Life As A House Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Life As A House script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Kevin Kline and Hayden Christensen.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Life As A House. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Life As A House Script


            This is ridiculous.

            I want you to go give your dad a hug.


            Because he'll be gone for his birthday.

            Can we have a party for him while he's gone?

            I hope you're showered and ready for school.

            Sam broke his closet.

            Beat it! Get outta there! No, wait.

            Stay there. Good boy. Right there.

            Come to daddy.

            Come here, Guster!

            Have a nice day.

            -Stay. -This has got to stop.

            He escaped. Now he's back in.

            Does it give you some sort of perverse pleasure...

            to expose your penis in front of my   -year-old daughter?

            My exposure does not face your windows.

            George, this is the third time.

            The plumber's due out tomorrow.

            You will just have to explain that to the police.

            You were the one neighbor I could tolerate.


            Just how far out that window did you have...

            to stick your head to be able to see my dick?

            I like your PJs!

            I wish you'd talk to him.

            He needs a man.

            His father's a man.

            -A man he respects. -He respects nothing.

            Thanks for talking about me behind my back.

            It's useful in court.

            Are you wearing eye makeup?

            Take it off.

            If I just walk out the door right now...

            who's gonna be here tonight for the follow-through?

            Have a nice flight.


            What did you say?

            Dad said it first.

            I get chocolate cake for your birthday.

            Are your hands clean?

            He's a fuckin' freak.

              Dude, nice look.

              I saw your dad this morning.

              Josh, what do you say? Is he in?

              Been thinking about the job, man?

              Forget him.

              Two hours a week for three hundred cash.

              The whole summer. Do the math.

              He's not gonna do it, Josh.

              Guess he doesn't have it in him.

              They consider this a hatchback or a station wagon?

              Let's get outta here, dude.

              Think about it. I'll be around.

              Dude, I was in total REM.

              Benson Kitter Architecture. Can I help you?

              Yes, sir.

              Done? Close to done?

              -I'm doing the grass. -Fuck the grass.

              Burke bid out the Berlin Plaza. Did he tell you?

              I was gonna start that on Monday.

              He likes the look of the computer models better anyway.

              You take too long.

              When you're done mowing the grass here...

              do you mind bringing the house up to my office?

              Got a presentation to make.

              I wouldn't make a habit of it.

              I could be anyone.

              Then why do you stay you?

              You should lock your door.

              Ring the bell before you try the door.

              Did Sam call to tell you he won't be over this weekend?

              Why did you let him pierce his chin?

              What kind of a mother can't stand her own son?

              I don't know.

              Why aren't you coming for the weekend?

              What is he doing? George?

              -George, what are you doing? -He doesn't answer.

              He never answers.

              Why does he have a lock on his door?

              Because he put a lock on it.

              Do you really think I told him he could put a hole in his face?

              Just climb up there and tell him what he can and can't do.

              Take him for the summer, OK? Whip him into shape.

              Make him smile! Let him hate you for a while.

              You need all the brain cells you've got.

              Go away!

              I don't know what to do anymore.

              You take him. Just take him.

              You're such a good father.

              What are you doing in my room?

              I didn't go in your room.

              I locked the door! Get out!

              What do you think I'm stupid? I locked the door!

              This is my room !

              You have no right in here!

              This is mine!

              This is stupid.

              Why can't you all just die and leave me alone?

              Benson, Kitter, Fein, Silver and Associates.

              Can I help you please?

              George, good morning.

              Mr. Burke would like to see you in his office.

              Come on in. Have a seat.

              -Orange juice? Croissant? -No, I'm good.

              What are you on, George?

              Beg your pardon?

              How much weight have you lost?

              I don't know.

              Five, ten pounds. Haven't been very hungry.

              How's your wife?

              Well, when we divorced a decade ago...

              she was very angry.

              Now she's just hostile.


              I did tell you, didn't l, that I would be ready...

              to start the Berlin model today?

              George, this is not me.

              We can show clients endless options.

              We can change anything, really...

              in a matter of hours on the computer...

              but you won't change.

              I've been here twenty years.

              Maybe that's too long.


              It's too long.


              They decided on a week a year severance...

              but I got 'em to twenty-six, OK?

              You can learn all you need to on the computer long before that.

              You can maybe even find a job closer to home.

              I hate this job.

              George, what are you talking about?

              You love your job.

              Nope. From the day I started to today.

              Can't stand it.

              Well, good.

              Then it sounds like I'm doing you a favor.

              You know what? I feel better about this.

              Good. I was hoping you would.

              -Can I ask you one favor? -What can I do for you?

              I built my first model here when I was twenty-five.

              There must be hundreds of 'em around the office.

              I was wondering if I might pick a few to take home.

              Just the ones that really mean something to me.

              Well, those--

              I mean, George, we can't really keep our work.

              I could maybe ask them if you could choose one...

              but they're a part of the firm.

              Look, why don't you go out there and look them over.

              Every single one of them, OK?

              You pick the one you like the best.

              Take it with you.

              Now, run it by me first.

              Just in case, you know. I'm sure it'll be OK.

              Benson, Kitter, Fein, Silver and Associates.

              May I help you, please? Yes, sir.

              George, Mr. Burke would like to see you.

              -Fine. -ln his office when you're able.


              I'll keep this one if that's all right with you.

              You're a great architect and a miserable human being.

              That's mine.

              No, George, don't! Shit!

              You're not even a fucking architect...

              and you're a miserable human being.

              You're right. You win.


              Sir, are you all right? Can you hear me?

              Is he breathing?

              Come on.

              Someone call     .

              That took care of the pain?

              I could kiss you.

              No food.

              I'm painless.

              What would you do if you had three or four months to live?

              I'd eat a lot of red meat.

              Good for you.

              What would you do?

              Build a house.

              Yeah? What kind of house?

              You know what mortise and tenon is?

              I've got every part of it ready. It's like a jigsaw puzzle.

              Only pieces now waiting to make sense.

              Been through design review...

              the planning commission, city council.

              No one's really said...

              that four months is all you have, have they?

              Nobody's even pretended to offer treatment.

              So you tell me, when would you start...

              eating red meat?

              Can you build a house in four months?

              I can die trying.

              Good for you.

              I've not been touched in years.

              Really? No, I mean, not a friend?

              Your mother? People have to be touched.

              Everyone gets touched by somebody they love.

              I know.

              It's weird, isn't it?

              I know my son, when he was younger...

              ten or eleven even, he used to run up...

              and throw his arms around me.

              I'm sorry.

              I'm scared.

              Where have you been? I called everyone everywhere.

              You just vanished.

              -You could be dead. -Not today.

              You are inconsiderate and absolutely devoid of emotion.

              You're the most beautiful woman that I have ever known.

              -What? -I don't mean just physically.

              Even your anger is perfect.

              And where have you been for a week?

              Four days.

              I have to talk to you.

              Why would they tow your truck?

              I'm gonna tear down the shack and build the house.

              You've been saying that for twenty years.

              While we were dating you said it.

              -Now there's nothing to stop me. -Oh, money?

              Severance pay.

              And I'm gonna cash in my life insurance policy.

              Where will you live?

              In the garage.

              Look, I wasn't serious about you taking Sam...

              so you don't have to get into any actual construction...

              to get out of it.

              When does school let out?

              Friday. Tomorrow.

              Oh, God.

              I hate the thought of him home all day.

              I'll be by Saturday to pick him up.

              He doesn't want to spend the weekends with you anymore.

              Not for the weekend. For the summer.

              One of you would end up dead.

              But at least we'd have a house to show for it.

              Forget it, really. I'll survive.

              I want him with me.

              No, you don't. Trust me.

              I want Sam for the summer.


              Well, I'm married.

              The whole summer, Sam. Party in Tahoe.

              I don't know, Corey. Let me think about it, OK?

              All we gotta do is sand and paint the cabin.

              My dad's gonna let me use his boat.

              My charm's gonna let me use my rod.

              And you know that lncan Village is the place...

              to hook up with some hump.

              OK, I'll ask.

              All right, I'm just saying it beats...

              letting townfolk go down on you for the summer.

              I haven't done anything.

              I know what the deal is. Josh is a pimp. I'm not stupid.

              Obviously you don't know what the deal is...

              because there is no fucking deal.

              Lighten up, dude.

              -Good morning, Mr. George. -Hiya.

              Mrs. Kimble is in the backyard.




              Almost ready?

              Would you mind turning this down?!

              It won't be all work, you know.

              It won't be all work!

              I heard you already.

              Your mom and the boys can come by anytime.

              What, to check up on me?

              I'll be there to check up on you.

              Why would you be there?

              Well, I live there.

              You live in Corey's parents' cabin in Tahoe?

              What are you talking about?

              -Who's Corey? -Corey's my friend.

              I'm going to spend the summer, OK?

              No, you're not going anywhere.

              You're spending the summer with me.

              Shit! No fucking way!

              Robin, did you tell Sam he was spending the summer with me?

              What was I supposed to do?

              I tried to call. Your phone isn't working.

              I don't have a phone anymore.

              Who are you, anyway? I don't even know you.

              You'll know me by the time we're through.

              I'm not going.

              I'll get your bag.

              Would you tell him that I'm not going?

              You already promised me!

              -George, I did say he could go. -ls this everything?

              Mom, please. Tell him !

              George, l...

              He is not spending the entire summer...

              with some kid in Tahoe!

              He can hate me. You can hate me.

              He can try to kill me while I'm sleeping!

              I don't care!

              Sam is spending the summer with me, OK?

              He's my son. He's sixteen.

              That's it!

              Can I hate you, too?

              You can do anything you want.

              -Go get in the truck. -You go fuck yourself!

              Listen to me.

              I want that thing out of your chin, OK?

              You got nipple rings, naval rings...

              those come out, too.

              And there's no makeup at my house.

              No glue sniffing, huffing...

              no pills, no grass.

              You've worn out your welcome at this house, Sam.

              This may well be the worst summer of your entire life...

              but you've earned it.

              Now go pick up the suitcase, get in the truck, now.

              I'll hate you for the rest of my life.

              Well, you can't even begin to know how much I hate my father.

              Think of it as a family tradition.

              You like garlic?

              Do you like garlic bread?

              Thinking of jumping?


              Well, don't jump till you hear...

              the wave crash against the cliff.

              Water'll take you out. Let it.

              First time I did it, younger than you...

              I thought I'd break my neck...

              and just sort of float out to Catalina.

              You don't always get what you wish for, Sam.



              Oh, my God.

              I don't believe this!

              Are you totally insane?


              I don't believe this.

              I got a total wacko for a father.

              I almost saw Catalina!

              What have you gotten all over yourself?

              What is this? Is this pasta sauce?

              You crazy dog, Guster.

              Come here. Lick it.

              You're crazy, you know this?

              What are you doing here?

              They're trying to make me spend the summer here...

              but I'm leaving in the morning.

              Where to?

              I'm supposed to be in Tahoe.

              I guess if you stay, I'll see you around.

              You should stay.

              Where's your dad?

              He jumped into the ocean.

              Well, tell him I say hello.

              I'm not taking a dump with you in here.

              My brothers say that it's the worst smell they've ever smelt.

              Which side of the bed do you want?

              -I'm not-- -Just kidding.

              The sofa's a pull-out.


              You know, I think you have to have a door...

              between where you cook and where you crap.

              Even in the bush, tribal people don't like that.

              They have a place for both.

              Probably it's, like, a law.

              God !

              Probably in the Bible.

              It's at least a building code violation.

              Good night.

              I have to take a dump.

              You wearing sunscreen?

              Are you wearing sunscreen?

              I wonder where he's living?

              About time.

              They're finally tearing down this pile of junk.

              Barbara, Tom.

              Guess how many low-income apartments...

              the city approved for this lot.

              Ballpark figure.

              No. Not today.

              There was also some talk about a drug-rehab center.


              We can't do anything.

              What are you doing? Don't touch me.

              I warned you yesterday.

              You can't touch me.

              You stayed.

              Rub him down, will you, Alyssa?

              He's insane.

              You look better without makeup.

              I can't even take a shower here.

              Come over to my house whenever you want.

              I'll tell my mom.

              I might not even stay anyway.

              I'll get your back.

              No, that's OK. Thanks.

              Have you ever had anyone besides your mom or dad...

              put it on for you?

              It's weird how different it is.

              Turn around. Just lay down.

              Do you remember me?

              From when you lived here before?

              So I've decided that I'm not going to shave...

              my legs or my pits this summer.

              I mean, Paula Cole isn't a vertical kisser.


              So, your dad's really going to build his house?

              I don't know.

              You know, your dad dated my mom after her divorce.


              Yeah. I wanted him to marry her.


              Turn over.

              Josh and I are actually going to South Coast.

              Do you want a ride? Maybe see a movie?

              No, thanks.

              All right, well, don't forget your front.

              I'll see you around.

              Pretty, isn't she?

              For a girl.

              Feel free to pitch in anytime.

              Sam, do you ever...

              get the slightest inkling that you might want to help me...

              instead of doing absolutely nothing?


              I hate turkey.

              No, you don't.

              If I say I do, I do.

              Please, take that thumbtack out of your face.

              -Let me just get it out. -Why?

              Come on. It bugs me.

              You snore at night. That really bugs me.

              Can I take you out?

              You know, your brothers are right about that smell.

              That was the most god-awful thing...

              I've ever had my nose around.

              -Told you. -It's toxic.

              Thought you guys might be hungry.

              We're fine.

              Turkey sandwiches.

              Oh, well. For later, then.

              -Makes me sad. -Why?

              I used to live here.

              Yeah, and you hated four out of the five years that you did.

              I was here six years, and I only hated two.

              Which two?

              The first and the last.

              I don't even like turkey sandwiches.

              What's this pizza?

              Sam's favorite.

              Sure you don't want any?

              George, you're too thin--

              from what you used to be anyway.

              Why the first and the last?

              The first because I wasn't sure you really loved me...

              and the last because I wasn't sure I really loved you.

              I was up on that roof this morning tearing it down...

              and it struck me, strong as anything ever has--

              I'm happy today.

              What were you before today?

              I don't know what it was--

              the way the sun struck the ocean or the sound of the waves.

              It was simple, whatever it was.

              Then I started thinking...

              when the last time was that I felt like this.

              Do you remember?

              Yeah, the one time I remember for sure.

              I was with Sam in the ocean...

              saving him from the waves.

              He had his head on my shoulder, and we were laughing.

              I could feel his heart pounding against my chest.

              I remember I kissed his hair.

              This was before it was blue.

              We have it on video.

              It was when my parents were down for his sixth birthday.

              I remember that.

              I got to go.

              What is it?

              Oh, nothing. I'm fine.

              I'll drop off your lunch tomorrow.

              I'm going for a walk.

              I need some money.

              You'll have money when you work.

              You're predictable.

              You haven't been happy in ten years?

              I'm not doing it.

              It's going to be good.

              You know, nobody would blame me if I left.

              I'd blame you. I want you here.

              Why don't you just go and beg some money off of my dad...

              so you can move into someplace decent...

              with a real kitchen and a real bathroom?

              I'd rather sell my nuts to a castrati.

              I don't beg.

              And I don't take a shower in the middle of the yard!

              I can promise you complete privacy.

              No, you can't!

              You can't promise me anything...

              because you don't have anything to promise.

              You live in a garage, OK? You don't have cable.

              You're not hooked up for the internet...

              because you don't even own a computer.

              And you don't have a job.

              Just try it.

              That's all I'm asking.

              Come on, Sam. I'm begging, OK?

              Go fuck yourself.

              Is Alyssa home?

              She went out with a friend.

              I didn't recognize you.

              Alyssa said you two don't even have plumbing over there.

              Not a shower.

              Come on.

              I hope your ex-husband's equipped for the havoc of Sam...

              because it seems absolutely blissful here tonight.

              There you go.

              Do you think it's odd your kids don't hug you?

              Should l?

              It would worry me.

              If I let everything that should worry me worry me...

              I'd be dead from worry.

              What would you be if you asked Ryan and Adam...

              to run in here right now and hug you?

              I'd be you.

              I'll do it, if that's what you want.

              Kurt, is that you?

              There has to be a logical explanation.

              No hot water.

              Your buddy Mr. Dokos called to complain...

              that you and a boy are squatting illegally in your garage.

              Check the permits.

              It was built as a guest house.

              It's a legally-rentable unit.

              Now, that's got to be illegal.


              I'll piss on his lawn.

              Bro, I need you tonight.

              I locked the door.

              lt'll take you twenty, thirty minutes.

              Does Alyssa know?

              No. Nothing.

              She sent me up here to see if you wanted...

              to hang out with her and her mom and watch a movie.

              You got any more weed?

              You got any money?

              Three hundred cash, two hours.

              You don't have to do a thing.

              Just get in, get out as quick as you can.

              Close your eyes.

              Think of whatever.

              So, what's the deal between you and Alyssa?

              Don't even. I'm there.

              I didn't know. I'm sorry.

              She wouldn't even fucking go out with me until she was sixteen.

              That wasn't even a rule. That was just her own thing.

              She figures things out on her own, and that's it.

              If this rings, run.

              He already knows about everything you can't do.

              And you can tell him not to look at you if you want.

              This feels too weird now.

              I don't like it.

              Beats working.

              You want to roll down the window, please?

              Look at me.

              What'd you just toss into the brush?


              Hey, you ! Kid !

              Stop right there! Hold it, kid !

              Turn off your engine.


              Lunch? It's not breakfast yet.

              I dreamed about your house last night.

              Finished or unfinished?

              It was perfect, George.

              It was amazing.

              It was so real.

              Didn't you once dream that you could lick people well?

              That wasn't a dream. That was Sam.


              His ear infection.

              My tongue around the edge of his ear is what cured him.

              Will you go in that garage and lick his attitude?

              The antibiotics weren't working...

              and that is what I believe, George.

              You're wrong about that first year.

              I've been wrong a lot in my life.


              It's like foresight without a future.

              I have three hours before I go get the kids.

              Where will I be most useful?

              With your hands or your tongue?

              You're not well.

              -I just hit it? -Hit it as hard as you can.

              That's it. Yes.

              I should go.

              -Good morning. -Sam, Ryan has a game later.

              He asked if you'd go watch.

              George Monroe?

              -Robin. -Excuse me.

              Mr. Monroe.

              I've been dreading you.

              Bob Larson, city inspector.

              Hi, Bob.

              Do you have an unenclosed toilet...

              in proximity to a kitchen?

              -A violation? -Yes.

              And if I enclose it?

              An exhaust system or a window is code.

              Where is it?

              A friend of yours is here.

              Did you go through my pants?

              I want it back. Where'd you put it?

              I think I may have a solution.

              Where'd you hide it?

              You're unbelievable, you know that?

              Where is it?

              Where'd you put it, in these shirts?

              Just tell me where it is.

              I'll look for it myself. You don't have to--

              Would you stop that?

              I want to know where it is now!

              You got no right going through my things...

              you know that? It's an invasion of privacy.

              I need that back. I had to work for that.

              -Doors. -I hate to ask about the window.

              Where is it?

              I flushed it down the toilet.

              No! Oh, my God.

              If I had a gun, I swear to God I'd kill you.

              What's in my pants is none of your fucking business.

              Look, I'd say you're in compliance.

              I hope this makes the pain in the ass...

              that called you happy.

              -You and me both. -Bye.

              Everything about you is my business--

              what you smoke, what you sniff, what you swallow.

              It's all my business.

              I've been using since I was twelve!

              You're also unbelievably stupid, you know that?

              You didn't give a shit about anything I did up until now!

              I'll apologize for everything but today!

              Today, I give a shit!

              Yeah? You're too fucking late.

              These gloves are for you.

              You can't make me do a thing.

              -Sit down. -No!

              I'll call the cops--

              Get off!

              That's child abuse!

              You're in big shit now!

              People go to prison for what you just did to me!

              My dad used to play this game.

              I never really even understood what it was...

              until after he was gone.

              I was holding for somebody else. It wasn't even mine.

              The game was to make me smaller than he was--

              smaller, always smaller.

              No matter what.

              He could be almost invisible as a human being...

              but I still had to be smaller.

              So that if I got good grades in school...

              then I was a pussy for not playing football.

              Or if I cut my hair for him...

              it was never short enough.

              Or if I shaved my head, then I looked like a psycho.

              I never won the game--never.

              And if he couldn't...

              make me smaller with words...

              I'll have to pay him back.

              I won't ever hit you.


              I don't want you smaller.

              I want you to be happy. You're not.

              Not here with me, not home with your mother...

              not alone, not anywhere.

              You're what I was most of my life, Sam.

              I see it in your eyes, in your sleep...

              in your answer to everything.

              You're barely alive.

              I'm not even listening.

              You know the great thing, though?

              Is that change can be so constant...

              that you don't even feel the difference...

              until there is one.

              It can be so slow that you don't know...

              that your life is better or worse till it is.

              Or it can just blow you away...

              make you something different in an instant.

              It happened to me.

              Build this house with me.

              Come on.

              You fuck.

              I have to pay back what you flushed down the toilet.

              I want ten dollars an hour, then I'm done.

              This all has to come down before we can start again.

              Knock it down.

              I have hated this house from the moment my father...

              put it in my name.

              Twenty-five years of hating what you live in.

              Hating what you are.

              This is an end of it, Sam.

              Finally gonna build something of my own.

         Something I can be proud to give you.


          -I don't want it. -Fine.

          You can do whatever you want with it.

          All I want is for you to remember...

          that we built a house together.

          We haven't built shit.

          You're just tearing your father down.

          Try it. Feels good.


            Come on!

            After you.

            It's going down. That's it.


            You're up early.

            Sam, did you hear Josh got arrested?

            His parents took his car.

            They're making him ride a bike all summer.

            Is this like a pastime with people? Go away.

            Look, I've seen lots of people. It's not a big thing for me.

            OK, could you hand me a towel? I'm getting out.

            I'm coming in.

            I don't want you to.

            Why are you so uptight?

            I'm not.

            I don't even know what that means.

            Look, it just means I'm gonna shampoo my hair...

            and stay out of your way.

            Hand me a towel.


            You don't have to stay.

            I thought you'd be up with the sun.

            It's my stupid back.

            What can I do, anything?

            Run to the pharmacy?

            I have some Demerol at home.

            I took something. I'm fine.

            -Where's Sam? -He won't use my shower.

            I don't get it.

            Come here, Guster!

            You brought your kids.

            Yeah. I kind of said that maybe they could do something.

            You know, help.

            They really wanted to come.

            I really wanted to come. They wanted to be with me.

            I don't think they'll be too much trouble.

            I'll find something that won't kill 'em.

            Or wound.

            Let them keep their eyes and fingers.

            You're a good mother, Robin.

            Do you need help?

            No, come on.

            -Yes. -Hold on.

            Oh, God.

            Put your arm around me. There you go.

            You don't want any breakfast?

            No, thanks.

            Guster, come here.

            What was that for?

            Mom said I should.

            I would've anyway.

            Who are you?

            -Who are you? -I'm his brother.

            I'm his friend.

            Mom said we could build a house.

            Hi, Alyssa. You want to build a house?

            Hi, Mom.

            -Morning. -Hello.

            Thanks for letting him use your shower.

            He's got a standing invitation.

            So you want to build a house?

            Think it will stay up?

            I don't know.

            Wait for my signal. Slow.

            Brace it.

            Put all your body weight against it.

            Keep going.

            There you go.

            Well done. Perfect!

            Hey! Where should I put this?

            Sam, we need you over here.

            Adam, pass me that.

            Not funny.

            -Where do you want this one? -Right up here.

              OK, hand it up.

              Lookin' good.

              Hi, Mom !

              Hey, Mom, did you know George before you knew Dad?

              Long before.

              Tell him how you made me fall in love with you.

              I smiled at him.

              Watch out for the smile, boys.

              -Who's up for a dance? -Not me.

              OK, Sam.

              Let's see if you remember this.

              I don't know. Maybe.

              That's a long time.

              I used to rock you to sleep to this.

              Used to dance you to sleep.

              Come on. Who's gonna dance with me?

              I got a lot of work to do.


              No thanks.

              -Me! -You!

              Not too tight!

              OK, that's enough for today.

              I got a lot of work to do.

              Come on, George. Let's see if you've gotten any better.

              No. Worse.

              I think I'm gonna go home.

              See you tomorrow.

              I took some of your Vicodin.

              I know.


              I like how it feels not to feel.

              I know the feeling.

              How do you become something that you're not?

              What would you like to be?

              What I'm not.

              What are you now?

              I'm nothin'.

              That's not true.

              You see, that's the thing, though...

              is that I am what I say I am.

              I gave up on you.

              No. If you'd given up on me, I'd be in Tahoe right now.

              What would you be doing there right now?

              Getting high, I guess.

              If I asked you to stop, would you?

              I haven't used anything in two days.

              I'm trying.

              I'm proud of you.

              Don't be.

              And hide those De--

              whatever that new drug is you have.

              I'd like it.

              I put a gun to my father's head once.

              You ever think like that?

              He was passed out.

              Just been yelling at my mom over...nothing.

              Undercooked meat.

              I went to my room.

              I held the barrel right up to his ear...

              and then I chickened out again.

              Of course, it was a BB gun...

              but still, it would've hurt like hell.

              Are you talking?

              I was just thinking about my mom.

              She wouldn't leave my dad.

              I remember once she made dinner for us wearing sunglasses.

              Mind you, it was dark outside.

              And in.

              And nobody said a thing about it.

              Why wouldn't she just leave?

              I think she was terrified...

              to live with him but maybe even...

              more terrified of life without him.

              I would've killed him.

              Would've been so much better if you had.

              Then maybe he wouldn't have driven drunk.

              Maybe he wouldn't have killed my mom in the car crash.

              Woman in the other car.

              Hurt a little girl in the back seat, too.

              You'd have liked your grandmother.

              She was pretty cool.

              I still think about that little girl.

              They couldn't find her father, and her mother was dead.

              You ever wish you'd done it?

              What, killed my dad?

              I loved him too much.

              That's weird.

              Yeah, I guess it is.

              You know what I've decided?

              We should take a vacation.

              Just the two of us.

              I'd love to drive through New England in the fall.

              Sooner than the fall.

              I'm helping George with his house.


              I've been helping him the last few days.

              Weeks, actually. Sam's working.

              Well, good. That's great.

              That was the plan.

              We couldn't stand him, and George needed help.

              I can't go right now.

              You can't go because of Sam?

              We haven't been away together for three years.

              What difference is a few months gonna make?

              You can't go with me because of Sam.

              Sam's working at something...

              for the first time in his entire life.

              Once in a while he even talks to me.

              I want to be around for that.

              So am l, Robin. I'm working at something, too.

              I'm even talking. You wanna be around for that?

              I don't know.

              Hey! That is mine.

              Put that down right now!

              You are in big trouble, mister!

              You don't even understand!

              George! I'm gonna kill you for this!

              I promise you, I'm gonna sue you and sue your dog!

              George, you son of a bitch! This is your fault!

              These clothes are worth a fortune!

              What's the point of this?

              Does everything have to have a point?

              Are you sure that you're totally into guys?

              What are you talking about?

              I just-- Josh kind of said--

              I'm not gay.

              I mean, hello!

              Yeah, I was wondering.

              You're driving me crazy. You know that?

              Do you know what it's like...

              trying to jack off in an armoire?

              No, not really.

              No, you're off, you know?

              You're way off.

              Look, I thought I was helping you.

              You'll help me if I could kiss you.

              Look, I thought we were just friends.

              What you think you know...

              doesn't necessarily have much to do with reality.

              I hope I'm not the first to say this about you.

              All right.

              But then we're just gonna be friends, OK?


              You're scrubbing down the shower.

              You must have a really great husband.

              Why's that?

              No, it's just--

              I mean, you're here every single day.

              He's at work while I'm here.

              I guess I would just be jealous if I were him.

              He has nothing to worry about.

              He's not the type to worry.

              -Here you go. -All right, let's eat.


              -Napkin? -Who wants cheese?


              Thank you.

              I'll have to find it first.



              Nothing "R," OK?

              Enough for drinks, popcorn, and candy.

              And video games after!

              Home after.

              Will you come in and say hi?

              Yeah, I guess.

              Seat belt.

              Does she have to come?

              Definitely. Here, buckle up.

              I should go.

              Maybe it would be better if you didn't come every day.

              Why? I like being with Sam.

              But there's less and less for Ryan and Adam to do...

              and I'd hate for the boys to be bored, you know.

              I know they don't help much anymore...

              but they love coming here, George.


              How much time do they get to spend with their dad?

              What is this?

              You know, Alyssa thinks something's up with us.

              She keeps giving me crap about being away from Peter...

              and now you're doing it, too.

              No one realizes that he's not there.

              He's never there.

              Even when he is, he isn't.

              So if you don't want me here...

              or you don't want my children here...

              then say it.

              I'll stop coming.

              But it won't be because of Peter.

              lt'll be because you told me to.

              So say what you have to say...

              because I'm not leaving till I hear it.

              I'd rather you not be here.

              I thought we were helping.

              Is Alyssa home?

              No, she went out with some friends.

              What friends did she go with?

              I don't know.

              You can come in and wait, if you'd like.

              OK. Thanks, Mrs. Beck.

              Can I get you something to drink, Josh?

              -No, but thanks anyway. -Alyssa may be a while.

              You sure you don't want anything?

              Got a beer?

              A beer?

              What happened?

              Nothing is going on with us, is it?

              Going on?

              When I picked you up from the train...

              what you said--what was that?

              What did I say?

              -You know. -What?

              The thing about me being the most beautiful person.

              -What was that? -That was the truth.

              You've never said that before.

              I might say a lot of things I've never said before.

              Sounded like a pickup line.

              -I can't pick you up. -'Cause I'm married.

              You bit my finger.

              If I weren't married...

              Should we do this?

              I need to know.


              Do I still love you?


              There's not a doubt in my mind.

              Through all my anger, my ego...

              I was always faithful in my love for you.

              That I made you doubt it...

              that is the great mistake of a life full of mistakes.

              The truth doesn't set us free, Robin.

              I can tell you I love you...

              as many times as you can stand to hear it...

              and all that does, the only thing...

              is remind us... love is not enough.

              Not even close.

              No, these aren't for you.

              All I am is what I have.

              God, it sounds pathetic, doesn't it?

              What are you doing home?

              I always felt that I could never marry...

              without first showing you what a fabulous life...

              you could live despite me.

              You never really trusted me.

              We live a fabulous life, Robin.

              Despite you.

              Where are the kids?

              Sam took 'em to a movie.

              I'll be in the bedroom.

              I fell asleep.

              I need to ask you something, Mr. Monroe.

              Do you need to ask me like that?

              I want you to try something. With me.

              I'm on a lot of morphine right now.

              Oral morphine for my back.

              Can it wait till I can say no and sound convincing?

              Did you feel anything?

              Maybe a tongue.

              My mouth is numb. I'm not sure.

              Why did you do that?

              When you were dating my mom, I saw you kiss her once, and...

              you look like such a good kisser.

              My mom would die.

              Let's shut up and let her live.

              Mrs. Beck!

              It's not what I was expecting.

              What did you think it would be?

              I don't know.

              More like when I kiss Sam.

              Yeah, more like that.

              Thanks for your time, then.


              -Oh, God. -Get dressed.

              Where are my clothes?

              -Get dressed now! -Did you know the alarm is on?

              Mom ! Where are you?

              In here, honey.


              What are you guys doing?

              l...put him to work.

              Good. It's fixed.

              -Go! -I'm going!

              I got to play one video game for three hours straight!

              There were no PGs, so I just gave 'em money for video games.

              Go tell your dad dinner's ready.

              He's in the bedroom.

              Are you staying for dinner?

              Depends on what I'd give up on.


              See, that's a trap.

              He's not there.

              No, he's not.

              Hey! Wait!

              Get! Go on! I'm gonna get you.

              The man has never changed from the day we moved in.

              Mind your own fucking business.

              Tom, get in the car.

              Do you believe that?

              -Hello? -I don't see Alyssa.

              Just please open the door when I knock.

              Just come on up.

              -What are you doing? -I was wondering...

              if you'd like to go for a ride?

              Do you want to help us out?

              George is paying Sam ten dollars an hour.

              Three hundred cash, two hours, that's it.


              It's just a joke. Just a stupid joke.

              Very funny.

              Is your back still killing you?

              I didn't expect you today.

              I kept thinking about what you said, and...

              I hope you're trying to make me stay away for my own sake.

              No, it was actually more for me.

              Peter left me.

              Left you?

              No "Fuck you." No "Good-bye."

              No "Are you in love with George?"

              What did he say?

              "I'll be in the bedroom."

              I couldn't walk in there, so he left.

              Hey, Dad, the electrician needs to know--

              l--your mother--

              I had a kink in my--

              In his neck.

              -Back. -His back.

              The door was open.

              I don't know what I'm doing.

              I was...

              I wouldn't let Adam or Ryan see you doing this.

              It won't happen again.

              Well, Dale wants to know if we should run an outside line...

              for Christmas lights with a switch inside.


              Have him put it on a separate line.

              We'll-- Christmas time--

              we'll pack it so full of lights...

              the neighbors will need sunglasses.

              Oh, God, I could die.

              Yeah. Me, too.

              Are you going to kiss me?


              it's not my back that's killing me.

              Well, hello. How are you?

              George, I've recruited help for the roof.

              Hi. George Monroe.

              Me, too.

              See you.


              I just wanted to know where my mom was.

              I think she needs to be alone right now.

              Because Dad left?

              It's just a little sad, that's all.

              I don't care if he ever comes back.

              Here you go.

              Josh, you look like you need a hug.

              I'm OK.


              Don't even think about it.

              They got me started.

              Look, I will shock you so bad your tongue will turn black.

              OK, let's keep going. Knock another hole.

                  right up in here.

              Would you get that for me, please?

              Just let mine ring.

              I don't know...


              What are you doing?

              You are driving me crazy waiting like this.

              I want you in my bed now.

              -ls it mine? -I hope not.

              Coleen. Hello?


              Oh, my God! Are you OK?

              -I'm OK. -Don't move.

              -No, I'm fine. -Where does it hurt?

              Watch out.

              -I heard a scream. -Josh fell.

              Is that a bone sticking out?

              -Don't move your neck. -I'm going to call an ambulance.

              -lf I could just stand up. -Stay there.

              No, I'm fine. I'm OK.

              A leg, two fingers, one rib, and a mild concussion.

              Not bad, considering the height.

              Not a perfect day.

              I should get the kids home.

              Come on.

              -See you. -Anytime.

              Seat belt.

              You look like shit lately, you know?

              You're looking better than ever.

              I don't think Mom cares that much that Peter left.

              She seemed upset.

              What's wrong with your back?

              Do you have to have surgery on it or what?

              Because those pills that you're taking are for a lot of pain.

              And you seem to be going through them pretty quick, that's all.

              You're not still taking any, are you?

              No. But I count them.

              In a sock isn't exactly new, you know.

              I'm having a problem with cancer.

              I don't know what that means.

              What kind of a problem?

              The kind where there isn't any answer.

              I still don't know what it means.

              Sam, I wanted us to...oh, God.

              You know, spend a few months together.


              Sometimes things happen for a reason.

              Something bad to force something good.

              So you're dying.

              And you told Mom today.

              Fuck you.

              You knew you were dying from the start?

              We're all dying from the start.

              I just got moved to the head of the line.

              But you lied to me.

              I would've lied to myself if I thought I'd believe it.

              So this whole thing...

              this whole summer, having me here, was for your sake.

              You selfish fuck.

              Having me here, trying to get me to like you.

              No, Sam.

              I wasn't trying to get you to like me.

              I was trying to get you to love me.

              Well, congratulations...

              because you fucking pulled it off.

              Hi. Is Alyssa home?

              It's really late.

              What's the matter, Sam?


              My dad's dying.

              I really need to talk to Alyssa.

              Sam, you OK?

              My day off.

              Thought I'd help out with the plumbing.

              Maybe I'll fix that shower for you.


              I have a favor to ask.

              You look like crap, George.

              I want you to find someone for me.

              Find somebody?

              Yeah. I have some unfinished business.

              Mr. Monroe?

              You're relentless.

              Mr. Monroe, one of your neighbors is adamant...

              that your home exceeds its approved height...

              and he's filed to have construction stopped...


              It's twenty-five feet.

              If it is, we have a problem.

              I have the permit.

              After your last extension request...

              and your appeals to city council...

              was there an amended permit?

              Yes--for the patio, the air conditioning unit...

              and six inches to the height.

              David Dokos.

              Why do you let your dog crap on his lawn day after day?

              I don't let him. He just loves to.

              He'll make you tear the entire roof off...

              before he'll give you any satisfaction.

              Look, I'm afraid you're going to have to stop all this...

              until you get things settled.

              You can always go back and file an appeal.

              That'll take weeks.


              Just so you know, we will be working on this house...

              tomorrow and the next day and the day after...

              until it's finished.

              He'll call us again, and then he'll call the police.

              He has an attorney on retainer.

              Just so you know.

              If he hears a hammer, he'll have you arrested.

              You heard the lady.

              I'm going to go to bed.

              Has he eaten anything at all?

              I'd be more comfortable if he slept in the guest room.

              I'd be more comfortable if you hadn't slept with Josh.

              George would be more comfortable if he wasn't dying.

              Sam, there's, like, twenty people...

              working on your dad's house right now.

              If it was my father, I'd want to spend...

              every single second with him.

              You hate your father.

              If he tricked me into loving him is what I meant.

              You'd hate him for the trick.

              Not if what he left me was real.

              We pulled this crew off a tract at Newport.

              They're the best.

              They'll stick with it till it's done.

              What's going on?

              I hired some help.




              Where's George?

              I think he's still sleeping.

              Who are all these people?

              I thought he needed some help.

              George, wake up.

              You're still warm. Wake up.

              Stop licking me.

              They're taking your dad to the hospital.


              Hey, Guster.

              -Hey, boy. -I just stopped down.

              If you're hungry, maybe we could...

              You doing OK?

              And we got to take all the old paint off.

              He even let me choose the color I like best.

              He said he loved me.

              And I got to drill a hole through a board...

              to put the wire through.

              I've never seen you so excited about anything.

              Maybe you can help, too.

              I'd like that.

              That's good.

              Excuse me.

              I'm afraid no one's allowed in there now.

              That's my father.

              How you feeling?

              How are you?

              You're wet.

              I know.


              I went for a small swim.

              I want to show you something.

              Well, it's almost finished.

              Finish it, Sam.

              I want you to go straight to bed.

              It's late.

              Do you know anything about building a house?


              I guess I could teach you a few things.

              Sweet dreams.

              -Keys. -Keys.

              You look different.

              That was my plan.

              Be hardly recognizable to you.

              That's me.

              I fell in love with George again.

              I'll see you tomorrow.

              Where were you?

              Floating to Catalina.


              You got something.

              He said he heard hammering.


              My attorney's driving down from Newport Beach...

              and I just want you all to know that if I hear...

              so much as one more nail being hammered...

              I swear to God, by the time this whole thing's over...

              I'm gonna own this house.

              Mr. Dokos claims your father...

              missed his height envelope by six inches.

              He wants the whole roof taken down and lowered.

              Wait a minute.

              Do you drive a black Lexus?

              That's not your car out in the driveway right there?

              I'm going back to my house to wait for my lawyer.

              Are you sure we need lawyers?

              I mean, all we're talking about is six inches, right?

              Officer, I think we should just forget all about this.

              What the fuck?

              Everything happens for a reason.

              That's what my father says.

              Want to give me a hand?

              The waves.

              He loves it.

              There's a big one.

              He's holding on so tight.

              He's so scared but loving it.

              He had salt in his eyes, I think.

              You're kissing him.

              You're spinning him right now.

              He loved that.

              I remember.

              You were happy.

              Here comes a big one!

              Really big.

              Sam ! It's almost done.

              I thought maybe I could help, but...

              looks like you got all you can handle.

              We could always use an extra set of hands.

              You sure we can't call anyone?

              Hi, Mom.

              Is George OK?

              I always thought of myself as a house.

              I was always what I lived in.

              It didn't need to be big.

              It didn't even need to be beautiful.

              It just needed to be mine.

              I became what I was meant to be.

              I built myself a life.

              I built myself a house.

              Second trailer on your right.

              Thank you.

              Are you sure you want to do this?

              You could keep it and rent it out.

              This is what he wanted.

              I read the letter. You read the will.

              He wanted you to keep it and live in it someday.

              All right, maybe it's not what he wanted...

              but it's what he was hoping for.

              Maybe it's what I want.

              Twenty-nine years ago my father crossed a double line.

              Excuse me.

              Changed my life...

              and the life of a little girl forever with that mistake.

              -Hello. -That's my mom.

              Just can't stop thinking about her.

              Do you mind if we steal just a moment of your time?

              Have a seat.

              Thank you.

              My father built you a house.

              I don't understand.

              My father's family had a car accident with your family...

              With every crash of every wave, I hear something now.

              I never listened before.

              I'm on the edge of a cliff, listening.

              Almost finished.

              If you were a house, Sam...

              this is where you would want to be built.

              On rock, facing the sea... listening.



Special help by SergeiK