Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Viggo Mortensen movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 Script





...which was at first thought

to be the site



of an old cemetery, but proved

to be a dry pond bed



containing the remains

of s e v eral dead bodies.



A special forensic team under

the dire ction of the county coroner



has been helicoptered

to the site



to dig out the mass grave



and to try to determine

the victims' cause of death.



We'll bring you

more details...



Stop hiding

underneath those things.









Radio reception's shit.



So's our conversation.



You should be washed

in the blood...



If we beat this thing to death,

we're just going to get mad, right?



I don't want to fight

anymore, okay?



Me neither.

What's the point?



Once we get to Florida,

you're off to New York,



then it's Air Britannia

all the way, right?



We're over if we fight,

we're over if we don't fight.



I just need some time

on my own, okay?



I wanted you on this trip

so we could enjoy each other,



we could talk.



You mean talk or tiptoe around

the real issue with chit-chat?



Now you sound exactly like

my father. Great.



Hey, turn it up.

We're getting something.



...checkpoint at the site

of the mass grave



has caused the

first-ever traffic jam



in the history of the interstate.



So if you're

a curious motorist,



be ready to prov e

you're not a killer,



or you may have to spend the night

with a bunch of dead people.



Stay tuned...



Could be worse.



At least we're not as bad off

as those people in that body pit.



- They were murdered.

- Mmm.



My God, they had

to have been.



They didn't jump in with big

grins and bathing suits.



They ought to fry that sucker

if the find him.



Violence is no answer

to violence.



Welcome to the real world,




One of these days,

you're gonna have to live in it,



no matter where you run.



Welcome to

the red light district.



Are there people

in those bags?



Jeez, looks like we've died

and gone to hell.



...as soon as we

get the details...



Let's not stick around

to meet any of them.



Scotty, get your ass down here.

Make sure you're zipped up tight...



The coroner says

they're all toxic.



Roger, I'm coming down.



Wouldn't want to miss

all the poison pigshit.



Oh, shit.



We got more

over here, Scotty.



Well, fuck me running.



Flash it before

you dig it out, okay?



Yeah, right.



Be careful of that crap.



Blood poisoning.



Yeah. Gas gangrene,

the coroner said,



just from touching

this shit.



Oh God.



Oh man, I think

I'm going to barf.



Not in front

of those news assholes.



Far side of those trees.



Should've listened to my old man

and went into real estate.



Looks like a pretty advanced

stage of decomposition.



It's like those body pits

we found up near Dong Tre.



Just counting skulls,



I'd say we got

   or    bodies here.






Oh, man.



This is fucked.



   or    bodies, yes.



It seems that when corpses

lay around like this



for long periods of time

under conditions like these,



they putrefy into

a substance called adip...



Excuse me, ladies

and gentlemen,



we seem to be




Adipocere, you idiot.



You would know that,

Mr. Pre-med.



Creamy breakdown

of body fat.



Basically, if you're

buried right,



your skin turns

into poison Crisco.



I want to get

out of here.




We'll get out of here soon.



Here comes ol' deputy dawg.



Coming from?



- L.A.

- Going to?



Deland, Florida.



Something wrong

with the airlines?



No, I'm delivering this car

to my father.



Do you want to see

the papers?



No, that's okay, ma'am.

Just hurry along.



What happened here anyway?



None of your

business, son.



Just move along

and keep moving.



Don't stop for nothing

or nobody.






- Didn't want to be on TV anyway.

- Ryan, please.



Now what's

bothering you, Michelle?



I just want to get

this trip over with.



If I drive all night,

I can.



Do you think whoever

did that is still around?



Nah, whoever did that

is long gone.



Sounded like the bodies

were pretty de composed, too.



- You see, what happens is...

- Ryan, please.



Spare me the postmortems.



Looks like we're about here.



- Where?

- The middle of nowhere.






Oh my God.



We can't just

leave him here.



I'll take care of it.



- No, no.

- Michelle.



No, it's my fault.



I'll do it.



I'm sorry, little guy.






I can't do it.



Give it to me.



- Thanks for the ride, mister.

- Sure.



- You drive real careful now.

- You bet.



You ladies are always my favorite.



You know that, huh?



¿Que pasa?



Looks like we got

some customers, ladies.



You stay right here.



You first.



See if the bathroom's safe

for human use.



Dream on.



- You okay?

- Yeah.






I got ya.

I got ya good.



Five bucks. It's only five bucks.

It's a good picture.



What do you say?

 .   just for you. Give ya...  .  .



No, we're in a hurry.

Could you just fill it up, please?



You're in

a big hurry, huh?



I'm gonna service you

real good, ma'am.



Don't you

worry about it.



Little California

Daddy's girl, huh?



Bitch says fill it up. I'll fill it

up for you, mascara face.



Make you moan.



Make you moan

real good.



You're gonna like it.




You like me, don't you?



What's the matter,




Don't you

get uppity on me.



It's all right, ma'am.



You ain't giving the lady

a hard time now, are you?



I ain't bothering

nobody, mister.






- Thanks.

- Don't mention it.



He's a little touched.



Been that way ever since he lost his

job over at the old slaughterhouse.



Sort of the town loony,

you might say.



Well, looks like you had

yourself a little mishap here.



We hit a little animal

on the road.



Oh? Who's we?



A friend and I.



We, uh...

I killed it.



Well, I wouldn't

worry about that.



There's road kill

all over Texas.



Natural order of things.






If you were the last thing

I saw before I died,



I'd die a happy man.



Don't you ever

do that to me, bitch.



- Who's this?

- Hi.



You can call me Tex.






Listen, I'd be glad

to buy you both a beer...



whatever you need... if I can catch

a ride as far as Ronesdale.



Sorry, Tex. We're on

a pretty tight schedule today.



That right?

You in a big hurry?



Well, we could

discuss it, I guess.






I got to go to the bathroom.

Is it over there?



Yeah, change your life.



Real nice car

you have here.






You know, if you are

headed to Houston,



that road over there

is the quickest way.



It's a straight shot

on the highway.



Well, it used to be,

but this new road here



is a hell of a lot




You got a map?



Yeah, I got a map.



I'll show you.












Yeah, I see.






"    ."



That road over there

ought to be right there.



Ain't even on this map.



What's the damn difference?

The distance looks the same.



The difference is it ain't

a good idea to be messing around



these back roads at night when

you don't know where you're going.



Look, man...



I'm just trying to get home.



Yeah, I understand

you're trying to get home,



but listen to me...

we can't help you, okay?



I'm sorry.



Where'd that

little weasel get to?



God damn!



What the fuck do you think

you're doing? Get your hands off!



I'm telling you,

I didn't know!



Get the fuck

out of here!



Let's go, you shit heap!



Skinny son of a bitch!

I was only looking at her!



She liked it fine!

Just ask her!



Why don't you just

shut up, stupid?



You shut up, motherfucker.

This is my place!



I'll do whatever I want

here in my place!



What's wrong?



He's having himself

a peek-a-boo party



with you as the star.



I think I'm

going to puke.



Folks, I think you

better get in your car.



- What's wrong?

- Go! Go!



He's got a gun.



Get the hell

out of here!



God's gift, huh?



Start the car!



...god damn it.

You're too good for me, huh?



You're too good for me?!



Get the hell out of here!

I'll take care of him.



- I'll take you down right here.

- Go, go, go! Come on!



You heifer-butt,

I'm gonna fuck you in hell!



You wanna fuck me, baby,

I know you do!



First time you saw me you liked me.

Kind of guy I am!



Jesus Christ!



- Holy fuck, he dusted him!

- What happened? Dusted who?



- The cowboy! He shot the cowboy!

- What?!



Go! Drive faster! Go!



We got to find the cops.

That town.



What if there isn't any town?

Just drive.



- Drive, drive!

- Where?




Take the cowboy's route.



- What are you talking about?

- Turn right!



Go, go, go!



It's Armageddon, bitchface!



It's Armageddon, you bitch!

Goddamn it.



Trap is sprung now, honey.



Thought there was

a town around here.



That's what he told me.

Would you just slow down?



I'm not stopping

until we find somebody.



We're going to find somebody.



We're far away from that guy.

He's not going to get us.



Would you turn it off?!






- Calm down! It's a tire tread!

- Stop yelling at me!



- If you would just listen to me...

- Shh! Listen.



Hear that?






- Where's it coming from?

- I don't know.



- Oh my God.

- It's coming from behind us.






He's gaining on us!



- Who is it?

- I don't know.



Oh my God!

What do they want from us?



Oh my God!



- We hit another one.

- No, it hit us.



He threw it at us.



Where the fuck are they?



We blew a tire.



Why are they

doing this to us?



- Ryan.

- This is not happening.



It's happening!

It's happening to us.



We got to change this tire

and get out of here now.






Slow and easy...



'cause I'm about

to fuckin' lose my mind!



Get out the jack,




I'll take care of him.



Come on.



Get the light.



That goes this way.



Let me help you.

We got to move it.



I got to put in

a couple lug nuts.



Did you hear that?



Hurry up. I think that truck

is coming back.



Doesn't sound like

a truck to me.



No, it doesn't.



Michelle, I could use a little

light down here, please.



Finish it, Ryan.

Finish it now.



- Michelle.

- I'm serious.



- Hurry up, Ryan.

- Almost there.






I need the light.



- I mean it.

- Almost there.



It's done?



It's going to have to do.

Let's hit it.



Run, Ryan!



- Get in!

- It's locked! It's locked!



Get in the car!



Go, go!



Go, go, go!



It won't go into gear!



Aah! Go!

Get out of here!



We hit him!

We hit him!



He's coming up

the back! Go!






What happened?

Did we lose him?



He cut our trunk.






We have to pull over

so I can fix the lug nuts.



- I'm not stopping.

- I got to finish tightening them.



We're going to lose a tire.



You have to pull over

so I can fix it.



I'm not stopping.



Listen to me, I am not

taking any more chances.



Now you pull this car ov er

so I can fix the goddamn tire!



All right.






Damn it.






Oh, Je...






- Aah!

- Take it easy! Take it easy.



You're going to be okay.

Take it easy.



We got

to get her out.



Please help me

get her out.



I'll get her out.

You just get away from the car.



Get away from the car.



We got to keep moving.

We can't stick around here.






You can't even

stand around right now.



You just take care.



There's some people

after us...



A guy with a chainsaw.



- You saw what?

- A chainsaw.



Listen, I don't want you

to move right now.



Sounds like you're

just a few quarts...



shy of a full tank,

you know what I mean?



Hold still.

Hold still.



There's a bunch of guys.

And they have guns, too.



Yeah, I know,

and chainsaws.



Militant lumberjacks...



I see them

all the time.



Here, I want you

to take one of these.



I can't believe it.



I been going up in the hills

every weekend for two years.



I never even seen

another car on that road.



I got a survival camp

with a few buddies of mine.



Trying to keep in training for

the big blowup, know what I mean?



Do you hear what

I'm saying, man?



We're being hunted!






Yeah, right.

I hear you, man.






Okay, take it easy.

Take it easy.



You're all right.



Most of this stuff looks

superficial. Just sit up.



There we go. Okay.



Here, I want you

to take one of these.






A little water.



Tex... he's still up there.






Who are you?



- My name's Benny.

- Ow.



I'm the sorry-ass bastard

you almost hit.



We got to move.

They might find us.



- You people are serious.

- Mister, do you see this?



How many?



We don't know.

Two, maybe more.



One's on foot,

and he's got... that.



That's an awfully big saw.



Tex... did you see him

up there?



No, I couldn't see nothing

except your headlights.



He could still be up there.

We got to go check on him.



Wait a minute.

What did you give us?!




Might make you a little sleepy.




Are you nuts?



- We have got to move.

- Now, just hold it. Hold it.



I can handle this. I'm prepared

for this kind of thing.



Now you guys just relax,

and I'll go find your friend.



No, man.

They're out there.



Look, pal,



it doesn't make it any

different from anywhere else.



Now, I'll go get some

goodies out of the jeep



and find your buddy.



Stay put, okay?



- Wait.

- Wait a minute.



Just sit down

before you fall down.



Looks like you had

a little mishap.



Hey, mister,

I'm glad you came along.



My jeep and this car,

we had a...



You had an accident.



Already know that.






Michelle, come on,

we got to get out of here.






We got to...



So pretty.



So beautiful, the glow.



Technology's your friend,

you know?



Yeah, right.

Listen, mister,



I got some people hurt down here,

and I need your help.



We got the means.

We got the machines.



Look, buddy, I need you

to help me turn my jeep up.



You mean upright?



Yeah, right side up.



Well, what do you think all thes e

fucking flares are for, stupid?




Thanks a lot, buddy.



Just a second.

I got to get something.



Well, rocket, brother.



Ho, now.



You ready to roll,

young woman?



Just    seconds.



Almost home, Lucille.



Push comes to shove.









Hey, scumbag! Here!



You want me, not him!






- Michelle.

- Hmm?



I can hear him.



We got to get out

of here.



How long

have we been out?



I don't know.



We have to metabolize

this shit out of our system,



or we're going to be down

for the rest of the night.



We got to find the road...



or a house or something.



Anyplace is better than here.

We're sitting ducks out here.



Where's the goddamn sunrise?



This is going to have

to do for now. Come on.



I can't hear him anymore.



Who the hell are you?



What the hell's

going on?



What's going on?!



Hey, girl, I need

some questions answered,



and I need them

answered right now.



Do you understand me?!






Oh god.



I'm sorry.



I didn't know you

were hurt that bad.



The party's

still cooking.



They're still out there.



You some kind

of soldier or what?



Just on the weekends.



Wrong weapon, wrong war.



They got us a week ago.



I'm the only one left.



Me and my sister.






We go together.



Week, maybe five days ago.



A week?



What the hell are you

still doing here?



Keep your voice down!



They watch the road.



They hunt people.



They really hunt them.



They trap them

and they kill them.



I haven't been able

to get out of the woods.



We just stopped

to help this guy.



We thought

he'd been run over.



Day before yesterday,

I had to eat a fucking rat raw...



and some berries

that tasted...



tasted like they'd been

thrown up once already.



It's just...

I mean... it...



Thanks for what you did.






Where is the road?



I don't know.

I heard some noises.



Maybe it's

that guy Benny.



Nah, he took off

a long time ago.



Who knows how long

we were out.



- Benny!

- Shh!









- I got to go.

- They'll be dead soon.



Maybe I can bring

the bad guys out in the light.



You coming?



All right, you stay here.



Don't move.

I'll be right back.



Hold up.



Keep it.









Nice neighborhood.






- Come on.

- Aah! Aah!



Oh my God.









Go! Get the fuck out of here!



Go! Get out of here!



Get out of here!






No! God!



Please, no!















Wait, wait.






It's all right.

It's all right.



I'm not going

to hurt you.



What's your name?



This is Sally.







don't talk back.



Girls, sorry to butt in,



but looks like you had yours elf

another little mishap.



You know, you're late.






Boy, the y just get

dumber and dumber.



Don't they?



Don't they?






I ain't no runt

of the litter,



and I'll prove it

to you one day.



What, you think I'm some sort

of a piece of shit?



There's gonna come a time

when you're going to find out



just what kind of human being I am.

I'm a human being.



Bone patrol

for stupid fuckface, eh?



I'll show you




That's the way it is.









how you like Texas?



More little nails

if you don't stay put.



Why are you doing this?



Be cause if you don't poke 'em,

then they don't leak.



And if they don't leak,



we can't feed Grandpa.






Ruckus, ruckus.

My nap is just a goner.



I certainly hope you children

are pleased with yourselves.



Where's Junior?



He's mopping up, Mama.



That's what you

always say.



Mopping up,



which means you ain't

caught 'em all yet,



just like last time.






What have we done?



Can't you stop this?



You best shut on up,

or I'll do your tongue first.



That's right.



Best not to get

Mama's dander up.



Brought home

the bacon, Mama.



Come on, Tex.

Give me a hand here.



Pull him around.



Get that trap off.



Fancy sneakers.



All right now...



Okay, don't bruise him.



Pretty good size one,

ain't he?



Yeah, he's a keeper.



We got some dark meat

coming in, too, Mama.



Junior'll be trotting it

in any minute.



If he minds.



Junior's been getting

out of hand lately,



but I got

a present for him.



I got a fine present, going

to keep him in line, yes, sir.



He liked that last

present you got him...



that electronic




Of course he did.



That's progress, boy.



Technology is our friend.



He might even

learn something.



Ain't that right,




What do you think

of our little lady?






She looks to me like

she might go



all screamy on us, Eddie.



I wish you'd

call me Tex.



I told you.



Oh, I'm sorry, boy.

God damn it, I'm sorry.



Say, how'd you like

to do us the honor



of plugging

that whore up?



Yes, sir.



Hey, Tink,



this one's still kicking.






Hey, if you need anything...



just twitch.



Well, I'm going to go

get Junior's present.



Say, Tex, you want

to give me a hand?



That thing's

so damn heavy.



Don't even think of leaving.



Not before dinner.



Thank you.



? Clean that trap out, Fred?



? Clean it good?



? So you motherfuckers?



? Don't tell me

what I should do.?



Take your little

motherfucking face, Tex,



and ram it up your butt

is what I'm going to do.



It's an eye for an eye,

it's a tooth for a tooth,



it's a hand for a hand,

and an arm for an arm.



What you got in here,

Santa Claus?



I see something.



You betcha.

I see something.



Somebody's little puppy dog,

aren't you, motherfucker?






You just tell him

what to do he does it.



Little Alfredo does this,

he does that.



'Cause Alfredo's

a stupid motherfucker, huh?



Yeah, well

fuck you!



He cleans,

and he does housework.



Here we got

a little pretty one, yeah.



I liked you a long time ago,

you know that.



Hey, pretty one.



We had some good times,

didn't we?



We don't have

good times no more.



You remind me of my last girl,



down in Tupelo.



You're gonna go down below.



Is it soupy et?



Hey, Junior.



Got something special

for you.



Tink did it.



Chromes every damn thing.



You like it, don't you?



Well, looks like

you just got a pres ent



for a job

you didn't finish.



You lost the darky,

didn't you?



Well, didn't you?



Oh, fine.



Another toy.



Well, you got to learn.



I'll tell you one damn thing,

by God if...







haven't I told you...



Wait, Mama.




Okay, okay!



It's okay, now.



It's okay.



Hey, now.




Now, now,

don't you fret.



What do you think?



Do you want to go

for a head shot or what?






Let me see a smile.



- Let's do it.

- All right.



Why don't you

go and do your lessons?



And get that thing off

my cutting board.



Who's been dinkin'

around in this thing?



Trap's sprung.



Somebody's on the loose.

That's for sure.






This makes

a very loud bang



and an awfully

big hole.



Do I know you?



Shut up and move it!



Now I am very scared

of guns, mister,



so please do not

point that at my face.



- How many?

- How many what, O.J.?



How many bent, sick fucks

like you are there out here?



Hey, baby, I only got one thing to

say to you. You know what that is?



I don't like

the tone of your voice.



What the hell's

wrong with you?



What is this?



Booby traps,

camo netting...



What are you people

doing out here?



Big surprise.



Fuck you, mister!



One down.



Please choose

an activity.



What is it?



F- o-o-d.



No, try again.



F- o-o-d.



No, try again.



F- o-o-d.



No, try again.



What kind of

sick shit is this?



F- o-o-d.



No, try again.



Always had a problem with this

hit to the head business...



till Tink here

genius ed up a new way.



No! Please don't!



Not again!



You promised.

The next one was mine!



Let me do it!



I don't see why not.






All right, darling.

Go ahead.



Hell, she's old enough.



You ready, honey?



Hold Sally.






Remember what I told you.

Take this one here.



You have to count

one, two...






All right.

I will.



Grab on.



When I tell you.

You ready?












Good shot!

Good shot.



Go get it.



Look here, Mama.

Colored drawers.






Honey, you go get

washed up for supper now.



We get this 'un skinned,

dress ed out,



we'll have enough

sowbelly for a while.



Yeah, I guess

that's right, huh?



All we need now is

a good mess of greens.



Appears we get

to wait a spell on you.



Maybe we could, uh...



Let Junior play some.



He does make the sweetest

damn babies, you know.



Junior likes them

private parts.



We knows what to do

with them parts.



You got that right, Mama.



Cut my own out

years back.



I did.



Took care

of Papa's, too.



It'll be your turn soon,

little gal.



Hey, Tex, come help me

skin this 'un.



All righty.






Go, Junior!






Get down!















Get the bitch!



She stuck me!

She stuck me!






Hey! Hey!

Hey, hey!



H e y, it's me!

It's me!



- Let's go!

- Run, run!







Now what?






Go towards the trees.

Towards the trees! Go!



Okay, come on.






Okay. All right.



You and me then, huh?



You sick... fucker!



Come on!



Fuck the flesh!

Give me steel!



Now damn it, boy...



go get the meat!



Get out

the big skillet.



I'll be in hell

for breakfast.



Son of a bi... tch.









Come on, sweetheart.



Let's see

what you got.



What the fuck is wrong

with you people?



Why don't you

leave us alone?



- We're hungry.

- You ever heard of pizza?!



I like liver.



And onions.



And pain!



- Come on!

- Whack, whack.



Time for dinner!



You're toast, fuck!






You son of a bitch.






Fuck! Come on.









Get him!



Get him!



Get him, Benny!












Here, take it!









Go, Benny!


















little... guy.
























No, no...



Hey, hey, it's me!

It's me. It's Benny.



Let's get out of here.






You made it!



Of course I made it.



Hey, we made it.

We made it!



Come on, let's get

out of here.



Come on.






It's knock-knock time

in Lubbock, and I'm back!



You steal Daddy's car,

then you steal my car.



I'm gonna get ya, cut ya up.

You cheated on me.



Had to go out

with four-eyes, huh?!



Old four-eyes, eh?



You're two little

heifer-butts, huh?



Where are you?

Huh? Huh? Where are you?!



- No!

- Face it...



You flirtin' more

and you enjoyin' it less.



That's what they do

in California.



I never been with

a California girl.



I like that skin

of yours.



- Get away!

- Hey, hey!



Hey, you fuck!



I hate when this

happens, you know.



Okay, okay, now.



I guess this kills our chance

for dinner on Saturday night?



Shut up.



What are the chances

of a brainless bitch like you



knowing how to use

that thing, hmm?



Pretty goddamn good,

you backwoods motherfucker!



There's road kill

all over Texas.



You got that right.






Headin' for the southland



Down Texas way



Ready for the lightnin'



With a chainsaw blade



Here's your invitation



To come join Leatherface



It's his addiction



To keep you face to face



Screamin' in the darkness



As they nail you down



Swingin' the hammer



No one hears a sound



Here's your invitation



To come join Leatherface



It's his addiction



To keep you face to face



You're just a prisoner



In his game of chance



Another referee



For the devil's dance






Come across the cosmos



Chainsaw running wild



Come into the heavens



For the final time



Here's your invitation



- To come join Leatherface

- Leatherface



It's his addiction



- To keep you face to face

- Face to Face



Here's your invitation



- To come join Leatherface

- Leatherface



It's his addiction



To keep you



Face to face




















Special help by SergeiK