Laundry Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Laundry script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Junichi Mori movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Laundry. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Laundry Script




My name is Teru



It's actually Teruo,

but ev eryone calls me Teru



I work at a coin laundry



I make sure no one steals any laundry



Grandma owns the place

But recently she's been worrying...



about bad people stealing

women's underwear



So she gav e me this job



I hav e a scar on my head



When I was a kid, I fell in a manhole



People say I hav e a scar on my brain,




I'm opening shop again today

It's my first task ev eryday



I always forget where I put my keys



Grandma says I should hang it

on a string from my neck



But I won't do it



Only kids hang keys from their necks



"Ooin Laundry"






My eyes are always peeled

I'm a patrol officer protecting the city



Big gas tanks...

I get a bit scared seeing gas tanks



They get bigger little by little,

ev eryday



They'll swell up like big balloons,



and ex plode one day



Ev eryone will be blown to bits and die








God, my chest hurts



Must'v e been last night's dinner...



This old man comes ev eryday



He comes to wash just one tank top

and a pair of underwear



He liv es with his son

and daughter-in-law



but she won't wash them for him

because they're filthy



People like that...



deserv e to get sucked up

by a v acuum cleaner



Thing about tulips is...



the petals start to sag

like this during the day...



This lady lov es photography



Ev ery time she comes,

she brings photos she took recently



She took those, too



I said nice things about them,

and she brought them back framed



So I stopped saying nice things

about them



Oan't hav e her

putting up any more pictures



And I feel like an insect

looking at so many flowers



This guy's a box er. He has a match today






Hey man! Keepin' a close watch?






Oheck it out! He's stealing something



Just kidding, man



Scared me



I did ev erything I could...

I can win this time



I'm feeling so good,

I'm surprising myself, ev en



All right



I think he'll win, too



I mean, he's already lost    times



And this lady...



I'v e nev er seen before



You forgot this









Wanna come in for tea?



What do you do there?



At the coin laundry?




I make sure no one steals any laundry



Lots of underwear thiev es around



I see



Stealing is a bad thing



You're right



How old are you?






Don't look it

Figured you were younger






Oute hat



Grandma made it



I'd get spasms if I went outside

without a hat



Are you sick?

Not sick



Just a scar on my head

from falling in a manhole



You fell in a manhole?



Grandma said so.

I don't really remember it



I see...

So you liv e with your grandma



Just me and grandma









Yup, always alone. It's a relief



...most of the time



Sorry, this is all I hav e






I need to go. I hav e work



What's the hurry?



I'll pour some more tea



But I hav e work



I'm going now




Just stay   minutes?









For   minutes, she didn't say a word



My heart was beating a bit faster



It was my first time

touching a woman's hand...



other than grandma's



That night, I casually told grandma

about what happened



Very casually



Grandma called her a minx



I'm a loser!

I'm a goddamn loser!



What on earth are you doing?



Oome out man, c'mon



What's his problem?

Open up, man



What the...?

Hey, open up, come out...!



Sorry, ex cuse me, do you mind

getting out of the way for a sec?



Hey, let's go already




Fine, fine






Was that an ambulance?



Wonder if someone got sick?

Or maybe a suicide?



I rode one yesterday




Pathetic, huh?

Knocked out in   rounds...



But you know, I was so close



I n the first half, I was the aggressor



Oouldn't believ e

how many punches I landed



I just kept backing him into the corner



He was totally on the defensiv e



Must'v e landed at least    in a row



   for sure



That wasn't my best shot, though



It's the left uppercut, man



I nail the body,

then the guard comes down



So from this angle here,

about    degrees,



from the hip here,

I go straight for his chin...



See? His guard comes down,

so I go from the hip here



and extend straight at his chin



So I popped him right on the chin!



His knee started buckling,

and I just went off on him!



    dodge, and a hook...



Say, are ambulances fast?



Mind if I stay a bit longer?



Go ahead



Sorry, man



I thought about what grandma used to say



Things work out for some people

and they don't for others



And then I remembered the minx



She looked so sad then



The minx is here






Will you come with me

when I'm done with this load?






Walk me to the bus station









Actually, I'm going back to my hometown



How come?



Mind if we take a detour?






You don't say much, do you?



I don't?



But I know, people who don't say much



are actually saying lots inside



To tell the truth,

I'm not much of a talker myself



But I don't think it's a good thing



All it does is distance people






Know what I mean?

Kind of



I'm going to change



Watch out for the puddle






Do you think

I can jump ov er this puddle?



No way



Just imagine it

It's a deep gorge



If I fall, I won't come back



I'd die



I magine it?









If I make it ov er this gorge,



I get to be in a whole other world



I magine it?









I'm gonna make it









I did it! I did it! I made it!

I made it! I did it!



I did it! I did it! I did it!



What'd you do?



It's nothing

Just a scratch



OK, I can go home alone now




A long time ago,



I used to think the gas tanks

were always getting bigger






No one came, man



The minx forgot something again



That's why I opposed it from the start



Paint her nails, dye her hair,



Like you can just dye anything...



My eyes are peeled again today



I'm a patrol officer,

protecting the world from bad people.



Pretty, huh?



The pansies came out so nice



But my eyes start hurting

if I keep them peeled too long



They get tired.



So I closed my eyes like this sometimes



I feel better with my eyes closed

since I don't hav e to see anything



I'll go do some grocery shopping first



Dirty ev erything, leav e things scattered

all ov er the place...



You ex pect people to liv e in that?



"Property for sale"



People like that...



deserv e to get sucked up

by a v acuum cleaner



My name is Mizue...



a name I'm not too fond of



I'm home



Good to see you, tired?

No, not really



You'll hav e to share the room

with your sister for now



Sorry about that

No problem



Mizue, you're not hungry yet, right?



I'll cook tonight



But you must be tired



I'm fine, really



I used to hav e a dream







One day, I'd leav e this town

and work at a flower shop in Tokyo



That's it, that's all I wanted



When I turned   



I finally started liv ing

by myself in Tokyo







I'm going to the bank

Thank you



And I fell in lov e



He came to the shop

just as we were closing,



and asked to hav e flowers

deliv ered that day



He kept begging me,

saying it was for a woman he lov ed



I gav e in to his eagerness

and reluctantly accepted



He wrote the woman's name on a paper

and handed it to me



The name he wrote was

Yamada Mizue... me



He lov ed to flatter me,

and said I looked like Audrey Hepburn



I didn't know who Audrey Hepburn was,

so I rented a v ideo with her in it



It was called "Always"



She was a v ery elegant... old lady



We were so happy together

Always meeting at the same place,



chatting about silly things



And time just seemed to fly



On my birthday



I waited for him at the usual place



Starting in the afternoon,

I waited for   hours, alone






I can't go



How come?



You see, a baby...



Sorry, one more time...



A baby was born



Wow, whose?



I hav e a wife









For some reasons, I found myself

standing alone in a jewelry store



Mmm, it's good

Is it?



Nev er seen anyone put broccoli in curry



Really? A lot of people do it



Maybe in Tokyo



Nothing to do with Tokyo!



O'mon, it's pretty good, huh?



Nothing special



From that moment,

I started stealing like I was possessed



And then I would toss them

in the mail box



Sorry for taking the bed



I really don't mind

sleeping on the floor...



Say, are you into any boys?






I see



Good night



How long is sis staying here?



For a long time



I'm embarrassed. Ev eryone asks about her



Don't say that



Think about me, too.



You'll hav e to be a bit more tolerant



Why should I hav e to tolerate?

It's sis's fault



We can't help it. She's not normal



No need to be uptight.

We're all practically friends here



I'm looking forward to it



Honestly, we won't be able to pay much



but I think you'll get a certain joy

from working here






They'll be glad to hav e you

Why don't you start tomorrow afternoon?






We hav e so many old folks,

it'd be nice to hav e someone young



Thank you v ery much



Don't worry,

these folks won't mind that at all



Doesn't that four-eyed freak

in math tick you off?



Let's go to a karaoke

Yeah, let's sing!



Oan I help you find something?



Something comfortable



Well, then, this one here

has some low heels



so it should feel nice

or this one here...



Ex cuse me




What do normal girls wear?



I'm sorry... for embarrassing you



I'm going to start working tomorrow



I'll be making auto parts at Yasuda's



Wiring for engines and brakes



Once I start getting my paychecks,



I'll rent a room



So just be patient for a short while,

OK? I do feel bad



Not that I want to work there



Oh, but don't tell mom



Keanu Reev es is cute, isn't he?



I like him, too



Good night



Actually, I am




I nto a boy



Really? Going steady with him?




Told him how you feel?




How come?

I'm embarrassed



Is he cute?

No, he has a weird face



A weird face?



A really weird face.

Ev eryone calls him a camel



A camel?



Right, a camel



A camel, huh...






So funny! A camel...!



I'll be going



Hav e a good day.



Thank you



So what do you do?



I made sure no one stole clothes

at the coin laundry



I mean your job

It is my job



That's not a job



It is



You're lying



I'm not lying. Grandma owned the place



Sound like a hell of a boring job



It's not there anymore, though

Grandma says she was tricked



She looked real sad



The entire place was taken away, huh?



Ev erything?



But there was one thing left behind



Something a customer forgot

It's not ours



Well, sure



So that's what I'm going to go deliv er



That thing left behind?



The sea?



It's the sea, so what?

Oan I open the window?



So who's this chick?



Her name's Mizue



No, I mean, what's she to you?



A customer?



But she isn't just another customer,




I'm asking if you like this woman



Don't understand?



Think about it.

Who the hell would hitchhike...



Just to deliv er a dress someone forgot?



All this way



Is that normal?



Is it?



No, right?



Of course it isn't







It's lov e



That's what we call lov e



I don't know about Mars,

but on Earth at least,



we call it lov e, remember that



What're you writing?



So I won't forget



Well, it's nothing to write about...



Don't let me stop you, though



Wanna see?



I'll let you see it



A while back, I used to be a salaryman

Oan you believ e it?



Nope, not at all



And that's when she came along



At first, she wasn't anything



Just another colleague



Then one day, we decided to

hav e a welcome party for her...



in a tiny bar



At first,

ev eryone's just drinking and chatting



But then this drunk guy got up...



and told her to giv e them a talent show



'Oourse, she resisted.

Said she was embarrassed



I mean, what the hell is a

   year-old lady supposed to do...



in front of a bunch of guys, anyway?



But ev eryone's cheering

and goading her on,



so she reluctantly gets up



What do you think she did?



She started cawing like a crow




Yeah, and she didn't just open her mouth

and go "caw"



She did this weird thing with her mouth,




...she went ov er and ov er...





A week later, she was gone



Nev er found out what happened



Probably had to deal with some crap



Then this guy in the office

tears up her resume and tosses it,



saying he doesn't need it anymore,

it's full of lies anyway...



So I kinda finished it out,

peeled this off



and took it home



I figure, ev en if the resume's a lie,

the picture's gotta be real






My beer isn't here



That was a long time ago



Here you go



You asshole!



Sorry, didn't mean to get you inv olv ed



Almost there



You can walk from here









Take this



Don't need it

Take it for the thought






You ev er need help, see me






Don't get the wrong idea



I'm not some nice guy or anything



I just happen to like you a little bit



That's all



I'm really not that nice,

so don't get the wrong idea



So long

So long



Oan I help you?



I'm looking for someone named Mizue



My sister isn't here




Who're you?






What's she to you?



What's she...?



What're you here for?



She left it there, so I'm deliv ering...



What're you saying?



I need to giv e her something, so...



So you're looking for her?






Where'd she go?



She left again



But I know where she is






I can tell you, but...



you hav e to tell her something for me



You walk fast



There's a bus stop straight up this path



Take that bus and it won't be long

Don't get off in the middle



Take it to the last stop,

and ask for her when you get off






Weird hat



Grandma made it.

If I go out without it, I'd...



Tell my sister when you see her...



I told the camel how I feel



Told the camel...?



She'll understand. Bye









Hard day

Good work



Man, I'm beat



Something wrong?

A drunk



Did he get v iolent?



He's asleep

Still there?



Sleeping like a log.

Not a care in the world...



Say, you mind waking him up later?



Oh no, I can't stand drunks




No, ask someone else



Oh, c'mon...




I'll go wake him



Will you? Thanks



Sir, time to wake up












What're you doing here?



That's my question



Where am I?



What're you doing out here?



Asked someone at the apartment

'cause I'm deliv ering something, and...



Deliv ering what?



Your dress. You forgot it in the dryer



But I hav e to apologize



I washed it ev eryday after that



Now it's all tattered






So funny...



Smells like detergent






Oan't see anything, right?



There's nothing around here



You're so strange.

Ooming all the way out here...



But I'm happy

Don't think I'v e ev er been happier



It's hard to put into words, but...



It's lov e. On Earth, we call this lov e.



I don't know about Mars, though









Oan I turn the TV on?






So weird



Sorry, did I wake you up?






No, just can't get to sleep



Hey, tell me a story



What kind?



Anything, like about yourself,

or maybe a fairy tale...



You're like a kid






How about a story grandma told me

a while back?






Heard it so often, I memorized it



Yeah? What's it about?



About a young man

who's good at whistling



Let's see...

Once upon a time, somewhere,



there was a poor young man



He was a v ery good whistler



Anytime he was happy about something,

he'd whistle



One day, he went to the sea



There, he saw a ship in the distance



and thought

how wonderful it would be...



if he could trav el the world in it



Happy with the thought,



he gav e a good whistle



Right then, a sailor walked by,



so the young man asked him,

"Will you please put me on that ship?"



The sailor told him,



"Sure, if you hand ov er that thing

you got there"



The young man had a silv er cup

in his hand



He was torn



It was an important keepsake

from his mother, you see



But he finally gav e the silv er cup

to the sailor



He wanted to be on the ship

more than anything



And he was able to get on that ship



But all of a sudden



strong winds blew,

and it became a terrible storm



The ship was tossed, and it finally sank






What happened then?



I can't remember...



What, is that supposed to be a sad story?

A happy story?



I'm not sure...



Oan you sleep now?

Now with this on my mind



I'll ask grandma tomorrow



I got you!



The camel



Your sister told the camel



Said you'd understand




That's the message



Almost forgot!



You there?



What's the matter?



I'll nev er find out the ending



I don't understand



About what?



They said grandma's dead



What does that mean?



Your shoelaces are untied



I'm not much good at this



What do you usually do?



Grandma did it ev ery morning



You think I'v e changed?



I said I'd change that day...



Now that I'm back home,

you think I'v e changed?



A little bit






Your hair's longer?



I'll be going now






Oan I go with you?






I hav en't heard the ending yet...



The story about the good whistler



I guess she's down there



But she's not really there



Because she's dead



She's there, but she isn't






Oan I ask you something?






What about your parents?



Don't know



You don't know?



Don't remember



Grandma said...



my memories are frozen

in a big block of ice,



and no one can get them out



What should we do?



What's that?



Someone who drov e me



Said I should come if I need help



I'm here









You really come



You see them flying at weddings

and sports ev ents, right?



They don't just happen to be there,

you know



It's my job to make these pigeons fly



But it's not like you can

just throw 'em up there



You gotta time it right

and make 'em go at once



Must be amazing



It is, actually

Wanna see a little?



And then you do his






Pigeon hate the color red



So you wav e this around to keep 'em up

in the air



Thank you for hav ing us ov er...



Oan't sleep?



It's nothing new, I'm getting used to it



I can nev er get used to it



I start thinking

I might age decades while I'm asleep.



And I get scared and wake up



Next time I wake up,

I might be an old man



Not that I'm afraid of getting older



It's just that...



I can't bear to think that this life

I'm liv ing will soon be...



a thing of the past



Not making sense, am I?



What're you gonna do?



Stay with him?



If you wanna protect him,

you'll hav e to make some sacrifices






It's just the opposite



Being with him is what's sav ing me



I'm the one that's depending on him



Oan I ask you one thing?



A cawing crow

Oan you imitate a cawing crow?



Nev er done it



Good, that's fine






Ev en if you could,

don't do it in front of me



I can't bear to see you



G etting sleepy




And so I'm a day older



Good night



When I do this, that's your signal,

all right?






Wonder what Mizue's doing?



Probably got bored of waiting

and fell asleep









Just for a second,

suppose she isn't there



What would you do if she went away

and didn't come back?



Just assume



There's no way

Just assume, I said



There's no way

She said she'd wait



Don't say stuff like that



What's wrong?



She's not here



Welcome home



You're here!



You're here!

Sure am






Seconds, please






Try it



Hands, use your hands



You can do it



Why don't you try it!



Listen up



I'v e decided, just now




been thinking about it for a while,



but I finally made up my mind



I'm leav ing Japan tomorrow






I'v e done a lot of things so far



Got no regrets as far as that goes



But there's one thing

I still hav en't done



What do you think that is?



What is it?






So I decided I'm going to marry



But there's one problem

And it's a serious one






Women just don't dig me



But that's in Japan



Somewhere out there in the world,

there's a woman waiting for me



So I decided...



I'll marry a blonde with big tits



So I'll be leav ing Japan



I'll giv e you ev erything



The pigeons, the house, the car...

It's all yours




It's a done deal, final



So tonight's my farewell party



But don't get the wrong idea



I'm not being nice or anything,

all right?



I just happen to kinda like you two

That's all



OK, so let's toast



I thought you were going to leav e



I thought so, too



Well, dunno what your feelings are,



but I can tell you

he's nev er gonna betray you



Not ev er



Not too many people out there

you can trust not to betray you



I'll be the one to betray him, then



You won't betray him

You're here right now, aren't you?



So long



If you ask me, you're both hopeless

on your own, but...



You out of your mind?!



G et going



Together, you can do it!

You'll make it! Bye!



He's really gone



What'll we do?



We can do it if we're together



You're a good driv er



Out it out,

I'v e nev er driv en one of these before



I'll giv e you a sign, OK?



Sign to let the pigeons go

I'll do this...



then you let them go, OK?



Just open it like this



I'm getting nerv ous



You sure you can do this?












The pigeons! Let 'em go!



O'mon, let 'em go!



That didn't go well



It was a good wedding, though



They were all crying



Yeah, they were







Let's get married, too



Let's hav e a wedding like that






Don't be so casual

about something like that



But wait...



If we get married,

who's making the pigeons fly?



I know. I'll do it myself



I'll get married

and make the pigeons fly all by myself



I'll practice more,



and get better at using the flag,



so they won't come down too soon



I hope you get better



I'm sure I will









Wanna go for a walk?



Let's go!






Something on your face



Let's take a look




I like this one



Me, too



It's ex pensiv e, though

Oosts        yen



Then we'll sav e up

and come back to buy it



I like this one



Me too.



But it's ex pensiv e

Oosts       yen



Oan't buy anything in this store

like this



Well then, let's imagine it



I magining again...



I magine it

I know it's impossible now, but...



one day we'll buy these chairs

and put this table in front,



and then...



we'll get this bookshelf, and...



oh, and how about this curtain!



OK then, imagine it...



I'll get this clock here,

and this lamp, too



I like that



I magine it



On the other side,

we'll put this clock and this lamp



The place would be full of clocks

and lamps!



This one, too



Yeah, it's beautiful



I'll go look in the front



Hmm, again...



It's untied again



Was it like this?






Like this...



I did it!






I tied it myself!



That's good...



I know it's in your pocket

Take it out



I'm a patrol officer

Let's go inside



Oall the police






So, what do you do?



I fly pigeons now



Before, I was at a coin laundry...



OK, whatev er

And what's your relationship to her?



We're getting married



I see...

That's too bad



She'll be in there about a year

Prison, I mean



Looks like

she's done this many times before



A habitual offender with a record



Didn't know?



I see, that's tough...



You're lying



You're a cop but you're lying



It's no lie, she confessed

Don't lie!



Oops shouldn't lie!






Hey, stop it!



I said stop it! Oalm down!



My name is Teru



It's actually Teruo,

but ev eryone calls me Teru



I work at a coin laundry



I make sure no one steals any laundry



I hav e a scar on my head



When I was a kid, I feel in a manhole



People say I hav e a scar on my brain,




My eyes are always peeled



I'm a patrol officer protecting the city



My name is... Teru...



I fell in a manhole...

I hav e a scar...



On my brain, too...

I hav e a scar...



I keep watch...



So no one steals... I watch...



So no one steals any laundry...



So no one steals...



That's my...






I saw a dream



It was the ending to the story

I told Mizue once,



about the young man

who was a good whistler



After he fell off the ship

during the storm,



he was washed ashore



That's when a beautiful girl walked by



She noticed the young man,



and tried to call for help,

but no one was around



But then she noticed the silv er cup that

washed up together



She took the cup

and went to fill it with water,



and got him to drink from the cup



Ov er and ov er, she made him drink



When the young man was conscious again,



he quietly stood up



There was no one around



Not the beautiful girl,

not the precious silv er cup



So was it a sad story after all?



Or a happy one?



I really don't know



The one thing I do know...



is that the young man was glad

to be aliv e



Because after he got up,



he faced the sea and gav e a good whistle



A year later



I was thinking



The whole time...



I n the end



did I change at all?



I'm getting off

Please, let me off!






Welcome home



Figured you'd find me if I did this



I got really good at this



So let's hav e a wedding



Let's do it here right now



I magine it



We're in a church



The bells are ringing,



the priest is here,



and ev eryone's smiling



I magine it?



I did


Special help by SergeiK