Lizzie Maguire Movie Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lizzie Maguire Movie script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Hilary Duff.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lizzie Maguire Movie. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lizzie Maguire Movie Script



Some say juvenile.



I say genius!



Leave me alone!



Matt, I'm getting ready

for graduation!






Say goodbye

to your little toy.



And say hello to Matt owning

his big sister for eternity!



Never give up



Yeah, yeah



Never give up



The tide is high,

but I'm holding on



I'm gonna be

your number one



I'm not the kind of girl



Who gives up

just like that



Oh, no



It's not the things you do

that tease and hurt me bad



But it's the way you do

the things you do to me



I'm not the kind of girl



Who gives up

just like that



Oh, no



The tide is high,

but I'm holding on



I'm gonna be

your number one



The tide is high,

but I'm holding on



I'm gonna be

your number one






Number one



Number one



Number one



Number one



Every girl wants you

to be her man



But I'll wait right here

till it's my turn



I'm not the kind of girl



Who gives up

just like that



Oh, no



The tide is high,

but I'm holding on



I'm gonna be

your number one



The tide is high,

but I'm holding on



I'm gonna be

your number one



Number one



Number one



Number one



Gotta hold on



Every time

that I get the feeling



You give me something

to believe in



Every time

that I got you near me



I know the way

that I want it to be



But you know

I'm gonna take my chance now



I'm gonna make it happen




And you know

I can take the pressure



A moment's pain

for a lifetime of pleasure



Pleasure, pleasure,




Every girl wants you

to be her man



But I'll wait right here

till it's my turn



I'm not the kind of girl



Who gives up

just like that



Oh, no



The tide is high,

but I'm holding on



I'm gonna be

your number one



The tide is high



But I'm holding on



I'm gonna be

your number one






Every time

that I get the feeling



You give me something

to believe in



Every time

that I got you near me



I know the way

that I want it to be



But you know

I'm gonna take my chance now



I'm gonna make it happen




And you know

I can take the pressure



A moment's pain

for a lifetime of pleasure



The tide is high...



I shall win the Academy Award!



Yesterday, you were in diapers,



and now you're graduating

junior high.



You're growing up, and I can't

believe you're going to Rome



for two weeks

all by yourself.



Without me.

Without me there with you.



Without me with you there.



You there without me.



Mom, that's about

all the combinations



of those words you can make.



Lizzie, this is a big day

for you, sweetheart.



He's going to quote a dead guy.



As William Shakespeare wrote,

"Be not afraid of greatness:



some are born great,

some achieve greatness,



and some have greatness

thrust upon them."



Thanks, Dad, but I'm just trying

to get through graduation.



Greatness can wait

till this nightmare's over.



Hey, Gordo.



So, do I look okay?



I'm your guy best friend.



You should talk to Miranda

about this.



But she's in Mexico City.



Yes. Your blue robe

looks way cooler



than all the other girls'.





Only you would think

you could hide that powder- blue,








a-baggy- disaster



that you wore

to the spring dance.



Lizzie McGuire, you are

an outfit repeater!



But I...



Maybe I'm an outfit repeater,



but you're

an outfit rememberer,



which is just as pathetic.



Does she not have

anything better to do



than make my life miserable?



I mean...

we used to be best friends.



But that was before

she became popular.









Hey, Mr. Escobar.



Nice after-shave.



Oh, thank you.



Margaret Chan either has ebola

or a very bad cold.



In any event, you're up.



U-U-Up where?



At the podium.



You are going to deliver

the class president's speech.



B-But what about

the vice president?



He's not graduating.



The secretary treasurer's

next in line.



All I did was handle petty cash.



I'm sorry, but you're not

buying your way out of this.



I want you to deliver

your speech



with as much pride

and commitment



as Margaret Chan would,



even though

you're no Margaret Chan.



You're no Margaret Chan.



You're no Margaret Chan.



You're no Margaret Chan.






Ladies and gentlemen,

uh, Lizzie McGuire.






U-Uh, Margaret Chan

couldn't make it tonight,



so I'm going - I'm going to

be filling in for her.



Not that any of us

could really do that,



but, um, anyway...



Honey, I'm losing the feeling

in my knuckles.



I think that we can all agree

that junior high



is filled with

embarrassing and awkward



and sometimes just downright

humiliating moments, right?







Me neither.



It is so sad.






It's like watching one

of those animals



get killed

on the Discovery Channel.



I-I think Margaret Chan



would want me to have

some water right now.



Uhh! Oh!



Play something!

Do something!



Yes! Ha ha ha!



Come on! Mom! Dad!



I've got to get out

of the country!



I know you're still upset,

but it wasn't that bad.



Oh, really, Mom?



Was your junior-high graduation

on "Good Morning America"?



What creep would send

Diane Sawyer a video



to embarrass you like that?






- Ugh!



What is that?



That is Miss Ungermeyer.



Hey, hey, hey, hey.




She's gonna be our principal

for the next four years.



If you stay on her good side,



it's a one-way ticket

to an lvy League school.



What if you're on her bad side?



Excuse me!

I need to mop up some puke.



Well, you...



You wind up as that guy?



No. You end up working

for that guy.



Can you make sure there are

no garlic or soy products



in anything Brittany

puts near her mouth?



Miss Ungermeyer,

Luke has tennis elbow.



Could somebody

carry his luggage?



My son has asthma,

and he must have his puffer.



Brittany, she's got allergies.



Attention, parents...



shut your pie holes.



I'm on a mission here

to drag your progeny



to    historically significant

Roman landmarks



in two weeks.



Now, when these back-talking

miscreants return to you,



they will have dipped their

toes in a lake of culture,



before assuming their destiny



folding shirts

at the outlet mall.



Many - actually, most -

of your classmates opted



for the   -hour bus ride

to the Water-slide Wonderland.






But you...



you, who are not

mouth- breathing trailer trash,



you will get to experience

the delights



of la citta eterna!






Rome. The eternal city.



Did no one read

the info packets?



Watch and learn.



Um, Miss Ungermeyer,



I just wanted to let you know

I'm really looking forward



to this exciting

and academically enriching trip.



What's your name?



David Gordon.



- David Gordon.

- Mm-hmm.



I think, in ltalian,



that means a sneaky brownnoser

with a hidden agenda, huh?



Uh, uh.



Yeah! Come on,

check those bags!



I want to see that junk

in the trunk



and a seat looking neat.









Okay, it's only

two weeks, Mom.



- Honey, she's got to go.

- Two weeks.



- Bye, sweetie.

- Bye.



- Safe trip, huh?

- Okay.






- Okay?

- Mm-hmm.



Flight    to Rome.



Final boarding,

Flight    to Rome.



Hey! We're going to the land

where they invented spaghetti!



Ah heh.



Yeah, and the best part is



Kate and all the little

teeth- whitening friends



who'd be ragging on me

for messing up graduation



went to Water-slide Wonderland.



How many Lizzies does it take

to screw in a light bulb?



I don't know, but it only takes

one to screw up a graduation.



Hey. Zip it.









Down each avenue or via,

street or strata



You can see 'em disappearing

two by two



On an evening in Roma



Do they take 'em

for espresso?



Yeah, I guess so



On each lover's arm,

a girl I wish I knew



On an evening in Roma



So please meet me

in the plaza near your casa



I am only one,

and that is one too few



On an evening in Roma



Don't know what

the country's coming to



But in Rome,

do as the Romans do



Will you?



- On an evening in Roma



Here we are.

Step right up.



Number one...

Number two...



Welcome to the Hotel Cambini.



Welcome to the Hotel Cambini.



Lest you think there are many

of you and less of me



and it will therefore be easy

to pull anything over on me,



think again.



In addition to being

smarter, faster,



and better-looking

than most of you,



I've also enlisted

a little help.



The assistant manager

of the hotel, Giorgio Averni,



was a commander

in the ltalian Navy



and is therefore

as up on his game as I am mine.



Giorgio, would you like

to brief my students



on the security procedures

of the hotel?



We serve at  :  .



The cookies.






You heard the man.



Room assignments.



David Gordon...



you will be rooming

with Ethan Craft.



You'll be in Room    .



Are those English

or ltalian numbers?



You got a problem with that?



Um, no, ma'am.



Any room is just -

just fine for me.



Being a spineless jellyfish



is almost as unattractive

as being a little brownnoser.






Seeing as how Margaret Chan

was unable to make the trip,



you will be rooming with...



Okay, I am not,

under any circumstances,



sharing a room with -



I'll be taking the bed

by the window.



You don't mind, do you?



Uh, ye-e-e-e-s!






I sleep much better

with the Swiss eiderdown.



Lizzie, seeing as we're roomies



and we're gonna be spending

time together,



I wanted to let you know

I understand



you want to put all that

embarrassing stuff behind you



and just move on

and have a fresh start.



You do?



Yes. I understand

your dream.



It's a big dream.



It's a huge dream,

and you can't do it alone.



In fact, I don't think

you can do it at all.



Let it go.



Lizzie, come on.






Gordo, what?



Don't worry.

Don't worry.



Where are we going?









Pretty cool, huh?



You know what, Gordo?



I'm not gonna let

Kate Sanders get to me.



Promise me something.






Promise that when we're here,

we'll find adventures.



All right? This is

our chance to start over.



I mean, do anything

that we want to do.



Yeah. I-I know.

You're right.



Hmm. You and me.

Adventures. Deal.






The Trevi Fountain was designed



by Gian Lorenza Bernini

and Peitro da Cortona



in the   th century.



And it took about     years

to finish this bad boy.



Throughout history, people have

come from all over the world



to make a wish and toss their

coin in the Trevi Fountain.



Those people are suckers.



You got to make your own luck

in this world.



All right, moving on, people.

Let's go.









Scusi, Grazie,



You know what?

Forget what she says.



Make a wish.



I'm in Rome

with my best friend.



I'm good.

You make one.


















Okay, I was wishing for smooth

sailing through high school,



but this will work.



Uh, I'm sorry.



It's just you look an awful lot

like a friend of mine.



Paolo, you have to get

to your photo shoot.



We got to go.



What you little halflings

are feeling right about now



is your energy flagging.



We got four more stops today.



I want you to

at least be able to shuffle



from monument to monument.



We got one word for that,

and it's gelato.



Keep in mind

that ltalian ice cream has



about twice the sugar

of American ice cream.



Means you're gonna want about

two scoops, huh?



I know I do.

All right.



I don't mean to bother you.



I'm Paolo.

Paolo Valisari.



Oh, um, I'm Lizzie McGuire,



and this is my friend Gordo.



This is my friend Sergei.



Sergei, doesn't she look

exactly like lsabella?



- lsabella!

- Paolo!









lsabella! Isabella!



Paolo! Paolo!



Ciao, Paolo!



Uh, hmm...



Wow! That really

does look like me.



Except for the hair,

you could be her twin.



Isabella is my singing partner,

and you're like her sister.



Like two pods in a pea.



Lizzie, can I see you again?



Maybe tomorrow?






What's the word for "yes"

in ltalian?



- Si,






No, I'm -



It's okay.

I can cover for you.



Head check!



I'm sorry. I'm here

with my school, so I can't.



Forgive me

if I embarrassed you.



Some people,

when they come to Rome,



they want to find adventure.



Oh, it's okay.



I got some cool cheese.



Did you just say

"cool cheese"?









We must go.



Uh, Lizzie,

if you change your mind,



I will meet you tomorrow morning

at the Trevi Fountain at  :  .



Hey, Gordon, McGuire,



did you not hear me say

"head check"?






Who are you?



Paolo Valisari.



Put your money

in your front pockets.



She makes me very scared.



Join the club.






Ci vediamo,



What does that mean?



We will see each other.






This Paolo and lsabella CD

isn't so bad.



I mean, if you're into

the Alanis Morissette-y,



alternative, dark,

like, brooding,







of-depression kind of thing,



you'd think they stink.



For driving-around-in-the-car-

with- the-top- down,



Ioving-life kind of thing,

they're good.



Here. Listen.



You don't have to sail

the ocean



Yeah, not bad.



You use scented soap, huh?






Um, it -

N-Never - never mind.



So, Paolo wants me to meet him

at the Trevi Fountain tomorrow.



So go.



That would mean I would have to

sneak away from the group.






I'm incapable of sneaking.



Weren't you the one that said



we were gonna have adventures

on this trip?



Yeah. We. We were

going to have adventures.



And we will.



It just so happens that

you have dibs on the first one.






Just as long

as we don't do anything



that would get us tossed

on a plane home.



Uh. Unh.



Lizzie, are -

are you feeling okay?



Is this girl sick,

or isn't she?



She doesn't have a fever,

and yet she's in bed.



Ask yourself why

a beautiful young girl



on her first visit

to Rome,



probably seeking adventure,



wants to lie in bed

all day.



She's ill.



I heard she fell down

at graduation,



made a complete fool

out of herself.



I saw that on CNN.






Often, the nervous system




after that type of humiliation.






Do you have

any recommendations?



Oh, yeah, yeah.



This young woman

should stay in bed.



Uh, she - she should

also eat two apricots.



Oh, for digestion or...



No, they're in season.

Very delicious.



Feel better, Signorina McGuire.



You rest up, McGuire.



Don't want you to miss

all the adventures of Rome.



Uh, doctor, I have a boil...






Uno, due, tre,



- Tre,

- Tre,






I-I just - I had them all wish

for you to come.






I don't have much time.

You know my chaperon -



Wait, wait, wait.



I have to show you something.



Sometimes the world



Is a valley

of heartaches and tears



- Come on.



And in the hustle and bustle,

no sunshine appears



But you and I have a love

always there to remind us...






You should see Rome

the way Romans do.



So you knew

that I would come.



I hoped you would.



Are you sure you know

how to drive this thing?



This is Rome.

Nobody knows how to drive.






Oh, oh






Oh, oh, oh, oh



Let's fly

way up to the clouds



Away from

the maddening crowds



We can sing in the glow

of a star that I know of



Where lovers enjoy

peace of mind



Let us leave the confusion

and all disillusion behind



Just like birds

of a feather



And the rainbow together

we'll find






Oh, oh






Oh, oh, oh, oh









Oh, oh



Oh, oh






Oh, oh, oh, oh



No wonder

my happy heart sings



Your love has given me




No wonder

my happy heart sings



Your love has given me







I don't know what catastrophe

is going to happen in Rome,



but with Lizzie there,

something will.



What are you going to do

with that information?



Give it away, like you did

with the graduation video?



Hey! She was really

freaked out by that.



And you have what

to show for it?



The pride of a job well done?



Try buying a PS  with

the pride of a job well done.






Matt, Matt, Matt.



We've been over this

before. Cash up front.




are you staying for dinner?



- I'd love to, Mrs. McGuire.

- Great.



We'll need extra energy to work

on our summer reading list.



In that case,

I'll make brownies.






I've said it before.

You're weak. Weak!



Don't do anything

without consulting me first.



You rock.



Hey, Paolo,

can I ask you something?



Si, carina,



Um, I know that our lives

are a little different.



Actually, like, several

universes different.



But doesn't Sergei get tired

of following us around?



Actually, Sergei's my bodyguard.



So, you see,

between me and Sergei,



you'll always be safe.






How famous do you have to be

before you need a bodyguard?



Paolo, go! Go!



I-It's Miss Ungermeyer!

It's our bus!



- Go!

- I cannot.



Miss Ungermeyer, didn't we just

pass the Castel Sant'Angelo?



Yep. What about it?



I just noticed

it's not on our itinerary.



That is correct.



Well, s-shouldn't it be?



I-I mean,

it was a papal residence



and it does contain frescoes



from artists influenced

by the school of Raphael.



What are you up to, Gordon?






I-I just figure that,



while in Rome,

we should be exposed



to as much Renaissance,

Raphaelite work



typified by chiaroscuro

and Hellenic mythical imagery



as humanly possible.






Ah, Gordon,

you are on the list,



and the list is not a place

you want to be.



What is this?

Only in Rome, huh?



You know how to move that, or

you want me to do it for you?



What are you looking at?



Want a piece of that,

a piece of the Ungermeyer?



Over there by that statue.

You see it?






That's where

the artist Caravaggio



had his opponent

burned at the stake.



Or was it the pope



who had Caravaggio burned

at the stake?



Either way,

this neighborhood was tough.






Si, carina?



Do you still love her?



Who? Isabella?






Of course I still love her.



But like a sister.



So, why did you break up?



It's, um, it's complicated.



- What?



Yes, we've been voted "best

pop duo of the year" again.



But I want to do

more serious music.



And when I told this

to lsabella,



she said flat-out "no."



I was forced to tell her,

"This is it.



This will be

our last CD together."



Did she totally freak out?



She totally freak out.



I feel awful about that,

but what about me?



I need to grow as an artist.






So, the other day

when I saw you,



I just - I don't know,

I had this crazy -



I just - I don't know.






I had this crazy idea

that maybe you could help me.



Come on. How crazy could it be?

Just tell me.



No, I can't.

It's too - It's too...



- Please.

- Okay.



Isabella and I are supposed to

present an award together



at the International

Music Video Awards.






I-I mean, cool for

regular people like me,



but for you,

I guess it's like work.



No, no, no.

It's cool for me, too.



You get all kinds

of free stuff.



But now because lsabella's

so mad at me,



she's refusing to appear.



The record company's threatening

to sue if she doesn't show up.



What about you?



For me is no problem.

I write the music.



I don't know

where it comes from.



It just comes from me.



La la la la




So I can go solo.



But lsabella...



She needs the help to sing.



You mean lsabella lip-synchs?



Please, please!



Promise me you

will speak of this to no one.



Imagine what would happen

to lsabella's career.



Oh, that's so sweet.

You still care about her.



You're definitely

broken up, right?






So, when I saw you yesterday



and how people thought

you were lsabella,



I got my crazy idea



that maybe you could pretend

to be lsabella



and present the award

with me onstage.



Present an award?




In front of an audience?



I-I-I'm really not good

in front of crowds.



I could never do that.



Of course you can do it.



You are magnifico.



I don't know ltalian,

but I know what that means.



I don't know, Paolo.




Don't worry, carina,



I could never ask you to do

this crazy thing.



No. You know what?

You don't have to ask.



If this is gonna help

you and lsabella, then...



...I'll do it.









Head check!



Gordo. Gordo.



You, Lizzie McGuire,

are actually presenting an award



at the lMVAs with Paolo?



No. Me lsabella with Paolo.



- What?

- It's a long story.



I'm doing it because

lsabella won't.



You're gonna get up onstage

in front of all these people?



That's the great thing.

It's not gonna be me.



It's Paolo's idea

to help lsabella



because he still loves her.



But not romantically.

Like a sister.



He is so amazing.



And he's   !



For being so famous



and used to getting everything

that you want,



he's just -

he's just so kind.



For real?



That's a lot

to say about someone



just knowing them a day.



I-I know that.



But I feel like

I've known him my whole life.



Anyway, um...



I just wanted to come by

and thank you.



I had the most magical day

of my life.



It wouldn't have happened

if it weren't for you.



It was that good, huh?



You're such a good friend.



The sting.



What sting?



You want a little mano a mano?



See, this is

one of the reasons



me and you aren't friends.



I never have any idea

what you're talking about.



Some dudes get the approach.



Others, the sting.



That ltalian dude.

He's big-time approach.



I actually feel my brain

turning into goo.



Embrace the sting.



That's what you're vibin'

from Lizzie.



Wait a minute.



Now, you actually think

that I'm jealous of Paolo?






Oh, no.



No, see, that would mean



that I like Lizzie

as more than a friend.



You and I

have trouble communicating?



You're wrong, man.






This girl looks freakishly

like my sister!



- Ow.

- Zoom! Zoom!



Another freakish coincidence.



I mean, she has the same

necklace as my sister's.






Why do we even pretend

you're in charge?



- Let's see what this says.






"lsabella goes blond.



Italian pop duo

Paolo and lsabella



wowed the crowd outside a shop

near the Trevi Fountain,



showing off lsabella's

new blond hair."



They must think that Lizzie

is this famous singer!



And if I show this to my mom,

Lizzie will be so busted!



If you show this to your mom,

it's worth nothing.



But if you show this

to the ltalian tabloids,



we will be rolling in cash,

my friend.









Not up to toughing it out

on the streets with us?



Not up to toughing it out

on the streets with us?



I could try, Miss Ungermeyer.



No, I just hate seeing you

being denied



the cultural experience

of being in a foreign country.



You missed seven points



of historical significance




I know. It's really killing me

too, Miss Ungermeyer.



Which is why I thought

I'd bring you something



to help ease the pain, hmm?



Mmh, well, that's really

thoughtful of you.



Seeing as how

your teeny- tiny little body



doesn't have the strength,



we're gonna have to let

your mind do the wandering.






"The Rise and Decline

of the Roman Empire," hmm?



I'd like one report on the rise

and one on the decline.






If I didn't have a headache

a minute ago, I do now.



You don't have a problem

with that, do you?



Um, no.



- What else do I have to do?



Why not



Take a crazy chance?



Why not



Do a crazy dance?



If you lose the moment



You might lose a lot



So why not?



Why not?



Why not

take a crazy chance?






I am so grateful for your help.



You're doing a very kind thing

for lsabella.



Uh, Paolo, where are we?



Via Condotti.

One of the most expensive



shopping districts

in the world.



We must find you

the perfect outfit.






Oh, hey, lsabella, Paolo!






Your hair is so blond

and, uh, innocent.



- Who did it?

- Um...



The island we were on

was really, really sunny,



so it was j-just the sun.



We must get sun, too, no?



Ciao, bella!



Ciao, Ciao, Ciao.



They are so tall!



- They all want to be you.

- They want to be lsabella.



Sit and I'll get Franca.

I will just be a moment.



Whoa! Take your time.



I'll just be sitting here

in heaven.



Hard as it is to imagine,



as we look at the ruins

of the Forum,



that this was once

the center of commerce,



religion, and politics

in ancient Rome.



All right, now,

the Forum came into being



in the sixth century B.C.,



and with it,

a new urban culture was born.



Uh, um, di-



Yeah, Craft?



Is it time for the spaghetti?



It's  :   in the morning.



So? You never had leftover

spaghetti for breakfast?



I don't eat carbs.



You never had

a spaghetti sandwich, either?



This cultural experience

is, like, so wasted on you.



Excuse me, where did you

buy that Prada bag?



Craft! Sanders! Separate.



We did, Miss Ungermeyer.

And thank God.



Why don't you people, uh,

do something at your, uh,



skill level here?



Take a   -minute shopping break

while I choke down an espresso.



This dude definitely spent

too much time on his biceps



and not enough on his abs.

Totally old school.






Nice spy, bro.



Yeah, watch and learn.



The slow curve.

Works every time.



I've got to talk to them.



That's not how the slow curve

works. They come to us.



Um, eh, ciao.



- Ciao.

- Ciao.



Do you guys speak English?






It is your friend we like.







Is that his name?



Yeah, sure.



Do you know who that is

on the cover?



- Oh, lsabella. Certo,

- Certo,



Do you think you guys could

translate it for me?



Um, only if

you introduce us to Word.



Can I keep the magazine, then?






All right.

Let's go.



Ciao, Word.












She's speaking English.



Our single is in English

and lsabella needs to practice.



What have you done?



Uh, uh, uh...



You look...

You look like a schoolgirl.



Maximus, what is wrong?



You love lsabella.



Nice Maximus.



Very odd.



There is something...



something very different

about you.









The rest on the island

did lsabella good.



She is transformed.






Well, I cannot

put clothes on this.



You - fix the hair.



Fix the eyebrows.



Fix the lips.



- Oh!

- And fix the ears!



Fix the ears?









That's a language

every girl understands.



You better work






Work it, girl



Give it a twirl



Do your thing



On the runway






You better work it, girl



Wet your lips



And smile to the camera






- Ah! Aah!

- Work



- Turn to the right

- Oh!









Well, it don't matter

what you wear



They're checkin' out

your savoir faire



Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah



And when you walked

into the room



You had everybody's eyes

on you









Work it, girl



Do your thing



On the runway




you've got to work it, girl



Of the world



Wet your lips



And smile to the camera









- Aah!

- Work
























You better work









Give it up



On the ru-u-u-nway















Okay. Diva - good.



Tacky - bad.



We'll have to fix that.



Okay, none of these are me.



- Why are you laughing at me?



You're not supposed to be you.



If I have to go onstage

as lsabella,



then I-I'm gonna have to

be confident,



and that's the thing

I'm worst at.



- We are all the same that way.

- Not you.



Yes, me, and lsabella, too.



It's how she works

through her fears



that makes her strong.



Isabella doesn't let

Franca di Montecatini



tell her what to wear.



Isabella tells Franca.



Okay, so you're telling me



to tell Franca

di Monteca-teca- tecatini



how I should dress?






Test your strength.



Vai! Vai, vai,



You don't like my clothes?



No. No.

I-I love your clothes.



But I don't want you

to dress me.






See, I'm not your Barbie doll.



I am lsabella Parigi,



and I dress myself.



So, choices.



I-I need choices.






I really like these two.

You pick.












This is the exact color

I wore to my spring formal.



- Danny Kessler thought...



Look at all of you.

You'd think that I'm American.



I am,

how you say, um...






The island.

You should go more often.






Ooh, ooh, ooh



Goodbye, Lizzie McGuire.

Hello, fabulous.



Yeah, yeah, yeah



Come on



You make me feel

like a star



Oh, baby



You say, "Stay, baby, stay



Just the way you are"



And tell me, "Girl, you're

fine and you will shine



Forever in my heart"



That's why you,

yeah, you



You make me feel

like a star



Ooh, ooh, ooh



- There you go.

- Grazie.






Ooh, ooh, ooh



I'm ready for my close-up.



- Whoo!



I cannot believe

that not one Roman guy



has asked me out yet.









We gotta go!









We gotta go!



Where's the zoom

on this thing?



Uh, uh...



Hello? Excuse me.






I'm sorry.

I was just...



Hup! Head check!



Let's go! On the bus,

then back to the hotel!



Come on! Come on! Go!



Andiamo! Andiamo!



- Hold on!



Okay! Hello.



Hotel Cambini.

This is Giorgio.



- Go!

- Huh? What?






Excuse me,

can you fix this?



It will not close.



Why is it open

when there is no rain?



This umbrella is stubborn.



It's bad luck to have

an open umbrella inside.



- In Hotel Cambini, no bad luck.

- Hey, thanks.







One at a time.

No running.



Ha ha ha!



Ha! Ha ha!

Age before beauty, huh?



You look strangely large

and familiar.



Which floor?



Oh. Thank you. First.






Little hint for you -



you want to push the button,

elevator moves.



Elevator is not safe.



You an employee here?



- No.

- No.



Who are you to tell me

whether the elevator's safe?



I am Sergei.






You're gonna have to

stand down immediately.



Just because you are one hunk

of Slavic muscle



does not mean you're not

gonna make it on my list!



Elevator is safe now.



Hey! Your umbrella!



Feeling any better?






Still a little warm.



Miss Sanders,

would you be so kind



as to look after her for me?



As in do stuff for her?

Why should I be punished?



I'm not the one who's sick.



Next year, I'm joining

the mouth breathers



at Water-slide Wonderland.



You are so busted.



You've been out

of this hotel room.






How do you know?






Your eyebrows finally match,

your hair has highlights,



fresh manicure.



I smelled acetone the second

I walked in the lobby.



Okay, but you didn't rat me out

to Miss Ungermeyer.






Not until I figure out

what's in it for me.



Now spill, Dorkerella.



You'll never make me talk!



I-I know that this

sounds insane,



but I think Paolo

really does like me.



How could this happen?

How did you get my trip?



How is Lizzie McGuire

living this fantasy



and I can't even get

an ltalian boy



to buy me a plate of spaghetti?



Um, Kate,

you don't eat spaghetti.



I'd eat carbs if an ltalian boy

bought them for me.



So, I suppose you want me

to keep quiet about this?




I'd appreciate that.



Well, I'll keep it quiet



if you keep it quiet

about me keeping it quiet.



And when we get back home,

I'm the cool one again,



and you turn

back into a pumpkin.



Oh, my God. It's her.



What are you doing?



Uh, it's a long story.



What do you want?

We're closed.



I-I just wanted

to talk to Lizzie.



So talk.



I was kind of thinking

maybe, you know,



outside in the courtyard.



If this is about

that parallel-universe,




Lizzie's- suddenly-a- diva thing,



I know all about it.



She figured it out.



Evil and smart.



Embrace it. Fear it.



You might want

to take a look at this.



I'm on the front cover

of a tabloid!



I wish to thank everyone



who's always believed in me

for this great honor.



Do you know what that says?



Paolo and lsabella

are supposed to be singing



at the music awards.



Well, it's got to be a mistake.



I had some ltalian girls

translate it.



Paolo didn't tell you?



Mmh, no.



Don't you think it's weird

he tried to hide this?



Can you believe it?



Maybe it's a last-minute thing.



Aren't these things planned

months in advance?



When did you become an expert

on ltalian award-show thingies?



It's called common sense,

which I have a lot of



to make up for my lack

of the slow curve.



Slow curve?



Forget it.



If you want to believe

some ltalian kid



you think you know

after two days



because he's

an international superstar,



is really rich and has

nice hair, be my guest.






Oh, my God! He's early!






Oh, my God,

I gotta get dressed.



I'll cover for you in case

Miss Ungermeyer does one of her




head-check things.



Thanks. I owe you.






Mom, Dad, I found something

on the Internet



I think you both should see.



What is it?



Since Lizzie's in Europe,



I thought I'd do

a little E- search on ltaly.



That's nice, son.



But what I found out,

it's not so E-assuring.



In fact, it may shock you.



What are we looking at?



Maybe nothing, and, uh,

maybe something.



You see, when polled,



  % of ltalian teenage boys



said they would most like

to date American girls.



Where'd you get these numbers?



They're available for anyone

who has a computer.



You don't have to worry

about your sister.



She's well-chaperoned.

Miss Ungermeyer's there.



Yeah, what is she,

 ' ",  ' " max?



Oh, please.



Matt, as interesting

as this is,



where are you taking it?



All right, you caught me.



I always do.



I don't know why I even try.



I'll deny

I ever said this, but...



...I miss my sister.



There. I said it.



Now you know.



I know I rag on her

all the time,



but now that she's gone,

I-I -



Oh, honey, we miss her, too.



So, so much.



I feel so alone!



Oh! Listen to me.



You don't have to

make fake pie charts.



You just come to us

with the truth, okay?



I know that now, Mom.



It's just so hard.



I miss her so much!






I can't believe

I let you talk me into



Ietting her go

on that trip!



I'll go get the passports.



Oh, honey.



- Shh.



Hmm, hmm, hmm.



Ah, hmm, ah.









Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmmm.












- Paolo.

- Si,



What is this?



Uh, a car.



Look, are we supposed to sing?






Don't speak to me in ltalian.



It's too adorable.



Are Paolo and lsabella

supposed to sing at the awards?






Si?! Well,

why didn't you tell me?



I wanted to, but you told me

not to telephone the hotel.



Get in. I'll explain

everything on the way.



I want to show you the

Tivoli Gardens before sunset.



Come on.



We have to get you back

by   :  .






So, where is Sergei?



You're not the only one

who sneaks off at night.



lsabella and I

were going to sing,



but after lsabella

would not speak to me,



I told the producers

we refuse to perform.



I said lsabella

had throat problems.



So, what happened?



I mean, what changed?



Isabella did.



The real lsabella

or me lsabella?



You. A reporter

heard her speaking,



and he reported

lsabella's voice was fine.



He said her English

was very good.



The record company called,



and they're going to sue

if we don't sing.






So, they're

gonna make you sing?



I-I mean, us sing?



Don't worry, carina,

I'll make this work.









Look, Paolo, I-I don't think

this is going to work.



I cannot sing

in front of an audience.



I won't even let my mom

hear me sing in the shower.



I will teach you

all you need to know.






So, what is lsabella gonna do

when she sees me being her?



She won't. She's off on some

island trying to get over this.



Come on.



Here's my vow to you.



I, Paolo Valisari,



will never let you,

Lizzie McGuire, be embarrassed.



If I fail,

I have to spend seven days



with that scary

head-check woman.



Her name's Miss Ungermeyer.



Carina, hasn't everything

I've promised you come to be?



Everyone believes

you are lsabella.



You're having

the time of your life.



You even told

Franca di Montecatini



to buzz off!



Don't you trust that we can

do the singing together?



I guess.



Well, you shouldn't.












You've been searching the

world to find true love



Looking in all

the wrong places



When all of the time,

you've been blind to love



It's plain as the nose

on your face is



It's here



It's now



Open your eyes and see it



Right here



Right now






This is so beautiful.



Yes, you are.






Love has been

right by your side



Oh, so close,

that you couldn't see



If love could speak,

it would shout to the sky



"I've always been here,

I always will be"






I'm here



I'm here



I'm now



I'm now



Open your eyes and see



Right here



Right now



Open your eyes to love



Open your heart



To love






What do you got there,

little man?



- Uh, nothing.

- What's this?



Uh, that's not Lizzie!




- Yes, it is.

- No, it isn't.



I know my daughter.

I gave her that necklace.



All right, tell me

what you know that I don't.



It's only

a   -hour flight, Dad.



Swallow those biscotti.



We got a big day.

The Pantheon, the Colosseum.






Uh, halt!



Got to get these apricots

to McGuire.



She looked sick as a dog

this morning.



Mr. Gordon,

you having a problem?



N-No, I just...



I'm starting to agree

with Ethan.



- We need to eat more spaghetti.

- You da man!






Is there a reason you

don't want me to go upstairs?



No, I-I just really think

we should get going.



Uh, so much Roma,

so little time-a.



Well, when I get upstairs -



and I will get upstairs -



I expect to find Miss McGuire

in her bed.



She may be in the bathroom

or - or something.



I'm beginning

to get the feeling



she was never sick

to begin with.



No, no, no!

She - She was!



I bet this whole thing

was just a clever ruse



to sneak out of this hotel,

wasn't it?



Yeah, it - it was.



It was?



Well, Lizzie and I were

talking about adventures,



and I don't know.



Ah, spit it out, Gordon.



Lizzie's upstairs.

It - It's me.



I'm the one

who's been sneaking out.



- You?

- But - But -



Feels good

to get it off my chest.



You realize

what this means?



I shouldn't look to you

for a college recommendation?



You should look

for your suitcase, Gordon.



You're goin' home.



Oh, I pegged you

right from the start.



David Gordon.



Sneaky little brownnoser

with a hidden agenda.



Well, you're busted.



Love lifts us up

where we belong.




This place is so cool.






Are you sure it's okay

we're here?






And here is where, exactly?



It's the rehearsal hall.



But the Colosseum

will look more like this.






If you want to convince

the world you're lsabella,



you must take the stage.



You must dance...



...and sing.



Have you ever seen

such a beautiful night?



Just move your mouth

with the words.



Oh. So you want me

to lip-synch.



- Si,



Just like lsabella.



You know the song, right?



Uh, well, yeah.

I mean, I have your CD, but...



So try it.



I'm not gonna try it.



- Okay.



Have you ever seen

such a beautiful night?



I could almost kiss the stars

for shining so bright



Was it awful?



- Uh, yes.



But it helps to sing.



Really - really sing?



It looks more real

when you're lip-synching.



- You weren't singing.

- But I won't be lip-synching.



No one's going to hear you.

The microphone will be off.



You must try.









Have you ever seen

such a beautiful night?



I could almost kiss the stars

for shining so bright



When I see you smiling



I go, "Oh, oh, oh"



I would never want

to miss this



'Cause in my heart

I know what this is



This is what dreams

are made of



This is what



Dreams are made of



I've got



Somewhere I belong



I've got



Somebody to love



This is what






Are made of






And now we dance!












Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!












Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!






I'm glad you're up.

I had the most amazing night.



I'm gonna grab Gordo

so I can tell you together.



You won't find him.






Why? Where'd he go?



Probably getting on a plane

right now.






He totally covered for you



and got himself

kicked off the trip.



I-I don't believe it.



W-Why would he do that?



You're seriously asking

that question?



Call the airline and see

if Gordo's plane has left!



- Do you know what flight?

- Si, si,



I will call.



I cannot believe Gordo

would do this for me.



Maybe he's not

on the plane yet.



Maybe I could go

to the airport and...



And what?



I don't know.



I am now on hold.



This is the final call

for Lufthansa Flight     



departing for Los Angeles.



Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.





















Thank you very nice.



The plane is gone.



Who is this girl?



I have been on the island,



trying to forget

about this whole situation.



Can somebody tell me

what is going on?



I can. That's my friend

Lizzie McGuire.



Let him go.

Let him go.



I demand you tell me

everything you know



about Lizzie McGuire.



I demand you tell me everything

about Paolo Valisari.



I left him and all thoughts

about him on the island.



You may have left him

on the island,



but Lizzie is out there

pretending to be you



so you don't get sued.



We need to talk in private.



Gordo's life is ruined

because of me.



Selfish me!



What are you gonna do now?



It's over.



I'm going to turn myself in

to Miss Ungermeyer.



Lizzie, you'll get sent home,



and you won't be able

to help Paolo.



I'm never going to be able



to get through this

the way I feel now.



Okay. Fine. Quit.



But then everything Gordo did

will be for nothing.



Now, you know things are bad

when Kate starts making sense.



I know one thing's for sure.






I'm not gonna have to

act sick today.



Mr. Craft, you are in

the most historic



and beautiful city

in the world.



Has it had no effect on you?



Well, actually, it has.



The cobblestones

are shredding my wheels.



Switched to a pair

of birdhouse pterodactyls.



Have you even made a dent

in your reading list?



I finished it.



You read    books?



I mean I read the list.












Lizzie McGuire.



Si, si, we are in

the travel guides.



No. No.






We're the parents of Lizzie.



Ah! Si!



I'll call a cab.

It's very far.



Anybody else want to step up

to the plate?



Who's asking for McGuire?



I had left you

four messages already,



but she's been under

my watchful eye all the while.



Where'd Sanders go?



Lizzie? Sweetheart?









Where is Lizzie?



Do you have

any embarrassing photos



or videos of her

while she's been here?









Tell us where Lizzie is,

or this deck's gonna catch air.



It's possible she's at the

International Music Video Awards



doubling for pop star lsabella,

who's totally her twin.



Why does everyone

always look at me like that?



When you wish upon a star



Your dreams will take you

very far



Once you see your light

so clear



In the sky so very dear



You're a shining star



No matter who you are



Shining bright to see



What you can truly be



Prince William?



Tell him he'll have to hold.






- Oh.



Shine its watchful light

on you



Hey, Paolo!



Words of wisdom,

yes, I can



You're a shining star



No matter who you are



Shining bright to see



What you can truly be









He said for you to enter

from here, stage right,



and I must enter

from stage left.



What about my dress?

I have to get dressed.



It's in your dressing room.



Lizzie, you have time.



Calm down.

You can do it.



Of course I can do it.



This is moi

we're talking about.



I don't think I can do it.



Lizzie, you must.



We've rehearsed this.

You know the steps, the words.



You will be great.

I know.



How do you know?






Because you shine

like the light from the sun.



Paolo. Paolo.



   minutes till showtime.







What are you doing here?!



Lizzie, that's

not important right now.



You need to listen to me.



I feel so bad. I cannot believe

you would do that for me.



- Why aren't you gone?

- Long story.



I want to hear it, but

I've got to get my dress on.



Listen to me.



Paolo is setting you up.



What are you talking about?



Actually, he is setting me up.



Freaky, huh?



Way freaky.



Way, way freaky.



That whole story

about Paolo doing his own music



and going solo.



That's lsabella.



She's the one that sings live.



Paolo is the one

that lip-synchs, not me.



Isabella wants to quit the act.



Paolo is just a liar.



This has all been some scheme

to set you up



and embarrass you onstage



so it looks

like lsabella can't sing.



Si, si, It's true.



Paolo wants to destroy

lsabella's career.



But Paolo would never

do that to me.



I don't believe you.






Lizzie, who are you

going to believe,



this boy you are knowing

your whole life



or this boy you are

just meeting who says,



"You shine with the light

from the sun"?



Okay. Well, then, you're here

now, so go and sing.



But I am not blond.

Paolo will know that it's me,



and he'll make an excuse

to leave.



But if we want to

get back at him



in front of the whole world

on live TV,



we must make him sing.



And really sing, not lip-synch.



How? What am I

supposed to do?



- I can't sing live!



Change! Change!



Change your clothes



and go up there and do

what you rehearsed.



Everything will be fine,

I-I promise.



- I have a plan.

- What plan?



   minutes till showtime.



So, what's the plan?



I don't know.



No, see, it doesn't matter

about the tickets,



because my daughter

is back there




a famous pop star,



so I got to get in!



That's what everyone says.



Enough of this!



- Uhh!

- Uhh!



Let's go!



Did Paolo bring

the voice track for me?



No. No, he did not.

There is no track.



Paolo says you're gonna sing

live, like you always do.



Paolo and lsabella!



Sandro, turn down

lsabella's mike.



- What's that?

- Turn down the mike!



Have you ever seen

such a beautiful night?



I could almost kiss the stars

for shining so bright



When I see you smiling,

I go



"Oh, oh, oh"



I would never want

to miss this



'Cause in my heart



I know what this is



This is what dreams

are made of



Sing to me, Paolo.



This is

what dreams are made of






Say buonasera to my new American

friend, Lizzie McGuire!



Paolo tried to use her

to fool all of you



into thinking I could not sing.



Lizzie McGuire is nice girl.

You try to hurt her.



Let me go, Sergei.

You work for me.



Not anymore, Paolo.

I quit.






Paolo cannot sing music.

Now he must face music.



- Was it all a lie?

- No, it's just...



- Do you want to hear us sing?



Have you ever seen

such a beautiful night?



I could almost kiss the stars

for shining so bright



When I see you smiling,

I go



"Oh, oh, oh"



I would never want

to miss this



'Cause in my heart

I know what this is



Hey, now



Hey, now



This is what dreams

are made of



Hey, now



Hey, now



This is what dreams

are made of



I've got

somewhere I belong



I've got

somebody to love



This is what dre-e-e-ams



Are made of



Wait! Isabella!



Go! Si!









Hey, hey, hey!



Have you ever wondered

what life is about?



You could search the world

and never figure it out



You don't have to sail

the oceans



No, no, no



Happiness is no mystery



It's here and now



It's you and me, yeah



Hey, now, hey, now



This is what dreams

are made of



Hey, now, hey, now



This is what dreams

are made of



I've got somewhere I belong



I've got somebody to love



This is what dre-e-e-ams



Are made of



Hey, now



This is what dreams

are made of



Hey, hey, hey, hey



Hey, now



Hey, now



This is what dreams

are made of



Open your eyes



This is what dreams

are made of



Shout to the skies



This is what dreams

are made of



Hey, hey, hey, hey



Then I see you smile



And I go, "Oh, oh, oh"




my life was duller



Now everything

is technicolor



Hey, now, hey, now



This is what dreams

are made of



Hey, now, hey, now



This is what dreams

are made of



I've got somewhere I belong



I've got somebody to love



This is what dre-e-e-ams






This is what dre-e-e-ams



Are made of



Hey, now, hey, now



Hey, hey, hey, hey



Hey, now, hey, now



Hey, hey, hey, hey



Hey, now, hey, now



Hey, hey, hey, hey



Hey, now, hey, now



Hey, hey, hey, hey






Lizzie got everything

you're supposed to get



when you go to Europe.



Adventure, romance,

total confidence.






Well, if all that can happen

to Lizzie McGuire,



the only thing I know now is

I don't know anything.



That's hot.






Girls who think they know

everything are just a turnoff.






Oh, totally.



What about you

not ratting out Lizzie?



I mean,

that was just so...



not you.



That's good.









Mom, Dad, I'm so glad

that you guys made it.



You would have never

believed me.



That is for sure.



I thought after you found out

all I did, I would be grounded.



You're grounded for the rest

of the summer, sweetheart,



but we're really proud of you.



Lying, even for a good reason,

is beneath you, Gordon.



Yeah. I know. I know.



I'm a lying, spineless,

brownnosing jellyfish



with a hidden agenda.



I got it.



That may be true,

but I'll tell you something.



Little Miss Diva

told me everything.



The way I see it, you're

a pretty loyal friend, Gordon.



And loyalty goes a long way

with the Ungermeyer.



- Hmm?

- Thanks.



Hey, just think about it.



We got   years of high school

to look forward to together.



Ooh. Sammies.



Sergei is hungry.



So is Miss Ungermeyer.



You are strong woman.



You protect cubs like lioness.



Sergei is impressed.



Hmm. You're still on my list.



As long as I am at the top.



Hey, there!



I bet you're wondering,

who is this Lizzie McGuire,



where did she come from,



and what are her

most embarrassing moments?



Well, I can give you

total access to all of that



for a very competitive price.



Hmm. When in Rome...



Yeah, yeah.

Do as the Romans do, right?






We do not blackmail

our sisters.



As a former commander

in the ltalian Navy,



I am ordering you

to leave the country.









So, one last sneak-away

for old times' sake?



Yeah. Sounds good.












So, are you gonna miss it here?



I don't know.



Kate says I should stay

and have my stuff shipped over,



because when I leave,

it'll never be the same.



She's wrong, as usual.



You didn't have to be in Rome

for all this to happen.



You think?



Trust me.



You had it in you

the whole time.












You're welcome.






So, um, want to get back

to that party



so we don't get

in any more trouble?



Yeah. I can't afford

any more trouble.






Why not?



Think you're goin' nowhere



When you're walkin'

down the street



Acting like

you just don't care



When life can be so sweet



But why you want to be

like that



As if there's nothing new?



You're not foolin' no one



You're not even foolin' you



So walk a little slower

and open up your eyes



Sometimes it's so hard to see

the good things passin' by



And there may never be a

sign, no flashing neon light



Telling you to make your move

when the time is right



Why not



Take a crazy chance?



Why not



Do a crazy dance?



If you lose the moment,

you might lose a lot



So why not?



Why not?



Oh, I could be

the one for you



Oh, yeah,

maybe yes, maybe no



Oh, it could be

the thing to do



What I'm sayin' is you got to

let me know, oh, oh



Ah, ah, yeah



Ah, ah, ah



Yeah, yeah



Ah, ah, ah, yeah



Ah, yeah



Ah, yeah, yeah



You'll never get to heaven

or even to L,A,



If you don't believe

there's a way



Why not



Take a star from the sky?



Why not



Spread your wings and fly?



It might take a little,

and it might take a lot



But why not?



Why not?



Why not



Take a crazy chance?



Why not



Do a crazy dance?



If you lose the moment,

you might lose a lot



So why not?



Why not?



Hmmmmmm, mmmm, mmmm



Ohhhhh, yeah



You've been searching

the world



To find true love



Looking in all

the wrong places



When all of the time,

you've been blind to love



It's plain as the nose

on your face is



It's here, it's now



Open your eyes and see it



Right here, right now



Open your eyes to love



You've been down on yourself,

thinking something's wrong



Wondering why love

has never found you



Don't you know it's been

right here all along



If only you'd look

around you?



It's here



It's now



Open your eyes and see it



Right here



Right now



Right now



Open your eyes to love



Love has been

right by your side



Oh, so close

that you couldn't see



If love could speak,

it would shout to the sky



"I've always been here



I always will be"



I'm here



I'm now



I'm now



Open your eyes and see me



Right here



Right here



Right now



Right now



Open your eyes to love



Open your mind to love



Open your heart to love



Ooh, ooh, ooh

Special help by SergeiK