Lilo And Stitch Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lilo And Stitch script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Disney movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lilo And Stitch. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lilo And Stitch Script




Read the charges.



Dr. Jumba Jookiba--



lead scientist of

Galaxy Defense Industries--



you stand before this council



accused of illegal

genetic experimentation.



How do you plead?



Not guilty!



My experiments

are only theoretical--




within legal boundaries.



We believe you actually

created something.



Created something?! Ha!



But that would be irresponsible

and unethical.



I would never, ever...



make more than one.



What is that monstrosity?






What you see before you

is the first of a new species.



I call it Experiment  - - .



He is bulletproof, fireproof



and can think faster

than supercomputer.



He can see in the dark



and move objects

     times his size.



His only instinct:



To destroy

everything he touches!



So, it is a monster.



Hey, just a little one.



It is an affront to nature.



It must be destroyed!



Calm yourself, Captain Gantu.



Perhaps it can be reasoned with.



Experiment  - - 



give us some sign you understand

any of this.



Show us that there is something

inside you that is good.






Meega, nala kweesta!



So naughty!



I didn't teach it that.



Place that idiot scientist

under arrest!



I prefer to be called

evil genius!



And as for that abomination...



it is the flawed product

of a deranged mind.



It has no place among us.



Captain Gantu, take him away.



With pleasure.















The council has banished you

to exile on a desert asteroid.



So, relax... enjoy the trip



and don't get any ideas.



These guns are locked

onto your genetic signature.



They won't shoot anyone but you.



Ow! Why, you...!



May I remind the captain

that he is on duty.



Secure the cell!



Aye, Captain.



Captain on deck.



All ahead full.



Do... Does this, uh,

look infected to you?






Quiet, you.



Gunfire in the cell bay!



Open a channel.



He's loose on Deck C!



Red alert.

Seal off the deck!




converge on door seven!



Deadly force authorized.



Fire on sight!



There he is!



Security to Bridge.



It's in the ventilation system.



He's headed for the power...






What was that?



I don't think he's

on the ship anymore.




He's taken a police cruiser.



Yeah... he took the red one.









That's it!



We got it.

We got it!



Hyperdrive activated.



System charging.



He's engaged his H-drive!




guidance is not functional.



Pursuit Commander



that crazy trog is

about to make a jump!



Break formation!

Get clear of that ship!



Navigation failure.



Do not engage hyper...



Get me Galactic Control.



Where is he?!



He's still in hyperspace.



Where will he exit?



Calculating now--



quadrant    section  - - 

area   .



A planet called... Ee-arth.



I want an expert on this planet

in here now!



What is that?



Water. Most of the planet

is covered in it.



He won't survive in water.



His molecular density

is too great.






Of course.



How much time do we have?



We have projected his landing

at three hours,    minutes.



Oh, we have to gas the planet.



Hold it!



Hold everything!



Earth is a protected

wildlife preserve.



Yeah. We've been using it



to rebuild

the mosquito population



which, need I remind you,

is an endangered species!



Am I to assume

you are the expert?



Oh, I don't know about expert.



Agent Pleakley at your service.



Can we not simply

destroy the island?



No! Crazyhead!



The mosquito's food of choice,

primitive humanoid life forms



have colonies

all over that planet.



Are they intelligent?



No, but they're very delicate.



In fact, every time an asteroid

strikes their planet



they have to begin life

all over.



It's fascinating, isn't it?



With this,

I've been able to study...



What if our military forces

just landed there?



Well, that'd be a bad idea!



These are extremely

simple creatures, miss.



Landing there would create mass

mayhem and planet-wide panic!



A quiet capture would require

an understanding of  - - 



that we do not possess!



Who, then, Mr. Pleakley, would

you send for his extraction?



Does he have a brother?



Close grandmother, perhaps?



Friendly cousin?



Neighbor with a beard?



He got away?



I'm sure this comes

as no surprise to you.



I designed this creature

for to be unstoppable.



Which is precisely why you

must now bring him back.



What? Me?



And to reward you



we are willing to trade

your freedom for his capture.



 - -  will not come easily.



Maybe direct hit

from plasma cannon



might stun him long enough to...



Plasma cannon granted.



Do we have a bargain, Dr. Jumba?



B-B-But it's a delicate planet!



Who's going to control him?



You will.



Very good, Your Highness.



I... I didn't quite...



Uh, you're notjoking!



So, tell me,

my little one-eyed one



on what poor, pitiful,

defenseless planet



has my monstrosity

been unleashed?



Mahalo nui ia



Ke Ali iwahine



O Lili ulani



O ka Wohi ku



Ka pipio mai o ke anuenue



Na waihooluu a halikeole



E nana na maka

i ke ao malama



Mai Hawaii akea i Kauai...



O Kal'kaua he inoa



O Ka pua mae ole i ka I'



Ka pua maila i ka mauna



I ke kuahiwi o Mauna Kea



Ke 'maila i K'lauea



M'lamalama i Wahinekapu



A ka luna o Uw'kahuna



I ka pali kapu o Ka auea



Ea mai ke ali i kia manu



Ua wehi i ka hulu o ka mamo



Ka pua nani a o Hawai i



O Kal'kaua he inoa



O Kal'kaua he inoa



Ka pua mae ole i ka I'



Ka pua maila i ka mauna



I ke kuahiwi o Mauna Kea



Ke 'maila i K'lauea...



One, two, three, four...



...M'lamalama i







...A ka luna o Uw'kahuna



I ka pali kapu o Ka auea



Mahalo nui ia



Ke Ali iwahine



O Lili ulani



O ka Wohi ku...



Ea mai ke ali i kia manu



Ua wehi i ka hulu o ka mamo



Ka pua nani a o Hawai I



O Kal'kaua he inoa...



He Inoa No Kalani Kalakaua








Stop. Stop.



Lilo, why are you all wet?



It's sandwich day.



Every Thursday,

I take Pudge the fish



a peanut butter sandwich.



Pudge is a fish?



And today we were out

of peanut butter!



So I asked my sister

what to give him



and she said a tuna sandwich.



I can't give Pudge tuna!



Do you know what tuna is?






It's fish!



If I gave Pudge tuna,

I'd be an abomination!



I'm late because

I had to go to the store



and get peanut butter



'cause all we have

is-is stinkin' tuna!



Lilo, Lilo, why is

this so important?



Pudge controls the weather.



You're crazy.



Please! Please!



Everybody calm down!












I'm sorry! I'm sorry!



I won't do it again!



Maybe we should call

your sister.



No! I'll be good!



I want to dance.



I practiced.



I just want to dance.



I practiced.



Ooh, she bit me.






I called your sister.



She said to wait for her

here on the porch.



We'll try again on Sunday.



Does this look infected

to you?






You better not have rabies.



If you have rabies



the dogcatcher is

going to have to cut...



Are you going to play dolls?



You don't have a doll.



This is Scrump.



I made her,

but her head is too big.



So I pretend a bug laid eggs

in her ears, and she's upset



because she only has

a few more days to...












Oh, no.



You better be home.



Hey! Watch where you're going!






I found a new place to dwell...



Oh, Lilo!



Lilo! Open the door, Lilo!



Go away.



...You make me so lonely,







We don't have time for this.



...I get so lonely...



Leave me alone to die.



Come on, Lilo



that social worker's going

to be here any minute!



...You still can find

some room



For brokenhearted lovers

to cry away their gloom



Don't make me so lonely, baby



Don't make me so lonely



I get so lonely I could die...



The bellhop's tears

keep flowin'...



You are so finished

when I get in there!



Well, they been so long

on Lonely Street



They ain't ever

gonna look back...



Oh, I'm going to stuff you

in the blender



push puree,

then bake you into a pie



and feed it

to the social worker!



And when he says,

Mmm, this is great.



What's your secret?

I'm going to say...



Love... and nurturing.



Hi. Uh...



You must be the, uh...



The stupidhead.



Oh! Oh...



Oh, you know,

I'm really sorry about that



and if I'd known who you were,

of course I never would've...



Uh... I can pay for that.



It's a rental.



Are you the guardian

in question?



Yes. I'm Nani.



Nice to meet you, Mister...?






Mr. Bubbles.



That's a strange...



Yes, I know.



Are you going

to invite me in, Nani?



Uh... I thought we could

sit out here and talk.



I don't think so.



Right. Uh...



...It's always crowded...



This way.



...You still can find some room



For brokenhearted lovers

to cry away their gloom



You make me so lonely, baby...



Uh... wait here.












Do you often

leave your sister home alone?



No. Never.



Well, except forjust now.



Uh, I had to run

to the store to get some...






You left the stove on

while you were out?



Low heat!



Just a simmer.






It's coming along great.



I found that this morning.



Lilo! There you are.






this is Mr. Bubbles.



Nice to meet you.



Your knuckles say Cobra.



Cobra Bubbles.



You don't look like

a social worker.



I'm a special classification.



Did you ever kill anyone?



We're getting off the subject.



Let's talk about you.



Are you happy?



I'm adjusted.



I eat four food groups



and look both ways

before crossing the street



and take long naps,

and get disciplined.







She disciplines me real good.



Sometimes five times a day.



-With bricks.







Uh-huh, in a pillowcase.



Okay! That's enough sugar

for you.



Why don't you run along,

you little cutie.



The other social workers

just thought she was a scream.






Let me illuminate to you

the precarious situation



in which you have

found yourself.



I am the one they call

when things go wrong



and things have

indeed gone wrong.



My friends need to be punished.



Call me next time

you're left here alone.






In case you're wondering,

this did not go well.



You have three days

to change my mind.










Why didn't you wait

at the school?



You were supposed

to wait there!






Do you not understand?

Do you want to be taken away?



Answer me!






No, you don't understand?






No, what?






You're such a pain!



So why don't you sell me

and buy a rabbit instead?!



At least a rabbit would behave

better than you!



Go ahead!

Then you'll be happy



because it'll be smarter

than me, too!



And quieter!



You'll like it,

'cause it's stinky, like you!



Go to your room!



I'm already in my room!






I brought you some pizza,

in case you were hungry.



We're a broken family,

aren't we?






Maybe, a little.



Maybe a lot.



I shouldn't have yelled at you.



We're sisters. It's ourjob.



Yeah, well, from now on...



I like you better as a sister

than a mom.






And you like me better

as a sister



than a rabbit, right?






Oh, oh, oh, oh.






Yes, I do.



I hit Mertle Edmonds today.



You hit her?



Before I bit her.



You bit her.



Lilo, you shouldn't...



People treat me different.



They just don't know

what to say.



I'll tell you what.



If you promise

not to fight anymore



I promise not to yell at you,

except on special occasions.



Tuesdays and bank

holidays would be good.



Yeah? Would that be good?



Oh! My camera's full again.



Aren't they beautiful?



A falling star!



I call it! Get out! Get out!



I have to make a wish!



Can't you go any faster?



Oh, no!

Gravity is increasing on me.



No, it's not!



It is, too, Lilo.



The same thing

happened yesterday.



You rotten sister!

Your butt is crushing me!



Why do you act so weird?!



It's me again.



I need someone

to be my friend...



someone who won't run away.



Maybe send me an angel...



the nicest angel you have.



What we when hit?



There it is.



It stay jammed under the fender.



We better call somebody.



We're looking for something

that can defend itself...



something that won't die...



something sturdy, you know?



Like a lobster.



Lilo, you lolo.



Do we have a lobster door?



No. We have a dog door.



We are getting a dog.



So nice

to see your pretty face again!






We need your name and address

at the bottom of the form...



The kennel's back this way.



Go. Pick someone out.









Are there any aminals in here?









Hoh... ha...









Oh, yes. Mm-hmm.



All of our dogs are adoptable.



Except that one!



What is that thing?!



A dog, I think.



But it was dead this morning.



It was dead this morning?!



Well, we thought it was dead.

It was hit by a truck.



I like him!

Come here, boy.



Oh! Aah!



Wouldn't you like

a different dog?



We have better dogs, dear.



Not better than him.



He can talk! Say hello.



He... Hel...



Dogs can't talk, dear.



He did.



Does it have to be this dog?



Yes, he's good.



I can tell.



You'll have to think of a name

for him.



His name is... Stitch.



Now, that's not a real name...



Hmm. Uh-uh, uh-uh-uh.



but here, it's a good name.



Stitch it is.



And there's

a two dollar license fee.



I want to buy him!



Can I borrow two dollars?



He's all yours.



You're all mine.



Well, what's he doing?



Shh! Keep quiet.



He's listening for us.



How good is his hearing?



I mean, can he...



Why don't you run?



Coming! I'm coming!






I have just determined

this situation



to be far too hazardous!



Don't worry,

I won't hit her.



No! That girl is a part

of the mosquito food chain.



Here! Educate yourself.



Using a little girl

for a shield.



This is low, even for you!









Tear him apart

with all both my bare hands!



Have you lost your mind?!



What is it, Stitch?



We cannot be seen!



Bad dog, barking at nothing!



You can't shoot,

and you can't be seen.



Look at you!



You look like a monster.



We have to blend in.



Okay, I got to get to work.



Stick around town and stay

out of the roads, okay?



I'll meet you at  :  .












Okay, I guess

we should be going.



What about Stitch?



My friends!



What do you want?



I'm sorry I bit you



and pulled your hair



and punched you in the face.



Apology not accepted.



Now get out of my way

before I run you over.



I got a new dog.

His name is Stitch.



That is the ugliest thing

I have ever saw.







Eww! Get it away from me!



I'm gonna get a disease!



Somebody do something!



Oh, great! He's loose.



His destructive programming

is taking effect.



He will be irresistibly

drawn to large cities



where he will back up sewers



reverse street signs and

steal everyone's left shoe.



It's nice to live on an island

with no large cities.



Are you okay?



Doo-doo... Doo-doo...



You can shake an apple

off an apple tree



Shake-a, shake-a, sugar,

but you'll never shake me







No, siree, uh-uh...












I'm gonna stick like glue



Stick because I'm...



Stuck on you



I'm gonna run my fingers



Through your long, black hair...



Hey, over here,

little buddy.



...Squeeze you tighter

than a grizzly bear







Yes, siree, uh-huh







I'm gonna stick like glue



Stick because I'm...



Stuck on you



Hide in the kitchen



Hide in the hall



Ain't gonna do you no good

at all



'Cause once I catch ya

and the kissin' starts



A team o' wild horses

couldn't tear us apart



Try to take a tiger

from his daddy's side...



When you're ready to give up

just let us know, heh?












This is you.



This is your badness level.



It's unusually high

for someone your size.



We have to fix that.



Ay-yi-yi, Lilo!



Your dog cannot sit

at the table.



Stitch is troubled.

He needs desserts.



Oh, you didn't even eat

your sweet potato.



I thought you liked them.









I got a new dog.



Oh! You sure it's a dog?






He used to be a collie

before he got ran over.















Howzit, Nani?



Did you catch fire again?



Nah, just the stage.



Listen, I was wondering



if you're not

doing anything this...



David, I told you, I can't. I...



I got a lot to deal with

right now.



I know. I just figured

you might need some time...



You smell like a lawn mower.



Look, I got to go.



The kid at table three's

throwing poi again.



Maybe some other time, okay?



Don't worry.



She likes your butt

and fancy hair.



I know. I read her diary.



She thinks it's fancy?






Oh! Mmm!



Aha! Look what I find!



Get restraints!






Ow! Take that! Hurry!



Uh, hold still just a...






Hey, Nani!



Is that your dog?






All is well.



Please, go about your business.

I'm okay.



Oh, your head looks swollen.



Actually, she's just ugly.






He's joking.



Ugly-- look at me...



Uh, this is not working out.



Uh, b-but...









Well, who wants to work

at this stupid...



fakey luau anyway.



Come on, Lilo.



Did you lose yourjob

because of Stitch and me?



Nah. The manager's a vampire



and he wanted me to join

his legion of the undead.



I knew it.



This is a great home.



You'll like it a lot.






Uh, Lilo...










What is the matter with you?



Be careful of the little angel!



It's not an angel, Lilo.



I don't even think it's a dog.



We just have to take him back.



He's just cranky

because it's his bedtime.



He's creepy, Lilo.



I won't sleep

while he's loose in the house.



You're loose in the house

all the time



and I sleep just fine!



Hey, what are you doing?



Stop that, Stitch!






Look at him, Lilo.



He's obviously mutated

from something else.



We have to take him back.



He was an orphan

and we adopted him!



What about O'hana?



He hasn't been here that long.



Neither have I.

Dad said O'hana means family.






O'hana means family.



Family means...



...nobody gets left behind.






Or forgotten.



I know. I know.



I hate it

when you use O'hana against me.






Don't worry, you can sleep

right next to me.



Look how curious the puppy is.



This is my room,

and this is your bed.



This is your dolly and bottle.



See? Doesn't spill.



I filled it with coffee.



Good puppy. Now get into bed.






That's mine!









Be careful of that!



You don't touch this!



Don't ever touch it!



No! Don't pull on her head!



She's recovering from surgery.



No! That's from my blue period.









You know, you wreck

everything you touch.



Why not try and make something

for a change?






Wow. San Francisco.



Save me!






No more caffeine for you.



This little girl is wasting

her time.



 - -  cannot be taught to ignore

its destructive programming.






Push that over.



What are you doing?






Uh, say, I want to try it on.






Share! Let me try it!



Hey! Ow! You're justjealous

'cause I'm pretty!



Don't move.



A mosquito has chosen me

as her perch.



She's so beautiful.



Look, another one.



And another one!

Why, it's a whole flock.



And they like me!



They're nuzzling my flesh

with their noses.



Now they're, um, they're....



I think it might be a koala.



An evil koala.



I can't even pet it.



It keeps staring at me,

like it's going to eat me.












Are you there?



Now, this is interesting.






 - -  was designed

to be a monster



but now he has nothing

to destroy.



You see, I never gave him

a greater purpose.



What must it be like

to have nothing...



not even memories to visit



in the middle of the night?












That's the Ugly Duckling.



See? He's sad

because he's all alone



and nobody wants him



but on this page,

his family hears him crying



and they find him.



Then the Ugly Duckling is happy



because he knows

where he belongs.






Want to listen to the King?



You look like an Elvis fan.









Uh... yeah?






We can't go on together



With suspicious minds...



...cious minds...



...can build our dreams...



...On suspicious minds...



Heard you lost yourjob.



Well, uh, actually,

I just quit thatjob



because, you know,

the hours are just not conducive



to the challenges

of raising a child...






I am so sorry about that.



What is that thing?



That's my puppy.






Thus far, you have been adrift



in the sheltered harbor

of my patience



but I cannot ignore

you beingjobless.



Do I make myself clear?






And next time I see this dog



I expect it to be

a model citizen... capisce?



Uh... yes?



New job.



Model citizen.



Good day.



You look like an angel...



Mrs. Hasagawa?



I'm here to answer

your newspaper ad.



Elvis Presley was

a model citizen.



...Walk like an angel...



I've compiled a list

of his traits



for you to practice.



Number one is dancing.



I can't talk now, dear.



I'm waiting for someone

to answer my ad.



That's why I'm here.



Hands on your hips.



Now follow my lead.






...You fooled me

with your kisses...



Ah! That's my want ad.



I know!



...Heaven knows

how you lied to me



You're not the way...



Whoa, whoa!



Why is everything so dark?



I am all about coffee.



Let's move on to step two.



...Walk like an angel...



Elvis played guitar. Here.



...Talk like an angel...



Hold it like this,

and put your fingers here.



See? Now you try.



...and I make great cappuccinos

and lattes with...



I wish I could, Nani,

but I just hired Teddy



and with tourist season




Concierge-er-ing is my life.



...You look like an angel...



I just love to answer phones...



This is the face of romance.



...Walk like an angel...



She looks like

she could use some lovin'.



...Talk like an angel,

but I got wise...



Oh, we might have something.



Good. Now kiss her.



...The devil in disguise...



I'm sure Elvis had

his bad days, too.



I'm all about saving people?



...I thought

that I was in heaven...



Actually, I do think

we have an opening.






Okay, this is it.



...But I was sure surprised...



Time to bring it all together.



Oh, that'd be so great!



You have no idea

how badly I need this job.



...The devil in your eyes



You're the devil in disguise...



It's all you!



Knock 'em dead!



...The devil in disguise



You're the devil in disguise...



Don't crowd him!



...Oh, yes, you are



The devil in disguise...



The devil in disguise,

oh, yes...



Hey, knock it off!



Hey, Lilo!



Howzit... Nani?



We've been having a bad day.






Hey, I might not be a doctor



but I know that there's

no better cure for a sour face



than a couple of boards

and some choice waves.



What you think?



I think that's a great idea.



-Aloha e, aloha e

-Aloha e, aloha e



-'Ano'ai ke aloha e

-'Ano'ai ke aloha e



-Aloha e, aloha e

-Aloha e, aloha e



'Ano'ai ke aloha e



'Ano'ai ke aloha e...



There's no place I'd rather be



Than on my surfboard out at sea



Lingering in the ocean blue



And if I had one wish come true



I'd surf till the sun sets

beyond the horizon



Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi



Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu



Flying by on a Hawaiian

roller coaster ride



Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi



Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu



Pi'i na nalu, la lahalaha



O ka moana, hanupanupa



-Lalala i ka la hanahana




-Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one

-Whoo! Yeah!



Helehele mai kakou e



Hawaiian roller coaster ride



There's no place I'd rather be



Than on a seashore dry, wet free



On golden sand is where I'd lay



And if I only had my way



I'd play till the sun sets

beyond the horizon



Lalala i ka la hanahana



Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one



It's time to try the Hawaiian

roller coaster ride



Hang loose, hang ten,

howzit, shake a shaka



No worry, no fear,

ain't no biggy, brahda



Cuttin' in, cuttin' up,

cuttin' back, cuttin' out



Front side, back side,

goofy-footed, wipe out



Let's getjumpin',

surf's up and pumpin'



Coastin' with

the motion of the ocean



Whirlpools swirling,

cascading, twirling



Hawaiian roller coaster ride...



Oh, can't complain, Mom.



I'm camping out

with a convicted criminal



and, uh... oh, I had my head

chewed on by a monster!






something is not right.



 - -  is returning

willingly to water.



Oh, hold on, Mom--

another call.



Mr. Pleakley, you are overdue.



I want a status report.



Oh, uh, things are going well.



He cannot swim!



Things are going well.



Jumba, aren't they going well?



Why will he risk drowning?






Jumba, help me out here.



I would have expected you back

by now, with  - -  in hand.



Just a few things left to pack

and, uh, we'll be...



Hang up.



We are going swimming.






There's no place I'd rather be



Than on my surfboard out at sea



Lingering in the ocean blue



And if I had one wish come true



I'd surf till the sun sets

beyond the horizon



Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi



Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu



Flying by



On a Hawaiian

roller coaster ride



Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi



Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu



Pi'i na nalu, la lahalaha



O ka moana, hanupanupa



Lalala i ka la hanahana



-Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one




Helehele mai kakou e



Hawaiian roller coaster ride.






What happened?



Oh... some lolo must have

stuffed us in the barrel.



Where's Stitch?



Get off of her!



What happened?



Stitch dragged her down.



We lost Stitch!



Lilo? Lilo, look at me.



Look at me, baby.

Are you hurt?






He's unconscious,

but I think he's alive.



David, take Lilo.



This isn't what it looks like.



We were...



It-It's just that...



I know you're trying, Nani



but you need to think

about what's best for Lilo...



even if it removes you

from the picture.



I'll be back tomorrow morning

for Lilo.



I'm sorry.



Nani? Is there something

I can do?



No, David.



Uh, I need

to take Lilo home now.



We have a lot to talk about,







You know, I really believed

they had a chance.



Then you came along.



Lilo, honey...



we have to, uh...



Don't worry.



You're nice, and someone

will give you a job.



I would.



Come here.



Aloha Oe, Aloha Oe



E ke onaona noho i ka lipo



One fond embrace, a ho'i a'e au



Until we meet again.



That's us before...



It was rainy,

and they went for a drive.



What happened to yours?



I hear you cry at night.



Do you dream about them?



I know that's

why you wreck things



and push me.



Our family's little now

and we don't have many toys



but if you want,

you could be part of it.



You could be our baby

and we'd raise you to be good.



O'hana means family.



Family means nobody gets

left behind



but if you want to leave,

you can.



I'll remember you, though.



I remember everyone that leaves.



L... L...






I'm lost.






I don't like the ocean!



Oh, look,

a friendly little dolphin.



They helped sailors

in the war...



It's a shark!



It's a shark,

and it ain't friendly!



It looks like a dolphin.



Tricky fish! Tricky fish!



Oh, octopus, come and help me?



An octo... octopus is worse

than a shark!



I hate this planet!






little monster!



Uh, Agent Pleakley here.



I have lost patience

with you both.



Have you captured  - -  or not?









Consider yourselves fired

and prisonbound.



Your incompetence is nothing

short of unspeakable!



But, uh... mm...



We're fired!



Now we do it my way!



Your way?



Oh... uh, wait!



It seems I have overestimated

Jumber and Blinkley.



Uh, Jumba and Pleakley.



Whatever. The mission

is in jeopardy.



This could be your chance to

redeem yourself, Captain Gantu.



How soon will you be prepared

to leave?






Don't run.



Don't make me shoot you.



You were expensive.



Yes. Yes, that's it.



Come quietly.



Mm... waiting.



For what?









You don't have one.



I made you.



Oh... maybe I could...



You're built to destroy.



You can never belong.



Now come quietly

and we will take you apart.



No, no, no, no,

don't, don't run!



Don't run!






I didn't hear you get up.



Baby, what's wrong?



Stitch left.






It's good he's gone.



He didn't want to be here,




We don't need him.






sometimes you try your hardest



but things don't work out

the way you want them to.



Sometimes things have to change



and maybe sometimes

they're for the better...



even if...









I think I found you a job.



You what?!



Old man Kukhkini's store,

but we got to hurry.



Oh, um, okay. Lilo?



Baby, this is really important.



I need you to stay here

for a few minutes.



I'm going to be right back.



Lock the door and don't

answer it for anyone, okay?



Things are finally

turning around.



Aw, David, I owe you one.



That's okay.



You can just date me,

and we'll call it even.



Come back here, you little...!






What is it?






Oh, hiding

behind your little friend



won't work anymore.



Didn't I tell you?



We got fired this morning.



New rules.









Oh, ooh! Ow! Ow! Ow!



You ain't nothin'

but a hound dog...



What are we going to do?



...Cryin' all the time...



Ooh! I love this song!












Come out, my friend



from whomever

you're hiding behind.



...Well, you ain't never

caught a rabbit



And you ain't no friend

of mine...



What the...?






Come on!



What's the big deal?



I'll put you

back together again.



I'll make you taller

and not so fluffy!



I like fluffy!



No... No...






Oh, leave my mother

out of this!



You could do with a makeover.



I tried

to give you my good looks



but let's face it,

something went wrong.






Quick! Follow me!



If we make it to...



You're alive!



They're all over the place!



Running away? Here...



let me stop you.



You always get

in the way!



Where's the girl?



What have you done

to the girl?



Hello? Cobra Bubbles?



Aliens are attacking my house.



No, no, no!

No aliens!



Blue punch buggy!



No punch back.



They want my dog!



There's no need

to alert the authorities.



Everything's under control.



Lilo, who was that?



Oh, good,

my dog found the chainsaw.



Lilo! Don't hang...!






You shouldn't play with guns.



Oh, okay.



Thank you.



Oh, I just remembered.

It's your birthday!



Happy birthday!



Merry Christmas!



It's not Christmas.



Happy Hanukkah!



We're leaving Stitch?



Trust me.



This is not going to end well.



-One potato.

-Two potato.



-Three potato.




-Five potato.

-Six potato.



Seven potato, more.



My... mother... told... me...



you... are... it.



Oh, I win!



Thanks. Mahalo plenty.



You won't be disappointed.



I'll show up early to help

with the morning deliver...



Oh, don't turn left.






One of them had a giant eye

in the middle of his face.



Oh, Lilo!



Please don't do this.



You know I have no choice.



No! You're not taking her!



I'm the only one

who understands her!



You take that away,

she won't stand a chance!



You're making this harder

than it needs to be.



But you don't know

what you're doing! She needs me!



Is this what she needs?!



It seems clear to me

that you need her



a lot more than she needs you.



Lilo! Lilo!














You ruined everything.



You're one of them?






Get out of here, Stitch.






And here I thought

you'd be difficult to catch.



Ho-ho-ho. Silly me.









There you go,

all buckled up for the trip.



And look-- I even caught you

a little snack.



No! Stop!









Okay, talk.



I know you had something

to do with this.



Now where is Lilo?



Talk! I know you can.



Okay, okay.



Where's Lilo?






Now all your washing is up!



You're under arrest!



Read him his rights.



Listen carefully.



Hello? Galactic Command?



Experiment  - -  is in custody.



We'll wait right here.






Don't interact with her.



Where's Lilo?









Lilo... my sister.



Uh, sorry, we do not know



anyone by this, uh...



Lilo! She's a little girl--

this big!



She has black hair

and brown eyes



and she hangs around

with that thing!






We know her.



Bring her back.



Oh, we can't do that. Uh-uh.



That would be a misuse

of Galactic resources.



See, problem is...

we're just here for him.



So she's gone?



Look at the bright side.



You won't have to yell

at anyone anymore.












Hey! Get away from her.



No! What did you say?



O'hana means family.



Family means...



...nobody gets left behind.



Or forgotten.










After all you put me through



you expect me to help you

just like that?!



Just like that?!










You're doing what he says?



Uh, he's very persuasive.




What exactly are we doing?






We're going to get Lilo?






Oh, good! I was hoping

to add theft, endangerment



and insanity to my list

of things I did today.



You, too?



Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah!



What? Did you think

we walked here?



This is Gantu, requesting

hyperspace clearance.



Stand by for clearance.



Clearance is granted

on vector C-  .



Connect me

to the Grand Councilwoman.



Gantu, what's going on?



I thought you'd like to know



that the little abomination

is... is...



Yes, Captain?



I'll call you back.



How did you get out of there?



So what exactly are we doing?



Don't worry,

is all part of plan.



We are professionals.



Hey! Get that out of your mouth!



Hold on!



Okay, is show time!



This is it!



Go! Go! Go!



Little savage!

Get off my ship!







locate Experiment  - - .



 - -  located.



We finish this now.



Stitch is unconscious.



What do we do now?



We stay close.



Hope for a miracle.



That's all we can do.






Don't leave me, okay?












Target  - -  is in motion.



Speed is   .
























You're vile! You're foul!

You're flawed!



Also cute and fluffy!



You came back.



Nobody gets left behind.






Good dog.









Hey, Lilo.



Can you give us a ride

to shore?









But I have to make two trips.



So you're from outer space, huh?



I heard the surfing's choice.



We have  - - .



Take him to my ship.



Leave him alone.



Hold on.



Grand Councilwoman,

let me explain.






I am retiring you,

Captain Gantu.



Actually, credit for the capture

goes to...



Goes to me.



You'll be lucky if you end up

on a Fluff Trog farm



after we sort this thing out.






I think I should...






You're the cause of all this!



If it wasn't

for your Experiment  - - 



none of this...









My name Stitch.



Stitch, then.



If it wasn't for Stitch....



Does Stitch have to go

in the ship?






Can Stitch say good-bye?






Thank you.



Who are you?



This is my family.



I found it all on my own.



It's little and broken...



but still good.



Yeah. Still good.



Does he really have to go?



You know as well as I

that our laws are absolute.



I cannot change

what the Council has decided.



Lilo, didn't you buy

that thing at the shelter?






Three days ago,

I bought Stitch at the shelter.



I paid two dollars for him.



See this stamp? I own him.



If you take him,

you're stealing.



Aliens are all about rules.



You look familiar.



CIA. Roswell.     .



Ah, yes. You had hair then.



Take note of this.



This creature has been sentenced

to life in exile



a sentence that shall be

henceforth served out here...



on Earth...



and as caretaker

of the alien life-form, Stitch



this family is now

under the official protection



of the United Galactic




We'll be checking in

now and then.



I was afraid

you were going to say that.



This won't be easy to explain

back at headquarters.



I know what you mean.



Don't let those two

get on my ship.









Saved the planet once.



Convinced an alien race

that mosquitoes



were an endangered species.



Now, about your house...






Lord Almighty,

I feel my temperature rising






Higher and higher



It's burning through to my soul



Baby, baby, baby



You're gonna set me on fire






My brain is flaming



I don't know which way to go






'Cause your kisses

lift me higher



Like the sweet song of a choir



You light my morning sky



With burning love



Mmm... ooh, ooh, ooh



I feel my temperature rising






Help me, I'm flaming



I must be a hundred and nine



Burning, burning, burning



And nothing can cool me






I just might turn into smoke



But I feel fine, yeah



'Cause your kisses

lift me higher



Like a sweet song of a choir



And you light my morning sky



With burning love



Burning love






Burning love



It's coming closer



The flames are

now licking my body



Won't you help me?



I feel like I'm slipping away



Oh, yeah



It's hard to breathe



And my chest is just a-heaving



Mmm, mmm



Lord have mercy,

it's burning a hole in me






'Cause your kisses

lift me higher



Like the sweet song of a choir



You light my morning sky



With burning love



Burning love



Burning love!



Burning love



I'm just a hunk,

a hunk of burning love



I'm just a hunk, a hunk

of burning love



I'm just a hunk,

a hunk of burning love



I'm just a hunk, a hunk

of burning love



I'm just a hunk,

a hunk of burning love



I'm just a hunk, a hunk

of burning love



I'm just a hunk,

a hunk of burning love



I'm just a hunk, a hunk

of burning love



I'm just a hunk,

a hunk of burning...






Do, do, do



I just can't help

falling in love with you



Wise men say



Only fools rush in



But I can't help



Falling in love with you



Shall I stay?



Would it be a sin?



If I can't help



Falling in love with you



Like a river flows to the sea



So it goes,

some things are meant to be



Some things are meant to be



Take my hand



Take my whole life too



For I can't help



Falling in love with you



Wise men say



Only fools rush in



But I can't, I can't help



Falling in love with you



Take my hand



Take my whole life too



But I can't help



Falling in love with you



Oh, I can't help



Falling in love



Falling in love with you



That's the way love goes



That's the way it goes



And my whole life, too



I just can't help

fallin' in love with you



That's the way love goes



I just can't help myself



So falling, baby, for you



Falling in love with you



That's the way love goes



That's the way it goes



'Cause I can't help



Falling in love with you



With you...


Special help by SergeiK