Liberty Heights Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Liberty Heights script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Barry Levison movie starring Adrien Brody and Ben Foster.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Liberty Heights. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Liberty Heights Script




I grew up in the northwest section

of Baltimore. It was all Jewish.



In fact, I didn 't even think of it

in those terms.



I just assumed everyone was Jewish.






The whole world was Jewish.






I remember when I was

in the second grade...



... the first clue that some people

were different occurred to me then.












I even thought Ping Der was Jewish.



The ''Ping'' part didn 't sound Jewish,

but I assumed it was a nickname.



Her brother's name was Minhuey,

and that definitely sounded Jewish.



I sensed there was a world beyond

what I knew...



... when I had lunch at

Butch Johnson 's house.



Something wrong, Ben?



No. This is fine.

I just never had raw bread before.



We aIways cook it.

You know, toast it.



I can do that.



There's too much white here.

The miIk's white, the bread's white.



It's aII white stuff.



What do you normaIIy have?



Not this.



What was on the bread?



Luncheon meat.

I've never heard of it.



Not boIogna? Not saIami?



No, Iuncheon meat

with mayonnaise and miIk.



Everything was white.



WeII, they must not be Jewish.



They're the other kind.



A couple of years later,

I began to realize...



... that the other kind was

about   % of the world.



I went to school thinking

everyone was Jewish.



Now I know aImost no one is Jewish.



The other kind.



I was reminded of that revelation the

summer Murray, Sheldon and myself...



... went to the

Turkey Hills Swim Club.



She's gotta be the most

beautifuI girI on earth.



Look at those cigarettes. So sexy.



So sexy.



She's gotta be wiId. If she's doing

that with a pack of cigarettes. . .



. . .she's gotta be wiId.



-How'd they come up with that order?




That Jews shouId be first.



Yeah, I wouId've thought it'd be dogs,

coIoreds, then Jews.



Must've been some meeting to come up

with that. Some guy had to say:



''I have to say, Jews bother me

more than the dogs. ''



So now a dog goes there.

Does he read the sign and leave?



I would've put dogs first.



A dog can take a piss.

You're waIking barefoot.



A Jew's not gonna Iift his Ieg

and pee on the waII.



You know, I've never seen a coIored

person swim or sunbathe, period.



Did you?



Now that you mention it,

I don't think I have.



I'm thinking AtIantic City.

That's a Iot of peopIe on that beach.



Never seen a coIored on the beach.



This is definiteIy directed

more at the Jews then.



The school year begins in one week...



...and all schools will implement

the new integration law.



Baltimore school district officials

do not anticipate any problems...



...implementing the new law.



Summer faded away.



The ''summer faded away'' and what?



The end of summer.



A composition

of what you did last summer.



It's hard to read.



What's that word?



''Jewish. ''



-''Jewish, '' I think.




I'II be back in a IittIe whiIe.



Like cIockwork. If it's Rosh Hashanah,

Nate and CharIie must pay a visit.



What can I say? It's tradition.



The cantor sings, that's our cue

to see the new Caddy.



Pretty. Pretty in green.



They caII it ''mist green. ''



Is that what they caII it?



I thought you'd Iook

at the convertibIe.



Ada keeps taIking four doors,




CarI Zeitsoff was in. I toId him you

were coming to see the new Caddies.



 - - . He aIways bets

the same number.



For     years it is the same number.



It wouId've been a shock

if it was another number.



Any price increase this year?



Let's Iook at the paperwork.

I haven't had a chance to Iook it over.



It just IiteraIIy came in.



Get a haircut.



I'm Ietting it grow Iike Samson's.



How are the coIoreds doing in schooI?



They're doing good. They're getting

better grades than I am.



GirI's attractive.






She's attractive.



Just kiII me now. Just kiII me now.






What do you mean?






Oh, my God!



I said she was attractive.

That doesn't mean I'm attracted to her.



She's attractive.



Where's the jawbone of the ass?



The jawbone of the ass. Where is it?



Is he crazy?

What taIk is this?



Your ass does not have a jawbone.



Samson fought the PhiIistines

with the jawbone of an ass.



-Not your ass. An animaI.

-There's an animaI caIIed an ''ass''?



Such a mouth.



Look, I Ioved Samson and Delilah.



I hope they bring that movie back.



''He sIew hundreds with

the jawbone of an ass. ''



Do you beIieve this stuff?



I don't know.



What do you mean?

It's in the BibIe.



That makes it true?



It's in the BibIe. A story.



Yeah, a true story?



It's not the question if it's true.



If it's in the BibIe,

it's for a reason.



What reason?



A good reason!



That's the reason?



It's there. He had Iong hair.

He was strong.



He knocked the buiIding down.

He kiIIed the goyim.



-Finish of the story.

-There weren't gentiIes yet. Pagans.



Pagans, schmagans, gentiIes.

Something, but not Jewish.



We know. If they're

not Jewish, they're. . .



. . .the other kind.



Go make yourseIves busy.



Your father's not gonna be home for

aImost an hour. Go watch teIevision.



-They caII it ''mist green. ''

-I think it's ''green mist. ''



TeII Louie to park the car in back.

We'II be coming out for dinner.



-Do Ada and the boys Iike it?

-Benny Iikes convertibIes.



Can I heIp you?



I'm here to see the-the-the. . . .



The physician.



-What's the thought?

-I don't know.



But burIesque is finished.



TV puts us in the shithouse.



How often can you watch

MiIton BerIe wear a dress?



There's a Iot of good shows.

Did you see Marty?



''What do you wanna do, Marty?''

''What do you wanna do?''



What are you taIking about?



Guy can't get a date.

He's shy. He's a butcher.



-Do I care?

-I thought you saw it.



''Ma, I'm an ugIy man.

I'm a butcher. Nobody wants me. ''



Don't you understand

the probIem I've got?



I have to decIare to the IRS

that I make more. . .



. . .with this burIesque house

than I do. . .



. . .to keep them off my ass, or they'II

start Iooking at what eIse I do.



Last time I Iooked, running

a numbers racket was iIIegaI.



God forbid they Iook in the audience,

see how many peopIe we have.



To be a reaIist. . .



. . .we've got two years

in this joint, tops.



So where are they--?

Where are you from?



Don't get personaI.

Let me Iisten to your heart.



The new Caddy this year costs more.

Next year, more stiII.



Same doIIars from our take

on the numbers is not good business.



Everybody, put on

your thinking caps. . .



. . .and figure how we can

raise the revenue.



I think we can do better.



Everybody's waiting for me

on a Rosh Hashanah dinner.



I got an idea.



Put on your thinking caps.

We don't need an answer now.



Nate, I got something good.



Make it quick.



We introduce a fourth digit

as a bonus number.



DoubIe the pot.



How do you pay for it?



It's     percent of the originaI bet.



If it's    cents, it's an additional

  cents;    cents,   cents...



...     cents,   cents;

a buck,     cents....



If a person is a Communist

or a SociaIist, what does that mean?



If you're a Communist

and wanna bIow up a buiIding. . .



. . .or seII secrets to a spy,

that's different.



But if you believe in different

economics, it should have no effect.




-WeII, I can't write that.



I couId. You just can't read it.



Such a sIoppy writer. It won't Iook

good if you get oIder.



I have no idea what this has to do

with McCarthy.



McCarthy pushes

his ideaIs and beIiefs. . .



. . .with intimidation,

and that is very dangerous.



What do I wear for HaIIoween?



You aIways change the subject.

Why do you aIways go off on a tangent?



I'm thinking McCarthy, witch hunts. . .



. . .witches, HaIIoween.

What do I wear?



Go as a pirate.



See? Your grandmother has

the perfect soIution.



Yea, though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of death...



. . .I wiII fear no eviI,

for Thou art with me.



Thy rod and Thy staff,

they comfort me.



Thou preparest a tabIe before me. . .



. . .in the presence of mine enemies.



Thou anointest my head with oiI. . . .



You stuck on Sylvia?



I saw you eyeing her

during the   rd Psalm.



I was watching her pray.



She was reaIIy into it.



I mean, her head was bowed,

her eyes were cIosed.



She was reaIIy praying.



-WouId you take her out?

-You kidding?



Not in pubIic. You know,

on the sIy or something.



Look, SheIdon,

I was watching her pray.



I was wondering what she was thinking.

I was curious.



You know, coIored girIs are

great with sex.



-That so?

-Proven fact.



-Where do you get your facts?

-I accumuIate this information.



For one, coIored guys

got huge schlongs.



Twice the size of a white guy's.



Where do you come up with this?



UnIess you haven't noticed. . .



. . .we got a coIored guy in our cIass.

WiIbert MosIey.



I took a shower with him.



Mine's aII shriveIed up

from the water. I got maybe an inch.



His is haIfway down to his knees,

I swear to God.



Give me a break.



I swear to God, his knees. It was

giving me an inferiority compIex.



So I'm thinking this

circumcision thing we have done. . .



. . .it's not just about cIipping

innocent foreskin.



It's about stunting its growth.



You gotta be kidding.



-I'm taIking about WiIbert's schlong.




He didn't beIieve me.



See that girI?



WiIbert couId tap her from here.



It's tied to his Ieg

when it's not in use.



Good guy. Smart as shit.

Lets me cheat off him.



Ben is taken with SyIvia.



WouId you give it a rest?



-My parents wouId die.

-Your parents?



Her father's a big doctor

at Provident HospitaI. WeaIthy.



You're way too Iow-cIass. You try to

take her out, her father wouId fIip.



PIus you're Jewish.



Give it    minutes.



You gotta take a shower with WiIbert.



You wiII be amazed.



You gotta be kidding.



See you Iater, Ma.



Ben's upstairs.



You're not getting dressed?



I'm a beatnik.



That's some outfit.



Ben, Iet's go!



You're gonna go as reindeers?



-We're Vikings.




They're from here?



Oh, my God.



Oh, my God! Ada! Oh, my God.



Have you Iost your mind?



Have you compIeteIy Iost your mind?



What do you mean?

It's HaIIoween.



There's something wrong with this boy.

He's a Iunatic.



Bubbe, the war was over forever ago.



I can't breathe.



Where do you think you're going?



To a party. It's HaIIoween.



You are not Ieaving this house

dressed as AdoIf HitIer!



It's HaIIoween. That's the joke.



CouIdn't you have gone as a pirate?

Or a reindeer?



Take that off, or I caII your father.

You are not going out of this house!



It took me forever

to get this costume.



I had to go to Sunny SurpIus downtown

to get boots Iike these!



AdoIf HitIer is in the haIIway.



I'm caIIing your father now.

You are not going out.



What do you guys think?



It might be a tad too much.



If we got this new system worked out

with the numbers. . .



. . .we shouId start.



It's the end of October. We shouId go

with it second week in November.



Let me see if we can

naiI down a date.






Pete, put Nate on the phone.



He Iooks Iike AdoIf HitIer?



He can stay in the house aII night.

He's not going out dressed as HitIer.



Your father says you're not going out

dressed that way.



And I'm not changing.



He says he's not changing.



I wanna taIk to HitIer.



He has a swastika on his arm

and big bIack boots!



He's wearing big bIack boots!



He came down the stairs in them

with swastikas aII over!



Put the Führer on the phone.



Your father wants to taIk to you.






You guys can go without me.



You sure?



Yeah, I'm having HaIIoween here.



What's wrong with boys today?



They have no sense of history.



The war ended when he was  .

It's now nine years Iater.



To a kid, that's a Iifetime.

To us, it's a bIink of an eye.



Why does my kid have to dress up

Iike HitIer?



-He's not going trick-or-treating?




''Trick or treat. HitIer's here. ''



That'd Iook great

in our neighborhood.



That's good.



We have to cross FaIIs Road

to get to this party.



Yeah, so?



GentiIe turf.



Nick CampbeII said this is gonna be

a good party.



I don't know. Across FaIIs Road.

Oh, boy.



Get ready, foIks! Jews are a-coming!



So where do you Iive?



Forest Park.



Forest Park?



Off Liberty Heights.



That's Jewish, isn't it?



Damn near, yeah. Lot of Jews.



Seems more is moving in too, you know?



It's getting that way.






Do not shpritz on the general!



I go to the University of BaItimore.



That's nice.



My major is economics.



It's sort of a set subject.



Not much room for expressionism,

you know?



Yeah, right.



I don't get to taIk to peopIe much.



Do you know everyone here?



These are aII your friends?



Yes, we aII go to schooI together.



-Pretty much.

-Nice peopIe.



Excuse me.



Oh, my God!



Say, does that magic wand make

any wish come true?



It hasn't worked yet.



What did you wish for?



WeII, that's too personaI a question.



I didn't mean to be too personaI.




Are you afraid of being too intimate?



Or do you prefer smaII taIk?



Kind of got me off guard.



ShouId I be more predictabIe?



Be whatever your heart desires.



CIose your eyes.



Make a wish.



Was that it?



How you doing?



You didn't know?



Okay. She's your girI.

I'm very sorry. I didn't know.



There isn't a guy who doesn't know

that I go with Mary.



Here I am. You found one, okay?

No hard feeIings.



Wait a minute, smart guy.



Got a question.



Where you from?



I'm from Forest Park.






What's your point?



It's just a question.



-Do you have a point?

-It's just a question.



I'm not here to answer

your stupid questions.



Stop it! Ted, it was nothing!



I'm just asking if he was Jewish.

No big deaI.



Fuck you, Tab Hunter.



-Stop it, Ted!

-Get off me!



Not inside! Outside! Outside.



Fine. Outside.



Jesus! He won't even say he's Jewish.



Oh, shit.



-Give me a beer.

-Get me one too.



Not now.



Van, we got troubIe.



It's YusseI.



I'm sorry, excuse me.

I'II be right back.



I'm gonna kiII you guys.



Okay, Iisten up.



This is between us, aII right?

Nobody interferes.



HoId on a second, aII right?

Come here. What are you doing?



What did I teII you?



What did I teII you?



I said that crossing FaIIs Road

was a mistake!



I'II get you out of this.



WiII you reIax?

Stop. What are you doing?



Stop acting Iike this.



I'm gonna bury this bIond bastard,

and then we'II get out of here.



Come on. I'm just gonna sIap you.

Come on.



It's a reaIIy simpIe question.



Are you Jewish?



Get up! Come on!



AII you have to do is say it,

and it's over.



It's reaIIy a simpIe question.

Are you Jewish?



You say it, it's over. Okay?



That's enough, Ted!



Say it!



Say it! Say it, and it's over!



Jesus Christ!



What kind of party is this?

Let's go, sIugger.



No, I'm okay. I had him set up,

beIieve me.



Some great strategy.




Trey, are you aII right?



You okay?



I'm good.



The night is young.



He was getting winded.



Where's that girI?



Forget that girI.

Let's get the heII out of here.



What girI's he taIking about?



What are you doing? Let's go.



Let's go!



You missed a IittIe fisticuff

back there.



This is very unfortunate.



You know, it's obvious the smiIing

pumpkins distracted me.






Okay, Iet's go, Iet's go. Now.



We gotta get out of here!



Does this thing open?



What are you doing?



Can I see you sometime?



Let's go. Now.



You know, that-- WiII you guys

give me a break for a minute?



Wait a minute!






I'm gonna kiII you.



-Got any beer?

-I know they have hard Iiquor.



Let's see what we can dig up.



Sorry I'm Iate for the baII,




WeII, that's a first for you.



LittIe cut there.



Tried to park.



I didn't even get her name.



Story's aII over the pIace. This guy

taIked his date into bIowing a horse.



How do you taIk her

into bIowing a horse?



-Don't beIieve it, then.

-Get back to Iogic.



Where's a horse in Washington,

unIess it's a poIice horse?



And where's the cop?






Nice feathers, boys. Where's Ben?



-He's at home ceIebrating.

-I knew they wouIdn't Iet him out.



He's stubborn.



-TeII me about it.

-You hear about Sinatra?



We're going to the movie,

getting out of the car.



He says, ''Can't get out

untiI Sinatra finishes. ''



I tried to get out. He grabs me and

yeIIs, ''No one waIks out on Sinatra. ''



We had to Iisten to the song,

then go.



-Like I don't know.

-We were Iate for the movie.



I didn't understand it

untiI two hours into it.



-That's impossibIe.

-It is.



You think about it. Why spend

a night with any kind of horse. . .



. . .when you can have

Francis the TaIking MuIe?



He's a muIe.



-A muIe!

-That's another thing.



It's not as big a feat

if you bIow a muIe.



Is a muIe or horse bigger?



I'd have to say a horse, because muIes

are incapabIe of reproducing.



How do they reproduce?



They're incapabIe of reproducing.

They don't.



Do they have sperm?



-How do they make more muIes?

-They breed horses and donkeys.



-How couId you not get her name?

-I was fIummoxed.



-She did the thing with the wand--

-Good Iuck finding her.



I got a bad case of bIue baIIs

right now. I Iove this girI.



You'II be in Iove aIone.

She's history.



I am not going back over there. . .



. . .with that Tab Hunter.

That son of a bitch.



He wanted to know.



When was the Iast time you wanted

to know if someone was CathoIic?



Or EpiscopaIian or Methodist?

Who gives a shit?



What's the difference between

aII those groups?



They aII pray to Christ.



It's fine to have a Jew

hanging over the bed.



Just don't have him come through

the front door.



A dead Jew is okay.

I think that's the operative word.



Go figure. They aII pray to a Jew.



In a way, they're aII

reformed Jews at heart.



I gotta find this girI.



You're gonna have to pray to God.



A gentiIe God, mind you.



The Lord is my shepherd,

I shall not want.



He maketh me to lie down

in green pastures.



He Ieadeth me beside the stiII waters.



He restoreth my souI.



He Ieadeth me in the paths

of righteousness. . .



. . .for His name's sake.



Yea, though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of death...



...I will fear no evil...



. . .for Thou art with me.



Thy rod and Thy staff,

they comfort me.



Thou preparest. . .



...a table before me

in the presence of mine enemies.



Thou anointest my head with oiI.



My cup runneth over.



--goodness and mercy shall follow me

all the days of my life...



...and I will dwell

in the house of the Lord...



. . .forever.






You got into a reaI brouhaha

this weekend.



You aIready heard?



I had a poIice officer at my door.



Why? That fight was no big deaI.



No, about the car crash.



-Why's a cop come and see you?

-About you guys.



Us? Why?



The cop said he heard that you were

eyewitnesses to the accident.



A Iot of peopIe saw that.

Why do they need us?



I don't know.



The guys must be goofing with us.



A Iot of peopIe saw this.

They don't need us.



The cops said Trey TraveIstead was

driving reckIessIy. . .



. . .and running pumpkins over.



He ran through the patio, and there were

three guys from another part of town.



I knew names.



What, you gave the cops our names?



It wasn't a big deaI.



That's terrific, you know?

Come here.



There was this girI there. I fIipped

out on her. She was incredibIe.



-What's her name?

-I don't know.



You know them.

Maybe you couId ask around.



What does she Iook Iike?



She's gorgeous. BIond.

She Iooked Iike CindereIIa.



She dressed Iike CindereIIa.

She had a magic wand and everything.



CindereIIa didn't have a magic wand.



It's not important if CindereIIa

had a wand. This girI had one.



HeIp me find this girI

with the magic wand.



She's gorgeous, bIond

and carries a magic wand.



I'm Ben. I'm in your homeroom.



I know.



Where are you going?

I thought you Iived around schooI.



Downtown. I'm going downtown.



Can I ask you a question?



I guess.



I aIways watch you say the   rd PsaIm,

and you seem so. . .



. . .you seem so absorbed.






Why do you ask?



I've never seen someone

so reverentiaI, I guess.



For me, it's just a moment to myseIf,

that's aII.



The big question is you.






Yeah, weII, you're Jewish. So what's

the   rd PsaIm about for you?



I never reaIIy thought of it

as reIigious.



It's just something I've been saying

since first grade.






WeII, I aIways thought of the

  rd PsaIm Iike the nationaI anthem.



It's just something you say

before the game starts.



He maketh me to Iie down

in green pastures.



What does that mean to you?






No idea.



No idea?



Nobody's making me Iie down. . .



. . .and I don't know where

these green pastures are.



Has anyone ever anointed your head

with oiI?



Has your cup ever runneth over?



No, it hasn't.



I'm going downtown.



It's my stop.



I thought you Iived downtown.



Is that where I'm supposed to Iive?






SyIvia, wait. Can I waIk with you?



Can I waIk with you?



I don't know if this is a good idea.



I mean, we're getting cIose

to my house.



My father comes home

in the afternoon on occasion.



He wouId not be thriIIed to see me

waIking home with a white boy.



I understand.




-It's okay.



You know what? Wait here.



I'II get my mom's car and pick you up.

Get in fast, and get on the fIoor.



I taIked with our guys.



I'm getting great feedback

on the bonus bet.



Mr. Kurtzman?



My costume didn't arrive here.

What shouId I do?



Did you caII suppIiers?



They said it shouId be here,

but it's not, so I think it's Iost.



You'II just have to make do

with what's in storage.



No. I onIy wear my own outfits,

and they're very expensive.



What can I teII you?



I'm not wearing. . .



. . .anybody eIse's costume on my body.



Do I need this?



Get in.



Hurry up. Come on.



-Get on the fIoor.




Get on the fIoor.



Is this reaIIy necessary?



He's reaIIy good.



You never heard him before?



No, I onIy Iisten to

the reguIar radio.



You Iisten to ''reguIar radio''?



What is this?

What am I Iistening to?



The other kind of--

The other radio stations.



There's a pIace near the zoo.

No one wiII see us there.



I think we shouId go to the zoo.



Yeah, great. Good. The zoo.



Does your dad know Cab CaIIoway?



Why wouId you ask that?



WeII, he went to DougIass High.

You know, the Negro schooI.



No, he doesn't.



What about BiIIie HoIiday?



What, just because we're Negro,

we shouId know aII the Negroes?



I don't know. Maybe.



Do you know AIbert Einstein, then?



No, but I think my famiIy knows

some of the Einsteins.



Are you serious?



You think she couId find one outfit?



She's got some germ thing.



She doesn't Iike to wear

anybody eIse's stuff.



This is very unique.



I've got a stripper who's dressed

Iike my cousin Marcia.



This is nuts. The odds on finding

this girI are Iike one in a miIIion.



Trust me, okay?

I have a feeIing she's there.



We have to find the neighborhood. . .



. . .and she has to be coincidentaIIy. . .



. . .waIking around at this time.



Nick CampbeII is checking her out.

You can't give him time?



I can't. I can't wait.

She's on my mind aII the time.



What are we supposed to do?



Just Iook for the gIow

of the girI's tiara?



I think I see somebody

with a magic wand.



If you guys wouId stop taIking

and Iook around, pIease.



She'II be the one person

waIking around?



I hope she doesn't hurt herseIf.



Where the heII are we right now?

Where are we?



I don't know.

We must've Ieft the area.




-I'm sorry.



I have other things on my mind.



This neighborhood makes me nervous.



Three guys were waIking around

with tooIs.



I'II get us out of here.



You know, there's no such thing

as a dream girI.



Do you think that my father thought

that my mother was a dream girI?



No way!



Let me teII you something.

This girI--



I am obsessed--

This is meant to be. Preordained.



Dream girIs were invented by God

to tease the apparatus. That's aII.



You settIe for Iess.



-That's not the point.

-What is?



Dream girIs.



I'd rather not be

Iooking for my dream girI. . .



. . .which I had to Ieave

because you were fighting!



Do me a favor. Lose my number.



I don't know if I wanna

continue this reIationship.



Come on! Come on!



I think she's gonna go too far.

We're going to jaiI.



Damn good act.



Some show. Best in years.



If she starts showing breasts

without tasseIs, kiII the spot.



If she takes off her underwear,

kiII the spot.



Nate, no! Nate, but--



No ''buts. ''



This is some act.



For    peopIe.



I wasn't finished yet.



That's as much as you can show.



I wasn't gonna show more.

I was gonna give it a proper ending.



Do it tomorrow.



My costume shouId be here by then.



This is your costume from now on.



You Iike?



I Iike.






He Iikes.



I Iike.



I don't want you going out tonight.



Just going on the porch.



So what's the news?

What's the big secret?



I was with SyIvia.



In her car.



No, her car?



Her mother's car.



You got Iaid.



Bare tit?



You ever hear Negro music?



I need detaiIs.



No, it was nothing Iike that.

The music's great.



What the heII did you do?



We taIked.



TaIked? BuIIshit.



No. I mean, we taIked.



I hear they got soft skin.



I didn't touch her.



No detaiIs, I'm going home.



No. We taIked a Iot.



I mean, we taIked about

Negro singers and comics.



It was great, unbeIievabIe.



She bIew you.



-I don't beIieve you.

-Why wouId I teII you I was with her?



I don't know.



You taIked with a coIored girI

about comedy and music.



That's buIIshit.



All in all, the take is up  %.



Good, good.



Get a chair.



We're even getting

some white business.



CoIoreds and white betting numbers

together. Does the heart good.



Look. Germantown, good.



Greektown, good. Even Pigtown.

AII white areas, they aII show a bump.



I hear the state is thinking

of a Iottery.



Lukie Saperstein's been pushing that

since the war.



It's popuIar in AnnapoIis.

They want new revenue.



They shouId IegaIize gambIing.

Vegas is going through the roof.



They've aIready got sIots

in Anne ArundeI County.



The farchadat government. They think

they couId run a numbers racket?



Lottery! It's unconstitutionaI.



They're taking money out of the mouth

of the entrepreneur.



Smacks of sociaIism.



The government integrates the

goIf course in '   and schooIs in '  .



Where's their priorities?



They integrated cricket in '  .

Can't find a coIored pIaying cricket.



That was part of the

separate-but-equaI ruIing.



CoIoreds couId onIy pIay on Tuesdays.



You can't find one to pIay on Tuesday,

Wednesday or kiss-my-tochis day.



You can't find a white person

who wants to pIay cricket.



It makes no sense. How many pIayers

do you need? They use a maIIet?



-Is that with hoops?

-That's croquet.



-Croquet is something you eat.

-Everything is something you eat.



I saw it in the menu.



CharIie, keep an eye on this.

Just what we need. A state Iottery.



Who is gonna testify first?



It's aIphabeticaI, I guess.



You know, I teII you, I stiII cannot

beIieve that we have to testify.



Trey TraveIstead must've come

on the Mayflower with PiIgrims.



You know, that whoIe PiIgrim thing

makes me very uneasy. Very uneasy.



AIan, what time you got?



It's    :  .

We have to be in court at  .



Let me ask you a stupid question.



You know aII these Iawyer shows.

Perry Mason, the others.



They say in court,

''Do you swear to teII the truth. . .



. . .the whoIe truth, nothing but

the truth, so heIp you God?''



The witness aIways says, ''Yeah. ''



What if you say ''no''?



What do you mean?



''I'II teII you what I know,

but I won't swear to God. ''



What happens?



Got me.




I'II ask a Iaw student.



Let's try it today.






Whoever's caIIed first.



-It's good by me.

-It's good by you?



Yeah, why not?



-No, that's good by me.

-He's in.



Prosecution calls Sylvan Kurtzman

to the stand.



Put your Ieft hand on this BibIe.

Raise your right hand.



You swear to teII the truth,

the whoIe truth, so heIp you God?












What's going on here?



You're a Communist!

Nothing but a Commie!



Your Honor, he's a Red!

I'm teIIing you. . .



. . .he's godIess!




-You're a pinko!



Order! Order!



You're a Communist!



Order in the court!



I'd Iike to caII a    -minute recess.

CounseIors, see me in chambers.



-You may step down.

-Thank you, sir.



The guy's got some serious baIIs.

Gotta give him credit.



Every year,    or    Negroes

pass for white.



You can 't tell them apart,

because they don 't smile...


            you can 't see their gums.



So if you got a white friend

that talks like this:



''Haven 't seen you

in a long time, pal. ''



You open that sucker's mouth up,

it might be one of them.



I didn 't go to college myself,

but I saw a lot of people go.



No, I didn 't dig school.



Knowing when Washington crossed

the Delaware...



... wouldn 't help me

in a brick fight.



They got nothing about

ducking bricks in history.



I've never heard anything Iike this.



It's great, isn't it?



UnbeIievabIe. UnbeIievabIe.



No matter what color you are,

when the lights go out...


            becomes a question

of ''Who washed?''



Mr. Kurtzman, you couId be heId

in contempt of court. . .



. . .and I may have ruIed so. . .



. . .but the prosecution has decided

not to pursue this action.



-So you may step down.

-Thank you, Your Honor.



Court caIIs AIan Zuckerman

to the stand.



-State your fuII name.

-AIan Joseph Zuckerman.



PIace your Ieft hand on this BibIe.

Raise your right hand.



Do you swear to teII the truth,

the whoIe truth, so heIp you God?






Be seated.



Where were you on the night

of October         ?



-The night of the accident?




We have not estabIished the nature

of the accident. . .



. . .or that an accident did

in fact occur.



Objection sustained.



Answer the question.



WeII, if that wasn't

the night of the accident. . .



. . .then I don't know where I was.



You gotta give me some kind of hint.

Was that HaIIoween?



I just wanted to thank you

for heIping out.



It wasn't reaIIy about you.



If there's anything I can do

for you, don't hesitate.



I certainIy feeI indebted.



Look, we'd Iike to offer an apoIogy

to your friend.



Ted was out of Iine.



-I didn't mean the way it came across.

-Forget about it.



You know what?

Maybe you can heIp me.



There was this girI at the party

who was a knockout.



I don't know her name,

but I'd reaIIy Iike to find out.



-What did she Iook Iike?

-She was beautifuI.



BIond. She was wearing this princess

or CindereIIa kind of costume.



You found her attractive?



She knocked me out.



Sound famiIiar?



I guess.



We'II ask around.

Give me your number.



Yeah, sure thing.



She's bIond. Had a magic wand.






I'II caII.






What are you doing?



He was taIking about Dubbie.

Your girI, Iast time I asked.



He's a good guy.



We'II get another girI.

There must be one he'd Iike.



What about Maggie?

She's to die for.



Maggie, CaroIine, Megan, one of them.



One bed, one record.



I'm sorry. Did I do that?



WeII. . . .



I'm sorry.



Does it happen that easiIy?



Not that I know of. No.



It just goes off Iike that?



WeII, I think. . .



. . .I've been worked up,

you know, aII aIong, and. . . .



You don't Iike the records?



No. I Iike the records.



I just think if it's. . .



. . .weII, been percoIating

for a Iong time. . .



. . .it's got no pIace to go.



You have to use the bathroom?



It's right over there.

Around the corner.



I'II be right back.



So do you think maybe we couId

do this tomorrow?



WeII, I hope so. If my mom's out.



Oh, my God. It's my father.



-What do I do?

-Get in the cIoset.



What are you doing?

Don't you have homework?



I was just taking a break.



-Your mother caII?




But she said this morning

to expect her earIy evening.



Get back to your homework.



What's going on?



I have a boy over.



But it was nothing. We were just

Iistening to records. That's it.



And where is he?



He's in the cIoset.



If nothing went on,

why is he in the cIoset?



Because he's white.



How couId you do such a thing?



We didn't do anything.



What's his name?



Ben Kurtzman.



-Mr. Kurtzman?

-Yes, sir.



SyIvia is not aIIowed to be with

a white boy. It's not respectfuI.



I was respectfuI, sir.



-You're in my daughter's bedroom.

-Yes, sir.



Mr. Kurtzman.



WouId you come out of the cIoset?



Yes, sir.






I don't ever wanna see you

with my daughter again.



At schooI you wiII be

respectfuI and cordiaI. . .



. . .but no activities outside schooI.

Is that cIear?



Yes, sir. I just don't think--



It's very cIear to my daughter.

Don't you agree, SyIvia?






Now, wiII you pIease Ieave?



He needs a ride home.



I'II drive him.

SyIvia, you wiII remain here.



-This is your house?

-Yes, sir.



ShouIdn't you be getting out?



It's Sinatra, sir.






You don't waIk out on Frank, sir.



I mean, it wouId be too disrespectfuI.



I gotta go.



Okay, it's over now.



Good night, sir.



This is it.  - - .

The bonus was  .



Listen. Do you know what

that means on $  ?



-$        .

-We're screwed!



Screwed is not the word.



-Who bets $   on a number?

-Nobody bets $  .



Nobody bets $  .



What do we got in reserve?



We don't have enough

to cover the bet.



TeII him, but he's at dinner!



I wiII caII. AII right?



-He's gonna kiII me.

-It's ringing.



Thanks, Ma.



What's up?



You're not gonna beIieve this.



I'm sick to my stomach.



CharIie, what?



Somebody hit the number and the bonus.



The payout is $        .



A hundred thousand--?!



Oh, my God. Are you sure?



I checked it six times over.






We don't have that kind of money.



I'm coming down.



What's happening?



I've gotta go.



We've got probIems.



He's LittIe MeIvin. CoIored

drug deaIer on PennsyIvania Avenue.



SeIIs reefer. StrictIy smaIItime.



Bets    to ceIebrate

his mother's birthday.



This wipes me out.



LittIe MeIvin caIIed.

He's coming by to pick up his hauI.



-You didn't Iet on?

-No, no.



Listen, Nate, I feeI responsibIe.

The bonus was my idea.



To heII with this apoIogy shit.



I bought the idea.

Nobody bets    on a number.



A nickeI, a dime, a buck.

Five, tops.



$   never. It's unheard of!



What'II we do?



We don't have a Iot of time

to find a soIution.



So how come we never taIk

about what Dad does?



Because it's iIIegaI.



But not that bad.



Is everything gonna be aII right?



Your father takes care of himseIf.



Why don 't you tell them

about Patterson Park?



What about Patterson Park?



When your father was a teenager,

he went over to Patterson Park.



Why, I'll never know.



He saw some guys playing ball,

and he tried to get into the game.



One of the guys asked if your father

was Jewish. He said he was.



One thing Ied to another,

and your father was beaten up.



BIack and bIue.



After that, he went to the J.C.C.

every day after schooI to Iearn to box.



For six months, he trained every day.



Then he went back to Patterson Park.



Got up on a car and yeIIed:



''There's a Jew in the neighborhood!



Anyone who doesn't Iike it, step up. ''



He beat up seven guys that day.



Your father takes care of himseIf.



The Lord is my shepherd,

I shaII not want.



He maketh me to Iie down

in green pastures.



He Ieadeth me beside stiII waters.



He restoreth my soul.



--and I wiII dweII in the house

of the Lord forever.






Mr. MeIvin.



I'm thinking of giving you

the southeast territory.



You take over the numbers.

Long-term doIIars.



You trying to Jew me out my money?



Watch your tongue.



I don't take shit from no Heb.



You coon, I'II put my fist

down your throat!



You hook-nosed kike! LittIe MeIvin

don't take shit from nobody!



You're a dead man,

you bush-monkey burrhead!



I ain't scared of nobody!



Back him up! Back him up!



Stop it!



Goddamn it! Stop it!



Stop it!



We've aII come too far

to stoop to this.



CharIie, get LittIe MeIvin his money.



He won't see the big picture,

that's his probIem.



What's my probIem?



I apoIogize.

You make yourseIf comfortabIe.



CharIie's gonna get your money.



ExactIy how big a picture is

this here big picture?



The southeast territory generates

just under     grand a month.



In Iess than a year,

you've got payback.



After that, it's ''ka-ching,'' day in,

day out. That's what I had in mind.



Week in, week out?



It's your caII.

You go for the short-term money. . .



. . .or you go for the Iong hauI.



AII mine, now?

CIean? No middIeman?



Why you giving up the territory then?



Look, there's no question that        

cuts into my cash fIow.



I can Iive with that.



But this burIesque,

it's too time-consuming.



You get a IittIe oIder,

your priorities change.



That was a good decision.



You better keep a leash

on the Pillsbury Jew-boy over there.



-The money?

-Bigger things on the horizon.



How can we give him the southeast

territory? The wops own it.



Wait a couple days,

call Little Melvin...



...say the southeast territory

won 't work out.



We have to put a new deal

on the table.



And let him pick the meeting spot.

Make him feel good.



Phone book.



AII right, students, settIe down.



Put your books on your head.



I sIipped you two tickets.



The RoyaI, Friday night.

I think you'II Iike the acts.



For the two of us? I mean,

isn't that a coIored pIace?



Bring a friend, and I'II go with

a friend. We won't sit together.



Is it safe?



Don't worry.



Do you think if a bomb feII,

this book wouId save my Iife?



I don't know. Last year,

we had to Iie on the fIoor.



It's a different position now.



One time, it was the atomic bomb.

Another time, the hydrogen bomb.



Hydrogen can't get through this book.



Come to the RoyaI.



SyIvia got me two tickets

to see James Brown at the RoyaI.




-James Brown.



Who's he?



He's a singer.



-The RoyaI. Isn't that. . .?

-A coIored theater?



ProbIem is,

I can onIy take one of you.



I don't wanna make the decision,

so you guys can battIe that out.



-Yeah, weII. . . .

-Doesn't matter.



She's taking a friend,

and I have to choose a friend.



I don't wanna choose.



She's taking a friend?



A coIored girI?



I assume so.



-Do you think--?

-I'II go.



You wanna go?



You think she'd put out?



I don't know.



I'm reaIIy into James Burn.



James Brown.



We're going to the show.

I'II sit with one of you guys.



She'II sit with her friend.

We aII go home.



There's probabIy time for--



A IittIe putting out.



We're not even sitting together.



-I'm sure she'II put out.

-You're sure of this?



SheIdon toId me aII coIored girIs. . . .



It's not that kind of thing.



WeII, you know what wouId make it

that kind of thing?



Something caIIed ''Spanish fIy. ''



-Spanish fIy?

-They wiII go nuts for us.



Give them Spanish fIy?

We're not sitting together.



That stuff is dangerous.



There was this girI in HighIandtown.

She rubbed that aII over her body.



You don't rub--



You take the piII.



In HighIandtown, they rub it.



The point of the story is,

she rubs it aII over her body.



She gets so wiId, she mounts

a stick shift in the car.



She dies. She died, SheIdon.



Which one of you wiII it be?




-We'II fIip a coin.







Who is it?



Trey TraveIstop.



You know a name Iike this?



Yes, I'II accept.



Where are you?



I didn't know you go

to Washington and Lee.



When? Tomorrow?



Yeah, that sounds Iike fun.



Get off the phone, Bubbe.

Off the phone.



I'II meet you at your house.

Give me the address.



Yeah, weII, hope she's there.



AII right, see you, Trey.



Hope she's there.



Your mind



I'd have to say



It's kind of wonderful



There's $      there.



You about    grand shy, ain't you?



WeII, we've got a probIem.

That's just to show our good faith.



First, the southeast territory

don't work out.



Now you come here with this shit?



You some tricky guys, ain't you?



I've got a car that's worth     . . .



. . .a home that's worth     to   

thousand. I've got nothing to hide.



I'm Ietting you hoId the deed,

and each week you'II get     .



I won straight up!

This here's some buIIshit.



I'II caII the Better Business Bureau.



That'II work.



It's the best I can do.



This about the grocery-bag test?



What's that mean?



Skin darker than the bag is Iow-cIass.

Man don't get the respect he deserves.



They say if you wear

a horseshoe ring in that direction. . .



. . .aII the good Iuck tends to run out.



That's the way you see it.

I see it a whoIe different way.



If white men get Iuck in one direction,

coIored men get Iuck a different way.



And that is a fact.



And you've got

Those baby eyes



-Did he go for it?

-We'II see.



Nice Caddy.

I ain't seen this coIor before.



Do you Iike it?



Take it. Louie, caII us a cab.



I want my money.

And I want aII of it.



You can't buy me off.



I'm doing the best I can.



Now, if you'II excuse me,

I'm having dinner with my famiIy.



Let's go.



You don't take me seriousIy.



A man in my position makes

his presence feIt.



Get your hands off me.






Dad, can I take the CadiIIac?



Where you going?






-AII right, but drive carefuIIy.




Not too Iate!



Yeah, Mom.



I'm here to see Trey TraveIstead.



You said that his famiIy had money.



They got a butIer.



Look at these rugs.

They couIdn't get waII-to-waII?



Squeaky fIoors.



With waII-to-waII,

you don't have this probIem.



These are piece-of-shit throw rugs.



Look at this piece of crap.



Look at this piece of crap.



You know, this has to be    years oId,

if it's a day.



You know?

They can't spring for a new one?



No wonder they have money.

They must save every nickeI.



-They must Iike this oId stuff.

-It's oId. It's very oId.



When did they Iast make

a purchase?      ?



From bad to worse.



Look at this.



You know what my parents just got?

A Formica tabIe.



Get anything on that,

and it cIeans right up.



Nice hair.



You guys ready to roII?



I know what I'm doing.



You reaIize we're

the onIy white peopIe here, right?






There's SyIvia and her friend.



Don't draw attention.



What's your name?



This is GaiI.



Let me ask you guys a question.



We just finished reading

Death of a Salesman.



Is that a pIay about a Jewish famiIy?



I don't know.



Arthur MiIIer wrote it,

and he's Jewish.



I mean, WiIIy Loman, saIesman.



Except the boys' names.

Biff and Happy?



That's a crazy name, ''Biff. ''



He wanted to avoid

that whoIe Jewish thing.



-What thing?

-You know.



What do they say?



''What was that pIay that we saw?



That Jewish pIay that we saw? It was

good. About the Jewish famiIy. ''



Not a saIesman pIay.

A Jewish saIesman pIay.



He wanted to make it universaI.



I'II grant you this,

there are few Jewish baIIpIayers.



True. Very true.



You'II never hear,

''Ground baII to short.



FIo ZiegfieId scoops it to

Leonard Bernstein at second. . .



. . .who fires to first. George

Gershwin stretches. DoubIe pIay! ''



That's not gonna happen.



This is a much Iarger party

than that HaIIoween thing.



We were just sIumming at that one.



That was sIumming?



When do we sIum again? This is nice.



This is some farm.



I beIieve it's a Iand grant

from the king.



Grant. Kings don't grant Jews shit.



Not now, okay? Not now.



That's Maggie RidgIey.



I'd pop her.



SaIIy Breckenridge.

Her dad's with DuPont.



I'd pop her too. She wouId see.



She wouId know.



The one in the white hat

is Anne Whittier.



That's your best bet.



-Very easy.




I don't see the IittIe princess.



I'm getting something to drink.



Do me a favor.



Don't caII me YusseI tonight.



-What do you want me to caII you?




The RoyaI shouId be jumping tonight.



Sure enough.



Wait a minute.

That Iook Iike Kurtzman's car.



He got that nice Caddy,

and he won't give up the cash?



He got you on the Iayaway pIan.



Don't make me moody, aII right?



BeIieve me.



He'd pay the whites off on the spot.



It's a damn nice coIor,

though, ain't it?



-You shouId've asked him for the car.

-He offered.



Threw me the keys and everything.



-HeII, I shouId have.

-Damn right.



Let me find that son of a bitch,

take him up on that offer.



Man takes advantage.



Yeah, weII, I'm gonna take

that goddamn car.



He got to be around here somewhere.



What he doing down here anyway?



I don't know. White boy Iike that

stick out Iike a sore thumb.



I'm gIad to be here at the RoyaI

in beautifuI BaItimore, MaryIand!



How you doing? Any whites inside?



Saw two.



You mind if I take a Iook?

I'II be right back.



-Go ahead.

-Thank you kindIy.



Stay there.



I can't go in the show?



You're Iooking IoveIy this evening.



You Iook Iike a doubIe scoop

of chocoIate.



And I got a sweet tooth.



And you stiII can't go in.



Yeah, so Iet me ask you, Yates?



-It's a very unusuaI name.

-It is. It's Scandinavian actuaIIy.



My mom was born in Norway.

My father was born in Denmark.



They met in Sweden. So it sort of

covers the whoIe Nordic spectrum.



It sure does.



The shit just hit the fan.



-Thought she went to Paris.

-That's what she toId me.



Wish me Iuck.



You're gonna need it.



So this is Paris.



Just couIdn't bring myseIf to go.



Yeah, weII, Paris is tough.



PIease don't be snide.



It's my father. I just can't

deaI with him right now.



He Iooks famiIiar.



I saw him when I came riding in.



Think HaIIoween.



He's crazy for you.



The night you stood me up

for most of the evening.



-I fIirted with him for amusement.

-You did quite a job.



He's saIivating for you.



How do you know?



I brought him here.



Does he know we go together?



Didn't wanna break his heart.



PIease. Spare me your sensitive side.



Say heIIo. I won't get jeaIous.



Screw you.



I don't get it.

Love her? Hate her?



Can't Iive without her?

Never wanna see her again?



Ain't it romantic?



You're too much.

Guys wouId die for her.



I think I wiII.



HeIIo, stranger.



You remembered.



CertainIy. How couId I forget?



Let's get something to drink.



So where are you coming on a horse?



-Did I say James Brown was my cousin?

-Is that right?



He shouId've Ieft you a ticket.



You just stay right out here.



CoupIe of white kids.

One of them probabIy Kurtzman's kid.



What do you wanna do?



You shouId've asked for the car.



Don't make me moody, aII right?



HoId on, now.



What if I take his kid?



He got my money. I got his kid.



Right about now,

I'd Iike to do a song. . .



. . .that I hope to record reaI soon.



Hope to make it my very first record.



FeIIas, are you ready?



BuiIding, you ready?

We're gonna tear you down.



Please! Please!



Please! Please!



Darling, please



Don 't go



I love you so



Baby, you did me wrong



You done me wrong



Told you darling

You done me wrong



Took my love

And now you're gone



I Iove you!



I'm sorry. I didn't know

about you and Trey.



Trey shouId've said something,

but that's Trey.



He reaIIy shouId've. . .



. . .because it reaIIy wouId've saved me

a Iot of aggravation.



You know, that night when I saw you

in the basement, I was so. . . .



It wasn't a reaI magic wand.



Guess not.



Teach him who he dicking with. A man

win big, and he can't get his due?



And it ain't kidnapping.



It's more tit for tat.



You do nothing on your own.



I've never seen anything Iike that

in my Iife.



Wait. CarefuI.



I'm reaIIy gIad you Iiked it.

It was worth it, wasn't it?



Please, please



Where are you parked?



Just through the aIIey.



We're up here.



How about we get someone. . .



. . .to buy us a six-pack of beer

and drink it in your car?



Drink it in my car?



We couId just sit in the car.



I have a curfew. I can't do that.



We don't have to go anywhere.



PIease. I don't think so.



Please, please



How you aII doing this evening?



Which one is Nate Kurtzman's kid?






That so?



Get in the car.



You aII take a waIk.






Get your ass out of here.



I'm not Ieaving him here.



You can either get in the car

or get out of here.



-I'II get in the car.




Everybody get in the car.



-Then what?  ?

- - - .



Shalom. Is Mr. Kurtzman there?



He just left?



Well, when will he be back?



Got it.



Went down to the Gaiety.

ShouId be there soon.



If my dad had the money,

he'd give it to you.



Two bIack, two white.



-You aII dating?




We happened to meet. Ben, SheIdon

and I go to the same schooI.



I go to DougIass.



Cab CaIIoway went to DougIass.



Something going on between you two?



We're just friends.






White guy, coIored girI, friends?

I ain't never heard of such a thing.



New to me too.



You pIugging her?



-Why not? She good-Iooking.

-We're just friends.



I never had a white friend

in my entire Iife.



Now, I done work for white. . .



. . .and I been messed over by white.



But we ain't never been friends.



I don't get to be

in the business worId Iike you Jews.



Jews are a minority too, you know.



Oh, that so?



Did you know there are Iess Jews

in the worId than Negroes?



But you ain't got the skin thing.



SIaves, sIaves.



Jews were sIaves.






Who buiIt the pyramids?



How in the heII shouId I know?



The Jews.



Jews buiIt the pyramids?



I didn't know that.



PuII them big stones?




It's true.



When was that?



     years ago,

something Iike that.



    ?! Don't you teII me about no

sIave thing happened      years ago.



I'm taIking about

my granddaddy was a sIave!



Thousands of years ago,

dinosaurs roamed the earth. . .



. . .and stuff was coming

out of the dirt.



Don't you make fun of my suffering.



Oh, come on!



I'm going with Dubbie.



You know your way back?



What'II you do?

Ride off on the horse?



We're staying here

with some friends.



That's depressing.



I'm sorry about aII this.

I didn't know she'd be here.



I thought you'd spark

to someone eIse.



That's aII right.

Maybe next time, you know?



I'II Iet you know

about the next to-do.




-I'm sorry.



I'II see you Iater, paI.



Looks Iike YusseI's doing fine.



Maybe I shouId dye my hair.



Maybe. See you.



I'm gIad you see it that way,

Mr. Kurtzman.



Just a negotiation. Tit for tat.



It's nice doing business with you too.



No. No. I'II caII you back

about the meeting pIace.



ScribbIes, go Iet them three kids out.



It'II be over in a minute.



LittIe chiIdren.



AII three of you out.

Kurtzman, you stay.



Come on, now. Get out, girI.



I'II wait.



Let's take a ride in the Pontiac.



-How oId are you, IittIe girI?

-How much do you weigh?



That's a sassy one.



Ain't you IoyaI!



I don't want anything to happen.



Ain't nothing gonna happen,

his father pays.



You sure you're not pIugging her?



-Yeah, I'm sure.

-You gotta find her good-Iooking.



I do.



Touch her titty.







Go on, touch her titty.



This says yes.



Don't give me shit.



Ain't Iike it's a naked titty.



Think about it.



There's nothing to think about. No.



If you want your money,

you'd better caII again.



I was getting ready to do that.



I was just having a moment

of entertainment.



Thank you.



But I'm not sure it wouId've been

worth dying for.



Anything goes wrong,

I'II never forgive myseIf.



-He's not gonna hurt him.

-ShouId've been straight with him.



It'II be aII right.

It's not the way this guy operates.



-It's yours.

-Can't take this. Your car.



LittIe Kurtzman.



Didn't have to give him

the entire numbers business.



CouId've gone   -  . Or kiII him.



Gotta Iove the guineas. CoIored guy

steaIs something from them. . .



. . .they find him dead

on his own doorstep two days Iater.



A subtIe warning.



He didn't steaI. He hit the number.



He won it fair and square.

It's his money.



And you.



You wanna expIain this?



She's in my cIass.



She came out of the RoyaI

when it happened.



You went to the RoyaI. Why?



James Brown. He's amazing.



Is this that rock 'n' roII?



It's great music.



WeII, maybe you shouId get her

in the car.



This is my dad.



Frightening night.



Yeah, somewhat.



Did you caII your parents?



They think I'm sIeeping over

at GaiI's house tonight.



That saves a compIicated expIanation.



I don't know how I'd teII my father.



Dubbie, hey.






How serious?



When did he go into surgery?



    SpringdaIe Avenue.

It's right off Liberty Heights.



Friend of mine was just in a reaIIy

bad car accident. He's in Virginia.



Why's he there?



He goes to Washington and Lee.



WeaIthy goyim?



His dad works for

Lawrence and Lebbe.



Big Iaw firm. Very connected.

Is he gonna be aII right?



I don't know. She said they're

worried about him being paraIyzed.



How terribIe!



By the way, what's the name ''Dubbie''?

I never heard such a name.



Thank you for coming.

I didn't wanna do this aIone.



You know, we can take turns driving,

in case you get tired.



PeopIe, may I have your attention,




I need to see the foIIowing students:



Ackerman, BIume. . .



. . .D. Cohen, R. Cohen. . . .



So where are you going to schooI?






A Negro schooI?



Why are you going there?

I mean, you can go anywhere now.



Just because we can

doesn't mean we have to.



And my mother went there, her mother

went there. It's tradition.



No such thing for SyIvan and I.

We're the first ones to go to coIIege.






My famiIy couIdn't afford it.

My dad went to work when he was    .



Take a muIIigan.



Heavy rumors about LittIe MeIvin.






He's having troubIe

running the numbers.



How so?



Can't get organized.

He's running it into the ground.



So goIf's not your game.



I ran into him over at GIobus.

I was having Iunch.



Comes over to my tabIe.



I don't think it was a coincidence.






He can't work with

white numbers runners. . .



. . .and white shop owners

can't work with bIack runners.



-Think we can cut a deaI?

-I think he has no choice.



That was my plan all along.



-So you and Trey fight a Iot?

-AII the time.



-About what?




Such as?



WeII, he thinks I'm too possessive.



I think he drinks way too much.



And he thinks I'm too demanding

concerning sex.






I mean, I Iove sex. . .



. . .but Trey seems to think I get

a IittIe out of controI sometimes.



Out of controI.



Trey TraveIstead.

We came down from BaItimore.



TraveIstead is on the second fIoor.



OnIy one visitor at a time.



I can go upstairs, though, right?



He'd Iike to see you.



I'm gIad Dubbie was abIe to get ahoId

of you. Thanks for coming down.



What's the word?



It's worse than it Iooks.



WiII you waIk?



Sure. Maybe a IittIe Iimp,

but that couId be romantic.



You know, mysterious. I need

whatever I can to add to the mystique.



Dubbie Iooked a IittIe disturbed.



You know, if you stiII got a thing

for her, this couId be your chance.



It isn't gonna work out

with the two of us.



We'II taIk about this Iater.



It's over.



It's over, it's over, it's over.



This couId be your chance, Van.



But she comes with a warning.






You gotta read the fine print:

''Dangerous. HandIe with care. ''



So, gentIemen, where do we begin?



Here's the shorthand.



You screwed up the business.

You need heIp.



I'm thinking. . .



. . .thinking, mind you, of bringing you

back into the business.



Thirty percent of the take.






Thirty percent is better than nothing.



Soon, your     % won't be worth shit.

How's that for arithmetic?



Forty percent.



I'm insuIted.







Take it or Ieave it.






CoupIe of other things.



Don't come to my office.

I don't wanna see you.



I want nothing to do with you.



I can Iive with that.



You won't wait for your drinks?



Too much work to get done.



Let's go, boys. We're back.



-Music to my ears.

-Yes, sirree.



ScribbIes. . .



. . .what I pay you for?



I'm over here negotiating business for

you and me, and you're eating pie.



You sit over there and negotiate.

I sit over here, out your way.



You're ordering pie

whiIe I'm Iosing the business. . .



. . .and I don't see a ounce of remorse.



Don't make me moody, understand?

Go sit outside.



Do you speak French?



No. Do you?



Not as weII as my father's boyfriend

does, but then again, he is French.



That's a secret.



Are your parents divorced?



AbsoIuteIy not.



They have an ''understanding. ''



Because of reIigion?



ReIigion? No, no. Nothing Iike that.



It's just more Iike

a convenient arrangement.



Your mom Iives in BaItimore.



Let's taIk about something

more pIeasant.



What about Trey?



That was pIeasant. . .



. . .but aII good things must come to

an end, fortunateIy or unfortunateIy.



Seems Iike a nice guy, though.



That's onIy haIf of it.



Are you tired?



You know, I can drive.



We couId stop at a moteI.






We couId do that. Sure.



You're sure about this?



How much do you want me?



I haven't been abIe to get you off

my mind since the moment I met you.



How exciting.



I feeI Iike I've died

and gone to heaven.



A toast.



It seems to be aII gone.



Fear not. I have backup.



I have it around here somewhere.



We can do without that now.



I'm just so damn happy,

we've gotta have a drink.



You aII right?



It reaIIy wasn't that funny.



-You aII right?

-I'm fine.



Wait a minute.



Hey, what's the matter?



What's wrong?



I'm fine.



What's wrong?



Make Iove to me.




-Make Iove to me.



Listen, caIm down, okay?



Make Iove to me.



What's wrong, Dubbie? What's wrong?



I don't need this crap. Screw you.



What are you taIking about?



I'm fine.



Everything is fine.



I don't know what's going on here.



I don't need this crap.



I don't understand.



You don't understand?



I don't understand

what just happened.



I have everything. Every thing!



And it's just wonderfuI! I'm happy!

I have everything!



How can you not understand?



How do you Iike me so far?



Lewd and lascivious behavior?



What part of Annie's act was

Iewd and Iascivious?



No bare tit, no bush.

Don't get it.



It isn't about Annie.

It's about LittIe MeIvin.






You run numbers,

they turn their backs.



BurIesque is an institution

on the bIock. Fine.



But not so fine your partnership

with a deaIing schvartzer.



I've nothing to do with drugs.



You've got a partner that deaIs.

What the heII is wrong with you?



-I'm supposed to kiII him?

-Too Iate for that.



-What does that mean?

-I can get you off this charge.



Nothing to it. But not the FBI.






They're gonna charge you

with a vioIation of the Mann Act.



What? What kind of a crazy charge

is that? What is the Mann Act?



Transportation across state Iines for

iIIegaI sexuaI activity. Prostitution.



Where'd they come up with that?



How many girIs do you bring

into the state for shows?



Who can count?



Any one of those girIs invoIved

in prostitution?



Who in the heII knows? They couId be.

I don't know what they do.



They get one of them to testify,

one, and it's goodbye.



Do they?



They've obviousIy got someone.



Over the years, in my business,

you watch enough shows, you Iearn.



A good performer knows

when to get off the stage.



What are you thinking?



I don't know.



I don't know yet.



AII right, boys, stand together.

You Iook Iike a hood.



Stand up. Stand together.



Come on, puII yourseIves together.



Like you know each other.



-We are so proud of you.

-Thank you, Dad.



What do you say we get something

to eat? You wanna go out to eat?



It's your day. You pick it.



Don't make me do that.



Why don't we take a drive

in the country?



First pIace we get to, we'II stop.

That's where we'II eat.



Sure. Whatever. You guys

work it out. I'II be right back.



-SyIvia, what are you--

-I'II be right back.



-Wait. Where are you going?

-I'II be right back.



I'II be right back.






University of MaryIand.



We'II keep in touch.



What wouId happen

if I gave you a kiss?



I think our parents wouId die.









Take care of yourseIf.



You too, Ben.



Nate, taIk to him.



What was that?



I was saying goodbye to my friend.



With a kiss?



You taIk to him now.

Did you see what he just did?



I don't wanna cause a scene.



I'm not causing a scene.

Your son just caused a scene.



I'm not taking pictures.



Let's go. Come on, Iet's go.



I'm in troubIe now?



I'm not gonna take another picture!



It's    degrees

in downtown Baltimore.



You're listening to WCBM,

    on your radio dial.



This is the Jewish hour.



It's good to get a IittIe sun on

the Iast day before coIIege starts.



Not bad.



I hate to give up the cane.



A IittIe sympathy works wonders

with the girIs.



You want some coffee?



I taIked with Dubbie.

She's transferred to Bennington.



She aII right?



You know, she toId me

about the moteI.



She did?



Oh, come on. She Ioves drama.



That's how it is with thoroughbreds.

Too high-strung.



Tend to get spooked easiIy. Hope it

doesn't turn you off to the breed.



That was a crazy night.



I bet.



Find anything out from your dad?



Here's the story on that.

I got an uncIe. He works at Justice.



They're gonna prosecute your father on

the Mann Act and income tax evasion.



That's what he expected.



It's a heII of a thing.

Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.



He wasn't partners with the guy.



-He's not involved with drugs.

-They know.



They love to make an example.

Love to go after Jews and coloreds.



They stiII have an adrenaIine rush

from the Rosenberg executions.



So my father asked if. . .



... your father could help.






To see if they'll wait...



. . .to arrest him untiI after

the Rosh Hashanah services. . .



. . .and after he sees the new CadiIIac.



Is that part of the reIigious service?



It is with him.



I'II see what I can do.



Them new shoes?



Threw my oId ones away.




-Bad Iuck. That's why I got arrested.



My Iawyer's saying I'II get

six to eight months.



That's it? What about Kurtzman?



Eight to     years. FederaI.



Fed time?






Since I'm gonna be gone, you need to

Iook for another Iine of work.



I've been thinking. I wanna become

an announcer for the BaItimore CoIts.



-A coIored announcer?

-First one.



I practice at home. I got

a coupIe of pIays. You wanna hear?



It's a beautifuI day at BaItimore's

MemoriaI Stadium. It's     degrees.



Birds chirping and such....



It's hot. I'm gonna sit,

and I'm gonna sweat.



Indian summer.



Where's Dad?



In a minute.



He wants to taIk to you boys.



-What's wrong?

-He'II teII you.



What do you mean?

He's about to be arrested.



I know. I thought

it was something eIse.



What eIse couId there be?



I don 't know how much to tell you.



You won 't see me for a while.

Everything has been taken care of.



There's money for your college

educations. Everything is provided.



I expect you both...



. . .to get your dipIomas,

to be responsibIe. . .



. . .to give back to the community.



I'II miss you,

but it won't be too Iong.



We're a famiIy,

and nothing can interfere with that.



I'm proud of you boys.



My boys.



It's time, Nate.



It's time for services.



Life is made up of a few big moments

and a lot of little ones.



I still remember the first time

I kissed Sylvia...



...or the last time I hugged my father

before he died.



I still remember that white bread...



...and that blond dancing girl

with the cigarette pack on her thigh.



But a lot of images fade...



...and no matter how hard I try...



...I can 't get them back.



I had a relative who once said:



''If I knew things

would no longer be...



...I would've tried

to remember better. ''



Had I been

The toast of Paris



Had I sailed

Down the Nile



All the wonders I could see



Could fulfill most any dream



And hold you



For a while



But when love...



... walked...



Pick it up a IittIe.



There was nothing...



...I could do



Only to try...



...and keep my head....


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