Leaving Las Vegas Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Leaving Las Vegas script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Leaving Las Vegas. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Leaving Las Vegas Script

            - To a wonderful film. You were great. - Thank you.

            - What a romantic you are. - To the agency and my little protege.

            Bless you. Thank you, daddy.

            Eight years at Berlitz, that's what you learn?

            He learned chin the first month and then chin-chin.

            Am I right?

            I can't be clever.

            It was really beautiful, what you guys did.

            It was beautiful, and you guys are great.

            I love the food here.

            The nicest thing about the film is that we get to handle guns.

            - I had never done that. - Peter.

            - Very rare. - What?

            - How are you? - Wow. Ben, how are you?

            Outstanding, sir.

            Excuse me. Ben Sanderson, Marc Nussbaum.

            - Of course. - How are you?

            - Sheila. - Ladies.

            - Hi, Ben. - Nice to meet you.

            I'm a big fan of your writing. I thought Bay of Pigs was great.

            Actually, I didn't write it, I just got the credit. I was fired.

            Didn't I talk to you a couple of years ago when you both worked...

            - at MGM with Laddie? - That's right, by God.

            So are you still at ICM?

            - I'm at TriStar. - You're at TriStar.

            - You'll have to say hello to Mike. - I will.

            He's not there anymore, but I'll hunt him down.

            - Can I talk to you, please? - Sure.

            - Please? - Be right back.

            Hold the fort, kiddo. I have my own office this way.

            - What is the matter with him? - He's sick.

            I can't help you anymore. Do you understand?

            This is the last time. I promise. I just need some cash tonight.

            - How are you? - I lost my credit cards.

            The money will be on your desk first thing in the morning.

            How's the new one coming along? I hear you got Dickie Gere.

            - That is great, man. - I got everybody in the movie.

            Look, you're sick.

            This is all I have in cash.

            Please, don't drink it in here.

            - Man. - That's fine, Peter.

            I'll messenger it over to you in the morning.

            I don't want it.

            I think it would be the best thing if you don't contact me again.

            - What's your name? - Terri.

            - Terri, I am going to buy you a drink. - I'm okay. Thanks.

            Bud, please. Buy the lady a drink and another one for you.

            I'm Benjamin. Ben.

            Benny Goodman, that's me. I think you're sexy. That's right.

            Look at those eyes. Sexy like a kitty cat.

            You turn me on

            You're not too tall You're not too short

            You're not too round

            You're like a cat The cat in the hat

            Look at those eyes. Honest to God.

            You're luminescent, baby. What?

            - You've been drinking all day. - Of course.

            Speaking of drinks, here is yours.

            - Thanks. - Down that hatch.

            And here is mine. Cheers. Come on.

            There we go. Let's do it to it.

            I just thought of an amazing concept.

            What do you say we finish these...

            and we go back to my apartment on the beach!

            I'll throw a movie in the VCR...

            and mix you up a gooey blender drink.

            Sound good? Sound sexy?

            Bud, give me another.

            I really wish you'd come home with me. You're so cute.

            I'm really good in bed too. Believe me.

            And you smell great...

            and you look great and your hair's great.

            Look, I've got to wake up early in the morning.

            I have to go. Thank you.

            Maybe you shouldn't drink so much.

            Maybe I shouldn't breathe so much.

            That's it, pal. We're closing up now.

            I'm gonna finish this.

              Hey, Mr. Erection, you want a date?

              The room is   . You pay for it.

              But only because I think...

              that the concept of surrender...

              fits with the big picture right now.

              Hey, get outta the street!

              I don't remember if I started drinking...

              because my wife left me or...

              my wife left me 'cause I started drinking.

              Fuck it anyway!

              Next, please.

              One moment, sir.

              Sign the back of the check, please.

              - Can't you just cash it as it is? - Is there a problem?

              I'm a little shaky right now.

              I had brain surgery.

              I'll go get some lunch, and then I'll come back...

              and take care of it then.

              Next I'll have a gin and tonic.

              Do you know what time it is?

              You should be drinking coffee.

              You're a young guy.

              It's none of my business...

              but if you could see what I see...

              you wouldn't be doing this to yourself.

              I understand what you're saying.

              I appreciate your concern.

              It's not my intention to make you uncomfortable.

              Please, serve me today, and I'll never come in here again.

              If I do, you can    me.

              Stop fucking with me!

              I can    you anytime I want to.

              I don't give a fuck what you do.

              That one's on the house, son.

              Were you in Los Angeles for the earthquake?

              - It was pretty scary. - Did you have a lot of damage?

              - Just a little bit. - Are you desirable?

              Are you irresistible?

              Maybe if you drank bourbon with me, it would help.

              If you kissed me, and I could taste the sting in your mouth, it would help.

              If you drank bourbon with me naked...

              if you smelled of bourbon as you fucked me, it would help.

              It would increase my esteem for you...

              if you poured bourbon on your naked body and said to me, "Drink this."

              If you spread your legs and you had bourbon dripping from your breasts...

              and your pussy and said, "Drink here"...

              then I could fall in love with you.

              Because then I would have a purpose: to clean you up.

              And that would prove...

              that I'm worth something.

              I'd lick you clean so that you could go away and fuck someone else.

              Our business is to make our customers happy.

              Next, please.

              I am back.

              I've got my check, and, baby, I'm ready to sign.


              Steady as a fucking rock. Excuse my French.

              Want to have dinner with me?

              But what's the back end like?

              By the time we're through with P and A...

              the "above the line" is gonna take it to about   .

              With something like this, what would Disney think?


              What did Diller say?

              Listen, I'm very busy. Just kidding.

              Can I call you back on this?

              Ciao for now.

              Could somebody fix the phones around here?

              - Good morning. - Mr. Simpson's looking for you.

              He wants you to go in as soon as you get--

              - Are you all right? - Outstanding.

              But I have to go to a very important meeting.

              Could make a couple million for the company.


              You should go in there now.

              - Hi, Bill. - Take a seat.

              We're gonna let you go.

              This is too generous, Bill.

              We really liked having you around, but you know how it is.

              I'm sorry.

              What are you gonna do now?

              I thought--

              I thought I'd move out to Las Vegas.

              My name is Yuri Botsov.

              Where you from, Yuri?

              You sure don't sound like you come from around these parts.

              That is very true.

              Very good observation. I am from Latvia.

              Very tough place.

              I hear this, but I am not a tough man.

              I am a humble man who is here to learn from my friends in the New World.

              This must be Yuri's friend.

              Sera is my gift to you all.

              You will find her a very willing girl for each of you...

              just as we arranged.

              So, I have business to attend. Please, enjoy.

              Do you wanna watch?

              Are you scared?

              It's all right.

              It's okay.

              I bring out the best in the men who fuck me.

              It's not easy, but I'm very good.

              It's amazing. I haven't worked for a really long time...

              and I can just turn on a dime.

              I can just become who they want me to be.

              I walk into that room, I know right away...

              this is their fantasy, and I become it.

              I'm that service. I perform it, and I perform it well.

              I'm an equation mostly.

              Thirty minutes of my body costs $   .

              That's just to get into the room.

              It's about $    after that. We negotiate.

              But it's a performance.

              It's definitely a performance.

              I am very pleased with how you've moved up in the world.

              It is, after all, a glamorous world I showed you.

              Why did you leave me in Los Angeles?

              Because you are sly.

              You knew there was more money here in Las Vegas.

              You don't need to fear me, Sera...

              because we belong together.

              Don't we?

              - Are you lonely? - I am lonely, Yuri.

              So am l.

              Janek, we called you last night!

              There was no one home.

              We're    miles outside of Las Vegas.

              Someone saw him there yesterday.

              No, this is the end of it!

              Yuri knew what he was doing.

              That was a red light.

              I walk, you stop.

              Are you sorry?


              Three towels in each room and a complimentary bar of soap.

              If you run out of soap, you can buy an extra bar.

              Feel free to use our pool, but use it at your own risk.

              - There are three towels in your room. - Do you have vacancies?

              We do. I'll be with you in a minute.

              Linens are provided for you. Rooms are $   a night.

              You pay at the beginning of each week. Maid service is optional.

              Maid service is optional. It costs $ .   a day.

              Feel free to use the pool, but use it at your own risk.

              We don't have a lifeguard.

              No kids, no pets and no guests after   :   at night.

              You've been provided with three towels.

              We expect when you check out there will still be three towels.

              There's a complimentary bar of soap.

              I walked into the room, and he was lying on the bed.

              He had his arms behind his head...

              and there was just hair everywhere.

              He was really, really fat.

              He had a large erection.

              I remember he was so proud of his large erection.

              I asked him where my money was, and he pointed to the dresser.

              And then I asked him what he wanted...

              and he said, "Lie down, I'm on top."

              He started pounding me really hard.

              I had to bite my tongue to keep from crying.

              He did that for awhile, and then I started to get up.

              He pushed me back down, and he held my hair.

              He was pulling it, and he stuck his penis in my mouth.

              I tried to get up again, and he said...

              "Stay there, baby, I'm gonna come on your face."

              So he did.

              Then he rubbed his semen all over my face and in my hair.

              Then he kicked me off the bed and told me to leave.

              - Are you working? - What do you mean? I'm walking.

              Just wait one second.

              Great ass!

              - Want some? - Isn't it illegal to drink and drive?

              That's pretty funny.

              I wonder if you'll take $    to fuck me?

              That is, if you'll come to my room for one hour...

              I will give you $   .

              - You're pretty drunk. - Not really.

              My room's not far. It's The Whole Year lnn.

              You could drive with me if you want or we could walk.

              Or I could give you cab fare.

              - In the car. - Whatever you want.

              Why don't you give me the money in the car?

              I'm Ben.

              I'm Sera.

              Sarah with an "H"?

              With an "E." S-e-r-a.

              You wanna start the engine?

              What this room needs is more booze.

              - Can I use the bathroom? - Of course.

              Want a drink? I'm having one.

              Sure. I'll have a shot of tequila, if you can spare it.

              Your drink's here.

              For     bucks, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

              - You can fuck my ass. - Oh, my God.

              You can come on my face. Whatever you want to do.

              Just keep it out of my hair. I just washed it.

              Just because my feet were too big in the morning

              Just because I can't remember your mother's name

              Just because I put the octopus in the bed

              Just because, because because, because Bill Cosby

              You wanna fuck now?

              Maybe something to drink first. More tequila?


              What's the story? Are you too drunk to come?

              I don't care about any of that.

              There's time left. You can have more money.

              You can drink all you want.

              Just stay. That's what I want.

              I want you to talk or listen.

              Just stay.

              So, Ben with an "N"...

              what brings you to Las Vegas?

              Business convention?

              I came here to drink myself to death.

              Cashed in all my money...

              paid my American Express card...

              gonna sell the car tomorrow.

              How long is it gonna take for you to...

              drink yourself to death?

              I think about four weeks.

              I don't know for sure, but I think.

              I got enough for about     $    a day.

              That should do it.

              What am l? A luxury?

              You're a luxury, and your meter just ran out.

              That's a nice watch.

              You do like it?

              You can talk a little bit more.

              I don't have to be anywhere.


              In Los Angeles...

              I kept running out of booze and the store would be closed...

              because I forget to look at my watch.

              I used to live in Los Angeles.

              But I don't anymore.

              I think the tough times are finally behind me.

              There'll always be bad things, but...

              my life is good.

              It is as I want it to be.

              It's good.

              It's good being here with you.


              Hey, Bill. How are you?

              Is this a full night's work?

              I'm really sorry.

              It was such a slow night, and I couldn't score.

              What do you think?

              You're just a   -year-old girl on Hollywood Boulevard?

              Is that what you think? ls that what you play?


              Go ahead.

              I could kill you, Sera.

              You work tonight, and you bring me the money.

              It doesn't matter how late.

              I will.

              He cut me a couple of times.

              He'd always say, "Never on the face."

              So, he cut me right here.

              He cried...

              and I felt sorry for him.

              In his mind, I'd done something bad...

              but in my mind I hadn't done anything bad.

              He's kind of paranoid.

              This ring is a ruby. It's my lucky ring.

              This watch is real gold. It's not plated.

              It's the real thing. Feel how heavy it is.

              - These rings, $    . - One thousand.

              One thousand? Look what you're getting.

              It's a ruby. It's my lucky ring. It's a beautiful thing.

              I can put that in. Two thousand dollars.

              - I can't give you more than a thousand. - But I just added the ring.

              - Synthetic ruby. - Look--

              What can I do for you?

              Five hundred.

              Five hundred dollars for a      Rolex Daytona watch.

              I'll do it.

              - How are you doin'? - I'm doing fine, thank you.

              Are you here for the convention?

              I didn't think I was that obvious.

              - It was just a wild guess. - My name's Paul, honey.

              - Vodka Seven. - And for the lady?

              - Are you ready for another one? - Sure.

              - I'll have a margarita. - Good choice.

              Are you alone?

              Or are you using me to make someone jealous?

              Alone. I'm here alone.

              Thank you.


              Where are you staying?

              Right here at the hotel. Why?

              I thought you might be looking for a date.

              "A date"? What are you, a hooker?

              What exactly do you mean by a date?

              I got a wife waiting for me at home.

              - I just came over to talk. - I'm sorry. I guess I misunderstood.

              - I guess you did. - Just keep your voice down.

              I won't bother you again.

              Here, have another one on me.


              Maybe you should give it a miss for tonight.

              I don't know, it's just--

              I really like this guy. I've never felt anything...

              for anyone I've ever been with, as a trick.

              It's weird. I feel kind of confused about it.

              We were with each other only one night...

              but I felt like the relationship--

              I felt like there was a relationship being formed.

              I was kind of scared.

              I don't think I should see him again.

              But I look for him.

              I went out last night. I was looking for him.

              Where's your car?

              I sold it this morning.

              I'm gonna take cabs from now on.

              What's it tonight? Another     to watch you sleep?

              - What's up? - I was looking for you tonight.

              I don't know if you have a boyfriend...

              or a girlfriend...

              but, if you have some free time...

              I thought maybe we could get some dinner.

              Are you serious?

              I think you know I'm serious.

              I'll pay you if you like, but I just want to see you.

              I can't have dinner with you.

              We could get prime rib.

              They've got it on sale for $ .  .

              I love that dress.

              I had a really good night.

              I think things are finally picking up.

              We made so much money. Look.

              Come here.

              Now listen. Do you hear?

              They're talking about me.

              Are you all right?

              Get out.

              Do not come back here. I'll not see you again.

              Do you still wanna have dinner?

              I think I put too much salt on it.

              - It's not good. - It's good.

              - Why are you a drunk? - Why am I a drunk?

              Is that really what you want to ask me?

              Then this is our first date or our last.

              Until now, I wasn't sure it was either.


              It's our first.

              I just wanna know.

              Why are you killing yourself?

              Interesting choice of words.

              I don't remember. I just know that I want to.

              Is your drinking a way to kill yourself?

              - Or killing myself is a way to drink. - Very clever.


              Can I have another one?

              What are you thinking? Are you angry?

              Good night.

              -I had the most wonderful-- -Why don't you stay at my place tonight?

              Look, you're pretty drunk.

              - I like you. I trust you. - Wow. That's astonishing, Sera.

              I hate to think of you in that cheesy motel.

              I'll move to a real smart hotel tomorrow if it makes you feel better.

              Let's talk about tomorrow. Do you want to do something?

              We'll talk about it tonight at my place.

              I'm not much good in the sack.

              It's not about sex.

              I'll make you up a bed on the sofa.

              We'll talk till late. We'll sleep till late.

              As you know, I am my own boss.

              Do it, Ben.

              I'll do it.

              This is the home of an angel.

              - Are you okay? - Of course.

              You look extremely beautiful.

              I do?

              It's really weird because...

              you know...

              it's just like this thing's happening...

              really quickly.

              I just don't know what's going on.

              Just the second I met him, and the way I said my name.

              I just said, "Hi, my name's Sera," and that's not what I do.

              And it's just--

              It's all happening really quickly.

              I just felt like we've been together for a long time.

              It just felt so easy...

              and I felt like--

              I felt like I was me.

              I didn't feel like I was...

              trying to be somebody else.

              When is your rent coming up at the motel?

              What do you mean?

              I think you should go and bring all your stuff over here.

              - Sera, you are crazy. - So?

              Don't you think you'll get a little bored living with a drunk?

              - That's what I want. - You haven't seen the worst of it.

              These last few days, I've been very controlled.

              I knock things over and throw up all the time.

              Right now I feel really good.

              You're like an antidote that mixes with the liquor and keeps me in balance.

              But that won't last forever.

              All right, you go back to your motel.

              I'll go back to my glamorous life of being alone.

              The only thing I have to come home to is a bottle of mouthwash...

              to take the taste of come out of my mouth.

              I'm tired of being alone. That's what I'm tired of.

              Don't you like me, Ben?

              What you don't understand is-- No. See? No.


              You can never, never...

              ask me to stop drinking.

              Do you understand?

              I do.

              I really do.

              I'm nuts about you.

              We didn't know...

              - whether to call the police. - He has been here about half an hour.

              - I know that-- - Mickey had seen you two together.

              I wasn't opening the door. I don't know who, I don't know where...

              I don't know what, I don't know whatever these days.

              He's my friend. I'm sorry. He must have had too much to drink.

              That's why I had him patch the key code. Because he's not gonna do it.

              I'll help him inside. Thank you so much.

              - I'm so sorry to bother you. - No trouble.

              You just give me a call if you need any help.

              Ben, can you wake up?

              We gotta go inside, but I have some presents for you.

              Up we go.

              - Here we go. - This is Mrs. Van Houten.

              This is Ben.

              Outstanding, sir.

              All right. Here we go.

              - You're okay? - I'm fine.

              - Good. - I'm so sorry to bother you.

              - Thank you for being so nice. - Sure.

              - All right. - Bye-bye.

              Sorry. I was miles away.

              The gifts.

              I love that name.

              Before we proceed onwards, there's something I have to say.

              I've come this far. Here I am, in your house.

              - Let me pay this month's rent. - Why?


              Because it's better for me that way.

              I'll tell you right now...

              I'm in love with you.

              But, be that as it may, I am not here...

              to force my twisted soul into your life.

              I know that.

              We both know I'm a drunk.

              And I know you're a hooker.

              I hope you understand that I'm a person...

              who is totally at ease with this...

              which is not to say that I'm indifferent or I don't care.

              I do.

              It simply means I trust and accept your judgment.

              I was really worried about how that would be...

              but now I'm not.

              But you should know that included with the rent around here...

              is a complimentary blow job.

              I suppose sooner or later we ought to fuck.

              Whatever that means.

              - Open your presents. - Presents!

              All right.

              Open this one first.

              Very nice.

              This should go very nicely with my suit...

              which, by the way, is the only item of clothing...

              I brought over from the motel with me.

              Right. The suitcase was clinking.

              What did you do with your clothes?

              I threw them out, which was perhaps immoral...

              but I wanted to come to you clean, so to speak.

              Thought we'd go shopping for a pair of jeans...

              and    pairs of underwear, and just throw one out each day.

              That's nice talk, Ben. Keep drinking.

              Between the    -proof breath and the occasional drool...

              some interesting words fall from your mouth.

              It looks like I'm with the right girl.

              I'm very impressed you would buy this for me.

              I'm gonna fill it right now.

              Do you want to go gambling tonight?

              I was thinking we could go and just play for a few hours.

              I hadn't planned to gamble...

              but if you could keep the bulk of my money...

              I could safely blow a couple hundred bucks.

              Giving you money makes me want to come.

              Then come.

              I'm sorry.

              I love you.

              - You got a   . - Hit me.

              - Wait. She's got a seven. - I don't know. You tell me.

              - Hit. - I'm busted. That's all right.

              You got it. You can do it.

              Wait a minute! Really? Oh, man!

              - What? - He's okay.

              Do you want anything?

              Yeah, maybe a Bloody Mary. Can you make that?


              Fuck you! Fuck! You fucker!

              That boy is-- You can't judge me!

              You! I am his father!

              Get up!

              Let's go, guys.

              How are you?

              Very well.

              I never expected to have to ask this again...

              but how did our evening go?

              I remember getting to the casino.

              And I remember kissing you. That was really nice.

              And then playing blackjack...

              and then security came.

              But after that, everything's a blank. What happened?

              They wanted to carry you out and dump you onto the street...

              but I talked them into letting me walk you out.

              That's impressive.

              How did you do that?

              I told them that you were an alcoholic...

              and that I would take you home...

              and that we would never go in there ever again.


              That's amazing.

              What are you?

              Some sort of angel visiting me from one of my drunk fantasies?

              How can you be so good?

              I don't know what you're saying.

              I'm just using you.

              I need you.

              Can we not talk about it anymore? Not a word.

              You go back to sleep...

              and I'll go out and get us some breakfast.

              - Will you be careful? - Don't worry.

              Ben, I'm working tonight.

              I know.

              I fuckin' talk all the time because you never fuckin' listen to me!

              - So fuck you! - Shut the fuck up.

              I'd like a beer and a double Kamikaze, please.

              We mustn't kick the bar. We lean into the bar.

              Just lean into the railing.

              It's not vino veritaz. It's en vino veritaz.

              Who the fuck are you talking to?

              Little brown-nosed gnomes with a slingshot.

               - To be in drunk. - Lean into the bar?

                You lean into the bar.

                My boyfriend over there is really boring the shit out of me...

                and I was wondering if you would buy me a drink?

                Do you mind if I buy her a drink?

                - I don't care what you do with her. - I'll have a rum and Coke, please.

                Barman, a rum and Coke.

                Can I stay with you for awhile?

                You mean move in with me? lsn't this a bit sudden?

                I don't have a lot of things.

                I don't think my wife would dig it very much.

                Then maybe we should just go to a motel and fuck all day.

                I could suck you like this.

                I'm sure fucking you would be wonderful...

                but it's almost impossible for me to imagine being with someone else.

                Now listen, asshole, I'm not just gonna sit here...

                and watch her suck on your ear!

                Shut the fuck up!

                I am sorry...

                but she and I have decided to spend a few hours together...

                in a motel.

                And after that, caviar.

                Baby, wait up!

                You're quite a fighter.


                Listen, this may sound silly...

                but I have to ask you to leave.

                It's what we do around here when there's a fight.

                The men's room is around the back.


                I'm back.

                Oh, my God.

                - Did I scare you? - What happened?

                Fuck, Ben. Did you get in a fight?

                I thought you said you didn't fight.

                How do you feel?

                Like the kling-klang king of the rim-ram room.

                Did you stop at a bar?

                Did you say something stupid to somebody stupid?

                Absolutely not.

                I was defending the honor of some poor wayward maiden.

                I bet you were.

                Why don't you go take a shower and put on your other shirt?

                Then we'll go shopping and buy you some new clothes.

                I think this shirt is unlucky.

                Not at all.

                Your blood tastes good.

                We got eggs.

                I always had a fantasy of being a flamenco dancer.

                I think you look great.

                We'll just get you a bow tie...

                and then you can be one of those blackjack dealers.

                - All right? - They wear it because they have to.

                I'll wear it because I want to...

                which will make me look different.

                Let's get a drink!

                - What is that? - What?

                Holy cow. It came out of your ear!

                I didn't have time to write you a card...

                with you breathing down my neck all day...

                so you'll just have to wing it, baby.

                Open it.

                They're your color.

                I think you should wear one of them at a time.

                One of these and one of your other ones.

                I was gonna buy you just one...

                but I didn't think it would fly.

                Nurse! As a gift, I mean.

                I'll wear them tonight.

                One of them.


                Put it on.

                I can't get it.

                I'll help you.

                You'll be able to feel it, sharp and hot under your ear...

                as one of the brothers is putting your head facedown...

                into one of the penthouse pillows.


                Maybe you should wait.

                - Why? - You can tell.

                She really wants you to.

                Maybe I should follow you around...

                and ask one of your tricks what it's like to sleep with you.

                They wouldn't know.

                Maybe you should ask me sometime.

                Be happy to show you.

                I'm gonna be home around  :  .

                If you're back, we could watch some TV or something.

                What I'm saying is that I hope you're back when I get home.

                Be careful.

                You be careful too.

                I'm gonna miss you.

                I know this really cool place in the desert.

                We could go away for a couple days.

                I'd like that.

                I make comic faces and...

                stand on my head and grin at you between my legs and...

                I know loads of jokes.

                Wouldn't stand a chance, would l?

                You did tell me I ought to find myself a girl.

                I like it here with you.

                Let's stay for awhile.

                - Need a mix master. - What?

                Just sort of take everything and blend it all together.

                Take this off.

                - Let's go inside. - All right.

                I want my drinky.

                Oh, my God! Are you okay?

                You're bleeding. Wait. Hold it.

                - There's glass in here. - I'm like a prickly pear!

                - I'm a prickly pear! - Go inside.

                - I wanna clean up the glass. - Go inside. I'll take care of it.

                Are you sure?

                All right.

                - Everybody okay? - We're fine.

                I'm so sorry. We'll pay for the table...

                - and I'll clean this up. - Don't worry.

                You seem prepared for accidents.

                We get a lot of screwups here.

                You two take your loud talk and your liquor to your room.

                You check out first thing tomorrow.

                I don't want to see either of you here ever again.

                Don't you worry about paying for anything.

                And don't you worry about cutting your little hands on the glass.

                Let's just leave it at that.

                See you in the morning.

                I'm in here, Ben.

                I bought some plain rice.

                You probably don't want to hear it right now, but...

                I think it's something that you could eat.

                If you get hungry, will you let me know?

                I think I'm ready for rice.

                I want you to see a doctor.

                I'm not gonna see a doctor.

                Maybe it's time I moved to a hotel.

                And do what?

                Rot away in a room?

                We're not gonna talk about that.

                Fuck you.

                You're staying here.

                You're not going to any motel.

                It's just one thing you can do for me.

                That's all I ask.

                I've given you gallons of free will.

                You can do this one thing for me!

                I have to go to work now.

                Snake eyes!




                - Are you in for the convention? - What?

                You're making me really hot.

                Perhaps I could crash on the couch for a few hours and then leave.

                Get out.

                I was wondering how much it would cost?

                Sorry, guys. I don't know what you mean.

                - Anyway, I only date one guy at a time. - Wait. We got money.

                Show her the fucking money.

                - How much are you willing to spend? - How much do you want?

                Two hundred for an hour?

                - Don't your friends talk? - Sure.

                - Get this on camera. - Smile.

                - How you doin'? - I'm fine.

                - Do you want something to drink? - I'm fine. Where's the money?


                Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, a hundred.

                - Get it on camera, dude. - Two hundred dollars.

                - All right, who's first? - Hold on a second.

                Miser! You've gotta get him on camera when he comes out.

                - Come on. - Look, you two go downstairs.

                I'll be half an hour and then--

                The only thing is, we really wanna get him on tape.

                This is his first time. Come on, Miser!

                We just wanna see him.

                - Ask her the question, man. - Ask her. Come on, ask her.

                - I wanna fuck you up the butt. - Nobody's doing any of that.

                You're all going straight, one at a time, and then I'm outta here.

                - You hear me? - Ask again.

                - How much to fuck you up the butt? - He said it again!

                - I wanna fuck you up the butt. - Fuck one of your friends in the butt.

                - I'm outta here. - Wait. What did she say?

                - Get out of my fuckin' way. - What did you say? Hold on.

                - Get the fuck out of my way! - Don't fuckin' push me!

                What the fuck is your problem?

                Look, I'm really sorry, guys. Let's just calm down.

                I'm sorry. Just calm down.

                - Fuck, Miser. - Shit.

                - Shit. - Fuck.

                Where you headed?


                I couldn't help but notice you had a little trouble sittin' down.

                You get a back door delivery you weren't expectin'?

                You gonna be able to pay for this?

                I asked you a question. You got money?

                - I'll let you out here, sister. - I have money.

                All right. Don't take it out on me.

                I'm just covering my ass.

                Somethin' maybe you should have thought about doing.

                Get her, Miser.

                Here, I got her.

                Fuckin' bite me.

                - Who is it? - Mrs. Van Houten.

                I am sorry, but we have to ask you to be out by the end of the week.

                I'm sorry, ma'am. He hasn't checked back in.

                What is your problem? You're on strike?


                What's the problem?

                We don't want you in here. That's the problem.

                Come on. Let's go.

                Let go of my arm. If you want me outta here--

                - I don't wanna be outta here. - You're going out.

                Next time it won't be so fuckin' easy.

                It ain't none of my business, but what in the hell happened to you?

                I had an argument.

                Must have been a hell of an argument.

                If I was you, I'd leave him.

                A pretty, young lady like you--

                You can get any man you want. Don't you know that?

                Where the fuck are you?

                Give me the address.

                It's so dark in here.

                You're so sick...

                so pale.

                My love.

                You're my love.

                Do you want help?

                Do you want my help?

                I want to see you.

                You're my angel.

                I'm right here.

                What happened?

                Something went wrong, but I'm okay.

                I'm sorry I put us asunder.

                It's okay.

                Let me do it.

                There. There you go.

                See how hard you make me, angel?

                You know I love you.

                I know.

                I love you.

                I think the thing is...

                we both realized that we didn't have that much time...


                I accepted him for who he was.

                I didn't expect him to change.

                I think he felt that for me too.

                I liked his drama.

                And he needed me.

                I loved him.

                I really loved him. 



Special help by SergeiK