mouthy little cousin

of Strozzi's, Giorgio...



is on his way down

to Mexico right now...



to see a friend of yours,

a fella named Ramirez.



You know a guy named Ramirez?



How do you like the story

so far?



Good. Keep talking.



He's going to see a cop

down there, too.



This cop's responsibility...



was security

on this side of the border...



so I guess

he's going to get paid, too.



They're probably all planning

their next shipment...



going to use your trucks.



I don't want to be pushy...



but this kind

of information's...



a little too valuable

to be giving away.

Giorgio's very important to Strozzi.



If something

were to happen to him...



it would be very bad

for Strozzi, don't you think?



Take as much as you want.

You work for me now.



I'll just take that     

we agreed upon.



You work with us,

you work with the winners.



Anything else is stupid.



I'll think about it.



What the hell

are you holding back for?

I don't play this style!



His name's Smith,

at least that's what he says.



This is Hickey.

I told you about him.



Told me all about you.



I been hearing about you

all over town, actually.



I especially liked

that orphanage story.



They tell you about them kids

burning up like candles?



My favorite part.



You shot some of our guys.



I guess I did,

the ones that deserved it.



You got Finn.

He's Doyle's best shooter.



I thought you were the best.



No. Just the best looking.



Enough of this bullshit!



This game is finished.



We got to talk.



I guess you better go talk.



Don't believe everything

you hear.



EI Morado was about    miles

across the Rio Grande.



The whole town was celebrating

some saint's day...



which meant everybody was

either drunk or working on it.



Doyle took my bait...



and sent a car due south

the next morning.



You didn't have

to be real smart...



to guess who the passenger was.



No, thanks.



Looks to me you're a cop.



You're wearing a gun, right?



That's good.



Maybe you're the kind of guy...



to shoot an unarmed man

in the back.



Make your play.



We're taking you out of here.



Just don't shoot me.



Come on.



She looks like her mother.



It's all right. He's asleep.



I parked a couple of miles

from here and walked in.



Why do you come out here?



Doyle lets me be alone here.



It's the only place

they don't watch me.



Why do you stay with him?



People don't own other people.



A year ago, my husband gambled

with Mr. Doyle.



After he lost me,

he went back across the border.



He was ashamed.



When Doyle

took me from my daughter...



I went to sleep.



All I had left was to pray.



My fear is my curse.



What's yours?



I was born without a conscience.



There's a fella here

come to see you.



There's a fella here

come to see you.



John Smith,

meet Captain Tom Pickett.



He is the head ranger

here in my district.



He generally

just comes down when...



Shut up, Galt.



Sit down, Mr. Smith.



Mr. Smith and I

are going to have a drink.



We got a lot

to talk about tonight.

I'm here about a murdered policeman...



got himself killed

the other side of the river...



in some crummy little

Mexican town.

A few locals killed, too...



and a double-dealing comandante

named Ramirez.



But the man

I'm concerned about...



was an American

on the border patrol.



He had a family. Well liked

by his brother officers.

I guess he strayed a little bit in some departments...



but he was an officer of the law

just the same.



You know anything

about his death, son?



No, I don't think so.



Don't hardly seem possible.



Mr. Galt here says

you're real well-informed...



on what happens around here.



I asked if you knew anything

about it, not if you did it.



The crime has been solved, son.



Mexican police picked up two

armed drifters from Florida...



just across the border,

handed them over to us.



They ain't confessed yet,

but they will.

I just can't get past the idea that maybe...



one of these two bootleg gangs

had something to do with it.

I learned a long time ago to trust my instincts.



Listen real careful

because here is the point.



Things in this town

are out of control.



Two gangs is just one too many.



I'm not an idealist.

I know a lot of things

that people do are awful low...



but that's between them and God.



Do you believe in God?



I believe in God.



But what I'm concerned with

is keeping a lid on things...



and what we got here in Jericho

is just way out of hand...



and Sheriff Galt here

can't do much about it, right?

Matter of fact, it might be fair to say...



that he's part of

the problem, right?



You been going back and forth

playing both sides...



according to Mr. Galt here...



making yourself a lot of money

out of all this.

It's over, son.



I'm coming back here in    days.

I'm going to bring

about    rangers with me.



I will tolerate one gang because

that is the nature of things.



A certain amount of corruption

is inevitable...



but if I find two gangs here

when I get back...



then in a couple of hours,

there will be no gangs here.



So it's simple.

One gang quits and goes home.



You boys work it out.

I don't give a damn which one.



Just as long as one side leaves

or maybe one side loses.



That's fine, too.



Kill as many as you want...



just don't kill

no innocent people around here.



I wouldn't like that.



It's been real nice

talking to you, Captain.



Likewise, son.

Only one more thing.



When I come back,

if I was you, I'd be gone.



You tell Strozzi

we got his boy Giorgio.



Tell him, he wants him back,

to bring us a hundred thou...



out to the crossing

at the five-mile road.



Tell him to make it

three in the afternoon.



The trucks.



And we'll give you two days

to give us our trucks back.



All the vultures

showed up for the exchange.



If I was honest...

I'd have to include myself

in the roll call.



If there was     grand being

handed over for Giorgio...



I wanted to take

a real good look at it.



Stick around.



You get the briefcase,

you let go of the rope.



Don't shoot! They got Giorgio!



We're even now!

You got one choice!

Give up your whole operation!



Son of a bitch!



Until I get Giorgio back,

she stays with me!



I guess you know what

I'm going to be doing with her.



Bring him across!



Don't try

anything stupid, Doyle.



Nice and easy, huh?



You don't want to get

the girl killed, right?



Get her back now!



Are you all right?



Did they touch you?

Did they do anything?



I'm going to settle things

with you, Strozzi!



I promise, you wop bastard!



I had a visitor about three

in the afternoon the next day.



She'd had enough of Jericho...



but was too broke

to buy a bus ticket out.



I slipped her     bucks.




I wasn't such a sucker...



but somebody had smacked her

around pretty good.



He's been in a real bad mood.



Ever since his cousin

got traded back for that girl.



Been fighting with Giorgio,

acting like a real jerk...



yelling at anything

that gets near him.



I never seen him drunk before...



but he was really in the bag

last night.



What did you do?



I called him a name.



So he slapped me,

slugged me a couple of times.



He threw my clothes

out on the street...



so I figured I'd get even.



I told him about me and you.



I guess things could be worse.



You get back to wherever it is

you're going...



maybe you should find yourself

a better class of guy.



No guy is going to ever want

to mess with me again.



Your face will heal up.



Your looks are all right.



How is this going to heal up?



Like he said, I got a big mouth.



He had three guys

hold me down.



Told Giorgio to slice it off.



They were real drunk.



But everything

you ever did to me...



you did on purpose, right?



Did you finish

all your business inside...



with the little princess?



Just make sure

she gets on that bus.



You know something, amigo?



I think I just spotted

the chink in your armor.



When you go down...



it's going to be over a skirt.



For most of my life,

I made my own rules.



You don't do any favors.

You don't ask for any.



Watch the percentages.



But you can know the rules

and still do the wrong thing.



The only thing

I knew for sure was this...



Strozzi, Doyle...



and every son of a bitch

that worked for them...



they were all going to be

better off dead.



There's somebody out here

to see you.



I thought it over. I'll take the job.

You must smell a winner.

I get a thousand in advance.



Nobody's worth that much.

He's good.



Better than that?



Put that goddamned gun away!



Put it away!

Save it for Strozzi!



Suit yourself.



Buy him.



A thousand.



A thousand more when we win.



It's settled.

Let's have a drink on it.



What about the girl?

What girl?

The one you keep.



If Strozzi

gets a hold of her again...



he'll blackmail you

right out of town.



Don't worry about it.



We got her in a safe place

and eight guys on watch.



Eight's not going to be enough.




got some new triggermen...



coming in town tonight.



Where did you hear all this?



Maybe it's just a rumor.



You want me to check it out?



I want you and Hickey

here with me.



If Strozzi's

got new help coming in...



chances are he's going

to try to rush us here.



You go out to the country,

check on her.



She means a lot to me.



McCool can tell you

how to get there.



The girl upstairs?



You don't have to.



Don't come any closer!



-I'll kill her!

-Put the gun down.



I swear to God, I'll kill her.



Get dressed.

We got to get out of here.



Come on. Move.



Here. Take this money.



Take it. I got it from Doyle.



I want you to use it.



Get across the border

and don't come back.



Come on. Get going.






I always liked sinners

a lot better than saints.



She was real easy to look at...



but I hoped

I never saw her again.



They're all dead inside.



I found them last night.



Where's the girl?



I don't know.



Strozzi must have taken her.



All of them.



This is a slaughter.



You were right

about those extra triggermen.



Must have taken    or    guys

to pull this off.



This whole thing

is turning on us.



When you found them out here...



why didn't you drive

back to town and tell us...



instead of just waiting out here?

I figured the girl ran off

when the fighting started.



I stuck around,

hoping maybe she'd come back.



This one hasn't been fired.



Must have got killed

before he got a shot off.



Strozzi's jealous of me

giving her a chance.



She grew up

in some filthy little village.



Told me her mother

was a Yaqui Indian.



Didn't know much

about her father...



except he was white.



She married

some lowlife wetback.



The only thing

he ever gave her...



was a kid.



Jesus Christ, she only had

one dress till she met me.



The way she looked...



The way her eyes looked...



I couldn't help

taking her out of all that.



We got to hit Strozzi soon.



Get her back.



We have to get this thing

over with.



I'm going to head back

into town...



and see what I can find out.



Maybe Strozzi doesn't know

I work for you guys yet.



We have to get this thing

over with.



Hickey was suspicious...



Doyle was nuts,

and McCool was stupid...



except maybe

I was the dumb one.



If I had any brains...



I would have kept on driving

straight south into Mexico.



Keep it gassed up

and ready to go.



I'll do her, but pretty soon,

you gonna be on your own.



Come next week,

I'm getting the hell out.



T'ain't no business here.



This town is finished.



As usual, it was hot as hell...

and the wind

picked up the dust so much...



The whiskey helped, but

I didn't want to get sloppy...



so I switched to beer.



Somehow, I had the feeling

the walls were moving in on me.

It's funny how it all works out.



For one little second...



you think you're going

to get away free and clear.



But you end up

paying the price.



No exceptions.



Everybody pays the price...



even a bum like me.



Take the guns.



What is it?



Strozzi doesn't have

Doyle's half-breed.



McCool went across the border

looking for her.



Down in EI Morado...



he ran into a guy

with an interesting story.



He'd seen her heading out.



She'd sold our car to some guy

for a couple hundred bucks...



and took a bus south.



So Strozzi didn't take her.



Maybe, if you believe

the guy's story.



Why would a guy lie?



Which leaves the question

of how she got away.



Big question.



Not that we give a damn.



Indian girl, you know.



It's not like she was

the Blessed Virgin, is it?



Out there in the country...



only a real fine gunner



could nail that many

all by himself.



But you work for us.



Why would you do that?



Maybe you don't work for us.



Maybe you take the money,

do what you want.



You're one of them.

You're an independent.



Who are you running from?



Jericho's a good place to stop

on your way to Mexico...



running from the feds.




running from something.



Working for people like me

and Doyle work for...



has an advantage.



The payroll

covers a lot of ground.



You're scared.



The water's getting cold.



Where is she?



He's nothing without a gun.



After a while,

you stop hearing...



your bones break,

your teeth rattle.



You just concentrate

on holding tight...



to that little part

right at the center.



The rest doesn't matter.



They're going

to take the rest anyway.



Must have crawled off.



Block the streets! Wall him up!



Find him for me!



Search this whole hick town!

Look over there!



Tear up every goddamned inch

Of this place!



Find him!



You guys come with me.



Get those cars!



Wall up these streets!



Find him!






Over here! Let's go!



Come on!



Find him!



He's here!

He's got to be here!



Search this place!

Upstairs! Behind the bar!



Now! Find him!



You. Where is he?

I know he's here.






Smith! Don't hold out on me,

you shitheel!



I'll stick a knife

in your throat!



Check the closets!



I'm telling you--

don't you mess with me!



This is not a game!

Don't play around!



You don't want to talk to me?



You won't talk

to anybody anymore!

You think I'm kidding?



Where is he?



Little fella

doesn't want to talk to us.



He came here, didn't he?



Hold it! Goddamn it!



You hold it, John Law!

It's gone way past you!



This thing with Strozzi's over!



You know where he is right now?



He's holed up

with the rest of his gang...



waiting for some new shooters...



that are coming from back east

to help him out.



Where's Smith?

He's at Slim's Roadhouse.



We checked all over.

He ain't upstairs.



We're going to the roadhouse!



You better be right!



What took you so long?



I had to make it look good.



My helping you out...



don't make

a hell of a lot of sense...



but I'm betting on the ranger.

I know that the big money days

are just about done...



but don't kid yourself, boys.



It could still come down

real hard.

Mr. Smith, I will help hide you...



but I prefer you be unarmed...



and on your way

the hell out of this town.



That move you made for Doyle's

little honey, in this league...



that'll get you broke and dead,

both at the same time.



By the time we got

to Slim's Roadhouse...



Strozzi's men were trapped

inside the burning building.



The ones that

made a run for it got shot.



The ones that stayed inside

got cooked.



None of them were going

to make it home to Chicago.



I know where the money is! Don't shoot me!

How about it, Strozzi?

What's it going to be?



I give up. You can have it.



You can have everything.

Take it all!



Kill him.



Let's go.



After the fire dies down,

go inside.



Pull out Smith's body,

If you can find it.



He's got to be dead.



He didn't come out.



Everybody in there

has got to be dead.



A little after dawn...

Joe and Galt

got me to the abandoned church.



The bill

for helping the Indian girl...



included kicked-in ribs,

a broken nose...

one eye mashed up pretty good...



but all I needed was a gun

and some time to heal.



Give him another drink!



We know he ain't dead yet.



We counted the bodies out there.



Maybe you should

take your shoes off...



and look at your toes.



Hickey gets back, we'll be

cutting them off one by one.



I knew by the sound of the car

it wasn't Joe.



It's a funny thing

about people.



One time out of a hundred...



they turn out

better than you expect.



Just your old amigo.



Joe got caught

making his daily run.



The food, the bandages--

They just gave him away.






No. McCool and a couple

of other guys.



Hickey and Doyle are in Mexico.



Doyle's still looking

for that half-breed Indian girl.



Is that a persistent

little bastard or what?



Where'd they take Joe?



They're all over

at Strozzi's hotel.



Doyle moved them all over there

after winning the war.



You think you're going

to fight anybody with that?



I can get a gun with it.



That's the only help

you're going to get.



I always hated it

when I owe somebody.



But sometimes you just got

to play out a bad hand.



a lot more wooden boxes

in Smiley's window.



But what the hell.



Everybody ends up dead.



Well, thank you.









Go back to the Red Bird.



Get my valise.

Bring another bottle of whiskey.



Right away, sir.



What's that?



It's a message for Hickey.



Him and Doyle get back...



you tell them

I'm out at Slim's Roadhouse.



Slim's Roadhouse?

It's burned to the ground.



It's gone, the whole place.



You all right?



When's that ranger due back?



Day after tomorrow.



That will give you enough time

to get it cleaned up.



I'm just going

to haul those bodies out...



take them out in the desert...



and let the coyotes

chew on them for a while.



Then I'm headed for Houston.



Even Frank the undertaker

is leaving town.



What kind of town are we going

to have without an undertaker?



How about you, Joe?

You're staying put, ain't you?



No, sir. Right now,

I'm going with him.

Like hell you are.



I just want

to see this thing finished.



I earned it.



Joe and I sat up all night

waiting for Hickey and Doyle.



When this thing got started...

all I wanted to do

was make some money.



Somewhere along the way,

it all got personal.



For a guy with no principles...




you act kind of peculiar.



Don't go getting mushy on me.



I was just trying to say

thank you.



I hear people thanking me,

I generally start running.



How's your wound doing?



Hurts like hell.



Closest doctor

to here anymore...



is just across the river

in Mexico.



Go on back there and hide.



Go find a spot. Go on.



Stay hidden.



You had me fooled.



I really thought you burned up

with the rest of them.



Nah. I knew better.



It was always going to come down

to something like this.

I want you thinking about me when you're dying.



Looks to me

like you're the one bleeding.

Now hold it.



We can get you a doctor,

get you patched up.



You're going to run this town

with us. I need you.



Give me a fair fight,

he won't need a doctor.



Wait! We don't need the guns!



You, me, and Hickey, we won.

We're survivors.



I haven't found the girl yet.



You know, the girl.



You must know where she is.



You think we can still find her?



We can go to Mexico.



She's up there

in the mountains...



some little village.



She had a kid--a little girl.



I got to get her back.



I'm telling you,

we can be partners.



That's for what he done

to my town!



You going to have him

kill me, too?



No. Don't worry. I'm all done.



I'm just going to watch.



I don't want to die in Texas.



Chicago, maybe.



You can meet me there

If you want...



and try and kill me or...



Maybe you're the kind of guy...



who'd shoot an unarmed man

in the back.



I've done worse than that.



I can't say it all went

exactly the way I planned...



but I was right

about one thing.



They were all better off dead.



Goddamn. I wasn't real sure

this old gun would still shoot.



It looks like you got yourself

a new car.



And that was it.



It ended about the same place

where it started...

out in the desert on the road to Mexico.



I was just as broke

as when I arrived...



It always happens.




Special help by SergeiK