Lilith Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lilith script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Warren Beatty and Jean Seberg movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lilith. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lilith Script








Oh, thank you.

Can I help you?



Can you tell me where

I can find a Miss Brice?



That's me.



Well, I'm Vincent Bruce.



Please come in.



Won't you sit down?



- Would you like some coffee?

- Yeah, thank you.



- How do you take it?

- Black.



Well, we can begin either with your

telling me all about yourself...



...or my telling you all about us.

Which would you rather do?



I'd better tell you about me. You may

not want to bother with the rest of it.



All right.



There's not really very much to tell.

I've been out of the Army for a while.



I guess I've never had a job

that I was really interested in.



You live here in Stonemont,

don't you?



I've lived here all my life...



...and I was always kind of curious

about this place.






I don't know. I guess I just was.



Are you interested in a permanent job

or just some sort of summer work?



No, I mean a permanent job.



I want to do some kind of work where

I can be of direct help to people.



And that's why I decided

to come here.



Get out of here.



Get out of here.



Vincent, I'd like you

to meet Mr. Polakis.



- Hello.

- This is Mr. Bruce.



It's not as disturbing

on this floor, is it?



Somehow insanity

seems a lot less sinister...


            watch in a man than in a woman,

doesn't it?



I thought it best

to show you the worst first.



Young man.



- Are you a new patient?

- No, I'm just a visitor.



I may go to work here.



Tell me, have you read




I've read Crime and Punishment,

and Brothers Karamazov.



Oh, have you?

Tell me, do you believe it?



Do you believe that if there is no God,

there can be no such thing as virtue?






- Do you?

- No.



I do hope you'll come and work here.

We shall be very great friends.



I hope so.



You handled that very well.



- Have you done a lot of reading?

- Some.



When you're in the Army,

you've got nothing but time.



It's a lot different

from a state institution, huh?



Most of these people come

from very wealthy families.



They pay several thousand dollars

a month to keep them here.



Hi, Miss Brice.

Are you going to have lunch now?



It's a nice day, isn't it, Miss Brice?



I hope you have a nice lunch,

Miss Brice.



You have a very nice-looking friend.



It certainly is a nice day,

isn't it, Miss Brice?



Yes, Miss Glassman. It's a lovely day.



Of course, at first you'll be nothing

but an orderly, more or less.



It's long hours, terrible pay.



It's dirty, often degrading,

sometimes dangerous.



Do you know why you work here?



- Maybe I shouldn't ask you that.

- No, no. That's all right.



It's something that all of us

who work here have to ask ourselves.



And we're better off

if we can answer it...


            honestly and as thoroughly

as possible.



I hope you will too.



Miss Brice.



Think about it this evening.



If you don't change your mind,

I'll see you in the morning.



- Hi.

- How are you?



- I'm fine. How are you?

- Fine.



- I heard you were back.

- I've been back for a while.



I'm glad. They told me

you were wounded or something.



Yeah, or something.



- Gee, you look good.

- Thanks. So do you.



Did you get my letter?



- How is your husband?

- He's very well, thanks.



He's working with the electric

power company right now...



...hoping to be office manager

in the fall.



- Right here in town, huh?

- Yes.



All your letters never once mentioned

anything about us or our future.



- Didn't I?

- No.



Since we never really had any

understanding of a romantic nature...



There's my bus.



I hope you visit us sometime. I'd like

you to meet Norman, my husband.



- I will. I will.

- Bye.



I can have the job if I want it.



- Do you?

- Yeah.



- You've had no training.

- They'll train me.



I want the very best for you.

You know that, don't you, Vincent?



Nothing to be ashamed about

working in an insane asylum.



Nothing wrong

with curing sick people.



Or is there, Grandma?



I'm not hungry.






If your poor mother knew

about this job...



...I think she would be very happy.



This was their greatest moment...



... their moment of triumph...



... over the bodies

of wounded and dying men.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.



You'll die.



She dies.



Everybody dies.



Fourth floor.



- Good morning.

- Morning.



You take the third.

Polakis and Levitz.



And watch Dostoyevsky.

He's on his fresh-blood kick.



- Vincent Bruce, Bob Clayfield.

- We met earlier.



Accompany him for the week, observe

the way he deals with the patients...



...learn the Lodge rules

and procedures...



...and become generally oriented

to the hospital.



Come in.



- Good morning.

- Morning.



I thought you'd like to meet Mr. Bruce.

He's a new OT.



- Mr. Bruce, Mrs. Meaghan.

- Hello.



How do you do, Mr. Bruce?



- Please sit down.

- Thank you.



It's such a lovely day outside, we

thought you might like to take a walk.



Yes, it is a lovely day.



It's very kind of you,

but I cannot leave the building.



As you know, I have many enemies.



It'll be perfectly safe. Today,

there are two of us to protect you.



That's very kind of you.

Perhaps another day.



- Does Mr. Bruce play gin rummy?

- Sure, I play gin.



I should enjoy playing cards

for a while, if you have the time.






I'll be out in a little while.



- You wanna deal?

- Yes.



Cut, please.



She plays quite magically.



She made it herself.

Quite remarkable, isn't it?



Stop playing.



I said, stop playing!



I understand you've restricted

her playing to certain hours.



I think that's monstrous.



It was a staff decision. Some

of the patients complained, I believe.






I don't feel like

playing cards anymore.



I'll be back in a minute.



Wanna play?






Thank you. Thank you very much.






Try to get her down here, will you?



Are you going on the picnic?



May I carry it?



- I don't know. May he, Mr. Bruce?

- Sure.



You're very perceptive.

I'm glad you came here.



- What nationality are you?

- I'm an American.



- No, I mean what descent are you?

- Mostly English, I guess.



Would you marry an English girl?

I mean, of English descent?



I don't know, I'm...



- Would you think I was Jewish?

- It never occurred to me.



Many think I am, but I'm Polish.

My grandfather was a priest.



I might get out of here soon. I'm

almost well. I might even get married.



Should I bring them back?



No. Stay where you are

untiI it lets up.



He says we can stay.



I never knew

you could paint like that...



...simply with grasses

and things of that kind.



They fade, but there are no colors

like them while they last.



I'd love to paint

or do anything like that.



How do you begin?

What is it that you do?



I don't do anything.

My hand just moves, and I follow it.



That's it.

Your hand moves, mine doesn't.



I can't trust my hands.



You must learn if you want them

to lead you to things you love.



No, I'm afraid I have

a scholar's mind, not an artist's.



It's a very different faculty,

you know.



You have the gift of tongues.

That's a great gift.



But it's nothing compared to you.



I've studied them. I know the grammar,

but you've invented one of your own.



- That's the greatest gift.

- I didn't invent it.



- It was taught to me by my people.

- You actually hear it, then?



I mean, you actually

hear them speaking it?



Oh, I'd love to hear it. I'm fascinated

by languages, you know.



Do you think they would

speak it to me?



Perhaps you would teach me.



I wouldn't be allowed to teach you

without approval.



It's a language very few

are permitted to speak.



But what would I have to do?

I'm sure I could persuade them.



You would have to demonstrate great

courage and a great capacity for joy.



But I can. But I can.

You don't understand me.



Eat this, then.



They might make me sick.

They could be poisonous.



Don't do that. Spit it out.



- Have I made you angry, Mr. Bruce?

- He was right. It might be poisonous.



It wouldn't hurt me if it is.



- You worry about me, then?

- I'm responsible for you.



Yes, then I'll be very good.



I promise not to get sick.

I wouldn't want to embarrass you.



You hurt my hand.



Let me see.



You have exquisite hands.



I bite my nails.



If I learned to trust my hands...



...would they really lead me

to the things I love?



Vincent, come on. We're leaving.



Mr. Bruce, you haven't said anything

about my painting.



- Do you know what you almost did?

- What?



You almost killed a boy.

How can you let a paintbrush...



...fall    yards in front of you?

- I was shaking the paint out of it.



- Why'd you make him go after it?

- Because he's a fool.



If he's a fool,

why do you lead him on?



Because I'm mad.



Perhaps she was testing him.



Demanding a

demonstration of courage from him.



- Or an act of worship.

- I don't know what she was doing.



If she wanted to kill him, why didn't

she simply push him off the cliff?



All I know is, I shouldn't have

left him alone.



Look, that was my mistake, not yours.



I gave you the assignment. You

didn't have enough experience yet.



I thought it would be

good training for you.



The hard way, huh?



When I brought her back,

I tried to get her to admit what she did.



It was like trying to get her

to admit she's insane.



- She makes you forget she's a patient.

- Yes, she does.



She's very clever.



You still want to resign?



Could it be that you're

afraid of failing?



Do you remember I told you

we never issue a set of keys...


            a worker untiI we think

he's ready?



If you didn't feel so deeply, I wouldn't

have this much respect for you.



- Hi.

- Hi.



Have you seen her? Is she all right?

Did she ask about me?



- She say anything about last week?

- I haven't seen her.



I haven't either,

or heard her playing either.



- You don't suppose she's ill?

- No, no, I don't think so.



You ought to realize it wouldn't be

right for me to act as a go-between.



I understand, yes, of course.

I beg your pardon.



I thought you'd understand

my being anxious.



I do. And when I see her,

I'll tell her that you asked about her.



Will you? That's very kind of you.



I don't mean to embarrass you,

but it means a great deal to me.



- I know.

- I suppose you think it's foolish...



...rather absurd,

this attachment of mine.



I don't think there's anything

foolish about it.



- You don't?

- No.



Not even under

these grotesque conditions?






Well, still, it's possible to think of it

as a rather foolish thing.



She's so proud, you know?

Such a delicate creature.



And yet she allowed me to touch

her hair for a moment. You saw that.



You see, I really have

nothing else to live for.






So many of these people

have such extraordinary minds.



Such extraordinary sensibilities.



Too extraordinary, I think, sometimes.



This is not a scientific theory.



Maybe it's romantic, but I often

compare them to fine crystal...



...which has been shattered by the

shock of some intolerable revelation.



I have the feeling when I talk

with them, they have seen too much...



...with too fine an instrument.



That they have been close

to some extreme...


            something absolute

and been blasted by it.



That they have been destroyed, one

might say, by their own excellence.



Regarded in this way,

they are the heroes of the universe.



Its finest product

and its noblest casualty.



Schizophrenia, however, is far

from an exclusive affliction...



...of the superior mind.



As a matter of fact, by using a

substance from the blood of humans...



...schizophrenia has been

induced in dogs...



...spiders, as well as men.



As you will note, the web

of most normal spider species...


            as distinctive and invariable

as their coloring.



But the mad ones spin out

fantastic, asymmetrical...



...and rather nightmarish designs.



A most unsettling fact.



What's that...?

What language is that?



It's mine.



What do you mean,

your own language?



Why did you come here?



I needed a job.



You could get a job in a butcher shop.



Grocery store, gas station.



You were in the Army?



Were you a hero?



I didn't think so.



Did you come here for excitement?









I'm not an adventurer.



I think you are.






You're ill at ease. Adventurous people

are always a little ill at ease.



They're shy. They aren't bold

the way people think they are.



They go stumbling around,

breaking things, being scolded.



Always looking for a place

they feel they'll belong.



They have that crooked look.



The crooked look?



Of not really matching anything.



I'd like to go for a walk now.



I didn't think they'd let me go on

any more trips after the picnic.



Well, there's some

pretty smart people here.



My people punished me.






What'd they do to you?



They wept.

That's how they always punish me.



They come and kneel at my bed

and sob.



Have you ever heard someone

that you loved weeping?



Sometimes I hear my mother cry.



Do you?



Is she unhappy?



Not now.



At least, I hope not.



What was your mother like?



Hands lie so still in death.



You've killed with these hands. Why?



That's the business of a soldier.



You must love your god a lot to

kill for him and still go on loving him.



I'd never ask that of a lover.



I'd only ask his joy.



Look at her. She wants to be like me.



She's lovely.



My kisses kill her.

She's like all of them.



Destroys them to be loved.



Can I go farther?









You call me "Lilith."



Well, at least that'll be

a very unusual kind of cloth, huh?



- You think it's beautiful?

- Yes.



You gonna cut your hair?



There are scissors there on the table.

Will you hand them to me?






You won't?



What'll you do? Leave me

chained here by my hair untiI I starve?



Gonna set you free.



That'll be difficult.



This was to be a present for you.

A throw for your bed.



I made it especially for you.



To make you dream.



You're very gentle.



I'm glad you're not leaving.



I think you do a great deal of good

here. I think the patients trust you.



It'd be very foolish

if you were to leave.



These reports of mine

are not completely accurate.



They're factual, but they

don't express what really happens.



The atmosphere of your relationship

is different from what the reports say?



- Right.

- Are you disturbed about it?



Let me put it quite candidly.



Do you feel she's trying

to seduce you?



Well, it's not that simple.



Well, you could call it that.

But it's not...



It's not just a physical thing.

It's much more than that.



I'm not sure what it is

that she's trying to offer.



It's almost like she wants to share

this magic little world of hers.






Does that all sound strange to you?



No, that doesn't sound strange.



It isn't unknown, you know,

for patients to seduce personnel...



...and vice versa, unfortunately.



Do you ever feel inclined to accept?






Yeah, sometimes I do.




You see, I don't really think

that Lilith is unhappy.



Most of the patients are.



But I don't think she is.

She's got some...



- I don't know, she's got a kind of a...

- Rapture.



- What was the word?

- Rapture.



Rapture? That's a good word for it.



Yes, it is. In Shakespeare's time,

it meant "madness"...


            the words "ecstasy"

and "innocence" often did.



I think all of us here are concerned

with rapture in some way.



And when a man devotes himself

to studying the nature of rapture...



...he may find himself

dispossessed by it.



That's one of the risks we take.



Does she ever talk to you

about her delusions?






Oh, yeah.



In her case, it's seldom possible

to tell what is fantasy and what is fact.



Has she ever spoken to you

about her family?



No, I don't think so.



She had a brother who was

killed accidentally in a fall.



She's never mentioned him,

I suppose.



Well, you know,

I never try to question her.



No, I wouldn't.



That's apt to be disastrous.



How long did you say

that she's been here?



Since she was   .



What do you think of her chances?



Very small.



Still, you never can tell.

She's been doing very well lately.



I'm particularly pleased with the

influence you seem to have on her.



This is a girl that, since she's

been here, has had no contact...



...with any world except her own.



I think you're doing a damn good job.



It's a very small chance

that we're talking about.



You saw Dr. Lavrier last week,

didn't you?



You talk about me?



Among other things.



What'd you say?



Tell me.



You think I should, huh?



You think I would?



I invent all sorts of stories for him

about my childhood.



You think he believes them?



He'll believe anything about me

except that I'm happy.



It's all he exists for,

inventions and confessions.



- I'm sure he'd love to hear yours.

- What would I tell him?



Don't you know?



Excuse me.



Good morning, Miss Arthur.



I'm making something for you...


            the shop. They told me

next week was your birthday...



...and I wanted to give you something.

I wonder if I should tell you.



I think it's going to be quite nice.



I've been spending a lot of time on it.



It should be finished in a day or two.



Are you going bicycling?



It's a lovely day for it.



May I come with you?



I'm sorry...



...maybe we can do it another time.



That's very disappointing.



Wait, wait.






Tell me now, please.



You think I don't know

how you suffer?



I do. I know how terrible it is

to love somebody...



...and not be able to confess

your love.



But you can tell me.






I can't stand it.



I can't stand it anymore.



This is a bad cut.

We'll have to go back.



You've got blood on your face.



You feel cleaner now?



You think I infected you?






I've never been able to do

anything worthwhile in my life.



I wish you would help me to do

just one thing well, honorably.



If you wanna help me, go away.



I can't be saved by honor.



Well, how does everybody

feel today?



You're all so solemn.



Did anything happen today that

somebody would like to talk about?



Doesn't anybody

have anything to say?



Miss Verigold...


           've just come back to us.

Is there anything you'd like to say?



I'm happy to be back with...



That is so stupid.



- "Marigold."

- Well, I would like to...



Why were you laughing

when Miss Verigold was speaking?



I just think her name is so funny.



Her name is so funny,

it cracks me up.



I have a new understanding now.



Benito, you had something on your

mind you had to tell the whole group.



How about it?



Did you ever see

a dancer that smoked?



I don't want it anymore.

I don't know why.



I was born to do it.

I was born to move.



I was born to be free.

I was born to express, to create.



I got nothing left anymore.

I'm drained.



I know I do...

I know...



Love it.



But it seems to me that

that love that I have I can easily hate.



- Destroy because it possesses me...

- Who gave you the right to destroy?



- Who gave you the right to destroy?

- Nobody gave me the right.



- I chose the right.

- You have no such right.



You have no right to destroy the gift

God gave you. It belongs to us all.



I don't accept that. It's my gift.



- I do with it as I please.

- Who do you think you are?



How dare you take such a prerogative

into your own hands!



- Really?

- Yes! Yes!



- You have no right.

- What do you mean, who am I?



Who are...?

God gave you a great gift.



It was for us that he meant it.

It's for us...


            judge if you have the right...

- It's not for you to judge anything.



What you lack is a sense of reality.



What's so wonderful about reality?



Why don't you tell me you love me?

Why don't you tell me you want me?



Because I love you.



I can't be saved by honor.



To make you dream.

To make you dream.



To make you dream.

To make you dream.



You call me "Lilith."



Good morning. That was some storm

we had last night. You see any of it?



Yeah. About  :   the shutter

broke loose, woke me up.



I don't think I've seen rain like that.



- I read your report. Did it go well?

- It went pretty well.



You feeling secure about yourself?



I think that was all imagination

or beginner's nerves or something.



Are you still getting a lot of fantasy?



No, I mentioned that in the report.



No personal talk

that I should know about?



- No. No.

- Well, keep in touch with me.



She'd like to go and see that

jousting tournament in Barnesville...



...and I said I'd ask

your permission, so...



Did you ask her yourself?



It just came up. Something we

were talking about. Horses, I think.



All the other OTs have given me such

good reports. I'm pleased about it.



By all means, take her.



Thank you.



It's like another time and place.



- Knights and lances.

- Oh, this is a very old custom.



They brought it here from England.

Except nowadays...



...instead of knocking each other

off horses, we spear that ring.






I did this before I was in the service,

when I was a kid.



You any good at it?



I'm pretty good.



Candy apples. Candy apples.



Get your candy apples. Fifteen cents.



Candy apples. Fifteen cents.

Get your candy apples.



That doll.



- Which one?

- That one. I want it.



How much are your watermelons?



Twenty-five cents.

The big ones is    cents.



- How much is the ice?

- We're not selling the ice, ma'am.



I'd rather have a piece of ice.

Can't I have a tiny piece?



Yes, ma'am.



Let me do it.



It's like a diamond.



Yes, ma'am.



She swallowed the diamond!



It'd cut her all up inside if it was.

She'd bleed.



- Wanna see my blood?

- Yes, ma'am.



Touch my lips.



It ain't none.

I known you was fooling.



There is, but you can't see it.

It's clear, like water.



She got white blood.



- What color's yours?

- Mine's red. I get cut a lot.



No, it's not.



It's blue.



Hot and blue.



I don't have any money.

Can't pay you for the diamond.



Shall I give you a kiss instead?



- Yes, ma'am.

- Come here.



Goodbye. Thanks. It was delicious.



He's the most beautiful one of all.

He shines like gold.



Vince never told me he was

gonna bring you. He's a sly deviI.



Are you gonna ride?



For me?



You better take the lance too.

It's over by the tree.



I'll get it.



How you gonna ride? I gotta fill out

a entry blank with your name.



- Knight of Poplar Lodge.

- What colors?



Can I use your scarf?



Blue and gold.



We will now commence

the riding of the tournament.



Sir knights, the rules are as follows:



Distance of the course is    yards.



The time to ride the course

is    seconds.



Your rings are now hanging...



...   feet,   inches from the ground.



We will now commence

the riding of the tournament.



Knight of Doranstown,

prepare to charge.



Clear the track, please.

Keep your balloons still, children.



Charge, sir knight.



Three rings.



We will now reduce the rings

to three-quarter of an inch.



The ring hangers will now hang

the three-quarter inch rings.



Knight of Doranstown,

prepare to charge.



Keep the tracks clear, please.



Charge, sir knight.



Three rings. Three rings.



Knight of Poplar Lodge,

prepare to charge.



Charge, sir knight.



Three rings!



 .  seconds.

Best of the day, and the winner.



- Is this your lady?

- Yes.



Crown her queen

of love and beauty.



I love you.



If I died tonight,

would it have been enough?



Then I'll live forever.



So smooth...



...everywhere but where they

wounded you.



Now the wound's mine.






Good evening.



Aren't you gonna go in

to dinner?



In a little while.



I can bring a tray up to your room

if you want me to.



No, thank you.



I couldn't help noticing

you've succeeded...


            persuading Miss Arthur to

accompany you on several occasions.



That's quite remarkable, considering

she hasn't been out in months.



That, of course,

is in your line of duty, isn't it?



Isn't it?



I'm sure you think of yourself

as a very persuasive young man.



That's my job.



I should find it a most

depressing kind of work.



Entertaining eccentric spinsters,

pushing witless girls about.



I don't think of it that way.



No, I'm sure you don't.



You seem to be a man

of principle.



That's less flattering

than you believed.



Good evening, Mr...






Oh, yes, of course.



Principles, Mr. Bruce...



...should always be examined.



We have to be careful.



Do you think loving me is sinful?



Think I have a talent for love?



If my talent were greater than you

think, would you stop loving me?



I don't think you love me.



There are a lot of things that

aren't allowed, but we've done them.



I wonder what they'd do

if they knew.



Should I tell them?



I think, if you think they'll take your

word against mine, you tell them.



If someone on the staff were to support

my story, maybe they would.



What are you talking about?



If I lose this job,

then we don't see each other anymore.



I love you, Vincent.



You dirty bitch.



If you should discover

that your god loved others...


            much as he loved you,

would you hate him for it?



I show my love for all of you,

and you despise me.



Oh, Mr. Bruce?

I want to show this to you.



It's the gift I'm making for her.



I showed it to Miss Brice before.

She thought it was lovely, didn't you?



- Yes.

- It's made out of cedar.



As you can see,

the design is very intricate.



You know, I've never made anything

with my hands before.



It's for her pastels.



I've never seen her so happy before,

have you?






Vincent, my goodness.



What in the world are you doing

out there in the rain?



I just went out for a walk,

and I happened to be passing by.



Why don't you stop in for a minute.



We're just about to have our coffee.



Would you like to have

a cup with us?



I know Norman would like

to meet you very much.



If it isn't too much trouble,

I'd like to meet him.






Norman, this is Vincent Bruce

that I told you so much about.



Well, how do you do? We've been

waiting long enough for this pleasure.



- Thank you.

- Vincent happened to be passing by.



- He'll have a cup of coffee with us.

- Fine, wonderful.



Sit down there, Vince,

while Laura stirs us up some coffee.



- You won't be long?

- It's almost ready.



- Remember my meeting?

- I don't see how I could forget it.



I've got United Citizens CounciI




Women don't understand

the importance of civic things.



A man attends

his civic responsibilities...



...and they feel deserted.

- I guess they do.



I guess you're mighty glad to be back,

aren't you?



- Yeah.

- It's quite an adventure, wasn't it?



Yes, it was.



I tried twice to sign up myself,

but I couldn't make the grade.



Colon trouble.



The TV bother you? I'll just...



Say, I don't suppose

there's any possibility...


            knew my brother.

He's in the   st Marine Division...



...over there in your part

of the world somewhere.



No, no, I don't.



- That was a great outfit, though.

- Great outfit, wasn't it? Great.



Nick had a fine war record.

He's doing well now too.



He turned out to be real natural

as a traveling salesman.



Found a kind of unusual line

for an ex-Marine.



Every time I see him now, I say:



"Nick, I never thought I'd see you

in ladies' underwear."



Ladies' underwear, that's his line,

ladies' underwear.



Yeah, I got it.



The joke's on us. He made     

last year in commissions.



There's no laugh about that,

is there?






I wish sometimes

I went on the road myself.



It's a good life,

in more ways than one.






Do you have to shout like that,




You know Mother's

trying to get some sleep.



Well, let's not go into that now.



How about the coffee?



I don't want to barge in

on you like this.



No, no, no. You stay.

We want to hear all about you.



Laura tells me you're over

at the asylum. Is that right?



Yeah, I'm training to be something

they call an occupational therapist.



Is that so?

An occupational therapist?



I bet that's pretty interesting work,

isn't it?



- It can be.

- Yeah.






...I bet you some pretty funny stuff

goes on in a place like that, isn't it?



Come to think of it,

Laura was telling me...



...that your mother

used to be a little...



Oh, thank you.



You caught me on a bad night. I have

to run, or I'm gonna miss this meeting.



- I think I better be going...

- No, no, no. You stay.



Laura, you get him

some of the blueberry muffins.



Did you put the garbage out?



- I'll get it later.

- That's the third night...



I can't think of everything now.

I just can't think of everything.



I've got more important things

on my mind than that garbage.



- Been real nice meeting you.

- Yeah.



Come back real soon,

we'll have a real chat.



Thank you.



Can you imagine that, Vincent?



Me drinking?



Please have one.



Vincent, how did you happen

to stop by tonight?



You never got that clock fixed.



Isn't that funny,

the things you remember?



I thought you'd forgotten

all about me.



You see, I wasn't sure how you felt

after Norman and I got married.



I even thought you might be

holding it against me.



Why would I do that?



I've been thinking about you.



I happened to see you passing by the

other day. I suppose that's the reason.



You were with

a very pretty blond girl.



That's one of the patients.



I'm sure you'll make a great success

of your work, Vincent.



I always hoped you'd

find yourself someday.



Vincent, what's the matter?



- I'll be running along.

- Vincent.



Do you remember when I said...



...l'd never really let you make love

to me untiI I was married?



Well, I am married now.



I'm not allowed

to go across the street.



If this was my hoop, I'd put ribbons

in the rim, with little bells.



That would be a good idea, lady,

but would it cost a lot?



Then I'd have to give you

some money.



We still have some money, don't we,

Vincent? From my allowance?



- How much?

- A dollar.



There you are.

Don't forget, it's just for the bells.



Yes, ma'am, and thank you.



I'll come back and see you in a couple

of days. When, Vincent? Thursday?



- What's your name?

- David.



Ma'am, I wanna buy this aquarium.



There he goes again.



He screamed like that all night. Who is

it that screams like that above me?



It's our friend Mr. Davis, isn't it?



Why don't they do something for him?

You don't know how terrible it is.



- What do you want them to do?

- Kill him.



They're not supposed to kill people

here. They're supposed to cure them.



Are they?



Do you think they can cure Lilith?



Do you know what she wants?



Do you think they can cure this fire?



Do you know

what they have to cure?



She wants to leave the mark of her

desire on every creature in the world.



If she were Caesar,

she'd do it with a sword.



If she were a poet,

she'd do it with words.



But she's Lilith.



She has to do it with her body.



Your hands are cold.

They feel like death.



Why did you steal my doll?



- What doll?

- You know.



I don't know

what you're talking about.



You're lying.



You say you love me, and you lie.

How can there be trust between us...



...when you lie to me?

- Wait a minute. Wait a minute!



- I didn't steal your doll.

- Liar! Liar!



Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar!









I took it because I love you.



Did I show you my paintbox?



My new one?



Don't you think it's beautiful?



It was a gift from Ronnie.



Ronnie? Who's Ronnie?



My brother.



Your brother's dead.



Is he?



He used to give me things.






There was a rose

in his hand that day.



All the petals

blew away like little flowers.



What did you ever bring me,




I want you to take us out together.



His hands are warm...



...not cold and dead like yours.



He makes lovely things for me.



He's very sweet.



I've been very cruel to him.



Tell me more about your brother.



My brother?



There's nothing to tell.



He's dead.



He asked Miss Brice

to bring it for me.



Who asked Miss Brice?






Steven Evshevsky.

He made it for me for my birthday.



Don't you think that's touching?



You will take us walking tomorrow,

won't you?



You will take us walking.



Won't you?



Good evening.



Won't you sit down?



The music's beautiful, isn't it?



You saw Miss Arthur today.



I wonder if she mentioned

the gift that I sent her.



Yes, she did.



She did? Well, was she...?



Did she seem pleased with it?



She showed it to me.



She showed it to you?



Then she must have been

pleased with it.



You know, I really think she's

beginning to have a feeling for me.



Don't you?



Of all the people here, I think you are

the only one who understands us.



How beautiful everything is.



Only last night, this very tree

terrified me.



Do you know I was just

about to destroy this leaf?



To kill it...



...just out of happiness.



How careless joy can make us,

and yet how wonderful.



One feels a kind of

heightened sensitivity.



You hear things that

you've never heard before.



You see things that

you've never seen before.



You can feel colors.



That must be what she feels when

she catches the sunlight in her prisms.



How wonderful I feel

when I'm happy.



Do you think that insanity...



...could be so simple a thing

as unhappiness?



Maybe it's the other way around.



I don't understand that.



What do you mean?



I don't know what I mean.



Sometimes I just say things.

You shouldn't trust me.



But I do.



Just as I trust the way I feel.



You say she showed you my gift.



Did she say anything about it?



Did she like it?



Did she talk about me?



I'd like permission to live

on the grounds.



He got a kitchen knife

from someone.



Held it against his chest and

then fell full-length onto the floor.



- When?

- It must have been about sunrise.



Greta came over to check

when he didn't show at breakfast.



Tell him to cover up his hands.



He didn't like people

to see his fingers.



What is it? Mother here?



I saw the ambulance.



I was watching from my window.



They came to get my brother,

didn't they? They've taken him away.



I saw them. I saw the ambulance.



They took him out on a stretcher,

covered with a white blanket.



It was Steven.






- You're lying to me.

- No.



- Why are you always lying to me?

- I'm not lying.



You mean that gentleman

with the lovely hands...



...who made me my paintbox?



Have I shown you

my paintbox?



And you were going

to take us walking.



- No.

- You said in a couple days...



...we could go walking.



You don't know what I've done.

He killed himself.



He's dead.



No, I don't know what you're saying.



I don't understand

what you're saying.



You shouldn't say

such terrible things.



You're lying if you say those things.



I did the right thing.



You wanted me to do that.

Say that.



That isn't why they die.



Just say I did the right thing.



Tell me that.



Say you wanted me to do it.



I don't kill the things I love.



I didn't kill my brother.



He jumped.



He jumped because he

didn't dare to love me.



And I wanted him to.



I wanted him to.



What else you wanna know,




You always want me to tell you things.

Don't you know enough, doctor?



I'm Vincent.






Leave me alone, please.



Leave me alone. Please.















- Drinking?

- Sure.



Only it's on me.

I owe you a binge.



Scotch, water on the side.



Scotch, blood on the side.



If you're in a rocket ship,

you can shoot right back at them.



They disintegrate.



You're gonna be alone

in space, you know.



Space, all alone.



I don't know which is right.



Yellow hair, yellow ribbon.



This one's for you, bitch.



Help me.


Special help by SergeiK